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Accounting Specialist Cover Letter sample

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									Accounting Specialist Cover Letter

Following is the example of Accounting Specialist Cover Letter for your
CV or Resume. You can download this Accounting Specialist Cover Letter
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The accounting specialist cover letter samples are as follows:

Accounting Specialist Cover Letter

Tahira ehtisham,
5466 hospital Street,
BWP, Punjab 6677898,

Date: may 8, 2008.

Mr. Zulfiar ali bhutto,
jr Head,
Bhutto accounts Inc.,
43454 Punjab PK,
Lahore, La 44564567.

Dear Mr. Bhutto,

I learned about the job opening for accounting specialist in the company
from I have fifteen years of work experience in the
accounting field and currently working at Accelerate Financial
Corporation as an Accounting Supervisor. Working with Bhutto Account Inc.
would be an exciting experience as I would be able to use my professional
expertise to help the company gain profit.

After going through the job advertisement, I felt that I have all the
pre-requisites necessary for the job. The candidate selected for this job
would be expected to travel extensive and my previous job also included
traveling, thus I am comfortable to travel within states and abroad. I am
proficient in speaking French, Spanish and Chinese. I have experience of
working with a team of accountants, lawyers and other working
professionals to estimate fraud create by various firms and clients. I
have knowledge about legal laws in different states and countries.

Thank you for giving me a chance to apply for this job and considering me
for this job profile. I would like to attend an interview in near future
to further discuss my suitability for the job. My contact number is
(206)-456 7890 and 4087625113. I am keenly waiting for the interview




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