Spreadsheet-LV by fanzhongqing


									Low Vision/ Blindness
Item                                     Quanity Price      Total Price Store purchased from
Zoom Text-Screen Enlargement Softwaree          2 $2,395.00     $4,790 synapseadaptive.com
Large print keyboard                           10    $69.99        $700 enablemart.com
Computers                                      25 $509.99      $12,750 bestbuy.com
Braille Printer                                 3 $2,065.00     $6,195 brailler.com
scanner with voice output                      10 $399.00       $3,990 enablemart.com
printer                                         2 $149.99          $300 bestbuy.com
speech to text                                 10 $199.99       $2,000 nuance.com

Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader starter pack that can be downloaded on up to 5 computers. It enlarges everything on the screen
wireless, largest key print available, one touch internet, email, and media control buttons, enhanced 104 key layout, 3 power
w/ Windows 7, Dell Inspiron Desktop with Intel® Pentium® Processor
portable, 16 pounds, embosser
portable, scan to braille embosser, connect to computer with USB, includes software and scanner
Canon - Black-and-White Laser Printer/ Copier/ Scanner/ Fax
headset included, surf the web, voice recognition into Microsoft office documents
erything on the screen and makes it easier to see. The reader exactly what is on the screen word for word.
04 key layout, 3 power control buttons

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