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                        Name of Work:- Renovation & Relaying of Pipe Line for Water Supply.


SL                      Description of Item                     Quantity     Rate Rs     Unit   Amount Rs
1)    Laying MS/CI/DI pipes & Specials all classes valves
      etc (Class CISS Ductile pipe, CIDF, CI Tyton all
      classes) including carriage from Deptt Store stack
      yard within a radius of 20 KM cutting trenches
      lowering aligning in the trenches with a cover not
      less than 1.2 Mtrs below GL including earth work in
      excavation in any kind of soil and strata including
      mixed soil excluding laterite sand stone weathered
      rock, hard rock metal road, brick pavement etc
      including triming the sides of trenches, levelling
      dressing and ramming the bottom , bailing or
      pumping out water etc as required complete
      Including earth work in back filling in the trenches in
      layers of good earth obtained from excavation with
      due consolidation to its original level and removals
      of spoils and proper stacking of serviceable
      materials all complete as per specification and
      direction of EIC (Pipes and specials valves gasket
      etc will be supplied departmentally free of cost) with
      progressive submission of drawing of pipe lines laid
      with statement of materials specials etc consumed
      against each work as per respective running

a)    80 mm dia                                                     100.00               /mtr
(b)   100 mm dia                                                    600.00               /mtr
 c)   150 mm dia                                                   1800.00               /mtr
2)    Making flange joints to CI Pipes (All Class) GI pipes
      & specials including supply of nuts & bolts (GK or
      Tata brand) rubber insertion of ISI specification all
      ISI specification all complete as per specification &
      direction of EIC.
a)    80 mm dia                                                      15.00              Each
b)    100 mm dia                                                     25.00              Each
c)    150 mm dia                                                     40.00              Each
3)    Making lead joint to CI pipes & specilas with lead &
      spunyarn including cost of lead , yarm making clay
      moulds ,pushing yarn gasket firmly & caulking lead
      to the joint holes as per specification & direction of
a)    a) 80 mm dia with 1.8 kg lead & 100-gram yarn.
                                                                     20.00              Each
b)    100 mm dia with 2.2 kg lead & 200 gram yarn                    30.00              Each
c)    150 mm dia with 3.4 kg lead & 200 gram yarn                    60.00              Each
4)    Supply & delivery including transportation ,loading &
      unloading etc of different dia CI/DI Pipe as per IS
      specification & direction of EIC .The rate is inclusive
      of all taxes and charges what so-ever.

a)    100 mm dia                                                       600               /mtr
b)    150 mm dia                                                       600               /mtr
c)    250 mm dia                                                       100               /mtr
5)    Supply & delivery of different dia CIDF Specials as
      per IS :1538/1993 at MJ special as per 13382/92
      Divisional Store / Stackyard & as per direction of
      EIC. (The rate inclusive of all taxes &
      charges,transportation ,loading -Unloading etc all
      complete including labours etc in all respect).
                                                                      1500               /Kg
6)      Supplying of CIDF Suice valve conforming to
      IS14846,PN-1 ( The rate is inclusive of all taxes
      &charges              whatsoever           .Make-
a)    100 mm dia                                                  11   Each
b)    150 mm dia                                                   8   Each
c)    250 mm dia                                                   4   Each
d)    80 mm dia                                                    6   Each
7)    Supply ,fitting & fixing in position G.I. Pipe of TATA
      make      for    underground       works     with   all
      nion,cross,elbow,nipple,short pice etc. including cost
      of all materials,jointing materials, cutting pipes,
      making threads,cutting trenches upto 1.5 meter
      below surface in all sorts of soil and refilling the
      same as directed with two coats of painting on G.I.
      pipes and specials with bituminous paint complete in
      all respect.          ( Payment will be made on the
      centre line measurement of the total pipe line
      including all specials. No separate payment will be
      made for accessories,specials)

a)    25 mm dia medium quality                                   120   mtr
b)    40 mm dia medium quality                                   230   mtr
 c)   50 mm diamedium quality                                    450   mtr
8)    Supply of tyton rubber gasket (SBR) ISI
a)    150mm dia.                                                 250   mtr
b)    100mm dia.                                                 300   mtr
 c)   250 mm dia                                                 100   mtr
10)   Supply fitting & fitting of different dia CIDF/MJ
      specials & short pice as per IS 13382 at working site
      all complete.
a)    CI bolted collar 250 mm DIA                                  4   Each
11)   Supply of CI Meetenieal coupling as per IS standard.

a)    100mm dia.                                                   6   Each
b)    150 mm dia                                                  10   Each
12)   Withdrawing of CI Pipes/AC Pipes after excavation
      of earth & with the help of chainpulley dorrick etc
      using crane for 700 mm dia to 900 mm dia by
      dismantiling or jointing of rubber gasket joint for lead
      joint or flange joint and stacking the withdrawn pipes
      & specials at site sote/ road flank go down etc all
      complete as per direction EIC.

a)    80/100 mm/CI Pipe                                          700   mtr
b)    150/200 mm dia/AC/CI Pipe                                  500   mtr
 c)   225/250/300 mm dia/CI Pipe                                 300   mtr
13)   Realying of CI/AC Pipe line in the excavation
      trenches the existing alignment of withdrawn pipe
      line refitting with new and old existing line tube to
      lignment with other specials (Using crane for
      700x900 mm dia ) refilling the excavated earth
      including dressing in proper level etc all complete as
      per direction of EIC.
a)    80/100 mm/CI / ACPipe                                      700   mtr
b)    150/200 mm dia/AC/CI Pipe                                  500   mtr
c)    225/250/300 mm dia/CI Pipe                                 300   mtr

                                                                       Total Rs

                        Total quoted amount
                    (In figures and in words):

                     Signature of the tenderer

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