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					Is This the Thinnest Laptop in the World?

We’ve all heard about the cool laptops paraded during the Consumer Electronics Show last
January, and we have concluded that the best of the best has come, indeed. Aside from the
new prototypes of future laptops from all over the world, we were also given glimpses of what to
expect when companies start selling electronics this year, especially in term of very cool and
very thin laptops which they freely called Utrabooks.
Acer isn’t one to pass up on the opportunity to show off some muscle. The days of small and
colorful Acer Aspire notebooks are done because Acer has realized that it has bigger fish to fry.
Now, Acer reveals the supposed thinnest laptop ever—The Acer Aspire S5. And while it may
still have the thinnest title in the world, we’d like to say that this is the thinnest so far. With the
fast growing rate of laptop manufacturing, we’re pretty sure someone—or something—could get
the same thinness for their own laptop. But before that happens, let’s take a look at this candy’s
performance and bravado.
Hailed as the ultra-sleekest of its kind, Acer started selling electronics like this Ultrabook in
January 8, 2012 and Acer says it only measures up to 15 millimeters at its maximal point. It’s
paper-thin and also almost as light as onion skin (well, not quite) with a weight that only lists
three pounds. This is another big break for the Aspire line which has been known to be the first
laptop line that incorporated Blu-Ray drives and a Transreflective display. Now, the laptop giant
moves on to win the Best Ultrabook title by encompassing the Ultra-thin guideline set by Intel
which is 0.17 inches thin (the Acer Aspire S5 is only 0.59 inches thin) and 3.1 pounds.
Aside from championing thinness and lightness, the S5 also has some sweet feature packets to
come with it. But beware; do not expect super fast processors or heavy performance stuff that
you would like to see in a Mac. This is definitely no Mac. Acer Aspire S5 has a 13 inch LCD
screen (yes, not 15 inches for those of you who like big laptop screens) which is powered by
Intel HD Graphics. Although the processor is a bit blurry at this rate, we’d like to believe it’s
either Intel Core i5 or i7 (which is the dual-core Ivy Bridge that Intel has been bragging about
since then). For speed performance it has 4GB RAM, and a 128GB SSD hard drive. It runs on
the Windows 7 operating system though, not Windows 8 (Since it was released early this year
while the Windows 8 is set to be released later this year).
Other features include the MagicFlip I/O ports where the traditional 3.0 USB ports, the HDMI
port and the Thunderbolt port (at 10 GBps) is hidden at the back of the laptop and you’ll be able
to access it by simply pushing a button. While the general public thinks this laptop is “sexy” or
“stylish” even, most heavy laptop users don’t fancy it. Some even said it’s just a flattened
notebook! At any rate, it’s still up to those who like to sell old laptops for cash to decide whether
it’s worth selling old electronics for or not!

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