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Eaton New Weatherhead Hose Leads to Satisfied Customers by jolinmilioncherie


									                                                                                                                  EatON CORPORatiON CUSTOMER FOCUS

                                Eaton’s New Weatherhead Hose Leads to
                                Satisfied Customers, Substantial Sales
                                Growth at NAPA


Markets Served
Automotive, Collision Repair,
Heavy-duty Truck, Industrial

Due to the popularity of                                                                   Weatherhead line did not include
                                                                                           a high-pressure hose style, he
                                                                                                                                                       of Eaton’s newly released H464
                                                                                                                                                       and H485 WeatherFORCE™ hose
                                Eaton’s launch of a new
WeatherFORCETM hose             Weatherhead® hose and                                      still turned to Eaton for a possible                        and WeatherTIGHT™ hose ends
                                accompanying hose ends were                                solution.                                                   that withstand system operating
and WeatherTIGHTTM              perfect timing for NAPA—Eaton’s                                                                                        pressures up to and greater than
                                Hydraulics Operation's largest
hose ends, Eaton and            customer for fluid conveyance
                                                                                           He explained to Paul Grandsko,                              6000 PSI.
                                                                                           Eaton Account Manager,
NAPA implemented a              products.
                                                                                           Northeast region, that his                                  He investigated the application
nationwide program for          An independent owner of a
                                                                                           customers needed a 5000 to
                                                                                           6000 PSI hose that meets EN
                                                                                                                                                       requirements with Eaton’s David
                                                                                                                                                       Strohsack, sales manager for
the product line.               NAPA AUTO PARTS store in
                                Pennsylvania uncovered the
                                                                                           standards and offers such                                   NAPA U.S., and Todd Pinkelman,
                                                                                           features as 6000 PSI constant                               product manager. They
                                growing need in his rural logging
                                                                                           high pressures, improved                                    confirmed WeatherFORCE and
                                community for an extremely high
                                                                                           abrasion resistance, and a colorful                         WeatherTIGHT products were a
                                pressure hose to accommodate
                                                                                           lay-line for brand recognition. He                          good fit for the NAPA
                                forestry recovery and tree
                                                                                           said he frequently turned                                   customer, and they immediately
                                planting operations.
                                                                                           customers away who were                                     went to work to earn NAPA’s buy-
                                                                                           looking for such a product and                              in through product
                                Logging customers frequent his
To learn more, contact:                                                                    questioned if Eaton had                                     training, an aggressive
                                store for their Weatherhead low
                                                                                           considered it for product                                   promotional program, and a
David Strohsack                 and medium-pressure hose
                                                                                           development. After all, the                                 tireless sales initiative.
Eaton Corporation               requirements, but supplying them
                                                                                           storeowner continued, the hose
Fluid Power Group               with high-pressure hose was
                                                                                           style could also come in handy                              Shortly thereafter, the Eaton's
Hydraulics Operations           another story.
                                                                                           for heavy construction, mining,                             Hydraulics Operation's
14615 Lone Oak Rd                                                                          and scrap yard applications.                                Cleveland, TN Distribution Center
Eden Prairie, MN 55344          Challenge                                                                                                              set up NAPA’s Altoona, Pennsyl-
419-865-1786                    Although the NAPA AUTO                                     Solution                                                    vania Distribution Center with an       PARTS storeowner knew the                                  Grandsko immediately thought                                abundant inventory of

                                Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer with 2006 sales of $12.4 billion. Eaton is a global leader in electrical systems and components for power
                                quality, distribution and control; fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and aircraft equipment; intelligent truck drivetrain systems for safety and fuel
                                economy; and automotive engine air management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has 60,000
                                employees and sells products to customers in more than 125 countries. For more information, visit                               Doc. No. W-SR0V-MS002-E
WeatherFORCE™ hose and             significantly impacted NAPA’s
WeatherTIGHT™ hose ends                         ”
                                   bottom line, added Gandsko.
to accommodate needs of the        “Customers’ needs are being
customer, as well as other NAPA    filled, and NAPA operations are
AUTO PARTS stores.                 flourishing as a result of our
                                   new products. In fact, the
Coincidentally, a similar need     Pennsylvania store has increased
arose at NAPA AUTO PARTS           its Weatherhead brand product
stores in High Point and           sales by over 360% over last
Charlotte, North Carolina, where   year, and the Altoona Distribu-
customers involved in mining and   tion Center has a 53% growth
vehicle demolition work were       in Weatherhead product sales
also asking for an extremely       year-to-date.
high-pressure hose. Again, the
                                   “The Charlotte independently
combined efforts of Eaton’s
                                   owned NAPA AUTO PARTS store
product management team and
                                   has a 771% increase in
Cleveland, TN distribution
                                   Weatherhead brand product sales
center led to buy-in for new
                                   over 2005, and the High Point
WeatherFORCE and Weather-
                                   company-owned store soars at
TIGHT products and subsequent
                                   661% above last year’s sales.
inventories at
several NAPA distribution          Due to the popularity of
centers.                           WeatherFORCE™ hose and
                                   WeatherTIGHT™ hose ends,
Results                            Eaton and NAPA implemented
“Our new WeatherFORCE™ and         a nationwide inventory upgrade
WeatherTIGHT™ products have        program for the product line.

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