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									                    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:
                               VAISHALI PATEL
                             212-880-2812- OFFICE
                              917-548-6875- CELL

1. What do I get with each printer that is purchased?
 Each printer that is purchased comes in a pre-bundled package determined by DoE & Lexmark.
   Each package comes standard with:
    3 Year Warranty (except C510(n))
    Onsite Installation
    Basic Cabling- The type vary with Package
    Drawer(s)- The number & type vary with Package
    Output Trays- The number & type vary with Package

    Z615BE- Apple Mac OS 9.0.4 - 9.2.2; Apple Mac OS X
    X6170- Not MAC compatible
    C510- Apple Mac OS X
    C762- Apple Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x; Apple Mac OS X
    E232t- Apple Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x; Apple Mac OS X
    E332n- Apple Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x; Apple Mac OS X
    T630- Apple Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x; Apple Mac OS X
    T634- Apple Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x; Apple Mac OS X

3. How do I purchase Toner Cartridges for the printers?
 You have to purchase toner internally from Office of Purchasing Management. You may
   contact Claire Coffler- 718- 935-2098

4. Which printer(s) are ATS Configured?
 All T630 & T634 Printers come standard ATS configured.

5. What are the differences between the various T630n and T634n Printer Bundled Packages?
 The differences between the bundled packages of the T630n and T634n Printers are that they
   vary in 3 categories:
    Drawers- 250 Sheet Drawer, 500 Sheet Drawer, 2000 Sheet Drawer
    Output Trays- 650 Sheet Output Expander, 1850 Sheet High Capacity Output Expanders
    Network Capabilities- Parallel Card, Token Ring, Coax/Twinax

6. Which Printer is the Standard HSST Printer?
 T630n. Fast Track #-70-6500.04.0, $2272.63
7. Can I add a non-networked printer to the network?
 Yes, any printer that is non-networked can be networked by purchasing a network card from
   Lexmark. Both internal and external network cards available based on the printer model.
   Please call me for specific information. Laser printers have internal and external network
   cards, however inkjets only have external network cards.

8. Can I make my printer wireless?
 Yes, the printers have a wireless adapter that can be purchased from Lexmark. Call me for
   specific information.

9. What is a Parallel Card for?
 A parallel Card option is available with some of the printers on Fast Track. When you connect
   your network printer via IP Address, the Parallel Card allows you the option of also directly
   connecting the printer to one PC. This option is helpful in case the network goes down and
   other like situations.

10. Can I purchase an item that is not on Fast Track? If so, how?
 Yes, if there is an item that you need that is not on FT, you may put in a special request
    internally to Bob Satriano. You would purchase the item via a PO from the New York State
    Contract. Please call me for specific information.

11. Does Lexmark have a printer available that can print on 11 by 17 (wide format)?
 Yes, we have a Monochrome Laser Printer (W820) and a Color Laser Printer (C912) that does
    wide format printing. However, neither is available on Fast Track. You may make a special
    request and purchase one. Please call me for specific information.

12. For further information, you may log onto the DoE Managed Services site at:

13. How can I buy an extra drawer?
 There is a 500 Sheet drawer on FT. The FT# is 70-8403.58.1. The cost is $197.76. The drawer
    is a universal drawer meaning it can be adjusted to fit either regular (8 1/2 by 11) or legal (8 ½
    by 14) size paper. The drawer is compatible to the T630 or T634 printer line.

14. How do I know if my school is Token Ring?
 I would recommend asking a technical expert at your school or calling the Regional or Deputy
    Technology Manager for your region.

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