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									5 Florida Vacation Spots You
       Shouldn’t Miss
Florida is a state surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic
   Ocean. It is a popular tourist destination. In fact, the state is
   visited by about 60 million people annually. There are many
   options if you are looking for Florida vacation spots. Below
   are some of the most popular.

Walt Disney World
The Walt Disney World Resort is located in Orlando, Florida. It is
  one of the most common choices for families or group of
  friends searching for Florida vacation spots. You can find
  entertainment as well as some dining spots and shopping
  centers at the Boardwalk. The place is near the hotels and
  theme parks.
The Magic Kingdom has Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big
  Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion, and Mickey’s
  Philhar Magic to name a few attractions. This is also where
  you can watch Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade.

Universal Studios
You can also find the Universal Studios in Orlando. It is a treat for
  movie fanatics. This movie-based theme park lets you go
  behind the scenes or experience the action in your favorite
  movie. The rides and attractions are never to be missed. Most
  of them will show you how the stunts were done or will take
  you to a thrilling ride.
Being located at the southeastern coast, beaches are the most
  popular Florida vacation spots. The South Beach is one of the
  most popular beaches in Florida. It’s best known for the Art
  Deco and luxurious restaurants but it is still like other beaches
  that let you enjoy the water, sun and sand. The Lummus
  Beach Park is what you can visit if you are looking for a
  peaceful vacation by the beach. It is a common choice for
  people who want to have a beach wedding or for people who
  want to try their metal detectors.

If you like to be at the beach naked, the Haulover Beach is for
    you. It is in the Miami-Dade County Park. You will find this
    beach fully packed on weekends.
You should also pay the Daytona Beach a visit. This is where you
  could find the tallest lighthouse in Florida. It was built in 1997.
  You have to pay a fee if you want to go to the top.

Castillo de San Marcos
Make sure to visit the Castillo de San Marcos if you will be
  spending your vacation in St. Augustine, which is one of the
  two municipalities to incorporate. It is an old structure made
  from the shell rock coquina. It was built because the wooden
  forts do not give enough protection from British, Indians and
  pirates. It took more than 20 years for it to be completed. It
  witnessed the 7-year war between Spain and Britain as well as
  the Revolutionary War during which it served as a prison.
Jacksonville Riverfront
Jacksonville is one of the most common Florida vacation spots.
   It is famous for the large Friendship Fountain. There is a
   magnificent fountain show at night. The water from the
   fountain seems to be dancing and take different colors.


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