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									                                       2011 Indiana Department of Workforce Development
                                         TABE CLAS-E Additional Materials Order Form
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                                                   PLEASE NOTE!
The materials listed on this order form reflect a 10% discount off of catalog prices with the exception of TestMate TABE CLAS-E
Annual Support. The payment and/or purchase of any materials listed on this order form is the responsibility of the ordering party
                         and not the responsibility of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.
                                               TABE CLAS-E Writing Folios
                                                Test Directions are sold separately.
Quantity      Code #         Level                              Description                               Price         Total
             C1090900          1       Writing Folio Form A (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091000          2       Writing Folio Form A (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091100          3       Writing Folio Form A (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091200          4       Writing Folio Form A (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091300          1       Writing Folio Form B (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091400          2       Writing Folio Form B (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091500          3       Writing Folio Form B (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
             C1091600          4       Writing Folio Form B (25/pkg.)                                    $25.38
                                              TABE CLAS-E Answer Sheets
             C1091800           1      Scannable Answer Sheets Form A & B (50/pkg.)                      $45.18
             C1091900        2, 3, 4   Scannable Answer Sheets Form A & B (50/pkg.)                      $45.18
                                               TABE CLAS-E Test Directions
             C1092900                  Test Directions Locator Test                                      $15.48
             C1093000          1       Test Directions Form A                                            $15.48
             C1093100          2       Test Directions Form A                                            $15.48
             C1093200          3       Test Directions Form A                                            $15.48
             C1093300          4       Test Directions Form A                                            $15.48
             C1093400          1       Test Directions Form B                                            $15.48
             C1093500          2       Test Directions Form B                                            $15.48
             C1093600          3       Test Directions Form B                                            $15.48
             C1093700          4       Test Directions Form B                                            $15.48
                                              TABE CLAS-E Scoring Guides
             C1096800                  Scoring Guide Form A & B: Speaking                                $15.66
                                              TABE CLAS-E Scoring Stencils
             C1093900          1       Form   A (use with Answer Sheet - Lvl. 1, Forms A & B)            $15.80
             C1092400          1       Form   A (use with Answer Sheet - Lvl. 2, 3, 4, Forms A & B)      $15.80
             C1094000          2       Form   A                                                          $15.80
             C1094100          3       Form   A                                                          $15.80
             C1094200          4       Form   A                                                          $15.80
             C1094300          1       Form   B (use with Answer Sheet - Lvl. 1, Forms A & B)            $15.80
             C1092600          1       Form   B (use with Answer Sheet - Lvl. 2, 3, 4, Forms A & B)      $15.80
             C1094400          2       Form   B                                                          $15.80
             C1094500          3       Form   B                                                          $15.80
             C1094600          4       Form   B                                                          $15.80
                                                            TABE CLAS-E Staff Development
Quantity           Code #               Level                                           Description                                                  Price               Total
                  C1095700                           Teacher's Resource Guide Volume 1                                                              $26.37
                  C1095800                           Teacher's Resource Guide Volume 2                                                              $36.14
                  C1095900                           Staff Development DVD                                                                         $233.78
                  C1096000                           Staff Development VHS Tape                                                                    $233.78
                  C1096100                           Staff Development Workbook (10/pkg.)                                                           $43.88
                  C1096120                           Staff Development Workbook with DVD (10/pkg.)                                                 $238.50
                  C1096121                           Staff Development Workbook with VHS Tape (10/pkg.)                                            $238.50
                                      TestMate  TABE CLAS-E (Scoring & Reporting Software)
                  C1096602                           TestMate TABE CLAS-E A/B Software                                                           $3,157.20
                  C1096601                           TestMate TABE CLAS-E Annual Support (required 1st yr.)                                       $905.75
                                                     TestMate TABE CLAS-E Scoring Tables (Current TestMate
                  C1099700                                                                                                                         $706.05
 Please attach purchase order and any special billing forms. Shipping and handling and applicable
                state and local taxes are prepaid and will be added to your invoice.                                                                 Total
                            Prices effective through December 31, 2011.
                                         Phone, Fax, or Mail your order to:
                                        CTB/McGraw-Hill Customer Services
                                   P. O. Box 881002, Indianapolis, IN 46208-1002
                      Tollfree Number: 800-538-9547         Tollfree Fax Number: 800-282-0266
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