STEC 4.1.11 Minutes revised_2_ by fanzhongqing


									                              Strategic Technology Executive Committee
                                             April 1, 2011

Attending: Melissa Andris, Dave Barker, Dale Billingsley, Beth Boehm, Mike Curtin, Priscilla Hancock,
Harrell Hurst, Sande Johnson-Byers, Larry Owsley, Jeff Ruston, Joe Steffen, Phyllis Macina , Shyam
Sharma ,Chris Weaver, Mickey Wilhelm.

    1. Approval of Agenda
           Agenda approved

    2. Review of Meeting Minutes
            Minutes approved

    3. Old Business
            Email and Provisioning Project Update
                  i. Student Email
                         1. Over 3,000 students have migrated.
                         2. Microsoft and Information technology are working together with an
                             incentive for students to be encouraged to migrate.
                 ii. Archive update
                         1. Archiving of email, calendar entries, tasks and notes will occur after 120
                             days for both sent and received items. Items deleted within 120 days
                             will not be archived. This change was made in response to feedback
                             that the initial 30 day window was not sufficient for deciding on the
                             retention/deletion of an email.
                         2. The centralized email archive system does not change the university’s e-
                             discovery policies and practices; IT will not have any additional access to
                             email, whether it is an individual’s email account or the archive system.
                         3. Tier I pilot completed. Based on feedback from the pilot IT improved
                             documentation and modified processes.
                         4. Migration of academic unit is underway, beginning with Kent School and
                         5. IT is planning to move as many of the academic units is possible into the
                             central archives prior to the end of the spring semester; administrative
                             units will begin in May.
                         6. As units are migrated, email quotas and archive capability will be turned
                             off for all users.
                         7. Overview of the archive migration process and demo of M+ Archives is
                             available upon request.
            iii.  Active Directory
                      1. 80% completed.
                      2. Working to resolve an issue in non-university active directory domains
                          served by UPA to the HSC clinics.
            iv.   Exchange
                      1. Currently setting up test environment to begin.
                      2. Migration practice will begin with GroupWise post office boxes.
                      3. IT Pilot will begin July 1st.
          Enhanced Financial Management Initiatives (EFMI) Priscilla Hancock provided an update
           on EFMI.
              i.  Milestones/Deliverables January –April 2011
                      1. January deliverables
                              a. Focused on-line position authorization request (PAR)
                      2. February deliverables
                              a. Completed fringe benefits tool enhancements.
                      3. March deliverables
                              a. Completed real-time reporting capabilities.
                      4. Overall progress is on track for third quarter 2011.

4. New Business
        STEC Funding Priorities Draft
              i. Reviewed with committee. IT will continue to update as new information is
5. Future Items

          Copyright Infringements (B.Gombosky)
          PCI Compliance (D. Woods)
          Web Directory (S. Connally, Jeff Rushton)
          Encryption Update (B.Gombosky)
          Paper Reduction Committee (P. Hancock)
          Status Report 2010/2011 Goals

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