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					Annie Higgins
111 Employment Avenue • Somewhere, PA 11111 • 222-222-2222 •

   Profile: Purpose-driven, resourceful and conscientious professional and homemaker with 10+ years of
 experience in chartering and fostering continued success of life-enriching organizations and activities as well
    as versatility in careers and homemaking, all of which required continued growth in use of technology

                                         COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP

Charter MOPS Co-Coordinator                                                                  2006-Present
Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS), Somerset Chapter                                          Somewhere, PA
Recruit steering members yearly and individually encourage and affirm each member as well as delegate roles
based on careful evaluation of each member’s strengths and passions. Use MOPS official website weekly to
find theme, devotional, and activity ideas. Lead meetings. Welcome moms and ensure follow-up with them.
      Researched and implemented the steps necessary to start a chapter of MOPS in Somerset County,
       which included contacting MOPS International to obtain membership information, communicating with
       home church about being a sponsor, community advertising, and leader recruitment
      Recruited enough original members to staff a steering committee and have an average of 15 regular
       attendees, which has doubled to 30 regulars at present; also recruited teachers for children’s program
      Attend MOPS International Conventions and seminars, gleaning mothering information and practical
       home management ideas as well as useful advice in other related topics to teach to Somerset moms
      Arrange for giveaways at meetings through contacting businesses and obtaining donations
      Ascertain feedback on members’ topic interests then schedule speakers who can address these areas
      Plan steering committee summer retreat with the purpose of brainstorming and planning all meetings
       for the year, developing themes, activities, and speaker topics

Bible Study Leader                                                                                 2010
Somewhere Church, Beth Moore Bible Study                                                   Somewhere, PA
Led two semesters of weekly Bible studies. Reviewed videos, researched materials, then planned and
facilitated discussions. Organized snack and beverage volunteer schedule. Led prayer.

Volunteer Youth Leader                                                                               1999-2010
Somewhere Church                                                                                     2005-2010
Somewhere Else Church                                                                                1998-2005
Counseled and cared for students from high school to college age. Assisted in planning and organizing
retreats, camps, and service projects. Recruited additional helpers as needed for various activities
      Developed plans for advertising regular meetings, special events, service projects, and fundraisers
      Received continuing education and professional growth through attending 7 National Youth Worker
       Conventions and 1 Simply Youth Ministry Conference, choosing seminars according to areas of need

Vacation Bible School Co-Leader/Coordinator                                                        2001-2004
Somewhere Church                                                                           Somewhere, PA
Registered 150 children. Organized children into groups. Helped make and display decorations. Planned for
necessary number of supplies and ordered them. Taught Bible lessons and led life-applicable activities.
      Researched curriculum and chose appropriate subject matter for each age group
      Planned and arranged for advertisement of the Bible school; recruited teachers and helpers

                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Childcare Provider                                                                                 2008-2010
Local Gym                                                                                    Somewhere, PA
Provided care for children while parents used gym equipment or attended classes. Encouraged and guided
children in constructive play activities. Communicated and positively enforced gym rules. Reported to parents.
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Work-at-Home Mom/Family Manager                                                                     1998-Present
Higgins Family and various families in community                                                 Somewhere, PA
Childcare Provision
    Caring for children from various regular clients/families in my home on a part-time basis (references
       available upon request)
    Raising 5 children, being intentional in taking an active role in their lives and purposeful in the daily
       plans for the entire family
    Creating a structured and safe environment where life lessons are regularly applied to daily routine and
       children can find wisdom, refuge, love, and modeled values
Household Management
    Attended mothering seminars, such as Coach Mom and Creative Family Times, implementing
       techniques learned, such as assigning children’s household chores according to their strengths and
       passions and using various organizational methods
    Use internet to research family activities, party ideas, discipline strategies, and other parenting advice
Planning and Organization
    Develop and create chore charts, plan cleaning/laundry schedule to coincide with daily family activities,
       and ensure effective and proper storage of household items
    Plan meals using budgeting methods to shop for groceries and track inventory of pantry staples

Independent Consultant                                                                           2005-2010
Southern Living at Home                                                                     Somewhere, PA
Sold decorative and practical household items, such as cookware, food products, and home décor, to a
targeted pool of customers. Used company website to order products, enter customer information, and create
personalized Southern Living homepage. Filed receipts and tracked mileage and finances for tax purposes.
      Developed marketing strategies, such as using word of mouth to convey the benefits and earning
       incentives for throwing home parties to successfully book hostesses, presenting clear information about
       sales, displaying and incorporating products into home and social life, and other effective methods
      Booked parties monthly, scheduling a new hostess at each party held
      Achieved Star Director status after recruiting and mentoring 2 successful independent consultants,
       coaching them to make the most of their parties; earned incentive products due to exceptional sales
      Presented information about becoming an independent consultant at each party and follow-up meeting
      Fostered personal professional growth through attending a Southern Living conference

Nursery Coordinator                                                                                2003-2005
Somewhere Church                                                                             Somewhere, PA
Ran nursery every Sunday during first service and Sunday school, having recruited second service workers for
infant and toddler nurseries. Ensured condition of toys and general nursery was sanitary and organized.
      Created schedules for recruited workers, distributing them in a timely manner and scheduling
       replacements in the absence of regularly scheduled workers
      Developed/maintained nursery procedures and procured donations of toys and supplies

Lacrosse Official/Coach                                                                          2000-2005
City Area Women’s Lacrosse/Peters Township Middle School Lacrosse Club                            City Area
Officiated City area high and middle school women’s lacrosse games. Coached middle school girls.

Office Secretary                                                                                   1998-1999
 Christian Camp                                                                               Somewhere, PA
Kept record of financial support, logging the donations into a database. Prepared and sent thank you letters
and tax statements to donators/supporters. Organized and mailed camp newsletters. Registered campers.


University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, BS in Psychology, Minor in Social Work, 1995

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