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					Availability          pub_date_us                isbn
Coming Soon                         10/26/2010   978-1-4398-2090-2
Currently Available                   2/3/2004   978-0-8247-5059-6
Currently Available                 11/21/2005   978-0-8247-5361-0
Currently Available                 10/28/2008   978-1-4200-5935-9
Currently Available                 10/28/2008   978-1-4200-5937-3
Coming Soon                         11/10/2008   978-1-4200-5934-2
Currently Available                 11/10/2008   978-1-4200-5939-7
Currently Available                 12/20/2000   978-0-8493-8348-9
Currently Available                  5/24/2004   978-0-8493-2314-0
Currently Available                 11/29/2004   978-0-8493-2786-5
Currently Available                  7/26/2006   978-0-8493-9012-8
Currently Available                 12/13/2006   978-0-8493-8438-7
Currently Available                 12/15/2006   978-0-8493-8441-7
Coming Soon                         12/26/2006   978-0-8493-5008-5
Currently Available                  9/20/2007   978-1-4200-6226-7
Currently Available                 12/14/2007   978-1-4200-6618-0
Currently Available                   2/3/2009   978-1-4200-7965-4
Currently Available                   6/3/2009   978-1-4398-0465-0
Coming Soon                          6/26/2009   978-1-4200-8431-3
Coming Soon                         12/16/2009   978-1-4398-0003-4
Currently Available                  2/12/2010   978-1-4200-8332-3
Coming Soon                          3/17/2010   978-1-4398-0461-2
Coming Soon                          4/26/2010   978-1-4200-8604-1
Coming Soon                          4/29/2010   978-1-4398-3685-9
Coming Soon                          9/13/2010   978-1-4398-3680-4
Currently Available                  3/12/1997   978-1-56670-190-7
Currently Available                  4/30/1997   978-1-56670-167-9
Currently Available                  11/1/1997   978-1-57504-068-4
Currently Available                  11/6/1997   978-0-8247-9439-2
Currently Available                  5/22/1998   978-1-56670-296-6
Currently Available                  9/29/1998   978-0-8493-2301-0
Currently Available                 12/29/1998   978-0-8493-1185-7
Currently Available                 12/29/1998   978-0-8493-2025-5
Currently Available                  6/23/1999   978-0-8493-1885-6
Currently Available                 12/28/1999   978-1-56670-469-4
Currently Available                 11/28/2000   978-0-8493-2318-8
Currently Available                 12/21/2000   978-90-5823-089-8
Currently Available                  3/13/2001   978-0-8493-2219-8
Currently Available                  9/14/2001   978-0-8493-1355-4
Currently Available                 10/25/2001   978-0-415-27213-1
Currently Available                  4/29/2002   978-1-56670-563-9
Currently Available                   5/9/2002   978-0-8247-0632-6
Currently Available                  7/17/2002   978-0-8247-0800-9
Currently Available                  1/28/2004   978-0-8247-4783-1
Coming Soon             1/4/2006   978-1-57808-244-5
Coming Soon             1/5/2007   978-1-57808-514-9
Currently Available    2/13/2007   978-0-8493-7526-2
Coming Soon             1/5/2009   978-1-57808-572-9
Coming Soon            1/11/2009   978-1-57808-571-2
Coming Soon            1/11/2009   978-1-57808-575-0
Coming Soon            3/25/2010   978-0-415-57219-4
Coming Soon             4/8/2010   978-1-57808-608-5
Coming Soon            6/11/2010   978-1-57808-680-1
Coming Soon            6/15/2010   978-1-57808-609-2
Coming Soon            6/25/2010   978-1-57808-691-7
Coming Soon            7/14/2010   978-0-8493-5027-6
Currently Available     1/1/1996   978-1-57504-004-2
Currently Available    8/11/1997   978-1-56670-231-7
Currently Available    3/23/2000   978-0-87371-829-5
Currently Available    6/21/2001   978-1-56670-539-4
Currently Available   10/18/2001   978-0-8493-9588-8
Currently Available    4/16/2002   978-1-56670-571-4
Currently Available    6/26/2002   978-1-58716-069-1
Currently Available    9/11/2006   978-0-8493-7099-1
Currently Available   10/20/2008   978-1-4200-7532-8
Coming Soon           11/24/2009   978-1-4398-1144-3
Coming Soon            5/17/2010   978-0-415-58270-4
Coming Soon            6/15/2010   978-1-57808-582-8
Coming Soon            6/23/2010   978-1-4398-0962-4
Coming Soon             9/2/2010   978-0-8493-9717-2
Coming Soon            9/15/2010   978-1-4398-3101-4
Coming Soon            9/15/2010   978-1-4398-3099-4
Currently Available     1/1/1998   978-0-7503-0504-4
Currently Available    9/28/1999   978-0-8493-8170-6
Currently Available    11/9/1999   978-0-8247-0341-7
Currently Available     5/8/2001   978-0-8247-0559-6
Currently Available    10/1/2002   978-0-8247-0855-9
Currently Available    5/20/2003   978-0-8247-4051-1
Currently Available    5/28/2003   978-1-58488-400-2
Currently Available   11/19/2003   978-0-8247-5033-6
Currently Available    1/28/2004   978-0-8247-4807-4
Currently Available     3/1/2005   978-0-8247-2327-9
Currently Available    4/26/2005   978-0-8247-5896-7
Currently Available    8/15/2005   978-0-8247-2335-4
Currently Available     9/1/2005   978-0-8247-2349-1
Currently Available    1/13/2006   978-0-8247-2669-0
Currently Available    1/13/2006   978-1-58488-576-4
Currently Available    1/20/2006   978-1-58488-581-8
Currently Available    1/27/2006   978-1-58488-552-8
Currently Available    6/19/2006   978-1-58488-660-0
Currently Available    11/2/2006   978-1-58488-510-8
Currently Available   11/15/2006   978-1-58488-537-5
Currently Available     3/5/2007   978-1-58488-851-2
Currently Available    3/28/2007   978-1-58488-726-3
Currently Available    1/21/2009   978-1-4200-9046-8
Currently Available    8/31/2001   978-1-58488-261-9
Currently Available    9/22/2006   978-0-8247-5895-0
Currently Available    3/20/2007   978-1-58488-860-4
Currently Available    8/24/2007   978-1-4200-6422-3
Coming Soon           11/23/1998   978-0-8493-2649-3
Currently Available    4/27/2004   978-1-58488-397-5
Currently Available   10/28/2004   978-1-58488-435-4
Currently Available    9/29/2005   978-1-58488-475-0
Currently Available   11/28/2005   978-1-58488-465-1
Currently Available    9/26/2006   978-1-58488-673-0
Currently Available   10/20/2006   978-1-58488-718-8
Currently Available    5/15/2007   978-1-58488-550-4
Currently Available    7/23/2007   978-1-58488-678-5
Currently Available    8/23/2007   978-1-58488-455-2
Currently Available   12/20/2007   978-1-58488-623-5
Currently Available   12/22/2007   978-1-58488-909-0
Currently Available   11/12/2008   978-0-8493-7242-1
Currently Available     4/9/2009   978-1-58488-629-7
Currently Available   11/18/2009   978-1-4200-7273-0
Coming Soon           11/20/2009   978-1-58488-820-8
Coming Soon           11/20/2009   978-1-58488-822-2
Coming Soon           11/26/2010   978-1-58488-730-0
Currently Available     6/4/2003   978-0-8247-4126-6
Currently Available    9/29/2003   978-0-8493-1366-0
Currently Available    5/31/1996   978-1-57491-015-5
Currently Available    6/10/1998   978-0-8247-0198-7
Currently Available    3/25/1999   978-0-8493-8688-6
Currently Available    7/27/1999   978-0-8247-7334-2
Currently Available    12/7/1999   978-1-56670-516-5
Currently Available     1/5/2000   978-1-56676-809-2
Currently Available    2/18/2000   978-0-8247-1939-5
Currently Available    9/28/2000   978-0-8493-2376-8
Currently Available   12/21/2000   978-0-8493-0003-5
Currently Available    3/26/2002   978-0-8493-2531-1
Currently Available   10/29/2002   978-1-56670-519-6
Currently Available     2/5/2003   978-0-8247-0726-2
Currently Available    2/26/2003   978-0-8493-0930-4
Currently Available    9/16/2003   978-0-8247-4306-2
Currently Available   12/29/2003   978-0-8493-1573-2
Currently Available   11/30/2004   978-0-8247-5348-1
Currently Available     6/6/2005   978-0-8247-2785-7
Currently Available    11/1/2005   978-1-57444-572-5
Currently Available   12/16/2005   978-0-8247-2737-6
Currently Available    1/13/2006   978-0-8493-1978-5
Currently Available    3/14/2006   978-0-8493-3736-9
Currently Available    4/16/2006   978-1-57444-783-5
Currently Available   12/13/2006   978-1-57444-641-8
Currently Available   12/19/2006   978-0-8493-3942-4
Currently Available   12/21/2006   978-0-8247-5814-1
Currently Available    10/4/2007   978-0-8493-8218-5
Currently Available     2/7/2008   978-0-8493-7552-1
Currently Available    10/9/2008   978-1-4200-4646-5
Currently Available   12/22/2008   978-1-4200-7883-1
Currently Available   12/24/2008   978-1-4200-5106-3
Currently Available    2/17/2009   978-1-4200-5947-2
Currently Available    2/23/2009   978-1-4200-8270-8
Coming Soon            8/26/2009   978-1-4200-8268-5
Coming Soon            7/21/2010   978-1-4200-8042-1
Coming Soon             8/3/2010   978-0-8493-1860-3
Coming Soon           11/15/2010   978-1-4398-2945-5
Coming Soon           11/26/2010   978-1-4398-1324-9
Currently Available   10/30/2001   978-0-8493-1041-6
Currently Available    4/27/2004   978-0-415-31759-7
Currently Available    3/30/2005   978-0-415-32074-0
Currently Available   12/21/2000   978-0-8493-0696-9
Currently Available   12/26/2000   978-0-8493-0120-9
Currently Available   11/21/2001   978-0-8493-1117-8
Coming Soon             1/9/2009   978-1-57808-614-6
Currently Available    4/19/2006   978-0-8493-2720-9
Currently Available    2/23/1995   978-1-85728-259-7
Currently Available    2/23/1995   978-1-85728-260-3
Currently Available     1/1/1998   978-0-7503-0495-5
Currently Available     1/1/1999   978-0-7503-0617-1
Currently Available   12/21/2000   978-0-8493-2890-9
Currently Available    4/26/2001   978-0-8493-0215-2
Currently Available    5/18/2001   978-0-8493-2891-6
Currently Available     6/8/2001   978-0-7503-0702-4
Currently Available    4/18/2002   978-0-8493-0130-8
Currently Available     9/5/2002   978-0-415-28804-0
Currently Available     9/5/2002   978-0-415-28805-7
Currently Available     2/6/2003   978-0-415-30872-4
Currently Available    2/24/2004   978-0-415-28416-5
Currently Available    4/14/2004   978-0-415-30999-8
Currently Available    8/30/2004   978-0-8493-2438-3
Currently Available    8/30/2004   978-0-8493-2439-0
Currently Available   10/28/2004   978-0-7484-0772-9
Currently Available   11/15/2004   978-0-8493-3367-5
Currently Available   11/29/2004   978-0-415-31073-4
Currently Available    3/16/2005   978-0-8493-3355-2
Currently Available   11/14/2005   978-0-8493-3684-3
Currently Available    1/20/2006   978-0-7503-1038-3
Currently Available     4/9/2008   978-1-58488-988-5
Currently Available   12/17/2008   978-0-8247-5830-1
Currently Available     4/1/2009   978-1-4200-7185-6
Currently Available    3/31/1998   978-0-8493-2876-3
Currently Available    1/27/2000   978-1-58488-148-3
Currently Available    3/15/2000   978-1-58488-159-9
Currently Available    9/28/2000   978-0-8493-0748-5
Currently Available    2/26/2001   978-1-58488-196-4
Currently Available     3/6/2001   978-0-8247-0567-1
Currently Available    5/30/2001   978-1-58488-162-9
Currently Available    5/30/2001   978-1-58488-252-7
Currently Available    5/31/2001   978-1-58488-110-0
Currently Available    8/21/2001   978-1-58488-143-8
Currently Available   10/25/2001   978-0-415-27236-0
Currently Available    2/14/2002   978-1-58488-282-4
Coming Soon            4/26/2002   978-1-58488-164-3
Currently Available    4/29/2002   978-1-58488-163-6
Currently Available    9/17/2002   978-0-8493-0355-5
Currently Available     3/4/2005   978-1-57444-594-7
Currently Available    7/19/2005   978-0-8493-3743-7
Currently Available    1/13/2006   978-1-58488-467-5
Currently Available   10/11/2006   978-1-58488-575-7
Coming Soon            1/19/2010   978-1-4200-6652-4
Currently Available    7/21/2002   978-0-7503-0847-2
Currently Available   11/28/2002   978-0-7484-0891-7
Currently Available   11/28/2002   978-0-7484-0892-4
Currently Available    4/28/2009   978-1-58488-903-8
Currently Available   10/10/1996   978-0-8493-8155-3
Currently Available    1/27/2004   978-0-415-24891-4
Currently Available    2/11/2004   978-0-8493-7885-0
Currently Available    1/26/2006   978-0-8493-2082-8
Currently Available   10/18/2007   978-0-8493-9189-7
Coming Soon            4/13/2010   978-1-4398-2791-8
Currently Available     1/1/1995   978-0-7503-0346-0
Currently Available     1/1/1997   978-0-7503-0460-3
Currently Available     9/1/1997   978-0-7503-0403-0
Currently Available     1/1/1999   978-0-7503-0549-5
Currently Available     9/1/1999   978-0-7503-0627-0
Currently Available     1/1/2000   978-0-7503-0620-1
Currently Available    1/29/2001   978-0-7503-0741-3
Currently Available     9/1/2001   978-0-7503-0822-9
Currently Available   10/25/2001   978-0-7503-0767-3
Currently Available    12/1/2001   978-0-7503-0810-6
Currently Available    12/1/2001   978-0-7503-0806-9
Currently Available     9/1/2002   978-0-7503-0684-3
Currently Available    12/2/2002   978-0-7503-0861-8
Currently Available    12/6/2002   978-0-7503-0765-9
Currently Available     4/8/2003   978-0-7503-0658-4
Currently Available    4/24/2003   978-0-415-28788-3
Currently Available     6/1/2003   978-0-7503-0917-2
Currently Available     8/1/2003   978-0-7503-0946-2
Currently Available   10/30/2004   978-0-7503-0910-3
Currently Available   10/31/2004   978-0-7503-0948-6
Currently Available   12/31/2004   978-0-7503-1015-4
Currently Available    1/27/2006   978-0-7503-0999-8
Coming Soon           10/26/2010   978-1-4200-8344-6
Currently Available     1/1/1997   978-0-7503-0229-6
Currently Available    12/6/2002   978-0-7503-0481-8
Currently Available    12/1/2003   978-0-7503-0496-2
Currently Available   12/31/2004   978-0-7503-1019-2
Currently Available   11/13/2008   978-1-58488-728-7
Currently Available    6/25/2009   978-1-4200-5903-8
Currently Available    6/19/2002   978-0-8493-0104-9
Currently Available    3/11/2004   978-0-8247-5711-3
Currently Available     9/2/2005   978-0-8493-2585-4
Currently Available    9/10/2007   978-1-4200-4459-1
Currently Available    2/19/2008   978-0-7503-1001-7
Currently Available    9/19/2008   978-1-4200-7534-2
Coming Soon            1/29/2010   978-1-4398-1727-8
Coming Soon             2/1/2010   978-1-4398-2475-7
Coming Soon            4/13/2010   978-1-4398-3133-5
Currently Available    6/30/1996   978-0-935315-74-5
Currently Available    9/12/2001   978-0-8493-9453-9
Currently Available    2/14/2002   978-0-415-26903-2
Currently Available    3/11/2002   978-0-8493-0965-6
Currently Available   12/26/2002   978-0-8493-1257-1
Currently Available   10/17/2003   978-0-8247-4083-2
Currently Available   10/28/2003   978-0-8247-4709-1
Currently Available   11/13/2003   978-0-8493-1184-0
Currently Available    3/17/2004   978-0-8493-1487-2
Currently Available    5/27/2004   978-0-415-30673-7
Currently Available    9/15/2004   978-0-8493-2034-7
Currently Available   11/30/2004   978-0-8247-5811-0
Currently Available    3/29/2005   978-0-8247-2540-2
Currently Available    6/23/2005   978-0-415-28462-2
Currently Available    6/23/2005   978-0-8247-5342-9
Currently Available     8/4/2005   978-0-8493-2771-1
Currently Available    8/23/2005   978-0-8247-5335-1
Currently Available   10/14/2005   978-0-8493-9678-6
Currently Available   12/12/2005   978-1-58488-472-9
Currently Available    2/23/2006   978-1-57444-526-8
Currently Available    12/5/2006   978-0-8493-9668-7
Currently Available     6/8/2007   978-1-4200-4347-1
Currently Available   12/18/2007   978-0-8493-3329-3
Currently Available    3/17/2008   978-1-4200-4537-6
Currently Available    5/12/2009   978-1-4200-7341-6
Currently Available     6/1/2009   978-1-4200-7680-6
Currently Available    6/18/2009   978-1-4200-7374-4
Currently Available    12/3/2009   978-1-4398-1299-0
Coming Soon            4/26/2010   978-1-4398-0245-8
Coming Soon            5/24/2010   978-0-8493-9168-2
Coming Soon            10/5/2010   978-1-4398-1979-1
Coming Soon           10/13/2010   978-1-4398-0964-8
Currently Available    9/19/2000   978-0-8493-0100-1
Currently Available    3/26/2003   978-1-58488-327-2
Currently Available     6/4/2003   978-1-58488-315-9
Currently Available    6/24/2005   978-1-57444-480-3
Currently Available     9/2/2005   978-1-58488-439-2
Currently Available    8/20/2007   978-1-58488-810-9
Currently Available    8/27/2007   978-1-57444-466-7
Currently Available    7/15/2009   978-1-4200-6515-2
Currently Available    9/30/2009   978-1-58488-929-8
Coming Soon           11/19/2009   978-1-4200-8334-7
Currently Available    12/1/2009   978-1-4200-7175-7
Coming Soon             5/4/2010   978-1-4398-1185-6
Coming Soon            7/16/2010   978-1-4398-1488-8
Coming Soon            9/20/2010   978-1-4398-4182-2
Currently Available    8/28/2002   978-0-8247-0791-0
Currently Available    8/29/2002   978-0-8493-1491-9
Currently Available    4/29/2003   978-0-8493-1474-2
Currently Available   10/27/2003   978-0-8493-1484-1
Currently Available   11/17/2003   978-0-8493-2208-2
Currently Available   11/17/2003   978-0-8493-2203-7
Currently Available   11/15/2004   978-0-8493-2105-4
Currently Available     4/8/2005   978-0-8493-1741-5
Currently Available    6/14/2005   978-0-8493-3446-7
Currently Available   10/14/2005   978-0-8493-2577-9
Currently Available   11/20/2006   978-0-8493-1530-5
Currently Available    2/21/2007   978-1-58488-713-3
Currently Available    9/10/2007   978-1-4200-4451-5
Currently Available   11/19/2007   978-1-4200-4454-6
Currently Available     4/2/2008   978-1-4200-7207-5
Currently Available     4/2/2008   978-1-4200-7209-9
Currently Available    7/22/2008   978-1-4200-7962-3
Coming Soon           10/16/2008   978-1-4200-7971-5
Coming Soon             1/7/2009   978-1-4200-9373-5
Currently Available    2/10/2009   978-1-4200-9989-8
Coming Soon             3/3/2009   978-1-4200-7966-1
Currently Available     3/3/2009   978-1-4200-7985-2
Coming Soon             6/5/2009   978-1-4200-9489-3
Coming Soon             5/6/2010   978-1-4398-3107-6
Coming Soon            8/15/2010   978-1-4398-2770-3
Coming Soon           10/15/2010   978-1-4398-1183-2
Coming Soon           10/15/2010   978-1-4398-3064-2
Coming Soon             1/1/1998   978-0-7503-0368-2
Coming Soon             1/1/1998   978-0-7503-0367-5
Currently Available   12/28/1999   978-08-4938-594-0
Currently Available     5/1/2000   978-1-56676-885-6
Currently Available   11/27/2000   978-0-8493-0814-7
Currently Available   12/21/2000   978-0-8493-7675-7
Currently Available   12/26/2000   978-0-8493-0140-7
Currently Available   12/26/2000   978-0-8493-9046-3
Currently Available   12/26/2000   978-0-8493-9047-0
Currently Available   12/26/2000   978-0-8493-9048-7
Currently Available   12/26/2000   978-0-8493-9049-4
Currently Available    6/22/2001   978-0-8493-9692-2
Coming Soon            9/26/2001   978-0-8493-0961-8
Currently Available   10/29/2001   978-0-7503-0768-0
Currently Available    12/4/2001   978-0-8247-0617-3
Currently Available   12/20/2001   978-0-8493-1146-8
Currently Available     1/3/2002   978-0-8247-0606-7
Currently Available    3/21/2002   978-0-8247-0775-0
Currently Available    5/17/2002   978-0-8493-1276-2
Currently Available    8/29/2002   978-0-8493-1492-6
Currently Available    9/20/2002   978-0-8247-0830-6
Currently Available   10/29/2002   978-0-8493-1183-3
Currently Available   12/16/2002   978-0-8493-1100-0
Currently Available    3/26/2003   978-0-8493-1116-1
Currently Available    3/26/2003   978-0-8493-1810-8
Currently Available    3/26/2003   978-0-8493-1811-5
Currently Available    3/26/2003   978-0-8493-1812-2
Currently Available    3/26/2003   978-0-8493-1813-9
Currently Available    4/16/2003   978-0-8247-0955-6
Currently Available    4/24/2003   978-0-415-30666-9
Currently Available    4/29/2003   978-0-8493-1740-8
Currently Available    8/14/2003   978-0-8493-1140-6
Currently Available   10/21/2003   978-0-8247-4310-9
Currently Available    11/4/2003   978-0-8247-4786-2
Currently Available   12/15/2003   978-0-8493-2083-5
Currently Available   12/29/2003   978-0-8493-2143-6
Currently Available   10/14/2004   978-0-8493-1621-0
Currently Available   11/29/2004   978-0-8493-1936-5
Currently Available    2/11/2005   978-0-8493-2843-5
Currently Available    4/14/2005   978-0-8247-2579-2
Currently Available    8/19/2005   978-1-57444-521-3
Currently Available    9/19/2005   978-0-8247-4096-2
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Visual Controls: Applying Visual Management to the Factory
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Applications
Adhesion Measurement Methods: Theory and Practice
Applications of Pressure-Sensitive Products
Fundamentals of Pressure Sensitivity
Handbook of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products: - Three Volume Set
Technology of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products
Digital Avionics Handbook, Second Edition - 2 Volume Set
Investigation of Aeronautical and Engineering Component Failures
Spacecraft Power Systems
Aircraft system safety: Military and civil aeronautical applications
Avionics: Elements, Software and Functions
Avionics: Development and Implementation
Digital Avionics Handbook, Second Edition - 2 Volume Set
Modern Missile Guidance
Ballistics: Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition
Corrosion Control in the Aerospace Industry
Real Gas Flows with High Velocities
Handbook of Space Engineering, Archaeology, and Heritage
Multi-Sensor Data Fusion with MATLAB
Lunar Settlements
Wavelet Methods for Dynamical Problems: With Application to Metallic, Composite, and Nano-Composite Structures
Gas Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions, Third Edition
Dynamics of Tethered Space Systems
Hybrid Anisotropic Materials for Structural Aviation Parts
Pesticide Profiles: Toxicity, Environmental Impact, and Fate
Agrochemicals Desk Reference
Animal Waste Utilization: Effective Use of Manure as a Soil Resource
Agricultural Biotechnology
The Agrochemical and Pesticides Safety Handbook
Soybean Production in the Midsouth
Conservation Farming in the United States: Methods and Accomplishments of the STEEP Program
Tomato Plant Culture In the Field, Greenhouse, and Home Garden
Biologically Active Natural Products: Agrochemicals
Pesticides in Stream Sediment and Aquatic Biota: Distribution, Trends, and Governing Factors
Tropical Forage Plants: Development and Use
Phytochemical Biopesticides
Herbicide Resistance and World Grains
The Mechanics and Physics of Modern Grain Aeration Management
Microbial Biopesticides
Agricultural System Models in Field Research and Technology Transfer
Encyclopedia of Pest Management (Print)
Using the Agricultural, Environmental, and Food Literature
Agricultural Systems Management: Optimizing Efficiency and Performance
Better Land Husbandry: From Soil Conservation to Holistic Land Management
Agricultural Research at the Crossroads: Revisited Resource-poor Farmers and the Millennium Development Goals
GIS Applications in Agriculture
Seed Conditioning, Volume 1: Management: A practical advanced-level guide
Manual of Methods for Soil and Land Evaluation
Economic Analysis of Diversity in Modern Wheat
Water and Agricultural Sustainability Strategies
Seed Conditioning, Volume 2: Technology--Parts A & B
Rice: Origin, Antiquity and History
Seed Conditioning, Volume 3: Crop Seed Conditioning
Mycorrhizal Biotechnology
Encyclopedia of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food (Print Version)
Pesticides in the Atmosphere: Distribution, Trends, and Governing Factors
Air Quality, Third Edition
Aerosol Chemical Processes in the Environment
Indoor Air Quality: Sampling Methodologies
Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook
Hazardous Air Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, and Fate in Ambient Air
Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide
Principles of Air Quality Management, Second Edition
The Science of Air: Concepts and Applications, Second Edition
Air Pollution and Turbulence: Modeling and Applications
Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control: Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control
Environmental Biotechnology
Air Pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts
Radioactive Air Sampling Methods
Developments and Innovation in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage Technology, Volume 2: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sto
Developments and Innovation in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage Technology, Volume 1: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Ca
Groups, Representations and Physics
Applications of Abstract Algebra with MAPLE
Algebra And Number Theory
Ring Theory And Algebraic Geometry
Commutative Ring Theory and Applications
Polynomial Identities And Combinatorial Methods
An Elementary Approach to Homological Algebra
Radical Theory of Rings
Rings, Modules, Algebras, and Abelian Groups
Arithmetical Properties of Commutative Rings and Monoids
Actions and Invariants of Algebraic Groups
Commutative Algebra: Geometric, Homological, Combinatorial and Computational Aspects
Noncommutative Algebra and Geometry
Non-Associative Algebra and Its Applications
Non-Unique Factorizations: Algebraic, Combinatorial and Analytic Theory
Groups, Rings and Group Rings
Abelian Groups, Rings, Modules, and Homological Algebra
Classes of Modules
Handbook of Linear Algebra
An Introduction to Quasigroups and Their Representations
Simple Extensions with the Minimum Degree Relations of Integral Domains
Direct Sum Decompositions of Torsion-Free Finite Rank Groups
Factoring Groups into Subsets
The Structure of Complex Lie Groups
Certain Number-Theoretic Episodes In Algebra
Syzygies and Hilbert Functions
Noncommutative Geometry and Cayley-smooth Orders
Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook
Handbook of Scheduling: Algorithms, Models, and Performance Analysis
Handbook of Data Structures and Applications
Handbook of Bioinspired Algorithms and Applications
Handbook of Algorithms for Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
A Programmer's Companion to Algorithm Analysis
A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization
Handbook of Approximation Algorithms and Metaheuristics
Handbook of Real-Time and Embedded Systems
A Practical Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms using Java
Handbook of Parallel Computing: Models, Algorithms and Applications
Petascale Computing: Algorithms and Applications
Handbook of Algorithms for Physical Design Automation
Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming: Modern Concepts and Practical Applications
Introduction to Scheduling
Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook, Second Edition, Volume 2: Special Topics and Techniques
Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook, Second Edition, Volume 1: General Concepts and Techniques
Delaunay Meshing of Surfaces and Volumes: Algorithms and Mathematical Analysis
Respiratory Infections in Allergy and Asthma
Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies
Managing the Analytical Laboratory: Plain and Simple
Chemometric Techniques for Quantitative Analysis
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: A Practical Introduction
Nonaqueous Electrochemistry
A Primer on Quality in the Analytical Laboratory
Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry
Analytical Techniques in Combinatorial Chemistry
Quality and Reliability in Analytical Chemistry
HPLC: Practical and Industrial Applications, Second Edition
Handbook of Mass Measurement
Analytical Chemistry for Technicians, Third Edition
Isolation and Purification of Proteins
Scanning Probe Microscopes: Applications in Science and Technology
Electrokinetic Phenomena: Principles and Applications in Analytical Chemistry and Microchip Technology
CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Second Edition
Analytical Instrumentation Handbook, Third Edition
Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Second Edition
Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip for Chemical and Biological Analysis and Discovery
Fluorescence Sensors and Biosensors
Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis: Methods for Identification and Limit Tests
Instrumental Methods in Metal Ion Speciation
Practical Guide To Chemometrics, Second Edition
Applied Pyrolysis Handbook
Immunoassay and Other Bioanalytical Techniques
Thermal Analysis of Pharmaceuticals
Handbook of Acid-Base Indicators
Analysis of Pesticides in Food and Environmental Samples
Ionic Liquids in Chemical Analysis
The Chemical Components of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke
Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Nonlinear Ion Transport and Fundamentals of FAIMS
Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Analytical Chemical Laboratory: A Practical Approach
Analytical Measurements in Aquatic Environments
CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Third Edition
Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry, Second Edition
Process Analytical Technology Applied in Biopharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing
Ion Mobility Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry: Theory and Applications
Carbon Monoxide and Cardiovascular Functions
Space and Life: An Introduction to Space Biology and Medicine
The Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier
Swine Nutrition, Second Edition
Poultry Meat Processing
Factors Affecting Calf Crop: Biotechnology of Reproduction
Airway Chemoreceptors in Vertebrates
The Nature of Difference: Science, Society and Human Biology (PBK)
Physics For Geologists
Physics For Geologists
Basic Vacuum Technology, 2nd edition
Radar Imaging of Airborne Targets: A Primer for Applied Mathematicians and Physicists
Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics
Handbook of Particle Physics
Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy
Thin Film Magnetoresistive Sensors
Fundamentals and Applications of Ultrasonic Waves
Physics for Geologists, Second Edition
Physics for Geologists, Second Edition
Structure and Reactions of Light Exotic Nuclei
Depolarizing Collisions in Nonlinear Electrodynamics
Radiation Acoustics
Modern Vacuum Physics
The Rise of the Superconductors
Phase Transformations of Elements Under High Pressure
Physics of Photorefraction in Polymers
Fluid Dynamics and Dynamos in Astrophysics and Geophysics
Quantum Communications and Cryptography
Principles of Electrical Measurement
Chromatic Monitoring of Complex Conditions
Ultrasonics: Data, Equations and Their Practical Uses
Thermal Imaging Cameras: Characteristics and Performance
Handbook of Integral Equations
Iterative Dynamic Programming
Analytical and Computational Methods in Scattering and Applied Mathematics
Engineering Applications of Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis: With Emphasis on Rotation and Motion Groups
Spectral Computations for Bounded Operators
Geometric And Combinatorial Aspects Of Commutative Algebra
Canonical Problems in Scattering and Potential Theory Part 1: Canonical Structures in Potential Theory
Point Sources and Multipoles in Inverse Scattering Theory
Green's Functions with Applications
On a Class of Incomplete Gamma Functions with Applications
Modelling, Simulation and Control of Non-linear Dynamical Systems: An Intelligent Approach Using Soft Computing and Fractal
Mathematics of Quantum Computation
Canonical Problems in Scattering and Potential Theory - Two volume set
Canonical Problems in Scattering and Potential Theory Part II: Acoustic and Electromagnetic Diffraction by Canonical Structures
Chebyshev Polynomials
Control and Boundary Analysis
Mathematical Models and Methods for Real World Systems
A Beginner's Guide To Mathematica
Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Second Edition
Transforms and Applications Handbook, Third Edition
Practical Density Measurement and Hydrometry
Basic Superfluids
Basic Superfluids
An Introduction to Gravity Currents and Intrusions
Practical Fire and Arson Investigation, Second Edition
Fire Investigation
Analysis and Interpretation of Fire Scene Evidence
Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation
Forensic Cremation Recovery and Analysis
Fire Toxicity
Optical Astronomical Spectroscopy
The Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Second Edition
Particle Astrophysics
Particle Astrophysics
Classical and Quantum Black Holes
The Data Book of Astronomy
Gravitational Waves
The Restless Universe Applications of Gravitational N-Body Dynamics to Planetary Stellar and Galactic Systems
Gravitation and Gauge Symmetries
Modern Cosmology
Quarks, Leptons and The Big Bang, Second Edition
Dark Sky, Dark Matter
The Physics of Interstellar Dust
Origins: The Quest for Our Cosmic Roots
Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Advances in Nonlinear Dynamos
Astronomy: Principles and Practice, Fourth Edition (PBK)
Astrophysical Techniques, Fifth Edition
Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in Geospace: The Theory of ULF Waves and their Interaction with Energetic Particles in the Sola
Gravitation: From the Hubble Length to the Planck Length
Orbital Motion, Fourth Edition
Joint Evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies
Extra-Solar Planets: The Detection, Formation, Evolution and Dynamics of Planetary Systems
Computation of Atomic Processes: A Handbook for the ATOM Programs
Introduction to the Physics of Highly Charged Ions
Principles of Quantum Scattering Theory
Quantum-Mechanical Signal Processing and Spectral Analysis
Quantum Theory of High-Energy Ion-Atom Collisions
Cold Molecules: Theory, Experiment, Applications
Vehicle Crash Mechanics
Vehicle Stability
The Science and Technology of Materials in Automotive Engines
HCCI and CAI Engines for the Automotive Industry
Automotive Engineering: Lightweight, Functional, and Novel Materials
Hybrid Vehicles: and the Future of Personal Transportation
Driveline Systems of Ground Vehicles: Theory and Design
Advanced Direct Injection Combustion Engine Technologies and Development: Diesel Engines, Volume 2
Vehicle Noise and Vibration Refinement
Lipoxygenase and Lipoxygenase Pathway Enzymes
Modern Protein Chemistry: Practical Aspects
Biochromatography: Theory and Practice
Supramolecular Design for Biological Applications
Handbook of Detection of Enzymes on Electrophoretic Gels
Prions and Mad Cow Disease
Enzyme Functionality: Design: Engineering, and Screening
PCR Technology: Current Innovations, Second Edition
Reflexive Polymers and Hydrogels: Understanding and Designing Fast Responsive Polymeric Systems
Carbonic Anhydrase: Its Inhibitors and Activators
Principles and Reactions of Protein Extraction, Purification, and Characterization
Unraveling Lipid Metabolism With Microarrays
Structural Biology of the Complement System
Human Cytosolic Sulfotransferases
Analytical Techniques In DNA Sequencing
G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Structure, Function, and Ligand Screening
Structural Genomics and High Throughput Structural Biology
The Evolution from Protein Chemistry to Proteomics: Basic Science to Clinical Application
Normal Mode Analysis: Theory and Applications to Biological and Chemical Systems
Structural Genomics on Membrane Proteins
Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases in Health and Disease
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Compendium
Handbook of Capillary and Microchip Electrophoresis and Associated Microtechniques, Third Edition
Lipoic Acid: Energy Production, Antioxidant Activity and Health Effects
Application of Solution Protein Chemistry to Biotechnology
Copper Amine Oxidases: Structures, Catalytic Mechanisms and Role in Pathophysiology
Signaling Mechanisms of Oxygen and Nitrogen Free Radicals
Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the DHA Principle
Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data, Second Edition
Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Fourth Edition
Development and Application of Biomarkers
Protein Folding and Metal Ions: Mechanisms, Biology and Disease
Biomedical Applications of Computer Modeling
Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
Data Analysis Tools for DNA Microarrays
Informatics In Proteomics
Knowledge Discovery in Proteomics
Bioinformatics: A Practical Approach
Functional Informatics in Drug Discovery
Gene Expression Studies Using Affymetrix Microarrays
Python for Bioinformatics
Glycome Informatics: Methods and Applications
Pharmacy Informatics
Cancer Systems Biology
Bioinformatics: High Performance Parallel Computer Architectures
Methods in Medical Informatics: Fundamentals of Healthcare Programming in Perl, Python, and Ruby
Biomimetic Materials And Design: Biointerfacial Strategies, Tissue Engineering And Targeted Drug Delivery
Biomaterials: Principles and Applications
Bio-Implant Interface: Improving Biomaterials and Tissue Reactions
Absorbable and Biodegradable Polymers
Compact Regs Parts 820: CFR 21 Part 820 Quality System Regulation (10 Pack)
Compact Regs Parts 807, 812, and 814: CFR 21 Parts 807, 812, and 814 Medical Device Approval (10 Pack)
Six Sigma for Medical Device Design
Natural Fibers, Biopolymers, and Biocomposites
Surfaces and Interfaces for Biomaterials
Biomaterials, artificial organs and tissue engineering
Polymers for Dental and Orthopedic Applications
Artificial Muscles: Applications of Advanced Polymeric Nanocomposites
Biomedical Polymers
Tissue Engineering Using Ceramics and Polymers
Bioceramics and Their Clinical Applications
Dental biomaterials: Imaging, testing and modelling
Joint Replacement Technology
Degradation Rate of Bioresorbable Materials: Prediction and Evaluation
Cellular Response to Biomaterials
Biomaterials for Treating Skin Loss
Shape Memory Alloys for Biomedical Applications
Biologically Inspired Textiles
Advanced Textiles for Wound Care
Metals for Biomedical Devices
Biomaterials and Devices for the Circulatory Systems
Usability Testing of Medical Devices
Biointegration of Medical Implant Materials: Science and Design
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Second Edition. 2 Volume Set
Sensors in Biomedical Applications: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications
Introduction to Dynamic Modeling of Neuro-Sensory Systems
Measurement of Human Locomotion
Intelligent Systems and Technologies in Rehabilitation Engineering
Biomechanical Systems: Techniques and Applications, Volume I: Computer Techniques and Computational Methods in Biomec
Biomechanical Systems: Techniques and Applications, Volume II: Cardiovascular Techniques
Biomechanical Systems: Techniques and Applications, Volume III: Musculoskeletal Models and Techniques
Biomechanical Systems: Techniques and Applications, Volume IV: Biofluid Methods in Vascular and Pulmonary Systems
Artificial Neural Networks in Cancer Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Patient Management
Noninvasive Instrumentation and Measurement in Medical Diagnosis
Medical Device Safety: The Regulation of Medical Devices for Public Health and Safety
Safety Evaluation in the Development of Medical Devices and Combination Products, Third Edition
Lasers in Medicine
Integrated Microfabricated Biodevices: Advanced Technologies for Genomics, Drug Discovery, Bioanalysis, and Clinical Diagno
Biological and Bioenvironmental Heat and Mass Transfer
Microelectrofluidic Systems: Modeling and Simulation
Biomechanics: Principles and Applications
Design Controls for the Medical Device Industry
Nanoelectromechanics in Engineering and Biology
Handbook of Neuroprosthetic Methods
Biomedical Photonics Handbook
Biomedical Imaging
Biotechnology for Biomedical Engineers
Tissue Engineering
Clinical Engineering
Handbook of Biomedical Fluorescence
Dental Biomechanics
Angiography and Plaque Imaging: Advanced Segmentation Techniques
Biomedical Technology and Devices Handbook
Advances in Spinal Fusion: Molecular Science, BioMechanics, and Clinical Management
Tissue Engineering And Novel Delivery Systems
Monitoring of Respiration and Circulation
Analysis and Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation
Bone Tissue Engineering
Biodegradable Systems in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Designing Usability into Medical Products
Biomedical Nanotechnology
Scaffolding In Tissue Engineering
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Imaging and Blood Flow Measurements
Practical Aspects of Hyaluronan Based Medical Products
The Medical Device R&D Handbook
Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals
Medical Devices and Systems
The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Third Edition - 3 Volume Set
Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs
Biomechanical Engineering of Textiles and Clothing
Medical Instrumentation: Accessibility and Usability Considerations
Pervasive Computing in Healthcare
Medical Modelling: The Application of Advanced Design and Development Techniques in Medicine
Tissue Engineering
Artificial Cells, Cell Engineering and Therapy
Medical Infrared Imaging
Foot and Ankle Motion Analysis: Clinical Treatment and Technology
Biomechanics: Principles and Applications, Second Edition
Disinfection and Decontamination: Principles, Applications and Related Issues
Bioeffects and Therapeutic Applications of Electromagnetic Energy
Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering
Biomaterials Fabrication and Processing Handbook
Combination Products: Regulatory Challenges and Successful Product Development
Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering: The Scaffold
Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics
Bionanotechnology: Global Prospects
Orthopaedic Bone Cements
Principles of Biomechanics
Basic Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics, Second Edition
Automated Image Detection of Retinal Pathology
Porous Media: Applications in Biological Systems and Biotechnology
Medical Image Registration
Biomedical Imaging in Experimental Neuroscience
Biosignal and Medical Image Processing
Biomedical Image Analysis
Medical Image Analysis Methods
Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Restoration: Concepts and Methods
Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology
Molecular and Cellular MR Imaging
Applied Medical Image Processing: A Basic Course
Diffuse Optical Tomography: Principles and Applications
Handbook of Chemical and Biological Sensors
Introduction to Molecular Biophysics
Protein Geometry, Classification, Topology and Symmetry: A Computational Analysis of Structure
Biomolecular Action of Ionizing Radiation
Structure and Function of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology
Introduction to Proteins: Structure, Function, and Motion
Lipid Biotechnology
Biobased Industrial Fluids and Lubricants
Biotransformations and Bioprocesses
Cell Culture Technology for Pharmaceutical and Cell-Based Therapies
Biocatalysis in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
Smart Biosensor Technology
The Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook: Tools and Applications
The Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook: Fundamentals
Macroporous Polymers: Production Properties and Biotechnological/Biomedical Applications
Pharmaceutical Experimental Design
Analysis of Correlated Data with SAS and R, Third Edition
Group Sequential Methods
Meta-Analysis in Medicine and Health Policy
Analysis of Pretest-Posttest Designs
Difference Equations with Public Health Applications
Principles of Medical Statistics
Concise Handbook of Experimental Methods for the Behavioral and Biological Sciences
Statistics in Drug Research: Methodologies and Recent Developments
Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence
Sample Size Calculations in Clinical Research
Design and Analysis of Cross-Over Trials, Second Edition
Measurement Error and Misclassification in Statistics and Epidemiology: Impacts and Bayesian Adjustments
Advances in Clinical Trial Biostatistics
Bioequivalence and Statistics in Clinical Pharmacology
Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology, Second Edition
Introduction to Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials, Second Edition
Adaptive Design Methods in Clinical Trials
Statistical Design and Analysis of Stability Studies
Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Understanding, Reducing, and Controlling Variation in Pharmaceuticals and Biologics
Bayesian Biostatistics and Diagnostic Medicine
Computational Pharmacokinetics
Sample Size Calculations in Clinical Research, Second Edition
Computational Methods in Biomedical Research
Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies: Strategies for Bayesian Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis
Bayesian Disease Mapping: Hierarchical Modeling in Spatial Epidemiology
Design and Analysis of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies, Third Edition
Translational Medicine: Strategies and Statistical Methods
Cluster Randomised Trials
Bayesian Methods for Measures of Agreement
Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials with Time-to-Event Endpoints
Sample Sizes for Clinical Trials
Bayesian Missing Data Problems: EM, Data Augmentation and Noniterative Computation
Multiple Testing Problems in Pharmaceutical Statistics
Design and Analysis of Quality of Life Studies in Clinical Trials, Second Edition
Measurement Error: Models, Methods, and Applications
Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence and Noninferiority, Second Edition
Clinical Trial Methodology
Frailty Models in Survival Analysis
Monte Carlo Simulation for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Concepts, Algorithms, and Case Studies
Biosurveillance: Methods and Case Studies
Design and Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials
Statistical Thinking in Epidemiology
Paradigm for Successful Utilization of Renewable Resources
Glossary of Biotechnology Terms, Third Edition
Handbook of Carbohydrate Engineering
Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins: Formulation, Processing, and Delivery Systems, Second Edition
Glossary of Biotechnology Terms, Fourth Edition
Smart Polymers: Applications in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Second Edition
Emerging Protein Biotherapeutics
Adhesion Molecules
3D Cell-Based Biosensors in Drug Discovery Programs: Microtissue Engineering for High Throughput Screening
International Biotechnology, Bulk Chemical, and Pharmaceutical GMPs, Fifth Edition
Biomaterials for Delivery and Targeting of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Drug Delivery to the Oral Cavity: Molecules to Market
Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Development
Handbook of Biogeneric Therapeutic Proteins: Regulatory, Manufacturing, Testing, and Patent Issues
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Second Edition
Understanding Drug Release and Absorption Mechanisms: A Physical and Mathematical Approach
Genotype-by-Environment Interaction
Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits
Perilla: The Genus Perilla
Handbook of Reference Methods for Plant Analysis
Natural Products from Plants
Global Plant Genetic Resources for Insect-Resistant Crops
Cannabis: The Genus Cannabis
Botanicals: A Phytocosmetic Desk Reference
Poppy: The Genus Papaver
Caraway: The Genus Carum
Neem: The Divine Tree Azadirachta indica
Tea Tree: The Genus Melaleuca
Ergot: The Genus Claviceps
Pathogenesis-Related Proteins in Plants
Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, Second Edition
Saffron: Crocus sativus L.
Basil: The Genus Ocimum
Biologically Active Natural Products: Pharmaceuticals
Ginkgo Biloba
Ginseng, the Genus Panax
Plant-Environment Interactions
Black Pepper, Piper Nigram: Piper nigrum
Sage: The Genus Salvia
Mistletoe: The Genus Viscum
Naturally Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Biology, Botany, Nature and Zoology, Second Edition
Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
dsRNA Genetic Elements: Concepts and Applications in Agriculture, Forestry, and Medicine
Stevia: The Genus Stevia
Vetiveria: The Genus Vetiveria
Transgenic Plants and Crops
Plant Roots: The Hidden Half, Third Edition
Biological Control of Crop Diseases
Handbook of Plant Growth pH as the Master Variable
Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution
Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution
Narcissus and Daffodil: The Genus Narcissus
The Biology of Marijuana: From Gene to Behavior
Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species, Second Edition
Eucalyptus: The Genus Eucalyptus
Molecular Biology of Fungal Development
Lavender: The Genus Lavandula
Magnolia: The Genus Magnolia
Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants
Fenugreek: The Genus Trigonella
Thyme: The Genus Thymus
Citrus: The Genus Citrus
Geranium and Pelargonium: History of Nomenclature, Usage and Cultivation
Cardamom: The Genus Elettaria
Pathogenic Fungi in Humans and Animals
Postharvest Physiology and Pathology of Vegetables
Plant Cytogenetics, Second Edition
Handbook of Postharvest Technology: Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Tea, and Spices
Hypericum: The genus Hypericum
Taxus: The Genus Taxus
Genomics of Plants and Fungi
Fungi in Ecosystem Processes
Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds: A Pharmacological Reference Guide to Sites of Action and Biological Effec
Flax: The genus Linum
Clavicipitalean Fungi: Evolutionary Biology, Chemistry, Biocontrol And Cultural Impacts
Urtica: The genus Urtica
Capsicum: The genus Capsicum
Allelopathy: Chemistry and Mode of Action of Allelochemicals
Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology
Fungal Biotechnology in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Applications
Cinnamon and Cassia: The Genus Cinnamomum
Physiology and Biotechnology Integration for Plant Breeding
Plants that Fight Cancer
Kava: From Ethnology to Pharmacology
Aloes: The genus Aloe
Mushrooms: Cultivation, Nutritional Value, Medicinal Effect, and Environmental Impact
Echinacea: The genus Echinacea
Illicium, Pimpinella and Foeniculum
Histopathology of Seed-Borne Infections
Plant Development and Biotechnology
Handbook of Industrial Mycology
Plant Toxicology, Fourth Edition
Florida Ethnobotany
Ginger: The Genus Zingiber
DNA Fingerprinting in Plants: Principles, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition
Handbook of Photosynthesis, Second Edition
Crop Ferality and Volunteerism
Chamomile: Industrial Profiles
The Fungal Community: Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem, Third Edition
Medicinal Plants: Chemistry and Properties
Compendia of World's Medicinal Flora
Biology of Floral Scent
CRC World Dictionary of Grasses: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology - 3 Volume Set
Plant-Environment Interactions, Third Edition
Natural Products from Plants, Second Edition
Pomegranates: Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine
Handbook of Plant Nutrition
Model Plants and Crop Improvement
Mint: The Genus Mentha
Turmeric: The genus Curcuma
Food Mycology: A Multifaceted Approach to Fungi and Food
Tomato Plant Culture: In the Field, Greenhouse, and Home Garden, Second Edition
Fungal Pathogenesis in Plants and Crops: Molecular Biology and Host Defense Mechanisms, Second Edition
Biology and Chemistry of Jerusalem Artichoke: Helianthus tuberosus L.
The Aspergilli: Genomics, Medical Aspects, Biotechnology, and Research Methods
International Poisonous Plants Checklist: An Evidence-Based Reference
The Use of Nutrients in Crop Plants
Handbook of Plant-Based Biofuels
Novel Therapeutic Agents from Plants
Introduction to Plant Biotechnology (3/e)
The Alga Dunaliella
Fungi from Different Environments
Biology and Breeding of Crucifers
Defensive Mutualism in Microbial Symbiosis
Essential Oil-Bearing Grasses: The genus Cymbopogon
Dictionary of Plant Breeding, Second Edition
Biopharmaceuticals in Plants: Toward the Next Century of Medicine
Plant Systematics, Third Edition: An Intergrated Approach
Positive Plant Interactions and Community Dynamics
Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Sunflower
Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species,Third Edition
Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine: Herbal Medicines for Animal Health
Principles and Practices of Plant Genomics, Volume 3: Advanced Genomics
Figs: The Genus Ficus
Plant Virus, Vector
Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Sugarcane
Genetics, Genomics, and Breeding of Soybean
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia: Botanical Pharmacognosy -- Microscopic Characterization of Botanical Medicines
Optimal Control of Greenhouse Cultivation
Wine: A Scientific Exploration
Handbook of Dough Fermentations
Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology
Industrialization of Indigenous Fermented Foods, Revised and Expanded
Brewing: Science and Practice
Handbook of Brewing, Second Edition
Brewing: New Technologies
Managing Wine Quality: Volume One, Viticulture and Wine Quality
Fermented Foods and Beverages of the World
Winemaking Problems Solved
Integrated Life-Cycle and Risk Assessment for Industrial Processes
Increasing Productivity and Profit through Health and Safety: The Financial Returns from a Safe Working Environment
International Control of Tritium for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament
Economics and Ecological Risk Assessment: Applications to Watershed Management
Financial Justification of Nondestructive Testing: Cost of Quality in Manufacturing
Technomics: The Theory of Industrial Evolution
Green Entrepreneur Handbook: The Guide to Building and Growing a Green and Clean Business
A Practical Guide to Information Systems Strategic Planning
The Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Planning and Management
Information Systems and Technology for the Noninformation Systems Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide fo
A Practical Guide to Information Systems Process Improvement
Business Process Orientation: Gaining the E-Business Competitive Advantage
A Practical Guide to Planning for E-Business Success: How to E-enable Your Enterprise
Enterprise Architecture and New Generation Information Systems
The E-Business Handbook
Maximizing Business Performance through Software Packages: Best Practices for Justification, Selection, and Implementation
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
Enterprise Business Architecture: The Formal Link between Strategy and Results
Business Process Management Systems: Strategy and Implementation
A Practical Guide to Information Systems Strategic Planning, Second Edition
Knowledge Retention: Strategies and Solutions
Organizational Learning
Performance Improvement: Making It Happen
Performance Improvement: Making it Happen, Second Edition
Mastering the Rules of Competitive Strategy: A Resource Guide for Managers
Flexibility: Flexible Companies for the Uncertain World
Escape the Improvement Trap: Five Ingredients Missing in Most Improvement Recipes
High-Risk Atherosclerotic Plaques: Mechanisms, Imaging, Models, and Therapy
EDHF: The Complete Story
Bioinorganic Catalysis
Stereoselective Biocatalysis
Catalysis of Organic Reactions
Interfacial Catalysis
Catalysis and Electrocatalysis at Nanoparticle Surfaces
Catalytic Naphtha Reforming, Revised and Expanded
Catalysis of Organic Reactions
Environmental Catalysis
Handbook of Industrial Biocatalysis
Structured Catalysts and Reactors
Surface and Nanomolecular Catalysis
Catalysis of Organic Reactions: Twenty-first Conference
Catalyst Preparation: Science and Engineering
Catalysis of Organic Reactions: Twenty-second Conference
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology
Signaling Through Cell Adhesion Molecules
Membrane Structure in Disease and Drug Therapy
Cell Death: The Role of PARP
Calcium Signalling in Cancer
Tight Junctions
Luminescence Biotechnology: Instruments and Applications
Chimeric Toxins: Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Applications
Cell Culture Models of Biological Barriers: In vitro Test Systems for Drug Absorption and Delivery
Tumor Antigens Recognized by T Cells and Antibodies
Pore-forming Peptides and Protein Toxins
Lipid Oxidation Pathways
Atlas of Cell Organelles Fluorescence
Life in the Frozen State
The Structure of Biological Membranes, Second Edition
Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Health
Functional Lipidomics
DNA Damage Recognition
Resveratrol in Health and Disease
Nitric Oxide, Cell Signaling, and Gene Expression
Calcium Signaling, Second Edition
Molecular Interventions in Lifestyle-Related Diseases
Prions: The New Biology of Proteins
Advances in Biopreservation
Angiogenesis: From Basic Science to Clinical Applications
Nucleotides and Regulation of Bone Cell Function
Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy
Signal Transduction in the Retina
Signaling by Toll-Like Receptors
Dietary Modulation of Cell Signaling Pathways
Gene and Cell Therapy: Therapeutic Mechanisms and Strategies, Third Edition
Animal Lectins: A Functional View
Lipid-Mediated Signaling
Cellular and Molecular Biology of Metals
Apoptosis: Modern Insights into Disease from Molecules to Man
The Delivery of Regenerative Medicines and Their Impact on Healthcare
Quality Management: Theory and Application
Mechanical Properties of Ceramics and Composites: Grain And Particle Effects
Tellurite Glasses Handbook: Physical Properties and Data
Ceramic Fabrication Technology
Advances in Amorphous Semiconductors
Handbook of Zeolite Science and Technology
Properties of Glass-Forming Melts
Chemical Processing of Ceramics, Second Edition
Ceramic Matrix Composites: Microstructure, Properties and Applications
Bulk Metallic Glasses
Official (ISC)2® Guide to the ISSEP® CBK®, Second Edition
Building and Implementing a Security Certification and Accreditation Program: OFFICIAL (ISC)2 GUIDE to the CAPcm CBK
The Complete Guide for CPP Examination Preparation
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK
Complete Guide to CISM Certification
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the SSCP CBK
CISO Leadership: Essential Principles for Success
Get Certified: A Guide to Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies
Official (ISC)2® Guide to the ISSAP® CBK
Multimedia Environmental Models: The Fugacity Approach, Second Edition
Exposure Analysis
Natural Attenuation of Trace Element Availability in Soils
Environmental Degradation and Transformation of Organic Chemicals
Fate of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and in Water Treatment Systems
Handbook of Chemical Mass Transport in the Environment
Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry - 3 Volume Set
Atomic and Molecular Clusters
Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Liquids: Theory, Experiments, and Applications
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology, Second Edition
Synthetic Lubricants And High- Performance Functional Fluids, Revised And Expanded
Thermodynamics: Processes and Applications
Solid Phase Microextraction: A PRACTICAL GUIDE
Ion Exchange: Highlights Of Russian Science
The Desulfurization of Heavy Oils and Residua
Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems
Solid-Phase Extraction: Principles, Techniques, and Applications
Handbook of Porous Media
Applied Parameter Estimation for Chemical Engineers
Developing An Industrial Chemical Process: An Integrated Approach
Electrochemical Microsystem Technologies
Chemical Solution Deposition Of Semiconductor Films
Handbook of Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems
Batch Fermentation: Modeling: Monitoring, and Control
Chemical Process Engineering: Design And Economics
Process Engineering Economics
Reactive Extrusion Systems
Cryogenic Engineering, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Multistage Separation Processes, Third Edition
Batch Processes
Adsorption and Transport at the Nanoscale
Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants: Chemistry and Technology
Bubbles, Drops, and Particles in Non-Newtonian Fluids, Second Edition
Phase Behavior of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids
Solubility in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Chemical Process Performance Evaluation
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology, Third Edition
Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook
Introduction to Green Chemistry, Second Edition
Advanced Separation Techniques for Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and Radiactive Waste Treatment
Handbook of Property Estimation Methods for Chemicals: Environmental Health Sciences
Handbook of Chemical Risk Assessment: Health Hazards to Humans, Plants, and Animals, Three Volume Set
Handbook of Physical-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate for Organic Chemicals, Second Edition
VLSI Custom Microelectronics: Digital: Analog, and Mixed-Signal
Analog BiCMOS Design: Practices and Pitfalls
The VLSI Handbook
Fluid Power Circuits and Controls: Fundamentals and Applications
Adaptive Digital Filters
Actuator Saturation Control
High Voltage Circuit Breakers: Design and Applications
High Reliability Magnetic Devices: Design & Fabrication
Commercial Wireless Circuits and Components Handbook
The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Second Edition
Thin-Film Transistors
Logic Design
VLSI Technology
Analog Circuits and Devices
Memory, Microprocessor, and ASIC
Design Automation, Languages, and Simulations
Transistor Circuit Techniques: Discrete and integrated
Analog VLSI Design Automation
Hall Effect Devices, Second Edition
Low-Power Electronics Design
Practical Computer Analysis of Switch Mode Power Supplies
Circuit Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Theory
Passive, Active, and Digital Filters
Nonlinear and Distributed Circuits
Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Design Handbook
Circuits, Signals, and Speech and Image Processing
EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology
Materials for Rigid and Flexible Printed Wiring Boards
The VLSI Handbook, Second Edition
Unique Chips and Systems
Electronic Circuit Design: From Concept to Implementation
Circuits at the Nanoscale: Communications, Imaging, and Sensing
2-D Electromagnetic Simulation of Passive Microstrip Circuits
Networks-on-Chips: Theory and Practice
Computer Aided Design and Design Automation
Feedback, Nonlinear, and Distributed Circuits
Passive, Active, and Digital Filters
Fundamentals of Circuits and Filters
Analog and VLSI Circuits
The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Third Edition (Five Volume Slipcase Set)
Embedded Systems Handbook, Second Edition: Embedded Systems Design and Verification
Embedded Systems Handbook, Second Edition: Networked Embedded Systems
Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Design Automation and Optimization
PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition
Electronics for Radiation Detection
Integrated Inductors and Transformers: Characterization, Design and Modeling for RF and MM-Wave Applications
Lighting Management Handbook, Second Edition
Electrical Solitons: Theory, Applications, and Extensions in High Speed Electronics
The Westerschelde Tunnel: Approaching Limits
RISK21 - Coping with Risks due to Natural Hazards in the 21st Century: Proceedings of the RISK21 Workshop, Monte Verità, A
The Road for SEEM. A Reference Framework Towards a Single European Electronic Market
eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction: ECPPM 2008
Tubular Structures XII: Proceedings of Tubular Structures XII, Shanghai, China, 8-10 October 2008
Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting: 2nd International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofittin
Shovel-Truck Systems: Modelling, Analysis and Calculations
Creep, Shrinkage and Durability Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures: Proceedings of the CONCREEP 8 conference
Advanced Testing and Characterization of Bituminous Materials
Concrete Solutions
Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference (BCR2A'09), June 29 - July
Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists and Governments
Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines
Fuel Cell Technology Handbook
Industrial Combustion Pollution and Control
Vehicular Electric Power Systems: Land, Sea, Air, and Space Vehicles
Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology: A Fifty-Year Perspective
Energy-Efficient Electric Motors, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded
Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Fundamentals, Theory, and Design
Climate Change and Global Food Security
Climate Change and Managed Ecosystems
Design for Energy and the Environment: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Foundations of Computer-
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: Materials Properties and Performance
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: Contamination and Mitigation Strategies
Fluid Sterilization by Filtration
Sterile Product Facility Design and Project Management, Second Edition
Isolation Technology: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
Microbiological Contamination Control in Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms
Environmental Monitoring for Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Protocols
Motor Neurobiology of the Spinal Cord
Neuropharmacology Methods in Epilepsy Research
Introduction to Pharmacology
Introduction to Pharmacology
Desk Reference of Clinical Pharmacology, Second Edition
Clinical Research Coordinator Handbook: GCP Tools and Techniques, Second Edition
Physician Investigator Handbook: GCP Tools and Techniques, Second Edition
Clinical Drug Trials And Tribulations, Revised And Expanded
Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders: Experimental Models and Therapeutic Potential
Pharmaceutical Statistics: Practical and Clinical Applications, Revised and Expanded
Clinical Studies Management: A Practical Guide to Success
Handbook of SOPs for Good Clinical Practice, Second Edition
Clinical Trials Risk Management
Drug Products for Clinical Trials, Second Edition
Pharmaceutical Experimental Design and Interpretation, 2nd Edition
Practical Guide to Clinical Data Management, Second Edition
Data and Safety Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials
Handbook of Adaptive Designs in Pharmaceutical and Clinical Development
Construction of Marine and Offshore Structures, Second Edition
The Ocean Engineering Handbook
Technology and Applications of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Soft Ground Engineering in Coastal Areas: Proceedings of the Nakase Memorial Symposium, Yokosuka, Japan, 28-29 Novemb
Coastal Aquifer Management-Monitoring, Modeling, and Case Studies
Shallow Flows: Research Presented at the International Symposium on Shallow Flows, Delft, Netherlands, 2003
Satellite Monitoring of Inland and Coastal Water Quality: Retrospection, Introspection, Future Directions
Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics: Proceedings of the International Symposium. on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (IS-FOG
River Basin Modelling for Flood Risk Mitigation
River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics: Proceedings of the 4th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morp
Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Ocean and Coastal Resources: Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of th
A New Approach to Sediment Transport in the Design and Operation of Irrigation Canals: UNESCO-IHE Lecture Note Series
Advances in Urban Flood Management
Construction of Marine and Offshore Structures, Third Edition
A New Approach to Sediment Transport in the Design and Operation of Irrigation Canals: UNESCO-IHE Lecture Note Series
From Headwaters to the Ocean: Hydrological Change and Water Management - Hydrochange 2008, 1-3 October
2008, Kyoto, Japan
Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS): An Operational Handbook
Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments
Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention
Diamond Films Handbook
Coatings Of Polymers And Plastics
Coatings Technology Handbook, Third Edition
Surface coatings for protection against wear
Coatings Materials and Surface Coatings
Coatings Technology: Fundamentals, Testing, and Processing Techniques
Paint Technology Handbook
The Cold Spray Materials Deposition Process: Fundamentals and Applications
High-Performance Organic Coatings
Advances in marine antifouling coatings and technologies
Handbook of Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings, Three-Volume Set
Handbook of Cognitive Task Design
Cognition and Tool Use: Forms of Engagement in Human and Animal Use of Tools
Joint Cognitive Systems: Foundations of Cognitive Systems Engineering
Joint Cognitive Systems: Patterns in Cognitive Systems Engineering
Stories of Modern Technology Failures and Cognitive Engineering Successes
Driver Distraction: Theory, Effects, and Mitigation
Applications of Cognitive Work Analysis
Human Factors of Visual and Cognitive Performance in Driving
Maintaining Safe Mobility in an Aging Society
Canine Ergonomics: The Science of Working Dogs
Advances in Cognitive Ergonomics
Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making
Designing Displays for Older Adults
Display and Interface Design: Subtle Science, Exact Art
CRC Handbook of Combinatorial Designs
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, Second Edition
An Atlas of Edge-Reversal Dynamics
An Atlas of the Smaller Maps in Orientable and Nonorientable Surfaces
RSA and Public-Key Cryptography
Discrete Geometry
Partial Difference Equations
Introduction to Information Theory and Data Compression, Second Edition
Handbook of Graph Theory
Spanning Trees and Optimization Problems
Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry, Second Edition
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Difference Equations Augsburg, Germany 2001: New Progress in Differen
Shock Waves & Explosions
Combinatorics of Permutations
Periodicities in Nonlinear Difference Equations
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications
Handbook of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography
Authentication Codes and Combinatorial Designs
An Introduction to Cryptography, Second Edition
Handbook of Combinatorial Designs, Second Edition
Algorithmic Combinatorics on Partial Words
Elliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography, Second Edition
Applications of Group Theory to Combinatorics
A Combinatorial Approach to Matrix Theory and Its Applications
Chromatic Graph Theory
Combinatorics of Compositions and Words
Pearls of Discrete Mathematics
Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion
Enclosure Fire Dynamics
Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion
The John Zink Combustion Handbook
Advances in Chemical Propulsion: Science to Technology
Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators: Design, Applications, and Calculations
High Temperature Air Combustion: From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction
Fluidized Bed Combustion
Industrial Burners Handbook
Solid Fuels Combustion and Gasification: Modeling, Simulation, and Equipment Operations
Combustion and Gasification in Fluidized Beds
Modeling of Combustion Systems: A Practical Approach
Applied Combustion, Second Edition
Industrial Gas Turbines: Performance and Operability
Synthesis Gas Combustion
: Fundamentals and Applications
Materials, Design and Manufacturing for Lightweight Vehicles
Industrial Combustion Testing
Writing and Designing Manuals, Third Edition
Developing Performance Support for Computer Systems: A Strategy for Maximizing Usability and Learnability
Writing and Designing Manuals and Warnings 4e
Advances in Occupational, Social, and Organizational Ergonomics
The Industrial Communication Technology Handbook
Understanding Broadband over Power Line
Inter- and Intra-Vehicle Communications
SIP Handbook: Services, Technologies, and Security of Session Initiation Protocol
Flow Induced Alignment in Composite Materials
Microstructural Characterisation of Fibre-Reinforced Composites
3-D Textile Reinforcements In Composite Materials
Impact Behaviour of Fibre-reinforced Composite Materials and Structures
Mechanical Testing of Advanced Fibre Composites
Finite Element Modelling of Composite Materials and Structures
Elastic Waves in Anisotropic Laminates
Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Product, and Process Engineering
Experimental Characterization of Advanced Composite Materials, Third Edition
Composite Materials: Design and Applications
Fibers and Composites
Mechanics of Elastic Composites
Fatigue in Composite
Green Composites: Polymer Composites and the Environment
Carbon Fibers and Their Composites
Fundamentals of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials
Multi-scale Modelling of Composite Material Systems: The Art of Predictive Damage Modelling
Mechanics of Composite Materials, Second Edition
Lightweight Ballistic Composites: Military and Law-Enforcement Applications
Composites Forming Technologies
Durability of Concrete and Cement Composites
Durability of Composites for Civil Structural Applications
Fiber-Reinforced Composites: Materials, Manufacturing, and Design, Third Edition
Properties and Performance of Natural-Fibre Composites
Ageing of Composites
Delamination Behaviour of Composites
Functionally Graded Materials: Nonlinear Analysis of Plates and Shells
Capacity and Transport in Contrast Composite Structures: Asymptotic Analysis and Applications
Composite Materials Technology: Neural Network Applications
Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity, Third Edition
Fatigue Life Prediction of Composites and Composite Structures
Neural Computing - An Introduction
Handbook of Neural Computation
Handbook of Evolutionary Computation
Handbook of Fuzzy Computation
Evolutionary Computation 2: Advanced Algorithms and Operators
Parallel Iterative Algorithms: From Sequential to Grid Computing
Immunological Computation: Theory and Applications
Process Algebra for Parallel and Distributed Processing
Context-Aware Computing and Self-Managing Systems
Introduction to Grid Computing
Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals
Scientific Data Management: Challenges, Technology, and Deployment
Fundamentals of Grid Computing: Theory, Algorithms and Technologies
Computational Methods in Plasma Physics
Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers
Design of Low-Power Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
Introduction to Contextual Processing: Theory and Applications
Performance Modeling in High Performance Computing: The Convolution Method
Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics
Computational Medicinal Chemistry for Drug Discovery
Expert Systems in Chemistry Research
Parallel Computing in Quantum Chemistry
Using Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry and Biology: A Practical Guide
Electronic Structure Modeling: Connections Between Theory and Software
Coarse-Graining of Condensed Phase and Biomolecular Systems
Design and Use of Relational Databases in Chemistry
Chemical Information Mining: Facilitating Literature-Based Discovery
Chemical Reactivity Theory: A Density Functional View
Endocrine Disruption Modeling
The Fragment Molecular Orbital Method: Practical Applications to Large Molecular Systems
Computational Protein-Protein Interactions
Proteins: Energy, Heat and Signal Flow
Molecular Modeling Basics
Accurate Condensed-Phase Quantum Chemistry
Aromaticity and Metal Clusters
Three dimensional QSAR: Applications in Pharmacology and Toxicology
Multiscale Modeling: From Atoms to Devices
Compact Handbook of Computational Biology
Handbook of Computational Molecular Biology
Systems Biology: Principles, Methods, and Concepts
Pattern Discovery in Bioinformatics: Theory & Algorithms
Handbook of Hidden Markov Models in Bioinformatics
Combinatorial Pattern Matching Algorithms in Computational Biology Using Perl and R
Protein Engineering and Design
Biological Sequence Analysis Using the SeqAn C++ Library
Microarray Image Analysis: An Algorithmic Approach
Handbook of Chemoinformatics Algorithms
Clustering in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery
MATLAB and C Programming for Trefftz Finite Element Methods
Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using Stata, Second Edition
Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SAS, Second Edition
Computational Statistics Handbook with MATLAB
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using S-PLUS
SAS Programming: The One-Day Course
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SPSS
Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using Stata, Third Edition
Statistical Methods in Computer Security
Data Analysis of Asymmetric Structures: Advanced Approaches in Computational Statistics
Correspondence Analysis and Data Coding with Java and R
R Graphics
Design and Modeling for Computer Experiments
Handbook of Parallel Computing and Statistics
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R
Linear Mixed Models: A Practical Guide Using Statistical Software
Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R, Second Edition
SAS and R: Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics
Graphics for Statistics and Data Analysis with R
Using R for Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics
Using SAS for Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics
Multiple Comparisons Using R
Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models Using R
Investigating Computer Crime
Investigating Computer-Related Crime
Forensic Computer Crime Investigation
Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes, Second Edition
Ensuring Software Reliability
Engineering Analysis: Interactive Methods and Programs with FORTRAN, QuickBASIC, MATLAB, and Mathematica
Software Process Quality: Management and Control
The Transform and Data Compression Handbook
The Computer Engineering Handbook
The Compiler Design Handbook: Optimizations and Machine Code Generation
The CAD Guidebook: A Basic Manual for Understanding and Improving Computer-Aided Design
Domain-Specific Processors: Systems, Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation
Coding and Signal Processing for Magnetic Recording Systems
The Industrial Information Technology Handbook
Mobile Computing Handbook
Embedded Systems Handbook
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking
Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices
Computer Network Time Synchronization: The Network Time Protocol
Autonomic Computing: Concepts, Infrastructure, and Applications
Microcontroller Programming: The Microchip PIC
What Every Engineer Should Know About Developing Real-Time Embedded Products
Design Science Research Methods and Patterns: Innovating Information and Communication Technology
Digital Design and Fabrication
Digital Systems and Applications
Computer Organization, Design, and Architecture, Fourth Edition
The Compiler Design Handbook: Optimizations and Machine Code Generation, Second Edition
Graph Theory and Interconnection Networks
Emergent Semantics
Embedded Multiprocessors: Scheduling and Synchronization, Second Edition
Microcontrollers: Fundamentals and Applications with PIC
Reconfigurable System Design and Verification
Vehicular Networks: From Theory to Practice
System Level Design with .Net Technology
Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems
Multi-Core Embedded Systems
Computer Network Time Synchronization: The Network Time Protocol on Earth and in Space, Second Edition
Designing Network On-Chip Architectures in the Nanoscale Era
Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB, Third Edition
The PC Graphics Handbook
Image Acquisition and Processing with LabVIEW
Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Techniques and Applications
Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing
Software Development and Quality Assurance for the Healthcare Manufacturing Industries, Third edition
Testing Computers Systems for FDA/MHRA Compliance
Computer Systems Validation: Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance for Pharmaceutical and Heal
Validating Pharmaceutical Systems: Good Computer Practice in Life Science Manufacturing
Soft and Fragile Matter: Nonequilibrium Dynamics, Metastability and Flow (PBK)
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Semiconductors
Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Quantum Structures
Applications of Silicon-Germanium Heterostructure Devices
Aerospace Materials
High-Field Electrodynamics
Undulators, Wigglers and Their Applications
Solidification and Casting:
The Magnetocaloric Effect and its Applications
Theory of Superconductivity: From Weak to Strong Coupling
Metal and Ceramic Matrix Composites
High Pressure Surface Science and Engineering
High k Gate Dielectrics
Impurities in Semiconductors: Solubility, Migration and Interactions
Computer Modelling of Heat and Fluid Flow in Materials Processing
Novel Nanocrystalline Alloys and Magnetic Nanomaterials
Introduction to Surface and Superlattice Excitations, Second Edition
Soft Condensed Matter Physics in Molecular and Cell Biology
One- and Two-Dimensional Fluids: Properties of Smectic, Lamellar and Columnar Liquid Crystals
Spintronic Materials and Technology
Strained-Si Heterostructure Field Effect Devices
Core Level Spectroscopy of Solids
Aperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter: Fundamentals and Applications
Magnetic Anisotropies in Nanostructured Matter
Hume-Rothery Rules for Structurally Complex Alloy Phases
Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions
High-Pressure Physics
Concrete Formwork Systems
Mechanics of Materials and Interfaces: The Disturbed State Concept
Construction in Cities: Social, Environmental, Political, and Economic Concerns
10th Symposium Construction Innovation and Global Competitiveness
4D CAD and Visualization in Construction: Developments and Applications
Bridge Engineering: Substructure Design
Bridge Engineering: Construction and Maintenance
Space Technologies, Materials and Structures
Pipeline Engineering
Piping and Pipeline Engineering: Design, Construction, Maintenance, Integrity, and Repair
Numerical Modelling of Construction Processes in Geotechnical Engineering for Urban Environment: Proceedings of the Interna
Advanced civil infrastructure materials: Science, mechanics and applications
Construction Equipment Management for Engineers, Estimators, and Owners
Underwater Embankments on Soft Soil: A Case History
Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook
Developments in the Formulation and Reinforcement of Concrete
Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks: Proceedings of the International Conference Lacona VII, Madrid, Spain, 17 - 21 Septem
Computational Analysis of Randomness in Structural Mechanics: Structures and Infrastructures Book Series, Vol. 3,
Construction Management: Subcontractor Scopes of Work
Engineered Concrete: Mix Design and Test Methods, Second Edition
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Deterioration Processes and Standard Test Methods, Volume 1
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Non Destructive Testing Methods, Volume 2
Quality Management in Construction Projects
Corrosion Mechanisms in Theory and Practice
Electrochemical Techniques in Corrosion Science and Engineering
Encyclopedia Of Corrosion Technology
Corrosion of Ceramic and Composite Materials, Third Edition
Corrosion in Concrete Structures
Analytical Methods In Corrosion Science and Engineering
Corrosion Control Through Organic Coatings
Corrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete: Mechanisms, Monitoring, Inhibitors and Rehabilitation Techniques (EFC 38)
Corrosion of Linings & Coatings: Cathodic and Inhibitor Protection and Corrosion Monitoring
Fundamentals of Metallic Corrosion: Atmospheric and Media Corrosion of Metals
Corrosion of Polymers and Elastomers
Corrosion Engineering Handbook, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set
Corrosion of Metallic Heritage Artefacts: Investigation, Conservation and Prediction of Long Term Behavior (EFC 48)
Corrosion and Surface Chemistry of Metals
Corrosion Behaviour and Protection of Copper and Aluminum Alloys in Seawater (EFC 50)
Corrosion by Carbon and Nitrogen: Metal Dusting, Carburisation and Nitridation (EFC 41)
Corrosion Issues in Light Water Reactors: Stress Corrosion Cracking (EFC 51)
Innovative Pre-treatment Techniques to Prevent Corrosion of Metallic Surfaces (EFC 54)
Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring
Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) Guidelines (EFC 55)
Developments in High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials
Condition Assessment of Aged Structures
Fundamentals of Corrosion: Mechanisms, Causes, and Preventative Methods
Principles of Polymer Science and Technology in Cosmetics and Personal Care
Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders
The Counterterrorism Handbook: Tactics, Procedures, and Techniques, Second Edition
Science and Technology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis, and Investigations
Investigating Religious Terrorism and Ritualistic Crimes
The Counterterrorism Handbook: Tactics, Procedures, and Techniques, Third Edition
Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Investigations, Second Edition
National Security Issues in Science, Law, and Technology
Chemical Warfare Agents: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics, Second Edition
Terrorist Recognition Handbook: A Practitioner's Manual for Predicting and Identifying Terrorist Activities, Second Edition
Advances in Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures
Critical Infrastructure: Understanding Its Component Parts, Vulnerabilities, Operating Risks, and Interdependencies
The War on Terrorism: A Collision of Values, Strategies, and Societies
Jihadists and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Philippine Security in the Age of Terror: National, Regional, and Global Challenges in the Post-9/11 World
Science and Technology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Second Edition
Surviving the International War Zone: Security Lessons Learned and Stories from Police and Military Peace-Keeping Forces
The Psychology of Terrorists: Tools for Profiling and Counterterrorism
Effective Expert Witnessing, Third Edition
Law for the Expert Witness, Second Edition
Constitutional Law for the Criminal Justice Professional
Forensic Evidence: Science and the Criminal Law, Second Edition
Practical Handbook for Private Investigators
Stalking Crimes and Victim Protection: Prevention, Intervention, Threat Assessment, and Case Management
Ethics in Forensic Science: Professional Standards for the Practice of Criminalistics
Forensic Linguistics: Advances in Forensic Stylistics
Science and Litigation: Products Liability in Theory and Practice
Expert Witnessing in Forensic Accounting: A Handbook for Lawyers and Accountants
Occupational Crime: Deterrence, Investigation, and Reporting in Compliance with Federal Guidelines
Sexual Murder: Catathymic and Compulsive Homicides
Forensic Science: An Illustrated Dictionary
Effective Expert Witnessing, Fourth Edition: Practices for the 21st Century
Forensic Evidence: Science and the Criminal Law, Second Edition
Child Homicide: Parents Who Kill
Forensic Human Identification: An Introduction
Law for the Expert Witness, Third Edition
Expert Witnessing and Scientific Testimony: Surviving in the Courtroom
Global Trafficking in Women and Children
Urban Crime Prevention, Surveillance, and Restorative Justice: Effects of Social Technologies
Police Corruption: Preventing Misconduct and Maintaining Integrity
Community Policing: International Patterns and Comparative Perspectives
Criminal Abuse of Women and Children: An International Perspective
Security in Post-Conflict Africa: The Role of Nonstate Policing
Border Security in the Al-Qaeda Era
Urbanization, Policing, and Security: Global Perspectives
International Handbook of Victimology
International Handbook of Criminology
Classics in Environmental Criminology
Police Without Borders: The Fading Distinction between Local and Global
The Evolving Nature of Policing in India
Trends in Policing: Interviews with Police Leaders Across the Globe, Volume Three
Cyber Criminology: Exploring Internet Crimes and Criminal Behavior
Genes in the Field: On-Farm Conservation of Crop Diversity
Crop Responses to Environment
Identity-Preserved Systems: A Reference Handbook
Mathematical Models of Crop Growth and Yield
GGE Biplot Analysis: A Graphical Tool for Breeders, Geneticists, and Agronomists
Genetically Modified Crops: Assessing Safety
Agronomic Handbook: Management of Crops, Soils and Their Fertility
Molecular Host Plant Resistance to Pests
Hydroponics: A Practical Guide for the Soilless Grower
Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Grain Legumes, Volume I
Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Cereals, Volume 2
Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops
Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Oilseed Crops, Volume 4
Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Vegetable Crops, Volume 3
Integrated Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production
An Encyclopedia of Small Fruit
Handbook of New Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Legumes
Rice Improvement in the Genomics Era
Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement:: Forage Crops, Vol 5
Physiology of the Pea Crop
Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Field Crops, Third Edition
Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress,Third Edition
Codes: The Guide to Secrecy From Ancient to Modern Times
Data-driven Block Ciphers for Fast Telecommunication Systems
Algorithmic Cryptanalysis
Cryptanalysis of RSA and Its Variants
Handbook of Financial Cryptography and Security
Yoghurt: Science and Technology, Second Edition
Cheese Rheology and Texture
Functional Dairy Products
Dairy Processing: Improving Quality
Dairy Science and Technology, Second Edition
Tamime and Robinson's Yoghurt Science and Technology, Third Edition
Improving the Flavour of Cheese
Functional Dairy Products, Volume 2
Cheese Problems Solved
Handbook of Dairy Foods Analysis
Development and Manufacture of Yogurt and Other Functional Dairy Products
New Developments in Dam Engineering: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Dam Engineering, 18-20 October,
River Flow 2006: Proceedings of the International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, Lisbon, Portugal, 6-8 September 2006
Debris Flow: Mechanics, Prediction and Countermeasures
River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics: RCEM 2007: Proceedings of the 5th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Es
Dams in Japan: Past, Present and Future
Flood Management and Prevention
Web Data Mining and Applications in Business Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism
Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Data Mining
Understanding Complex Datasets: Data Mining with Matrix Decompositions
Automated Data Analysis Using Excel
Computational Methods of Feature Selection
Constrained Clustering: Advances in Algorithms, Theory, and Applications
Knowledge Discovery for Counterterrorism and Law Enforcement
Multimedia Data Mining: A Systematic Introduction to Concepts and Theory
Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data
Next Generation of Data Mining
Data Mining for Design and Marketing
The Top Ten Algorithms in Data Mining
Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Second Edition
Text Mining: Classification, Clustering, and Applications
Biological Data Mining
Information Discovery on Electronic Health Records
Temporal Data Mining
Patterns of Data Modeling
Relational Data Clustering: Models, Algorithms, and Applications
Knowledge Discovery from Data Streams
Introduction to Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing: Concepts and Techniques
Handbook of Educational Data Mining
Data Mining with R: Learning with Case Studies
Privacy-Aware Knowledge Discovery: Novel Applications and New Techniques
Social Computing: A Data Mining Perspective
Data Mining and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data Mining
Handbook of Data Management1999 Edition
High-Performance Web Databases: Design, Development, and Deployment
Managing and Mining Multimedia Databases
Oracle Internals: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for DBAs
Intelligent Data Warehousing: From Data Preparation to Data Mining
XML Databases and the Semantic Web
Database Design Using Entity-Relationship Diagrams
Distributed Multimedia Database Technologies Supported by MPEG-7 and MPEG-21
Oracle 11i E-Business Suite from the Front Lines
Physical Database Design Using Oracle
Logical Database Design Principles
Database and Applications Security: Integrating Information Security and Data Management
Grid Database Design
Database Development and Management
Implementing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems
Building and Maintaining a Data Warehouse
Design and Implementation of Data Mining Tools
Strategic Data Warehousing: Achieving Alignment with Business
The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology
ITIL: Service Management Implementation and Operation
Oracle Embedded Programming and Application Development
Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Dermatologic Botany
Physician's Guide to Arthropods of Medical Importance, Fourth Edition
Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics: Drugs vs. Cosmetics, Second Edition
Percutaneous Penetration Enhancers, Second Edition
The Human Brain During the Third Trimester
Social Information Transmission and Human Biology
Analysis of Growth Factor Signaling in Embryos
Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Cetacea: Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins
Modern Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Fish Osmoregulation
Reproductive Biology of Crustaceans: Case Studies of Decapod Crustaceans
Fish Defenses Vol. 1: Immunology
Development of Non-teleost Fishes
Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Fishes, Vol 8B: Part B: Sperm Competion Hormones
Fish Defenses Vol. 2: Pathogens, Parasites and Predators
Gonorynchiformes and Ostariophysan Relationships: A Comprehensive Review (Series on: Teleostean Fish Biology)
Muscles of Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Evolution, Homologies and Development
A First Course on Wavelets
Inside the FFT Black Box: Serial and Parallel Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms
Difference Equations with Applications to Queues
Self-Similarity and Beyond: Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Problems
The Theory of Difference Schemes
Adaptive Method of Lines
Nonlinear Hyperbolic Waves in Multidimensions
Global Analysis of Dynamical Systems: Festschrift dedicated to Floris Takens for his 60th birthday
Inverse Boundary Spectral Problems
Dynamics of Second Order Rational Difference Equations: With Open Problems and Conjectures
Pseudo-Differential Equations And Stochastics Over Non-Archimedean Fields
The Navier-Stokes Equations: Theory and Numerical Methods
Handbook of Linear Partial Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists
Second Order Elliptic Integro-Differential Problems
Discrete Dynamical Systems and Difference Equations with Mathematica
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications
Recent developments in the Navier-Stokes problem
Functional Methods in Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Theory Of Difference Equations Numerical Methods And Applications
Inverse Engineering Handbook
Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and the Compensated Compactness Method
Theorems of Leray-Schauder Type And Applications
Handbook of Exact Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations
Theory of Fuzzy Differential Equations and Inclusions
Partial Differential Equations And Systems Not Solvable With Respect To The Highest-Order Derivative
Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering with Mathematica
Wavelets and Multiwavelets
Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Routines in C, C++, Fortran, Java, Maple, and MATLAB
Stochastic versus Deterministic Systems of Differential Equations
Global Optimization Using Interval Analysis: Revised And Expanded
Integrable Hamiltonian Systems: Geometry, Topology, Classification
Asymptotic Methods in Resonance Analytical Dynamics
Geometric Sturmian Theory of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations and Applications
Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Transform Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations, Second Edition
Nonoscillation and Oscillation Theory for Functional Differential Equations
An Introduction to Semiflows
Control Theory of Partial Differential Equations
Elliptic Theory on Singular Manifolds
Malliavin Calculus with Applications to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Generation of Multivariate Hermite Interpolating Polynomials
Stability of Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Differential Equations with Applications
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Applications - VII
Introduction to Asymptotic Methods
Differential Equations: Inverse and Direct Problems
Exact Solutions and Invariant Subspaces of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Mechanics and Physics
Method of Averaging for Differential Equations on an Infinite Interval: Theory and Applications
Algorithmic Lie Theory for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
Dynamics of Third-Order Rational Difference Equations with Open Problems and Conjectures
Spectral Theory for Random and Nonautonomous Parabolic Equations and Applications
Mixed Boundary Value Problems
Difference Methods for Singular Perturbation Problems
Chaotic Modelling and Simulation: Analysis of Chaotic Models, Attractors and Forms
Asymptotics and Borel Summability
Discovering Evolution Equations with Applications: Volume 1-Deterministic Equations
Stable Solutions of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Applications of Lie Groups to Difference Equations
Mathematical Concepts in Nonlinear Dynamics
The Handbook of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks: Architectures and Protocols
Handbook of Sensor Networks: Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems
Handbook on Theoretical and Algorithmic Aspects of Sensor, Ad Hoc Wireless, and Peer-to-Peer Networks
Smart Dust: Sensor Network Applications, Architecture and Design
Sensor Network Protocols
Performance Optimization of Digital Communications Systems
MIMO System Technology for Wireless Communications
Enhancing the Performance of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks with Smart Antennas
Local Positioning Systems: LBS Applications and Services
Resource, Mobility, and Security Management in Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications
Wireless Mesh Networking: Architectures, Protocols and Standards
Active and Programmable Networks for Adaptive Architectures and Services
Multi-Objective Optimization in Computer Networks Using Metaheuristics
Wireless Ad Hoc Networking: Personal-Area, Local-Area, and the Sensory-Area Networks
Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
Distributed Antenna Systems: Open Architecture for Future Wireless Communications
WiMAX: Standards and Security
WiMAX: Technologies, Performance Analysis, and QoS
WiMAX: Applications
WiMAX Handbook - 3 Volume Set
Wireless Technologies: Circuits, Systems, and Devices
WiMAX: A Wireless Technology Revolution
Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: Principles, Protocols and Applications
Mobile WiMAX: Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
Value-Added Services for Next Generation Networks
Optical Wireless Communications: IR for Wireless Connectivity
MEMS and Nanotechnology-Based Sensors and Devices for Communications, Medical and Aerospace Applications
Millimeter Wave Technology in Wireless PAN, LAN, and MAN
Mobile Telemedicine: A Computing and Networking Perspective
Adaptive Signal Processing in Wireless Communications
Adaptation and Cross Layer Design in Wireless Networks
Wireless Quality of Service: Techniques, Standards, and Applications
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Handbook
Wireless Multimedia Communications: Convergence, DSP, QoS, and Security
Cognitive Radio Networks
Satellite Systems Engineering in an IPv6 Environment
Vehicular Networks: Techniques, Standards, and Applications
Security in RFID and Sensor Networks
Contemporary Coding Techniques and Applications for Mobile Communications
RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures, Protocols, Security, and Integrations
Internet Networks: Wired, Wireless, and Optical Technologies
Overlay Networks: Toward Information Networking.
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Cognitive Radio Networks: Architectures, Protocols, and Standards
Location Based Services Handbook: Applications, Technologies, and Security
Mobile Opportunistic Networks: Architectures, Protocols and Applications
3D Television (3DTV) Technology, Systems, and Deployment: Rolling Out the Infrastructure for Next-Generation Entertainment
Fixed Mobile Convergence Handbook
Security of Self-Organizing Networks: MANET, WSN, WMN, VANET
Business Continuity Planning: Protecting Your Organization's Life
Disaster Management and Preparedness
Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Crisis Management Planning and Execution
Disaster Management Handbook
Transportation Systems Security
Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness
Global Warming, Natural Hazards, and Emergency Management
Natural Hazards Analysis: Reducing the Impact of Disasters
Business Resumption Planning, Second Edition
Communicating Emergency Preparedness: Strategies for Creating a Disaster Resilient Public
Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Second Edition
GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management
Catastrophic Disaster Planning and Response
Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency: Exploring Global Opportunities and Challenges
A Practical Guide to Particle Counting for Drinking Water Treatment
Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional
Natural Organics Removal Using Membranes: Principles, Performance, and Cost
Ultraviolet Light in Water and Wastewater Sanitation
Problems in Water Distribution: Solved, Explained and Applied
Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure Management
Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water: Formation, Analysis, and Control
Cyanobacterial Toxins of Drinking Water Supplies
Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations, Second Edition
Water Distribution System Monitoring: A Practical Approach for Evaluating Drinking Water Quality
Practical Atlas for Bacterial Identification, Second Edition
Development of an Environmental Impact Assessment and Decision Support System for Seawater Desalination Plants
Desalination Technology: Health and Environmental Impacts
Vaccines: From Concept to Clinic: A Guide to the Development and Clinical Testing of Vaccines for Human Use
Metals and the Skin: Topical Effects and Systemic Absorption
The Blood-Brain Barrier and Drug Delivery to the CNS
Handbook of Drug Screening
Antisense Drug Technology: Principles: Strategies, and Applications
Surfactants and Polymers in Drug Delivery
Pharmacotherapy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems: Revised And Expanded
Parenteral Quality Control: Sterility, Pyrogen, Particulate, and Patkage Integrity Testing
Simulation for Designing Clinical Trials: A Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling Perspective
Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
A Guide to Pharmaceutical Particulate Science
Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems, Second Edition: Second Edition, Revised And Expanded
Pharmaceutical Process Validation: An International
Pharmaceutical Gene Delivery Systems
Development and Evaluation of Drugs: From Laboratory through Licensure to Market
Pharmaceutical Inhalation Aerosol Technology, Second Edition,
Drug Metabolizing Enzymes: Cytochrome P450 and Other Enzymes in Drug Discovery and Development
Compliance Handbook for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Biologics
New Drug Development: Regulatory Paradigms for Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics
Generic Drug Development: Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Injectable Dispersed Systems: Formulation, Processing and Performance
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Second Edition: Development, Manufacturing, and Regulation
Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing
Percutaneous Absorption: Drugs, Cosmetics, Mechanisms, Methods, Fourth Edition
Preclinical Drug Development
Microencapsulation: Methods and Industrial Applications, Second Edition
Nanoparticle Technology for Drug Delivery
Dose Optimization In Drug Development
Herbal Supplements-Drug Interactions: Scientific and Regulatory Perspectives
The Process of New Drug Discovery and Development, Second Edition
Liposome Technology, Volume III: Interactions of Liposomes with the Biological Milieu, Third Edition
Liposome Technology, Volume I: Liposome Preparation and Related Techniques, Third Edition
Liposome Technology, Volume II: Entrapment of Drugs and Other Materials into Liposomes, Third Edition
Pharmaceutical Photostability and Stabilization Technology
Pharmaceutical Isothermal Calorimetry
Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems
Water-Insoluble Drug Formulation, Second Edition
Approaches to the Conformational Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals
Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery
Protein Structure: Determination, Analysis, and Applications for Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery Strategies and Methods
Virtual Screening in Drug Discovery
Pharmacogenomics, Second Edition
Handbook of Assay Development in Drug Discovery
In Silico Technologies in Drug Target Identification and Validation
Allosteric Receptor Modulation in Drug Targeting
Biochips as Pathways to Drug Discovery
Functional Protein Microarrays in Drug Discovery
Antisense Drug Technology: Principles, Strategies, and Applications, Second Edition
Methods in Microarray Normalization
High-Throughput Lead Optimization in Drug Discovery
High-Throughput Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Protein Discovery Technologies
A Practical Guide to Assay Development and High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery
Quantitative Drug Design: A Critical Introduction, Second Edition
Multi-dimensional QSAR: Methods and Applications for Drug Discovery and Polymer Science
Earth's Core and Lower Mantle
The Indian Ocean Tsunami
Earthquake Engineering Handbook
Bridge Engineering: Seismic Design
Earthquake Engineering: From Engineering Seismology to Performance-Based Engineering
Wind and Earthquake Resistant Buildings: Sturctural Analysis and Design
Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design
Computational Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Spatial Variation of Seismic Ground Motions: Modeling and Engineering Applications
Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering: From Case History to Practice
Earthquake Geotechnical Case Histories for Performance-Based Design: ISSMGE TC4 2005-2009 Term Volume
Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design
Valuation of Ecological Resources: Integration of Ecology and Socioeconomics in Environmental Decision Making
Environmental Life Cycle Costing
Environmental and Economic Sustainability
Soil Ecology in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Biodiversity in Agroecosystems
Agroforestry in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Agroecosystem Sustainability: Developing Practical Strategies
Interactions Between Agroecosystems and Rural Communities
Structure and Function in Agroecosystem Design and Management
Biogeography of the West Indies: Patterns and Perspectives, Second Edition
Genetically Engineered Organisms: Assessing Environmental and Human Health Effects
Landscape Ecology in Agroecosystems Management
Biological Invasions: Economic and Environmental Costs of Alien Plant, Animal, and Microbe Species
Tropical Agroecosystems
Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Agroecosystems
Earthworm Ecology
Soil Organic Matter in Sustainable Agriculture
Ecology and Biomechanics: A Mechanical Approach to the Ecology of Animals and Plants
Land Use Change and Mountain Biodiversity
Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate
Niche Modeling: Predictions from Statistical Distributions
Functional Plant Ecology, Second Edition
Food, Energy, and Society, Third Edition
Ecological Basis of Agroforestry
Integrated Assessment of Health and Sustainability of Agroecosystems
Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems
Adequate Food for All: Culture, Science, and Technology of Food in the 21st Century
Holocene Palaeoenvironmental History of the Central Sahara: Palaeoecology of Africa Vol. 29, An International Yearbook of Lan
Sustainable Agroecosystem Management: Integrating Ecology, Economics, and Society
Data Mining for Global Trends in Mountain Biodiversity
Fractals and Multifractals in Ecology and Aquatic Science
The Conversion to Sustainable Agriculture: Principles, Processes, and Practices
Ecosystem Function in Savannas: Measurement and Modeling at Landscape to Global Scales
Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, and Environmental Management
Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry
Electroanalytical Chemistry: A Series Of Advances: Volume 21
Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Second Edition
Electroanalytical Methods Of Biological Materials
Electroanalytical Chemistry: A Series of Advances: Volume 22
Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence
Analytical and Physical Electrochemistry
Analytical Electrochemistry in Textiles
The Electrochemistry and Characteristics of Embeddable Reference Electrodes for Concrete (EFC 43)
The use of electrochemical scanning tunnelling microscopy (EC-STM) in corrosion analysis: Reference material and procedural
Electrochemistry in Light Water Reactors: Reference Electrodes, Measurement, Corrosion and Tribocorrosion Issues (EFC 49)
Electrochemistry of Zirconia Gas Sensors
Electrochemistry of Porous Materials
Electrocatalysis: Computational, Experimental, and Industrial Aspects
Technical and Military Imperatives: A Radar History of World War 2
Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB
Computational Methods for Electromagnetic and Optical Systems
Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics, Second Edition
Ultra-wideband Radar Technology
The RF and Microwave Handbook
Time-Domain Computer Analysis of Nonlinear Hybrid Systems
RF and Microwave Semiconductor Device Handbook
Dielectrics in Electric Fields
Electromagnetic Modeling by Finite Element Methods
Microwave and RF Product Applications
MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design
Handbook of Engineering Electromagnetics
Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics
Engineering Electromagnetics: Applications
Bioengineering and Biophysical Aspects of Electromagnetic Fields
Biological and Medical Aspects of Electromagnetic Fields
High Power Microwaves, Second Edition
Principles and Techniques of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Second Edition
The Method of Moments in Electromagnetics
RF and Microwave Circuits, Measurements, and Modeling
RF and Microwave Applications and Systems
RF and Microwave Passive and Active Technologies
The RF and Microwave Handbook, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set
Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
Polarimetric Radar Imaging: From Basics to Applications
Monte Carlo Methods for Electromagnetics
Surface Impedance Boundary Conditions: A Comprehensive Approach
Automotive Antenna Design and Applications
Electromagnetics of Time Varying Complex Media: Frequency and Polarization Transformer, Second Edition
Advanced Electroporation Techniques in Biology and Medicine
Handbook of Semiconductor Interconnection Technology, Second Edition
Handbook of Advanced Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Defects in Microelectronic Materials and Devices
Advanced Materials and Design for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
Smart Materials
Ultrafast Dynamics and Laser Action of Organic Semiconductors
Applications of Metamaterials
Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials
Carbons for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems
Organic Electronics: Materials, Processing, Devices and Applications
Organic Spintronics
Piezoelectric Actuators: Control Applications of Smart Materials
The MOCVD Challenge: A survey of GaInAsP-InP and GaInAsP-GaAs for photonic and electronic device applications, Second E
Magnetics, Dielectrics, and Wave Propagation with MATLAB® Codes
Advanced Piezoelectric Materials: Science and Technology
PEDOT: Principles and Applications of an Intrinsically Conductive Polymer
The Electronic Packaging Handbook
Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment
Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics, Second Edition: Thermal and Mechanical Design and Analysis
EDA for IC System Design, Verification, and Testing
Electronic Design Automation for Integrated Circuits Handbook - 2 Volume Set
Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics, Second Edition: Thermal and Mechanical Design and Analysis
Bioterrorism: Field Guide to Disease Identification and Initial Patient Management
Bioterrorism: A Guide for Hospital Preparedness
Emergency Action for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
Emergency Response to Chemical and Biological Agents
Hazardous Materials Chemistry for Emergency Responders, Second Edition
Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism: Emergency Response and Public Protection
Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders, Second Edition
Emergency Characterization of Unknown Materials
Fire Protection: Systems and Response
Endocrine Disruptors: Effects on Male and Female Reproductive Systems, Second Edition
Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders: Clinical Lab Testing Manual, Fourth Edition
Geothermal Energy Resources for Developing Countries
Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Materials for energy conversion devices
Handbook of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
Energy Conversion
Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology - 3 Volume Set (Print Version)
Materials for the Hydrogen Economy
Biofuels: Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Sustainable Development
Solid-State Hydrogen Storage: Materials and Chemistry
Materials for Fuel Cells
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Materials Properties and Performance
Post-Oil Energy Technology: The World's First Solar-Hydrogen Demonstration Power Plant
Nuclear Engineering Handbook
Energy Harvesting: Solar, Wind, and Ocean Energy Conversion Systems
Solid Fuels Combustion and Gasification: Modeling, Simulation, and Equipment Operations Second Edition
Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics
Design for Reliability
Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Assembly Automation and Product Design, Second Edition
Product Design and Factory Development
Product Design for the Environment: A Life Cycle Approach
Advances in Apparel Production
Introduction to Design Engineering: Systematic Creativity and Management
The Technology Management Handbook
Rotating Machinery Vibration: From Analysis to Troubleshooting
Strategic Management of Technological Learning
Knowledge Management: Learning from Knowledge Engineering
Management Of Professionals, Revised And Expanded
Simulation Modeling Handbook: A Practical Approach
Effective Opportunity Management for Projects: Exploiting Positive Risk
Computational Economic Analysis for Engineering and Industry
What Every Engineer Should Know About Career Management
What Every Engineer Should Know About Starting a High-Tech Business Venture
Transforming Organizations: Strategies and Methods
Transport Simulation: Beyond Traditional Approaches
Safety and Reliability of Bridge Structures
Analysis of Industrial Clusters in China
Entrepreneurship for Engineers
The Executive MBA for Engineers and Scientists
Integrated Learning for ERP Success: A Learning Requirements Planning Approach
Totally Integrated Enterprises: A Framework and Methodology for Business and Technology Improvement
Lean Performance ERP Project Management: Implementing the Virtual Supply Chain
ERP Optimization: Using Your Existing System to Support Profitable E-Business Initiatives
The Efficient Enterprise: Increased Corporate Success with Industry-Specific Information Technology and Knowledge Managem
ERP: Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain, Second Edition
Information Technology for Manufacturing: Reducing Costs and Expanding Capabilities
Advances In Insect Control: The Role Of Transgenic Plants
Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Pests
Insect Pest Management: Techniques for Environmental Protection
Fruit Flies (Tephritidae): Phylogeny and Evolution of Behavior
Insect Transgenesis: Methods and Applications
Heteroptera of Economic Importance
Stink Bugs of Economic Importance in America North of Mexico
Biotic Stress and Yield Loss
Honey Bees: Estimating the Environmental Impact of Chemicals
American Beetles, Volume II: Polyphaga: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea
Pesticides in Agriculture and the Environment
Insect Symbiosis
Predators and Parasitoids
Insect Diets: Science and Technology
Environmental Stress and Cellular Response in Arthropods
Insect Antifeedants
Insect Sounds and Communication: Physiology, Behaviour, Ecology, and Evolution
Insect Symbiosis, Volume 2
Insect Repellents: Principles, Methods, and Uses
Physician's Guide to Arthropods of Medical Importance, Fifth Edition
Bioassays with Arthropods, Second Edition
Encyclopedia of Pest Management, Volume II
Insect Symbiosis, Volume 3
Biotechnological Approaches for Pest Management and Ecological Sustainability
Food Exploitation By Social Insects: Ecological, Behavioral, and Theoretical Approaches
Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Lepidoptera
Indoor Air Quality Engineering: Environmental Health and Control of Indoor Pollutants
Hazardous Laboratory Chemicals Disposal Guide, Third Edition
Geochemical and Hydrological Reactivity of Heavy Metals in Soils
Water Resources Systems Analysis
Riparian Areas of the Southwestern United States: Hydrology, Ecology, and Management
Boreal Shield Watersheds: Lake Trout Ecosystems in a Changing Environment
Soil Degradation in the United States: Extent, Severity, and Trends
Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in Soils
Global Water Dynamics: Shallow and Deep Groundwater, Petroleum Hydrology, Hydrothermal Fluids, and Landscaping
Environmental Monitoring
Water Resources Engineering in Karst
Regional Scale Ecological Risk Assessment: Using the Relative Risk Model
Environmental Engineer's Mathematics Handbook
Forests at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Conservation and Management
Coastal Lagoons: Ecosystem Processes and Modeling for Sustainable Use and Development
Soil-Water-Solute Process Characterization: An Integrated Approach
Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry, and Health Effects
Restoration of Boreal and Temperate Forests
Handbook of Ecological Indicators for Assessment of Ecosystem Health
Drought and Water Crises: Science, Technology, and Management Issues
Occupational Exposure Assessment for Air Contaminants
Rubber Recycling
Healthcare Hazard Control and Safety Management, Second Edition
Bioremediation of Recalcitrant Compounds
Trace Environmental Quantitative Analysis: Principles, Techniques and Applications, Second Edition
Particles in Water: Properties and Processes
Trace Elements in the Environment: Biogeochemistry, Biotechnology, and Bioremediation
Barrier Systems for Environmental Contaminant Containment and Treatment
Drought Management and Planning for Water Resources
Hydroinformatics: Data Integrative Approaches in Computation, Analysis, and Modeling
Soil Erosion and Carbon Dynamics
Biological Effects of Surfactants
Macroengineering: An Environmental Restoration Management Process
Environmental Impacts of Treated Wood
Modeling Tools for Environmental Engineers and Scientists
Constitutive and Centrifuge Modelling: Two Extremes: Proceedings of the Workshop on Constitutive and Centrifuge Modelling, M
Scenario Innovation: Experiences from a European Experimental Garden
Interlinking of Rivers in India: Issues and Concerns
Surface Modelling: High Accuracy and High Speed Methods
Handbook for Environmental Risk Decision Making: Values, Perceptions, and Ethics
Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Risk Management
Plants for Environmental Studies
Warnings and Risk Communication
Warnings and Risk Communication
Ecological Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites
A Practical Guide to Understanding, Managing, and Reviewing Environmental Risk Assessment Reports
Coastal and Estuarine Risk Assessment
Ecological Modeling in Risk Assessment: Chemical Effects on Populations, Ecosystems, and Landscapes
Risk-Based Analysis for Environmental Managers
Risk Assessment with Time to Event Models
Species Sensitivity Distributions in Ecotoxicology
Soil and Environmental Analysis: Modern Instrumental Techniques
Radiation Risks in Perspective
Ecological Risk Assessment, Second Edition
Population-Level Ecological Risk Assessment
Environmental Assessment of Estuarine Ecosystems: A Case Study
Fires, Explosions, and Toxic Gas Dispersions: Effects Calculation and Risk Analysis
Semi-Field Methods for the Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Soil
Living with the Earth, Third Edition: Concepts in Environmental Health Science
Carbon Monoxide Toxicity
Worker Exposure to Agrochemicals: Methods for Monitoring and Assessment
Handbook of Environmental Health, Fourth Edition, Volume II: Pollutant Interactions in Air, Water, and Soil
Handbook of Environmental Health, Fourth Edition, Volume I: Biological, Chemical, and Physical Agents of Environmentally Rela
Handbook of Environmental Health, Fourth Edition, Two Volume Set
Illustrated Dictionary and Resource Directory of Environmental and Occupational Health, Second Edition
Global Warming and Climate Change (2 Vols.): Ten Years after Kyoto and Still Counting
Sick Building Syndrome and Related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination
Fire Protection for Commercial Facilities
Environmental and Quality Systems Integration
Environmental Impact Statements, Second Edition
International Environmental Standards Handbook
Environmental Justice Analysis: Theories, Methods, and Practice
Environmental Compliance: A Web-Enhanced Resource
OSHA Compliance Management: A Guide For Long-Term Health Care Facilities
Managing and Preparing Environmental Assessments: A Comprehensive Guide to NEPA EAs and International Environmental I
The Economics of International Trade and the Environment
Environmental Politics Casebook: Genetically Modified Foods
Industry Self-Regulation and Voluntary Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance Handbook
Principles of Water Law and Administration: National and International
2nd edition, revised and updated by Marcella Nanni
Corporate Environmental Management
NEPA and Environmental Planning: Tools, Techniques, and Approaches for Practitioners
Corporate Safety Compliance: OSHA, Ethics, and the Law
United States Water Law: An Introduction
Water Ethics: Marcelino Botin Water Forum 2007
TOXIC CHEMICALS: Risk Prevention Through Use Reduction
Managing and Preparing Environmental Assessments: A Comprehensive Guide to NEPA EAs and International
Environmental Impact Assessment, Second Edition
Compilation of EPA's Sampling and Analysis Methods, Second Edition
Handbook of Environmental Analysis: Chemical Pollutants in Air, Water, Soil, and Solid Wastes
Sampling and Surveying Radiological Environments
Soil and Environmental Analysis: Physical Methods, Revised, and Expanded
Trace Environmental Quantitative Analysis: Principles: Techniques, and Applications
Environmental Sampling and Analysis for Metals
Handbook of Environmental Analysis: Chemical Pollutants in Air, Water, Soil, and Solid Wastes, Second Edition
Manual of Environmental Analysis
Environmental Statistics with S-PLUS
Statistics for Environmental Science and Management
Statistics for Environmental Engineers, Second Edition
Statistical Tools for Environmental Quality Measurement
Sampling Techniques for Forest Inventories
Statistical Detection and Surveillance of Geographic Clusters
Bayesian Analysis for Population Ecology
Bayesian Modeling of Ecological Data
Statistical Geoinformatics for Human Environment Interface
Introduction to Environmental Toxicology: Impacts of Chemicals Upon Ecological Systems, Fourth Edition
Environmental Forensics
Integrated Assessment of Ecosystem Health
Environmental Toxicology: Biological and Health Effects of Pollutants, Second Edition
Organic Pollutants: An Ecotoxicological Perspective, Second Edition
Organic Pollutants: An Ecotoxicological Perspective, Second Edition
Ecosystems and Human Health: Toxicology and Environmental Hazards, Second Edition
Environmental Stressors in Health and Disease
Enzymes in the Environment: Activity, Ecology, and Applications
Biomarkers of Environmentally Associated Disease: Technologies, Concepts, and Perspectives
Toxicological Chemistry and Biochemistry, Third Edition
Handbook of Ecotoxicology, Second Edition
Predicting Chemical Toxicity and Fate
Chemical Pesticides Mode of Action and Toxicology
Biogeochemical, Health, and Ecotoxicological Perspectives on Gold and Gold Mining
Environmental Toxicology: Biological and Health Effects of Pollutants, Second Edition
Techniques in Aquatic Toxicology, Volume 2
Ecotoxicological Testing of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems: Emerging Techniques, Trends and Strategies
Toxicology of Reptiles
Cyanide in Water and Soil: Chemistry, Risk, and Management
Mercury Hazards to Living Organisms
Freshwater Bivalve Ecotoxicology
Genomic Approaches for Cross-Species Extrapolation in Toxicology
Assessing the Hazard of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances in Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems
Ecosystem Responses to Mercury Contamination: Indicators of Change
Genomics in Regulatory Ecotoxicology: Applications and Challenges
Ecotoxicology: A Comprehensive Treatment
Veterinary Medicines in the Environment
Ecotoxicology of Explosives
Handbook of Pesticides: Methods of Pesticide Residues Analysis
Aquatic Macrophyte Risk Assessment for Pesticides
Derivation and Use of Environmental Quality and Human Health Standards for Chemical Substances in Water and Soil
Ecological Models for Regulatory Risk Assessments of Pesticides: Developing a Strategy for the Future
Linking Aquatic Exposure and Effects: Risk Assessment of Pesticides
Application of Uncertainty Analysis to Ecological Risks of Pesticides
The Taiwan Crisis: a showcase of the global arsenic problem
Ecotoxicology of Amphibians and Reptiles, Second Edition
Jet Fuel Toxicology
Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements: Derivation, Implimentation, and Interpretation
Mixture Toxicity: Linking Approaches from Ecological and Human Toxicology
Drinking Water and Infectious Disease: Establishing the Links
Childhood Obesity: Contemporary Issues
Spatial Epidemiological Approaches in Disease Mapping and Analysis
Ergonomics and Psychology: Developments in Theory and Practice
Aviation Psychology and Human Factors
The Engineer's Cost Handbook: Tools for Managing Project Costs
Estimating Building Costs
Project and Cost Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition
Home Builder's Guide to Continuous Improvement: Schedule, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Cost, and Safety
Molecular Systematics and Plant Evolution
Molecular Systematics and Plant Evolution
Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny
A History of the Life Sciences, Revised and Expanded
Milestones in Systematics
Organelles, Genomes and Eukaryote Phylogeny: An Evolutionary Synthesis in the Age of Genomics
Neotropical Savannas and Seasonally Dry Forests: Plant Diversity, Biogeography, and Conservation
Biogeography in a Changing World
Reconstructing the Tree of Life: Taxonomy and Systematics of Species Rich Taxa
Pleurocarpous Mosses: Systematics and Evolution
Biodiversity Databases: Techniques, Politics, and Applications
Automated Taxon Identification in Systematics: Theory, Approaches and Applications
Unravelling the algae: the past, present, and future of algal systematics
Biology of Turtles: From Structures to Strategies of Life
The New Taxonomy
Medicine and Evolution: Current Applications, Future Prospects
Environmental Biology
Decapod Crustacean Phylogenetics
Molluscan Paleontology of the Chesapeake Miocene
Systema Naturae 250 - The Linnaean Ark
Human Variation: From the Laboratory to the Field
Fossil Behavior Compendium
African Palaeoenvironments and geomorphic landscape evolution: Palaeoecology of Africa Vol. 30, An International Yearbook o
Disaster and Recovery Planning: A Guide for Facility Managers, Third Edition
The Independent Airport Planning Reference Manual
Industrial Applications of Single Cell Oils
Proceedings of the World Conference on Lauric Oils: Sources, Processing, and Applications
Methods to Access Quality and Stability of Oils and Fat-Containing Foods
Development and Processing of Vegetable Oils for Human Nutrition
Structural Modified Food Fats: Synthesis, Biochemistry, and Use
Physical Properties of Lipids
Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, Third Edition
Food Emulsions
Fats and Oils: Formulating and Processing for Applications, Second Edition
Diacylglycerol Oil
Nutritionally Enhanced Edible Oil Processing
Fat Crystal Networks
Healthful Lipids
Industrial Uses of Vegetable Oil
Single Cell Oils
Trans Fat Alternative
Improving the fat content of foods
Nutraceutical and Specialty Lipids and their Co-Products
Lipid Analysis and Lipidomics: NewTechniques and Applications
Olive Oil: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition
Modifying Lipids for Use in Food
Teaching Innovations in Lipid Science
Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, Third Edition
Fats and Oil: Formulating and Processing for Applications, Third Edition
Bleaching and Purifying Fats and Oils: Theory and Practice, Second Edition
Gourmet and Health-Promoting Specialty Oils
Chemical, Biological, and Functional Aspects of Food Lipids, Second Edition
Frying of Food: Oxidation, Nutrient and Non-Nutrient Antioxidants, Biologically Active Compounds and High Temperatures, Seco
Accounting and Finance for the NonFinancial Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century
101 Investment Tools for Buying Low & Selling High
Encyclopedic Dictionary of International Finance and Banking
Power Investing With Basket Securities: The Investor's Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds
Investing in Mortgage Securities
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, Ninth Edition
Encyclopedia of Alternative Investments
Insider Trading: Global Developments and Analysis
Stock Market Volatility
Unravelling the Credit Crunch
Emerging Markets: Performance, Analysis and Innovation
The Banking Crisis Handbook
Pension Fund Risk Management: Financial and Actuarial Modeling
Operational Risk Modelling and Management
Government Budget Forecasting: Theory and Practice
State and Local Pension Fund Management
International Handbook of Public Procurement
Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies
Fire Retardant Materials
The Design and Layout of Fire Sprinkler Systems, Second Edition
Industrial Fire Protection Handbook, Second Edition
Combustion Phenomena: Selected Mechanisms of Flame Formation, Propagation and Extinction
Thermophysical Properties of Energetic Materials: Predictions and Experimental Measurements
Handbook of Grid Generation
Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems
Viscous Fluid Flow
Analytical Fluid Dynamics, Second Edition
Mesh Free Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method
Handbook of Pneumatic Conveying Engineering
Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics
Numerical Modeling of Water Waves
Gas Pipeline Hydraulics
Multiphase Flow Handbook
Hydraulic Power System Analysis
Capillary Flows with Forming Interfaces
Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Technology, Second Edition
Handbook of Fat Replacers
Handbook of Spices, Seasonings and Flavorings
Antioxidants in Food: Practical Applications
Handbook of Herbs and Spices
Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, Fourth Edition
Food Additives
Natural Colorants for Food and Nutraceutical Uses
Taints and Off-Flavours in Food
Analytical Methods for Food Additives
Handbook of Herbs and Spices: Volume 2
Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, Fifth Edition
Soy Applications in Food
Ingredient Interactions: Effects on Food Quality, Second Edition
Flavour in food
Benders' dictionary of nutrition and food technology, Eighth Edition
Reducing Salt in Foods: Practical Strategies
Modifying Flavour in Food
Food Colorants: Chemical and Functional Properties
Food Fortification and Supplementation: Technological, Safety and Regulatory Aspects
Fiber Ingredients: Food Applications and Health Benefits
Chemical and Biological Properties of Food Allergens
Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, Sixth Edition
Plant Gum Exudates of the World: Sources, Distribution, Properties, and Applications
Organic Acids and Food Preservation
Cereal Biotechnology
Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology
Food Science and Food Biotechnology
Bioprocesses and Biotechnology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
Food Biotechnology, Second Edition
Spice Science and Technology
Complex Carbohydrates in Foods
Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Fatty Acid Derivatives
Natural Extracts Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Handbook of Hydrocolloids, 2nd Edition
Food Shelf Life Stability: Chemical, Biochemical, and Microbiological Changes
Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis, Second Edition
Food Phytates
Protein-Based Films and Coatings
Food Protein Analysis: Quantitative Effects On Processing
Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Lipids
Physical Chemistry of Foods
Handbook of Food Enzymology
Characterization of Cereals and Flours: Properties, Analysis And Applications
Official Methods for Determination of trans Fat
Texture in Food: Volume 1: Semi-Solid Foods
Food Phenolics: Sources, Chemistry, Effects, Applications
Handbook of Flavor Characterization: Sensory Analysis, Chemistry, and Physiology
Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Saccharides
Food Preservation Techniques
Genetic Variation in Taste Sensitivity
Vitamin E: Food Chemistry, Composition, and Analysis
Starch in Food: Structure, Function and Applications
Food Emulsions: Principles, Practices, and Techniques, Second Edition
Modern Methods for Lipid Analysis by Liquid Chromatography: Mass Spectrometry and Related Techniques
Methods of Analysis of Food Components and Additives
Analysis of Lipid Oxidation
Food Carbohydrates: Chemistry, Physical Properties, and Applications
Flavor Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition
Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Food Components
Vitamins In Foods: Analysis, Bioavailability, and Stability
Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biological Materials
Carbohydrates in Food, Second Edition
Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications
Sensory-Directed Flavor Analysis
Advances in Conjugated Linoleic Acid Research, Volume 3
Functional Food Carbohydrates
Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components, Third Edition
Mineral Components in Foods
Handbook of Water Analysis, Second Edition
Vitamin Analysis for the Health and Food Sciences, Second Edition
Tea and Tea Products: Chemistry and Health-Promoting Properties
Analysis of Lipid Oxidation
Handbook of Food Analysis Instruments
Kinetic Modeling of Reactions In Foods
Starches: Characterization, Properties, and Applications
Advances in Food Biochemistry
Modern Gastronomy: A to Z
Official Methods for Determination of trans Fat, Second Edition
Chemical Deterioration and Physical Instability of Food and Beverages
Oxidation in Foods and Beverages and Antioxidant Applications, Volume 1: Understanding Mechanisms of Oxidation and Antiox
Food Allergens: Analysis Instrumentation and Methods
Handbook of Food Engineering Practice
Food Storage Stability
Processing Foods: Quality Optimization and Process Assessment
New Ingredients in Food Processing: Biochemistry and Agriculture
Benders' dictionary of nutrition and food technology, Eighth Edition
Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, Second Edition
Managing Frozen Foods
Technology of Biscuits, Crackers, and Cookies, Third Edition
Chilled Foods: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition
Biscuit, Cracker, and Cookie Recipes for the Food Industry
Food Processing Operations Modeling: Design and Analysis, Second Edition
Pulsed Electric Fields in Food Processing: Fundamental Aspects and Applications
Cereals Processing Technology
Baking Problems Solved
Frying: Improving Quality
Osmotic Dehydration and Vacuum Impregnation: Applications in Food Industries
Snack Foods Processing
Automation for Food Engineering: Food Quality Quantization and Process Control
Food Process Modelling
Extrusion Cooking: Technology and Applications
Instrumentation and Sensors for the Food Industry, Second Edition
Engineering and Food for the 21st Century
Food Plant Engineering Systems
Minimal Processing Technologies in the Food Industry
The Nutrition Handbook for Food Processors
Unit Operations in Food Engineering
Transport Phenomena in Food Processing
Physical Principles of Food Preservation: Revised and Expanded
Extraction Optimization in Food Engineering
Rapid and On-Line Instrumentation for Food Quality Assurance
Bread Making: Improving Quality
Environmentally Friendly Food Processing
Halal Food Production
Handbook of Frozen Foods
Texture in Food: Volume 2: Solid Foods
Oil Extraction and Analysis: Critical Issues and Competitive Studies
Proteins in food processing
Frying Technology and Practices
Improving the thermal processing of foods
The Soft Drinks Companion: A Technical Handbook for the Beverage Industry
Image Analysis of Food Microstructure
Novel Food Processing Technologies
Engineering Properties of Foods, Third Edition
Food Plant Design
Encapsulated and Powdered Foods
The Microwave Processing of Foods
Food Processing: Principles and Applications
Handbook of Frozen Food Processing and Packaging
Thermal Food Processing: New Technologies and Quality Issues
The Chorleywood Bread Process
Improving traceability in food processing and distribution
Measurement and Control in Food Processing
Handbook of Food Engineering, Second Edition
Handbook of Food and Bioprocess Modeling Techniques
Handbook of Waste Management and Co-Product Recovery in Food Processing: Volume 1
Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing
Handbook of Food Preservation, Second Edition
Food Plant Economics
Novel Enzyme Technology for Food Applications
Food Preservation by Pulsed Electric Fields: From Research to Application
Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods
In-Pack Processed Foods: Improving Quality
Handbook of Water and Energy Management in Food Processing
Optical Monitoring of Fresh and Processed Agricultural Crops
Advances in Food Dehydration
Food Processing Operations Modeling: Design and Analysis, Second Edition
Energy Efficiency and Management in Food Processing Facilities
Optimization in Food Engineering
Extracting Bioactive Compounds for Food Products: Theory and Applications
Advances in Deep-Fat Frying of Foods
Advanced Drying Technologies, Second Edition
Ultraviolet Light in Food Technology: Principles and Applications
Food Properties Handbook, Second Edition
Engineering Aspects of Thermal Food Processing
Breaded Fried Foods
Processing Effects on Safety and Quality of Foods
Biofilms in the Food and Beverage Industries
Innovation in Food Engineering: New Techniques and Products
Engineering Aspects of Milk and Dairy Products
Novel Food Processing: Effects on Rheological and Functional Properties
Mathematical Modeling of Food Processing
Cereal Grains: Assessing and Managing Quality
Freeze-drying of Pharmaceutical and Food Products
Infrared Heating for Food and Agricultural Processing
Physicochemical Aspects of Food Engineering and Processing
Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Education: Global Perspectives and Current Practice
HACCP in the Meat Industry
Making the Most of HACCP: Learning from Others' Experience
EU Food Law: A Practical Guide
Auditing in the Food Industry: From Safety and Quality to Environmental and Other Audits
Compact Regs Parts 110 and 111: CFR 21 Parts 110 and 111 cGMP in Manufacturing: Packaging, or Holding Human Food; cG
The CRC Master Keyword Guide for Food: 21 CFR Regulations of the Food and Drug Administration
Quality Assurance for the Food Industry: A Practical Approach
Rapid Detection and Characterization of Foodborne Pathogens by Molecular Techniques
Food Safety and Toxicity
Lactoferrin: Natural - Multifunctional - Antimicrobial
Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems
Food Toxicology
Seafood and Freshwater Toxins: Pharmacology, Physiology, and Detection, Second Edition
Food Intolerance and the Food Industry
The Stability and Shelf-life of Food
Microbial Food Contamination
Bread Staling
Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research
Food Chemical Safety, Volume I: Contaminants
Food Chemical Safety, Volume II: Additives
Foodborne Pathogens: Hazards, Risk Analysis and Control, 2nd Edition
Handbook of Food Toxicology
Food Plant Sanitation
Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Processing
Microbial Safety of Minimally Processed Foods
Microbial Stress Adaptation and Food Safety
International Handbook of Foodborne Pathogens
Natural Antimicrobials for the Minimal Processing of Foods
Detecting Pathogens in Food
Hygiene in Food Processing
Food Authenticity and Traceability
Modeling Microbial Responses in Food
Food and Nutritional Toxicology
Detecting Foreign Bodies in Food
Understanding and Measuring the Shelf-Life of Food
Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, Fourth Edition
Mycotoxins in Food: Detection and Control
Pesticide, veterinary and other residues in food
Toxins in Food
Bioterrorism and Food Safety
Antimicrobials in Food, Third Edition
Understanding Pathogen Behaviour Virulence, Stress Response and Resistance
Improving the Safety of Fresh Meat
Food Safety Control in the Poultry Industry
Microbiology of Fruits and Vegetables
Improving the Safety of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health
Aflatoxin and Food Safety
Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry
The Handbook of Microbiological Media for the Examination of Food
Detecting allergens in food
Food spoilage microorganisms
Advanced Quantitative Microbiology for Foods and Biosystems: Models for Predicting Growth and Inactivation
Emerging foodborne pathogens
Radionuclide Concentrations in Food and the Environment
Acrylamide and other hazardous compounds in heat-treated foods
Microbiological Analysis of Red Meat, Poultry and Eggs
Managing Allergens in Food
Food consumption and disease risk: Consumer-pathogen interactions
Listeria, Listeriosis, and Food Safety, Third Edition
Understanding and Controlling the Microstructure of Complex Foods
Microbial Food Contamination, Second Edition
Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts, Second Edition
Food Safety of Proteins in Agricultural Biotechnology
Seafood and Freshwater Toxins: Pharmacology, Physiology, and Detection, Second Edition
Chilled Foods: A Comprehensive Guide, Third Edition
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Food
Molecular Detection of Foodborne Pathogens
Himalayan Fermented Foods: Microbiology, Nutrition, and Ethnic Values
Food Identity Preservation and Traceability: Safer Grains
Ready-to-Eat Foods: Microbial Concerns and Control Measures
Improving the Safety and Quality of Milk: Volume One, Milk Production and Processing
Improving the Safety and Quality of Milk: Volume Two, Improving Quality in Milk Products
Safety Analysis of Foods of Animal Origin
Managing Wine Quality: Oenology and Wine Quality, Volume Two
Dictionary of Food Safety
Tracing Pathogens in the Food Chain
Protective Cultures, Antimicrobial Metabolites and Bacteriophages for Food and Beverage Biopreservation
Food Labelling
Thermal Technologies in Food Processing
Active Packaging for Food Applications
Novel Food Packaging Techniques
Chemical Migration and Food Contact Materials
Intelligent and Active Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables
Environmentally Compatible Food Packaging
Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for the Storage, Transportation, and Packaging of Horticultural Commodities
Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide
Sensory Shelf Life Estimation of Food Products
Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Third Edition
Developing New Food Products for a Changing Marketplace
Food, Consumers, and the Food Industry: Catastrophe or Opportunity?
Food Process Design
The World Sugar Market
Optimizing sweet taste in foods
Understanding consumers of food products
Consumer Led Food Product Development
Case Studies in Food Product Development
An Integrated Approach to New Food Product Development
Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Problems Solved
Sensory Analysis of Foods of Animal Origin
Consumer Driven Innovation in Food and Personal Care Products
Drug Residues in Foods: Pharmacology: Food Safety, and Analysis
Colour in Food: Improving Quality
Beverage Quality and Safety
Food Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices
Food Plant Sanitation: Design, Maintenance, and Good Manufacturing Practices
Handbook of Organic Food Safety and Quality
Food Industry Quality Control Systems
Delivering Performance in Food Supply Chains
Sensory Analysis for Food and Beverage Quality Control: A Practical Guide
Emerging Technologies for Food Quality and Food Safety Evaluation
Instrumental Data for Drug Analysis, Third Edition - 6 Volume Set
Color Atlas of the Autopsy
Essentials of Forensic Imaging: A Text-Atlas
The Use of Forensic Anthropology, Second Edition
Introduction to Forensic Sciences, Second Edition
Forensic Taphonomy: The Postmortem Fate of Human Remains
Forensic Dentistry
Drug Abuse Handbook
Forensic Radiology
The Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Investigation, and Intervention, SECOND EDITION
Atlas of Human Hair: Microscopic Characteristics
Gunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques, SECOND EDITION
Handbook for Death Scene Investigators
Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals
Forensic Examination of Hair
Forensic Examination of Fibres, Second Edition
Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
Forensic Science Glossary
Hunting Serial Predators: A Multivariate Classification Approach to Profiling Violent Behavior
Quantitative-Qualitative Friction Ridge Analysis: An Introduction to Basic and Advanced Ridgeology
Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents: A Field Guide
Time of Death, Decomposition and Identification: An Atlas
Dead Reckoning: The Art of Forensic Detection
Color Atlas Of Forensic Pathology
Investigation of Road Traffic Fatalities: An Atlas
Asphyxia and Drowning: An Atlas
Endangered Children: Neonaticide, Infanticide, and Filicide
Current Methods in Forensic Gunshot Residue Analysis
Forensic Interpretation of Glass Evidence
Serial Offenders: Current Thought, Recent Findings
Cadaver Dog Handbook: Forensic Training and Tactics for the Recovery of Human Remains
Principles and Practice of Criminalistics: The Profession of Forensic Science
Forensic Art and Illustration
Vehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
The Practical Methodology of Forensic Photography, Second Edition
Forensic Entomology: The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations
Forensic Engineering, Second Edition
Forensic Engineering Investigation
Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology: A Collaborative Approach to Effective Profiling
Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Third Edition
Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging
Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Second Edition
Forensic Pathology, Second Edition
Advances in Forensic Taphonomy: Method, Theory, and Archaeological Perspectives
Forensic Examination of Glass and Paint: Analysis and Interpretation
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: With an Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction, Second Edition
An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis, Second Edition
The Pathology of Drug Abuse, Third Edition
Medicolegal Neuropathology: A Color Atlas
Forensic Speaker Identification
A Radiologic Atlas of Abuse, Torture, Terrorism, and Inflicted Trauma
Methamphetamine Use: Clinical and Forensic Aspects
Forensic Investigation of Clandestine Laboratories
Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Seventh Edition
Forensic Materials Engineering: Case Studies
Color Atlas and Manual of Microscopy for Criminalists, Chemists, and Conservators
Advances in Forensic Applications of Mass Spectrometry
Field Guide to Clandestine Laboratory Identification and Investigation
The Practice Of Crime Scene Investigation
Forensic Botany: Principles and Applications to Criminal Casework
Firearms, the Law, and Forensic Ballistics, Second Edition
Human Osteology and Skeletal Radiology: An Atlas and Guide
Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation
Nuclear Forensic Analysis
Principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Theory and Practice
Illustrated Guide to Crlme Scene Investigation
Forensic Recovery of Human Remains: Archaeological Approaches
Excited Delirium Syndrome: Cause of Death and Prevention
Scientific Examination of Documents: Methods and Techniques, Third Edition
A Brief History of Cocaine, Second Edition
Explosives and Chemical Weapons Identification
Terminal Ballistics: A Text and Atlas of Gunshot Wounds
Practical Analysis and Reconstruction of Shooting Incidents
Practical Bomb Scene Investigation
Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents, Second Edition
Pathology of the Heart and Sudden Death in Forensic Medicine
Physical Abusers and Sexual Offenders: Forensic and Clinical Strategies
Analytical and Practical Aspects of Drug Testing in Hair
Biological Influences on Criminal Behavior
Forensic Medical Investigation of Motor Vehicle Incidents
Death Investigation: Systems and Procedures
Drug Abuse Handbook, Second Edition
Geological and Soil Evidence: Forensic Applications
Investigating Infant Deaths
Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents, Second Edition
Nonhuman DNA Typing: Theory and Casework Applications
Workplace Drug Testing
Neurochemistry of Abused Drugs
Postmortem Toxicology of Abused Drugs
Pathology, Toxicogenetics, and Criminalistics of Drug Abuse
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Abused Drugs
Forensic Issues in Alcohol Testing
The Forensic Evaluation of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Handbook for Clinicians and Attorneys, Second Edition
Ensuring Competent Performance in Forensic Practice: Recovery, Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting
Traumatic Brain Injury: Methods for Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychiatric Assessment, Second Edition
Tire Tread and Tire Track Evidence: Recovery and Forensic Examination
Skeletal Trauma: Identification of Injuries Resulting from Human Rights Abuse and Armed Conflict
Soil Analysis in Forensic Taphonomy: Chemical and Biological Effects of Buried Human Remains
Biobehavioral Resilience to Stress
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with an Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction, Third Edition
The Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
Chemical Analysis of Firearms, Ammunition, and Gunshot Residue
Feder's Succeeding as an Expert Witness, Fourth Edition
Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Fourth Edition
Methods in Environmental Forensics
Forensic Neuropathology, Second Edition
Methamphetamine Use: Clinical and Forensic Aspects, Second Edition
Fingerprints: Analysis and Understanding
Death Scene Investigation: A Field Guide
Karch's Pathology of Drug Abuse, Fourth Edition
Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices
Human and Nonhuman Bone Identification: A Color Atlas
Serial Violence: Analysis of Modus Operandi and Signature Characteristics of Killers
The Use of Forensic Anthropology
Forensic Science in Wildlife Investigations
Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine
Scientific Method: Applications in Failure Investigation and Forensic Science
The Virtopsy Approach: 3D Optical and Radiological Scanning and Reconstruction in Forensic Medicine
Dental Autopsy
Practical Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction
Handbook of Forensic Toxicology for Medical Examiners
Quantitation and Mass Spectrometric Data of Drugs and Isotopically Labeled Analogs
Forensic Epidemiology
Forensic Entomology: The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations, Second Edition
Mathematical Methods for Accident Reconstruction: A Forensic Engineering Perspective
Pediatric Homicide: Medical Investigation
Paleoimaging: Field Applications for Cultural Remains and Artifacts
Color Atlas of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
Forensic Nursing: A Concise Manual
Forensic Applications of High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Forensic Dentistry, Second Edition
Forensic Autopsy: A Handbook and Atlas
Advanced Crime Scene Photography
Forensic Science: The Basics, Second Edition
Computer-Aided Forensic Facial Comparison
Color Atlas of Forensic Toolmark Identification
Introduction to Data Analysis with R for Forensic Scientists
Suicidal Mass Murderers: A Criminological Study of Why They Kill
Practical Crime Scene Investigations for Hot Zones
Scientific Protocols for Forensic Examination of Clothing
Water-Related Death Investigation: Practical Methods and Forensic Applications
Necrophilia: Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects
Forensic Science in Healthcare: Caring for Patients, Preserving the Evidence
Brogdon's Forensic Radiology
Sudden Death in Epilepsy: Forensic and Clinical Issues
Human and Nonhuman Bone Identification: A Concise Field Guide
Forest Certification: Roots, Issues, Challenges, and Benefits
The Southern Forest: Geography, Ecology, and Silviculture
The Silvicultural Basis For Agroforestry Systems
Forest Sampling Desk Reference
Forest Certification in Sustainable Development: Healing the Landscape
Biological Diversity: Balancing Interests Through Adaptive Collaborative Management
Wood Formation in Trees: Cell and Molecular Biology Techniques
Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables: Science, Technology, and Market
Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Improving Quality
Handbook of Vegetable Preservation and Processing
Legume Crop Genomics
Processing Fruits: Science and Technology, Second Edition
Produce Degradation: Pathways and Prevention
Environmentally Friendly Technologies for Agricultural Produce Quality
Fruit and Vegetable Flavour: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
Improving the Health-Promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetable Products
Enzymes in Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Chemistry and Engineering Applications
Postharvest Biology and Technology for Preserving Fruit Quality
Advances in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing
Hydrogen as a Fuel: Learning from Nature
Thermal and Catalytic Processes in Petroleum Refining
Petroleum and Gas Field Processing
Crude Oil Chemistry
Handbook of MTBE and Other Gasoline Oxygenates
Gasification Technologies: A Primer for Engineers and Scientists
Molecular Modeling in Heavy Hydrocarbon Conversions
Alcoholic Fuels
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing
The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum, Fourth Edition
Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy: A Global Challenge
Industrial Gas Handbook: Gas Separation and Purification
Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residua
Standardisation of Thermal Cycling Exposure Testing (EFC53)
Process Chemistry of Lubricant Base Stocks
Interfacial Properties of Petroleum Products
Process Chemistry of Petroleum Macromolecules
Zero Emissions Power Cycles
Production Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry
Advances in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts, and Catalysis
Biodiesel Science and Technology: From Soil to Oil
Asphaltenes: Chemical Transformation during Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils
Surface Activity of Petroleum Derived Lubricants
Advances in Fluid Catalytic Cracking: Testing, Characterization, and Environmental Regulations
Functional Foods: Concept to Product
Green Tea: Health Benefits and Applications
Handbook of Dietary Fiber
Soy Protein Products: Characteristics, Nutritional Aspects, and Utilization
Functional Foods: Biochemical and Processing Aspects, Volume 2
Methods of Analysis for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
Phytoestrogens and Health
Performance Functional Foods
Handbook of Fermented Functional Foods
Phytochemical Functional Foods
Advances in Conjugated Linoleic Acid Research
Flaxseed in Human Nutrition, Second Edition
Handbook of Functional Dairy Products
Phytosterols as Functional Food Components and Nutraceuticals
Functional Foods, Aging, and Degenerative Disease
Soybeans as Functional Foods and Ingredients
Functional Foods, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
Asian Functional Foods
Fish, Omega-3 and Human Health, Second Edition
Handbook of Functional Lipids
Phytoestrogens In Functional Foods
Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease
Dictionary of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals: Processing Technologies
Functional Foods and Biotechnology
Anti-Angiogenic Functional and Medicinal Foods
Novel Food Ingredients for Weight control
Berry Fruit: Value-Added Products for Health Promotion
Marine Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Technology of Functional Cereal Products
Fatty Acids in Foods and their Health Implications,Third Edition
Tomatoes and Tomato Products: Nutritional, Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties
Vegetables and Fruits: Nutritional and Therapeutic Values
Handbook of Prebiotics
Delivery and Controlled Release of Bioactives in Foods and Nutraceuticals
Methods of Analysis for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Second Edition
Marine Products for Healthcare: Functional and Bioactive Nutraceutical Compounds from the Ocean
Tree Nuts: Composition, Phytochemicals, and Health Effects
Lycopene: Nutritional, Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties
Functional and Specialty Beverage Technology
Designing Functional Foods: Measuring and Controlling Food Structure Breakdown and Nutrient Absorption
Handbook of Prebiotics and Probiotics Ingredients: Health Benefits and Food Applications
Handbook of Nutraceuticals Volume I: Ingredients, Formulations, and Applications
Fatty Acids in Health Promotion and Disease Causation
Biotechnology in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
Bioactive Peptides: Applications for Improving Nutrition and Health
Chitin, Chitosan, Oligosaccharides and Their Derivatives: Biological Activities and Applications
Functional Foods of the East
Fruit and Cereal Bioactives: Sources, Chemistry, and Applications
Bioactive Foods and Extracts: Cancer Treatment and Prevention
Slippery Math In Public Affairs: Price Tag And Defense
Handbook of Public Administration and Policy in the European Union
Handbook of Organization Theory and Management: The Philosophical Approach, Second Edition
Handbook of Technology Management in Public Administration
The Art and Practice of Court Administration
Handbook of Police Administration
International Handbook of Penology and Criminal Justice
Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration, Second Edition
Social and Economic Control of Alcohol: The 21st Amendment in the 21st Century
Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Second Edition (Print Version)
Handbook of Military Administration
Handbook of Administrative Reform: An International Perspective
Handbook of Employee Benefits and Administration
Understanding Research Methods: A Guide for the Public and Nonprofit Manager
The Facilitative Leader in City Hall: Reexamining the Scope and Contributions
The New Face of Government: How Public Managers Are Forging a New Approach to Governance
Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition
Practical Handbook of Materials Science
Signal Recovery from Noise in Electronic Instrumentation, Second Edition
Shaft Seals for Dynamic Applications
Environmental Engineers' Handbook, Second Edition
The Electrical Engineering Handbook, Second Edition
Corrosion Science and Technology
Practically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Engineering, Technology and Architecture
Handbook of Applied Superconductivity, Volume 2
Operational Performance Measurement: Increasing Total Productivity
Friction and Lubrication in Mechanical Design
Image Analysis: Applications in Materials Engineering
AC Power Systems Handbook, Second Edition
Continuous-Time Active Filter Design
Fluid Bed Technology in Materials Processing
Electronics and Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB
Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook, Second Edition
Handbook of Emerging Communications Technologies: The Next Decade
Lewis' Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
Engineered Concrete Mix Design and Test Methods
Organic Chemicals: An Environmental Perspective
Environmental Chemistry, Seventh Edition
Hydrometry: IHE Delft Lecture Note Series
Applications of Environmental Chemistry: A Practical Guide for Environmental Professionals
Processing of High-Temperature Superconductors at High Strain
Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition
The Resource Handbook of Electronics
Computational Intelligence in Telecommunications Networks
Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory
Special Edition - Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory
Lean Manufacturing: Tools, Techniques, and How to Use Them
EMI Filter Design
The CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications
Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems through Bondgraphs
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume I, Systems Technique
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume II, Computer-Integrat
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume III, Operational Metho
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume IV, Optimization Meth
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume V, The Design of Man
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume VI, Manufacturing Sy
Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing: Systems Techniques and Applications, Volume VII, Artificial Intellige
Secondary Steelmaking: Principles and Applications
CRC Materials Science and Engineering Handbook, Third Edition
Computational Intelligence In Manufacturing Handbook
River Basin Sediment Systems - Archives of Environmental Change
Dictionary of Material Science and High Energy Physics
Elementary Mathematical and Computational Tools for Electrical and Computer Engineers Using MATLAB, Second Edition
The Mathematics of Thermal Modeling: An Introduction to the Theory of Laser Material Processing
Applied Materials Science: Applications of Engineering Materials in Structural, Electronics, Thermal, and Other Industries
Elicitation of Expert Opinions for Uncertainty and Risks
Iso 9001: 2000 for Small Business: Implementing Process-Approach Quality Management
Handbook of Silicon Semiconductor Metrology
Building a Culture of Respect: Managing Bullying at Work
Building a Culture of Respect: Managing Bullying at Work
Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials
Six Sigma and Beyond: Foundations of Excellent Performance, Volume I
Six Sigma and Beyond: Problem Solving and Basic Mathematics, Volume II
Advanced Quality Function Deployment
Evolutionary Electronics: Automatic Design of Electronic Circuits and Systems by Genetic Algorithms
Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook, Second Edition
Validation Standard Operating Procedures: A Step by Step Guide for Achieving Compliance in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Dev
Encyclopedia and Handbook of Materials, Parts and Finishes
Root Cause Analysis: Improving Performance for Bottom-Line Results, Second Edition
The RF Transmission Systems Handbook
Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing: Leveraging Manufacturing Concepts to Achieve World-Class Service
Handbook of Machine Tool Analysis
Six Sigma and Beyond: Statistics and Probability, Volume III
The Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition
Concise Dictionary of Materials Science: Structure and Characterization of Polycrystalline Materials
Environmental Technology Resources Handbook
Practical Reliability Of Electronic Equipment And Products
Microscopy Techniques for Materials Science
Six Sigma and Beyond: The Implementation Process, Volume VII
Six Sigma and Beyond: Design for Six Sigma, Volume VI
Mechanical Properties of Engineered Materials
Handbook of Superconducting Materials
Human Thermal Environments: The Effects of Hot, Moderate, and Cold Environments on Human Health, Comfort and Performa
Human Thermal Environments: The Effects of Hot, Moderate, and Cold Environments on Human Health, Comfort and Performa
Environmental Rock Engineering: Proceedings of the First Kyoto International Symposium on Underground Environment, Kyoto
Desertification in the Third Millennium: Proceedings of an International Conference, Dubai, 12-15 February 2000
Hydrometry: IHE Delft Lecture Note Series
Understanding Water in a Dry Environment: IAH International Contributions to Hydrogeology 23
Analysis of Residual Stress by Diffraction using Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation
Handbook of High-Temperature Superconductor
Value Engineering: Analysis And Methodology
Battery Technology Handbook
Project Scheduling Handbook
Electronic Portable Instruments: Design and Applications
Energy Absorption of Structures and Materials
Industrial Brazing Practice
Electrostatics 2003
Snow Engineering V: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Snow Engineering, 5-8 July 2004, Davos, Switzerland
The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering, Second Edition
Pressure Vessels: Design and Practice
Continuum Mechanics and Plasticity
Tribology In Chemical-Mechanical Planarization
Handbook of Photomask Manufacturing Technology
Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering, Second Edition
The Electronics Handbook, Second Edition
Vibration and Shock Handbook
Powders and Grains 2005: Proceedings of the International Conference on Powders & Grains 2005, Stuttgart, Germany, 18-22
Low-Power Processors and Systems on Chips
Standard Handbook of Chains: Chains for Power Transmission and Material Handling, Second Edition
New developments in advanced welding
Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Semiconductors and Nanostructures
Low-Power CMOS Circuits: Technology, Logic Design and CAD Tools
Gaseous Electronics: Theory and Practice
Optomechatronics: Fusion of Optical and Mechatronic Engineering
Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano
Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fifth Edition, Volumes One and Two
Electronics, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Electromagnetics, and Radar
Broadcasting and Optical Communication Technology
Node List Tolerance Analysis: Enhancing SPICE Capabilities with Mathcad
Electronics: Circuits, Amplifiers and Gates, Second Edition
Root Cause Analysis: Improving Performance for Bottom-Line Results, Third Edition
AC Power Systems Handbook, Third Edition
Advanced Structural Materials: Properties, Design Optimization, and Applications
Geosynthetics in civil engineering
Heteroepitaxy of Semiconductors: Theory, Growth, and Characterization
The Water Encyclopedia, Third Edition: Hydrologic Data and Internet Resources
Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Second Edition
The Science of Water: Concepts and Applications, Second Edition
SiGe and Si Strained-Layer Epitaxy for Silicon Heterostructure Devices
Fabrication of SiGe HBT BiCMOS Technology
Silicon Heterostructure Devices
Measurement and Modeling of Silicon Heterostructure Devices
Circuits and Applications Using Silicon Heterostructure Devices
Lean Performance ERP Project Management: Implementing the Virtual Lean Enterprise, Second Edition
Encyclopedia of Water Science, Second Edition (Print Version)
Applications of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
Environmental Aspects of Dredging
Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
Burrowing Shrimps and Seagrass Dynamics in Shallow-Water Meadows off Bolinao (New Philippines): UNESCO-IHE PhD
Salt Intrusion, Tides and Mixing in Multi-Channel Estuaries: PhD: UNESCO-IHE Institute, Delft
Water: A way of life: Sustainable water management in a cultural context
A Guide to Lean Six Sigma Management Skills
Reliability, Risk, and Safety: Theory and Applications
Measuring and Improving Performance: Information Technology Applications in Lean Systems
Constitutive Models for Rubber VI
Liquid Lean: Developing Lean Culture in the Process Industries
Environmental Engineering III
Thin Air: How Wireless Technology Supports Lean Initiatives
Semiconductor Radiation Detection Systems
Materials for Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Buildings
Intelligent Energy Field Manufacturing: Interdisciplinary Process Innovations
Green Chemistry for Environmental Sustainability
Radiation Effects in Semiconductors
Applied Illumination Engineering, Third Edition
The Mystery of the Quantum World, Second Edition
The Mystery of the Quantum World
Rehabilitation Engineering Applied to Mobility and Manipulation
Twentieth Century Physics
Physically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Physics and Astronomy
In Search of Lost Time
EUREKA!: Physics of Particles, Matter and the Universe
The Particle Century
Handbook of Science Communication
The Philosopher's Tree: Michael Faraday's life and work in his own words
From Galaxies to Turbines: Science, Technology and the Parsons Family
Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines
Seeking Ultimates: An Intuitive Guide to Physics, Second Edition
Medically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing
Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection
The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System
The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System
A Random Walk in Science
Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
GEMA: Birthplace of German Radar and Sonar
The Pursuit of Perfect Packing
Chernobyl Record: The Definitive History of the Chernobyl Catastrophe
Scientifically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations, Second Edition
The Fourth State of Matter: An Introduction to Plasma Science, 2nd Edition
Schonland: Scientist and Soldier: From lightning on the veld to nuclear power at Harwell: the life of Field Marshal Montgomery's
A History of Light and Colour Measurement: Science in the Shadows
Science Askew: A Light-hearted Look at the Scientific World
Superstrings and Other Things: A Guide to Physics
A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics, 2nd edition
Measured Tones: The Interplay of Physics and Music, Second Edition
Evaluating the Measurement Uncertainty: Fundamentals and Practical Guidance
The Science of Soccer
Light and Dark: An exploration in science, nature, art and technology
Minding the Heavens: The Story of our Discovery of the Milky Way
Maxwell's Demon 2 Entropy, Classical and Quantum Information, Computing
The Galactic Black Hole: Lectures on General Relativity and Astrophysics
The Physics Companion
Astronomically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Astronomy and Physics
Physicists of Ireland: Passion and Precision
Handbook of Moire Measurement
The Field Theoretic Renormalization Group in Critical Behavior Theory and Stochastic Dynamics
Zeldovich: Reminiscences
The Electronics Companion
About Science, Myself and Others
England's Leonardo: Robert Hooke and the Seventeenth-Century Scientific Revolution
The Mathematics Companion: Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers
The New Cosmic Onion: Quarks and the Nature of the Universe
Yoshio Nishina: Father of Modern Physics in Japan
The Pursuit of Perfect Packing, Second Edition
Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Third Edition
Physics of Sailing
Chemically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
A Century of Nobel Prize Recipients: Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine
Implementing Quality in Laboratory Policies and Processes: Using Templates, Project Management, and Six Sigma
CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae, 30th Edition
Mathematically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications
Pocket Book of Integrals and Mathematical Formulas, 4th Edition
Basics of MATLAB and Beyond
Dictionary of Analysis, Calculus, and Differential Equations
Handbook of Typography for the Mathematical Sciences
Dictionary of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Trigonometry
Dictionary of Classical and Theoretical Mathematics
Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists
CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae, 31st Edition
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Second Edition
Calculus with Complex Numbers
Calculus with Complex Numbers
Maple Animation
A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications, Second Edition
Pocket Book of Integrals and Mathematical Formulas, 4th Edition
A Concise Handbook of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences
A Concise Guide to Intraoperative Monitoring
A Terrible Beauty is Born: Clones, Genes and the Future of Mankind
A Terrible Beauty is Born: Clones, Genes and the Future of Mankind
The Selection and Use of Contract Research Organizations
Homeland Security Handbook
Terrorism and Homeland Security: Thinking Strategically About Policy
Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security
Homeland Security and Private Sector Business: Corporations' Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection
Port Security Management
Airport and Aviation Security: U.S. Policy and Strategy in the Age of Global Terrorism
Genetics of Bacterial Polysaccharides
Neurobehavioral Genetics: Methods and Applications
Protein Arrays, Biochips and Proteomics: The Next Phase of Genomic Discovery
Gene Biotechnology, Second Edition
Gene and Cell Therapy: Therapeutic Mechanisms and Strategies, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
A Century of Mendelism in Human Genetics
Gene Silencing by RNA Interference: Technology and Application
Polymeric Gene Delivery: Principles and Applications
Epigenetic Risks of Cloning
Gaucher Disease
Paramecium: Genetics and Epigenetics
Gene Profiles in Drug Design
Genetics and Randomness
Petroleum Refining
Geochemistry, Groundwater and Pollution, Second Edition
Geochemistry, Groundwater and Pollution, Second Edition
Clathrate Hydrates of Natural Gases, Third Edition
Arsenic Geochemistry
Major Impacts and Plate Tectonics: A Model for the Phanerzoic Evolution of the Earth's Lithosphere
Phytoliths - Applications in Earth Science and Human History
Terramechanics: Land Locomotion Mechanics
Landforms and Geology of Granite Terrains
Reclaiming the Desert: Towards a Sustainable Environment in Arid Lands: Proceedings of the Third Joint UAE-Japan Symposiu
Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics
Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics
Central America: Geology, Resources and Hazards
The Geology of the Everglades and Adjacent Areas
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Saudi Arabia: An Environmental Overview
Middle American Terranes, Potential Correlatives, and Orogenic Processes
Water Rock Interaction XIII
Rare Earth Elements in Ultramafic and Mafic Rocks and their Minerals: Main types of rocks. Rock-forming minerals
Geometric Symmetry in Patterns and Tilings
Differential Geometry and Topology of Curves
The Curve Shortening Problem
The Shape of Space
Submanifolds and Holonomy
Asymptotic Formulae in Spectral Geometry
Knot Theory
Topics on Continua
A.D. Alexandrov: Selected Works Part II: Intrinsic Geometry of Convex Surfaces
Differential Forms on Singular Varieties: De Rham and Hodge Theory Simplified
Handbook of Finite Translation Planes
Virtual Topology and Functor Geometry
Combinatorics of Spreads and Parallelisms
Sobolev Inequalities, Heat Kernels under Ricci Flow, and the Poincare Conjecture
Mathematical Aspects of Natural Dynamos
Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resources for Power Generation
Seeing the Unseen. Geophysics and Landscape Archaeology
Shallow Foundations: Bearing Capacity and Settlement
Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contaminated Soils, Pollutant Fate, and Mitigation
The Jordan Rift Valley
Soft Clay Behaviour Analysis and Assessment
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Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials / Comportement Des Sols Et Des Roches Tendres
FLAC and Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics 2003: Proceedings of the 3rd International FLAC Symposium, Sudbury, Canad
Clay Seals of Oil and Gas Deposits
Acoustic Emission/Microseismic Activity: Volume 1: Principles, Techniques and Geotechnical Applications
Field Measurements in Geomechanics: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium, Oslo, Norway, 23-26 September 2003
Chemical Grouting And Soil Stabilization, Revised And Expanded
Reinforced Soil Engineering: Advances in Research and Practice
Xray CT for Geomaterials: Soils, Concrete, Rocks International Workshop on Xray CT for Geomaterials, Kumamoto, Japan
Cyclic Behaviour of Soils and Liquefaction Phenomena: Proceedings of the International Conference, Bochum, Germany, 31 Ma
Tropical Residual Soils Engineering
Numerical Models in Geomechanics: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on 'Numerical Models in Geomechanic
Numerical Modelling of Discrete Materials in Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences: Proceedings of th
Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials: Recent Investigations and Prospects
The Sand Compaction Pile Method
Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook, Second Edition
Poromechanics III - Biot Centennial (1905-2005): Proceedings of the 3rd Biot Conference on Poromechanics, 24-27 May 2005,
Landslide Risk Management
Geotechnical Engineering of Dams
Learning from Data for Aquatic and Geotechnical Environments
Foundation Engineering: Design and Construction in Tropical Soils
The Foundation Engineering Handbook
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Eurock 2006: Multiphysics Coupling and Long Term Behaviour in Rock Mechanics: Proceedings of the International Symposium
Tunnelling. A Decade of Progress. GeoDelft 1995-2005
Expansive Soils: Recent Advances in Characterization and Treatment
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In-Situ Rock Stress: International Symposium on In-Situ Rock Stress, Trondheim, Norway,19-21 June 2006
Physical Modelling in Geotechnics: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, 6th
Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering: Sixth European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineerin
Soft Soil Engineering: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Soft Soil Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, 4-6 Oc
Dyke Swarms - Time Markers of Crustal Evolution: Selected Papers of the Fifth International Dyke Conference in Finland, Rova
Rock Quality, Seismic Velocity, Attenuation and Anisotropy
Experimental Rock Mechanics

Characterisation and Engineering Properties of Natural Soils: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop
on Characterisation and Engineering Properties of Natural Soils, Singapore, 29 November-1 December 2006

Geotechnical and Environmental Aspects of Waste Disposal Sites: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Geotech
Applications of Computational Mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering V: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop, Guim
Handbook of Geotechnical Investigation and Design Tables
Landslides and Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions: Proceedings of the International Conference on Landslides and Clim
Rock Mechanics: Meeting Society's Challenges and Demands: Proceedings of the 1st Canada-US Rock Mechanics Symposium

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1–2 February 2007, Port and Airport Research Institute, Yokosuka, Japan

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Numerical Modeling of Explosives and Propellants, Third Edition
Mechanized Tunnelling in Urban Areas
Boundaries of Rock Mechanics: Recent Advances and Challenges for the 21st Century
Pavement Cracking: Mechanisms, Modeling, Detection, Testing and Case Histories
Unsaturated Soils. Advances in Geo-Engineering: Proceedings of the 1st European Conference, E-UNSAT 2008, Durham, Unite
Landslides and Engineered Slopes. From the Past to the Future: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Landslide
Geotechnics of Soft Soils: Focus on Ground Improvement: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop held in Glasgow, Sco
Very Soft Organic Clay Applied for Road Embankment: Modelling and Optimisation Approach, UNESCO-IHE PhD, Delft, the Ne
Rapid Load Testing on Piles
Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium (IS-Shangh
Shallow Foundations: Bearing Capacity and Settlement, Second Edition
Geotechnical Risk and Safety: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk
(IS-Gifu 2009) 11-12 June, 2009, Gifu, Japan - IS-Gifu2009
Geotechnical Slope Analysis
Fractured Rock Hydraulics
Shale Engineering: Mechanics and Mechanisms
Physical Modelling in Geotechnics: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPM
Rock Failure Mechanisms: Illustrated and Explained
Modern Well Design: Second Edition
Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics II
Acoustic Emission/Microseismic Activity, Volume 2: Geotechnical Field & Laboratory Applications
Ageing Well: Nutrition, Health, and Social Interventions
Manual of Geospatial Science and Technology
Environmental Modelling with GIS and Remote Sensing
Community Participation and Geographical Information Systems
Practical GIS Analysis
GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management
Mineral Resources Management and the Environment
Basic GIS Coordinates
GIS in Public Health Practice
Programming ArcObjects with VBA: A Task-Oriented Approach
GIS for Coastal Zone Management
A Research Agenda for Geographic Information Science
Digital Terrain Modeling: Principles and Methodology
GIS for Sustainable Development
Large-scale 3D Data Integration: Challenges and Opportunities
GIS-based Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences
3D Cadastre in an International Context: Legal, Organizational, and Technological Aspects
Quantitative Methods and Applications in GIS
Classics from IJGIS: Twenty years of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science and Systems
Understanding Forest Disturbance and Spatial Pattern: Remote Sensing and GIS Approaches
Algorithmic Foundation of Multi-Scale Spatial Representation
Dynamic and Mobile GIS: Investigating Changes in Space and Time
Programming ArcObjects with VBA: A Task-Oriented Approach, Second Edition
Geocoding Health Data: The Use of Geographic Codes in Cancer Prevention and Control, Research and Practice
GIS for Environmental Decision-Making
Geographic Information: Value, Pricing, Production, and Consumption
Theories of Geographic Concepts: Ontological Approaches to Semantic Integration
Computation and Visualization for Understanding Dynamics in Geographic Domains: A Research Agenda
GIS and Evidence-Based Policy Making
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Forests
The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model: Foundation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure
Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning: Principles and Processing
Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining
Geographic Information Systems in Water Resources Engineering
GIS Cartography: A Guide to Effective Map Design
New Frontiers in Urban Analysis: In Honor of Atsuyuki Okabe
Principles of Modeling Uncertainties in Spatial Data and Spatial Analyses
GIS, Environmental Modeling and Engineering, Second Edition
Manual of Geospatial Science and Technology, Second Edition
Basic GIS Coordinates, Second Edition
Advances in Web-based GIS, Mapping Services and Applications
Subdividing the Land: Metes and Bounds and Rectangular Survey Systems
Spatial Decision Support Systems: Principles and Practices
Advanced Geoinformation Science
e-Learning Standards: A Guide to Purchasing, Developing, and Deploying Standards-Conformant E-Learning
The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering
Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference, 3rd Edition
Groundwater and the Environment: Applications for the Global Community
Mtbe: Effects on Soil and Groundwater Resources
Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Groundwater Engineering - Recent Advances: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Okayama, Japan, May 2003
Practical Handbook of Soil, Vadose Zone, and Ground-Water Contamination: Assessment, Prevention, and Remediation, Secon
Chemical and Isotopic Groundwater Hydrology
Contaminated Ground Water and Sediment: Modeling for Management and Remediation
The Economics of Groundwater Remediation and Protection
Natural Arsenic in Groundwater: Proceedings of the Pre-Congress Workshop "Natural Arsenic in Groundwater", 32nd Internatio
Groundwater and Human Development: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 6
Groundwater Intensive Use: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 7
Water Flow In Soils, Second Edition
Practical Handbook of Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring, Second Edition
Submarine Groundwater
Groundwater Pollution in Africa
Aquifer Test Modeling
The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering, Second Edition
The Essential Handbook of Ground-Water Sampling
Urban Groundwater, Meeting the Challenge: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 8
Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference, Fourth Edition
Groundwater in Fractured Rocks: IAH Selected Paper Series, volume 9
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Applied Groundwater Studies in Africa: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology, volume 13
Advances in Subsurface Pollution of Porous Media - Indicators, Processes and Modelling: IAH selected papers, volume 14
Groundwater Governance in the Indo-Gangetic and Yellow River Basins: Realities and Challenges
Sustainable Wells: Maintenance, Problem Prevention, and Rehabilitation
Groundwater Economics
Groundwater Response to Changing Climate
Introduction to the Numerical Modeling of Groundwater and Geothermal Systems: Fundamentals of Mass, Energy and Solute Tr
Water Quality Concepts, Sampling, and Analyses
Radiation and Health
Radiation and Health
Detection Technologies for Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Vapors
Stabilization and Solidification of Hazardous, Radioactive, and Mixed Wastes
Emergency Response Handbook for Chemical and Biological Agents and Weapons, Second Edition
Principles of Hazardous Materials Management, Second Edition
Computer Simulated Plant Design for Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention
Basic Hazardous Waste Management, Third Edition
Physicochemical Treatment of Hazardous Wastes
Handbook of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment
Waste Management Practices: Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial
Stabilisation/Solidification Treatment and Remediation: Proceedings of the International Conference on
Stabilisation/Solidification Treatment and Remediation, 12-13 April 2005, Cambridge, UK

Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment
Advances in Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment
Waste Treatment in the Metal Manufacturing, Forming, Coating, and Finishing Industries
Heavy Metals in the Environment
Handbook of Advanced Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment
Combustion and Incineration Processes: Applications in Environmental Engineering, Fourth Edition
Geological Repository Systems for Safe Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuels and Radioactive Waste
Healthcare Information Systems, Second Edition
The HIPAA Program Reference Handbook
Handbook of Long-Term Care Administration and Policy
Patient Safety: The PROACT Root Cause Analysis Approach
Healthcare Transformation: A Guide for the Hospital Board Member
Statistical Analysis for Decision Makers in Healthcare, Second Edition: Understanding and Evaluating Critical Information in Cha
Health Care Will Not Reform Itself: A User's Guide to Refocusing and Reforming American Health Care
Knowledge Management in Public Health
Pursuing Excellence in Healthcare: Preserving America's Academic Medical Centers
Successful Collaboration in Healthcare: A Guide for Physicians, Nurses and Clinical Documentation Specialists
Applying Lean in Healthcare: A Collection of International Case Studies
Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficiency and Productivity
Basics of Process Mapping, 2nd Edition
Medical Error and Harm: Understanding, Prevention and Control
The Definitive Guide to Hospital Emergency Department Operations
The Pittsburgh Way to Efficient Healthcare: Improving Patient Care Using Toyota Based Methods
Dynamic Capacity Management for Hospitals: Advanced Methods and Tools for Optimization
Essentials for the Improvement of Healthcare Using Lean & Six Sigma
Advanced Lean Sigma for Healthcare
Seeking Perfection in Healthcare: Applying the Toyota Production System to Medicine
Kaizen for Lean Healthcare
CRC Desk Reference for Hematology
Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine
Chinese and Related North American Herbs: Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values
Shengmai San
Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, Second Edition
Pueraria: The Genus Pueraria
CRC Handbook of Medicinal Spices
Traditional Medicinal Plants and Malaria
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Modern Applications of Traditional Formulas
Herbal and Traditional Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, Second Edition
Juzen-taiho-to (Shi-Quan-Da-Bu-Tang): Scientific Evaluation and Clinical Applications
Taiwanese Native Medicinal Plants: Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values
Bupleurum Species: Scientific Evaluation and Clinical Applications
Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific
Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine, Second Edition
Duke's Handbook of Medicinal Plants of the Bible
Duke's Handbook of Medicinal Plants of Latin America
Tyler's Herbs of Choice: The Therapeutic Use of Phytomedicinals, Third Edition
Chinese & Related North American Herbs: Phytopharmacology & Therapeutic Values, Second Edition
Herbal Principles in Cosmetics: Properties and Mechanisms of Action
The Collected Letters of Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek - Volume 17
The Collected Letters of Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek - Volume 16
The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies and Emerging Applications, Second Edition
Human-Computer Interaction: Design Issues, Solutions, and Applications
Human-Computer Interaction: Designing for Diverse Users and Domains
Human-Computer Interaction: Development Process
The Universal Access Handbook
Content Preparation Guidelines for the Web and Information Appliances: Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Web Wisdom: How To Evaluate and Create Information Quality on the Web, Second Edition
Smart Clothing: Technology and Applications
Human–-Computer Interaction and Operators’ Performance: Optimizing Work Design with Activity Theory
Usability of Complex Information Systems: Evaluation of User Interaction
Human-Computer Etiquette
Human Factors in Alarm Design
Women Workers And Technological Change In Europe In The Nineteenth And twentieth century
Healthy and Productive Work: An International Perspective
Design and the Social Sciences: Making Connections
Human Factors in the Training of Pilots
Human Factors in the Training of Pilots
Measuring Slipperiness: Human Locomotion and Surface Factors
Occupational Stress in the Service Professions
Occupational Ergonomics: Engineering and Administrative Controls
Occupational Ergonomics: Design and Management of Work Systems
Occupational Ergonomics: Principles of Work Design
Human Factors in Lighting, Second Edition
Human Factors in Lighting, Second Edition
Virtual and Adaptive Environments: Applications, Implications, and Human Performance Issues
Conceptual Foundations of Human Factors Measurement
Designing for Older Adults: Principles and Creative Human Factors Approaches
Designing Usable Electronic Text: Ergonomic Aspects Of Human Information Usage
Human Factors Methods for Design: Making Systems Human-Centered
Contemporary Ergonomics 2004
The Human Factors of Transport Signs
Muscle Strength
Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics Methods
Back and Bed: Ergonomic Aspects of Sleeping
Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation
Evaluation of Human Work, 3rd Edition
Visual Ergonomics Handbook
'Extra-Ordinary' Ergonomics: How to Accommodate Small and Big Persons, The Disabled and Elderly, Expectant Mothers, and
Human Behavior Learning and Transfer
Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics
Interventions, Controls, and Applications in Occupational Ergonomics
International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set
Stimulus-Response Compatibility Principles: Data, Theory, and Application
A Systemic-Structural Theory of Activity: Applications to Human Performance and Work Design
Applied Attention Theory
Human Performance Modeling in Aviation
Human Performance, Workload, and Situational Awareness Measures Handbook, Second Edition
Human Factors in the Maritime Domain
Handbook of Digital Human Modeling: Research for Applied Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering
Lighting for Driving: Roads, Vehicles, Signs, and Signals
Human Factors in Simulation and Training
Human Factors Methods and Sports Science: A Practical Guide
Advances in Understanding Human Performance: Neuroergonomics, Human Factors Design, and Special Populations
Advances in Applied Digital Human Modeling
From Belief to Knowledge: Achieving and Sustaining an Adaptive Culture in Organizations
Handbook of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers: Fundamentals, Application, and Operation
Industrial Heating: Principles, Techniques, Materials, Applications, and Design
Vapor Compression Heat Pumps with Refrigerant Mixtures
Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes
Energy Audit of Building Systems: An Engineering Approach, Second Edition
Principles of Hydrogeology, Second Edition
Introduction to Hydrogeology, 2nd Edition: Unesco-IHE Delft Lecture Note Series
Introduction to Hydrogeology, 2nd Edition: Unesco-IHE Delft Lecture Note Series
Field Hydrogeology: A Guide for Site Investigations and Report Preparation
Flood Frequency Analysis
Contaminant Hydrology: Cold Regions Modeling
Modeling Hydrologic Change: Statistical Methods
Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology: An Illustrated Dictionary
Research Basins and Hydrological Planning: Proceedings of the International Conference, Hefei/Anhui, China, 22-31 March 200
Neural Networks for Hydrological Modeling
Land Use Effects on Streamflow and Water Quality in the Northeastern United States
Wadi Hydrology
Environmental Economics for Watershed Restoration
Fuzzy Logic and Hydrological Modeling
Engineering Hydrology of Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
Introduction to Inverse Problems in Imaging
Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering: Fundamentals, Algorithms, and Standards
Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition: Feature Extraction and Computational Intelligence
Multimedia Image and Video Processing
Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra
Shape Analysis and Classification: Theory and Practice
Adaptive Image Processing: A Computational Intelligence Perspective
Pattern Recognition and Image Preprocessing
Image-Processing Techniques for Tumor Detection
Image Recognition and Classification: Algorithms, Systems, and Applications
The Image Processing Handbook, Fourth Edition
Digital Color Imaging Handbook
Software Engineering for Image Processing Systems
Practical Handbook on Image Processing for Scientific and Technical Applications, Second Edition
Digital Image Sequence Processing, Compression, and Analysis
Biometric Inverse Problems
Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras
Advanced Image Processing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Document and Image Compression
Color Image Processing: Methods and Applications
The Image Processing Handbook, Fifth Edition
Blind Image Deconvolution: Theory and Applications
Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering: Fundamentals, Algorithms, and Standards, Second Edition
Modern Digital Halftoning, Second Edition
Single-Sensor Imaging: Methods and Applications for Digital Cameras
Shape Classification and Analysis: Theory and Practice, Second Edition
Adaptive Image Processing: A Computational Intelligence Perspective, Second Edition
Super-Resolution Imaging
The Image Processing Handbook, Sixth Edition
Cytokines: Stress and Immunity
Advanced Methods in Cellular Immunology
Basic Methods in Antibody Production and Characterization
Cytokine Inhibitors
Methods in Cellular Immunology, Second Edition
Medical Immunology, Fifth Edition
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Biological Approach
Illustrated Dictionary of Immunology, Second Edition
The Antibodies
Atlas of Immunology, Second Edition
New Generation Vaccines, Fourth Edition
Immunoendocrinology in Health and Disease
Amyloid and Amyloidosis
Cytokines and the CNS
Cell Death During HIV Infection
Cell Death During HIV Infection
Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms in Multifactorial Conditions
Cytokines: Stress and Immunity, Second Edition
Handbook of Transcription Factor NF-kappaB
Making and Using Antibodies: A Practical Handbook
Handbook of Human Immunology, Second Edition
Nucleic Acids in Innate Immunity
Illustrated Dictionary of Immunology, Third Edition
Atlas of Immunology, Third Edition
Hansen Solubility Parameters: A User's Handbook
Vinyl Acetate Emulsion Polymerization and Copolymerization with Acrylic Monomers
Chemistry: An Industry-Based Laboratory Manual
Chemistry and the Chemical Industry: A Practical Guide for Non-Chemists
Laboratory Automation in the Chemical Indus
Chemical Reactor Design
Industrial Applications Of Electron Microscopy
Industrial Solvents Handbook, Revised And Expanded
Handbook of Adhesive Technology, Revised and Expanded
Thermodynamic Cycles: Computer-Aided Design and Optimization
Industrial Crystallization of Melts
Industrial Chemical Cresols and Downstream Derivatives
Hansen Solubility Parameters: A User's Handbook, Second Edition
The Scientist or Engineer as an Expert Witness
The Role of the Chemist in Automotive Design
Industrial Photoinitiators: A Technical Guide
Risk Assessment and Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Environmental Quality
Air Sampling and Industrial Hygiene Engineering
Microorganisms in Home and Indoor Work Environments: Diversity, Health Impacts, Investigation and Control
Biological Risk Engineering Handbook: Infection Control and Decontamination
Industrial Hygiene Evaluation Methods
Asbestos: Risk Assessment, Epidemiology, and Health Effects
Building Vulnerability Assessments: Industrial Hygiene and Engineering Concepts
Microorganisms in Home and Indoor Work Environments: Diversity, Health Impacts, Investigation and Control, Second Edition
Handbook of Technical Textiles
Handbook of Weaving
Textiles in Automotive Engineering
Knitting Technology: A Comprehensive Handbook and Practical Guide, Third Edition
Coated Textiles: Principles and Applications
Regenerated Cellulose Fibres
Handbook of Textile Design: Principles, Processes, and Practice
Smart Fibres, Fabrics and Clothing
Yarn Texturing Technology
High-performance Fibres
Silk, Mohair, Cashmere and Other Luxury Fibres
Coated and Laminated Textiles
Wool: Science and Technology
Fancy Yarns: Their Manufacture and Application
Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology
Handbook of Yarn Production: Technology, Science and Economics
Textile Processing with Enzymes
Woollen and Worsted Woven Fabric Design
Textile Sizing
Chemical Finishing of Textiles
Clothing appearance and fit: Science and technology
Structure and mechanics of woven fabrics
Total Colour Management in Textiles
Thermal and moisture transport in fibrous materials
Handbook of nonwovens
Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles
Coated Textiles: Principles and Applications, Second Edition
Friction in Textile Materials
Structure and Mechanics of Textile Fibre Assemblies
Textile Advances in the Automotive Industry
Engineering Textiles: Integrating the Design and Manufacture of Textile Products
Fatigue Failure of Textile Fibres
Interior Textiles: Design and Developments
More about Fibre Friction and its Measurements
Woven Textile Structure: Theory and Applications
Pulse-Jet Filtration: An Effective Way to Control Industrial Pollution: Part II: Process Characterization and Evaluation of Filter Me
Advances in Textile Fibre Spinning Technology
Dictionary of Parasitology
Biodefense: Research Methodology and Animal Models
Handbook of Helminthiasis for Public Health
CRC Handbook of Metal Etchants
High Temperature Properties and Thermal Decomposition of Inorganic Salts with Oxyanions
Laboratory Information Management Systems, Second Edition,
Metals Ions in Biological System: Volume 39: Molybdenum and Tungsten: Their Roles in Biological Processes:
Synthetic Coordination and Organometallic Ch
Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Volume 41: Metal Ions and Their Complexes in Medication
Inorganic Materials Chemistry Desk Reference, Second Edition
Chemistry & Physics Of Carbon: Volume 29
Metal Ions in Biological Systems, Volume 43 - Biogeochemical Cycles of Elements
Activated Carbon Adsorption
Vanadium: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Practical Applications
Chemistry & Physics of Carbon: Volume 30
Basic Organometallic Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses, and Applications of Transition Metals
Techniques in Inorganic Chemistry
Computational Intelligence for Decision Support
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain
Recurrent Neural Networks: Design and Applications
Recent Advances in Artificial Neural Networks
Fuzzy Neural Intelligent Systems: Mathematical Foundation and the Applications in Engineering
Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition
Intelligent Systems: Technology and Applications, Six Volume Set
Bayesian Artificial Intelligence
Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology
Strategic Intelligence: Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, and Knowledge Management
Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
Incident Investigation and Accident Prevention in the Process and Allied Industries
Adversarial Reasoning: Computational Approaches to Reading the Opponent’s Mind
Bio-inspired Flying Robots: Experimental Synthesis of Autonomous Indoor Flyers
Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots
Real Life Applications of Soft Computing
Robot Development Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
Knowledge Management and E-Learning
Handbook of Internet Computing
New Directions in Internet Management
Handbook of Video Databases: Design and Applications
The Practical Handbook of Internet Computing
Scalable and Secure Internet Services and Architecture
Multimedia Watermarking Techniques and Applications
Multimedia Encryption and Authentication Techniques and Applications
X Internet: The Executable and Extendable Internet
Introduction to the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services
Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs
Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting: DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, AND MEDIAFLO
Multimedia Content Encryption: Techniques and Applications
Social Computing and Virtual Communities
Enabling Context-Aware Web Services: Methods, Architectures, and Technologies
Socio-Technical Networks: Science and Engineering Design
Statistically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae
Statistics in the 21st Century
An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models, Second Edition
Handbook Of Applied Econometrics And Statistical Inference
Applications Of Orlicz Spaces
Visualizing Statistical Models And Concepts
Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications
Statistical Thinking in Sports
Winning the Outsourcing Game: Making the Best Deals and Making Them Work
New Directions in Project Management
Making Supply Chain Management Work: Design, Implementation, Partnerships, Technology, and Profits
Customer Relationship Management Systems Handbook
Dynamic Software Development: Managing Projects in Flux
E-Commerce Usability: Tools and Techniques to Perfect the On-Line Experience
IS Management Handbook, 8th Edition
The Laws of Software Process: A New Model for the Production and Management of Software
The Real-Time Enterprise
Outsourcing Software Development Offshore: Making It Work
Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy
The Insider's Guide to Outsourcing Risks and Rewards
Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, and Content Management: The IT Practitioner's Guide
Information Security Cost Management
Business Intelligence for Telecommunications
Oracle Identity Management: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Architecture, Third Edition
Best Practices in Business Technology Management
The Effective CIO: How to Achieve Outstanding Success through Strategic Alignment, Financial Management, and IT Governan
Mobile Enterprise Transition and Management
Marketing IT Products and Services
Lean Six Sigma Secrets for the CIO
The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Computing Strategies
Improving Business Process Performance: Gain Agility, Create Value, and Achieve Success
ITIL: Assessment, Planning, and Management
The Laboratory Rat
The Care and Feeding of an IACUC: The Organization and Management of an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Systematic Approach to Evaluation of Mouse Mutations
The Laboratory Swine
The Laboratory Mouse
Handbook of Mouse Auditory Research: From Behavior to Molecular Biology
The Laboratory Nonhuman Primate
Managing the Laboratory Animal Facility
Management of Laboratory Animal Care and Use Programs
Systematic Evaluation of the Mouse Eye: Anatomy, Pathology, and Biomethods
Muscle Metabolism
Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Second Edition: Essential Principles and Practices, Volume I
Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Second Edition: Animal Models, Volume II
Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Second Edition: Animal Models, Volume III
Genetically Engineered Mice Handbook
Swine in the Laboratory: Surgery, Anesthesia, Imaging, and Experimental Techniques, Second Edition
Animal Models of Diabetes, Second Edition: Frontiers in Research
Managing the Laboratory Animal Facility, Second Edition
Animal Hematotoxicology: A Practical Guide for Toxicologists and Biomedical Researchers
Animal Clinical Chemistry: A Practical Handbook for Toxicologists and Biomedical Researchers, Second Edition
Experimental Surgical Models in the Laboratory Rat
Histologic Basis of Mouse Endocrine System Development: A Comparative Analysis
A Color Atlas of Comparative Pathology of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Pathology of the Developing Mouse: A Systematic Approach
GLP Quality Audit Manual, Third Edition
Rapid Microbiological Methods in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Spectroscopy of Pharmaceutical Solids
Landscape Ecology: A Top Down Approach
Modern Magnetooptics and Magnetooptical Materials
Handbook of Laser Wavelengths
Adaptive Optics Engineering Handbook
Handbook of Lasers
Electrostatic Lens Systems, 2nd edition
Thin-Film Optical Filters, Third Edition
Polarised Light in Science and Nature
Rare-Earth-Doped Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers, Revised and Expanded
Optical Fibre Devices
Fabrication of Silicon Microprobes for Optical Near-Field Applications
Handbook of Image Quality: Characterization and Prediction
The Interaction of High-Power Lasers with Plasmas
Handbook of Nonlinear Optics
Optical Applications of Liquid Crystals
Polarized Light, Revised and Expanded
Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
Next Generation Photovoltaics: High Efficiency through Full Spectrum Utilization
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering: Fundamentals and Applications
Optical Remote Sensing: Science and Technology
Practical Holography, Third Edition
Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications (Three- Volume Set)
Laser Safety
Nonlinear Optics: Theory, Numerical Modeling, and Applications
Ultrafast Photonics
Handbook of Electroluminescent Materials
Inorganic Phosphors: Compositions, Preparation and Optical Properties
Diffractional Optics of Millimetre Waves
Novel Sensors and Sensing
The History of the Laser
Diode Lasers
Fast Light, Slow Light and Left-Handed Light
Interferogram Analysis For Optical Testing, Second Edition
Physics of Optoelectronics
Laser Safety Management
Handbook of Optoelectronics (Two-Volume Set)
Modeling Fluctuations in Scattered Waves
High-Speed Photonic Devices
Lasers in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Principles and Applications
Introduction to non-Kerr Law Optical Solitons
Solid-State Lasers and Applications
Fundamentals of Phosphors
Practical Applications of Phosphors
Lens Design, Fourth Edition
The Handbook of Photonics, Second Edition
Measurements of Phosphor Properties
Optical Waveguides: From Theory to Applied Technologies
Physical Properties and Data of Optical Materials
Microlithography: Science and Technology, Second Edition
Terahertz Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications
Principles of Nanophotonics
Handbook of Charged Particle Optics, Second Edition
Introduction to Light Emitting Diode Technology and Applications
Second-order Nonlinear Optical Characterization Techniques: An Introduction
Optical Methods of Measurement: Wholefield Techniques, Second Edition
Solid State and Quantum Theory for Optoelectronics
Optical Mineralogy
Thin-Film Optical Filters, Fourth Edition
Handbook of Optofluidics
Nanoscopy and Multidimensional Optical Fluorescence Microscopy
Optical Tweezers: Methods and Applications
Principles of Adaptive Optics, Third Edition
Light Sources: Technologies and Applications
Transnational Criminal Organizations, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering: A Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers, Auditors
Introduction to Executive Protection
Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes
Confidential Informant: Law Enforcement's Most Valuable Tool
Geographic Profiling
Protection, Security, and Safeguards: Practical Approaches and Perspectives
Law Enforcement Information Technology: A Managerial, Operational, and Practitioner Guide
Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation, Second Edition
Practical Drug Enforcement, Second Edition
Practical Criminal Investigations in Correctional Facilities
Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, Second Edition
Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force: Practical Investigative Techniques
GIS in Law Enforcement: Implementation Issues and Case Studies
Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement
On-Scene Guide for Crisis Negotiators
Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook
Practical Investigation of Sex Crimes: A Strategic and Operational Approach
Global Drug Enforcement: Practical Investigative Techniques
Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions
Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting, Second Edition
Psychological Aspects of Crisis Negotiation
Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator
Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques
Practical Drug Enforcement, Third Edition
Informants and Undercover Investigations: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy, and Procedure
Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, Second Edition
Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force: Practical Investigative Techniques, Second Edition
Introduction to Executive Protection, Second Edition
Domestic Violence: Intervention, Prevention, Policies, and Solutions
Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities: A Guide for First Responders
Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement and Policing
Handbook of Frauds, Scams, and Swindles: Failures of Ethics in Leadership
Threat Assessment and Management Strategies: Identifying the Howlers and Hunters
Criminal Investigative Failures
Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook, Second Edition
Data Mining for Intelligence, Fraud & Criminal Detection: Advanced Analytics & Information Sharing Technologies
Trends in Policing: Interviews with Police Leaders Across the Globe
Community Policing and Peacekeeping
Police Leadership in a Democracy: Conversations with America's Police Chiefs
Policing Organized Crime: Intelligence Strategy Implementation
Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency
Unleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect: Transforming Law Enforcement and Police Training
Dynamic Police Training
Cold Cases: An Evaluation Model with Follow-up Strategies for Investigators
Managing and Coordinating Major Criminal Investigations, Second Edition
It's About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing
The A3 Workbook: Unlock Your Problem-Solving Mind
Simple Excellence: Organizing and Aligning the Management Team in a Lean Transformation
Handbook of Decision Making
Performance-Based Management Systems: Effective Implementation and Maintenance
Organizational Assessment and Improvement in the Public Sector
Managing Public Sector Projects: A Strategic Framework for Success in an Era of Downsized Government
Andy & Me: Crisis and Transformation on the Lean Journey, Second Edition
Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time, 4th Edtion
The Toyota Kaizen Continuum: A Practical Guide to Implementing Lean
Using the Engineering Literature
Geoenvironmental Engineering: Principles and Applications
Environmental Assessment and Management in the Food Industry: Life Cycle Assessment and Related Approaches
Crystals That Flow: Classic Papers from the History of Liquid Crystals
Nematic and Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Concepts and Physical Properties Illustrated by Experiments
Bicontinuous Liquid Crystals
Alignment Technology and Applications of Liquid Crystal Devices
Adsorption Phenomena and Anchoring Energy in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Smectic and Columnar Liquid Crystals: Concepts and Physical Properties Illustrated by Experiments
Self-Organizing Liquid Crystal Materials: Synthesis, Tactics and Mechanisms
Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems: From Rigid Polymer Networks to Elastomers
Fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms
Handbook Of Industrial Automation
Mechanism Design: Enumeration of Kinematic Structures According to Function
Nonlinear Problems in Machine Design
Practical Guide to Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
Bearing Design in Machinery: Engineering Tribology and Lubrication
Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics
Handbook of Turbomachinery
Turbomachinery: Design and Theory
Modeling and Simulation for Material Selection and Mechanical Design
Clutches and Brakes: Design and Selection
Design of Automatic Machinery
Pump Characteristics and Applications, Second Edition
Pneumatic Actuating Systems for Automatic Equipment: Structure and Design
Shaft Alignment Handbook, Third Edition
Design Engineering: A Manual for Enhanced Creativity
Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints, Fourth Edition: Non-Gasketed Joints
Machine Elements: Life and Design
Kinematic Geometry of Surface Machining
The Induction Machines Design Handbook, Second Edition
Gear Cutting Tools: Fundamentals of Design and Computation
Practical Reliability Engineering and Analysis for System Design and Life-Cycle Sustainment
Reverse Engineering: Technology of Reinvention
DC Servos: Application and Design with MATLAB®
Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis, Second Edition
Neural Networks for Applied Sciences and Engineering: From Fundamentals to Complex Pattern Recognition
Artificial Intelligence with Uncertainty
Conceptual Structures in Practice
Multi-Agent Systems: Simulation and Applications
Machine Learning for Spatial Environmental Data: Theory, Applications, and Software
Applied Genetic Programming and Machine Learning
Computational Intelligence Paradigms: Theory & Applications using MATLAB
Handbook of Natural Language Processing, Second Edition
Rough Fuzzy Image Analysis: Foundations and Methodologies
Utility-Based Learning from Data
Computer Vision: From Surface to Objects
Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, Second Edition
Multi-Label Dimensionality Reduction
Facility Validation: Theory, Practice, and Tools
Pharmaceutical Product Strategy: Using Dynamic Modeling for Effective Brand Planning
Pharmacoeconomics: From Theory to Practice
Pharmaceutical Process Scale-Up
Dermatological and Transdermal Formulations
Good Laboratory Practice Regulations, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded
Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology
Pharmaceutical Extrusion Technology
Biomarkers in Clinical Drug Development
Pharmaceutical Engineering Change Control
Freeze-Drying/Lyophilization Of Pharmaceutical & Biological Products
Supercritical Fluid Technology for Drug Product Development
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Compressed Solid Products (Volume 1 of 6)
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Uncompressed Solid Products (Volume 2 of 6)
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Liquid Products (Volume 3 of 6)
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Semisolid Products (Volume 4 of 6)
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Over-the-Counter Products (Volume 5 of 6)
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations: Sterile Products (Volume 6 of 6)
Microbial Contamination Control in Parenteral Manufacturing
Microbial Contamination Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice: Rationale and Compliance
Process Validation in Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals, Second Edition: Guidelines, Current Practices, and Industrial Case
Good Design Practices for GMP Pharmaceutical Facilities
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology, Third Edition
Pharmaceutical Process Scale-Up, Second Edition
Producing Biomolecular Substances with Fermenters, Bioreactors, and Biomolecular Synthesizers
Thinking for a Change: Putting the TOC Thinking Processes to Use
Back to Basics: Your Guide to Manufacturing Excellence
The Road to Manufacturing Success: Common Sense Throughput Solutions for Small Business
Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints
Roadmap to the E-Factory
Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices: An Innovation, Productivity, and Quality Focus
Effective Transition from Design to Production
Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals, Second Edition
Insourcing Innovation: How to Achieve Competitive Excellence Using TRIZ
Innovative Developments in Design and Manufacturing: Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping -
Proceedings of VR@P4, Oct. 2009, Leiria, Portugal
Continuous Flow Manufacturing: Quality in Design and Processes
Rapid Tooling: Technologies and Industrial Applications
Rapid Prototyping Technology: Selection and Application
Process Modeling in Composites Manufacturing
Integrated Product Design and Manufacturing Using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Re-Engineering the Manufacturing System: Applying the Theory of Constraints
Manufacturing: Design, Production, Automation, and Integration
Roll Forming Handbook
Standards for Engineering Design and Manufacturing
Scientific Wet Process Technology for Innovative LSI/FPD Manufacturing
Handbook of Industrial Drying, Third Edition
Handbook of Advanced Ceramics Machining
Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels
Rapid Prototyping and Engineering Applications: A Toolbox for Prototype Development
Machining Technology: Machine Tools and Operations
Hydroforming for Advanced Manufacturing
Integrated Product and Process Design and Development: The Product Realization Process, Second Edition
Life Cycle Costing for Engineers
Failure Mechanisms of Advanced Welding Processes
Ecology of Marine Bivalves: An Ecosystem Approach
Estuary Restoration and Maintenance: The National Estuary Program
Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon
Recent Advances in Marine Biotechnology: Biofilms, Bioadhesion, Corrosion, and Biofouling
Seagrasses: Monitoring, Ecology, Physiology, and Management
Artificial Reef Evaluation: With Application to Natural Marine Habitats
Handbook for Restoring Tidal Wetlands
Oceanographic Processes of Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Links in the Great Barrier Reef
Ascorbic Acid In Aquatic Organisms: Status and Perspectives
The Ecology of Seashores
Practical Handbook of Marine Science, Third Edition
Marine Chemical Ecology
Biology of Marine Birds
The Everglades, Florida Bay, and Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys: An Ecosystem Sourcebook
Recent Advances in Marine Biotechnology: Seafood Safety and Human Health
Biological Response Signatures: Indicator Patterns Using Aquatic Communities
Biology of the Spotted Seatrout
Oceanography and Marine Biology, An Annual Review, Volume 40: An Annual Review: Volume 40
Pesticide Residues in Coastal Tropical Ecosystems: Distribution, Fate and Effects
Toxicology of Marine Mammals
The Biology of Sea Turtles, Volume II
Trophic Organization in Coastal Systems
Oceanography and Marine Biology, An Annual Review, Volume 41: An Annual Review: Volume 41
Handbook of Scaling Methods in Aquatic Ecology: Measurement, Analysis, Simulation
Estuarine Research, Monitoring, and Resource Protection
Recent Advances in Marine Biotechnology: Biomaterials and Bioprocessing
Marine Biofouling: Colonization Processes and Defenses
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Sexuality in Fishes
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Transport Phenomena in Capillary-Porous Structures and Heat Pipes
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Computational Inverse Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation
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Introduction to the Characterization of Residual Stress by Neutron Diffraction
Analytical Characterization of Aluminum, Steel, and Superalloys
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Processes and mechanisms of welding residual stress and distortion
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Surface Phenomena in Fusion Welding Processes
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Computer Simulation Using Particles
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Geometry and Physics of Branes
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Grammars and Automata for String Processing: From Mathematics and Computer Science to Biology, and Back
Modeling and Simulation of Capsules and Biological Cells
Cancer Modelling and Simulation
The Ten Most Wanted Solutions in Protein Bioinformatics
Exactly Solvable Models of Biological Invasion
Kinetic Modelling in Systems Biology
Spatial Ecology
Cell Mechanics: From Single Scale-Based Models to Multiscale Modeling
Computational Hydrodynamics of Capsules and Biological Cells
Multiscale Cancer Modeling
The Transforms and Applications Handbook, Second Edition
Integral Methods in Science and Engineering
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Introduction to Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, and Fuzzy Control Systems
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Principles of Fourier Analysis
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The Thermophysics of Porous Media
A Practical Guide to Boundary Element Methods with the Software Library BEMLIB
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Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB, Third Edition
A First Course in Fuzzy and Neural Control
Linear Systems and Control: An Operator Perspective
Sensitivity & Uncertainty Analysis, Volume 1: Theory
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Stability Domains
Hypersingular Integral Equations and Their Applications
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Advances in Dynamics and Control
Dynamical Systems and Control
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Unilateral Contact Problems: Variational Methods and Existence Theorems
Boundary Methods: Elements, Contours, and Nodes
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Analysis and Approximation of Contact Problems with Adhesion or Damage
Hybrid and Incompatible Finite Element Methods
Moving Shape Analysis and Control: Applications to Fluid Structure Interactions
Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
Free and Moving Boundaries: Analysis, Simulation and Control
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Practical MATLAB Applications for Engineers
Applied Calculus of Variations for Engineers
A Shock-Fitting Primer
Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems, Compressible Flows, and Waves
MATLAB Primer, Eighth Edition
Interactive Dynamic-System Simulation, Second Edition
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An Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling
Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance
Financial Modelling with Jump Processes
Business Economics and Finance with MATLAB, GIS, and Simulation Models
Robust Libor Modelling and Pricing of Derivative Products
Solvency: Models, Assessment and Regulation
American-Style Derivatives: Valuation and Computation
Structured Credit Portfolio Analysis, Baskets and CDOs
Portfolio Optimization and Performance Analysis
Numerical Methods for Finance
Engineering BGM
Understanding Risk: The Theory and Practice of Financial Risk Management
Analysis, Geometry, and Modeling in Finance: Advanced Methods in Option Pricing
Quantitative Fund Management
Decision Options: The Art and Science of Making Decisions
Applied Game Theory and Strategic Behavior
Stochastic Dominance and Applications to Finance, Risk and Economics
Stochastic Financial Models
Portfolio Optimization
Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance, Second Edition
Handbook of Solvency for Actuaries and Risk Managers: Theory and Practice
Supersymmetry In Quantum and Classical Mechanics
Topological Quantum Field Theories from Subfactors
Mathematical Quantization
Spectral Functions in Mathematics and Physics
Beyond Perturbation: Introduction to the Homotopy Analysis Method
Quantum Integrable Systems
Equations of Mathematical Diffraction Theory
Mathematical and Physical Theory of Turbulence, Volume 250
Mathematics of Quantum Computation and Quantum Technology
Meat Science and Applications
Poultry Products Processing: An Industry Guide
Meat Refrigeration
Meat Processing: Improving Quality
Sausage Manufacture: Principles and Practice
Poultry Meat Processing and Quality
Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing
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Lawrie's meat science, Seventh Edition
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Probability Applications in Mechanical Design
Principles of Solid Mechanics
Elastoplasticity Theory
Thin Plates and Shells: Theory: Analysis, and Applications
Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Physics of Strength and Fracture Control: Adaptation of Engineering Materials and Structures
Opto-Mechatronic Systems Handbook: Techniques and Applications
Mechanics of Solids and Shells: Theories and Approximations
Mechanics of Structures: Variational and Computational Methods
Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis
Gigacycle Fatigue in Mechanical Practice
Practical Fracture Mechanics in Design
Damage Mechanics
Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) in Computational Mechanics
Handbook of Railway Vehicle Dynamics
Computing with hp-ADAPTIVE FINITE ELEMENTS: Volume 1 One and Two Dimensional Elliptic and Maxwell Problems
Railroad Vehicle Dynamics: A Computational Approach
Microstructural Randomness and Scaling in Mechanics of Materials
Computing with hp-ADAPTIVE FINITE ELEMENTS: Volume II Frontiers: Three Dimensional Elliptic and Maxwell Problems with
Finite Element Analysis: Thermomechanics of Solids, Second Edition
Multi-Resolution Methods for Modeling and Control of Dynamical Systems
Classical and Generalized Models of Elastic Rods
Elastic Waves in Composite Media and Structures: With Applications to Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation
Practical Stress Analysis in Engineering Design, Third Edition
Advanced Differential Quadrature Methods
Meshfree Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method, Second Edition
Optimal Reference Shaping for Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications
The Finite Element Method in Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics, Third Edition
Smoothed Finite Element Methods
Configurational Forces: Thermo-Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics and Numerics
Practical Design Control Implementation for Medical Devices
The Physics of Medical Imaging
The Physics of Three Dimensional Radiation Therapy: Conformal Radiotherapy, Radiosurgery and Treatment Planning
The Physics of Conformal Radiotherapy: Advances in Technology (PBK)
Design of Pulse Oximeters
Ultrasound in Medicine
Physics for Diagnostic Radiology, Third Edition
Physics for Diagnostic Radiology, Third Edition
Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Minimally Invasive Medical Technology
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
Decommissioning Health Physics: A Handbook for MARSSIM Users
Therapeutic Applications of Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine
The Physical Measurement of Bone
Contemporary IMRT: Developing Physics and Clinical Implementation
Electrical Impedance Tomography: Methods, History and Applications
The Physics of Modern Brachytherapy for Oncology
Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics: Theory and Practice
Intelligent and Adaptive Systems in Medicine
Handbook of Optical Sensing of Glucose in Biological Fluids and Tissues
Signal Processing in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Biomedical Applications
Handbook of Photonics for Biomedical Science
PACS and Digital Medicine: A Guide to Essential Principles and Modern Practice
Correction Techniques in Emission Tomographic Imaging
Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Radiopharmaceuticals: Introduction to Drug Evaluation and Dose Estimation
Nuclear Medicine Physics
Stem Cell Labeling for Delivery and Tracking using Non-invasive Imaging
The Health Care Provider's Guide to Facing the Malpractice Deposition
Detecting Malingering and Deception: Forensic Distortion Analysis, Second Edition
Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants
Neuropsychology for Psychologists, Health Care Professionals, and Attorneys, Third Edition
Legal Nurse Consulting,: Principles and Practices, Third Edition (2 Volume Set)
Polymeric Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems
High-Throughput Synthesis: Principles and Practices
Glycochemistry: Principles: Synthesis, and Applications
Drug Targeting Technology: Physical Chemical Biological Methods
Integrated Drug Discovery Technologies
Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Models of Mutagens and Carcinogens
Chirality in Drug Design and Development
Lipospheres in Drug Targets and Delivery: Approaches, Methods, and Applications
Industrialization of Drug Discovery: From Target Selection Through Lead Optimization
G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Drug Discovery
Phage Display In Biotechnology and Drug Discovery
Inhibitors of Cyclin-dependent Kinases as Anti-tumor Agents
Bitter Nemesis: The Intimate History of Strychnine
Protein Misfolding in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies
Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Volume 2: Challenges in an Ever Changing Climate
Chemistry and Molecular Aspects of Drug Design and Action
Design of Caspase Inhibitors as Potential Clinical Agents
The MEMS Handbook
Modeling MEMS and NEMS
Micro Electro Mechanical System Design
MEMS and Microstructures in Aerospace Applications
MEMS: Introduction and Fundamentals
MEMS: Applications
MEMS: Design and Fabrication
Microengineering, MEMS, and Interfacing: A Practical Guide
Bio-MEMS: Technologies and Applications
Mechatronic Systems: Devices, Design, Control, Operation and Monitoring
Electric Refractory Materials
Solid Lubrication Fundamentals and Applications
Welding of Aluminium and Its Alloys
Metallic Materials: Physical, Mechanical, and Corrosion Properties
Handbook of Aluminum: Vol. 1: Physical Metallurgy and Processes
Handbook of Aluminum: Volume 2: Alloy Production and Materials Manufacturing
The Physical Properties of Thin Metal Films
Welding Processes Handbook
Arc Welding Control
Handbook of Mechanical Alloy Design
Handbook of Metallurgical Process Design
The Alloy Tree: A Guide to Low-Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, and Nickel-base Alloys
Refractories Handbook
Laser Cladding
Mechanical Alloying And Milling
Die Cast Engineering: A Hydraulic, Thermal, and Mechanical Process
Metallurgical Design of Flat Rolled Steels
Extractive Metallurgy of Rare Earths
Titanium Alloys: Russian Aircraft and Aerospace Applications
Fundamentals of Metallurgy
Titanium Alloys: An Atlas of Structures and Fracture Features
Laser shock peening Performance and process simulation
Direct Strip Casting of Metals and Alloys
Steel Heat Treatment: Equipment and Process Design
Steel Heat Treatment: Metallurgy and Technologies
Aluminum Recycling
Steel Heat Treatment Handbook, Second Edition - 2 Volume Set
Multiscale Materials Modelling: Fundamentals and Applications
Computational Welding Mechanics: Thermomechanical and Microstructural Simulations
Creep Resistant Steels
Physical Metallurgy of Direct Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloys
Microstructure of Metals and Alloys: An Atlas of Transmission Electron Microscopy Images
Handbook of Thermal Process Modeling Steels
Weld Cracking in Ferrous Alloys
Titanium: Modelling Microstructure, Properties and Applications
Indium Nitride and Related Alloys
Gold: Science and Applications
Grain Boundary Migration in Metals: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Applications, Second Edition
Quenching Theory and Technology, Second Edition
Fundamentals of Aluminium Metallurgy: Production, Processing, and Applications
Clinical Procedures for Medical Technology Specialists
Target Cost Management: The Ladder to Global Survival and Success
Microbiological Aspects of Biofilms and Drinking Water
Viral Pathogenesis in Diagrams
Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobials
Geomicrobiology, Fourth Edition,
Handbook of Topical Antimicrobials: Industrial Applications in Consumer Products and Pharmaceuticals
Parasites of the Colder Climates
Microbial Genomics and Drug Discovery
Metabolism and Molecular Physiology of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, 2nd Edition
Handbook of Microbiological Media, Third Edition
Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications
Handbook on Clostridia
Handbook of Media for Environmental Microbiology, Second Edition
Handbook of Corynebacterium glutamicum
Biofilms, Infection, and Antimicrobial Therapy
Handbook of Media for Clinical Microbiology
Guide to Microbiological Control in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Second Edition
Laboratory Biosecurity Handbook
Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobials, Second Edition
Thermophiles: Biology and Technology at High Temperatures
Cryptosporidium and Cryptosporidiosis, Second Edition
Handbook of Listeria Monocytogenes
Practical Handbook of Microbiology, Second Edition
Microbial Limit and Bioburden Tests: Validation Approaches and Global Requirements,Second Edition
Geomicrobiology, Fifth Edition
Applied Biomedical Microbiology: A Biofilms Approach
Polar Microbiology: The Ecology, Biodiversity and Bioremediation Potential of Microorganisms in Extremely Cold Environments
Handbook of Microbiological Media, Fourth Edition
Microbiology of Wounds
Molecular Detection of Human Bacterial Pathogens
Handbook of Lead-Free Solder Technology for Microelectronic Assemblies
Microelectronic Packaging
Microelectronics 2nd Edition
Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Synthesis, Testing, and Reconfiguration Techniques
Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook
Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Low-Power NoC for High-Performance SoC Design
Design of Cost-Efficient Interconnect Processing Units: Spidergon STNoC
MicroComputed Tomography: Methodology and Applications
Introduction to Microsystem Packaging Technology
In Situ Hybridization in Light Microscopy
Genome Visualization by Classic Methods in Light Microscopy
Visualization of Receptors In Situ: Applications of Radioligand Binding
In Situ Hybridization in Electron Microscopy
Imaging of Nucleic Acids and Quantitation in Photonic Microscopy
PCR/RT- PCR in situ: Light and Electron Microscopy
Electron Microscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Large-Angle Convergent-Beam Electron Diffraction Applications to Crystal Defects
Virtual Microscopy and Virtual Slides in Teaching, Diagnosis, and Research
Handbook of Cryo-Preparation Methods for Electron Microscopy
FLIM Microscopy in Biology and Medicine
Mine Ventilation: Proceedings of the North American/Ninth US Mine Ventilation Symposium, Kingston, Canada, 8-12 June 2002
Explosives and Blasting Technique: Proceedings of the EFEE 2nd World Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 10-12 Septemb
The Socio-Economic Impacts of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Developing Countries
International Mining Forum 2004, New Technologies in Underground Mining, Safety in Mines: Proceedings of the Fifth Internatio
Drilled Shafts in Rock: Analysis and Design
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Shotcrete: More Engineering Developments: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Engineering Development
Mining Science and Technology: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Mining Science and Technology, Xuzhou,
Tailings and Mine Waste '04: Proceedings of the Eleventh Tailings and Mine Waste Conference, 10-13 October 2004, Vail, Colo
Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Ground Suppor
Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Mineral Industry: Proceedings of the 32nd International
Symposium on the Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Mineral Industry (APCOM) 2005),
Tucson, USA, 30 March - 1 April 2005

Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
Surface and Underground Excavations: Methods, Techniques and Equipment
International Mining Forum 2005, New Technologies in Underground Mining, Safety and Sustainable Development: Proceedings
International Mining Forum 2006, New Technological Solutions in Underground Mining: Proceedings of the 7th International Min
11th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium 2006: Proceedings of the 11th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symp
Technical, Technological and Economical Aspects of Thin-Seams Coal Mining, International Mining Forum, 2007: Proceedings
Belt Conveying of Minerals
Economic Evaluation and Risk Analysis of Mineral Projects: Proceedings of the International Mining Forum 2008 Cracow - Szcz
Tailings and Mine Waste '08
Deep Mining Challenges: International Mining Forum 2009
Geotechnical Engineering for Mine Waste Storage Facilities
Mine Safety and Efficient Exploitation Facing Challenges of the 21st Century: International Mining Forum 2010
New Techniques and Technologies in Mining: School of Underground Mining 2010
Rotary Drilling and Blasting in Large Surface Mines
Concise Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology
Biomolecular Sensors
Artificial DNA: Methods and Applications
Modelling Metabolism with Mathematica
Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine, Second Edition
DNA Methylation: Approaches, Methods, and Applications
Chemical Reagents for Protein Modification, Third Edition
Synthetic Nucleic Acids as Inhibitors of Gene Expression: Mechanisms, Applications, and Therapeutic Implications
Amyloid Precursor Protein: A Practical Approach
Nucleic Acid Testing for Human Disease
Comparative Genomics: Basic and Applied Research
Epigenetics in Biology and Medicine
Cancer Epigenetics
Medicinal Protein Engineering
Handbook of Nucleic Acid Purification
Microarray Methods and Protocols
Regulation of Gene Expression by Small RNAs
Biomechanics in Ergonomics, Second Edition
Ergonomics for Rehabilitation Professionals
Advances in Ergonomics Modeling and Usability Evaluation
Nanoscale Technology in Biological Systems
Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Methods, Devices, and Applications
Chromosome Nanoscience and Technology
Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Nanomaterials Handbook
Polymer nanocomposites
Carbon Nanomaterials
Nanotubes and Nanofibers
Nanofibers and Nanotechnology in Textiles
Particulate Systems in Nano- and Biotechnologies
Nanoparticle Engineering for Chemical-Mechanical Planarization: Fabrication of Next-Generation Nanodevices
Nano- and Biocomposites
Science and Technology of Photovoltaics, 2nd Edition
Advanced Polymer Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Surface Modifications
Carbon Nanotubes: Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
Fullerenes: Nanochemistry, Nanomagnetism, Nanomedicine, Nanophotonics
Silicon-Based Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies
Spin Dependent Transport in Magnetic Nanostructures
Nanostructured Silicon-based Powders and Composites
Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology
Microdrop Generation
Nano Science and Technology: Novel Structures and Phenomena
Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - Six Volume Set (Print Version)
Carbon Nanotubes: Science and Applications
Logic Design of NanoICS
Silicon Nanoelectronics
Nanoengineering of Structural, Functional and Smart Materials
Nanotalk: Conversations With Scientists and Engineers About Ethics, Meaning, and Belief in the Development of Nanotechnolog
Nanolithography and patterning techniques in microelectronics
Sensors, Nanoscience, Biomedical Engineering, and Instruments: Sensors Nanoscience Biomedical Engineering
Nanostructure control of materials
Carbon Nanotubes: Properties and Applications
Nanomanufacturing Handbook
Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology, Second Edition
Nano and Molecular Electronics Handbook
Commercializing Micro-Nanotechnology Products
Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects
Microjoining and Nanojoining
Nanotechnology: Health and Environmental Risks
Nanotechnology: Ethics and Society
Nanotechnology and the Environment
Nanotechnology: The Business
Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Second Edition - Six Volume Set (Print Version)
Technical Proceedings of the 2009, 2008, and 2007 Nanotechnology Conferences and Trade Shows
Nanocrystal Quantum Dots, Second Edition
Nanotechnology 2010: Biofuels, Renewable Energy, Coatings and Compact Modeling; Technical Proceedings of the 2010 NSTI
Nanotech 2010: Technical Proceedings of the 2010 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo (Volumes 1-3)
Clean Technology 2010: Bioenergy, Renewables, Storage, Grid, Waste, and Sustainability; Technical Proceedings of the 2010 C
Nanotechnology 2010: Fabrication, Particles, Characterization, MEMs, Electronics and Photonics; Technical Proceedings of the
Nanotechnology 2010: Life Sciences, Medicine, Diagnostics, Bio Materials and Composites; Technical Proceedings of the 2010
Medical Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine
Inorganic Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Applications, and Perspectives
Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology
3D Nanoelectronic Computer Architecture and Implementation
Quantum Computing Devices: Principles, Designs, and Analysis
Self Assembly: The Science of Things That Put Themselves Together
Handbook of Nanophysics: 7-Volume Set
Handbook of Nanophysics: Principles and Methods
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanotubes and Nanowires
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanomedicine and Nanorobotics
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics
Handbook of Nanophysics: Functional Nanomaterials
Handbook of Nanophysics: Clusters and Fullerenes
Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology, Second Edition
The Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs, Second Edition
Anticancer Agents from Natural Products
Traditional Medicines for Modern Times: Antidiabetic Plants
Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications
Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
Bioactive Natural Products: Detection, Isolation, and Structural Determination, Second Edition
Carotenoids: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Functions and Properties
Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications
Chemistry of Natural Products: A Unified Approach, Second Edition
Citrus Oils: Composition, Advanced Analytical Techniques, Contaminants, and Biological Activity
Multi-Operating System Networking: Living with UNIX, NetWare, and NT
The ABCs of IP Addressing
Handbook of IPv4 to IPv6 Transition: Methodologies for Institutional and Corporate Networks
Packet Forwarding Technologies
Security in an IPv6 Environment
Network Design for IP Convergence
Advances in Network Management
Designing Green Networks and Network Operations: Saving Run-the-Engine Costs
A Practical Guide to Content Delivery Networks, Second Edition
Introduction to Microsoft Windows NT Cluster Server: Programming and Administration
Network Design: Principles and Applications
Designing a Total Data Solution: Technology, Implementation, and Deployment
A Technical Guide to IPSec Virtual Private Networks
High-Speed Cisco Networks: Planning, Design, and Implementation
UNIX Administration: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems & Network Management
Building A Wireless Office
The ABCs of TCP/IP
Complete Book of Remote Access: Connectivity and Security
Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment
The ABCs of LDAP: How to Install, Run, and Administer LDAP Services
Enhancing LAN Performance
Disruptive Security Technologies with Mobile Code and Peer-to-Peer Networks
Distributed Sensor Networks
Handbook of Wireless Local Area Networks: Applications, Technology, Security, and Standards
Intelligence Support Systems: Technologies for Lawful Intercepts
A Practical Guide to Content Delivery Networks
Advanced Router Architectures
Wireless Security Handbook
Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center
Integration Technologies for Industrial Automated Systems
VMware Certified Professional Test Prep
Alzheimer's Disease: Cause(s), Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care
CNS Injuries: Cellular Responses and Pharmacological Strategies
Attention Deficit Disorder: Practical Coping Methods
The Forensic Evaluation of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Handbook for Clinicians and Attorneys
Dates in Neurology
Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis, Third Edition
Color Atlas of Nerve Biopsy Pathology
The Prevention of Stroke
Long-Term Effects of Stroke
An Atlas of Headache
Handbook of the Autonomic Nervous System in Health and Disease
Chromosomal Instability and Aging: Basic Science and Clinical Implications
Handbook of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
Handbook of Parkinson's Disease
Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Traumatic Brain Injury: Methods for Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychiatric Assessment
Clinical Neurovirology
Neuromuscular Junction Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
Drug-Induced Movement Disorders
Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Children
Neurogenetics: Scientific and Clinical Advances
XIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis
Caffeine and Behavior: urrent Views and Research Trends
The Neurophysics of Human Behavior: Explorations at the Interface of Brain, Mind, Behavior, and Information
Neuropsychosocial Intervention: The Practical Treatment of Severe Behavioral Dyscontrol After Acquired Brain Injury
Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitative Treatment and Case Management, Second Edition
Molecular Regulation of Arousal States
Handbook of Behavioral State Control: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms
Apoptosis in Neurobiology
Genetic Influences on Neural and Behavioral Functions
G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Neural and Metabolic Control of Macronutrient Intake
Sexual Differentiation of the Brain
Circadian Physiology
Neurotransmitter Receptors in Actions of Antipsychotic Medications
Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy
Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience
Neural Prostheses for Restoration of Sensory and Motor Function
Computational Neuroscience: Realistic Modeling for Experimentalists
Methods in Pain Research
Neuroplasticity, Development, and Steroid Hormone Action
Nicotinic Receptors in the Nervous System
Methods in Chemosensory Research
Methods in Genomic Neuroscience
Glutamate and GABA Receptors and Transporters: Structure, Function and Pharmacology
The Somatosensory System: Deciphering the Brain's Own Body Image
New Concepts in Cerebral Ischemia
DNA Arrays: Technologies and Experimental Strategies
Methods in Alcohol-Related Neuroscience Research
In Vivo Optical Imaging of Brain Function
The Spinal Cord from Gestational Week 4 to the 4th Postnatal Month
Cortical Areas: Unity and Diversity
Primate Audition: Ethology and Neurobiology
Methods in Drug Abuse Research: Cellular and Circuit Level Analyses
Functional and Neural Mechanisms of Interval Timing
The Primate Visual System
The Superior Colliculus: New Approaches for Studying Sensorimotor Integration
Computational Neuroscience: A Comprehensive Approach
Neurosteroid Effects in the Central Nervous System: The Role of the GABA-A Receptor
The Delta Receptor
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain
Memory and Brain Dynamics: Oscillations Integrating Attention, Perception, Learning, and Memory
Modern Neurosurgery: Clinical Translation of Neuroscience Advances
Sleep: Circuits and Functions
Neurobiology of Aggression and Rage
Methods in Insect Sensory Neuroscience
Motor Cortex in Voluntary Movements: A Distributed System for Distributed Functions
Parkinson's Disease
Nutritional Neuroscience
Modeling in the Neurosciences: From Biological Systems to Neuromimetic Robotics
The Human Brain During the Second Trimester
Neural Plasticity in Adult Somatic Sensory-Motor Systems
Advances in Vagal Afferent Neurobiology
Circadian Physiology, Second Edition
Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy, Second Edition
Neurobiology of DOPA as a Neurotransmitter
Endocannabinoids: The Brain and Body's Marijuana and Beyond
Oxidative Stress and Age-Related Neurodegeneration
The Dynamic Synapse: Molecular Methods in Ionotropic Receptor Biology
The Human Brain During the Late First Trimester
Understanding Autism: From Basic Neuroscience to Treatment
Animal Models of Cognitive Impairment
Neurobehavioral Genetics: Methods and Applications, Second Edition
TRP Ion Channel Function in Sensory Transduction and Cellular Signaling Cascades
The Role of the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract in Gustatory Processing
Caffeine and Activation Theory: Effects on Health and Behavior
Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience
Neural Plasticity and Memory: From Genes to Brain Imaging
Brain Aging: Models, Methods, and Mechanisms
Serotonin Receptors in Neurobiology
The Human Brain During the Early First Trimester
A Theory of the Basal Ganglia and Their Disorders
Methods for Neural Ensemble Recordings, Second Edition
Indwelling Neural Implants: Strategies for Contending with the In Vivo Environment
Manual of Stroke Models in Rats
Biology of the NMDA Receptor
Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience, Second Edition
The Third Histamine Receptor: Selective Ligands as Potential Therapeutic Agents in CNS Disorders
The Female Brain, Second Edition
In Vivo Optical Imaging of Brain Function, Second Edition
Micronutrients and Brain Health
Autism: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Immune Abnormalities
The Neurobiology of Olfaction
Translational Pain Research: From Mouse to Man
Automated EEG-Based Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders: Inventing the Future of Neurology
Advances in the Neuroscience of Addiction
Epilepsy: Mechanisms, Models, and Translational Perspectives
Epileptic Seizures and the EEG: Measurement, Models, Detection and Prediction
Neurobiology of Huntington’s Disease: Applications to Drug Discovery
Augmenting Cognition
Maldynia: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Chronic Pain
Atlas of the Neonatal Rat Brain
Neurobiology of Sensation and Reward
Concussive Brain Trauma: Neurobehavioral Impairment & Maladaption, Second Edition
Fractals and Chaos: An illustrated course
Introduction to Chaos: Physics and Mathematics of Chaotic Phenomena
Nonlinearity in Structural Dynamics: Detection, Identification and Modelling
Computing in Nonlinear Media and Automata Collectives
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: Where do we go from here?
Electric Power Distribution Reliability
Electric Power Distribution Handbook
Practical Handbook of Material Flow Analysis
Efficiency and Sustainability in the Energy and Chemical Industries: Scientific Principles and Case Studies
Power Distribution Planning Reference Book, Second Edition
Paint and Coatings: Applications and Corrosion Resistance
Silicon Heterostructure Handbook: Materials, Fabrication, Devices, Circuits and Applications of SiGe and Si Strained-Layer Epita
Biomimetics: Biologically Inspired Technologies
Microfabrication and Nanomanufacturing
Phosphor Handbook
Supersymmetric Gauge Field Theory and String Theory
The Quark Machines: How Europe Fought the Particle Physics War, Second Edition
Introduction to Supersymmetric Field Theory
Nuclear Dynamics in the Nucleonic Regime
Nuclear Fusion: Half a Century of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Research
Heavy Flavour Physics Theory and Experimental Results in Heavy Quark Physics
From Nuclear Transmutation to Nuclear Fission, 1932-1939
Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors
Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter: Chemical, Physicochemical, and Biological Consequences with Applicatio
Basic Ideas and Concepts in Nuclear Physics: An Introductory Approach, Third Edition
Large Hadron Collider Phenomenology
Nuclear Renaissance: Technologies and Policies for the Future of Nuclear Power
An Introduction to the Passage of Energetic Particles through Matter
A Numerical Library in C for Scientists and Engineers
The Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: New Frontiers, Volume II
Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: Complex Coding Systems, Volume III
Monomial Algebras
The Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms: Applications, Second Edition
Shape Optimization And Optimal Design
Number Theory Arising From Finite Fields: Analytic And Probabilistic Theory
Differential Equations And Control Theory
The Maple Book
Duality in Optimization and Variational Inequalities
Verification of Computer Codes in Computational Science and Engineering
Higher-Order Finite Element Methods
A Numerical Library in Java for Scientists and Engineers
Computational Mathematics: Models, Methods, and Analysis with MATLAB and MPI
Practical Fourier Analysis for Multigrid Methods
Handbook of Computational Methods for Integration
Handbook of Computational Group Theory
C++ for Mathematicians: An Introduction for Students and Professionals
Frontiers in Interpolation and Approximation
Numerical Models in Geomechanics: Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on
Numerical Models in Geomechanics (NUMOG X), Rhodes, Greece, 25-27 April 2007
Effective Computational Methods for Wave Propagation
Numerical Linear Approximation in C
Decomposition Methods for Differential Equations: Theory and Applications
Numerical Techniques for Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations
Mathematical Objects in C++: Computational Tools in A Unified Object-Oriented Approach
Numerical Methods, Algorithms and Tools in C#
Handbook of Sinc Numerical Methods
Dietary Proteins: How They Alleviate Disease and Promote Better Health
Nutrition and Disease Update: Cancer
Nutrition and Disease Update: Heart Disease
Trace Elements and Free Radicals in Oxidative Diseases
Lipids in Infant Nutrition
Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Wellness for Women Over Fifty
Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Health Promotion
Eating Disorders in Women and Children: Prevention, Stress Management, and Treatment
Nutrition and AIDS, Second Edition
Nutraceuticals in Health and Disease Prevention
CRC Handbook of Dietary Fiber in Human Nutrition, Third Edition
Micronutrients and HIV Infection
Handbook of Antioxidants
Tryptophan: Biochemical and Health Implications
Phytochemicals in Nutrition and Health
Nutritional Aspects and Clinical Management of Chronic Disorders and Diseases
Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Revised and Expanded
Flavonoids in Health and Disease, Second Edition,
Adult Obesity: A Paediatric Challenge
Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity
Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action
Nutrition and Heart Disease: Causation and Prevention
Nutrition and Alcohol: Linking Nutrient Interactions and Dietary Intake
Phytochemicals in Health and Disease
Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity, Volume 2
Carotenoids in Health and Disease
Phytopharmaceuticals in Cancer Chemoprevention
Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation: A Clinical Guide
Perinatal Nutrition: Optimizing Infant Health & Development
Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment, Second Edition
Nutrition Support for the Critically Ill Patient: A Guide to Practice
Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity, Volume 4
Mitochondria in Health and Disease
Food-Drug Synergy and Safety
Soy in Health and Disease Prevention
Nutrition and Cancer Prevention
Nutritional and Clinical Management of Chronic Conditions and Diseases
Food, diet and obesity
Nutrition and Diabetes: Pathophysiology and Management
Handbook of Pediatric Obesity: Etiology, Pathophysiology, and Prevention
Cancer Prevention and Management through Exercise and Weight Control
Lipid Metabolism and Health
Nutrient-Gene Interactions in Cancer
Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, Bariatric, and Sports Nutrition
Nutritional Strategies for the Diabetic/Prediabetic Patient
Phytochemicals: Nutrient-Gene Interactions
Handbook of Pediatric Obesity: Clinical Management
Dietary Fats and Risk of Chronic Disease
Obesity: Dietary and Developmental Influences
Nutrient-Drug Interactions
Integrating Therapeutic and Complementary Nutrition
Nutritional Counseling for Lifestyle Change
Nutrition and Wound Healing
A Clinical Guide for Management of Overweight and Obese Children and Adults
Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Prevention
Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice
Geriatric Nutrition
Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Mechanisms in Obesity, Diabetes, and the Metabolic Syndrome
Personalized Nutrition: Principles and Applications
Spirulina in Human Nutrition and Health
Optimizing Women's Health through Nutrition
Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations
Phytochemicals: Aging and Health
Olive Oil: Minor Constituents and Health
Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols
Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged, Fourth Edition
Food for the Ageing Population
Food and Nutrients in Disease Management
Vitamin K in Health and Disease
Nutrition, Diet Therapy, and the Liver
Adipose Tissue and Inflammation
Folate in Health and Disease, Second Edition
Nutritional Management of Digestive Disorders
Micronutrients in Health and Disease
Nutrition, Epigenetic Mechanisms, and Human Disease
Physiology and Biochemistry of Sterols
Platelet-Activating Factor and Structurally Related Alkyl Ehter Lipids
The Concise Encyclopedia of Foods & Nutrition
Brain Development: Relationship to Dietary Lipid and Lipid Metabolism
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Natural Antioxidants: Molecular Mechanisms and Health Effects
Gamma -Linolenic Acid: Metabolism and Its Roles in Nutrition and Medicine
Advanced Nutrition Micronutrients
Vitamin Analysis for the Health and Food Sciences
Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition, Second Edition
Coenzyme Q: Molecular Mechanisms in Health and Disease
Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged, Third Edition
Alcohol and Coffee Use in the Aging
Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Nutritional Anemias
Advances in Isotope Methods for the Analysis of Trace Elements in Man
The Mediterranean Diet: Constituents and Health Promotion
Vegetarian Nutrition
Nutrient-Gene Interactions in Health and Disease
Handbook of Nutrition and Food
Nutrition and Health
Nutrition and Health
Dimensions of Food, Fifth Edition
Cholesterol and Phytosterol Oxidation Products: Analysis, Occurrence, and Biological Effects
Antioxidants: Vitamins C and E for Health
Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions
Dietary Supplements of Plant Origin: A Nutrition and Health Approach
Male Fertility and Lipid Metabolism
Nutrition and Biochemistry of Phospholipids
Molecular Basis Of Human Nutrition
Molecular Basis Of Human Nutrition
Nutritional Concerns of Women, Second Edition
Redox-Genome Interactions in Health and Disease
Essential Fatty Acids and Eicosanoids: Invited Papers from the Fifth International Congress
Metabolic & Therapeutic Aspects of Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition, Second Edition
Dietary Proteins and Atherosclerosis
Thiamine: Catalytic Mechanisms in Normal and Disease States
Genomics and Proteomics in Nutrition
Handbook of Minerals as Nutritional Supplements
Inulin-Type Fructans: Functional Food Ingredients
Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity, Volume 3
Nutrients and Cell Signaling
Carotenoids and Retinoids: Molecular Aspects and Health Issues
CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition, Second Edition
Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, Second Edition
Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition, Third Edition
Handbook of Vitamins, Fourth Edition
Handbook of Nutrition and Food, Second Edition
Nutrients and Epigenetics
Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health in Early Life, Second Edition
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility: Current Trends and Developments
Lean Six Sigma for the Office
Lean Higher Education: Increasing the Value and Performance of University Processes
Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Processes for a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation
Far from the Factory: Lean for the Information Economy
Lean Tools for the Public Sector
Mass Spectrometry in Cancer Research
Clinical Trials in Oncology, Second Edition
Cytotoxins and Immunotoxins for Cancer Therapy: Clinical Applications
Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors, Second Edition
Call Center Continuity Planning
Handbook of Data Center Management, 1998 edition
Performance Assurance for IT Systems
Enterprise Architecture A to Z: Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology
VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center
Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A Corporate Insurance Policy
The Green and Virtual Data Center
Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security
Cloud Computing: Technologies and Strategies of the Ubiquitous Data Center
ITIL Release Management: A Hands-on Guide
Sustainable Enterprise Architecture
Operations Research Calculations Handbook
Statistical Process Control For Quality Improvement- Hardcover Version
Integer Programming: Theory and Practice
Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis in Engineering and the Sciences
Optimization Modelling: A Practical Approach
Operations Research and Management Science Handbook
Optimization in Medicine and Biology
Operations Research Methodologies
Operations Research Applications
Conceptual Modeling for Discrete-Event Simulation
Dynamic Programming, Second Edition
Laser Beam Shaping: Theory and Techniques
Handbook of Optical Engineering
Fiber Optic Sensors
Optical Switching/Networking and Computing for Multimedia Systems
Practical Design and Production of Optical Thin Films
Ultrafast Lasers: Technology and Applications
Fiber Optics Illustrated Dictionary
The Handbook of Optical Communication Networks
Handbook of Optical Design
Semiconductor and Metal Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Electronic and Optical Properties
Semiconductor Laser Fundamentals
Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning
Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Principles, Characteristics & Processes
Microoptics Technology: Fabrication and Applications of Lens Arrays and Devices
Engineering Thin Films and Nanostructures with Ion Beams
Handbook of Optical Interconnects
Organic Electroluminescence
Passive Micro-Optical Alignment Methods
Laser Beam Shaping Applications
GMPLS Technologies: Broadband Backbone Networks and Systems
Electromagnetic Theory and Applications for Photonic Crystals
Encyclopedic Handbook of Integrated Optics
Optical Code Division Multiple Access: Fundamentals and Applications
Color Desktop Printer Technology
Optics in Magnetic Multilayers and Nanostructures
Applied Microphotonics
Optical Inspection of Microsystems
Polymer Fiber Optics: Materials, Physics, and Applications
Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices
Cathodoluminescence and Photoluminescence: Theories and Practical Applications
Smart CMOS Image Sensors and Applications
Photonic Signal Processing: Techniques and Applications
Fiber Optic Sensors, Second Edition
Introduction to Nonimaging Optics
The Nature of Light: What is a Photon?
Tunable Laser Applications, Second Edition
Photonic MEMS Devices: Design, Fabrication and Control
Dynamic Laser Speckle and Applications
Laser Safety: Tools and Training
Slow Light: Science and Applications
Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications
Near-Earth Laser Communications
Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy
Practical Applications of Microresonators in Optics and Photonics
Optoelectronics: Infrared-Visable-Ultraviolet Devices and Applications, Second Edition
Biochemical Applications of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy
Applied Aspects of Optical Communication and LIDAR
Laser Technology, Second Edition
VLSI Micro- and Nanophotonics: Science, Technology, and Applications
Ultra-Fast Fiber Lasers: Principles and Applications with MATLAB® Models
Infrared Detectors, Second Edition
Optical Switches: Materials and Design
Handbook Tables For Organic Compound Identification, Third Edition
Surface Activity of Proteins: Chemical and Physicochemical Modifications
Organic Molecular Solids: Properties and Applications
The Biology - Chemistry Interface: A Tribute To Koji Nakanishi
Proteoglycans: Structure, Biology And Molecular Interactions
Reactive Oxygen Metabolites: Chemistry and Medical Consequences
CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
Peptide Antibiotics: Discovery Modes Of Action And Applications
Ion-Radical Organic Chemistry: Principles and Applications
Handbook of Bond Dissociation Energies in Organic Compounds
Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data
Modern Phosphonate Chemistry
Synthesis of Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds, Second Edition
Handbook of Biotransformations of Aromatic Compounds
Polysaccharides: Structural Diversity and Functional Versatility, Second Edition
The Biodiesel Handbook
Oxidation and Antioxidants in Organic Chemistry and Biology
Nucleoside Triphosphates and their Analogs: Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Biological Applications
Chemistry of Peptide Synthesis
The Organic Chemistry of Sugars
Handbook of Chiral Chemicals, Second Edition
Isotope Effects In Chemistry and Biology
Dictionary of Carbohydrates
Ion-Radical Organic Chemistry: Principles and Applications, Second Edition.
Advances in Friedel-Crafts Acylation Reactions: Catalytic and Green Processes
Organic Chemist's Desk Reference, Second Edition
Microwave Heating as a Tool for Sustainable Chemistry
Industrial Galactomannan Polysaccharides
Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, Second Edition
Mechanical Testing of Bone and the Bone-Implant Interface
Genetic Hearing Loss
Validating Medical Packaging
An Atlas of Back Pain
Pain: Current Understanding, Emerging Therapies, and Novel Approaches to Drug Discovery, Second Edition
Non-Accelerator Particle Physics
Gauge Theories in Particle Physics: Volume I: From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to QED, Third Edition
The Mathematical Theory of Cosmic Strings: Cosmic Strings in the Wire Approximation
Neutrino Physics
Gauge Theories in Particle Physics, Volume II: QCD and the Electroweak Theory, Third Edition
Cosmology in Gauge Field Theory and String Theory
Particle and Astroparticle Physics
Neutrinos in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Neutrino Physics, Second Edition
Exploring Fundamental Particles
Advanced Particle Physics Volume 1: Particle, Fields and Quantum Electrodynamics
Advanced Particle Physics
Advanced Particle Physics Volume 2: The Standard Model and Beyond
LHC Physics
Gold and Silver Staining: Techniques in Molecular Morphology
Endocrine Surgery
Molecular Morphology in Human Tissues: Techniques and Applications
Using the Pharmaceutical Literature
Excipient Development for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Drug Delivery Systems
Anti-AIDS Drug Development
G ProteinsTechniques of Analysis
Physiological Pharmaceutics: Barriers to Drug Absorption
Physiological Pharmaceutics: Barriers to Drug Absorption
Molecular Bases of Anesthesia
Immune Interferon: Properties and Clinical Applications
PARP as a Therapeutic Target
Pharmacokinetics in Drug Discovery and Development
Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Processes and Applications
Molecular Pathomechanisms and New Trends in Drug Research
Safety Pharmacology in Pharmaceutical Development and Approval
Drug Delivery Systems, Second Edition
A Handbook of Bioanalysis and Drug Metabolism
Photostability of Drugs and Drug Formulations, Second Edition
Directory of Approved Biopharmaceutical Products
Aspirin and Related Drugs
Enzymes and Their Inhibitors: Drug Development
Using Mass Spectrometry for Drug Metabolism Studies
Applying Genomic and Proteomic Microarray Technology in Drug Discovery
Assessing Bioavailablility of Drug Delivery Systems: Mathematical Modeling
Directory of Therapeutic Enzymes
Smith and Williams' Introduction to the Principles of Drug Design and Action, Fourth Edition
Pharmacotherapy of Cachexia
Polymers in Drug Delivery
Adenosine Receptors: Therapeutic Aspects for Inflammatory and Immune Diseases
Medication Treatments for Nicotine Dependence
Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, Second Edition
Treatments from Toxins: The Therapeutic Potential of Clostridial Neurotoxins
Chemistry and Pharmacology of Anticancer Drugs
Enhancement in Drug Delivery
Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy
Targeted Delivery of Small and Macromolecular Drugs
Pharmaceutical and Clinical Calculations, 2nd Edition
Essentials of Pharmacy Law
Essentials of Pathophysiology for Pharmacy
Quick Reference to Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy
Drug Misuse and Community Pharmacy
Drug Misuse and Community Pharmacy
Preventing Medication Errors and Improving Drug Therapy Outcomes: A Management Systems Approach
Pharmacoethics: A Problem-Based Approach
Sociology for Pharmacists: An Introduction
Sociology for Pharmacists: An Introduction
Advanced Pharmaceutics: Physicochemical Principles
Managing Pharmacy Practice: Principles, Strategies, and Systems
Essentials of Human Physiology for Pharmacy
Pharmacotherapy of Obesity: Options and Alternatives
Theory and Practice of Contemporary Pharmaceutics
Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biopharmaceuticals
Photochemistry of Organic Molecules in Isotropic and Anisotropic Media
Semiconductor Photochemistry And Photophysics/Volume Ten
CRC Handbookof Organic Photochemistry and Photobiology, Volumes 1 & 2, Second Edition
Chiral Photochemistry
Synthetic Organic Photochemistry
Computational Methods in Photochemistry
Organic Photochemistry and Photophysics
Handbook of Photochemistry, Third Edition
Encyclopedic Handbook of Emulsion Technology
Crystallization Technology Handbook
Hyper-Structured Molecules III
Molecular and Cellular Iron Transport
Carbene Chemistry: From Fleeting Intermediates to Powerful Reagents
Principles of Thermodynamics
Nanoparticle Assemblies and Superstructures
Comprehensive Handbook of Chemical Bond Energies
Kinetics of Phase Transitions
Precision Crystallization: Theory and Practice of Controlling Crystal Size
Water and Life: The Unique Properties of H20
Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter: Recent Advances, Applications, and Interfaces
Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development
Business Improvement Districts: Research, Theories, and Controversies
Air Logic for Automated Systems
Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities
Logistics of Facility Location and Allocation
Mechanical Life Cycle Handbook: Good Environmental Design and Manufacturing
Engineering Maintenance: A Modern Approach
Re-Engineering the Chemical Processing Plant: Process Intensification
Practical Engineering Failure Analysis
Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing (Print Version)
Practical Plant Failure Analysis: A Guide to Understanding Machinery Deterioration and Improving Equipment Reliability
Effective Building Maintenance: Protection of Capital Assets
Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation
Industrial Plasma Engineering: Volume 1: Principles
Introduction to Plasma Physics
The Plasma Boundary of Magnetic Fusion Devices
Reaction-Diffusion Problems in the Physics of Hot Plasmas
Laser-Aided Diagnostics of Plasmas and Gases
Theory of Photon Acceleration
Microscopic Dynamics of Plasmas and Chaos
Industrial Plasma Engineering: Volume 2: Applications to Nonthermal Plasma Processing
Introduction to Dusty Plasma Physics
Microscopic Dynamics of Plasmas and Chaos
Plasma and Fluid Turbulence: Theory and Modelling
Plasma Waves, 2nd Edition
Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation
Aspects of Anomalous Transport in Plasmas
An Introduction to Inertial Confinement Fusion
Plasma Electronics: Applications in Microelectronic Device Fabrication
Applications of Laser-Plasma Interactions
Laser-Plasma Interactions
Complex and Dusty Plasmas: From Laboratory to Space
Improving Service Quality in the Global Economy: Achieving High Performance in Public and Private Sectors, Second Edition
Handbook of Public Policy Analysis: Theory, Politics, and Methods
Handbook of Globalization and the Environment
Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers
Polymer Science and Technology
Technology of Fluoropolymers
CRC Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Copolymer Solutions
Conjugated Polymer And Molecular Interfaces: Science And Technology For Photonic And Optoelectronic Application
Polymeric Biomaterials, Revised and Expanded
Heterophase Network Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties
Prediction of Polymer Properties
Handbook of Plastics Analysis
CRC Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Aqueous Polymer Solutions
Simulation Methods for Polymers
Electrical Properties of Polymers
Polymer Processing Instabilities: Control and Understanding
Handbook of Polymer Synthesis: Second Edition
CRC Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Polymer Solutions at Elevated Pressures
Supramolecular Polymers, Second Edition
Biodegradable polymers for industrial applications
Mechanical Properties of Polymers based on Nanostructure and Morphology
CRC Handbook of Enthalpy Data of Polymer-Solvent Systems
Conjugated Polymers: Theory, Synthesis, Properties, and Characterization
Seymour/Carraher's Polymer Chemistry, Seventh Edition
CRC Handbook of Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data of Polymer Solutions
Stereoselective Polymerization with Single-Site Catalysts
Handbook of Vinyl Polymers: Radical Polymerization, Process, and Technology, Second Edition
Technology of Fluoropolymers, Second Edition
Polymers: A Property Database, Second Edition
Fire Retardancy of Polymeric Materials, Second Edition
Polymer Melt Fracture
Polymer Electrolytes: Fundamentals and Applications
Reinforced Plastics Durability
Electrophysical Phenomena in the Tribology of Polymers
Design and Applications of Hydrophilic Polyurethanes
Handbook of Polyolefins
Foam Extrusion: Principles and Practice
Relating Materials Properties to Structure with MATPROP Software: Handbook and Software for Polymer Calculations and Mate
Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polymers: Thin-film Poly Chara Blends
Solid-State Shear Pulverization
Mechanical Evaluation Strategies for Plastics
Smart Polymers: Applications in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Second Edition
Polymer Gels and Networks
Thermosetting Polymers
Strategic Management for the Plastics Industry
The Plastic Film and Foil Web Handling Guide
Radiation Technology for Polymers
Conductive Electroactive Polymers: Intelligent Materials Systems, Second Edition
Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering, Revised and Expanded
Handbook of Polypropylene and Polypropylene Composites, Revised and Expanded
Advanced Polymeric Materials: Structure Property Relationships
Structural Analysis of Polymeric Composite Materials
Polymeric Foams: Mechanisms and Materials
Rubber Compounding: Chemistry and Applications
Polyurethanes as Specialty Chemicals: Principles and Applications
Thermoplastic Foam Processing: Principles and Development
Molecular Interfacial Phenomena of Polymers and Biopolymers
Micro- and Nanostructured Multiphase Polymer Blend Systems: Phase Morphology and Interfaces
Polymeric Foams: Science and Technology
Polyurethane and Related Foams: Chemistry and Technology
Plastics Technology Handbook, Fourth Edition
Practical Guide To Injection Blow Molding
Handbook for the Chemical Analysis of Plastic and Polymer Additives
Handbook of Specialty Elastomers
Analyzing Friction in the Design of Rubber Products and Their Paired Surfaces
Current Topics in Elastomers Research
Castable Polyurethane Elastomers
Wood-polymers Composites
Polyesters and polyamides
Industrial Polymers, Specialty Polymers, and Their Applications
Plastics Fundamentals, Properties, and Testing
Plastics Fabrication and Recycling
Natural-Based Polymers for Biomedical Applications
Conductive Electroactive Polymers: Intelligent Polymer Systems, Third Edition
Rubber Curing and Properties
Polymeric Foams: Technology and Developments in Regulation, Process, and Products
Multiphase Polymer- Based Materials: An Atlas of Phase Morphology at the Nano and Micro Scale
Polymer Nanocomposites Handbook
Filled Polymers: Science and Industrial Applications
Forensic Polymer Engineering
Shape-Memory Polymers and Multifunctional Composites
Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites
Polymer Nanocomposites: Physical Properties and Applications
Switched Reluctance Motor Drives: Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, Design, and Applications
The Power Electronics Handbook
Complex Behavior of Switching Power Converters
Advanced DC/DC Converters
Power Converter Circuits
Handbook of Electric Motors
Power Electronic Modules: Design and Manufacture
Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Active Filters
Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics
Power System Capacitors
Handbook of Automotive Power Electronics and Motor Drives
Synchronous and Resonant DC/DC Conversion Technology, Energy Factor, and Mathematical Modeling
Essential DC/DC Converters
SPICE for Power Electronics and Electric Power, Second Edition
Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors
Power-Switching Converters: Medium and High Power
Integrated Power Electronic Converters and Digital Control
Permanent Magnet Motor Technology: Design and Applications, Third Edition
Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Fundamentals, Theory, and Design, Second Edition
Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Brushless DC Motor Drives
Electrotechnical Systems: Calculation and Analysis with Mathematica and PSpice
CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics
Electrical Power Cable Engineering
Centrifugal & Rotary Pumps: Fundamentals With Applications
Insulation Coordination for Power Systems
The Electric Power Engineering Handbook
Aging Power Delivery Infrastructures
Transformer Design Principles: With Applications to Core-Form Power Transformers
Distributed Generation: The Power Paradigm for the New Millennium
Distribution System Modeling and Analysis
The Induction Machine Handbook
Power Quality
Computer-Aided Power System Analysis
Power Transformers: Principles and Applications
Power System Analysis: Short-Circuit Load Flow and Harmonics
Power System Operations and Electricity Markets
Spatial Electric Load Forecasting
Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage Applications
Electrical Power Cable Engineering: Second: Edition,
Electric Power Substations Engineering
Electric Power Transformer Engineering
Protective Relaying: Theory and Applications
Power System State Estimation: Theory and Implementation
Transformer and Inductor Design Handbook
Transformer Engineering: Design and Practice
Understanding Electric Utilities and De-Regulation
Distribution Reliability and Power Quality
Electric Power Distribution Equipment and Systems
Electric Relays: Principles and Applications
Harmonics and Power Systems
Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications, Third Edition
The Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Second Edition - 5 Volume Set
Power Systems
Power System Stability and Control
Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition
Electric Power Substations Engineering, Second Edition
The Air Engine: Stirling Cycle Power for a Sustainable Future
The Vacuum Interrupter: Theory, Design, and Application
Industrial Power Systems
Electronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial and Power Engineering
Generating Power at High Efficiency: Combined Cycle Technology for Sustainable Energy Production
Electric Energy Systems: Analysis and Operation
Power Quality: VAR Compensation in Power Systems
Electric Power Distribution Reliability, Second Edition
Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing, Second Edition
Protective Relay Principles
Fuel Cells: Modeling, Control, and Applications
Power System Transients: Parameter Determination
Solar Cell Technology and Applications
Green Energy: Sustainable Electricity Supply with Low Environmental Impact
Electricity Pricing: Engineering Principles and Methodologies
Business Essentials for Utility Engineers
Transformer Design Principles: With Applications to Core-Form Power Transformers, Second Edition
Advanced Power Plant Materials, Design, and Technology
Wind Turbine Technology
Digital Protective Relays: Problems and Solutions
Complex Stochastic Systems
Probability and Statistical Models with Applications
Algebraic Statistics: Computational Commutative Algebra in Statistics
Large Deviations and Idempotent Probability
Multifractals: Theory and Applications
Subjective Probability Models for Lifetimes
Advances on Methodological and Applied Aspects of Probability and Statistics
Infinite Divisibility of Probability Distributions on the Real Line
Conditional Measures and Applications
Stochastic Processes in Science, Engineering and Finance
Polya Urn Models
Handbook for Critical Cleaning
Lubricant Additives: Chemistry and Applications
Conservation Equations And Modeling Of Chemical And Biochemical Processes
Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic
Designing Pleasurable Products: An Introduction to the New Human Factors
Pleasure With Products: Beyond Usability
Designing Pleasurable Products: An Introduction to the New Human Factors
Designing for Situation Awareness: An Approach to User-Centered Design
Designing for Situation Awareness: An Approach to User-Centered Design, Second Edition
Design and Emotion
Comfort and Design: Principles and Good Practice
The Semantic Turn: A New Foundation for Design
Ergonomics for Children: Designing products and places for toddler to teens
The Impact of Technology on Sport II
Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics
Designing for Older Adults: Principles and Creative Human Factors Approaches, Second Edition
Advances in Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Safety in Manufacturing and Service Industries
Innovative Solutions: What Designers Need to Know for Today's Emerging Markets
Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design
Kansei Engineering
Kansei/Affective Engineering
Innovations of Kansei Engineering
Ergonomics for All: Celebrating PPCOE's 20 years of excellence: PPCOE 2010, Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Conference on
Factory Operations: Planning and Instructional Methods
Parts Fabrication: Principles and Process
Assembly Processes: Finishing, Packaging, and Automation
Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering, Second Edition - 4 Volume Set
Kaizen Assembly: Designing, Constructing, and Managing a Lean Assembly Line
Process Oriented Analysis: Design and Optimization of Industrial Production Systems
Workforce Cross Training
Lean Six Sigma in Service: Applications and Case Studies
Conveyors: Application, Selection, and Integration
Inventory Management: Non-Classical Views
Real Options in Engineering Design, Operations, and Management
Social Responsibility: Failure Mode Effects and Analysis
Lean Manufacturing: Business Bottom-Line Based
Handbook of Industrial Engineering Equations, Formulas, and Calculations
Modern Construction: Lean Project Delivery and Integrated Practices
RFID and Auto-ID in Planning and Logistics: A Practical Guide for Military UID Applications
Toyota Kaizen Methods: Six Steps to Improvement
Fuzzy Automata and Languages: Theory and Applications
Classical FORTRAN: Programming for Engineering and Scientific Applications
Java Programming for Engineers
Programming Language Fundamentals by Example
A Guide to MATLAB Object-Oriented Programming
Synchronous Programming of Reactive Systems with Esterel and SyncCharts
Engineering Project Management: The IPQMS Method and Case Histories
The Strategic Project Planner: A Profit-Driven Project Management Process for Planning Projects to Meet Business Goals
Virtual Project Management: Software Solutions for Today and the Future
The Strategic Project Office: A Guide to Improving Organizational Performance
The Advanced Project Management Office: A Comprehensive Look at Function and Implementation
The Organizational Engineering Approach to Project Management: The Revolution in Building and Managing Effective Teams
Focus Groups: Supporting Effective Product Developement
Project Management Framework
The Hands-On Project Office: Guaranteeing ROI and On-Time Delivery
Optimizing Human Capital with a Strategic Project Office: Select, Train, Measure,and Reward People for Organization Success
The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Second Edition
Practical Guide to Project Planning
Determining Project Requirements
The Strategic Project Leader: Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership
Managing Global Development Risk
Effective Communications for Project Management
Global Engineering Project Management
Triple C Model of Project Management: Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination
A Standard for Enterprise Project Management
Building a Project Work Breakdown Structure: Visualizing Objectives, Deliverables, Activities, and Schedules
Leading IT Projects: The IT Manager's Guide
Configuration Management: Implementation, Principles, and Applications for Manufacturing Industries
Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems: Ensuring Product Integrity and Program Quality
Project Management Recipes for Success
Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering
STEP Project Management: Guide for Science, Technology, and Engineering Projects
Global Engineering: Design, Decision Making, and Communication
Implementing Program Management: Templates and Forms Aligned with the Standard for Program Management - Second Edit
Supply Chain Project Management. Second Edition
The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit
Managing Web Projects
Project Management Theory and Practice
The Project Manager's Communication Toolkit
Project Management Tools and Techniques for Success
Essential Project Management Skills
Project Execution: A Practical Approach to Industrial and Commercial Project Management
Implementing the Project Management Balanced Scorecard
Scrum Project Management
Leadership Principles for Project Success
Green Project Management
The Strategic Project Office, Second Edition
Program Management Complexity: A Competency Model
Handbook of Stress Medicine: An Organ System Approach
An Atlas of Schizophrenia
Psychocutaneous Medicine
Addiction and the Medical Complications of Drug Abuse
EMDR and Psychotherapy Integration: Theoretical and Clinical Suggestions with Focus on Traumatic Stress
Understanding and Preventing Violence: The Psychology of Human Destructiveness
The Emotional Nature of Qualitative Research
The 10-Step Method of Stress Relief: Decoding the Meaning and Significance of Stress
An Atlas of Depression
Handbook of Stress Medicine and Health, Second Edition
The Changing Face of Disease: Implications for Society
Pharmacotherapy in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Handbook of Microbiological Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis
Modern Pharmaceutics, Fourth Edition,
Pharmaceutical Stress Testing: Predicting Drug Degradation
A Practical Guide to Quality Management in Clinical Trial Research
Design Reliability: Fundamentals and Applications
Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas
What Every Engineer Should Know About Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Implementing Concurrent Engineering in Small Companies
Mechanical Reliability Improvement: Probability and Statistics for Experimental Testing
Reliability Verification, Testing, and Analysis in Engineering Design
Guidelines for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), for Automotive, Aerospace, and General Manufacturing Industries
Guidelines for Process Hazards Analysis (PHA, HAZOP), Hazards Identification, and Risk Analysis
Guidelines for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for Medical Devices
Reliability, Quality, and Safety for Engineers
Engineering Design Reliability Handbook
Maintainability, Maintenance, and Reliability for Engineers
Stream of Variation Modeling and Analysis for Multistage Manufacturing Processes
Universal and Accessible Design for Products, Services, and Processes
Engineering Design Reliability Applications: For the Aerospace, Automotive and Ship Industries
Reliability Technology, Human Error, and Quality in Health Care
Human Reliability, Error, and Human Factors in Engineering Maintenance: with Reference to Aviation and Power Generation
Product Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Handbook, Second Edition
Reliability Analysis and Prediction with Warranty Data: Issues, Strategies, and Methods
Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions, Second Edition
The Quantum Physics of Atomic Frequency Standards
Introduction to Perturbation Theory in Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction for Device Physicists and Electrical Engineers, Second Edition
V.A. Fock - Selected Works: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory
Introduction to Quantum Control and Dynamics
Quantum Computing: From Linear Algebra to Physical Realizations
Stochastic Simulations of Clusters: Quantum Methods in Flat and Curved Spaces
Magnetic Resonance Procedures: Health Effects and Safety
Medical Management of Radiation Accidents, Second Edition
Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine, Second Edition
Radiation Threats and Your Safety: A Guide to Preparation and Response for Professionals and Community
Applied Functional Analysis. Approximation Methods and Computers: Applied Functional Analysis, Approximation Methods and
Real Analysis: An Introduction to the Theory of Real Functions and Integration
Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems
Strain Solitons in Solids and How to Construct Them
Control Of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems
Abstract Cauchy Problems: Three Approaches
Spectral Theory and Nonlinear Functional Analysis
Partial Differential Equations On Multistructures
P-Adic Functional Analysis
Integral Theorems for Functions and Differential Forms in C(m)
Unbounded Functionals in the Calculus of Variations: Representation, Relaxation, and Homogenization
Continuum Theory
Linear and Quasilinear Complex Equations of Hyperbolic and Mixed Types
Functional Equations with Causal Operators
Isometries on Banach Spaces: function spaces
Real And Complex Singularities
Hyperbolic Differential Operators And Related Problems
Geometric Function Theory in One and Higher Dimensions
Analytic Hilbert Modules
Applied Functional Analysis: Numerical Methods, Wavelet Methods, and Image Processing
H-Transforms: Theory and Applications
Stochastic Processes and Functional Analysis: A Volume of Recent Advances in Honor of M. M. Rao
Nonsmooth Critical Point Theory and Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
Nonlinear Analysis
Fractional Cauchy Transforms
Smooth Homogeneous Structures in Operator Theory
Strange Functions in Real Analysis, Second Edition
Topological Degree Theory and Applications
Analytical Methods for Markov Semigroups
Operational Calculus and Related Topics
Envelopes and Sharp Embeddings of Function Spaces
Isometries in Banach Spaces: Vector-valued Function Spaces and Operator Spaces, Volume Two
Localization and Perturbation of Zeros of Entire Functions
Applied Functional Analysis, Second Edition
Laws and Models: Science, Engineering, and Technology
Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers
Abbreviations Dictionary, Tenth Edition
Filing Patents Online: A Professional Guide
CRC Handbook of Engineering Tables
The Engineering Handbook, Second Edition
Patent Laws for Scientists and Engineers
The Hatfield Memorial Lectures Volume III
MIG Welding Guide
What Every Engineer Should Know About Business Communication
A Vision of Transdisciplinarity: Laying Foundations for a World Knowledge Dialogue
International Pharmaceutical Registration
Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals: A Plan for Total Quality Control from Manufacturer to Consumer: Fifth Editio
Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals: A Plan for Total Quality Control from Manufacturer to Consumer: Fifth Editio
FDA-Speak: A Glossary and Agency Guide
International Labeling Requirements for Medical Devices, Medical Equipment and Diagnostic Products
FDA Regulatory Affairs: A Guide for Prescription Drugs, Medical Devices, and Biologics
Electronic Record Keeping: Achieving and Maintaining Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and 45 CFR Parts 160, 162, and 164
The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process
FDA Administrative Enforcement Manual
Write it Down: Guidance for Preparing Effective and Compliant Documentation, Second Edition
Vision Rehabilitation: Multidisciplinary Care of the Patient Following Brain Injury
Remediation Engineering: Design Concepts
Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils: Biological, Physical, and Chemical Processes
Practical Design Calculations for Groundwater and Soil Remediation
Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soil and Water
Remediation of Firing Range Impact Berms
NAPL Removal Surfactants, Foams, and Microemulsions
Heavy Metals in the Environment: Using Wetlands for Their Removal
Biodegradation of Nitroaromatic Compounds and Explosives
Restoration of Contaminated Aquifers: Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Compounds, Second Edition
Environmental Restoration of Metals-Contaminated Soils
The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup, Second Edition
In Situ Treatment Technology, Second Edition
Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Treatment Technologies Handbook
Natural and Enhanced Remediation Systems
Combustion and Incineration Processes: Applications in Environmental Engineering, Third Edition
Site Assessment and Remediation Handbook, Second Edition
Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design
Environmental Site Assessment Phase I: A Basic Guide, Third Edition
Remediation Hydraulics
Field Sampling Methods for Remedial Investigations, Second Edition
Environmental Isotopes in Biodegradation and Bioremediation
The Science of Environmental Pollution, Second Edition
Environmental Investigation and Remediation: 1,4-Dioxane and other Solvent Stabilizers
Assessing the Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data: Principles and Practices
Interpreting Remote Sensing Imagery: Human Factors
Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest Management
Digital Photogrammetry
Digital Photogrammetry
Aerial Mapping: Methods and Applications, Second Edition
Virtual Reality in Geography
Java Programming for Spatial Sciences
Java Programming for Spatial Sciences
Relational Management and Display of Site Environmental Data
Foundations of Geographic Information Science
Developing Spatial Data Infrastructures: From Concept to Reality
GIS Environmental Modelling and Engineering
Expert Systems and Geographic Information Systems for Impact Assessment
Arctic Ecological Research from Microwave Satellite Observations
Thermal Remote Sensing in Land Surface Processing
Geographic Information Management in Local Government
Post-Launch Calibration of Satellite Sensors: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Radiometric and Geometric Calibra
Remote Sensing and GIS Accuracy Assessment
Expert Systems and Geographic Information Systems for Impact Assessment
GeoSensor Networks
Radio Propagation and Remote Sensing of the Environment
Laser Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice
Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite: A New Operational Cloud Imager
GIS and Archaeological Site Location Modeling
Signal and Image Processing for Remote Sensing
Local Models for Spatial Analysis
Multispectral Image Analysis Using the Object-Oriented Paradigm
Remote Sensing of Impervious Surfaces
Image Processing for Remote Sensing
Signal Processing for Remote Sensing
High Performance Computing in Remote Sensing
Fuzzy Surfaces in GIS and Geographical Analysis: Theory, Analytical Methods, Algorithms and Applications
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications
Land Use Change: Science, Policy and Management
Atmospheric Acoustic Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications
Understanding Dynamics of Geographic Domains
Creating Spatial Information Infrastructures: Towards the Spatial Semantic Web
Imaging with Synthetic Aperture Radar
Advances in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences: 2008 ISPRS Congress Book
Geoinformation Technologies for Geo-Cultural Landscapes: European Perspectives
Modelling Urban Development with Geographical Information Systems and Cellular Automata
Assessing the Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data: Principles and Practices, Second Edition
Remote Sensing of Soil Salinization: Impact on Land Management
Representing, Modeling, and Visualizing the Natural Environment
Recent Advances in Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Processing for Land Degradation Assessment
Urban and Regional Data Management: UDMS 2009 Annual
Global Mapping of Human Settlement: Experiences, Datasets, and Prospects
Remote Sensing of Global Croplands for Food Security
Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing: Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications
Organic Photovoltaics: Mechanisms, Materials, and Devices
Wind and Solar Power Systems: Design, Analysis, and Operation, Second Edition
Variable Speed Generators
Synchronous Generators
Protective Relaying for Power Generation Systems
Geoenvironmental Sustainability
Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies
Hydrogen Fuel: Production, Transport, and Storage
Wind Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment
Energy Portfolios
Solar Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment
Geothermal Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment
Green Energy: Technology, Economics and Policy
Green Nanotechnology: Solutions for Sustainability and Energy in the Built Environment
Handbook of Water Sensitive Planning and Design
Food Security and Environmental Quality in the Developing World
Managing for Healthy Ecosystems
Land Reclamation - Extending Boundaries: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, Runcorn, UK, 13-16 May 2003
Unsaturated Soils - Advances in Testing, Modelling and Engineering Applications: Proceedings of the Second International Wor
Climate Change and Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration in Central Asia
Environmental Management, Sustainable Development and Human Health
Naturbanization: New identities and processes for rural-natural areas
Enhanced stabilisation of municipal solid waste in bioreactor landfills: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis
Water for a Changing World - Developing Local Knowledge and Capacity: Proceedings of the International Symposium "Water f
Land Use Scenarios: Environmental Consequences of Development
Social-Environmental Planning: The Design Interface Between Everyforest and Everycity
Sustainable Development: Principles, Frameworks, and Case Studies
Capacity Development for Improved Water Management
Sustainability and Design Ethics
Restorative Redevelopment of Devastated Ecocultural Landscapes
Water in Central Asia: Past, Present and Future
Water in Central Asia: Past, Present and Future
Sustainable Development Handbook, Second Edition
Vascular Manifestations of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
Human Factors in Nuclear Safety
Occupational Injury: Risk, Prevention And Intervention
Occupational Injury: Risk, Prevention And Intervention
Definitions, Conversions, and Calculations for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals, Second Edition
Nuclear Safety: A Human Factors Perspective
Effective Safety and Health Training
Creating the Productive Workplace
Business Measurements for Safety Performance
CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety, 5th Edition
Cause, Effect, and Control of Accidental Loss with Accident Investigation Kit
Practical Guide to Industrial Safety: Methods for Process Safety Professionals
The Psychology of Safety Handbook
Fundamentals of Health at Work
Fundamentals of Health at Work
Physical Hazards of the Workplace
Agricultural Safety
Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques
Safety Analysis: Principles and Practice in Occupational Safety
The Safety Officer's Concise Desk Reference
Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations
Safety, Health, and Asset Protection: Management Essentials, Second Edition
Health and Safety in Welding and Allied Processes, Fifth Edition
Automotive Vehicle Safety
Slip and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook
Back Injury Among Healthcare Workers: Causes, Solutions, and Impacts
Motor Fleet Safety and Security Management
Office Building Safety and Health
Understanding and Preventing Falls: An Ergonomics Approach
Human Error: Causes and Control
Beyond Human Error: Taxonomies and Safety Science
Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health, Second Edition
Definitions, Conversions, and Calculations for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals, Third Edition
Human Safety and Risk Management, Second Edition
Occupational Hearing Loss, Third Edition
Medical Error and Patient Safety: Human Factors in Medicine
Safe Use of Chemicals: A Practical Guide
Industrial Safety and Health for Goods and Materials Services
Industrial Safety and Health for Infrastructure Services
Industrial Safety and Health for Administrative Services
Industrial Safety and Health for People-Oriented Services
Fatal Accidents
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook, Second Edition
Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety, Second Edition
Human Reliability Assessment Theory and Practice
Safer Complex Industrial Environments: A Human Factors Approach
Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2010: Proceedings of the International Conference on
Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2010, Keele, UK
Safety, Health, and Environmental Auditing: A Practical Guide
Handbook of Occupational Safety and Health
Process Plants: A Handbook for Inherently Safer Design, Second Edition
The Risk Management of Safety and Dependability
Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare
Human Factors for the Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Mining Equipment
Handbook of Chemicals and Safety
Loss Prevention and Safety Control: Terms and Definitions
Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Database Marketing: Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data
The Art of Mastering Sales Management
Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing
Surimi and Surimi Seafood, Second Edition
Seafood Processing: Adding Value Through Quick Freezing, Retortable Packaging and Cook-Chilling
Maximising the value of marine by-products
Improving Farmed Fish Quality and Safety
Improving Seafood Products for the Consumer
Shellfish Safety and Quality
Handbook of Seafood and Seafood Products Analysis
Environmental Effects on Seafood Availability and Qualities
Marine Polysaccharides: Food Applications
Business Resumption Planning
Standard for Auditing Computer Applications
Effective Use of Teams for IT Audits
Secure Computers and Networks: Analysis, Design, and Implementation
Understanding Surveillance Technologies: Spy Devices, Their Origins & Applications
Information Security Architecture: An Integrated Approach to Security in the Organization
Securing E-Business Applications and Communications
Secure Internet Practices: Best Practices for Securing Systems in the Internet and e-Business Age
A Practical Guide to Security Engineering and Information Assurance
Building an Information Security Awareness Program
The Privacy Papers: Managing Technology, Consumer, Employee and Legislative Actions
Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards: Guidelines for Effective Information Security Management
Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes, Second Edition
Securing Windows NT/2000: From Policies to Firewalls
Securing and Controlling Cisco Routers
Global Information Warfare: How Businesses, Governments, and Others Achieve Objectives and Attain Competitive Advantage
The Total CISSP Exam Prep Book: Practice Questions, Answers, and Test Taking Tips and Techniques
Information Security Management Handbook, Fourth Edition, Volume 4
Building A Global Information Assurance Program
Asset Protection and Security Management Handbook
Using the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation
Managing A Network Vulnerability Assessment
Critical Incident Management
Network Perimeter Security: Building Defense In-Depth
Strategic Information Security
The Hacker's Handbook: The Strategy Behind Breaking into and Defending Networks
The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance
Protocols for Secure Electronic Commerce, Second Edition
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP Exam
Surviving Security: How to Integrate People, Process, and Technology
Watermarking Systems Engineering: Enabling Digital Assets Security and Other Applications
Information Technology Control and Audit, Second Edition
Public Key Infrastructure: Building Trusted Applications and Web Services
Information Security Policies and Procedures: A Practitioner's Reference, Second Edition
Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodology
The Ethical Hack: A Framework for Business Value Penetration Testing
A Practical Guide to Security Assessments
Network Security Technologies
Information Security Fundamentals
Information Security Management Handbook, Volume 2
Multimedia Security Handbook
Curing the Patch Management Headache
Managing an Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program
Information Security Risk Analysis, Second Edition
Guide to Optimal Operational Risk and BASEL II
The Security Risk Assessment Handbook: A Complete Guide for Performing Security Risk Assessments
Information Security Management Handbook, Fifth Edition, Volume 3
Information Security Architecture: An Integrated Approach to Security in the Organization, Second Edition
Audit and Trace Log Management: Consolidation and Analysis
Securing Converged IP Networks
Information Security: Design, Implementation, Measurement, and Compliance
Practical Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures
802.1X Port-Based Authentication
Complete Guide to Security and Privacy Metrics: Measuring Regulatory Compliance, Operational Resilience, and ROI
Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition
Mechanics of User Identification and Authentication: Fundamentals of Identity Management
How to Achieve 27001 Certification: An Example of Applied Compliance Management
Insider Computer Fraud: An In-depth Framework for Detecting and Defending against Insider IT Attacks
Software Deployment, Updating, and Patching
Digital Privacy: Theory, Technologies, and Practices
Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 2
Building an Effective Information Security Policy Architecture
Information Assurance Architecture
Malicious Bots: An Inside Look into the Cyber-Criminal Underground of the Internet
IT Auditing and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Key Strategies for Business Improvement
How to Complete a Risk Assessment in 5 Days or Less
Information Technology Control and Audit, Third Edition
CISO Soft Skills: Securing Organizations Impaired by Employee Politics, Apathy, and Intolerant Perspectives
Profiling Hackers: The Science of Criminal Profiling as Applied to the World of Hacking
Information Security Management Metrics: A Definitive Guide to Effective Security Monitoring and Measurement
Cyber Fraud: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 3
Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
Vulnerability Management
The Executive MBA in Information Security
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Second Edition
Information Security Risk Analysis, Third Edition
Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 4
Managing an Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program, Second Edition
Security Strategy: From Requirements to Reality
Security for Service Oriented Architectures
Cyber Security Essentials
Encyclopedia of Information Assurance - 3 Volume Set (Print Version)
FISMA Compliance: Principles and Best Practices
Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide, Second Edition
Investigations in the Workplace
Organizational Crisis Management: The Human Factor
Understanding Surveillance Technologies: Spy Devices, Privacy, History, & Applications, Revised and Expanded Second Edition
Wireless Crime and Forensic Investigation
21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention
Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Video Surveillance Systems
How to Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan
Kidnap for Ransom: Resolving the Unthinkable
Security Manager's Guide to Disasters: Managing Through Emergencies, Violence, and Other Workplace Threats
Managing Security Overseas: Protecting Employees and Assets in Volatile Regions
Building an Enterprise-Wide Business Continuity Program
The Elements of Private Investigation: An Introduction to the Law, Techniques, and Procedures
Intelligent Video Surveillance: Systems and Technology
Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection
Vein Pattern Recognition: A Privacy-Enhancing Biometric
Targeted Violence: A Statistical and Tactical Analysis of Assassinations, Contract Killings, and Kidnappings
Disaster and Recovery Planning: A Guide for Facility Managers, Fifth Edition
Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance Handbook
Retail Loss Prevention: Problems and Solutions
Introduction to PCM Telemetering Systems
Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Volume Three: Process Software and Digital Networks
Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition, Volume One: Process Measurement and Analysis
Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, and Displays
High Performance Instrumentation and Automation
Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition, Volume Two: Process Control and Optimization
Wireless Sensors and Instruments: Networks, Design, and Applications
X-Ray Metrology in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Industrial Process Sensors
RFID Handbook: Applications, Technology, Security, and Privacy
Meso- to Micro- Actuators: A Theoretical and Practical Approach
Instrumentation Design Studies
Sensors for Chemical and Biological Applications
Using Robots in Hazardous Environments: Landmine Detection, De-mining and Other Applications
Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, and Performance Evaluation
Handbook of HPLC
Thin-Layer Chromatography, Revised And Expanded
Modern Chromatographic Analysis Of Vitamins: Revised And Expanded
Quantitative Chromatographic Analysis
Current Practice of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Hplc Of Biological Macro- Molecules, Revised And Expanded
Chromatography Theory
Scale-Up and Optimization in Preparative Chromatography: Principles and Biopharmaceutical Applications
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 42
Handbook of Thin-Layer Chromatography
Separation Techniques in Clinical Chemistry
Chiral Separations By Liquid Chromatography And Related Technologies
Handbook Of Size Exclusion Chromatography And Related Techniques: Revised And Expanded
Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances, Volume 16
Solvent Extraction Principles and Practice, Revised and Expanded
Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances, Volume 17
Advances In Chromatography: Volume 43
Handbook of Affinity Chromatography, Second Edition
Separation Methods In Microanalytical Systems
Advances In Chromatography: Volume 44
Chromatographic Analysis of the Environment, Third Edition
Separation Methods In Proteomics
Preparative Layer Chromatography
Process Scale Bioseparations for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Third Edition
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 45
Thin Layer Chromatography in Chiral Separations and Analysis
Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances, Volume 18
Advances in Chromatography, Volume 46
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Nutraceuticals and Bioactive Compounds
Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry
Solvent Extraction and Liquid Membranes: Fundamentals and Applications in New Materials
Handbook of Membrane Separations: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Biotechnological Applications
Advances in Chromatography, Volume 47
Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances, Volume 19
Advances in Chromatographic Techniques for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Third Edition (Print Version)
Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques
Chiral Separations by Capillary Electrophoresis
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 48
Handbook of HPLC, Second Edition
High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Phytochemical Analysis
Paraconsistency: The Logical Way to the Inconsistent
An Introduction to Random Sets
Invariant Descriptive Set Theory
Combinatory Logic: Pure, Applied and Typed
Handbook of Formulas and Tables for Signal Processing
Signal Processing for Intelligent Sensor Systems
A Practical Handbook of Speech Coders
Sensor Array Signal Processing
Advanced Signal Processing Handbook: Theory and Implementation for Radar, Sonar, and Medical Imaging Real Time System
Multisensor Data Fusion, 2 Volume Set
Handbook of Neural Network Signal Processing
Design of Digital Video Coding Systems: A Complete Compressed Domain Approach
Detection Theory: Applications and Digital Signal Processing
Programmable Digital Signal Processors: Architecture: Programming, and Applications
Signal Processing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
Noise Reduction in Speech Applications
Signal Processing Noise
Applications in Time-Frequency Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing
Monopole Antennas
DSP-Based Electromechanical Motion Control
Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Theory, Methods, and Applications
Smart Antennas
Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook
Signal and Image Processing in Navigational Systems
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Multi-Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications
Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding
Memory Management for Synthesis of DSP Software
Introduction to Genomic Signal Processing with Control
Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing: Technologies and Applications
Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB
High Performance Embedded Computing Handbook: A Systems Perspective
Signal Processing for Communications
Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion: Theory and Practice, Second Edition
Advanced Signal Processing: Theory and Implementation for Sonar, Radar, and Non-Invasive Medical Diagnostic Systems, Sec
Wireless, Networking, Radar, Sensor Array Processing, and Nonlinear Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
Video, Speech, and Audio Signal Processing and Associated Standards
Transforms and Applications Primer for Engineers with Examples and MATLAB®
Unsupervised Signal Processing: Channel Equalization and Source Separation
Sleep Disorders and Neurological Disease
Handbook of Object Technology
Server Management
Financial Services Information Systems
Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement
Application Servers for E-Business
Integrating ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management, and Smart Materials
Architectures for E-Business Systems: Building the Foundation for Tomorrow's Success
The Complete Book of Middleware
Six Sigma Software Development
Building Web Applications with C# and .NET: A Complete Reference
Software Engineering Handbook
Software Engineering Measurement
Interpreting the CMMI (R): A Process Improvement Approach, Second Edition
Creating Components: Object Oriented, Concurrent, and Distributed Computing in Java
Complex IT Project Management: 16 Steps to Success
Software Metrics: A Guide to Planning, Analysis, and Application
Iso 9001: 2000 for Software and Systems Providers: An Engineering Approach
Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
Software Configuration Management
Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java
Lightweight Enterprise Architectures
Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement, Second Edition
Maximizing ROI on Software Development
Software Requirements: Encapsulation, Quality, and Reuse
Reducing Risk with Software Process Improvement
Strategic Software Engineering: An Interdisciplinary Approach
The ROI from Software Quality
Flexible Software Design: Systems Development for Changing Requirements
Defining and Deploying Software Processes
Successful Packaged Software Implementation
Software Specification and Design: An Engineering Approach
Software Engineering Quality Practices
UML for Developing Knowledge Management Systems
Antipatterns: Identification, Refactoring, and Management
Accelerating Process Improvement Using Agile Techniques
Embedded Linux System Design and Development
Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves
Modeling Software with Finite State Machines: A Practical Approach
Process-Based Software Project Management
The Debugger's Handbook
Global Software Development Handbook
Service Oriented Enterprises
The Handbook of Mobile Middleware
Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Project Managers
The Art of Software Modeling
Advanced Manufacturing. An ICT and Systems Perspective
Six Sigma Software Development, Second Edition
What Every Engineer Should Know about Software Engineering
Effective Software Maintenance and Evolution: A Reuse-Based Approach
Testing Code Security
Software Engineering Foundations: A Software Science Perspective
Building Software: A Practitioner's Guide
Software Solutions for Engineers and Scientists
Service-Oriented Architecture: SOA Strategy, Methodology, and Technology
Grid Application Systems Design
Patterns for Performance and Operability: Building and Testing Enterprise Software
Manage Software Testing
Interpreting the CMMI (R): A Process Improvement Approach, Second Edition
The Business Value of IT: Managing Risks, Optimizing Performance and Measuring Results
Essential Software Testing: A Use-Case Approach
Security Software Development: Assessing and Managing Security Risks
Process Improvement with CMMI® v1.2 and ISO Standards
Architecting Software Intensive Systems: A Practitioners Guide
Delivering Successful Projects with TSP(SM) and Six Sigma: A Practical Guide to Implementing Team Software Process(SM)
The Method Framework for Engineering System Architectures
Architecting Secure Software Systems
Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement, Third Edition
Data Flow Analysis: Theory and Practice
Quality Assurance of Agent-Based and Self-Managed Systems
Software Testing as a Service
Handbook of Enterprise Integration
Enterprise-Scale Agile Software Development
CAD and GIS Integration
Applied Software Product Line Engineering
Process Improvement and CMMI® for Systems and Software
Secure and Resilient Software Development
Product Release Planning: Methods, Tools and Applications
Process-Centric Architecture for Enterprise Software Systems
Cloud Computing and Software Services: Theory and Techniques
Certified Function Point Specialist Examination Guide
Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems
Secure Java: For Web Application Development
Design and Safety Assessment of Critical Systems
COSMIC Function Points: Theory and Advanced Practices
Soil Fertility Management for Sustainable Agriculture
Integrated Watershed Management in the Global Ecosystem
Soil Engineering: Testing, Design, and Remediation
Specialty Corns, Second Edition
The Potential of U.S. Grazing Lands to Sequester Carbon and Mitigate the Greenhouse Effect
Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere
Trace Elements in Soils and Plants, Third Edition
Trace Elements in Soil: Bioavailability, Flux, and Transfer
Compost Utilization In Horticultural Cropping Systems
Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics for Soil Management
Heavy Metals Release in Soils
Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary
Laboratory Guide for Conducting Soil Tests and Plant Analysis
Contemporary Statistical Models for the Plant and Soil Sciences
Soil Physics Companion
Agriculture Practices and Policies for Carbon Sequestration in Soil
Heavy Metals In The Environment
Organic Soils and Peat Materials for Sustainable Agriculture
The Potential of U.S. Forest Soils to Sequester Carbon and Mitigate the Greenhouse Effect
Soil Classification: A Global Desk Reference
Handbook of Soil Acidity
Scaling Methods in Soil Physics
Humic Matter in Soil and the Environment: Principles and Controversies
Conservation and Improvement of Sloping Lands: Practical Application - Soil and Water Conservation
Environmental Soil-Landscape Modeling: Geographic Information Technologies and Pedometrics
Encyclopedia of Soil Science, Second Edition
Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulics: Eco-technological Practices for Sustainable Development
Water: Global Common and Global Problems
Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems
Modeling Phosphorus in the Environment
The Rhizosphere: Biochemistry and Organic Substances at the Soil-Plant Interface, Second Edition
Soil Carbon Management: Economic, Environmental and Societal Benefits
Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis, Second Edition
Soils in the Humid Tropics and Monsoon Region of Indonesia
Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics
Quantifying and Understanding Plant Nitrogen Uptake for Systems Modeling
Development and Uses of Biofortified Agricultural Products
Fire Effects on Soils and Restoration Strategies
Soil Biochemistry
Soil Quality and Biofuel Production
Food Security and Soil Quality
Trace Elements in Soils and Plants, Fourth Edition
Handbook of Pollution Control and Waste Minimization
Land Application of Sewage Sludge and Biosolids
Waste Sites as Biological Reactors: Characterization and Modeling
VOC Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants: Characterization, Control and Compliance
Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants: Environmental and Industrial Applications
Waste Treatment in the Food Processing Industry
Waste Treatment in the Process Industries
Evapotranspiration Covers for Landfills and Waste Sites
Statistical Quality Control
Accelerated Life Models: Modeling and Statistical Analysis
Design and Analysis of Accelerated Tests for Mission Critical Reliability
Bayesian Process Monitoring, Control and Optimization
Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control, Second Edition
Statistical Process Control for Real-World Applications
Near-Infrared Applications in Biotechnology
Ultrafast Infrared And Raman Spectroscopy
Handbook of Near-Infrared Analysis, Second Edition
Handbook of Raman Spectroscopy: From the Research Laboratory to the Process Line
Mass Spectrometry of Polymers
Handbook of X-Ray Spectrometry, Second Edition,
Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Ultraviolet Spectroscopy And Uv Lasers
Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Practical Spectroscopy Series Volume 32
Mass Spectrometry Basics
Practical Guide to ICP-MS: A Tutorial for Beginners, Second Edition
Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Second Edition
NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Solids
CRC Handbook of Fundamental Spectroscopic Correlation Charts
Vibrational Spectroscopy of Biological and Polymeric Materials
Assigning Structures to Ions in Mass Spectrometry
Spectral Techniques In Proteomics
Optical Spectroscopy of Lanthanides: Magnetic and Hyperfine Interactions
Handbook of Near-Infrared Analysis, Third Edition
Practical Guide to Interpretive Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Coherent Vibrational Dynamics
Practical Guide to ICP-MS: A Tutorial for Beginners, Second Edition
Biomolecular EPR Spectroscopy
Two-Dimensional Optical Spectroscopy
Using Mass Spectrometry for Drug Metabolism Studies, Second Edition
Practical Aspects of Trapped Ion Mass Spectrometry, Volume V: Applications of Ion Trapping Devices
Introduction to Texture Analysis: Macrotexture, Microtexture, and Orientation Mapping, Second Edition
Mass Spectrometry of Nucleosides and Nucleic Acids
Chiral Recognition in the Gas Phase
Practical Aspects of Trapped Ion Mass Spectrometry, Volume IV: Theory and Instrumentation
Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Fundamentals and Applications in Aerosol Spectroscopy
VCD Spectroscopy for Organic Chemists
Fundamentals of FourierTransform Infrared Spectroscopy, Second Edition
Musculoskeletal Fatigue and Stress Fractures
Endurance Exercise and Adipose Tissue
Exercise and Stress Response: The Role of Stress Proteins
Nutrition and Exercise Immunology
Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport
Sports Drinks: Basic Science and Practical Aspects
Nutrition and the Strength Athlete
Nutritional Assessment of Athletes
Anabolic Steroids
Anabolic Steroids
Nutritional Ergogenic Aids
CRC Desk Reference on Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Elements, Second Edition
Sports Nutrition: Fats and Proteins
Physique, Fitness, and Performance, Second Edition
Sports Nutrition: Energy Metabolism and Exercise
Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete: The Anabolic Edge, Second Edition
Nutrition and Exercise Concerns of Middle Age
Nutritional Concerns in Recreation, Exercise, and Sport
Nutritional Assessment of Athletes, Second Edition
DNA Microarrays and Related Genomics Techniques: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Experiments
DNA Methylation Microarrays: Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis
R Programming for Bioinformatics
Statistical and Computational Pharmacogenomics
Meta-analysis and Combining Information in Genetics and Genomics
Bayesian Modeling in Bioinformatics
Robust Networks: From Graphs to Systems Biology
Handbook of Natural Language Processing
Data Mining Using SAS Applications
Statistical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB
Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach
Semisupervised Learning for Computational Linguistics
Statistical Data Mining Using SAS Applications, Second Edition
Problems on Statistical Mechanics
Problems on Statistical Mechanics
Statistical Models for Nuclear Decay: From Evaporation to Vaporization
Thermodynamics of the Glassy State
Analysis of Incomplete Multivariate Data
Classification, 2nd Edition
Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Modelling with Quantile Functions
The Theory of the Design of Experiments
Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Third Edition
A Contingency Table Approach to Nonparametric Testing
Classical Competing Risks
Empirical Likelihood
Analysis of Messy Data, Volume III: Analysis of Covariance
Testing For Normality
Subset Selection in Regression
Spatial Cluster Modelling
Generalized Estimating Equations
Multivariate Bayesian Statistics: Models for Source Separation and Signal Unmixing
Advances on Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Probability and Statistics
Statistics in Musicology
Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures: Third Edition
Statistical Inference and Simulation for Spatial Point Processes
The EM Algorithm and Related Statistical Models
Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Spatial Data
Diagnostic Checks in Time Series
Computational Methods in Statistics and Econometrics
Generalized Latent Variable Modeling: Multilevel, Longitudinal, and Structural Equation Models
Skew-Elliptical Distributions and Their Applications: A Journey Beyond Normality
Gaussian Markov Random Fields: Theory and Applications
Survey Sampling: Theory and Methods, Second Edition
Advances on Models, Characterizations and Applications
Statistical Inference Based on Divergence Measures
Exact Analysis of Discrete Data
Robust Statistical Methods with R
Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models: A Modern Perspective, Second Edition
Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods
Multidimensional Nonlinear Descriptive Analysis
Generalized Linear Models with Random Effects: Unified Analysis via H-likelihood
Statistical Methods for Spatio-Temporal Systems
Nonlinear Time Series: Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods
Correspondence Analysis in Practice, Second Edition
Observed Confidence Levels: Theory and Application
Meta-analysis of Binary Data Using Profile Likelihood
Confidence Intervals in Generalized Regression Models
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Sequential Methods and Their Applications
Hidden Markov Models for Time Series: An Introduction Using R
ROC Curves for Continuous Data
Antedependence Models for Longitudinal Data
Linear Model Methodology
Mixed Effects Models for Complex Data
Statistical Simulation: Power Method Polynomials and Other Transformations
Handbook of Spatial Statistics
Introduction to Time Series Modeling
Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps
Expansions and Asymptotics for Statistics
Applied Bayesian Hierarchical Methods
Statistical Inference: An Integrated Bayesian/Likelihood Approach
Bayesian Model Selection and Statistical Modeling
Circular and Linear Regression: Fitting Circles and Lines by Least Squares
Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: Models and Designs
Multivariate Geostatistical Models: Inference and Computation
Statistical Inference: The Minimum Distance Approach
Robust Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Second Edition
Handbook of Fitting Statistical Distributions with R
Introduction to Statistical Limit Theory
Simultaneous Inference in Regression
Introductory Medical Statistics, 3rd edition
Fitting Statistical Distributions: The Generalized Lambda Distribution and Generalized Bootstrap Methods
Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods for Data Analysis, Second Edition
An Invariant Approach to Statistical Analysis of Shapes
Topics in Modelling of Clustered Data
Measures of Interobserver Agreement and Reliability
Handbook of Regression and Modeling: Applications for the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Industries
Risk Modeling for Determining Value and Decision Making
Time-Series Forecasting
Financial and Actuarial Statistics: An Introduction
Computer-Aided Econometrics
Extreme Values in Finance, Telecommunications, and the Environment
Risk Assessment and Decision Making in Business and Industry: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
Optimal Statistical Inference in Financial Engineering
Introduction to Spatial Econometrics
Monte Carlo Methods and Models in Finance and Insurance
Data Management Using Stata: A Practical Handbook
Handbook of Empirical Economics and Finance
Analysis of Time Series Structure: SSA and Related Techniques
Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution
Risk Analysis in Engineering and Economics
Statistical Techniques for Data Analysis, Second Edition
Stereology for Statisticians
Statistics for Fission Track Analysis
Handbook of Exponential and Related Distributions for Engineers and Scientists
A Kalman Filter Primer
Analytical Methods for Risk Management: A Systems Engineering Perspective
The Weibull Distribution: A Handbook
Multidimensional Scaling, Second Edition
Sampling Methodologies with Applications
Applying Statistics in the Courtroom: A New Approach for Attorneys and Expert Witnesses
Handbook of Univariate and Multivariate Data Analysis and Interpretation with SPSS
Statistical Test Theory for the Behavioral Sciences
Linear Causal Modeling with Structural Equations
Microeconometrics Using Stata, Revised Edition
Applied Survey Data Analysis
Stormwater Effects Handbook: A Toolbox for Watershed Managers, Scientists, and Engineers
Wet-Weather Flow in the Urban Watershed: Technology and Management
Municipal Stormwater Management, Second Edition
Urban and Highway Stormwater Pollution: Concepts and Engineering

Handbook of Structural Engineering, Second Edition
Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques, Second Edition
Bridge Engineering Handbook
Structural Mechanics of Buried Pipes
Cold-Formed Steel Structures to the AISI Specification
Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures
Durability of Engineering Structures: Design, Repair and Maintenance
Handbook on Nondestructive Testing of Concrete Second Edition
North American Tunneling 2004: Proceedings of the North American Tunneling Conference 2004, 17-22 April 2004, Atlanta, Ge
Dimension Stone 2004 - New Perspectives for a Traditional Building Material: Proceedings of the International Conference in Di
Exact Solutions for Buckling of Structural Members
Fluvial, Environmental and Coastal Developments in Hydraulic Engineering: Proceedings of the International Workshop on State
eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction: Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Product a
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Hydraulics of Spillways and Energy Dissipators
Eigenvalues of Inhomogeneous Structures: Unusual Closed-Form Solutions
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Improvement of Buildings' Structural Quality by New Technologies: Proceedings of the Final Conference of COST Action C12, 2
Handbook of Structural Engineering, Second Edition
Underground Space Use. Analysis of the Past and Lessons for the Future: Proceedings of the International World
Tunnel Congress and the 31st ITA General Assembly, Istanbul, Turkey, 7-12 May 2005

The Deformation and Processing of Structural Materials
Engineering Catastrophes Causes and Effects of Major Accidents, Third Edition
Principles of Structural Design
Analysis and design of plated structures: Volume 1: Stability
Characteristics of Geologic Materials and Formations: A Field Guide for Geotechnical Engineers
Geotechnical Investigation Methods: A Field Guide for Geotechnical Engineers
Reinforced Concrete Design with FRP Composites
Microwave Photonics
Geologic Hazards: A Field Guide for Geotechnical Engineers
Underground Works under Special Conditions: Proceedings of the ISRM Workshop W1, Madrid, Spain, 6-7 July 2007
Earthquakes and Acoustic Emission: Selected Papers from the 11th International Conference on Fracture, Turin, Italy, March 20
Structural Analysis: The Analytical Method
Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures: Assessment and Repair of Corrosion
Modern Protective Structures
Smart Structures: Innovative Systems for Seismic Response Control
Historic Bridges: Evaluation, Preservation, and Management
Life-Cycle Civil Engineering: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, IALCCE '08, held in V
Structures and Granular Solids: From Scientific Principles to Engineering Application
Novel Approaches to Improving High Temperature Corrosion Resistance - EFC 47
Structural Analysis of Historic Construction: Preserving Safety and Significance: Proceedings of the VI International Conference
World Forum on Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology: Proceedings of SMSST'07, World Forum on
Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology (SMSST’07), China, 22-27 May, 2007
Bridge Maintenance, Safety Management, Health Monitoring and Informatics - IABMAS '08: Proceedings of the Fourth Internatio
Acoustic Emission and Critical Phenomena: From Structural Mechanics to Geophysics
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Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Civil Infrastructures Using Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites
Excellence in Concrete Construction through Innovation: Proceedings of the conference held at the Kingston University, United
Numerical Modeling of Coupled Phenomena in Science and Engineering: Practical Use and Examples
Dynamics of Structure and Foundation - A Unified Approach: 1. Fundamentals
Dynamics of Structure and Foundation - A Unified Approach: 2. Applications
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Designing Steel Structures for Fire Safety
Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Seismic Design Aids for Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures
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Formulas for Mechanical and Structural Shock and Impact
Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions in Structural Engineering and Construction
Reinforced Concrete Design of Tall Buildings
Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures
Shotcrete: Elements of a System
Design of Modern Steel Railway Bridges
Blast Protection of Civil Infrastructures and Vehicles using Composites
Advances in Structural Adhesive Bonding
Optimization of Finite Dimensional Structures
Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management - IABMAS'10: Proceedings of the Fifth International IABMAS Conference, Philade
Structures & Architecture: ICSA 2010 - 1st International Conference on STructures & Architecture, July 21-23 July, 2010 in Guim
Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Computation
Moving Load Identification Problems and Applications
Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures
Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems
Tubular Structures XIII
Design Decisions under Uncertainty with Limited Information
Infrastructure Health in Civil Engineering
Handbook of Supply Chain Management
Basics of Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain Manager's Problem-Solver: Maximizing the Value of Collaboration and Technology
Collaborative Manufacturing: Using Real-Time Information to Support the Supply Chain
Supply Chain Networks and Business Process Orientation: Advanced Strategies and Best Practices
Introduction to e-Supply Chain Management: Engaging Technology to Build Market-Winning Business Partnerships
Using Models to Improve the Supply Chain
Integral Logistics Management: Planning and Control of Comprehensive Supply Chains, Second Edition
Supply Chain Architecture: A Blueprint for Networking the Flow of Material, Information, and Cash
Velocity Management in Logistics and Distribution: Lessons from the Military to Secure the Speed of Business
Supply Market Intelligence: A Managerial Handbook for Building Sourcing Strategies
Handbook of Supply Chain Management, Second Edition
Supply Chain Cost Control Using Activity-Based Management
RFID in the Supply Chain: A Guide to Selection and Implementation
RFID in Logistics: A Practical Introduction
Logistics Engineering Handbook
Environment Conscious Manufacturing
Managing Global Supply Chains: Compliance, Security, and Dealing with Terrorism
New Methods of Competing in the Global Marketplace: Critical Success Factors from Service and Manufacturing
A Supply Chain Logistics Program for Warehouse Management
The Intimate Supply Chain: Leveraging the Supply Chain to Manage the Customer Experience
Strategic Planning Models for Reverse and Closed-Loop Supply Chains
Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook
Introduction to Logistics Engineering
Using Technology to Transform the Value Chain
Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End
Modeling and Benchmarking Supply Chain Leadership: Setting the Conditions for Excellence
Enterprise Sustainability: Enhancing the Military’s Ability to Perform its Mission
Closed-Loop Supply Chains: New Developments to Improve the Sustainability of Business Practices
Lean Supplier Development: Establishing Partnerships and True Costs Throughout the Supply Chain
The Supply Chain in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation: Modeling, Optimization, and Applications
Mastering Purchasing Management for Inbound Supply Chains
Implementing Lean Six Sigma throughout the Supply Chain: The Comprehensive and Transparent Case Study
Compliance in Today's Global Supply Chain
Introduction to Supply Chain Management Technologies, Second Edition
Turbo Flow: Using Plan for Every Part (PFEP) to Charge Your Supply Chain
Proceedings of the 3rd World Conference on Detergents: Global Perspectives
Surfaces of Nanoparticles and Porous Materials
Interfacial Phenomena In Chromatography
Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Detergents: Strategies for the 21st Century
Computational Methods in Surface and Colloid Science
Thermal Behavior of Dispersed Systems
Analysis of Surfactants, Second Edition
Liquid Interfaces In Chemical, Biological And Pharmaceutical Applications
Reactions And Synthesis In Surfactant Systems
Chemical Properties of Material Surfaces
Oxide Surfaces
Nano-Surface Chemistry
Colloid And Surface Properties Of Clays And Related Minerals
Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Second Edition
Adsorption and Aggregation of Surfactants in Solution
Interfacial Applications in Environmental Engineering
Biopolymers at Interfaces, Second Edition
Biomolecular Films: Design, Function, and Applications
Structure-Performance Relationships in Surfactants
Liquid Interfacial Systems: Oscillations and Instability
Colloids and Interfaces in Life Sciences
Novel Surfactants: Preparation Applications And Biodegradability, Second Edition, Revised And Expanded
Colloidal Polymers: Synthesis and Characterization
Gemini Surfactants: Synthesis, Interfacial and Solution-Phase Behavior, and Applications
Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
Surface and Interfacial Tension: Measurement, Theory, and Applications
Microporous Media: Synthesis, Properties, and Modeling
Sodeopec: Soaps, Detergents, Oleochemicals and Personal Care Products
Handbook of Detergents, Part B: Environmental Impact
Handbook Of Detergents, Part C: Analysis
Luminous Chemical Vapor Deposition and Interface Engineering
Mixed Surfactant Systems, Second Edition
Dynamics of Surfactant Self-Assemblies: Micelles, Microemulsions, Vesicles and Lyotropic Phases
Coagulation and Flocculation, Second Edition
Handbook of Detergents, Part D: Formulation
Liquid Detergents
Finely Dispersed Particles: Micro-, Nano-, and Atto-Engineering
Emulsions and Emulsion Stability: Surfactant Science Series/61
Colloidal Silica: Fundamentals and Applications
Interfacial Forces in Aqueous Media, Second Edition
Micellar Catalysis
Molecular and Colloidal Electro-optics
Surfactants in Personal Care Products and Decorative Cosmetics, Third Edition
Rheology of Particulate Dispersions and Composites
Powders and Fibers: Interfacial Science and Applications
Wetting and Spreading Dynamics
Giant Micelles: Properties and Applications
Interfacial Phenomena: Equilibrium and Dynamic Effects, Second Edition
Surfactants in Tribology, Volume 1
Handbook of Detergents, Part E: Applications
Handbook of Detergents, Part F: Production
Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Third Edition
Sugar-Based Surfactants: Fundamentals and Applications
Microemulsions: Properties and Applications
Handbook of Surface and Interface Analysis: Methods for Problem-Solving, Second Edition
Surface and Colloid Chemistry: Principles and Applications
Structure and Functional Properties of Colloidal Systems
Interfacial Chemistry of Rocks and Soils
Biobased Surfactants and Detergents: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
Soap Manufacturing Technology
Interfacial Electroviscoelasticity and Electrophoresis
Colloids in Drug Delivery
Introduction to Electrical Interfacial Phenomena
Nanoscience: Colloidal and Interfacial Aspects
Colloids in Biotechnology
Applied Surface Thermodynamics, Second Edition
Surface Engineering of Metals: Principles, Equipment, Technologies
Pavements Unbound: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Pavements Unbound (UNBAR 6), 6-8 July 2004, Nott
The Kelvin Probe for Surface Engineering: Fundamentals and Design
Surface Engineering of Light Alloys: Aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium Alloys
Pesticides in Surface Waters: Distribution, Trends, and Governing Factors
Aquatic Effects of Acidic Deposition
Conservation of Water and Related Land Resources, Third Edition
Watershed Health Monitoring: Emerging Technologies
The Watershed Project Management Guide
Lake and Pond Management Guidebook
Restoration and Management of Lakes and Reservoirs, Third Edition
Watershed Models
Sediment and Contaminant Transport in Surface Waters
Monitoring and Control of Macrofouling Mollusks in Fresh Water Systems, Second Edition
Rapid Bioassessment of Stream Health
Vascular Surgery: Principles and Practice, Third Edition
Complications in Vascular Surgery
Linear Synchronous Motors: Transportation and Automation Systems
Sensitivity of Automatic Control Systems
LabVIEW: Advanced Programming Techniques
Run-to-Run Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Optimal Control Of Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems And Applications
Intelligent Control Systems Using Soft Computing Methodologies
Multiagent Robotic Systems
The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook: Modeling, Measurement, and Control
Sliding Mode Control In Engineering
The Mechatronics Handbook - 2 Volume Set
Industrial Servo Control Systems: Fundamentals And Applications, Revised And Expanded
Nonlinear Control Systems
Linear Control System Analysis and Design: Fifth Edition, Revised and Expanded
Robust Control System Design: Advanced State Space Techniques
Robot Manipulator Control: Theory and Practice
Optimal Measurement Methods for Distributed Parameter System Identification
Robotics and Automation Handbook
Process Imaging For Automatic Control
Mechatronics: An Introduction
Chaos in Automatic Control
Fuzzy Controller Design: Theory and Applications
Systems, Controls, Embedded Systems, Energy, and Machines
Autonomous Mobile Robots: Sensing, Control, Decision Making and Applications
LabView: Advanced Programming Techniques, SECOND EDITION
Hard Disk Drive: Mechatronics and Control
Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks: Protocols, Performance, and Control
Feedback Control of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Locomotion
Practical and Experimental Robotics
Mechatronic System Control, Logic, and Data Acquisition
Modeling and Control of Complex Systems
Systems of Systems Engineering: Principles and Applications
Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook
Intelligent Systems: Modeling, Optimization, and Control
Linear Control Theory: Structure, Robustness, and Optimization
Pedestrian Dynamics: Mathematical Theory and Evacuation Control
Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: A Practitioner's Approach
Deterministic Learning Theory for Identification, Recognition, and Control
System Modeling and Control with Resource-Oriented Petri Nets
Intelligent Control Systems with an Introduction to System of Systems Engineering
Modern Predictive Control
Lyapunov-Based Control of Robotic Systems
Analysis and Synthesis of Fuzzy Control Systems: A Model-Based Approach
Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Programming Using Function Approximators
Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
Synchronization and Control of Multiagent Systems
Tensor Product Model Transformation in Polytopic Model-Based Control
The Information System Consultant's Handbook: Systems Analysis and Design
Computer Busses
Computer Architecture: Software Aspects, Coding, and Hardware
Enterprise Systems Integration, Second Edition
The Windows Serial Port Programming Handbook
Speculative Execution in High Performance Computer Architectures
Energy Efficient Hardware-Software Co-Synthesis Using Reconfigurable Hardware
Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems
Networking and Integration of Facilities Automation Systems
A Framework for Complex System Development
The Art of Systems Architecting, Second Edition
Engineering of Creativity: Introduction to TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving
Handbook of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Systems Thinking: Coping with 21st Century Problems
Designing Complex Systems: Foundations of Design in the Functional Domain
Systemic Yoyos: Some Impacts of the Second Dimension
Model-oriented Systems Engineering Science: A Unifying Framework for Traditional and Complex Systems
Grey Game Theory and Its Applications in Economic Decision-Making
Theory of Science and Technology Transfer and Applications
Architecture and Principles of Systems Engineering
Irregularities and Prediction of Major Disasters
System Synthesis: Product and Process Design
System Management: Planning, Enterprise Identity, and Deployment, Second Edition
Engineering Mega-Systems: The Challenge of Systems Engineering in the Information Age
Enterprise Systems Engineering: Advances in the Theory and Practice
Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making
Systems Engineering: Tools and Methods for Engineers
The Control Handbook, Second Edition: Control System Fundamentals, Second Edition
The Control Handbook, Second Edition: Control System Applications, Second Edition
Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Applications
The Control Systems Handbook, Second Edition: Control System Advanced Methods, Second Edition
Management of International Networks: Cost-Effective Strategies for the New Telecom Regulations and Services
The Telecommunications Handbook
Multimedia Systems, Standards, and Networks
The Communications Facility Design Handbook
Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications: Discrete Volterra Series and Nonlinear Echo Cancellation
TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide
Data and Computer Communications: Networking and Internetworking
Handbook of Antennas in Wireless Communications
Wireless Technology: Protocols, Standards, and Techniques
The Communications Handbook
Satellite Communication Engineering
The Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, Second Edition
Building Broadband Networks
Telecommunications Cost Management
Introduction to Communications Technologies: A Guide for Non-Engineers
Computer Telephony Integration, Second Edition
Wireless Internet Handbook: Technologies, Standards, and Applications
Propagation Handbook for Wireless Communication System Design
A Practical Approach to WBEM/CIM Management
Mobile Internet: Enabling Technologies and Services
Practical Network Design Techniques, Second Edition: A Complete Guide For WANs and LANs
MPLS for Metropolitan Area Networks
Network Design, Second Edition: Management and Technical Perspectives
Broadband Last Mile: Access Technologies for Multimedia Communications
Wireless Mesh Networks
Performance Modeling and Analysis of Bluetooth Networks: Polling, Scheduling, and Traffic Control
Fundamentals of DSL Technology
Chaos Applications in Telecommunications
WiMAX: Taking Wireless to the MAX
Communication Protocol Engineering
TCP Performance over UMTS-HSDPA Systems
Architecting the Telecommunication Evolution: Toward Converged Network Services
Understanding IPTV
Context-Aware Pervasive Systems: Architectures for a New Breed of Applications
Business Strategies for the Next-Generation Network
Wireless Security and Cryptography: Specifications and Implementations
Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets: Technology, Services, Markets
Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms
Implementation and Applications of DSL Technology
WiMAX/MobileFi: Advanced Research and Technology
The Internet of Things: From RFID to the Next-Generation Pervasive Networked Systems
Carrier Ethernet: Providing the Need for Speed
Data Scheduling and Transmission Strategies in Asymmetric Telecommunication Environments
Broadband Mobile Multimedia: Techniques and Applications
Unlicensed Mobile Access Technology: Protocols, Architectures, Security, Standards and Applications
VoIP Handbook: Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security
Converging NGN Wireline and Mobile 3G Networks with IMS: Converging NGN and 3G Mobile
Cooperative Wireless Communications
Long Term Evolution: 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology
WiMAX Network Planning and Optimization
Security of Mobile Communications
IMS: A New Model for Blending Applications
CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications, Second Edition
IP Communications and Services for NGN
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access Fundamentals and Applications
Transmission Techniques for Emergent Multicast and Broadcast Systems
Nanotechnology for Telecommunications
Evolved Cellular Network Planning and Optimization for UMTS and LTE
RFID Design Fundamentals and Applications
Mobile Web 2.0: Developing and Delivering Services to Mobile Phones
Wearable Electronics and Photonics
Textiles in Sport
Textiles for Protection
Effect of Mechanical and Physical Properties on Fabric Hand
Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibres
Recycling in Textiles
Clothing Biosensory Engineering
Digital Printing of Textiles
Intelligent Textiles and clothing
Cotton: Science and Technology
Ecotextiles: The Way Forward for Sustainable Development in Textiles
Sizing in Clothing: Developing Effective Sizing Systems for Ready-To-wear Clothing
Environmental Aspects of Textile Dyeing
Military Textiles
3D Fibrous Assemblies: Properties, Applications and Modelling of Three-Dimensional Textile structures
Fabric Testing
Physical Properties of Textile Fibres, Fourth Edition
Advances in Wool Technology
Polyolefin Fibres: Industrial and Medical Applications
Advances in Carpet manufacture
Quality Characterisation of Apparel
Humidification and Ventilation Management in Textile Industry
Fundamentals and Practices in Colouration of Textiles
Technical Textiles Yarns
Applications of Nonwovens in Technical Textiles
Advances in Knitting Technology
Colour Measurement: Principles, Advances and Industrial Applications
Advances in Textile Biotechnology
Computer Science Handbook, Second Edition
Distributed Systems: An Algorithmic Approach
Stochastic Relations: Foundations for Markov Transition Systems
Performance Analysis of Queuing and Computer Networks
Introduction to Mathematics of Satisfiability
Mathematical Aspects of Logic Programming Semantics
CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering
Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering
Heat Transfer in Single and Multiphase Systems
Intermediate Heat Transfer
Finite Element Analysis: Thermomechanics of Solids
Analytical and Approximate Methods in Transport Phenomena
Design and Optimization of Thermal Systems, Second Edition
The SGTE Casebook: Thermodynamics at Work, Second Edition
Entropy Based Design and Analysis of Fluids Engineering Systems
Advances in Numerical Heat Transfer, Volume 3
Conjugate Problems in Convective Heat Transfer
Tribology and Dynamics of Engine and Powertrain: Fundamentals, Applications and Future Trends
Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicity at Low Levels
Guide to Cytochromes P450: Structure and Function
Handbook of Toxicology, Second Edition
Toxicology: A Case-Oriented Approach
Structure Activity Correlation As A Predictive Tool In Toxic
An Introduction to Toxicogenomics
Alternative Toxicological Methods
The Subtle Beast: Snakes, From Myth to Medicine
The Subtle Beast: Snakes, From Myth to Medicine
Riot Control Agents
Dermatotoxicology, Sixth Edition
Ovarian Toxicology
Molecular Neurotoxicology: Environmental Agents and Transcription-Transduction Coupling
Developmental Immunotoxicology
The Role of Glia in Neurotoxicity, Second Edition
Toxicology of the Kidney, 3rd Edition
Investigative Immunotoxicology
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The Economics of Tourism
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Coastal Planning and Management
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Decommissioning the Brent Spar
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Residential Open Building
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Monitoring Bathing Waters: A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Assessments and Monitoring Programmes
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Teleology and the Norms of Nature
Eradicating this Evil: Women in the American Anti-Lynching Movement, 1892-1940
Tunnelling: Management by Design
Timber: Its Nature and Behaviour
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Decision-Making in Environmental Health: From Evidence to Action
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Risk, Ambiguity and Decision
High Resolution Site Surveys
The Explanationist Defense of Scientific Realism
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Descartes's Metaphysical Reasoning
Chinese American Masculinities: From Fu Manchu to Bruce Lee
Wind Loading of Structures
Names and Nature in Plato's Cratylus
Monitoring and Assessment of Structures
Environmental Management Plans Demystified: A Guide to ISO14001
Environmental Management Plans Demystified: A Guide to ISO14001
Construction Materials: Their Nature and Behaviour
Construction Materials: Their Nature and Behaviour
Voice of the Oppressed in the Language of the Oppressor: A Discussion of Selected Postcolonial Literature from Ireland, Africa
Frege and the Logic of Sense and Reference
Chinese Feminism Faces Globalization
Opening the Doors: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Globalization in Japan
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E.coli: Environmental Health Issues of VTEC 0157
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Environmental Health Procedures
From Transition to Power Alternation: Democracy in South Korea, 1987-1997
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Steelwork Corrosion Control
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Islamic Law, Epistemology and Modernity: Legal Philosophy in Contemporary Iran
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The Evolution of Institutional Economics
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Overduin, J.M                  Astronomy & Astrophysics
Krugel, Endrik                 Astronomy & Astrophysics
Yulsman, Tom             Astronomy & Astrophysics
Weekes, T.C.             Astronomy & Astrophysics
Ferriz-Mas, Antonio      Astronomy & Astrophysics
Roy, A.E.                Astronomy & Astrophysics
Kitchin, C.R.            Astronomy & Astrophysics
Walker, A.D.M.           Astronomy & Astrophysics
Ciufolini, I.            Astronomy & Astrophysics
Roy, A.E.                Astronomy & Astrophysics
Colpi, M.                Astronomy & Astrophysics
Steves, Bonnie           Astronomy & Astrophysics
Amusia, M.Y              Atomic & Molecular Physics
Beyer, Heinrich F.       Atomic & Molecular Physics
Belkic, Dzevad           Atomic & Molecular Physics
Belkic, Dzevad           Atomic & Molecular Physics
Belkic, Dzevad           Atomic & Molecular Physics
Krems, Roman             Atomic & Molecular Physics
Huang, Matthew           Automotive Engineering
Karnopp, Dean            Automotive Engineering
Yamagata, Hiroshi        Automotive Engineering
Zhao, Hua                Automotive Engineering
Cantor, Brian            Automotive Engineering
Fuhs, Allen              Automotive Engineering
Andreev, Alexandr F.     Automotive Engineering
Zhao, H.                 Automotive Engineering
Wang, Xu                 Automotive Engineering
Piazza, George           Biochemistry
Howard, Gary C.          Biochemistry
Vijayalakshmi, M. A.     Biochemistry
Yui, Nobuhiko            Biochemistry
Manchenko, Gennady P.    Biochemistry
Nunnally, Brian K.       Biochemistry
Svendsen, Allan          Biochemistry
Weissensteiner, Thomas   Biochemistry
Yui, Nobuhiko            Biochemistry
Supuran, Claudiu T.      Biochemistry
Ahmed, Hafiz             Biochemistry
Berger, Alvin            Biochemistry
Morikis, Dimitrios       Biochemistry
Pacifici, Gian Maria     Biochemistry
Nunnally, Brian K.       Biochemistry
Haga, Tatsuya            Biochemistry
Sundstrom, Michael       Biochemistry
Lundblad, Roger L.       Biochemistry
Cui, Qiang               Biochemistry
Lundstrom, Kenneth H.    Biochemistry
Beavo, Joseph A.         Biochemistry
Lundblad, Roger L.       Biochemistry
Landers, James P.           Biochemistry
Patel, Mulchand S.          Biochemistry
Lundblad, Roger L.          Biochemistry
Floris, Giovanni            Biochemistry
Afanas'ev, Igor B.          Biochemistry
Valentine, Raymond C.       Biochemistry
Yalkowsky, Samuel H.        Biochemistry
Lundblad, Roger L.          Biochemistry
Lundblad, Roger L.          Biochemistry
Gomes, Claudio M.           Biochemistry
Christopoulos, Arthur       Bioinformatics
Speed, Terry                Bioinformatics
Draghici, Sorin             Bioinformatics
Srivastava, Sudhir          Bioinformatics
Jurisica, Igor              Bioinformatics
Ye, Shui Qing               Bioinformatics
Ilyin, Sergey               Bioinformatics
Gohlmann, Hinrich           Bioinformatics
Bassi, Sebastian            Bioinformatics
Aoki-Kinoshita, Kiyoko F.   Bioinformatics
Anderson, Philip O.         Bioinformatics
Wang, Edwin                 Bioinformatics
Schmidt, Bertil             Bioinformatics
Berman, Jules J.            Bioinformatics
Dillow, Angela              Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Park, Joon B.               Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Ellingsen, J.E.             Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Shalaby, Shalaby W.         Biomaterials & Medical Devices
                            Biomaterials & Medical Devices
                            Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Justiniano, Jose            Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Mohanty, Amar K.            Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Vadgama, Pankaj             Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Hench, Larry L.             Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Shalaby, Shalaby W.         Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Shahinpoor, Mohsen          Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Jenkins, Mike               Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Boccaccini, Aldo R.         Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Kokubo, T.                  Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Curtis, R V                 Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Revell, P. A.               Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Buchanan, F. J.             Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Di Silvio, L.               Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Orgill, D                   Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Yoneyama, T.                Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Abbott, A.                  Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Rajendran, S.               Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Niinomi, M.                   Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Gourlay, T                    Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Wiklund, Michael E.           Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Sharma, C. P.                 Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Brown, B.H                    Biomedical Engineering
Brown, B.H                    Biomedical Engineering
Bronzino, Joseph D.           Biomedical Engineering
Harsanyi, Gabor               Biomedical Engineering
Northrop, Robert B.           Biomedical Engineering
Medved, Vladimir              Biomedical Engineering
Teodorescu, Horia-Nicolai L   Biomedical Engineering
Leondes, Cornelius T.         Biomedical Engineering
Leondes, Cornelius T.         Biomedical Engineering
Leondes, Cornelius T.         Biomedical Engineering
Leondes, Cornelius T.         Biomedical Engineering
Naguib, R. N. G.              Biomedical Engineering
Northrop, Robert B.           Biomedical Engineering
Higson, G.R                   Biomedical Engineering
Gad, Shayne C.                Biomedical Engineering
Waynant, Ronald W.            Biomedical Engineering
Heller, Michael J.            Biomedical Engineering
Datta, Ashim K.               Biomedical Engineering
Zhang, Tianhao                Biomedical Engineering
Schneck, Daniel J.            Biomedical Engineering
Teixeira, Marie B.            Biomedical Engineering
Hughes, Michael Pycraft       Biomedical Engineering
Finn, Warren E.               Biomedical Engineering
Vo-Dinh, Tuan                 Biomedical Engineering
Mudry, Karen M.               Biomedical Engineering
Yarmush, Martin L.            Biomedical Engineering
Palsson, Bernhard             Biomedical Engineering
David, Yadin                  Biomedical Engineering
Mycek, Mary-Ann               Biomedical Engineering
Natali, Arturo N.             Biomedical Engineering
Suri, Jasjit S.               Biomedical Engineering
Moore, James                  Biomedical Engineering
Lewandrowski, Kai-Uwe         Biomedical Engineering
Yaszemski, Michael J.         Biomedical Engineering
Blom, J. A.                   Biomedical Engineering
Northrop, Robert B.           Biomedical Engineering
Hollinger, Jeffrey O.         Biomedical Engineering
Reis, Rui L.                  Biomedical Engineering
Wiklund, Michael E.           Biomedical Engineering
Malsch, Neelina H.            Biomedical Engineering
Ma, Peter X.                  Biomedical Engineering
Shung, K. Kirk                Biomedical Engineering
Kuo, J.W.                     Biomedical Engineering
Kucklick, Theodore R.    Biomedical Engineering
Bronzino, Joseph D.      Biomedical Engineering
Bronzino, Joseph D.      Biomedical Engineering
Bronzino, Joseph D.      Biomedical Engineering
Bronzino, Joseph D.      Biomedical Engineering
Li, Y.                   Biomedical Engineering
Winters, Jack M.         Biomedical Engineering
Mihailidis, Alex         Biomedical Engineering
Bibb, R.                 Biomedical Engineering
Fisher, John P.          Biomedical Engineering
Wong, Joyce Y.           Biomedical Engineering
Prakash, S.              Biomedical Engineering
Diakides, Nicholas A.    Biomedical Engineering
Harris, Gerald F.        Biomedical Engineering
Peterson, Donald R.      Biomedical Engineering
Manivannan, Gurusamy     Biomedical Engineering
Habash, Riadh            Biomedical Engineering
Begg, Rezaul             Biomedical Engineering
DiLorenzo, Daniel J.     Biomedical Engineering
Chu, Paul K.             Biomedical Engineering
Gopalaswamy, Smita       Biomedical Engineering
Laurencin, Cato T.       Biomedical Engineering
Ghista, Dhanjoo          Biomedical Engineering
Reisner, David E.        Biomedical Engineering
Deb, S.                  Biomedical Engineering
Huston, Ronald           Biomedical Engineering
Furse, Cynthia           Biomedical Engineering
Jelinek, Herbert         Biomedical Engineering
Vafai, Kambiz            Biomedical Engineering
Hajnal, Joseph V.        Biomedical Imaging
Van Bruggen, Nick        Biomedical Imaging
Semmlow, John L.         Biomedical Imaging
Rangayyan, Rangaraj M.   Biomedical Imaging
Costaridou, Lena         Biomedical Imaging
Jan, Jiri                Biomedical Imaging
Cox, Guy                 Biomedical Imaging
Modo, Michel M.J.        Biomedical Imaging
Birkfellner, Wolfgang    Biomedical Imaging
Jiang, Huabei            Biomedical Imaging
Taylor, R.F              Biophysics
Tuszynski, Jack A.       Biophysics
Taylor, William R.       Biophysics
Lehnert, Shirley         Biophysics
Tompa, Peter             Biophysics
Splinter, Robert         Biophysics
Kessel, Amit             Biophysics
Kuo, Tsung Min           Bioprocessing
Erhan, Sevim Z.         Bioprocessing
Doble, Mukesh           Bioprocessing
Ozturk, Sadettin        Bioprocessing
Patel, Ramesh N.        Bioprocessing
Knopf, George K.        Bioprocessing
Smolke, Christina       Bioprocessing
Smolke, Christina       Bioprocessing
Mattiasson, Bo          Bioprocessing
Shoukri, Mohamed M.     Biostatistics
Jennison, Christopher   Biostatistics
Stangl, Dalene          Biostatistics
Bonate, Peter L.        Biostatistics
Moyé, Lemuel A.         Biostatistics
Feinstein, Alvan R.     Biostatistics
Gould, Jay E.           Biostatistics
Chow, Shein-Chung       Biostatistics
Wellek, Stefan          Biostatistics
Chow, Shein-Chung       Biostatistics
Kenward, Michael G.     Biostatistics
Gustafson, Paul         Biostatistics
Geller, Nancy L.        Biostatistics
Patterson, Scott        Biostatistics
Crowley, John           Biostatistics
Matthews, John N.S.     Biostatistics
Chow, Shein-Chung       Biostatistics
Chow, Shein-Chung       Biostatistics
Nunnally, Brian K.      Biostatistics
Broemeling, Lyle D.     Biostatistics
Kallen, Anders          Biostatistics
Chow, Shein-Chung       Biostatistics
Khattree, Ravindra      Biostatistics
Daniels, Michael J.     Biostatistics
Lawson, Andrew          Biostatistics
Chow, Shein-Chung       Biostatistics
Cosmatos, Dennis        Biostatistics
Hayes, Richard J.       Biostatistics
Broemeling, Lyle D.     Biostatistics
Peace, Karl E.          Biostatistics
Julious, Steven A.      Biostatistics
Tan, Ming T.            Biostatistics
Dmitrienko, Alex        Biostatistics
Fairclough, Diane L.    Biostatistics
Buonaccorsi, John P.    Biostatistics
Wellek, Stefan          Biostatistics
Peace, Karl E.          Biostatistics
Wienke, Andreas         Biostatistics
Chang, Mark               Biostatistics
Kass-Hout, Taha           Biostatistics
Rothmann, Mark            Biostatistics
Tu, Yu-Kang               Biostatistics
Sessa, David J.           Biotechnology
Nill, Kimball             Biotechnology
Yarema, Kevin J.          Biotechnology
Banga, Ajay K.            Biotechnology
Nill, Kimball             Biotechnology
Galaev, Igor              Biotechnology
Grewal, Iqbal S.          Biotechnology
Preedy, Victor R.         Biotechnology
Kisaalita, William S.     Biotechnology
Anisfeld, Michael H.      Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Mahato, Ram I.            Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Ghosh, Tapash K.          Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Rodriguez-Diaz, Roberto   Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.        Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Groves, Michael J.        Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Grassi, Mario             Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
Kang, Manjit S.           Botany & Plant Science
Paterson, Andrew H.       Botany & Plant Science
Yu, He-ci                 Botany & Plant Science
Kalra, Yash               Botany & Plant Science
Cseke, Leland J.          Botany & Plant Science
Clement, Stephen L.       Botany & Plant Science
Brown, David T            Botany & Plant Science
D'Amelio, Sr., Frank S.   Botany & Plant Science
Bernath, Jeno             Botany & Plant Science
Nemeth, Eva               Botany & Plant Science
Puri, H.S.                Botany & Plant Science
Southwell, Ian            Botany & Plant Science
Kren, Vladimir            Botany & Plant Science
Datta, Swapan K.          Botany & Plant Science
                          Botany & Plant Science
Negbi, Moshe              Botany & Plant Science
Hiltunen, Raimo           Botany & Plant Science
Cutler, Stephen J.        Botany & Plant Science
vanBeek, Teris A          Botany & Plant Science
Court, William E.         Botany & Plant Science
                          Botany & Plant Science
Ravindran, P. N.          Botany & Plant Science
Kintzios, Spiridon E.     Botany & Plant Science
Bussing, A                Botany & Plant Science
Gaither, C.C.             Botany & Plant Science
Pessarakli, Mohammad      Botany & Plant Science
Tavantzis, Stellos M.     Botany & Plant Science
Wright, Colin W.                Botany & Plant Science
Kinghorn, A. Douglas            Botany & Plant Science
Maffei, Massimo                 Botany & Plant Science
Khachatourians, George C.       Botany & Plant Science
Eshel, Amram                    Botany & Plant Science
Gnanamanickam, Samuel S.        Botany & Plant Science
Rengel, Zdenko                  Botany & Plant Science
Cronk, Quentin C.B.             Botany & Plant Science
Cronk, Quentin C.B.             Botany & Plant Science
Hanks, Gordon R                 Botany & Plant Science
Onaivi, Emmanuel S              Botany & Plant Science
Watanabe, Tsuneo                Botany & Plant Science
Coppen, John J.W.               Botany & Plant Science
Osiewacz, Heinz D.              Botany & Plant Science
Lis-Balchin, Maria              Botany & Plant Science
Sarker, Satyajit D.             Botany & Plant Science
Oksman-Caldentey, Kirsi-Marja   Botany & Plant Science
Petropoulos, Georgios A         Botany & Plant Science
Stahl-Biskup, Elisabeth         Botany & Plant Science
Dugo, Giovanni                  Botany & Plant Science
Lis-Balchin, Maria              Botany & Plant Science
Ravindran, P. N.                Botany & Plant Science
Howard, D.H.                    Botany & Plant Science
Bartz, Jerry A.                 Botany & Plant Science
Singh, Ram J.                   Botany & Plant Science
Chakraverty, Amalendu           Botany & Plant Science
Ernst, Edzard                   Botany & Plant Science
Itokawa, Hideji                 Botany & Plant Science
Prade, Rolf A.                  Botany & Plant Science
Dighton, John                   Botany & Plant Science
Polya, Gideon                   Botany & Plant Science
Muir, Alister D.                Botany & Plant Science
White Jr., James F.             Botany & Plant Science
Kavalali, Gulsel M.             Botany & Plant Science
Krishna De, Amit                Botany & Plant Science
Macias, Francisco A.            Botany & Plant Science
Arora, Dilip K.                 Botany & Plant Science
Arora, Dilip K.                 Botany & Plant Science
Ravindran, P. N.                Botany & Plant Science
Nguyen, Henry T.                Botany & Plant Science
Kintzios, Spiridon E.           Botany & Plant Science
Singh, Yadhu N.                 Botany & Plant Science
Reynolds, Tom                   Botany & Plant Science
Miles, Philip G.                Botany & Plant Science
Miller, Sandra Carol            Botany & Plant Science
Miro Jodral, Manuel             Botany & Plant Science
Singh, Dalbir                   Botany & Plant Science
Trigiano, Robert N.        Botany & Plant Science
An, Zhiqiang               Botany & Plant Science
Hock, Bertold              Botany & Plant Science
Austin, Daniel F.          Botany & Plant Science
Ravindran, P. N.           Botany & Plant Science
Weising, Kurt              Botany & Plant Science
Pessarakli, Mohammad       Botany & Plant Science
Gressel, Jonathan          Botany & Plant Science
Franke, Rolf               Botany & Plant Science
Dighton, John              Botany & Plant Science
Daniel, M                  Botany & Plant Science
Singh, Amritpal            Botany & Plant Science
Dudareva, Natalia          Botany & Plant Science
Quattrocchi, Umberto       Botany & Plant Science
Huang, Bingru              Botany & Plant Science
Cseke, Leland J.           Botany & Plant Science
Heber, David               Botany & Plant Science
Barker, Allen V.           Botany & Plant Science
Varshney, Rajeev K.        Botany & Plant Science
Lawrence, Brian M.         Botany & Plant Science
Ravindran, P. N.           Botany & Plant Science
Dijksterhuis, Jan          Botany & Plant Science
Jones, Jr., J. Benton      Botany & Plant Science
Vidhyasekaran, P.          Botany & Plant Science
Kays, Stanley J.           Botany & Plant Science
Goldman, Gustavo H.        Botany & Plant Science
Wagstaff, D. Jesse         Botany & Plant Science
Fageria, Nand Kumar        Botany & Plant Science
Pandey, Ashok              Botany & Plant Science
Carpinella, Maria C        Botany & Plant Science
Chawla, H S                Botany & Plant Science
Ben-Amotz, Ami             Botany & Plant Science
Misra, J K                 Botany & Plant Science
Gupta, Surinder Kumar      Botany & Plant Science
White Jr., James F.        Botany & Plant Science
Akhila, Anand              Botany & Plant Science
Schlegel, Rolf H. J.       Botany & Plant Science
Hefferon, Kathleen Laura   Botany & Plant Science
Singh, G                   Botany & Plant Science
Pugnaire, Francisco        Botany & Plant Science
Hu, Jinguo                 Botany & Plant Science
Watanabe, Tsuneo           Botany & Plant Science
Katerere, David R.         Botany & Plant Science
Kole, Chittaranjan         Botany & Plant Science
Odoux, Eric                Botany & Plant Science
Lansky, Ephraim Philip     Botany & Plant Science
Mukhopadhyay, S.           Botany & Plant Science
Henry, Robert J.            Botany & Plant Science
Bilyeu, Kristin             Botany & Plant Science
Upton, Roy                  Botany & Plant Science
van Straten, Gerrit         Botany & Plant Science
Sandler, Merton             Brewing & Fermentation
Kulp, Karel                 Brewing & Fermentation
Hui, Y. H.                  Brewing & Fermentation
Steinkraus, Keith           Brewing & Fermentation
Briggs, Dennis E.           Brewing & Fermentation
Priest, Fergus G.           Brewing & Fermentation
Bamforth, C.W.              Brewing & Fermentation
Reynolds, A.                Brewing & Fermentation
Tamang, Jyoti Prakash       Brewing & Fermentation
Butzke, C.                  Brewing & Fermentation
Sonnemann, Guido            Business & Policy
Oxenburgh, Maurice          Business & Policy
Kalinowski, Martin B.       Business & Policy
Bruins, Randall J. F.       Business & Policy
Papadakis, Emmanuel P.      Business & Policy
Martin, H. Lee              Business & Policy
Koester, Eric               Business & Policy
Cassidy, Anita              Business Information Systems
Haines, Stephen             Business Information Systems
Shim, Jae K.                Business Information Systems
Cassidy, Anita              Business Information Systems
McCormack, Kevin P.         Business Information Systems
Cassidy, Anita              Business Information Systems
Chorafas, Dimitris N.       Business Information Systems
Lowry, Paul B.              Business Information Systems
Starinsky, Robert W.        Business Information Systems
Terplan, Kornel             Business Information Systems
Whittle, Ralph              Business Information Systems
Chang, James F.             Business Information Systems
Cassidy, Anita              Business Information Systems
Liebowitz, Jay              Business Information Systems
Schwandt, David             Business Management
Enos, Darryl D.             Business Management
Enos, Darryl D.             Business Management
Paley, Norton               Business Management
Eapen, Gill                 Business Management
Bremer, Michael             Business Management
Khachigian, Levon Michael   Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Feletou, Michel             Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Reedijk, Jan                Catalysis
Patel, Ramesh N.            Catalysis
Morrell, Dennis G.          Catalysis
Volkov, Alexander G.        Catalysis
Wieckowski, Andrzej       Catalysis
Antos, George J.          Catalysis
Sowa, Jr., John R.        Catalysis
Grassian, Vicki H.        Catalysis
Hou, Ching T.             Catalysis
Cybulski, Andrzej         Catalysis
Richards, Ryan            Catalysis
Schmidt, Stephen R.       Catalysis
Regalbuto, John           Catalysis
Prunier, Michael L.       Catalysis
Hou, Ching T.             Catalysis
Guan, Jun-Lin             Cell Biology
Cornell, Svante           Cell Biology
Szabo, Csaba              Cell Biology
Sherbet, G. V.            Cell Biology
Cereijido, Marcelino      Cell Biology
Van Dyke, Knox            Cell Biology
Lorberboum-Galski, Haya   Cell Biology
Lehr, Claus-Michael       Cell Biology
Stauss, Hans J            Cell Biology
Menestrina, Gianfranco    Cell Biology
Kamal-Eldin, Afaf         Cell Biology
Kohen, Elli               Cell Biology
Fuller, Barry J.          Cell Biology
Yeagle, Philip            Cell Biology
Surh, Young-Joon          Cell Biology
Feng, Li                  Cell Biology
Siede, Wolfram            Cell Biology
Aggarwal, Bharat B.       Cell Biology
Lamas, Santiago           Cell Biology
Putney, Jr., James W.     Cell Biology
Hiramatsu, Midori         Cell Biology
Soto, Claudio             Cell Biology
Baust, John G.            Cell Biology
Ferrara, Napoleone        Cell Biology
Burnstock, Geoffrey       Cell Biology
Davis, Darren W.          Cell Biology
Fliesler, Steven J.       Cell Biology
Konat, Gregory W.         Cell Biology
Dong, Zigang              Cell Biology
Templeton, Nancy Smyth    Cell Biology
Vasta PhD, Gerardo R.     Cell Biology
Murphy, Eric J.           Cell Biology
Zalups, Rudolfs K.        Cell Biology
Preedy, Victor R.         Cell Biology
Prescott, Catherine       Cell Biology
Mauch, Peter D.           Cellular Manufacturing - Just-in-Time
Rice, Roy W.               Ceramics & Glasses
El-Mallawany, Raouf A.H.   Ceramics & Glasses
Rice, Roy W.               Ceramics & Glasses
Singh, Jai                 Ceramics & Glasses
Auerbach, Scott M.         Ceramics & Glasses
Pye, David                 Ceramics & Glasses
Lee, Burtrand              Ceramics & Glasses
Low, I. M.                 Ceramics & Glasses
Suryanarayana, C.          Ceramics & Glasses
Hansche, CISSP, Susan      Certification & Accreditation
Howard, Patrick D.         Certification & Accreditation
Muuss, CPP, James P.       Certification & Accreditation
Tipton, Harold F.          Certification & Accreditation
Peltier, Thomas R.         Certification & Accreditation
Contesti, Diana-Lynn       Certification & Accreditation
Fitzgerald, Todd           Certification & Accreditation
Ahson, Syed A.             Certification & Accreditation
Tipton, Harold F.          Certification & Accreditation
Mackay, Donald             Chemical Fate & Transport
Ott, Wayne R.              Chemical Fate & Transport
Hamon, Rebecca             Chemical Fate & Transport
Neilson, Alasdair H.       Chemical Fate & Transport
Aga, Diana S.              Chemical Fate & Transport
Thibodeaux, Louis J.       Chemical Fate & Transport
Moore, John H.             Chemical Physics
Johnston, Roy L.           Chemical Physics
Kowalewski, Jozef          Chemical Physics
Comyns, Alan E.            Chemical Processing & Design
Rudnick, Leslie R.         Chemical Processing & Design
Logan, Jr., Earl           Chemical Processing & Design
Wercinski, Sue Ann         Chemical Processing & Design
Muraviev, Dimitri          Chemical Processing & Design
Speight, James G.          Chemical Processing & Design
Amidon, Gordon             Chemical Processing & Design
Simpson, Nigel J.K.        Chemical Processing & Design
Vafai, Kambiz              Chemical Processing & Design
Englezos, Peter            Chemical Processing & Design
Mizrahi, Joseph            Chemical Processing & Design
Schultze, J. Walter        Chemical Processing & Design
Hodes, Gary                Chemical Processing & Design
Yang, Wen-Ching            Chemical Processing & Design
Cinar, Ali                 Chemical Processing & Design
Silla, Harry               Chemical Processing & Design
Couper, James Riley        Chemical Processing & Design
Janssen, Leon P.B.M.       Chemical Processing & Design
Flynn, Thomas              Chemical Processing & Design
Khoury, Fouad M.           Chemical Processing & Design
Korovessi, Ekaterini        Chemical Processing & Design
Quirke, Nick                Chemical Processing & Design
Rudnick, Leslie R.          Chemical Processing & Design
Chhabra, R.P.               Chemical Processing & Design
Pedersen, Karen Schou       Chemical Processing & Design
Gupta, Ram B.               Chemical Processing & Design
Cinar, Ali                  Chemical Processing & Design
Comyns, Alan E.             Chemical Processing & Design
Albright, Lyle              Chemical Processing & Design
Matlack, Albert             Chemical Processing & Design
Nash, K. L.                 Chemical Processing & Design
Mackay, Donald              Chemical Properties
Eisler, Ronald              Chemical Properties
Mackay, Donald              Chemical Properties
Hurst, Stanley L.           Circuits & Devices
Daly, James C.              Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Cundiff, John S.            Circuits & Devices
Bellanger, Maurice          Circuits & Devices
Kapila, Vikram              Circuits & Devices
Garzon, Ruben D.            Circuits & Devices
McLyman, Colonel Wm. T.     Circuits & Devices
Golio, Mike                 Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Kagan, Cherie R.            Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Ritchie, Gordon J.          Circuits & Devices
Balkir, Sina                Circuits & Devices
                            Circuits & Devices
Piguet, Christian           Circuits & Devices
Bennett, Johnny C.          Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
Yanushkevich, Svetlana N.   Circuits & Devices
Dorf, Richard C.            Circuits & Devices
Lavagno, Luciano            Circuits & Devices
Jawitz, Martin W.           Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai               Circuits & Devices
John, Eugene                Circuits & Devices
Kularatna, Nihal            Circuits & Devices
Iniewski, Krzysztof         Circuits & Devices
Jimenez, Alejandro          Circuits & Devices
Gebali, Fayez             Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai             Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai             Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai             Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai             Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai             Circuits & Devices
Chen, Wai-Kai             Circuits & Devices
Zurawski, Richard         Circuits & Devices
Zurawski, Richard         Circuits & Devices
Chakrabarty, Krishnendu   Circuits & Devices
Attia, John Okyere        Circuits & Devices
Iniewski, Krzysztof       Circuits & Devices
Ragonese, Egidio          Circuits & Devices
DiLouie, Craig            Circuits & Devices
Ricketts, David           Circuits & Devices
Heijboer, J.              Civil Engineering
Ammann, Walter J.         Civil Engineering
Goncalves, Ricardo        Civil Engineering
Zarli, Alain              Civil Engineering
Shen, Z.Y.                Civil Engineering
Alexander, Mark G.        Civil Engineering
Czaplicki, Jacek M.       Civil Engineering
Tanabe, Tada-aki          Civil Engineering
Loizos, Andreas           Civil Engineering
Grantham, Michael         Civil Engineering
Tutumluer, Erol           Civil Engineering
Menoni, Scira             Civil Engineering
Di Paolo, Franco          Clean Technologies
Hoogers, Gregor           Clean Technologies
Baukal, Jr., Charles E.   Clean Technologies
Emadi, Ali                Clean Technologies
McKinney, Ross E.         Clean Technologies
Emadi, Ali                Clean Technologies
Ehsani, Mehrdad           Clean Technologies
Lal, Rattan               Clean Technologies
Bhatti, Jagtar            Clean Technologies
EL-HALWAGI, MAHMOUD M     Clean Technologies
Wilkinson, David P.       Clean Technologies
Li, Hui                   Clean Technologies
Johnston, Peter R.        Cleaning & Sterilization
Odum, Jeffrey N.          Cleaning & Sterilization
Coles, Tim                Cleaning & Sterilization
Halls, Nigel              Cleaning & Sterilization
Ensor, David S.           Cleaning & Sterilization
Schwalbe, Richard         Clinical Microbiology
Cope, Timothy C.          Clinical Neuroscience
Peterson, Steven L.       Clinical Pharmacology
Hollinger, Mannfred A.   Clinical Pharmacology
Hollinger, Mannfred A.   Clinical Pharmacology
Ebadi, Manuchair         Clinical Pharmacology
Rosenbaum, Deborah       Clinical Trials
Rosenbaum, Deborah       Clinical Trials
                         Clinical Trials
Radulovacki, Miodrag     Clinical Trials
Bolton, Sanford          Clinical Trials
Cook, Simon              Clinical Trials
Clive, Celine            Clinical Trials
Robinson, Martin         Clinical Trials
Monkhouse, Donald        Clinical Trials
Armstrong, N. Anthony    Clinical Trials
Prokscha, Susanne        Clinical Trials
Herson, Jay              Clinical Trials
Pong, Annpey             Clinical Trials
Gerwick, Cliff           Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
El-Hawary, Ferial        Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Griffiths, Gwyn          Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Tsuchida, Takashi        Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Cheng, Alexander H.D.    Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Jirka, Gerhard H.        Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Bukata, Robert P.        Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Gourvenec, Susan         Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Knight, Donald           Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Parker, Gary             Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Guedes Soares, Carlos    Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Depeweg, Herman          Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Ashley, Richard          Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Gerwick, Jr, Ben C.      Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Depeweg, Herman          Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering

Taniguchi, Makoto        Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Weintrit, Adam           Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Weintrit, Adam           Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Wang, Yeqiao             Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Guedes Soares, Carlos    Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering
Asmussen, Jes            Coatings & Thin Films
Ryntz, Rose A.           Coatings & Thin Films
Tracton, Arthur A.       Coatings & Thin Films
Mellor, B G              Coatings & Thin Films
Tracton, Arthur A.       Coatings & Thin Films
Tracton, Arthur A.       Coatings & Thin Films
Talbert, Rodger          Coatings & Thin Films
Champagne:, Victor K.    Coatings & Thin Films
Khanna, A. S.            Coatings & Thin Films
Hellio, C.               Coatings & Thin Films
Zhang, Sam                 Coatings & Thin Films
Hollnagel, Erik            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Baber, Christopher         Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Hollnagel, Erik            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Woods, David D.            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Cooke, Nancy J.            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Young, Kristie             Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Bisantz, Ann M.            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Castro, Candida            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Eby, David W.              Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Helton, William S.         Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Kaber, David B.            Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Schmorrow, Dylan           Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Pak, Richard               Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Bennett, Kevin B.          Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
Colbourn, Charles J.       Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Menezes, Alfred J.         Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Rosen, Kenneth H.          Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Barbosa, V.C.              Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Jackson, David             Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Mollin, Richard A.         Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Bezdek, Andras             Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Cheng, Sui Sun             Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Hankerson, D.C.            Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Gross, Jonathan L.         Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Wu, Bang Ye                Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Goodman, Jacob E.          Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Aulbach, Bernd             Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Sachdev, P.L.              Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Bona, Miklos               Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Grove, E.A.                Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Elaydi, Saber N.           Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Cohen, Henri               Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Pei, Dingyi                Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Mollin, Richard A.         Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Colbourn, Charles J.       Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Blanchet-Sadri, Francine   Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Washington, Lawrence C.    Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Koolen, Jack               Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Brualdi, Richard A.        Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Chartrand, Gary            Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Heubach, Silvia            Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Erickson, Martin           Combinatorics & Discrete Mathematics
Baukal, Jr., Charles E.    Combustion
Karlsson, Bjorn            Combustion
Baukal, Jr., Charles E.    Combustion
Baukal, Jr., Charles E.    Combustion
Roy, Gabriel D.              Combustion
Ganapathy, V.                Combustion
Tsuji, Hiroshi               Combustion
Oka, Simeon                  Combustion
Baukal, Jr., Charles E.      Combustion
de Souza-Santos, Marcio L.   Combustion
Basu, Prabir                 Combustion
Colannino, Joseph            Combustion
Keating, Eugene L.           Combustion
Razak, A.M.Y.                Combustion

Lieuwen, Tim                 Combustion
Mallick, P. K.               Combustion
Baukal, Jr., Charles E.      Combustion
Etter, Ryn                   Communications
Williams, James R.           Communications
Robinson, Patricia A.        Communications
Vink, Peter                  Communications
Zurawski, Richard            Communications System Design
Held, Gilbert                Communications System Design
Held, Gilbert                Communications System Design
Ahson, Syed A.               Communications System Design
Papathanasiou                Composite Materials
Summerscales, John           Composite Materials
Miravete, Antonio            Composite Materials
Reid, S.R.                   Composite Materials
Hodgkinson, John M.          Composite Materials
Matthews, Frank L.           Composite Materials
Liu, G.R.                    Composite Materials
Mazumdar, Sanjay             Composite Materials
Carlsson, Leif               Composite Materials
Gay, Daniel                  Composite Materials
Delhaes, Pierre              Composite Materials
Cristescu, Nicolaie Dan      Composite Materials
Harris, Bryan                Composite Materials
Baillie, Caroline            Composite Materials
Morgan, Peter                Composite Materials
Bunsell, A.R.                Composite Materials
Soutis, C.                   Composite Materials
Kaw, Autar K.                Composite Materials
Bhatnagar, Ashok             Composite Materials
Long, A C                    Composite Materials
Page, M.M.                   Composite Materials
Karbhari, V.M.               Composite Materials
Mallick, P.K.                Composite Materials
Pickering, K.                Composite Materials
Martin, R.                   Composite Materials
Sridharan, S.             Composite Materials
Shen, Hui-Shen            Composite Materials
Kolpakov, A. A.           Composite Materials
Sapuan, S.M.              Composite Materials
Nielsen, M.P.             Composite Materials
Vassilopoulos, A. P.      Composite Materials
Beale, R                  Computation
Fiesler, E                Computation
Baeck, Thomas             Computation
Ruspini, E                Computation
Baeck, Thomas             Computation
Bahi, Jacques Mohcine     Computation
Dasgupta, Dipankar        Computation
Alexander, Michael        Computation
Dargie, Waltenegus        Computation
Magoules, Frederic        Computation
Krumm, John               Computation
Shoshani, Arie            Computation
Magoules, Frederic        Computation
Jardin, Stephen           Computation
Hager, Georg              Computation
Kim, Yoonjin              Computation
Vert, Gregory             Computation
Snavely, Allan            Computation
Becker, Oren M.           Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Bultinck, Patrick         Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Hemmer, Markus C.         Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Janssen, Curtis L.        Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Cartwright, Hugh          Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Trindle, Carl             Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Voth, Gregory A.          Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
O'Donnell, TJ             Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Banville, Debra L.        Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Chattaraj, Pratim Kumar   Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Devillers, James          Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Fedorov, Dmitri           Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Nussinov, Ruth            Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Leitner, David M.         Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Jensen, Jan H.            Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Manby, Fred               Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Chattaraj, Pratim Kumar   Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Doucet, Jean Pierre       Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Derosa, Pedro             Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Konopka, A.K.             Computational Biology
Aluru, Srinivas           Computational Biology
Konopka, A.K.             Computational Biology
Parida, Laxmi             Computational Biology
Gollery, Martin                Computational Biology
Valiente, Gabriel              Computational Biology
Park, Sheldon J.               Computational Biology
Gogol-Döring, Andreas          Computational Biology
Fraser, Karl                   Computational Biology
Faulon, Jean-Loup              Computational Biology
MacCuish, John David           Computational Biology
Qin, Qing-Hua                  Computational Physics
Everitt, Brian S.              Computational Statistics
Der, Geoff                     Computational Statistics
Martinez, Wendy L.             Computational Statistics
Everitt, Brian S.              Computational Statistics
Spencer, Neil H.               Computational Statistics
Landau, Sabine                 Computational Statistics
Everitt, Brian S.              Computational Statistics
Chen, William W.S.             Computational Statistics
Saito, Takayuki                Computational Statistics
Murtagh, Fionn                 Computational Statistics
Murrell, Paul                  Computational Statistics
Fang, Kai-Tai                  Computational Statistics
Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John   Computational Statistics
Everitt, Brian S.              Computational Statistics
West, Brady                    Computational Statistics
Jones, Owen                    Computational Statistics
Everitt, Brian S.              Computational Statistics
Kleinman, Ken                  Computational Statistics
Keen, Kevin J                  Computational Statistics
Horton, Nicholas J.            Computational Statistics
Kleinman, Ken                  Computational Statistics
Bretz, Frank                   Computational Statistics
Berridge, Damon M.             Computational Statistics
Clark, Franklin                Computer Crime Investigation
Stephenson, Peter              Computer Crime Investigation
Johnson, Thomas A.             Computer Crime Investigation
Marcella, Jr., Albert          Computer Crime Investigation
Neufelder                      Computer Engineering
Pao, Yen-Ching                 Computer Engineering
Kenett, Ron S.                 Computer Engineering
Rao, Kamisetty Ramam           Computer Engineering
Oklobdzija, Vojin G.           Computer Engineering
Srikant, Y.N.                  Computer Engineering
Schoonmaker, Stephen J.        Computer Engineering
Bhattacharyya, Shuvra S.       Computer Engineering
Vasic, Bane                    Computer Engineering
Zurawski, Richard              Computer Engineering
Ilyas, Mohammad                Computer Engineering
Zurawski, Richard              Computer Engineering
John, Lizy Kurian           Computer Engineering
Dorf, Richard C.            Computer Engineering
Mills, David L.             Computer Engineering
Parashar, Manish            Computer Engineering
Sanchez, Julio              Computer Engineering
Fowler, Kim R.              Computer Engineering
Vaishnavi, Vijay K.         Computer Engineering
Oklobdzija, Vojin G.        Computer Engineering
Oklobdzija, Vojin G.        Computer Engineering
Shiva, Sajjan G.            Computer Engineering
Srikant, Y.N.               Computer Engineering
Hsu, Lih-Hsing              Computer Engineering
Cudre-Mauroux, Philippe     Computer Engineering
Sriram, Sundararajan        Computer Engineering
Valdes-Perez, Fernando E.   Computer Engineering
Hsiung, Pao-Ann             Computer Engineering
Olariu, Stephan             Computer Engineering
Aboulhamid, El Mostapha     Computer Engineering
Nicolescu, Gabriela         Computer Engineering
Kornaros, Georgios          Computer Engineering
Mills, David L.             Computer Engineering
Cardo, Jose Flich           Computer Engineering
Holland, O. Thomas          Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Visualization
Sanchez, Julio              Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Visualization
                            Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Visualization
Schaefer, G.                Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Visualization
Li, Qing                    Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Visualization
Mallory, Steven R.          Computer Software
Stokes, David               Computer Software
Wingate, Guy                Computer Software
Andrews, John               Computer Software
Cates, Michael E.           Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Aoki, K                     Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Yao, T.                     Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Maiti, C.K                  Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Cantor, Brian               Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Hartemann, Frederic V.      Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Onuki, Hideo                Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Cantor, Brian               Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Tishin, A.M.                Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Alexandrov, A.S             Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Cantor, Brian               Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Gogotsi, Yury               Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Houssa, Michel              Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Fistul, Victor I.           Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Hong, C.P.                  Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Cantor, Brian               Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Cottam, Michael .G.           Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Poon, W.C.K.                  Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Jakli, Antal                  Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Xu, Yongbing                  Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Maiti, C.K                    Condensed Matter & Materials Science
de Groot, Frank               Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Macia Barber, Enrique         Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Weinberger, Peter             Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Mizutani, Uichiro             Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Carr, Lincoln                 Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Loveday, John                 Condensed Matter & Materials Science
Hanna, Awad S.                Construction Engineering
Desai, Chandrakant S.         Construction Engineering
Lancaster, Patricia J.        Construction Engineering
Uwakwhe, Ben Obinero          Construction Engineering
Issa, Raymond                 Construction Engineering
Chen, W.F.                    Construction Engineering
Chen, W.F.                    Construction Engineering
Paton, B.                     Construction Engineering
Liu, Henry                    Construction Engineering
Antaki, George A.             Construction Engineering
Triantafyllidis, Theodoros    Construction Engineering
Wu, Hwai Chung                Construction Engineering
Gransberg, Douglas            Construction Engineering
Impe, William F. Van          Construction Engineering
Nawy, Edward G.               Construction Engineering
Mindess, S.                   Construction Engineering
Castillejo, Marta             Construction Engineering
Bucher, Christian             Construction Engineering
Smith, Jason G                Construction Engineering
Kett, Irving                  Construction Engineering
Maierhofer, C.                Construction Engineering
Maierhofer, C.                Construction Engineering
Rumane, Abdul Razzak          Construction Engineering
Marcus, Philippe              Corrosion
Kelly, Robert G.              Corrosion
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Corrosion
McCauley, Ronald              Corrosion
Böhni, Hans                   Corrosion
Marcus, Philippe              Corrosion
Forsgren, Amy                 Corrosion
Raupach, M.                   Corrosion
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Corrosion
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Corrosion
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Corrosion
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Corrosion
Dillman, P                    Corrosion
Landolt, Dieter               Corrosion
Féron, D.                     Corrosion
Grabke, H.                    Corrosion
Feron, Damien                 Corrosion
Fedrizzi, L.                  Corrosion
Yang, L.                      Corrosion
Winnik, S.                    Corrosion
Gao, W.                       Corrosion
Paik, J.K.                    Corrosion
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Corrosion
Goddard, E. Desmond           Cosmetic Science
Burke, Robert                 Counterterrorism
Bolz, Jr., Frank              Counterterrorism
Ghosh, Tushar K.              Counterterrorism
Ronczkowski, Michael R.       Counterterrorism
Perlmutter, Dawn              Counterterrorism
Bolz, Jr., Frank              Counterterrorism
Ronczkowski, Michael R.       Counterterrorism
Johnson, Thomas A.            Counterterrorism
Romano Jr., James A.          Counterterrorism
Nance, Malcolm W.             Counterterrorism
Kendall, Ronald J.            Counterterrorism
Macaulay, Tyson               Counterterrorism
Johnson, Thomas A.            Counterterrorism
Ackerman, Gary                Counterterrorism
Banlaoi, Rommel               Counterterrorism
Ghosh, Tushar K.              Counterterrorism
Rail, Robert R.               Counterterrorism
Hamden, Raymond H.            Counterterrorism
Matson, Jack V.               Criminal Justice & Law
Bronstein, Daniel A.          Criminal Justice & Law
Franklin, Carl J.             Criminal Justice & Law
Kiely, Terrence F.            Criminal Justice & Law
McMahon, CLI, CFE, Rory J.    Criminal Justice & Law
Davis, Joseph A.              Criminal Justice & Law
Barnett, Peter D.             Criminal Justice & Law
McMenamin, Gerald R.          Criminal Justice & Law
Kiely, Terrence F.            Criminal Justice & Law
Telpner, Zeph                 Criminal Justice & Law
Blount, Ernest C.             Criminal Justice & Law
Schlesinger, Louis B.         Criminal Justice & Law
Brenner, John C.              Criminal Justice & Law
Matson, Jack V.               Criminal Justice & Law
Kiely, Terrence F.            Criminal Justice & Law
Schwartz, Lita Linzer         Criminal Justice & Law
Thompson, Tim                 Criminal Justice & Law
Bronstein, Daniel A.          Criminal Justice & Law
Cohen, Kenneth S.         Criminal Justice & Law
Ebbe, Obi N.I.            Criminal Justice & Law
Knepper, Paul             Criminal Justice & Law
Prenzler, Tim             Criminal Justice & Law
Wisler, Dominique         Criminal Justice & Law
Ebbe, Obi N.I.            Criminal Justice & Law
Baker, Bruce              Criminal Justice & Law
Winterdyk, John A.        Criminal Justice & Law
Cordner, Gary             Criminal Justice & Law
Shoham, Shlomo Giora      Criminal Justice & Law
Shoham, Shlomo Giora      Criminal Justice & Law
Andresen, Martin A.       Criminal Justice & Law
Roberson, Cliff           Criminal Justice & Law
Verma, Arvind             Criminal Justice & Law
Marenin, Otwin            Criminal Justice & Law
Jaishankar, K.            Criminal Justice & Law
Brush, Stephen B          Crop Science
Hall, Anthony E.          Crop Science
Strayer, Dennis           Crop Science
Overman, Allen R.         Crop Science
Yan, Weikai               Crop Science
Atherton, Keith T.        Crop Science
Jones, Jr., J. Benton     Crop Science
Sadasivam, S.             Crop Science
Jones, Jr., J. Benton     Crop Science
Singh, Ram J.             Crop Science
Singh, Ram J.             Crop Science
Bavec, Franc              Crop Science
Singh, Ram J.             Crop Science
Singh, Ram J.             Crop Science
Aulakh, Milkha            Crop Science
Gough, Robert E           Crop Science
Kirti, P. B.              Crop Science
Datta, Swapan K.          Crop Science
Singh, Ram J.             Crop Science
Munier-Jolain, Nathalie   Crop Science
Fageria, Nand Kumar       Crop Science
Pessarakli, Mohammad      Crop Science
Mollin, Richard A.        Cryptography & Coding Theory
Moldovyan, Nikolai        Cryptography & Coding Theory
Joux, Antoine             Cryptography & Coding Theory
Hinek, M. Jason           Cryptography & Coding Theory
Rosenberg, Burton         Cryptography & Coding Theory
Tamine, A. Y.             Dairy
Gunasekaran, Sundaram     Dairy
Mattila-Sandholm, T.      Dairy
Smit, Gerrit              Dairy
Walstra, Pieter                          Dairy
Tamine, A. Y.                            Dairy
Weimer, Bart                             Dairy
Saarela, M.                              Dairy
McSweeny, P.                             Dairy
Nollet, Leo M.L.                         Dairy
Yildiz, Fatih                            Dairy
Wieland, Martin                          Dams & Hydraulic Engineering
Ferreira, Rui M.L.                       Dams & Hydraulic Engineering
Takahashi, Tamotsu                       Dams & Hydraulic Engineering
Dohmen-Janssen, C. Marjolein             Dams & Hydraulic Engineering
Japan Commission on Large Dams - JCOLD   Dams & Hydraulic Engineering
Verwey, Adri                             Dams & Hydraulic Engineering
Thuraisingham, Bhavani                   Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Pal, Sankar K.                           Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Skillicorn, David                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Bissett, Brian D.                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Liu, Huan                                Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Basu, Sugato                             Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Skillicorn, David                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Zhang, Zhongfei                          Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Ganguly, Auroop R.                       Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Kargupta, Hillol                         Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Ohsawa, Yukio                            Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Wu, Xindong                              Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Miller, Harvey J.                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Srivastava, Ashok                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Chen, Jake Y.                            Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Hristidis, Vagelis                       Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Mitsa, Theophano                         Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Blaha, Michael                           Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Long, Bo                                 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Gama, Joao                               Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Fung, Benjamin C.M.                      Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Romero, Cristobal                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Torgo, Luis                              Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Bonchi, Francesco                        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Liu, Huan                                Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Dua, Sumeet                              Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
SHEKHAR, SHASHI                          Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Purba, Sanjiv                            Database
Purba, Sanjiv                            Database
Thuraisingham, Bhavani                   Database
Burleson, Donald K.                      Database
Chen, Zhengxin                           Database
Thuraisingham, Bhavani                   Database
Bagui, Sikha                             Database
Kosch, Harald             Database
Wells, April J.           Database
Burleson, Donald K.       Database
Garmany, John             Database
Thuraisingham, Bhavani    Database
Wells, April J.           Database
Chao, Lee                 Database
Adam, Azad                Database
Silvers, Fon              Database
Thuraisingham, Bhavani    Database
Bhansali, Neera           Database
von Halle, Barbara        Database
Shuja, Ahmad K.           Database
Bulusu, Lakshman          Database
Bulusu, Lakshman          Database
Avalos, Javier            Dermatology
Goddard, Jerome           Dermatology
Elsner, Peter             Dermatology
Smith, Eric Wane          Dermatology
Bayer, Shirley A.         Developmental Biology
Wells, Jonathan CK        Developmental Biology
Whitman, Malcolm          Developmental Biology
Miller, Debra Lee         Developmental Biology
Okafor, Nduka             Developmental Biology
Baldisserotto, Bernardo   Developmental Biology
Mente, Elena              Developmental Biology
Zaccone, Giacomo          Developmental Biology
Kunz, Yvette W            Developmental Biology
Jamieson, Barrie G M      Developmental Biology
Zaccone, Giacomo          Developmental Biology
Grande, Terry             Developmental Biology
Diogo, Rui                Developmental Biology
Hernandez, Eugenio        Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Chu, Eleanor              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Jagerman, David L.        Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Sachdev, P.L.             Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Samarskii, Alexander A.   Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Vande Wouwer, A,          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Prasad, Phoolan           Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Broer, H.W                Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Kachalov, Alexander       Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Kulenovic, Mustafa R.S.   Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Kochubei, Anatoly         Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Salvi, Rodolfo            Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Polyanin, Andrei D.       Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Garroni, Maria Giovanna   Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Kulenovic, Mustafa R.S.   Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Da Prato, Giuseppe          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Lemarie-Rieusset, P.G.      Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Hokkanen, Veli-Matti        Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Benkirane, Abdelmoujib      Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Lakshmikantham, V.          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Woodbury, Keith A.          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Lu, Yunguang                Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Precup, Radu                Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Zaitsev, Valentin F.        Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Lakshmikantham, V.          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Demidenko, Gennadii V.      Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Cap, Ferdinand F.           Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Keinert, Fritz              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Lee, H.J.                   Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Ladde, G. S.                Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Hansen, Eldon               Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Bolsinov, A.V.              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Grebenikov, Eugeniu         Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Galaktionov, Victor A.      Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Zheng, Songmu               Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Duffy, Dean G.              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Agarwal, Ravi P.            Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Milani, Albert J.           Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Leugering, Guenter          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Nazaikinskii, Vladimir E.   Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Sanz-Sole, Marta            Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Tavares, Santiago Alves     Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Liu, Kai                    Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Da Prato, Giuseppe          Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Awrejcewicz, Jan            Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Favini, Angelo              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Galaktionov, Victor A.      Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Burd, Vladimir              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Schwarz, Fritz              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Camouzis, Elias             Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Mierczynski, Janusz         Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Duffy, Dean G.              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Shishkin, Grigory I.        Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Skiadas, Christos H.        Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Costin, Ovidiu              Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
McKibben, Mark A.           Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Dupaigne, Louis             Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Dorodnitsyn, Vladimir       Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Dinu, L                     Differential Equations & Nonlinearity
Ilyas, Mohammad             Digital & Wireless Communications
Callaway, Jr., Edgar H.     Digital & Wireless Communications
Ilyas, Mohammad             Digital & Wireless Communications
Wu, Jie                     Digital & Wireless Communications
Ilyas, Mohammad             Digital & Wireless Communications
Mahgoub, Imad               Digital & Wireless Communications
Mitlin, Vladimir            Digital & Wireless Communications
Tsoulos, George             Digital & Wireless Communications
Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash   Digital & Wireless Communications
Kolodziej, Krzysztof W.     Digital & Wireless Communications
Hu, Honglin                 Digital & Wireless Communications
Zhang, Yan                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Hussain, Syed Asad          Digital & Wireless Communications
Donoso, Yezid               Digital & Wireless Communications
Wu, Shih-Lin                Digital & Wireless Communications
Xiao, Yang                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Zhang, Yan                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Ahson, Syed A.              Digital & Wireless Communications
Ahson, Syed A.              Digital & Wireless Communications
Ahson, Syed A.              Digital & Wireless Communications
Ahson, Syed A.              Digital & Wireless Communications
Iniewski, Krzysztof         Digital & Wireless Communications
Rao, G.S.V. Radha K.        Digital & Wireless Communications
Sarkar, Subir Kumar         Digital & Wireless Communications
Zhang, Yan                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Van de Velde, Thierry       Digital & Wireless Communications
Ramirez-Iniguez, Roberto    Digital & Wireless Communications
Jha, A. R.                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Xiao, Shao-Qiu              Digital & Wireless Communications
Xiao, Yang                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Ibnkahla, Mohamed           Digital & Wireless Communications
Ibnkahla, Mohamed           Digital & Wireless Communications
Ma, Maode                   Digital & Wireless Communications
Ilyas, Mohammad             Digital & Wireless Communications
Rao, K.R.                   Digital & Wireless Communications
Xiao, Yang                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Minoli, Daniel              Digital & Wireless Communications
Moustafa, Hassnaa           Digital & Wireless Communications
Kitsos, Paris               Digital & Wireless Communications
Osman, Onur                 Digital & Wireless Communications
Zhang, Yan                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Iniewski, Krzysztof         Digital & Wireless Communications
Tarkoma, Sasu               Digital & Wireless Communications
Xiao, Yang                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Zhang, Yan                  Digital & Wireless Communications
Ahson, Syed                 Digital & Wireless Communications
Denko, Mieso K.             Digital & Wireless Communications
Minoli, Daniel              Digital & Wireless Communications
Ahson, Syed A.              Digital & Wireless Communications
Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan       Digital & Wireless Communications
Doughty, Ken              Disaster Planning & Recovery
Collins, Larry R.         Disaster Planning & Recovery
Radvanovsky, Robert       Disaster Planning & Recovery
Devlin, Edward S.         Disaster Planning & Recovery
Pinkowski, Jack           Disaster Planning & Recovery
McDougall, Allan          Disaster Planning & Recovery
Ryan, Jeffrey R.          Disaster Planning & Recovery
Haddow, George            Disaster Planning & Recovery
Pine, John                Disaster Planning & Recovery
Wrobel, Leo A.            Disaster Planning & Recovery
Coppola, Damon P.         Disaster Planning & Recovery
Radvanovsky, Robert       Disaster Planning & Recovery
Skinner, GISP, Ric        Disaster Planning & Recovery
Oliver, Clifford          Disaster Planning & Recovery
Miller, DeMond S.         Disaster Planning & Recovery
Broadwell, John Michael   Drinking Water
Drinan, Joanne            Drinking Water
Schafer, Andrea           Drinking Water
Masschelein, Willy J.     Drinking Water
Cohen, Y. Koby            Drinking Water
Grigg, Neil S.            Drinking Water
Xie, Yuefeng              Drinking Water
Falconer, Ian Robert      Drinking Water
Spellman, Frank R.        Drinking Water
Cantor, Abigail F.        Drinking Water
Cullimore, D. Roy         Drinking Water
Latteman, Sabine          Drinking Water
Cotruvo, Joseph           Drinking Water
Paoletti, Lawrence C.     Drug Development
                          Drug Development
Bradbury, Michael         Drug Development
Seethala, Ramakrishna     Drug Development
Crooke, Stanley T.        Drug Development
Malmsten, Martin          Drug Development
Rosenberg, David          Drug Development
Hadgraft, Jonathan        Drug Development
Akers, Michael K.         Drug Development
Kimko, Hui                Drug Development
Neubert, Reinhard H.H.    Drug Development
Hickey, Anthony J.        Drug Development
Mitra, Ashim K.           Drug Development
Nash, Robert A.           Drug Development
Rolland, Alain            Drug Development
Lee, Chi-Jen              Drug Development
Hickey, Anthony J.        Drug Development
Lee, Jae                  Drug Development
Medina, Carmen            Drug Development
Sahajwalla, Chandrahas    Drug Development
Shargel, Leon             Drug Development
Burgess, Diane J.         Drug Development
Nusim, Stanley            Drug Development
Dressman, Jennifer J.     Drug Development
Bronaugh, Robert L.       Drug Development
Rogge, Mark C.            Drug Development
Benita, Simon             Drug Development
Gupta, Ram B.             Drug Development
Krishna, Rajesh           Drug Development
Lam, Y.W. Francis         Drug Development
Smith, Charles G.         Drug Development
Gregoriadis, Gregory      Drug Development
Gregoriadis, Gregory      Drug Development
Gregoriadis, Gregory      Drug Development
Piechocki, Joseph T.      Drug Development
Gaisford, Simon           Drug Development
Thassu, Deepak            Drug Development
Liu, Rong                 Drug Development
Lundblad, Roger L.        Drug Development
Rossi, David T.           Drug Discovery
Chasman, Daniel           Drug Discovery
Makriyannis, Alexandros   Drug Discovery
Alvarez, Juan             Drug Discovery
Kalow, Werner             Drug Discovery
Minor, Lisa K.            Drug Discovery
Leon, Darryl              Drug Discovery
Bowery, Norman G.         Drug Discovery
Hardiman, Gary            Drug Discovery
Predki, Paul F.           Drug Discovery
Crooke, Stanley T.        Drug Discovery
Stafford, Phillip         Drug Discovery
Kshirsagar, Tushar        Drug Discovery
Wang, Perry G.            Drug Discovery
Pasqualini, Renata        Drug Discovery
Chen, Taosheng            Drug Discovery
Martin, Yvonne C.         Drug Discovery
Esposito, Emilio          Drug Discovery
Jones, C.A.               Earth Science
Murty, Tad S.             Earth Science
Scawthorn, Charles        Earthquake Engineering
Chen, W.F.                Earthquake Engineering
Bozorgnia, Yousef         Earthquake Engineering
Taranath, Bungale S.      Earthquake Engineering
Chen, W.F.                Earthquake Engineering
Papadrakakis, Manolis     Earthquake Engineering
Zerva, Aspasia            Earthquake Engineering
Kokusho, Takaji          Earthquake Engineering
Kokusho, Takaji          Earthquake Engineering
Gioncu, Victor           Earthquake Engineering
Stahl, Jr., Ralph G.     Ecological Economics
Hunkeler, David          Ecological Economics
Hardisty, Paul E.        Ecological Economics
Brussaard, Lijbert       Ecology
Collins, Wanda W.        Ecology
Buck, Louise E.          Ecology
Gliessman, Stephen R.    Ecology
Flora, Cornelia          Ecology
Shiyomi, Masae           Ecology
Woods, Charles A.        Ecology
Letourneau, Deborah K.   Ecology
Ryszkowski, Lech         Ecology
Pimentel, Ph.D., David   Ecology
Vandermeer, John H.      Ecology
El Titi, Adel            Ecology
Giampietro, Mario        Ecology
Edwards, Clive A.        Ecology
Magdoff, Fred            Ecology
Herrel, Anthony          Ecology
Spehn, Eva M.            Ecology
Newton, Paul C.D.        Ecology
Stockwell, David         Ecology
Pugnaire, Francisco      Ecology
Pimentel, Ph.D., David   Ecology
Batish, Daizy Rani       Ecology
Gitau, Thomas            Ecology
Kohli, Ravinder Kumar    Ecology
Pond, Wilson G.          Ecology
Baumhauer, Roland        Ecology
Bohlen, Patrick J.       Ecology
Spehn, Eva M.            Ecology
Seuront, Laurent         Ecology
Gliessman, Stephen R.    Ecology
Hill, Michael J.         Ecology
Edwards, Clive A.        Ecology
Gellings, P. J.          Electrochemistry
Rubinstein, Israel       Electrochemistry
Bard, Allen J.           Electrochemistry
Brajter-toth, Anna       Electrochemistry
Bard, Allen J.           Electrochemistry
Bard, Allen J.           Electrochemistry
Girault, Hubert H.       Electrochemistry
Westbroek, P.            Electrochemistry
Myrdal, Roar             Electrochemistry
Lindstrom, R              Electrochemistry
Feron, Damien             Electrochemistry
Zhuiykov, Serge           Electrochemistry
Carbó, Antonio Doménech   Electrochemistry
Zinola, Carlos Fernando   Electrochemistry
Brown, L                  Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Mahafza, Bassem R.        Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Banerjee, Partha P.       Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Sadiku, Matthew N.O.      Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Taylor, James D.          Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Rothwell, Edward J.       Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Sui, Wenquan              Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Raju, Gorur G.            Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Bastos, João Pedro A.     Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Mahafza, Bassem R.        Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Bansal, Rajeev            Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Bansal, Rajeev            Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Bansal, Rajeev            Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Greenebaum, Ben           Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Barnes, Frank S.          Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Benford, James            Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Christopoulos, Christos   Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Gibson, Walton C.         Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Golio, Mike               Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Blaunstein, Nathan        Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Lee, Jong-Sen             Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Sadiku, Matthew N.O.      Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Yuferev, Sergey V.        Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Rabinovich, Victor        Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Kalluri, Dikshitulu K.    Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Pakhomov, Andrei G.       Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves
Schwartz, Geraldine C.    Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Ye, Z.                    Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Fleetwood, Daniel M.      Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Tong, Xingcun Colin       Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Schwartz, Mel             Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Vardeny, Zeev Valy        Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Capolino, Filippo         Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Capolino, Filippo         Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Beguin, Francois          Electronic and Magnetic Materials
So, Franky                Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Vardeny, Zeev Valy           Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Choi, Seung-Bok              Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Razeghi, Manijeh             Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Vittoria, Carmine            Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Uchino, K                    Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Elschner, Andreas            Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Blackwell, Glenn R.          Electronic Packaging
Remsburg, Ralph              Electronic Packaging
Jamnia, Ali                  Electronic Packaging
Scheffer, Louis              Electronic Packaging
Lavagno, Luciano             Electronic Packaging
Jamnia, Ali                  Electronic Packaging
von Lubitz, Dag K.J.E.       Emergency Medicine
Masci, M.D., Joseph R.       Emergency Medicine
Ellison, D. Hank             Emergency Response
Cashman, John R.             Emergency Response
Burke, Robert                Emergency Response
Byrnes, Mark E.              Emergency Response
Burke, Robert                Emergency Response
Houghton, Rick               Emergency Response
Burke, Robert                Emergency Response
Naz, Rajesh K.               Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorders
Dons, Robert F.              Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorders
Chandrasekharam, D.          Energy Engineering
Shultis, J. Kenneth          Energy Engineering
Sorrell, Charles C.          Energy Engineering
Kreith, Frank                Energy Engineering
Kreith, Frank                Energy Engineering
Goswami, D. Yogi             Energy Engineering
Capehart, Barney L.          Energy Engineering
Jones, Russell H.            Energy Engineering
Mousdale, David M.           Energy Engineering
Walker, G.                   Energy Engineering
Gasik, M                     Energy Engineering
Fergus, Jeffrey              Energy Engineering
Liptak, Bela G.              Energy Engineering
Kok, Kenneth D.              Energy Engineering
Khaligh, Alireza             Energy Engineering
de Souza-Santos, Marcio L.   Energy Engineering
Tsakalakos, Loucas           Energy Engineering
Crowe, Dana                  Engineering Design
Boothroyd, Geoffrey          Engineering Design
Boothroyd, Geoffrey          Engineering Design
Crowson, Richard             Engineering Design
Giudice, Fabio               Engineering Design
Fairhurst, C.                Engineering Design
Eder, W. Ernst               Engineering Design
Dorf, Richard C.           Engineering Management
Adams, Maurice L.          Engineering Management
Carayannis, Elias          Engineering Management
Liebowitz, Jay             Engineering Management
Shell, Richard             Engineering Management
Chung, Christopher A.      Engineering Management
Hillson, David             Engineering Management
Omitaomu, Olufemi A.       Engineering Management
Ficco, Mike                Engineering Management
Koester, Eric              Engineering Management
Kotnour, Timothy George    Engineering Management
Chung, Edward              Engineering Management
Mahmoud, Khaled            Engineering Management
Yingming, Zhu              Engineering Management
Uchino, Kenji              Engineering Management
Farley, James J.           Engineering Management
Kapp, Karl M.              Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Miller, Thomas E.          Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Carroll, Brian J.          Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Jutras, Cindy              Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Schimitzek, Peter          Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Ptak, Carol A              Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Ake, Kevin                 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Carozzi, Nadine B          Entomology
Rechcigl, Jack E.          Entomology
Rechcigl, Jack E.          Entomology
Aluja, Martin              Entomology
Handler, Alfred M.         Entomology
Schaefer, Carl W.          Entomology
McPherson, J. E.           Entomology
Peterson, Robert K.D.      Entomology
Devillers, James           Entomology
Arnett, JR, Ross H.        Entomology
Wheeler, Willis B.         Entomology
Bourtzis, Kostas           Entomology
Koul, Opender              Entomology
Cohen, Allen Carson        Entomology
Korsloot, Andre            Entomology
Koul, Opender              Entomology
Drosopoulos, Sakis         Entomology
Bourtzis, Kostas           Entomology
Debboun, Mustapha          Entomology
Goddard, Jerome            Entomology
Robertson, Jacqueline L.   Entomology
Pimentel, Ph.D., David     Entomology
Bourtzis, Kostas           Entomology
Sharma, Hari C             Entomology
Jarau, Stefan               Entomology
Goldsmith, Marian R.        Entomology
Heinsohn, Robert Jennings   Environmental
Armour, Margaret-Ann        Environmental
Selim, H. Magdi             Environmental
Karamouz, Mohammad          Environmental
Ffolliott, Peter F.         Environmental
Gunn, John                  Environmental
Lal, Rattan                 Environmental
Yong, Raymond N.            Environmental
Mazor, Emanuel              Environmental
Wiersma, G. Bruce           Environmental
Milanovic, Petar            Environmental
Landis, Wayne G.            Environmental
Spellman, Frank R.          Environmental
Vince, Susan W.             Environmental
Gonenc, I. Ethem            Environmental
Alvarez-Benedi, Javier      Environmental
Ruzer, Lev S.               Environmental
Stanturf, John A.           Environmental
Jorgensen, Sven E.          Environmental
Wilhite, Donald A.          Environmental
Ramachandran, Gurumurthy    Environmental
De, Sadhan K.               Environmental
Tweedy, James T.            Environmental
Talley, Jeffrey             Environmental
Loconto, Paul R.            Environmental
Gregory, John               Environmental
Prasad, M.N.V.              Environmental
Chien, Calvin C.            Environmental
Alvarez, Joaquin Andreu     Environmental
Kumar, Praveen              Environmental
Roose, Eric J.              Environmental
Ostroumov, S.A.             Environmental
Darabaris, John             Environmental
Townsend, Timothy G.        Environmental
Khandan, Nirmala            Environmental Modeling & Systems Analysis
Springman, S.               Environmental Modeling & Systems Analysis
Asselt van, Marjolein       Environmental Modeling & Systems Analysis
Mirza, M. Monirul Qader     Environmental Modeling & Systems Analysis
Yue, Tian-Xiang             Environmental Modeling & Systems Analysis
Cothern, C. Richard         Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Molak, Vlasta               Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Wang, Wuncheng (Woodr       Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Wogalter, Michael S.        Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Wogalter, Michael S.        Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Suter II, Glenn W.          Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Benjamin, Sally L.        Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Roberts, Jr., Morris H.   Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Pastorok, Robert A.       Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Frantzen, Kurt A.         Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Crane, Mark               Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Posthuma, Leo             Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Smith, Keith A.           Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Mossman, Kenneth L.       Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Suter II, Glenn W.        Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Barnthouse, Lawrence W.   Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Amiard-Triquet, Claude    Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Assael, Marc J.           Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Schaeffer, Andreas        Environmental & Ecological Risk Assessment
Moore, Gary S.            Environmental Health
Penney, David G.          Environmental Health
Honeycutt, R.             Environmental Health
Koren, Herman             Environmental Health
Koren, Herman             Environmental Health
Koren, Herman             Environmental Health
Koren, Herman             Environmental Health
Grover, V I               Environmental Health
Goldstein, Walter E.      Environmental Health
Bromann, Mark             Environmental Health
Culley, William C.        Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Bregman, Jacob I.         Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Olson, Scott S.           Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Liu, Feng                 Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Moore, Gary S.            Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Tai, Elsie                Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Eccleston, Charles        Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Batabyal, Amitrajeet A    Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Miller, Norman            Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Iannuzzi, Jr., Al         Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Bregman, Jacob I.         Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance

Caponera, Dante A         Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Darabaris, John           Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Eccleston, Charles H.     Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Schneid, Thomas D.        Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Johnson, John W.          Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Llamas, M.Ramon           Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Higgins, Thomas E.        Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance

Eccleston, Charles        Environmental Law, Management, and Compliance
Keith, Lawrence H.        Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Patnaik, Pradyot          Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Byrnes, Mark E.           Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Smith, Keith A.          Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Loconto, Paul R.         Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Csuros, Maria            Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Patnaik, Pradyot         Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Aery, N.C.               Environmental Sampling & Analysis
Millard, Steven P.       Environmental Statistics
                         Environmental Statistics
Brown, Linfield C.       Environmental Statistics
Splitstone, Douglas E.   Environmental Statistics
Mandallaz, Daniel        Environmental Statistics
Rogerson, Peter          Environmental Statistics
King, Ruth               Environmental Statistics
Parent, Eric             Environmental Statistics
Myers, Wayne L.          Environmental Statistics
Yu, Ming-Ho              Environmental Toxicology
Morrison, Robert D.      Environmental Toxicology
Scow, K.M.               Environmental Toxicology
Yu, Ming-Ho              Environmental Toxicology
Walker, C. H.            Environmental Toxicology
Walker, C. H.            Environmental Toxicology
Philp, Richard B.        Environmental Toxicology
Fuchs, Jürgen            Environmental Toxicology
Burns, Richard G.        Environmental Toxicology
Wilson, Samuel H.        Environmental Toxicology
Manahan, Stanley E.      Environmental Toxicology
Hoffman, David J.        Environmental Toxicology
Cronin, Mark T.D.        Environmental Toxicology
Stenersen, Jørgen        Environmental Toxicology
Eisler, Ronald           Environmental Toxicology
Yu, Ming-Ho              Environmental Toxicology
Ostrander, Gary K.       Environmental Toxicology
den Besten, P. J.        Environmental Toxicology
Gardner, Susan C. M.     Environmental Toxicology
Dzombak, David A.        Environmental Toxicology
Eisler, Ronald           Environmental Toxicology
Farris, Jerry L.         Environmental Toxicology
Benson, William H.       Environmental Toxicology
Adams, William J.        Environmental Toxicology
Murray, Michael W.       Environmental Toxicology
Ankley, Gerald           Environmental Toxicology
Newman, Michael C.       Environmental Toxicology
Crane, Mark              Environmental Toxicology
Sunahara, Geoffrey I.    Environmental Toxicology
Nollet, Leo M.L.         Environmental Toxicology
Maltby, Lorraine         Environmental Toxicology
Crane, Mark              Environmental Toxicology
Thorbek, Pernille        Environmental Toxicology
Brock, Theo C.                 Environmental Toxicology
Warren-Hicks, William J.       Environmental Toxicology
Jean, Jiin-Shuh                Environmental Toxicology
Sparling, Donald W.            Environmental Toxicology
Witten, Mark L.                Environmental Toxicology
Merrington, Graham             Environmental Toxicology
van Gestel, Cornelis A. M.     Environmental Toxicology
Hunter, Paul Raymond           Epidemiology
Cameron, Noel                  Epidemiology
Lai, Poh-Chin                  Epidemiology
Chebykin, Olexiy Ya            Ergonomics & Psychology
Martinussen, Monica            Ergonomics & Psychology
Westney, Richard E.            Estimating & Cost Engineering
Popescu, Calin M.              Estimating & Cost Engineering
Humphreys, Kenneth K.          Estimating & Cost Engineering
ReVelle, Jack B.               Estimating & Cost Engineering
Hollingsworth, Peter M.        Evolution & Natural History
Hollingsworth, Peter M.        Evolution & Natural History
Brunton, Howard                Evolution & Natural History
MacLeod, Norman                Evolution & Natural History
Magner, Lois N.                Evolution & Natural History
Williams, David M.             Evolution & Natural History
Hirt, Robert P                 Evolution & Natural History
Pennington, R. Toby            Evolution & Natural History
Ebach, Malte C.                Evolution & Natural History
Hodkinson, Trevor R.           Evolution & Natural History
Newton, Angela E.              Evolution & Natural History
Curry, Gordon B.               Evolution & Natural History
MacLeod, Norman                Evolution & Natural History
Brodie, Juliet                 Evolution & Natural History
Wyneken, Jeanette              Evolution & Natural History
Wheeler, Quentin D.            Evolution & Natural History
Elton, Sarah                   Evolution & Natural History
Hilleman, Terry Bruce          Evolution & Natural History
Martin, Joel W.                Evolution & Natural History
Petuch, Edward J.              Evolution & Natural History
Polaszek, Andrew               Evolution & Natural History
Mascie-Taylor, C.G. Nicholas   Evolution & Natural History
Boucot, Arthur J.              Evolution & Natural History
Runge, Jürgen                  Evolution & Natural History
Gustin, Joseph F.              Facility Management
Bradley, A. L. W.              Facility Management
Kyle, David J.                 Fats & Oils
Perkins, Edward G.             Fats & Oils
Applewhite, Thomas H.          Fats & Oils
Warner, Kathleen               Fats & Oils
Przybylski, Roman              Fats & Oils
Christophe, Armond B.      Fats & Oils
Marangoni, Alejandro G.    Fats & Oils
Akoh, Casimir C.           Fats & Oils
Friberg, Stig              Fats & Oils
O'Brien, Richard D.        Fats & Oils
Katsuragi, Yoshihisa       Fats & Oils
DunforD/DunforD            Fats & Oils
Marangoni, Alejandro G.    Fats & Oils
Akoh, Casimir C.           Fats & Oils
Erhan, Sevim Z.            Fats & Oils
Cohen, Zvi                 Fats & Oils
Kodali, Dharma R.          Fats & Oils
Williams, Christine        Fats & Oils
Shahidi, Fereidoon         Fats & Oils
Mossoba, Magdi M.          Fats & Oils
Boskou, Dimitrios          Fats & Oils
Gunstone, Frank D.         Fats & Oils
Weselake, Randall J.       Fats & Oils
Akoh, Casimir C.           Fats & Oils
O'Brien, Richard D.        Fats & Oils
List, Gary                 Fats & Oils
Moreau, Robert A.          Fats & Oils
Sikorski, Zdzislaw Z. E.   Fats & Oils
Boskou, Dimitrios          Fats & Oils
Shim, Jae K.               Finance & Investing
Shim, Jae K.               Finance & Investing
Shim, Jae K.               Finance & Investing
Madlem, Peter W.           Finance & Investing
Taff, Laurence G.          Finance & Investing
Edwards, Robert D.         Finance & Investing
Gregoriou, Greg N.         Finance & Investing
Ali, Paul U.               Finance & Investing
Gregoriou, Greg N.         Finance & Investing
Murphy, David              Finance & Investing
Gregoriou, Greg N.         Finance & Investing
Gregoriou, Greg N          Finance & Investing
Micocci, Marco             Finance & Investing
Franzetti, Claudio         Finance & Investing
Berman, Evan M.            Finance, Budgeting & Procurement
Peng, Jun                  Finance, Budgeting & Procurement
Berman, Evan M.            Finance, Budgeting & Procurement
Berman, Evan M.            Finance, Budgeting & Procurement
Horrocks, A.R.             Fire Science
Bromann, Mark              Fire Science
Schroll, R. Craig          Fire Science
Jarosinski, Jozef          Fire Science
Boddu, Veera               Fire Science
Thompson, Joe F.              Fluid Dynamics
Larock, Bruce E.              Fluid Dynamics
Papanastasiou, Tasos          Fluid Dynamics
Emanuel, George               Fluid Dynamics
Liu, G.R.                     Fluid Dynamics
Mills, David                  Fluid Dynamics
Menon, E. Shashi              Fluid Dynamics
Mader, Charles L.             Fluid Dynamics
Menon, E. Shashi              Fluid Dynamics
Crowe, Clayton T.             Fluid Dynamics
Akers, Arthur                 Fluid Dynamics
Shikhmurzaev, Yulii D.        Fluid Dynamics
Totten, George E.             Fluid Dynamics
Roller, Sibel                 Food Additives & Ingredients
Raghavan, Susheela            Food Additives & Ingredients
Pokorny, Jan                  Food Additives & Ingredients
Peter, K V                    Food Additives & Ingredients
Burdock, George A.            Food Additives & Ingredients
Branen, A. Larry              Food Additives & Ingredients
Delgado-Vargas, Francisco     Food Additives & Ingredients
Baigrie, Brian                Food Additives & Ingredients
Wood, Roger                   Food Additives & Ingredients
Peter, K V                    Food Additives & Ingredients
Burdock, George A.            Food Additives & Ingredients
Riaz, Mian N.                 Food Additives & Ingredients
Gaonkar, Anilkumar G.         Food Additives & Ingredients
Voilley, Andree               Food Additives & Ingredients
Bender, David A               Food Additives & Ingredients
Kilcast, David                Food Additives & Ingredients
Taylor, A.J.                  Food Additives & Ingredients
Socaciu, Carmen               Food Additives & Ingredients
Ottaway, P. Berry             Food Additives & Ingredients
Cho, Susan Sungsoo            Food Additives & Ingredients
Jedrychowski, Lucjan          Food Additives & Ingredients
Burdock, George A.            Food Additives & Ingredients
Nussinovitch, Amos            Food Additives & Ingredients
Theron, Maria M.              Food Additives & Ingredients
Morris, Peter C.              Food Biotechnology
Valpuesta, Victoriano         Food Biotechnology
Gutierrez-Lopez, Gustavo F.   Food Biotechnology
Shahidi, Fereidoon            Food Biotechnology
Pometto, Anthony              Food Biotechnology
Hirasa                        Food Chemistry
Cho, Susan Sungsoo            Food Chemistry
Derksen, Johannes T. P.       Food Chemistry
Mukhopadhyay, Mamata          Food Chemistry
Phillips, Glyn O.             Food Chemistry
Eskin, Michael                Food Chemistry
Marsili, Ray                  Food Chemistry
Reddy, N. Rukma               Food Chemistry
Gennadios, Aristippos         Food Chemistry
Owusu-Apenten, Richard        Food Chemistry
Sikorski, Zdzislaw Z. E.      Food Chemistry
Walstra, Pieter               Food Chemistry
Whitaker, John R.             Food Chemistry
Kaletunc, Gonul               Food Chemistry
Mossoba, Magdi M.             Food Chemistry
McKenna, Brian M.             Food Chemistry
Shahidi, Fereidoon            Food Chemistry
Deibler, Kathryn D.           Food Chemistry
Tomasik, Piotr                Food Chemistry
Zeuthen, Peter                Food Chemistry
Prescott, John                Food Chemistry
Eitenmiller, Ronald R.        Food Chemistry
Eliasson, Ann-Charlotte       Food Chemistry
McClements, David Julian      Food Chemistry
Brydwell, William Craig       Food Chemistry
Otles, Semih                  Food Chemistry
Kamal-Eldin, Afaf             Food Chemistry
Cui, Steve W.                 Food Chemistry
Reineccius, Gary              Food Chemistry
Baer-Dubowska, Wanda          Food Chemistry
Ball, George F.M.             Food Chemistry
del Pilar Buera, Maria        Food Chemistry
Eliasson, Ann-Charlotte       Food Chemistry
Stephen, Alistair M.          Food Chemistry
Marsili, Ray                  Food Chemistry
Yurawecz, Martin P.           Food Chemistry
Biliaderis, Costas G.         Food Chemistry
Sikorski, Zdzislaw E.         Food Chemistry
Szefer, Piotr                 Food Chemistry
Nollet, Leo M.L.              Food Chemistry
Eitenmiller, Ronald R.        Food Chemistry
Ho, Chi-Tang                  Food Chemistry
Kamal-Eldin, Afaf             Food Chemistry
Otles, Semih                  Food Chemistry
van Boekel, Martinus A.J.S.   Food Chemistry
Bertolini, Andrea             Food Chemistry
Yildiz, Fatih                 Food Chemistry
Adria, Ferran                 Food Chemistry
Mossoba, Magdi M.             Food Chemistry
Skibsted, L.                  Food Chemistry
Decker, E. D.                 Food Chemistry
Nollet, Leo M.L.              Food Chemistry
Valentas, Kenneth J.            Food Engineering & Processing
Taub, Irwin A.                  Food Engineering & Processing
Oliveira, Fernanda A. R.        Food Engineering & Processing
Linden, Gunnar                  Food Engineering & Processing
Bender, David A                 Food Engineering & Processing
Fellows, P.J.                   Food Engineering & Processing
Kennedy, Chris J.               Food Engineering & Processing
                                Food Engineering & Processing
Stringer, Michael               Food Engineering & Processing
Manley, Duncan J R              Food Engineering & Processing
Irudayaraj, Joseph M.           Food Engineering & Processing
Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V.     Food Engineering & Processing
Owens, Gavin                    Food Engineering & Processing
Cauvain, Stanley P              Food Engineering & Processing
Rossell, J. B.                  Food Engineering & Processing
Fito, Pedro                     Food Engineering & Processing
Lusas, Edmund W.                Food Engineering & Processing
Huang, Yanbo                    Food Engineering & Processing
Tijskens, L. M. M..             Food Engineering & Processing
Guy, Robin                      Food Engineering & Processing
Kress-Rogers, Erika             Food Engineering & Processing
Welti-Chanes, Jorge             Food Engineering & Processing
Robberts, Theunis Christoffel   Food Engineering & Processing
Ohlsson, Thomas                 Food Engineering & Processing
Henry, C.J.K.                   Food Engineering & Processing
Ibarz, Albert                   Food Engineering & Processing
Welti-Chanes, Jorge             Food Engineering & Processing
Karel, Marcus                   Food Engineering & Processing
Tzia, Constantina               Food Engineering & Processing
Tothill, Ibtisam E.             Food Engineering & Processing
Cauvain, Stanley P              Food Engineering & Processing
Mattson, Berit                  Food Engineering & Processing
Riaz, Mian N.                   Food Engineering & Processing
Hui, Y. H.                      Food Engineering & Processing
Kilcast, David                  Food Engineering & Processing
Luthria, D. L.                  Food Engineering & Processing
Yada, R.Y.                      Food Engineering & Processing
Gupta, Monoj K.                 Food Engineering & Processing
Richardson, Philip              Food Engineering & Processing
Shachman, Maurice               Food Engineering & Processing
Russ, John C.                   Food Engineering & Processing
Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V.     Food Engineering & Processing
Rao, M. A.                      Food Engineering & Processing
Lopez-Gomez, Antonio            Food Engineering & Processing
Onwulata, Charles               Food Engineering & Processing
Schubert, Helmar                Food Engineering & Processing
Ramaswamy, Hosahalli S.         Food Engineering & Processing
           Sun, Da-Wen                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Sun, Da-Wen                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Cauvain, Stanley P                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Smith, Ian                                 Food Engineering & Processing
           Bhuyan, Manabendra                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Heldman, Dennis R.                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Sablani, Shyam S.                          Food Engineering & Processing
           Waldron, K.                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Sun, Da-Wen                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Rahman, M. Shafiur                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Maroulis, Zacharias B.                     Food Engineering & Processing
           Rastall, Robert A.                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Lelieveld, H.L.M.                          Food Engineering & Processing
           Sumnu, Servet Gulum                        Food Engineering & Processing
           Richardson, Philip                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Klemes, J.                                 Food Engineering & Processing
           Zude, Manuela                              Food Engineering & Processing
           Ratti, Cristina                            Food Engineering & Processing
           Jun, Soojin                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Wang, Lijun                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Erdogdu, Ferruh                            Food Engineering & Processing
           Meireles, M. Angela A.                     Food Engineering & Processing
           Sumnu, Servet Gulum                        Food Engineering & Processing
           Kudra, Tadeusz                             Food Engineering & Processing
           Koutchma, Tatiana                          Food Engineering & Processing
           Rahman, M. Shafiur                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Simpson, Ricardo                           Food Engineering & Processing
           Mallikarjunan, Parameswarakuma             Food Engineering & Processing
           Ortega-Rivas, Enrique                      Food Engineering & Processing
           Fratamico, P.                              Food Engineering & Processing
           Passos, Maria Laura                        Food Engineering & Processing
           Selia dos Reis Coimbra, Jane               Food Engineering & Processing
           Ahmed, Jasim                               Food Engineering & Processing
           Farid, Mohammed M.                         Food Engineering & Processing
           Wrigley, C.                                Food Engineering & Processing
           Hua, T. C.                                 Food Engineering & Processing
           Pan, Zhongli                               Food Engineering & Processing
           Devahastin, Sakamon                        Food Engineering & Processing
           Mutlu, Mehmet                              Food Engineering & Processing
           Opara, Umezuruike Linus                    Food Engineering & Processing
           Brown, Martyn                              Food Laws and Regulations
           Mayes, Tom                                 Food Laws and Regulations
           Goodburn, Kaarin                           Food Laws and Regulations
           Dillon, Mike                               Food Laws and Regulations
Holding Human Food; cGMP for Dietary Supplements (10 pack) Laws and Regulations
           Ghazala, Sue                               Food Laws and Regulations
           Vasconcellos, J. Andres                    Food Laws and Regulations
Levin, Robert E.            Food Laws and Regulations
De Vries, John              Food Microbiology & Safety
Naidu, Narian               Food Microbiology & Safety
Naidu, A.S.                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Helferich, William          Food Microbiology & Safety
Botana, Luis M.             Food Microbiology & Safety
Dean, Taraneh               Food Microbiology & Safety
Kilcast, David              Food Microbiology & Safety
Wilson, Ph.D., Charles L.   Food Microbiology & Safety
Chinachoti, Pavinee         Food Microbiology & Safety
Hooker, Neal H.             Food Microbiology & Safety
Watson, David H.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Watson, David H.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Blackburn, C. W.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Deshpande, S.S.             Food Microbiology & Safety
Hui, Y. H.                  Food Microbiology & Safety
Brown, Martyn               Food Microbiology & Safety
Juneja, Vijay K.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Yousef, Ahmed E.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Miliotis, Marianne D.       Food Microbiology & Safety
Roller, Sibel               Food Microbiology & Safety
McMeekin, Thomas A.         Food Microbiology & Safety
Lelieveld, H.L.M.           Food Microbiology & Safety
Lees, Michele               Food Microbiology & Safety
McKellar, Robin C.          Food Microbiology & Safety
Omaye, Stanley T.           Food Microbiology & Safety
Edwards, Mike               Food Microbiology & Safety
Steele, R                   Food Microbiology & Safety
Salminen, Seppo             Food Microbiology & Safety
Magan, N.                   Food Microbiology & Safety
Watson, David H.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Dabrowski, Waldemar M.      Food Microbiology & Safety
Rasco, Barbara A.           Food Microbiology & Safety
Davidson, P. Michael        Food Microbiology & Safety
Griffiths, Mansel           Food Microbiology & Safety
Sofos, John N.              Food Microbiology & Safety
Mead, G. C.                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Sapers, Gerald M.           Food Microbiology & Safety
Jongen, Wim                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Goktepe, Ipek               Food Microbiology & Safety
Abbas, Hamed K.             Food Microbiology & Safety
Lelieveld, H.L.M.           Food Microbiology & Safety
Atlas, Ronald M.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Koppelman, Stef J.          Food Microbiology & Safety
Blackburn, Clive de W.      Food Microbiology & Safety
Peleg, Micha                Food Microbiology & Safety
Motarjemi, Yasmine          Food Microbiology & Safety
Poschl, Michael             Food Microbiology & Safety
Skog, Kerstin               Food Microbiology & Safety
Mead, G. C.                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Mills, Clare                Food Microbiology & Safety
Potter, Morris              Food Microbiology & Safety
Ryser, Elliot T.            Food Microbiology & Safety
McClements, David Julian    Food Microbiology & Safety
Wilson, Ph.D., Charles L.   Food Microbiology & Safety
Deak, Tibor                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Hammond, Bruce G.           Food Microbiology & Safety
Botana, Luis M.             Food Microbiology & Safety
Stringer, Michael           Food Microbiology & Safety
Shaw, I.                    Food Microbiology & Safety
Liu, Dongyou                Food Microbiology & Safety
Tamang, Jyoti Prakash       Food Microbiology & Safety
Bennet, Gregory S.          Food Microbiology & Safety
Hwang, Andy                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Griffiths, M.               Food Microbiology & Safety
Griffiths, M.               Food Microbiology & Safety
Nollet, Leo M.L.            Food Microbiology & Safety
Reynolds, A.                Food Microbiology & Safety
Solate, Jeffrey T.          Food Microbiology & Safety
Brul, S.                    Food Microbiology & Safety
Lacroix, C.                 Food Microbiology & Safety
Blanchfield, J Ralph        Food Packaging
Richardson, Philip          Food Packaging
Brody, Aaron L.             Food Packaging
Ahvenainen, Raija           Food Packaging
Barnes, Karen A.            Food Packaging
Wilson, Ph.D., Charles L.   Food Packaging
Chiellini, E.               Food Packaging
Yahia, Elhadi M.            Food Packaging
Robertson, Gordon L.        Food Packaging
Hough, Guillermo            Food Packaging
Meilgaard, Morten C.        Food Product Development
Brody, Aaron L.             Food Product Development
Fuller, Gordon W.           Food Product Development
Maroulis, Zacharias B.      Food Product Development
Gudoshnikov, Sergey         Food Product Development
Spillane, W.J.              Food Product Development
Frewer, Lynn                Food Product Development
MacFie, H.                  Food Product Development
Earle, Richard              Food Product Development
Moskowitz, Howard R.        Food Product Development
Ashurst, P.                 Food Product Development
Nollet, Leo M.L.            Food Product Development
Jaeger, S.                  Food Product Development
Fletouris, Dimitrios J.       Food Quality Assurance
MacDougall, D.                Food Quality Assurance
Foster, Tammy                 Food Quality Assurance
Alli, Inteaz                  Food Quality Assurance
Cramer, Michael M.            Food Quality Assurance
Cooper, Julia                 Food Quality Assurance
Clute, Mark                   Food Quality Assurance
Mena, C                       Food Quality Assurance
Kilcast, D.                   Food Quality Assurance
Cho, Yong-Jin                 Food Quality Assurance
Mills, III, Terry             Forensic Chemistry
Wagner, Scott A.              Forensic Pathology
Levy, Angela D.               Forensic Pathology
Pickering, Robert B.          Forensics
Eckert, William G.            Forensics
Haglund, William D.           Forensics
Stimson, Paul G.              Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.   Forensics
Brogdon, B. G.                Forensics
Goldstein, Seth L.            Forensics
Ogle, Jr., Robert R.          Forensics
DiMaio, M.D., Vincent J.M.    Forensics
Dix, Jay                      Forensics
Huber, Roy A.                 Forensics
Robertson, James R.           Forensics
Robertson, James R.           Forensics
Ellison, D. Hank              Forensics
Brenner, John C.              Forensics
Godwin, Grover Maurice        Forensics
Ashbaugh, David R.            Forensics
Jensen, Robert A.             Forensics
Dix, Jay                      Forensics
Nordby, Ph.D., Jon J.         Forensics
Dix, Jay                      Forensics
Dix, Jay                      Forensics
Dix, Jay                      Forensics
Schwartz, Lita Linzer         Forensics
Schwoeble, A. J.              Forensics
Curran, James Michael         Forensics
Schlesinger, Louis B.         Forensics
Rebmann, Andrew               Forensics
Inman, Keith                  Forensics
Taylor, Karen T.              Forensics
Van Kirk, Donald J            Forensics
Redsicker, David R.           Forensics
Byrd, Jason H.                Forensics
Carper, Kenneth L.            Forensics
Noon, Randall K.              Forensics
Godwin, Grover Maurice        Forensics
Hazelwood, Robert R.          Forensics
Russ, John C.                 Forensics
Lee, Henry C.                 Forensics
DiMaio, Dominick              Forensics
Haglund, William D.           Forensics
Caddy, Brian                  Forensics
Bevel, Tom                    Forensics
Rudin, Norah                  Forensics
Karch, Steven B.              Forensics
Dolinak, David                Forensics
Rose, Phil                    Forensics
Brogdon, B. G.                Forensics
McPherson, Sandra B.          Forensics
Christian, Jr., Donnell R.    Forensics
Fisher, Barry A. J.           Forensics
Lewis, Peter Rhys             Forensics
Petraco, Nicholas             Forensics
Yinon, Jehuda                 Forensics
Christian, Jr., Donnell R.    Forensics
Horswell, John                Forensics
Miller Coyle, Heather         Forensics
Warlow, Tom                   Forensics
Matshes, Evan W.              Forensics
Buckleton, John S.            Forensics
Moody, Kenton J.              Forensics
James, Stuart H.              Forensics
Petraco, Nicholas             Forensics
Dupras, Tosha L.              Forensics
DiMaio, Theresa G.            Forensics
Ellen, David                  Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.   Forensics
Crippin, James B.             Forensics
Dodd, Malcolm J.              Forensics
Hueske, Edward E.             Forensics
Thurman, James T.             Forensics
Kelly, Jan Seaman             Forensics
Fineschi, Vittorio            Forensics
Johnson, Scott Allen          Forensics
Kintz, Pascal                 Forensics
Anderson, Gail S.             Forensics
Burke, Dr. Michael P.         Forensics
Hanzlick, M.D., Randy         Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.   Forensics
Pye, Kenneth                  Forensics
O'Neal, Bobbi Jo              Forensics
Ellison, D. Hank               Forensics
Miller Coyle, Heather          Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Forensics
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Forensics
Murrey, Ph.D., Gregory         Forensics
Hadley, Keith                  Forensics
Granacher, Jr., Robert P.      Forensics
Bodziak, William J.            Forensics
Kimmerle, Erin H.              Forensics
Tibbett, Mark                  Forensics
Lukey, Brian J.                Forensics
Bevel, Tom                     Forensics
Warren, Michael W.             Forensics
Smyth Wallace, James           Forensics
Feder (1932-1995), Harold A.   Forensics
Hazelwood, Robert R.           Forensics
Mudge, Stephen M.              Forensics
Leestma, Jan E.                Forensics
McPherson, Sandra B.           Forensics
Hawthorne, Mark                Forensics
Wagner, Scott A.               Forensics
Karch, Steven B.               Forensics
Aggrawal, Anil                 Forensics
France, Diane L.               Forensics
Keppel, Robert D.              Forensics
Pickering, Robert B.           Forensics
Linacre, Adrian                Forensics
RuDusky, Basil                 Forensics
Noon, Randall K.               Forensics
Thali, Michael J.              Forensics
Silver, William E.             Forensics
Gardner, Ross M.               Forensics
Molina, M.D., D. K.            Forensics
Liu, Ray H.                    Forensics
Koehler, Steven A.             Forensics
Byrd, Jason H.                 Forensics
Franck, Harold                 Forensics
Griest, Karen                  Forensics
Beckett, Ronald G.             Forensics
Catanese, Charles A.           Forensics
Garbacz Bader, Donna M.        Forensics
Bayne, Shirley                 Forensics
Senn, David R.                 Forensics
Pomara, Cristoforo      Forensics
Duncan, Christopher D   Forensics
Siegel, Jay A.          Forensics
Evison, Martin Paul     Forensics
Petraco, Nicholas       Forensics
Curran, James Michael   Forensics
Liebert, John           Forensics
Fish, Jacqueline T.     Forensics
Taupin, Jane Moira      Forensics
Armstrong, Erica J.     Forensics
Aggrawal, Anil          Forensics
Darnell, Connie         Forensics
Thali, Michael J.       Forensics
Lathers, Claire M.      Forensics
FRANCE, DIANE           Forensics
Vogt, Daniel J          Forestry
Walker, Laurence C.     Forestry
Montagnini, Florencia   Forestry
Johnson, Evert W.       Forestry
Smith, Walter           Forestry
Buck, Louise E.         Forestry
Chaffey, Nigel J        Forestry
Lamikanra, Olusola      Fruit & Vegetable Products
Jongen, Wim             Fruit & Vegetable Products
Hui, Y. H.              Fruit & Vegetable Products
Wilson, Richard F.      Fruit & Vegetable Products
Barrett, Diane M.       Fruit & Vegetable Products
Lamikanra, Olusola      Fruit & Vegetable Products
Ben Yeoshua, Shimshon   Fruit & Vegetable Products
Bruckner, B.            Fruit & Vegetable Products
Tomas-Barberan, F.A.    Fruit & Vegetable Products
Bayindirli, Alev        Fruit & Vegetable Products
Valero, Daniel          Fruit & Vegetable Products
Martin-Belloso, Olga    Fruit & Vegetable Products
Cammack, Richard        Fuels and Petrochemicals
Raseev, Serge           Fuels and Petrochemicals
Abdel-Aal, H.K.         Fuels and Petrochemicals
Simanzhenkov, Vasily    Fuels and Petrochemicals
Hamid, Halim            Fuels and Petrochemicals
Rezaiyan, John          Fuels and Petrochemicals
Klein, Michael T.       Fuels and Petrochemicals
Minteer, Shelley        Fuels and Petrochemicals
Kidnay, Arthur J.       Fuels and Petrochemicals
Speight, James G.       Fuels and Petrochemicals
Fornasiero, Paolo       Fuels and Petrochemicals
Kerry, Frank G.         Fuels and Petrochemicals
Ancheyta, Jorge         Fuels and Petrochemicals
Schutze, Michael            Fuels and Petrochemicals
Lynch, Thomas R.            Fuels and Petrochemicals
Pillon, Lilianna Z.         Fuels and Petrochemicals
Wiehe, Irwin A.             Fuels and Petrochemicals
Yantovsky, Evgeny           Fuels and Petrochemicals
Kelland, Malcolm A.         Fuels and Petrochemicals
Davis, B. H.                Fuels and Petrochemicals
Bart, J. C. J.              Fuels and Petrochemicals
Ancheyta, Jorge             Fuels and Petrochemicals
Pillon, Lilianna            Fuels and Petrochemicals
Occelli, Mario L.           Fuels and Petrochemicals
Smith, Joseph R.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Gibson, Glenn R.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Hara, Yukihiko              Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Cho, Susan Sungsoo          Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Endres, Joseph G.           Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Shi, John                   Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Hurst, W. Jeffrey           Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Anderson, John J.B.         Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Watson, David H.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Farnworth, Edward R.(Ted)   Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Johnson, Ian                Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Seb/Chris/adlof             Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Thompson, Lilian U.         Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Shortt, Colette             Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Dutta, Paresh C.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Remacle, C.                 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Liu, Keshun                 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Arnoldi, A                  Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Shi, John                   Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Lands, William E.M.         Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Akoh, Casimir C.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Yildiz, Fatih               Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Mine, Yoshinori             Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Eskin, Michael              Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Shi, John                   Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Shetty, Kalidas             Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Losso, Jack N.              Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Henry, C.J.K.               Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Zhao, Yanyun                Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Barrow, Colin               Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Hamaker, Bruce R.           Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Chow, Ching Kuang           Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Preedy, V R                 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Li, Thomas S. C.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Gibson, Glenn R.            Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Garti, N.                   Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Hurst, W. Jeffrey         Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Venugopal, Vazhiyil       Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Alasalvar, Cesarettin     Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Preedy, V R               Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Paquin, P                 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
McClements, D. J.         Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Cho, Susan Sungsoo        Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Pathak, Yashwant          Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Watson, Ronald R.         Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Bagchi, Debasis           Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Owusu-Apenten, Richard    Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Kim, Se-Kwon              Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Shi, John                 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Tokusoglu, Ozlem          Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Watson, Ronald Ross       Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals
Adams, William J.         Fundamentals & General Reference
van der Hoek, M. Peter    Fundamentals & General Reference
Lynch, Thomas D.          Fundamentals & General Reference
Greisler, David           Fundamentals & General Reference
Aikman, Alexander B.      Fundamentals & General Reference
Ruiz, James               Fundamentals & General Reference
Shoham, Shlomo Giora      Fundamentals & General Reference
Miller, Gerald J.         Fundamentals & General Reference
Jurkiewicz, Carole L.     Fundamentals & General Reference
Rabin, Jack               Fundamentals & General Reference
Weber, Jeffrey A.         Fundamentals & General Reference
Killian, Jerri            Fundamentals & General Reference
Reddick, Christopher G.   Fundamentals & General Reference
Robbins, Donijo           Fundamentals & General Reference
Svara, James H.           Fundamentals & General Reference
McNabb, David E.          Fundamentals & General Reference
Shea, Christopher M       Fundamentals & General Reference
Lynch, Charles T.         General
Wilmshurst, T.H           General
Horve                     General
Liu, David H.F.           General
Talbot, David E.J.        General
Gaither, C.C.             General
Seeber, Bernd             General
Kaydos, Wilfred           General
Seireg, Shirley           General
Wojnar, Leszek            General
Whitaker, Jerry C.        General
Deliyannis, T.            General
Gupta, C. K.              General
Attia, John Okyere        General
Whitaker, Jerry          General
Osso, Rafael             General
Vincoli, Jeffrey Wayne   General
Kett, Irving             General
Neilson, Alasdair H.     General
Manahan, Stanley E.      General
Boiten, Wubbo            General
Weiner, Eugene R.        General
Mamalis, A.G.            General
Manahan, Stanley E.      General
Whitaker, Jerry C.       General
Pedrycz, Witold          General
Pankratz, Thomas M.      General
Pankratz, Thomas M.      General
Feld, William M          General
Ozenbaugh, Richard Lee   General
Morreale, Patricia A.    General
Mukherjee, Amalendu      General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Leondes, Cornelius T.    General
Ghosh, Ahindra           General
Shackelford, James F.    General
Wang, Jun                General
Maddy, D.                General
Basu, Dipak K.           General
Manassah, Jamal T.       General
Dowden, John Michael     General
Chung, Deborah D. L.     General
Ayyub, Bilal M.          General
Gaal, Arpad              General
Diebold, Alain C.        General
Tehrani, Noreen          General
Tehrani, Noreen          General
Bosshard, Ch.            General
Stamatis, D.H.           General
Stamatis, D.H.           General
Franceschini, Fiorenzo   General
Zebulum, Ricardo Salem   General
Whitaker, Jerry C.       General
Haider, Syed Imtiaz      General
Schwartz, Mel            General
Latino, Robert J.        General
Whitaker, Jerry C.            General
Ehrlich, Betsi Harris         General
Marinescu, Ioan D.            General
Stamatis, D.H.                General
Liew, J.Y. Richard            General
Novikov, Vladimir             General
Gottlieb, Daniel W.           General
Hnatek, Eugene R.             General
Clarke, A.                    General
Stamatis, D.H.                General
Stamatis, D.H.                General
Soboyejo, Wole                General
Cardwell, David A.            General
Parsons, Ken                  General
Parsons, Ken                  General
Murata, S.                    General
Alsharhan, A.S.               General
Boiten, Wubbo                 General
Simmers, Ian                  General
Fitzpatrick, M.E.             General
Khare, Neeraj                 General
Younker, Del                  General
Kiehne, H.A.                  General
Hutchings, Jonathan F.        General
Eren, Halit                   General
Lu, Guoxing                   General
Roberts, Philip               General
Morgan, -                     General
Bartelt, P.                   General
Goswami, D. Yogi              General
Chattopadhyay, Somnath        General
Wu, Han-Chin                  General
Liang, Hong                   General
Rizvi, Syed                   General
Laplante, Philip A.           General
Whitaker, Jerry C.            General
de Silva, Clarence W.         General
García-Rojo, R.               General
Piguet, Christian             General
Chain Association, American   General
Ahmed, Nasir                  General
Tsen, Kong-Thon               General
Piguet, Christian             General
Raju, Gorur Govinda           General
Cho, Hyungsuck                General
Rowe, D.M.                    General
Pfafflin, James R.            General
Dorf, Richard C.                        General
Dorf, Richard C.                        General
Boyd, Robert R.                         General
Bugg, D.V.                              General
Latino, Robert J.                       General
Whitaker, Jerry C.                      General
Soboyejo, Winston O.                    General
Sarsby, R W                             General
Ayers, John E.                          General
Fierro, Jr., Pedro                      General
Nishi, Yoshio                           General
Spellman, Frank R.                      General
Cressler, John D.                       General
Cressler, John D.                       General
Cressler, John D.                       General
Cressler, John D.                       General
Cressler, John D.                       General
Carroll, Brian J.                       General
Trimble, Stanley W.                     General
Weiner, Eugene R.                       General
Bray, R. N.                             General
Y. Al-Hawaj, Abdulla                    General
Nacorda, Hildie Maria E.                General
Nguyen, Anh Duc                         General
Schelwald-van der Kley, A.J.M. (Lida)   General
Gitlow, Howard S                        General
Bris, Radim                             General
Martin, James William                   General
Heinrich, Gert                          General
Floyd, Raymond C.                       General
Pawlowski, Lucjan                       General
Maurno, Dann Anthony                    General
Iniewski, Krzysztof                     General
Hall, M.                                General
Zhang, Wenwu                            General
Sharma, Sanjay K.                       General
Iniewski, Krzysztof                     General
Dunning, Scott                          General
Squires, E.J                            General & Introductory Physics
                                        General & Introductory Physics
Cooper, Rory A                          General & Introductory Physics
Brown, L                                General & Introductory Physics
Gaither, C.C.                           General & Introductory Physics
York, D                                 General & Introductory Physics
Blin-Stoyle, R.J                        General & Introductory Physics
Fraser, G                               General & Introductory Physics
Wilson, Anthony                         General & Introductory Physics
Day, Peter                      General & Introductory Physics
Scaife, W.G.S                   General & Introductory Physics
Al-Khalili, Jim                 General & Introductory Physics
Landsberg, Peter T.             General & Introductory Physics
Gaither, C.C.                   General & Introductory Physics
Bazelyan, Eduard M.             General & Introductory Physics
Woolfson, Michael M.            General & Introductory Physics
Woolfson, Michael M.            General & Introductory Physics
Weber, Robert L.                General & Introductory Physics
Jones, A                        General & Introductory Physics
von Kroge, Harry                General & Introductory Physics
Weaire, Denis                   General & Introductory Physics
Mould, R.F                      General & Introductory Physics
Gaither, C.C.                   General & Introductory Physics
Eliezer, Shalom                 General & Introductory Physics
Austin, Brian                   General & Introductory Physics
Johnston, Sean F.               General & Introductory Physics
Simanek, Donald M               General & Introductory Physics
Calle, Carlos I.                General & Introductory Physics
Lawrie, Ian D.                  General & Introductory Physics
Johnston, Ian                   General & Introductory Physics
Lira, I                         General & Introductory Physics
Wesson, John                    General & Introductory Physics
Greene, David                   General & Introductory Physics
Belkora, Leila                  General & Introductory Physics
Leff, Harvey                    General & Introductory Physics
Falcke, H                       General & Introductory Physics
Fischer-Cripps, Anthony Craig   General & Introductory Physics
Gaither, C.C.                   General & Introductory Physics
McCartney, Mark                 General & Introductory Physics
Walker, C.A.                    General & Introductory Physics
Vasil'ev, A.N.                  General & Introductory Physics
Sunyaev, R.A.                   General & Introductory Physics
Fischer-Cripps, Anthony Craig   General & Introductory Physics
Ginzburg, V.L.                  General & Introductory Physics
Chapman, Allan                  General & Introductory Physics
Fischer-Cripps, Anthony Craig   General & Introductory Physics
Close, Frank                    General & Introductory Physics
Kim, Dong-Won                   General & Introductory Physics
Weaire, Denis                   General & Introductory Physics
Daintith, John                  General & Introductory Physics
Kimball, John                   General & Introductory Physics
Gaither, C.C.                   General Chemistry
Leroy, Francis                  General Chemistry
Christian, Jr., Donnell R.      General Chemistry
Zwillinger, Daniel              General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Gaither, C.C.                   General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Walker, James S.          General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Tallarida, Ronald J.      General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Knight, Andrew            General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Clark, Douglas N.         General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Krantz, Steven G.         General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Krantz, Steven G.         General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Cavagnaro, Catherine      General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Previato, Emma            General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Zwillinger, Daniel        General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Weisstein, Eric W.        General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Reade, John B.            General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Reade, John B.            General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Putz, John F.             General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Walker, James S.          General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Tallarida, Ronald J.      General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Polyanin, Andrei D.       General Mathematics and Introductory Mathematics
Zouridakis, George        General Reference
Curran, Brendan           General Reference
Curran, Brendan           General Reference
Gad, Shayne C.            General Reference
Pinkowski, Jack           General/Other
Viotti, Paul              General/Other
Herbert-Burns, Rupert     General/Other
Lee, Elsa                 General/Other
Christopher, Kenneth      General/Other
Elias, Bartholomew        General/Other
Goldberg, Joanna B.       Genetics
Jones, Byron C.           Genetics
Albala, Joanna S.         Genetics
Wu, William               Genetics
Smyth Templeton, Nancy    Genetics
Keynes, Milo              Genetics
Sohail, Muhammad          Genetics
Amiji, Mansoor M.         Genetics
Inui, Akio                Genetics
Futerman, Anthony H.      Genetics
Beale, Geoffrey           Genetics
Lidbury, Brett A.         Genetics
Ruvinsky, Anatoly         Genetics
Gary, James H.            Geochemistry
Appelo, C. A. J.          Geochemistry
Appelo, C. A. J.          Geochemistry
Sloan, Jr., E. Dendy      Geochemistry
Nordstrom, Darrell Kirk   Geochemistry
Price, Neville            Geology
Meunier, Jean Dominique   Geology
Muro, T.                  Geology
Twidale, Charles Rowland   Geology
Mohamed, A.M.O.            Geology
Pariseau, William G.       Geology
Pariseau, William G.       Geology
Bundschuh, Jochen          Geology
Petuch, Edward J.          Geology
Malheiro, Ana Maria        Geology
Bullen, Thomas D.          Geology
Liang, Digang              Geology
Vincent, Peter             Geology
Keppie, J. Duncan          Geology
Lesnov, Felix P.           Geology
Horne, C.E.                Geometry and Topology
Animov, Yu                 Geometry and Topology
Chou, Kai-Seng             Geometry and Topology
Weeks, Jeffrey R.          Geometry and Topology
Berndt, Jurgen             Geometry and Topology
Gilkey, Peter B.           Geometry and Topology
Manturov, Vassily          Geometry and Topology
Macias, Sergio             Geometry and Topology
Kutateladze, S.S.          Geometry and Topology
Ancona, Vincenzo           Geometry and Topology
Johnson, Norman            Geometry and Topology
Oystaeyen, Fred Van        Geometry and Topology
Johnson, Norman            Geometry and Topology
Zhang, Qi S.               Geometry and Topology
Dormy, Emmanuel            Geophysics
Chandrasekharam, D.        Geophysics
Campana, Stefano           Geophysics
Das, Braja M.              Geotechnical Engineering
Yong, Raymond N.           Geotechnical Engineering
Horowitz, Aharon           Geotechnical Engineering
Nagaraj, T.S.              Geotechnical Engineering
Barends, F.B.J.            Geotechnical Engineering
Pande, G.N.                Geotechnical Engineering
Hatzor, Y.H.               Geotechnical Engineering
Labuz, J.F.                Geotechnical Engineering
Di Benedetto, H.           Geotechnical Engineering
Andrieux, P.               Geotechnical Engineering
Osipov, V.I.               Geotechnical Engineering
Hardy, Jr., H. Reginald    Geotechnical Engineering
Myrvoll, F.                Geotechnical Engineering
Karol, Reuben H.           Geotechnical Engineering
Ling, Hoe I.               Geotechnical Engineering
Otani, Jun                 Geotechnical Engineering
Triantafyllidis            Geotechnical Engineering
Huat, B.B.K.              Geotechnical Engineering
Pande, G.N.               Geotechnical Engineering
Konietzky, Heinz          Geotechnical Engineering
Di Benedetto, H.          Geotechnical Engineering
Kitazume, Masaki          Geotechnical Engineering
Hunt, Roy E.              Geotechnical Engineering
Abousleiman, Younane N.   Geotechnical Engineering
Hungr, Oldrich            Geotechnical Engineering
Fell, Robin               Geotechnical Engineering
Bhattacharya, Biswa       Geotechnical Engineering
Huat, B.B.K.              Geotechnical Engineering
Gunaratne, Manjriker      Geotechnical Engineering
Bakker, Klaas Jan         Geotechnical Engineering
Cotthem, Alain van        Geotechnical Engineering
Bezuijen, Adam            Geotechnical Engineering
Al-Rawas, Amer Ali        Geotechnical Engineering
Campos e Matos, António   Geotechnical Engineering
Lu, Ming                  Geotechnical Engineering
Ng, C.W.W.                Geotechnical Engineering
Schweiger, Helmut F.      Geotechnical Engineering
Chan, Dave H.             Geotechnical Engineering
Hanski, E.                Geotechnical Engineering
Barton, Nick              Geotechnical Engineering
Mogi, Kiyoo               Geotechnical Engineering

Tan, T.S.                 Geotechnical Engineering
Sarsby, R.W.              Geotechnical Engineering
Sousa, Luís Ribeiro e     Geotechnical Engineering
Look, Burt G.             Geotechnical Engineering
McInnes, Robin            Geotechnical Engineering
Eberhardt, Erik           Geotechnical Engineering

Kikuchi, Yoshiaki         Geotechnical Engineering
Sola, Pedro               Geotechnical Engineering
Mader, Charles L.         Geotechnical Engineering
Guglielmetti, Vittorio    Geotechnical Engineering
Cai, Meifeng              Geotechnical Engineering
Al-Qadi, Imad L.          Geotechnical Engineering
Toll, D.G.                Geotechnical Engineering
Chen, Zuyu                Geotechnical Engineering
Karstunen, Minna          Geotechnical Engineering
Limsiri, C.               Geotechnical Engineering
Holscher, Paul            Geotechnical Engineering
Ng, Charles W.W.          Geotechnical Engineering
Das, Braja M.              Geotechnical Engineering

Honjo, Yusuke              Geotechnical Engineering
Chowdhury, Robin           Geotechnical Engineering
Franciss, Fernando Olavo   Geotechnical Engineering
Asef, Mohammad             Geotechnical Engineering
Springman, Sarah           Geotechnical Engineering
Tang, Chun'An              Geotechnical Engineering
Aadnoy, Bernt S.           Geotechnical Engineering
Gourvenec, Susan           Geotechnical Engineering
Hardy, Jr., H. Reginald    Geotechnical Engineering
Dangour, Alan D.           Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology
Bossler, John D.           GIS and Mapping
Skidmore, Andrew           GIS and Mapping
Craig, William J.          GIS and Mapping
Verbyla, David L.          GIS and Mapping
Lyon, John G.              GIS and Mapping
Aswathanarayana, U.        GIS and Mapping
Van Sickle, Jan            GIS and Mapping
Craglia, Massimo           GIS and Mapping
Chang, Kang-Tsung          GIS and Mapping
Bartlett, Darius           GIS and Mapping
McMaster, Robert B.        GIS and Mapping
Li, Zhilin                 GIS and Mapping
Campagna, Michele          GIS and Mapping
Zlatanova, Sisi            GIS and Mapping
Okabe, Atsuyuki            GIS and Mapping
Stoter, Jantien E.         GIS and Mapping
Wang, Fahui                GIS and Mapping
Fisher, Peter              GIS and Mapping
Wulder, Michael A.         GIS and Mapping
Li, Zhilin                 GIS and Mapping
Billen, Roland             GIS and Mapping
Chang, Kang-Tsung          GIS and Mapping
Rushton, Gerard            GIS and Mapping
Lovett, Andrew A.          GIS and Mapping
Longhorn, Roger A.         GIS and Mapping
Kavouras, Marinos          GIS and Mapping
Yuan, May                  GIS and Mapping
Wise, Stephen              GIS and Mapping
Kalacska, Margaret         GIS and Mapping
Burkholder, Earl F.        GIS and Mapping
Shan, Jie                  GIS and Mapping
Stein, Alfred              GIS and Mapping
Johnson, Lynn E.           GIS and Mapping
Peterson, Gretchen N.      GIS and Mapping
Asami, Yasushi             GIS and Mapping
Shi, Wenzhong           GIS and Mapping
Brimicombe, Allan       GIS and Mapping
Bossler, John D.        GIS and Mapping
Van Sickle, Jan         GIS and Mapping
Li, Songnian            GIS and Mapping
Neunzert, Gaby M.       GIS and Mapping
Sugumaran, Ramanathan   GIS and Mapping
Yang, Chaowei           GIS and Mapping
Fallon, Carol           Government & Education
Delleur, Jacques W.     Ground Water
Montgomery, John H.     Ground Water
Zektser, Igor S.        Ground Water
Guertin, Jacques        Ground Water
Rubin, Hillel           Ground Water
Kono, Iichiro           Ground Water
Boulding, J. Russell    Ground Water
Mazor, Emanuel          Ground Water
Chien, Calvin C.        Ground Water
Hardisty, Paul E.       Ground Water
Bundschuh, J.           Ground Water
Bocanegra, Emilia       Ground Water
Sahuquillo, Andrés      Ground Water
Miyazaki, Tsuyoshi      Ground Water
Nielsen, David M.       Ground Water
Zektser, Igor S.        Ground Water
Xu, Yongxin             Ground Water
Walton, William C.      Ground Water
Delleur, Jacques W.     Ground Water
Nielsen, David M.       Ground Water
Howard, Ken W.F.        Ground Water
Montgomery, John H.     Ground Water
Krásný, Jirí            Ground Water
Cullimore, D. Roy       Ground Water
Adelana, Segun          Ground Water
Candela, Lucila         Ground Water
Mukherji, Aditi         Ground Water
Smith, Stuart A.        Ground Water
Job, Charles A.         Ground Water
Taniguchi, Makoto       Ground Water
Bundschuh, Jochen       Ground Water
Li, Yuncong             Ground Water
Henriksen, Thormod      Hazardous Materials
Henriksen, Thormod      Hazardous Materials
Sun, Yin                Hazardous Materials
Spence, Roger D.        Hazardous Materials
Cashman, John R.        Hazardous Materials
Griffin, Roger D.       Hazardous Materials
Bumble, Stan                Hazardous Waste
Blackman, Jr., William C.   Hazardous Waste
Tang, Walter Z.             Hazardous Waste
Wang, Lawrence K.           Hazardous Waste
Pichtel, John               Hazardous Waste

Al Tabbaa, Abir             Hazardous Waste
Wang, Lawrence K.           Hazardous Waste
Wang, Lawrence K.           Hazardous Waste
Wang, Lawrence K.           Hazardous Waste
Wang, Lawrence K.           Hazardous Waste
Wang, Lawrence K.           Hazardous Waste
Niessen, Walter R.          Hazardous Waste
Ahn, J.                     Hazardous Waste
Beaver, Kevin               Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Leo, Ross A.                Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Berman, Evan M.             Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Latino, Robert J.           Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Joshi, Maulik               Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Bauer, Jeffrey C.           Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Halvorson, George C.        Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Liebowitz, Jay              Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Feldman, Arthur M.          Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Stukenberg, Colleen         Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Aherne, Joe                 Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Kudyba, Stephan P.          Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Damelio, Robert             Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Jenicek, Milos              Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Crane, Joseph T.            Healthcare Financial Management & Leadership
Grunden, Naida              Healthcare Process Improvement
Story, Pierce               Healthcare Process Improvement
Stamatis, Diomidis H.       Healthcare Process Improvement
Protzman, Charlie           Healthcare Process Improvement
Virginia Mason Clinic       Healthcare Process Improvement
Jackson, Thomas L.          Healthcare Process Improvement
Shinton, N.K.               Hematology
Ebadi, Manuchair            Herbal Medicine
Li, Thomas S. C.            Herbal Medicine
Ko, Robert Kam-Ming         Herbal Medicine
Duke, James A.              Herbal Medicine
Keung, Wing Ming            Herbal Medicine
Duke, James A.              Herbal Medicine
Willcox, Merlin             Herbal Medicine
Liu, Chongyun               Herbal Medicine
Ong, Choon Nam              Herbal Medicine
Yamada, Haruki              Herbal Medicine
Li, Thomas S. C.           Herbal Medicine
Pan, Sheng-Li              Herbal Medicine
Wiart, Christophe          Herbal Medicine
Ebadi, Manuchair           Herbal Medicine
Duke, James A.             Herbal Medicine
Duke, James A.             Herbal Medicine
Awang, Dennis V.C.         Herbal Medicine
Li, Thomas S. C.           Herbal Medicine
Burlando, Bruno            Herbal Medicine
Palm, Lodewijk C           History of Medicine
Palm, Lodewijk C           History of Medicine
Sears, Andrew              Human Computer Interaction
Sears, Andrew              Human Computer Interaction
Sears, Andrew              Human Computer Interaction
Sears, Andrew              Human Computer Interaction
Stephanidis, Constantine   Human Computer Interaction
Liao, Huafei               Human Computer Interaction
Tate, Marsha Ann           Human Computer Interaction
Cho, Gilsoo                Human Computer Interaction
Bedny, Gregory Z.          Human Computer Interaction
Albers, Michael            Human Computer Interaction
Hayes, Caroline C.         Human Computer Interaction
Stanton, Neville A.        Human Performance Modeling
deGroot, Gertjan           Human Performance Modeling
Murphy, Lawrence R.        Human Performance Modeling
Frascara, Jorge            Human Performance Modeling
Koonce, Jefferson M.       Human Performance Modeling
Koonce, Jefferson M.       Human Performance Modeling
Chang, Wen-Ruey            Human Performance Modeling
Dollard, Maureen           Human Performance Modeling
Karwowski, Waldemar        Human Performance Modeling
Karwowski, Waldemar        Human Performance Modeling
Karwowski, Waldemar        Human Performance Modeling
Boyce, Peter R.            Human Performance Modeling
Boyce, Peter R.            Human Performance Modeling
Hettinger, Lawrence J.     Human Performance Modeling
Meister, David             Human Performance Modeling
Fisk, Arthur D.            Human Performance Modeling
Dillon, Andrew             Human Performance Modeling
Nemeth, Christopher P.     Human Performance Modeling
McCabe, Paul T.            Human Performance Modeling
Castro, Candida            Human Performance Modeling
Kumar, Shrawan             Human Performance Modeling
Stanton, Neville Anthony   Human Performance Modeling
Haex, Bart                 Human Performance Modeling
Noy, Y. Ian                Human Performance Modeling
Wilson, John R.            Human Performance Modeling
Anshel, Jeffrey              Human Performance Modeling
Kroemer, Karl H.E.           Human Performance Modeling
Xu, Yangsheng                Human Performance Modeling
Marras, William S.           Human Performance Modeling
Marras, William S.           Human Performance Modeling
Karwowski, Waldemar          Human Performance Modeling
Proctor, Robert W.           Human Performance Modeling
Bedny, Gregory               Human Performance Modeling
Wickens, Christopher D.      Human Performance Modeling
Foyle, David C.              Human Performance Modeling
Gawron, Valerie J.           Human Performance Modeling
Grech, Michelle              Human Performance Modeling
Duffy, Vincent G.            Human Performance Modeling
Boyce, Peter R.              Human Performance Modeling
Hancock, Peter A.            Human Performance Modeling
Salmon, Paul                 Human Performance Modeling
Marek, Tadeusz               Human Performance Modeling
Duffy, Vincent G.            Human Performance Modeling
Douglas, Neil                Human Resources & Training
Kreider, Jan F.              HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Stanford III, Herbert W.     HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Deshmukh, Yeshvant V.        HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Radermacher, Reinhard        HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Rapoport, Edgar              HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Krarti, Moncef               HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
Hudak, Paul F.               Hydrogeology
Nonner, J.C.                 Hydrogeology
Nonner, J.C.                 Hydrogeology
Moore, John E.               Hydrogeology
Hamed, Khaled                Hydrology
Grant, S.A.                  Hydrology
McCuen, Richard H.           Hydrology
Adrien, Nicolas G.           Hydrology
Xi, R.Z.                     Hydrology
Abrahart, Robert             Hydrology
de la Cretaz, Avril L.       Hydrology
Sen, Zekai                   Hydrology
Thurston, Hale W.            Hydrology
Sen, Zekai                   Hydrology
Soliman, Mostafa M.          Hydrology
Bertero, M.                  Image Processing
Shi, Yun Q.                  Image Processing
Tzanakou, Evangelia Miche    Image Processing
Guan, Ling                   Image Processing
Wilson, Joseph N.            Image Processing
da Fontoura Costa, Luciano   Image Processing
Guan, Ling                   Image Processing
Bow, Sing T.                Image Processing
Strickland, Robin N.        Image Processing
Javidi, Bahram              Image Processing
Russ, John C.               Image Processing
Sharma, Gaurav              Image Processing
Laplante, Philip A.         Image Processing
Jahne, Bernd                Image Processing
Reed, Todd R.               Image Processing
Yanushkevich, Svetlana N.   Image Processing
Nakamura, Junichi           Image Processing
Landini, Luigi              Image Processing
Barni, Mauro                Image Processing
Lukac, Rastislav            Image Processing
Russ, John C.               Image Processing
Campisi, Patrizio           Image Processing
Shi, Yun Q.                 Image Processing
Lau, Daniel L.              Image Processing
Lukac, Rastislav            Image Processing
Costa, Luciano da Fona      Image Processing
Yap, Kim-Hui                Image Processing
Milanfar, Peyman            Image Processing
Russ, John C.               Image Processing
Faith, Robert E.            Immunology
Fernandez-Botran, Rafael    Immunology
Howard, Gary C.             Immunology
Ciliberto, Gennaro          Immunology
Fernandez-Botran, Rafael    Immunology
Virella, Gabriel            Immunology
Englebienne, Patrick        Immunology
Cruse, Julius M.            Immunology
Zanetti, Maurizio           Immunology
Cruse, Julius M.            Immunology
Levine, Myron M.            Immunology
Geenen, Vincent             Immunology
Grateau, Gilles             Immunology
Ransohoff, Richard M.       Immunology
Badley, Andrew D.           Immunology
Badley, Andrew D.           Immunology
Vandenbroeck, Koen          Immunology
Faith, Robert E.            Immunology
Ghosh, Sankar               Immunology
Howard, Gary C.             Immunology
O'Gorman, Maurice R.G.      Immunology
Ishii, Ken J.               Immunology
Cruse, Julius M.            Immunology
Cruse, Julius M.            Immunology
Hansen, Charles M.          Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Erbil, Yildirim H.           Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Kenkel, John                 Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Smiley, Robert A.            Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Cork, David G.               Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Harriott, Peter              Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Li, Zhigang                  Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.   Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Pizzi, A.                    Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Wu, Chih                     Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Van 't Land, C.M.            Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Mukhopadhyay, Asim Kumar     Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Hansen, Charles M.           Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Speight, James G             Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Phlegm, H. K.                Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Green, W. Arthur             Industrial & Applied Chemistry
Anderson, Elizabeth L.       Industrial Hygiene
Godish, Thad                 Industrial Hygiene
Boss, Martha J.              Industrial Hygiene
Flannigan, Brian             Industrial Hygiene
Boss, Martha J.              Industrial Hygiene
Bisesi, Michael S.           Industrial Hygiene
Dodson, Ronald F.            Industrial Hygiene
Boss, Martha J.              Industrial Hygiene
Flannigan, Brian             Industrial Hygiene
Horrocks, A.R.               Industrial Textiles
Adanur, Sabit                Industrial Textiles
Fung, Walter                 Industrial Textiles
Spencer, David J.            Industrial Textiles
Sen, Ashish Kumar            Industrial Textiles
Woodings, Calvin             Industrial Textiles
Wilson, Jacquie              Industrial Textiles
Tao, Xiaoming                Industrial Textiles
Hearle, John W. S.           Industrial Textiles
Hearle, John W. S.           Industrial Textiles
Franck, Robert R.            Industrial Textiles
Fung, Walter                 Industrial Textiles
Simpson, W.S.                Industrial Textiles
Gong, R H.                   Industrial Textiles
Lawrence, Carl A.            Industrial Textiles
Lord, Peter R.               Industrial Textiles
Cavaco-Paulo, A.             Industrial Textiles
Gilligan, E Grant            Industrial Textiles
Goswami, Bhuvenesh C.        Industrial Textiles
Schindler, Wolfgang D.       Industrial Textiles
Fan, J.                      Industrial Textiles
Hu, Jinlian                  Industrial Textiles
Xin, John H.                 Industrial Textiles
Pan, N.                     Industrial Textiles
Russell, S.                 Industrial Textiles
Hu, Jinlian                 Industrial Textiles
Sen, Ashish Kumar           Industrial Textiles
Gupta, B.                   Industrial Textiles
Schwartz, P.                Industrial Textiles
Shishoo, Roshan             Industrial Textiles
El-Mogahzy, Y.              Industrial Textiles
Miraftab, M.                Industrial Textiles
Rowe, T.                    Industrial Textiles
Yuyksekkaya, Mehmet Emin    Industrial Textiles
Behera, B. K.               Industrial Textiles
The Textile Institute       Industrial Textiles
Lawrence, C. A.             Industrial Textiles
Gosling, Peter J.           Infectious Diseases
Swearengen, James R.        Infectious Diseases
Crompton, D. W. T.          Infectious Diseases
Walker, Perrin              Inorganic Chemistry
Stern, Kurt H.              Inorganic Chemistry
Paszko, Christine           Inorganic Chemistry
Sigel, Astrid               Inorganic Chemistry
Garnovskii, Alexandr D.     Inorganic Chemistry
Sigel, Astrid               Inorganic Chemistry
Sangeeta, D.                Inorganic Chemistry
Radovic, Ljubisa R.         Inorganic Chemistry
Sigel, Helmut               Inorganic Chemistry
Bansal, Roop Chand          Inorganic Chemistry
Tracey, Alan S.             Inorganic Chemistry
Radovic, Ljubisa R.         Inorganic Chemistry
Gupta, BD                   Inorganic Chemistry
Fackler, Jr., John P.       Inorganic Chemistry
Chen, Zhengxin              Intelligent Systems
Konar, Amit                 Intelligent Systems
Medsker, Larry              Intelligent Systems
Jain, Lakhmi C.             Intelligent Systems
Li, Hongxing                Intelligent Systems
Hopgood, Adrian A.          Intelligent Systems
Leondes, Cornelius T.       Intelligent Systems
Korb, Kevin B.              Intelligent Systems
Vemuri, V. Rao              Intelligent Systems
Liebowitz, Jay              Intelligent Systems
Sarangapani, Jagannathan    Intelligent Systems
Hyatt, Nigel                Intelligent Systems
Kott, Alexander             Intelligent Systems
Zufferey, Jean-Christophe   Intelligent Systems
Arkin, Ronald               Intelligent Systems
Shukla, Anupam              Intelligent Systems
Kang, Shih-Chung         Intelligent Systems
Liebowitz, Jay           Intelligent Systems
Furht, Borko             Internet & Web-based Computing
Purba, Sanjiv            Internet & Web-based Computing
Furht, Borko             Internet & Web-based Computing
Singh, Munindar P.       Internet & Web-based Computing
Xu, Cheng-Zhong          Internet & Web-based Computing
Kirovski, Darko          Internet & Web-based Computing
Furht, Borko             Internet & Web-based Computing
Keyes, Jessica           Internet & Web-based Computing
Yu, Liyang               Internet & Web-based Computing
Thuraisingham, Bhavani   Internet & Web-based Computing
Furht, Borko             Internet & Web-based Computing
Lian, Shiguo             Internet & Web-based Computing
Zaphiris, Panayiotis     Internet & Web-based Computing
Sheng, Quan Z.           Internet & Web-based Computing
Hu, Fei                  Internet & Web-based Computing
Gaither, C.C.            Introductory Statistics & General References
Zwillinger, Daniel       Introductory Statistics & General References
Tanner, Martin A.        Introductory Statistics & General References
Dobson, Annette J.       Introductory Statistics & General References
Ullah, Aman              Introductory Statistics & General References
Rao, M.M.                Introductory Statistics & General References
Farebrother, R.W.        Introductory Statistics & General References
Krishnamoorthy, K.       Introductory Statistics & General References
Albert, Jim              Introductory Statistics & General References
Butler, Janet            IT Management
Tinnirello, Paul C.      IT Management
Ayers, James B.          IT Management
Sharp, Duane E.          IT Management
Wells, Timothy           IT Management
Travis, David            IT Management
Brown, Carol V.          IT Management
Armour, Phillip G.       IT Management
Chorafas, Dimitris N.    IT Management
Gold, Tandy              IT Management
Keyes, Jessica           IT Management
Rost, Johann             IT Management
Keyes, Jessica           IT Management
Bazavan, Ioana V.        IT Management
Pareek, Deepak           IT Management
Pohlman, Marlin B.       IT Management
Andriole, Stephen J.     IT Management
Brown, Eric J.           IT Management
Unhelkar, Bhuvan         IT Management
Keyes, Jessica           IT Management
Bentley, William         IT Management
Kappelman, Leon          IT Management
Chorafas, Dimitris N.    IT Management
Raynus, Joseph           IT Management
Manley, Donna M.         IT Management
Sharp, Patrick E.        Lab Animal Science
Podolsky, M. Lawrence    Lab Animal Science
Sundberg, John P.        Lab Animal Science
Bollen, Peter J. A.      Lab Animal Science
Suckow, Mark A.          Lab Animal Science
Willott, James F.        Lab Animal Science
Fortman, Jeffery D.      Lab Animal Science
Silverman, Jerald        Lab Animal Science
Suckow, Mark A.          Lab Animal Science
Smith, Richard S.        Lab Animal Science
Zierath, Juleen R        Lab Animal Science
Hau, Jann                Lab Animal Science
Hau, Jann                Lab Animal Science
Hau, Jann                Lab Animal Science
Sundberg, John P.        Lab Animal Science
Swindle, M. Michael      Lab Animal Science
Shafrir, Eleazar         Lab Animal Science
Silverman, Jerald        Lab Animal Science
Evans, G.O.              Lab Animal Science
Evans, G.O.              Lab Animal Science
Rigalli, Alfredo         Lab Animal Science
Kaufman, Matthew         Lab Animal Science
Leong, Franz Joel        Lab Animal Science
Bolon, Brad              Lab Animal Science
Anderson, Milton A.      Laboratory
Easter, Martin C.        Laboratory
Brittain, Harry G.       Laboratory
Sanderson, James         Landscape Ecology
Zvezdin, A.K             Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Weber, Marvin J.         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Tyson, Robert            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Weber, Marvin J.         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Heddle, D.W.O.           Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
                         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Pye, J. David            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Digonnet, Michel J.F.    Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Goure, J.P               Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Minh, Phan Ngoc          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Keelan, Brian            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Eliezer, Shalom          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Sutherland, Richard L.   Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Vicari, L                Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Goldstein, Dennis        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Wood, Roger M.         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Martí, A.              Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Damzen, M J            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Egan, Walter G.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Saxby, Graham          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Webb, C.E.             Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Henderson, Roy         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Banerjee, Partha P.    Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Miller, A.             Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Vij, D. R.             Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Yen, William M.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Minin, I.V.            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Jackson, Roger G.      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Bertolotti, Mario      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Sands, D.              Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Milonni, P.W.          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Malacara, Zacarias     Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Parker, Michael A.     Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Barat, Ken             Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Dakin, J.P.            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Jakeman, E.            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Dagli, Nadir           Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Fotakis, Costas        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Biswas, Anjan          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Sennaroglu, Alphan     Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Yen, William M.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Yen, William M.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Laikin, Milton         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Gupta, Mool C.         Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Yen, William M.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Calvo, Maria L.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Wakaki, Moriaki        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Smith, Bruce W.        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Dexheimer, Susan L.    Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Ohtsu, Motoichi        Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Orloff, Jon            Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Held, Gilbert          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Verbiest, Thierry      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Sirohi, Rajpal S.      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Parker, Michael A.     Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Verma, Pramod Kumar    Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Macleod, H. Angus      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Hawkins, Aaron R.      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Diaspro, Alberto       Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Padgett, Miles J.      Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Tyson, Robert          Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Kitsinelis, Spyridon   Lasers, Optics & Optoelectronics
Richards, James R.                  Law Enforcement
June, Dale L.                       Law Enforcement
Iannacci, Jerry                     Law Enforcement
Madinger, John                      Law Enforcement
Rossmo, D. Kim                      Law Enforcement
June, Dale L.                       Law Enforcement
Chu, James                          Law Enforcement
Zulawski, David E.                  Law Enforcement
Lyman, Michael D.                   Law Enforcement
Bell, William R.                    Law Enforcement
Walters, Stan B.                    Law Enforcement
Hatch, David E.                     Law Enforcement
Leipnik, Mark R.                    Law Enforcement
Steffen, George S.                  Law Enforcement
Lanceley, Frederick J.              Law Enforcement
Cawood, CPP, James S.               Law Enforcement
Carney, Thomas P.                   Law Enforcement
Lee, Gregory D.                     Law Enforcement
Champod, Christophe                 Law Enforcement
Manning, Ph.D, CFE, EA, George A.   Law Enforcement
Strentz, Thomas                     Law Enforcement
Sonne, BCPI, CLI, Warren J.         Law Enforcement
WALTON, RICHARD H                   Law Enforcement
Lyman, Michael D.                   Law Enforcement
Fitzgerald, Dennis G.               Law Enforcement
McMahon, CLI, CFE, Rory J.          Law Enforcement
Hatch, David E.                     Law Enforcement
June, Dale L.                       Law Enforcement
Davis, Richard L.                   Law Enforcement
Kail, Tony M.                       Law Enforcement
Millie, Ph.D., Andrew               Law Enforcement
Matulich, Serge                     Law Enforcement
Calhoun, Frederick S.               Law Enforcement
Rossmo, D. Kim                      Law Enforcement
Cawood, CPP, James S.               Law Enforcement
Westphal, Christopher               Law Enforcement
Das, Dilip K.                       Law Enforcement
Grabosky, Peter                     Law Enforcement
Isenberg, James                     Law Enforcement
Gottschalk, Petter                  Law Enforcement
Pastor, James F.                    Law Enforcement
Colwell, Jack L.                    Law Enforcement
Bumbak, Ann R                       Law Enforcement
Adcock, James M.                    Law Enforcement
Kilfeather, Robert F.               Law Enforcement
Suri, Rajan                         Leadership - Strategy
Matthews, Daniel D.                 Leadership - Strategy
Zak, Adam                  Leadership - Strategy
Morcol, Goktug             Leadership & Performance
Julnes, Patria de Lancer   Leadership & Performance
Immordino, Kathleen M.     Leadership & Performance
Kassel, David S.           Leadership & Performance
Dennis, Pascal             Lean Basics - Lean Classics
Monden, Yasuhiro           Lean Basics - Lean Classics
Stewart, John              Lean Basics - Lean Classics
Osif, Bonnie A.            Library and Information Science
Reddi, Lakshmi             Life-Cycle Analysis
Sonesson, U.               Life-Cycle Analysis
Sluckin, Timothy J.        Liquid Crystals
Oswald, Patrick            Liquid Crystals
Lynch, Mathew L.           Liquid Crystals
Takatoh, Kohki             Liquid Crystals
Barbero, Giovanni          Liquid Crystals
Oswald, Patrick            Liquid Crystals
Seed, Alexander J.         Liquid Crystals
Crawford, Gregory P        Liquid Crystals
Vinogradov, Oleg           Machine Design
Shell, Richard             Machine Design
Tsai, Lung-Wen             Machine Design
Zahavi, Eliahu             Machine Design
Pullarcot, Sunil Kumar     Machine Design
Harnoy, Avraham            Machine Design
Barron, Randall F.         Machine Design
Logan, Jr., Earl           Machine Design
Gorla, Rama S.R.           Machine Design
Totten, George E.          Machine Design
Orthwein, William C.       Machine Design
Derby, Stephen J.          Machine Design
Volk, Michael              Machine Design
Muszynska, Agnieszka       Machine Design
Krivts, Igor Lazar         Machine Design
Piotrowski, John           Machine Design
Eder, W. Ernst             Machine Design
Bickford, John H.          Machine Design
Klebanov, Boris M.         Machine Design
Radzevich, Stephen P.      Machine Design
Boldea, Ion                Machine Design
Radzevich, Stephen P.      Machine Design
Wessels, William           Machine Design
Wang, Wego                 Machine Design
Tobin, Stephen M.          Machine Design
Fischer, Bryan R.          Machine Design
Samarasinghe, Sandhya      Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Li, Deyi                   Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Hitzler, Pascal          Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Uhrmacher, Adelinde M.   Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Kanevski, Mikhail        Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Iba, Hitoshi             Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Sumathi, S.              Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Indurkhya, Nitin         Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Pal, Sankar K.           Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Friedman, Craig          Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Tyler, Christopher W.    Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Korb, Kevin B.           Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Ye, Jieping              Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Wrigley, Graham C.       Management
Paich, Mark              Management
Arnold, Renee J. G.      Management
Levin, Michael           Manufacturing & Engineering
Walters, Kenneth A.      Manufacturing & Engineering
Weinberg, Sandy          Manufacturing & Engineering
Rathbone, Michael J.     Manufacturing & Engineering
Ghebre-Selassie, Isaac   Manufacturing & Engineering
Bloom, John              Manufacturing & Engineering
Turner, Simon G.         Manufacturing & Engineering
Rey, Louis               Manufacturing & Engineering
York, Peter              Manufacturing & Engineering
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.       Manufacturing & Engineering
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.       Manufacturing & Engineering
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.       Manufacturing & Engineering
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.       Manufacturing & Engineering
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.       Manufacturing & Engineering
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.       Manufacturing & Engineering
Williams, Kevin          Manufacturing & Engineering
Jimenez, Luis            Manufacturing & Engineering
Sharp, John              Manufacturing & Engineering
Sofer, Gail              Manufacturing & Engineering
Signore, Andrew          Manufacturing & Engineering
Parikh, Dilip M.         Manufacturing & Engineering
Levin, Michael           Manufacturing & Engineering
Hochfeld, William L.     Manufacturing & Engineering
Scheinkopf, Lisa J.      Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Melnyk, Steven A.        Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Lilly, Richard T.        Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Woeppel, Mark            Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Beavers, Jr., Alex N.    Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
ReVelle, Jack B.         Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Ciambrone, David F.      Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Rantanen, Kalevi         Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Silverstein, David       Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Silva Bartolo, Paulo Jorge da   Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
Guerindon                       Manufacturing & Processing
Hilton, Peter                   Manufacturing & Processing
Cooper, Kenneth                 Manufacturing & Processing
Advani, Suresh G.               Manufacturing & Processing
Campbell, Bob                   Manufacturing & Processing
Stein, Robert E.                Manufacturing & Processing
Benhabib, Beno                  Manufacturing & Processing
Halmos, George T.               Manufacturing & Processing
Khan, Wasim Ahmed               Manufacturing & Processing
Ohmi, Tadahiro                  Manufacturing & Processing
Mujumdar, Arun S.               Manufacturing & Processing
Marinescu, Ioan D.              Manufacturing & Processing
Marinescu, Ioan D.              Manufacturing & Processing
Liou, Frank W.                  Manufacturing & Processing
Youssef, Helmi A.               Manufacturing & Processing
Koc, M.                         Manufacturing & Processing
Magrab, Edward B.               Manufacturing & Processing
Dhillon, B.S.                   Manufacturing & Processing
Sun, X.                         Manufacturing & Processing
Dame, Richard F.                Marine & Aquatic Science
Kennish, Michael J.             Marine & Aquatic Science
                                Marine & Aquatic Science
Fingerman, Milton               Marine & Aquatic Science
Bortone, Stephen A.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Seaman, Jr., William            Marine & Aquatic Science
Zedler, Joy B.                  Marine & Aquatic Science
Wolanski, Eric                  Marine & Aquatic Science
Dabrowski, Konrad               Marine & Aquatic Science
Knox, George A.                 Marine & Aquatic Science
Kennish, Michael J.             Marine & Aquatic Science
McClintock, James B.            Marine & Aquatic Science
Schreiber, E. A.                Marine & Aquatic Science
Porter, Karen G.                Marine & Aquatic Science
Fingerman, Milton               Marine & Aquatic Science
Simon, Thomas P.                Marine & Aquatic Science
Bortone, Stephen A.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.                   Marine & Aquatic Science
Taylor, Milton D                Marine & Aquatic Science
Vos, Joseph G.                  Marine & Aquatic Science
Lutz, Peter L.                  Marine & Aquatic Science
Livingston, Robert J.           Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.                   Marine & Aquatic Science
Seuront, Laurent                Marine & Aquatic Science
Kennish, Michael J.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Fingerman, Milton         Marine & Aquatic Science
Railkin, Alexander I.     Marine & Aquatic Science
Simon, Thomas P.          Marine & Aquatic Science
Petuch, Edward J.         Marine & Aquatic Science
Carrier, Jeffrey C.       Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Heinzeller, Thomas        Marine & Aquatic Science
Bortone, Stephen A.       Marine & Aquatic Science
Fingerman, Milton         Marine & Aquatic Science
Koenemann, Stefan         Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Livingston, Robert J.     Marine & Aquatic Science
Richards, William J.      Marine & Aquatic Science
Barsanti, Laura           Marine & Aquatic Science
Simon, Thomas P.          Marine & Aquatic Science
Sindermann, Carl J.       Marine & Aquatic Science
Sokolov, V E              Marine & Aquatic Science
Kalikhman, I.L.           Marine & Aquatic Science
Precht, William F.        Marine & Aquatic Science
Wallus, Robert            Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Knox, George A.           Marine & Aquatic Science
Ostlund-Nilsson, Sara     Marine & Aquatic Science
Fernandes, Marisa N       Marine & Aquatic Science
Lavalli, Kari L.          Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Ault, Jerald S.           Marine & Aquatic Science
Di Giulio, Richard T.     Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Wallus, Robert            Marine & Aquatic Science
Cabrita, Elsa             Marine & Aquatic Science
Genten, Franck            Marine & Aquatic Science
Patzner, Robert A         Marine & Aquatic Science
Montet, Didier            Marine & Aquatic Science
Wurl, Oliver              Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Danovaro, Roberto         Marine & Aquatic Science
Sebert, Philippe          Marine & Aquatic Science
Domenici, Paolo           Marine & Aquatic Science
Carrier, Jeffrey C.       Marine & Aquatic Science
Gibson, R. N.             Marine & Aquatic Science
Trajano, Eleonora         Marine & Aquatic Science
Kennish, Michael J.       Marine & Aquatic Science
Pandian, T. J.            Marine & Aquatic Science
Turchini, Giovanni M.     Marine & Aquatic Science
Jorgensen, Jorden Morup   Marine & Aquatic Science
Polyanin, Andrei D.       Mass Transfer
Vafai, Kambiz                  Mass Transfer
Smirnov, Henry                 Mass Transfer
Saville, B. P.                 Materials Characterization & Testing
Shull, Peter J.                Materials Characterization & Testing
Liu, G.R.                      Materials Characterization & Testing
Kundu, Tribikram               Materials Characterization & Testing
Hutchings, M.T.                Materials Characterization & Testing
MacKenzie, D. Scott            Materials Characterization & Testing
Fan, Qinguo                    Materials Characterization & Testing
Radaj, Dieter                  Materials Characterization & Testing
Niemi, E.                      Materials Characterization & Testing
Menard, Kevin P.               Materials Characterization & Testing
Greenhalgh, E.                 Materials Characterization & Testing
Jones, Russell H.              Materials Chemistry
Borch, Jens                    Materials Chemistry
Fedlheim, Daniel L.            Materials Chemistry
Sun, Ya-Ping                   Materials Chemistry
Bower, Kenneth E.              Materials Chemistry
Xiang, Xiao-Dong               Materials Chemistry
Auerbach, Scott M.             Materials Chemistry
Dutcher, John R.               Materials Chemistry
Yan, Mingdi                    Materials Chemistry
Rowell, Roger M.               Materials Chemistry
Green, Peter F.                Materials Chemistry
Fierro, J.L.G.                 Materials Chemistry
Cataldo, Franco                Materials Chemistry
Benedek, Istvan                Materials Chemistry
Potyrailo, Radislav A.         Materials Chemistry
Lewin, Menachem                Materials Chemistry
Wakelyn, Phillip J.            Materials Chemistry
Roque-Malherbe, Rolando M.A.   Materials Chemistry
Ramakrishna, S. Anantha        Materials Chemistry
Mittal, K.L.                   Materials Chemistry
Chatterjee, Abhijit            Materials Chemistry
Wertz, Jean-Luc                Materials Chemistry
Heitner, Cyril                 Materials Chemistry
Leger, Janelle                 Materials Chemistry
Weber, Marvin J.               Materials Processing
Feng, Zhili                    Materials Processing
Schwartz, Mel                  Materials Processing
Deyev, G.F.                    Materials Processing
Masuda, Hiroaki                Materials Processing
Martin, John                   Materials Processing
Masuda, Hiroaki                Materials Processing
Masuda, Hiroaki                Materials Processing
Groza, Joanna R.               Materials Processing
Subic, A.                      Materials Processing
Zhang, Y.M.                    Materials Processing
Roque-Malherbe, Rolando M.A.   Materials Processing
Sopicka-Lizer, M.              Materials Processing
Lawrence, J.                   Materials Processing
Fang, Z. Z.                    Materials Processing
Rosenblatt, Judah              Mathematical Modeling
Basmadjian, Diran              Mathematical Modeling
Shier, Douglas R.              Mathematical Modeling
Fishwick, Paul A.              Mathematical Modeling
Hockney, R.W                   Mathematical Physics
Dresner, L                     Mathematical Physics
Addison, Paul S                Mathematical Physics
Bruzzo, U                      Mathematical Physics
Kundu, A                       Mathematical Physics
Akulenko, Leonid D.            Mathematical Physics
de Sabbata, Venzo              Mathematical Physics
Martin-Vide, Carlos            Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Pozrikidis, C.                 Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Preziosi, Luigi                Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Tramontano, Anna               Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Petrovskii, Sergei V.          Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Demin, Oleg                    Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Cantrell, Stephen              Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Chauvière, Arnaud              Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Pozrikidis, Constantine        Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Deisboeck, Thomas S.           Mathematics for Biology & Medicine
Poularikas, Alexander D.       Mathematics for Engineering
Bertram, Barbara S             Mathematics for Engineering
Anastassiou, George            Mathematics for Engineering
Chen, Guanrong                 Mathematics for Engineering
Bloom, Frederick               Mathematics for Engineering
Linton, C.M.                   Mathematics for Engineering
Howell, Kenneth B.             Mathematics for Engineering
Sigmon, Kermit                 Mathematics for Engineering
Spanos, T.J.T.                 Mathematics for Engineering
Pozrikidis, C.                 Mathematics for Engineering
Pitteri, Mario                 Mathematics for Engineering
Halpern, David                 Mathematics for Engineering
Nguyen, Hung T.                Mathematics for Engineering
Corless, Martin J.             Mathematics for Engineering
Cacuci, Dan G.                 Mathematics for Engineering
Polyanin, Andrei D.            Mathematics for Engineering
Gruyitch, Lyubomir T.          Mathematics for Engineering
Lifanov, I.K.                  Mathematics for Engineering
Crassidis, John L.             Mathematics for Engineering
Sivasundaram, S.               Mathematics for Engineering
Udwadia, Firdaus E.            Mathematics for Engineering
Sigmon, Kermit            Mathematics for Engineering
Eck, Christof             Mathematics for Engineering
Mukherjee, Subrata        Mathematics for Engineering
Cacuci, Dan G.            Mathematics for Engineering
Huang, Norden E.          Mathematics for Engineering
Sofonea, Mircea           Mathematics for Engineering
Pian, Theodore H.H.       Mathematics for Engineering
Moubachir, Marwan         Mathematics for Engineering
Polyanin, Andrei D.       Mathematics for Engineering
Glowinski, Roland         Mathematics for Engineering
Polyanin, Andrei D.       Mathematics for Engineering
Epstein, Benjamin         Mathematics for Engineering
Kalechman, Misza          Mathematics for Engineering
Kalechman, Misza          Mathematics for Engineering
Komzsik, Louis            Mathematics for Engineering
Salas, Manuel D.          Mathematics for Engineering
Sharma, Vishnu D.         Mathematics for Engineering
Davis, Timothy A.         Mathematics for Engineering
Korn, Granino A.          Mathematics for Engineering
Meyer, Michael            Mathematics for Finance
Bluhm, Christian          Mathematics for Finance
Melnikov, Alexander       Mathematics for Finance
Tankov, Peter             Mathematics for Finance
Anderson, Patrick L.      Mathematics for Finance
Schoenmakers, John        Mathematics for Finance
Sandstrom, Arne           Mathematics for Finance
Detemple, Jerome          Mathematics for Finance
Bluhm, Christian          Mathematics for Finance
Prigent, Jean-Luc         Mathematics for Finance
Miller, John              Mathematics for Finance
Brace, Alan               Mathematics for Finance
Murphy, David             Mathematics for Finance
Henry-Labordère, Pierre   Mathematics for Finance
Dempster, M.A.H.          Mathematics for Finance
Eapen, Gill               Mathematics for Finance
Geckil, Ilhan K.          Mathematics for Finance
Sriboonchita, Songsak     Mathematics for Finance
Kennedy, Douglas          Mathematics for Finance
Best, Michael J.          Mathematics for Finance
Melnikov, Alexander       Mathematics for Finance
Sandstrom, Arne           Mathematics for Finance
Bagchi, Bijan Kumar       Mathematics for Physics
Kodiyalam, Vijay          Mathematics for Physics
Weaver, Nik               Mathematics for Physics
Kirsten, Klaus            Mathematics for Physics
Liao, Shijun              Mathematics for Physics
Roy Chowdhury, Asesh      Mathematics for Physics
Sumbatyan, Mezhlum A.       Mathematics for Physics
Cannon, John                Mathematics for Physics
Kauffman, Louis             Mathematics for Physics
Hui, Y. H.                  Meats
Barbut, Shai                Meats
James, S.J.                 Meats
Kerry, Joseph               Meats
Essien, Effiong             Meats
Mead, G. C.                 Meats
Nollet, Leo M.L.            Meats
Feiner, G.                  Meats
Lawrie, R. A.               Meats
Nollet, Leo M.L.            Meats
Nollet, Leo M.L.            Meats
Kerry, Joseph               Meats
Mase, G. Thomas             Mechanics
Fisher, Franklin            Mechanics
Richards, Jr., Rowland      Mechanics
Lubarda, Vlado A.           Mechanics
Ventsel, Eduard             Mechanics
Josephs, Harold             Mechanics
Komarovsky, Anatoly A.      Mechanics
Cho, Hyungsuck              Mechanics
Wempner, Gerald             Mechanics
Pilkey, Walter D.           Mechanics
Fischer, Bryan R.           Mechanics
Bathias, Claude             Mechanics
Shukla, Arun                Mechanics
Voyiadjis, George Z.        Mechanics
de Cogan, Donard            Mechanics
Iwnicki, Simon              Mechanics
Demkowicz, Leszek           Mechanics
Shabana, Ahmed A.           Mechanics
Ostoja-Starzewski, Martin   Mechanics
Demkowicz, Leszek           Mechanics
Nicholson, David W.         Mechanics
Singla, Puneet              Mechanics
Iesan, D.                   Mechanics
Datta, Subhendu K.          Mechanics
Huston, Ronald              Mechanics
Zong, Zhi                   Mechanics
Liu, G.R.                   Mechanics
Singh, Tarunraj             Mechanics
Reddy, J. N.                Mechanics
Liu, G.R.                   Mechanics
Maugin, Gerard A.           Mechanics
Justiniano, Jose            Medical Devices
Webb, S.                           Medical Physics
Webb, S.                           Medical Physics
Webb, S.                           Medical Physics
Webster, John G.                   Medical Physics
Duck, Francis A.                   Medical Physics
Dendy, Philip Palin                Medical Physics
Dendy, Philip Palin                Medical Physics
Jenkins, M.L                       Medical Physics
Webster, John G.                   Medical Physics
Webb, S.                           Medical Physics
Abelquist, Eric.W.                 Medical Physics
Zaidi, H.                          Medical Physics
Langton, C.M.                      Medical Physics
Webb, S.                           Medical Physics
Holder, David S.                   Medical Physics
Baltas, Dimos                      Medical Physics
Mayles, P                          Medical Physics
Haas, Olivier C. L.                Medical Physics
Tuchin, Valery V.                  Medical Physics
Belkic, Dzevad                     Medical Physics
Tuchin, Valery V.                  Medical Physics
Liu, Yu                            Medical Physics
Dawood, Mohammad                   Medical Physics
Bourland, Ph.D, J. Daniel          Medical Physics
Li, X. Allen                       Medical Physics
Williams, Ph.D., Lawerence E.      Medical Physics
De Lima, Joao Jose                 Medical Physics
Kraitchman, Dara L.                Medical Physics
Uribe, M.D., Constance G.          Medical-Legal
Hall, Harold V.                    Medical-Legal
Iyer, MSN, RN, LNCC, Patricia W.   Medical-Legal
Sbordone, Robert J.                Medical-Legal
Kopishke, Lynda                    Medical-Legal
Ottenbrite, Raphael M.             Medicinal Chemistry
Sucholeiki, Irving                 Medicinal Chemistry
Wang, Peng George                  Medicinal Chemistry
Schreier, Hans                     Medicinal Chemistry
Mei, Houng-Yau                     Medicinal Chemistry
Benigni, Romualdo                  Medicinal Chemistry
Reddy, Indra K.                    Medicinal Chemistry
Nastruzzi, Claudio                 Medicinal Chemistry
Handen, Ph.D., Jeffrey S.          Medicinal Chemistry
Lundstrom, Kenneth H.              Medicinal Chemistry
Sidhu, Sachdev S.                  Medicinal Chemistry
Smith, Paul J.                     Medicinal Chemistry
Buckingham, John                   Medicinal Chemistry
Sewell, Robert D. E.               Medicinal Chemistry
Gadamasetti, Kumar            Medicinal Chemistry
Rekka, E. A.                  Medicinal Chemistry
O'Brien, Tom                  Medicinal Chemistry
Gad-el-Hak, Mohamed           MEMS
Pelesko, John A.              MEMS
Allen, James J.               MEMS
Osiander, Robert              MEMS
Gad-el-Hak, Mohamed           MEMS
Gad-el-Hak, Mohamed           MEMS
Gad-el-Hak, Mohamed           MEMS
Banks, Danny                  MEMS
Wang, Wanjun                  MEMS
de Silva, Clarence W.         MEMS
Kumashiro, Yukinobu           Metals & Alloys
Miyoshi, Kazuhisa             Metals & Alloys
Mathers, Gene                 Metals & Alloys
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Zhigal'skii, G.P.             Metals & Alloys
Weman, Klas                   Metals & Alloys
Jiluan, Pan                   Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Farrer, J.C.M.                Metals & Alloys
Schacht, Charles              Metals & Alloys
Toyserkani, Ehsan             Metals & Alloys
Suryanarayana, Cury           Metals & Alloys
Andresen, William             Metals & Alloys
Ginzburg, Vladimir B.         Metals & Alloys
Gupta, C.K.                   Metals & Alloys
Moiseyev, Valentin N.         Metals & Alloys
Seetharaman, Seshadri         Metals & Alloys
Joshi, Vydehi Arun            Metals & Alloys
Ding, K.                      Metals & Alloys
Ferry, Michael                Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Schlesinger, Mark E.          Metals & Alloys
Totten, George E.             Metals & Alloys
Guo, Z Xiao                   Metals & Alloys
Lindgren, L.E.                Metals & Alloys
Abe, F.                       Metals & Alloys
Eskin, Dmitry G.              Metals & Alloys
Zlateva, Ganka                Metals & Alloys
Gur, Cemil Hakan              Metals & Alloys
Singh, R.                     Metals & Alloys
Sha, W.                    Metals & Alloys
Veal, Timothy David        Metals & Alloys
Dantzig, Jonathan          Metals & Alloys
Corti, Christopher         Metals & Alloys
Gottstein, Gunter          Metals & Alloys
Liscic, Bozidar            Metals & Alloys
Lumley, R.                 Metals & Alloys
Street, Laurence J.        Methods & Instrumentation
Rains, Jim                 Metrics & Finance
Percival, Steven Lane      Microbiology
Ackermann, Hans-Wolfgang   Microbiology
Lewis, Kim                 Microbiology
Ehrlich, Henry Lutz        Microbiology
Paulson, Daryl S.          Microbiology
Akuffo, Hannah             Microbiology
Dougherty, Thomas J.       Microbiology
Dickinson, J. Richard      Microbiology
Atlas, Ronald M.           Microbiology
Kutter, Elizabeth          Microbiology
Duerre, Peter              Microbiology
Atlas, Ronald M.           Microbiology
Eggeling, Lothar           Microbiology
Pace, John L.              Microbiology
Snyder, James W.           Microbiology
Denyer, Stephen P.         Microbiology
Salerno, Reynolds M.       Microbiology
Lewis, Kim                 Microbiology
Robb, Frank                Microbiology
Fayer, Ronald              Microbiology
Liu, Dongyou               Microbiology
Goldman, Emanuel           Microbiology
Clontz, Lucia              Microbiology
Ehrlich, Henry Lutz        Microbiology
Paulson, Daryl S.          Microbiology
Bej, Asim K.               Microbiology
Atlas, Ronald M.           Microbiology
Jain, S. K.                Microbiology
Percival, Steven           Microbiology
Liu, Dongyou               Microbiology
Puttlitz, Karl J.          Microelectronics
Datta, M.                  Microelectronics
Whitaker, Jerry C.         Microelectronics
Chakrabarty, Krishnendu    Microelectronics
Barlow, III, Fred D.       Microelectronics
Bao, Zhenan                Microelectronics
Yoo, Hoi-Jun               Microelectronics
Coppola, Marcello          Microelectronics
Stock, Stuart R.                            Microelectronics
Jin, Yufeng                                 Microelectronics
Morel, Gerard                               Microscopy
Exbrayat, Jean-Marie                        Microscopy
Moyse, Emmanuel                             Microscopy
Morel, Gerard                               Microscopy
Ronot, Xavier                               Microscopy
Morel, Gerard                               Microscopy
Gai, P.L                                    Microscopy
Morniroli, Jean- Paul                       Microscopy
Ogilvie, Robert W.                          Microscopy
Cavalier, Annie                             Microscopy
Periasamy, Ammasi                           Microscopy
De Souza, E.                                Mining Engineering
Holmberg, R.                                Mining Engineering
Hilson, G.M.                                Mining Engineering
Kicki, Jerzy                                Mining Engineering
Zhang, Lianyang                             Mining Engineering
Hardygóra, Monika                           Mining Engineering
Bernard, Erik Stefan                        Mining Engineering
Wang, Yuehan                                Mining Engineering
Hinshaw, Linda                              Mining Engineering
Villaescusa, Ernesto                        Mining Engineering

Dessureault, Sean                            Mining Engineering
Rajaram, Raj                                 Mining Engineering
Tatiya, Ratan Raj                            Mining Engineering
Sobczyk, Eugeniusz                           Mining Engineering
Sobczyk, Eugeniusz                           Mining Engineering
Mutmansky, Jan M.                            Mining Engineering
Kicki, Jerzy                                 Mining Engineering
Stace, L.R.                                  Mining Engineering
Kicki, Jerzy                                 Mining Engineering
                                             Mining Engineering
The Organizing Committee of the 12th International Conference on Tailings and Mine Waste
Sobczyk, Eugeniusz J.                        Mining Engineering
Blight, Geoffrey                             Mining Engineering
Shujie, Yuan                                 Mining Engineering
Bondarenko, Volodymyr                        Mining Engineering
Gokhale, Balchandra V.                       Mining Engineering
Brown, William M.                            Molecular Biology
Brown, William M.                            Molecular Biology
Juo, Pei-Show                                Molecular Biology
Gizeli, Electra                              Molecular Biology
Khudyakov, Yury E.                           Molecular Biology
Mulquiney, Peter                             Molecular Biology
Cseke, Leland J.            Molecular Biology
Esteller, Manel             Molecular Biology
Lundblad, Roger L.          Molecular Biology
Khachigian, Levon Michael   Molecular Biology
Xia, Weiming                Molecular Biology
Lorincz, Attila             Molecular Biology
Brown, James R.             Molecular Biology
Esteller, Manel             Molecular Biology
Tollefsbol, Trygve          Molecular Biology
Khudyakov, Yury E.          Molecular Biology
Liu, Dongyou                Molecular Biology
Matson, Robert S.           Molecular Biology
Gaur, Rajesh K.             Molecular Biology
Kumar, Shrawan              Musculoskeletal Disorders
Kumar, Shrawan              Musculoskeletal Disorders
Khalid, Halimahtun          Musculoskeletal Disorders
Greco, Ralph S.             Nanobiotechnology
Vo-Dinh, Tuan               Nanobiotechnology
Fukui, Kiichi               Nanobiotechnology
Popat, Ketul                Nanobiotechnology
Gogotsi, Yury               Nanomaterials
Mai, Yiu-Wing               Nanomaterials
Gogotsi, Yury               Nanomaterials
Gogotsi, Yury               Nanomaterials
Brown, P.                   Nanomaterials
Sigmund, Wolfgang           Nanomaterials
Paik, Ungyu                 Nanomaterials
Lau, Alan Kin-tak           Nanomaterials
Reddy, P. Jayarama          Nanomaterials
Mittal, Vikas               Nanomaterials
Agarwal, Arvind             Nanomaterials
Sheka, Elena                Nanomaterials
Teo, Boon K.                Nanomaterials
Wilson, Mick                Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Maekawa, Sadamichi          Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Legrand, Andre Pierre       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Goddard III, William A.     Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Lee, Eric R.                Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Sheng, Ping                 Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Schwarz, James A.           Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Meyyappan, M.               Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Yanushkevich, Svetlana N.   Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Oda, Shunri                 Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Schulz, Mark J.             Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Berne, Rosalyn W.           Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Bucknall, David G.          Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Dorf, Richard C.            Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Hannink, R.H.J.            Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
O’Connell, Michael J.      Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Busnaina, Ahmed            Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Goddard III, William A.    Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Lyshevski, Sergey Edward   Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Tolfree, David             Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Boucher, Patrick M.        Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Zhou, Y.                   Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Shatkin, Jo Anne           Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Bennett-Woods, Deb         Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Sellers, Kathleen          Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Burke, Michael T.          Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Contescu, Cristian I       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
NSTI                       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Klimov, Victor I.          Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
NSTI                       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
NSTI                       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
NSTI                       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
NSTI                       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
NSTI                       Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Tibbals, Harry F.          Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Altavilla, Claudia         Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
Whitehouse, David J.       Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Crawley, D.                Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Chen, Goong                Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Pelesko, John A.           Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Sattler, Klaus D.          Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Whitehouse, David J.       Nanotechnology & Mesoscale Physics
Huang, Kee C.              Natural Product Chemistry
Cragg, Gordon M.           Natural Product Chemistry
Soumyanath, Amala          Natural Product Chemistry
Andersen, Oyvind M.        Natural Product Chemistry
Boldi, Armen M.            Natural Product Chemistry
Colegate, Steven M.        Natural Product Chemistry
Landrum, John T.           Natural Product Chemistry
Baser, K. Husnu Can        Natural Product Chemistry
Krishnaswamy, N R          Natural Product Chemistry
Dugo, Giovanni             Natural Product Chemistry
Rajagopal, Raj             Networking Communication
Held, Gilbert              Networking Communication
Amoss, John J.              Networking Communication
Wu, Weidong                 Networking Communication
Minoli, Daniel              Networking Communication
Donoso, Yezid               Networking Communication
Ding, Jianguo               Networking Communication
Minoli, Daniel              Networking Communication
Held, Gilbert               Networking Communication
Rajagopal, Raj              Networking Communications
Held, Gilbert               Networking Communications
Burkey, Roxanne             Networking Communications
Tiller, James S.            Networking Communications
Vacca, John R.              Networking Communications
Levi, Bozidar               Networking Communications
Held, Gilbert               Networking Communications
Held, Gilbert               Networking Communications
Kasacavage, Victor          Networking Communications
Robb, Drew                  Networking Communications
Voglmaier, Reinhard E.      Networking Communications
Held, Gilbert               Networking Communications
Brooks, Richard R.          Networking Communications
Iyengar, S. Sitharama       Networking Communications
Ilyas, Mohammad             Networking Communications
Hoffmann, Paul              Networking Communications
Held, Gilbert               Networking Communications
Kloth, Axel K.              Networking Communications
Earle, Aaron E.             Networking Communications
Marshall, David             Networking Communications
Zurawski, Richard           Networking Communications
Ilgenfritz, Merle           Networking Communications
Khachaturian, Zaven S       Neurology
Berry, Martin               Neurology
Fisher, Barbara C.          Neurology
Murrey, Ph.D., Gregory      Neurology
Lee, H S.J.                 Neurology
Oh, Shin J.                 Neurology
Gorelick, Philip B.         Neurology
Bogousslavsky, Julian       Neurology
Silberstein, Stephen D.     Neurology
Bolis, Liana                Neurology
Hisama, Fuki                Neurology
Schulder, Michael           Neurology
Pahwa, Rajesh               Neurology
Doty, Richard L.            Neurology
Granacher, Jr., Robert P.   Neurology
Nath, Avindra               Neurology
Meriggioli, Matthew N.      Neurology
Sethi, Kapil D.             Neurology
Gupta, Vidya Bhushan        Neurology
Lynch, David R.             Neurology
Skinner, Martha             Neurology
Gupta, B.S.                 Neuropsychology
Furman, Mark E.             Neuropsychology
Karol, Robert L.            Neuropsychology
Ashley, Mark J.             Neuropsychology
Lydic, Ralph                Neuroscience
Lydic, Ralph                Neuroscience
Nicolelis, Miguel A. L.     Neuroscience
Hannun, Yusuf A.            Neuroscience
Pfaff, Donald W.            Neuroscience
Berstein, Gabriel           Neuroscience
Berthoud, Hans-Rudolf       Neuroscience
Matsumoto, Akira            Neuroscience
Refinetti, Ph.D., Roberto   Neuroscience
Lidow, Michael S.           Neuroscience
Hendelman, M.D., Walter     Neuroscience
Buccafusco, Jerry J.        Neuroscience
Chapin, John K.             Neuroscience
De Schutter, Erik           Neuroscience
Kruger, Lawrence            Neuroscience
Handa, Robert J.            Neuroscience
Levin, Edward D.            Neuroscience
Nicolelis, Miguel A. L.     Neuroscience
Chin, Hemin R.              Neuroscience
Egebjerg, Jan               Neuroscience
Nelson, Randall J.          Neuroscience
Lin, Rick C. S.             Neuroscience
Grigorenko, Elena V.        Neuroscience
Liu, Yuan                   Neuroscience
Frostig, Ron                Neuroscience
Bayer, Shirley A.           Neuroscience
Schuez, Almut               Neuroscience
Ghazanfar, Asif A.          Neuroscience
Waterhouse, Barry D.        Neuroscience
Meck, Warren H.             Neuroscience
Kaas, Jon H.                Neuroscience
Hall, William C.            Neuroscience
Feng, Jianfeng              Neuroscience
Smith, Sheryl S.            Neuroscience
Chang, Kwen-Jen             Neuroscience
Nehlig, Astrid              Neuroscience
Basar, Erol                 Neuroscience
Turner, Dennis A.           Neuroscience
Luppi, Pierre-Herve'        Neuroscience
Siegel, Allan                     Neuroscience
Christensen, Thomas A.            Neuroscience
Riehle, Alexa                     Neuroscience
Pfeiffer, Ronald F.               Neuroscience
Lieberman, Harris R.              Neuroscience
Bell, Jonathan                    Neuroscience
Bayer, Shirley A.                 Neuroscience
Ebner, Ford F.                    Neuroscience
Undem, Bradley J.                 Neuroscience
Refinetti, Ph.D., Roberto         Neuroscience
Hendelman, M.D., Walter           Neuroscience
Misu, Yoshimi                     Neuroscience
Onaivi, Emmanuel S                Neuroscience
Luo, Yuan                         Neuroscience
Kittler, Josef T.                 Neuroscience
Bayer, Shirley A.                 Neuroscience
Moldin, Steven O.                 Neuroscience
Levin, Edward D.                  Neuroscience
Jones, Byron C.                   Neuroscience
Liedtke, MD, PH.D., Wolfgang B.   Neuroscience
Bradley, Robert M.                Neuroscience
Smith, Barry D.                   Neuroscience
Michael, Adrian C.                Neuroscience
Bermudez-Rattoni, Federico        Neuroscience
Riddle, David R.                  Neuroscience
Chattopadhyay, Amitabha           Neuroscience
Bayer, Shirley A.                 Neuroscience
Miller, Robert                    Neuroscience
Nicolelis, Miguel A. L.           Neuroscience
Reichert, William M.              Neuroscience
Wang-Fischer, Yanlin              Neuroscience
VanDongen, Antonius M.            Neuroscience
Buccafusco, Jerry J.              Neuroscience
Vohora, Divya                     Neuroscience
Frostig, Ron                      Neuroscience
Packer, Lester                    Neuroscience
Chauhan, Abha                     Neuroscience
Alzate, Oscar                     Neuroscience
Menini, Anna                      Neuroscience
Kruger, Lawrence                  Neuroscience
Adeli, Hojjat                     Neuroscience
Kuhn, Cynthia M.                  Neuroscience
Rho, Jong M.                      Neuroscience
Varsavsky, Andrea                 Neuroscience
Lo, Donald C.                     Neuroscience
Segev, Idan                       Neuroscience
Giordano, James               Neuroscience
Ramachandra, Renuka           Neuroscience
Gottfried, Jay A.             Neuroscience
Parker, Rolland S.            Neuroscience
Addison, Paul S.              Nonlinear Physics
Nagashima, H                  Nonlinear Physics
Worden, K                     Nonlinear Physics
Adamatzky, Andrew             Nonlinear Physics
Hogan, J                      Nonlinear Physics
Brown, Richard E.             Novel Technologies
Short, Thomas Allen           Novel Technologies
Rechberger, Helmut            Novel Technologies
Sankaranarayanan, Krishnan    Novel Technologies
Willis, H. Lee                Novel Technologies
Schweitzer, P.E., Philip A.   Novel Technologies
Cressler, John D.             Novel Technologies
Bar-Cohen, Yoseph             Novel Technologies
Jackson, Mark J.              Novel Technologies
Shionoya, Shigeo(decease)     Novel Technologies
Bailin, D.                    Nuclear Physics
Fraser, G                     Nuclear Physics
Kuzenko, Sergio M.            Nuclear Physics
Durand, D                     Nuclear Physics
Braams, C.M.                  Nuclear Physics
Davies, C.T.H                 Nuclear Physics
Dahl, Per F                   Nuclear Physics
Nifenecker, H                 Nuclear Physics
Mozumder, A.                  Nuclear Physics
Heyde, K.                     Nuclear Physics
Kramer, M.                    Nuclear Physics
Nuttall, William J.           Nuclear Physics
Carron, N.J                   Nuclear Physics
Lau, Hang T.                  Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Chambers, Lance D.            Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Chambers, Lance D.            Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Villarreal, Rafael            Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Chambers, Lance D.            Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Cagnol, John                  Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Knopfmacher, John             Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Aizicovici, Sergiu            Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Garvan, Frank                 Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Goh, C.j.                     Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Knupp, Patrick                Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Solin, Pavel                  Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Lau, Hang T.                  Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
White, Robert E.              Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Wienands, Roman               Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Kythe, Prem K.              Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Holt, Derek F.              Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Scheinerman, Edward         Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Govil, N. K.                Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation

Pande, G.N.                 Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Kampanis, Nikolaos A.       Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Abdelmalek, Nabih           Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Geiser, Juergen             Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Jiang, Xi                   Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Shapira, Yair               Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Dos Passos, Waldemar        Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Stenger, Frank              Numerical Analysis & Mathematical Computation
Liepa, George U.            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Carroll, Kenneth K.         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Kritchevsky, David          Nutrition in Health & Disease
Favier, Alain E.            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Corporate Author, AOCS      Nutrition in Health & Disease
Fiatarone Singh, Maria A.   Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Robert-McComb, Jacalyn J.   Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Kramer, Klaus               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Spiller, Gene A.            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Friis, Henrik               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Packer, Lester              Nutrition in Health & Disease
Sidransky, Herschel         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Meskin, Mark S.             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bronner, Felix              Nutrition in Health & Disease
Sardesai, Vishwanath        Nutrition in Health & Disease
                            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Voss, Linda                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Meskin, Mark S.             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross         Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bao, Yongping               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Preedy, Victor R.           Nutrition in Health & Disease
Krinsky, Norman I.          Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bagchi, Debasis             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Matarese, Laura E.          Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bhatia, Jatinder            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Parizkova, Jana             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Cresci, Gail                Nutrition in Health & Disease
Preedy, Victor R.           Nutrition in Health & Disease
Rimbach, Gerald             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Berdanier, Carolyn D.       Nutrition in Health & Disease
Thompson, Lilian U.             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Sugano, Michihiro               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Awad, Atif B.                   Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bronner, Felix                  Nutrition in Health & Disease
Mela, David J.                  Nutrition in Health & Disease
Opara, Emmanuel                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Goran, Michael I.               Nutrition in Health & Disease
McTiernan, Anne                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Moffatt, Robert J.              Nutrition in Health & Disease
Choi, Sang-Woon                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Kohlstadt, Ingrid               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Mechanick, Jeffrey I.           Nutrition in Health & Disease
Meskin, Mark S.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Sothern, Melinda S.             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Corporate Author, AOCS          Nutrition in Health & Disease
Woodward-Lopez, Gail            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Meckling, Kelly Anne            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Marian, Mary J.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Snetselaar, Linda               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Molnar,MD,PhD,FACS, Joseph A.   Nutrition in Health & Disease
Apovian, Caroline M.            Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bagchi, Debasis                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Spark, Arlene                   Nutrition in Health & Disease
Morley, John E.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Sies, Helmut                    Nutrition in Health & Disease
Kok, Frans                      Nutrition in Health & Disease
Gershwin, M. E.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Thompson, Lilian U.             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Harris, Ruth B.S.               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Meskin, Mark S.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Boskou, Dimitrios               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Watson, Ronald Ross             Nutrition in Health & Disease
Raats, M. M.                    Nutrition in Health & Disease
Kohlstadt, Ingrid               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Suttie, John W.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Preedy, Victor R.               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Awad, Atif B.                   Nutrition in Health & Disease
Bailey, Lynn B.                 Nutrition in Health & Disease
Banerjee, Bhaskar               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Prasad, Kedar N.                Nutrition in Health & Disease
Maulik, Nilanjana               Nutrition in Health & Disease
Patterson, Glenn W.             Nutrition Science
Baumann, Wolfgang J.            Nutrition Science
Ensminger, Audrey H.            Nutrition Science
Jumpsen, Jacqueline             Nutrition Science
Packer, Lester                  Nutrition Science
Corporate Author, AOCS       Nutrition Science
Spiller, Gene A.             Nutrition Science
Berdanier, Carolyn D.        Nutrition Science
Eitenmiller, Ronald R.       Nutrition Science
Miller, Gregory D.           Nutrition Science
Kagan, Valerian E.           Nutrition Science
Watson, Ronald Ross          Nutrition Science
Watson, Ronald Ross          Nutrition Science
Wildman, Robert E.C.         Nutrition Science
Ramakrishnan, Usha           Nutrition Science
Jackson, Malcolm             Nutrition Science
Matalas, Antonia-Leda        Nutrition Science
Sabate, Joan                 Nutrition Science
Moustaid-Moussa, Naima       Nutrition Science
Berdanier, Carolyn D.        Nutrition Science
Wiseman, Gerald              Nutrition Science
Wiseman, Gerald              Nutrition Science
Vaclavik, Ph.D., Vickie A.   Nutrition Science
Guardiola, Francesc          Nutrition Science
Packer, Lester               Nutrition Science
McCabe, Beverly J.           Nutrition Science
Maffei, Massimo              Nutrition Science
De Vriese, Stephanie R.      Nutrition Science
Szuchaj, Bernard F.          Nutrition Science
Sanders, Tom                 Nutrition Science
Sanders, Tom                 Nutrition Science
Klimis-Zacas, Dorothy        Nutrition Science
Fuchs, Jürgen                Nutrition Science
Corporate Author, AOCS       Nutrition Science
Cynober, Luc A.              Nutrition Science
Debry, G.                    Nutrition Science
Jordan, Frank                Nutrition Science
Berdanier, Carolyn D.        Nutrition Science
DiSilvestro, Robert A.       Nutrition Science
Roberfroid, Marcel           Nutrition Science
Preedy, Victor R.            Nutrition Science
Zempleni, Janos              Nutrition Science
Packer, Lester               Nutrition Science
Berdanier, Carolyn D.        Nutrition Science
Wildman, Robert E.C.         Nutrition Science
Miller, Gregory D.           Nutrition Science
Zempleni, Janos              Nutrition Science
Berdanier, Carolyn D.        Nutrition Science
Choi, Sang-Woon              Nutrition Science
Parizkova, Jana              Nutrition Science
Tulandi, Togas               Obstetrics & Gynecology
Martin, James William        Office - Administrative Processes
Balzer, William K.      Office - Administrative Processes
Jekiel, Cheryl M.       Office - Administrative Processes
Bell, Steven C          Office - Administrative Processes
Larsson, Linus          Office - Administrative Processes
Teeuwen, Bert           Office - Administrative Processes
Roboz, John             Oncology and Radiation Therapy
Green, Stephanie        Oncology and Radiation Therapy
Kawakami, Koji          Oncology and Radiation Therapy
Hoffman, E.J.           Oncology and Radiation Therapy
Rowan, Jim              Operations Management
Blanding, Steve         Operations Management
King, Brian             Operations Management
Minoli, Daniel          Operations Management
Marshall, David         Operations Management
de Guise, Preston       Operations Management
Schulz, Greg            Operations Management
Rittinghouse, John W.   Operations Management
Chee, Brian J.S.        Operations Management
Howard, Dave            Operations Management
Hausman, Kirk           Operations Management
Blumenfeld, Dennis      Operations Research
Koronacki, J.           Operations Research
Karlof, John K.         Operations Research
Ayyub, Bilal M.         Operations Research
Sarker, Ruhul Amin      Operations Research
Ravindran, A. Ravi      Operations Research
Lim, Gino J.            Operations Research
Ravindran, A. Ravi      Operations Research
Ravindran, A. Ravi      Operations Research
Robinson, Stewart       Operations Research
Sniedovich, Moshe       Operations Research
Dickey, Fred M.         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Malacara, Daniel        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Yu, Francis T.S.        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Guizani, Mohsen         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Willey, Ronald R.       Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Fermann, Martin E.      Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Petersen, J.K.          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Ilyas, Mohammad         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Malacara, Zacarias      Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Klimov, Victor I.       Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Suhara, Toshiaki        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Marshall, Gerald F.     Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Kalinowski, Jan         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Borrelli, Nicholas F.   Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Hosaka, Hiroshi         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Knystautas, Emile       Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Kawai, Shigeru          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Kafafi, Zakya H.        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Boudreau, Robert A.     Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Dickey, Fred M.         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Yamanaka, Naoaki        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Yasumoto, Kiyotoshi     Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Iga, Kenichi            Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Prucnal, Paul R.        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Rosen, Mitchell         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Visnovsky, Stefan       Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Jamroz, Wes R.          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Osten, Wolfgang         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Kuzyk, Mark G.          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Li, Zhigang             Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Ozawa, Lyuji            Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Ohta, Jun               Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Binh, Le Nguyen         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Yu, Francis T.S.        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Chaves, Julio           Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Roychoudhuri, Chandra   Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Duarte, Frank           Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Liu, Ai-Qun             Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Rabal, Hector J.        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Barat, Ken              Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Khurgin, Jacob B.       Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Yoshizawa, Toru         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Hemmati, Hamid          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Wang, Lihong            Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Matsko, Andrey          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Birtalan, Dave          Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Yakovlev, Vladislav     Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Blaunstein, Nathan      Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Xinju, Lan              Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Lee, El-Hang            Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Binh, Le Nguyen         Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Rogalski, Antoni        Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Chua, S. J.             Optics, Lasers & Photonics
Rappoport, Zvi          Organic Chemistry
Magdassi, Shlomo        Organic Chemistry
Jones, William          Organic Chemistry
Cooper, Raymond         Organic Chemistry
Iozzo, Renato V.        Organic Chemistry
Eberhardt, Manfred K.   Organic Chemistry
Kozma, David            Organic Chemistry
Dutton, Christopher     Organic Chemistry
Todres, Zory Vlad       Organic Chemistry
Luo, Yu-Ran             Organic Chemistry
Yalkowsky, Samuel H.           Organic Chemistry
Savignac, Philippe             Organic Chemistry
Engel, Robert                  Organic Chemistry
Goodwin, B.L.                  Organic Chemistry
Dumitriu, Severian             Organic Chemistry
Knothe, Gerhard                Organic Chemistry
Denisov, Evgeny T.             Organic Chemistry
Vaghefi, Morteza               Organic Chemistry
Benoiton, N. Leo               Organic Chemistry
Levy, Daniel E.                Organic Chemistry
Ager, David                    Organic Chemistry
Kohen, Amnon                   Organic Chemistry
Collins, Peter M.              Organic Chemistry
Todres, Zory Vlad              Organic Chemistry
Sartori, Giovanni              Organic Chemistry
Cooper, Caroline               Organic Chemistry
Leadbeater, Nicholas E.        Organic Chemistry
Mathur, Dr. N. K.              Organic Chemistry
Mann, David                    Organizational Culture
An, Yuehuei H.                 Orthopaedics
Willems, Patrick J.            Otolaryngology
Pilchik, Ronald                Packaging
Haldeman, Scott D.             Pain Management
Munglani, Rajesh               Pain Management
Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H. V.   Particle/High Energy Physics
Aitchison, I.J.R.              Particle/High Energy Physics
Anderson, M.R.                 Particle/High Energy Physics
Zuber, Kai                     Particle/High Energy Physics
Aitchison, I.J.R.              Particle/High Energy Physics
Bailin, D.                     Particle/High Energy Physics
Sarkar, Utpal                  Particle/High Energy Physics
Soler, F.J.P.                  Particle/High Energy Physics
Zuber, Kai                     Particle/High Energy Physics
Wolfenstein, Lincoln           Particle/High Energy Physics
Boyarkin, Oleg                 Particle/High Energy Physics
Boyarkin, Oleg                 Particle/High Energy Physics
Boyarkin, Oleg                 Particle/High Energy Physics
Binoth, Thomas                 Particle/High Energy Physics
Hacker, Gerhard W.             Pathology
Schwartz, Arthur               Pathology
Hacker, Gerhard W.             Pathology
Srodin, Sharon                 Pharmaceutical Science
Katdare, Ashok                 Pharmaceutical Science
Mohan, Prem                    Pharmacology
Manning, David R.              Pharmacology
Washington, Neena              Pharmacology
Washington, Neena              Pharmacology
Moody, Eric              Pharmacology
Tsanev, Roumen G.        Pharmacology
Schoenwald, Ronald D.    Pharmacology
Langel, Ulo              Pharmacology
Keri, Gyorgy             Pharmacology
Gad, Shayne C.           Pharmacology
Ranade, Vasant V.        Pharmacology
Evans, Gary              Pharmacology
Tonnesen, Hanne Hjorth   Pharmacology
Spada, Stefania          Pharmacology
Rainsford, Kim D.        Pharmacology
Smith, H. John           Pharmacology
Korfmacher, Walter A.    Pharmacology
Matson, Robert S.        Pharmacology
Vergnaud, Jean-Maurice   Pharmacology
McGrath, Barry M.        Pharmacology
Hofbauer, Karl G.        Pharmacology
Uchegbu, Ijeoma F.       Pharmacology
Hasko, Gyorgy            Pharmacology
George, Tony P.          Pharmacology
Langel, Ulo              Pharmacology
Foster, Keith Alan       Pharmacology
Thurston, David E.       Pharmacology
Touitou, Elka            Pharmacology
Amiji, Mansoor M.        Pharmacology
Narang, Ajit S.          Pharmacology
Kahn, Mansoor A.         Pharmacy
Pisano, Douglas J.       Pharmacy
Zdanowicz, Martin M.     Pharmacy
Cheng, Judy W. M.        Pharmacy
Tindall, William N.      Pharmacy
Sheridan, Janie          Pharmacy
Sheridan, Janie          Pharmacy
Hepler, Charles D.       Pharmacy
Gettman, David A.        Pharmacy
Taylor, Kevin M. G.      Pharmacy
Taylor, Kevin M. G.      Pharmacy
Kim, Cherng-ju           Pharmacy
Peterson, Andrew M.      Pharmacy
McCorry, Laurie Kelly    Pharmacy
Hofbauer, Karl G.        Pharmacy
Ghosh, Tapash K.         Pharmacy
Lee, Chi-Jen             Pharmacy
Ramamurthy, V.           Photochemistry
Ramamurthy, V.           Photochemistry
Horspool, William M.     Photochemistry
Inoue, Yoshihisa         Photochemistry
Griesbeck, Axel G.       Photochemistry
Kutateladze, Andrei G.   Photochemistry
Matsumoto, Jin           Photochemistry
Montalti, Marco          Photochemistry
Sjoblom, Johan           Physical Chemistry
Mersmann, A.             Physical Chemistry
                         Physical Chemistry
Templeton, Douglas       Physical Chemistry
Bertrand, Guy            Physical Chemistry
Kaufman, Myron           Physical Chemistry
Kotov, Nicholas A.       Physical Chemistry
Luo, Yu-Ran              Physical Chemistry
Puri, Sanjay             Physical Chemistry
Leubner, Ingo            Physical Chemistry
Lynden-Bell, Ruth M.     Physical Chemistry
Hatano, Yoshihiko        Physical Chemistry
Cholewka, Patricia A.    Planning & Development
Morcol, Goktug           Planning & Development
Wojtecki, Rudy           Plant Engineering
Bloch                    Plant Engineering
Sule, Dileep R.          Plant Engineering
Hundal, Mahendra         Plant Engineering
Dhillon, B.S.            Plant Engineering
Stankiewicz, Andrzej     Plant Engineering
Tawancy, Hani M.         Plant Engineering
Lee, Sunggyu             Plant Engineering
Sachs, Neville W.        Plant Engineering
Stanford, Herb           Plant Engineering
Birdsall, C.K.           Plasma Physics
Reece Roth, J            Plasma Physics
Goldston, R.J            Plasma Physics
Stangeby, P.C            Plasma Physics
Wilhelmsson, H           Plasma Physics
Muraoka, K               Plasma Physics
Mendonca, J.T            Plasma Physics
Elskens, Y               Plasma Physics
Reece Roth, J            Plasma Physics
Shukla, P.K              Plasma Physics
Elskens, Y               Plasma Physics
Yoshizawa, A.            Plasma Physics
Swanson, Donald Gary     Plasma Physics
Birdsall, C.K.           Plasma Physics
Balescu, Radu            Plasma Physics
Pfalzner, Susanne        Plasma Physics
Makabe, T.               Plasma Physics
Eliezer, Shalom            Plasma Physics
Jaroszynski, Dino A.       Plasma Physics
Fortov, Vladimir E.        Plasma Physics
Milakovich, Michael        Policy
Fischer, Frank             Policy
Thai, Khi V.               Policy
Domb, Abraham J.           Polymer Chemistry
Ebewele, Robert O.         Polymer Chemistry
Drobny, Jiri George        Polymer Chemistry
Wohlfarth, Christian       Polymer Chemistry
Salaneck, William R.       Polymer Chemistry
Dumitriu, Severian         Polymer Chemistry
Rozenberg, Boris A         Polymer Chemistry
Bicerano, Jozef            Polymer Chemistry
Lobo, Hubert               Polymer Chemistry
Wohlfarth, Christian       Polymer Chemistry
Kotelyanskii, Michael      Polymer Chemistry
Riande, Evaristo           Polymer Chemistry
Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G.   Polymer Chemistry
Kricheldorf, Hans R.       Polymer Chemistry
Wohlfarth, Christian       Polymer Chemistry
Ciferri, Alberto           Polymer Chemistry
Smith, Ray                 Polymer Chemistry
Michler, G. H.             Polymer Chemistry
Wohlfarth, Christian       Polymer Chemistry
Skotheim, Terje A.         Polymer Chemistry
Carraher Jr., Charles E.   Polymer Chemistry
Wohlfarth, Christian       Polymer Chemistry
Baugh, Lisa S.             Polymer Chemistry
Mishra, Munmaya            Polymer Chemistry
Drobny, Jiri George        Polymer Chemistry
Ellis, Bryan               Polymer Chemistry
Wilkie, Charles A.         Polymer Chemistry
Koopmans, Rudy             Polymer Chemistry
Sequeira, C. A. C.         Polymer Chemistry
Pritchard, Geoffrey        Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Sviridewok, A I            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Thomson, Timothy           Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Vasile, Cornelia           Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Lee, Shau-Tarng            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
David, Donald J.           Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Chung, Tai-Shung           Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Khait, Klementina          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Moore, D R                 Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Galaev, Igor               Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Osada, Yoshihito           Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Pascault, Jean-Pierre      Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Jones, Roger F.          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Hawkins, William E.      Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Drobny, Jiri George      Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Wallace, Gordon G.       Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Kumar, Anil              Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Karian, Harutun          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Shonaike, Gabriel O.     Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Tuttle, Mark E.          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Lee, Shau-Tarng          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Rodgers, Brendan         Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Thomson, Timothy         Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Gendron, Richard         Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Chen, P.                 Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Harrats, Charef          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Lee, Shau-Tarng          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Ashida, Kaneyoshi        Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Chanda, Manas            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Belcher, Samuel L.       Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Bolgar, Michael          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Klingender, Robert C.    Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Smith, Robert Horigan    Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Bhowmick, Anil K.        Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Clemitson, I.R.          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Oksman, K.               Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Deopura, BL              Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Chanda, Manas            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Chanda, Manas            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Chanda, Manas            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Reis, R.L.               Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Wallace, Gordon G.       Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Vergnaud, Jean-Maurice   Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Lee, Shau-Tarng          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Harrats, Charef          Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Gupta, Rakesh K.         Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Leblanc, Jean L.         Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Lewis, Peter Rhys        Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Leng, Jinsong            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Leng, Jinsong            Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Tjong, S. C.             Polymeric Materials and Plastics
Krishnan, R.             Power Electronics
Skvarenina, Timothy L.   Power Electronics
Tse, Chi Kong            Power Electronics
Luo, Fang Lin            Power Electronics
Shepherd, William        Power Electronics
Toliyat, Hamid A.        Power Electronics
Sheng, William W.        Power Electronics
Emadi, Ali               Power Electronics
Valchev, Vencislav Cekov   Power Electronics
Natarajan, Ramasamy        Power Electronics
Emadi, Ali                 Power Electronics
Luo, Fang Lin              Power Electronics
Luo, Fang Lin              Power Electronics
Rashid, Muhammad H.        Power Electronics
Gieras, Jacek F.           Power Electronics
Neacsu, Dorin O.           Power Electronics
Emadi, Ali                 Power Electronics
Gieras, Jacek F.           Power Electronics
Ehsani, Mehrdad            Power Electronics
Ramu, Krishnan             Power Electronics
Korotyeyev, Igor           Power Electronics
Rowe, D.M.                 Power Engineering
Thue, William A.           Power Engineering
Nelik, Lev                 Power Engineering
Hileman, Andrew R.         Power Engineering
Grigsby, Leonard L.        Power Engineering
Schrieber, Randall R.      Power Engineering
Del Vecchio, Robert M.     Power Engineering
Borbely, Anne-Marie        Power Engineering
Kersting, William H.       Power Engineering
Boldea, Ion                Power Engineering
Sankaran, C.               Power Engineering
Natarajan, Ramasamy        Power Engineering
Winders, John              Power Engineering
Das, J.C.                  Power Engineering
Denny, Fred I.             Power Engineering
Willis, H. Lee             Power Engineering
Gurevich, Vladimir         Power Engineering
Thue, William A.           Power Engineering
McDonald, John D.          Power Engineering
Harlow, James H.           Power Engineering
Elmore, Walter A.          Power Engineering
Abur, Ali                  Power Engineering
McLyman, Colonel Wm. T.    Power Engineering
Kulkarni, S.V.             Power Engineering
Willis, H. Lee             Power Engineering
Short, Thomas Allen        Power Engineering
Short, Thomas Allen        Power Engineering
Gurevich, Vladimir         Power Engineering
De La Rosa, Francisco      Power Engineering
Blackburn, J. Lewis        Power Engineering
Grigsby, Leonard L.        Power Engineering
Grigsby, Leonard L.        Power Engineering
Grigsby, Leonard L.        Power Engineering
Grigsby, Leonard L.        Power Engineering
Harlow, James H.            Power Engineering
McDonald, John D.           Power Engineering
Organ, Allan J.             Power Engineering
Slade, Paul G.              Power Engineering
Khan, Shoaib                Power Engineering
Gurevich, Vladimir          Power Engineering
Jeffs, E.                   Power Engineering
Gomez-Exposito, Antonio     Power Engineering
Vedam, R. Sastry            Power Engineering
Brown, Richard E.           Power Engineering
Gill, Paul                  Power Engineering
Sleva, Anthony F.           Power Engineering
Gou, Bei                    Power Engineering
Martinez-Velasco, Juan A.   Power Engineering
Jha, A. R.                  Power Engineering
Jeffs, Eric                 Power Engineering
Vogt, P.E., Lawrence J.     Power Engineering
Brown, Richard E.           Power Engineering
Del Vecchio, Robert M.      Power Engineering
Roddy, D.                   Power Engineering
Jha, Ph.D., A. R.           Power Engineering
Gurevich, Vladimir          Power Engineering
Barndorff-Nielsen, O.E.     Probability Theory & Applications
Charalambides, CH. A.       Probability Theory & Applications
Pistone, Giovanni           Probability Theory & Applications
Puhalskii, Anatolii         Probability Theory & Applications
Harte, David                Probability Theory & Applications
Spizzichino, Fabio          Probability Theory & Applications
Balakrishnan, N.            Probability Theory & Applications
Steutel, Fred W.            Probability Theory & Applications
Rao, M.M.                   Probability Theory & Applications
Beichelt, Frank             Probability Theory & Applications
Mahmoud, Hosam              Probability Theory & Applications
Kanegsberg, Barbara         Process Control
Rudnick, Leslie R.          Process Control
Elnashaie, Said S.E.H.      Process Control
Datta, Arun K.              Process Control
Jordan, Patrick W.          Product Design
Green, William S.           Product Design
Jordan, Patrick W.          Product Design
Endsley, Mica R.            Product Design
Endsley, Mica R.            Product Design
McDonagh, Deana             Product Design
Vink, Peter                 Product Design
Krippendorff, Klaus         Product Design
Lueder, Rani                Product Design
Fuss, Franz Konstantin      Product Design
Hendrick, Hal W.          Product Design
Fisk, Arthur D.           Product Design
Karwowski, Waldemar       Product Design
Chavan, Apala Lahiri      Product Design
Weinger, Matthew Bret     Product Design
Nagamachi, Mitsuo         Product Design
Nagamachi, Mitsuo         Product Design
Nagamachi, Mitsuo         Product Design
Lin, Joe Chiuhsiang       Product Design
Crowson, Richard          Production Systems
Crowson, Richard          Production Systems
Crowson, Richard          Production Systems
Crowson, Richard          Production Systems
Ortiz, Chris A.           Production Systems
Meyer, Urs B.             Production Systems
Nembhard, David A.        Production Systems
Furterer, Sandra L.       Production Systems
McGuire, Patrick M        Production Systems
Jaber, Mohamad Y.         Production Systems
Nembhard, Harriet Black   Production Systems
Duckworth, Holly Alison   Production Systems
Wang, John X.             Production Systems
Badiru, Adedeji B.        Production Systems
Forbes, Lincoln Harding   Production Systems
Jones, Erick C.           Production Systems
Smalley, Art              Productivity Improvement
Mordeson, John N.         Programming Languages
Kupferschmid, Michael     Programming Languages
Sanchez, Julio            Programming Languages
Stevenson, D.E.           Programming Languages
Register, Andy H.         Programming Languages
Zaffalon, Luigi           Programming Languages
Goodman, Louis            Project Management
Westney, Richard E.       Project Management
McMahon, Paul E.          Project Management
Crawford, J. Kent         Project Management
Rad, Parviz F.            Project Management
Kliem, PMP, Ralph L.      Project Management
Langford, Joe             Project Management
Carmichael, D.G.          Project Management
Kesner, Richard M.        Project Management
Crawford, J. Kent         Project Management
Hill, Gerard M.           Project Management
Vargas, Ricardo Viana     Project Management
Jonasson, Hans            Project Management
Ferraro, Jack             Project Management
Hussey, James M.          Project Management
Kliem, PMP, Ralph L.           Project Management
Atesmen, M. Kemal              Project Management
Badiru, Adedeji B.             Project Management
Zambruski, Michael S.          Project Management
Miller, Dennis P.              Project Management
Keyes, Jessica                 Project Management
Sorrentino, Joseph             Project Management
Pries, Kim H.                  Project Management
De Furia, Guy L.               Project Management
Badiru, Adedeji B.             Project Management
Badiru, Adedeji B.             Project Management
Acosta, Carlos                 Project Management
Levin, Ginger                  Project Management
Ayers, James B.                Project Management
Hill, Gerard M.                Project Management
Farkas, Edward B.              Project Management
Richardson, Gary L.            Project Management
Jha, Shankar                   Project Management
Tayntor, Christine B.          Project Management
Wills, Kerry                   Project Management
Lutchman, Chitram              Project Management
Keyes, Jessica                 Project Management
Pries, Kim H.                  Project Management
Juli, Thomas                   Project Management
Maltzman, Richard              Project Management
Crawford, J. Kent              Project Management
Levin, Ginger                  Project Management
Hubbard, John R.               Psychiatry
Stefan, Martin                 Psychiatry
Koo, John Y.M.                 Psychiatry
Karch, MD, FFFLM, Steven B.    Psychiatry
Lipke, Howard                  Psychology
Whitaker, Leighton C.          Psychology
Gilbert, Kathleen              Psychology
Crum, Albert                   Psychology
Baldwin, Christian M.          Psychology
Cooper, Cary L.                Psychology
Mascie-Taylor, C.G. Nicholas   Public Health & General Preventive Medicine
Celli, Bartolome R.            Pulmonary Medicine
Baird, Rosamund M.             Quality Assurance
Ohannesian, Lena               Quality Assurance
Banker, Gilbert S.             Quality Assurance
Baertschi, Steven W.           Quality Assurance
Ogg, Graham                    Quality Assurance
Dhillon, B.S.                  Quality Control & Reliability
Dhillon, B.S.                  Quality Control & Reliability
Wang, John X.                  Quality Control & Reliability
Skalak, Susan             Quality Control & Reliability
Little, Robert            Quality Control & Reliability
Wasserman, Gary           Quality Control & Reliability
Press, Dyadem             Quality Control & Reliability
Hyatt, Nigel              Quality Control & Reliability
Press, Dyadem             Quality Control & Reliability
Dhillon, B.S.             Quality Control & Reliability
Nikolaidis, Efstratios    Quality Control & Reliability
Dhillon, B.S.             Quality Control & Reliability
Shi, Jianjun              Quality Control & Reliability
Erlandson, Robert F.      Quality Control & Reliability
Nikolaidis, Efstratios    Quality Control & Reliability
Dhillon, B.S.             Quality Control & Reliability
Dhillon, B.S.             Quality Control & Reliability
Pecht, Michael            Quality Control & Reliability
Rai, Bharatendra K.       Quality Control & Reliability
Campbell, John D.         Quality Control & Reliability
Vanier, J                 Quantum Physics
Fernandez, Francisco M.   Quantum Physics
Ferry, David              Quantum Physics
Faddeev, L.D.             Quantum Physics
D'Alessandro, Domenico    Quantum Physics
Nakahara, Mikio           Quantum Physics
Curotto, Emanuele         Quantum Physics
Shellock, Frank G.        Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
Gusev, Igor               Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
Lombardi, Max H.          Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
Ansari, Armin             Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
Kutateladze, S.S.         Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Dshalalow, Jewgeni H.     Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Michel, Anthony           Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Samsonov, Alexander M.    Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Chen, Goong               Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Melnikova, Irina V.       Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Lopez-Gomez, Julian       Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Mehmeti, Felix            Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Katsaras, A.K.            Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Rocha-Chavez, Reynaldo    Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Carbone, Luciano          Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Illanes, Alejandro        Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Chun Wen, Guo             Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Corduneanu, C.            Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Fleming, Richard J.       Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Mond, David               Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Ancona, Vincenzo          Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Graham, Ian               Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Chen, Xiaoman             Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Siddiqi, Abul Hasan     Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Kilbas, Anatoly A.      Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Krinik, Alan C.         Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Gasinski, Leszek        Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Gasinski, Leszek        Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Hibschweiler, Rita A.   Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Beltita, Daniel         Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Kharazishvili, A.B.     Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Cho, Yeol Je            Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Lorenzi, Luca           Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Prudnikov, A. P.        Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Haroske, Dorothee D.    Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Fleming, Richard J.     Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Gil', Michael           Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Oden, J. Tinsley        Real, Complex & Functional Analysis
Hall, Carl W.           Reference & Collected Works
Gordon, Thomas T.       Reference & Collected Works
Stahl, Dean A.          Reference & Collected Works
Niazi, Sarfaraz K.      Reference & Collected Works
Dorf, Richard C.        Reference & Collected Works
Dorf, Richard C.        Reference & Collected Works
Goldstein, Avery N.     Reference & Collected Works
Beeley, Peter           Reference & Collected Works
Weman, Klas             Reference & Collected Works
Wang, John X.           Reference & Collected Works
Darbellay, Frederic     Reference & Collected Works
Chalmers, Alan A.       Regulations & Standards
Willig, Sidney          Regulations & Standards
Willig, Sidney          Regulations & Standards
Snyder, Dean E.         Regulations & Standards
Sidebottom, Charles     Regulations & Standards
Pisano, Douglas J.      Regulations & Standards
Nettleton, David        Regulations & Standards
Berry, Ira R.           Regulations & Standards
Parker, Florence R.     Regulations & Standards
Gough, Janet            Regulations & Standards
Suter, Penelope S.      Rehabilitation
Suthersan, Suthan S.    Remediation
Riser-Roberts, Eve      Remediation
Kuo, Jih-Fen (Jeff)     Remediation
Terry, Norman           Remediation
Ward, C. H.             Remediation
Ward, C. H.             Remediation
Odum, Howard T.         Remediation
Spain, Jim C.           Remediation
Winegardner, Duane L.   Remediation
Iskandar, I.K.          Remediation
Fingas, Merv                   Remediation
Nyer, Evan K.                  Remediation
Oh, Chang H.                   Remediation
Suthersan, Suthan S.           Remediation
Niessen, Walter R.             Remediation
Sara, Martin N.                Remediation
France, Robert L.              Remediation
Hess-Kosa, Kathleen            Remediation
Payne, Fred C.                 Remediation
Byrnes, Mark Edward            Remediation
Aelion, C. Marjorie            Remediation
Spellman, Frank R.             Remediation
Mohr, Thomas                   Remediation
Congalton, Russell G.          Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Hoffman, Robert R.             Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Franklin, Steven E.            Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Egels, Yves                    Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Egels, Yves                    Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Morgan, Dennis                 Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Fisher, Peter                  Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Wood, Jo                       Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Wood, Jo                       Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Rich, David                    Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Duckham, Matt                  Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Williamson, Ian P.             Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Brimicombe, Allan              Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Rodriguez-Bachiller, Agustin   Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Belchansky, Gennady I.         Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Quattrochi, Dale A.            Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Gilfoyle, Ian                  Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Morain, Stanley A.             Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Lunetta, Ross S.               Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Rodriguez-Bachiller, Agustin   Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Stefanidis, Anthony            Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Armand, N.A.                   Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Atkinson, Peter                Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Fujii, Takashi                 Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Rees, W. Gareth                Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Hutchison, Keith D.            Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Mehrer, Mark W.                Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Chen, C.H.                     Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Lloyd, Christopher D.          Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Navulur, Kumar                 Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Weng, Qihao                    Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Chen, C.H.                     Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Chen, C.H.                     Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Plaza, Antonio J.              Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Lodwick, Weldon              Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Borengasser, Marcus          Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Aspinall, Richard J.         Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Bradley, Stuart              Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Hornsby, Kathleen S.         Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
van Oosterom, Peter          Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Massonnet, Didier            Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Li, Zhilin                   Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Vassilopoulos, Andreas       Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Liu, Yan                     Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Congalton, Russell G.        Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Metternicht, Dr. Graciela    Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Mount, Nick                  Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Roeder, Achim                Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Krek, Alenka                 Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Gamba, Paolo                 Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Thenkabail, Prasad           Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Weng, Qihao                  Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Sun, Sam-Shajing             Renewable Energy
Patel, Mukund R.             Renewable Energy
Boldea, Ion                  Renewable Energy
Boldea, Ion                  Renewable Energy
Reimert, Donald              Renewable Energy
Yong, Raymond N.             Renewable Energy
Lee, Sunggyu                 Renewable Energy
Gupta, Ram B.                Renewable Energy
Nelson, Vaughn               Renewable Energy
Aswathanarayana, U           Renewable Energy
Foster, Robert               Renewable Energy
Glassley, William E.         Renewable Energy
Aswathanarayana, U           Renewable Energy
Smith, Geoffrey B.           Renewable Energy
France, Robert L.            Resource Management & Sustainability
Lal, Rattan                  Resource Management & Sustainability
Rapport, David J.            Resource Management & Sustainability
Moore, H.M.                  Resource Management & Sustainability
Mancuso, Claudio             Resource Management & Sustainability
Lal, Rattan                  Resource Management & Sustainability
Laboy-Nieves, Eddie N.       Resource Management & Sustainability
Prados Velasco, Maria Jose   Resource Management & Sustainability
Valencia Vazquez, Roberto    Resource Management & Sustainability
Alaerts, Guy                 Resource Management & Sustainability
Shearer, Alan W.             Resource Management & Sustainability
Maser, Chris                 Resource Management & Sustainability
Ukaga, Okechukwu             Resource Management & Sustainability
Blokland, Maarten            Resource Management & Sustainability
Russ, Tom                    Resource Management & Sustainability
France, Robert L.            Resource Management & Sustainability
Dukhovny, Victor A.          Resource Management & Sustainability
Dukhovny, Victor A.          Resource Management & Sustainability
Roosa, Stephen A.            Resource Management & Sustainability
Asherson, Ronald A.          Rheumatology
Stanton, Neville A.          Safety
Feyer, Anne Marie            Safety
Feyer, Anne Marie            Safety
Finucane, Edward             Safety
Misumi, J                    Safety
Hilyer, Barbara              Safety
Croome, Derek                Safety
O'Brien, Daniel Patrick      Safety
Furr, A. Keith               Safety
McKinnon, Ron Charles        Safety
Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.   Safety
Geller, E. Scott             Safety
Wilkinson, C.                Safety
Wilkinson, C.                Safety
Collins, Larry R.            Safety
Barenklau, Keith E.          Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Harms-Ringdahl, Lars         Safety
O'Brien, Daniel Patrick      Safety
Wilpert, Bernhard            Safety
Lack, Richard                Safety
Blunt, Jane                  Safety
Peters, George A.            Safety
Di Pilla, Steven             Safety
Charney, William             Safety
Della-Giustina, Daniel E.    Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Haslam, Roger                Safety
Peters, George A.            Safety
Wallace, Brendan             Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Finucane, Edward W.          Safety
Glendon, A. Ian              Safety
Sataloff, Robert Thayer      Safety
Peters, George A.            Safety
Dikshith, T.S.S.             Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Reese, Charles D.            Safety
Lancaster, J. F.             Safety
Di Pilla, Steven             Safety
Charney, William                Safety
Spurgin, Anthony J.             Safety
Hollnagel, Erik                 Safety

Anderson, Martin                Safety
Pain, Simon Watson              Safety
Koradecka, Danuta               Safety
Kletz, Trevor A.                Safety
Wong, W.                        Safety
Duffy, Vincent G.               Safety
Horberry, Tim John              Safety
Dikshith, T.S.S.                Safety
Nolan, Dennis P.                Safety
Ratner, Bruce                   Sales, Marketing & Service
Cook, Thomas A.                 Sales, Marketing & Service
Bremner, H. Allan               Seafood
Park, Jae W.                    Seafood
Venugopal, Vazhiyil             Seafood
Shahidi, Fereidoon              Seafood
Lie, O.                         Seafood
Borresen, T.                    Seafood
Shumway, S.                     Seafood
Nollet, Leo M.L.                Seafood
Daczkowska-Kozon, Elzbieta G.   Seafood
Venugopal, Vazhiyil             Seafood
Devlin, Edward S.               Security & Auditing
Krist, Martin A.                Security & Auditing
Krist, Martin                   Security & Auditing
Fisch, Eric A.                  Security & Auditing
Petersen, J.K.                  Security & Auditing
Killmeyer, Jan                  Security & Auditing
Held, Jonathan S.               Security & Auditing
McBride, Patrick                Security & Auditing
Herrmann, Debra S.              Security & Auditing
Desman, Mark B.                 Security & Auditing
Herold, Rebecca                 Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.              Security & Auditing
Marcella, Jr., Albert           Security & Auditing
Simonyi, Michael A.             Security & Auditing
Davis, Peter T.                 Security & Auditing
Jones, Andy                     Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.              Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.               Security & Auditing
Curts, Raymond J                Security & Auditing
Walsh, James                    Security & Auditing
Herrmann, Debra S.              Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.              Security & Auditing
Sterneckert, Alan B.     Security & Auditing
Riggs, Cliff             Security & Auditing
Wylder, John             Security & Auditing
Young, Susan             Security & Auditing
Beaver, Kevin            Security & Auditing
Sherif, Mostafa Hashem   Security & Auditing
Hansche, CISSP, Susan    Security & Auditing
Andress, Amanda          Security & Auditing
Barni, Mauro             Security & Auditing
Gallegos, Frederick      Security & Auditing
Vacca, John R.           Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.       Security & Auditing
McCumber, John           Security & Auditing
Tiller, James S.         Security & Auditing
Kairab, Sudhanshu        Security & Auditing
Fung, Kwok T.            Security & Auditing
Blackley, John A.        Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.        Security & Auditing
Furht, Borko             Security & Auditing
Wetter, Felicia M.       Security & Auditing
Herold, Rebecca          Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.       Security & Auditing
Akkizidis, Ioannis S.    Security & Auditing
Landoll, Douglas J.      Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.        Security & Auditing
Killmeyer, Jan           Security & Auditing
Maier, Phillip Q.        Security & Auditing
Macaulay, Tyson          Security & Auditing
Layton, Timothy P.       Security & Auditing
Spivey, Mark D.          Security & Auditing
Brown, Edwin Lyle        Security & Auditing
Herrmann, Debra S.       Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.        Security & Auditing
Todorov, Dobromir        Security & Auditing
Arnason, Sigurjon Thor   Security & Auditing
Brancik, Kenneth         Security & Auditing
Stackpole, Bill          Security & Auditing
Acquisti, Alessandro     Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.        Security & Auditing
Bacik, Sandy             Security & Auditing
Willett, Keith D.        Security & Auditing
Dunham, Ken              Security & Auditing
Chorafas, Dimitris N.    Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.       Security & Auditing
Gallegos, Frederick      Security & Auditing
Collette, Ron            Security & Auditing
Chiesa, Raoul            Security & Auditing
Brotby, CISM, W. Krag            Security & Auditing
Howard, Rick                     Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.                Security & Auditing
Hill, David G.                   Security & Auditing
Foreman, Park                    Security & Auditing
Trinckes, Jr., John J.           Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.                Security & Auditing
Peltier, Thomas R.               Security & Auditing
Tipton, Harold F.                Security & Auditing
Herold, Rebecca                  Security & Auditing
Stackpole, Bill                  Security & Auditing
Thuraisingham, Bhavani           Security & Auditing
Howard, Rick                     Security & Auditing
Herold, Rebecca                  Security & Auditing
Howard, Patrick D.               Security & Auditing
Kipper, Gregory                  Security Management
Middleton, Bruce                 Security Management
Ferraro, Eugene F.               Security Management
Gentile, Michael                 Security Management
Lewis, Gerald                    Security Management
Petersen, J.K.                   Security Management
Kipper, Gregory                  Security Management
Atlas, Randall I.                Security Management
Nilsson, Fredrik                 Security Management
Giles, Timothy                   Security Management
Wright, Richard P.               Security Management
Manley, Anthony D.               Security Management
Ast, Scott Alan                  Security Management
Okolita, Kelley                  Security Management
Manley, Anthony                  Security Management
Ma, Yunqian                      Security Management
Norman, CPP/PSP/CSC, Thomas L.   Security Management
Wilson, Chuck                    Security Management
McGovern, Glenn                  Security Management
Gustin, Joseph F.                Security Management
Boss, Derk J.                    Security Management
Greggo, Alan                     Security Management
Horan, Stephen                   Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Liptak, Bela G.                  Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Liptak, Bela G.                  Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Webster, John G.                 Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Garrett, Patrick H.              Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Liptak, Bela G.                  Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Eren, Halit                      Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Bowen, D. Keith                  Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Scott, David M.                  Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Ahson, Syed A.                   Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Borboni, Alberto             Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Doebelin, Ernest             Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Ram, Manoj Kumar             Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Habib, M.                    Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Huston, D.                   Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement
Eksteen (Katz), Elena        Separation Science/Chromatography
Fried, Bernard               Separation Science/Chromatography
De Leenheer, Andre P.        Separation Science/Chromatography
Beesley, Thomas              Separation Science/Chromatography
Niessen, Wilfried M.A.       Separation Science/Chromatography
Gooding, Karen M.            Separation Science/Chromatography
Cazes, Jack                  Separation Science/Chromatography
Rathore, Anurag S.           Separation Science/Chromatography
Brown, Phyllis R.            Separation Science/Chromatography
Sherma, Joseph               Separation Science/Chromatography
Aboul-Enein, Hassan Y.       Separation Science/Chromatography
Aboul-Enein, Hassan Y.       Separation Science/Chromatography
Wu, Chi-San                  Separation Science/Chromatography
SenGupta, Arup K.            Separation Science/Chromatography
Rydberg, Jan                 Separation Science/Chromatography
Marcus, Yitzhak              Separation Science/Chromatography
Brown, Phyllis R.            Separation Science/Chromatography
Hage, David S.               Separation Science/Chromatography
Kutter, Jorg P.              Separation Science/Chromatography
Grushka, Eli                 Separation Science/Chromatography
Nollet, Leo M.L.             Separation Science/Chromatography
Smejkal, Gary B.             Separation Science/Chromatography
Kowalska, Teresa             Separation Science/Chromatography
Shukla, Abhinav A.           Separation Science/Chromatography
Niessen, Wilfried M.A.       Separation Science/Chromatography
Grushka, Eli                 Separation Science/Chromatography
Kowalska, Teresa             Separation Science/Chromatography
SenGupta, Arup K.            Separation Science/Chromatography
Grushka, Eli                 Separation Science/Chromatography
Martinez, Jose L.            Separation Science/Chromatography
Waksmundzka-Hajnos, Monika   Separation Science/Chromatography
Aguilar, Manuel              Separation Science/Chromatography
Pabby, Anil K.               Separation Science/Chromatography
Grushka, Eli                 Separation Science/Chromatography
Moyer, Bruce A.              Separation Science/Chromatography
Dasgupta, Amitava            Separation Science/Chromatography
Cazes, Jack                  Separation Science/Chromatography
Cecchi, Teresa               Separation Science/Chromatography
Van Eeckhaut, Ann            Separation Science/Chromatography
Grushka, Eli                 Separation Science/Chromatography
Corradini, Danilo            Separation Science/Chromatography
Waksmundzka-Hajnos, Monika   Separation Science/Chromatography
Carnielli, Walter Alexandr       Set Theory & Logic
Nguyen, Hung T.                  Set Theory & Logic
Gao, Su                          Set Theory & Logic
Bimbo, Katalin                   Set Theory & Logic
Poularikas, Alexander D.         Signal Processing
Swanson, David C.                Signal Processing
Goldberg, Randy                  Signal Processing
Naidu, Prabhakar S.              Signal Processing
Stergiopoulos, Stergios          Signal Processing
Hall, David L.                   Signal Processing
Hu, Yu Hen                       Signal Processing
Koc, Ut-Va                       Signal Processing
Hippenstiel, Ralph D.            Signal Processing
Hu, Yu Hen                       Signal Processing
Yan, Hong                        Signal Processing
Davis, Gillian M.                Signal Processing
Tuzlukov, Vyacheslav             Signal Processing
Papandreou-Suppappola, Antonia   Signal Processing
Chou, Wu                         Signal Processing
Weiner, Melvin M.                Signal Processing
Toliyat, Hamid A.                Signal Processing
Barner, Kenneth E.               Signal Processing
Godara, Lal Chand                Signal Processing
Ibnkahla, Mohamed                Signal Processing
Tuzlukov, Vyacheslav             Signal Processing
Kumar, B. Preetham               Signal Processing
Blum, Rick S.                    Signal Processing
Weiner, Melvin M.                Signal Processing
Wu, H.R.                         Signal Processing
Murthy, Praveen K.               Signal Processing
Datta, Aniruddha                 Signal Processing
Nebeling, Marcus                 Signal Processing
Mahafza, Bassem R.               Signal Processing
Martinez, David R.               Signal Processing
Prandoni, Paolo                  Signal Processing
Liggins, Martin E.               Signal Processing
Stergiopoulos, Stergios          Signal Processing
Madisetti, Vijay                 Signal Processing
Madisetti, Vijay                 Signal Processing
Madisetti, Vijay                 Signal Processing
Poularikas, Alexander D.         Signal Processing
Attux, Romis                     Signal Processing
                                 Sleep Disorders
Lewis, William                   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Zamir, Saba                      Software Engineering & Systems Development
Held, Gilbert                    Software Engineering & Systems Development
Keyes, Jessica                   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lewis, William E.          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lindgren, Lisa E.          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Chorafas, Dimitris N.      Software Engineering & Systems Development
Purba, Sanjiv              Software Engineering & Systems Development
Myerson, Judith M.         Software Engineering & Systems Development
Tayntor, Christine B.      Software Engineering & Systems Development
Gill, Dudley W.            Software Engineering & Systems Development
Keyes, Jessica             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Munson, Ph.D., John C.     Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kulpa, Margaret K.         Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kann, Charles W.           Software Engineering & Systems Development
Schulte, Peter             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Pandian, C. Ravindranath   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Bamford, Robert            Software Engineering & Systems Development
West, Michael              Software Engineering & Systems Development
Keyes, Jessica             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kuchana, Partha            Software Engineering & Systems Development
Theuerkorn, Fenix          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lewis, William E.          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Sikka, Vijay               Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lutowski, Rick             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Poulin, Louis              Software Engineering & Systems Development
Deek, Fadi P.              Software Engineering & Systems Development
El Emam, Khaled            Software Engineering & Systems Development
Johnson, Bruce             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Goodman, F. Alan           Software Engineering & Systems Development
Tayntor, Christine B.      Software Engineering & Systems Development
Munson, Ph.D., John C.     Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kandt, Ronald Kirk         Software Engineering & Systems Development
Rhem, Anthony J.           Software Engineering & Systems Development
Laplante, Philip A.        Software Engineering & Systems Development
Jacobs, Deb                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Raghavan, P.               Software Engineering & Systems Development
Galorath, Daniel D.        Software Engineering & Systems Development
Wagner, Ferdinand          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Goodman, F. Alan           Software Engineering & Systems Development
DiMarzio, J.F.             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Sangwan, Raghvinder        Software Engineering & Systems Development
Khoshafian, Setrag         Software Engineering & Systems Development
Bellavista, Paolo          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Pandian, C. Ravindranath   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lieberman, Benjamin A.     Software Engineering & Systems Development
Taisch, Marco              Software Engineering & Systems Development
Tayntor, Christine B.      Software Engineering & Systems Development
Laplante, Philip A.        Software Engineering & Systems Development
Jarzabek, Stanislaw        Software Engineering & Systems Development
van der Linden, Maura A.   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Wang, Yingxu                  Software Engineering & Systems Development
Krishnamurthy, Nikhilesh      Software Engineering & Systems Development
Sanchez, Julio                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lawler, James P.              Software Engineering & Systems Development
Wells, April J.               Software Engineering & Systems Development
Ford, Chris                   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Farrell-Vinay, Peter          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kulpa, Margaret K.            Software Engineering & Systems Development
Harris, Michael D. S.         Software Engineering & Systems Development
Fournier, Greg                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Ashbaugh, CISSP, Douglas A.   Software Engineering & Systems Development
Mutafelija, Boris             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lattanze, Anthony J.          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Jain, Mukesh                  Software Engineering & Systems Development
Firesmith, Donald G.          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Talukder, Asoke K.            Software Engineering & Systems Development
Lewis, William E.             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Khedker, Uday                 Software Engineering & Systems Development
Dumke, Reiner                 Software Engineering & Systems Development
Ahmed, Ashfaque               Software Engineering & Systems Development
Sherif, Mostafa Hashem        Software Engineering & Systems Development
Schiel, James                 Software Engineering & Systems Development
Karimi, Hassan A.             Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kang, Kyo C.                  Software Engineering & Systems Development
Kenett, Ron S.                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Merkow, Mark S.               Software Engineering & Systems Development
Ruhe, Gunther                 Software Engineering & Systems Development
Seshan, Parameswaran          Software Engineering & Systems Development
Ahson, Syed A.                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Garmus, David                 Software Engineering & Systems Development
Xu, Li Da                     Software Engineering & Systems Development
Bhargav, Abhay                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Bozzano, Marco                Software Engineering & Systems Development
Dumke, Reiner                 Software Engineering & Systems Development
Power, James F.               Soil Science
Lal, Rattan                   Soil Science
Chen, Fu Hua                  Soil Science
Hallauer, Arnel R.            Soil Science
Follett, Ronald F.            Soil Science
Gobran, George R.             Soil Science
Kabata-Pendias, Alina         Soil Science
Iskandar, I.K.                Soil Science
Stoffella, Peter J.           Soil Science
Shaffer, M.J.                 Soil Science
Selim, H. Magdi               Soil Science
Gregorich, E.G.               Soil Science
Jones, Jr., J. Benton         Soil Science
Schabenberger, Oliver       Soil Science
Warrick, A.W.               Soil Science
Kimble, John M.             Soil Science
Sarkar, Bibudhendra         Soil Science
Parent, Leon Etienne        Soil Science
Kimble, John M.             Soil Science
Eswaran, Hari               Soil Science
Rengel, Zdenko              Soil Science
Pachepsky, Yakov            Soil Science
Tan, Kim H.                 Soil Science
Storey, P. J.               Soil Science
Grunwald, Sabine            Soil Science
Lal, Rattan                 Soil Science
Ghosh, S N                  Soil Science
Grover, V I                 Soil Science
Uphoff, Norman              Soil Science
Radcliffe, David E.         Soil Science
Pinton, Roberto             Soil Science
Kimble, John M.             Soil Science
Carter, M.R.                Soil Science
Tan, Kim H.                 Soil Science
Allred, Barry               Soil Science
Ma, Liwang                  Soil Science
Banuelos, Gary S.           Soil Science
Cerda, A                    Soil Science
Haider, K                   Soil Science
Lal, Rattan                 Soil Science
Lal, Rattan                 Soil Science
Kabata-Pendias, Alina       Soil Science
Ghassemi, Abbas             Solid Waste/Recycling
Epstein, Eliot              Solid Waste/Recycling
Miller, Percival A.         Solid Waste/Recycling
Tata, Prakasam              Solid Waste/Recycling
Tarr, Matthew A.            Solid Waste/Recycling
Wang, Lawrence K.           Solid Waste/Recycling
Wang, Lawrence K.           Solid Waste/Recycling
Hauser, Victor L.           Solid Waste/Recycling
Chandra, M. Jeya            SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
Bagdonavicius, Vilijandas   SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
LuValle, Michael J.         SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
Colosimo, Bianca M.         SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
Schilling, Edward G.        SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
Levinson, William A.        SPC/Reliability/Quality Control
Raghavachari, Ramesh        Spectroscopy
Fayer, M.D.                 Spectroscopy
Burns, Donald A.            Spectroscopy
Lewis, Ian R.               Spectroscopy
Montaudo, Giorgio          Spectroscopy
Van Grieken, Rene          Spectroscopy
Ciurczak, Emil W.          Spectroscopy
Misra, Prabhakar           Spectroscopy
Pramanik, Birendra N.      Spectroscopy
Herbert, Christopher G.    Spectroscopy
Thomas, Robert             Spectroscopy
Eiceman, G.A.              Spectroscopy
Ramamoorthy, A.            Spectroscopy
Bruno, Thomas J.           Spectroscopy
Gregoriou, Vasilis G.      Spectroscopy
Holmes, John L.            Spectroscopy
Sem, Daniel S.             Spectroscopy
Wybourne, Brian G.         Spectroscopy
Burns, Donald A.           Spectroscopy
Workman, Jerry             Spectroscopy
Lanzani, Guglielmo         Spectroscopy
Thomas, Robert             Spectroscopy
Hagen, Wilfred Raymond     Spectroscopy
Cho, Minhaeng              Spectroscopy
Korfmacher, Walter A.      Spectroscopy
March, Raymond E.          Spectroscopy
Engler, Olaf               Spectroscopy
Banoub, Joseph H.          Spectroscopy
Zehnacker, Anne            Spectroscopy
March, Raymond E.          Spectroscopy
Ciurczak, Emil W.          Spectroscopy
Signorell, Ruth            Spectroscopy
Stephens, Philip John      Spectroscopy
Smith, Brian C.            Spectroscopy
Burr, David                Sports Medicine
Berman, Dora M.            Sports Medicine
Locke, Marius              Sports Medicine
Nieman, David C.           Sports Nutrition
Wolinsky, Ira              Sports Nutrition
Maughan, Ronald J.         Sports Nutrition
Jackson, Catherine G. R.   Sports Nutrition
Driskell, Judy A.          Sports Nutrition
Lenehan, Patrick           Sports Nutrition
Lenehan, Patrick           Sports Nutrition
Wolinsky, Ira              Sports Nutrition
Kern, Mark                 Sports Nutrition
Wolinsky, Ira              Sports Nutrition
Driskell, Judy A.          Sports Nutrition
Battinelli, Thomas         Sports Nutrition
Driskell, Judy A.          Sports Nutrition
Di Pasquale, Mauro G.      Sports Nutrition
Driskell, Judy A.     Sports Nutrition
Driskell, Judy A.     Sports Nutrition
Driskell, Judy A.     Sports Nutrition
Allison, David B.     Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Wang, Sun-Chong       Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Gentleman, Robert     Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Wu, Rongling          Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Guerra, Rudy          Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Dey, Dipak K.         Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Ray, Animesh          Statistical Genetics & Bioinformatics
Dale, Robert          Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Fernandez, George     Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Bozdogan, Hamparsum   Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Martinez, Wendy L.    Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Mirkin, Boris         Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Abney, Steven         Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Fernandez, George     Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Dalvit, D.A.R         Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics
Dalvit, D.A.R         Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics
Cole, A.J             Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics
Leuzzi, Luca          Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics
Schafer, J.L.         Statistical Theory & Methods
Gordon, A.D.          Statistical Theory & Methods
Knight, Keith         Statistical Theory & Methods
Gilchrist, Warren     Statistical Theory & Methods
Cox, D.R.             Statistical Theory & Methods
Sprent, Peter         Statistical Theory & Methods
Rayner, J.C.W.        Statistical Theory & Methods
Crowder, Martin J.    Statistical Theory & Methods
Owen, Art B.          Statistical Theory & Methods
Milliken, George A.   Statistical Theory & Methods
Thode, Henry C.       Statistical Theory & Methods
Miller, Alan          Statistical Theory & Methods
Lawson, Andrew B.     Statistical Theory & Methods
Hardin, James W.      Statistical Theory & Methods
Rowe, Daniel B.       Statistical Theory & Methods
Balakrishnan, N.      Statistical Theory & Methods
Beran, Jan            Statistical Theory & Methods
Sheskin, David J.     Statistical Theory & Methods
Moller, Jesper        Statistical Theory & Methods
Watanabe, Michiko     Statistical Theory & Methods
Banerjee, Sudipto     Statistical Theory & Methods
Li, Wai Keung         Statistical Theory & Methods
Tanizaki, Hisashi     Statistical Theory & Methods
Skrondal, Anders      Statistical Theory & Methods
Genton, Marc G.       Statistical Theory & Methods
Rue, Havard           Statistical Theory & Methods
Chaudhuri, Arijit           Statistical Theory & Methods
Balakrishnan, N.            Statistical Theory & Methods
Pardo, Leandro              Statistical Theory & Methods
Hirji, Karim F.             Statistical Theory & Methods
Jureckova, Jana             Statistical Theory & Methods
Carroll, Raymond J.         Statistical Theory & Methods
Greenacre, Michael          Statistical Theory & Methods
Nishisato, Shizuhiko        Statistical Theory & Methods
Lee, Youngjo                Statistical Theory & Methods
Finkenstadt, Barbel         Statistical Theory & Methods
Gao, Jiti                   Statistical Theory & Methods
Greenacre, Michael          Statistical Theory & Methods
Polansky, Alan M.           Statistical Theory & Methods
Bohning, Dankmar            Statistical Theory & Methods
Uusipaikka, Esa             Statistical Theory & Methods
Fitzmaurice, Garrett        Statistical Theory & Methods
Mukhopadhyay, Nitis         Statistical Theory & Methods
Zucchini, Walter            Statistical Theory & Methods
Krzanowski, Wojtek J.       Statistical Theory & Methods
Zimmerman, Dale L.          Statistical Theory & Methods
Khuri, Andre I.             Statistical Theory & Methods
Wu, Lang                    Statistical Theory & Methods
Headrick, Todd C.           Statistical Theory & Methods
Gelfand, Alan E.            Statistical Theory & Methods
Kitagawa, Genshiro          Statistical Theory & Methods
Carr, Daniel B.             Statistical Theory & Methods
Small, Christopher G.       Statistical Theory & Methods
Congdon, Peter D.           Statistical Theory & Methods
Aitkin, Murray              Statistical Theory & Methods
Ando, Tomohiro              Statistical Theory & Methods
Chernov, Nikolai            Statistical Theory & Methods
Raghavarao, Damaraju        Statistical Theory & Methods
Zhang, Hao                  Statistical Theory & Methods
Basu, Ayanendranath         Statistical Theory & Methods
Hettmansperger, Thomas P.   Statistical Theory & Methods
Karian, Zaven A.            Statistical Theory & Methods
Polansky, Alan M.           Statistical Theory & Methods
Liu, Wei                    Statistical Theory & Methods
                            Statistics for Biological Sciences
Karian, Zaven A.            Statistics for Biological Sciences
Carlin, Bradley P.          Statistics for Biological Sciences
Lele, Subhash R.            Statistics for Biological Sciences
Aerts, Marc                 Statistics for Biological Sciences
Shoukri, Mohamed M.         Statistics for Biological Sciences
Paulson, Daryl S.           Statistics for Biological Sciences
Koller, Glenn               Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Chatfield, Chris            Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Borowiak, Dale S.                               Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Giles, David E. A.                              Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Finkenstadt, Barbel                             Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Koller, Glenn                                   Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Taniguchi, Masanobu                             Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
LeSage, James                                   Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Korn, Ralf                                      Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Mitchell, Michael N.                            Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Ullah, Aman                                     Statistics for Business, Finance & Economics
Golyandina, Nina                                Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Martinez, Vicent J.                             Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Ayyub, Bilal M.                                 Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Taylor, John K.                                 Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Baddeley, Adrian                                Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Galbraith, Rex F.                               Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Pal, Nabendu                                    Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Eubank, Randall L.                              Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Garvey, Paul R.                                 Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Rinne, Horst                                    Statistics for Engineering and Physical Science
Cox, Trevor F.                                  Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Rao, Poduri S.R.S.                              Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Good, Phillip I.                                Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Ho, Robert                                      Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
de Gruijter, Dato N. M.                         Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Mulaik, Stanley A.                              Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Cameron, A. Colin                               Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Heeringa, Steven G.                             Statistics for Psychology, Social Science & Law
Burton, Jr., G. Allen                           Storm Water
Field, Richard                                  Storm Water
Debo, Thomas N.                                 Storm Water

Hvitved-Jacobsen, Thorkild                      Storm Water
Chen, W.F.                                      Structural Engineering
Harris, Harry G.                                Structural Engineering
Chen, W.F.                                      Structural Engineering
Watkins, Reynold King                           Structural Engineering
Hancock, Gregory J.                             Structural Engineering
International Navigation Association Brussels   Structural Engineering
Bijen, Jan                                      Structural Engineering
Malhotra, V.M.                                  Structural Engineering
Ozdemir, Levent                                 Structural Engineering
Prikryl, R.                                     Structural Engineering
Wang, C.M.                                      Structural Engineering
Mossa, Michele                                  Structural Engineering
Dikbas, Attila                                  Structural Engineering
Vermeer, P.A.                                   Structural Engineering
Khatsuria, Rajnikant M.                         Structural Engineering
Elishakoff, Isaac             Structural En