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									Tribology Research References Quarterly Update- Vol.1, 2009

S.No.   Journal
   1    Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology
        a) Volume 223, Number 1 / 2009
        b) Volume 223, Number 2/ 2009
        c) Volume 223, Number 3 / 2009
  2.    Tribology International
        a) Volume 42, Issue 1 (January 2009)
        b) Volume 42, Issue 2 (Feburary 2009)
        c) Volume 42, Issue 3 (March 2009)
        d) Volume 42, Issue 4 (April 2009)
        e) Volume 42, Issue 5 (May 2009)
        f) Volume 42, Issue 6 (June 2009)
  3.    Tribology Letters
        a) Volume 33, Number 1(January, 2009)
        b) Volume 33, Number 2 (February, 2009)
        c) Volume 33, Number 3 (March, 2009)
        d) Volume 34, Number 1 (April, 2009)
        e) Volume 34, Number 2 (May, 2009)
        f) Volume 34, Number 3 (June, 2009)
  4.    Tribology Transactions
        a) Volume 52 Issue 1 2009
        b) Volume 52 Issue 2 2009
        c) Volume 52 Issue 3 2009
        d) Volume 52 Issue 4 2009

                                       (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
 5.     Wear
        a) Volume 266, Issues 1-2 (5 January 2009)
        b) Volume 266, Issues 3-4 (5 February 2009)
        c) Volume 266, Issues 5-6 (15 March 2009)
        d) Volume 266, Issues 7-8 (25 March 2009)
         e) Volume 266, Issues 9-10 (24 April 2009)
        f) Volume 266, Issues 11-12 (30 May 2009)

S.No.   Journal
 6.     Indian Journal of Tribology
        a) Volume 4, No. 1, January-June-2009
 7.     Journal “ Lubrication Science”(From 2009 Journal of Synthetic Lubrication and Tribotest will be also
        incorporated in this Journal)
        a) Volume 21 Issue 1 , January 2009
        b) Volume 21 Issue 2 , February 2009
        c) Volume 21 Issue 3 , March 2009
        d) Volume 21 Issue 4 , April 2009
 8.     Journal of Tribology
        a) Volume 131, Number 1, January 2009
        b) Volume 131, Number 2, April 2009

                                        (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
1.        Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology

 S.No.                                                             Index
Volume 223, Number 1 / 2009

     1   Tribology research in China: a personal view.
     2   Sound of a ball spline operated at a certain linear velocity
     3   Characterization of thermally sprayed micro- and nanocrystalline cylinder wall coatings by means of a cavitation test
     4   The effect of niobium on the adhesive wear resistance of ferritic stainless steel
     5   Frictional and wear performance of polyester composites based on coir fibres
     6   Interaction research of thiadiazole derivate and molybdenum naphthenate using X-ray absorption near edge
         structure spectroscopy
    7    About the validity of Reynolds equation and inertia effects in textured sliders of infinite width
    8    Transient modal analysis of the non-linear dynamics of a turbocharger on floating ring bearings
    9    Instantaneous angular speed and power for the diagnosis of single-stage, double-acting reciprocating compressor
   10    Predicting the thermal behaviour of engine oils using artificial neural networks
Volume 223, Number 2/ 2009

     1        Non-linearity in experimental journal bearing dynamics – a new approach
     2        A method for determining the periodic solution and its stability of non-linear bearing–rotor system based on
              observed states of the system
     3        Analytical investigation of a partially textured parallel slider
     4        Surface coatings and finite-element analysis of layered fretting contacts
     5        Wear and frictional performance of betelnut fibre-reinforced polyester composite
     6        Experimental investigations on the influence of emulsifier content in cutting fluids on machined surface
     7        Influence of emulsifier content in cutting fluids on cutting forces, cutting temperatures, tool wear, and surface
     8        Dynamic stiffness and damping characteristics of one-dimensional magneto-hydrodynamic inclined-plane slider
     9        Applicability of cutting fluids with nanoparticle inclusion as coolants in machining
     10       Influence of counterbody material on fretting wear behaviour of uncoated and diamond-like carbon-coated Ti-6Al-4V

                                              (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
 S.No.   Index
  11     Book Review : Tribology on the Small Scale, C. M.Mate, 2008, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 33 pp.
         (hardback) (ISBN 978-0-19-852678-0)
Volume 223, Number 3 / 2009
    1    Component mal-position: the ‘Achilles’ heel' of bearing surfaces in hip replacement
    2    Roles of adsorbed film and gel layer in hydration lubrication for articular cartilage
    3    Wear tests of orthopaedic biopolymers with the biolubricant augmented by a visco-supplement
    4    The influence of swing phase load on the electrochemical response, friction, and ion release of metal-on-metal hip
         prostheses in a friction simulator
    5    Effect of surface modification on surface properties and tribological behaviours of titanium alloys
    6    Tribological analysis of failed resurfacing hip prostheses and comparison with clinical data
    7    Friction and lubricant film thickness measurements on simulated synovial fluids
    8    Thin film flow over flexible membranes containing surface texturing: bio-inspired solutions
    9    Review of the lubrication, sealing, and pumping mechanisms in oil- and grease-lubricated radial lip seals
   10    Dynamics of offset journal bearings – revisited
   11    Impact of the cavitation model on the theoretical performance of heterogeneous slip/no-slip engineered contacts in
         hydrodynamic conditions
   12    The effect of load and viscosity on the minimum operating oil film thickness of piston-rings in internal combustion
   13    Effects of friction modifiers on Pb-free plain bearing lubrication
   14    Tribological properties of diamond-like carbon coatings in lubricated automotive applications
   15    Friction modelling in an engine valve train considering the sensitivity to lubricant formulation
   16    Young's moduli and wear of cermet coatings
   17    Effects of area ratio and nature of surfaces on scuffing in lubricated contacts
   18    The influence of sea water in oil emulsion on bearing performance
   19    Investigations on the power losses and thermal effects in gear transmissions
   20    Micropitting of carburized gears lubricated with biodegradable low-toxicity oils
   21    High-speed wear lifetime analysis of instrument ball bearings
   22    Film thickness calculation in elasto-hydrodynamic lubricated line and elliptical contacts: the Dowson, Higginson,
         Hamrock contribution
   23    Engineering analysis of rough elastohydrodynamically lubricated contacts
   24    An exploration of the elastohydrodynamic– hydrodynamic transition through film thickness measurements in rolling
         point contacts

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
     S.No.     Index
      25       Prediction of film thickness decay in starved elasto-hydrodynamically lubricated contacts using a thin layer flow
      26       Lubrication of an electroplated nickel matrix silicon carbide coated eutectic aluminium–silicon alloy automotive
               cylinder bore with an ionic liquid as a lubricant additive
      27       Effects of various base oils and additives on the tribological behaviour of lubricated aluminium- on-aluminium and
               steel-on-aluminium contacts
      28       Physical properties of boundary layers in angular contact ball bearings lubricated with greases containing polymers
      29       Surface interactions and tribochemistry in boundary lubrication of hypereutectic aluminium–silicon alloys

2.         Tribology International

Volume 42, Issue 1 (January 2009)

       1        The influence of operating condition on acoustic emission (AE) generation during meshing of helical and spur gear
       2        Modelling of plowing and shear friction coefficients during high-temperature ball-on-disc tests
       3        Thermal modelling of the lemon-bore hydrodynamic bearing
       4        Tribological properties of molybdenum disulfide nanosheets by monolayer restacking process as additive in liquid
      5         Scratch and indentation tests on seashells
      6         Response surface methodology for eicosanoic acid triboproperties in castor oil
      7         Effect of grain refinement and modification on the dry sliding wear behaviour of eutectic Al–Si alloys
      8         Effects of scratching directions on AFM-based abrasive abrasion process
      9         On the non-linear stability of self-acting gas journal bearings
      10        Micropitting performance of nitrided steel gears lubricated with mineral and ester oils
      11        Structural analysis of simple base oils under high pressure using synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction: First trial
      12        Cavitation within the framework of reduced description of mixed lubrication
      13        Microabrasion–corrosion of cast CoCrMo alloy in simulated body fluids
      14        Analysis of gas foil bearings integrating FE top foil models
      15        Modification of fretting fatigue behavior of AL7075–T6 alloy by the application of titanium coating using IBED
                technique and shot
      16        Characterizing cavitation erosion particles by analysis of SEM images
      17        Surface stresses in coated steel surfaces—influence of a bond layer on surface fracture

                                                 (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.    Index
   18      Sliding friction at elastomer/glass contact: Influence of the wetting conditions and instability analysis
   19      Diamond particle shape: Its measurement and influence in abrasive wear
   20      Experimental and numerical evaluation of contact pressure in pneumatic seals
   21      Mechanical and tribological properties of Al–40Zn–Cu alloys
   22      Investigation of adhesive and frictional behavior of GeSbTe films with AFM/FFM
   23      Frictional testing of wood—Initial studies with a new device
Volume 42, Issue 2 (Feburary 2009)
    1.     Impact dynamics of rough and surface protected MEMS gears
    2.     Mathematical modeling of the thermal relaxation of nominally flat surfaces in contact using fractal geometry:
           Maxwell type medium
    3.     An advanced Park's vectors approach for bearing fault detection
    4.     A DOE nano-tribological study of thin amorphous carbon-based films
    5.     Tribological behavior of tungsten-doped DLC coating under oil lubrication
    6.     The relationship between AE and dissipation energy for fretting wear
    7.     Effect of plasma treatment of Kevlar fabric on the tribological behavior of Kevlar fabric/phenolic composites
    8.     Real versus synthesized fractal surfaces: Contact mechanics and transport properties
    9.     On elastic deformation, inter-asperity cavitation and lubricant thermal effects on flow factors
    10.    On the analysis of steady-state sliding wear processes
    11.    The effect of surface texturing in soft elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication
    12.    Multi-scale enveloping spectrogram for vibration analysis in bearing defect diagnosis
    13.    Externally pressurized gas bearings: A comparison between two supply holes configurations
    14.    Effects of friction laws on metal forming processes
    15.    On the surface and tribological characteristics of burnished cylindrical Al-6061
    16.    Effect of saliva viscosity on tribological behaviour of tooth enamel
    17.    Magneto-elastohydrodynamic lubrication of circular contacts at impact loading
    18.    Experimental studies on the effects of reduction in gear tooth stiffness and lubricant film thickness in a spur geared
    19.    Friction and wear behavior of thioether hydroxy vegetable oil
    20.    Impact dynamics of rough and surface protected MEMS gears
    21.    Mathematical modeling of the thermal relaxation of nominally flat surfaces in contact using fractal geometry:
           Maxwell type medium
    22.    An advanced Park's vectors approach for bearing fault detection


                                             (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.     Index
    23.     A DOE nano-tribological study of thin amorphous carbon-based films
    24.     Influence of thermal conductivity on wear when machining titanium alloys
    25.     A coupled finite element and meshfree analysis of erosive wear
    26.     Tribological study of elastomeric bearings for marine propeller shaft system

Volume 42, Issue 3 (March 2009)
    1.     EDM effects on the thermal properties of 36NiCrMo16 steel
    2.     Tribological properties of fluorine-containing additives of silicone oil
    3.     The mechanisms of pedestrian slip on flooring contaminated with solid particles
    4.     Hydrostatic air foil bearings: Analytical and experimental investigation
    5.     Chaos of rub–impact rotor supported by bearings with nonlinear suspension
    6.     Application of fullerene-added nano-oil for lubrication enhancement in friction surfaces
    7.     Steadily loaded journal bearings: Quasi-3D mass–energy-conserving analysis
    8.     Impact of contact size and complex gross–partial slip conditions on Ti–6Al–4V/Ti–6Al–4V fretting wear
    9.     An investigation into the effect of train curving on wear and contact stresses of wheel and rail
    10.    The effect of temperature on gross slip fretting wear of cold-sprayed nickel coatings on Ti6Al4V interfaces
    11.    Performance improvement method for Nylon 6 spur gears
Volume 42, Issue 4 (April 2009)
    1.     Tribology for engines and transmissions
    2.     Modelling the effect of surface roughness on lubrication in all regimes
    3.     Thermal point contact EHL analysis of rolling/sliding contacts with experimental comparison showing anomalous
           film shapes
    4.     The influence of the slide-to-roll ratio on the friction coefficient and film thickness of EHD point contacts under
           steady state and transient conditions
    5.     Behavior of thin viscous boundary films in lubricated contacts between micro-textured surfaces
    6.     Improving fuel efficiency with laser surface textured piston rings
    7.     Effect of base stocks on the automobile engine bearing
    8.     The lubricant-coating interaction in rolling and sliding contacts
    9.     Biolubricants and triboreactive materials for automotive applications
    10.    Influence of grease composition on rolling contact wear: Experimental study
    11.    Effect of electrode potential on the tribocorrosion of tungsten
    12.    Application of diamond-like carbon coatings to elastomers frictional surfaces

                                             (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.    Index
    13.    Corrosion-wear behaviour of PVD Cr/CrN multilayer coatings for gear applications
    14.    Metal woven wire cloth feeding system for gas bearings
    15.    Attenuation of lateral tape motion due to frictional interaction with a cylindrical guide
Volume 42, Issue 5 (May 2009)
    1.     Attenuation of lateral tape motion due to frictional interaction with a cylindrical guide
    2.     Effect of counterpart on the tribological behavior and tribo-induced phase transformation of Si
    3.     Effect of surface nanocrystallization on abrasive wear properties in Hadfield steel
    4.     Prediction of wear behaviour of A356/SiCp MMCs using neural networks
    5.     Analysis of flow field around a ribbed helix lip sea
    6.     High temperature friction and wear performances of Ti/Cu-doped carbonaceous mesophases
    7.     Dynamic stability experiments of compliant foil thrust bearing with viscoelastic support
    8.     Optimization of groove dimensions in herringbone-grooved journal bearings for improved repeatable run-out
    9.     The influence of current load on fretting of electrical contacts
    10.    Friction-induced structural modifications of Mg and Ti surfaces
    11.    Increasing nanohardness and reducing friction of nitride steel by laser surface texturing
    12.    Belt abrasion resistance and cutting tool studies on new ultra-hard boride materials
    13.    Fe thermal analysis of a ceramic clutch
    14.    In situ pressure measurements in dimpled elastohydrodynamic sliding contacts by Raman microspectroscopy
    15.    Fluid leakage in seals: An approach based on percolation theory
    16.    Identification of a friction model—Application to the context of dry cutting of an AISI 1045 annealed steel with a
           TiN-coated carbide tool
    17.    The effects of welding processes on abrasive wear resistance for hardfacing deposits
    18.    Direct laser cladding of SiC dispersed AISI 316L stainless steel
    19.    Steady state and dynamic characteristics of axial grooved journal bearings
    20.    Analysis of conjugate heat transfer and turbulent flow in mechanical seals
    21.    Heat transfer correlations for laminar flows within a mechanical seal chamber
Volume 42, Issue 6 (June 2009)
    1.     Nanoindentation and nanowear study of Sn and Ni–Sn coatings
    2.     Tribological properties of Mn–Zn–Fe magnetic fluids under magnetic field
    3.     Structural, mechanical and tribological properties of nanostructured CNx/TiN multilayers

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
S.No.   Index
  4.    Incipient damage detection and its propagation monitoring of rolling contact fatigue by acoustic emission
  5.    Prevention of fluttering fatigue damage in a tilting pad journal bearing
  6.    Mechanical and tribological properties of short-fiber-reinforced SiC composites
  7.    Effect of cation on micro/nano-tribological properties of ultra-thin ionic liquid films
  8.    Experimental diagnostics of ball bearings using statistical and spectral methods
  9.    Analysis of the leakage path in an air-lubricated seal
  10.   Isolation and identification of dry bearing faults in induction machine using wavelet transform
  11.   EHL squeeze at pin–pulley interface in CVTs: Influence of lubricant rheology
  12.   Effect of counterparts on the friction and wear behavior of polyelectrolyte multilayers
  13.   Fretting on the cubic face of a single-crystal Ni-base superalloy at room temperature
  14.   Corrosion and wear of 6082 aluminum alloy
  15.   Physical and tribological properties of PTFE micropowder-filled EPDM rubber
  16.   Determination of the real contact area for numerical simulation
  17.   Effects of temperature dependent air properties on the performances of a thermal actuated slider
  18.   Tribological properties of diamond and SiO2 nanoparticles added in paraffin
  19.   Assessing the energy efficiency of gear oils via the FZG test machine
  20.   Friction reducing effect of multiply adsorptive organic polymer
  21.   Friction and wear behaviour of stainless steel rubbing against copper-impregnated metallized carbon
  22.   XPS and XANES characteristics of tribofilms and thermal films generated by two P- and/or S-containing
        additives in water-based lubricant
  23.   The frictional behavior of mild steel under horizontal vibration
  24.   Application of influence function method on the fretting wear of tube-to-plate contact
  25.   Relationship between wear of friction materials and dissipated power density
  26.   Thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication of starved elliptical contacts
  27.   The behavior of the liquid-like Langmuir's adsorbed film on air bearing surfaces
  28.   Analytical evaluation of stresses and displacements of stuffing-box packing based on a flexibility analysis
  29.   Evaluation of antioxidants in rapeseed oils for railway application
  30.   Thermal wear and electrical sliding wear behaviors of the polyimide modified polymer-matrix pantograph
        contact strip
  31.   Tribological compatibility and improvement of machining productivity and surface integrity

                                        (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
3.   Tribology Letters

 S.No.    Index
    32.   Surface topography and tribology of cast iron in boundary lubrication
Volume 33, Number 1(January, 2009)
    1.    A Novel Method for Quantitative Determination of Ultra-low Wear Rates of Materials, Part II: Effects of
          Surface Roughness and Roughness Orientation on Wear
    2.    Anisotropic Wear Resistance of Human Mandible Cortical Bone
    3.    Boundary Effect on Particle Motion in the Head Disk Interface
    4.     Deactivation Effect of Tricresyl Phosphate (TCP) on Tribochemical Decomposition of Hydrocarbon Oil on a
           Nascent Steel Surface
    5.     Determination of the Friction Coefficient During Glass Polishing
    6.     Effect of Applied Load and Surface Roughness on the Tribological Properties of Ni-Based Superalloys Versus
           Ta2AlC/Ag or Cr2AlC/Ag Composites
    7.     Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Rolling Friction Using Nanosize Spheres
    8.     Relation Between Inter-Particle Distance (LIPD) and Abrasion in Multiphase Matrix–Carbide Materials
    9.     Wear Mechanisms in Galling: Cold Work Tool Materials Sliding Against High-strength Carbon Steel Sheets
Volume 33, Number 2 (February, 2009)
    1.     A Novel Method for Quantitative Determination of Ultra-low Wear Rates of Materials, Part I: On Steels
    2.     An Experimental Validation of the Recently Discovered Scale Effect in Generalized Newtonian EHL
    3.     Correlation Between Tribological Parameters and Wear Mechanisms of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous
    4.     End-grafted Sugar Chains as Aqueous Lubricant Additives: Synthesis and Macrotribological Tests of Poly(l -
           lysine)- graft -Dextran (PLL- g -dex) Copolymers
    5.     Ionic Liquids as Lubricants of Titanium–Steel Contact
    6.     Rolling–Sliding Laboratory Tests of Friction Modifiers in Leaf Contaminated Wheel–Rail Contacts
    7.     The Role of Configuration Entropy in Boundary Lubricants Based on the n -Perfluoropropylene Oxide Main
           Chain Structure
Volume 33, Number 3 (March, 2009)
    1.     Air Bearing Simulation for Bit Patterned Media
    2.     Effect of Contact Stiffness on Creep-Groan Occurrence on a Simple Caliper-Slider Experimental Model

                                           (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.    Index
    3.     Inert Gas Filled Head–Disk Interface for Future Extremely High Density Magnetic Recording
    4.     Interferometry Measurement of Spin Effect on Sliding EHL
    5.     Sliding Tribological Characteristics of a Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass Near the Glass Transition Temperature
    6.     Study on the Synthesis and Tribological Property of Fe3O4 Based Magnetic Fluids
    7.     Tribocorrosion of Diamond-Like Carbon Deposited on Ti6Al4V
    8.     Tribological Behaviour of Structural Si-Based Ceramics in Fretting Tests at Room Temperature
Volume 34, Number 1 (April, 2009)
    1.     Anomalous Low Friction Under Boundary Lubrication of Steel Surfaces by Polyols
    2.     Effects of Self-Assembled Monolayer and PFPE Lubricant on Wear Characteristics of Flat Silicon Tips
    3.     Effects of Tail Group and Chain Length on the Tribological Behaviors of Self-Assembled Dual-Layer Films in
           Atmosphere and in Vacuum
    4.     Embedding Wear Models into Friction Models
    5.     Nanofretting Behavior of Monocrystalline Silicon (100) Against SiO2 Microsphere in Vacuum
    6.     Nanoscale Tribology, Energy Dissipation and Failure Mechanisms of Nano- and Micro-silica Particle-filled
           Polymer Composites
    7.     Speed and Atmosphere Influences on Nanotribological Properties of NbSe2
    8.     Tribological Properties of Fluorinated Carbon Nanofibres
Volume 34, Number 2 (May, 2009)
    1.     Effect of Tribofilm Formation on the Dry Sliding Friction and Wear Properties of Magnetron Sputtered
           TiAlCrYN Coatings
    2.     Fabrication, Characterisation and Tribological Investigation of Artificial Skin Surface Lipid Films
    3.     Investigation of an Approach to Balance Wear Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Crosslinked
    4.     Molecular Orientation, Crystallinity, and Topographical Changes in Sliding and their Frictional Effects for
           UHMWPE Film
    5.     Occurrence of Wall Slip in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Contacts
    6.     Synthesis of Fluorinated ZDDP Compounds
           Tribological Characteristics of Alkylimidazolium Diethyl Phosphates Ionic Liquids as Lubricants for Steel–
           Steel Contact

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.    Index
Volume 34, Number 3 (June, 2009)
    1.     Aqueous Lubrication of SiC and Si3N4 Ceramics Aided by a Brush-like Copolymer Additive, Poly(l -lysine)-
           graft -poly(ethylene glycol
    2.     Dry-sliding Tribological Properties of Nano-Eutectic Fe83B17 Alloy
    3.     High Temperature Tribological Characteristics of Fe–Mo-based Self-Lubricating Composites
    4.     Microstructure and Wear Properties of In Situ Synthesized VC Carbide Reinforced Fe-based Surface
           Composite Coating Produced by Laser Cladding
    5.     Tribochemistry of a Ti Alloy Under Fretting in Air: Evidence of Titanium Nitride Formation
    6.     Tribocorrosion of Diamond-Like Carbon Deposited on Ti6Al4V
    7.     Tribological Performance of Alternating-Layered Si-DLC/DLC Films Under Humid Conditions
    8.     Wear Mechanisms at High Temperatures. Part 1: Wear Mechanisms of Different Fe-Based Alloys at Elevated
    9.     Wear Mechanisms at High Temperatures: Part 2: Temperature Effect on Wear Mechanisms in the Erosion

4.       Tribology Transactions

Volume 52 Issue 1 2009
   1.      Self-Adapting Microscale Surface Grooves for Hydrodynamic Lubrication
   2.      Influence of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) on Tribological Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Alkyl
   3.      Effect of Surface Texturing on Very Thin Film EHD Lubricated Contacts
   4.      Durable Anti-Smudge Materials for Display Terminals
   5.      A Dynamic Model for Dissipative Structures used in Bump-Type Foil Bearings
   6.      Design and Development of a Test Setup for Online Wear Monitoring of Mechanical Face Seals Using a
           Torque Sensor
   7.      Effect of Aramid Fiber and ZnO Nanoparticles on Friction and Wear of PTFE Composites in Dry and LN2
   8.      CFD Study on Oil-in-Water Emulsions
   9.      Antiwear Properties of Blends Containing Mixtures of Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate and Different Detergents
   10.     Numerical Analysis on Lubricating Properties of Tripod Sliding Universal Joints

                                           (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.    Index
   11.     Pretreatment of Steel Racetracks by using a Sand-Blasting Technique with a Special Emphasis on Si3N4
           Powder—Part One
   12.     Traction of Lubricated Rolling Contacts between Thin-Film Coatings and Steel
   13.     Bearing Fatigue Life Tests in Advanced Base Oil and Grease for Space Applications
   14.     Influence of Material Nature and Surface Texturing on Wear of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners
   15.     Frictional Torque of Needle Roller Thrust Bearings
   16.     Frictional Performances of Activated Carbon and Carbon Blacks as Lubricant Additives
Volume 52 Issue 2 2009
     1.    Influence of Leak Path Friction on Labyrinth Seal Inlet Swirl
     2.    The Dynamic Performance Analysis of Foil Journal Bearings Considering Coulomb Friction: Rotating
           Unbalance Response
     3.    Investigation of Electrical Contact Resistance of Ag Nanoparticles as Additives Added to PEG 300
     4.    U.S. Air Force Perfluoropolyalkylether Experiences
     5.    First Traction Results of High Spinning Large-Size Circular EHD Contacts from a New Test Rig: Tribogyr
     6.    Root Cause Failure Analysis of Outer Ring Fracture of Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
     7.    Tribology Passive Protection of Friction Pair with Polystyrene
     8.    Study on the Scratch Hardness and Indentation Hardness of Burnished Poly(Oxymethylene) Surfaces
     9.    Performance of Flat Capillary Compensated Deep/Shallow Pockets Hydrostatic/Hydrodynamic Journal-Thrust
           Floating Ring Bearing
     10.   Wear Behavior of AISI 8620 Steel Modified by a Pulse-Plasma Technique
     11.   Evaluating the Validity of Rolling Contact Fatigue Test Results
     12.   Assessment of Tribological Coatings for Foil Bearing Applications
     13.   A Simple Approach to the ThermoElastoHydroDynamic Behavior of Mechanical Face Seals
     14.   CMP Friction as a Function of Slurry Silica Nanoparticle Concentration and Diameter
     15.   The Static and Dynamic Characteristics of a Two-Lobe Journal Bearing Lubricated with Couple-Stress Fluid
     16.   Dimensional Stability, Microstructure, and Cohesion Strength of Composite Solid Lubricant Coatings after
           Heat Treatment : Author: Malcolm K. Stanford a
Volume 52 Issue 3 2009
     1.    Antiwear Properties and Tribochemical Action Mechanisms of Three S-Containing Triazine Derivatives as
           Additives in Rapeseed Oil
     2.    Atomic Layer Deposition of Tungsten Disulphide Solid Lubricant Nanocomposite Coatings on Rolling Element

                                          (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.     Index
    3.      Experimental Study on the Performance of Coated Carbide Tools in the Ultra-Precision Machining of
            Stainless Steel
     4.     Identification of Bearing and Gear Tooth Damage in a Transmission System
     5.     On the Temperature Rise of Bodies Subjected to Unidirectional or Oscillating Frictional Heating and Surface
            Convective Cooling
     6.     Limits of Dynamic Coefficients of Self-Acting Tilting-Pad Gas Bearings
     7.     Friction and Wear Properties of Aluminum-Silicon Alloy Impregnated Graphite Composite (ALGR-MMC) under
            Lubricated Sliding Conditions
     8.     Prediction of Contact Temperature Distribution during Fretting Fatigue in Titanium Alloys
     9.     The Tribological Properties of Fullerene-Like Hydrogenated Carbon (FL-C:H) Film under Different Humidity
     10.    Friction in Highly Loaded Mixed Lubricated Point Contacts
     11.    Feasibility Study of Vapor-Mist Phase Reaction Lubrication using a Thioether Liquid
     12.    Aerostatic and Aerodynamic Performance of an Out-Pump Spirally Grooved Thrust Bearing: Analysis and
            Comparisons to Static Load Experiments
     13.    Tribological Properties of Electric Arc-Sprayed CuSn Coating for Bearing Elements
     14.    High Productivity Rough Turning of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy, with Flood and High-Pressure Cooling
     15.    Erosion Wear Analysis of Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coating Using the Taguchi Technique

     16.   Enhancing Oil/Water Emulsion Stability: The Use of Capillary Contact Angle Measurements to Determine
           Liquid/Liquid Interfacial Tensions between Aqueous Alkanolamine Solutions and Oils
Volume 52 Issue 4 2009
    1.     Interference-Fit Life Factors for Roller Bearings
    2.     Measurement and Analysis of Inlet Oil Film Thickness in Cold Sheet Rolling with Oil-in-Water Emulsion
    3.     Structural Properties of Foil Bearings: A Closed-Form Solution Validated with Finite Element Analysiss
    4.     Investigation of Chemical/Mechanical Polishing of Niobium
    5.     Tribological Properties of a Magnetorheological (MR) Fluid in a Finishing Process
    6.     A Review on Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings
    7.     Tribological Characteristics of WC-Ni and WC-Co Cemented Carbide in Dry Reciprocating Sliding Contact
    8.     Effect of Perfluoropolyether Fluids on Life of Thrust Ball Bearings
    9.     Correlation between the Film Forming Ability and Rheological Properties of New and Aged Low Sulfated Ash,
           Phosphorus and Sulfur (Low SAPS) Automotive Lubricants

                                           (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.     Index
    10.     The Role of Antioxidants on the Oxidation Stability of Oils with F-ZDDP and ZDDP, and Chemical Structure of
            Tribofilms Using XANES

     11.    The Effect of a Friction Modifier Additive on Micropitting
     12.    A Study of the Steady-State Performance of a Pressurized Air Wave Bearing at Concentric Position

   4.   Wear
Volume 266, Issues 1-2 (5 January 2009)
   1.     Adhesive wear of stir cast hypereutectic Al–Si–Mg alloy under reciprocating sliding conditions
   2.     Wear of aligned silicon nitride under dry sliding conditions
   3.     Wear mechanisms and scale effects in two-body abrasion
   4.     Two-body dry abrasive wear of cermets
   5.     Wear behaviors of ceramic nozzles with laminated structure at their entry
   6.     Influence of graphite content on the dry sliding and oil impregnated sliding wear behavior of Al 2024–graphite
          composites produced by in situ powder metallurgy method
   7.     Influence of graphite content on the dry sliding and oil impregnated sliding wear behavior of Al 2024–graphite
          composites produced by in situ powder metallurgy method
   8.     A procedure for the wear prediction of collector strip and contact wire in pantograph–catenary system
   9.     Wear behaviour of dental enamel at the nanoscale with a sharp and blunt indenter tip
   10.    Inelastic damages by stress wave on steel surface at the incubation stage of vibration cavitation erosion
   11.    Scratch testing of metals and polymers: Experiments and numerics
   12.    Influence of electrical discharge machining on the reciprocating sliding wear response of WC-Co cemented
   13.    Mechanical and unlubricated tribological properties of titanium-containing diamond-like carbon coatings
   14.    Role of surface texture of harder surface on subsurface deformation
   15.    Formation mechanism of electrical damage on sliding lubricated contacts for steel pair under DC electric field
   16.    Analysis of interface temperature, forward slip and lubricant influence on friction and wear in cold rolling
   17.    Rapid tyre/road separation: An experimental study of adherence forces and noise generation
   18.    Effect of functionally graded material on frictionally excited thermoelastic instability
   19.    Effect of oil additives on the durability of hydrogenated DLC coating under boundary lubrication conditions
   20.    Reciprocating friction and wear behavior of Ti3AlC2 and Ti3AlC2/Al2O3 composites against AISI52100
          bearing steel

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.   Index
   21.    Triboactive materials for dry reciprocating sliding motion at ultra-high frequency
   22.    Friction and wear behaviour of electron beam modified PTFE filled EPDM compounds
   23.    Solid particle erosion studies on polyphenylene sulfide composites and prediction on erosion data using artificial
          neural networks
   24.    Comparative study on rod fretting behavior of different spacer spring geometries
   25.    Tribological study of peroxide-cured EPDM rubber filled with electron beam irradiated PTFE powder
   26.    Simulation of cylinder ‘zero-wear’ process
   27.    Sliding wear of silicon carbide modified by etching with chlorine at various temperatures
   28.    Two-body abrasive behaviour of untreated SC and R-G fibres polyester composites
   29.    Tribological study of novel S–N style 1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-thione derivatives in rapeseed oil
   30.    Tribological properties of Si-containing diamond-like carbon film under ATF lubricated condition
   31.    Comparison of tribological behavior of nylon composites filled with zinc oxide particles and whiskers
   32.    Dry wear of NiAl3-reinforced mechanically alloyed aluminium with different microstructure
   33.    Analysis of load-speed sensitivity of friction composites based on various synthetic graphites
   34.    On the dry and wet sliding performance of potentially new frictional brake pad materials for automotive industry
   35.    Rubber abrasion at steady state
   36.    Influence of varied cryotreatment on the wear behavior of AISI D2 steel
   37.    Analysis based on microcontact mechanism for the roughness dependent stick–slip motion
   38.    Transient rolling of cylindrical contacts with constant and linearly increasing applied slip
   39.    Triboelectrochemical behaviour of a Si3N4–TiN ceramic composite and a titanium alloy commonly used in
          biomedical applications
   40.    Correlation of the tribological behaviors with the mechanical properties of poly-ether-ether-ketones (PEEKs) with
          different molecular weights and their fiber filled composites
   41.    Cavitation damages on solid surfaces in suspensions containing spherical and irregular microparticles
   42.    Nanometer size wear debris generated from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene in vivo
   43.    Wear behavior of AA1060 reinforced with alumina under different loads
   44.    Tribological behavior of graphite-containing nickel-based composite as function of temperature, load and
Volume 266, Issues 3-4 (5 February 2009)
   1.     Surface modifications in tribological contacts
   2.     Tribofilm formation and tribological properties of TiC and nanocomposite TiAlC coatings
   3.     Comparative study of the tribological behavior of self-lubricating W–S–C and Mo–Se–C sputtered coatings

                                           (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.     Index
   4.       Mechanical and tribological properties of sputtered Mo–Se–C coatings
   5.       Tribocorrosion behaviour of Ni–SiC nano-structured composite coatings obtained by electrodeposition
   6.       Comparison of self-mated hardmetal coatings under dry sliding conditions up to 600 °C
   7.       Characterisation of ZrO2 layers deposited on Al2O3 coating
   8.       The role of tribology and metrology in the latest development of bio-materials
   9.       Tribo-energetic correlation of tool thermal properties to wear of WC-Co inserts in high speed dry machining of
            aeronautical grade titanium alloys
   10.      On the wear of PVD-coated HSS hobs in dry gear cutting

   11.    A PACVD duplex coating for hot-forging applications
   12.    Minimised gear lubrication by a minimum oil/air flow rate
   13.    Influence of surface treatment of elastomers on their frictional behaviour in sliding contact
   14.    Analytical approach for wear prediction of metallic and ceramic materials in tribological applications
   15.    Influence of surface preparation on roughness parameters, friction and wear
Volume 266, Issues 5-6 (15 March 2009)
     1.   The 11th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces
     2.   Comparing laser and polychromatic confocal optical displacement sensors for the 3D measurement of cylindrical
          artefacts containing microscopic grooved structures
     3.   Advances in thick and thin film analysis using interferometry
     4.   Form error analysis of mould insert for large angle lens with ICP algorithm
     5.   Quality assurance —Have we specified it the wrong way round
     6.   Automated bullet-identification system based on surface topography techniques
     7.   Identification of the paint process for steel sheet applications
     8.   Capturing local and anisotropic behaviour in surface topography
     9.   Lead characterisation by an objective evaluation method
     10.  A new wavelet filtering for analysis of fractal engineering surfaces A new free-form surface fitting method for
          precision coordinate metrology
     11.  Development of a new traceable areal surface texture measuring instrument
     12.  Dynamic modelling of the fidelity of random surface measurement by the stylus method
     13.  A new look at surface metrology
     14.  Understanding initiation and propagation of fretting wear on the femoral stem in total hip replacement
     15.  The evolution of surface topography of injection cams

                                          (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.   Index
    16.   Evolution of road-surface skid-resistance and texture due to polishing
    17.   New criterion of grain size choice for optimal surface texture and tolerance in belt finishing production
    18.   Development of functional surface by nano-plastic forming
    19.   The influence of surface topography on the photocatalytic activity of electrophoretically deposited titanium dioxide
          thin films
    20.   Effect of roughness scale on contact stiffness between solids
    21.   On the influence of surface roughness on real area of contact in normal, dry, friction free, rough contact by using a
          neural network
    22.   Study of hair topography modification by interferometry
    23.   Geometrics of tooth wea
    24.   Scale-based correlations of relative areas with fracture of chocolate
Volume 266, Issues 7-8 (25 March 2009)
    1.    The effect of particle hardness and shape when abrasive water jet milling titanium alloy Ti6Al4V
    2.    On the behaviour of obsidian under scratch test
    3.    Effect of Ag nanoparticles additive on the tribological behavior of multialkylated cyclopentanes (MACs)
    4.    A comparative investigation of the wear behavior of PTFE and PI under dry sliding and simulated sand-dust
    5.    Tribology of polymer injection-molded stainless steel hybrid gear
    6.    Novel polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composites with newly developed Tribaloy alloy additive for sliding bearings
    7.    Sliding wear performance of nano-SiO2/short carbon fiber/epoxy hybrid composites
    8.    Sliding wear-induced microstructure evolution of nanocrystalline and coarse-grained AZ91D Mg alloy
    9.    Rolling contact fatigue life of AISI 52100 steel balls with mineral and synthetic polyester lubricants with PTFE
          nanoparticle powder as an additive
    10.   Temperature as sensitive monitor for efficiency of work in abrasive flow machining
    11.   Experimental investigation and mechanism of material removal in nano finishing of MMCs using abrasive flow
          finishing (AFF) process
    12.   Friction properties of nano-hydroxyapatite reinforced poly(vinyl alcohol) gel composites as an articular cartilage
    13.   Synergy between tribo-oxidation and strain rate response on governing the dry sliding wear behavior of titanium
    14.   The preparation of PVDF/clay nanocomposites and the investigation of their tribological properties
    15.   A method for obtaining the temperature distribution at the interface of sliding bodies
    16.   Friction and wear properties of short carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites
    17.   Wear mechanism of multiphase friction materials with different phenolic resin matrices

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.   Index
    18.   Morphologies of the wear debris of polyetheretherketone produced under dry sliding conditions: Correlation
          with wear mechanisms
    19.   Wear mechanisms in materials with granitic textures—Applicability of a lateral crack system model
    20.   Temperature and division of heat in a pin-on-disc frictional device—Exact analytical solution
    21.   Tribological and hydrothermal behaviour of silicon carbide under water lubrication
    22.   Using abrasives to remove a toner-print so that office paper might be reused
    23.   Effect of the reinforcement (carbon or glass fibres) on friction and wear behaviour of the PEEK against steel
          surface at long dry sliding
    24.   Cavitation resistance of Cr–N coatings deposited on austenitic stainless steel at various temperatures
    25.   The effect of hydrogen on friction and wear of Ni–P electroless coating
    26.   Scratch and normal hardness characteristics of polyamide 6/nano-clay composite
    27.   Numerical integration schemes and parallel computation for wear prediction using finite element method
    28.   Duplex SiCN/DLC coating as a solution to improve fretting—Corrosion resistance of steel
    29.   An integrated material removal model for silicon dioxide layers in chemical mechanical polishing processes
    30.   A representative ex-situ fretting wear investigation of orthodontic arch-wire/bracket contacts
    31.   An investigation of friction and wear performances of bonded molybdenum disulfide solid film lubricants in
          fretting conditions
    32.   Sliding wear behaviour of T6 treated A356–TiB2 in-situ composites
    33.   Friction behavior of lubricated zinc phosphate coatings
    34.   Tribological studies of polymer based ceramic–metal composites processed at ambient temperature
    35.   A ring area formed around the erosion pit on 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel surface in incipient cavitation erosion
    36.   Friction in a hydraulic motor piston/cam roller contact lined with PTFE impregnated cloth
Volume 266, Issues 9-10 (24 April 2009)
    1.    Tribological properties of polymer-sheet-adhered metal hybrid gear
    2.    Wear transitions in a wear coefficient model
    3.    Wear resistance of annealed plain carbon steels in pre-strained condition
    4.    Wear resistance of annealed plain carbon steels in pre-strained condition Pages 917-924
    5.    Short-pitch rail corrugation: A possible resonance-free regime as a step forward to explain the “enigma”?
    6.    Time dependant measurements of cavitation damage
    7.    Tribological interaction between multi-walled carbon nanotubes and silica surface using lateral force
    8.    Tribological properties of γ-Y2Si2O7 ceramic against AISI 52100 steel and Si3N4 ceramic counterparts

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S.No.   Index
    9.    Modelling the erosion rate in micro abrasive air jet machining of glasses
    10.   Erosion wear behavior of laser clad surfaces of low carbon austenitic steel
    11.   Tribofilm formation from TiC and nanocomposite TiAlC coatings, studied with focused ion beam and
          transmission electron microscopy
    12.   Tribofilm formation from TiC and nanocomposite TiAlC coatings, studied with focused ion beam and
          transmission electron microscopy
    13.   Microstructural modeling of adaptive nanocomposite coatings for durability and wear
    14.   Third body effects in the wear of polyamide: Micro-mechanisms and wear particles analysis
    15.   Wear development on wiper Al2O3–TiC mixed ceramic tools in hard machining of high strength steel
    16.   An investigation into the effect of film thickness on nanowear with amorphous carbon-based coatings
    17.   Impact of die wear and punch surface textures on aluminium can wall
Volume 266, Issues 11-12 (30 May 2009)
    1.    Sliding wear behaviors of in situ alumina/aluminum titanate ceramic composites
    2.    Evaluation of braze bonded hard complex boride based coatings for sliding, erosion and abrasion wear
    3.    Particle size effects on the slurry erosion of aluminium alloy (AA 6063)
    4.    Sliding friction and wear of Cu–graphite against 2024, AZ91D and Ti6Al4V at different speeds
    5.    Effect of transfer layer on dry sliding wear behaviour of cast Al-based composites synthesized by addition of
          TiO2 and MoO3
    6.    An erosion-based model for abrasive waterjet turning of ductile materials
    7.    Alternation on rolling contact properties of steel due to magnetic field
    8.    Studies on wear behavior of nano-intermetallic reinforced Al-base amorphous/nanocrystalline matrix in situ
    9.    Indirect monitoring of the dynamics at the contact interfaces of a pair of abrading titanium specimens
    10.   Effect of reinforcement coatings on the dry sliding wear behaviour of aluminium/SiC particles/carbon fibres
          hybrid composites
    11.   The effects of nickel and carbon concentrations on the wear resistance of Fe–Ni–C austenitic alloys
    12.   Frictional and adhesive behavior of organic–inorganic hybrid coatings on surgical grade stainless steel using
          nano-scratching technique
    13.   Microstructure and wear resistance of low temperature hot pressed TiB2
    14.   Effect of counter materials on coefficients of friction of TiN coatings with preferred grain orientations
    15.   Thermo-mechanical analysis of the magnetic head–disk interface with a fractal surface description

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
     S. No.   Index
        16.   Tribological properties of MoS2 nano-balls as filler in polyoxymethylene-based composite layer of three-layer
              self-lubrication bearing materials
        17.   Fretting wear behaviors of nanometer Al2O3 and SiO2 reinforced PEEK composites
        18.   Techniques for assessment of wear between human cartilage surfaces
        19.   Tribological behaviour of two imidazolium ionic liquids as lubricant additives for steel/steel contacts
        20.   Reduction of erosion rate by particle size distribution (PSD) modification of hematite as weighting agent for oil
              based drilling fluids
        21.   Microstructural characterization of the tool–chip interface enabled by focused ion beam and analytical
              electron microscopy
        22.   Dry sliding wear behaviour of plasma electrolytic oxidation coated AZ91 cast magnesium alloy

6.       Indian Journal of Tribology

Volume 4, No. 1, January-June-2009
    1.     Effect of running-in wear on the performance characteristics of a hydrodynamic journal bearing system
    2.     Effect of shot peening on the abrasive wear behaviour of medium carbon steels
    3.     A comparative study on condition monitoring of rolling element bearings
    4.     Effects of substrate surface finish on tribological performance and surface topology of Hi-HVOF sprayed WC-
           Cr-Ni cermet coating
    5.     Reduction in wear rate of rolls using roll bite lubrication is hot strip mill
    6.     Constant flow valve compensated hole-enty hybrid journal bearing lubricated with ER fluid

7.       Journal Lubrication Science(From 2009 Journal of Synthetic Lubrication and Tribotest will be also
         incorporated in this Journal)

Volume 21 Issue 1 , January 2009
    7.     Optimum shape design for surface of a porous slider bearing lubricated with couple stress fluid
    8.     Analysis of the pour point of coconut oil as a lubricant base stock using differential scanning calorimetry
    9.     Experimental model for creep groan analysis
Volume 21 Issue 2 , February 2009
    10.    Development of a test device for the evaluation of fretting in point contact
    11.    A methodology for the assessment of the tribocorrosion of passivating metallic materials
     S. No.   Index
                                               (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
    12.    Nano Si3N4 composites with improved tribological properties
Volume 21 Issue 3 , March 2009
    13.    Contact size effect on fretting wear behaviour: application to an AISI 52100/AISI 52100 interface
    14.    Chemical structure of phosphazenes in relation to the tribological properties of a steel-on-steel system
    15.    Tribological performances of heterocyclic-containing ether and/or thioether as additives in the synthetic
Volume 21 Issue 4 , April 2009
    16.    Effect of contact configuration on the durability and friction coefficient of pressure-sprayed MoS2 coatings
           under fretting conditions
    17.    Initial exploration of tribological performance of novel triazine derivatives in water
    18.    Feasibility of using digital speckle correlation in the study of seal contacts
    19.    New synthetic esters with a complex structure considered as tribological fluids

8.    Journal of Tribology

Volume 131, Number 1, January 2009
   1.     Using Design of Experiments to Analyze the Connecting Rod Big-End Bearing Behavior
   2.     Dynamic Analysis of Cage Stress in Tapered Roller Bearings Using Component-Mode-Synthesis Method
   3.     Friction Measurement in the Biaxial Rocking Motion Hip Joint Simulator
   4.     Evaluation of DLC Coatings for High-Temperature Foil Bearing Applications
   5.     Elastic-Plastic Wheel-Rail Thermal Contact on Corrugated Rails During Wheel Braking
   6.     On a Simplified Model for Numerical Simulation of Wear During Dry Rolling Contacts
   7.     Plastic Yield Conditions for Adhesive Contacts Between a Rigid Sphere and an Elastic Half-Space
   8.     Experimental Study of a Creeping Polymer Sphere in Contact With a Rigid Flat
   9.     A Three-Dimensional Deterministic Model for Rough Surface Line-Contact EHL Problems
   10.    Ultrasonic Measurement of Rolling Bearing Lubrication Using Piezoelectric Thin Films
   11.    Traction in EHL Line Contacts Using Free-Volume Pressure-Viscosity Relationship With Thermal and
          Shear-Thinning Effects
   12.    Influence of Manufacturing Process and Alloying Element Content on the Tribomechanical Properties of
          Cobalt-Based Alloys
          H. Yu, R. Ahmed, H. de Villiers Lovelock, and S. Davies
   13.    Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Oil Lubricated Beveled-Step Herringbone-Grooved Journal Bearings

                                             (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
  S. No.  Index
   14.    Numerical Approach for Solving Reynolds Equation With JFO Boundary Conditions Incorporating ALE
   15.    Analysis on Dynamic Performance of Hydrodynamic Tilting-Pad Gas Bearings Using Partial Derivative
   16.    A Bubble Dynamics Based Approach to the Simulation of Cavitation in Lubricated Contacts
   17.    Experimental Study on the Stabilization of Small-Bore Journal Bearings by Controlling Starved Lubrication
          and Bearing Orientation Angle
   18.    The Tribological Study of Novel Benzotriazolyl-Containing Anticorrosive Polysulfides in Rapeseed Oil
   19.    Full EHL Simulations Using the Actual Ree–Eyring Model for Shear-Thinning Lubricants
   20.    Loading Velocity Effect in the Load/Unload Systems With Multiple Flying Height States
   21.    Analytical and Experimental Elastic-Plastic Impact Analysis of a Magnetic Storage Head-Disk Interface
   22.    Measurement and Sources of Lateral Tape Motion: A Review
   23.    Stress Induced Permanent Magnetic Signal Degradation of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording System
   24.    Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for the Simulation of Rarefied Gas Flow in Discrete Track Recording
          Head/Disk Interfaces
   25.    A Particle-Augmented Mixed Lubrication Modeling Approach to Predicting Chemical Mechanical Polishing
   26.    Friction and Wear Behavior of Graphite-Carbon Short Fiber Reinforced Al–17%Si Alloy Hybrid Composites
   27.    Lubrication and Surface Properties of Roach Cuticle
Volume 131, Number 2, April 2009
   1.     Rotordynamic Performance of Flexure Pivot Tilting Pad Gas Bearings With Vibration Damper
   2.     A Discrete Element Approach for Modeling Cage Flexibility in Ball Bearing Dynamics Simulations
   3.     Analysis of Multirecess Hydrostatic Journal Bearing Operating With Micropolar Lubricant
   4.     Effect of Coating Thickness on the Friction Coefficients and Torque-Tension Relationship in Threaded
   5.     Frictional Energy Dissipation in a Rough Hertzian Contact
   6.     A Numerical Static Friction Model for Spherical Contacts of Rough Surfaces, Influence of Load, Material, and
   7.     Static Friction Model of Elastic-Plastic Contact Behavior of Surface With Elliptical Asperities
   8.     The Effect of Surface Roughness on Static Friction and Junction Growth of an Elastic-Plastic Spherical
   9.     Multiple Contacts of Similar Elastic Materials

                                            (c) Tribology Society of India 2009
S. No.   Index
 10.     Transient Thermomechanical Analysis of Sliding Electrical Contacts of Elastoplastic Bodies, Thermal
         Softening, and Melting Inception
 11.     Creep Relaxation of an Elastic–Perfectly Plastic Hemisphere in Fully Plastic Contact
 12.     Three-Dimensional Semiperiodic Line Contact–Periodic in Contact Length Direction
 13.     A Multilevel Model for Elastic-Plastic Contact Between a Sphere and a Flat Rough Surface
 14.     Asperity Creep Measured by the Reflection of Ultrasound at Rough Surface Contact
 15.     Soft EHL Simulations of U-Cup and Step Hydraulic Rod Seals
 16.     Experimental and Numerical Study of Air Entrainment Between Web and Spirally Grooved Roller
 17.     The Validity of Linear Elasticity in Analyzing Surface Texturing Effect for Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
 18.     Thermomechanical Coupling in Oscillatory Systems With Application to Journal Bearing Seizure
 19.     Steady State Performance Characteristics of Single Pad Externally Adjustable Fluid Film Bearing in the
         Laminar and Turbulent Regimes
 20.     Thermohydrodynamic Study of Multiwound Foil Bearing Using Lobatto Point Quadrature
 21.     Application of the Amplitude Reduction Technique Within Probabilistic Rough EHL Models
 22.     Analysis of a Porous Elastic Sheet Damper With a Magnetic Fluid
 23.     A Numerical Simulation Method to Evaluate the Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Flying Head Sliders on
         Patterned Disk Surfaces
 24.     A Simplified Dynamic Model for the Analysis of the Slider Off-Track Motion Due to Head-Disk Interactions
 25.     High Velocity Oblique Impact and Coefficient of Restitution for Head Disk Interface Operational Shock
 26.     Study on Contact Characteristic of Nanoscale Asperities by Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
 27.     Load-Independent Spin Power Losses of a Spur Gear Pair: Model Formulation
 28.     Oil Churning Power Losses of a Gear Pair: Experiments and Model Validation
 29.     A Voronoi Finite Element Study of Fatigue Life Scatter in Rolling Contacts
 30.     Evaluation of Rayleigh–Plesset Equation Based Cavitation Models for Squeeze Film Dampers
 31.     Partial Contact of an Elastic Coated Cylinder Pressed by a Rigid Flat Surface
 32.     Prediction of Steady State Adhesive Wear in Spur Gears Using the EHL Load Sharing Concept
 33.     An Adhesion Model for Elastic-Contacting Fractal Surfaces in the Presence of Meniscus

                                        (c) Tribology Society of India 2009

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