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									   Tech Express &
     Tech Briefing
Tips for Presenters
               Mark Branom
             September 17, 2003
About the Drop-in Seminars
   Over the past several years, the Technology Training
    Services (TTS) group has put a great deal of effort into
    improving the quality of and attendance at the Tech
    Express and Tech Briefing drop-in seminars (formerly
    known as TTBBs and TGIFs).

   Our clients have come to expect high quality instruction,
    information, and materials at these sessions -- and they
    are getting that!

   The keys to continuing to deliver quality sessions are
    marketing and preparation.
Marketing the Presentations
   TTS routinely emails announcements to
    techexpress@lists and techbriefings@lists.

   In addition, presenters often send email to their special
    interest groups (e.g., netadmin@lists, partners@lists,
    web-creators@lists) regarding upcoming presentations.
    They know their potential audience best, and get a good
    response. TTS has a template that can help you craft a
    such an email.

   If there are other ways in which TTS can help presenters
    market their sessions, just give us a ring (723-4301).
Preparing the Presentations
   Please plan presentations ahead of time and know what
    materials and equipment are needed. Let TTS know ONE
    WEEK in advance for special requests.
   Contact TTS for a pre-presentation orientation (walk-
    through) of the technology in the room you will be using,
    if necessary. To do a “dry-run” in Turing Auditorium
    before your presentation, contact TTS at least one week
   Create good visual aids. These can be PowerPoint slides or

   Handouts are a must. They may be copies of a PowerPoint
    presentation, a URL to go to for more information, and/or contact
    information for the speaker or group.
   Begin marketing the presentation at least TWO weeks
    before the session. Contact TTS if you need assistance in crafting
    or sending notices to potential attendees.

   Provide enough time for TTS to duplicate handouts and
    visual aids. Please turn in visual aids no later than ONE WEEK
    before the presentation. This will give TTS time to review the
    handout(s) and make the copies.

   In addition, TTS will publish your handouts to the web: or
   TTS contact information:
       Phone: 650-723-4391
       Fax: 650-725-0995
       Email:



   ITSS PowerPoint template:

   ITSS Web template:
Sample Email Announcement
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 13:54:13 -0700
To: Tech Express <techexpress@lists.Stanford.EDU>
From: Phyllis Olrich <>
Sender: owner-ttbb-announce@lists.Stanford.EDU

This week's Summer Tech Express will be on:
Converting Forsythe EMS Distribution Lists to Stanford Mailing List Services
In this "bonus" Tech Express, Mark Branom will show you how to use the Mailing List Services available
at An email list (also called "mailing list" or "email distribution list") lets you
send a piece of email to a single email address (the address of the list), and the email is then
forwarded as email to all the email addresses in the list. Learn how easy it is to use this web-based
service as a replacement for the Forsythe EMS Distributions Lists that you may have been using.

Thursday, August 28, 12:00 - 1:00 P.M.Pigott Hall, Room 113

Pigott Hall (Building 260, Room 113), also called the Language Corner, is located in the southeast
corner of the Main quad, kitty-corner from the Clock Tower. To see a map to Pigott Hall, go


The Summer Tech Express is a series of user-friendly brown-bag sessions on computing at Stanford, geared
mainly toward Stanford staff, but open to everyone - including faculty and students. No registration is
required -- just come on by. Cookies and drinks will be provided.

To receive reminders by email, subscribe to the Tech Express mailing list. Send email to with the message:
        subscribe techexpress
If you are already on the TTBB-announce list, you'll automatically get the Tech Express mailings.

The next Summer Tech Express on September 18 will be on Secure Computing at Stanford.

For more information, you may reply to this email, visit our web site at, or contact the Tech Express coordinator at 5-1541.
Sample Supplement Handout
                                                                     The Summer Tech Express
                                                                             August 28, 2003
                                                        Mark Branom, 5-1717,

                     Converting Forsythe EMS Distribution Lists to
                            Stanford Mailing List Services

           Resources and Contact Information

                  HelpSU (for technical assistance), 5-HELP

      The next Tech Express will be on

                                        Secure Computing at Stanford
                                            September 18, 2003

      Do any of the following questions sound familiar?
            I've been hearing a lot about "information security" – what's all the hue and cry about?
            What is the "Security Awareness program?"
            Someone said that Information Security Services is scanning computers all over campus – isn't
               that a violation of my privacy?
            Stanford has ten's of thousands of computers on a very open network – doesn't that mean we
               can't be secure?
            Doesn't more or better information security mean that getting my computer work done will be
               harder, or even impossible to do?
      If these and other similar questions are on your mind, come to this session and get your questions
      answered. Tina Darmohray, of Information Security Services, will provide an update on programs and
      activities, as well as explain the value of security facilities that we all can use. Get YOUR questions

         To receive reminders by email, subscribe to the Tech Express mailing list. Send email to with the message:
                subscribe techexpress

         If you are already on the TTBB-announce mailing list, you will automatically receive the
         techexpress mailings.

         Visit our web site at

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