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shop talk                                                                                                     spring 2012

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   letter from chris       president and ceo
                                                                                                                  Lansing Building is
                                                                                                                  now on Facebook.
                                                                                                                  We invite to visit
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                     Many of you know this is my very favorite time of the year. It is
                                                                                           The address is
                     spring time! Nature comes back to life; the days are longer and
                     warmer and, best of all, business gets stronger. I am particularly
                     happy this year to see our industry rebound after several years
                     of anemic growth. Many of your (and our) competitors are gone         Spring Marketing Special
                     and opportunities to do business seem to be increasing. I have
                     been recently talking to contractors who have participated in local
                                                                                               Trifold Brochures
                                                                                           These brochures are 11x8.5, trifolded to
                     home shows around the country. All have reported they are seeing      3.66x8.5 and printed on high quality paper
 significant increase in the interest of homeowners. Many have said they have received     which provides exceptional picture and
 more leads this year than ever before, which is good news indeed. To those of you         image reproduction.
 who have endured the past three or four years in the wilderness, I congratulate you
 for your determination and look forward with you to better days.

 Many of you have participated with us in what we call our 90-Day Sprint. We have
 been hosting breakfast and lunch meetings with contractors and select suppliers
 all winter long, and the responses we have had from you are the best since we
 started several years ago. This spring we will be proceeding with a new format of
 our Supplier Showcases. We will host them in four major cities around the country.
 The first one was held in Atlanta on March 21 at Turner Field and the second one was      Our graphic designers will help you create
 in Salt Lake City on March 28 at Energy Solutions Arena. The next ones will be on         a trifold specific to your business. The
 April 18 in Baltimore at Camden Yards, and May 2 in Minneapolis at Target Field.          marketing special includes 2 hours of layout
                                                                                           and design time.
 Each of our venues is in the major arena or stadium in that city, and in addition to
 dinner, trade show, and seminars, we will be offering a tour of the stadium including     The trifold pricing is 250 for $178.00, 500
 locker room, press box, etc. We will have seminars with industry specialists on           for $208.00, 1,000 for $232.00, and 2,500
 marketing, lead generation, and other areas of interest. Finally you will see a former    for $314.00, excluding shipping and taxes.
                                                                                           This offer expires June 30, 2012.
 athlete or two and have the opportunity for an autograph. We believe this will be an
 exciting opportunity for you to hear and see what is new in 2012. You will meet our
 suppliers and, of course, all of the people you know at Lansing Building Products
 will be there as well. Please contact your branch manager for more details.

 I really think this could be a very good year. We still have to work hard and do the
 right things, but I think our efforts will be rewarded with a significant increase in
 sales and profits. We feel we are your partners in business and need to help you to
 be successful. We are committed to doing just that and look forward to a great year

 I hope to see you soon. Good Luck and Good Selling.

                                                                                             Prices include setup, shipping is additional.
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                                                  We are pleased to introduce the Lansing Loyalty “Win With Windows” program! Now through July
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                                                  Each replacement window or door “unit” is worth 1,000 points. Prizes may be redeemed with as few
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                                                  Registration is FREE and as easy as going to! All you need is a valid email
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                                                  a toll free fax line, and then redemption of your points is quick and easy through the Lansing Loyalty
                                                  web site! All you have to do is buy great replacement products from Lansing Windows and Doors!

                                                  Please ask your Lansing associate for the details, and act
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Ply Gem Supplies Seven Home Exteriors for Series Finale of
“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
Many of you followed Ply Gem’s recent                The seven homes are for seven families who
involvement with ABC’s Extreme Makeover:             were affected by the tornado that tore through
Home Edition in Joplin                               Joplin in May 2011, killing approximately 160
Missouri as Ply Gem                                  people and destroying nearly 8,000 homes.
helped      build     seven                          Some of the Joplin families lost friends, some
homes in seven days, all                             lost children, and all lost their homes.
for the show’s two hour
series finale January 13.                            Each of the seven home styles – Cabin, Beach,
                                                     Eco, Chic, Modern, Craftsman and Bohemian
•	 The seven home build, the largest in the          – was inspired by the personality of the specific
   show’s history, is for seven families who         families. The Designed Exterior by Ply Gem,
   were affected by the tornado that devastated      a complete exterior home solution with low
   Joplin, Mo. May of 2011.                          maintenance products from one manufacturer,
                                                     was applied to each of the exteriors and
•	 The Designed Exterior by Ply Gem, a               personalized for each family.                        More than 50 Ply Gem associates came to
   complete, low maintenance exterior                                                                      Joplin to help build 7 unique houses.
   solution, was applied to each of the seven        To see more photos from the build, and to
   homes and personalized for each family.           enter for a chance to win memorabilia from
                                                     the build, autographed by Extreme Makeover:
                           Seven homes were          Home Edition designers, visit our facebook
                           built in seven days       page at You can
                           when ABC’s Emmy-          also follow Ply Gem on Twitter @PlyGemNews.
                           award winning reality
                           TV show headed to
Joplin, Missouri to help rebuild the tornado
stricken town in the largest project in the show’s
history. Ply Gem, a leading manufacturer of
exterior building products for the residential
construction market, supplied complete
exteriors for each of the seven homes through
application of The Designed Exterior by Ply
Gem. The build marks the show’s 200th episode
and its series finale. The Joplin episode aired on
Friday, January 13 at 8 pm EST on ABC.
  2012 RED, WHiTE & HoME
  Support our Troops. Build Your Business

                                                     The Professional Way
Some may say, “A door is a door, is a door!”
to which the folks at ProVia would reply “au
contraire – not all doors are created equal!”
In order to truly appreciate the professional-
class doors produced by ProVia, it’s helpful to
have an understanding of what compelled the
company to be so passionate about entry doors
in the first place.

ProVia is headquartered in the small town of
Sugarcreek, Ohio located in an area known
for quality craftsmanship. Having been a
contractor himself, Bill Mullet was familiar
and dissatisfied with the inherent problems of
traditional entry doors. So in 1977, Bill and his
small team established Precision Door & Glass        In 2008, the company rebranded as ProVia.        Way,” also embodies the organization’s desire
which set out to build doors better. Over the        The name represents the company’s creation       to continually move on an upward path in
years the team has grown substantially and so        of a new category of products, professional-     the areas of corporate ethics and faith-based
has the company’s product offering. In the mid-      class doors, and illustrates its commitment to   practices.
90’s, they bought Sugarcreek Window & Door           unparalleled levels of quality and customer
to form Sugarcreek Industries, and in the early      satisfaction.   Professional-class doors take    The ProVia team has always been rather picky
2000’s, they started the insulated glass producer,   the standards established in the production      about the details. Production workers will often
Monarch I.G. These additions broadened the           of consumer-grade doors to the next level of     measure the quality of a door by asking, “Would
company’s product line-up to include entry           product integrity and customization. The new     I put this on my mother’s home?” The care that
doors, storm doors, and patio doors.                 logo, which translates as “The Professional      ProVia employees have is evident by how they
                                                                                                      take pride in each product that’s built. It is also
                                                                                                      evident in how they treat others. This type of
                                                                                                      caring led ProVia’s Corporate Leadership Team
                                                                                                      to establish the company mission statement:
                                                                                                      “To serve, by caring for details in ways others

                                                                                                      Today, throughout ProVia’s five manufacturing
                                                                                                      plants “caring for details” is a way of life. The
                                                                                                      people at ProVia are intense about fulfilling
                                                                                                      their vision “to be the premier building
                                                                                                      products manufacturer, providing unmatched
                                                                                                      quality and service.”

                                                                                                      For more information about the company or its
                                                                                                      products contact your Lansing representative.
Build Sales with Mastic’s New Solutions Catalog
                     Life can throw your             contains a helpful Resource Guide that’s filled     Marketing Programs that Improve Results
                     company lots of problems.       with easily-accessible facts and stats that         In today’s competitive market, the difference
                     Now,      Mastic     Home       illustrate the benefits of your products. You’ll    between the companies that thrive and those
                     Exteriors   is    throwing      have at your fingertips a wealth of data and        that fail is the ability to uncover the best leads
                     you lots of solutions –         compelling facts you can use to develop sales       and turn them into sales. The Solutions Catalog
                     solutions that will build       presentations that result in signed contracts.      will help you develop a marketing plan that
                     your bottom line. The                                                               does just that.
                     Mastic 2012 Solutions           Sales Tools that Develop Leads and Close Deals
                     Catalog is hot off the press    The easiest way to help your customers make         It all starts with our Marketing Tune-Up,
and ready to help your company grow. This            the right choice is to let them see the beauty      a strategy for success you’ll develop with
valuable resource is packed full of easy-to-use      and quality of Mastic products themselves. The      your Mastic representative. It’s like having a
tools and proven sales and marketing strategies      Solutions Catalog is packed full of tools that      professional marketing plan developed just for
that will fuel your company’s success. Contact       will help you do just that, from dazzling in-       you, complete with unlimited access to proven
your salesperson today to order the Mastic           store displays, to award-winning brochures, to      marketing resources like our Neighborhood
2012 Solutions Catalog. Here’s what you’ll find      sample kits you can take on calls.                  Marketing Kit, guaranteed to double your
inside:                                                                                                  leads; Knowledgeworkx, our onsite and on-
                                                     Don’t miss the section that unveils our most        line training programs; and
A Business-Building Resource Guide                   innovative closing tool: the Dreamhome              Red White & Home, which
You already know that vinyl siding is the #1         Professional In-Home Visualizer, which allows       supports wounded veterans
cladding choice in America, and for good             homeowners to actually see their own home           and delivers rewards to you.
reason. But your customers may not. The fact is,     transformed with Mastic products. This tool
the more your customers understand the many          can result in double digit increases in your        To order your Mastic 2012 Solutions Catalog,
benefits of vinyl, the easier it will be to win      closing rate.                                       contact your Lansing representative.
their business. That’s why the Solutions Catalog

Diversify with exterior home insulation
The arrival of new products onto the market has      covers the framing studs, which often pass          ensnarled in lawsuits because of problems
made it easier to promote exterior insulation.       heat and cold through the walls in a process        with moisture and its vulnerability to damage
Here are a few selling points you should use:        called thermal bridging. Continuous insulation      from even light impacts. The latest generation
                                                     blocks that energy leak.                            of exterior insulation keeps delicate insulation
1. Fight energy costs, meet building standards.                                                          safely tucked away behind conventional hard
The price of heating oil and gas is up again, but    4. This old house needs exterior insulation.        exteriors like vinyl, fiber cement or wooden
wages are still low. Savings on heating bills        Adding insulation to an existing hometypically      siding.
will continue to be an important selling point.      means tearing out inside walls. But if the siding
That’s the carrot. Here’s the stick: In some parts   already needs substantial repair or replacement,    7. Stop mold and rot. Careful external insulation
of the country, officials now require new homes      it’s easy to add exterior insulation.               can help stop moisture from building up–
to meet new standards for energy efficiency,                                                             which could lead to mold, rot and even worse
such as the federal Energy Star certification.                          5. Reduce noise. External        problems. There’s no
Energy Star recognizes conventionally framed                            insulation also helps block      stopping some moisture
homes that bulk up with exterior insulation                             out noise from outside the       from getting into the
                rated R-3 or more. In the                               house. Manufacturers say         walls of a home. But
                colder half of the country, that                        insulated siding can cut the     a continuous layer of
                requirement goes up to R-5. A                           audibility of certain types of   insulated        sheathing
                3/4-inch continuous sheet of         noise in half, especially high-frequency noises     helps to keep the spaces
 ENERGY STAR foam insulation will typically          like the sound of wind.                             inside the wall warm
                be rated R-4. Insulation can                                                             enough so that water
also be added to siding, with an R-value ranging     6. This stuff is different. Some buyers may         vapor won’t. From the
from 2 to 3 or more, depending on the product.       hear “exterior insulation” and have bad             outside, insulated siding
                                                     memories of the Exterior Insulation Finishing       provides a smaller opening for rain to get in and
2. It’s a small price to pay.                        System, a type of external insulation similar       is typically designed to be vapor permeable, so
A 3/4-inch sheet of foam                             in appearance to stucco and made largely            water can naturally evaporate away.
sheathing placed behind vinyl                        out of foam insulation and a gluey sealant.
siding will typically cost 30%                       The system became popular during the first          Contact your Lansing sales representative to learn
more than vinyl siding alone,                        energy crisis of the 1970s and later became         about the large variety of insulation options that
according to the National                                                                                Lansing Building Products has to offer.
Association of Home Builders. It also adds
about 30% to use insulated siding instead of
conventional siding.

3. Stop thermal bridging. In the world of
insulation experts, there’s increasing talk about
“continuous insulation.” One big reason why
is that this insulation format crosses over and

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