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					Beginning                                Definition
abate          lessen
ability        talent or special skill
ablaze         burning; on fire
abolish        put an end to
absence        not present
absurd         irrational; ridiculous
abundance      extremely plentiful
achieve        bring to a successful end
acquaintance   a person known to one but not a close friend
actions        conduct or behavior
address        a place a person may be reached
advice         recommendation offered as a guide to action
agog           highly excited by eagerness, curiosity, anticipation
airplane       heavier than air aircraft driven by propellers or jet propulsion
amend          to alter by formal procedure
amiss          improper, wrong, faulty
ancient        of a time long past
archery        the skill of shooting with bow and arrow
audience       group of spectators at a public event
average        typical, common, ordinary
babies         an infant
bacon          back and sides of a hog usually used for breakfast food
bakery         place where baked goods are made
balance        state of bodily equilibrium
balloon        bag made of thin rubber and inflated with air or helium
banjo          musical instrument of the guitar family
bankbook       a book where a bank depositor tracks deposits and withdrawals
bare           without covering or clothing
bashful        easily embarrassed, shy, timid
bathtub        a tub in which to bathe, especially in a bathroom
beard          growth of hair on the face of an adult man
because        due to
becoming       any process of change
beginning      the first part
belief      an opinion or conviction
believe     Have confidence in the truth of something
bicycle     a non-motorized vehicle with two wheels in tandom
biscuits    a kind of bread in small soft cakes
bleachers   section of seats in a stadium
buckle      clasp on a strap
burglar     person who breaks into a house with the intent to steal
business    a building where commercial work is carried on
cactus      succulent leafless plant found in warm arid regions
calm        without rough motion
campfire    an outdoor fire
canal       artificial waterway
capable     having power and ability
catalog     list of items for sale
chaos       state of utter confusion
chapel      room or building for worship
chief       person highest in authority
children    plural of child
choose      select from a number of possibilities
circus      large public performance featuring animals and clowns
civility    courtesy or politeness
climate     prevailing weather conditions of a region
comic       characterized by comedy
confide     impart secrets trustfully
coolly      lacking in warmth or congeniality
dawned      first appearance of daylight in the morning
dealt       distributed cards to players
debt        something that is owed
defeat      act of overcoming in a contest
definite    positive, certain
delicious   highly pleasing to the taste or smell
desert      a region so arid is has little or no vegetation
desirable   pleasing, excellent or fine
dessert     cake, pie, pudding, etc. served as the final course of a meal
develop     bring to a more advanced or successful state
dilute       make a liquid thinner
discreet     showing prudence and modesty
 doubt       feeling of uncertainty about the truth or reliability of something
eavesdrop    listen secretly to a private conversation
echo         repetition of sound
ecstasy      state of sudden, intense feeling
eighth       next after seventh
emptiness    containing nothing
enter        to come or go in
escaped      eluded pursuers
especially    most prominent case or example
evermore     always, continually, forever
exceed       to go beyond
express      to put thought into words
extreme      exceeding the bounds of moderation
fabricated    devised or invented
falcon       bird of prey
familiar     commonly or generally known or seen
february     second month of the year
fidgets      to move constantly or restlessly
fiery         easily angered or provoked
fiesta       any festival or celebration
finally      at the end
first        before all others
flexible     capable of being bent without breaking
forehead     part of the face above the eyebrows
forty        number following 39
forward      toward the front
friend       person attached to another by feelings of affection
gabby        talkative
ghost        disembodied spirit
gimmick      concealed devious aspect of something
gooey        covered with sticky goo
gorilla      largest ape
grateful     appreciative of kindness or benefit received
grief         anguish, heartache
grocery       store selling food or other commodities
gumdrop       small candy made of gelatin
haircut       style in which the hair is cut or worn
halloween     evening where children in costumes solicit treats
headgear      any covering for a head
hear          to perceive by the ear
heart         center of emotion
height        distance upward
herd          number of animals
hero          man of distinguished courage or ability
hoarse        vocal tone characteriezed by weakness or breathiness
hole          an opening through something
hoping        looking forward with reasonable desire
hungrily      strongly or eagerly desired
hyphen        short line connecting compound words
ideally       in theory or principle
identify      to recognize as being a particular person or object
illegal       forbidden by law
island        smallish piece of land completely surrounded by water
itemize       list the individual units or parts of something
jaunty        smartly trimmed as clothing
jeans         sturdy twilled fabric made into pants
jellyfish     an indecisive or weak person
jewelry       ornaments for personal adornment
judgment      ability to make a decision or form an opinion objectively
juicy         full of juice
jumped        move or jerk suddenly
kernel        a whole seed grain
kindhearted   Having or showing sympathy or kindness
kingpin       person of chief importance in an organization or movement
klutz         clumsy, awkward person
lamppost      metal post supporting an outdoor lamp
lapse         slip of error usually trivial
laugh         vocal expression of mirth, pleasure or derision
lectern       stand with a slanted top used to hold a book
led           past tense of leading or conducting
legible       capable of being read
lemonade      beverage made from lemons
lengthwise    direction of length
let's         let us
level         having no part higher than another
like          take pleasure in
loose         not bound together
lose          suffer deprivation of
magical       mysteriously enchanting
manual        small book of instructions
marathon      foot race measuring 26 miles
marshmallow   soft, spongy, sugary confection
matinee       entertainment held in the afternoon
merrily       laughingly happy
murmur        mumbled expression of discontent
native        found in nature
nestled       pressed confidingly or affectionately
night         period of darkness between sunset and sunrise
nodding       to doze in a sitting position
nugget        lump of something precious
obedient      complying with authority
occur         come to pass
octopus       marine life with soft body and eight legs
often         many times; frequently
ogle          to look or stare
orchard       area of land set aside to grow fruit or nut trees
patio         paved area adjoining a house
patronize     to give a business your regular trade
pattern       decorative design
pearly        white and lustrous like a pearl
people        persons in general
piece         separate or limited portion of something
pillar        upright shaft used as a support
poacher      person who catches fish or game illegally
potato       edible tuber
practice     repeated performance to develop skill
presence     attendance
proceed      move or go forward
pursue       strive to accomplish
quail        Small bird
quantity     an amount of anything
quiet        making no disturbing sound
quite        entirely
raze         tear down or demolish
really       genuinely
relic        surviving memorial of something past
relieve      to make less tedious, unpleasant or monotonous
repaint      to paint again
roommate     person who shares a room with others
rumor        gossip
salon        shop or business offering a specific service
sandals      footwear with leather straps connected to the soles
sandwich     two or more slices of bread with a layer of meat and/or cheese
scoundrel    unprincipled, dishonest villain
scrawl       write in an awkward manner
sedan        Enclosed automobile
semester     half of the regular school year
shepherd     person who tends sheep
sheriff      law enforcement officer of the county
similar      like or resembling
spur         anything that encourages to action, speed
squeeze      fit into a crowded space or timespan
surprised    occurred with unexpectedness
talebearer   person who spreads gossip
taxation     act of taxing
teenager     a person between 12 and 20
tendency     an inclination or disposition towards something
tepid        lukewarm
terminate   to dismiss from a job
testy       irritably impatient
their       belonging to them
there       in or at that place
threw       past tense of throw
through     in at one side and out at the other
tidal       pertaining to tides
tightrope   walk, move or proceed as on a tight wire rope or cable
tomato      red fruit eating raw or cooked as a vegetable
unpaid      not paid
until       up to the time when
usher       person who escorts people to their seats
valleys     elongated depressions between mountains
valuable    having considerable worth
wail        prolonged mournful cry of grief or suffering
waste       squander
weeknight   any night of the week except Saturday or Sunday
weird       bizarre
we're       we are
whole       comprising the full quantity or amount
willful     intentional, headstrong
writing     that which is written
your        belonging to you
you're      you are
zebra       black and white stiped horse-like animal
zipper      a slide fastener
                         Beginner Sentences
When do you think this storm will abate?
John has quite an ability in pickleball.
Due to the lightning storm, the forest is now ablaze.
In which year did the United States abolish slavery?
Your absence was noted by the attendance secretary.
It is absurd to think that no snow will fall this entire winter.
One plant grows zucchini in rich abundance.
Our football team will achieve victory.
He's not my boyfriend; he's just an acquaintance.
He is responsible for his actions.
What is the address of your new home?
I shall act on your advice.
I am all agog for our new independent reading project.
My father flies an airplane for the air force.
Our lawyer needs to amend this contract.
I think there is something amiss in your calculation.
I enjoy studying the heiroglyphics of ancient Egypt.
A woman from Utah won the Olympic archery event.
The audience at last night's choir concert was very noisy.
His grades were nothing special, only average.
The babies in the newborn unit at the hospital were adorable.
I like eating bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Let's go get some donuts from the bakery.
He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
The string came undone and the balloon floated away.
Sam plays the banjo and accoustic guitar.
Look in the bankbook to see when you made that last deposit.
Shirts showing a bare midriff are against our school's dress code.
She's not unfriendly, she's just bashful.
Mom put lots of bubbles in the bathtub.
Dad let his beard grow for hunting season.
Schools were closed because of the heavy snowfall.
She is becoming a lovely young woman.
Be sure to read the beginning of each newspaper article
Columbus rejected the belief that the world is flat.
I believe the economy will get better soon.
Let's go for a ride on a bicycle built for two.
Do you like sausage and biscuits?
Let's sit in the bleachers and watch the football game.
We're not moving until you buckle your seat belt.
There's a burglar on the loose; lock the windows and doors.
Dad's business was located on Wall Avenue and 24th street.
Alexander got stuck by a prickly pear cactus.
Bear Lake was so calm today.
Let's cook hotdogs over a campfire.
The construction of the Erie canal was an economic boon to Ohio.
She is fully capable of singing a solo.
I always enjoyed looking for toys in the Sears catalog.
Clean up the chaos in your bedroom.
Please be reverent in the chapel.
My dad is the chief of police.
The children are waiting to talk to Santa.
Are you going to choose meatloaf or pizza for lunch today?
I like watching the dancing poodles at the circus.
What we need in politics today is more civility.
The climate in Arizona is hot and dry.
I laughed so hard at Bill Cosby's comic performance my cheeks hurt.
I know if I confide in my BFF she won't tell anyone my secrets.
He coolly acknowledged his opponent.
The day dawned bright and clear.
She dealt me a really bad hand of cards.
This new car payment puts me deeply in debt.
Our school will defeat yours in the football playoff.
It is definite he will take the job.
Thanks for the delicious dinner.
The Sahara is a sandy desert.
The apartment is in a desirable neighborhood.
We had chocolate ice cream for dessert.
After many years of lessons, Susan will develop into a fine performer
Be sure to dilute the paint with paint thinner.
Her discreet necklace did not interfere with the religious service.
I doubt she will finish her report in time.
I am going to eavesdrop at parent-teacher conference.
I heard an echo in the canyon.
During that beautiful concert, I was in ecstasy.
In the cafeteria, I was eighth in line.
I felt profound emptiness after we broke up.
Knock before you enter.
He escaped the police.
Winter is especially hard on senior citizens.
I will love you evermore.
The police will give you a ticket if you exceed the speed limit.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your kindness.
I am going extreme snowboarding this weekend.
This tale is completely fabricated.
Is that a falcon or a robin?
The color red is a familiar sight at Roy Jr. High School.
I was born in February just like President Washington.
Sam often fidgets during class.
Jim has a fiery temper.
We're having a Mexican fiesta on Saturday.
I'm glad we're finally done with that chemistry unit.
I own a first edition of "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
That gymnast is so flexible.
That bald man has a really tall forehead.
I earned 40 out of 50 points on the test.
Let's move forward so we can hear better.
I made a new friend at school today.
Those 8th grade girls are so gabby.
I saw a ghost in the haunted house.
An offer that good must have a gimmick in there somewhere.
I like my banana splits gooey with chocolate and caramel.
The silverback gorilla is my favorite animal at the zoo.
I am so grateful for your help today.
The widow's grief was so intense.
Please pick up some milk at the grocery store after work.
My favorite gumdrop is the licorice one.
I love your new haircut.
What are you dressing up as this Halloween?
The new helmets are a stylish headgear for our football team.
Didn't you hear the doorbell?
His head told him not to fall in love, but his heart had the final say.
The balloon stopped rising at a height of 500 feet.
We saw a herd of deer in the mountains last weekend.
He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child.
Did you hear the hoarse voice of the auctioneer?
I have a hole in the toe of my sock.
I am hoping to get a new skateboard for Christmas.
She looked hungrily at the expensive necklace.
Where is the hyphen placed in the word half-civilized?
Ideally, every student will eat their veggies.
Can you identify which man stole your car?
It is illegal to shoplift.
Let's swim out to the island.
Please itemize my checking account.
What a jaunty hat you are wearing.
My jeans lasted a long time.
You are a flighty jellyfish.
Your gold jewelry is stunning.
The mayor was honored for his sound judgment.
This orange is particularly juicy.
He jumped when the fireworks exploded.
I've got a kernel of corn stuck between my teeth.
She is a kindhearted woman.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was the kingpin of the civil rights era.
I am such a klutz.
I'll meet you by the lamppost at the entrance to the park.
I had a lapse of memory on today's quiz.
Tim Allen's new tv show makes me laugh until I cry.
She taught the lesson from the lectern.
Mrs. Hancock led the singing.
Make sure your essay is legible.
Chick-fil-a lemonade is a delicious thirst-quencher.
Measure the fabrice lengthwise.
Let's go shopping after school.
Make sure the path is level.
We all liked the band concert.
He likes it when she wears her hair loose.
I'm afraid Dad's going to lose his job.
It was a magical night.
When all else fails, read the manual.
Mrs. Perkins ran the marathon.
I like a big marshmallow in my hot chocolate.
Let's go to the matinee showing of Footloose.
The children went merrily on their way.
I heard someone murmur about the research project.
Sagebrush is native to Utah.
She nestled her head on his shoulder.
Let's go trick or treating when it becomes night.
The speaker was so boring, most of the audience was nodding.
I have a nugget of gold and one of silver.
She is obedient to her parents.
When did the accident occur?
This restaurant serves octopus.
He visits his grandmother as often as he can.
Please don't ogle me.
We liked to climb trees in Mr. Brown's orchard.
Let's have dinner out on the patio tonight.
I frequently patronize Ligori's Pizza Restaurant.
I love the unique pattern of your dress.
Her teeth are pearly white.
I find it hard to talk to people.
Please give me a piece of cake.
Respect is a pillar of character.
Poachers can be punished by law.
Let's have a baked potato with dinner tonight.
Band members must practice at home one hour per week.
Your presence is requested at the wedding.
Please proceed to the front of the lunch line.
I plan to pursue a degree in accounting.
Did you see the quail family walking through our backyard today?
What quantity of milk do you want delivered?
We have quiet neighbors.
I am quite alone in my bedroom.
The city is going to raze the old building.
He is a really honest person.
The USS Arizona is a relic of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
The floor length curtains relieve the monotony of the walls.
It's time to repaint the house.
My roommate is the messy one in our apartment.
Don't listen to rumor.
I have an appointment for a pedicure at the nail salon.
I bought the cutest sandals to wear at the beach.
Mom made me a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.
That thief is such a scoundrel.
His signature is not more than a scrawl.
Our new car is a sedan, not a convertible.
I have P.E. next semester.
The shepherd valiantly fought off the wolf.
We've been robbed; call the sheriff.
Look at those two similar houses.
I hope my speech will spur you into taking advanced classes.
The doctor will try to squeeze you in between appointments.
Her beauty surprised me.
Don't listen to that mean talebearer.
The U.S. rebelled due to taxation without representation.
A person most likely to be in a car accident is a teenager.
She has a tendency to talk too much.
The director was disappointed in the audience's tepid response.
It's difficult to terminate employees during a recession.
Ms. Rasmussen sure is testy today.
They left their backpacks in the classroom.
She is there right now.
Mr. Stokes threw the disruptive student out.
We drove through the tunnel.
Be aware of the tidal current.
He needs to tightrope through enemy territory.
I like a slice of tomato on my hamburger.
The electricity bill is still unpaid.
He read until his guests arrived.
The usher will show you where to sit.
I enjoyed our time traveling through the valleys.
That painting is very valuable.
It broke my heart to hear the new widow's wail.
Do not waste your time in ninth grade.
I have a weeknight curfew of 10:00 p.m.
Did you see his weird Halloween costume?
We're happy to see you.
He ate the whole pie.
That willful child disobeyed his parents again.
His writing is illegible.
Don't forget to bring your umbrella.
You're such a great friend.
My mom saw a zebra when she was on safari in Africa.
Tom, you might want to examine your zipper.
  Intermediate                                Definition
abbreviate       shorten a word by omitting letters
accidentally     not planned; unexpected
accompanying     go along with
according        agreeing
acquit           declare not guilty
affectionate     loving
affirmative      reply indicating yes
aggression       unprovoked attack
alcohol          intoxicating beverage
allege           assert without proof
android          robot in the form of a human being
apparent         visible
aquatic          pertaining to or living in water
argument         oral disagreement or contention
arithmetic       having to do with mathematics
assassin         murderer who kills politicians
assertive        confidently aggressive or positive
axiom            universally accepted truth
bachelor         unmarried man
baize            soft woolen or cotton fabric
bankruptcy       utter ruin or failure
beachcomber      vagrant who lives on the seashore
beautiful        having qualities that give great pleasure
binomial         algebraic sum or difference of two numbers
blurbist         one who writes brief advertisement
bonanza          source of great and sudden wealth
bookkeeper       One who keeps records of money transactions
bureau           office for collecting information
cadre            small group capable of leading an expanded organization
cafeteria       lunchroom
calendar        table with the days of each month
campaign        competition of rival political candidates
cantaloupe      variety of orange melon
casserole       food mixture baked in a dish
casualties      anyone killed in an accident
category        general grouping
ceaselessly     without stopping or ending
ceiling         overhead interior surface of a room
celebrity       famous person
cellist         person who plays a cello
cemetery        area set apart for graves
cessation       stopping
character       moral or ethical quality of a person
changeable      liable to change or be changed
chariot         light two-wheeled vehicle drawn by a horse
chortling       chuckling gleefully
citation        act of citing a source
clothes         garments for the body
collateral      security pledged for payment of a loan
collectible     wide variety of items suitable for display
column          vertical row of figures
commemoration   a service or memorial
commitment      a pledge or promise; obligation
committed       past tense of "to do"
committee       group appointed to perform a service or duty
concede         acknowledge an opponent's victory before score is posted
conscience      inner sense of what is right or wrong
conscious       deliberate
consensus       majority of opinion
controversy   prolonged public dispute
conversant    familiar by use or study
coronet       small crown
criticize     find fault with
cudgel        short, thick stick used as a weapon
dalmation     dog breed with white coat and black spots
daunted       intimidated
dauntless     not intimidated
debated       argued or discussed a question
decathlon     a ten event track and field competition
deceive       to mislead
defendant     a person who is charged in court with a crime
demonstrate   to describe by example
denominator   Something shared or held in common
dependent     conditioned or determined by something else
descend       sink from a certain intellectual or moral level
desperate     having an urgent need or desire
destitution   utter poverty
dilemma       difficult or perplexing situtation or problem
disappoint    fail to fulfill expectations or wishes of
disastrous    ruinous or very unfortunate
discipline    behavior in accordance with rules of conduct
disease       incorrectly functioning part or system of the body
dumbbell      a weight for exercising
eligible      meeting the specific criteria to participate
embroidery    art of working ornamental designs in thread
emphasize     to stress
endorsement   approval
endurance     strength to continue despite pain or other adversity
enough        adequate
enumerate      mention separately as in a list
environment    conditions or influences
equipment      anything furnished or provided for a specific purpose
existence      state of being
experience     personally encountering or undergoing something
familiar       commonly known or seen
feminine       pertaining to a woman or girl
flamethrower   weapon that sprays ignited fuel
flitting       moving lightly or swiftly
forceps        surgical instrument like tongs
foresee        to know in advance
fragile        easily broken or damaged
freestyle      swimming competition where swimmer chooses the stroke
freighter      vessel used for carrying cargo
fulfill        satisfy requirements or obligations
fundamental    being an essential part
geezer         odd or eccentric man
generally      usually, ordinarily
genius         person of unusually high intelligence
gesture        movement of hand, body, head or face
government     political administration of the country or its people
gradient       degree of inclination of a road or railway
grammar        the way sentences of a language are structured.
gruesome       causing great horror
guffaw         loud, unrestrained burst of laughter
guidance       advice or counseling
happiness      pleasure, contentment
haughty        disdainfully proud, snobbish,scornfully arrogant
hoarseness     harsh low voice
hospitality    friendly reception and treatment of guests
hysterical       uncontrollably emotional
ignorance        lack of knowledge
imaginary        not real
immediate        nearest or next
immediately      without delay
impressionable   easily influenced
incredible       seemingly impossible
independent      not relying on others for support or help
indomitable      cannot be subdued or overcome
inept            lacking in skill
information      knowledge gained through study
innate           existing in one from birth
innocent         freedom from legal wrongdoing
insinuate        to instill subtly into another's mind
intelligence     knowledge of news or an event
intermission     short interval during a performance
interesting      exciting and holding one's attention
intolerable      unendurable
intuitive        perceiving through the mind
invigorating     fill with life and energy
irradiate        shed rays of light upon; illuminate
irresponsible    lacks a sense of responsibility
judicial         pertaining to the administration of justice
kaput            ruined; unable to continue operating
keyboard         used for operating a computer
kindergarten     school class for children between ages 4 and 5
knoll            small rounded hill
language         any system used as a means of communicating
lasagna          baked dish consisting of noodles, cheese, tomato sauce
leopardess       female leopard
libel            defamation by printed words
locale           scene or setting of a novel or film
loneliness       depressed feeling of being alone
lozenge          small flavored tablet, often medicated
macaroons        cookies made of egg whites and coconut
magnificent      extraordinarily fine or superb
maintain         keep in appropriate condition
marauder         one who roams in quest of plunder
marriage         state of being married
monarchy         nation where the power is lodged w/ a single person
motile           capable of moving
narrative        account of events whether true or fictitious
naturally        in a normal manner
necessary        essential or indispensable
neighbor         person who lives near another
notarize         certify a document
noticeable       attracting attention
oafish           stupid, clumsy behavior
obedience        dutiful or submissive compliance
occasion         special or important time, event or ceremony
octagon          have eight sides
official         authorized representative
opportunity      good position or prospect for success
original         being something from which a copy is made
osmosis          subtle or gradual absorption
ostrich          large flightless bird
outrageous       grossly offensive to a sense of decency
overcompensate   strive to overcome a sense of inadequacy via overt behavior
overt            open to view, not concealed
oyster           edible marine mollusk
paralyzed     loss of voluntary movement
parfait       dessert in alternate layers served in a tall narrow glass
patience      willingness to suppress annoyance w/ slow learners
perceive      recognize, discern or understand
permanence    condition of continued existence
personnel     body of persons employed at an organization
pervasive     to become spread throughout all parts
philosopher   person who offers views on profound questions
playwright    writer of plays
poplar        rapidly growin upright tree
popular       regarded with favor, approval or affection
possession    ownership
prevaling     predominant
probably      very likely
raspberry     small juicy red fruit
rattletrap    rickety vehicle
ravioli       small cases of pasta filled with meat or cheese
receipt       written acknowledgement of receiving payment
reference     person willing to verify one's character
repetition    act of repeating
respiratory   pertaining to inhalation and exhalation
reversible    fabric where either side may be exposed
safeguard     protection or defense for safety
salve         medicinal ointment for soothing or healing
saunter       walk leisurely
scalded       burned with hot liquid or steam
schedule      plan of procedure
scrumptious   very pleasing to the senses
separate      to sort
siege         process of surrounding and attacking a place
sincerely      earnestly, genuinely
snubbed        treated with disdain or contempt by ignoring
sodden         soaked with liquid or moisture
splendid       magnificent; grand
suffocate      kill by preventing access to air
sundae         ice cream served w/ syrup or other toppings
tactful        skill in dealing with difficult situtations
technician     person trained or skilled
tediously      long and tiresome
thimbleful     small quantity, esp. liquid
tomorrow       day following today
tongue         movable organ on the floor of the mouth
tortilla       thin, round unleavened mexican bread
tragedy        lamentable or dreadful event
trigonometry   advanced branch of mathematics
usually        commonplace, ordinary, customary
vanilla        food flavoring
volleyball     sport where the ball is to be kept in the air
warfare        military conflict
weather        state of the atmosphere
Wednesday      day of the week following Tuesday
wheelchair     chair on wheels for a person who can't walk
                                  Intermediate Sentences
How do you abbreviate Mississippi?
She accidentally left her homework in the car.
John is accompanying me on my trip to St. George.
Please follow the rules according to our school handbook.
Do you think the jury will acquit Warren Jeffs?
She gave her mother an affectionate embrace.
If you agree, answer in the affirmative.
The army is prepared to stop any foreign aggression.
Don't drink alcohol then drive your car.
We can't allege wrongdoing unless we have proof.
One day we may all have an android servant.
The crack in the wall is easily apparent.
In the summer, I spend lots of time swimming at the aquatic center.
Sue and Jim had an argument during lunch today.
I am better at arithmetic than I am at spelling.
President Kennedy was killed by an assassin.
That salesman was way too assertive.
I firmly believe in the axiom that it is better to give than to receive.
My uncle is just an old bachelor.
Kevin's pool table is lined with green baize.
After Grandpa lost his job he was forced into bankruptcy.
In Hawaii, we saw a beachcomber living in a shanty on the edge of the ocean.
Listen to that beautiful music.
I can't figure the binomial equation in problem two of our math homework.
The editor said she was a great blurbist.
Her birthday provided a wonderful bonanza.
Please have our bookkeeper issue a check for the utility bills.
Please report the game score to the news bureau.
The success of the team depended on a cadre of experienced players.
I'll meet you in the cafeteria for lunch.
He marked the appointment on his calendar.
Romney's campaign needs to become more assertive.
Let's have cantaloupe with our lunch.
My favorite casserole is shepherd's pie.
There were no casualties in the car accident.
Car and astronomy books are in the category of non-fiction.
Mr. Locke droned on ceaselessly for the entire science period.
It's hard to change the lights in the high ceiling.
Taylor Lautner is now a celebrity.
Yo Yo Ma is a wonderful cellist.
My father is buried in a cemetery in Huntsville.
Following the victory, there was a cessation of hostilities.
Her honesty indicates she has a good character.
Her moods are so changeable.
I like to look at pictures of a Roman chariot.
Tim Allen's new sitcom caused much chortling in our household.
Be sure to include a citation page at the end of your report.
She has such cute taste in clothes.
He used his car as collateral for a new loan.
That antique vase is a collectible.
Please add the second column of numbers.
A funeral will be held in commemoration of his exemplary life.
We've made a commitment to pay our bills on time.
He committed five errors in ten minutes of pickleball.
The band's parent committee helps with fund raising.
I expect the president will concede the election prior to the results being announced on tv.
His conscience made him admit the truth.
Please made a conscious effort to do well on your test today.
The consensus of the group was to eat dinner at Olive Garden.
Abortion has caused controversy for decades.
He is conversant in Spanish.
The princess wore a diamond-covered coronet.
All my mom does is criticize me 24/7.
The man was killed with a cudgel.
We have a dalmation and a cocker spaniel.
Don't be daunted by the amount of work involved in a research paper.
Our servicemen and women are dauntless heroes.
The legislature debated until the wee hours of the morning.
Bruce Jenner won the decathlon at the 1976 olympics.
Don't try to deceive me; I know the truth.
Will the defendant please rise and face the jury?
Please demonstrate how to safely use the weight room.
The common denominator of RJH students is personal responsibility.
Our trip is dependent on the weather.
He would never descend to lying.
She certainly is desperate for attention.
Because he had no education, he lived in destitution.
Choosing the right college can be quite a dilemma.
Study hard so you don't disappoint your parents.
The rain and cold proved disastrous to his health.
Do you have the discipline necessary to be left in the house alone?
Cancer is a horrible disease.
A rule of the gym is to not drop the dumbbell.
I hope I am eligible to play on the basketball team.
My grandmother enjoys cross stitch embroidery.
I think I'll emphasize my eyes with mascara.
The spelling bee proposal won the principal's endorsement.
He has amazing physical endurance.
I hope my essay is good enough to earn an A.
I need to enumerate the ways I can accomplish my goal.
Try to always be in a good environment.
Please take care of the softball equipment.
The poor lead a miserable existence.
I hope you learn from this tragic experience.
Deer are a familiar sight in the mountains.
That dress is particularly feminine.
The Taliban soldier used a flamethrower during the battle.
The butterfly was flitting from flower to flower.
The baby had to be delivered with forceps.
Didn't you foresee the consequences of taking drugs?
That lamp is quite fragile.
The olympic freestyle is exciting to watch.
That large ship is a freighter.
Does that book fulfill the IRP requirements?
This week we are focusing on fundamental techniques of basketball.
Did you see the old geezer selling shoelaces on the corner?
She generally gives multiple choice tests.
Only a genius could pass that class.
Gesture in the affirmative if you agree.
Government is necessary to civilized society.
There is a 6 percent gradient up the North Ogden Divide.
Be sure your grammar is correct before handing in your essay.
The car crash was gruesome and deadly.
The speaker's joke caused the audience to guffaw.
Children look to their parents for guidance.
The newlyweds lived in perfect happiness.
Those jocks sure are haughty.
She complained of hoarseness to the doctor .
The parents of the bride are to be complimented on their hospitality.
She became hysterical when she saw the snake.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
I enjoy the imaginary animals of Dr. Seuss.
Police checked the immediate family members of the suspect.
Come home immediately after school today.
My little sister is so impressionable.
It's incredible that I got 100% on today's test.
Make sure you do independent research.
He has a strong and indomitable personality.
She is inept in dealing with people.
His wealth of general information is amazing.
Makayla has an innate ability for singing.
He was innocent of the crime.
Hitler tried to insinuate his propaganda throughout Europe.
The spy relayed the intelligence report to his superior.
There is a 15 minute intermission during the concert.
Jerry Spinelli's "Milkweed" is an interesting novel.
Talking during a test is intolerable.
She is an intuitive person.
Running a race is invigorating.
We need to irradiate the shadows of ignorance.
My mother thinks I am irresponsible.
Criminals are prosecuted through the judicial system.
My wrecked bicycle is kaput.
I need to get faster at using the keyboard.
My little sister goes to kindergarten.
The assassin shot President Kennedy from a grassy knoll.
Mr. Hermann teaches us the language of music.
My mother bakes fantastic lasagna.
The leopardess was very protective of her young.
The magazine was sued for libel.
The locale is a small Kansas town just before World War I.
No one can imagine the loneliness I feel.
Do you have a throat lozenge I may have?
I like chocolate flavored macaroons.
We are having magnificent weather today.
The city needs to maintain the roads better.
Be on the lookout for a marauder in the area.
My parents have a happy marriage.
Britain is a monarchy.
The turtle is surprisingly motile.
We had to write a narrative essay in English class today.
Be sure to walk naturally and not run.
Food and water are necessary to sustain life.
Go ask the neighbor if we may borrow a cup of sugar.
Be sure to notarize the mortgage.
Her beauty is noticeable even in a crowd.
Don't be oafish during the party.
The military demands obedience from its members.
A wedding is a lovely occasion.
A stop sign is in the shape of an octagon.
Kadin is an official 8th grade officer.
I can't pass up the opportunity to try out for the team.
The original document is in Washington D.C.
He seems to learn through osmosis.
The ostrich originally came from Africa.
This class's behavior with the substitute was outrageous.
She tried to overcompensate for her shyness by talking often in class.
There is overt hostility between our country and Iran.
Let's go the the oyster bar.
He broke his neck and became paralyzed.
Mom served parfait for dessert.
Mrs. Howard is known for her patience.
I perceive a note of sarcasm in your voice.
Their children suffer from a lack of permanence.
The personnel at the store are particularly cheerful this holiday season.
The feeling of utmost kindness is pervasive at Roy Jr. High.
The philosopher Aristotle founded a school in Athens.
Shakespeare was a phenomenal playwright.
We have two poplar trees in our backyard.
Cheerleaders are generally pretty popular at school.
This necklace is my prized possession.
The prevailing winds near the canyon come from the east.
I will probably go to the dance.
I like raspberry jam on toast.
I don't think it's safe for him to drive that rattletrap.
School lunch today is ravioli.
Bring your late fine receipt to the library.
May I list you as a reference on my resume?
Sometimes we learn best by repetition.
In health class, we're studying the respiratory system.
My new vest is reversible.
Our school uses an internet safeguard.
Put salve on the baby's bottom to prevent diaper rash.
Let's saunter along the river path.
I was scalded when I poured the hot water out of the pan.
Let me check my schedule to see when our assignment is due.
Banana splits are scrumptious.
Who can separate the colored beads the fastest?
The castle was under seige for three months.
Sign the letter "Sincerely Yours."
Ron Paul was snubbed during the last debate.
I need to dry my sodden coat.
The buffet was splendid.
Open the windows before I suffocate!
I'll have a hot fudge sundae.
Mr. Richins handled the girl's feelings in a tactful manner.
That artist is quite a technician.
The pioneers traveled tediously over the plains and mountains.
I'll have just a thimbleful of eggnog.
Let's go to a movie tomorrow.
Don't stick out your tongue at me, young man.
I'd like a tortilla made into a soft taco.
The child's death was such a tragedy.
I'm looking forward to taking trigonometry in high school.
He usually passes his tests with flying colors.
My favorite is vanilla ice cream.
I'm going to the volleyball game after school.
The U.S. is engaged in warfare in Afghanistan.
We are experiencing strange weather.
We're having a test on Wednesday.
Following the accident, my cousin was confined to a wheelchair.
nced on tv.
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