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					       Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                 5/17/2012

Tape         Topic         TITLE                                               DESCRIPTION

368          911           CALLING FOR HELP                                    911 Calling System

4            ABC           Raise Your Political Voice

16           ABC           ABC NW Media Campaign 2002
                                                                               Rodeo Promotional Video From The Keystone Chapter Which Was Highlighted
20           ABC           ABC BUILDING WISHES CONSTRUCTION RODEO 1997         At The Phoenix Board Of Directors Meeting.

26       B   ABC           ABC: Join The Team

49           ABC           The 8th Habit                                       book

74           ABC           ABC: THE VOICE OF MERIT SHOP CONSTRUCTION           Time: 9 Minutes

75           ABC           MEET MITT ROMNEY                                    U.S. Senate Republican Political Campaign: Time: 6 Min.
79           ABC           A TEAM APPROACH TO CONSTRUCTION OR HOW TO BUILD     Time: 12 Min. 8 Sec.


85           ABC           ABC’s MIKE PERKINS; LONG RANGE PLAN                 Time: 7min 20 Sec

124          ABC           JOIN THE CELEBRATION                                By ’99 ABC National President – Dave Bush

128          ABC           ABC PAC Helps Your Business

558          ABC           ABC - Opening General Session 1                     Keynote speaker and after, time: 1:32

559          ABC           ABC - Opening General Session 2                     Keynote speaker and after, time: 49:00

560          ABC           ABC - Awards Breakfast                              Time: 1:32

561          ABC           ABC - Excellence in Construction                    Time 1:51

562          ABC           ABC - ABCares                                       Time 6:00

563          ABC           ABC - Get into Politics or Get Out of Business      Video transfer of web-based presentation; length: 3 minutes

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                        5/17/2012
                                                                                    Highlights innovations and leaders in the world of construction and
564        ABC             American Architectural Review                            architecture. The theme of the entire video is ABC's leadership in recruiting

565        ABC             ABC - Get Into Politics                                  2002; CD

566        ABC             ABC - Get Into Politics                                  2002; CD

311        Air pollution   INDOOR AIR POLLUTION                                     Sources
                                                                                    This Video Shows The Importance Of A Properly Implemented Employee
445        Alarms          WARNING BLAST                                            Warning System. Suggests How Certain Types Of Alarms Can Save Lives.
                                                                                    Always take precautions when handling, storing or transporting ammonia; even
524        Ammonia         AMMONIA IN THE WORKPLACE                                 low-level exposures can be harmful.

31         Asbestos        ASBESTOS AWARENESS – ARE YOU AT RISK?                    Basic Asbestos Awareness (Generic) 23 Min.

89         Asbestos        ASBESTOS AWARENESS                                       Asbestos Regulatory Compliance (Generic) 23 Min.

294        Asbestos        HISTORY OF ASBESTOS, THE

27         Assault         ASSAULT ON SMALL BUSINESS                                Workplaces Against Assaulting Abuse. Time: 7 Min.

77         Benefits        EMPLOYER SECTION 125 POP DEMONSTRATION TAPE              Employee Benefit Plan

596        Blood           BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS OVERVIEW                  5 minutes
82         Brazoria Co     YACHT CLUB; PORT OF FREEPORT                             Brazoria County Promotional Tape 3 Parts.
                                                                                    Bucket Trucks Allow Workers To Gain Access To Heights, But Also Require
10         Bucket Trucks BUCKET TRUCKS                                              Attention To Safety. To Help Avoid Risks Such As Falls And Exposure To

582        Burn            Stop It Burning                                          Describes Risk Factors Associated With The Disease And Illustrates The
435        Cancer          BREAST CANCER: CUTTING THE RISKS                         Importance Of Early Detection.
                                                                                    You Can Cut Your Cancer Risk. Take A Few Minutes To Find Out How You Can
443        Cancer          CUTTING CANCER RISKS                                     Add Years To Your Life.
                                                                                    Prostate Cancer Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Cancer Deaths In Men. This
469        Cancer          PROSTATE CANCER                                          Video Describes Symptoms And Methods For Early Detection.

                           CAREERS IN CONSTRUCTION 1997: JOIN AMERICA’S BUILD An Interactive Discussion Between Industry Experts And Students On Career
32      A Careers          TEAM                                                     Opportunities, Apprenticeships And College And Vocational Training. Time: 25

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                       5/17/2012
                             CAREERS IN CONSTRUCTION 1997: JOIN AMERICA’S BUILD An Interactive Discussion Between Industry Experts And Students On Career
32         B   Careers       TEAM                                                     Opportunities, Apprenticeships And College And Vocational Training. Time: 25
                             CAREERS IN CONSTRUCTION 1997: JOIN AMERICA’S BUILD An Interactive Discussion Between Industry Experts And Students On Career
34         A Careers         TEAM                                                     Opportunities, Apprenticeships And College And Vocational Training. Time: 25

376            Chemical      DANDER: BENZENE                                          Hazards Of And Safety Tips For Safe Work Habits
                                                                                      Whenever chemicals are in use, there is danger of spills and releases. To
541            Chemical      CHEMICAL SPILLS PART 1 "EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS"          ensure safeety, prepare for emergencies before they occur.
                                                                                      Generally, employees may clean up minor chemical spills. To ensure safety, it's
542            Chemical      CHEMICAL SPILLS PART 2 "CONTROL PROCEDURES"              important to have proper training, personal, protective equipment, and
                                                                                      Child Abduction Is A Concern Of Every Parent Today. Protect Your Children By
194            Children      PREVENTING CHILD ABDUCTION                               Giving Them The Skills And Knowledge They Need To Be Safe. Time: 5 Min.

349            Children      CHILD SAFETY SEATS                                       Dangers Of Not Using One
                                                                                      Choices A Pregnant Woman Makes About Her Lifestyle Can Affect The
442            Children      CHOOSING FOR TWO                                         Welfare Of The Baby. Steps To Take For A Good Start In Life For The Baby.
                                                                                      Chlorine Is Highly Irritating To The Skin And Respiratory Organs. Accident
501            Chlorine      CHLORINE                                                 Scenarios At Home And Work Warn Of Hazards And Illustrate Importance Of

394            Climbing      IT DOESN’T STACK UP                                      What You Can Do To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Climbing.
                                                                                      A Communication Series By Toastmasters International: Video & Study Guide,
198        D Communication BE PREPARED FOR MEETINGS                                   How To Lead Productive Business Meetings. Time: 24 Minutes
                                                                                      A Communication Series By Toastmasters International: Video & Study Guide,
198        B   Communication BE PREPARED TO LEAD                                      Applied Leadership Skills For Business Managers. Time: 27 Minutes.
                                                                                      A Communication Series By Toastmasters Internationals: Video & Study Guide
198        A Communication BE PREPARED TO SPEAK                                       To Public Speaking. Time: 27 Minutes

SDP-02         Communication SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                          Communications/Human Relations

135            Conf space    Limited Spaces                                           Attics, Basements, & Crawl Spaces

286            Conf space    ONCE TOO MANY                                            Confined Space Entry
                                                                                      More Dangerous Than The Expanse Of Outer Space, Are The Mysterious
457            Conf space    PERMIT REQUIRED: CONFINED SPACE                          “Permit Required: Confined Spaces” Here On Earth. Video Shows How To
                                                                                      Approximately 60% Of All Permit Required Confined Space Fatalities Are
506            Conf space    HIGH RISK RESCUE                                         Rescuers. This Video Illustrates Rescue Requirements And Methods On Permit

545            Conf space    Confined Space Entry                                     Book

546            Conf space    Confined Space Entry                                     book

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                         5/17/2012

580        Conf space     CONSTRUCTION CONFINED SPACE ENTRY                             11 min.

69         Confined Space CHEMICAL RELEASE/CONFINED SPACE ENTRY                         Class Video Taped Here At ABC
                          COST    AND    BENEFITS    OF    MATERIALS     MANAGEMENT Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry Institute
36         Construction   SYSTEMS                                                       (CII)
                          IMPACT OF VARIOUS CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT TYPES Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry
37         Construction   AND CLAUSES ON PROJECT PERFORMANCES                           Institute(CII)
                                                                                        Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry Institute
38         Construction   SCOPE DEFINITION AND CONTROL                                  (CII).
                                                                                        Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry Institute
39         Construction   CONSTRUCABILITY: A PRIMER                                     (CII)
                                                                                        Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry Institute
40         Construction   EVALUATION OF DESIGN EFFECTIVENESS                            (CII)
                                                                                        Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry
42         Construction   PROJECT CONTROL FOR ENGINEERING                               Institute(CII)
                                                                                        Book: Publication Of Research Done By The Construction Industry Institute
43         Construction   CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY INSTITUTE MODEL PLANT                   (CII).

72         Construction   STRIKE BILL TARGET: CONSTRUCTION, THE                         10 Min. 37 Sec.
                                                                                        Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Helps Save Thousands Of Lives Each
197        CPR            CPR                                                           Year. Step-by-step Procedures Are Outlined. Time: 5 Minutes

200        CPR            HEIMLICH MANEUVER                                             Recognizing Choking And Performing Task.

230        CPR            HEIMLACH MANEUVER                                             Recognizing Choking And Performing Task.

244        CPR            CPR                                                           Need For

303        CPR            SELF HELP HEIMLACH                                            Self Administer
                                                                                        Workers May Be At Risk Of Serious Injury Or Death When A Crane Tips Or
7          Crane          CRANE SAFETY: OUTRIGGER SUPPORT AND STABILITY                 Overturns. To Help Avoid Accidents, Use Outriggers And Adequate Mats As
                                                                                        Overhead Cranes Can Inflict Injuries If Misused Or Abused. To Help Avoid
11         Crane          OVERHEAD CRANES                                               Accidents, Follow Procedures For Inspection, Safe Operation, And Preventative


227        Crane          SIGNAL, THE                                                   Hand Signals-Crane Operation

351        Crane          BIG REACH 1, THE                                              Do’s & Don’ts Of Crane Use

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                 5/17/2012

361         Crane          ANATOMY OF A LIFT                                    Crane Accidents
                                                                                Many People Still Think Diabetes Only Occurs During Childhood. But Over 90%
488         Diabetes       DIABETES                                             Of All Cases Of Diabetes Begin After The Age Of 30. Left Untreated, It Can

426         Disabilities   WILLING AND ABLE                                     How The Americans With Disabilities Act Affects You And 43 Million Lives.

433         Disabilities   ADA: WORKING TOGETHER                                Tips On How The Abled And Disabled Can Work Together

342         Disaster       NATURAL DISASTER PREPAREDNESS                        Planning Pays Off

422         Disaster       REDUNDANT REDUNDANCY                                 Redundant Safety Measures Are Used To Prevent Disasters.

102         DOT            `ALCOHOL AND DRUG RULES

143         DOT            DOT REGULATIONS OVERVIEW
                                                                                Hapless Hal Learns The Hard Way About The Risks Of Using Drugs And
59          Drugs          HAPLESS HAL AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM                   Alcohol Before Working Or Driving.

67          Drugs          SEMINAR (TAPE 1 OF 2)
68          Drugs          SEMINAR (TAPE 2 OF 2)
                                                                                Training Manual: The Supervisor’s Role In Administering DOT Regulations And
101         Drugs          NEED TO KNOW: SUBSTANCE ABUSE, THE                   A Drug Free Workplace. Video And Manuals, See 102-105.
103         Drugs          RULES                                                Leader’s GuideBook: The Alcohol Supplement For Supervisory Training.

104         Drugs          SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND CONSTRUCTIVE CONFRONTATION Leader’s Guide Book: DOT Compliance Training
                                                                                What Supervisors Need To Know About Dot Drug And Alcohol Rules Time: 60
105     B   Drugs          ALCOHOL SUPPLEMENT                                   Minutes.
                                                                                What Supervisors Need To Know About DOT Drug And Alcohol Rules. Time: 60


262         Drugs          WHO’S THE BOSS                                       Marijuana Use On The Job

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                            5/17/2012

270        Drugs          JUST A LITTLE NIP                                            Alcohol And Substance Abuse

272        Drugs          HOW TO RAISE A DRUG FREE CHILD

289        Drugs          COCAINE, THE TICKING CLOCK
                                                                                       Video And Brochure Designed To Provide Information About Illegal Drugs As
364        Drugs          HOW TO RAISE A DRUG FREE CHILD                               Well As To Suggest Ways To Help Eliminate Drug Use Among Children.

367        Drugs          DRUG ADDICTION INTERVENTION

420        Drugs          TEXAS PREVENTION PARTNERSHIP                                 Alcohol And Drug Abuse
                                                                                       Careless Use Of Prescription Drugs Can Be Dangerous. Video “Drug-Busters”
458        Drugs          RX FOR SAFETY                                                Tells Us Why We Should Take Our Medicine Seriously.
                                                                                       Are You Safe With Your Coworkers? A Recent Study By The National
495        Drugs          DRUG TESTING                                                 Institute On Drug Abuse Reports That A Large Percentage Of Employed People
497        Drugs          ALCOHOL AND DRUG RULES: ALCOHOL SUPPLEMENT                   Part I-Overview Of The DOT Rules-10 Min.
                          WHAT SUPERVISORS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE DOT What You Need To Know-DOT Alcohol And Drug Rules Handbook (Book 1 Of 3)
498        Drugs          ALCOHOL AND DRUG RULES-HANDBOOKS                             What You Need To Know About The New DOT Alcohol Rules: The Supplement
                                                                                       Abusing drugs and alcohol can cost you your job, your health, and your family
527        Drugs          DRUGS IN THE WORKPLACE: THE STRAIGHT STORY                   and friends.

537        Drugs          Drug Screening

65         Drugs          Audit of Copntractor Compliance w/company drug policy

                          ELECTRICAL SAFE WORK                          LOCKING   AND 20 min. Or Direct Contact With Energized Equipment Or Circuits May Cause
202        Electric       TAGGING                                                      Electrical Shock Or Other Injuries. Before Working On Near Live Parts,

219        Electric       ELECTRICAL BURNS                                             Precaution & Initial Treatment

328        Electric       TAKE ELECTRICITY SERIOUSLY

332        Electric       WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES                                       Lightning Safety
                                                                                       How To Reduce The Incidence Of Static Electric Sparks And Their Resultant
377        Electric       STATIC ELECTRICITY                                           Damage.

384        Electric       ZAP! POWER LINE SAFETY                                       Contact With Power Lines Can Injure, Maim Or Even Kill.


508        Electric       IT’S A MATTER OF YOUR SAFETY                                 A Film Produced By Square D Company On Electrical Workers’ Safety
                                                                                       Contact with or dangerous proximity to high voltage electrical systems can
526        Electric       DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE                                         cause serious injury, even death.
                                                                                       Electricity can be a friend or a foe. Unless electricity is treated with respect,
544        Electric       UNDERSTANDING ELECTRICITY                                    its power can be deadly.

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                    5/17/2012

SDP-12        Electric       SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Electrical Safety

574           Electric       Power Line Safety                                   Electrical Burns, A shocking Experience

220           Ergonomics     BASIC ERGONOMICS                                    Intro. To Concept Of Matching Man To Machine
                                                                                 Ergonomics Is As Useful In Our Lives At Home As It Is In Our Professional
502           Ergonomics     HOME ERGONOMICS                                     Lives At Work.
                                                                                 Protection of occupants in multi-story buildings is critical in the event of an
552           Evacuations    Emergency Evacuations From Multi-Story Buildings    emergency evacuation. Learn how to evacuate safely and efficiently before an

281           Excavation     ON SOLID GROUND                                     Excavation & Trenching

380           Excavation     ONE SOLID GROUND                                    A Plan For Safe Excavation And Trenching.

393           Excavation     PLAN TO LIVE                                        Emergency Evacuation Action Plans Can Prevent Tragedy At Your Shop Or Plant.

298           Fall           FALLS                                               Cause Of & Ways To Avoid

323           Fall           NICE TRIP, SEE YA NEXT FALL                         Fall Protection

352           Fall           SAFETYMAN VS. THE MASKED MENACE                     Fall Protection

451           Fall           CONSTRUCTION FALL PROTECTION
                                                                                 Falling Or Flying Objects Account For Many On-The-Job Accidents. This Video
470           Fall           FALLING OBJECTS                                     Explains How To Protect Yourself And Your Co-Workers From Danger Above.

549           Fall           Personal Fall Protection                            book

585           Fall           Fall Protection                                     11 min.

586           Fall           Fall Restraint                                      20 min.

235           Fatigue        BATTLING FATIGUE                                    Fatigue On The Job

1             Fire           Fighting Fires with Portable Distinguishers         on top shelf

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                   5/17/2012
                                                                                 Planning For Fire Action Is Essential To The Safety Of Every Office Worker.
141           Fire           OFFICE SAFETY – FIRE PLAN                           An Effective Fire Plan Can Help Prevent Loss Of Life And Personal Injury From

209           Fire           KNOW YOUR ABC’S FIRE EXINGUISHER

248           Fire           FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE, THE                          Fire Extinguishers

274           Fire           PREVENTING OFFICE FIRES

287           Fire           FIRST FEW MINUTES, THE                              In The Event Of Office Fire…

413           Fire           STAY LOW, STAY ALIVE                                How To Survive The Stranglehold Of Smoke.
                                                                                 The Hazards Of Portable Space Heaters Are Risks Of Fires And The
483           Fire           SPACE HEATERS                                       Possibility Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. This Video Explains Correct And
                                                                                 Portable fire extinguishers are classified according to their ability to handle
551           Fire           Fire Extinguishers                                  specific types and sizes of fires. Before using fire extinguishers, read labels

577           Fire           Classes of Fire Ext.                                11:40 min.

SDP-13        Fire           SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Fire Safety

399           FIRE           Fire Prevention
                                                                                 Video Creates An Awareness Of The Hazards Of Hot Work And Shows What
462           Firewatch      HOT WRENCH-FIREWATCH                                You Can Do To Reduce Accidental Fires And Explosions. Also Covers Duties Of

115           First Aid      BASIC FIRST AID, PART I

116           First Aid      BASIC FIRST AID, PART II

217           First Aid      STOP THE BLEEDING

247           First Aid      THERMAL BURNS

279           First Aid      FIRST CRUCIAL MINUTES, THE                          Medical Emergencies In The Workplace

290           First Aid      SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM, A                              Symptoms Of Shock & Treatment

300           First Aid      A-OK: FINGER SAFETY                                 Finger Injuries

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                          5/17/2012

334        First Aid      FIRST AID KITS                                               Different Types Of Kits

369        First Aid      BREATH OF LIFE, THE                                          Oxygen

396        First Aid      BIG CHILL, THE                                               Hypothermia

414        First Aid      FIRST AID FOR SEIZURES                                       First Aid Procedures For Seizures

415        First Aid      AMPUTATION INJURIES                                          Prevention, First Aid And Long Term Care
                                                                                       Minor Cuts And Scratches Can Become Major Problems If Not Treated
440        First Aid      MINOR CUTS AND SCRATCHES                                     Immediately. Illustrates First Aid Procedures.

292        Fuel           FUELING A MACHINE

129        Gas            Gas Cylinders

137        Gas            Gas Cylinders                                                Welding, Cutting, Brazing

569        Gas            Handling Gas Cylinders                                       5 minutes We Are Exposed To Gases In Our Homes And At Work. Video
466        Gas            GASES AT HOME AND WORK                                       Offers Tips For Preventing Exposures That Could Be Harmful Or Even Deadly.

385        Grinders       WHAT A GRIND                                                 Safety When Working With Grinders.
                                                                                       Prevent hand injuries by hazards, following safe work practices, and using
522        Hand           HAND SAFETY                                                  protective guards and personal protective equipment.

284        Handguns       HANDGUN SAFETY

374        Harassment     SEXUAL HARRASSMENT: RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES              Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

556        Harassment     Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for All Staff

557        Harassment     Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors
                                                                                       Transporting Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Can Pose Serious Threats To
6          Haz            HAZARDOUS MATERIALS REGULATIONS: OVERVIEW                    Public Safety. Compliance With Hazardous Materials Regulations Can Help
                                                                                       Hazardous Waste Can Pose Serious Dangers To Workers Who May Be Exposed
8          Haz            HAZWOPER PART I: TRAINING AND INFORMATION                   During Clean Up Operations Or Emergency Response. Proper Training And
                          HAZWOPER PART II: HAZARD IDENTIFICATION                 AND Hazardous Waste Is A Serious Safety And Health Hazard. Identification And
9          Haz            CONTROL                                                      Control Of Hazards Is Essential To Help Protect Employees Who May Be
                                                                                       Exposure To A Hazardous Substance Could Result In Contamination. Knowing
17         Haz            CONTAMINATION                                                Procedures For Decontamination Can Minimize Risks To Health And Safety.

130        Haz            CAN YOU SPOT THE HAZARDS?
                                                                                       A Compliance Kit For The Construction Industry Which Includes A Video, 25
182        Haz            HAZARD COMMUNICATION                                         Minutes. This Program Is Also Available For Purchase. (top shelf)

400        Haz            HAZ COM - WHAT IS IT?                                        How To Include A Haz Com Program In Your Workplace.
                                                                                       Don’t Take Warning Sighs For Granted- They Can Save Your Life! OSHA
401        Haz            HAZ COM - LABELS                                             Requires All Chemical Containers To Be Clearly Labels.

402        Haz            HAZ COM - MSDS                                               Review of OSHA requirements

416        Haz            HAZMAT FASHIONS                                              Dressing For Hazardous Materials.

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                  5/17/2012
                                                                              All workers should be familiar with hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This
516        Haz            HAZ COM – AN OVERVIEW                               Safety Shorts video overviews HAZ COM requirements, proper labeling, and
                                                                              Many chemicals, while powerful, are hazardous. To ensure safety, follow basic
519        Haz            HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS                                 principles of personal protection anytime you’re using chemicals. Time 5:00
                                                                              Under OSHA employers are required to inform employees of the chemical
535        Haz            HAZ COM - YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW                        hazards they face on the job.

536        Haz            HAZ COM - INTRODUCTION TO MSDS                      Information on hazardous chemiccals and procedures for safe use.
                                                                              The warning label on a chemical is often your first source of information about
539        Haz            HAZ COM - LABELS                                    chemical hazards. To ensure safety, always read labels before handling any

589        Haz            Harard Communication: Solutions

590        Haz            Haz Com…What is IT?

591        Haz            Haz Com…MSDS

592        Haz            Haz Com…Labels

215        Haz            HAZ COM - AN OVERVIEW                               Intro. To Requirements

307        Haz            SAFETY PROGRAMS                                     Be Informed Of The Hazards

341        Haz            JUST SAY NO TO DAY-GLO                              Dealing With Hazardous Materials
                                                                              Laboratory Workers Are Routinely Exposed To Hazardous Chemicals. Safe
492        Haz            LAB SAFETY 1 – CHEMICAL HAZARDS                     Work Practices Help Keep Exposures Below Limits And Protect Workers From
                                                                              Laboratory Workers Routinely Face Physical Hazards That Can Cause Serious
500        Haz            LABORATORY SAFETY: POTENTIAL HAZARDS II             Injury, And Even Death.
                                                                              Life’s One Big Sneeze For An Allergy Sufferer Until He Learns About
147        Health         ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA                                Prevention And Treatment. Time: 5 Minutes.

258        Health         DO’S & DON’TS OF PROPER DIETING


269        Health         EXERCISE YOUR HEART

285        Health         LYME DISEASE                                        What It Is & Prevention

313        Health         BEST FOOT FORWARD                                   Proper Foot Care

320        Health         GETTING YOUR BACK INTO IT

327        Health         KEEPING IT IN FOCUS                                 Contact Lenses In The Workplace

354        Health         YOUR HEART-AN OWNERS MANUAL                         Reduce Chance Of Heart Attacks

372        Health         COLDS AND FLU                                       Difference between a cold and the flu.

382        Health         HEADACHES                                           Types, Causes And Treatments.
                                                                              Recognizing The Warning Signs And Following Up With A Medical Check-Up
383        Health         HEARTBEAT AWAY, A                                   Could Keep You From Suffering A Major Stroke.

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                  5/17/2012
                                                                                 This Video Alerts Viewers Of The More Dangerous Sexually Transmitted
387            Health        SILENT EPIDEMIC, THE                                Diseases
                                                                                 What You Can Do To Reduce Your Exposure To Pesticides And Their Possible
392            Health        PESTICIDE- - PRIMER                                 Effects.

425            Health        PROTECTING AGAINST HEPATITIS B IN THE WORKPLACE     Complete Counseling On Hepatitis B In General

429            Health        DENTAL HYGIENE: SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT            Causes Of Dental Disease And Steps For Prevention

SDP-06         Health        SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Industrial Hygiene

111            Hear          NOW HEAR THIS                                       Learn How To Protect Yourself From Permanent Hearing Loss

126            Hear          Hearing Protection Devices

190            Hear          HEARING CONVERSATION                                Time: 12 Minutes

326        A Hear            SORRY, I DIDN’T HEAR THAT                           Hearing Impairment

326        B   Hear          SORRY, I DIDN’T HEAR THAT                           Hearing Impairment
                                                                                 Learn to prevent illnesses caused by overexposure to high temperatures and
123            Heat          HEAT ILLNESS                                        humidity.

237            Heat          HEAT CAN KILL                                       Heat Stroke-How To Handle

250            Heat          HANDLING THE HEAT                                   Heat Exhaustion Prevention

595            Heat          Heat Stress                                         11 min.

99         A Hurricane       HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS                              Time: 12:34 Min.

99         B   Hurricane     HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS                              Time: 15:38 Min.

142        A Hurricane       HOME PREPAREDNESS FOR HURRICANE                     Time: 8”18 Min.

142        B   Hurricane     HOME PREPAREDNESS FOR HURRICANE                     Time: 8”18 Min.
                                                                                 Near Misses Are Accidents That Could Have Happened, But Didn’t. Use Near
19             Injuries      NEAR MISSES                                         Misses As A Learning Tool To Help Identify Sources Of Potential Accidents.

117            Injuries      EYE INJURIES – 3-D                                  This video illustrates risks of eye injuries and prevention.

118            Injuries      EYE INJURIES – 3-D                                  This video illustrates risks of eye injuries and prevention.
                                                                                 This video teaches how to use work techniques and how to stay alert for
120            Injuries      REPETITIVE STRESS INJURIES-CONSTRUCTION             symptoms in order to prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries.
                                                                                 The First Symptom Of Hypertension Is Often Death. Hypertension
183            Injuries      HYPERTENSION                                        Contributes To One Million Deaths Per Year. Find Out How To Know Whether
                                                                                 Direct Trauma To The Head May Cause Many Types Of Injuries. Learn To
195            Injuries      HEAD INJURIES                                       Treat Minor Injuries, And To Recognize Signs And Symptoms Of More Serious

225            Injuries      SELF-HELP FOR BACK PAIN                             Back Injury & Exercise

228            Injuries      WORKERS ENEMY #1                                    Avoid Lifting Problems

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                      5/17/2012
                                                                              When Thrown Into The Eye, Even The Smallest Of Particles Can Do Great
241        Injuries       SLAG INJURIES TO THE EYE                            Harm. This Safety Shorts Video Reminds Us Of The Need For Proper Eye

249        Injuries       MURDER ON YOUR HANDS                                Suggestions To Fewer Hand Injuries

253        Injuries       HAVE A CHAIR                                        Office Chair Adjustment

275        Injuries       REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURIES

343        Injuries       STRIKE ONE FOR SAFETY                               Bone & Joint Injuries

355        Injuries       SAFETYMAN VS. THE MASKED MENACE                     Prevent Back Injuries

366        Injuries       WATCH YOUR BACK                                     The Correct Way To Lift, Carry And Lower Objects.

397        Injuries       COMPUTERIS—THE HIGH-TECH HAZARD                     How To Avoid Cumulative Trauma

403        Injuries       HANDLING THE PRESSURE                               How To Keep Yourself And Others From Being Injured From Hydroblasting.

406        Injuries       DANGER ON THE DOCK                                  How To Survive The Dander Of A Loading Dock

423        Injuries       DIGGING UP TROUBLE                                  What To Do When Digging To Avoid Being Caught In The Web Of Pipelines

430        Injuries       INJECTION INJURIES                                  Shows How To Avoid And Treat Devastating Injuries.
                                                                              Back Problems: Shows What Can Cause Back Injuries And How You Can Avoid
431        Injuries       BACK TO BASICS                                      Them.

438        Injuries       DAVID KRENEK-BACK PROBLEMS                          30 Minute Video Concerning Back Related Problems

455        Injuries       CONSTRUCTION BACK SAFETY
                                                                              Use Pallet Jacks Of Pump Up Your Productivity Without Pumping Up Your
476        Injuries       PALLET JACKS                                        Number Of Injuries.
                                                                              Tractors Are “Power On Wheels”. Their Power Can Help You-Or Kill You. This
484        Injuries       TRACTOR SAFETY                                      Five Minute Refresher Is Designed To Help Make Your Life Easier…Not
                                                                              Offices accidents can and do happen. To prevent injuries, make safety your
510        Injuries       INTRODUCTION TO SAFETY: OFFICE SAFETY               responsibility.
                                                                              Back injuries are the most common type of injury in the workplace. Help
543        Injuries       SAFE LIFTING TECHNIQUES                             reduce your chance of a back injury by using lifting techniques.

598        Injuries       EYE INJURIES – 3-D

599        Injuries       SHAKE HANDS WITH DANGER

386        Inspections    FIVE MINUTE INSPECTION, THE
                                                                              Stairways And Ladders Are A Major Source Of Accidents. Prevent Injuries By
24         Ladders        STAIRWAYS AND LADDERS: OVERVIEW                     Knowing Hazards, Following Safe Work Practices, And Using Your Common

211        Ladders        LADDER SAFETY                                       Dangers Of & Proper Use
                                                                              The Stepladder Is A Simple Tool To Use, Yet Many People Are Injured Yearly
232        Ladders        STEP LADDERS                                        Due To Careless Or Improper Usage. Help Reduce Accidents By Following
                                                                              Neglecting Safety Is Like Playing Chess With The Grim Reaper. We Will See
482        Ladders        SHORT LADDER                                        That A Lack Of Ladder Safety Can Put An End To The Game…And Your Life.
                                                                              Workers Illustrate Safe Procedures For Climbing Poles And Towers, Including
491        Ladders        CLIMBING POLES AND LADDERS                          Checking Environment, Inspecting Equipment And Structures, And Use Of

583        Ladders        LADDER SAFETY                                       15 min.

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                    5/17/2012

584        Ladders        Construction Stairways and Ladders                  11 min. Are Virtually Everywhere. But How Safe Are They? Find Out What
184        Lasers         LASERS                                              Kinds Of Injuries Lasers Can Cause, And What You Can Do To Avoid Being

                                                                              Lead Paint Has Been Used For Years To Protect Almost Anything Metal From
                                                                              The Weather. But Today, Lead Is Recognized As A Serious Health Hazard,
                                                                              Especially For Children. To Protect Yourself And Your Family, You Need To
28         Lead           LEAD! TREAT IT WITH RESPECT                         Know The Facts. Time: 17 Min.

193        lead           LEAD SAFETY IN CONSTRUCTION                         Lead Safety In Construction. Time: 12 Minutes

333        lead           LEAD IN PAINT CAN BE DEADLY                         Safe Removal
                                                                              Exposure to too much lead is dangerous. To limit exposure, exercise caution and
520        lead           LEAD IN THE WORKPLACE                               take advantage of all available means of protection. Time 5:00

203        Lockout        SLIPPIN' & TRIPPIN'                                 Locking & Tagging

207        Lockout        SLIPPIN' & TRIPPIN'                                 Locking & Tagging

277        Lockout        TAG-YOU’RE IT                                       Red Tag/Lock Out

410        Lockout        CONSTRUCTION LOCKOUT/TAGOUT

454        Lockout        CONSTRUCTION LOCKOUT/TAGOUT

5          Merit Shop     Building the Merit Shop

439        MSDS           CRACKING THE CODE                                   With The Help Of Codemaster, This Video Unravels The MSDS Mystery
                                                                              OSHA Inspections Can Raise Serious Concerns. To Be Prepared, Know Your
13         OSHA           HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN OSHA INSPECTION               Responsibilities For Safety And Follow All Safety Rules And Regulations.

187        OSHA           ABC/CEF “HOW TO SURVIVE AN OSHA INSPECTION          How To Survive An OSHA Inspection, Time 25 Minutes

                                                                              Peer Pressure At Work Can Cause Us To Ignore Proper Safety Procedures.
456        Peer           PEER PRESSURE                                       This Video Looks At Both Positive And Negative Types In The Workplace.

134        PLA            PLA Response Team

288        Poison         MR. YUK, POISON CONTROL

319        Poison         SALMONELLA                                          Food Poisoning

594        Poison         Poisonous Plants of the Southwest                   1 hr.

53         Power tools    Power tools - General Safety
                                                                              Personal protective equipment can help prevent many types of injuries. Choose
25         PPE            PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT                       PPE that matches the hazard incountered, and follow instructions for proper
                                                                              Trainer’s Guide And Video: This Training Module Is Designed To Raise
108        PPE            PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT                       Awareness Of How To Assess Hazards And Choose The Appropriate PPE. Use,

109        PPE            FALL PROTECTION SYSTEMS: OVERVIEW                   Learn How To Use And Install Fall Protection Systems
                                                                              Learn The Proper Anchoring And Tie-Off Techniques Of A Personal Fall Arrest
110        PPE            PERSONAL FALL ARREST SYSTEMS                        System.

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                5/17/2012

189            PPE           PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT                        Time: To Min.

301            PPE           PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT                                 Personal Protective Gear

SDP-07         PPE           SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                      Personal Protection Equipment

340            Recycling     DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR TRASH IS?                     Recycling At Home & Office
                                                                                  Shows What You Can Do To Comply With New Laws On Reclaiming, Recycling
441            Recycling     LOST IN THE OZONE                                    And Re-Using Freon.
                                                                                  A self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Offers Protection When
                                                                                  Breathing Conditions Approach Hazardous Levels. Knowing The Hazards, And
14             Respirators   SELF-CONTAINED RESPIRATORS I                         Which SCBA To Wear, Is Essential To Your Health And Safety.
                                                                                  A self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Offers Protection From
15             Respirators   SELF-CONTAINED RESPIRATORS II                        Hazardous Breathing Conditions. Workers Illustrate Procedures For Proper
                                                                                  Designed To Provide Accurate And Authoritative Information Regarding
33             Respirators   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: COMPLIANCE MANUAL            Respiratory Protection. Manual Designed For Presentation And Training. Part

34         G Respirators     RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ANOTHER WORLD                Employee Training Manuals; 10 To A Set

34         C   Respirators   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ANOTHER WORLD                Employee Training Manuals; 10 To A Set

34         D Respirators     RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ANOTHER WORLD                Employee Training Manuals; 10 To A Set

34         E   Respirators   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ANOTHER WORLD                Employee Training Manuals; 10 To A Set

34         F   Respirators   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ANOTHER WORLD                Employee Training Manuals; 10 To A Set

34         B   Respirators   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ANOTHER WORLD                Training Program Which Includes Leader’s Guide And Video; 22 Minutes

192            Respirators   FIT TESTING RESPIRATORS                              Fit Testing Respirators Time: 10 Minutes

245            Respirators   TO HEAR THE BIRDS SING                               Respirator Use & Maintenance

571            Respirators   Respiratory Training                                 Universal Fitting Instructions (36 minutes)

578            Respirators   Four Elements of Respiratory Protection              11 min.
                                                                                  Every Year, Thousands Of Workers Die From Job-Related Accidents. To
12             Safety        WORKPLACE FATALITIES: MOST COMMON CAUSES             Improve On-The-Job Safety, Learn The Common Causes Of Accidents And Be

70             Safety        CUSTOMER SATISFACTION                            Joe Griffith
                              TRENCHING SAFETY; EYE INJURIES; HAZ-COM ; BEING
78             Safety        SAFE WITH ERNEST                                     Safety Tapes, 4 On Tape.

83             Safety        SHAKE HANDS WITH DANGER                              Time: 23 Min.

86             Safety        SAFETY INTERVENTION

107            Safety        Construction Safety Essestials training Guide Book

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                5/17/2012

119        Safety         JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS                                 This video helps prevent accidents by conducting a Job Hazard Analysis.
                                                                              Get The Most Out Of Work-Hours Spent On Training By Sharpening Your Skills
139        Safety         EFFECTIVE SAFETY MEETINGS                           At Creating Highly Effective Safety Meetings
                                                                              Clutter In The Workplace Can Often Get In The Way Of Safety. This Safety
140        Safety         OFFICE SAFETY-PERSONAL WORKSPACE                    Shorts Video Stresses The Importance On An Orderly Work Area For Keeping
                                                                              Failure To Comply With These Responsibilities Can Lead To Accidents. Time: 5
146        Safety         EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES                           Minutes
                                                                              Quality Assurance Programs Help Increase Productivity And Reduce Accidents.
148        Safety         QUALITY ASSURANCE                                   By Following The Principles Of These Programs, You Can Improve The Quality

166        Safety         SAFETY COMMITTEES                                   Learn How To Form A Safety Committee Between Employers And Employees.
                                                                              Pro-Active Safety Puts You In Charge Of Your Own Destiny. Instead Of
199        Safety         PRO-ACTIVE SAFETY                                   Reaction To Accidents, Pro-Active Safety Provides A Way To Prevent Them By

208        Safety         WHERE ARE YOUR HANDS

210        Safety         FIRST STEP TO DANGER                                Hazard Of The 1st Step Down

213        Safety         UP IN SMOKE                                         Flammable Liquids

218        Safety         WATCH YOUR LOAD

222        Safety         STAR WITNESS-ACCIDENT REPORT

223        Safety         WELCOME INTERRUPTION G.F.C.I., A
                                                                              Falls Are A Leading Cause Of On-The-Job Injuries And Fatalities. Find Out
224        Safety         GENERAL MANUFACTURING                               How To Eliminate These Painful Mishaps. Time: 5 Minutes

229        Safety         HEADS UP FOR SAFETY                                 Overhead Dangers

231        Safety         CHARGING UP ON BATTERY SAFETY

233        Safety         HARD HATS-HARD HEADS

234        Safety         PERSONAL WORKSPACE

236        Safety         FOOT CLOSER TO SAFETY, A                            Proper Foot Protection

242        Safety         DREAMS INTO NIGHTMARES                              Safety Consciousness

243        Safety         JUDGE, JURY & EXECUTION

251        Safety         BAR-B-Q HAL                                         Do's and Don't's in backyard cooking

254        Safety         SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                5/17/2012

255        Safety         ON ANY GIVE DAY…STATISTICS

256        Safety         HAPLESS HAL’S ROADSIDE SAFETY

259        Safety         NO MORE MR. MEAN SCREEN                              CRT Screen Safety
                                                                               Computer Users Are Highly Susceptible To Cumulative Trauma Disorders
265        Safety         WORKSTATION ERGONOMICS PART 1: EYESTRAIN  Caused By Repetitive Motion At A Keyboard. To Help Reduce Injuries, Follow
                          WORKSTATION ERGONOMICS PART 2: CUMULATIVE Computer Users Are Highly Susceptible To Cumulative Trauma Disorders
266        Safety         TRAUMA DISORDERS                                     Caused By Repetitive Motion At A Keyboard. To Help Reduce Injuries, Follow

268        Safety         SHOCKING EXPERIENCE, A                               Working Around Power Lines

271        Safety         CHAINS IN SAFETY                                     Preventing Human Weakness

296        Safety         CAR JACK                                             Car Jack Safety

299        Safety         LIFT FOR SAFETY, A                                   Personnel Lift Baskets

306        Safety         CUTTING IT SHORT PART I                              Power Motor Safety

308        Safety         DESTINATION SAFETY                                   Safety Conscious Employees

309        Safety         HOME SAFETY: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE

310        Safety         DANGER: HAZARDOUS DUTY                               Loading Docks & Warehouses

314        Safety         CUTTING IT SHORT PART II                             Lawn Mower Safety

315        Safety         BUCKLE UP FOR SAFETY

316        Safety         BOATING SAFETY

318        Safety         THE FIRST HUNT                                       Hunting Safety

322        Safety         DESTINATION SAFETY: PART II                          Safety At Home & Job

324        Safety         TIMING IS EVERYTHING                                 Possible Shift Work Dangers
                                                                               Knowing How To Take Care Of Incidental Chemical And Waste Spills Can
329        Safety         CHANGE OF HABIT                                      Improve Plant Safety And Protect The Environment. In This Video, Stan And

330        Safety         SAFETY MENTOR, THE                                   Tips-Workplace-How To Prevent

336        Safety         FLASHBURN                                            Damaging Effects & Prevention

344        Safety         MACHINE SAFETY GUARDS                                Using Machines With Safety Guards

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                   5/17/2012

346        Safety         BARRICADES-FORMIDDEN ZONE                           Tips On Barricade Safety

359        Safety         SELF INTEREST OF SAFETY

360        Safety         TO STOP A THIEF                                     Avoid Becoming A Victim

363        Safety         ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS

365        Safety         OFFICE SAFETY

375        Safety         DEADLY DETOUR—BARRICADE SAFETY II                   Ways To Get Through The “Roadwork Maze” Unscratched

391        Safety         SAFETY IN UNFAMILIAR PLACES

398        Safety         BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS OVERVIEW                       Complete Overview

404        Safety         DEALING WITH DOGGIE DANGERS                         How To Avoid Being Dogged By Dogs
                                                                              How To Handle The Ups And Downs Of Lift Truck Operation Around A Loading
405        Safety         DOCK SAFETY- LIFT TRUCKS                            Dock Or Warehouse

419        Safety         SAFETY IS YOUR JOB TOO!                             This Video Explains The Safety Shorts Method Of Safety Training.
                                                                              Awareness Of The Danger Of Temporary Hazards, Especially Holes &
434        Safety         BARRICADE TAPE                                      Encourages Respect For Tape Barricades.
                                                                              Defines The Employee’s Responsibility To Help Assure Success Of A Company’s
437        Safety         THERE’S NO MAGIC TO SAFETY                          Safety Program.
                                                                              This Video Alerts The Viewer To Slipping Hazards Posed By Mother Nature,
444        Safety         SLIPPIN; AND SLIDIN’                                And Illustrates Steps For Protection.

                                                                              Video Investigates The Tricks And Hazards Of Working With Aerial And
459        Safety         UP, UP AND AWARE                                    Other Types Of Lifting Platforms.
                                                                              If Someone Was Breaking Into Your House, What Would You Do? Learn How
477        Safety         PROWLER                                             To Prevent And Survive break-ins.
                                                                              Video Teaches Us About A Number Of Serious Water Related Hazards, How
478        Safety         WATER SAFETY                                        To Prevent Them From Occurring And How To Deal With Them If They Do.
                                                                              How Does It Feel To Know You’ve Gambled With Safety And Lost? As Harvey
505        Safety         IFICOULDAWOULDASHOULDA                              Falls To His Fate, He Looks At What He Could Have, Should Have And Would
                                                                              Managing Safety Is An Integral Part Of A Manager’s Job. A Pro-Active
507        Safety         MANAGERS INVOLVEMENT IN SAFETY PROGRAMS             Approach Can Add To Your Job Satisfaction And Your Bottom Line.
                                                                              Often, people have accidents because they make the wrong choices. Learn how
509        Safety         A SAFETY STORY                                      you can help avoid accidents by taking responsibility for your safety.

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                   5/17/2012

                                                                                 The construction industry is one of the most dangerous professions because
512           Safety         INTRODUCTION TO SAFETY: CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY       there are so many hazards. To help prevent accidents, always be aware of

                                                                                 Workplace accidents happen every day, in every type of environment. To help
                                                                                 prevent accidents, learn and follow all safety measures applicable to your job.
513           Safety         INTRODUCTION TO SAFETY: General Industry            Time: 5:00

                                                                                 Hapless Hal learns about behavior-based safety when he finds himself trapped
517           Safety         HAPLESS HAL PLAYS THE BEHAVIOR-BASED SAFETY GAME    inside of a video game. Time 5:00

523           Safety         WORKPLACE SAFETY: BEATING THE ODDS                  Beat the odds by making safety a part of your job.
                                                                                 Safety signs play a major role in preventing accidents. Learn basic sign
540           Safety         SAFETY SIGNS                                        language so you can recognize and understand hazard warnings in your
                                                                                 This video is designed to give employees an orientation to safety topics
555           Safety         Safety Orientation                                  including hazard communications requirements, personal protective equipment

579           Safety         Industrial Safety Orientation                       17:48 min.

588           Safety         Three Steps to Safety

SDP-01        Safety         SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Safety Management


SDP-04        Safety         SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Safety Inspections

SDP-05        Safety         SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Accident Investigation

SDP-09        Safety         SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Machine Safeguarding

SDP-11        Safety         SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Materials Handling And Storage

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                    5/17/2012
                                                                               Slings Are Used Extensively Throughout Construction, Manufacturing And
463        Safety         SLINGS                                               Marine Materials Handling. This Video Shows How To Safely Work With

481        Safety         Back Belts

                                                                               Help Reduce Hazards By Knowing Your Tool And Following Safe Procedures For
88         saw            TABLE SAWS                                           Operation And Use. Time: 5 Min.

145        saw            RADIAL ARM SAWS                                      Safety Rules For Setup And Various Operations. Time: 5 Min.

276        saw            SHORT CUT TO DISASTER, A                             Chain Saw Injuries

291        saw            SHORT CUT TO DISASTER PART 2                         Proper Use Of Chain Saws

122        Scaffold       MOBILE SCAFFOLDS                                     Learn to take steps to ensure stability with mobile scaffolds
                                                                               Fatalities And Serious Injuries Associated With Scaffolds Are Common. Help
257        Scaffold       SCAFFOLDS: PART I - GENERAL REQUIREMENT              Reduce Accidents By Making Sure Supported Scaffolds Meet Requirements For

260        Scaffold       SCAFFOLDING SAFETY                                   Use & Installation
                                                                               Safe Use Of Scaffolds Can Help Reduce Accidents. Before Performing Work
278        Scaffold       SCAFFOLDS: PART II – SAFE WORK PRACTICES             On Scaffolds, Know The Hazards And Understand Procedures To Control Or

411        Scaffold       SAFETY ON THE BOARDWALK                              How To Cut Down Danger On Scaffolds.

412        Scaffold       RIGGING THE BOARDWALK                                Scaffolds Guardrails, Planking Etc. Safety

575        Scaffold       Scaffold Safety                                      construction saffold safety, 11 min.

576        Scaffold       Scaffold Planks

572        Shock          Shock Hazards Tools

312        Smoking        SMOKING                                              Kicking The Habit, Methods
                                                                               Platform Professional: A Speaker With An International Reputation Who Has
35         Speaker        DOC BLAKELY: GENERALLY SPEAKING                      Been A Valuable Resource For Corporations, Associations, And Other Meetings
71         Speaker        MINUTE MANAGER                                       3 Segments: 10 Min., 93 Min., And 49 Min.

         Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                         5/17/2012

73             Speaker       SUCCESS IS ATTITITUDE                                         Joe Griffith

84             Speaker       HERE SHE IS…JEANNE SWANNER ROBERTSON                          Humorist 17 Min.

127            speaker       Toot Your Horn

105        E   Suspicion     REASONABLE SUSPICION
                             REASONABLE          SUSPICION    AT    THE     SUPERVISOR’S
105        D Suspicion       DISCRETION

221            Tools         SHOCK HAZARDS- -POWER TOOLS                                   Check Tool Before Use

261            Tools         RIGHT TOOL, THE                                               Selecting The Proper Tool

347            Tools         PUMPING AIR                                                   Safe Use Of Portable Air Powered Tools
                                                                                           Working With Wood Can Be Rewarding. Don’t Take Away From That By Using
479            tools         WOODWORKING HAND TOOLS                                        Woodworking Hand Tools Unsafely.
                                                                                           Improperly Used Or Maintained, Power Tools Can Injure Or Kill. This Safety
490            Tools         SHOCK HAZARDS- -POWER TOOLS                                   Shorts Video Takes A Look At A Few Simple Ways To Prevent Electric Shock

573            Tools         HAND TOOL SAFETY                                              Nail & Staple Guns, Machine Safety Guards

SDP-10         tools         SUPERVISORS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                               Hand Tools And Portable Power Tools
                                                                                           In This Video, A follow-up To “The Right Tool Video”, Two Workers Show The
461            Tools         HAND TOOL SAFETY                                              Right And Wrong Way To Make Use Of Everyday Hand Tools.
                                                                                           Hapless Hal, Veteran Of Countless Unsafe Practices, Shows How Not To Use A
503            Tools         NAIL & STAPLE GUNS                                            Pneumatic Nail And Staple Guns In This Humorous Rambo Spoof.

597            Tornados      Tornados

553            train         Train-the-trainer                                             Module 5 - Teaching Methods & Use of Instructions Aids

554            train         Train-the-trainer                                             Module 6 - Developing a lesson plan
                                                                                           Safety Training And Awareness To Avoid Injuries. This Is Produced By ABC
93             Trench        TRENCHING SAFETY                                              Keystone Chapter. Time: 20 Min

94             Trench        TRENCHING SAFETY                                              Time: 20 Min.

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                5/17/2012

321         Trench        TRENCHING SAFETY- -I                                Basic Guidelines

325         Trench        TRENCHING SAFETY II

452         Trench        TRENCHING & SHORING SAFETY

550         Trench        Trench & Shoring                                    book

587         Trench        Trenching Safety, On Solid Ground                   10 min.

                                                                              Learn Some Easy To Apply Techniques To Significantly Reduce The Likelihood
91          Vehicle       INTERSECTIONS                                       That You Will Be Involved In An Intersection Accident.

105     C   Vehicle       DRIVER ALERT                                        What You Need To Know About Dot Drug And Alcohol Rules. Time: 45 Minutes

125         Vehicle       Defensive Driving Part I: Principles

136         Vehicle       Defensive Driving PART 2
                                                                              You Face Many Distractions And Hazards While Driving In The City.
138         Vehicle       CITY DRIVING                                        Sometimes The Distractions Become The Hazards. Driving In The City

165         Vehicle       ROAD RAGE
                                                                              Operators Of Passenger Vans And Shuttle Buses Can Help Ensure Passenger
177         Vehicle       PASSENGER VANS & SHUTTLE BUS OPERATIONS I           Safety By Conducting A Pre-Trip Inspection Of The Vehicle And By Following
                                                                              The Safety Of Passengers In Passenger Vans And Shuttle Buses Depends On
178         Vehicle       PASSENGER VANS & SHUTTLE BUS OPERATIONS II          Skilled Drivers Who Can Handle Their Vehicle At All Times. Scenes Illustrate
                                                                              When Driving A Utility Van, Inspect Your Vehicle And Secure Tools And Cargo
179         Vehicle       UTILITY VANS PART I                                 To Help Reduce The Risk Of Accidents Caused By Mechanical Malfunctions Or
                                                                              Safely Driving A Utility Van Is No Accident. The Keys To Safety Are Knowing
180         Vehicle       UTILITY VANS PART II                                Your Vehicle And Its Limitations, And Knowing How To Handle Your Vehicle

212         Vehicle       GOOD DRIVING IS AN ATTITUDE

226         Vehicle       BEATING A BLOWOUT                                   Vehicle Handling In Tire Blowouts

282         Vehicle       TEXAS DRIVERS VIDEO GUIDE

293         Vehicle       LONE DRIVER                                         Safety When Driving Alone

304         Vehicle       NIGHT DRIVING

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                  5/17/2012

317        Vehicle        MOTORCYCLE SAFETY

339        Vehicle        DRIVING DEFENSIVELY                                 Safety Principles

353        Vehicle        MOMENT OF IMPACT, THE                               What To Do After And Auto Accident

356        Vehicle        HOODS UNDER THE HOOD                                Vehicle Safety

357        Vehicle        DRIVING DEFENSIVELY II                              Additional Driving Tips

370        Vehicle        LOOK, LISTEN & LIVE                                 Can A Company Truck Or Private Vehicle Win A face-off With A 100 Car Train?

381        Vehicle        PASSENGER OVERBOARD                                 Safety For Riding In The Back Of Pickups

417        Vehicle        SHARING THE ROAD WITH ROLLING RIGS                  How To Avoid A Run With A Big Rig.

427        Vehicle        MULTI-PIECE RIM WHEEL SAFETY                        How To “Re-Tire” Without A Disability

428        Vehicle        SINGLE-PIECE RIM WHEEL SAFETY                       How To “Re-Tire”.

436        Vehicle        COMMERCIAL TRAILERS                                 Points Out Some Of The Major Problems And Shows You How To Avoid Them.
                                                                              Improper Use Of Rolling Equipment Can Lead To Accidents. Speeding, Not
471        Vehicle        RIDING ROLLING EQUIPMENT                            Using Safety Belts, Unsecured Equipment And People Hitching Rides Are Just
                                                                              Speeding Is A National Epidemic. It’s Deadly, It’s Everywhere. This Video
472        Vehicle        SPEEDING (CARS)                                     Motivates The Viewer To Make A Life-Saving Decision Not To Speed.
                                                                              Smart Truck Drivers Know That Driving Laws Change, But The Laws Of Physics
473        Vehicle        SPEEDING (TRUCKS)                                   Apply All Over The World. Adding Excessive Speed To The Weight Of A Truck
                                                                              Cellular phones and two-way radios offer great benefits, but they also can
515        vehicle        CELLULAR PHONES & TWO-WAY RADIOS                    divert a driver’s attention away from the driving task. If you use wireless
                                                                              Seat belts and air bags save lives. When used properly, seat belts or child
518        Vehicle        SEAT BELTS AND AIR BAGS                             safety seats combined with air bags offer the most effective safety
                                                                              Violence In The Workplace Is On The Rise. Precautions Include Recognizing
196        Violence       VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE                           The Potential For Violence, And Knowing What To Do In The Event Of An

362        Violence       RAPE AWARENESS                                      Rape Prevention Tips

379        Violence       HANDS UP!                                           Tips To Help Prevent Street Robbery.
                                                                              Welding And Cutting Work Is Inherently Hazardous. High Heat. Sources Of
18         weld           WELDING AND CUTTING SAFETY I                        Ignition. You Need To Know How To Practice Your Craft Without Getting

295        Weld           MATTER OF DEGREE PART I, A                          Welding Torch Safety

305        Weld           MATTER OF DEGREE PART II, A                         Welding Torch Safety

450        Weld           CONSTRUCTION WELDING SAFETY
581        Weld           Construction Welding Safety                         11 min.

48         Wheelbarrows Wheelbarrows

3                         101 Power Strategies                                Tools to Promote Yourself as the Contractor of Choice (book)

      Associated Builders Contractors Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Library List                                                                 5/17/2012

22                        One Minute Manager - Remember Me

23                        David Bush "Visit" 1/1999

29                        THE RIGHT WAY TO MANAGE                             Conway Quality, Inc.

30                        SFA GRADUATION                                      Stephen F. Austin State University’s Commencement Exercises From 1992.

41                        President Regan's Msg 2/22/98

44                        How to be an Outstanding Receptionist Vol 1

45                        How to be an Outstanding Receptionist Vol 2

46                        How to be an Outstanding Receptionist Vol 3

106                       GETTING IT RIGHT AT HEIGHT

131                       Growing Stronger Together

132                       Educate 1999

214                       The Big Stretch

331                       Lighting up your life

358                       PM for skin cancer - slip, solp, & slap

467                       Knives & Boxcutters

525                       Supervisor Safety Responsibilities

528                       Highly Effective People
                                                                              Confronting the skilled construction work force shortage. A blueprint to the
529     B                 THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                             future. (Reading Material)

530                       THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                             The business stake in effective project systems. (Reading Material)

531                       THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                             Quality health care is good business. (Reading Material)

532                       THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                             Technology in the 21st Century. (Reading Material)
                                                                              The role of technology in responding to concerns about global climate change.
533                       THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                             (Reading Material)

534                       THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                             Transforming Education Policy (Reading Material)

538                       Training Video

570                       A Look Back In Time                                 15:24 minutes

601                       Out of Control


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