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					Computer Basics for Seniors.
          Part 2

    Creating an email account

          Instructor: Shayna Keces
              236-0302, ext. 441     April 2004
What is email
Creating a web-based email account
Common email functions
Electronic mail
Can be sent anywhere in world
Timing is good for sender as well as receiver
Option to telephone tag
  Different from website address
Web-based Email
Web-based email
 Program resides on web page
 Free service
 Available from any internet computer
 Must go to website to send/receive mail
 Attached files may be problem
Setting up an email account
Terms and conditions, policy agreement
Compulsory vs. optional fields
Choosing an email address
  Avoid clever names
  Be very specific, may need to add numbers
Choosing a password
  Choose one you will remember
  Should be combination of letters and numbers
  Sometimes will specify certain no. of
Creating an email account
Email functions
Check or read email
Create or compose email
Create an address book
Create a signature
Delete or move read messages
Printing email messages
Checking email
Go to “Inbox” or “Check Mail”
Click on message you want to read (in
Yahoo, the words underlined in subject
After reading message delete or move to
other folder
“Inbox”, “Back top Messages” or “Check Mail”
will get you back to list
Next will show you next message
Creating an email
Click on compose
In “To”, type in address of person or insert
from address book (make sure you include for yahoo addresses unless it is a
formal nickname)
Subject – brief description of topic (a few
Cc (carbon copy) will show up on your email
Bcc (blind carbon copy) other recipients will
not know you’ve sent the extra copy)
Save copy to sent folder
Save draft (fast save if out of time)
Turn to the person next to you and get their
email address
Click on Compose
Put the address in the box labeled “To” by
clicking in that box and typing the address
(don’t forget the
Use Tab key and add subject Hello
Make sure there is a checkmark in box
beside phrase “Save copy to sent folder”
Practice (cont.)
Click in the large box below so that you
get the blinking cursor and type a brief
Click on the box labeled “Spell Check”
to make sure you did not make any
spelling errors
Type on the box labeled Send
Deleting or moving messages
Put checkmark beside the items in the
inbox which you have finished with
Then move or delete all checked items
Remember that Delete just moves
item(s) to Trash folder
  After finished empty trash
Address book
Add addresses from people who send
you email
Type in new addresses and other
Create lists or groups of addresses
Printing email messages
Cannot print in compose or whenever
you have a box with text in it (eg. Draft)
Can print from Inbox
Can also print from Sent folder
Varies in different web-based email
Can create a standard end to your
Most common is name, address and
Used to be cute saying or slogan
Can choose to have it added to all
emails or just add to specific emails
Common to most systems
Special functions like mail forwarding
Establishing preferences
Controlling junkmail by filters or blocking
Changing passwords or other information
provided during signup
Some systems may charge for some
Some Books on Email
Em@il by Annalisa Milner
005.369 OUT
Understanding FAX and electronic mail by
Michael A. Banks 651.79 BAN
Reader’s Digest get online! 025.04 R286
Internet E-mail quick tour : sending, receiving
& managing your messages online 384.3 Als
Some Videos on Email
Outlook 2000. 1, Beginning
V005.369 O9L
Email for everyone
V384.34 E53
Using e-mail on the Internet
V384.3 U845
Learning Outlook 2000. E-mailing
V005.369 O9Lea
Some Internet Sources on
Writing E-mail Messages a
variety of articles on using email.
Harness e-mail

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