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					The role of accommodation nelson bay in
keeping guests busy
Accommodation nelson bay plays a crucial role in ensuring that the guests keep pouring in this beautiful
aquatic natural region of port Stephens. . The nelson bay is a suburb located in the famous port
Stephens and the region is equipped with aquatic pursuits of great tourist interest. With the region
being naturally blessed with aquatic features and the development of the port by the government, the
place has witnessed a continuous rise in the number of visitors or tourists landing here for vacations.
This place is a natural destination for the local people and nowadays even tourists from aboard are
increasingly showing interest in this beautiful region.

The major attractions port Stephens are natural fishing, swimming and getting a chance to watch the
dolphins as well as whales from close distance. In addition to this, there are also various especially
designed theme parks and resorts to attract more tourists on this aquatic haven. The chief contributor
to the economy in this place is the tourist industry which makes up for the maximum chunk of income in
this region.

As you would expect out of any tourist place, the port Stephens’ accommodation options are plenty to
suit the requirements of different types of tourists. Let us look and analyze some of the nelson bay
accommodation options available in this tourist hotbed.
Mantra aqua resort provides fairly luxurious and premium accommodation facility with professional
services of kitchen, laundry, lounge or dining areas and private balconies. Apart from this other standard
services provided by this hotel are swimming pool located in the outdoors, fitness training centre and
Jacuzzi. The fitness centre is equipped with air condition and the hotel also includes various
entertainment themes designed for both the children as well as adults.

Oaks lure is another fine hotel locate at exactly the centre of the region with fully furnished rooms and
luxurious suites. There are landscaped garden, children’s play area, sunny decks, sports courts to keep
and other themes to keep the guests entertained.

Accommodation nelson bay business is flouring with the rise of tourists in the region in the past few

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