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PAC-1    Santosh Shukla
PAC-2    Bhushan B.Thoke
PAC-3    Mitali Mishra
PAC-4    Dr.arun rameshwar mhasku
PAC-5    Dr.nuzhat mansuri
PAC-6    Dr. Shaikh Mubasshir Ahmed
PAC-7    sudhir raikar
PAC-8    Shaffes koya
PAC-9    Rahul gupta
PAC-10   Bhandri shailesh
PAC-11   shruti ram
PAC-12   Dr.karuna bector
PAC-13   Dr.soja sara george
PAC-14   sweta singh
PAC-15   vincy m john
PAC-16   geeta verma
PAC-17   shilpa chittuluru
PAC-18   praveen kumar
PAC-19   m brindha
PAC-20   surubhi kumar
PAC-21   sulabh grover
PAC-22   prashant j yaragamblimath
PAC-23   shamil mohamed
PAC-24   mithun j shah
PAC-25   Dr Rekha
PAC-26   Dr Jojo Ajobkutty
PAC-27   G Indumadhi
PAC-28   Dr Uday N M
PAC-29   Kalaimani Paramasivan
PAC-30   Kopal Singhal
PAC-31   Dr Butool Zohra
PAC-32   Dr Shibli S Syed
PAC-33   Dr Nishitha C Gowda
PAC-34   Dr Vinayak Kabadi
PAC-35   Dr Mankirat Grewal
PAC-36   Khadeer Riyaz
PAC-37   Dr N Srividhya
PAC-38   Dr P Rajesh
PAC-40   Dr Sibinair S
PAC-41   George Jeryn Jacob
PAC-42   Dr Prabhat Vaishnav
PAC-43   Dr Anuj Parashar
PAC-44   Vikrant Bhandari
PAC-45   Gaurav Thakur
PAC-46   Asirvatha Christina
PAC-47   Dr P Veeramani
PAC-48   Dr Mable Thomas

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PAC-49   Dr Priyadharshini J
PAC-50   Dr Abhishek Parashar
PAC-51   Dr S Basawalingam
PAC-52   Balram Jadav
PAC-53   C Jegan Kumar
PAC-54   Dr Shweta Aswal
PAC-55   Dr Azeem Patel
PAC-56   Dr Anjum Sharief H
PAC-57   Dr Ganesh Mahankudo
PAC-58   Dr Soma Halder
PAC-59   Dr Vinit Kumar Singh
PAC-60   Dr Faizan Ahmed Khan
PAC-61   Dr Robin Mathew
PAC-62   Hanumanth S
PAC-63   Dr Ezaz Ahmad
PAC-64   Dr Surubhi Kumar
PAC-65   Syed Omar Aziz Rizvi
PAC-66   Dr Shveta Duggal

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Fixed Functional Appliance - Revisited - MPA 1V. A case report
A High Angle Class 2 challenge
Miniscrew-The small Wonder-Case report
DRIFTODONTICS-when foresight is caught between hindsight
do roads really matter to reach the destination ?fix it with the fittest
Keys to open locked canines.Case report
rapid canine distalization through segmental alveolar distraction osteogenisis
Nam-A helping hand to left care-case reports
how accurate is computer aided surgical simulation- case reports
Anamotic parsing and recognised reconstrcution-An othodonitist responsibility
Premaxillary respositioning an orthodontic management in bhateral cleft lip and palate paitent- A case report
paitents,predictions regarding mini implant as anchorage in orthodonoist
case reports on mini implant: in orthodonitics- A paradigm shift
orthodonathic surgical treatment planning case reports
mechanics behind stage3 begg technique
how effective is 6yr molar distalization after eruption of 12yr molar
treatment of class2 div 2 malocclusion case report
orthodontic management of cleft palate patient a case report
bapa-a clinical comparison of bone anchored pendulum with other pendulum appliance combination
common pitfalls finish with the 'end'in mind
3d evaluation of nasopharyngeal airway
driftodontics-slow and steady wins the race
effect of saliva and blood contamination on bond strength of brackets bonded with self etching primers
 canine ectopia the mystery unraveled-a record of 8 cases and review of treatment
ergononics in orthodontics ergonomics in the science of efficent of human energy
comparative evaluation of forces generated by 3 different retraction spring a invitrostudy
non surgical management of skeletal class III maloculusion in growing patients
cbct the new beacon in the localization of impacted canines
the current status of 3d cepnalometry
a cephalometric evaluation of sheletal and dental changes with forous and twin force a comparitive study
effective instrusion mechanics
role of the orthodontist in traumatic dentoaleolar injuries
assement of gingival biotypes in various tooth positions in the antertor teeth region
cbct a reliableand accurate tool in orthodontic diagnosis a case presentation
orthodontic retainer use & care
which is better ? Ist pleolar ole 2nd ple molar exteaction in orthodontics
down s syndrome a clinical and dental study for comparson of growth pattern and evaluation of cranzofacial and dental anomales
modified mini twin block twin block with preadiusted edgewise appliance
botulinum toxin type a a smile designer
evaluation pf bone dentisty thickness for implant placement in the maxillary rogion using bocbct digital opg & dexa
missing incisors a treatment enigma
negative to psitive overjet a key to early treatment of skeletal class III Malocclusion
evaluation of distances between the mandhibular teeth and alveolar process in himachali population with normal occlusion
intercompany comparison of perfabricated arch form in different malocclusion groups in himachali population
chromosomal arches a versatile anchorage device
face like a fiddle an orthodontic
Air rottor stripping a paradigm shift towards non extraction a case report

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atypical extractions in orthodontics a case reports
atypical extraction pattern case reports
Live and let live canine impaction case reports
poserior bite plane clinical implication in day to day orthodontic practice
obstructive sleep apnea and management
mamdirbular protraction appliance mpaiv a series of III case report
diagnostic valur of cone beam computed tomography cbct in a case with multiple impacteh teeth
comparison of oral rinse during fixed appliance therapy
Orthdontic treatment the dark side adverse effects
vertical control in orthodontics a clinical chanllange
development of a prediction equation for mixed dentition in himachal population
social to social acceptance treatment of an adult with unoperated cleft lip and palate
treatment of bilateral cleft lip and palate patient with distraction osteogenesis a case report
molar vprighting using 3d lingual arch a case report
upgrading sterlization in the orthodontic practice
common pitfalls finish with the 'end'in mind
the enigma of facial beauty
maximizing anterior esthest ics an orthodontic approach

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of cranzofacial and dental anomales and the role of wim 2 gene

pulation with normal occlusion

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