UAlberta_Harder by fanzhongqing


									                 Geoff Harder
University of Alberta Libraries
           Edmonton, Alberta
 Knowledge Common: Created in 2000 as a joint initiative
  of Learning Services, Library, Computing and Network
  Services (CNS), Students Union, and FAR (Facilities and
  Research) funding.

 …a unique learning hub integrating technology,
  information, and expertise in order to best strengthen the
  teaching, research and learning opportunities that occur
  within the university community.

 …a focal point on campus where the elements of
  meeting, collaboration and discovery come together.
                     Facility and Services

 130+ workstations
 3 printers
 a scanning station
 2 bookable group study/collaboration
 Laptop area
 Open 76 hrs/wk with full “help desk”
                              Summer 2004

 Over 150+ new XP workstations
 ~10 SUN workstations
 10 “tadpole” laptops
 70+ refurbished Windows workstations
 11 meeting rooms accommodating group sizes
  of 3 to 9 people
 50+ laptop ports and full wireless
 4 B/W and 1 colour laser printer
 A “classroom on the fly” consisting of 20+
  workstations and an instructors station
 Day staff from various system units
     Reference, Administration, Bibliographic Services
     Librarian as Manager – 2 year secondment
 Strength
     skills transfer back to units
     Mini-Knowledge Commons
      popping-up in other units
 Challenges
     Different backgrounds,
      work alone(?) and
      missing the water cooler
                        Staffing Challenges

 Training
     Job Shadowing and one-on-one
        Success!
     What is a sustainable and effective plan for
      developing support materials and meaningful
      training without a benchmark or common
      baseline of knowledge (technology, library,
     Efficient means of communication?
• Running journal and log
• One stop shop for schedule and support (no
more dog-eared, yellow-stickied, overgrown
desk binder!)
• Decentralized, peer/collegial support
• Comments!
• Dated, categorized, archived, and searchable
• Easy to use, simple to administer CMS
(content management system) with little to no
mediation from IT department!
                                Student Staffing

 Library School students - Huge appeal!
     Familiar with courseware (WebCT),
      technology, and library resources!
     Excellent at promoting the library skills
      component of KC!
     Open to fresh ideas!
                                 Biggest Challenge

 Location
     KC is located in the sublevel (basement) of
      Cameron Library outside of the gates
        Marketing of KC as library service rather than a
         lab is a challenge.
        How can we integrate or mange service points to
         maximize resources?

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