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									     What Does a Search Engine Optimisation
                Company Offer?
Search engine optimisation is not optional if you want a successful online presence.
Optimisation gives you a high ranking in SERPs and it drives in targeted Web traffic that is more
likely to convert. You should hire a professional for search engine optimization (SEO) since you
will benefit from his/her experience, training, contacts and tools, you will not have to hire an in-
house team and you will get unparalleled convenience. Knowing what to expect from a search
engine optimisation company will help you pick the best company. The services offered will
depend on your current SEO position.

If you already have an SEO campaign in place, the SEO company will start by assessing your
previous SEO activity so that it can determine the best approach to complement your current
activities. If you are setting up the website or redeveloping it, the company will collaborate
with the Web developers so that they can incorporate SEO measures such as page speed
optimization in the Web design. The SEO company will do keyword research, which is the
process of identifying the keywords and keyword phrases that are likely to be beneficial to your
SEO campaign. The company will consider user data, current positioning and competitiveness
when doing keyword phrase analysis. These services are called pre-optimization services.

The SEO company will offer on-page optimisation services. It will do content copywriting if the
best option is to develop new material and it will edit existing text so that it is relevant to your
content. It will do this by including word stemming, synonyms, components and associations.
The company will develop such things as Meta Tags, Alt Tags and Page Titles. These help in
the sending of the right signals to Google and other search engines with respect to themes and
topics. The company will craft internal links and will sub-edit page copy in such a way that they
help in SEO.

You expect your SEO company to do on-site optimization. This is optimization aimed at making
your website run efficiently and effectively. The company will focus on site structure, URLs, file
size, navigation, crawl depth, internal linking, W3C validation, server performance, and scripts.

You also expect the search engine optimisation company to do off-site optimization. This
involves such SEO techniques as blogosphere interaction, article syndication, press release
distribution, cross-referencing for link strengthening, publishers’ advertorials and social
bookmarking. The SEO company will give you valuable tips on such things as landing page
optimization and it will offer such related services as e-mail marketing, social media marketing
and PPC (pay-per-click) management.


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