Teaching statement by fanzhongqing


									Teaching statement:
I have been involved in re-shaping the graduate program in the biomedical engineering
department at Tel Aviv University and at Biomedical Engineering program at the George
Washington University. I have participated in the creation of the bio-medical engineering
undergraduate program in Tel-Aviv University.
I have written and taught the following courses:
      Laser applications in medicine (undergraduate).
      Wave Propagation in Biological Tissues (undergraduate).
Graduate courses:
      Lasers and optics in medicine.
      Laser-tissue interactions.
      Optical diagnostic methods in medicine.
      Introduction to medical informatics.
      Lab course in the field of lasers and optics in medicine.
I taught in George Washington University:
      Biomedical Computing
      Clinical Medicine for Engineers
I can teach these courses in at University of Central Florida as well the following courses:
      Sensors for medical and biological applications,
      Introduction to Biomedical Engineering.
      Biomedical Imaging.
      Ethics and regulation issues in biomedical engineering (problem-based learning).
My teaching philosophy combines theory and real-life examples to make things accessible to the
students (e.g. Laser Skin re-surfacing and hair removal, to illustrate mechanisms of laser-tissue
interactions). In the graduate courses I also request literature surveys and subject presentations.
My courses are always updated for the latest developments in the field. I always get high scores
for teaching and the students comment that I give exceptionally interesting lectures. My lab is
the most requested by graduate students though my requirements from the students are very high
and involve experimental and theoretical work.

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