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					      Please complete the following Staff Web Page Information Form and then email it back to Dave Schlick. This information will be used to create a personal web page
for each staff person.

      Please answer the questions appropiately so that our staff pages will make a positive and professional impression on students, parents and other stakeholders. Not
all answers will be used, but the attempt will be to create a well-rounded look at you as an educator. Before the web page is posted, you will be given the opportunity to
give your final approvial. Feel free to leave blank any information that you feel is too personal to appear on your web page.

                                                                                   PERSONAL INFORMATION

      Teacher's Name Linda T. Green                                        Place of Birth Tulare, California


             Children Allison and Meryl

                                                                                    SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT

Year Started Teaching 1990                                           Courses You Teach Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Advanced Computer Applications, Freshman Studies Keyboarding and
                       Ex. 2002                                                        Office Coop
Years Started at TUHS 2000
                     Ex. 2004
          Department Business                                      Extra Duties & School Character Counts Coordinator, Office Coop Coordinator
                                                               (clubs, committies, coaching,
Previous Work Before Legal Secretary, Bank Teller, Bank                                etc.)
        Tulare Union Utility Clerk, Mortgage Secretary,
                     Accountant, Office Manager,
                     Marketing Administrator for
                     Computer Manufacturer

                                                             Course Related Links for
                                                                          Your Page


    HIGH SCHOOL Mt. Whitney High School                        Year of Graduation                                                Activities & Awards in High School
                                                             1974                              Girls Swim Team, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Secretarial Scholarship from Legal Secretaries of Tulare
             Location Visalia, California                                                      County

         COLLEGE California State University, Fresno           Year of Graduation                                                   Activities & Awards in College
                                                             1979                              Alpha Kappa Psi
             Location Fresno, California

       Degree Earned Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Finance

         COLLEGE University of Phoenix                         Year of Graduation                                                   Activities & Awards in College
                                                             2005                              Magna Cum Laude
             Location Phoenix, Arizona

       Degree Earned Master of Business Administration
       COLLEGE                                                    Year of Graduation                                                Activities & Awards in College


     Degree Earned

                                                                                   PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION
                                                                                Don't feel you have to answer them all. Just pick one or two.
    Why I teacher… I teach because I look forward to seeing the students every day, and helping them along their path to a career and adulthood.

I believe students… Are our future.

      I believe high A very tough time for students. As teachers, we can help them learn, grow and understand what will be expected of them when they leave high school.
         school is…

        A Redskin… Is proud.

                                                                     FAVORITE THINGS / LIFE GOALS / ACCOMPLISHMENTS

               Book All of them                                                 Music/Song Dione Warwick and Stevie Wonder

 Professional Team Fresno Falcons                                                     Movie Princess Bride
                    Greece and Puerto Vallarta,
      Vacation Spot Mexico                                                             Hero My parents

Free Time Activities Riding my two horses Scooter and Tank. Taking care of my gazillion dogs, cats, birds, etc. (Parker - Chihuahua, Bruno - Miniature Pinscher, Hollie - Chiweenie, Thumper - Manx
                     Cat, Chloe, Ali, Cotton, Tuff, and Boo Boo - the cow dogs. And two love birds that will pinch the snot out of much for the "LOVE" part. I love to sew and do crafts, read
                     daily, love God.

         Bucket List See the Pyramids, go to Africa, go to the Callgary Stampede, go to Alaska, see my grandchildren and play with them.

         Greatest My two daughters and getting my Master's Degree, having a loving family that supports me in everything I do. Finding a career that I love waking up to and going to each day.

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