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									Michael C Bonnici Realtor
850 449 0941
Buying A New Home

There are many steps to purchasing a new home and as
your Coldwell Banker® Sales Associate, I am ready to
guide you along the way.
Steps to Get Started

1. Determine your budget and how much you can afford.
2. Get pre-approved for a mortgage.
   • When applying, you’ll most likely need to furnish:
             Two most recent pay stubs.
             W-2 forms for the past two years.
             Federal tax returns for the past two years.
             Last two months bank statements.
             Long-term debt information such as credit cards, auto loans etc.
Getting Approved

A lender will check your credit to see if you’re a good
candidate for a loan.
If your credit rating is poor, there are things you can do to
improve it.
           Make sure the report is correct. If not, call to fix it.
           Begin to pay your bills on time.
           Use two to four credit cards so you can keep track of them.
           Keep a separate checking and savings account.
           Keep the same job for a few years.
Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified

• Pre-Approved: confirmation the lender will give you a
  commitment to support your purchase.
• Pre-Qualified: an estimate of what you can afford.
 Being pre-approved makes you a more attractive
 candidate to the seller when making an offer.
Deciding On A Mortgage

Fixed Rate Mortgage: the interest rate stays the same for
the entire term of the loan.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage: the interest rate is linked to a
financial index and may fluctuate with market conditions.
As such, payments may vary over the life of the loan.
Calculating Your Budget

To estimate your budget, add up your total financial worth
and then subtract all the cost in the purchase.
Some expenses you may carry:
           Down payment
           Attorney’s fees
The Fun Begins

Before you search for your dream home, some things you
should consider:
          Size of property
          Type of neighborhood you desire
          Quality of school system
          Nearby public transportation
          Urban or suburban
Multiple Listings
    Open Houses & Special Features

As your Coldwell Banker® Sales Associate, I can show
you every home available on the market that meets your
specific needs.
Online Access provides access to over 250,000

A few unique features include …
Online Access
My Coldwell Banker: your personalized resource center.
Personal Retriever®: alerts you when the right property
becomes available.
Information Center: helpful articles, tips and tools.
Interest Rate Watch: features the latest mortgage rates.
Neighborhood Information : useful neighborhood details.
Writing the Offer

Once you’ve found the perfect home, I will write up the
offer and ensure all paperwork and activities are completed
so you can close on your property.
The Closing

This is the meeting where the transaction is finalized. I will
guide you through all closing procedures to make your
home officially yours.

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