How to be a good performer

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					How to Be a Good Performer
A singer, dancer, actor becomes a good player that performs a combination of activities successfully. In order to
perform well, capture the attention of the public, as well as their hearts. They do this by engaging the public, in
connection with the music and the stage and be skilled at his craft to pass.
Overcome the phase is a great step to become a great player. To do this knowing their background music. This helps
to remind all letters, even when you're nervous. You can also breathe slowly just before singing in lower heart rate,
relax and release tension, so that he can concentrate on his singing. Finally, focus on giving the message. Look, the
artist, as a Messenger, a music conductor. He must embody get music message to your audience. The next step to
being a good player is to connect with the music.
A good player always will connect with your music in any way. Consider the Act in some way. The study and
perspective of the writer to become that character when singing. To do this, you should study how the voice feels and
thinks, "the song. Empathy and embody this message when he sings. Allow your enunciation, involving posture and
vocal delivery. Finally, a good player knows how to engage your audience.
To become a good player you need to look comfortable on stage. This means that there is no hair, fidgeting, fixing
clothes, looking at the walls or control microphones. Make eye contact with you. Bait you by smiling or telling them
what to do. Something as simple as this clap ... ' hands as your audience can join. He seems happy to be there. If
you're looking to the side or to the sides of the stage and the audience, began to feel uncomfortable. Do not expect
the audience to be excited for you that you will be thrilled with them. As you are fully responsible for the player.
In conclusion, be a good player has a passion ... To become a good player must overcome fear and anxiety, connect
with your music and engage your audience. Remember, the energy that you may or may not receive their audience.
But it is your job to always do their best.

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