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Simply Smarter Home Benefits!
         The Origin of HomeBenefitIQ
   Today most employers offer their employees
    traditional benefits at a substantial cost burden to
    the employer. Traditionally these include:
        Medical/Dental/Vision
        Retirement/401K/Tuition Reimbursement

   In today’s competitive environment, employers are
    seeking value-added benefits that cost the employer
    little or nothing.

           Benefits to the Employer
   Increases employee loyalty
   Demonstrates to employees that you care about them and their
   Increases financial well-being
        Financially sound employees are more productive
   Reduces stress and increases productivity
        Financing a home (moving or refinancing) is one of the top three
         most stressful endeavors
   Zero cost to the company/organization
   Exclusive, co-branded website accessed through
   Little or no administration required on your part—we do all the

                 Benefit to the Employee
    No up-front application fees
    Free Annual Credit Report
    Friendly, quality experience
    One-on-one relationship with your Mortgage Advisor Team
    Customized mortgage solutions for your employees
    Rates and fees not available to the general public
    Price clarity — know the cost of the loan prior to committing to the
    All employees are eligible and it's completely voluntary
    Benefits can be extended to family and friends
    Complete confidentiality
    Dedicated staff
    Educational “Lunch & Learn” seminars available
        What Are My Savings?
                             Cost            Typical   HBIQ            Savings
                             Loan            1%        .75%            $875
                             Origination     $3,500    $2,625

HomeBenefitIQ.com can save   Appraisal       $450      $400            $50

   you up to $3,650 on a     Escrow          $500      $450            $50

   typical $350,000 home
                             Home            $375      $325            $50
          purchase!          Inspection
                             Use a Realtor   0         $.25% of        $2625
                             In the HBIQ               commission
                             Network                   given towards
                                                       your closing
                                                       costs on a
                             Total Savings   N/A       HBIQ Saves      $3650
              Additional Services

    Monthly, we can provide your employees, an email newsletter
    that offers relevant information about real estate, personal
    finance, and updates on Member Privileges.

    We can, upon your request, hold training seminars on topics like:
   First-time home buying
   Credit repair
   Buying investment properties and 2nd homes
   Choosing an “adjustable rate” or “interest only” loan program
         How Do I Offer HBIQ to My Employees?

1.   Sign the Employer/Organization Acknowledgement
2.   We establish a “Launch Date” for the program
3.   On Launch Date:
        You email your employees that a new benefit has been added. (We
         can provide you with standardized email text.)
        We provide you with a letter that explains the program. This letter is
         inserted into your New Member Packages and given to all employees,
         and HomeBenefitIQ member cards are issued.
        Provide you with lunchroom/breakroom/worksite posters.
4.   Monthly-We will provide you with an e-newsletter that keeps the
     employees/members up-to-date on the changing mortgage/real
     estate market, along with updates to the “Member Privilege”
     Log-on & Take Advantage

   Visit www.HomeBenefitIQ.com
    User ID:   (zak101107)
    Password: (zak101107)

   Remember, the program is also available to family
    and friends!

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