Sheet1 - American Association of Endodontists by fanzhongqing


									     LAST NAME                FIRST NAME                 CONTACT            EMAIL
Frick                   Kenneth J.                480/585-2824
Bernadett               Sheri                     530/265-4002
Massoth                 Richard                   818/705-1274
Nesari                  Roy                       415/970-0223
Keating                 Kevin M.                  916/485-6900
Desrosiers              Mark                      860/233-0033
Topcik                  Philip L.                 904/739-2422
Manne                   Bruce                     386/679-9013
Short                   Rico D.                   678/557-5405
Chu                     Joseph                    808/636-7949
Sargent                 Frank H.                  712/255-8017
Hine                    Charles                   317/882-8300
McMullen                Albert "Fred"             318/3220432
Trattner                Bradley                   410/653-2020
Peters                  Scott B.                  507/386-0288
Lindquist               Kimberly                  218/727-7557
Doyle                   Scott L.                  651/451-6479
Tulkki                  Michael                   952/476-0070
Madison                 Sandra                    828/277-7668
Bachstein               Benedict                  856/429-7811
Kardon                  Brian                     845/369-1540
Landau                  Michael A.                518/438-4400
Wolf                    Ronald M.                 330/686-0080
Michaelson              Philip                    440/708-2850
Hertzberg               Marc                      814/231-7668
Dahlkemper              Patrick                   412/487-9310
Silberman               Richard                   570/283-1000
Kano                    Bassel                    514/673-1111
Nichols                 Julian Wade               843/449-4900
Garala                  Manish                    713/795-0208
                        Joel C., David, John D.
Small, Witherspoon, Regan                         972/596-9400
Rudd                    Mitchell                  801/487-0758
Flath                   Robert K.                 435/645-7668
Dodson                  William S., Jr.           757/676-7950
Fabio                   Michael                   703/569-0000
Nordeen                 Derek                     608/783-3636
Sunshine                Kenneth                   860/446-2357
Gohean                  Robert J.                 803/798-8476
Davis                   Matthew                   303/920-4196
Katz                    Steven                    216/360-0090
Odum                    Richardson M.             770/924-0423
       ADDRESS1                 ADDRESS2                    CITY                    STATE
7500 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd #A100                   Scottsdale                AZ
204 Providence Mine Rd #211                      Nevada City               CA
5567 Reseda Blvd         #100                    Tarzana                   CA
2480 Misson St           Suite 333               San Francisco             CA
1810 Professional Dr                             Sacramento                CA
836 Farmington Ave                               West Hartford             CT
8810 Goodbys Executive Dr.                       Jacksonville              FL
555 W Granada Blvd       Suite E-2               Ormand Beach              FL
577 Concord Rd           Suite A                 Smyrna                    GA
1040 South King St       Suite 406               Honolulu                  HI
2910 Hamilton Blvd                               Sioux City                IA
8360 S Emerson Ave       Suite 600               Indianapolis              IN
2005 Forsythe                                    Monroe                    LA
8 Reservoir Cr.          #102                    Baltimore                 MD
1570 Adams St                                    Mankato                   MN
324 W Superior St        Suite 824               Duluth                    MN
2125 Upper 55th St E                             Inver Grover Heights      MN
250 N Central Ave        Suite 303               Wayzata                   MN
5 Yorkshire St           Suite B                 Asheville                 NC
                         Suite 6
Exclusively Endodontics 303 Kings Highway South Cherry Hill                NJ
222 Route 59                                     Suffern                   NY
1467 Western Ave                                 Albany                    NY
3611 Darrow Rd                                   Stow                      OH
8401 Chagrin Rd          Suite 20 A              Chagrin Fallas            OH
2590 Park Center Blvd    Ste 102                 State College             PA
4290 Route 8             Castletowne Square NorthAllison Park              PA
335 Third Ave                                    Kingston (Wilkes-Barre)   PA
1 Place Ville Marie      #1521                   Montreal                  Quebec
4605 Loeander Dr                                 Myrtle Beach              SC
                         Suite 610
Meidcal Center Endodontics 7515 S Main St        Houston                   TX
5800 Coit Rd             Suite 200               Plano                     TX
1955 S 1300 E            #6                      SLC                       UT
2750 Rasmussen Rd        Suite 102               Park City                 UT
756 McGuire Pl                                   Newport News              VA
6120 Brandon Ave         #314                    Springfield               VA
2700 National Dr         Suite 102               Onalaska                  WI
5 Exeter Ct                                      Mystic                    CT
130 Stonemark Ln                                 Columbia                  SC
12297 Pennsylvania St    #2                      Thornton                  CO
3690 Orange Pl           Suite 520               Beachwood                 OH
271 Heritage Walk                                Woodstock                 GA
ZIP            COUNTRY         DAYS TO HOST               AMT OF TIME
       85255                                        half day
                           Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
       95959               Thursday                 full day
       91356               Monday, Tuesday, Thursdaya few days
       94110               M-F and some Saturdays depends, most likely lunch
       95825               M-F                      I am active in mentoring predental students so this fits in w
       06119               Monday-Thursday          as much time as needed
       32217               open                     best when not with a patient - Friday A.M.
       32174                                        unlimited
                           Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
       30082               Monday-Thursday          as much helps as needed
       96814                                        whenever
                           M, T, F - Honolulu and Wednesday, Saturday - Kauai
       51104               Monday-Thursday          any time with notice
       46237               Any                      Anytime
       71201               variable                 variable
       21203               Monday-Friday            as much time as needed
       56001               Monday-Friday            any amount
       55811                                        work day
                           Tuesday, Wednesday, every other Thursday
       55077               Any day                  whatever time is necessary
       55391               Anytime                  open
       28803               Monday-Wednesday         as needed
  08034-2579               Any day of the week      stay as long as you wish
       10901                                        2 hours
                           Any day but Friday and weekendsa week
       12203               Monday, Wednesday, Fridayany
       44224                                        Unlimited
                           Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
       44023               Monday-Friday            as needed
       16801               Monday-Friday            couple days
       15101               Monday through Friday any necessary
       18704               Wednesday                morning observation, lunch, afternoon practice mgmt discu
    H3B 2B5       Canada
       29577               M-F                         varies with schedule
       77030               Monday and Friday and Houston and Tuesday and Thursday in Clear Lake
       75023                                           the office
                           At least two doctors are in unlimited five days per week. Just call in advance to let us
       84105               M-F                         8 hours
       84098               upon arrangement            1/2 day
       23601               T, W, Th, F                 as needed
       22150               Monday through Saturdaywhatever time is necessary
       54650               negotiable                  negotiable
       23210                                        whatever is needed
                           Any weekday I am in the office
       80241               Tuesday-Friday           whatever is needed
       44122               Monday-Friday            ?
       30188               varies                   varies
    PRACTICE TYPE                    NOTES
endodontic, two owners, fee for service
partnership for 8 years, currently solo for 12 years
solo practitioner
group, multiple offices
solo endodontics
group associate/solo owner
solo practitioner

single location, two endodontists
solo endodontic practice
group endodontic practice
two doctor
endodontic specialists
practice limited to endodontics
private practice endo
group endodontic practice
Endodontic/dental implants
endodontic private practice

endodontics                Second address: Medical Center Endodontics - Clear Lake 17225 El Camino Real Suite 425 Houston,
clinical endo practice

endodontics but no implants
private endo practice with two doctors

group (Carolina Endodontics)
solo, private practice
small group practice
l Camino Real Suite 425 Houston, TX 77058

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