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					A Perception
      of Space…
Integrating Technology into
 the Classroom to Increase
   Higher Order & Critical
       Thinking Skills
       GIS/GPS in the
Physical Education Classroom
           Grade 6

           Jo Hinkley
             IT 899
          Spring 2005

The sixth grade students at Roxbury Central
School will receive instruction in the use of:

► GlobalPositioning Systems (GPS)
► Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

      Students will utilize higher order &
critical thinking skills to connect information
acquired in the Computer Lab, via web-
based instruction, to activities completed in
Physical Education Class
            Global Positioning System

► Navigation  system created by the US Military
► Allows user to determine accurate location on
  land, sea or air
► Hand held transmitter gathers real-time data
  from satellites to calculate:
     Location coordinates
     Speed
     Direction of travel
     Altitude
           Geographical Information

► System   designed to store, retrieve, manipulate,
  and display geographical data
► Allows users to view, analyze, and manipulate
  data in layers
    By overlaying and labeling combinations of layers,
     students are able to visualize spatial relationships
GIS/GPS in Education

   Graphing                  Latitude-Longitude


Science                          Social Studies

                Map Skills
     Gerlach & Ely Design Model

► Appropriate   for novice designer with content
► Prescriptive in orientation
► Well suited to K – 12 education
► Supports production of materials for small scale
  modules & units
► Allows for allocation of time, space, & resources
                Gerlach & Ely Design Model

                                 Determination of
Specification                        Strategy
  Content                        Organization of

                 Assessment of     Allocation of    Evaluation of
                   Entering            Time         Performance
                                  Allocation of
Specification                                        Analysis of
     of                            Selection of      Feedback
 Objectives                         Resources
         Specification of Content
► Integration of GPS/GIS to the educational

     Science
     Math
     Social Studies
     English Language Arts
     Technology
     Physical Education
     Art
         Specification of Objectives

Goals & Outcomes               Performance Indicators

►   Technical Skill in GPS &   ►    Successful completion &
    GIS                            demonstration of:
                                    Hands-on, inquiry-based, &
                                     collaborative lessons,
                                     activities, &/or projects
        Specification of Objectives

Goals & Outcomes               Performance Indicators

►   Increased Higher Order &   ►    Successful demonstration
    Critical Thinking Skills       in determining and
                                   understanding of
                                      Longitude & Latitude
                                      Navigation
                                      Direction
                                      Elevation
                                      Plotting
                                      Speed
                                      Distance
        Specification of Objectives

Goals & Outcomes               Performance Indicators

►   Increased Higher Order &   ►    Successful application of
    Critical Thinking Skills       skills as demonstrated by
                                   activities & lessons
Assessment of Entering Behaviors
►   6th grade mixed cohort with various

     Educational levels
     Behavioral issues
     Developmental needs
         Determination of Strategy

Computer Class                  Physical Education Class

►   Web-based Instruction via   ►    Activities that support
    Jo Hinkley’s GPS web site       instruction
     Lessons                        Hands-on
     Assignments                    Inquiry based
     Activities                     Collaborative
GPS Web Site
           Organization of Groups

Class time               Physical Groups

►   Separate Classroom   ►    Students paired to
    Groups                   accommodate:
                              Learning Styles & Abilities
                              Developmental Levels
                              Behavioral Issues
              Allocation of Time

Computer Class             Physical Education Class

6th Period 12:48 – 1:30 pm 9th Period 2:18 – 3:00 pm
   6A – M/W                   6R – M/W
   6R – T/Th/Fri              6A – T/Th/Fri
                 Allocation of Space

Computer Class               Physical Education Class

Elementary Computer Lab      Approximately 50 acres of
                             accessible space
      28 Dell GX 270
      Windows XP                  RCS Athletic Field
      Projector                   Kirkside Park
      Color Laser Printer         Kings Walkway Trail System
                                   Main Street
Allocation of Space
          Selection of Resources

Hardware & Software

► 16 Garmin Geko 101 GPS Units
   Basic introductory handheld
   Affordable

► 6 Garmin Geko 201 Units
   Advanced features including up and downloading capacity

► ESRI ArcGIS software
   Creates, analyzes, manipulates, and publishes geographical data
            Selection of Resources

GRANT                     TYPE              PURCHASE           AMOUNT
O’Conner Foundation       Private           8 Geko 101 Units   $1,200.00
                          Corporation       16 Clipboards
                          Grant*            Geocache
                                            Misc. Supplies
Catskill Watershed/Town   Cooperative       8 Geko 101 Units   $800.00
of Roxbury                Environmental

  * Funding agencies support environmental learning and technology; while
  enhancing tourism activity and the mapping and documentation of historic
          Evaluation of Performance

Student Assessment                Project Assessment

►   Authentic Assessments         ► Authentic Assessment
       Collaborative Projects    ►   Formative Assessment
       Assignments                    Effectiveness of Instruction
       Hands-on Activities            Design & Expert Reviews
       Classroom Performance          Learner Validation
►   Unit & Module Rubrics
                                  ► Summative Assessment
     Reading & Analyzing
      Information                      Evidencing Desired Outcomes
     Technology Use                   Effectiveness of Instruction
                                          ► Observations by faculty &
     Thinking Skills
     Collaborative Work Skills
                                          ► Feedback of students
     Project Processes
GPS & GIS are tools that allow students to
integrate skills acquired in:
   Mathematics
   Science
   Social Studies
   English Language Arts


                            Real World Settings & Issues
► Creates meaningful learning activities for students
  while providing:
   Problem-Based Learning
   Authentic Assessment

► Students will develop analytical skills and utilize
  higher order thinking skills to:
     Interpret Data
     Formulate Questions
     Solve Problems
     Communicate Results

► Studentswill apply analytical skills to become
 productive members of society who:

     Know how to ask questions
     Solve problems
     Communicate effectively
     Have and appreciate an awareness of their local and
      global issues and surroundings that affect their lives

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