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How to Resolve Inner Conflicts


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									How to Resolve Inner Conflicts in Five Easy Steps

We all have inner conflicts that we would like to resolve. We can spend a lot of time arguing with
ourselves and procrastinating rather than moving forward in the way that we would like to. In this
guide you will learn a simple five step formula that you can use to resolve any inner issue that you
feel need to be resolved so that you can take action. This will incorporate the best elements from
both sides of your conflict in order to create a new belief that will empower your life.

Step One: Identify the conflict

The first step is to identify what it is you feel conflicted about. This might be a conflict which is
helping to self sabotage you or some aspect of yourself you feel uncomfortable with. Once you have
identified the conflict remember a time when you have experienced that conflict.

Step Two: Take the other side

You will now step inside the event that you feel conflicted about. You will not be in the observer
stance at this point but rather you will take the other side to the one that you are normally on.
Observe all of your senses while you are in this mode. What do you feel? What can you hear? Whilst
on this side ask the other side to tell you what its positive beliefs are. What is the goal that it is trying
to achieve?

Step Three: Changing sides

Now move out of this side and take the other position. Repeat step two and observe what it is like to
be on this side. Ask the other side what its beliefs are and what outcome it is trying to achieve.

Step Four: Finding a solution

Move out from being only on one side and take the Meta position. This is where you stand above
and apart from the two sides. You are now a disinterested observer. Ask each side what would be a
satisfactory solution for both sides. You also want to perform an ecology check on any proposed
solutions. This is where you make sure that outcome does not conflict with any other desires or
beliefs that you hold.

Step Five: Integration

Note to yourself that this new idea is a composite of both of the original two sides. You should also
identify that it is something which is distinct and separate from these two sides. Once you have
recognised this new idea as its own whole concept you are ready to integrate it with yourself. Bring
this new idea into your body and fully accept it as part of you. Once you have done this you will want
to look to the future and see this new idea having positive benefits in your life. Look at how this new
idea serves you and your life. If you encounter any problems or conflicts perform another ecology
check and resolve these problems before moving on. You will also want to try out your new idea in
real life and see how it performs.

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