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					                                           Technology                              Work                       Education                   Nature of                   Energy
     1st Wave:          8000 B.C.-
                        1750 A.D.
   Agriculture Age
                                                                                                                                         Society and
 8000 B.C.- 1750 A.D.                                                                                                                      Culture
                        1900         1901- The first radio receiver,    Standardization- uniform system   1907- Montessori             Management guru-           
                                     successfully received a radio      of operating and accounting:      Method: Maria                (Frederick Winslow
                                     transmission.                      (Vail; AT&T)                      Montessori believed that     Taylor: standards)
                                     1902- First educational films              Pay scales               learners develop                 Currency
                                     by Charles Urban                           Lunch hours              understanding from the           Mass media
                                     1908- Theodore Vail created                Holidays                 surrounding                      Languages
                                     the first telephone handset.               Grievance procedures     environment. She                 Measurement
                                                                                Fringe benefits          designed an individual
                                     1908- Henry Ford created the               Hiring procedures        plan to meet his or her
                                     Model T’s.                         Specialization                    needs. She adapted her
                                                                        Synchronization                   plans based on her
                                                                        Concentration-                    ability to anticipate what
                                                                        Maximization                      a learner needs from the
                                                                        Centralization                    environment. Her
                                                                                                          concept of Educational
                                                                                                          technology was student
     2nd Wave                                                                                             centered and provided
                                                                                                          students with an
  Industrial Age                                                                                          individualized, hands-on
                                                                                                          learning environment.
1650 A.D.-1955 A.D.     1910         1913- Thomas Edison                Machines enhance man power                                                                
                                     demonstrated the first talking
                                     motion picture.
                                     1914- Educational Motion
                                     Picture Bureau, Inc. produced
                                     the first syllabi with their
                                     educational films.
                                     1914- Assembly Line created
                                     by Henry Ford. His invention
                                     revolutionized manufacturing
                                     of goods.
                                     1918- First official teacher
                                     education course in visual
                                     instruction at the University of
                        1920         1923- Television                   1927-Mass production of Model     1923- Visual Instruction     This was the Roaring       
                                     1927- Commercial Radio-            T’s                               Movement went through        Twenties and in the U.S.
                                     staple of people’s lives. Mass                                       three stages: the school     there was a widespread
                         media for providing                  museum movement, the       feeling that we had
                         entertainment, News, and new         organization of slide      entered new, even
                         ideas.                               libraries, and the         revolutionary, times,
                         1927- Color Television               establishment of           driven by the rapid pace
                         1927- Quartz Timekeeping             educational film           of industrialization and
                         1927- Talking Pictures               libraries.                 urbanization.

                                                                                         October 1929-stock
                                                                                         market crash-Black
                                                                                         Beginning of the Great
                  1930   1933- Electron Microscope                                                                
                         1939- Frequency Modulation
                         FM sound by radio waves
                         1936- Magnetic Recording-
                         audio tapes
                         1938- Photocopier Chester
                         1932- Polaroid Edwin Herbert
                  1940   1949 45 rpm Record                  1947- Institute of                                    1945- Atomic Bomb
                                                              Communication              1943- Aqualung created     by Robert
                         1947 - Artificial Intelligence       Research at the            by J. Cousteau and E.      Oppenheimer's team.
                         Alan Turing                          University of Illinois.    Gagnon to help a diver     1942- Atomic Power
                                                              This marked the            explore ocean depths by    created by Enrico
                         1944-The Harvard MARK I              beginning of mass          automatically pumping in   Fermi's team. They
                         Computer - Howard Aiken and          communication research     fresh air when a diver     creating first self-
                         Grace Hopper                         and served as the first    breathed.                  sustaining chain
                                                              major point of                                        reaction.
                                                              convergence of related
                  1950   1958- Computer Modem                1954- Teaching             Hydrogen Bomb -----        1954- Solar Cell Or
                                                              machines and               1952 USA by Edward         Photovoltaic cells
                         1959- Lunar Probe Russia             Programmed Instruction     Teller's team              1956- Nuclear Power
                         Lunik I- passed the Moon                                                                   England First power
                         1958- Microchip Jack Kilby           Piaget – developed                                    station at Calder Hall
   3rd Wave                                                   models of cognitive                                   1951- Breeder
                         1954- Robot by George C              development in children.                              Reactor ----- USA
Information Age          Devol Jr                             He believed that                                      Converted Uranium to
                         1957- Satellite Russia Sputnik       children built their                                  Plutonium
  1955 A.D. -                                                 knowledge from
                         1953- Transistor Radio Texas         continuously testing and
   Present               Instruments                          restructuring their
                         1956- Video Recorder                 understanding of the
                         1956- Video Tape                     world around them. He
                                                              did not believe that
                                                              children’s minds were
                                                              empty and had to be fill
                                                              up with knowledge and
1960   1962- Communication Satellite             1969- Manned Moon                 1965-OPEC
       Telstar                                     Landing -Neil Armstrong            formed
       1966- Fiber Optics by Charles               and Edwin Aldrin walk
       Keo and George Hockham                      on Moon

       1965- Hypertext linking text                1960- Weather Satellite -
       Internet ----- 1969 USA US                  Tiros
       1965- Optical Disk by James                 1961- Human Space
       Russell - now Compact Disk                  Travel -Russia Yuri
       CD / DVD                                    Gagarin - the first human
       1967- Portable Calculator:                  in space
       Texas Instruments
       1963- Tape Cassette

1970   1979- home computers Texas                Women’s rights and                1973 OPEC cut
       Instruments. In the beginning,              women’s role in society            off world’s supply
       the computers were mainly for               changed. Including the             of crude oil
       the hobbyists and included the              ability to decide when,
       Apple II, the TRS-80, the                   where, and if they
       Commodore PET, and Atari                    wished to have children (
       400/800.                                    partly through the
       1971- E-Mail                                availably of the
       1971- Floppy Disk by Alan                   contraceptive pill ).
       1973- Genetic Engineering
       S Cohen and H Boyer
       1976- Ink Jet Printer
       1975- Laser Printer
       1971- Microprocessor
       1973- Space Station Skylab
1980   As well as the Hardware and               The 80's also signaled a       
       Software changes a new                      period of the rise of
       technology was evolving                     conservatism as the in
       starting as Bulletin boards later           political and cultural life,
       to become what we now know                  caused by Margaret
       as the Internet invented by                 Thatcher in the UK and
       English physicist Tim Berners               Ronald Reagan in the
       and the beginnings of the                   USA .
       World Wide Web                              After many years of
                                                   ignoring the impact on
       Another technology that was                 our environment ,the
       also just starting was that of              world also took more
       cellular mobile phones , in the             notice of the impact that
       beginning the phones were big               we were having on our
       and heavy and hit and miss for              planet and more
       signal strength , but as with the           research was done on
       Internet would change our                   the effects on global
       lives.                                      warming through
                                                   population growth, land
       The 80's also signaled the age              clearing of rain forests
                             of the video game in arcades,           for agriculture and
                             Games Machines and PC's the             logging, increased use
                             most popular games being                of fossil fuels for power
                             Space Invaders and Pac Man              generation together with
                                                                     our love affair with the
   Possible 4th                                                      car for transport .
                      1990                                                                    

2000 A.D. - Present
                      2000                                                                    

   Possible 4th
     Wave:            2010                                                                    


2000 A.D. - Present

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