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Opening Words
How can you be hungry for things, when the summer sky is so perfectly blue?
What is your emptiness, but a lack of seeing the clouds as they stoop to touch the trees?
The song of an unseen warbler fills the air with sweetness thick as honey.
But you are tuned to the sound of coins in the pocket and keys on a ring,
The bill boards beckon to you and yet no matter how many times you answer the call,
The hunger persists.
I point to the treetop where the warbler hides in the spring rush of leaves,
And you reach to answer the phone in your pocket.
A wise person once said you can lead a horse water, but you can't make him drink.
If the splendor of the world cannot pull you to its bounty, then how can I expect to make you
I will held the door open and hope that someday you will turn off the phone, hide the keys and
join me on the hilltop. We will listen to the spring peepers and watch the full red sun dip behind
the horizon.
Maybe then, you will understand what it is to have enough.
                              Charlene Starnight


One teaching of Buddhism is that desire feeds our suffering. As part of this teaching, there is a
saying- "Desire blinds us, like the pickpocket who sees only the saint's purse."
       1. How do you define desire?
       2. How is desire manifested within you, and in your life?
       3. Like the pick pocket, to what might your desire blind you?
       4. Are there positive aspects to desire? If so, what are they?

Likes and Wishes

Closing Words
Do not seek perfection in a changing world;
Instead, perfect your love,

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