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Unit Planner (DOC download)


									                                          Unit Plan

Course: MBF 3C
Unit Title: Linear Growth, Compound Interest, Exponential Growth

Class        Topic                                                              Assignment

      1         Review Percent, Solving Linear Equations; Evaluating              p 6: 1, 2, 3,
                4, 5
                Formulae using calculators; Students begin to look at             p 8: 1, 2, 3
                Careers and why an understanding of personal finance will         p 9: 1, 2
                Be important.
                What do I use money for? What are my monetary goals?
                How do I save money? Why is saving money important?

  2             Graphing linear growth; Calculating Earnings; Commission          p 12-14
                What is my job? Do I make a fair wage? Why/Why not?

  3             Sequences; What is meant by “terms”; What is the relationship     p 17-19
                between sequence and pattern; Sequences and crafts

  4            Arithmetic sequences; How to distinguish arithmetic sequences;     p 24-26
               General Arithmetic sequences

  5            Arithmetic Series; What is the relationship between sequences      p 31-32
               And series; Finding the sum of the General Arithmetic Series

  6            Simple Interest; Term and Maturity; I=Prt; GIC’s, Bonds,           p 38-39
               Savings accounts, Mutual Funds, Stocks

  7             Simple Interest; Solving for P, r, t                              p 42-44

  8            Project: Where do I save my money?; Tiered Interest                p 47-48
               Chapter 1 Test: Arithmetic Series and Interest

 9             Compound Interest; Review: Evaluating Powers; Exponent             p 58-60

10            Compound Interest as compared with Simple Interest;                 p 63-64
              Graphing Compound Interest

11            Amount = Principal + Interest; Amount and Annual                    p 68-71
              Compounding; Reading Compound Interest Graphs

12            What if compounding periods are less than one year?                 p 73-78
              Calculating interest involving different compounding periods

 13           Determining the Present Value of an investment                      p 82-83
              Chapter 2 Test: Compound Interest

 14           Determining i and n in compound interest formula;                   p 90-91
              Using a spreadsheet to determine compound interest;                Spreadsheet
              Reading a spreadsheet                                               Assignment
15   Project: Investing with Canada Savings Bonds                     p 93-96

16   Project: Travelling Abroad; Currency Conversion;                 p 102- 109
     Calculations involving foreign currency

17   Exponential Growth; Reviewing Number Systems;                    p 116-117
     Zero and Negative Exponents; Evaluating Expressions
     With Negative Exponents; Powers and Products of Powers;
     Powers of a Quotient Law

18   Exponential Functions and Compound Interest; Reading             p 129-130
     Graphs of Compound Interest; Using a Graphing Calculator

19   Rational Exponents; Evaluating Rational Exponents without        p 135
     Electronic Assistance
     Quiz: Exponential Functions and Compound Interest

20   Properties of Exponential Functions; y = Abx; Graphing y = bx;   p 140-142
     Using a Graphing Calculator

21   Graphing Exponential Growth; Exploring Population Growth         p 149-151

22    Exponential Decay                                               p 156-159

23    Comparing Models of Growth                                      p 160-161

24    Project: Exploring Canada’s National Debt; Distinguish          p 172-173
      Between domestic debt and external debt

25    Chapter 3 Test: Exponential Growth
                                        Unit Planner

Course: MBF 3C
Unit Title: Annuities, Credit and Mortgages

Class        Topic                                                        Assignment

 1           Review Arithmetic Sequences; Solving Exponential                  p 183

 2           Geometric Sequences; The General Geometric Sequence;              p 190-192
             Properties of Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

  3          Geometric Series; Sum of a General Geometric Series               p 196-197
             Quiz: Geometric Series

 4           The Amount of an Annuity; Definition of an Annuity;               p204-207
             The Amount of an Annuity

  5          Determining the Regular Deposit for an Annuity                    p 211- 214

  6          Applications to Regular Savings                                   p 217-218
             Quiz: Annuities and Savings

  7-8        Project: RRSPs -- Exploring Case Studies                          p 220-224

  9          Review Class

  10         Chapter 4 Test

  11         Review: Present Value of Investments; Sum of a Geometric          p 233

  12         Present Value of an Annuity; PV Formula                           p239-240

  13         Present Value and Calculating Payment                             p 244-245

  14         Regular Loan Payments                                             p 248-249

  15         The Cost of Borrowing                                             p 252-253
             Quiz: Present Value and Loan Payments

  16         Investigating the Effect of a Lump Sum Payment on a Loan;         p 258-261
             Using a Spreadsheet; Repayment Schedules

  17         Investigating Early Investment in an RRSP                         p 263-265

  18         Project: Debit and Credit Cards; Costs involved                   p 267-269

  19         Review Exercise

  20         Chapter 5 Test

  21-22      Project: Explore, Research, Report: Being an Informed Consumer    p 274-281
23   Using a Scientific Calculator to Evaluate Numerical Expressions; p285
     Rational Exponents

24   What is a Mortgage?                                                     p 289-291

25   Using a Spreadsheet to Generate an Amortization Schedule                p 293-295

26   Mortgages and Amortization; calculating PV                              p 298-299

27   Equivalent Rates of Interest                                            p 303-304
     Quiz: Mortgages and Amortization

28   Using Graphing Calculators to Investigate Methods for                   p 309-313
     Saving Interest

29   Project: Accommodation: Do I Rent or Buy? Students make a               p 314-315
     Decision based on investigative tools already learned

30   Review Exercise

31   Chapter 6 Test
                                         Unit Planner

Course: MBF 3C
Unit Title: Personal Financial Decisions

Class        Topic                                                    Assignment
  1          Review: The Present Value of an Annuity                       Test

  2          Buying a Vehicle; Buying a New Vehicle; Buying a              p 332-334
             Used Vehicle

  3          Leasing a Vehicle; net capitol cost; residual value           p 341-343

  4          Costs of Operating a Vehicle                                  p 348-350
             Quiz: Buying and Leasing a Vehicle

  5          Investigating the Choice of a Vehicle                         p 351-354

  6          What is a Budget?                                             p 358-361

  7          Using Budgeting Software to Prepare a Budget                  p362-363

  8          Project: Investment Options: CSB; GICs; Term Deposits;        p 365-367
             Savings Accounts; Investigating Options

  9          Review Class

  10         Chapter 7 Test

  11         Exploring Careers                                             p 374-383

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