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									System Requirements

Platform (a.k.a., the cMarket    Catalog (database of auction items):
   Auction Tools):
                                 • Windows
• Windows XP                        –   IE 5.5 or higher
    – IE 5.5 or higher
                                    –   Firefox 1.0 or higher
    – Firefox 1.0 or higher
                                    –   Netscape 7.0 or higher
    – Netscape 7.0 or higher
                                    –   DO NOT USE AOL

• Mac OS X                       • Mac OS X
    –   Safari 1.3                  –   Safari 1.3
    –   Netscape 7.0 or higher      –   Netscape 7.0 or higher
    –   Firefox 1.0 or higher       –   Firefox 1.0 or higher
    –   Camino 1.0 for Mozilla      –   Camino 1.0 for Mozilla
                                    –   DO NOT USE AOL
                                    –   DO NOT USE IE
GOaL! Going Online to Live Training Objectives
cMarket clients will be able to:

•    Identify how an online-to-live auction could help meet & exceed your
     fundraising goals;

•    Understand procedure & terminology for online-to live events;

•    Target items that sell best online & offline;

•    Apply the cMarket Auction Platform’s features and functions efficiently in
     an online-to-live auction;

•    Leverage the cMarket Auction Platform’s printable documents for use in
     your online-to-live auction;

•    Implement effective promotional strategies for your online-to-live event;

•    Weigh the benefits of extending your online event, post live-event

•    Understand the closing process for both online and live auction items;

•    Identify additional resources, as needed.
    Table of Contents
•    Why an online-to-live auction, and how can it work for my

•    How do I set up my online-to-live auction in the cMarket Online
     – Homepages?
     – Catalog item descriptions?
     – Emails?

•    What is absentee bidding / absentee bid sheets?

•    How are bid sheets used?

•    What are the best ways to promote my online-to-live auction?

•    What should I do after my live event?
     – Extending the online auction
     – Closing items from both my online auction & live event

•    Identifying additional resources & next steps.
   GOaL: Why?

Why an online-to-live auction?
• Greater revenue:
Meet & exceed fundraising goals by
combining a cMarket Auction with a live

• Built-in marketing:
Your online auction is a perfect marketing
vehicle for your online event.

• Increased & higher bidding:
Absentee bidding opens up your live event
audience for more & higher bids!
  GOaL: How does cMarket Support Live Events?

cMarket provides:
• Bid sheets:
    live event bid sheets
    catalog item sheets
    absentee bid sheets

• A printable catalog
• Reports:
    live event items
    registered bidders
    absentee bids
 Absentee Bidding: What Is It, & How Is It Enabled ?
To enable
    Absentee Bidding:
1.   Login;
2.   Click on Set Up;
3.   Click on Your
4.   Select the Auction
     Info tab;
5.   Enter your Live
     Event Date & Time;
6.   Select Use Absentee
     Bidding next to Live
     Event Option;
7.   Click Save.
Absentee Bidding: How Does It Work?

At a silent auction:       At a gaveled auction:

…member/s of your          …using an auctioneer,
 auction team write-in      member/s of your
 bids for your Absentee     auction team play the
 Bidders on bid sheets      role of bid clerks and
 for each item at large.    bid on behalf of the
                            absent online bidder.
 Example Absentee Bid Sheet
• Located in:
  Build tab > Print Materials
• Contains:
          -Your banner
          -Item image, name, & #
          -Absentee Bidder’s name
          -Starting bid
          -Absentee Bid
          -Winning Bid entry

“You are bidding on behalf of this Absentee Bidder. During the course of the auction for this
item you will place bids up to the Absentee Bid amount listed above. You are not authorized
to bid above $2000.00! If this item is part of a silent auction, you will need to check the bid
sheet frequently and bid again when this Absentee Bidder is outbid, up to their Absentee Bid
amount. If an auctioneer is conducting a gaveled auction for this item, you need to place a bid
whenever this Absentee Bidder is outbid, up to their Absentee Bid amount. Remember to note
the winning bid if the Absentee Bidder won and return to the organization for processing.”
 Event Tickets
Select this feature
to allow users to
place ticket orders
to your live event!

Accept ticket orders
                       Clients who
                       enable the Event
                       Tickets feature
• your web site, or    sell an average of
                       7 tickets,
• by emails sent       approximately
                       $400 in ticket
  through cMarket.     sales!
  GOaL: Homepage Creation

On your homepages:

• Use the blue callout box to
  promote your live event;
• Consider linking to live event
  information on your website;
• Focus your efforts on
  generating online bids;
• Feature exciting items!
• Rally community bidding!      The average client
                                gets 10.5 donated
• Encourage donations           items, in part by
                                using the Donate-
                                an-Item button.
                                This translates to
                                a total of $1,170
                                on average!
 GOaL: Catalog Building
Prepare catalog items for
an online-to-live event by:

• specifying live event items

• varying your online items:
    Online-only
    Live-only
    Online-to-live
    Buy now!
Catalog Building: Online vs. Live Items…What Does Best?

 In an online auction:                 At a silent / gaveled auction:

 • Experiences
                                       • expensive jewelry
    – Balloon rides
    – “Lunch with the Mayor”           • art
 • “up close & local” items            • other “visual” items
    – Tickets to local events
    – Local dining gift certificates
 • Unique, one-of-a-kind items
  Catalog Building: cMarket Place

• New shopping-cart
• Wide selection of
  products at wholesale
• auctions that supplement
  their catalogs with our
  inventory typically enjoy
  an average increase of                Clients who use
  25% in funds raised over              cMarket Place
                                        average an $890
  auctions that do not use              profit above &
  the service!                          consignment cost.

GOaL: Catalog Item Bidder Descriptions
GOaL: Live Item Only Setup & Publicity

If your item is a live-event-
only item:

• ensure that you’ve set the
  item to be a “live event item”
  as you Create An Item

• consider featuring live-event-
  only items on homepages &
  emails to encourage high
  Absentee Bidding!
GOaL: Emails to Your Community
In emails to your online & live community…

• Promote online auction 1st; live event, 2nd ;

• Encourage the use of the Refer-a-Friend feature

• Send a special email to all Interested Persons, noting:
  “Absentee Bidding is offered! Place maximum bids
  now & don’t miss out!”

• Feature online-to-live and live-only items.
Promoting Your GOaL!

• Flyers      • Emails           • Newsletters
• Postcards   • Speakers         • Website
• Radio ads   • Television ads   • Meetings, events
    Promoting Your GOaL: Print Materials
How can I leverage cMarket’s
   partnerships to promote my

Go to:
to create professional:

•   Fliers
•   Postcards
•   Promotional Business
•   Bookmarks
After Online, Before Live

                                                                 Create a
                                                                 printed catalog
                                                                 or item/s
                                                                 sheet/s as
                                                                 handouts for
                                                                 your live event.*

*Remember: If you’re allowing for Absentee Bidding, Bid Sheets
may only be printed after the online auction has closed.
Example Bid Sheets for Live Auction Events

 Bid Sheet                Absentee Bid Sheet

                                                Tip: Allow
                                                yourself 24
                                                hours between
                                                your online
                                                close & live
                                                event to print

 (For a Silent Auction)   (For a Gaveled Auction)
After Live: Considerations
What about a Post-Auction Auction?

1. Let online close date pass; let live event pass;
2. Determine which unsold items you can extend
   and/or re-open online;
3. Close only the sold, online items; leave
   unsold items online;
4. Change the online auction close date & alert
   your community to your Post-Auction
Post GOaL: Closing Items
After both your online close date & live event:

1. Browse to the Close tab, and select Get Ready; if
   you haven’t already, choose your payment method;

2. Decide if a Close Email will be sent to online item
   winners; Edit your Close Email.

3. Browse to Close Items, and close both online & live
 Post GOaL: Closing Items (2)

1. Click the
   Ready Tab;

2. “Check” the

3. Click the
   Close button
Post GOaL: Closing Items (3)
For online OR live
   items you are

In the Build tab:
1.   Select Close Items;
2.   Select Needs Input;
3.   Select Select Winner;
4.   Select either the Online
     Bidder, OR enter bidder
     information for a Live
     Event Bidder;
5.   Click Save.
 Post GOaL: Closing Items (4)

For online OR live
   items which
   remain unsold:

In the Close tab:
1. Select Close Items;
2. Select Needs Input;
3. Select Not Sold;
4. Select “Item not sold”;
5. Select Close Item.
    Identify Additional Resources
In the
Platform Resource Center:
• Help Link
   (cMarket Knowledge Base)
• Training
     – Webinars
     – On-demand curriculum
•    Chat
•    Forums
•    Consultations
•    Client Services:
     – support@cmarket.com
     – Toll Free: (866) 621-0394
    Identify Additional Resources: Additional Trainings
    cMarket encourages auction teams to take the
    following additional trainings:

•   cMarket Secrets
•   Auction Builder
•   Promote Like a Pro!
•   Building your Catalog & Sponsorship
•   Boosting your Bidding & Closing Out
•   GOaL: Going Online to Live
                     Next Steps

1. Visit the cMarket Platform’s Resource Center and

   •   additional cMarket trainings, specifically:
       Boosting Your Bidding & Closing Out
   •   a library of Quick Start Kits & Tip Sheets focused
       on specific stages of your auction, specifically:
       The Final Days & Closeout Tip Sheet

2. Use the Help section of the cMarket Auction
   Platform to get information as you go online-to-live
   from our KnowledgeBase

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