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    They are community volunteers, valiant public servants and dynamic                                         Jason Beck
  business leaders: Meet 40 of the area’s most influential young professionals.
      This magazine commemorates the second class of The Fayetteville                                     CONTRIBUTING WRITER
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  Observer’s 40 Under Forty. This year, our honorees are outstanding examples
  of the bright future our community is building. These young men and women                                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  will be honored during a semi-formal gala at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden                                Danielle N. Fennern
  on Friday, May 18.
    We sincerely thank our sponsors, judges and participants for continuing the                               Honoree photos by
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                                                                               www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012     3
Class of 2012
      Samantha Angarita                            Ruthie Dent                             Wyatt Jenkins                        Heather Scarboro

      Stuart A. Augustine                 Capt. Jarvora Duncan                            Brooke Johnson                           Natasha Scott

      Kristin S. Braswell                         Teresa Elliott                         Kristin McCarthy                       David Sessoms Jr.

        Tommy Burns II                             Jane Fields                           Juelle McDonald                         Jennifer Sullivan

           Leonna Byrd                         Deno Frangakis                              Karen McLeod                         1st Lt. Carlos Swan

         Nichole Canady                          Natalie Fryer                              Bryan Moore                          Vance Townsend

        Crystal Cavalier                    Lt. Matthew Hurley                                 Chris Rey                           Kelly Twedell

       Melody Chalmers                           Mandy Hurley                             Andrea Royster                          Mark Wamsher

          Lisa Childers                          Jennifer Ingle                            David Russell                          Johnny Wilson

          Joseph Coker                      Brittany A. Jackson                            Stacy Sanders                       Dr. Marian Wooten

                                                                                                                                   Jane Fields
                                                                                                  Age 37 • Principal • Cumberland County Schools

                                      t seems there’s only one career             bad turn into something positive. It        before becoming an administrator as
                                      option for those in Jane Fields’            really brought our community together       the Academy of Finance director at
                                      family – education. Both of her             – even closer than before.”                 Douglas Byrd.
                                  parents and three siblings work for the            Fields served as a valuable leader          “As director I worked diligently to
                                  Cumberland County School system,                during the crisis, with the school only     build community partnerships for
                                  so it’s only natural for this 37-year-old       missing one day of class.                   our school,” she said. “I also worked
                                  Fayetteville native to be a part of that           Her peers rave of her dedication to      closely with the National Academy
                                      trend.                                      her family and the school system.           Foundation, presenting at their annual
                                            Fields, who has been in the              “Overall she exemplifies all the         national conferences. This job helped
                                          Cumberland County School                characteristics of a young, success-        me develop my leadership philosophy
                                           system for 16 years, became            ful woman who is a leader on the            and encouraged me to pursue a career
                                             principal of Pine Forest High        move in the 21st century,” said Daniel      in school administration.”
                                              School in 2010, her first posi-     krumanocker of Douglas Byrd High               She achieved her master’s degree
                                                tion as the top official at a     School. “Her accomplishments, char-         and was soon named assistant prin-
                                                  school.                         acter and commitment make her the           cipal of Douglas Byrd before moving
                                                        It didn’t take long for   bet candidate for the honor in being        to Pine Forest as principal. She is
                                                      her to receive a trial      included in the 40 Under Forty.”            currently studying at the University
                                                      by fire. Last year, a          Education is important to Fields,        of North Carolina at Greensboro with
                                                       tornado devastated         especially the high school age group.       plans of getting her doctorate.
                                                       the campus on the             “That’s where my heart is,” Fields          On top of her busy job leading Pine
                                                      same night seniors          said. “I thought I wanted to be a lawyer.   Forest, she also gives back to the
                                                      were supposed to            I got to college and found out how          community. She is a member of the
                                                      attend prom.                much I missed high school.                  Cumberland Community Foundation
                                                        “I only had to worry         “I just missed all that high school      Scholarship Committee, a Leadership
                                                    for a brief moment,           had to offer,” she said. “That’s when I     Fayetteville Alumni and volunteer, and
                                                 because the commu-               decided I wanted to return home and         serves as the Cumberland County
                                                nity support started really       teach and coach.”                           Schools United Way District Campaign
                                              rolling in,” she said. “We             Fields coached cheerleading and          chairperson. She credits her 8-year-old
                                             made something that was              softball and taught high school history     daughter as her greatest achievement.

4   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
Natasha Scott
Age 37 • Executive Director, Student Services
Cumberland County Schools

       ven as a student herself,          and is still responsible for keeping                                                 selves graduated and take the late
       Natasha Scott had a calling        students from dropping out.                                                          classes and get through the work,
       for helping adolescents stay           “I just do what I’m supposed to                                                  but its having someone who actu-
in school.                                do,” she said. “If a lot is given to                                                 ally cares if they graduate or not.”
   “When I was a senior in high           you, you have to give a lot back.”                                                       Scott performs many volunteer
school one of my classmates                   Scott is also seeking her                                                           acts in the community. She’s a
dropped out of school due to              doctoral degree in educational                                                           member of the Junior League of
tragic events in his life,” she said,     leadership, perfecting her craft                                                         Fayetteville and is active in her
recalling her early interest in social    even further.                                                                            church, Lewis Chapel Mission-
work. “I worked with my principal             “I would like to use that                                                            ary Baptist, where she volun-
and the registrar at my school            knowledge to continue to create                                                          teers with Daisy Troop 1864.
to get (the student) enrolled in          programs and bring resources to                                                             Though Scott didn’t come
the evening program and made              the district that will focus on at-risk                                                  from an upbringing of wealth
a home visit to find out why he           students,” she said.                                                                     and privilege, she doesn’t see
dropped out and to share informa-             She’s already performing the                                                        her academic and professional
tion about the evening program. In        role in her current position. She                                                       achievements as unique or
fact, I gave him a ride to school on      helped create a mentorship pro-                                                        unusual.
his first day back.”                      gram last spring to help students                                                        “I don’t think that my life story
   Even though Scott, now 37,             in danger of falling behind.                                                          is very different from most,”
didn’t know student retention                 “It’s really the personal touch                                                  she said of her rural upbringing
would be her future career, she           ... It’s kids knowing that some-                                                     in Brunswick County. “I don’t
always wanted to work in the              body actually cares about                                                            feel that I have overcome any
school system. She’s the execu-           what happens to them,” she                                                           personal battles. I’m just a person
tive director for student services        said. “They have go to do the                                                        who has been blessed beyond
for Cumberland County Schools             work. They have to get them-                                                          measure.”

Nichole Canady
Age 38 • Financial Services Representative, Investment Adviser Representative • MetLife

        ne would think Nichole               Last year, she was runner up for          out and fix my own flat. It’s helped
        Canady runs out of hours in       the chamber’s Ambassador of the              me to have a really good work ethic.
        the day. However, time man-       Year award.                                     “One of the things I learned from
agement is a strong characteristic of        “I like the idea of the entrepre-         her is even if we could not give
every 40 Under Forty honoree – it’s       neurial spirit; helping promote that         money, there were always things
evident in this 38-year-old invest-       piece in our community,” she said.           we could do charity wise,” she
ment advisor.                             “As many things that I give and              said.
    A full-time job with MetLife guid-    like to do and support, the big-                She’s served in many
ing clients’ financial futures would      gest impact and thing I can do in            areas throughout the years
be enough responsibility for most,        Fayetteville is to try to get the small      including fundraising
but Canady adds a full slate of           businesses to succeed.”                      activities such as the
volunteer work to her busy schedule          Part of her duty as an ambassa-           March of Dimes, Spe-
as a businesswoman and single             dor is visiting local business owners        cial Olympics, Heart
mother.                                   spreading the good news occurring            Association and the
    “I’m a very positive person, so my    in Fayetteville. She also encourages         Lupus Walk.
thought, in addition to all the million   everyone she meets to shop locally.             For those who say
things going on, is what can I do            She has spent much of her life            they don’t have the
to improve what’s going on around         in Fayetteville and graduated from           resources to give back
me?” she said. “Is there someone’s        Methodist University.                        to the community,
life I can improve?”                         She credits her upbringing for            she has one simple
    Canady believes her biggest           turning her into the giving personal-        message.
mission is attracting new people          ity she is today.                               “I always say it’s not about
and business to Fayetteville. That’s         “I think being raised by a single         money or finances,” she said.
why she volunteers her time as an         mother who was a workaholic – she            “Sometimes if they could just
ambassador for the Fayetteville/          never stops – helped me become               give a little bit of time ... Helping
Cumberland County Chamber                 very independent,” Canady said.              and doing is what makes me
of Commerce and Fayetteville              “There’s nothing I won’t try or do. If I     happy, so I always consider that
Beautiful.                                get a flat tire, it’s as simple as I’d get   my ‘me’ time.”

                                                                                                     www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012         5
                                                                                                                                  Ruthie Dent
                                        Age 30 • Director of Marketing and Communications • United Way of Cumberland County

       ompassion, perseverance                                                    writing the obituary section at the         everyone uses a small amount to help
       and faith make Ruthie Dent                                                 Fayetteville Observer.                      those in need.”
       an outstanding marketing                                                      In 2006 Dent joined the Fayetteville/       She is an active member of
representative for the United Way of                                              Cumberland County Chamber of                Fayetteville Young Professionals,
Cumberland County.                                                                Commerce’s marketing and commu-             Fayetteville Public Relations As-
   Her family moved to Fayetteville                                               nications department. Working for the       sociation, Partnership for Children’s
in the late 1980s to be closer to                                                 chamber, Dent met the people and            public development and engagement
extended family.                                                                  organizations who make Fayetteville         committee, and the Fayetteville Duck
   Dent graduated from Seventy-                                                   great.                                      Derby committee. Ruthie is also active
First High School and headed to                                                      “I like to think that God puts us in     in her church, Fayetteville Christian
The University of North Carolina                                                  the right place at the right time, all we   and Missionary Alliance, where she
at Chapel Hill, where she earned                                                  have to do is give him control,” said       volunteers in the nursery and heads
a bachelor’s degree in com-                                                         Dent. “I can prepare myself to the        the events and decorating committee.
munications and art history.                                                         best of my ability … but nothing            “When the citizens of a community
Resume in hand, Ruthie                                                                 ever comes to fruition without his     have an education, they obtain quality
Dent charged into her                                                                    guidance.”                           jobs and a stable income, which all
post-college job hunt with                                                                  She joined the United Way of      lead to a good healthful life,” she said.
singular determination.                                                                   Cumberland County in 2011 as        “A significant improvement in these
    “To get my proverbial                                                                 the director of marketing and       areas leads to a greater ‘quality of
foot in the door, I did                                                                    communications. She seeks to       place.’ The success of the citizens de-
some freelance writing                                                                     mobilize volunteers and civic-     fines the success of the community.”
for a local community                                                                     minded young professionals to          “Ruthie inspires those around her
newspaper, while work-                                                                  help those in need.                   with her consistent can-do attitude,
ing at a local bank and                                                                    “United Way strategically          and persistent belief that one person
spending weekends at the                                                               invests in community programs          really can and does make a differ-
downtown children’s museum,”                                                         that focus on impact areas of            ence in her community,” said Tammy
said Dent.                                                                          education, income and health,” said       Laurence, United Way of Cumberland
   She also spent a short time                                                    Dent. “We value time, so we ask that        County.

Deno Frangakis
Age 35 • Partner • Williford, Hollers, Crenshaw, Boliek, & Frangakis

         o matter the situation, Deno    system as you can – that no one is        Cumberland County Bar Associa-
         Frangakis desires fairness      cutting corners on them,” he said.        tion and as president of the Young
         in the criminal justice         “The client will be able to live with     Lawyers Division of Cumberland
system. He’s served on both sides        whatever result will happen, as           County. He spends time as a
of trial law and understands every-      long as they know you did all you         coach for the Wade Edwards
one involved in the legal process        can do, and they know they are            Mock Trial Competition, which
needs an advocate.                       not taken advantage of.”                  encourages students to seek
   Frangakis is currently a partner          His desire to help the de-            law careers.
at law firm Williford, Hollers,          fenseless began as a child, but               He is also heav-
Crenshaw, Boliek & Frangakis in          Frangakis stepped out on faith            ily involved in his
Fayetteville. It’s hard to believe       with his decision to attend law           church, Sts. Con-
the fresh-faced 35-year-old has          school. It would have been easy to        stantine and Helen
already served as an assistant           join forces with his parents, who         Greek Orthodox
district attorney and a partner in       are successful restaurateurs in           Church. He feels an
private practice.                        Fayetteville.                             obligation to give
   He is filled with ambition. The           “It was hard,” Frangakis said of      back to the people
son of Greek immigrants, Franga-         his decision. “When you are grow-         of Fayetteville for
kis became the first person from         ing up your whole family is there         their generosity to
his family to attend college when        ... It’s real easy to get caught up       his family and com-
he was accepted at North Carolina        and want to stay in the family busi-      munity.
State University.                        ness. My mom and dad always                   “Fayetteville has
   While he enjoyed his time as a        stressed education and trying to          been great to us –
prosecutor, Frangakis said he can        do something else.”                       kind of adopted us
serve a valuable role defending              Even though he’s busy with his        and helped us with
those who may have no other              full-time law position, he still helps    our church,” he said.
protection from injustice.               out at his family’s two area Zorbas       “Fayetteville is my
   “The biggest challenge is to          Gyro on a Spit locations.                 home, born and raised,
make sure you’ve given your client           He also gives back to his             so we are trying to
the best protection from the legal       profession, as a member of the            make it a better place.”

6   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
Crystal Cavalier
Age 34 • CEO/Founder • Support Our Arthritic Kids, Inc.

      he has many identities –          Support Our Arthritic kids.                Last year she graduated from
      government employee, non-            “It’s more about information and    the University of North Carolina at
      profit leader and community       community outreach,” she said.         Pembroke with a master’s degree
volunteer. But Crystal Cavalier         “We want to start having work-         in public administration and
wants to be known for one thing.        shops across the United States         emergency management. She
   “First and foremost I am a           and going to areas where people        hopes to someday work for the
military wife,” she said. “Sup-         do not have internet access or just    Federal Emergency Management
porting my husband through his          don’t know about it.”                  Agency, helping those devastated
multiple deployments and military          The group has already held one      by disaster.
training has shaped me the way          conference in Washington, D.C.,            How does she handle the re-
I am today. It has made me more         hosting children from across the       sponsibility – all while raising her
independent and empowered me            nation.                                two children with her husband
to think I can achieve any goal I set      She also started the Blue Star      serving in korea?
out to meet.”                           Families chapter on Fort Bragg.            “It’s more of a learned
   She’s not just any military wife.    The national organization is a         type thing,” she said. “I
Last year, she was named Army           support group for military families.   can remember back
Spouse of the Year by Military          She volunteers with Operation          when my husband was
Spouse Magazine.                        Purple Camp, a retreat for children    first deployed. I wasn’t
   Her multi-faceted life has earned    of deployed or wounded soldiers.       involved. I just sat at
her accolades, but more impor-             Her volunteer service has led       home. I’d just watch the
tantly, it has had an impact on         to her twice meeting First Lady        TV or go to Walmart.
others including her own family.        Michelle Obama.                            “That wasn’t healthy
   When her daughter was diag-             In addition to her charitable       because all I’d do is watch
nosed with a rare case of juvenile      work, Cavalier has a career in         the news, worry and stress
arthritis, Cavalier was frustrated      public administration, commut-         out,” she said. “When I
she couldn’t find any informa-          ing every week to Washington,          got here to Fort Bragg
tion on the disease’s impact on         where she’s the special assistant      I decided to volunteer
children. That led to her starting      to the chief of staff of the General   because there were more
her own nonprofit organization,         Services Administration.               opportunities.”

                                                                                                www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012   7
                                                                                                            Tommy Burns II
                                                                                            Age 30 • Town Manager • Town of Spring Lake

                                             even years ago, Tommy               he said. “The community in Spring       it. I can’t tell you how much I ap-
                                             Burns II became the youngest        Lake has just been phenomenal…          preciate it, really.”
                                             town manager in the State of        it helps me to be a better man-             Burns spends his free time pro-
                                        North Carolina.                          ager when you get that community        viding flights to children and their
                                           Burns thrives on building rela-       feedback.”                              parents in his Cessna airplane.
                                        tionships with community partners            Burns’ grandfather would often          “To see the excitement of kids
                                            and taking on complex projects.      invoke John F. kennedy’s famed          when taking their first airplane
                                             He started his town manage-         statement, “Ask not what your           ride is contagious,” said Burns. “I
                                               ment career in 2005 with the      country can do for you – ask what       co-own a flight training school in
                                               Town of Coats (population         you can do for your country.” The       Harnett County, and we do stuff
                                                2,100), and from 2007 to         elder Burns served as a Cleveland       for kids to try to keep them excited
                                                 May 2011 he managed             County Commissioner for 16 years        about aviation. It’s just one way I
                                                   the Town of Lillington        and had a profound impact on the        can give back to the community
                                                     (population 3,230). Last    younger Burns’ career choices.          and maybe create some memories
                                                      June he began serving          Burns earned a Bachelor of Arts     for those kids.”
                                                       the 13,175 citizens of    degree in history from Campbell             He sees good things on the hori-
                                                        Spring Lake.             University and quickly followed up      zon for his town and career.
                                                             Burns is pleased    with earning a master’s degree from          “The future for Spring Lake is
                                                         with the participa-     Campbell University School of Busi-     very bright,” Burns said. “We’ve got
                                                         tion of Spring Lake’s   ness. In 2010 Campbell University       a mayor and a board that has been
                                                        residents.               recognized Burns with the Distin-       very aggressive and progressive
                                                            “When you have a     guished History Alumnus Award.          in bringing new development and
                                                       hearing or commu-             “It was a real honor for me,”       redeveloping older areas of town.
                                                       nity summit and you       Burns said. “You know, you work             “It’s our job to continue to make
                                                      have 50 people show        hard through school and position        life better for all people and to
                                                     up, then it gives you a     yourself for success, and for your      continue to develop programs and
                                                   good opportunity to hear      alma mater to recognize that, it        ideas that make life better for all of
                                                 all those perspectives,”        meant a lot to me. I’m humbled by       us,” he said.

                                                                                                    Samantha Angarita
                                                                                          Age 34 • Co-Owner • Moonstone Jewelry and Gifts

      he’s moved to a new coun-                                                  her native Venezuela she owned          virtues of downtown to the Latino
      try, learned English, owned                                                a consulting business, and she          community. She hosts two shows
      a small business, found her                                                missed the responsibility of entre-     on cable-access television, both
artistic side and hosted a television                                            preneurship. That’s why she bought      informing the Spanish-speaking
program – one would think Saman-                                                 Moonstone Jewelry and Gifts, a          community of events and important
tha Angarita would be satisfied. But                                               store in downtown Fayetteville.       educational opportunities going on
that’s just not her style.                                                               “I was working as a retention   in Fayetteville.
   “Someday maybe I’ll run for                                                       specialist for the community           “Every time we have a festival or
mayor,” she said. “I’ve always                                                      college, but that just wasn’t me,”   a Fourth Friday we advertise that,”
liked politics.”                                                                    she said. “(Owning Moonstone)        she said. “We bring in people to
   Don’t doubt her. “No” has nev-                                                    has been a challenge, but I like    downtown, and we are trying to
er been an answer for Angarita.                                                      it. Every morning when I go in      make downtown Fayetteville beauti-
   After moving to the United                                                        and open the door I enjoy it.”      ful. People deserve to have a nice
States from Venezuela seven                                                               Leading a small business       place to walk, to go and eat some
years ago with her military                                                           wasn’t enough, she wanted to       ice cream with the kids, or go to
husband, she’s settled down                                                          create something. Her family is     Festival Park and play ball.”
in Fayetteville with a hunger to                                                    full of artists, but Angarita had       In addition to her work on the
make a difference. She learned                                                      never found her skill. Then she      small screen, she still lends her
English in a matter of months                                                      discovered belly casting – the art    help to other organizations that
and was soon teaching the                                                         of creating a sculpted permanent       help Latinos. She teaches Spanish
language to continuing education                                                 reminder of a mother’s pregnancy.       to adult high school students.
students at Fayetteville Technical                                               The art form has become wildly             What’s next for the mother of
Community College. A short time                                                  popular and keeps her busy immor-       two who holds a degree in political
later she was teaching English-                                                  talizing expecting mothers’ baby        science?
speaking students Spanish as                                                     bumps.                                     “I am always busy doing some-
well.                                                                               She hopes to bring more              thing,” she said. “I feel like my
   However, her role as instructor                                               culture here, which is why she’s        mission in this world is to make a
wasn’t enough of a challenge. In                                                 always hard at work promoting the       difference in people’s life ... ”

8   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
                                                                                    Leonna Byrd
                                                         Age 31 • Marketing Manager • Carolina Imaging

     eonna Byrd’s job requires       Carolina Imaging and was named                Leonna does striving to make a dif-
     her to be gregarious. Travel-   No. 1 marketer out of 95 in the               ference in the community.”
     ing from medical clinic         company three years straight from                Byrd continues serving the Junior
to medical clinic, she is the        2006-2008.                                    League, heading up the marketing
face of her company, Carolina           “I’m the type of person I never            effort for the organization’s new
Imaging.                             meet a stranger,” she said. “I can            campaign to raise awareness of
   Her outgoing personality          spark up a conversation about any-            children’s mental health issues. She
has also vaulted her to leader-      thing. I’m definitely a talker, but I think   also serves on the board of directors
ship positions in area nonprofit     that’s what has helped me in my field,        for The Cape Fear Regional Theatre,
organizations. At only 31 years      not only in my professional career,           The Stanton Hospitality House and
old she’s already served as          but in my volunteer endeavors – the           The karen Chandler Trust Cancer
president of the Junior League       different boards I’ve sat on and being        Charity. She is an active member of
of Fayetteville.                     president of the Junior League.”              Fayetteville Young Professionals as
   Giving back to the                    She served as the youngest                the incoming marketing chair, the
community is the most                    president in Junior League of             restaurant chair of the Duck Derby
important aspect of                        Fayetteville history, fast tracked      Committee for the Fayetteville Urban
Byrd’s life.                                  to the position due to her           Ministry, a LINN steering commit-
   “God gives you gifts,”                        dedication and work with          tee member for the Partnership for
she said. “I can’t sing, I                         the organization’s big-         Children, and is an active volunteer
can’t dance or do any-                               gest fundraiser – the         with The CARE Clinic.
thing like that, but being                            Holly Day Fair.                 Byrd says she was inspired by her
healthy, able bodied and                                 “She set the bar          parents to dedicate so much time to
being able to give my time                            high, providing an           community causes.
– that’s what I need to do.”                         example of leadership,           “There is a lot of need in the com-
   That gift was developed                     vision and grace,” said Jami        munity,” Byrd said. “Those who have
through a degree and career in            McLaughlin, one of several citi-         the time – and can do it – need to
marketing, a calling especially         zens to nominate Byrd. “... It is rare     do it. Even when I get married and
suited to the bubbly area native.      that you find a woman in her early          have children, I still hope to be very
She is the marketing director for       30s who spends as much time as             active.”

                                                         www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012          9
Juelle McDonald
Age 27 • English Teacher • Cumberland County Schools

        eing a teacher at 27 isn’t                “Growing up in Fayetteville and           beyond,” she said. “I feel like it’s part
        unusual. It’s the extra curricular    being a Fayetteville native I had the         of my duty to give back to a high
        volunteer activities Juelle           opportunity to see Fayetteville evolve,”      school that’s given so much to me.”
McDonald performs in addition to her          she said. “And Fayetteville was such a            karen McLeod, of the Cumberland
dedication as a high school instructor        great city.                                   County Public Health Department,
that set her 40 Under Forty nomination            “I love the Gandhi quote ‘Be the          nominated McDonald for 40 Under
in stone.                                     change you want to see.’ I feel like          Forty and touts her desire to serve
   McDonald is involved in almost ev-         we have to be the change we want to           others.
erything. She’s the Holly Day Fair pub-       see,” she said. “For me that’s actively           “Juelle McDonald epitomizes
licity chair with the Junior League of        participating in the Junior League,           the word philanthropy,” McLeod
Fayetteville, the incoming membership         where we advocate for child mental            said. “Her pleasant personal-
chair of the Fayetteville Young Profes-       health; or it’s being a chair for the         ity, dedication and willingness
sionals, the Duck Derby vendor chair          Duck Derby, where we raise money              to serve mesh throughout
for the Fayetteville Urban Ministries,        for the Fayetteville Urban Ministries; or     various facets of her life.”
a tutor with two separate programs            it’s being the scholarship chair of my            McDonald is still young
and on three different boards with the        sorority, where I’m able to be over the       in her education career.
Alpha kappa Alpha sorority.                   scholarship committee and give schol-         A North Carolina Teach-
   “I love being a part of things that        arships to students who are                   ing Fellows scholar, she’ll
are going to make our community               really devoted.”                              continue to serve as a
better,” she said. “... The future of             McDonald takes her career as a            classroom but someday
our community is going to be great.           teacher seriously. She strives to give        hopes to be a principal. Either
Fayetteville holds a special place in         back to E.E. Smith, which was such a          way, she knows she’ll continue
my heart.”                                    positive influence on her adolescence.        to impact others.
   McDonald grew up in Fayetteville.              “It was because I had teachers who            “We all need to strive to excel
As a teenager she begged her                  cared about me, and I had teachers            in everything we do,” she said.
parents to let her attend E.E. Smith          who understood the history of Smith           “If everyone did their part and
High School, where she now teaches            that I was able to achieve all I was able     did their part well it just helps
English.                                      to achieve while I was in school and          the whole.”

                                                                                                                               Lisa Childers
                                                   Age 35 • County Extension Director • Cumberland County Cooperative Extension

                                                    t the end of the day, Lisa         master’s degree in agriculture and       youth ages 5 to 18 to enjoy hands-
                                                    Childers wants people to un-       extension education at North Caro-       on educational activities that focus
                                                    derstand you don’t have to         lina State University in 2005. She       on science, technology, life skills,
                                             be raised on a farm to understand         built a solid camaraderie with area      public speaking, leadership and
                                             the importance of agriculture. Born       farmers and had the opportunity to       many other areas.
                                             and raised in Fayetteville, Childers      learn about agricultural challenges         Childers served as the liaison
                                                  completed a Bachelor of Sci-         and identify ways the Cooperative        with the agriculture community in
                                                     ence degree from Campbell         Extension could better support the       the establishment of the Cum-
                                                        University in 1999. She        industry.                                berland County Working Lands
                                                         then began her career             She was awarded the Lois             Protection Plan. The plan is
                                                           with N.C. Coopera-          Britt Outstanding Agent Award            intended to encourage long-term
                                                            tive Extension as the      in 2006. A year later, she was           policies that support agriculture
                                                             Harnett County family     selected to showcase one of her          and provide specific programs that
                                                               and consumer sci-       programs at the American Public          promote agricultural economic
                                                                ences agent.           Health Association Conference in         development and land protection.
                                                                     “This is no       Washington, D.C.                            She is an active member of the
                                                                  ordinary farm girl      “I am honored to serve in this        kiwanis Club of Fayetteville, serving
                                                                   you’re dealing      role,” said Childers. “Every day is      on the Farm-City Week Celebra-
                                                                    with” declares a   an honor to work for this county         tion and the Terrific kid program
                                                                    plaque, promi-     and this organization.”                  committees. She also serves on the
                                                                    nently displayed      In May 2010 Childers was hired        Cumberland County Partnership
                                                                   in Childers’        as the Cumberland County Exten-          for Children Board and as a liaison
                                                                   office. A true      sion Director. In addition to serving    on the Cumberland County Farm
                                                                  advocate for agri-   the farmers, the North Caro-             Bureau Board and Farm Advisory
                                                               culture, Childers has   lina Cooperative Extension helps         Board. She is also partnering with
                                                           made a positive impact      citizens who need horticultural          community organizations and busi-
                                                            Harnett and Cumber-        advice through a master gardener         nesses in order to provide sponsor-
                                                            land Counties.             program and soil testing. The 4-H        ship for an exhibit on agriculture for
                                                           She completed a             program offers opportunities for         Fascinate-U Children’s Museum.

10   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
Capt. Jarvora Duncan
Age 29 • Unit Admissions Officer • AFROTC - Det 607/890 FSU/UVa

        rea native Capt. Jarvora B.   port positions include officer In     serves as assistant coach
        Duncan educates, trains       charge on the headquarter staff       with Southview High School’s
        and recruits future genera-   and commander support staff for       wrestling team. Duncan was
tions who will defend our country.    the Air Force’s newest numbered       also the chief coordinator for a
   As the Commandant of Cadets,       Air Force, 17th Air Force.            Bataan Death March memorial
Air Force Reserve Officer Training        He deployed to Honduras in        at Fayetteville State University
Corps (AFROTC), Detachment            2006 and found it to be an eye-       this past spring.
607 at Fayetteville State Uni-        opening experience.                      A few of Duncan’s commenda-
versity, he commissions young             “Most folks with a college        tions include the Air Force Com-
airmen into the armed forces.         degree in Honduras will probably      mendation Medal, Air Force
He also serves Detachment 890,        make about $300 a month. They         Achievement Medal, Joint
University of Virginia in Charlot-    survived off of that,” Duncan said.   Service Achievement Medal,
tesville, Va.                         “It gave me an appreciation of        AF Organizational Excel-
    Duncan seeks out qualified        what we have here in the States.”     lence Award, Global War
candidates for the AFROTC                 Duncan has volunteered to de-     on Terrorism Expeditionary
program and strives to be a           ploy to Afghanistan for 365 days.     Medal and the Military Out-
spokesperson of diversity for the         “That’s the granddaddy of de-     standing Volunteer Service
Air Force officer corps.              ployments, Afghanistan,” Duncan       Medal.
    “A diverse force is one of        said. “Being a Hope Mills native,        “I believe in hard work,”
the visions of the chief of staff     it’s in my blood to serve the coun-   said Duncan. “I believe in
of the Air Force,” said Duncan.       try and Cumberland County faith-      rolling up your sleeves and
“Fayetteville State University has    fully in my duties. My only goal is   getting in the trenches and
been a great host for Detachment      to give back to the city, which has   doing whatever you have to
607 to meet the demand of the         provided so much for me.”             do to be an effective citizen.
service chief.”                           Duncan volunteers with            Stop looking for handouts.
   Duncan received his com-           Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The       Stop looking for excuses. If
mission through the AFROTC            fraternity participates in scholar-   you make it and you do well,
program at Fayetteville State         ship fundraising and supports         give back. Give your time. Do
University in 2004. His force sup-    other local programs. He also         your part.”

                                                                                            www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012   11
Lt. Matthew Hurley
Age 36 • Special Investigations Unit Supervisor
Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

           att Hurley has been punched,        they give presents to everyone they love.   never seen the trees, the stars, bugs or snakes
           kicked, dragged by a car and        I get that feeling every day.”              – I was able to interject a little bit of the outdoors
           witnessed some of the most hei-        Hurley says this even after the broken   into these kids and watch them change before
nous criminal acts imaginable. As a law        nose, battered bones and constant                my eyes.”
enforcement officer he’s seen the worst        encounters with people not so fond of                       Hurley is also involved in the
in others. But as a leader of children’s       the police.                                                   community through the parks
camps, he’s seen humanity’s redemptive            “Somebody has to walk down                                   and recreation department’s
side.                                          that dark alley sometimes,” he                                   youth sports program, the
    He wouldn’t trade either of his jobs for   said. “Better me than you or your                                 Juvenile Crime Prevention
any other profession.                          children. Maybe it will be safer for                              Council, the advisory coun-
    Hurley, now 36, has been a deputy          my efforts.”                                                       cil of the Child Advocacy
with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Of-          Hurley transitioned from a                                       Center and the Fayetteville
fice for more than 15 years. He’s currently    role as a patrol officer to the                                        Young Professionals
a lieutenant serving as the department’s       detective unit so he could spend                                        among other organiza-
special investigations unit supervisor.        more time with his wife and two                                          tions.
    He also serves as the vice chair of        children. He’s solved crimes                                                  His wife, Michele,
North Carolina Camp and Retreat Min-           from homicide to arson.                                                     nominated him for
istries, helping oversee Camp Rockfish,           The time he spends working                                                Fayetteville’s 40
Camp Don Lee, Camp Chestnut Ridge              with children at summer camps                                                Under Forty and
children’s camps.                              helps take his mind away from                                                describes Hurley
    The Methodist University graduate has      society’s failings. What started                                             best.
a family history of law enforcement – he’s     as a summer job in college                                                     “A selfless and
a fourth-generation officer. He joined his     transitioned into a passion for                                           tireless worker, Matt
hometown law enforcement agency as a           helping young people.                                                    Hurley loves children
patrol officer right out of college and hit       “I fell in love with children,                                       and all people,” she
the streets running.                           the outdoors and the op-                                              said. “He has devoted his
    “I’ve loved every second of it with very   portunity to serve kids in that                                      life to others in hope that
few exceptions,” he said. “That feeling        environment,” he said. “The                                             he can make their
that people get at Christmas time when         inner city kids who have                                                 lives better.”

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        businesses and individuals who make
          this initiative possible including:

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12   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
                                                                                               Natalie Fryer
                                         Age 36 • Executive Officer • Home Builders Association of Fayetteville

         ome building and new              fundraiser, which has raised $95,000 in        for them,” she said. “They looked to their
         construction are crucial          six years under Fryer’s command. She           organization for guidance, education
         economic drivers for any          said her organization provides an essen-       and to keep them up to date on what was
locality. At only 36 Natalie Fryer has     tial service to its members, keeping them      happening.”
an important job as an advocate for        apprised of what is going on in local, state      Fryer moved to Fayetteville in 1998 and
that industry.                             and national government, as well as lob-       has decided to raise her son here.
    Fryer is the executive officer of      bying for the causes important to them.           “When I had the opportunity to leave,
the Home Builders Association                 “We are the chamber of commerce             I chose to stay,” she said. “I’m very glad
of Fayetteville, a nonprofit orga-         for the housing industry,” Fryer said.         I did. It’s been great to see Fayetteville
nization that represents area               “Anyone involved in housing joins the         change and grow. I think that’s what
developers.                                 Homebuilder’s Association for eduction,       makes Fayetteville so unique – it’s a
    As a marketing and                          networking and prestige. It says a lot    strong community.”
corporate communications                         about you if you join your local trade      Fryer is a large part of that community.
graduate, the Wilmington                          organization.”                          In addition to her professional life, she
native eased into her role                           The Fayetteville association has     also volunteers her time with her son’s
and has experienced                               more than 500 members – made up         PTA, has served the Junior League of
much success.                                     of some of the area’s most powerful     Fayetteville and is a past chairperson
    “I’m using all the                             and influential voices. The housing    of Leadership Fayetteville. She’s a choir
skills,” Fryer said. “We                            industry has declined in recent       teacher, usher, part-time librarian and chil-
market all the events                                years, but Fryer has led her group   dren’s ministry volunteer at her church.
and we market to all                                of local leaders through the hard        She credits three of her mentors in
of our members. We                                 times with a simple creed.             the community, former Junior League of
communicate all the time                              “We decided a couple of years       Fayetteville members Dellmarie Pittman
to the community and the                          ago it’s not business as usual,” she    and Sheila kensey, and the late Linda Lee
homebuilder members.                             said. “You can’t do things the way       Allan with inspiring her to give back.
It’s definitely event plan-                    you’ve always done them. You have to          “I learned a lot from some very
ning as well.”                             think outside the box.                         special ladies,” Fryer said. “They taught
    One of those events                       “We had to think about what was hap-        me something I’ve taken along in my
is the association’s                       pening in our economy from our mem-            career: Leadership is service, and to lead
annual Casino Night                        bers’ point of view and what we could do       is to serve.”

                                                                      www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012         13
                                                                                                                         Mandy Hurley
                                                                                      Age 31 • Marketing Manager • LIFE St. Joseph of the Pines

         andy Hurley’s calling is making                                              dividuals come at some point or         tection Society Board Member, and
         connections. This applies in                                                 another,” said Hurley. “There’s         a member of Cumberland PEACE.
         the business world or with                                                   occupational, physical therapy and      She has also participated in sev-
needy seniors.                                                                        speech therapy. We’re licensed by       eral fundraisers during her time in
   Shortly after graduating from North                                                the state for adult day health, so      Fayetteville. She was a CARE Clinic
Carolina State University, she moved                                                  we have nursing staff with certified    Evening of Care Dinner Host this
to the Washington D.C. area, where                                                    nursing assistants.”                    year, a Fayetteville Dancing with
she spent six years working with                                                         Participants benefit from social-    the Stars contestant in 2011 and
professional staffing agencies. In                                                    ization and can enjoy breakfast         Alzheimer’s NC Walk Committee
2009 the Raleigh native moved back                                                      and lunch on site. The center even    member in 2011.
to North Carolina and soon found                                                          offers transportation, medica-          “Her volunteerism and giving
her calling at LIFE St. Joseph of the                                                      tion and coordinates specialist    nature make her an exceptional
Pine’s PACE program.                                                                         medical appointments.            role model for today’s youth, and
   The Program of All-inclusive                                                                 “Every care plan is cus-      her passion and dedication to her
Care for the Elderly (PACE),                                                                  tomized to the individual’s     work should be an example to other
allows seniors who require nurs-                                                               needs,” Hurley said.           young professionals,” said Shanna
ing home care to continue liv-                                                                     Hurley volunteers          Capps, of Fayetteville Publishing
ing in their own home instead                                                                    with several commu-          Company.
of at a nursing home. More                                                                      nity groups. She is on the        “Coming from Raleigh, I think
affordable than a traditional nurs-                                                            Cape Fear Valley Health        Fayetteville got this bad rap, but
ing home, PACE provides an                                                                     Foundation Gala commit-        it’s exactly the opposite of what
elderly family member with the                                                                 tee, a member of the Junior    people portray it to be, in terms of
medical care they need while                                                                   League of Fayetteville, a      the kindness and generosity of the
they continue to live on their                                                                member of the Alzheimer’s       community,” Hurley said. “People
own or with family.                                                                           NC Walk, Cumberland             here are passionate about helping
   “Our center on Raeford                                                                    County Senior Day at the         other people and that’s inspiring.
Road is where all of the in-                                                                 Fair, Fayetteville Animal Pro-   It’s a really good community.”

                                                                                                                                     Chris Rey
                                                                                                                Age 34 • Mayor • Town of Spring Lake

                                                  hris Rey has worn many hats         to attend the Junior Olympics in        Mary College. He later delved into
                                                  in his lifetime – track star,       Los Angeles. Rey received a full        politics, helping with the elec-
                                                  special operations soldier,         scholarship to East Carolina Uni-       tion efforts of Congresswoman
                                           campaign worker, community                 versity, and his sister won a gold      Eva Clayton and Senator John
                                            volunteer and single father. But it’s     medal at the Athens Olympics.           Edwards. Though he’d always
                                             his latest job title that is historic.      “They invested in us,” Rey said.     been interested in public service,
                                                 He is the youngest mayor ever        “Who knows what my life would           he never considered running for
                                               elected in the Town of Spring          have been if I had just been roam-      office. Still, he was besieged by
                                                Lake – only 34 years old. Being       ing the streets.”                       pleas from citizens. Rey ran for
                                                 able to lead his hometown is a          Rey joined the U.S. Army after       mayor against a 10-year incumbent
                                                  source of pride.                    college and served as a Special         and won in his first attempt at a
                                                      Rey moved to Spring Lake        Forces soldier with three tours of      political office.
                                                   from St. Thomas at 8 years         duty split between Iraq and Af-            Some of Rey’s volunteer work
                                                   old. His upbringing was non-       ghanistan. Working as a communi-        includes serving the kiwanis
                                                    traditional but filled with       cations specialist in combat helped     Club, reading to students at local
                                                    love from his family and the      him mature quickly, readying him        schools, a project to help students
                                                    community.                        for leadership roles.                   in science and math, and a pro-
                                                       “I think a lot of people          “I’m 25, and all of the sudden       gram to help released felons get a
                                                    only see the finished             I’m responsible for a platoon of        second chance at life.
                                                   product,” he said. “I didn’t       soldiers, their livelihood, making         He said being elected was a sign
                                                   have the traditional mom,          sure they are trained and have the      he’d come full circle since moving
                                                  dad, picket fence, dog. My          right equipment, and I’m signed for     to the town as a child. He’s now
                                                grandmother raised me. My             $1 million dollars worth of equip-      raising his daughter in Spring Lake
                                              grandmother had eight kids. Her         ment,” he said. “It does make you       and hopes to see the town prosper.
                                              last son, my uncle Jeff, he was         mature a lot faster because you are        “My vision for Spring Lake is for
                                               an amazing role model.”                responsible for so much – lives,        my town to become the economic
                                                  When Rey was a teen, mem-           equipment and resources.”               engine of the Sandhills region,” he
                                              bers of the Spring Lake kiwanis            Rey left the military and received   said. “To help to create opportuni-
                                              Club paid for him and his sister        a law degree from William and           ties for eager entrepreneurs.”

14   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
Joseph Coker
Age 31 • Sales Representative • Gill Security

           ith more than 15 years of          website and using social networks, such                       part of an annual mission to help Hai-
           serving the greater Fayetteville   as Facebook, to promote upcoming                              tians continue to rebuild and recover
           community, Joseph Coker            events. He is in his fourth year on the                           from the devastating earthquake
gives selflessly and expects nothing in       board of the Fayetteville Dogwood                                     that struck in 2010. This year,
return.                                       Festival, and he is secretary and                                        the group built 13 roofs, 25
   “You do what you’re supposed to do,”       treasurer for The Re-Store                                                  church pews, and painted
Coker said.                                   Warehouse. The Re-Store                                                        three buildings – all in
   A graduate of the University of Mis-       Warehouse has given away                                                          8 days.
sissippi, Coker holds a Bachelor of Arts      $750,000 to non-profits                                                                “My joy in know-
degree in political science and history.      and charities throughout                                                              ing that I have
After graduation he spent eight years         the community.                                                                         bettered the
with Bleeker Automotive. He joined Gill           “Joe is a very hands-                                                               lives of others
Security Systems in 2005, where he cur-       on individual. When                                                                      just by giving
rently works as a sales executive.            he’s part of something,                                                                 of my time is
   “I began working when I was 15 years       you’re not just getting                                                                something that
old, and am confident that every position     ideas, but someone                                                                   I treasure,” said
I have held, no matter how small, has         who is willing to roll                                                               Coker. “By serving
contributed to making me the success-         up their sleeves and                                                                on multiple boards
ful professional that I am today,” Coker      do whatever it takes                                                               and various non-
said. “I often find myself recalling some     to get the job done,”                                                             profits throughout
of the fundamentals, wholesome values         said Michael Fleishman,                                                          Fayetteville, I have had
and essential principals I learned from       of Fleishman’s Tiny Town.                                                      the great pleasure of
my first job at Bleecker Automotive.”         “He is a thinker and a doer                                                  serving alongside some
   Coker currently sits on several            who is constantly generat-                                                  of Fayetteville’s most
boards, including the board of directors      ing ideas to strengthen any                                              caring people.
for Community Concerts as vice presi-         project or organization that he                                            “I think you need to give of
dent of advertising. He helped Commu-         is involved with.”                                                      yourself,” he said. “There’s
nity Concerts reach a new and younger             Coker travels to Haiti with First                                    always somebody else out
audience by creating a more inviting          Presbyterian Church of Fayetteville as                                   there who needs help.”

                                                                                        www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012        15
                                                                                                                   Kristin McCarthy
                                        Age 39 • CFP / Second Vice President / Financial Advisor • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

       eing raised by a single                                              families plan and encourage positive               “I hope to be a part of changing lives
       mother in economic hard-                                             outcomes in every facet I am able to do         in our community by doing good deeds
       ship taught kristin                                                  so. I believe that’s what keeps me com-         that make a difference for others,” she
McCarthy many valuable les-                                                 mitted to my work and my family.”               said. “They in turn do good deeds,
sons. Foremost, it taught her                                                  McCarthy works at Morgan Stanley             influence someone, and it continues to
everyone needs an advocate.                                                 Smith Barney where she is a second              spread throughout our community.”
   From her career as a financial                                           vice president and financial advisor. She          McCarthy and her husband met on a
planner to her volunteer work with                                          moved to Fayetteville to attend Method-         blind date. They have two children, ages
the less fortunate,                                                         ist University and attained degrees in          3 and 5.
McCarthy’s philosophy is                                                    both business and psychology. She                  She leads music and teaches Bible
driven by her upbringing.                                                      said her job allows her to use both          study classes in her church. She has a
   “I believe it is what                                                          skills.                                   passion for music, playing guitar for the
makes me the per-                                                                       “When you are dealing with          church’s youth. She recently organized
son I am today,”                                                                       managing people’s money, that        a performance during Fayetteville’s
she said. “I                                                                              psychology degree has really      Fourth Friday that raised funds for mis-
want to help                                                                                been helpful,” she said. “I     sions.
                                                                                               understand their goals,         “I feel like if I can be a role model or
                                                                                               why they are what they       positive influence in the community, it
                                                                                                are and plan for that.”     becomes a better community,” she said.
                                                                                                  Beyond her job, she       “I don’t know what made me passionate
                                                                                                and her husband are         about it, I know it’s an important part of
                                                                                               involved with a homeless     my life.
                                                                                               ministry known as Opera-        “My faith is a huge part of my life,”
                                                                                             tion Engage. The ministry      she said. “If you are genuine about
                                                                                        feeds a portion of Fayetteville’s   that and people see that, they trust you
                                                                                      homeless on Friday nights and         because you are honest. I think honesty
                                                                                   allows students to serve.                is worth a fortune.”

Johnny Wilson
Age 39 • Executive Director • Fayetteville Urban Ministry

         ore than a decade ago, Johnny       network between the program and                keeping our kids in schools and
         Wilson went to Fayetteville         other local organizations that encoun-         increasing our graduation rates,” he
         Urban Ministry’s Find-A-Friend      ter at-risk and court-involved youth. He       said. “These young adults will keep
(FAF) program to volunteer as a mentor       credits his predecessor Rusty Long             coming back building better
to an at-risk child with a similar back-     with allowing him to be adventurous in         jobs, community support and
ground to his own.                           building awareness of the program.             families if we all continue
    With his mother in and out of contact        Find-A-Friend’s staff members were         to display leadership for
and his father completely out of the         initially unfamiliar with the local judicial   them.”
picture, Wilson had to grow up fast. His     system. Now, Wilson bridges that gap.             Wilson serves as
grandmother raised him.                          “The juvenile probation officers know      president of N.C.
    “She taught me how you treat             what types of kids to send us,” he said.       Juvenile Services As-
people, how you gain respect from            “They know all of the staff personally.        sociation, and a board
people,” Wilson said. “More important-       All of the youth agencies know us very         member of Methodist
ly, how you believe in yourself.”            well and partner with us.”                     University’s Athletic
    He later on adopted his younger              In 2009 FAF was empowered to train         Booster Club. He is also
sisters and raised them like he was          other youth-service programs from              a member and partner
their father.                                throughout North Carolina. The March           of Cumberland Gang
    Wilson earned a Bachelor of Science      2009 FAF program was recipient of              Prevention Partnership
degree in criminal justice with a minor in   the “Champions for Children,” given            (CGPP). He is a council
sociology at Methodist College in 1999.      by Breaking the Chain of Child Abuse           member for the Hall of Fame
After Wilson volunteered a few months        Committee and Child Advocacy Center.           Committee at Methodist Uni-
with FAF, Fayetteville Urban Ministry            Wilson seeks to make Fayetteville Ur-      versity and a basketball coach
offered him a part-time position, and his    ban Ministry’s services more effective         for youth.
journey up the ranks began.                  and to expand partnerships with local             Wilson’s proudest achieve-
    The FAF program has grown from           churches, businesses and individuals.          ment is being a father to his
serving 30 at-risk and court-involved            “The more our community keeps              19-year-old son Chris Wilson,
youth per year to now reaching more          growing in a positive direction the bet-       who now plays basketball for
than 220 youth annually. Wilson grew         ter chance we have in continuing the           St. Joseph’s University in
FAF’s reach by creating a tightly-woven      growth of jobs, and more importantly,          Philadelphia, Pa.

16   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
Wyatt Jenkins
Age 28 • Financial Advisor • Wells Fargo Advisors

            yatt Jenkins quickly              Jenkins hopes to complete his          land County chapter of the East
            learned dressing up like      certified financial planner designa-       Carolina University Pirate Club,
            a big, orange golf ball for   tion by the end of 2014.                   where he assists in bringing new
birthday parties wasn’t necessarily           “Wyatt does a great job with           members to the Pirate Club. The
his dream career. The Fayetteville        balancing his life with family, charity,   club raises funds for Jenkins’
native reluctantly started his first      church and personal activities,” said      alma mater.
job at the tender age of 15, with         Vance Townsend of Townsend Real               Jenkins helps provide services
some prodding from his parents. He        Estate. “He is very deserving of be-       for the less fortunate by volun-
earned his wages by entertaining          ing recognized as one of Fayette-          teering as a co-host for the CARE
birthday parties at the old Putt-Putt     ville’s bright, young stars under the      Clinic Evening of Care Dinner and
off McPherson Church Road.                age of 40.”                                co-coordinating a block party for
   He has since found his career of           Numerous local charities benefit       Operation InAsMuch.
choice. In 2006 Jenkins graduated         from Jenkins’ time and talent. He             “I hope to see our
from East Carolina University with a      helps on the board for the Ryan            community continue
finance degree and began working          kishbaugh Foundation’s Reindeer            to grow and receive
with Wachovia Bank. During his            Run fundraiser. kishbaugh was a            recognition through-
year and a half with the retail bank,     close friend of Wyatt’s who passed         out the nation as
he became friends with Troy Hill,         away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at            being the place to
a financial advisor with Wachovia         the age of 18.                             live and work,” he
Securities. Jenkins credits Hill with         Jenkins also sits on the finance       said. “I hope to
helping to shape his career with          board at Snyder Memorial Baptist           see the younger
Wells Fargo Advisors.                     Church. He assists with the church’s       generations real-
   “Today we run a fantastic team         Royal Ambassadors program,                 ize Fayetteville
that manages both personal and            where he teaches first-grade boys.         is a great place
business investment accounts,” said       He sits on the board of visitors at        to work, live
Jenkins. “We have become trusted          Methodist University, where he             and play.”
advisors for our clients in all aspects   helps with an annual golf tourna-
of their financial lives from invest-     ment and annual basketball day.
ment allocations to estate planning.”     He is also president of the Cumber-

                                                                                                 www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012   17
Stuart A. Augustine
Age 36 • Financial Advisor

      tuart Augustine grew up in       to his clients, Poole said.                                                         name for himself as a top volunteer
      Fayetteville but left to at-        “Stuart is more of a ‘take a                                                     in town as well.
      tend college and moved to        team approach to it,’” he said.                                                        “After moving back to town, Stuart
Charlotte for his first job in the     “This is what the client wants,                                                     jumped right into the community like
world of finance. However, when        and he helps develop an ap-                                                         he had never left it,” Poole said. “He
his father grew gravely ill and        proach for each client. He tries                                                    became involved with his church,
eventually passed away, Augus-         to make sure the clients get what                                                   coaching youth basketball.”
tine moved back home to take           they need and what they want.”                                                         Augustine also joined the kiwanis
over the family business.                 Poole said initially coming                                                      Club of Fayetteville, and the board
   He also jumped right into           back to Fayetteville was a chal-                                                      of the CAREClinic of Fayetteville
the community and made a big           lenge for Augustine. He had                                                               where he assists with their golf
impact through his volunteer           to quickly learn his father’s                                                                tournament. Poole, a fellow
service, friends say.                  book of clients. His father                                                                    member of the kiwanis
   “When he moved back to              passed away two weeks                                                                           Club, says Augustine will
Fayetteville, he immediately got       after Augustine first con-                                                                       soon chair a large fund-
involved,” said Jason Poole, a         templated moving.                                                                                 raising committee to raise
peer who nominated Augustine              “Two-and-a-half                                                                               money for the elimination
for the 40 Under Forty honor. “He      years and Stuart is                                                                               of neo-natal tetanus.
got involved with the CAREClinic,      still making a name                                                                                  “He’s leading a cam-
got involved with the kiwanis          for himself as one                                                                                paign to raise $100,000
Club. He’s definitely trying to        of the top financial                                                                             ... it’s another thing he’s
give back and make Fayetteville        advisors in town,”                                                                               taking under his wing
better.”                               Poole, an accoun-                                                                               to help,” Poole said. “It’s
   Augustine still runs his late fa-   tant, said.                                                                                    $1.80 to immunize the
ther’s firm as a financial advisor,       Augustine is                                                                                mother, so $100,000 can
providing great customer service       also making a                                                                                 save 55,000 lives.”

                                                                                                         Kristin S. Braswell
                                                                       Age 38 • Director/College and Career Readiness/HRD Programs
                                                                                            Fayetteville Technical Community College

                                              uiding others is kristin           or allow complacency to the inhibit          said. “That’s something no one
                                              Braswell’s passion. Whether        growth of others.”                           can take away from you. I’m a big
                                              counseling young students             Braswell was an exceptional               advocate for going back to school
                                       or helping adults continue their          children’s school teacher for a year         and getting and obtaining as much
                                       education, she understands the            before becoming a counselor at               education as you can. You set limits
                                          value of constant learning and         E.E. Smith and Douglas Byrd High             for yourself by not going and get-
                                            growth.                              Schools. She started teaching                ting and seeking.”
                                                 She’s also constantly evolv-    part time in the adult high school               She said she aspires to some-
                                               ing – always seeking a new        program at FTCC and eventually               day be president of a community
                                                degree or looking for a way      transitioned to full-time employment         college.
                                                 to further her career. Today,   there when the opportunity arose.                In addition to her incredible
                                                   she serves as the director       The community college system              dedication to her career and learn-
                                                     of college and career       holds a special place in Braswell’s          ing, Braswell is also involved in a
                                                     readiness / human           heart as she started her secondary           plethora of volunteer opportuni-
                                                    resource development         education there.                             ties. She volunteers with the Junior
                                                    programs at Fayetteville        “I really feel that If I’d have gone      League of Fayetteville, Upsilon
                                                   Technical Community           straight into a four year college, I’m       kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha
                                                  College.                       not sure I’d be where I am now,”             kappa Alpha sorority, the Criminal
                                                   “It is my desire to con-      she said.                                    Justice Partnership Advisory Board,
                                               tinue to grow, professionally;       She has a bachelor’s degree in            the Rotary Club and as a greeter at
                                             impacting lives along the           psychology, master’s degrees in              her church.
                                            way,” she said. “Professional        counseling and human resource de-                “I can honestly say it is a joy
                                              growth is important to me,         velopment and is currently writing           for me to participate in volunteer
                                              because without it, I become       her doctoral dissertation. The child         activities that give back to the com-
                                                part of the problem that can     of a single parent, she paid her own         munity,” she said. “There have been
                                                hinder academic progress.        way through college.                         numerous people and organizations
                                               I never want to become               “Anyone I come into contact with          who have selflessly given to me, be
                                               stagnant in my own learning       I’m always pushing education,” she           it advice, time or opportunities.”

18   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
                                                                              Brooke Johnson
                                                                        Age 34 • Vice President • H&H Homes

      rooke Johnson is a         some independence on my own and not          active in the PTA at her children’s
      Fayetteville native who    feel like I was just moving back home to     school.
      graduated from college     work for mom and dad,” said Johnson,             “Even though I’m a mother and have
and sought excitement. She       who is now 34 and the vice president of      a full-time job, I still try to find that bal-
worked at a dude ranch in        the company. “I just feel very fortunate     ance where I can be on different com-
Wyoming, for a gift registry     that I’m able to do what I’m able to do.”    mittees ... and show my two children
company in New York City            Johnson does it all. She’s served         it’s important for you to give to your
and as a mortgage loan officer   on the Better Health of Cumberland           community,” she said. “I’m fortunate to
in Charlotte. However,             County board, the Cape Fear Botani-        be so busy ... it’s really the only way I
Fayetteville called her                  cal Garden Grand Opening com-        know to be.”
home.                                      mittee, the CARE Clinic Evening        She also enjoys her career, a trade
   Johnson initially                        of Care, The Circle of Friends    she picked up from her father, who has
resisted working for                         Gala committee for Cape Fear     been involved in real estate for years.
her family’s busi-                            Valley’s Health Foundation      Lisa Geddie, an industry peer, nominat-
ness, H&H Homes,                              and the Fayetteville Young      ed her for this year’s 40 Under Forty.
but eventually                                 Professionals. She cur-            “Brooke is in a position to impact the
realized coming                                rently serves on the Ribbon    future of our community with the devel-
home would allow                                Walk for Friends of Cancer    opment of neighborhoods to accommo-
her to give back                                Center committee, volun-      date increased growth-neighborhoods
to the community                                 teers with the USO of Fort   designed and built to improve and
so good to her.                                   Bragg, and is a member      sustain quality of life for our families,”
   “That was five                                  of the Women’s Giving      Gettie said. “... Brook is not only gain-
years to kind                                      Circle among other         ing a reputation as an up-and-coming
of do some fun                                      organizations.            business leader, but also as a commu-
things, get some                                       In addition, she       nity leader, leading by example and giv-
good experience                                     teaches Sunday school     ing back to the community in apprecia-
and help gain                                      at her church and is       tion for all she has received.”

                                                            www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012          19
                                                                                                                           Bryan Moore
                                                                                                           Age 36 • President • The Wing Company

          ore than a decade ago, Bryan                                            “I enjoyed real estate, but you         with the Fayetteville Exchange Club,
          Moore started his restaurant                                          know, times have just changed,” said      which provides scholarships for
          career working for someone else.                                      Moore.                                    three or four high school seniors who
Now, after a brief detour in real estate,                                         He sold Colonial Realty and pur-        would otherwise be unable to pay
he’s back in the food business as                                                chased the Wing Stop in Westwood         for college. He has served for four
his own boss.                                                                        Shopping Center, which only          years on the Fayetteville Dogwood
   He was initially hired by                                                          had a couple of other locations     Festival executive board, where he
Joey Monsour at IT’Z Enter-                                                            in the state. A year later, he     also supports Historic Hauntings
tainment City in 1999. In his                                                           decided to change the name        and Fayetteville After Five. In years
eight years at IT’Z, Moore                                                              and create his own franchise,     past he has provided food to feed
learned the ropes.                                                                       and The Wing Company was         Dogwood Festival entertainers. This
    “Joey taught me the ins                                                              born.                            year, he helped the Dogwood Festival
and outs of the restaurant                                                                  Now, Moore is able to offer   operate food vendor booths to gener-
and bar business,” Moore                                                                additional menu items like        ate additional revenue.
said. “I wanted more, so                                                                salads and wraps. The Wing           “I feel like I wouldn’t be where I’m
I went to school for real                                                               Company has grown to three        at if it wasn’t for the people,” said
estate appraising and real                                                            stores and is working on open-      Moore. “It takes people coming to my
estate brokering.”                                                                 ing two more in the Fayetteville       door for me to live. So, I have to get
   In 2004 he took over man-                                                      area by the end of this year.           out and pick somewhere to give back
agement of his grandmother’s                                                          Moore manages to spend time         as best as I can.”
real estate business, Colonial                                                     with family and volunteer within          Moore encourages people to reach
Realty, and ran it until 2008. He                                                  the community. He is assistant         out if they need help.
was ranked as the company’s                                                        coach on his son’s recreation             “Don’t give up; It’s so easy to quit,”
top seller every year. But when                                                    baseball team. He supports the         he said. “When you got problems,
the housing market was entered                                                     Fayetteville Duck Derby and is a       you have to face them. People are
a downturn, he went back to his                                                     member of Village Baptist Church.     going to work with you. You just have
initial love.                                                                        Since 2003 he has volunteered        to face the problem and fix it.”

Melody Chalmers
Age 35 • Principal • Cumberland County Schools

          ost students fear the           family and we work together,”           of her late father, Ronnie “Chase”
          principal’s office. As a high   Chalmers said. “That’s how we are       Chalmers, through the Jimmy
          school student Melody           trying to overcome the negative         Raye Youth Foundation, where
Chalmers would have been                  perceptions that have existed for       she assists in the coordination
shocked to learn she’d one day            whatever reason. Making sure we         and presentation of academic
have a career there.                      have good teachers; good leaders        scholarships to deserving
    But that’s exactly what fate          in our building.”                       youth in the community.
decided. Chalmers, now 35,                   There has been a recent                 Chalmers comes from a
is the principal at E.E. Smith            improvement in test scores at           family of educators. In addition
High School, her beloved alma             E.E. Smith, thanks to Chalmers’         to her father, who was a
mater. She’s been working for the         dedicated leadership. She said          teacher and coach, her
Cumberland School system for 13           she wants to extract the maximum        mother still teaches
years.                                    potential from all of her students.     kindergarten in the
    “When I was walking those halls          “I look around at students           Cumberland County
that was something that never             and I can see the potential they        School system.
came into mind as a career oppor-         have,” she said. “I don’t know if          “We need to
tunity,” she said. “I was hired to be     they always see that potential in       focus every day
an English teacher at E.E. Smith.         themselves. It’s my goal to see all     on the young
I just enjoyed coming back home           the opportunities that lie ahead        people that are
and working with the students             of them, whether they stay in           in our lives, our
so much. With the principal, who          Fayetteville or end up working          churches and
was my mentor at that time, she           abroad.”                                our commu-
wanted me to go into leadership.”            Chalmers is also a force in          nity,” Chalmers
    There’s something special             the community. She is actively          said. “That’s the
about coming back to E.E. Smith.          involved in the Alpha kappa Alpha       legacy we are
Alumnus are a committed group             Sorority, Zeta Pi Omega Chapter,        going to be leav-
– it’s a high school with its own         where she serves as the chairper-       ing. If we aren’t helping
national alumni association.              son of the Cotillion Ball commit-       our young people we are
    “We truly believe we are a            tee. She has continued the work         doomed.”

20   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
                                                                         David Russell
                                        Age 37 • Circulation Director • The Fayetteville Observer

           hen duty calls, David        Observer Marketplace, The             on the Partnership for Children
           Russell gets the job         Sandspur, The Paraglide, Acento       allocation committee, which
           done. That’s his secret      Latino, and Elite Magazine. While     determines how much funding
for rapid career advancement.           print media across the country        various groups receive to fund
   Russell started in the newspa-       felt the squeeze of a dramatically    programs for children.
per business as a part-time rack        changing market, Russell helped          He has served with the United
collector in a circulation depart-      reduce the cost of the circulation    Way Community Impact Review
ment.                                   department by half a million dol-     Panel. He has also officiated high
   “I started out, literally, at the    lars. He received the Ashton W.       school baseball and football for
very bottom,” he said. “I feel that     Lilly Spirit Award, an award given    16 years.
this journey has prepared me for        for exemplary service, in 2009.          “The rules are the easy part.
the challenges I face as a director        He looks forward to the chal-      It comes down to judgment: You
   and has given me the ability to      lenges that await him and the         either have it or you don’t,” he
         empathize with the chal-       newspaper industry as they enter      said. “Judgment, in my opinion,
            lenges my subordi-          unknown territory.                    can’t be taught. It’s how you
               nates face in their         “This will require my col-         react.”
                daily tasks.”           leagues, my company and myself           Russell, a recent graduate of
                     Now the circula-   to look beyond the next five years,   the University of North Carolina
                  tion director         try to determine the challenges       at Pembroke, hopes his adult
                   at Fayetteville      that newspapers face, and de-         education is a positive influence
                    Publishing          velop a plan that will allow us to    on his children.
                     Co., Russell is    continue to be a leading informa-        He walked the stage at gradu-
                     responsible for    tion source for generations to        ation not only as a celebration of
                       the distribu-    come.”                                self-achievement but so his sons
                        tion of The        Russell is passionate about        could see one never stops reach-
                         Fayetteville   supporting programs that work         ing for goals – you can achieve
                         Observer,      with children. He has served          anything you put your mind to.

                                                     www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012     21
Andrea Royster
Age 37 • Funds Management Operations Project Manager • BB&T

         ndrea Royster is committed to        Royster said. “I came to Fayetteville        ships and providing healthy living
         showing youth the importance         and started over.”                           workshops. She credits her parents,
         of education.                           While earning her Master of Public        professors and peers with inspiring
    “A lot of the time, when you listen       Administration degree, she worked            her to give back to the community and
to young people talk, they’re talking         as a cash audit coordinator at Cape          to continuously learn and grow as a
about what they see on TV, and what           Fear Valley Medical Center and               professional.
they see is so unrealistic,” she said.        later became the CFVMC Volunteer                 Royster has received several
“Sometimes, they get to the point that        Coordinator. In 2008 she joined the          awards for her leadership and
they don’t think education is impor-          team at BB&T as a project manage-            commitment to serving the
tant.”                                        ment specialist. After three years she       community. Two years ago, she
    Royster wants youth to receive men-       was promoted to funds management             was the recipient of the BB&T
torship in pursuing solid, achievable         operations project manager. She leads        Olympian Award. In 2008 she
dreams. She wants today’s youth to            a team of three employees in finding         was recognized by Alpha kappa
become successful in their community.         ways to continuously improve them-           Alpha Sorority with the Soror of
She is currently mentoring a young            selves and their workplace.                  the Year Award. Cape Fear Valley
woman who is in high school.                     “Being a BB&T employee has been           awarded her the Outstanding
    She has also been an active mem-          a blessing for me personally and             Supervisor Award in 2006 and
ber of Alpha kappa Alpha Sorority for         professionally,” said Royster. “I am so      2007. In 2000 and 2001 Bank of
the past 18 years.                            proud of the Lighthouse Project that         America recognized her with the
    After graduating from Johnson C.          BB&T does each year. Every employee          Finance Measure of Excellence
Smith University with a Bachelor of Sci-      gets involved … in community service         Award.
ence degree in 1997, Royster worked           projects, serving the homeless, giving           “She is well on her way to
with Bank of America as a financial           back packs and school supplies to stu-       leaving a legacy of service to
analyst in Charlotte. In 2001 she took a      dents, and helping out at the Ronald         others,” nominator Natasha
risk and left the bank to attend gradu-       McDonald house.”                             Scott of Cumberland County
ate school at The University of North            Through AkA and BB&T’s volunteer          Schools said. “Her body of
Carolina at Pembroke.                         programs, Royster has also partici-          work speaks for itself. Ms. Royster
    “At Charlotte I was comfortable. My       pated in career fairs, financial literacy-   is the change I like to see in the
friends were there, my job was there,”        workshops, fundraising for scholar-          world.”

                                                                                                                Vance Townsend
                                                                        Age 31 • Vice President/ Real Estate Broker • Townsend Real Estate

                                              n the midst of a painful personal       Townsend family and extended          ter earning a Bachelor of Science
                                              tragedy, Vance Townsend has             family in Washington D.C. raised      degree in human ecology at East
                                              found a purpose and passion in          more than $25,000 for the March       Carolina University, the Fayetteville
                                           his volunteer work and charitable          of Dimes.                             native returned to his hometown.
                                           giving. He and his wife, Lauren,              With a long track record of sup-      “The family business was the
                                               recently lost their twin daugh-        porting the community, Townsend       main thing that brought me here,”
                                                     ters to complications of         has been active in the Fayetteville   said Townsend. “Seeing that great
                                                      premature birth.                Cumberland County Chamber of          opportunity, and seeing the way
                                                          “March of Dimes and         Commerce, The Military Affairs        Fayetteville has changed and
                                                        Cape Fear Valley’s            Council and Fayetteville Young        developed, it has become a real
                                                         Friends of Children          Professionals. He is a graduate of    attractive place for a person to live
                                                          are two organiza-           Leadership Fayetteville, a board      and grow and raise a family.
                                                           tions that I will work     member of the CARE Clinic, a rep-        “I am so proud of the improve-
                                                            closely with for the      resentative for Fayetteville’s East   ments that have occurred in this
                                                              rest of my life,”       Carolina Pirate Club charter and      city during my lifetime,” he said. “I
                                                               Townsend said.         a member of St. Patrick’s Catholic    will do what I can in order to see
                                                                   He credits the     Church.                               this progress continue.”
                                                               two organizations         “Vance and his wife Lauren            He joined Townsend Real Estate
                                                                with providing        have embraced the community,”         in 2005. A member of the National
                                                                 compassion,          said Jimmy Townsend, Vance            Association of Realtors, The N.C.
                                                                 comfort and          Townsend’s father and owner           Association of Realtors and the
                                                                  support in the      of Townsend Real Estate. “I feel      Fayetteville Regional Association,
                                                                  midst of his        like the future of Fayetteville and   he is focused on helping the family
                                                                   family’s loss.     Townsend Real Estate is in good       business maintain its position as a
                                                                      In memory       hands because Vance made the          top firm in Fayetteville. He aims to
                                                                    of twins          decision to return home.”             one day own the company.
                                                                     Taylor and          Vance Townsend can remember           “Real estate is a great invest-
                                                                     Mary Mar-        running errands as a child in the     ment. It is and always has been,”
                                                                      garet, the      office at Townsend Real Estate. Af-   said Townsend.

22   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
Brittany A. Jackson
Age 26 • Agent • Farm Bureau Insurance

      elling insurance was just a job      owned scattered in a twisted mess.                              Jackson’s sister has a
      for Brittany Jackson in the days     I was able to provide these people,                           developmental disorder and lives
      before a violent tornado swept       who had trusted me to protect their                           in a home in Asheboro, allowing
through Fayetteville. However, she         needs, with an immediate place to                              her independence and freedom.
realized insurance would be her career     stay, a check for new clothes and other                         Jackson, a Fayetteville native,
after seeing the impact she could have     belongings, and eventually, when the                             hopes to someday help create the
on others.                                 mess was cleaned up, a new house to                              same type of facility here.
   This caring nature defines Jackson.     call home.”                                                         “There’s not a whole lot of
Only 26, the youngest member of the           Her goal this year is to become                                resources here in our county
second class of 40 Under Forty keeps       Farm Bureau’s coveted Rookie                                         for adults with special needs
a close relationship with her clients      Agent of the Year. She goes                                            and Lindsay was almost left
as an insurance agent, volunteers          above and beyond to bring                                               behind,” Jackson said.
her time with a handful of nonprofits      comfort and stability to her                                               She holds a special place
and hopes to someday create more           clients.                                                                in her heart for helping those
services here for the developmentally         “I am the kind of agent                                               with Multiple Sclerosis, a
disabled. She does all of this while       who makes certain my                                                     disorder that affects two of
fighting her own battle with the debili-   customers are protected in                                               her close friends. She has vol-
tating disease Lupus.                      every way possible, and I                                               unteered for several years with
   Now operating her own Farm              make sure they know how                                                the MS Walk of Fayetteville,
Bureau agency, Jackson was an as-          much I care and how impor-                                            organizing a group of individuals
sistant agent at another company last      tant they are to me,” she said.                                    to walk and raise money for those
year when the storm rolled in. She was        She has always felt a calling to                              battling the disease.
the only agent on call the day of the      help others during a time when                                    She also volunteers her time with
cyclone. The phones were ringing non       all hope feels lost.                                           the Fayetteville Young Professionals,
stop.                                         “As a child wanted to be a                                  the Boys and Girls Club of Cumber-
   “I saw firsthand the impact my          teacher,” she said. “I have a                                   land County and the Salvation Army.
career had on helping so many people       desire to help others, especially                                   “My dad always said, ‘excuses
recover from such a tragedy,” she said.    with special needs children, but                                don’t pay the bills,’” she said. “I’m
“Some people had nowhere to go,            I kind of fell into this position                               not the kind of person just to sit
nothing to wear and everything they        and love it.”                                                   around and wait for it to happen.”

                                                                                     www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012      23
Dr. Marian Wooten
Age 35 • Assistant Professor/Recreation Coordinator
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

        ne word describes Dr. Marian        broke and is the recreation coordina-        “Many of UNCP’s students
        Wooten – varied. She has            tor. A lifelong fitness buff, Wooten      are first-generation college
        bachelor’s degrees in English       carries her mission off campus to the     students, and seeing them
and history, a minor in forestry, a         community at large.                       work to better their lives and
master’s degree in art history, and             Wooten volunteers with the Boys       those of their families is very
a doctorate in parks, recreation and        and Girls Club of the Lumbee Tribe        rewarding,” she said.
tourism management.                         through an initiative called the             Growing up, Wooten had
   The University of North Carolina         BRAVE Club.                               the desire to be a veterinar-
at Pembroke professor also has a di-            “These experiences have enabled       ian. Though she hasn’t
verse resume of community service.          me to help develop programming            achieved that goal, she
Her effort to help the community            for the Pembroke Boys and Girls           is helping the animals
spans from healthcare and education         Club of the Lumbee Tribe to help          of Robeson County by
to animal wellness.                         combat childhood obesity, a growing       serving on the board of
   “My family are the type of people        nationwide epidemic,” she said. “...      directors for the county’s
who will jump in and volunteer wher-        Recreation and leisure services are       humane society.
ever they are,” Wooten said. “That’s        vitally important to America, and             “I think getting the
all I’ve ever known.”                       a lot of our important and lasting        message out about
   She’s also inherited a desire to         life lessons come from our leisure        spaying and neutering
teach higher education.                     participation.”                           your pets is very impor-
   “My father was a professor, so I             Each year, Wooten’s classroom         tant,” she said. “We work
always thought that would be a good         students raise money for a scholar-       really hard to showcase
job. I grew up around campus with           ship program. It’s one of the only        our pets through different
him. I really loved academia, so that       scholarships at UNCP where stu-           events and allow people
felt natural ... it’s a fun atmosphere; a   dents raise the donated funds.            to see there are a lot of
positive place in general.”                     Wooten said touching her stu-         really good, adoptable
   Wooten teaches health, physical          dents’ lives is the most gratifying       animals out there who
education and recreation at Pem-            aspect of her career.                     need homes.”

Jennifer Sullivan
Age 36 • Executive Director • Cape Fear Botanical Garden

        er tireless efforts have rejuve-       Between these two full-time            and public administration, her
        nated an area nonprofit and         endeavors, she also finds space in        intention has always been to direct
        led the organization through        her schedule to serve in business         a nonprofit organization.
the most ambitious building project         development for The Logistics Com-            “I feel like I was placed in the
in its history.                             pany, one of the area’s home-grown        right point in the garden’s history,”
   Since Jennifer Sullivan was hired        defense contractors.                      she said. “It found me and I found
at the Cape Fear Botanical Gar-                 Sullivan’s impact is most clear at    the garden.”
den six years ago, visitation has           the garden, which has experienced             She said it was also fate that
increased by 90 percent, and the            vast change and growth under her          put her at the helm of the effort
organization raised more than $7.2          leadership. The new 33,000-square-        to create the endowment at
million.                                    foot indoor Wyatt Visitors Pavilion       Duke Cancer Center. So far,
   However, receiving accolades for         Complex has brought unexpected            she’s raised more than half
her brilliant leadership at the garden      attention, with more than 90 wed-         of the $50,000 required to
isn’t what makes the 40 Under Forty         dings and events scheduled in a           start the fund for cancer
honor so special.                           year’s time. The first national exhibit   research.
   Sullivan’s selection solidifies her      also opened at the garden during              “It is difficult to call
part of the first husband/wife duo          Sullivan’s tenure.                        oneself a widow at such
to be nominated. Her late husband,             Under her guidance the an-             a young age, but I want
Todd Sullivan, was part of the inau-        nual budget has increased from            to use the values we
gural class last year, only months          $650,000 to $1.8 million.                 both shared and
before succumbing to a six-year                “I think great success requires pa-    make something
battle with cancer.                         tience, time and planning,” she said.     positive come
   In addition to her tireless dedica-      “We had some great plans we’ve put        from this situa-
tion to the garden, Sullivan is com-        in place and stuck with those plans       tion,” she said.
mitted to preserving her husband’s          – we didn’t try to do anything to         “... I feel like
memory. She has organized a fund-           quickly, and over the last six years      I am the best
raising drive to start an endowment         those plans paid off.”                    person to carry
in his name at the Duke Cancer Cen-            Sullivan knows she has found her       out my husband’s
ter in Durham to help find a cure.          calling. With degrees in marketing        legacy.”

24   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
                                                                            Heather Scarboro
                                                                 Age 31 • Graduate Assistant for Praxis P.L.U.S.
                                                                    University of North Carolina at Pembroke

        n empathic counselor, active        Master of Music Composition degree             Scarboro is active with the
        fundraiser and adventurous          program at The University of North          Alzheimer’s Association and the
        spirit, Heather Scarboro reach-     Carolina at Greensboro. While at UNC        American Cancer Society (ACS). She
es out to those dealing with profound       Greensboro she worked at Brookdale          volunteers with Relay for Life commit-
test anxiety, grief and terminal illness.   Senior Living and provided music and        tees for UNCP and Scotland County
      Grief was a familiar visitor to       entertainment for residents. Several        and on a Relay team in Gastonia.
      Scarboro’s family at the turn of      were enduring the slow ravages of           Recently, she was inducted into
       the century. Her mother’s sis-       Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.           Chi Simga Iota, Phi Sigma (UNCP
        ter, Debbie Tolar, passed away      Scarboro drew upon her empathy and          Chapter), a national honor society
         in 1998. Her mother’s mother,      intuition to serve as a support group       for counselors. She frequently sings
           Martha Bowers, passed            facilitator for their families and loved    and plays guitar at events, including
           away in 1999. Her father’s       ones. She had found her calling.            a recent anti-bullying rally in Raeford.
           grandmother, Allie Scarboro,         “I kind of gravitate toward where       She is also active with the youth and
           passed away in 2003.             I can do the most good,” said Scar-         music programs Laurinburg Presbyte-
              “This series of significant   boro. “Being a counselor is more than       rian Church.
          losses has deeply impacted        just a title or a job. It really defines        “She is so valuable to everyone in
        me,” said Scarboro. “In deal-       who I am.”                                  Cumberland and surrounding coun-
       ing with my own grief and loss,         She is currently enrolled in the Clin-   ties by her educating and counseling
        a passion and desire to help        ical Mental Health M.A.Ed. program          others to lead better and healthier
        others coping with loss was         at the University of North Carolina at      lives,” said Rachel Urban of The
          solidified and brought me to      Pembroke. As a graduate assistant,          American Cancer Society – South-
           my current career path.”         she counsels students who need help         eastern North Carolina.
               Scarboro earned a            overcoming their anxiety in taking the         Scarboro plans to stay in the area
           Bachelor of Arts degree in       PRAXIS exam. She helps them create          as an LPCA after graduating, and will
           music and voice at Univer-       a new mental script of positive self-       enter a counselor education doctoral
            sity of North Carolina at       talk so they can get past the anxiety       program. She is interested in college
             the Pembroke in 2006 and       and be able to focus on accessing           counseling as well as teaching future
             immediately entered the        the knowledge they already have.            counselors.

                                                               www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012         25
                                                                                                                         Karen McLeod
                                                                             Age 27 • Public Health Educator/Health Promotion Coordinator
                                                                                             Cumberland County Public Health Department

                                       herever she goes, karen             where she is implementing creative            for seven years and strives to empower
                                       McLeod reaches out with             projects that emphasize nutrition and         both those who have been recently
                                       genuine concern for other’s         physical activity for children. She           diagnosed and those who have lived
                                wellbeing. She educates the                is mentoring a high school student,           with the disease. She has served as an
                                 public on healthy living through          recruiting new members for North              interviewee and writer regarding her
                                 several different venues as the           Carolina Central University’s alumni          personal experiences with lupus.
                                  public health educator for the           chapters, and helping Alpha kappa                “Sometimes with people that have
                                  Cumberland County Public                 Alpha plan a formal ball for graduating       chronic diseases, people will assume
                                    Health Department.                     high school females.                          they can’t do certain things,” she said.
                                         She is also active with a            One of McLeod’s personal projects          “I don’t want anyone to get that in their
                                     variety of local clubs and            is to empower people with Lupus,              mind. I do have my limitations and I
                                      organizations as a volunteer,        a chronic disease where the body’s            know what they are, but I want other
                                       committee member and                immune system attacks healthy tissue          people to see me as ‘karen can do
                                        mentor.                            and organs.                                   whatever she puts her mind to.’”
                                           “I like the interaction of         “I have Lupus – found out when I              McLeod is also working on a Master
                                        getting to know people, and        was in college,” she said. “I was very,       of Social Work degree at Fayetteville
                                        I really love doing commu-         very scared when I first found out. So,       State University. She plans to continue
                                        nity work … Sometimes I            my parents looked up some informa-            working in the field of public health.
                                       have to tell myself, ‘maybe a       tion about it. Then I had a chance to sit        “Ms. McLeod is a leader in every
                                      little bit later.’ I know I have a   and talk with a medical doctor who put        sense of the word,” said William Chavis
                                    full plate.”                           me a little more at ease.”                    of the Wake County Public Schools.
                                        The Fayetteville native               McLeod became involved with Fay-           “Her infectious and inviting personality
                                   contributes her time to many            etteville’s Walk for Lupus Now. She re-       positively affects those around her and
                                   local organizations. Her cur-           cruits and manages volunteers for the         consequently, she is able to empower
                                   rent commitments include the            walk, which raises funds for the Lupus        and motivate all that come in contact
                                   Junior League of Fayetteville,          Foundation. She has lived with lupus          with her.”

Jennifer Ingle
Age 34 • Account Manager • GANZ, USA

       rom her exceptional sales         years. In 2010 she decided to move        House Rocks Party.
       expertise for GANZ USA to         back to Fayetteville.                         Ingle is a multi-faceted artist
       her enthusiastic and thorough        “I realized that here I could be a     and supports greater Fayette-
work on charity events, Jennifer         big fish in a small pond and make a       ville’s arts community in several
Ingle’s gifts and talents benefit the    difference in my community,” said         ways. She was a committee
community. Born and raised in            Ingle. “Fayetteville is full of many      member for the Cape Fear
Fayetteville, she has worked in the      wonderful charities and organiza-         Regional Theatre’s 50th An-
gift industry for more than 11 years     tions that are key pieces to making       niversary Gala, a chair artist for
as an account manager, national          this community what it is.”               the Blue Jean Ball Chair-ity event,
sales manager and designer.                 Since moving back to                   and sits on the board of directors
   Ingle serves her territory of         Fayetteville, Ingle has given her         of Cape Fear Studios.
eastern North Carolina as a top gift     time to several organizations. In Ra-         Ingle plans to
salesperson. Her employer, DTR           leigh she had been active for seven       continue setting an
Enterprises, awarded her Sales-          years with the Junior League. She         example for other
man of the Year in 2004 and 2005.        transferred her membership to             young profession-
From 2004 to 2006 she won Top            the Junior League of Fayetteville,        als to step up and
Salesman Within the United States        where she has served for two years        get involved. She
award for Design Design, a gift          in chair positions for the Holly Day      often shares a
company. The past four years she         Fair. Ingle coordinates a number          favorite quote
has remained one of the top-four         of special events, serving as the         by Winston
sales person within her district.        social chair on the executive com-        Churchill, “We
   “My favorite part of my job is        mittee of Fayetteville Young Profes-      make a living
getting to work with people every        sionals; helping with the Garden          by what we
day and actually getting to form         Party, a fundraiser for the Boys          get, but we
relationships with local businesses      and Girls Club; and volunteering          make a life
and business owners,” said Ingle.        with the Education Foundation’s           by what we
   Ingle lived in Raleigh for 15         80’s-themed fundraiser, the School        give.”

26   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
David Sessoms Jr.
Age 37 • Regional Campus Director • Miller-Motte College

        avid Sessoms Jr. wasn’t always      single mothers trying to build a path     Commerce. “Eager to engage and
        the best student, but he learned    for their family. Students earn degrees   committed through completion, David
        hard work and good instructors      or certificates in business, cosmetol-    has developed a strong reputation as
can make a difference in someone’s          ogy, aesthetics or medical assisting.     a doer. Fayetteville is lucky to have
life. Now, as director of his alma          Sessoms fosters a system of social        him, and the community is the ben-
mater, he is helping others with that       support for his students, encouraging     eficiary of his dedication, hard work
realization.                                them to keep growing through tough        and involvement.”
    “I didn’t really think I would attend   days and asking students to celebrate         Delta, the company that owns
college, but once I got started at          daily victories.                          Miller-Motte, awarded Sessoms the
Miller-Motte College, I was hooked             Sessoms works closely with the         Delta Hero All Star Team award in
and love to learn,” said Sessoms. “I        Fayetteville/Cumberland County            2011. His Fayetteville campus was
understand what my students are             Chamber of Commerce and Econom-           also recognized by Delta with the
going through and relate to them            ic Development Board. As an ambas-        2009 DeNovo Award for best new
because I am a Miller-Motte College         sador for the chamber he promotes         campus.
graduate. I feel truly blessed to be        greater Fayetteville as a fertile site        “I think the thing that mo-
able to work in education.”                 for businesses to grow and develop.       tivates me most about
    A native of the Wilmington area,        Because of his level of professional      the Fayetteville com-
Sessoms began teaching for MMC              engagement, David led Miller-Motte        munity is everyone is
in 2003. Now, nine years later, he is       College to winning the chamber’s          so excited about be-
serving as regional campus director.        Business of the Year award for 2012.      ing involved,” said
Sessoms oversees the Fayetteville           Last year, he was selected as the         Sessoms. “No
and Charleston, S.C., campuses.             Ambassador of the Year. He was also       matter which
    Sessoms moved to Fayetteville in        the 2010 Volunteer of the Year for the    group you’re in,
June of 2009 to oversee the construc-       City of Fayetteville.                     they’re all on
tion of the new campus inside of the           “David Sessoms of Miller Motte         fire for their
vacated Walmart building on Ramsey          College exemplifies a success-            mission. It
Street. As a non-traditional school,        ful, young business leader,” said         makes you
Miller-Motte serves students who are        Doug Peters of the Fayetteville/          want to get
mostly 27-30 years old – many are           Cumberland County Chamber of              involved more.”

                                                                                              www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012   27
Teresa Elliott
Age 36 • Financial Advisor • Merrill Lynch

        efore moving to Fayetteville     for various scholarships.                                                        community, teaching the importance of
        in 2008, Teresa Elliott was          “I have been very fortunate in my                                            sharing time and talents for the benefit
        a congressional staffer in       life,” said Elliott. “Things could have                                          of others.
Washington, D.C. and a political         gone a lot of different ways for me.                                                She aims to obtain her certified
fundraiser in Raleigh.                   I’m very fortunate to be here, and                                               financial planner designation within the
   Now, she’s an elected leader.         to be able to serve instead of being                                             next year and to continue to grow in her
Elliott will begin her term as           served.”                                                                         understanding of investments to better
president of the Junior League of            In addition to her work with the                                             serve the needs of her clients.
Fayetteville in June.                    Junior League, Elliott gives her                                                    “She has given back unselfishly to this
   Out of an overwhelming sense          time to the CAREClinic’s wine                                                     community,” said Sandy Ammons of the
of gratitude and a generous spirit,      tasting committee, kiwanis Club,                                                     Marketing and Management Associa-
Elliott volunteers her time to foster    Boys and Girls Club Garden                                                            tion. “In addition to her professional
many beneficial programs in the          Party committee, Cape Fear                                                              and volunteer work, Teresa has
community. As a day job, she’s           Valley Health Foundation, the                                                            made a real effort to reach out to
been a financial advisor at Merrill      Partnership For Children and                                                                newcomers and to introduce
Lynch for three years.                   numerous other nonprofits in                                                                   them to volunteer, civic and
   Elliott first joined the Junior       our community.                                                                                   professional opportunities
League eight years ago in Wash-              “Charity comes from                                                                            in Fayetteville”
ington D.C. She transferred her          individuals; it comes from the                                                                           Reshma Patel of
membership when she moved                community, from churches, from                                                                          Cumberland County
to Raleigh, and again when she           families. I stress that,” she said.                                                                      Schools agrees,
moved to Fayetteville. The Junior        “We can’t just go through life just                                                                      “She is an honest
League of Fayetteville is currently      saying ‘oh, I’m so lucky.’ We must                                                                       and hardworking
exploring avenues to assist children     give back. I wake up in the morning                                                                      individual who goes
and their caregivers in manag-           and thank God every single day for                                                                       over and beyond in
ing mental health issues. This is        where I am.”                                                                                           every aspect she is
in addition to the Junior League’s           Elliott strives to help improve                                                               involved. Her enthusiasm
long-standing CAP grants program         the quality of life for children in the                                                    is contagious.”

1st Lt. Carlos Swan
Age 36 • Company Executive Officer • Bravo Company, 188th BSB, 18th Fires Brigade (Airborne), 82nd Airborne Division.

         olunteering is easy for 1st     position that demands a much great-       raise funds through a “pie-in-the-face       Fayetteville Young Professionals and
         Lt. Carlos Swan. The recent     er quantity of time beyond                  program.” They raised nearly $600.         acting as an advisory board member
         graduate from Fayetteville      traditional office hours.                          “I got a lot of pie in the face,”   of the Fayetteville State University’s
State University serves as a model          “It’s a lot of paper-                          the lieutenant said.                 Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).
for civilians and soldiers in his com-   work,” said Swan,                                        With the increasing de-       Swan has helped the Neighborhood
mitment to improving the world           who now oversees                                     mands of his new position,        Den program establish two different
around him.                              operations, training,                                 he has had to draw back          locations for youth outreach, and
   Born and raised in Jacksonville,      supplies, and the                                       on some of his volunteer       collected food for Community Can
Fla., Swan entered active military       health and welfare of                                   projects. His community        Do and Second Harvest Food Bank.
service upon graduating high school.     his soldiers.                                           involvement includes sit-      Between track, softball and soccer,
In January 2009 he was commis-              Humble and blessed                                 ting on the board of the         he has also given countless hours to
sioned as a 2nd lieutenant through       with a great sense of                               Bicycle Man Community              coaching youth sports in our com-
the Officer Candidate School at Fort     humor, Swan helped                                  Outreach Program, coor-            munity.
Benning, Ga. Swan earned a Bach-         his company family                                            dinating volunteer          “I love coaching. I’ve been
elor of Science degree in business       readiness group                                                        projects for    coaching since 1994,” said Swan.
administration from Fayetteville State                                                                                          “For track and field, we talk about
University via the Army’s degree                                                                                                integrity. We try to make them ac-
completion program.                                                                                                             countable for what they do. It takes a
   He has served as a team leader,                                                                                              while for them to earn your trust, and
squad leader, and platoon sergeant                                                                                              you to earn their trust.”
and has deployed to Iraq and                                                                                                       Sandra Mitchell of The Neighbor-
Afghanistan. He earned the Bronze                                                                                               hood Den had many words of praise
Star and a Military Outstanding                                                                                                 for Swan’s work as a volunteer,
Volunteer Service Medal. He is also                                                                                                “He has a strong heart for the
a recipient of the North Carolina                                                                                               community and the city as a whole,
Governor’s Volunteer Award.                                                                                                     and I know without a doubt he would
   Swan recently became executive                                                                                               be a great asset to anyone he comes
officer for a company of soldiers, a                                                                                            in contact with,” she said.

28   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty
                                                                           Kelly Twedell
                                        Age 38 • Editor • CityView Magazine / Fort Bragg Patch

        military spouse for more        and are never in the spotlight.”          stand for causes near to us based
        than 15 years, the plucky           Twedell volunteers with several       on our own experiences with the
        and resourceful kelly           organizations. With Girls On the          big, green machine.”
Twedell honed her freelance writing     Run, she is currently coaching               On Fort Bragg she volunteers
skills while moving from one duty       19 elementary-aged girls to run a         as a deputy leader for a family
station to the next. She volunteered    5k. The program seeks to nurture          readiness group and serves as
to edit and layout pages for military   stronger emotional health in young        an advocate for military fami-
newspapers at each new location.        girls. Twedell also serves on the         lies. For 12 years, Twedell has
   Upon moving back to                  board of First School at First Pres-      participated in Army Family Action
Fayetteville in 2004, her volunteer     byterian Church and volunteers at         Plan conferences. Participants
work turned into a paying job           the Cape Fear Regional Theatre.           identify pervasive issues faced by
with the Carolina Flyer at Pope             “It feels good to give back,” said    soldiers, families, veterans and
Air Force Base.                         Twedell. “All of these organiza-          wounded warriors. The attendees
   Now, Twedell is the features          tions run on volunteers, pretty          propose solutions which are later
editor for CityView Magazine,              much. Without the volunteers, a        presented to top Army decision-
a local glossy publication that            lot of these initiatives wouldn’t      makers.
celebrates lifestyles in the                happen.”                                 Twedell has received several
Sandhills. She also edits the                    Volunteer work is a common       awards from the American Red
Fort Bragg Patch, an online                    theme for military spouses         Cross and the USO at Camp
daily news source for the                       as they relocate from one         Casey, South korea. She has also
military community.                              military base to another.        received the Mary E. Walker Award
   “I enjoy reporting the                            “We all seem to survive      and the Civilian Service Award.
good news stories best,”                           with quiet time at the            “Have compassion for others
said Twedell. “I like                                    end of the day, a        and try to walk in their shoes,” she
to find the people                                            little wine, dark   said. “I think if everyone would do
behind the people,                                             chocolate, and     that, it would be a better world.
the ones who                                                  lots of prayers,”   That’s easier said than done
often serve in                                            said Twedell. “We       sometimes. Try to get to know a
thankless jobs                                           each volunteer and       person. Everyone has a story.”

                                                     www.fayobserver.com/40under40 • Sunday, May 13, 2012         29
Mark Wamsher
Age 39 • Vice President of Operations • K3 Enterprises, Inc.

       e’s the vice president and one    Wamsher said. “Ultimately I was at                                                 over there,” he said. “When you get
       of the earliest employees of      k3 from the beginning. From the din-                                               home you really appreciate your
       a rapidly-growing company.        ing room to the board room.”                                                       time with family, your time with
He’s also an advocate for children,         The company has thrived and is                                                  friends and appreciate what you
teaching Sunday school and               still growing. His job working in an                                               have.”
coaching youth sports. This duality      office is a far cry from his earlier                                                   Wamsher serves as the teacher
defines Mark Wamsher.                    beats with the Fayetteville and                                                        fellowship president at North-
   Wamsher, 39, works for defense        Raeford Police Depart-                                                                     wood Temple Academy,
contractor k3 Enterprises, where he      ments. He credits those                                                                       teaches the 5-year-old
was has helped grow the company          career steps with giving                                                                         Sunday school class at
with his experience gained both in       him the patience to                                                                                 Village Baptist Church
law enforcement and in the private       handle his current                                                                                     and coaches the
security field.                          position.                                                                                               varsity and junior
   “He was the third person hired           He also gives                                                                                         varsity softball
and has helped build k3 into a multi-    his work abroad,                                                                                         teams at North-
million dollar corporation,” said        where he served                                                                                          wood.
Brian kent, CEO and founder of the       in kosovo for two                                                                                          His future vision
company. “Mark never lets the ‘not       years with the UN                                                                                     for k3 is to see a
me’ or ‘not in my job description’       and in Afghanistan                                                                                   wing of the company
syndrome get in the way of excellent     and Iraq on security                                                                               develop providing in-
service.”                                details, with giving him                                                                         ternational humanitarian
   But Wamsher took a risk when he       a new perspective on life                                                                      assistance.
accepted the job instead of one with     here.                                                                                          “Without vision you’ll just
more stability. kent, his brother-in-       “You can never really                                                                  die on the vine,” he said. “If
law, started the company at home.        appreciate what you have got                                                            you don’t have a goal way out
   “I was going to go back to the        here, or what you have or even                                                       in front of you to force you to work
Fayetteville Police Department,”         how you got it until you’ve been                                                    hard to get there, there is really no
                                                                                                                             purpose in life.”

                                                                                                                       Stacy Sanders
                                                                      Age 39 • Homeless Project Officer • Fayetteville Police Department

                                              olice officers are all tasked         connection between them and law            She also tries to contact next-
                                              to protect and serve. Officer         enforcement. She learns their story,    of-kin family members when one
                                              Stacy Sanders serves an               examines their case and deter-          of the area’s homeless is found
                                        oft-forgotten segment of the                mines whether there is immediate        deceased.
                                        population.                                 needs that can be met.                     She never slows down. In ad-
                                           As the city’s homeless project               “It can be a phone call to a fam-   dition to her police work, she has
                                           officer, Sanders works everyday          ily member where they didn’t have       owned real estate for the past 10
                                             with those who are less fortu-         the money to call home,” she said.      years. She also has a full resume of
                                              nate, lending a helping hand          “A simple phone call or a bus ticket    volunteer work including support-
                                               to those in need.                    can help a long ways.”                  ing an area no-kill animal shelter,
                                                   The 39-year-old former               Sanders scours the city, often      sending money to a ministry that
                                                soldier is the perfect officer      traveling to the most inaccessible      helps an orphanage in Hati, vol-
                                                 for the job. She has worked        areas. It’s not uncommon to see         unteering her time giving mani-
                                                         since the age of 15,       her under a bridge or trudging          cures and pedicures to homeless
                                                         and her enthusiasm         through brier-filed woods.              children, and serving as an active
                                                         knows no bounds.               Often she encounters individu-      member of Alpha kappa Alpha
                                                          “I’m about changing       als with substance-abuse issues,        Sorority.
                                                    lives,” Sanders said. “My       mental health problems and violent         She says she hopes her dedica-
                                                     goal is to always help         histories.                              tion to giving back will influence
                                                      those less fortunate,             “Yes there is always a concern      her own child.
                                                        whether they are home-      about safety, but normally you can         “As a young child I was part of
                                                        less, street persons or     see it a lot of times before it hap-    the community I know and give
                                                         just transients trying     pens,” she said. “I’ve been doing       back to,” she said. “My family
                                                          to get home.”             it seven years and they know me.        struggled from time to time and we
                                                             Each day she can-      Most of them are very respectful,       had to lean on the community re-
                                                        vases the city, catalog-    because they are the ones in need.      sources for help. This is why giving
                                                       ing each of Fayetteville’s   They are looking for someone to         back is very important to me and to
                                                      homeless and building a       help them, more or less.”               pass it down to my daughter.”

30   The Fayetteville Observer’s 2012 40 Under Forty

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