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Facial Cosmetic
Surgery 2011                                                                       Practice management sessions

Day 1
June 22, 2011 Room C
“Delegate or Die: A                      Blunders”                                  cosmetic medical practice.                    Tom Seery
Pathway for Developing                       9:00 am                                                                              You’ve built a Web site and
Competent Staff”                             Candace Crowe                          “Little Used but Effective                spent considerable resources keep-
    7:30 am                                  We will explore real-life mistakes;    Marketing Programs”                       ing it updated and fresh. But how
    Steven Dayan, MD                     discuss why they happen and how                12:15 pm                              well do you understand the person
    How do you determine if you          to avoid them in the future.                   Lou Haggerty and Yvette Manard        who is online, researching a cos-
have the right staff? Eighty-three                                                      Is technology tempting you to         metic procedure? Do they value the
percent of businesses say they deliv-        “How to Develop a Practice             spend more of your marketing bud-         information you offer? Borrowing
er excellent customer service, but       Marketing Team - Who Will Do All           get? Ad words, social media mar-          from data and insights generated by
only 9% of customers agree. Where        of This Stuff?”                            keting and campaigns, Webinars,           the social media com-
does your business lie? Believe it           9:45 am                                blogging, and the vast array of hot       munity, this session is dedicated to
or not, the success of your practice         Lou Haggerty and Yvette Manard         new marketing techniques are avail-
doesn’t rest in your hands, but in the       This session will cover the ele-                                                 uncovering what aesthetic consum-
                                                                                    able. Now more than ever is the
hands of your office staff.              ments of a successful cosmetic                                                       ers seek online; trends; and what’s
                                                                                    time to concentrate on marketing
                                         practice’s workplace culture, along                                                  relevant (and potentially not relevant)
                                                                                    programs that are less risky but have
“Is Your Staff Your Secret               with identification of behaviors and                                                 to your overall Web marketing strat-
                                                                                    a dependable and predicable return
Weapon or Your Greatest                  personality traits that promote coop-      on investment.                            egy. If you don’t know if you should
Detractor?”                              eration and a team environment.                                                      be blogging, tweeting, or updating
     7:30 am                                                                        n 12:45 pm LUNCH with Exhibitors          Facebook, start here by discovering
     Dana Fox                            n 10:30 am Refreshment Break               in Exhibit Hall                           what matters to your target market.
     There has never been a more         with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall
critical time than today to have                                                    “Why Use an EMR in                        “Opening a New Cosmetic
staff that is absolutely stellar. As     “How to Be Indispensable                   Your Aesthetic Medical                    Practice at the Absolute
we “secret shop” practices nation-       to Your Doctor’s Practice”                 Practice?”                                Worst Time and Place and
wide every month, it is amazing             11:15 am
how many practices lose valuable            Catherine Maley, MBA
                                                                                         2:00 pm                              Surviving: Tips and Pearls”
opportunities at the beginning of the                                                    William Beeson, MD, and Jerry           4:00 pm
                                            Learn what you can do to make
process because no one is minding                                                   Jacobson                                     Charles Boyd, MD
                                         yourself an invaluable asset to an
the store.                                                                               What are the practical and finan-
                                         aesthetic practice. Discover the do’s
                                                                                    cial reasons to use an EMR system         n 4:30 pm Refreshment Break with
                                         and don’ts of the valuable employee
“An Objective Solution for                                                          in your aesthetic practice? The           Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall
                                         your physician can’t live without.
                                                                                    discussion will highlight cost savings,
Making the Right Hire for                                                           practice efficiency, and increase in
Your Practice”                           “Bridging the Generational                 revenues.
   8:30 am                               Staff Divide”                                                                        “Seminars and Other
   Kristi Rook                               12:00 pm                                                                         Events Designed to Create
   This session covers how to use            Lou Haggerty and Yvette Manard
                                                                                    “The Importance of
behavioral assessment tools, such                                                   Accurate Photography in                   Interest and Awareness of
                                             Creating workplace harmony,
as Predictive Index, to maximize         effectiveness and managing the             Your Practice”                            Your Practice and Skills”
your team for enhanced office com-       mixture of ages and values that               2:45 pm                                    5:15 pm
munication; coaching; team building;     each generation brings can be a               Ron Scherl                                 Tracy Drumm
conflict resolution; and performance     challenge. This session will examine                                                     If you plan it, will they come?
management.                              the generational divide and examine        “Key Online Trends                        Take the guesswork and wasted
                                         how Baby Boomers, Generation               Revealed by 12 Million                    dollars out of events by duplicating
“Avoiding the 10 Most                    Xers, and Generation Nexters can           Consumers”                                these 10 profitable initiatives.
Common Marketing                         work together to ensure a successful          3:15 pm

34                                                                                                                      June 2011
Day 2                                                                                              ANNUAL INTERACTIVE
                                                                                                   OFFICE FORUM
June 23, 2011 Room C
                                                                                                   Issues and answers for practice
n 10:30 am Refreshment Break with                  “The Value of the Virtual                       success in 2011 and beyond
Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall                         Consultation”                                       7:30 am
                                                      2:50 pm                                      Moderator: William Beeson, MD
“Practice Growth through the                          E. Gaylon McCollough, MD                     Physician Panel: William Silver, MD;
Responsible Use of Allied Health                                                                   Gregory Buford, MD; Samuel Lam,
Professionals”                                     “Overcoming the Patient Financial               MD; Jason Pozner, MD
   11:15 am                                        Blues”                                          Consulting Panel: Lou Haggerty
   Jake Laban                                         3:10 pm                                      and Sandy Roos
                                                      Catherine Maley, MBA                         Office Managers: Janet Jordan,
“Advanced Administrative Staff                                                                     Cierra Edgington, and Helene
Training (Part 1)”                                 “Is There Still a Place for                     Sanders
    12:00 pm                                       Traditional Advertising in 2011?                Topics include the following:
    Laurie Mercier                                 Yellow Pages, Television,                       n How to follow up unclosed
    Telephone and Communication Skills             Newspaper, and Radio”
    As an important primary point-of-contact                                                       contacts
                                                      3:30 pm
and communication tool, the professional                                                           n What to do when patients ask for
                                                      Dana Fox
management of telephone calls is essential to                                                      discounts
the success of any practice. This presentation     “Timing is Everything—The First                 n Training your new staff
informs physicians and staff of the key ele-       7 Days After the Consult”                       n Treatments or surgery on staff
ments of a telephone call and provides tips to        4:00 pm                                      members
improve the inquiry-to-appointment conversion         Sandy Roos                                   n Controlling overhead costs
rate.                                                 The importance of the first 7 days post-     n Using group purchasing networks
    The “Art” of Credentialing                     consult and how not being aware can cost the    n Is there a generational divide
    Understanding how to validate and com-         practice money in lost surgeries.               among staff? (and how to deal with it)
municate the qualifications and differentiating
assets of your practice is vital to sustaining                                                     n When is it necessary to fire
                                                   n 4:30 pm Refreshment Break with Exhibitors     someone?
success in today’s challenging business envi-
                                                   in Exhibit Hall                                 n Are current unemployment regula-
ronment. This presentation examines essential
credentialing skills and techniques.                                                               tions a factor in hiring or firing?
                                                   “The Doctor Branded Skincare                    n Proven methods for reducing
n 12:45 pm LUNCH with Exhibitors in Exhibit        Market is a $4 Billion Dollar                   no-shows
Hall                                               Industry and Growing”                           n Substance abuse issues among
                                                      5:15 pm
“Advanced Administrative Staff                        Cheryl Whitman
                                                                                                   n Most effective ways to find
Training (Part 2)”                                                                                 employees
    2:00 pm                                        n 6:30 pm Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall
                                                                                                   n How do you deal with the unhappy
    Laurie Mercier                                                                                 or disruptive employee?
     Inquiry to Procedure Conversion               “Perhaps Your Practice Needs a
                                                   Consultation?”                                  n Thoughts on HIPAA in 2011
    This presentation informs physicians and
                                                   An evening with some of the lead-               n Who is responsible for OSHA train-
staff of the key elements of a telephone call
and provides tips to improve the inquiry-to-       ing aesthetic marketing gurus in the            ing and enforcement?
appointment conversion rate. Upon completion       country                                         n Improving patient tracking and how
of this presentation, staff will have a greater        8:00 pm to 10:00 pm                         this affects your marketing decisions
level of awareness of the importance the tele-         Moderator: Donn Chatham, MD                 n Do seminars work? How about
phone plays in a practice and will be equipped         • “The Prevailing Winds of Marketing and    newsletters or other direct mailings?
with the knowledge to improve telephone suc-       Practice Growth”                                n Reward patients and others who
cess. Highlighting this presentation is a review       Dana Fox and Tom Seery                      refer to you? Is this ethical?
of the current Telephone Mystery Shopping              • “Pure Numbers, No Hype – A Tour of        n Records retention and destruction
National Database results and best practices.      Profitable Marketing Trials”                    n How to control the use of cell
    Patient Closing and Conversion Techniques          Tracy Drumm                                 phones and social networking in the
    Patient closure rates can tell a lot about         • “Advertising Today: What’s Working,
the effectiveness of your medical practice. The    What’s Not”
cosmetic practice grows and thrives only when          Catherine Maley, MBA                        n What to do if your injector nurse
the staff and physicians are engaged and thor-         • “Building Your Practice Using Branding    goes rogue
oughly understand the importance of closing        Strategies and PR Tactics”
every patient and converting them to additional        Cheryl Whitman

June 2011                                                                                      35

Day 3
June 24, 2011 Room C

                                       “Social Media, Blogging, and                  Lawsuits”
                                       Other Things Not Applicable                   “When the Patient Demands a
                                       to Our Practices 5 Years Ago”                 Refund (and Other Joys of the
                                            7:30 am
                                            Moderator: Monique Ramsey                Modern Practice)”
                                            Consultants: Gregory Buford, MD;            11:15 am
                                       Steve Dennenberg, MD; Ryan Miller                Moderator: Jonathan Sykes, MD
                                            1) To tweet or not to tweet; that is
                                                                                        Panel Members: Robert Baxter; Jeff
                                       the question—How to use Twitter to get
                                       maximum practice exposure.                    Segal, MD, JD
                                            2) Do doctors make good Facebook
                                       friends?—Best practices for doctor con-       n 12:45 pm LUNCH with Exhibitors in
                                       duct on Facebook.
                                            3) Top 10 reasons why social media       Exhibit Hall
                                       is good for business—An overview of
                                       social media and how to apply the latest      “The Coordination of a Skin
                                       techniques to grow your practice (Note:
                                       This is not a how-to course.)
                                                                                     Care Team in the Aesthetic
                                            4) Setting up your Facebook page:        Practice”
                                       A beginner’s guide—A step-by-step,               2:00 pm
                                       hands-on course on creating your                 Moderator: Susan Wells, RN
                                       Facebook page, securing your vanity
                                       URL, and setting up the basic building           Panel Members: Renato Saltz, MD;
                                       blocks to get your page noticed.              Andrew Campbell, MD; Heidi Waldorf,
                                            5) I have a Facebook Page. Now           MD; Vivian Bucay, MD
                                       what?—Patient engagement tips and
                                       techniques, how to set up Facebook ads,
                                       and metrics.                                  “Following Up: Pushy Or
                                       “From the Patient’s                              3:30 pm
                                       Perspective”                                     Sandy Roos
                                           9:30 am
                                           Catherine Maley, MBA
                                           Looking for Doctor Feelgood—              “How Your Online Reputation
                                       Successful consultations come from            Impacts Litigation”
                                       understanding where the patient is com-          4:00 pm
                                       ing from. This session will include a panel
                                       of cosmetic surgery patients from three          Michael Sacopulos, JD, and Joy Tu
                                       Las Vegas-based practices.
INFO YOU                                                                             n 4:30 pm Refreshment Break with
SHOULD KNOW                            n 10:30 am Refreshment Break with             Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall
                                       Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall
The 2011 Facial Cosmetic Surgery                                                     “Playing ‘Small Ball’—
                                       “How to Bullet Proof Your
meeting features a robust series of
                                       Practice in the Current                       Improving your OR’s RBI
talks and discussions covering many
                                       Environment?”                                 (Operating Room Runs Batted
aspects of practice management. All
                                       “Reputation Management:
sessions will be held in Room C. All
                                       Monitoring, Enhancing, and                    In)”
sessions are non-CME.                                                                   5:15 pm
                                       “Dealing with Frivolous                          Marie Olesen

36                                                                                         June 2011
Day 4
June 25, 2011 Room C

“Malpractice Forum”
    7:30 am
    Keeping Your Practice Out of Trouble
    Learn the Top 10 mistakes that lead to
    Kathleen Stillwell and Michael Sacopulos, JD
    Learn about the major allegations and litiga-
tion trends in the plastic surgery and cosmetic
aesthetic practice. Learn patient-safety strategies
to improve your practice and to provide safer care
for your patients. At the conclusion of this pro-
gram, you will be able to:
    1) Identify the most frequent types of allega-
tions brought against plastic surgery and cosmetic
aesthetic practices.
    2) Recognize the potential for common errors
in your practice.
    3) Recall communication techniques to
improve the transfer of important information         “The Less-than-Satisfied or                         “The Web and Your Workforce—
among providers, staff, and patients.                 Disruptive Patient in Your Practice”                How the Net is Actually Changing
    4) Describe five strategies to enhance patient
safety and practice improvement.
                                                         11:15 am                                         Staffing Requirements”
                                                         Moderator: Donn Chatham, MD                        3:30 pm
                                                         Panel: Andrew Campbell, MD; Susan Wells,           Ryan Miller
“The Business You’re Not Getting—                     RN; Michael Sacopulos, JD; Steve Dennenberg,
Turning Patients Into Referral                        MD; Jason Pozner, MD; Mike Jasin, MD                “Top 10 Aesthetic Practice
Sources”                                                                                                  Management Tips”
    9:30 am                                           “Steps to Enhance Your Injectable                     4:00 pm
    Cheryl Whitman                                    Practice”                                             Gregory Buford, MD
    Engaging and motivating patients and former          12:15 pm
patients to become referral sources—to get the           Amir Moradi, MD                                  “Consistency with Before-and-After
word out—make them feel appreciated, a mem-                                                               Photography”
ber of the “practice family,” and make it personal    n 12:45 pm LUNCH with Exhibitors in Exhibit Hall      4:45 pm
between them and the doctor.                                                                                Andrew Campbell, MD
                                                      “The Business of Injectables”
“The Business You’re Not Getting—                        2:00 pm                                          “Simple Suggestions for Success—
Turning Employees Into Sales                             Mark Jewell, MD                                  Maximizing the Experience for Your
Agents”                                                                                                   Patients, Your Staff, and You”
    10:00 am                                          “Advanced Internet Marketing for                      5:20 pm
    Cheryl Whitman                                    Plastic Surgeons: Insider’s Secrets                   Susan Weinkle, MD
    Your employees are your front-line sales force,   for Staying Ahead of the Pack”
even when they’re not in the practice and on their        2:30 pm                                         “The Use of Nurse Injectors in the
own time. This session discusses mechanisms to            Robert Baxter                                   Aesthetic Practice”
motivate involvement—from attractively branded,           Why are some sites always at the top of           5:45 pm
embroidered shirts to personal-to-use business        results, even when it seems like they do nothing      Mark Hamilton, MD
e-mail accounts; to encouraging them to Tweet         to stay there? Why are some surgeons getting so
and post about your practice on Facebook; and         many ratings and reviews, and always five stars?
incentivizing them to become sales agents.            Why are there some superstars of video, Twitter,                    On the Web!
                                                      and Facebook? And most important, how can you                       See more PSP stories at
n 10:30 am Refreshment Break with Exhibitors          emulate what they’re doing—improve upon it-               
in Exhibit Hall                                       and beat these industry titans at their own game?

June 2011                                                                                                        37

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