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									Serving Builders and
Home Finishes (HF) is the evolution of a service concept launched in 1991 to help new homebuilders with late
stage home preparation, detailing and finishing to enable accelerated home readiness for “close-of-escrow”.
Traditionally, the company has provided “just-in-time” skilled manpower as temporary resources either directly
supervised by Home Finishes management or by builder client superintendents.

Currently the company has approximately 700 employees. HF operates manpower services within all major
residential areas of Northern California, selective markets in Southern California and beginning operations in the
Greater Denver market area. The company services some of the major homebuilders in the U.S. including Pulte,
Kaufman & Broad, D.R. Horton, Greystone, Brookfield, Ryland and Taylor Woodrow.

Since 1997 HF has focused more aggressively on developing homeowner customer service systems and skills to
respond to builder home warranty needs and on creating advanced operating systems, which enrich service
performance, tracking and reporting both pre and post close-of-escrow.

The company has invested heavily in web-site/Internet (homefinishes.com) and data base management
technology, as well as proprietary training and logistical systems to deliver needed services and skills on-demand
to clients. During 2000 HF installed a Nortel/Clarify call system with outsourced development technology from
Price Waterhouse.These services are offered under the SiteOne division.

The company considers its operational systems, programs and web based modules to be state-of-the-art
resources, which can be leveraged by the company to achieve its goal of becoming the leading niche provider of
systems and services for:
• Accelerating occupancy readiness.
• Managing customer care and warranty programs.
• Extending to homeowners professional home-care services to enhance home-life and enjoyment.

The company has experienced significant growth:
                                          1998              1999            2000
            Revenue                   10,000,000         19,663,000       32,900,000
            Pretax income                577,000          1,581,000        2,500,000
SiteOne, positions the company squarely in the ASP/Information Services category. In this position the
company offers real time production and customer service management information through proprietary web-
based technology to a potential market of 75,000 builders and developers, and trade partner/subcontractors.

This “case management platform”, functions as a project management operating system to achieve significant
productivity increases through better orchestration of work order management, smoother production cycles,
improved “time-to-market” and customer delivery/warranty service performance.

The new system, which is both lot/unit and trade partner specific, features Palm OS integration to enable
builders and subcontractors for the first time to have “mobile real-time”, “end-to-end” production and work-order
and customer service management information to better control critical “job-site” service points.

The system is designed to be a dynamic “real-time” tool providing “fresh” information everyday at the point-of-
service, accessible concurrently by builders, trade partners/ subcontractors, and as appropriate, homeowner
customers. Importantly, the system is job site and customer service (CRM) focused.

Currently the company is in test with two of the largest builders in the country. There is a strong possibility that
one of these builders will enter into a national rollout of this information system in 2001.
                                  HF HOMEOWNER SERVICES
Homeowner Services, is focused on bringing home care, repair and maintenance services to time constrained,
mid-upscale homeowners seeking to maintain the presentation, functionality and performance of their homes via
regular professional home care services.

The homeowner services market, estimated to be a $250 billion market, is an outgrowth of the company’s 9+
years experience in providing builder directed in-home customer service during the critical new home warranty
period and beyond.

We expect to market the service to both new homeowners and existing homeowners through direct marketing as
well as through partnering strategies with selective homebuilders, realtors, and property management/owner

Homeowner Services will be seeking to emerge as the leading “last mile” facilitator and evolve its position as a
“one-stop” channel for home related services and product offerings by aggregating target consumers into “buying
consortiums”. Both HF web-site/internet technology and traditional call-center operations will be utilized to
channel service/product fulfillment and execute promotional strategy.

This Home Finishes initiative is distinctive in that our unique operating experience, CRM technology and skilled
field service force puts the company in the position to professionalize the “home-handyman” service category and
emerge as a brand leader on a market-by-market basis.
                                                HF MANPOWER SERVICES

Reliable Trade and Management Services                             Proven Customer Care Training and
– Our work force is available to builders                          Consulting Services – Home Finishes
needing to enhance existing work teams.                            provides training services for builder customer
We also provide management services to                             service departments, providing access to our
work on behalf of builders for turn-key                            proven Total Customer Care information and
completion of specific projects.                                   tracking systems.

Home Detailing for Optimum Customer
Satisfaction – New home detailing
provided by skilled tradesman is a
                                                                   Builder-supervised     Customer     Service
distinctive service that focuses on the final
                                                                   Personnel to Help in a Pinch – Home
few hours prior to a buyer orientation. This
                                                                   Finishes provides personnel and expertise to
service helps builder make the best
                                                                   help builders enhance existing customer
presentation possible and leaves customers
                                                                   service programs.
with a very positive first impression.

Model Home Maintenance to Maximize                                 Fast and Effective Fastrak On-Call
Sales – Home Finishes works with builders                          Services – Home Finishes’ Fastrak On-Call
to maintain the condition of their strongest                       Services provides builders with a reliable way
and most impressive marketing tool: model                          of responding to homeowners’ needs.
homes.                                                             Through Fastrak, homeowner requests for
                                                                   repairs are scheduled by Home finishes within
                                                                   one week and they are carefully inspected to
                                                                   ensure customer satisfaction. After work is
Model Home and Sales Center Conversion –                           completed, Home Finishes provides builder
Upon completion of a marketing program or the                      clients with a detailed report of each situation
sale of a model home, Home Finishes provides                       and weekly reports to confirm completion or
all necessary construction and preparation                         updates for repairs.
services to deliver homes to buyers.

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