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					             Qualities of a Good Search Engine
                    Optimisation Agency
Your business stands to benefit greatly from search engine optimisation (SEO). Not only do
you get higher traffic with an optimized website, but the traffic will be targeted. Do not settle for
the search engine optimisation agency from around the corner. There are many agencies to
choose from and knowing what makes a good agency will help you make a good decision.

An important quality in an SEO agency is the offering of pre-optimisation services. The company
should offer key phrase research, key phrase analysis, collaboration with Web developers,
assessment of your previous SEO activities and comprehensive site crawling.

The agency should offer as many on-page optimisation services as possible. Some of the most
effective techniques are internal link building, development of Meta Tags, Title Page and Alt
Tags and the generation of quality content. It should offer on-site optimisation, focusing on
scripts, server performance, W3C validation, crawl depth, URLs, site structure and navigation. It
should also do off-page optimisation, some of the most effective techniques being social
bookmarking, article syndication, press release distribution, cross-referencing for link
strengthening and blogosphere interaction.

Another important quality is credibility. You could determine credibility by considering the
registration of the agency and the views of past clients in discussion forums, independent
reviews, and customer testimonials. The agency should not have a heavy workload since this
would mean it will not give you 100% attention.

Go for an agency that offers more than SEO. This will ensure you get unparalleled convenience
and you get value for money since you are more likely to get a discount if you are a client. A
good SEO agency will offer Internet marketing service. The agency should offer PPC (pay-
per-click) advertising. A good agency is Google AdWords Qualified since Google AdWords is
the most effective PPC platform. The agency should do email marketing and it should do Web
copywriting, generating all the content you need for such activities as Tweeting, blogging, article
submission and email newsletters. Yet another important Web promotion technique is social
media marketing. This involves the use of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube,
Pinterest, MySpace, and other social media sites to promote a website, a brand, a product or a

The search engine optimisation agency should do results analysis and reporting. This is
important because it is only after determining how your SEO campaign is doing that you will
be able to make the necessary adjustments. Other important qualities are affordable costs and
reliability (quick turnaround time).

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