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Instructions neck tie tying

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Neck tie could be easily managed in many beautiful ways if you follow these simple instructions carefully and
as many times unless you are confident enough.

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Neck tie is a material worn around the neck beneath the collar with a tied knot in the front. In
beginning, it was the privilege of the person belonging to a higher position, to wear a tie. Now irrespective
of the position, tie has become a fashion wear or trend among men. Be it an office meeting, official party,
functions, ties goes well with all kind of occasions. Most of the times, tie is the most essential part
while for an interview.
you go                     There are different types of tie knots one can easily tie. Knots such as Windsor
knot, half-Windsor knot, four-in-hand knot, pretty/Shelby knot are more common in use.        1.<b> Windsor knot
</b> is wide triangular knot worn with wide spread collar shirts and are preferred during formal occasions.
To a Windsor knot you need to follow these instructions:
tie                                                            a. Place the necktie below the collar such
thatwider end is longer than the thin end and the wide end crosses over the thin end.
the                                                                                        b. Now take the wide
end from the loop formed between the collar and necktie upwards and then leave it down hanging...c. Again pull
the wide end from below the thin end to the left and then back from the loop...d. Now bring the wide end
across the front from left to right...e. Pull the wide end up from the loop and bring it down through the
in front.   f. With the help of your both hands tighten the knot and draw it to the collar...2.
Half-Windsor </b> is a medium triangular knot considered more formal when compared to the four-in-hand
knot:::a. To tie a half Windsor knot, place the wide end of tie under the collar with wide end longer
than end also crossing over the other...b. Bring the wide end around and behind the thin end and then move
up...c. Next pull the wide end up through the loop, and then bring the wide end around front, over the
thinfrom left to right...d. Again bring wide end up and through the loop and then bring the wide end down
through the knot in front. Tighten your knot by drawing the knot under your collar...To know more about other
tie-knots and how well to manage them visit our website <a

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