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									                    WRIGHT FITNESS CENTER
             Department of Residential Life – Redstone Campus
               Fitness Center Student Intern Job Description
The Wright Fitness Center Student Intern is responsible for both in the office work and
out of the office work. Four hours of in the office work will allow for the intern’s
supervisor to follow up with their progress, check in and discuss major issues, and serve
as a resource to help develop new projects. Additionally, five to six hours of out of the
office work will be expected of the intern; this work may include, but is not limited to,
staff meetings and drop ins.

Hours: This position requires approximately 9-10 hours per week.

Start Date: Orientation begins…

Remuneration: This position will prioritize work study eligibility. The pay rate for the
2010- 2011 academic year will be $9/hour or a stipend will be decided upon. A free
fitness center pass is also included.

There are two intern openings, one for Facilities Improvement and Research and one
for Program and Staff Development.

Specific Job Responsibilities Include (but not limited to):

Shared Administrative Responsibilities

      Be a part of the interviewing and hiring process for the WFC in a manner that is
       objective so as to prevent biased selection
      Develop an annual report at the end of academic year
      Fulfill a few shifts during which expected to drop by unannounced and to ensure
       that the gym is running as expected

Facilities Improvement & Research

      Ensure that proper inventory of equipment is kept
      Identify necessary current equipment repairs and/or equipment the gym is in need
      Identify areas of improvement for the gym
      Track and log all updates and maintenance repairs for liability purposes
      Identify regularly used equipment and research the possibility of acquiring new
      Ensure that incident logs are being kept
      Organize the marketing and sales of fitness center passes throughout the semester
      Coordinate records of WFC memberships
      Work with Kevin Hytten to maintain the WFC website
      Attend bi-weekly WFC staff meetings
      Facilitate monthly staff meetings

Program and Staff Development

      Seek out opportunities for collaboration with the Center for Health & Wellbeing
      Research and implement fitness/cardio programs and events at the WFC
      Create monthly bulletin boards on topic areas relevant to the lives of the fitness
       center members
      Communicate with members about any relevant news
      Implement marketing techniques aimed at increasing membership
      Monitor magazine selection/supply
      Other duties as assigned

Check out our website at for the Wright
Fitness Center Student Intern application. Please email completed forms to or send forms by mail to:

                             Rafael Rodriguez, Residence Director
                                  436 South Prospect Street
                                    Burlington, VT 05405

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