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Why Online Education Is More Important Than Food Or Drink

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Why is education more important than food and drink

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Focusing on the importance of online education is why I ask you to step back in time to when your children
were babies. Remember when you taught them to talk/walk. Remember hearing babys first word like dada/mama one
of the most pleasurable experiences in your life. Remember that special moment when baby took his/her first
steps where you waited in anticipation to welcome them with open arms of which baby fell into after the third
step.    Remember the time when your back was turned for a split second and baby had scaled the height of the
staircase causing panic and hysteria. You would beg baby to stay put while you challenged those stairs at
pace beyond belief to secure babys safety..Remember the nights you paced the floor trying to ease babys
pains...Can you remember what your child found important in their early years of growing up? Well let me
remind you, it was their age. Numbers played an important role and meant so much to the children e.g. if you
asked your child their age you got the exact figures like 5 years and 19 days old. Sense of power was given
to oldest of the street gang because the leader was 5 days older than contester.
the                                                                                     If your child had
scuffle with another kid and come of the worst those words from mum/dad like well go hit them back were
useless because you had the famous words thrown back into your face, I cant they are ten days older than me.
So you see how important numbers meant to your child when growing up. Why change things now when they are even
more essential than you could imagine. Online education besides eating and drinking is the next best thing
survival...Why is education more important than food and drink. Without it no decent meal on the table.
鿐鿐Caring for your teen the right way is to encourage them to further their education. Without doubt this
will to be the best parental move you could ever make. If baby is still a toddler then nurture them with more
knowledge. Remember as vital education is, children need to grow up in the way nature intended and that is to
play and enjoy their childhood. There is no need to push more than necessary to force is not the answer. If
your child is pushed then expect a rebellious unhappy child. Online education is this answer for this,
depending on the age of the child learning programmes on the internet are carefully devised so baby gets to
learn as well as enjoy...Education has to be number one priority for all parents who want their child
succeed or at least have a chance in leading a comfortable life. It is sad to say without an education under
your belt you get to stay at the bottom of any list for advancing forward. There are people who disagree with
the system and how it works meaning no knowledge no hope. I also feel the same but hey think about it, it is
not a bad thing to know a little more...Just a reminder, we queue outside our home towns travelling hundreds
of miles to keep a dental appointment. Patient lists as long as your arm is still on the increase for hospital
treatment. And I am afraid the education system will be next when a time limit is imposed on when we can or
can not further our education. Unless you do something fast expect to stand in that forever growing queue as
long as the china wall to collect your social security

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