Dept Req for Storeroom Supplies by fanzhongqing



     For Items not on this requisition, Please fill out a “Justification of Purchase form” and send to

Requested By:                                               Date:

Department:                                                 Room #:

Quantity Unit of Issue                 Product Description
         Dozen           8 ½ x 11, White Lined Pads
         Dozen           8 ½ x 14 Yellow Lined Pads
         Dozen           5 x 8 White Lined Pads
         Each            3x3 Yellow Post-It Notes
         Pkg             Post-It Standard Arrow Flag (Blank)
         Pkg             Post-It “Sign Here” Flag
         Case/Ream       Paper, white, Xerox, 8 ½ x 11
         Case/Ream       Paper, white, Xerox, 8 ½ x 14
         Ream            WSC Letter Head 8 ½ x11
         Pkg. of 100     3 x 5 Plain Index Cards
         Pkg. of 100     3 x 5 Lined Index Cards
         Pkg. of 100     4 x 6 Plain Index Cards
         Pkg. of 100      4 x 6 Lined, Index Cards
         Box              #9 Plain White Envelopes
         Box             WSC, # 10 White Envelopes
         Pkg. of 50      WSC 9x12 White Envelopes
         Box             WSC, #10 W/ Window White Envelopes
         Box             Clasp Manila Envelopes 7 ½ x 10 ½
         Box             Clasp, Manila Envelopes 9 x 12
         Box             Clasp Manila Envelopes, 10 x 13
         Box             Manila, File Folders
         Pkg             Colored File Folder Labels
         Box             Hanging File Folders (letter size)
         Each            Grade Books for instructors
         Pkg. of 50      Blue Examination Books (16 pages)
         Each             Stenographer Pads
         Each              2 ¼ “ Adding Machine Tape
         Each            Work-A-Day Calendars (side hole)
         Each            Work-A-Day Calendar Base
         Each            17”X 22” Desk Pad Calendar
         Dozen           #2 Pencil
         Dozen           Black Medium Ballpoint Pens
         Dozen           Blue Medium Ballpoint Pens
         Dozen           Red Medium Ballpoint Pens
         Each             Expo Dry Erase Makers Red, Green, Blue, Black
         Each            Red Permanent Marker
         Each            Blue Permanent Marker
         Each            Black Permanent Marker
         Each            Green Permanent Marker
         Each            Yellow Hi-Liter
Each         Eraser, combination pen & pencil, soft pink
Box          White Chalk
Box          Yellow Chalk
Each         Chalkboard Eraser
Each         Whiteboard Eraser
Canister     Pre-moistened Whiteboard wipes
Each         Transparent Tape
Each         Tape Dispenser
Each         1” Masking Tape
Box          Staples
Each         Stapler
Each         Stapler Remover
Box          Small Paper Clips
Box          Large Paper Clips
Box          Mini Binder Clips     ¼ “ capacity
Box          Small Binder Clips     ½ “ capacity
Box          Medium Binder Clips 5/8 “ capacity
Box          Push Pins
Box          Thumb tacks
Each         White –out Correction Tape
Pkg.         Rubber bands, size 19
Each         8” Medium Scissor
Each         12”Ruler,
Each         18”Ruler,
Each         Letter opener
Each         Permanent Glue Stic
Each         1” – 3 Ring Binder
Each         2” – 3 Ring Binder
Each         3” – 3 Ring Binder
Each         IBM Easy Strike Correctable Ribbon
Each         IBM Easy Strike Lift Off Tape
Each         Canon FX3 Cartridge (for Canon Fax Machines)
Limit 1      Toshiba Toner Cartridge        Copier Model #
Each         Toshiba Toner Recovery Tank
Box          Staples for Toshiba Copiers
Pkg. of 50   *Inter-Office envelopes (small)
Pkg. of 50   * Inter-Office envelopes (large)
Each         Purell Hand Sanitizer 4 oz Pump Bottle (Limit two each)

                * Recycled envelopes will be issued whenever possible

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