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									                                              News Release
      Leading North American provider expands its business hosting services
November 3, 2004, Fort Lauderdale, USA – Hostopia is pleased to announce its selection by Xspedius
Communications, LLC, to provide fully managed, private label web hosting and email services to its
business customers.

“We are very fortunate to gain Xspedius as a private label partner,” comments Franc Nemanic, president
of Hostopia. “Their commanding market presence in the southern U.S. positions them ideally as a leader
in business web services.”

Randall P. Muench, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Xspedius, says, “By consolidating
our hosting and email services on Hostopia’s platform, we can provide companies with a more cohesive
and comprehensive set of features, including progressive price points and improved reliability. Hostopia
gives us the web hosting solution we have been seeking for our customers.”

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The agreement brings Xspedius’ thousands of business
hosted websites and email accounts to Hostopia’s managed network.

“Xspedius’ strategy is based on giving its customers a logical and dynamic offering of full services to
support their business plans,” Muench says. “Thanks to the explosion of the Internet in enabling
companies of all sizes to conduct business on a global scale, hosting and managed email are a vital part
of running a successful business. Our clients demand extreme ease-of-use as well as compelling and
useful features covering e-commerce applications, site design and building tools. Hostopia helped us
acquire these advanced features quickly and efficiently. We look forward to a successful partnership that
will benefit all of our business customers.”

Hostopia provides fully managed private label email and hosting services to a growing network of 270
service providers.

About Xspedius Communications
Xspedius Communications, LLC, employs a unique blend of innovation and efficiency to provide
businesses across the southern U.S. with facilities-based competitive local communications services. A
privately held company based in O’Fallon, MO, in suburban St. Louis, Xspedius Communications offers
integrated voice, data and Internet services over a network covering more than 3,500 route miles across
the country, while maintaining industry-leading growth. For more information about the company, visit

About Hostopia
Hostopia provides private-branded hosting, email and e-commerce solutions to Telco’s, ISPs, cable
companies, domain registrars, and other Web Service Providers. Hostopia’s automated provisioning and
support platforms enable service providers to increase their hosting revenues and profits while delivering
a superior feature set to their end-user business customers. Hostopia’s WebhostOS is a breakthrough
technology that creates a single system for managing “UNIX/Windows” applications. Its clustered server
environment allows enterprises to benefit from sophisticated hosting features normally associated with
high-cost, non-redundant dedicated servers at “shared hosting” prices. For more information about the
company, visit

                                        News Release
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Brandi Smith                               Kent Martin Inc.                          Director of Investor Relations
1 800 322-9438 ext. 7215                   Xspedius Communications LLC                        636 625 7103
                                           mobile 314 604 3787

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