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									BOOKS TITLE                                               PLACE
Fundemental anatomy                                                ‫پزشکی‬
General practice psychiatry                                        ‫پزشکی‬
Opportunities in medical imaging careers                           ‫پزشکی‬
Harrisons Rheumatology                                             ‫پزشکی‬
microbiology & Immunology                                          ‫پزشکی‬
Cellular physiology                                                ‫پزشکی‬
Gastrointestinal physiology                                        ‫پزشکی‬
Vanders Human physiology                                           ‫پزشکی‬
Sport exercise and environmental physiol                           ‫پزشکی‬
DEJA review:Histology and medical cellology                        ‫پزشکی‬
Hand book and drug allergy                                         ‫پزشکی‬
Mark essential medical biochemistry                                ‫پزشکی‬
Mosbys 2007 dental consult                                         ‫پزشکی‬
Saunders pharmaceutical word book 2007                             ‫پزشکی‬
Physical rehabilitations role in disability                        ‫پزشکی‬
Medical biochemistry pearls of wisdom                              ‫پزشکی‬
College knowledge:what it really takes for students                ‫پزشکی‬
Antimicrobial agents:Antibacterial and antifungals age             ‫پزشکی‬
Cultural diversity and suicide                                     ‫پزشکی‬
Staphyloccus aureus                                                ‫پزشکی‬
Step by step blood transfusion services practical man              ‫پزشکی‬
DNA sequencing:optimizing process &analysis                        ‫پزشکی‬
Building flash web sites for dummies                               ‫پزشکی‬
Analytical method for drinking water                               ‫پزشکی‬
Social work in mental health:an evidencebased approch              ‫پزشکی‬
DAN:forensic and legal appl                                        ‫پزشکی‬
Protective effects of tea on human health                          ‫پزشکی‬
DNA sequencing II:Optimizing preparation & cleanup                 ‫پزشکی‬
Foundations and change in early childhood education                ‫پزشکی‬
Illustrated pharmacology for nurses                                ‫پزشکی‬
methods in social epidemiology                                     ‫پزشکی‬
GIS Tutorial for health                                            ‫پزشکی‬
Applied spatial statistics for public health data                  ‫پزشکی‬
A pocket Guide to epidemiology                                     ‫پزشکی‬
Good teacher in every classroom:preparing the ********             ‫پزشکی‬
Family health Guide new medicine                                   ‫پزشکی‬
Textbook of medical laboratory technology                          ‫پزشکی‬
Parasitic flatworms:Molecular biology,biochemistry                 ‫پزشکی‬
Learning by heart                                                  ‫پزشکی‬
Student success in college:creating conditions                     ‫پزشکی‬
Clinical hematology                                                ‫پزشکی‬
Clinical laboratory immunology                                     ‫پزشکی‬
**** and learning a bout mental health                             ‫پزشکی‬
Risk assessment for environmental health                           ‫پزشکی‬
(Clinics of north america) Antimicrobialther                       ‫پزشکی‬
Statistical approach to genetic epidemiology-concepts              ‫پزشکی‬
HDBK of dendritic cells-biology,diseases & btherapies              ‫پزشکی‬
Medical myucology:cellular and molecular techniques                ‫پزشکی‬
Cancer diagnostiswith and microarrays                              ‫پزشکی‬
Review of medical microbiology                                     ‫پزشکی‬
Anaesthesia science                                                ‫پزشکی‬
Mosbys dictionary of complementary and alter                       ‫پزشکی‬
The physiology of training                                         ‫پزشکی‬
Polycystic ovary syndrome an update                               ‫نیک نفس‬
Ovulation induction and controlled ovari an stimulation           ‫نیک نفس‬
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy                        ‫نیک نفس‬
Textbook on complication in dynecologic                    ‫نیک نفس‬
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy                        ‫نیک نفس‬
Atlas of gynecological pathology                           ‫نیک نفس‬
Clinical anaesthesia                                       ‫نیک نفس‬
Obstetric and gynecological multrasound:A SE               ‫نیک نفس‬
Step by step gynecological endoscopy surgery with 2 INT    ‫نیک نفس‬
Abnormal menstrual cycle                                   ‫نیک نفس‬
Nausea and vomiting in pregnan**********                   ‫نیک نفس‬
Polystic ovary syndrome:A gide to clinical                 ‫نیک نفس‬
The menopause                                              ‫نیک نفس‬
Year book of obstetrics,gynecology ********                ‫نیک نفس‬
Infections in obstetrics and gynecology OBG                ‫نیک نفس‬
Anaesthesia science                                        ‫نیک نفس‬
Breast health and common problems a practic                ‫نیک نفس‬
Berek & Novak gynecology 14e                               ‫نیک نفس‬
obstetric & gynecology ultrasound made easy,2E             ‫نیک نفس‬
Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery,3          ‫نیک نفس‬
Womens sexual function and dysfunction study,D             ‫نیک نفس‬
Practical clinical endodontics                            ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Oral surgery for the general dentist                      ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Illustrated handbook of clinical dentistry                ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Advance dental nursing                                    ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Principles & practice of pedodontics                      ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Practical periodontal plastic surgery                     ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Clinical problem solving in orthodontics and ******       ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Clinical textbook of dental hygiene and therapy           ‫دندانپزشکی‬
A clinical guide to dental traumatology                   ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Adnvanced endodontics clinical retreatment and surgery    ‫دندانپزشکی‬
prosthodontics                                            ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Orrthodontic management of uncrowded class II             ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Textbook of dental and maxillofacial radiology            ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Concise encyclopedia of periodontology                    ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Manual of temporomandibular disorders                     ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Occlusion and clinical practice:an evidence               ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Pediatric oral and maxillofacial surgery                  ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Biomechanics & esthetic strategies                        ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Fundemental of voral medicine & radiology                 ‫دندانپزشکی‬
review of fixed partial dentures                          ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Mosbys dental dictionary                                  ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Radiology oral board review: a keyword a PPROA            ‫دندانپزشکی‬
review of clinical periodontology                         ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Textbook of oral pathology                                ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Tooth erosion prevention and treatment                    ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Clinical problems solving in prosthodontics               ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Textbook of operative dentistry                           ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Step by step root canal treatment with DVD                ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Principles of operative dentistry                         ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Dental reception and practice maqnagement                 ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Legal aspects of general dental practice                  ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Essentials of clinical periodontology and periodontics    ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Bone grafting techniques for maxillary implants           ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Dental management of medically complex patient            ‫دندانپزشکی‬
(Clinics of north america) Bone grafting                  ‫دندانپزشکی‬
(Clinics of north america) periodontics,AN I              ‫دندانپزشکی‬
Lippincott manual of nursing practice pocket guide:CRI      ‫پرستاری‬
Pharmacology for anaesthesiologists                                              ‫پرستاری‬
Maternal,newborn & women health nursing:comprehensive                            ‫پرستاری‬
Nurse anesthesia pocket guide                                                    ‫پرستاری‬
Emergency nursing:made incredibly easy                                           ‫پرستاری‬
Atlas of airway management:techniques and tools                                  ‫پرستاری‬
Bluerrints pocket anesthesiology                                                 ‫پرستاری‬
Cardiac surgery for nurses:orientation,policy & proced                           ‫پرستاری‬
diography of children a guide to good PRAC                                       ‫پرستاری‬
NMS clinical manual of anesthesia                                                ‫پرستاری‬
Manual of overdoses & poisonings                                                 ‫پرستاری‬
Clinical nutrition in gastrointestinal disease                                   ‫پرستاری‬
Breast implant imaging                                                           ‫پرستاری‬
Pediatric nutrition support                                                      ‫پرستاری‬
Essentials nursing:care adults & nchildren                                       ‫پرستاری‬
Disabled womans guide to pregnancy & birth                                       ‫پرستاری‬
Surgical anatomy of hand & upper extremity                                       ‫پرستاری‬
Paediatric cochlear implantation:evaluating outcomes                               ‫مرادی‬
Infection and hearing impairment                                                   ‫مرادی‬
Eye essentials:rigid gas-permeable lens fITT                                       ‫مرادی‬
***********Atlas                                                                   ‫مرادی‬
Master ing the phacodynamics tools technology and inno*********                    ‫مرادی‬
100 questions & answers a bout autism:expertr advice fro                           ‫مرادی‬
Managing the drinking ear                                                          ‫مرادی‬
psychiatric clinical skills                                                        ‫مرادی‬
100 questions & answers about depression                                           ‫مرادی‬
The eustachian tube                                                                ‫مرادی‬
Phacoemulsification surgery with interactive CD                                    ‫مرادی‬
Master ing the nucleotomy technic quesphaco with 4 CV                              ‫مرادی‬
Disorders of visual processing                                                     ‫مرادی‬
Comprehensive facial rejuvenation:practical & systemat                             ‫مرادی‬
New investigations in opthalmology                                                 ‫مرادی‬
Diabetics eye diseases                                                             ‫مرادی‬
Phacoemulsification made easy with 2 INT eractive CDs                              ‫مرادی‬
Psychiatric team and the social definition                                         ‫مرادی‬
Interpreting trauma radiographs                                                    ‫مرادی‬
Psychiatric interviewing and assessment                                            ‫مرادی‬
Step by step small incision cataract surgery with 2 injte***********               ‫مرادی‬
Michigan manual of plastic surgery                                     )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Emergency management pediatric patient:                                )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
NON-hodgkins lymphomas                                                 )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Action plan for high blood pressure                                    )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Avoiding common surgical errors                                        )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Interpreting difficult ECGS:rapid reference                            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Blueprints pocket pediatric ICU                                        )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Pediatric dermatolog:quick reference guide                             )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Action plan for high cholesterol                                       )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Essentials of blood banking                                            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Breastfeeding management for clinician:using the evide                 )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Clinical pathology and haematology for ******************              )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Essentials of haematology                                              )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Clinical laboratory immunology management                              )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Practical approach to tuberculosis management                          )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
ABC of wound healing                                                   )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Advances in pediatrics                                                 )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Pediatric dermatology ward rounds                                      )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Atlas of neurosurgical techniques new surg                             )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Washington manual otolaryngology survival guide            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Spine surgery complication:treatment &prevention           )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Washington manual obstetrics & gynecology survival guide   )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
5 minute pain management consult                           )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Washington manual pulmonary medicine subspeciality cons    )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Histopathology of the skin with photo CD                   )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Neurosurgery practice questions and answers                )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
imaging of pulmonary infectious                            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Hardcore pharmacology                                      )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Washington manual pediatrics survival guide                )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Manual of vpaediatrics :an integrated approach             )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Infectious and tropical diseases:a handbook                )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Physical medicine & rehabilitation pocket pedia            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Pediatric neurovascular disease new surg                   )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
5 minute pain management consult                           )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
***************                                            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Handbook of applied disability and rehabilitation resea    )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Spinal trauma:imagingUdiagnosis & management               )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Respiratory physiology:clinical approach                   )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Mayo clinic gastrointestinal imaging review                )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Degenerative disc disease                                  )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
textbook of traumatic brain injury                         )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Procedures in cosmetic dermatology series:CH               )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Surgical anatomy around orbit:System of ******             )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Operative exposures in peripheral nerve surgery            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Severe acute respiratory syndrome:a clinical guide         )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Controversies in neurological surgical new surg            )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Clinical decision making:case studies in pediatrics        )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
ECG interpretation:2-IN-1 reference for nurses             )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Fundemental of respiratory physiology                      )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Diagnostic & surgical imaging anatomy:chest,abdomen,PE     )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
Neurosurgery oral board review new surgery                 )‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع‬
‫علی ابن ابیطالب(ع)‬

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