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									                          SWEDISH STUDENT AID

                                                              CSN      INFORMATION                 LEAFLET         2012

                    This leaflet contains information about stu­      STUDY TEMPO                                      Folk high school

                    dent aid (studiemedel) for studies in Sweden.     Student aid is payable for every full calendar   If you are studying at a folk high school,
                    For studies abroad, see the information leaflet   week during which you participate in a           you must be planning to study at least 20
                    ”Studiemedel för studier utomlands” (in           course of studies. To qualify for student aid    hours per week to be deemed to be studying
                    Swedish). You’ll find further information         you must study for at least three weeks on       on a full-time basis. For studies of part­
                    about student aid at www.csn.se.                  no less than a half-time basis. Student aid      time 75 percent, 15 hours per week is
                                                                      is also payable for different rates of study:    required and for studies of part-time 50
                    ARE YOU ENTITLED                                                                                   percent, 10 hours per week.
                                                                      full-time 100 percent, part-time 75 per­
                    TO STUDENT AID?
                                                                      cent or part-time 50 percent.
                    You can receive student aid for studies at                                                         Other types of education
                    university or college and certain other types                                                      For other types of education, the school
                                                                      University, college or vocational
                    of post-secondary education. As of the            university                                       itself sets the study tempo by determining
                    second six-month period of the year of            For study at university or college, a system     the scope of the individual study pro­
                    your twentieth birthday you can also              of credits has been put in place whereby         gramme.
                    receive student aid for studies at folk           1.5 higher education credits corresponds
                                                                      to one week of full-time study. To qualify       FOR HOW LONG MAY

                    high school, municipal adult education
                                                                                                                       YOU RECEIVE STUDENT AID?

                    programmes, and other forms of upper              for full-time student aid, you must under­
                                                                      take, during the study period envisaged, to      The length of time for which you may
                    secondary education. You may currently
                                                                      study at a rate corresponding to at least 1.5    receive student aid is limited to a certain
                    be awarded student aid no later than in the
                                                                      higher education credits per week. Similarly,    number of weeks on each level of edu­
                    year of your 54th birthday, but the number
                                                                      to qualify for student aid equivalent to 75      cation. If you have previously received
                    of weeks for which you will be entitled to
                                                                      percent or 50 percent of full-time studies,      student aid, special adult education sup­
                    a student loan is incrementally reduced as
                                                                      you must undertake to study at a rate            port or special adult education support for
                    of the year of your 45th birthday.
                                                                      entitling you to an average higher edu­          the unemployed, the period during which
                        The table shows the total number of
                                                                      cation credits of 1.125 or 0.75 per week.        you received payments is counted as well.
                    weeks for which you will be entitled to a
                                                                      For study at vocational university, 5 credits    You may receive student aid for periods
                    student loan – including any previous
                                                                      corresponds to one week of full-time study.      longer than those listed below only in
                    loans – if you take up a course of studies at
                                                                         In the case of post-secondary program­        exceptional circumstances.
                    a certain age. Previous loans taken out at
                    compulsory school level need not be               mes not employing a system of credits, the
                                                                                                                       Education at post-secondary level
                    included. For previous loans at upper             school itself establishes the study tempo.
                                                                                                                       You may receive student aid for a maxi­
                    secondary level, only one half of the loan                                                         mum of 240 weeks.
                                                                      Adult secondary education
                    weeks need be counted towards the total.          (Komvux)
                                                                      If you are studying at Komvux, the scope         Education at upper secondary
                    UPPER AGE LIMIT FOR STUDENT LOAN                                                                   level
                                                                      of the studies is assessed on the basis of a
                    Age reached during      Number of weeks                                                            You may receive student aid for a maxi­
                                                                      point system whereby each separate course
                    calendar year                                                                                      mum of 120 weeks. If you have already
                                                                      is attributed a certain number of points.
                                                                                                                       completed a Swedish national or specially
                          45                    220                       The table below shows the number of
                          46                    200
                                                                                                                       designed educational programme, or have
                                                                      points you must acquire per week in order
                          47                    180
                                                                                                                       received an equivalent Swedish education
                                                                      to be deemed to be studying on a full-time
                          48                    160                                                                    of some other sort or equivalent education
                                                                      (100 percent) or part-time (75 percent or
                          49                    140                                                                    abroad, you are entitled to student aid for
                                                                      50 percent) basis.
                          50                    120                                                                    a maximum of 80 weeks.
                          51                    100                   Study tempo     Points per week
CSN nr 2130E/1203

                                                                                                                       Education at compulsory school
                          52                      80
                                                                      50 %            10–14
                          53                      60
                                                                                                                       If you have received a Swedish compulsory
                          54                      40                  75 %            15–19
                                                                                                                       school education and have received pass
                                                                      Full-time       20
                                                                                                                       grades in the compulsory subjects, or if
you have received some other equivalent          education. This applies if you are attending    HOW YOUR INCOME WILL
                                                                                                 AFFECT YOUR STUDENT AID
form of Swedish education or education           an education at compulsory school level or
abroad, you are entitled to student aid for      upper secondary level at Komvux or an           You are entitled to a certain income at the
a maximum of 40 weeks. If you have no            equivalent education at folk high school.       same time as you are receiving student aid.
compulsory school education or equivalent        The higher grants are awarded for as long       The cut-off point of your income is known
form of Swedish education or education           as the money lasts and in the order in which    as your franchise. If your income is greater
abroad, you may receive student aid for a        applications for student aid reach CSN.         than your franchise, the amount payable
maximum of 80 weeks. If you need                     You may also receive the higher grant if    in student aid will be reduced – both the
proficiency training and you have no             you                                             grant and the loan component. Your stu­
compulsory school education, this period         • have turned 20 but not 25 years               dent aid will be reduced by 61 percent of
may be extended by 20 weeks.                     • are unemployed, and                           the income exceeding the franchise.
                                                 • are starting your studies in 2011 or          The size of your franchise will depend on
Further weeks for older students                    2012.                                        the number of weeks per calendar half year
Under certain circumstances, you can                                                             during which you receive student aid. You
receive student aid for a further 40 weeks       You will find further information about         can work out your franchise at our web site
as of the year of your 40th birthday. This       the higher grant at www.csn.se. You do not      under ”Räkna ut” (in Swedish).
rule of a further 40 weeks applies to any        have to apply for the higher grant yourself.
level you study on. Normally, to qualify for     We will automatically consider the higher       FRANCHISE FOR 20 WEEKS WITH STUDENT
                                                 grant when you apply for student aid.           AID
the extra weeks, you should not have
                                                    As of the year of your 25th birthday,        Study tempo   Franchise (kr)
received student aid for some time. It is also
stipulated that you need the course for          you can also apply for a supplementary          Full-time        70,400
reasons concerned with the labour market         loan. To qualify for this loan, you must be     75 %             88,000
or for personal reasons.                         studying on a full-time basis and have          50 %           105,600
                                                 received a certain lowest income the last
HOW MUCH MONEY                                   calendar year before you started studying.      Income is calculated on a calendar half­
MAY YOU RECEIVE?                                 If you begin studying during 2011, this         yearly basis and is defined as income deri­
The following table shows the size of            income will be 177,620 kronor. The              ved from employment, business activities
the grant, loan and supplementary loan           supplementary loan is payable for a maxi­       and capital assets as determined by the
components payable to full-time stu­             mum of 120 weeks.                               tax assessment for the calendar year in
dents.                                              If you have custody of a child or child­     question.
                                                 ren, you may qualify for extra child allo­
AMOUNTS PAYABLE TO FULL-TIME                     wance. This grant is payable until the
STUDENTS, 2011 (from 1 July 2011)                                                                STUDY ACHIEVEMENT
                                                 calendar half year of the child’s 18th birth­   REQUIREMENT
                1 week (kr)     4 weeks (kr)
                                                 day. The size of the grant will depend both     When you apply for student aid for the
General grant      699           2,796           on the number of children you have and          first time, you will not need to refer to
Loan             1,531           6,124           on your study tempo. If both parents are        previous study achievements. However, if
Total amount     2,230           8,920           studying, however, only one of them will        you have previously received student aid,
                                                 be entitled to extra child allowance for the    you must be able to point to adequate
Higher grant     1,628           6,512
                                                 child.                                          previous study results.
Loan               602           2,408
Total amount     2,230           8,920           EXTRA CHILD ALLOWANCE PER CHILD AND             APPLICATION
Supplementary                                                                                    When you apply for student aid, use the
loan               435           1,740           Number of children   Full-time 75 %   50 %
                                                                                                 electronic service "Ansök om studieme-del"
                                                 1 child              132       96      66       in Mina sidor (only in Swedish) at www.csn.se.
A fee of 150 kronor per calendar half year
                                                 2 children           215      157     105       You can apply whenever you wish, but you
is charged for administration of student
                                                 3 children           259      187     127       can only receive student aid retro-spectively
loans. This fee is deducted from the loan in
                                                 4 children           303      217     149       for four weeks before your application reached
conjunction with the first payment of the
                                                                                                 CSN. So make sure you send in your
                                                 If you incur extra costs in conjunction with    application in plenty of time!
    Student aid is made up of a grant com­
                                                 your studies, you may also apply for an
ponent and a loan component. There is                                                            COORDINATION
                                                 additional loan to cover such costs as study
also a higher grant component to which                                                           WITH OTHER BENEFITS
you may be entitled as of the year of your                                                       You cannot obtain student aid for the same
25th birthday if you have not received a                                                         period as you receive
full national upper secondary or equivalent
• study allowance (‘studiehjälp’) from        IF YOU ARE A                                       Each year you are expected to pay a certain
                                              FOREIGN NATIONAL
  CSN                                                                                            annual amount towards repayment of your
• student aid or finacial aid for studies     If you are a foreign national, special rules       loan. The size of the annual amount will
  from another country                        will apply. You must, therefore, fill in further   depend on how much you have borrowed,
• introduction benefit                        information when you apply for student             changes in the interest rate, the number of
• a rehabilitation allowance                  aid at www.csn.se. You can read more about         years over which the loan is to be repaid,
• activity support                            te rules in the information leaflet ”Swedish       and a two-percent upward-adjustment
• sickness or activity compensation           Student Aid for Non-Swedish Nationals              factor.
• development allowance                       for Studies in Sweden”, which you will be             If you have a repayment liability for a
• a postgraduate student grant.               able to obtain from your school.                   previous loan and intend to resume your
                                                                                                 studies, your annual amount will be
Similarly, you are not entitled to student    WHEN DO YOU START
                                                                                                 reduced, i.e. you will not be expected to
aid for postgraduate education if you         REPAYING YOUR LOAN?
                                              Student loans taken out after
                                                                                                 keep up your payments during the period
• are doing service under the Total Defence
                                              June 30, 2001 (annuity loans)                      of your studies.
  Service Act
                                              You start repaying your loan no earlier than
• are attending a training course for re­
                                              at the turn of the year falling six months         E-SERVICES
  serve or career officers
                                              after you last received student aid from           You can also use CSN’s electronic services
• are or have been employed as a post­
                                              CSN. The maximum repayment period                  in Mina sidor (only in Swedish) at
  graduate student
                                              will be 25 years. If there are less than 25        www.csn.se.
• are receiving or have received a post­
                                              years until your 60th birthday, that period           There you can
  graduate student grant.
                                              is your repayment period. If you have a            • apply for student aid – quick and easy
If you are commited to a prison establish­    smaller debt, your repayment period will           • find out when your money comes
ment, you may apply for student grant but     be shorter.                                        • calculate how much you can get.
not student loan.

ww w.cs dor                                                        Visit CSN on line
 M ina
                        Apply for student aid • Find out when your money comes • Calculate how much you can get

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