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                                                                          MADERA COUNTY

                                 Loan Contact Information
                                          Madera County
                                 Economic Development Commission

                                      Please call: Diannah Thomas

                                 2425 W. Cleveland Avenue, Suite 101
                                         Madera, CA 93637
                                           (559) 675-7768
                                         Fax (559) 675-3252


                                                                          REVOLVING LOAN
                                                                           FUND PROGRAM
Suite 101, Madera CA 93637

                                                                       BRIDGING THE GAP FOR
2425 West Cleveland Ave.

                                                                         SMALL BUSINESSES
MCEDC Financial Services                 MCEDC Financial Services                   MCEDC Serves A Variety
                                                                                       Of Businesses
                                                                                   Examples of the types of businesses that
The Madera County Economic                     Terms and Interest Rates            can obtain a RLF program small business
Development Commission (MCEDC)
                                                                                   loan include, but not limited to:
provides various financial services to   Terms and interest rates are set on a
businesses located within the City of    case-by-case basis, and are based on          Agriculture Growers
Madera and Madera County.                the amount being financed. All loans
                                         are processed and approved locally and        Auto Repair Shops
MCEDC is authorized to provide long      require additional approval from the
and short-term financing for start-up    State CDBG program. The MCEDC
and existing businesses, through the                                                   Business Centers
                                         assures speedy, effective, and
Small Business Loan Programs.            confidential processing of your loan.         Car Wash Facilities
MCEDC administers funds that                         Requirements
provide low interest loans in “gap”                                                    Cleaning Suppliers
financing situations. The program is     The requirements are as follows: 1 full
funded, primarily by, the State                                                        Designing Companies
                                         time Targeted Income Group (TIG) job
Community Development Block Grant        must be created for every $35,000
(CDBG). Funding from the program                                                       Food Manufacturers
                                         loaned and the borrower must have the
can be used for working capital,         ability to repay the loan.
inventory purchase, acquisition of                                                     Frame Manufacturers
machinery and equipment, etc.
                                                                                       Graphic Designers
MCEDC works with local banks and
the Small Business Administration                                                      Machining Shops
(SBA) to produce joint financial
packages to develop and stimulate                                                      Markets
business growth in the community.
                                                                                       Pet Stores

                                                                                       Petroleum Distributors

                                                                                       Welding Shops

                                                                                       Video Distributors

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