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Three Biggest Mistakes in Home Selling – PrimeLending Houston (PDF)


Three Biggest Mistakes in Home Selling - Selling a home to a homebuyer is not an easy task; it will take a lot of price surveying, open houses, detailed negotiations, and a handful of rejections. Whether you are a homeowner decided to sell your house or a real estate agent, given the current context in housing market trends, home selling is a tough job. But of course, if you want to succeed in the business of real-estate, there are avoidable mistakes that you must know of. Here are the top three biggest mistakes in home selling.

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Real Issues in Picking a Real Estate Agent

It is always nice to find some property when you
have the assistance of an excellent real estate agent.
An experienced real estate agent will definitely be
an advantage especially if you are the meticulous
client under budget constraints. If you are someone
who won’t settle for mediocrity but wants to purchase
a property for less than the current market value with
such type of property, you need someone who is
willing to search through the whole town with you
just to meet your requirements. It is a great feeling to
be handled with a list of potential properties to
purchase that match your needs and financial capacity
as well.

Find an Agent on Your Side
However, not everybody gets to find a great real estate agent right away. There are many real
estate agents who would rather push you to get something higher than what you can afford. They
will keep on telling you how you deserve such and such property without even minding if you
can keep it for long. Some real estate agents are there only for the money. Everybody wants to
earn of course but when your service provider only has self-serving purposes in mind and keeps
on setting aside the client’s issues and concerns, it is definitely a big hassle. You will waste your
time checking properties you can afford and this process can be depressing especially if you get
to love what you can’t pay.

Referral Sources
Nevertheless, there are real estate agents who check first what your financial capacity is before
digging into various other details. They check into your property requirements and look for some-
thing better and yet still within your budget. They know how to make clients highly satisfied and
happy with their choices. In the end, these are the real estate agents who get a lot of clients

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Page 2 - Real Issues in Picking a Real Estate Agent

through referrals alone. Even if they may get a little commission from one client, when
compounded considering the other clients that they get, they get to earn more. In addition, they
also get to find clients who may have no budget constraints at all. And with their expertise and
network connections, they get to find the best property that suits well their client’s financial stand-
ing and delicate taste.

Satisfied Clients
Therefore, in looking for real estate agents, it is important to find not just the ones who give fast
and efficient services. Do not just settle for those who can deliver a report or a list of properties
right away. Get to check who their clients are and if they are still in the same properties that they
rented or purchased. Check the list and compare it with your requirements. See if your real estate
agent understood exactly what you need or want. See how he considers your finances and your
savings in the long run. See if he takes into consideration the effects of such a choice of property
in the long run especially in your finances. If you opt for a business or commercial property, try
to check if the real estate agent considered not just the state of the building and the location but
the volume of potential clients or customers that you could have in choosing such a property. Real
estate agents are great salesmen. They speak well. See if they their words add value to you too in
the long run.

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