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					Press release, 9 July 2009

Coulisse presents a total package for vertical blinds

With the introduction of the revolutionary system for the motorisation of blinds on the R+T earlier
this year Coulisse, international supplier of window decoration, completed its offering for vertical
blinds. Apart from a wide range of fabrics and materials Coulisse now also offers motorisation for
the Absolute Vertical system. The innovative vertical blind motor Coulisse developed holds a
patented technique and offers many advantages.

The patented driving technique enabled the engineers to develop the most efficient design. Due to
the use of a clutch to drive both the tilt and the slide function the motor unit is extremely compact,
which makes rail and motor unit an esthetical total. The vertical blinds turn completely to the right
as well as to the left so no light shines through. The intelligent motor will always first check the
position of the blinds and if necessary tilt the blinds to a safe position before sliding in the vertical
blinds. With Absolute Control not only vertical blinds can be operated. With the same remote
control also venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds, roman shades and panel blinds can be
operated wireless.
Furthermore Coulisse offers a wide range of fabrics and materials for vertical blinds. Plain and
flame retardant collection Paris holds no less than 36 trendy colours - each suitable for vertical
blinds in a width of 89 and 127 mm vanes as well as for XL Vertical, vanes with an extra width of
250 mm. Also available are strings which have a beautiful flat structure and therefore a perfect
hanging conduct. The design collection holds attractive all-over as well as positioned designs for
250 mm vanes. Under the name Nature Concept Coulisse offers a wide range of natural materials,
such as wood and paper.

For the finishing touch of the vertical blinds a wide range of cord and chain accessories is available.
These so called Must-haves for blinds are available in five stylish materials in many different
varieties. Wood, plexiglass, metal, leather and acrylic each offer their own particular atmosphere.
The combinations are endless since the caps are interchangeable and available in eight metal
varieties. Coulisse introduces chains in matching colours earlier this year.

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