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					                                 Event Planning Checklist
Events must be confirmed at least 7 days in advance. However, we strongly encourage you to start planning well in
advance! The earlier you plan, the less stress you will experience and the more successful your event will be!

               Major Event Venues: 21 days - 1 year in advance of event
               Events with Service: 15 days - 1 year in advance of event
               Simple Meetings: 2 days - 2 months in advance of event

  Event Title:                                                    Event Reference:
  Preferred Date:                                                 Preferred Location:
   Alternate Date:                                                 Alternate Location:
  Pre-Event Time:
                                                                      Anticipated Attendance #:
  Start Time(s):
                                                                      BSC Community (Anticipated #:          )
  End Time(s):
                                                                      Off-campus guests invited?
  DESCRIPTION OF EVENT - What is the purpose of this event (i.e. panel discussion, banquet, information session )?

  Do I need a Room set-up?      YES (if yes, fill out below)     No Setup Required (taking the room Standard)
     Banquet for                                    Seminar for
     Cleared Floor                                  Lecture for
     Hollow Square for                              With aisle? Yes       No
     U-Shape for                                    Standard Metal Detector Setup
     Conference Style for                           Other (please attach diagram)

  Do I need any additional Equipment?         YES (if yes, fill out below)    No Equipment Needs
     Admission table(s)                             Podium
     Bulletin Board                                 Whiteboard/Dry Erase Board
     Food table(s)
     Pipe and Drape                                 Other

  Do I have any Audio-Visual/IT Needs?         YES (if yes, fill out below)    No Audio-Visual/IT Needs
            Microphone                                                   Showing movie/visual
               At podium (qty:        )                                       VHS Tape
               Lapel (wireless; qty:     )                                    Via Internet (ex: You Tube)
               Wireless                                                       Please describe
                Wired                                                         DVD
                Do you need a floor stand?                                   If so, is this a burned copy? Yes     No
            Computer Presentation                                        Equipment to play music:
               PPT?                                                           Using CDs
               Other presentation type?                                       Using iPod/mp3 player
                   Please describe:                                           Using Laptop
             Need Sound? N/A                                             Slide Projector (carousel/physical photo slides)
             Using own laptop for presentation N/A                       Overhead Projector (for transparencies)
                PC                                                       Document Camera
                Mac (must bring own adapter)                             Conference Call
                Bringing presentation via USB (suggested)                Flip Chart & Markers
                Internet Access Needed                                   Other
Do I have any Catering Needs?          YES (if yes, fill out below)    No Catering Needs
    Sponsor to Order (please CC your Coordinator with all orders and changes) (https://bsc.catertrax.com/)
    CESO to Order (CESO Coordinator will submit the food order)
     Delivery Time(s):

Other Catering Needs:
       Do I Need permission for external Catering                                  $ Table Cloths (color:       )
       $ Sternos (#       )                                                        $ Cloth Napkins (color:          )
       $ Utensils/Plastic Plates/Napkins                                           $ Table Skirts

Catering notes:

Am I Working With an Outside Vendor*?            YES (if yes, fill out below)      NO

    Performer / Speaker Name:         Arrival Time:               Own Equipment?        Yes    No
         Description of Act:
         Setup Requirements/Needs? Please describe:
    Other Vendor:

*Please note that CESO Requires a copy of all Contracts and Riders before Booking

Special Requests/Equipment:
                                                                         Athletic Equipment. Please describe needs
     Coat Rack(s)
    Stanchions (only available in certain locations)                     $ Piano (tuning may be necessary)
    Should read:                                                         Plastic Table Signs (qty:    ; size:           )
    $ Parking Signs (qty:         )                                      Extra Trash Cans (qty:     )
    Parking Permits (#:         ; Lot:      )                            Other

    Is there anything else CESO should know about my event?

    Are there any event concerns/items I am unsure of?

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