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									Position Distributions & Interface
   The interface compares each distribution by DOS
    and account, and if the percentage is different
    PeopleSoft creates the update in PPS
   Furlough program challenge – multiple
    distributions with the same (SRB) DOS code per
   Interface process unable to recognize whether to
    overwrite PPS distribution or not
   Users are unable to easily recognize which SRB
    distribution line ties to the underlying MEG, MB1-9
    or other eligible DOS code
Interface Solutions
  Create PeopleSoft DOS code naming
   convention for SRB lines to easily identify
   there originating DOS code
  Convert these lines to SRB / SRS lines for
   interfacing with PPS
  Develop an interface process that can
   adapt to the multiple DOS codes per
   account challenge
Naming Convention
  Replace the first letter of the originating DOS code
   with a “Z” to create the salary reduction lines in

 SRB:                         SRS:

 MEG/REG         ZEG          BYR          ZYR
 MB1-9           ZB1-9        BY1-9        ZY1-9
 MEO             ZEO          STP          ZTP
 HBT             ZBT          SAS          ZAS
 HBD-I           ZBD-I
  Convert Z lines to SRB / SRS lines to interface
   with PPS
  The interface will compare the first SRB line in
   PeopleSoft to the first SRB distribution in PPS
     If the % is different, PeopleSoft will overwrite
     Process continues through all SRB and SRS
PPS PANS – What will you see?
  The order of the comparison of SRB or SRS lines
   between the two systems is random
  Therefore you may see individual SRB line changes
   on PANs for example with no overall change to the
   SRB line profile in total
  When reviewing the SRB / SRS lines, review all
   lines in total per account to recognize any changes
   in overall profile
Next Steps
  Updates available in PeopleSoft production on
  If there are any issues or problems, contact your
   academic personnel analyst (academic) or HR
   compensation unit (staff)
  Adding Z lines to Total Salary at a Glance
No Retroactive Changes
  Per UCOP:

  If a department makes a retroactive payroll
  adjustment, which results in the employee's salary
  expenses being transferred from an extramural
  fund to a non-extramural fund source, the
  employee would not become subject to the Plan
  with respect to any pay already received by the
  employee. Conversely, if an employee had been
  subject to the Plan and his or her salary expenses
  were subsequently transferred to an extramural
  fund source, pay already received by the employee
  would remain subject to the Plan
Callback Z Payments Reminder
  Five step process:
    1. Submit and receive approval for the callback plan
        for each applicable faculty member
    2. Faculty member takes furlough day but works
        under callback plan
    3. Furlough day is recorded in PPS to remove from the
        accrual bank
    4. Request is made for approval to pay Z payment
    5. Once approval is received, Z payment can be

    * No Z payments may be processed without explicit
NIH Salary Cap and Cost Sharing
Related to the Furlough Program
  Three issues:
    1. Salary reduction
    2. Furlough hour accrual
    3. Furlough time scheduling
NIH Salary Cap and Cost Sharing
Related to the Furlough Program
 Salary reduction
     Cost shared time funded on furlough eligible
      funds is subject to salary reduction
     Salary in excess of the applicable salary limit
      and funded on furlough eligible funds is subject
      to salary reduction
        BYR, BY1-9
NIH Salary Cap and Cost Sharing
 Furlough time accrual
     Furlough time is accrued for cost shared time funded
       on furlough eligible funds
     Furlough time is not accrued on salary over the
       applicable salary limit (BYR, BY1-9) because they
       are paid as flat dollar amounts (similar to stipends)
       without a percent time component
     However, the funding profile with the BYs excluded
       still sums to the appointment percent, so furlough
       time accrual is based on the full appointment
       percent, but on that profile with the over-the-cap
       dollars excluded
     No furlough time is accrued for time charged directly
       to the exempt project accounts
NIH Salary Cap and Cost Sharing
Related to the Furlough Program
 Scheduling of furlough time
     Furlough time must be scheduled in compliance with
      effort reporting requirements
     Furlough time accrued for effort that is cost shared
      must be scheduled on days not dedicated to
      committed federal research
     For example, a faculty member with 70% effort on
      federal projects is required to take their 30% of
      furlough days plus any furlough days in addition that
      are from cost shared time or calculated from effort
      over the salary cap during the 30% of their time not
      committed to federal projects.
UPDATE – Campus Closure Plans
    The Davis Campus today released a refined campus
     closure plan, reducing the number of days the Davis
     campus will close in December
    In the original plan, the campus was going to close
     December 18 - January 3, as well as March 24 and
     25, and June 14 and 15
    The refined plan shortens the December closure: the
     campus will now close December 24 - January 3
    The March and June closure dates will remain
    If you would like to amend your unit closure plans in
     light of this news, please send in your revision to
     Steve Chilcott and Dr. Meyers with copy to Mike

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