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									Rutangclan By. Dustin Wesley Smith

Tango by Dustin Wesley Smith


Humanity is both
righteous and profane;
both holy and hated.
They are all on
divided sides
of the same coin.
and free will
will rule us..
Slaves to our devotion
and to our poison
we have a will
that breaths the words
“Mighty nations,‘
stand up for bastards’(King Lear 1.2 line22)
and saints!”.


I walk out a door
hung on the notion
that I will find something
and the street has lost
its usual dull look
under dancing drops feet,
the lights bright spears assailing it
amid tire swish and gutter wash.

Seeing I say
“Hello walking girl.
In this your steps sing
with hard pressed rhythm
songs that your mother taught you
smiling at their learning.
You are going to meet her,
 kissing with a wet and flushed face.”

Sounds of man

Take me
In the mad fury
off to by gone days
where the nature of experience
is among other things
a sound, or at least a feeling.
This is the all-binding “red blood” fury
that shakes us in these days.
All experience is valid
with the exception of
some of the bodies
more destructive
and addictive properties.

All but few want love and those that don’t
are the truly mad and not with a good madness
that drives a man to survive,
but with a wicked one
that comes from petty disdain
for a world that wants to accept them.

Sex is an ever-defining moment
that drives us to wage war
and even end them.
The sex strike was Africa’s baby.
Those children of God
got it up stairs.

Nothing is apriori
Life has to be lived
for knowledge to abound.
Even that fist breath
is only taken when learned,
but emotion comes easy
though not math or words.

Fear of the fearful
Is a fact of life
Though fearing no evil
is Gods command. How though
should we take precautions
to steer clear of pain?
Electric chares do exist
but they only free us
from payment.
The lion just has to be fed.

Some days sorrow abounds
with piteous moans
and tears on tap.
The worlds on Zoloft
trying not to think
of our impending
or even current misfortune.
The only fortune some have
is misfortune.

To laugh is a necessity.
A giddy heart is needed
to settle a sway of sorrow.
It is a truly needed emotion
that state of contentment
which brings a smile
while being loved
and God willing unafraid.

The mad fury of life
makes no sense
yes “full of sound and fury
signifying nothing.”
There aint no plot
but a ploy to get by.

       Hello john you naughty Hellenist

Through “green” paths
Looking for nothing more
Than the warmth of the sun

Taking in the bonnet
It’s feeling
That path of green and blue
With no more
Ice covered somber solace

The green and red
Of the “wacky wedus”
Shall get us through
Shall ad a hugh
To the path
Most delightfull

Running round
For nothing more
Than a reason
To stir our hearts
To braek apart
This swirling slumber
Of the norm.

Offers Pan
,this Mythic method,
but it also offers
the life of the world,
the green shoots
of summer grass,
and “the lynx’s eye.

That God blessed
Summer grass is for the sheep
To graze and for us to snod in
But how do we begin
To find that place of solitude
Of contemplation
On those thoughts
That may be disguarded.
“Billy dreamer”
don’t stop your slumber.

I want nothing more
Than life
Without strife
No need to wory
Tomorrow takes care of itself
We may want of the forest
The flowers and other seeded solemnity.


This block This block
This stmbling block, I say I say
I’m stuck on a rock.


You can take down
Those proud twin towers the stock market
Buthow do you stop the internet?
How doyou stop the internet?
How do you stop the internet?
That new tower promised
That stands for freedom
Let the Lords prayr be screemed
From that high and laughty rooftop.


No animals were harmed
During the filming of this movie
Except for those that were eaten
On set, then they feasted and
What are the accounts of animal abuse
During filming
Like their saving all animals from pain
By writing these majic words.

Open Air

The noises of the bistro
are at this time deafening,
the clinks of the glasses and plates
the rambling of old ladies
clutching at their husbands
All while we are fixated
on a hot thin stomached and young girl
who just can't keep her napkin
on her lap.

Atitudes of the Wander

Beat, was it inspired
by the beat of the time
the jazz the feel of a thing
with meter
But kicking it
Into a new beat
Meter mearly a formality
Scarsely even their
And so mixed
It drifts into new places
Like the lives
Of those who wrote it?

They did it in Moroco,
Paris, London, Big Sur,
San Fransiso, Washington st.
Mexico City, New Yourk,
And Lowel their space time location
man wherever the power of a thumb
could take them, those Dharma Bums.

Was it just the road
That gave them
The hugh of inspirastion?
Duluoze seems to speek truth
If not for Poncho villa, old Bull Lee,
Jack Smith, Irwin Swenson,
And and may more name changes,
Changing names to protect the guilty.

Or was it the Beatitudes
Mathiew 5:3-12 that drove
Their agape lust.
Treasures in heaven
Are hard to accumulate
If you win one over
To Christ
That’s money in the bank
Even though you may
Be poor in spirit..
But these days
I feel so cynical
If you said
That you knew
a good person
I’d say “Don’t lie
It’s not becoming of you.”
`But that doesn’t mean
That some people
aren’t descent though
and those old writers
seem to speek to that.

  Shakesperian Rag

The Ides of March
Are not so foreboding
Search out happiness
All the stress unloading
Tomorrow may bring trouble
But remember look to the happiness
Here and in the hereafter.
Pow wow party Soirée boogie down.

Ghost Time

Sitting here with Ginny’s ghost
And Jacks by the side
Sittin with hippies
and blowin smoke
in this I can abide..

You may call me a witch.
You may call me a shaman.
But my mind bursts
With something uncommon

       Smokin with a Dutch Boy

Leak a lake of lucky lingering.
Take a drag and nestle in.
Burn some incence
Inside your temple.
This Bud is for you my friend.
“Every body in. Every body in.
The” parties “about to begin”.(Morrison, Jim paraphrased)


Taking long drags off pipes
We sit here and languish
Wishing for days to change
Waiting for what is new
The neophile
Has not enough time
to satisfy his own
lust for new knowledge
Technology and
Whatever else that
Passes by and fits his fancy..

Sitting on sofas
We flitter away half our day
With little more than
Thoughts of full bellies
Is that not what most
Sweat, bleed,
Cry, and struggle for

See with new eyes
what may come of us.
and how long we will last
We are eternal
And we are what
We make of ourselves
Our mistakes
And our acompliushments.

We are the sum total
Of our works
What we leave behind
Will define our lives
To those
that may remember
and forever after
we will remember
what we have done
no mater of our fate.

That sideways eight
May she smile on you.
Seeing by
The light of the lamb
With no delusions
Or misgiving
Just life ever after.
I hopeyou are in
The twelve gates
For that’s
what it is to win

I just want to bask
in the light of the Lamb.
Having time
To befriend everyone,
Worth befriendin.
Spendin more time
Than a googles worth of years
Just getting to know em.

Have them

Take the figs of me
Use me up
leave me
with nothing to give.

You don’t have
To desire me.
Search out
your own fruit.

The “apples” of his dream
Were just
For him
And his “aunt”

My figs
May be
For me.

That is the loneliness
And what comes of it
“My friends the books”
and the movies shall take me in.

My figs may grow richer
And more ripe
To be enjoyed
By some future or prviously known friend.

Maybe thrill me
With dactylic octameter
So long and involved
It could be mistaken for prose.
Eight feet of meter
Finding the stresses
Repetitive and driven
Or the unstressed needed but not striking.

Or thrill me with sonnet ,sestet
and terza ryma
Any one is fine
Stuff that is realy not for beginners
But then I began on old man and the sea
Then “Romeo and Juliet”
Just after the sixth grade
The suicide I didn’t get my chum.

But boy I do now
From Alighieri to Kavorkian
And many times in lives my friend
People are glad they do not have a gun

       Nothing is Apriori esspcialy racism

I have toung lashed my parents
For using the N word.
An old farmer
Came by my car port
To check out the vegetables
Saying the N word
Acusing a black brother
Of stealing watermelons
From his farm.
I said nothing
and felt like beating the hell out of him.
“Love thy enimy as thy friend.”
But I muttered under my breath
“Racist ass hole”
as he pulled out of the drive way..


Not even an okee
from Miscoce is dumb.
“Oklahoma where the wind
drifts softly through the plains”

       The View out of my Front Door

Fields appon fields
This land is flat
It is Somehow maddening.
It is Somehow peacefull.

I have sat many hours here
Contemplating death,
Heaven, Hell,
The Lake of Fire, and The new Jerusalem
Listening to the birds
Speek out words of joy and pain
They speek to me of love
And tears.

Long rows of cotton and
Cattle, they are outside my door
It speeks of life.
It speaks of death.

   Madder than a Hatter

I am the mad hatter’s fabric man.


When pot is legal
I’ts not a gateway drug
Because you have to search out
Other Illegal drugs
And you don’t get them at hash bars
So where’s the incentive.


The sword of the spirit,
This is the weapon
With which the martyrs fight.

       Bibe Belt

In Brownfield our minds are filled
more than our bellies by the Lord
their being more churches than restaurants.
But “Man does not live on bread alone”


When told by a Nazi
Hallucination Ghost
Or whatever
“Its either them or us”
I told them
“Should be a great party.
I just wanna know
Whos bringin the manashevits?”


May the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
be Cannonised On earth and in Heavin.


My anterior vena ceva
Flows with sweet fruit


Waking worlds
Filled with the bleekness
Of November
With so many faces
From the past,.
Memories gone by.
But is their any point
To nostalgia.
Maybe if those
Memories entail
A history
My grandmother smith
Used to ride a hourse to school
From the Bob Snodgrass ranch
Being a baby
On wagon train.
My Grnadfather smith the sone of
A Cherokee
and my great Grandfather Smith.
This speeks to a history
Like the Hill Hotel..
My Great Great great grandmother Lee
marrying into the “high born Kinsmen”
with a sepulcher
at our beck and call.
If that kingdom by the sea
Aint history I don’t know what is
Even thou the blood come from A Racist ass hole
Like Robert E. Lee
But that blood did come from
My grandfather west
A Baptist preacher Credit union manager
And mason Scotish right as free as they come.
Now they aren’t racist ass holes.
Masonic symbols were
Post sighns
On the Underground Railroad
And masons are proud to have
Duke Elington as a member.

        Birth of man

If you view the meeting point
Between God and man
In the sixteenth Chapel
You will notice
God’s finger stretched out
To touch his creation
But mans finger shies away
 In total fear of God.

       The World

Wondring among madness
We see the world as it is,
Imperfect people
Always with something to hide.

We have moral instruction.
We know whats right.
But we still wander omong madness.
But all have sinned. We’ve all taken the ride.

We take the lords supper
Without intent to sin,
But days go by and what do you know
Man the sin begins.

       New Love

Look with new eyes
At the world that lies before you .
Search out that new place
Where you have not been.
Search out that new face
That you haven’t seen.
Say hello to a new life
And the music you can dance to
Run to them with much haste,
The ones that love you
Drive to them in cars
Or fly in the skies above..

Its not a Chaperone
It’s a midwife

       In memory

“It’s not what enters a mans mouth that defiles him
It’s what spewes from it.”
“Mon frere mon simable.”
Moderation is a word
But even in time
Gods most loved
Got drunk.

       Proving Hitler wrong

I love Jessy Owens
When he ran
He ran for rightousness
When he leaped
He leaped for love.

       Text format

Word perfect
Microsoft word
Bill Gates took the ball
, rolled with it and bought mosquito nets.

3 1\4
zip disk
flash drive

Library of
printer electronic format
 money order proper paperwork
ask a Librarian
on line registration
45$ Money order
hug a tree why don’t ya.

Apple switched over
Compaq crashed
And Sony went “bony”.


To fly over the great
patchwork of the earth is a sight.
Colors of brown, green, and tan
leap up at you and at night
the spiders web of lights
show you life is there.
They seem to say
we are masters of
and slaves to what we survey
living lives of simple import.
giving way to the droll
rigamarole of wake up
eat, work, eat, work
eat, sleep, and repeat.
They are just living lives
In travail and pain,
wakin up in the mornin
to do it again.


Were sitting here litening
To John Coltrane’s
My favorite things.
Yes escaping persecution.
As if he knew nothing of that.
That’s all some southern
black men want to do.
To find a place to thrive
That fausters their ideals.

       Ruth and Jack in Mexico

Warmth in the land
Of those that would have you.
No vagrancy just exceptance
Allowed to Snodgrass.


Hope, The quitecential dream
Of days anew
Newly wandering
To where old faces abound.

This is the dream
Old friends and lovers
Giving us time
And realy good coffy.

This is the dream
A newly found place
With huge puppets and cheese burgers
In a house we wake in with a dirty foor.

This is the dream
That shakes us in the mornin
and wakes us with a warnin
Of the tigers out there.

This is the dream
Of all shapes and collers
And sisters and brothers
Havin a time.

This is the dream
A man or a woman
Bumped into by mistake
And apologies are given.

This is the dream
of naming Stephen Dedalous
waking to find
The Bloom Brothers on.

This is the life
The waking dream
A life without ending
Or pain ever after.

        Ice Acrostic

Drifting    through drifts were in
down     filled jackets with     hope
on       warmth in arms        of
Seraph’s with sun beating down on brighter
wings that speak of brighter    days

Ice           is slick          on
covered        sidewalks.         The
windows less transparent than the subject
speak            to us          of
worlds           clothed in      winter

They                 ask         where
are             the coals for    warmth
Bleak     is the answer. Yes it    is
These               are          hard
days           where fuel is not   found.

   Many who are deaph are bass heads

Shake the deaph
With big bass speakers
Or a big bass drum
Big bass drum
Maybe even tonals.

On the subject of apriori

If all was apriori
would’nt babies
come out of the womb
knowing how to perform
heart and brain surgery
lecturing those
who already know?

Lenrdo Da Vinci
would have
taken plane trips
to the grand canyton
and in those days
mount Rushmor
would have been
on the tips
of their toungs.

Knowing the future,
this is the relm of profits.
If all is apriori
then why woldn’t
we all be placing bets
with bookies
who are angry
at all the know it alls?

Knowing what comes
would we walk
through a day
that we get murdered
or would it all change,
all sins being averted?

    Bough and Fog

Alone sitting on “haunches”
this fog waits silently
full of dark shadowing
making this day opulent
to no one
but is at flight at noon.

Ah to be Sandburg,
if only for a day,
to bask in Chicago
asking for nothing
but an image
And a star
to sail her by.

But I am somehow lacking.
“Like petals on” “wet black” asphalt,
I would stand proud and beautiful
but now I'm too awkward for words
stuck to the ground and trampled
hoping to be picked up
and be some scrap for a scrap book.

Headed west

With dreams and visions
Of gold or land
They came out west
On wagon train
On a road
never traveled before
the ones following
holding nightly
cow paddy burnings
to keep warm
and light
the nights revelries
drinking whisky
and water
collected at a stream.

God has a special love
For trees
The tree of life,
The tree of knowledge
And Olive trees
To name a few.
Next time
When you search for shade
Thank God for the tree.
Thank you God for the tree.


Heavy hearted I wait
for time to leave me be;
to cease looking on
with its death filled gaze
having beaconed upon my door
showing me the line streaked visage
of the old and the madness of age.
Like King Lear out in the rain
none can talk sense
and stave colds effects.
Seemingly, they talk to no one
lookers on missing out on the joke.
They seem only fit to converse
with men like me
who are driven mad,
made so by birth,
or just maybe a little of both.

  What is proper

It is better to be handless in Heaven
than go hand in hand to Hell.

  Remembering what once was

What has come of us
in these days of splendor?
What will come of us
when we remember?

What have we done?
What ill was wrought?
Don’t try too hard
If you’ve forgot.
Who are we now
without remembering?
The days gone past
are the days of splendor.

       Public transit

“The wheels on the bus
goround and round .
round and round
round and round
The wheels on the bus
goround and round .
All rhe live lond day”
the nut on the buss
goes Baa Baa Baa
Baa Baa Baa
Baa Baa Baa
The nut on the buss
goes Baa Baa Baa
All the live long dsy
(waving arms while doing it)

       Love thy Enimy

May Jessy Thompson
And Michal J. Chavarilla
Answer for their crimes
In my preasance
To God in Heaven.

Skizo and PTSD

What are you my imagination or
a hallucination as my doctors would say
or someone that would lie in visage
that deceives and gives sway to sorrow,
or truth not truly born of madness
seeking vanity through words
and not through a mirror?

The three inches of steak knife
in my shoulder is an ill reminder
of days gone past the soreness
a reminder of the pain,
of being stabbed in the morning
by an assailant
with something evil in his eyes.

The rat from my dream
That gnawed into my throught
is grim in memory.
Feeling the whole thing
and other things
are grim reminders
of that mortifying mornin.

You have not floated in a dream
Over the deep dark casm
In the darkness
to where the evil ones sit
And act like they care for you
Putting their hands on your shoulder or
Had their sharp fingers tare in to your flesh.


Spiritual survivalist
Is a name to be given
To those that strive
To keep on
the straight and narrow.
Their lives stand as a testament;
The Rev. Dr. King, Grahm,
Teresa withstanding, Desmin,
and many more.
Such men
won’t even be seen
mowin the lawn
on Sunday
only preachin up a storm,
but that’s not a sin on any day.
On those days
A steak and cake with ice cream
is to be their main temptation.

       Salad Days

I have a feeling
that life is
“a heap of broken images”,
just memory
that those who are forsaken
yearn for. What they have to cling to
are days gone by.
The good old days beg a question.
“Any one for tennis?”

 Lake Allen Henry at night

Rolling past mesa and field
I smoke as my brother drives.
Oil is the smell of it
that fume that is poisoness
And somehow reeking of money.
It Pervades
as we coast towards Lake Allen Henry.

“Smoke on the water”
is the theme song
for those nights.
We fish
Catching crappy, catfish, and bass
listening to my brothers
Sirius satellite radio
hoping that the battery doesn’t
run down on us.

In those nights
there is a silence
that pervades
that says
to a schizophrenic,
“they couldn’t handle the hike.”
We had to sleep on the boat
one night my brother
not flipping the right switch.
That was the first silent night
for me in a long time
It was silent and holy
like it was Christmas.

New Found Land

The Alutian Indians
Lief Erricson and
Christopher Columbus
Stalworthy individuals
And some way too vicious.

        Dada or Ubu Acrostic

So,        you like to          see
the      ladies in their        summer
dresses. Your thoughts they do swim.
Are      my words boring from wear?
Off     with you, your face I've worn.

Claymores and the like

With dire determination
they strive for normalcy.
Limbs are taken from them.
for playing close to home.

Their blood staining the vegetation,
their ears ringing
and their flesh flinging
they are changed.

There is just no reason
for the fight
layed before them
in their perimeter.

Would you accept that
in your back yard?
How bout a bear trap
for little billy to trip over.


The world that lays before me
is a blank canvas
waiting to be filled in
with memory.

The faces attach to names,
names that are given
independent of my experience
with their pronouns showing place.

The incondesant spirit
of places visited
sings of joy and is somehow
present long after the seats get cold

There is an emotion
a word that is spoken
which speeks of familiarity
and a state of comrodery .

Even when
You aint got no body
Your spirit still sings
Songs of life.

They are there
these memories;
these ghosts
of days gone past

You are here
in this point in time.
Its smell, feeling, .and sight
in memory if liked will last.


There great on paper
Their great on walls,
Majestic steeples,
and mad skate pools.

When you go
to the Capitol Building
lean over and stand
Where Benjamin sits.
       Without Her

I saw you in a dream last night.      side note: I don’t remember weather I’m quoting or not
You were “making paper dolls          Pleas HELP me William Wenthe!!!
with delicate hands.”                 Maybe it’s all the grass I’ve been smokin.

You went to the window
and took a sip of coffee
from a chipped edged cup.

You stared out at a world
that could care less about you
waiting for something to change.

I awoke without you
being reminded that
you're still just a dream.

   Thoughts on Jaws the Movie

Ravenous and ever swimming forward,
they are Gods monsters.
Although we are more monstrous.
We invent new Jaws
and go at it.

They are only looking for a meal.
Some men are shot
just so they can be watched
“Men throw nets into the sea”
but sometimes it throws it’s own.


Where space
meets few footsteps
A sidewalk painter
Makes faces
of Spring called
Dirty Nosed Children
And Catchers Mitts
in Warm Sun.

What would he do
if money came his way?
Same as me,
get some Jameson before nine,
or walk to the market
for a loaf of bread
check girls
where he'll put it?


Stare out a window
At the World before you
Stare out a window
As it all passes by

Stare out the window
At the cow that sais moo
Stair out a window
At the world and cry

Then stair out a doorway
And forget those days
Pass on through
And laugh and pray

Look in a mirror
And stair at yourself
Look for answers
And not for worldly wealth

Look in my eyes
And what do you see
A man with few answers
Yearning to be free.


A sandcastle blows in the wind
As a day is now gone.
The dogs have their discussions
Of some bird or locked fence.

Children laughing make mention
Of a sibling's eating habits.
And the young ones creep softly
As they come home from making love.


I tend to watch
Americas Next
Top Model.

These hot young things
Make me mad with lust
But I am a Heterosexual.

You cant blame me for lookin
At those who hopefully
Aren’t married


The seeing-eye cats are out,
Their hyper owners are following.
They go from one obstacle
And then on to the next jitty jot.

A seeing-eye dog
Comes upon this
Owner unaware,
A chase commences.

The cat finds a tree
They both start to climb
"Don't worry boy
Ill get her for ya"


They tell me to smile
And I know they love me
But years of torture
Have left me drowning
In a sea of worry.
Does God love me
And was
the attempt on my life
his way of showing me
that I don’t want to die?
For I have prayed for death and
with all of these antagonists
calling me retarted
every day
for a year and a half
I seem to pray for it more.
I would dismiss it
But for its constancy
I cannot.
My father told me
That God would not
Give me more than
I could handle
But I fear he almost has.


There are trails in Colorado
That jeeps don't fit on
And are not covered
With snicker wrappers and beer cans
-Some cigarette buts
But those are expected-
Where wild women speak freely
And their men don't have to listen
Because a bolder seemingly split by erosion
Or stacked to geather boulders
Which took great human eafort
Could silence any words
Of other people.

        Flat Feet

No one knew where she was
when she came where we went.
The ground was warm for her and for me
as well out back with flat feet.

"Never mind the wine," she said
"Whisky ain't just for winter.
And since theirs a good view of your fridge wall
your lupines are now for dinner”.


There is something to be said
Of space between Texas towns.
As a child it seemed to span
But now this is how far you see.

This plateau, on it towns are spattered.
The life between them is inconstant
But outside,
When stranded,
One could be happy dying.


A cat calls you
from the back burner
of a newborn night,
and you'd answer it
but the name it gives you
just doesn't seem fitting.

Later you lay back
trying hard to sleep
but that night won't let you.
You've been a bad boy
Charlie Brown.

Sorry About this Mr. Tsabouchi

I'm sorry for the words
that may have been spoken
so eagerly, that I did
not think to offer another
explanation to the altar

“What of this violence,
you?” Alice asked, with
Ringing voice and big
grey matter. “ What's
the matter? What
About the show?”

He said, never thinking of her sly wit and its unlimited time of use. “What did she say about the Otter?

That Alice what a strange character.”

“What's that?” She said, while looking at the dead man, Koreya Senda's
rotting corpse drudged up
from the cold earth,
to tell his tail of woe &
seemingly strange
fascist entrapment.
Was I talking out loud?

I'm not an animal.
Shakespeare is,
many a German’s preoccupation and
Throne of Blood ads a Japanese twist.
Both show a love that we share with them.
What need do we have to ask if
images of Confucius, Bibles, or coral snakes should be evoked.

The nuclear bomb is a curs. And yet is it the greatest samurai sword. And if so did they have great
honor in their midst?

!!!ON ? tsdim rieht ni ronoH taerg evah yeht did os fi &

Oh God, if it be your
will, forgive us for our sins



Can you believe?
How Did he breath?

are you “kind of blue”?
we miss you.


Cast it away from you
the lure at your pole
and it will find it’s way
to the fishing hole

Cast it away from you,
the ball on your tee.
Smack it with your driver
and let it fly free.


The sea that so many speak of
is a tilled rowed field to us in this place.

The waves are driving by at 70,
the froth the endless cotton,
And the life of it is the wind in the wheat.

We have our serpents
that lay and wait which are
the diamond backs
that strike and side wind.


Two old ladies are wlking down town
Dot't know where their goin
But their walking around
Why do they want to
spend all their money
Ha ha it's very funny.


What about the house that babe built
Why does it not still stand
in New York Proud.
With his finger pointed towards it's wall
sighnin that somethin was goin over

Marian Moore loved this sight
As much as the animals in Gods grace
She would love my doggie
Scratch her belly and feed her by hand
Half of her own meal just like me.

The lord loves the little ones
And knows that her cat is smart
For he made him that way.
Just like my doggie.
and I love her that way.


Take not mine eyes away from me
Only mame me & leave me be
For in my life I've one decree
The world is beutifull.

For if they be plucked outt
So that I may see
Or stave the offence
That my sight brings
How grave my life will be.

Take recompence or respite
For my life be yours by right
But I'll implore if I might
Leave them. Damned endless night.

What I want for Christmas

I love Christmas
The incondescant lights
The paterns of red and green.
But why do we cheapen it with a lie?
Ya sure a guy in a red suit
Brakes an entering millions of times
Leaving stuff there seting children up
For nialism or just disbelief

But pleas for the love of god
don’t get rid of te Christmas tree,
stockings, nativity scenes or
Christmas music
Or the mistle toe
That was always kind of sexy.
And presents aren’t all bad
But let the rescipiant know
Who it’s comin from.

The birth of Christ is enough for me.
And seeing family
and maybe just a little bit
of a white canvas
set before me.
but matel stock
was never realy
in the Christmas spirit
except for the bright eyes
and empty pockets
who were left
in Dickinson’s wake..

       On With It

Next to gogo there is CoCoa Channel.
Next to mojo there is useless junk to sell.
Next to oh no there is rotting in hell.
Next to lets go there is a story to tell.
And next to a cup of joe
There's a man quite wired and well.

Time to grieve
It will come
But don’t let it keep you
From getting on.

And they were lost
So do remember
think of their happiness
In their duying embers


Vanity is not so bad
It vexes though and makes you sad
But Look real hard and you may find
All the world before your eyes.


Help me in my time of need
Forget about your lustfull greed
It’s not your money that I want
It’s just your time that I have sought


No need to wory
What is it fore
Anxiety attacks
Are they exorsise

For if you wory
You may find
A hole in your stomach
And your teath you’ll grind

What is it for
This sad pass time
What can it solve
You’re still alive

What is the party for
Is life such a bore
A time for finding
New found friends

Who are we then
A true persona
No need to impress
Through it just wander


Why is it fleeting
This giddy feeling
Why can’t I hold onto it
For sadness comes

But hold onto it
Nurture it
Feel it

        Ultimate Questions

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only Sone of God?
Do you believe that He died on the Cross for your sins?
If you answer yes to both questions your probably right.


New trucks bought with blood tears and subsidy
are driven home as sun meets horizon.
Young mothers walk along side them
shedding the newly lined pounds.

There is no more calm relaxation in this time.
How could we as those trucks bellow by?
All that we do is sit and watch the sun
go down over tightly packed houses,
with the thought of supper in our bellies while
waiting for unsaid grace.

      Could You

Make me happy with words of ice cream,
on an afternoon too lazy for TV,
with a yes fore my asking to go for a drive
chasing the white rabbit that looks like Texas.

For I've seen a stretch of road
that there is no need for to many to be on
where farmers are happy to wave and turn off,
blue bonnets still grow,
and a dead school houses
an owl.

To the Chaplain

When your goin in men
Say your lord is my sheopard Spalm 23


Do not search for what you will do
Tomorrow brings itself
Just eat drink and be merry
With no concern of wealth.
For in greed lies
the green eyed monster
Just know what is yours
Forever after.

What have we come to,
a passed road sign
missed and forgotten
on an uphill climb?

Where should we go,
where this road winds,
to Aspen or Houston?
Their both sublime

What should we think of?
Do “all roads lead” this way?
Where have we come to
at the end of the day?


Out at the beech Galveston.
the Girls are laughing.

My tan is

        Under the Sun
“What goes up must come down”
Unless held aloft by some timely device
Or by lofty heights in mountain ranges
Both device and mountains having existed in part
Since before sun dials first kept time.


The Alprozalam is running strong
And dazed and confused is whats on.
I’m Just smoking a bowl. Am I high? Can you tell?
If you can’t notice I’m feeling real well.

Some days go by feeling free.
My life is a haze. What can I say?
Do not encroach with words of ill will
Slandering my name and giving me hell.

My sins are governed by a Higher office.
I’m unable to breath but I can hardly notice.
The bvrowny was good and the nerontin.
What has it took to have truly forgotten.

Now it has come to le grand Lebowsky.
I wish it could stop what happens to me
Hearing words of abuse while drinking cafene,
Addicted nicotine and t.v..


There was a porcupine
where we went swimming
at the watering hole
green moss on our feet
methane from cattle in the air.
It was a time of innocence for
Me, Shawn, and Billy.
The water was cool
Out in Great granddad Snodgrass' ranch.
Uncle Bob got to us.
We were stark raving mad
and wet to the bone;
so we had to sit
in the back
of the cab
shivering and happy.

 Brain Fart

My brain
Springs forth
Stange things

Make of it what You Can

I am riding a wave of shit
And my surf boards getting dirty.

What are the numbers on the instances of date rape, physical abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse and other problems that
occur because of on line dating sights?
Where are all the acres gonna com from to pay native Americans and African Americans? Will you steal it from hard
working farmers or will you give them the only land not fully owned like swamps and dessert?. Where is it all gonna
come from?
stnaruatser naht nwot siht ni sehcruhc erom era erehT

       Earthly Desire

May all the Jewish lamp shades
Be burried in Jerusalem
Next to a Jews for Jesus head stone
Next to God’s chosen who chose God
That and them maybe next to me.
Maybe near a Knights of Gadoshe plot.


Shine your light”
May you bring joy
 To many people
Throughout eternity
Maybe acting out
Th e royal Tenenbaums
In a stadium
Of enthralled people.
Or doing Kabuki theater
Acting out Old Willies
King Lear preferable.
Many of us
Hoping to sit with Sam
Through shows.
And hear him regal
Stories of the san Jacinto,
Santa Anna,
And his silk underware.

Dear lord,

Pleas, Take me away in the spirit
To the house
With the gold and platinum floor
With the smoking
 Code and writing rooms.
And with libraries full of books not read
In the waking world.
With T shirts on which are printed
Howl on microdot
Twixt Large quotation marks.
From the land which is the belt buckle
But is still the wild west
And has never been tamed..

Ex Junky

My sins lay bare for all to see
Lonely from”Hearts grown cold to me”
I sit here in my revelry
With a sence of”Equinimity”.

Annabel Lee is my family. September 29 2011

 Buy the ticket

“Fear and loathing”
Fear the “fearfull”
But first “fear” God
It’s his Lake of Fire
And he can send you there
If he wants to
But if your “getting the fear”
Unless aggression is preasant
Relax and try to enjoy the “ride”.

Mental fortitude

Look appon a woman
That you once lusted after
Who is married
And not to you
And see them as a
Human being
Off the pedistul
And on to true friendship
With no more lust or want.
Amsterdam Net Jet Commercial

Net jet
Stoner style
Join the mile high
High club.
“Sniggity” “gigity”

              321399113 32139911312 32133811312 33284243854222281131133823654113221843823332

280810847966412 8107083306122480,
5724809 643699908770843684908645
563757055537091655 47605189121,
4426530419356289155482, 12415285304,
29165499980266606241, 2916549041653035527303016729

11807044142799995, 181633037704416427664284 8858060962058386359598083063
642768765647876478764784667 591654053980707209042, 8974399997439988,
206352205554749923708870, 140389138707571370685
4746409997571416220305701617622 4023030490535667317904030677919

11074737794466440711277749 885315804609584996134609
6565985709739857787, 77684906426226507684 64165405396877206165398539, 6388321
5704618348354640462619271362847, 780485712
326061 4023030416, 14172804105279530410530789, 4817802674889

1037704546208108776441833095141, 1074 90998033034998463560534563
665099857986507999843084998669 5886899852257083222470555
4619042760312035060189047 4017281779166053,

11807470437427484466649427664285, 11078878480677774607998473947494,
107944441308127394747777460799 849996563345713596213278349987, 5833,
80958330533083305984562 642798227986445648646664489
51885223066664389985222220408 4447304635464046261927136178, 34176,
769197447692626190428 389186249227730310374106, 2990415230304040306

nylysoR ton
Wolla evoL
me gniepar dnuora og t’nod syob tuB
“dnuora nips deah ym sekam ehs
yawa raf os s’ehs
lrig reidlos ym dnuof I”
.sap auq rop sias te weiv ej
auq rop sias te weiv semmoh emos
redro uoy tahw teg t’now uoy ro
tsennoh yrev eb syas that
enil noitatnero wen a dda dnA
esrow uoy sekam ti that
etit pu os teg t’noD
yap drezzah reffo dnA
nottaP morf syek ruoy ekaT
senots owt ro eno htiw sdrib many tiH
oot der deelb elpoep yaG
ailefocef decrof on htiw os
srteimarep lagel nihtiw
“sool tub yaw hcihw ynna”
syaw lla fo syaw eerht kceH
snaibsel dna syaweerht rof slrig lauxesib dna
syaweerht dna singles skcihc dna sedud yag rof
dewolla setutitsorp elam lauxesib t’nera
yratilim eht ni era syag fi dnA
larom stsoob ti taht nevorp neeb s’tI
.melborp eht evats
madretsma ni ro segev ni gntiurcer
noitcetorp rof sPM pmip on htiw

epariroras(chnuar ro epar)margorp seoreh rof serohw

3a 4a b
2a 3a b
1a 2a
.lavirper fo epoh htiw
deniartser era sdrow emos
snigeiv ruo ni doolb der
.sniarb evah htob ew
 nam ro namow rehtie

       raW eht tsap

onpyT upidE

.sloot s’htimS su era dniw dna ,retaw ,erif ,htraE

.syad ruo era eseht seY
.gnoleb yeht su ot dna
yraew worg syaD
.sgnos fo sregnis
erew ew ecnO


nrolrof dna epoh fo tferab     gnirednaw
llits   er'ew yldetcepxe         flah
dna semoc remmus llit           tiaw
\ylenol eht egrof ot evah         eW


doG fo nerdlihc eht dellac eb llahs yeht rof :srekamecaep eht eb desselB 9:5 .ttaM.reiraW leboN eht regnissiK liaH . nuf
rof ni nworht sdnuor KPP rehtlaw htiw dna mutcer sih pu elppaenip leets a htiw,erif eht gnikots enotsmirb dna fmoc
niem fo seippoc htiw tliub eh ecanruf that ni lleH ni nrub reltiH flodA yaM

.niagga esor dna daed saw tahw
no sgnah niks reH
“.edahs pmal hsiweJ a” si “ecaf” reh
,”suorozaL ydaL”

   emirC fo foorp

                                                           .tsuj etiuq yllautca si hciW .eb ot su stnaw eh woh si tahT
.”sdnah rieht ni smlap dna ,sebor etihw htiw dehtolc ,bmaL eht erofeb dna, enorht erofeb doots ,seugnot dna, elpoep
,sderdnik ,snoitan lla fo ,rebmun dluoc nam on hcihw , edutitlum taerg a ,ol , dna , dleheb I siht retfA” setats hcihw 9:7
snoitalaveR rebmemeR .ecrev taht ni sremialcsid laicar on era erehT .”efil ngnitsalreve evah tub ,hsirap ton dluohs mih
ni hteveilab reveosohw taht ,noS nettogeb ylno sih evag eh taht ,dlrow eht devol os doG roF” setats hcihw 61:3 nhoJ
rebmemer tsum uoY .on yas I ?tsicar a si suseJ kniht uoy oD .tsicar non a yllaitnesse si tsinamuh a esuaceb eciohc
larutan a s'ti naitsirhc a roF .tniop niam eht si dnuorg nommoc gnidniF .ymene dna dneirf htob rof evol dna ecnerelot
htiw meht taerT ?srutluc rehto taert uoy dluohs woh neht egduj ot desoppus ton ruoy fI ..naitsirhc dna tsinamuh htob
eb ot elbisop ti si woh ksa yam uoY

                               otsfinaM naitsirhC tsinamuH

(naM wonS A, snevetS ecallaW)“.si htat gnihton eht dna ereht ton si that gnihton eht sdruager flesmih gnihton gnieb
.orb boj doog ,esiW miT yeH
.drolrevo citcalag on tnia rieht dna .that deen ot mees syawlla elpoep uoy gnorw gnieb amgod fo foorp ruoy serehW
tsurt ew nac tahw esiwrehto sreil fo yrtnuoc a deen t’nod ew .sgniht rehto gnoma, duarf dna gnisitrevda ecluaf , tfeht
ytitnedi ,yregrep struoc eht rof tpecca gneil tsiagga
a wal on si erehT .doog ylurt gnieb ton dna scihte tuoba lla s’tI .me swohs yhposolihp tahw rof tpecxe enon evah os
kniht that esoht dna edoc larom doog a ton si dohtem cifitneicS .doG naht retrams ruoy kniht uoy od ikcinzuK nosaJ
.dnats pmal a no ti peek uoy dnuorg eht no pmal a peek t’nod uoY
sdrowkcab gniklat si thgink etihw ehT
.yaw eppaga a ni uoy evol I
  Oh Wheel

Oh wheel,
How thy hath cursed us.
How thy hath blessed us.

       Cars Passing by

Watching the cars coast off
On their way to Post
The fields of cotton lie before me
We have not yet seen the frost
There is something in this time
The kids all back at school
At those times I understand archade fire
And their “city with no children in it.”
But those too young are in danger
From cars passing by
they run out and get run over
and their and then they die
And it is no fault of thers
They did not think
Of tires and bumpers
They were just thinking of a ball,
Their sister or brother.
I hate seeing small caskets.

The course not taken for fear of God

Though you may beseech me
to take another course,
my life it seems to teach me
what way may be worse

I have my own convictions,
living a life that’s just,
and paying no mind to imperfections
So that I’m sanguine, jocund, jovial and jolly with joy.

So, the grass is always greener
on the other side.
Keep your faith in God.
In him you can abide.

They may call you crazy,
or They may call you retarded,
but they should be wary
of being the eternal departed.


Only through God
Can man make
Miricals manifest.


I believed as a child as a child.

What Has Been Said

I have loosed my tongue
out of rage and pain.
I have loosed my tongue
to profess my faith.

I have loosed my tongue
being proven a fool.
I have loosed my tongue
to state how I feel.

I have loosed my tongue
and it has defiled me.
I have loosed my tongue praying,.
“God forgive me I’m sorry”.

I will loose my tongue
when all‘s said and done,
maybe playing with words
that are old and tangible.


Men and women listen as our Lords life
is read to them and children sleep on hard seats
wasting this inspiration, as do some
who should know better.
Coughs echo as the young preacher leads a life
that so many have before.
Looking at the stain glass is old hat now
to those who have learned not to cry
From necessity, as our Lord dies before our ears
and we think selfish thoughts
of life and death


She was “much further out than” we “thought
and not waving but drowning” is
a philosophical conundrum.
 Do you brave waters half-drunk
to save the life of another.
Don’t listen to the philosophies of men.
If you can, then do.


Those that lay in wait to steal
will not find my wallet among them.
Those that scheme to murder
will not find me their.

Those that lust in their heart
for possessions not truly theirs
may find them selves behind
bars of prison cells.

So when the Twist is upon you
and the pockets look fat
hold these words in your heart.
Run and never look back.

      Murphy’s Plight

Audi Murphy, was he truly free?
The draft was imposed on him,
that conscientious objector.
But none the less he went.

That man was braver than most
who jumped out of his trench
and then into the Germans,
where he shot all down the line.

We can be pushed
to do what we feel abhorred.
What we have been taught
is overlooked when forced.

And fraternal ties
hold truer than the obvious
so what could he do
but shoulder the weight.


A good God being Fair and Fine
would want you to have a good time.
That's why the water he turned to wine.

He sits on heights too high
For a body to climb
To be in his presence is so divine,
for I am not worthy to be with swine.

That's why I pray for him to be
merciful in regard to me
and forgive my sins so that I may be
inside those pearly gates

Thoughts on Angels anmd Demons the Movie

I resent any opinion
that calls fore seting ablaze
a feau angelic figure
and melting off the wax gy
suggesting tha the church
is some sort of wax museum

That is good enuough
for the Smithsonian
but not for God.

                                A Reasoning for the Need of New Masonic Allegories

The supposed Masonic story of Hiram “Abif” is wrong as are many statements made by so called masons such as
 calling Satan or Lucifer a bearer of light (transformed into an angel of light see II Corinthians 11:14 but there are better
 examples of light) and the morning star and a pentagram soley a pagan symbol. To familiarize you with it I quote I
 Kings Chapter 7 verses 13-14 “13 and King Solomon sent and fetched Hiram of Tyre.14. He was a widow’s son of the
 tribe of Naph-ta-li, and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker of brass: and he was filled with wisdom, and
 understanding, and cunning to work all works in brass. And he came to King Solomon, and wrought all his work.” It
 then goes on to describe the things he made but there is no mention to any murder, So it does not ask “who will help
 the widows son?” any wear in the Bible nor does it call the “widows son” ( Hiram or Huram as he is called in 2
 Chronicles a, a worker of brass “master craftsman”(NKJV) or his father (KJV) who was making brass work for the
 temple two pillars of brass and a molten sea of bright brass among other things.) Abif. Considering thes facts I do not
 see what I have heard to be true except what is in the Bible. And allegory is no excuse for lies. And by the way
 remember 1 kings chapter 6 ver.7 which states ” And the house, when it was in building was built of stone made ready
 before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it
 was in building.” So what mallet or hammer would have been there to kill whom? To shed “light” on who the light
 bearer is I will quote Revelations chapter 22 ver. 5 which states “And there shall be no night there; and they need no
 candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.” That light
 does not blind but it does make things very apparent. Even quoting Revelations 21:23 which states “23 And the city
 had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: For the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light
 thereof” will do when searching for truth. To show you the true identity of the Morning Star I will quote Revelations
 Chapter 22 ver. 16 which states “16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches I am
 the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star.” The aforementioned pentagram is among other
 things a Hebrew symbol that is clearly seen in a bas-relief from a first century synagogue at Capernaum that the
 templars adopted as their own. And it is my hope that this all does not fall upon deaf ears for Ignorance makes you free
 but when that ignorance tries to defy God all efforts to do so are futile because the word of God will expose the lies.
 And if we have freedom of religion then why do you pick Christianity and Judaism to step on and get wrong; and then
 thereafter force those lies upon those that are set in their religion? That seems wrong. Why don’t you get the fire
 sermon wrong and force it upon budists. And may you bask in the light of the Lamb. You were the worlds first Union
 so be proud of that. but if said Messianic texts exist why haven’t they been carbon dated photocopied put on display in
 a museum and published for the world to see we have the book of Enoch and “enoch was faithfull” .Luke 11:33 “No
 man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candle stick, that they
 which come in may see the light.”

About eight furlongs is a mile but what number of furlongs realy constitute a mile or even a kilometer.

Rummy: Tale of a Vidiot
By. Dustin Wesley Smith2004-20011

        I'ts hard to immagin all of the crazy things I've done, knowing of my participation in such acts could make me
less likable, but for the sake of a story I'll let you see all.One such act occurred when I didn't get my student loans, it
had something to do with me dropping more than 15% of my class load. Well, my mom found me in my room with a
gun to my mouth and we played out some Bob Dillan scene having my 1924 remington sportsmaster 22 and my 1942
Kesler Arms 12guage taken away from me for feer of the savage pill, but the thing is I cant kill mysealf I'm too afraid
of what God may do to me, so I'm replaying the scene I can see mysealf in a desperate attempt at having my parents pay
for my school. The shock of being too far in debt ended that years ago though.
         So now I'm stuck at home in Brownfieldwith my parents, being skisophrenic doesn't help much. Before they
took the guns away on afternoons alone, My father being gone to work at the Highway Dept. sitting at his desk with
autocad on the screen my mother off with the six year olds standing on her feet trying to get through, I would walk
around the house with a loaded gun convinced that my neighbors or some other person in this town(murder rate zero
py)wished me bodily harm. Hearing the door being constantly played with or thinking that I hear the door being played
with allong with the constant wisper that reminded me of one of my neighbors kids would send me into a frenzy on
days like that, yelling out "I know your in here." As if they or lets call it it was already in my house, the lion was there
and I in my hapless field waiting to be devoured by fear and anticipation. So I go into my dads closet, which is where
we kept the guns in no ornate case like my ex cop uncle and I proceed to load the 22, the only gun with a magazine. I
walk through the house checking the closets, under the beads, and then the bathrooms. Then suddenly I hear my
mothers car dore and I quickly unload the gun, stick the bullets in my pocket, and place the gun back in the closet
before she gets in the door. I don't tell her of the incident till months later when I'm on Geodon and somewhat clear
         Another thing about schizophrenia is you're prone to being jacked. Years have gone by since the first I'm
someone robbed me. I was in Lubbock on 22'nd and X and some guy's of disreputable character asked me if I wanted
to play craps. Since I am pretty proficient at the game I decide to take their challenge. I get my wallet out and instead
of putting it back into my pocket I hold it in my hands leaving five on the table. I make three bucks real quick and the
players partner grabs my money off of the table. While my attention is diverted the other thief grabs the money out of
my wallet and then grabs under his shirt like he has a gun. They made off with 160 dollars all together. And my
neighbor Chris gives me the money back because he was the one who asked me if I wanted to play. @$&*ed
Respectable if I do say so myself. The second time someone stole from me I had no Idea who they were. I guess I left
my door unlocked and my Clarion deck was jacked. I reported it to the cops but they cant do jack %^&* about a stolen
stereo I've seen too many hot items to know that stereos, lap tops, and even books. The third time I was giving this guy
a ride and he asks me if I want a &^3 of $&%(. I say yes and get out 20. He then proceeds to hand me a ^%* of ^*() or
what he called $&(* which was in all actuality pressed grass shavings. I hated being burned but what can you do. The
fourth and final time I was stolen from occurred tonight. I left my door open with a cup of coffee in it and I left it alone
going inside for two minutes and when I come back the cup was gone. It was a nice cup too thermal mug with a
closable hole. Don't even get me started on acts of vandalism perpetrated against me.
            Don't even get me started with the relationship that I have with the T.V.. I've talked to every hack writer and
every genius that puts something on that big screen or so I think in all actuality I am experiencing delusions of reference
whatever that's supposed to mean. I have no real telepathic link with the writers of these works from;
 Big Sir Desolation Angels Visions of Cody On the Road Satori in Paris Down and Out in Paris and London The
Graduate I love you Alice B Tolkas Dr. Strangelove The Gardner The Pink Panther The Ghost Sonata King Ubu King
Lear -His madness was clearly shown out in the rain with his trusty adviser the fool who feared not telling him any
thing and Kent true to the end giving Lear yet another chance to show his Senility by not recognizing him- no mater
how much I wish I could, just to be sane. And there's no eastern philosophy that can get me out'a this one no Tao no
sermon except maybe one of Jesus Christ's of which I can't think of right now. His words seem to say that he's listening
but what he hears may offend him, for I am a sinner as we all are.
Justin: Is beer fed veal meat ethically wrong?
Jim: I wouldn't say so, but if you asked an activist I'm sure you'd get a different answer.
Check this out, It's written by a samurai who turned into a Buddhist monk. It's the Bushido- the way of the warrior. It
states that a man should not know too much and that once he has read a book he should destroy that book so that he
does not show others what he knows.
Dustin: So to hell with teachers and librarians.
Jim: Ya.
Dustin: Is it ethically wrong to give a monkey a gun?
Jim: @#*& animal writes activists.
Dustin: %^*& write. %^&* hippies. They and their left wing commy bull #$%*, their stinky @$& "Save the Trees
don't use toilet paper", their dolphin safe tuna, their "the world's not perfect so I'll take drugs so that it will appear that
Jim: Hypocrite.
Dustin: And their uncanny love for Willie Nelson. Hey have you ever herd of a sperm bank peep show"
Jim:     No, but that would kick %$$. And so does Willy.
Dustin: I know. showers in the rooms and everything. Maybe even a sink to wash your hands. Make it a really nasty
peep show, where the whole process is free, and the stripers get the money that would have been paid to the donors.
Jim: But sperm banks have standards.
Dustin: Ya, I know. It would be a high class joint with I.Q.tests at admittance.
Jim: You just may have an Idea there.
        A few Nights pass. My parents are off at the doctors in Dallas to check up on my fathers pancreas which had
some benign insalinomas that had to be removed. I didn't go with them the last time either, don't know why I didn't go
with them, they had tickets to Six Flags but whats 80 when you've done 120. But any way I'm off at Jim's I'm high and
drunk and after three games of chess-which I whipp his ass on-and a game of rummy we start talkin about religion, one
of the many things that is taboo to talk about in certain circles. - Like for instance never try to talk religion with a drunk
catholic. Trust me many will not want to talk about it maybe isn't the shame of being drunk I don't know. - But anyway
we get to talkin.
Jim-I can't believe we celebrate Easter. It was actually a holiday that was meant to celebrate the coming of spring.
Dustin: Oh the rebirth gods.
Jim-Yah all that stuff about the egg and the bunny. What do they have in common?
Dustin- Nothing they produce their young in a womb.
Jim-Reproduction. What do bunnies do all day.
Jim-Exactly. The Catholic Church was very big on letting pagans keep their holidays. Like Christmas was originally a
pagan holiday celebrating the coming of winter. Do you know when Christ was born.
Dustin- They say some day in September.
Jim- Yah like the eleventh or the fourteenth.
Dustin- Same month as me except mines on the 29'Th.
Jim-Yah many other religions incorporate beliefs of Christianity Like Muslims but they don't believe in Christ they
believe in Muhammad, their all @$&*ed up. And Daoism incorporates Jewish law.
Dustin- Like washing yourself in running water after masturbating.
Jim- Not like that. Like not coveting.
Dustin- Or murder.
Jim- Yah.
Dustin- I read in Time that there are accounts of people as far as China saying that they met Christ like before his
ministry in Israel.
Jim- Yah but the Eastern Christians from          are really weird
Dustin: Do you think that those who have not herd of Christ, when thy die, go to heaven.
Jim- Yah, but their judged according to the law. Like Indians and some Africans.
Dustin- Yah some hick from the boon docks who don't know !@$%.
Jim- Exactly.
Dustin- You know what I want to do?
Jim- What?
Dustin- I want to be at the top of some far off mountain, lookin for fires and !@$%. Maybe some station that has a
TV. so I could bring my 007 with me. Just sit there and wait for some hiker to come by so that I could wipe their @$$
on competition mode.
Jim- Wouldn't that be Kinda heavy wha6t with food and all?
Dustin- I'd only have to make the trip twice and on the way back I'd be minus food.
Jim-I guess your right. How long would you stay up there, If you could get the job.
Dustin-Three months just through the rainy season. Like Kerouack did Although getting three months of medication in
advance will be the problem. And I don't even now the shelf life of Geodon or Aderall for that matter.
Jim- I may be goin back to Tech. If I go there I'll be studying architecture. That'll be my third bachelors degree.
Dustin-I just wish I had one. That's all I'll have after I'm done. And at this rate I wont be teachin for another four years
I'll be 29. Just to finish 51 hours.
What do you think about this media frenzy, the war in Iraq?
Jim-Man I've had to tell my kids about it in school?
Dustin-What do you tell them?
Jim-That a whole bunch of people are goin over to die because they may be hording weapons of mass destruction and
now were asking for a regime change.
Dustin-Seems like a whole bunch of bull!@$% to me. Just seems like the act of a spoiled child whose playing daddy.
Singing Smack the day in the mouth like Bonnie Barker and Clyde Burrows OooH.
Jim-Whets the name of this song?
Dustin-Idont know.
Jim-88.1 plays some weird stuff. All that cerebral !@$%.
         I go home shaking Jims hand as I always do, firmly as a man should but not like some contest which many
Texans think there in when they step up to you steers and queers steers and queers. I then want to get out'a this place
but having no job and no thumb for the trade I stay at home with mes perrents, my brother my best friend being 30
hours away finishing up his last semester at Tech. He'll be a chemical engineer working in far off cities wherever he
can find work and I'll still be the bum waiting at home to see him again popping pills and smoking !@$% wondering
why he don't visit.
For now, I wait for the days when I can go up and visit him at Skillets where we'll sit playing Gin, drinking coffee, and
pleading to each other not to tell each others secrets. Secrets like the fact that he's shaking up with Whitney living in sin
and I'm being a pot head in a pot free house. The 30 mile rides always this long sea of brown white and green flat as the
sea on a calm day in fact where the sky is blue peaceful sometimes dark but man the wind it pushes your car around
almost where you have to steer to adjust to and in winter the black ice is almost unnoticeable to those that drive on it.
Every winter you see cars embanked in bar ditches along the side at these times like you see in Colorado around
Silverton or Winter Park during the same season.The journey from Brownfield to Lubbock doesn’t give me enough
time to get lit but it does give me the time to think about !@$% and listen to music my Orion 15's shaking the panels to
Abbey Road -will Paul be the last one to die?- Bjork, Radiohead, NIN, Mango Santamarilla, 89.1 from Lake
Woebegone or 88.1 anything to silence the voices in my head that always seam to come to me on the road alone. But
anyway, after the rides I'm always ready to sit and with my bub.
Sean-Yah, I've almost got my car to work, even though the power source is just barely enough to move it.
Dustin-What about the wheels? Do you think that the cd's will give you enough traction on the surface they're
providing you.
Sean-I may cote the edges with silicone or rubber cement. I just have to make sure that it can carry 120mls for 20
Justin-So how's your last class going.
Sean-Pretty well, we haven't had a test in there yet though.What?
Whitney-He wanted that card.
Dustin-Yep you !^$%*&). Hey what do you think about selling those estranged Teleban members into slavery to like
some Brazilian farmers. Bring back the old rules of slavery like if a slave runs off he gets shot and !@$% like that.
The more wanted the higher the price. What kinda price would Sodom bring as a slave.
Shawn-Na, he'd probably be prone to lead an uprising.
Justin-Then make him a house slave. But just think of it wouldn't that save us allot of money.
Shawn-Yah I guess it would. But Sadism pretty ruthless.
Dustin- then sell him to someone like Pablo Escobar
Rummy rules deal out nine cards with four people or eleven cards for three or two and lay one card on the table face up
from the top of the deck the person to the left of the dealer may then either take the card on the table or one from the top
of the deck then either lay down three or four of a kind or straight-flushes three or more and you can play off of
aponents cards but only when you have laid down something then when done lay down card on discard pile then the
person to the left of them does the same exact thing except that on the discard pile if there are two or more you can pick
up all the cards up to the card that you have to lay down or yopu can pick up the top card in the discard pile without
playing it and so on and so forth until someone runs out of cards and add to persons points who lays all cards down
first for every card left in your hand. Two's through nines are worth five points 10's - Kings are worth 10 and aces are
worth 15.
        I've been in many games with Jim, rummy and penny any poker, the other day we played a game and right in the
middle of it Randy calls me up and asks if I wanna go smoke some hydro. I get Back.
Jim seams almost disinterested. Maybe its just the fact that I'm getting stoned and he once being a potthead himself is
now in the dilemma of having this sense of impending doom "With those government tests you've gotta have 5 months
sobriety." So the games going well I have;
 three aces minus a heart,
Three jacks minus a diamond
two queens hearts and diamonds
In my hand,
four, five, and six of spades
 one seven love
and six of spades
His hand is fat.
Jim        Dustin
Dustin- Do you think Sadams dead?
Jim- Nah, he's hiding in Basra.

Chapter 2

         There is something to be said for a lack of a better half it gives you time to keep being a child barring a
vasectomy for lack of children, oral sex, women on the pill, condoms slight hand jobs in the car with people p@$&ing
us by on 22'nd and X in Lubbock a bike rides distance from school at Tech back when I was living in Lubbock the first
         The girl I would lik3e to pay particular attention to is Kate Samuels. The girl was -dear God- oh she was this
little 18 year old with short hair-She had cut it from when I had previously known her while she was dating Travis
Wall Zach's little brother high school senior. She was fond of art and booze a girl I could really get into and I did but
she kept herself dissatached there was no relationship it was purely sex as far as she was concerned and I did bight my
tongue at the thought of no more sex with the "hot Jewish Princess" (Spud boy, Trainspotting).
I don't know where she is
But she's meltin away
Meltin away in a sea of wandering.

Just sing how the day was
How your fealin o.k.
How a beers in your right hand
How You Fealin Aunt Kay.

There was a porcupine
Where we went swimming
At the watering hole
Green moss on our feet
Cow %^&* in the air
And it was a time of innocence
Me and Shawn And Billy
The water was cool
Out in Great granddad Snodgrass' field.

Uncle Bob got to us
We were stark raving mad
And wet to the bone
So we had to sit
In the back
Of the cab

Speakin of backs of things. I've noticed that in the back of a cop car you do not have to remain with your hands
uncomfortably at your back. No, You can once in the car proceed to pull your hands under your but, down your thighs,
past your calves and under your feet no longer be the uncomfortable slave to their oppression.


Dustin_ so I'm thinking. You know all those people who say that they were abducted by aliens? What if they were
actually drugged by rapists with and fooled into believing that they are floating up into a remote controlled flying
saucer with KC lights on it....Do you know what I want to build?
Dustin- a lexan fish tank on a remote controlled car with a toggle switch inside the tank attached to the remote and the
snake can therefore move the tank about the room.
Dustin Yah I got the Idea from Futurama.

Chapter 4

        So it's come to this, I'm off on my own with my government check and an arcade job real cushy. You get to sit
around all day and read books. I'm starting on Ulysses.

Chapter 5

 I have finally gotten my computer up and running again I now work at Players Gentlemen's club sitting behind a desk
checking I.D.s secretly waiting for the moment that my shift ends and I am free to open the door walk abreast breasts
and the bar. I like pretending that I'm Shakespeare's ghost pointing out the Couple of honyocks who were giving each
other Falatio in the VIP Room. Clocking out I'm free to see my room mate who is waiting in the wings. Within a month
and as half I was fed up with players. Working in a place like that long enough you come to find it very deplorable to
  It's Christmas now I've gotten my fourth pair of Rockport's, a zenith thin DVD player a Dell Dimension L500c-used
but well worth it-a St. Johns Sweater, and A Dockers golfing hat. The shoes were a blessing considering the fact that
I've just bought 7 suits of clothing 5 of which match the new black cap toed dressports. I'm so happy with them I have a
buffer\shoe polisher given to me this day that I run across them with great delight.
         My crappy little apartment has developed a little charm, some Chinese and Japanese paintings a head of nefertiti
and some male figure with a womans crown ambiguous hermaphrodidic love/baby charm, my granddads straight razor
framed, a four thousand year old spear head also frames given to my grandfather-my heritage;
 English Lee (last living Martha farthest back Iv'e traced is Robert E. Lee who was the son of welthy Aristocrats Like
Anabell Lee with high born kinsmen of Poes poem), West, Hill, Bengham, Thomas, German Shmidt, Smith, Snodgrass-
Herders means sleeps in the tall green grass, Bell, Macleod, Pendagrass,- Alton West of Brownfield by Leon Pope a
now local archeologist living in Lubbock TX, my 1970's Curios George doll with toxic lead paint and his son the little
school pal version sitting on his knee, my grandmothers rose glass gold leaved candy jar that doubles as a music box
that plays Sammy's or my ultimate favorite Willy wonka and the chocolate factory's candy man, two empty Jameson
Bottles one twlve year old, and an enourmas but empty Absolute bottle, an oak box containing Bob Snodgr@$&' Ivory
dominos, an Avon gl@$& train cdologne boittle filled with romance, a near empty bottle of Eternity, My7 Jensin
Steryo, My vanityon which stand many books(Oh The Places Youll go Dr. Seus, Rita dove Thomas and Beula, T.S.
Eliot the waste land, Carl Sandbourg Selected Poems, The complete tails and poems of edger allen poe, J.R. Tolken the
hobbit, George orwell Down and out in paris and London, Charles @$&*ens Oliver twist, James Joyce Dubliners,
Ulyses, a Portrait of an artist asw a young man, Jack Keouac Vanity of Duloz, Visions of ody, Tristessa, On the Road,
Lonesome traveler, TH Dharma Bums Book of dreams, Marlowoes Fdaust, Shakespears As you like3 it, a mid summers
night dream, Julias Caesar, King lear, and 2 Hamlets, Allen's Nixon Pallace Guard, Kalb and Kalb's Kissinger,
Bushido- A warriors code and Kant's grounding for the meaphisics of morals)sandewiched between to small Jensen
speakers if that gives you any Idea of how wide the vanity is which is directly across from another mirror that once
belonged to a sony projection screen T.V. and the two give off this infinity effect when possissioned just so and your
standing to the right or left of them, A Zenith T.V., small tv stand with gl@$& doors, DVD player, Motorolloa cable
converter, Symphonic VCR, Nintendo 64 the only game for which is goldeneye my favorite game in the world- It is as I
said Christm@$& Day so Golden Eye is on Spike 7 Days of Bond oh what a treat-, My 80's Atari 1600 game center
with Hang Man, Defender, Bowling, Video Pinball, Combat, Berzerk, Golf, Poker Plus, Kaboom, Missile Command,
Starmaster, Star Raideers, another combat, Real Sports Baseball, Asteroids, Pac-man, Dumb @$& Super man Game,
Super break out, Yay fun with numbers, Space invaders and Skiing along with two paddles two joy sticks and some pad
with buttons on it that I forgot what does, my coffee table on it lying my Dimension L500c with Intel inside cybervision
c70 monitor, and tiny JBL speakers that at the moment I cant get to work, Power Controller, bug hub cap\ash tray, Pink
granite and brown onyx chess board with no pieces out because one is broken, my shoe polliusher Bic, emotions lighter,
br@$& betty pipe, Nokia Cell Phone and a pair of plyers for re-aring my fossil watch, Underneath it is a coppies of
Gibaldis MLA handbook for Writers of re- My &*#!!&^ just called wanting to knoqw if I wanted to pitch but sadly I
have nothing until tomorrow- Griffith's Writing Essays about literature The Open Bible promoted by none other than
Jerry Fallwell of allpeople, Costello's he art of Signing, Jones and Huggins' What the road p@$&es by signed by Jones
A stack of French work Books and a calculator. All surrounded by a futon on which lies my magy a black and white
Lasa Opso and 4 throw pillows, my reliefe globe pree USSR's fall with the sea currents drawn on my love seat blue and
cream and my blue La-Z-Bo recliner. In the closet are seven suits; a worsted wool black Jones of New Yourk blue Pin
stripe, a black Dillards suit worsted wool aas well, A baby blue silk Caiborn Jacket the same primary coler as my
tartan, A deep blue wort wull Piere Cardain, A Gray lether blazer, a brown Andrew Fezza wor wull, and a brown and
blach checkered or plaid Allan St. James.
Merci beacoup
These are the words
That I say to you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Chapter 6

So I'm sitting down talking to the T.V-and I know they cant hear me but I still beliueve they do-and I start to wonder
where Hamurabi's code is wheather it's in a shipment of stone it's shape carved out in a slab large enough to not crack
the slab of stone not touching the treasure lying underneath or is it off at sea-I was watching Connan O'Brian and then
suddenly my humor was totally wrought askew with the intro to &*() w0912 at 4:00 a.m. I switch to Bloody Sunday
the closing credits playing U.2's Sunday Bloody Sunday on I.F.C.
         Next is Iran; Veigled Apperances which speeks of the death of a fellow writer and of God and satan. The film is
by Terry Mitchel of belgiaan t.v. Hearing the prayers sung from the local Mosque are we so different them and us we
all eat and drink and are at times merry a child is shown to me joyous laughter spring from it's tiny mouth.They are
Muslim we are Christian but how are they different? They sing a song of joy. Do we not sing in a joyous manner? But
how are they different? They speak of government. Are we not political? We all bleed red.

         Do you send Kisinger here though a man I respecft would have mucdh to fear but I digress- rising and falling on
waves of unsurity finding a home in some collectors home locked away only family seeing it it's a shame you know at
least in Iraq in Bagdad I't could be seen by the world but would we want to see the Arch of The Covenant ju7st to say
we had seen it or is it enough that we believe it exists.

Chapter 7

Bingo Ducecap(In all actuality Bingo is Jessy Thompson of Lubbock, TX)-I put penut butter on my $%^& and had
Maggie lick it off
Dustin-Thats sick
Bingo Duncecap is a Pudge Facker he facked his pudge, hypos, clothes, silver ware and cleaning supplies and he left.
As you my astute reader might have guessed I wasn't too happy about the hypodermics, him being a meth addict, him
getting me to do it with him. The reason for the formentioned move to Brownfield was made to get away from the
same exact problems but here's how the kick to the curb went. Said
Jessy-Are you gunna call the cops when I wupp your @$&.

        To make a long story short we ended up in the kitchen next to the pots and pans and I rear back to hit him and he
up and runs right then and their like a little bitch.;
. Jessy- I’ll sew you if you hit me.
        It's hard to believe Hes' a maason's gggrandson like me mine'as Scottish Right Free as they come . Calls
himself a Masonic legend. Masons know about Honer and a true masons grandson woud have preserved it like I did
making me the Alpha male. I mean the man used to kick Maggie a defenseless little Lassa apso.
        Now I sit alone with,to borrow a line from Sassoon, "my friends the books" and Adult Swim on at 10;00 over at
4am on Cartoon Network. Full metal alchamist is on right now im just catching the closing credits. It's a good show
science fiction old school concept.

Chapter 8

        According to the guide on the T.V. it's exactly1:43 on Thursday 4/14/05 in the a.m. by the way not that the
guide tells you the year or a.m. or p.m. for that matter, but that's besides the point whats really interesting is whats on
the screen as well as the info page "Kelley LaBrock" you know the John Hues one with the naked piano player not
bleeped out called Weird Science and he askes. "Djyou spit in this?" "Like your panties", yah but I like them better on
Kelley, I mean Lisa. Ah the girlfriends don't remember their names too @$&* lazy to touch guide and info, but downy
and Whats his name are looking oh my God its Kelley even the lesbian looks. "Mad"? You don't know whaat mad is
oh God it's her and the black 911.
Party you say what an idea, but what will I wear. The Tux a clown outfit with a lamp shade for aa hat three sheets to
the wind and no pants to boot with some coltrane on the hi-fi and a woman. Mandingo. Morroco. Glenlivit. A misfit.
Take not mine eyes away from me
Only mame me & leave me be
For in my life I've one decree
The world is beutifull.

For if they be plucked outt
So that I may see
Or stave the offence
That my sight brings
How grave my life will be.

Take recompence or respite
For my life be yours by right
But I'll implore if I might
Leave them. @$&*ed endless night.
Testicular tortion stop touch and tell. Argh Venture brothers she be a fine mistrtess. But enough of that.
Geodon! If it were a fizzy @$&*ing lifting drink I'd be half way to the moon right now. But consider the alternative.
Ive got a golden ticket
And if I don't paaaay it
They'll hall my @$& away.
Cause when youv'e got a golden ticket
It's a @$&*ty day.
Out in the west texas town of El Paso
I fell in love with a Mexican whore
Igave her a twenty
And she went down on me
After ten minuts I'as beggin for more
We went to a hotel
And I paid for acheap room
Inside she had me screemin
But when I awoke
My crotch was a burnin
They found that whoooore
Their quite dead on the floor.
So out of the west texas
Town of El paso
Out to the Bad lands of NewMexico.
Veal IS animal cruelty weather it be beer fed or not.
How bout the society for the ethical treatment for petrollium engineers? You cant paaay your pohone bill in pudding.
You cant paqy your g@$& bill with freaze dried vegetables.
F'n Home Warehouse(if a real Home Warehouse exists this is not directed at you it is a fictionalstore name) guy-Yopu
wont find an adapter for 220 to 125 at radio shack."
Yah I can. Je's the things people will tell you when their not in the know. I did find one, needing one for the p0lug on
the Whirlpool refrigerated a/c. But it happens that the capacity of that particular converter was fourty wats. But I found
one @$&*it that's my point.

Capter 9

Andy Roony- Why is it that the decoration in jail cells seem to be concocted by minimalists.
I mean were they cheep to contract because last time I checked minimalism is'nt all that popular.
Wouldn't some 1950's Coke ad. add some decore.
Odysius(on the phone) No man I won't be able to make it till tommorow.Sound o.k. (
In a thick Itallion accent. QA photagrapher and carpenter by trade, met comilla in Howii that's how he ended up back
here- daughter of a fajmous blues guitarist that played at Stub's barbecue onhe time when I was their man th man could
play and sing just like his sone Kevin who's living in seattle recording his guitarest either here or in Chicago funny
@$& guy good laugh likes to party went on a trip with hem to Houston once or twice
Out at the beech
Girls laughing.

My tan is
Its where I got my John Belushi black and whi8te blues brothers tea shirt with the cvigerrette cherry collored red. On
one of the trips I was driving my 93 Bonteville and Kevin fell to sleap I smoked two joints and took a wrong turn on the
back rodes to Austin I didn't think to take the Comanche trip heading by our old summer homes at procter lake once
being replaced by the time share was sold the only family to own a trailor now is wolly Lois Bengham having just
departed us
Ellegy for Lois Blair and Alton Travis West
We will miss her.
Willy standing beside all
With no one to stand by
And we wish
Too see her love
Once again some day
 Eat some of her cheeto's
And enjoy ice cream
With her and Alton,
He let me know
There is Icecream
Aloft in Heaven.

She woul'd fry us
Fried catfish
And smile
With her eyes
And hug us
And kiss us
And thank us
For the visit.

We used to watch
Bond at her house
Aat christma@$&
Loving Cheese dip
And each other
In the Agape way
Not judging
But consuming.

We used to watch him
Take off from the dock
Completely dry
And staying that way
He took his trip
Across Procter Lake
Until beside
The same dock
Below the Gibsons.
Is it floodin
Down in Texas?
-His 5" tall buda head the one he got from China sitting in his bedroom his magazine cover shot of a wind surfer mid air
in a flip above a wave tucked away in his portfolio. Friends we be he calls me boss me asking you want I should. He
can realy cook pastas and mahi mahi. His daughter he has to live away from Mina Meadlow she used to copy him
when he would do something she didn't like she would say
Mina- Don't you do that
In her little Italion accent that she gets from him but her true accent is moast American. He loves both her kids though
there be rocky roads in their past.

Chapter 10

Im sitting at home alone contemplating wether I should cook the chicken pot pie or a pizza or just eating the half eaten
PB&J in the fridge. PB&J it is
It's a few days later I have blisters on my fingers from fending off invisible enemies when I hit them a gush of
psycadelic red shoots from their wounds. I like this new contrast that I set on the computer the words are all white and
the screen black with a gray border. I think that I may have come into contact with some virus so it's time to
innoculaate with Norton. If I had ever known what trouble the internet would bring I may not have connected. Some
things can be said of incouragment it gives us the fredome to make mountains out of mole hills and mistakes my
haughty friends. But in the end is it enough that we tried. But I digress, what I need now is some paper a coler ink
cartrige for my Canon BJC 250 an envilope some pictures of my house with me and my suits maybe some pictures of
me and my bub off around town maybe that graduation picture of my brothers and some of his wedding pictures and aa
new plug for my scanner a new 3 1/4 disk and maybe some Ice cream to dab behind my dogs ears by that I mean spoil
her with it.

Watching ending credeits to pulp fiction. Nice surfer tune sax and all. Gregery C. Smith and all. Good movie by the
way like the Kill Bill double feature got real balls including Jackiie Brown but what was the intent with messing with
Yaikusas it's like the Tryads or coilumbian drug lords you mess with them and not only you but your whole family will
suffer the recompence of that action and men who are better killers than you will come for you. For there is always
someone better. I switch over to Clerks They've just taken The clerks girl off in an ambulance with a dead body that
she just @$&*ed him duying while masturbating in the employees only toilet, lew, @$&*ter, $#@&er, crapper, dunner
or dunger, out house, bath room my favorite by the way, Jon, thunder box, and porsalin god his prayer ralf, hurl, spew,
blow chunks, visiting last nights lunch, up chuck,narl,whaahaha cough cough ahuahahah cough cough cough sound of
water gushing out of mouth the whole shebang.
Im now starting to think to my pipe a bowl and same ccoppacitied smokeless top, a stem with rivets all the way down it-
got tto go as I was saying had to go to the bath room and get a drink of water- a smokeless water pipe stem and a hollow
headless drum stick hammered into the water pipe stem There is tape holding them together it wworks rather well
there's a carb on the top of the pipe carved out to look like the Eye of The One True God triangle adorning with rubber
mouth piece and my social security card taped and tied to it as a 4'th charm I keep one with my tea too but the social
security has visibly stated This Numb Dustin 46 Social Sec a half u looking like t. Ahh if the president is an idiot then
everyone except chibochon is an idiot too. Super Milk Chan is goofy. The president has psychadelic eyes. The
@$&*et fly why does he not swat it. Commercial for Tom Goes to the Mayor with the Police walking on the moon
cover. Well any way to the smoking. Now it's blue with white writing
Now it's Cow Boy Bebop with a b@$&o profundo sounding suspiciously like Paverati. Now it's back to the black
background how you get it is by selecting high contrast in accesabuility options in your controle panel. To get the blue
screne in high or normal contrast you go to tools in word click options then click General in pop up screen cclick check
on blue background with white text but it's a little too Doogie Howser M.D. for me. Right left right left b a b a start.
Now my text is yellow and page black high conterast#1 it's cind of fun changing colers and the black page is key it's
good on migrane prone eyes my mother gave me the migranes by the way and her father before her Kens got em too
mut his like mine are normaly pretty bearable with non prescription medication he said knowing the curs wont be
broken I will have my little ones some day even if they have to be nieces or nephews although Weve all had and lost
our little ones do to age or never again God willing death but I still have my little one maaggy bighting her tail never
having to chase it and she dosen't carry my geens any way so shese safe. Ha ve you ever had one their terrible first
theres the motion sickness then maybe congestion, asensitivity to light and loud noise the seering pain behind your right
eye ears all around the skull in the neck on the back of the skull moving from place to place sometimes a real hastle
stress causes them like my voices and now phantom antagonists- I'm wearing my caki jacket and carpenter paants Eddy
Bauer brown nun bush shoes grey socks that match for once one having a hole in it which my big toe has a habbit of
protruding out of my silver Claybourn tie and my silver tux vest and one of my granddads Arow short sleeve white
button down shirt and as always barring sleeping in them my Nautica50220 140 boat inspired wood ear pieced that
break at the metal not the wood rectangle shaped black rims but a little rounded Nautica noze pieces still in tact having
broken the frames three count em three times buying the insurance a year after I bought the frames when I broake them
for the first time stepping on them every tiume by accident mind you with the transition lenses their a little small for my
head but the ear pieces hinge out to accommodate fatter heads with my blue with green rings inside the blue eyes
behind them.
         Long ago I did away with the droar of the cabinet that I found in the garage right now it's keeping the dust off of
my Dell my T.V. and all the amenities are nestled in the corner with the windows on both sides keeping glare off of
them I wish I had a non glare layer on it you know that layer they put on glasses but for TV’s and my friends beside me
on the plastic book rack shelves coffee in the pot and Aqua Teen Hunger Force on TV with Wane the main brain
McClain with the head of grass. Say the Two Balls part Be specific this is a real question if a tree falls on a man in the
forest and no ones around to hear does he make a sound, does he scream do his bones make a sound while cracking
does he really cry from desperation and pain? Now it's Tom Goes to the Mayor Shamus on board like so much human
cattle to be thrown as a ballast over Them Bearded storm ridden Aladdin bad guy knife nice breasts the one on the left
preferable the girl not the breast I mean their both preferable the women and their breast but the one on the left makes
me wish we could take my new loved uncle married to my loved ant Kay a copy of my book and maybe go for a ride in
his hot air balloon He goes Ballooning in New Mexico and the like they live right outside of Lovington N.M. with old
Duke who eats any thing you’ll give him and even fresh cigarette buts out of the ash tray last time I was there I thought
Kade Ellison, whose sister and brothers being the bashfull Kree, Ki God rest his soul and the little quiet but still
werbaly inquisitive guy, how to play Rummy while drinking coffee and talking with my Aunt Kay about school life
work Family love rummy and how to capitalize at it Ki getting bored of the game rather quickly but it was fun none not
nun the less seeing Mike and Rachal being Ki's parents and the loved sone and daughter in law to Kay and Earl Ellison
God rest his soul my father brother whitney and mother I think tthose were the only ones there on that Christm@$&
          Now it's venture brothers their all dressed up like the cast to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, weird musical by
the way, and the benign tumer of Thadius Venture is being removed turning out to be his brother that he swallowed and
theirs a hot chick in the weiting room wincing in pain. Now their Drinking Chi tea that Dr. Orpheos sais tastes like pay
doe. They cant find the Tumor The doc capitalizes on their mishap no proof anything was removed as you see. Triana.
Extra retard babies like Woody Alens but bumber not that they are retarded point in fact adopted children aren't blood
relatives mores can be lapsed. Fast road to now town. My pizza bbaking coffee just refreshed Ibuprofin just taken Iv'e
got screen neck. Now it's the Oblongs I just got pizza on My jacket. It's a third world after all. Gee the shoes you
made me in art cl@$& are marketable. Oblongs isn't the greatest so I'm touching Guide but this will do if nothing
betters on Speek of the devil Van Helsing. I am the vampire that has supped the blood of the wearwolfe. Beware not
the ides of march for every day hath its pitfalls and peddistals headaches and highs contempt and pride. March being
long gone how long is it until I have to drop my cable modemed internet(my hard drive has 10 gigs and Norton Anti
Virus Adobe Windows Media Player some programs that I'm trying to get off called works for word and someogram
called hidserve by the way having to change my ports which still didn't work my screen appearance keaps on changing
maybe it's the invisible people going into my controle panel for I'm not hooket up to the net aa pipe mouth piece over
the cable input on the cable modem the internet as I said is a writers bane full of grubby little plagerizing hands i.e. not
the real Dustin Wesley Smith born in Lubbock Texas at Saint Maries September 29/1977 Wow we saw the dawn of a
new age or milenium I spent it with Nick and Ally throwing up twelve year old Jameson after a drinking game drunk
driver I think it was how do you play that again it is a high low card game if I remember correctly my favorite is
quarters atleast it used to be before I quit drinking 806 787 4414) and Starz package The only true Dracula being in
truth Vlad the Impalor imprisoned by the Turks Nafese would say good riddens but they have no malice twards each
other Despina Mahudinti and Jack and cinematically Bella as in beutifull Bella Lagosi Lagosi being the word when a
situation is beutifull and Kelvin Cooliage as in the only temperature guage that goes all the way to absolute zero cool
the point at which all mater stops i.e. nothing matters you could cut my head off at those moments and for a minut I
would still smile with my mouth and eyes the eyes are the windows to the soul and if they don't smile what is your soul
thinking. Only God can make a tree God made all men and Sam Colt made them equal silver bullets and all the weapon
not the beer now Worsteiner Guiness extra Stoudt with the NO2 substituted for carbination that adds a great tasting
burp St. Pauly Girl and Hini the good but skunky and fratty bears Fat Tire, Abbey Stoudt, both Cellis' and Shiner and I
guess Zegen Bock now those are beers but I have more of a preferaance for whisky Irish Jameson or Scotch Glenlivet
both 12 years merlot and Caberne Nappa Valey or Valley Centrale any year the older the better as long as theres plastic
or wax over the cork to preserve or keep from spoiling the wine nothings wose than a vineger that makes the pretence
that it's wine and don't forget hard cherry cider. The cider just outside of linhcoln County New Mexico is best its not
hard but what a bight man and sweet and fresh and cold. The last time I was there we went Golfing at the Lynx of
course great Golf course at a moderate price, stayed at Delma's place, the smell of pine in the air. We went there once
with Dispina she liked it we stayed at the time share both times I was stuck outside smoaking J's. But that's the past
Ruidoso is a regular haunt for my family just like Cloudcroft, the Lodge agreat golf course by the way Tee it up high on
number 9 it heads up hill) is for Jim's parents Ruidoso is a little touristy but a great place to kick back and the shops do
have some interesting things that you can only find in N.M. like switch blades and sword canes and theres this great
little locally runned minerature golf course right downh from the mall with the knives and the yogurt or is it ice cream
now and the collectables shop and the local made jewelry shops like the ones in Aspen that sell Gold plated aspen leaf
ear rings and broches, and a great Italian food place and a burger joing witth chilly cheese burgers and great malts a
couple of video stores the one on the east side of town having the best sollection and some great bars with local coler.
They walk to castle Dracula where its snowing and somehow Egor wound up in a vampire flick and Frankensteirn and
his monster it seems that all that's left to do is mix now days or create different types of vampires no real look into the
psychology of the night staulkers well buy and buy for the night its time to smoke and veg. Until bed at 7:00 or 8 am
you see I am the vampire that has supped the blood of the ware wolf.

Chapter 10

Family guy on the TV seems to have that connection working Does this look like a q to you? How bout now? You
know some women would enjoy playing golf with their husbands on their anniversary like my old trig teacher Coach
Campbell's wife. Why does everyone wish that Keith Richards were dead I kinda like the guy and hell he can play no
mater what American pie shoving $#@!&*&s say.
36 that was the age I was when I started this firm.
He he Peanut. That's what I wanted a clerks job but that night club owner sais he only hires law students. I could
research circles around some of these &(*^%. Not that this book will contain a list of terms or a a chapter guide itself
unless I just get some hare up my @$& to do it.
I cant get this song out of my head.
What do you do with a drunken sailor
What do you do with a drunken sailor
What do you do with a drunken sailor
Early in the morning

Throw him in the hull with the key hole light on
Throw him in the hull with the key hole light on
Throw him in the hull with the key hole light on
Early in the morning

Swab the poop deck and I'll have no mouth sir
Swab the poop deck and I'll have no mouth sir
Swab the poop deck and I'll have no mouth sir
Early in the morning

Or youl be hangin from the stern side mast sir
youl be hangin from the stern side mast sir
youl be hangin from the stern side mast sir
Early in the morning

What do you do with a drunken Viking
What do you do with a drunken Viking
What do you do with a drunken Viking
Early in the morning

Die by the sword when you try to hull him
Die by the sword when you try to hull him
Die by the sword when you try to hull him
Early in the morning

We are swabbing the deack
Whick is navy for floor
Swab meens mop
Deck means floor

Rubber ducky had to run.
He went crazy killed someone.
Rubber ducky small enough
For the throat of a one year old child.

A lawyer found out in the eighties,
And made some fast cash off of some dead babies

Rubber ducky bought a Porsche
For some f’n prick.

In a little crate they keep them
@$&* themselves every day and night
Veal is wrong

Chapter 11

Andy Roony-Why is it that the military discriminates against the disabled or insane. In the Viking army insane men
were prized as great killers killing as many as 300 men in one battle. You'd think that our army would take a hint from
the Vikings.

South Decodans are no better in forms Former U.SW.Senator D-south 55hugh what an age you gotta be kidin me you
think you have a right to talk about whats going on in Iroq reporters writers and soldiers who kinow what their talking
about can say something but your question merits no real concern in reguards to the x senater. Georgetown U. Highest
posision held by a woman madalin Albright lets see what she has to say promote Chzeck wriuters f'n a lady good and
wise words but replace Chzeck will all world writers. Ah the Russians are here. I will put on my Kangggol Black to go
with the black pin striped suit shirt and tie shirt being a long sleeved collered blue and white striped Polo and the tie ble
white and large yellow horizontal stripes. Vaclav Havel Czeck ex pres saying that they7 nnead healp Potent
Experiances he sais with a sly smile did somebody say crusechef. Boom boom ching ni ni ni. My question is does
glasnost still exist or has a whole new fealing been fealt. Muya Angelu Kill the rat bastard who molested her. If your
preachers teeth fall out because a sister is moved by the Lord laaaugh like there's no tomorrow because it's bound to be
a good one. Muya Angelu the san fran cisco treat. Mutual respect for all peoples Maulana Karenga millions more
         Now it's a hard choice between the Allamo and The Mummy Retourns. Mummy retourns it is cat fight both
beutious brazen and bold my broken bust of Nefartiti in her geode sea of holes All you need is love. Eye of the one true
god spoon full. Theres proof that Yawe made his preasance known in Egypt and that Eye and the word true show you
that the Egyptians believed. If you lost every first born sun so would you. The only true power Egyptian kings and
priests have over water exists in sewage fresh water and irogation pipes and @$&* expensive dams and the fact that
they could crace it's face with wonderously gigantic artistic architecture and live in symbiosis with it's flooding and dry
periods and what power the Egyptians seen in that one true God who could take water the life of Egypt and split a body
of it in half no mater where that water lie with bed dry enough to traverse. Pull the trigger don't sqweeze the later has a
tendancy to adjust the position of your target put the but of your rifle on you shoulder other hand on the stock resting it
hard against your shoulder aim and gently without changing the position of your rifle pull the trigger. If its any thing
like a 350 you should notice a little soreness in your shoulder the next daay but this is normal and please for the love of
god don't hold a high powered weaponin front of your boddy without making contact with the but before you shoot
that's how shoulders get thrown out of socket.

Chapter 12

How doth the smiling crocodile. Who are you? Who are you? Not necisarily stoned who but beutious. Is their sucha
thing as octupal entent. What would it sound like? The sea. Cherson cherson you just aint whistlen Dixie. I was much
further out than you thought and not waiving but drowning. A field and a grave -the train is both savior, sadist and the
end of Coletrains name-looking into, looking out through looking gl@$&es and sea labs bridge window. See-saws are
cruel to fat kids Are you beginning to see what I'm talking about. What about the octopus? That's pie and it's hot let it
cool. Maybe I shoulda written this in ocameter but what is the difference between octameter and prose besides the
indenting of the first line in the paragraph.

Chapter 13

Pleas God tell me that this is just constipation and not realy some invisibles trying to rape me. Anxiety attacks ssuck.
Or on the off chance that I'm telepathic, stop reading this in the bath room. Ahh turn off the light Im re4ading a ghost
story. Can I have the blue prints to the Damiko house 18 your first I LIKE WHERE THIS ISS GOING GIGIDY
GIGIDY G I G I D Titicaca Titicaca wow I remember watching the movie the paoiti scene No realy thank you Mike
Judge when I first saw that sscene I was in the theater on 4 grams of shrooms. Fantastic. Birdman and a PB&J sounds
like a plan to me The crest of Birdman. What are you crazy? Yess I am thank you very much for your concern belies
your wisdom.
Who is the man in the suit. Me right now already went through that. No boddy believes Nuns. Now that's crazy X the
eliuminator. Tubes are for amplifiers not death rays and why did it hacve to be so big? The crest of bird man? Are you
threatening me? Y o u get that thing I sent ya. Oohy poor baby got stood up no star 69. Well atleast he has goals. At
least I like the segfried sasoon section 8 we already went throu that . I ttold you my friends the books. Snake ha ha
dangely parts yow that stings don't grab these things by tha tail Birdman. Could you holdf on to this Yaaaa. That
hurts. Shee sheee poo-poo the heali8ng rays of the sun in his pants. Where else wwould it be actually wy would the
sun be in his pants fabric stops moaast of the rays from the sun. Coke with lime I havnt tried it If only Coke or Dr.
peper made a soft dring that had the same amouy8nt of cafene as a 911 or two shots of expresso in a 20 ounce cup with
coffee filling the rest make it a 20 ounce can and make it like coffee cola sweet and creamy and make them a dollar a

Capter 14

        The good the Bad and the Ugly. Save me from the gollows pole. I can see my sister comin ridin many a mile.
The good brought the ugly some silver the good brought the ugly some gold. That he got for turnen him it fore to hang
from the gallos pole. I like the legless gray beutifull plumage. Now hand that man down a whisky. Your lucky it didn't
snap your neck. And men that have been hung and live to tel the tail have awful cricks in their necks. Puta watch your
language sir their may be women and children preasant. Like this saucy young l@$& afraid of the bad and the dark.
Ahh spageti weasterns with the boots all reverbed out Primus Sucks no then again what does soilent soda taste like. It
veries from person to person. Pork baby the other other white meat though not coshuit. Taking apart guns and piecing
together a liked one if they realy made men equal then you wouldn't have to do that. Ahh the sombrero the archaic sun
block. I'm still writin and quotin and sayin why don't she wright. Horay for Dixi buy God buy God how right you are.
And always remember to keap your barrel clean. Once more fire against the breach dear friends. Cant you tie a noose
you moron. Theres one problem with tracking its not as easy as this movie makes it out to be. Those who want to stay
hidden stay hidden. I'd like to be uder the sea, make that nine no not no. The seting looks all wright it looks more like
Texas or Kaaansas though both er of which were contested areas of the Cival War but did not see as much action as the
eastern southern states during the war Counting Getysbourg but action did occur. Now if had looked like Shilo maybe
or Getysbourg or Antedam or the Buyou or Kentucky basically within the realm if Dixie Land or in the North oh I wish
I were in theee land of cotton is a strange song to hear in Texas or Kansas which aren't Dixie land. I remember Jim
singing that tune with great glee. I wonder Were he is now in prison working off debt or finishing his due process in
the Anerondack or the Wilds of Kentucky or fightin Alligaters in the Florida Everglades where eaver J.A. may be yoe
to my yeoman with wanten desire do I wish to sit among you or your like again I'm still Hailing Odysius for my journey
is not at it's end Konichiwa. Comment ca va. I hope bonne. Bonne trail a tu quand nous revons. Joli trail a to tout le
monde cette ton oister. Little oisters little oisters? Ride the Walrus. I am the Walrus the walrus has the biggest...Hey
now woe nilly. He does his dance and claps for rthe crowd a born performer. Blows us a kiss I would hug him if I
could. Moron rich @$& Yankees touting Grant. But if Lee was so stupid or ill educated as so many ignorant Yankees
tout example being Family Guy and I Quote "but we still don't have to read books" where the heck did Lee learn
Napolianic fighting techniques like forming lines five men deap and swinging the gate to produce cross fire deviding
the enemies attention where if not from books and you can quote me in saying that. And some people confuse the issue
of value in cl@$&ics it's about the art first first aditions just make you feel beter about yourself but they are by no
meaqns a substitute for real education the point is what use is a book so old that you cant even read it without damaging
it. If you have something like that always have a new copy of it as well and make it well worn in I mean read every
word of it and yes even it. Mexican Black tar God common you could sew his @$& and win for selling out your
college fund.
         Tee pee and a wig wam to quote a man who's name I don't remember Your "too tense" Woody sais. It's just
@$&*ing dishonest Mozart he says sports bull @$&* maybe playing them not watching them I'm scizo too many eyes.
A fun game for creative writers is mad libs. King Lear Not Japanese true but those men complement implied sure love
him just like me and Senda being a moast honorable fat head himseaalf suffer not the artists of our day unless they
suffer unto you. Defy all that misunderstand and don't make amends but make amends your self for Ill will begets an ill
guest. Nither a borrower nor a lender be. Love thy neighbor but be wary of thine enemy. Hail Nixan God his eyes
never blinking rest his soul for he made ammends. Hail the kings of the day and render to Ceasar what is Caesar's and
if that be many knives barried in him so be it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Oedipus Tyranicus Like fry like
fry. Gee I'm glad you threw me onto this pile of rusty bayonets. Ahhhhhhhh!!! What was that deary? Reminds me of
the Dr. Damento Show gone are those days laughing and singing theres clingons on the stoubard bow...Dead Jim dead.
Watch out where those huskys go and don't you eat that yellow snow. Just to see what a Scotsman doesn't wear benieth
his kilt. Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads fish heads fish heads skewered Mary Tudors bum. Bloody Hell my
lunch was in that hat. Splash Deril Hanna Nakid be still my heart. Fraudian you mean. Tells me that I'm gay cause I
dreem of flying. Shyte when your falling in your dreams there are two options fall or fly at least that's how I learned to
in my dreams. I was in this stadium you see and it had thousands of balconies and I fell over the edge passing people I
knew and the fear of dieing became apparent so I learned how to fly in my dreams at least.
         Ilove him hate himlovehim hate him.Shrink Teansy weansy. You mean the little person. A gain. Get on the
ride sir. Gigis hot for a cartoon character. In your pants. Multiple entent I sea. Laser scopes there is no angle of
@$&ention or declination on those things you may be able to set them for a certain distance but what about within and
outside that range. Charly sheen I know what you mean been through rehab I was hardly seen out patient bases you see.
Safety is my concern sir. O.K. condoms are free at any public health clinic. Wet willy feals silly but safety is key. I'm a
very good driver excellent bogus narly hang ten like tubular. . The golden van being returned. How come he's never
tried but rarely makes off with the goods and at moast times you get to see that hot bikini girl. It's 4:25 the guide sais
Th 5/5Theres nothing on right now the Hot Chick will have to do. Just catchen tthis girl kicking the crap outa someone
lady falls but it was better in the Party when she keeps on fallin in the pool the Russiaans are here I'll put on my
Kangol. I fell in the pool. How hilarious is that? Pokadoted problem child I feel ya sweet heart I used to be 5'6''185
and I could only bench 200 lb at the time not that I know what I can do now I haven't lifted weights really since South
plains college maybe a little when I moved back to Brownfield but during my sophomore year at south plains I weighed
139 and was benching 225 since then I've kept mysealf in shape by doing menial tasks like washing cars, breaking
concrete with a pick axe, walking my dog, shadow boxing, climing hallways sitting down cross legged without sitting
on anything, push ups sit ups dive rolls as many as I can in a row ttill I get dizzy but still trying to stay in one general
area so forward twist to forward on same spot and the like. The sign sais No choking the dancers.

Chapter 15

        I've just jumped out of my bath. I'm excited because when I wake I will be able to pick up my new black
Loreign suit from being altered. It's funny what a couple of suits will do for your selfe image even if you look like
@$&* it's still @$&* in a pretty package as long as you exersise good taste when picking clothes even a suit when
pokadoted unless tailored by a genios will make you looke like a clown and unless you have children to delight that
look wont get you by in the normal world without looking like a fool. And do you want to looke foolish. Not I, unless
I be blessed with playing the role of the fool in Lear aavery wise character in deed and motive those qualities being in
dire need to the old fool and fool he is though he is king. Gost in the Shell is on TV A.S. is best at 1:00 am on a week
day the seacond running of the comedy half of the M-Th wish it was friday A.S. programming schedule. It looks like
my episode of sea lab that follws in this book will never be cinematically realized Sea Lab is now officially cancled I
had written it you see because there was a contest announced on A.S. that ran only once I wrote and put in my bid but
thus far hasn't and now seemingly never will air at all. I guess the only way I can view it is in my imagination and sadly
the same is true for you my astute readers. And it's being replaced by Tom Goes To the Mare the episode which was on
tonight I haave alredy covered if you will remember the nice balloons Up up and away in my beutifull balloon was and
may still be a song that my uncle Ken West coach of the Huntsville basketball team likes Rob his son used to sing it in a
very funny way as to make fun of it I had not heard the song when he did this but appon reflection that song is
somewhat deserving of both ridicule and prais as it was written in the way of the day and enjoyed popularity but now
that style having gone the way of the dodo leaves the song to be listened to in the way that Rob and I view it way to
shiny happy and in grocery stores. Whats with the French sounding jiberish commercials on Adult Swim couldn't they
pay for a French writing writer. I just wish that my parents were alright with my lifestyle because I would realy like to
go to Robs wedding but it being on the Gulf Coast Requires that we travel and they wont allow me to take my own car
and I know they would just love me either bitching because of a migrane or smogging out the car with an I'll be it
harmless yet illegal substance not to mention my depression level when straight which is always verging on suicide on
account of the voices or other peoples thoughts whatever they may be hopefully not daemons but I think my faith keeps
me free of those who should not be named and I will fear no evil for Thou art with me. Those shadows your always
hearing about that drag you kicking and screaming to hell have no real have no power over you once you recognize the
fact that the only thing we should fear is an eternity without God. God is He Who you should fear and love. So if you
see that shadow of death laugh at him for me and tell him Jesus Christ, Yawe, and the Holy Spirit sent ya then get bussy

Chapter 16

        I'll have to make metion to the fact that I have no real problem with Family Guy per say but I do still get
annoyed when they depict the south in a bad light like when they show a pig setting the curve in a southern school.
You know some of us in the south mysealf included were in the top 10 percent of the nation when it came down to
SAT's and all other standerdised tests my SAT score the only score I have taking the test only once and getting drunk
and stoned the night before it-if you get stoned enough you learn to catch them- being 1180 570math 610verbal and hell
Tray Morris a Brownfield native before moving to Midland scored 1600 and was accdepted to Harvard on full
scholorship. But you Family Guy could care less about those who cant be branded with the steryotype of bumfuzled
hicks that you so flagrantly prescribe us. Give it to me. Give it to me Neal. I could probably just do some push ups at
home. Poo. Headcolds. Mucus he says tasty kakes he says. Roman Polanski's house. I've switched over to tomorrow
never dies w/hich is a little hackneyed but still a Bond film and at least it's not Timothy Dalton it's on TNT the asian
chick is pretty. The way they deal with this helicopter is not practical you know the blades of a helicopter would deflect
anything you threw into them.          I just saw a special on Frank Frazetta on IFC his women reminded me of Kate the
curvaceous hips the beutifull faces the raw sexual nature of both her and his work they do seem to complement each
other in my mind her being a self described artist and all. Right now it's some show about two kids one of which was
just freakin out about this stuffed monkey that keaps on cutting them and moving around its pretty stupid I think I'll
change it. Theres the alterators on the phone gotta go
        I now have on my new Lauren by Ralph Lauren it's cumfe I noticed the buttons were a little freyed that's
probably why it cost me $245 instead of the normal 500$ so I just wraped them up with thread just at the point between
the buttons and the jacket it shows a little having used maroon thread on a Grayish black suit but it lookes fine when far
away and buttoned you can't tell at all. My Magy has taken to hanging out by the door but after I've already walked her
twice she still hangs out there she realy likes her walkes on which she smiles and relieves hersealf much to the shagrin
of the neigborhood for example not twenty minutes ago a man threatened to call the cops if I didn't get a bag and clean
it up and I did so but under protest for I feal that all she was doing is fertilizing his lawn in fact he
should be paying her not that she'd take it. Pulp Fiction is on TV. It happens to be one of my favorite movies among
Dr. Strangelove ,Star Wars
and a host of others old and current. The scene is the one where breat @$&*s his pants either before or after duying I
cant tell. He's black. He's Bald. What? Ahhhhh. No!! The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides... You know
moast of these words aren't even in my concordance and I read Ezeciel and I didn't find the p@$&age strange no.
Maybe I shoulda read past 5 1-24 nice attempt at mythical method though. I would love to visit this jack rabit slims that
I am shown it doesn't remind me of anywhere I've been before. But it seems to have all the pazas of Casa Bonita,
Zetners Daughter, and the Magic Time Machine all roled into one. Though I don't approve of any place where you can
do up a line in the bathroom surrounded by people and no cops are called to haul you away. The little black medical
book. Why would you shoot it straight into the heart? It's still beating therefore you could shoot her in the arm and it
would still work. Who snorts things without tasting them first anyway? Dumb @$&es who die that's who this is the
point at which Mia is moast attractive make up off tea shirt on a little freyed but still radiant. I can see why Tarentino
picked her for so many roles. Ah the fighter that's what Dustin means you know I wonder if my parents knew that when
they named me. Oh I remember they didn't know they just thought it sounded nice. I love the lutenants speech to bruce
willis' charscter as a child it seems such a graphic story to tell to a child but the lutenant tells it to him not stepping
around the issue of where the watch was kept he keeps the whole story in tact so that the child would now the extreme
measures that his father had to go through to get him that watch. As to attest for the love that that father fealt for his
son he loved him so much that he wore the watch up his @$& until death to protect it from being stolen by his captors.
That shows true devotion. And it also lets you get a look at what made Butch what he is. He don't take @$&* from no
body, he doesn't take dives, and he doesn't run out on even a man who wishes to kill him when that man is takin it up
the @$& by some hill billy mother @$&*er. And it earns him his freedom in other words good things come to good
people. And that type of man deserves this hot French tart I don't know her name but she seems like the type I'd dormir
avec. I'm not so big on the female pot belly though unless their preagnant and I think that's what she's getting at maybe.
Would you be ok hell no not me but I'd a been dead befor Butch got bach their either that or they would be
incapacitated but I'm betin on the prier cause their are two of them both wielding guns and I am tied up at the moment.
Ya steal that hill billie's hog he aint gonna need it where he's goin anyway. Oh don't make her cry a pretty girl like that
shouldns cry she shoulod always be happy with servants at her beck and call. The Bonnie situation this is where we
came into it last time and he repeats that verse I can't find. You gotta have an opinion bam sorry about that marvin. A
miricle is a miricle might as well call a spade a spade and it has an after the fact sence of foreboding considering the
fact that the Bonnie situation is a flash back the hole thing except for the part where they have the altercation with the
diner robbers because that's where the movie starts for that matter most of the movie is a mixture of flash back and flash
forward and this is the reason moast people don't like it because it's somewhat hard to follow seeing vince duy before
the diner scene which is the last scene in the movie and without the knowledge that all of the story occurs out of order
and it works well that way. The wolfe now how I would dispose of a body would to be to lay it in a bath tub after
transporting both the body the tub and 100lbs of unmixed fast drying concrete fill the tub up with concrete sit around at
sea in calm waters like the gulf of Mexico then I'd coast out to international waters find the first fissure or abys to take a
term from a great sci fi flick Abys and dropthe tub and all lowering it with a roap till it finds its way into the crack then
I'd cut it loose and set sail for Can Cune. Now Ive checked Ezekiel 25:17 and it is writenbut the only part of that speech
that is truly in that chapter is And I will execute great vengence upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know
that I am the Lord, When I shall lay my vengeance upon them. It's not and it's with and if it's not the it's them and He
was referring to the Philistines and the Cher'-e-thim
and the sea coast. Nothing about poison and destroy that may be in the bible but sure isn't in Ezekiel 25: 16-17 and
remember to never add anything to it that isn't there when quoting or he'll ad something to you. But I guess it's better
than taking away from it because if you do that it is written that He will take your name away from the Book of Life
which my name was written in when I was 9 and my grandfather Baptised me after I had made the diccision that I
needed forgiveness for my sins and His death on the cross afforded me that luxury and that may be why I am so prone
to vice knowing prehand that I am already forgiven for that sin before the thought ever crossed my mind to do sai act or
to think a certain way not honering him but still I hope against all hope and pray that it's still there to this day. In just
five minuts Adult swim no wait it's Friday meaning there is no Adult Swim. Maybe I should use this as an excuse to go
to Brownfield to wash my clothes but it's late now maybe tommorow. Santa Anna d'ell Escobar did you know that he
was I dentified by his Underwear. Yah they caught him makin his way down a river when the Battle at San Jasinto was
coming to a close and the Mexican army where retreating in other words loosing the battle. They knew it was him
because no regular Mexican infantryman had the money to buy new silk underwear silk being a product of the far. East
and the Panama canal having not been built until much later so it is safe to say that his underwear was probable shipped
to Europe before coming to Mexico adding terif and tax to the point at which only the very rich could afford silk skibys.
Not that they didn't give us hell at the Alamo but what it shows us that it truly isn't the size of the dog in the fight but
instead it's the size of the fight in the dog that determines the outcome of battles. Otherwise with the exception of
having an elevated position they were outgunned and out manned But because of that elevated position they were able
to kill 2000 with 150 and that's the size of our band in high school. Let me tell you 150 aint much but it can do much
when properly motivated. Hell Davy Crocket and Jim Bewe were renound wariers and their men had much faith in
them so much faith that they followed them to their deaths proudly with a song in their hearts that could be fraised
Bury me now by the lone prary. Maybe they were just praying for reinforcements that came too little to late. And I'm
sure some didn't pray at all having a lack of faith or a need of a priest and I know that sounds funny needing a priest in a
Mission. I wonder what the total amount of mota was inside and outside the Alamo during that fate full siege I
@$&ume along with Liqour it may have been gone within the first night of the siege trying to aid the recovery from
shell shock it's hard to be scared when you're three sheets to the wind or stoned to the bone but that wouldn't do much
for their aim but at night that really wouldn't matter considering the fact that at night in the time before streetlamps in
San Antonio their wasn't enough light to see the enemy much less efectivelly shoot at them. So the parties at night were
probably pretty wild until they ran out if they ever did. Give that man a drink it will be his last but it's better to go out
with a smile on your face than with fear in your heart so eat drink and be merry every day of your life here on earth for
one of those days will be your last and a coward dies a thousand deaths but a hero only dies once and honorably at that
having said that I wonder what I am the prior or the later but I shall strive to be the later for my names sake. Endeavor
to persivere. Though the road be long and narrow we will find our home some day in the eyes of a child or off in the
wilde willing you keep to the path. For once I was lost in the deasert cut off from the world I once knew expeeriacing
hardship and finding new ways of life. Some go into this deasert with no knowledge of what it throes appon them some
stumble some strive some starving full of strife. Some never find their way out and those that do should leave their
with as much learned as they can. So that their children being warned of the quick sand and wild winds will know their
way when confronted by that deasert.

Chapter 17

        I'm sitting down just catching the end to Return of the Jed I came in while the primitive mupets are winning the
battle over the technologically advanced Evil empire which is all well and good but I would figure that laser blasters
would have a distinct advantage over spears. And lets not forget all those independent contractors on the unfinished
Death Star. It seams str5ange but the Dark Lord looks like the head of the senate in the prequals. Now young
Skywalker you will die. I will put down this power when the crisis is avaded they even sound the same. And Darth
does bring
Balance to the fource by leaving the Dark Side and just choosing to be Luke and Leyas father. Tell your sister you were
right. Father I won't leave you. I think it strange that the gosts of the jedies were so apparent it seems to incorporate
ancester worship. Ah ya get ya some Ford. I wonder what rthe smell of Darth's burning body was like burning circetry
or flesh or a mixture of both. Wouldn't fires started on tree houses be rather dangerous.

Chapter 18

         Right now it's Curse of the Black pearl. You know
 I'ts a pretty good goast story. I just got back from an indesclosed location with lets call him Remmy getting19.35
worth of pot I added it to what I already had and I'll have to say it's pretty fat. No man will ever feal unwanted. Where
is this ploace probably somewhere at a port where disease is as rampid as the rats. The black pearl captain Barbosa.
I'll find us a crew. You mean the whole put em in the hull with the key hole light on cute dead monkey by the way
Aztec gold with a curs on it its k but the whole curs thing is kind the cursed goasts aare pretty cool looking. I just
brought the Gepeakers from home along with all my clean laundry. It's great to have freash unerware ard actually white
white shirts. It'd be farr worse not to have her. No sailor in his right mind would have brought a woman on board for
the shear fact that once they find out that she's loose morally everyone will have a turn and if one of those guys has vd
watch out. And at the time sailors were smoking pot and when in the Americas cocain. Man she looks nice when wet
Rather hot when dry too. Get her drunk and then what she gets you drunker and destroyes the rum while your p@$&ed
out nice body but about well never mind they had work to do.

Chapter 19

        Hell no I ain't maryin this bag of bones. Free brain surgery. Their not gormet but. Wow where he go. Hi Tom
Peters can I still be Hungry or is it Dustin W. Smith. Smith it is then. Or should I go by Snodgr@$& or what or what.
Or. Add a stylish look to your desk set calculate numbers with this mythical beast. 759 487 guestimate 1246=759 +
487 <1567 18 >8+8 = 16 y= 53x+32 <1.67 223 323 1234 123 223 323 1234 12345 123456 123 223 1234 x 10^7.
Sea labs on gettin some drinks in her. Black Church God doesn't care what culler you are. Rue it's a livin. If he were
livin off my blood he'd be one highly medicated man. Prescots dressed like me without the shoes under wear pants and
socks I'm Still in thye loreign suit with the black Pier Carden tie, my white Moranno , my newer Rockports and a pair
of my dads socks. Senor samsons wearing pretty much nothing I don't know if he wears underware from the way they
scetched this scene University of Mexico not that I wouldn't go there to speak providing that they provide a translator
and safe p@$&age to Mexico, armed escort, coppies of my book for all those that are attending 15 days before the 1
hour partial reading and discussion Tape it if you like the rights go to the tape go to the University and they can sell the
tapes for 12-24 dollars american. Me abla pucito. Donde grant me une brake pour frajos, refresh ma caffe et agua et
une puquito mange. Lkasdfjalksjdfaklsjdf;alkjsdfla;kjsdfa;klsjdfa;lskjdf. Sorry stupid jiberish commercials. I like Dr.
Girlfriends @$& if her voice wasn't so I mean she has small hands and female reproductive organs annd mammary
glands lovely ones at that but she sounds like someones gay uncle. This is the episode that Dean was bitching about to
the Monarch because he kept them in a dank dark cell. Of course one of the boys. Be thakfull your in that cage. They
hit me with a truck. Oh yah we've been through this Blood on the Hiveway scene. Grabs the kidneys. Tip to Sea Lab
and all other4s an oral tradition is always older than a written one ex Homer..
        Now theres something that's refreshing Haunted Honey Moon theres something about a man in drag Heyy
Higgins do you know twhats terribly funny? What? A man in womens clothing. Quite Quite, ripping good laugh. A
storm brewing she sais It's frightening isn't it Heres Your Drink Darling. To Wuuullfington Castle. Ah heir Dr.
Engaged you say well good for them I'm gonna have to congradulate them. Fast Baby Fast. Go man Go Go Go Wups
their goes my imagination again how do you like that. Me all over Yes. Lord of the rings the twop towers is coming on
I wonder which one I'll watch PG thirteen but this is pop cultur it's in the new Buetifull Scenery but shese dead. Whose
dead? Didn't you saay something about her duying? Whos'e she? I don't know you were the one that struck up the
        I just ran into some problems but they were ammentded the problem in case was that I changed my p@$&word
and then tried to open this document using that p@$&word and it didn't work but thank god I make dosens of back up
coppies on 3 1/4 when I woke up though the p@$&word woked and I know I was entering it in correctly last night it's
like some hacker is @$&*ing with me. But I don't see how that is possible because I physically sever the connection to
the inet after every visit. So a hacker couldn't have acess to my computer while I'm typing or changing p@$&words
unless theres some sort of device on my computer that connects to a remote computer that shows no evidenced of a
connection. And who the @$&* is Dale Travis he's entered in as an administrator and I can't remove him. Oh well The
Allamo is on again it's apretty good show two bad they didn't get to blow the entire set what are they going to do with
that thing build a theme park around it ant hold reeinactmants but not with actors with guests who play paint ball or l..F
that paint ball in full war regailia each guest being provided a character and make em war heroes if they want to plaay a
war game. The skill of the warrior definenhis character. But no one would want to play Santa Anna.The pussy who
deserted his own army at San Jasinto I don't even have a problem with his men they fought and duyed like the
ammerican side did and that's honorable but to desert being dressed as an infantryman but when searchched found to
resemble paintings of the vain bastard with a "I think I'm a god" complex like so many Egyptian pharo's before him and
he had on silk underwear which as we covered was expensive? "The Best of the Best" These don't look like men that
are the best of the best not one norsman among em and as it stands the Swiss Guard is still considered to be the best of
the best that's why Rome uses them instead of us. Dave Atel on Conan Illegality New Pope Evolution if it exists as a
means to create our specese Then how can you say there is no plan in it. All this stuff to watch and do aand listen to but
there was no plan. My @$& there was no plan. Scabese, bring up something a little more tastefull please unless you
have it then bring it up by all means but I don't have it luckily I have no sexual disease of any kind being so paranoid
after my aids test but is it paranoia or righteous fear But lets be honest I do need a piece of tail if only for one night or
the rest off my life as long as it's not somewhere in between I'm tired 9of messin around I want stabuility but where to
find it and I'm so messed up that I cant reqaly see subjecting a woman to this @$&* But sexy Bury white and you
know if Bury White saved your life then youd think twice Caint get enough of rour love Baby. Daustin and Roger
Smith and where's my Dorothy Wanewright The one who I could protect. Never call somewhone stupid as I I've said
before if you can conceive of a thing called love then you're a genius. But what does it mater whats the matter what
about the show. Services rendered. Halve to wear black Sometimes I feel so alone finding myself calling your name.
Ah now back to the comedy .As I said it's best at 1 @m where wanten desire of the ruin of all that is decent in this
world runs rampent and I wouldent have it any other way. Ah yea ah yea Mat groening The holophoner Lesons never
did me any good I take that back I can play a rye buggy and whipe out on the drums along with some rhythmical things
like sumiultaneously one te two ta onoe te two ta one but alternating I think ono ta te te two ta te te one ta te te two ta
te or onne tta te ttte three ta te fopur one ta te two 3 ta te four onetw I don't remember ever fighting Godzilla but that is
so what I wou7ld have done. The shame the shame.
         Lewis Black. If it wrent for my horse I wouldn't have spent that year in college. I do agree oral sex should be an
Olympic sport. What I wouldn't do for an I.H.O.P. Denver omlet. Leave Clinton alone he got a b job so what I've had b
jobs but only two good ones because the third stopped short of climax but it was in my car and I didn't have a rag and
what was she to do? Swallow? I wouldn't ask any woman to do that but I never ask for b jobs I just take the annitiative
of going down and the faver is usually returned not always mind you for example this Little thing living with and I did
not know this at the time another man. Her name wes Tanya I did't know her last name I had met her at a party the
week before and I was at that apartment complex and she was out in the parking lot we started talking and one thing led
to another we were then up in her apartment and I did'nt have a condom. Well I decide to go down on her a very nice
taster if ya know what I mean and then it came time for her to retourn the favor and she up and asks if it's ok if she
doesn't and what was I to say being a sensitive mail? No I'm gunna make you? Hell no I politely put my pant's back on
heck maybe my @$& stank or something I don't know. But her body was a thin piece of hevin. If I'd a known that
Rachal had a condom I would have gone and gotten it but according to her time was a factor because her roommate was
needing a ride soon. And this was when I had hair down to the middle of my back and she was playing with it while I
did the dooty and it realy turned me on that was almo@$&t as good as a blow job anyway just being let in on the fact
that I was doing a good job and I do finish girls off in about ten minuts and they let me know when their done. I'n
refferance to American dad the bumb fights are better if you freeze the steak the bumbs can use it as a weapon and it
will preserve the meal if the fight goes long. Watch out their fistey And I would fight @$& well I'm on dissibuility one
step away from bumb I don't have a Job for no ones ever actually paid me for my writing even thopugh they've printed
it and tried to charge me 60 bucks for the book it was in and I have never received a risidual For Open Air. Just
$#@&es me off and no I'm not honered to see my name in print unless shown it for free and maybe not ask me to go
disscuss it at a seminar that will probably cost way more than I can afford not that I don't want to disscuss my work on
the contrary it would cheapin me not to if it warrants discussion or if I feel like discussing it in full or in p@$&ing but
Berkely is the school I'm keen on visiting and NYU for their research on Kerouack still not knowing the details of his
death in 69. And I retract the statement that I do not like rhyming poetry it has seemed to infect me like a groovy
fungus that of the smell of old books dusty oil ridden at the edges. I like the smell of old books especially when the
pages have been treated with fragrent oils or cologne and perfume. It's like a letter from a lover full of rememberance
and adding an ofactery experience as well as a literary one not many experiences aare like it in that your going places
while never leaving the Library I no longer keep access to a library maybe I'll get a card at MaHann. But I like Hastings
and Barnes and Noble's allot more the fact that you can buy the book adding to your library mine being meek and
uninteresting to a point little real adventure except mostly that of travel If I had known the want for it I would have
never sold anny lit books back to Varsity Books but I needed the money more than the reminders soh what can you do.
Just develop my own interests outside of school like Golf and Girls and Great literature the older the better never l;ose a
love once acquired for the cl@$&ics for the world is older than neophytes realize. Well well back from vampires to
Family Guys.
         I will have to again add an explanation on how to play rummy because I looked back and found that someone or
some virus had erased it so hear is how it goes Duces through nines are worth 5 Tens through Kings are worth 10 and
aces are worth 15. You first start by shuffling and letting the person to your right cut it can be played with up to four
people sometimes encorperating two decks with four. You deal out 7,p@$&ing the deal to the right each turn, if there
are three or more and 9 if there are only two p@$&ing back and forth the deal. You put the rest of the deck face down
in the middle of the table and turn the top card over the person to the right of the dealer has first turn they can either
pick the card that is laying face up or the one on the top of the deck and you then lay down either straights of the same
suit ex AKQJ10 of spades or three of the same numbered cards ex: A of clubs A of Diamonds and A of Spades you can
play ofrf of the cards of other players when it is your turn and you can only lay down cards when it is your turn and
each turn you first pick up but you must also lay a card back down on the discard pile which is started by turning the
first card over When you run out of cards. Or when there are no more cards in the deck the round is over. With four it
is played in teams. The loosers extra cards at the end of each round are added to the winning sides score. You can play
to 100,200,300 etc. Get to playing.

                   There was a lovely little ant on my keybourd. Artemisia is on tv her beutifull figers w3eere bleeding like
mine striken with anger many times striking brick walls or windows and sitting back in the pain of it I stew Then I go
eat a calcium pill to repair the damage and build up the knuckle kind of like the stags do with their horns bulding them
up as it were . Why? Out of anger you may ask. But I say that many times there is much to be angry with thieves and
the Since I have fallen to slumber and dreamed dreams most of which I cant remember. But I fell at 1:00pm and
hopped at 8:30pm I'm just now getting back to my keyboard my father will be in tomorrow and I don't know weather to
luy in bed at 4:00 not sleeping or just wait until after my dad visits not keeping regular hours sure does play havoc on
appointed time but what can you do just sleep when sleep is granted I guess and whoever said that tv and radio are bad
for sleep because your "bed is for sleeping only" sure isn't schizophrenic. If he were he would know voices in your
head tend to keep you awake for allot longer than radio or tv when I'm trying to get to sleep having a tv or radio actually
helpes me tune them out although there never relly gone and not totally out of the visible realm but it is a ghost of a
thing a fleeting glymps when they move and that's all if they keep still I find that they are after something or sh my
paranoid delusion tells me I can feel their fingers their grubby fingers on me but this usually only happens when my
body temperature is raised due to heat like in baths and on hot sunny summer days outside doing whatnot. I can see the
moon it's Cheshire smile saying Im'not all together their mysealf just my smile is here to betray my hidden feline face to
eyes that I smile down upon. It's Hell Boy on TV Friday 5/15 I searched for about two hours for enough change to buy
a pack of smokes my chair held about a dollar 10 of it the rest I found on the floor and in my car but I did find a doller
seventy 3 strike that reverse it 70 three enough for a pack of Double Diamonds with a few cents to spair and I barely
had enough gas to go get them but my baby she made it her battle scars gleaming. Yes Car crashes rule. Shut up
Bloody Mess Behind the Wheel Look he's flipping him off. Comercials Beavis And Butt Head will do but it's a bit
moronic I wish I had book tv or access to the internet without people screwiung with me. Never let them know your out
there they wont leave you alone and theil change your cox.mail p@$&word so that you cant access your account maybe
I'll call cox tomorrow and have theem change my p@$&word because I would love to receive something besides
Letters Like let's say I don't know E MAILS!!! But I digress Beutifull Plumage. That Bird wouldn't hop if you put forty
thousand volts through im. But loook at the plumage on both Beavis and Butthead that big poofy hair. His nose is in
the way. Which one has the longest thingy. I am the walrus googoo gajube.That old dude should start his own band.
Snake. Like me. Hats a pretty small snake. You said you had him butt hole. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Pleas
say hello to my butt. Golly I've got me finger suck in me bum. He's choking on his chicken He HHe Hhe But
nuggets. Chiucken Nuggets Chicken nuggets It's just a simple plan to keep you away.
                   like stealing no more my possessions for I have fixed the missing window and I have bolted the door
with a barn bolt and replaced my dead bolt for I think they may have had keys. This is one of the reasons I sleep during
the day. Other than now iut is pretty hot outside during the day. My Ac's working fine but I have a need to close the
bedroom yagh right like I sleep there door so the amount of air that is being cooled is less
          Vampire hunter D that ending D used to be my nickname I went by D or D Man as Ryan P Hazletine used to
call me. Ryan could also play the guitar but he's danger for me I had this dream where he and I were driving down the
road and we nearly hit a cop car and the aspect of being arrested was apparent so I woke up we were down town in this
dream hitting many luw levies in the road so not Texas Ave. but somewhere like that. I've always felt to heed my
dreams and this one I had back while I was living in Brownfield. As I said I am the vampire that has supped the blood
of the wearwulf D but my hand doesn't talk to me but the voices in my head do it's probably just as annoying The blood
in this anime is pretty cool Mostly the blood of deamons and vampires.
          It's several hours later I'm wating up at 10:22 for the eventual attaining. Kill Bill volume one is on. It's at the
Oren Ishi animation segment. As they say bad men always get their cumuppins and women too his face bellies his evil
nature with animation that's allot easier than doing casting but the animation itself is a hard job your from what I hear
hoping to be a slave when you go into that business because drawing a million frames looks like an arduous task. And I
like the fact that he did the weading scene in anime style as well getting a look at how she was treated prior to death
was important. Hatori Hanzo I like the symbol on the top of her shirt it reminds me of a pair of scars I have minus the
horazontle line.
Now it's Kill Bill II the car she's driving is a sky blue Carmen Guilla Maggy is out front in the gr@$& or with her nose
pressed up against the fence hoping that I'll take her for a walk I guess I'll do that be right back.
        Now It's episode 2 of Futerama. We're wailin on the moon what were we doing up there anny way surveying
for a moon station it's just a bunch of dust and moon rocks other than the fact that they are moon rocks there worthless
as aa recource unless you wanted to build a castle out of moon rocks and that seems both inneficiant and too dangerous
a task to endever but if it's your wish go ahead I'm not one to say that a thing cant be done but the castle muyst be of an
Windsor Castle size not a small model the size of a figurene. Bang zoom right to the moon . I could swear I was
playing virtual skeyball. She's just sitting in a chair. Yee Ha. Ah that's refreshing to hear. But it's mor like
eeeeeeee(As the English way to say e but extended to ridiculous proportions and loud as hell and with a grain in your
voice yould have to hear me or any West Texan to do it) haaa(as in the French way to say a and just as loud). A hick
Farmer on the moon that's about as likely, well I take that back there are genios Hick Farmers and plant life would be
an essential element of any oxiginated environment on the moon considering the fact that you would have to either
produce ammence amounts of plant life that turns CO2 in to oxygen well like rain forest type plants or you could I
guess transport oxygen from earth but that's not realy a long term solution considering the fact that it costs millions to
billions to send more. The only person rich enough to do that is Bill Gates and why would he want to live on the moon
seemes kind of lonely even with 16 people if the situation is so and cabin feaver would be rampid unless you took moon
walks. Now it's Samurai Champloo Tempestuous Temperaments. It seems pretty good the heroes have much bravado.
My pipe has changed it has lost the drum stick and has taken on four symbols the eye of the one true God the
comp@$& and straight edge The Lee name crossed swords and shield my most dangerous family and yoemen and the
smiths name, kiln which is a topless oven that is shaped like a jymbe drum or top heavy hour gl@$& the top being
larger than the bottom and has a hole at the bottom for air to be pumped in to in crease the temp. of the flame making it
blue instead of yellow heating the metal to a temperature that when pressure is applied the car bon in that metal is
beaten out yielding steel or you start with a block of steal and fold that block after super heating it applying boric acid
between the folds thousands of times until it resembals something weather that be plates, rods, berrings chain liniks that
are sharpened at the edges on half of the chain on the sharpened end a ball with spikes on the handle end a spike or
small cycle, and shield our tools earth fiire water and air. Now it's Metropolis some rag time jazz is playing and most of
the men are drawn in a dumpy manner. By the way I'm still just 27 I'm not in my prime as they say but I consider Lear
to be Shakespears best work and that was written after his prime maybe my best is yet to come like Sly Gulliver.a work
that I have been concocting for 5 years in my head I can tell you nothing of it for that would betray the Idea.. This
movie has those weird noses like the dwarfs in that old Disney flick. Have I mentioned That I was in my mothers
womb when she saw Star Wars in the theaters and I actually remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back and Return of
the Jedi in the theater one in Allamosa and one in Brownfield along with the muppets take Manhaten That I's a vivid
memory and Top Gun my brother cried when he saw Goose die because it made him amagin Steven MacQuen dieing in
the same fashion Steve having an affinity for the Air Force which he flies for now days. Go get em Steve. Now it's
Heavy Metal you know It's my loknaar that's the part of the movie. John Candy's character is about to get bussy with
the queen with the huge knockers Satisfy my appetites she sais whell I sure will try mam. Right now I've got my Tux
on Why do I look like captain Stern Unless you count all the time he's sold dope disguised as a nun. Burnin's too good
for him. I'll kill him Hey haover take it easy I'm sure we can... Take it. Time for some vanilla ice cream and
        Up next is Wild Strawberies it is the movie I mistakenly called Dreams. Where it starts out in this dream where
the old man sees himself in the coffin. We are back from our walk I and maggy this mornigs wind had a chill to it
having just rained and it not being summer yet but it is still warm in my house for some reason II have to set the ac at
64 to get it to about 75 it is not the same in my parents house as they found out when they got back from Rob's Wedding
there thermostat was set at 67 and it was rather cold for them when getting back and I left the t.v. on but anyway we are
back her smiling a big tong smile the old man off on his odd road trip visiting his childhoods ssummer home they are all
dressed gaily and light not like the Pin Stripe suit I have on all black voodoo to ward of stains as in a dark coler that
stains don't show up on We saw you Sarahs blushing! Sarahs blushing! Now she cries He wants us to read poetry and
talk of the next life. @$&* right sister as should be the aim for all but is there time for novels there nothing to be read
to lovers unless their love scenes from some trashy romance novel like my mother used to read and me and my brother
would find and read aloud to each other laughing and I'll admit getting a little randy. Lets be off. Now they have many
p@$&engers for their road trip smoking a pipe in the back seat is a lovely lovely blond who asks questions and trying
not to offend but almost doing so saying she never wants to grow old the Doctor being so late in years.They help
opverturn a care that has rolled ;ike good citisenss. The local pump owner remember4s his kindness and wont accept
payment for the g@$&. He sais that maybe he should have stayed and then dosent remember saying it as if he had
aslseimers or stroke symptoms. His love is mingled with the air.Yes my dear I do say and believe that God does exist.
         Or maybe I'm just dumb trhat part that soundslike the witch who stole the voices is cumming up or has it past
Green Day Dookie the popular song is next sit around and watch the tube but nothins on.Bite my lip and close my eyes.
Sit around and watch the phone. No seriously do it see how much time you waste it's staggering but great grooves. .
Tonight is a new Robot Chicken Conan Obrion in a porn not por twist. Alligater pretty alligator how doth the smiling
but I digress. Ah ya The Write brothers are puttn the smack down on Bengamin Franklins @$& But the Wright
Brothers seem a bit to hickish..

         How do you like that a tango with fry guy meat man and the Fume. Don't want to be an American Idiot . And a
new Tom goes to the Mayor Great seeing you too Gibbins. Price Charles lovely fellow what what. And that Queen
Elizibeth maybe She's the reason so many women are named Liz Like miss Taylor loved you in You cant Kill him -
redrummurder rummy mutter- But there it is Martha he's dead book that was in The south Plains Book Store at Reece
when I worked there It may still be there. Oh God Gibbons is stuck in a well.That's the joke bbigger man. He happens
to be a man of great propprtion but diminished stature. You know, it's Frylocks fault you didn't pick 1234k56Hey it's 7
for your Lotto numbers Shake. Think He knows beach every time he dreams his future is told it's if he listens to the
dream when reality terns out differently Who was it that could enterpret dreams Who is Fraud. No im sorry Sigmund
Fraud could not enterpret dreams. Who is Jerimya. Servey sais. Ah Sea Lab I morn it's p@$&ing as a brother mourns
his owns p@$&ing To the Max The Gift of your Fired F you Mr. Stone you and your monkey banana rafel but this is
the episode in which I find out what the guy who makes the robots looks like. Dago how dare you sire have at you.
Moon for a sand witch. You herd him ladies and gentle men He's gotta have that !@#$ $@$ my name is Steve. I cant
eat it Bees. Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. BECOME HUMAN PARASITE Flipper guy don't talk about your member over
the phone or you'll get the hose again The B army. They gave me this guitar. Is it a Paul Reed Smith or a Dan Ellectro.
         Lupen is on the run again with fuji cakes in bed professing her love to an inadimate object Exactly
Goymon.Swarm of Jamaican humming birds alls you need is that sappy liquid they keep in humming bird feeders like
you see in East and Central Texas only in a large bowl then you could collect and sell them or put them in the freezer
then pull them out paint them with air srip paint their wings mainly and then let them thaw out and watch em go for the
big bowl feeder in a black light what a show that would be. Hallucinogens purple andromeda ya righta real one is
Madre De la Noche Top Heavy Sound Maker or Bella Donna or Morning Glory Seeds all really bad by the way nasty
stuff don't try it. Having tried the first and seen someone who was on the third covered in crust and mumbling trying to
get a ride home but I couldn't understand him he spoke English or a form of it only dreamed of in some old Irish novels
or Texas novels as it were but any tie I had to the world of hallucinogens died long aggo thank Yawe even Mushrooms
are Taboo in my new singular view.
         It's now Thursday 5/15 2005 Harvey bird man is on I've gotten to chapter 4 in the next story you will be reading
that Iv'e had on the steamer for 5 years. And now It's startin to boil I just cant decide on how to kill the Dragon Make
me Travel Sized he sais Yess much pleasure oh how reducto would either love or despise my character Guliver
Newton. I'd just thought I'd let you know the Newton symbolizes gravity And Gulliver Gulliver's Travels. The next
book is waiting in the wings I think I'll publish this before. The spin offs. How could that cute bear be a terrorist. I
have great affinity for the bear sometimes in my mind I stepp into the Bears perspective in a field full of wild flowers in
a mountainous area in a valley below them. Sometimes I imagin the bear itself same setting but viewing it as a moving
painting and Kates style for some reason. She would love my imagination but alls I was at the time was a student and
nauvice writer I had written little of real value Monkey god? Cha cha cha. Iuyasha and Kagome it seems that a girl
wrote this love scenario the archaic warrior and the educated Girl from a place that is far advanced above his Like Klark
and Quana Parker or was it Lewis but reverced. Now I'm Listening to Piano Concerto N01 in c Major, opus 15 by
Beethoven It makes me feel stately there is something about his music that lets you know there is importance in this
life here on earth letting you in on the grand nature of the world and it's sadness and happiness emotion at their most
powerfull Now I think to pictures of grand out door walkways surrounded by treas behind some lovers are having a
time behind one of them their lust holds no bounds Ah Beethoven Bewitch me ah in the distance a carriage approaches
being chased by Highway men. An Impressive l@$& at the reigns her driver having been shot lays beside her taking in
his last breaths The highwaymen notice town approaching soh they fall back her gliding in on a wing and a prayer The
guide which I did set has now switched me over To the two towers the characters in this book make me wonder what
sort of character my little people will have.

        Right now it'sZatoichi's Flying Sword. But what I'd like to talk about the discription of Jack the Ripper when
you take into account that clothes are just clothes then it's safe to @$&ume that any man no matter what station he
holds in that time foreign and domestic could have commited that crime height can be changed with lifts or slouching.
He may have been lucky as far as to where he cut and what he took andy man with a page representation of the female
organ system could have done it and those are pages not occupations any man whether he be a Criminally insane doctor
or criminally insane chimney sweep could learn to do what the Ripper did and do it with the proper motivation. And
motivation for killing women of the night is either jelousy, pimps domaign, or anger at contracting a diseas and most
men that got the diseases would have probably sought retribution on their own and with all to see knowing full well the
implications fore if the women did give the Ripper a diseas then why did he just not have them prosecuted for murder
with the legal system as it was you might actually see their heads roll without having to becomne the most wanted man
to ever have lived not counting American outlaws which there were many but their names are known to this day and
they had parents that we can look up hell like Ma Barker.
        Now it's WellBaker smerf has been smirfed mother smirfer smirf it smirfen beutifull mother smirfer it's brainy.
Smirfette's head in a box. Pa pa smurf is dancing with her courps with a potatoe head sowed on. Prior to that was a
child pigeon pooping in some guys snorcal who had it in his mouth on land the mayhem caused was great. These bs
colleges and I aint sayen bachelors of science people which aint bull @$&* and neither is Arts which English is a part
of -I almost wish I could go back but there would be no money any more because the grant I could get would'nt pay for
tuition and books and paper and pens which I have and can get at the grocery store for free when I cash my check their
at moast times half used but sometimesd you get lucky and your advertising their stoor to boot at school no less no- or-
but that's besides the point Tom and the Mayor is on now the mayor has developed a pipe fettish. He has a squirl for a
friend ho blames him for being unfaithfull. I didn't realize that pipe camp was for kids. Dear God now it is Aqua Teen
Hunger Force f'n great and that aint bein sarchastic. Th far gate cable stealing ploy of the Aliens that cant get here even
if they were smart which they aren't but is a good comedy device. Now it is sea lab I don't know I think my script is
worse. Epinephrin vicios circle slang from two years ago I think and you can quote me on this dude if the words are
good it doesn't matter how they are fizilly phrased. I like the fact that the name of the family in American Dad is Smith
and the main character in one of Jacks' books Jack Smith was the character and the good guy In The Curse of the Black
Pearl Was a Smith and a pirate to boot not that I'm a pirate but a boy can dream cant he and the fact that his daughter is
a member of the Green Party. I now have my Display Setting on Rainy Day but it keeps on changing back to the other
way High contrast Large. I love You Bill Gates Not in a homosexual way but in the way that an artist loves the people
who produce the type writer or stapler they use like Swingline Microsoft is the bullet in my gun my gun being my book
which can exist in paper format but really exists for truly usable and ad toable purposes in Microsoft Word and it will
be helpful once I actually use the spelling and grammar check which no note pad has and it is this tool that has saved
me on many papers which were written in haste to meet a deadline not like this thing which I can work on until I die if I
want to but probably won't having given my cenfedent a copy of my book in case said event occurs I will have no fear
of publishing once I am ready not that I shouldn't be besides some of my points which a stone dead frog could see my
wirk to me seemes kind of stilted and the critics may ssay this if any ever feal it is worth criticizing but there is no point
in writing something outside of school if your not going to pulish it or cash it or play it or just plain sign it for whatever
value it holds weather it be a book by a writer or aaa book at a weading Funeral or Just at Chirch because a signiture is
part of your Identity if it's not well known it could screw you.
A tiny black spider has perched itself on my monitor He inches his way past the power button and up towards the screen
and then back down again you are my friend moddest fly killer no red hour glass on your thorax so heres to you gardain
spider who has now walked under and out off sight but this town hold two species of dangerous breeds the black widow
and the brown recluse the first is a tiny black spider but on it's back is a red hour gl@$& shaped marking the brown
recluse is large with a good sized poison sack they look like an over grown wolf spider both can cause great pain when
stinging and to the very young and old they kill the news used to be full of stories about them the ear wigs are not as
bad this year I'v just found one in my house and with the lack of moister outside they haven't come in the moister being
due to the evaporative cooler that I replaced just so recently and the roach problem is pretty much non existant due to
my nocturnal life style. But gone are the days of the weekend visit here full time it seems like I had so many friends
back then here in Lubbock TX when I was going to Tech but still making time for them where haave they gone Vega,
Hasletine, Doherty Yurs, Williams, B@$&, Turtle I'm sorry for the collateral incedent Naked Nick, Callison, Allison,
Nick and Ally Chris and Rachal are in Austin Mr Ferrar whose number I lost MARKY!!! @$&*in rights eh, Tad, Zach
and Travis and Kate.
         Right now it's Dogma Kevin Smith's epic late of the last Zion Jay and Silent Bob and the thirteenth apistle The
only mistake I have noticed in this movie is calling Satan the Morning Star because Christ Himself called Himself the
Bright and Morning Star looks like a poem title but God Yawe is as they say a capital letter topic. I don't believe in
voodoo. But I do believe in this. Go Go what a woman you know the Seventeen year old yakuza bad @$& with the
mace and chain in Kill Bill Volume I she's got this style of fighting that seemes very dangerous but if she sharpened the
edges of her chain links starting half way down the chain on the mace side but the wraping up of ones body with the
chain could prove tricky one ticket to Tokyo pleas there aint no airport in Tokyo Texas is there. I like the Band They
can sure play a rye Buggy. Their saying some sexual joke while ewaiting for pizzas that they don't serve. Buggy baby
buggy Whowho who who who. Whohwo whowho. Who whooo whowhowho Charly brown o son Oren Ishi yo katana
est belle Yo is impressed are you not impressed Shes'e bleeding badly I try my best. Why are the women wearing suits
wouldn't evening wear suit them better But go go's out fit I'm pretty keen on Moto naash etanace atayo whaat the hell
you may say that's as close as I can get When she wraps it around her own neck it seems that sharpening would be a
bad idea nice Nikes reminds me of the shwoosh scar on my wrist that says just do it but what is it I maded it by mistake
how you might say I scraped myself on a nail about four years back not deep like the V shaped scar on my forearm or
the upside down V or that Japanese letter minus the horizontal nike swoosh you know the one that looks like a wishing
bone with a nike swoosh crossing the top of the bone between the two wishing handles I want to have this letter tatood
adorning the scar and another Tattoo adorning the V shaped one that has the single side of the pyramid with the eye of
the one true God in the middle but that's besides the point Yakusas can be the dangerous type but what about their
         Ah the Crimson @$&urance with their feet of old and letter poker of death which crushes and slashes anything
in it's path. What is the meaning of life. Walk the plank mr max hedroom. What No Veniswelin whooping Lamas. It's
ok at least there are some at the first of the movie. Nee and iky iky kafang new womb mumble mumble. The egg came
first because with evolution there is always a first of a species and I am just supposing that the animal it evolved from
layed eggs if it did the first chicken must have been hatched..
         Take my life pleas. I'm watching a story with billy Bob Thorton, Morgan Freeman Holly hunter oh God Kirsten
Dunst among othersShe is wearing topaz at diner with Billy Bob the bumb and murderer of this story not realy the anti
hero for nothing he does is realy heroic but he seemes to be hounded by him who was murdered. It is called Levity
Who are You? According to who? Talk about caring and then he flew. Off to his own world it is cold where they are
Tooks are for winter as is the bar no I take that back for in the summer the girls they dress scantily and the bar is one
place to meet them but why do you have to attach alcohol with sex I'd much rather enjoy a lively coversation platonic
sex it's an oxy @$&*ing moron. Evicted you say whell why don't you stay with me tonight talking of shakespear and
how his age belies his wisdom.; No need to mention the Bacon issue if you believe his grand daughter then your more
of a moron than I am. I take that hero thing back but he's more of the trajic hero with the fate not unlike oedipus' father
to be struck down by his own sun's madness and rage over petty things like the two dr. Seuse characters that wont move
out of the way for the other to p@$&.
         I'm Sitting here watching Goldfinger on Encore it is Bond day I am also listeniung to the Trainspotting
soundtrack their g@$&ing the room It is on the second song the one before that Debra Harry Song R3eal spy like and
rthen Pussy Galore comes in and the song keeps on tgoing wha their driving woayo. Now it is her the lovely Blodie
bombshell you know when Mark Renton Falls in Love. Their crushing up the car murderous bloody bastards. Back to
Pussy and she's aabout to get it on with Bond as is Renton aand the Goddess. But it ends not short of the plan but of the
action it does wohh ioh mint Julip. Just like the fealing inside...I want more. That's the reason I bought annoither Jones
of New Yourk and a red and black vest and long tie combination Allen Flusser like my other vests I have it on with
myPolo suit and rockports. Now their getting it on real savage and tender.The flying girls are fine and the song is
coming to ann end. Were now night clubbing and the men fane sleep. It is on with the g@$& masks to go seer
somethintg the largest amount of gold held on earth thaats wwwhaat. Like a gohst. Your going to reap just what yopu
sow and od Job does grabbing the hat. My Mess is a mess of sircumstance not admission not liker the mess of dead
henchmen. Fish other day fight pool. Calm down and depart. It is no time to be rescued the credits role as a guy has
his rigamarole to say the gold painted projection screen is hot. Now are commercials Nexttt is Thunderball as the
Techno rages. For what you dream of. I re wind to the beginning or skip back as it were and wait for the beginning of
Thunderball on the Bond by numbers marathon the opening credits start as the Technostarts again In a church with a
lovely l@$& Some widow hops in the car I suppppose the widow from C@$&ino Royalle was modled after her.
Bzond fights a man in drag the widow double. Healing touch ha heal the ails of society more like it and theres a tou7ch
but it is of JUDO. He flies away on the rocket pack. Men soaked and the musical interlude before wait for it get down.
Oppening credits. The girls play and he strokes his pussy talking with his henchmen the next song starts It is a teckno
piece you know the one.Chemicals like the aderall I just shoved in my mouth. Next I have selected Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart Marche KV 214 KV215 Hornkonsszerte NR. 2 & .4, Overture Aus Thee darn thing froze up on me It has never
done that before it seems like someone is toying with me Bo0nd Is by the pool I am popping in the purple 007 Paul
oakenfold It begins and bond walks aaway not thirty seconds later. Cant realy describe it to you but it is good @$&*
good. You Swallow it like my $(*) No it's a suppository no that's right Bond like me would never Take anything up the
@$& ha ha. Fancy orage diving suit the coller of my text. The road to N@$&au Capsised in one night operatic
overtone from oakenfold donw up uppp down down up up down song moves seamlessly into another more hard core
underground. Listen to the Water Cuts to bond leaving car after helicopter ride over at eye patches place.
         At the moment I am watching Prince live in Amsterdam. He still seems to be in love with himself but if that's a
bad thing I cant tell it seams that it does him some good scenes from the red district they find fascination with an
electric ball wherin a cop hat the man probably smokes more than I do.
         Now I am watching a movie based on a Burrows book it is called Naked Lunch it has a bug theme that thus far
has made verry little sense The main character has shot his wife in the head playing William Tell with a gl@$& for an
apple hitting her in the forehead this is based on the accidental murder that he actually propogated now his type writer
has become a bug. The mouth of the bug looks strangely like an @$& hole It aqppears as if he is in Morroco judging
from the red hats Bill is told he is marked He sees his wife in the café the one he shot she is another woman Ki KI looks
gay that tells him of a party it somewhat reminds me of the metamorphosis by Kafke demanding like this ever was no
paper to load and keep hidden no ink is needed for these words that I write but to sell them I will have to make a paper
form realized something that an electro magnetic pulse cant shut down do to shorting This came from a man that knew
Kerouack and Ginsburg hense the gay nature of the man with gl@$&es in this story he I think represents Ginsbourg the
man screwing the dead wife is Jack. Then it is them running into each other in Tageirs both in this and Desolation
Angels. It seems strange that I am working on Bug Bating. This movie has a bug theme but why why why. He wants
her Why Moroco. Papers. Show us Right something well what do you think Iv'e been doing you dolt. William Tell
again. He cant get p@$&ed what he has done. Welcome to Anexia. As if he were annexed for his crimes. It is
himself that has annexed the hero and a Trajic one at that. It is laster the same day or actually the next and I am
watching Seven Samurai on AMC and I notice that the dumb @$& who stole armor off of dead samurai is actually
trying to fight with a five foot blade but you see he is standing on the ground not on house back and the guy cant be any
taller than me any true samurie would laugh at him for the mistake a five foot blade is good on hourse back but how are
you going to do a golf stroke with a five foot blade unloess your Andre the Giant it cant be properly done but on hourse
back you can use the hourses hight and legs to fight and slash with the five foot sword And you are to be proficient
with both sword and bow on hourse back that meens high in the stirrups standing using your legs as shock absorbers
like the Indians of America learned to do quite well from the backs of hourses mustang ponies to be more precice but
what is the modern day equivalent a drive by? No there is no honor in turf wars if you truly want your turf try fighting
the people who realy own it by charging property tax and owning it's streets and wajing wars from Colorodo convoy to
the real deal in Iraq. Just kidding war is not a viable option in aany situation. Mimes Maim Children. My Mistake. I
have made my Mistake. Ttheir getting down getting funky on the farm.
         Do you know what I would hve said if I wer Davey crocket facing the squad @$&@$&ino me en ciesta for it
will be your last. -Soh now it is rounders he just had a talk that played the main Polish Communist in Freedom Train
now he is talking to the old man that always plays either a hood or a legit in cahoots hith a hood he is getting a loan The
walrus procedes to chuck and devower I am the walrus The walrus has the biggest member The mad Rushian Give that
man His money John malokavich John malkavich Malkavich malkavich malkavich. Malkavich. Malcavich.
Malkavich. Malkavich malkavich. Just like a young man coming in for a quicky. Akie.Forrrst @$&*ink. I love the
Rushian Vanacular. Hey the Rushians are here I'll put on my hat. It is warm. The Hat. It makes me feal scotish. The
Kangol golf hat.
Aandy Roony- Do you think that the packages of peanuts on the plain is big enough. I mean they will only give you
Two bags plkus a meal on long flights. Not bad by the way. But on Short flights it is only the two bags of pea nuts.
        I guess what you should do is bring a snack oin your cary on but what of those who don't remember to go to the
snack bar or even their favorite restauraunt before flying because from one who was sick on a trip to Washington DC
and could only enjoy Pizza at the hotel and the steak on the plane back to DFW where we switched back to Lubbock
international Airport Stepping on the plain from Kenedy Airport. And the meat a Western Sizlen in D.C. although I
was sick and was probably realy better than I realized for the Experience was grand truly Lincoln Mem0rial Grand Or
Smithsonian grand or white house grand or Lincoln center grand oor Congressional Building Grand Where I met Lary
Combest or Reflecting pool grand although grander thasn that Waters great but to waste an abviously usefull amount of
water like that and I am figuring since it is outside the pool guy bill is probably murder and Now View Askew Pictures.
Whats up Kevin Smith a fellow Smith and Writer Clerks by the way My favorite discussion? The star Wars
discussion You know the one I mean Contracters and all The second time I actually saw in the theaters and the first
time although the method of destruction was not the same in both and a force field based on Tatue with the ewoks little
bear looking guys thatr look like Magy C@$&idy and Casy the new @$&*zu who is growing from what I hear aand
Annabell Lee Cancer merchant I love cancer sticks love em love em love em. What Kind? Why did he not ask what
kind of cigaretes? Unless he was a regular customer.

Chapter 20

        My pipe has now taken on a green dragons talons of nail and a clip it has been two weeks since I have last
written but now I have both of my computers back from Binary Rescue I had to reinstall word but my brother had an
older coppie of it that had no registration info to send in so he saved me two hundred and ninety nine dollars and I know
I'm not supposed to wright that out it should be 299.00$ but it somehow needs restating for it is a large sum too steep
for the starving artist but a cheap guitar never elicits tips. A type writer is less expensive but hell on the editorial
process and reprinting unless you use five carbon coppies when typing and that two can get expensive. To write this all
I realy need is power my coputer of couse and insperation although this sounds a little uninspired.
I am no longer in the wood of suicides
I am on a path at it's edge but
No mater where I turn
The wood seems to encroach
Back on to the path.
        Fry's got one of those brains that can be washed. If you tried to do that to me I'd call into question your very
        Now Im siting under the black light with my one of four Kangol hats a black figure just rushed past my window
very hastened probably the piser thief I want to have stuffed and mounted I washed out the ac last night and I have
opened the shades and locked all the windows one of which I didn't unlock but that's besides the point it is the Saturday
before the fourth of july
I am thinking of how Im going to work in the intercom system and of going back and adding pxygen tanks to the
Mcklaren's carberator It is pan the avenger spinin the mix on88.1 Smashing Pumpkins who wants that honey Paranoia
Agent is on adult swim it is Cariboo with Yeti

         Alarms bombs going off in my head. The partys crashing us. I wish someone would crash this party but this
skitsos alone theirs no other human at home. Now it is aan award wining episode of futeramaa with Lilas origin being
confronted by her and there is a great montage of lilas growth to womanhood. Race Bannon, Tell johny I
love...Bannon. Banon. Chunga.Chunga hungry. I seem to type slower on this urgonomic key board I don't know why
I'm not used to it by now. Maybe I'm just out of the habbit being two weeks off it is 3:11 on the Fourth. I wish I knew
where the double headed eagle with the triangle in which lays 32. It was on my Grandfathers key chane may he rest in
peace. Speaking of Family my Great Granfather Snodgr@$& at Christm@$& diner as I was told was praying and who
came along but a cat scratching at the screen door. He then and there stops praying all eyes closed and heads bowed but
his and the cats walks over to to the corner and grabs a twelve guage walks over to the door and splatters the cat through
the screen door. He then sits down
Bob-Amen. Well guess I fixed that gentleman.
         That's who the Claws are foor naming the new configuration Smaug after the dragon who has still yet to be
defeated in my reading of the Hobit I rarely pick it up usually when theres nothing on T.V. Their in the vault room or
on the dragons bed as it were and Bilbo the barel rider the burgler is screaming for a light. And the only brew for the
brave and true comes from the green dragon. The black pearl is on again Strong name Ive been told that before. Now I
have the dragons talon clipped to the cross I found It is Keltic and soh am I and I'm Christian but was the man who left
it behind. The claw is made out of parts of the neclace anyway taken off soh that it would fit me. It is pretty easy to
switch it from pipe to neclace and back. Now my font is Tahoma and I have found and added some more essays. Oh ya
and I just bought the Aqua Teen Hunger fource Volume one DVD I'm watching the Flargen and dingle episode My
parents told me they were bringing over a vanilla malt but instead I decided on brownies and ice cream from the fridge.
I used to be a utilitarian-the power was knoked out last night during the storm soh this is not as good as it was last
night- but now I am seeing the benefits of psychological egoism. Lifeboat ethics are key. I actually had to bust the
candle out last night I was knocking things over all over the place a true bull in a china closet-But it seemes that even
when I lived wityh someone I was still alone Bingo Duncecap always stealing my car when I was sleepin and staying
out at all hours in my car weather he had my permission or not and when I was living with my parents I was always
back in my room but atleast I had Jim and Randy now it's just me and back when I was with Shawn sorry Sean or
Gregory Shawn Smith not going by Gregory ever except at graduation and with mail and taxes and some day his
obituary and grave stone hopefully long after he sees mine he was always working on something except during the
Summer we didn't normally go to school during those summer semesters we just worked at whatever job we had
waiting for the Fall semester to roll around but we were rarely together although I would bother him with useless tripe
when he shoulda been working or the same vice versa it seems our scheduals were apposing each othedr as if we did'nt
have two computers and a network to share a printer. But any way I hate mackivelian @$&*s who read the prince like
it was the Bible spending other peoples money thieves I say the Prince aint even that long you'ld figure he would find
more ways to bilk the common man besides renting out and giving away land that aint yours but don't you look like a
$#@!&*& oh no you must appear to everyone you don't @$&* and some of the ones you do in such a way that you are
deemed gracious and kind i.e. manipulative like Jesy calling me a Prince among men catering to my ego planning his
next scam.
         I sit smoking my pipe I am a days worth already missing in my adderall I still have two and a half to go without
it. Kill Bill Volume one is about to start a rotty dodge good show if I do say so myself and I do.I feel like kiken the
morons @$& that scheduled that @$&*ed up movie instead of kill Bill it switched to it and that @$&*ed movie with
the molestation scene that was totally @$&*ed up..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Right now it is anger
management. A storm is brewing.
         I have my aderall again it is 1:07 on Sunday too lazy to hit guide it is the 11th I did gagoogidy that Girl. This
song should never be sung full blown AIDS The AIDS. I don't know weather I've ever boinked another mans wife now
roommate and mother of his child not confirmed but the stretch marks on the belly belied her motherhood although the
child and father were not known by me if they even existed. Her body wasn't that bad either she had a tattoo of a
unicorn on her left tit she wore those hick hip hugers and a femanin brush popper a real wild country girl Right now
she'd do I cant believe it has been five or six some odd years since I've laid down a girl anywhere. Not that I mind
keeps away those nervous waits on getting results to blood tests for std's not to mention the lack of a need to keep my
place clean I may take a bath a day but I am still a dirty bastard maybe I can sell this thing for enough money to actually
have help come in and clean up the place take out my laundry actually get some of my suits dry cleaned and
professionally mended the one I am wearinhg now my every day suit the black blue and brown tarton the patern only
notisable when up close three buttoned Jones of New York with the patch in the crotch and five mended cuts mostly
mended with purple string the closest coller to black I had. Another three -implied word being suits Mr. Microsoft
Word. The sentence is fine- needing mending as well. Including the fabrick over the left pocket of my Laureign suit
pants. But if I make enough money yah right like any of this is valuable except for commentary lacking real insight
from a lack of foreign experience nothings new under the sun as it were I could write anything from a scene from
Tieniman Square where a bumb is tak8ing a beating from a judgemental soldier a protester walks up.
Protester- What has he done wrong except for loitering
Soldier- Shut up you. These vagrants must be tought a lesson they would rob you blind if you gave them a chance.
Bumb-I didn't ask to be homeless my parents died ow.
Soldier- That's enough out of you.
Gun- Bam.
         The soldier falls dead the protester trying to pull away the but of the rifle to keep it from sriking the bumb. Who
is to blame? To A white dove flies high over a forest it is getting late and it has no flock to call it's own. It flies down
into the trees serching for a place to pirch. It hears the beeting of wings and starts to follow there are only the sounds
of wings because the density of the forest is to great to allow in light the smell of a wandering cattle herd is near the
dove thinks it strange for the other birds to be pirching soh near it comes to ground searching foraging all the wile being
dripped down appon from the feasting of the other winged creatures which I will now let you know are vampire bats the
liquid falling on the dove is blood it is there and then transformed onto one of those feasting creatures they make it back
to the cave the perspective delves into the cave a clown looking much like me walks on stilts in a cave where the floor
up to the clowns feet is pitch black he stumbles and falls into darkness the movement in vision is transferred into the
wings of the dove who wakes frome it's dream and becomes a bird once again but changed it flies out orf the cave a
crow desperately searching for light flying higher until the wood of suicides is far below a bright light in the sky is
shown it could be love the crow flies towards it breaking through it becoming a white dove again another dove comes
near and they swirl in flight becoming an eagle mixed it flies higher then dives towards a path transforming for one last
time the metamorphosis sends the man rolling to ground stopping hard hiting a tree and rubbing the bruse he looks back
to see his beter half falling lightly to groung stepping down as if off a train holding a little baby. But what do the'se
scenes say about the human condition. New Robot Chicken Bat Monkey. Suicidal car salesman. Nice head I think I'll
quiz it. Who is Pance De Leon, Don Quihote Servantez Bingham Juan Cornelios Delouise no that's dom don't open it it
increases in value like Ferrari's 57 Fords and Franze Kafka first additions. What I would'nt do for a signed first adition
of on the road or an archaic handprinted original manuscript of King Lear or the King James Bible or Canteburry Tales
or Kama Sutra or Tao Se Chin or Fire Sermon or Beowolf or the Talmud or the Torra the all times most expensive
written manuscript Iliad or Odysey not counting the roseta stone and Hamurabi's code or the priceless Ten
Comandments the case for which or hard cover the arch would be in todays standerd an emence fortion in gold not to
mention it holds words etched by God himself don't test me. My first edition of this book I hope to be a special red
leather bound edition along with a paper back edition. Bjork is on Space Gohst cost to coast along with the lead singer
for Radio Head Tom York. Pablo Honey I own along with Tidal which is stuck in my old cd player that came out of
my bonteville forgetting to eject it before taking it out or uninstalling it it lies somewhere within my old room in
Brownfield which is now my parents room being the biggest in the house. And if you belive in dreams what is more
important is that a dream can come true. I will reach you. What about the Gar Mr. Monarch and I thought you had to
be $#@&ing for that fish to flow up well I guess if submerged for long enough the need to $#@& would become
apparent but what about your @$& lets say you have the runs wouldn't that be a stream of warm liquid. My tv went on
the blink but my parents remedied the situation with their tiny tv vcr combination along with the other tv that was left
on the porch I will now be able to watch adult swim and at the same time watch a movie or something on stars right
now it is family guy and Tarentino's Hero that is the strange thing about being scitso two tv's at once would anoy most
but with us skitsos two diversions from the voices and invisible foes dead friends and familly is beter than one. I think I
may pop in a cd too.
         I've just bought a new pipe Zippo it is stainless steel with a little smoking pipe printed on the bottom it was
cheep but a Zippos a zipo I've had at least three of them always loosing them one was a small smoked black another
was a large br@$& but neither were pipe lighters but this one is soh you haave to turn it sideways weven when lighting
a smoke but it was the cheapest iin the case 14.95 but the money it will save me in plastic lighters will make it worth it.
         Freek show is here. Why do they make mention to that total recall movie the action in those movies is all guns
no fight not like the matrix films well choreographed leave it to Jet Lee TO CHOREOGRAPH SOME OF MY
FAVORITE MOVIES BUT THE SAMPSON CHARACTER KICKS @$& too as did the real Sampson Speaking of
freek shows Have You seen Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It is on at Ten on a Friday night. Journeys like that
are worth the trip. Like when I Got lost with Mike. Ah thye hottie in the elevator and Harolds concushion induced
dream thatis all cartoony with pot leaves and the cop who tries to keep him from the prise. Rolin up his MCATS. I am
soh high nothing could hurt me Marijuana kills
Right now it is things to do in Denver ., When your dead apriori? Somethin about the sins of the father being visited
appon the son as it were and the inventive or creative or stictuitive rebellious pios humble nature Hello nurse. It seems
like all of the mob typesnot that theres a type it takes all kinds in this movie are trying to look like Odyseus' sun
Menaleus no hair on their faces. Human Punching bag what is it with Violance in cinema it is sensationalized not the
@$&*ed up find your leg sitting beside your body cause you stepped on a jumping Jack and it's yealy you dealing with
it or it being visited upon your friends and loved ones. Bella cignora.


I had a great discussion with my with a friend of mine he asked me
Odyseus-Does the moon spin as well as revolve?
Dustin-I don't think it spins. Do you see the Man in the Moon on the other side of the world.
Dustin-That's all I'm used to seein.
Odyseus-Do you believe that extra terrestrials have visited earth.
This is when I went into my rape culter discussion pertaining to elaberate hoaxes their fancied fettish. I'm sorry. Is that
reely rimingly Redundant?
Odyseus- Oh you think it is a conspiracy.
Uncle Bingo He came he saw he did he died. Just yesterday as a mater of fact. Great man warm and gave good hugs as
does all of that side of the family not that my moms side dont give good hugs but they are different in their liking.
Speaking of Kings the Retourn of the King is on tv. It is a day later a special Punk: Attitude is on I.F.C. that details the
on going evolution of punk. Speeking of punk I have had a problem with depoasting fences first my own with my head
I was depressed and banged my head into the fence and the wood came ripping out of position the nails being long aggo
put there so they were easy to rip out. But my neighbors fence post, the neighbors by the way I was $#@&ed off at for
firing an air gun directly at me having retaliated first with a golf ball fired directly into their back yyard with a pitching
wedge and I also had a suspicion that they were the ones peeing in my ac unit an that they had stolen my phone, on the
other hand were hard to rip out but breaking them was not a problem with the hamer but later with my fist I broke one I
would have gone farther but the owners came out and said they were calling the cops. I went back inside and stedied
myself freeing the visible area in the room of any elegal books paraphenaliua and what not. Then I went outside and
awaited the eventual cop car smoked what I thought would be my last cigerrette for a wile. The cops showed up and
asked me if I did it I said that I did but only after their little feasco with the air gun and I also told them that I was
sckizophrenic and was not intending on hurting any one they searched me asking me what the items were felt in my
Male Officer- What5s this
Dustin-my lighter. Am I under arrest.
Well He didn't find anny thing usefull. Soh he said
Officer-No were gonna let5 the guys upstairs take care of this.
Me and the owners will be squared away once I pay them the 17 $ it cost him to fix it no courts were involved. Oh ya
there wer Bikini girls in their back yard right before I went on my walk with Maggie and wreturned not seeing myphone
and going on the aforementioned fit.
I now have my Starquest back for internet purposes hopefully that will mean that Shawn and Whitney will be over here
more often since they lost their internet connection and cable so scifi Fridays and stargate SG-1 Mondays will be the
days of choice. The Neigbors are paid off as well I paid them 20 instead of 17.
Do you know what would have been a good move directly prior to bombing Bagdad setting off a magnetic pulse within
the bombing area making surface to air missles useless that way those "stray enemy bombs" would have never been
fired.what they were firing at looked no bigger than a bird in flight stelth when your firing missled designed to explode
on impact what if it hits a duck runs out of fuel and finds it's way to ground most flying objects made of metal spark
when they hit the ground unless they have landing gear or fall in the ocean and where there are sparks there is fire.
You know watching Golf gives me the idea what will Guliver do for golf. Hero. I love Hero. Kung fu swordsmanship
veries from style to style but they still dishoner the Smith by striking weapons with other weapons because when it is
brought back to the Smith to be sharpened the Smith has to wear down his art to a nub eventually swords break in this
way but how proper that broken sword should die. Mais le clefs c'ent le langue et ecrire et le couteau et epee, et armure
et fleche et lance. I wonder what the bill for these soldiers was. But they shouldn't have to die all that is required is the
purchase of another sword at a slightly higher price from the Smith that made the one that they broke or chiped swords
are only ment to touch flesh, wood, brush, sharpening stone when sharpened mold or smiths hamer, flame (although we
shine not burn) water, boric acid and clamps and only these.
I would like to see cylindrical bullets that strike armer so hard that the receiver of the blow doesn't know which way is
up after being hit batered broken bones maybe but irreversible harm to a human being in effect ending their life that is
@$&*ed final. Im sitting down after starting Don Quihote in the Norton. Ive alsoe just Yesterday downloaded on both
computers Matrix Code Screen saver from Screen Saver . com and on one I have a manga Logo from anime I haven't
seen But Ghost in the Shell Is one of my personal faves on the other computer I have Don Quihote by Picaso the
swigaly lines and the emaciated horse as if both he and his horse are on their last leggs Pack on his back lance pointed
towards heaven Sun in almost a childlike expression as if he wanted to say that this book made his childhood fantastic
but the depth of field is apparent in the windmills showing that it is no child who drew these dragons brown black red
and white are the collers the screen saver just hopped back on the Matrix Revolutions is on one of the Maxs Smith his
eyes and mouth exploding with light is is 2:16 am the guide says Tu 8/16 and it is obviously 2005. The hot pink haired
girl with the bunny is smiling at me I like the cross in the fore head permanent like my Tattoo the Weird @$& Turtle
with the enourmous eyes The Red Head seeming soft and supple the Hooded gunman with the snub nosed fourty eight
48 and the blue Haired Lackadasical one that looks to die for. The closing credits are now playing with that cool @$&
Indian techno. Now Ive switched over to the black pearl Dishonering the Smith again in the Smiths Work shop but
somehow I blame the fencer that tought Arol Flin Don Quixote, Part one Hes Paranoid about leaving his Metal Suit
alone and out of his own sight. Every body must get Stoned but let he who has not sinned cast the first one cary away
the wounded But how. His demeaner undaunted. You have no manner of luck at all. Common cute dog like my
Maggie probably likes his belly scratched like my Maggy just got I swear she actually barked
Maggy-Ah oh.
 This was months aggo those are the words I say when I find her itchy spot ang her legg goes to kicking. But do you
know what the cutest thing about @$&*zus and L@$&as at least the girls when they want you to scratch or keep
scratching the put their little paws in front of their aggaped mouths with their paws in bunny pose moving them up and
down towards the chest I just want to die when I see my Maggie do that. Brainless he sais Theres a Double diomand??
in my mouth I have on My black copy dot com shirt and my black blue pin striped Jones of New Yourk with the little
tear in the right pant legg sewn up with red string. Bloody pirate and a scally wag. Right Y'arrrr. I also have on a new
gray white silver and black striped at an angle like my yellow blue and white tie tie redundant no but this one is a Jones
of New Yourk as well. I bought one for my brother as well His birthday is coming up on Sept fourth and their was only
one left so his birthday came early this year like his wedding preasant. The screen savers one Flies and one just runs
well they both run but that's another issue. Thank God this is no pirates of Pinzance but I am he Don Quixote the Man
of La Mancha. Ah my friends the books TV and ?icrosoft
69 69 Yin Yang Yin Yang.
This saucy young l@$& I would bang
From the Vulgarities I won't refrain
For it is our way
And realy bad eggs
Drink up me harties
Yo ho.
Now it is Imagin Lucy in the sky with diamonds??. I let my brother borrow Abbey Road the other day and he still
hasn't returned it but that's ok he takes better care of CD's than I do. Don Qixote got Stoned! He He. And I cought
Bloom and that striper got fired.
Now I am watcyhing Dawn of the Dead and
Alex Trebeck-The Four hoursmen are these things.
The washing of the hands we Baptists know about that it has something to do with the washing away of transgression
like cleaning plundered metals in the fire. Now it is Along came Polly alls I have to say oceans eleven lucky guy. Man
I have got to get to an entimologist. The Matrrix reloaded is on again and they've breached the dock.

Now I have one Laureign
one Piere Cardin and three
Jones of new Yourk suits

Five Sport coats
and a tux
but beyond that
I'm out'a luck.
         As Are these people in Alien Vs. Preditor Theres it's trainspotting crew member. Altruism. Oxygen is good for
breathing. We all die physically. Oral tradition predates a written one remember4 that when spouting gilkgamesh tales.
And there must have been something in Noa's diet that made him live so long along with his wife that was tranfered to
his descendants through blood in the womb but it must have dissipated and was probably wiped out with the great
flood. It's 2005 and Pauls still alive and it was my job to be Shakespears Ghost. I'd like to see them make a Zippo with
a metal top with the zippo logo raised on the very top made out of hard gl@$& or pyrex clear or colered and cut like
crystal round with a screw in tube so that an air tight seal can be made over the gl@$& allowing fluid to flow through
the flint tube and wick hole only soh that the spherical shape of the gl@$& that surrounds the cylindrical tube can be
filled with fluid as well flowing up through the open space of the metal tube whatever metal you prefer price varies with
the same ring design as the following pipe but a new type of fluid may be needed to accommodate over filling talk to a
chemical engineer for that one with pipe and normal windless options cause thats what your great at. And pyrex
gl@$& pipes cut like crystal so thick and with a smokeless top made out of gl@$& with a br@$& ring with rivets on
both the inside of the bowl and the edge of the smokeless top that screws down making contact with the other br@$&
ring screwing it down creating a perfect seal with a rubber o ring placed at the top of the br@$& ring on the smokeless
top with pin holes at the bottom of the bowl necesatating a pin device sort of like the ones that fit into the back of your
computerthat poke all the way through leaving a small amount of space between the pins and the holes they fit into so
that air can be blown through backwords clearing the pin device of debris shaped like a Sherlock Holmes pipe but with
a plastic, br@$&, silver, gold, platinum or stainless or folded steal replaceable mouth peace that screws in at the point
where the thickness starts to taper from the gl@$& so custom fit with a rubber tube at the tip for comfortable mouth
grasping with a good seal aligning your mouth.
         Bilbo's still screaming for light. And Quixote is still getting stoned. A Blair man who I could flip on accident is
my blood though there is no Blair blood in me. I am the keeper of the flame. I light my own Light I play my own
game. (oo7,Oakenfold) Old man and the sea is on right now He has not set out to sea but he is either lucky or unlucky
that he did'nt take the boy with him the boy could have helped but if he was no help he would have had to let go so
much erlier for the sake of the boy. Well he is not too far out to sea to see birds you know your close.
Just two Little Debbies Brownies Make
2the Geodon go down
geodon go down
Just two Little Debbies Brownies Make
the Geodon go down
It's the most Ignominious way.
Duble entente
But what's worse
Farting, fighting or freaking.
         Als those alien pods in Alien were was an elaborate haunted house like mine but now the ghosts are goood
theiv'e taken up camp and there is much room for them to sit now that the Living room has the love seet, couch and
La/Z/Boy as if it is to as lay ze boy down in de chere all german three's my limit on snitzlegruben Baby. It is like they
are already Maried. Polka. Clap clap clap clap kne slap knee slap knee slap knee slap hands over under over
undereachother clap clap clap clap Ah the chicken Dance I learned it a Epcot Center at the German Restaurante'. Bait
shop. Restaurante'. Bate shop. Ox. Nag. That's where the Great Fireworks show is.
Right now it is the story of Abbey Haufman great story by the way speaking of run ins with the cops the other day I was
pulled over and ticketed for not wearing my seat belt but I was then waved on my way back to pick up C@$&ie and
Anabell Lee though they cant stay with Maggie C@$&idy at all for they fight ferociously because our family is both
my and their dogs territory and they don't like to share. Speeking of Abbey my beatles cd is still with Shawn. The
reason for my afformentioned trip was because my uncle Olan just had a Heart Attack but he is fine now but that is the
problem with Smith men our hearts work too hard so they give out on us.
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What the hell is up with these H-keyusers I think their the reason for the changes in my book but if I have Wireless I
don't know that I do Iv'e removed the only usable cable modem from this one and I still get H-key users.except for on
this one oh I still get h key users But the cable connection is disabled but I do use this one for internet purposes Iv'e
switched computers to gert a different feal and to turn in a copy to the Library of congress but normally I keep this story
free from the hands of hacker spy ware. Haydn/New York Symphony orchestra is on music choice Symphony No.104
in D Major/LondonCLoenerd Bernstein. Frankensshteen My name is Frankenstein.

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II'm having an anxiety attack and my New doctor Patell took me off of my addderall myhands a re shaking I feel like
I;m sedated dome how I don't like being sedated this is not supposed to be therapynb ff@$&*ing Patel he cant let me
think straight My gead is tingaling I need a bag to breath into Imsorry for crying its not normally my way.. Ive
continued with Sly gulliver not consulting an entimologist action is good weather it is accurate or not. I am ther no
where man Im writing a story and in another novel I review it. I'm on an annex from the adderall but the coffy is
flowing and my room is ice cold. I was just with angelica her children were so sweet.
Dustin-when you want to say something is good say Kelvin Cooliage. Do you know why.
Julian(her five year old boy)-No. Why?
Dustin-Because there used to be a president named Calvin Cooliadge. And your also saying cool. Which is a
temperature description. Kelvin is a temperature scale. The only one that goes all the way down to absolute zero.
Which is soo cold that the atoms that we are made of.
Julian-0What are atoms.
Dustin- they are what we are made of. For example oxygen exists as an atom. They are whyat we breath. And two
atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of oxygen make water. Well these atoms they have protons and electrons spinning
around a nucleus.
Julian-What are protons and electrons. And a nucleus.
Dustin-They are what make up an atom. And these things are comprised of many smaller particles called quarks. Well
at zero Kelvin these pprotons and electrons stop moving it is that cold.
So you say Kelvin Cooliage it is a double entent that5 meant it has two intents well in this case three but it's called
double entente like saying Sea. The waves. As in See it with your eyes and the sea wehich the waves are on. Right
now it's Bad Boys two at least they picked an incideous enimy like extacy If any thing will make you dumber besides
crack I'd like to see it. Not that you cant think and do these things Take Richerd Pryer now that was one funny mother
@$&*er But it wasant the crack that made him funny you see it was just his way of looking at things but he woulda
been allot beter of if he had stayed away from free basing cocain but drugs aren't all bad like Jack said with writing you
havce to go at it with the frenzy of a benny addict wich means it helps to be a little wired if you want to finish a book
within a reasonable amount of time tke this book Taken in all it has taken eight years to finish counting poetry and
essays. Now rumy Iv'e been at it for two years and it is still shorter Than On the Road which Jack wrote in two weeks
flat now that's what I call a frenzy. But his high IQ did help some and spot on memory of years gone past. I still wish I
knew how he died it's like a secret that NYU and other plases keep. Maybe it is on the internet Hell I found a
newspaper article on there that described Naked Lunch mans whole ordeal involving a bullet a William Tell referance
and his wifes skull. But what was it about the beat generasion that makes it soh intreeging is it the people and their
comradery the way they put things the things they put the Tokey they drank the Tao that they touted the Dahrma bumbs
that they were or was it the freedom they felt being able to just take off for antother city all the way across the nation or
most of the way across the north American continent just to hang out with friends and get into "trouble" sometimes
going as far as Moraco Spain down and out in Paris and London Like orwell Mr Blair shoulda been Dr. but who has the
time with paper at bay with nothing to his name but five bucks and the promis of money coming from british publishers
in Jacks case at least.
What about the house that babe built
does it still stand in New York Proud.
With his finger pointed towards it's wall
sighnin that somethin was goin over
Marian Moore loved this sight
As much as the animals in Gods grace
She would love my maggy
Scratch her belly and feed her by hand
Half of her own meal just like me.

The lord loves the little ones
And knows that her cat is smart
For he made him that way.
Just like my maggy
Who knows how to say ah oh.
Whose head is the same size
When wet or dry
oddly big for her breed.
And I loves her that way.
         His brains is under the end table. He don't let knobody touch his camera. I wish I had one maybe I'd film blind
seeing eyer cats a blind woman with cain following her cat on harness up a fence then over walking it nimbaly. Whats
an erection? When you lay stone on top of stone with morter between forming a hobble, home, or handsome mansion.
House he says you aint getin in he says. Wine like tokey or Nappa Valey, Valey Centralle, Sanoma or Champagne Or
Dublin for wikey or wiskey when drunk. He made made to Snodgr@$& psalm 23. Float like a buter fly stingt lke a
bee. Aint no body prettier than me. I see the waning moon who sees the sea and me. Though the sea lies so far away.
Now where could I be that I can be free to feel the way I do to take the magic brew that hastens the language to put it
lightly. Get drunk in what sence that could kill me don't you know with antipsychotics the heart slows to a stop when
drinking the wikey and waxing philosophic wich should not be listened to unless your you listening to St. Thomas
Aquainus. But will there be another big bang will the black wholes become soh m@$&ive that they snow ball back
into one point. Let me molest you with crack pot theories. And the third gunmans bullet had a destined place to land to
be found by a metal detecter/shoe and picked up with a magnet in a mans shoe faining agony of loss. They had to
practice it with cadavers you know to get it right. Magic bullet my @$&.
Ideals should separate people not the coler of our skin I don't give a @$&* if you're a white guy who ownes a gas
station, an etheopian heart sergion, a Hasidic Hebrew, a Baptist preacher, a Dali Lama, a Hari Krishna, a crazy cult
member alls I care is does your life exist for the sole purpose of positiverly effecting as many people black, yellow
white, red brown olive green or black and blue as you can not to prove there is no better than you but because you know
in your heart it is the right thing to do. Now lets all go out and get drunk and screw in lew of hitting your loved ones
cause your coming down off the brew or have had just a few too many and cant think straight getting set off by the most
insagrificant things like leaving a door open or spilling milk their should be a club for people like this where they get
together and beat up on each other saving loved ones the physical and emotional damage of thinking being abused and
giving abuse is a way to live or show how we feel do it with words not weapons thou words can be weapons when used
with ill will. But there is a time to kill and a time to heal pots for the plants and jello that congeals but always
remember jello can't pay bills unless your living in a barter system and who wants jellow when chocolate cheesecake is
arround. Do I write just to hear the sound of my keyboard klicking it tis a lovely sound if I do say so myself. Now who
the Hell tookj tea and Kake out of the mix I put it back in just a copy and paste fix. Thes'e H key users I cannot den'y
ware on my nerves and ruin my high if they plan to steel leaving me high and dry copywrites are tricky William
Wenthe's my go to guy he's seen the work from conception of short stories and poems alls I gotta say is thank God that I
know him. Courts are crazy but the expence of seeing that no Bacons gonna bull @$&* his way into stealing my hard
earned work would make it worth its weight in gold or at least hack silver see sea Tea and Cake.
Sgt Feecese Processer. I am Destcructor wha wha wha wha wha. Go ahead try to threaten my. Hold the tickle. Or is it
hold to tickle or firm whack my willy wohnka bar baby where has she gonhe I havent seen her lately maybe shese in a
triste. Where? Somewhere more stately. Can I aquiesque when I'm bored just slightly or is that frame of mind ment for
free wealing dfiscussion with no apprehension from not knowing what words to use the words present themselves and
could stand without you. Who are you? Asked the caterpiller. Je m'apelle Dustin Wesley Smith but thank God my
parents didn't go with Chris for then I would be Christm@$& with a lisp and it aint X even if you skip the midnight
m@$& now it's time to slow down and smoke some gr@$&. Oh Yah we don't have m@$& were Baptists but as Jack
said People walkin round with dirty @$& holes alls it takes is a little soap and water.
Right now it is john Lenon Imagin on HBO Disintegration is on the other outgoing RCA Soh I Got Robert Smith my
same sur name no and speaks annals of depression but whats all this bickering about who killed who This is supposed
to be a happy occasion strike that reverse itti esrever that ekirts.
My Holy Grail Poster Proudly entailed but where has gone the packerd Bell with the willy wanka screen saver maybe
collecting dust but it had the rest of my essays and my short screen play written in writing for TV at South Plains
College the whole thintg abou finding more intrest with monkeys at the zoo and then the dame walks in with a load on
her mind and a tail hot on her back who worked for a Stolen Art Mover. But that's all behind me always moving
forward never in reverse all we are saying is give peace a chance How is Halliberton fairing How is Mr. & Mss. Hefley
and their sone Kraig. Don't let me down. But what about those out of work engineers and the Guy who new how to
float the tanks like My Unkle Olan. He is hangin in there The Train is both Savior and Sadist Quoth I. My voices are
saying Yah right do they know something I don't. I did write that down on a piece of paper when my computer was
gone I wasn't quoting although many may have said it just not in this way and hell for all I know they have said those
same exact words but I never heard it before I read what I wrote down.
A man I haven't seen in a long time may be coming over lets call him Olliver James he let me shoot his Winchester 357
I'll have to check with him and make sure this caliber is accurate but I remember you could load three in the side and
one in the whole so four shots when fully loaded but the problem with it was tyheir was too much recoil so much so
that yo7u had to aim a foot below your shot to hit it but I'llo bet that changes and compesates when aimed seventy five
to one hundred yards away but for up close it is hard probably a good hip shot gun like that black blue pistol gripped
stock ten guage of Jim's that he had said were given as presents by Walon Jennings to many deserving folk. I was not
accurate with it like I was with the 1924 Remington Sports Master Twenty Two Long Rifle with wich as I haver said I
can hit a Raid Can at
Shawn-(On phone I called him to check)About seventy or seventy five yards.
Dustin-I just wanted to know cause I am putting it in my book. And I have a friend who I used to go out shooting with.
Olliver pretty cool guy actually.
Shawn-Well were watching a movie right now so I'll talk to you later.
Dustin-Allright later. Love you bub.
Shawn-Love you to.
But getting back to mr. James he had the I Love you Allice B. Tolkas life with on average fifteen people in his bussy
little home that his parents own which is now being rented out to a lovely couple. Getting back to that gun it was stolen
Back when he was living on 21'st. Just two blocks away from my house so when I wanted to get high and my brother
not treating it as coshuate I was free to do what I will with reguard to few but many on average. Now My mouse on the
dell isn't working. It is like someone has remote axess to my computer because my internet connection is now non
existant. And alls I did was uninstall windows media player I made no other changes than that andd now my mouse just
suddenly stops working I swear someone is @$&*ing with me.

Chapter 22

The Plug Nickle or gatties tolken incident.
Iam sitting athome nurcing a brused rib that hurts only when I clear my nose or a little when I hold my breath
expanding my lungs with smoke and a little more when I cough. I also have a swore nose and black now turning to
purple at the edges eye it is a straight bruse running underneath not around the eye. And I am suddenly sriken with
dejavu for I had seen in a dream two years aggo in Brownfield Michal Mendosa a stocky 23 year old with a nepolian
complex and a habit for pugalism he had picked up in the "hood" where he had taken beatings himself not being able to
walk away from thembutthis was not one of those nights who I had not met until a week aggo. It all began when I had
given him a ride to his house from Buckys he had mentioned that he would pay me five bucks to do so but appon
inspecting the change that was received was a doller fifty in quarters a nickel and what I call a plug nickel. I being old
fashioned took great offence at the plug nickel I thought he was insulting me and then I made the mistake of mentioning
that all too touchy private subject in publick and he took great offence at this.
Michal-Well lets go outside.
I took off my jacket, tie, shirt, and gl@$&es while inside and then followed him out taking off my watch and senior
ring fumbling with the ring and dropping it an the poorly lit gr@$& outside but I quickly found it placed them in my
pocket and walked out to meet himunder a streetlight.
Dustin-I would rather resolvethis with words.
Michal-No @$&* you.
He makes a mad dash for my position and when he gets there at a fast pace with the force of his momentum strikes me
under the eye cutting me just as little. I am dased and just as I was in that dream with the doomed fate of Chenteclare I
feel like I am moving in slow motion I ddont know if it was the Geodon mixed with being d@$&ed or what but I put
my hads up and try to hit him but he is too quick I only get a grasing blow and then he hit me in the nose and I cover up
he follows with a hard Jab to my left ribs and spins around to my side getting what I guess ws a hard blow to my
forhead brusing his fourth right fighting knuckle he then grabs me in a head lock from the side I can see where It is
going so I go down or maybe he pulled me down but forgetting to keep his free arm on my side of our now laying
boddies I hit him once in the back of the skull and he lets go we both get up I wipe the blood from my nose
Michal-You want some more.
Dustin-I'm still standin.
We then walk back into Buckies and I put toiletpaper in my nose and on the cut under my eye. I then gave him his
props for if their had been a judgethere Michal would have been declared winner. And we then hug and t5hen walk
away from each other. I hear him complaining that I hadn't taken my ring off but I had and it was not until later that I
reminded him of the trouble I had finding my ring in the grass.
Michal-Oh ya.
But the bump on his head and brused knuckle for which I gave him two calcium pills and a multivitamin it healed
I awoke today my ribs swore from sleeping on them. I have to sleep on them because there is a slope in my futon which
has a futon cushion and another thicker pad above that which is the reason I cant fold it out for if I did I would fall off
of the top pad for it is long but slender. I took a couple of Advile and the pain slowly subsided. It is odd that the
aforementioned incident involving the plug nickel. I am normally very likeable but on this night I was strung out so to
speak at least I was feeling that way because of my Geodon all tired the coffy not speedy enough to compesate and I
had had only three hours of sleep which is not an excuse mind you but it does account for the crankyness. If only I had
had my Adderall I wouldn't have ever gotten into the spat for since loosing it I have had to find other ways of which I
wont say of getting writing done for the Geodon makes me tired too tired to write at moast times and as Jack said you
have to go at it with the frenzy off a Benny addict.
Michal_ I heard you molest animals
Me-NO I do not.
My Maggy has just had a hair cut. She looks so cute now with the short Tedy Bear look and the Haloween bows in her
hair. I like to keep my and my dogs hair short. Hers so that the hair doesn't get matted and so that it doesn't cover her
pretty eyes. Mine so that during situations like the other night my advisaries have nothing to grab a hold of up their.
My hair cut does not have a name you just tell them one on the sides two on the top no line so fade it and leave the
bangs about twice as long as the top because I like to spike them up. I guess you would call it a punk look or a
modified caeser cut but at any rate when cut that short I can go about two months looking good without a haircut and
when my brother tells me he likes my hair it is usually time to cut it. He likes it a bit longer than I.
He is by the way awaiting a call from a company in Arkansas who will hopefully hire him for he needs the experience
to get his licanse. Speeking of liscences I will certainly have to get into the DMV and change my address and then
bring verification off that change to Ropes once that is done my affairs with the Ropes courts will have ended but I have
not had the opportunity to do so because my Disabuility check has not come in yet. it is the Seventh of October and I
am starting to wander will the replacement check I ordered take this long for if it does the months leadway that the
Ropes judge gave me in getting my liscance changed will expire and the late fees will am@$& and if I waitt too long
warrants will ensue. I do not know what has caused this string of bad luck it is like a years worth of bad carma is
coming back on me.

Chapter 23

Right now it is Once Apon a Time in Mexico a pretty good film as far as sequels go being based on El Mariachi and the
third in the series after Desperado a Tarentino Joint as Spike Lee refers to them. What is the deal with spike Lee and
racial tension it seems like there is this barier that exists in his work to keep the white and black characters from
coexisting in equality and as a humanist this hurts me for what is the real difference between the races we all watch
T.V. or choose not to we all eat drink and are merry we all endever to persevere we all love and hate and are indifferent
we all wake up and go to sleep we all see the same world and bask in it's beuty we all breath some not as well as others
we all laugh and cry we all dream and when I dream I dream of all collers no race is not in them and in them none
annoy me any more than the others we all are born and we all die and last I checked Mensa has members from all racial
backgrounds and if you look hard enough you'll always find the Forest Gumps allraces make quilts, work in g@$&
stations, perform sergeries and repetitive tasks, work the land, fight in wars, drink in bars, take on tragedy, walk along
happily, right wrongs, sing songs, live in hobbles and smoke bongs. So what is it that lies between us besides the
opinions that are given to us by our parents but as I have seen children can sometimes teach their parents a thing or two
because somehow I doubt that PC thought was taught to us by our forefathers but the ground was layed by Lincoln, The
temperance movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, so desegregation, the battle of the sexes which ended
along time aggo if it didn't why is it not mentioned any more, the eightes which saw all races get rich or pore or stay one
or the other, Then the nighnties saw the liberal media and glasnost and these feelings formed the PC that defines what
we are legally refered to as. PC is the tiptoeing of our culture that's trying hard not to step on the toes of others and it
has done a bit to bring us together hopefully we will live in harmony now and forever. I just think it is strange that a
north that is so PC still thinks it funny to steryotype the south as being uneducated redneck Podunk white trash
bumpkins who don't even know how to educate ourselves alls I know from Harverd to Berkely Shakespear still rules
and you may find fools who would beg to differ. Now it is The Runndown it's trainspotting member buzzing the bulls
on the airstrip the most impressive wrestling acter the Rock sice Andre the Giant that is if you don't count Jacky Chan
as a wrestler I say this because I respect his choice of roles which include this, the Scorpion King, And the scorpion
King in the Mumy Retourtns the Mummy being a great piece of archeological fantacy for throughout history Egypt has
been scene to leave it's mark wheather that mark be on enslaved cultures or mystified travelers from Rome to Napolian
to the modern day tourists being the subject of documentaries movies poems and pros. It's empire saw the rout to the
new world being found and lost for cocain don't grow any where except in south America and Pharos were found with
that substance in their systems and these are mummies predating Hell the roman conquest spreding it's architectural
exploits to these lands inspiring Aztech step pyramids and possibly the Aztech Monarchy and it's will to subjugate
surrounding cultures Why else are Sachrafice engravings soh similar to the engravigs that detail the unification of upper
and lower Egypt The Pharo standing with his enemy bound neiling the Pharoes hand holding a mace raised to strike
down that enemy a world away the same scene is etched down the High Priest holding that crescent moon shaped blade
above the bound sacrifice ready to strike and did I mention the cocaine A habit of the man who subdued me just three
days aggo. Cocain makes great aggressors but destroyes lives and has made and makes slaves of many what else is a
crack whore but a slave to the fix that is all she sees in the @$&* she licks the cocain at the end of the rainbow not that
I haven't tried it but the expence makes it not worth it and nothing makes me feel trashier besides maybe this black eye
but that is just physical appearance while the other at most times leaves you broke, strung out, and from what I have
heard possibly permanently dumber I.Q. wise when free based on a regular basis and looking at Sigmund Fraud's
theories I agree. But back to the movie. Hey Kansas city. Michal was a speedy little $#@!&*& to that is why Buckys
friends repectme more now cause I held my ground and took my beating like a man ultimately standing up for myself.
They say they were surprised I had it in me for they had alwayslooked at me as a timid individual not weak but too nice
to fight. What realy hurt me was not Mikes fists but his words instead.
Mike- I'm still afraid of you.
This is the biggest problem with schizophrenia we look like mad dog killers they say I look like as a coworker at SPC
Bookstore said
Coworker- You look like the kind of guy that would walk into work one day with a rifle and start shooting up the
When I told Michal she said this he aggread with the statement she had made. This hurts me for I have ill will towards
no one and I certainly would never kill anyone unless they had raped my mother or murdered family members or
friends and if these things did happen my wish to kill I would not grant myself for the judicial system is beter at that
than I am and can do so without the eventual Tibolt slew Mercutio Romeo Slew Tibolt domino effect
Do with me what You Will

A good God being Fair and Fine
Would want you to have a good time.
That's why the water he tourned to wine.

He sits on heights too high to climb
To be in his presence is so devine,
For I am not worthy to be with swine.

That's why I pray for him to be
Mercifull in reguard to me
And forgive my sins so that I may see
At least those pearly gates.
Right now it is William Shakespears Romeo and Juliette the one with the modern day setting and guns for swords. Ah
what a pleasing image Clair Danes with Angel Wings that scene will come but Romeo just asked
Romeo-Was that my father who went forth so fast?
This version is lacking a little in accuracy but it does have a Chorus in the form of Newscasters and internal monologue.
Shut up in prison. This is how my protecting gosts have felt having to stay here and guard. I gave them vacation so the
sadistic $#@!&*&s that haunted me before came back. This was right after I heard my Grandfather Alton's ghost cry.
I shared in his sadness and shed tears mine own. Looking liking Juliette I wish for her to be mine own. Ah the scene of
their chance meeting is coming up. They are being presented thyeir unnamed invitation from the more that is romeo's
unrest. Did you notice the double entent before this time hard to catch it is I say. Drugs are as prevalent today as they
were then making us all dream of love- I was in the throws of tiredness from the Geodon taken and lack off speed fast
enough to drive the blues away last night in which I did dream of riding my bike to Lubbock from Brownfield heading
for the mall and when getting there I was suddenly transported farther away on foot the mall once again far off in view
walking across a dream creation for the Loop had never been this confusing or hard to cross with blind spots laying low
cars hurdeling down. I had to run to keep them from hiting me. At this point I am feeling very tired from the journey
and then awake in the same tired state-ah here she is with angel wings her young visage pailing Mona Lisa her self. To
take her sin would be bliss. Too badd we don't get to fully see her naked body when their unblessed mariage is
consamated. And why is the balcony scene done half in a pool @$&*ed unsporting for a true false question I do say.
Star crossed Lovers loving and hating life lust for each other with not so fickle eyes. Though Romeo's be fickle at first
casting off his love for Rosiline and landing it on Juliette.
I was just at buckys we were watching the Tech Kansas game and I stumbled on to a very important point.
Dustin-It takes the stupidity of man to hack an ear off and the wisdom of God to put it back on.
There is another opinion I have I think @$&*ing veal ranchers should be stuffed into tiny crates long enough for
atrophy to occur all the wile being shat on by me then when they can no longer stand I Feel that they could then be let
go and allowed to heal so that they may see the error of their ways. Tho I take the life of every hamburger I eat those
hamburgers had a good long life hopefully being doded after by their keeper for cows are cute and I will not order veal
cutlet unless I am planning on postimoniously barying that cutlette for that baby deserves no worse.

I am siting herewith mike johny some fifteen year old kid and donovin. The closing credits are playing to Aclockwork
Orange the ffifteen year old kid was having problems hearing so I let him into my writing room this is the movie that
when on LSD the only time it was real when Tad's face wouldn't stop morphing my sexuality was raped from me and
then finally returned with great furver. The Other men were being very boisterous so I had to let him into his own
world for the end. I just gave Bucky a fat gift for letting me hang over at his place I guess you could say I let my love
Light in because us Kelts have to stick together as do all humans that's what being a humanist is all about not judging
others but I sometimes find it hard not to. Take for example last night the Boisterous boys were being too boisterous
ane of them stole my cheap @$& coin collection and I had three of the new buffalo head prennies a wheat penny a Nors
coin a guinne an Australian coin Mexican Peso and three state quarters that I hadn't given to my dad to add to our
collection and one of them kept spitting luggies in my ash tray and the $#@!&*& got cigarettes in my plugged up sink
that is already about to overflow. I need my brothers snake. They were also bumplaining that it was too messy in here.
They live at their mothers all of them what right do they have to call my place dirty when I was actually being nice
sparking them up with some good stuff an ounce I bought for $200.00 no seads even andd the same one that was
spitting in my ash tray cept on insulting my weed telling me that he could find way better stuff than that but he neglects
to mention that it costs 25 bucks a gram and gets you I guess a little high but it easn't anything I had'nt seen before and I
have deffenetly smelled better it wasn't even sweet or purple and he showed me what was supposed to be hydro at least
that is what he said but this junk was indica and didn't have anny visible crystals he was actually tryin the ole bate and
switch because I got a look at what he let us test and it looked nothing like the so called hydro in his celly it's like he
thinks were stupid or something and I sware when he walked out of my house with the pipe he hadd $#@&ed in it
because he had stopped hitting it and he also stuffed something in my pipe after taking what was in the top for himself I
don't know what it was but I swear it turned to guall in my mouth I had to pore out what was left of my bud in the pipe
for the guall had somehow infected the rest with it's taste after that I took my pipe apart ran water through it and then
stuck the pieces the top getting red hot over the stove, then under the tap they went and then into the freezer finally I
then scraped out the heet dried resin with my knife clearing the pipe of all remaining foulness. I swear I will not let
them hange out again they were over at Buckies today and they said that we needed to head over to my house. I told
them that I was planning on staying home alone to get some writing done. Why do people treet some hosts with disdain
even though they are getting sparked up with kine by that host and not treeted with any lack of respect. Hell they were
acting like I had $#@&ed in their water well and I was told not to have all three of them over at once because they were
thieves and like to see how far they can take their disrespect before someone will do something.
I have respect for Donovin for he hasn't done anything to me as far as I know. I didn't even realymind him staying at
my house until 5:30 in the morning this morn even though I had to wake up early to take care of the DMV after. I went
into the DMV without a care in the world the only problem was that they took a new picture that may show my almost
fully faded shiner but after that it was off to ropes where awweaited me no late fees. I was on time thank God so I got
out of both places spending only 20 of the original 100 that I had saved to take care of the liscense and the fine and
what I thought would be late fees. When I got out of the judges office in Ropes I let out a loud WEW for then I had
eighty dollars that I had already spent on the late fees in my head which I later spent on my and bucky's present. Smith
to Shmidt as it were he being Germanic but Keltic as well and Keltic is Germanic annyway and me also a Kelt and
descended from workers of steel. Cold as Ice. Clasic total cl@$&ic. Ah my throte its stiffening- that built many
ancient armories worth of weapons, utensils, armor, arrow heads, and shoes which they were happy to throw on or nail
as it were and still is to work and war horse's hooves whose armor we would shine just as well as the soliers'.
Now what to do with Gulliver which as Angela said needs more physical descriptions of the characters. I guess she felt
they were flat and I may remedy that but for now what to do for Chapter six.
To the hacker it may concern,

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What the hell is up with these H-keyusers I think their the reason for the changes in my book but if I have Wireless I
don't know that I do Iv'e removed the only usable cable modem from this one and I still get H-key users.except for on
this one oh I still get h key users But the cable connection is disabled but I do use this one for internet purposes Iv'e
switched computers to gert a different feal and to turn in a copy to the Library of congress but normally I keep this story
free from the hands of hacker spy ware. Haydn/New York Symphony orchestra is on music choice Symphony No.104
in D Major/LondonCLoenerd Bernstein. Frankensshteen My name is Frankenstein.
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Drugs aren't all bad like Jack said with writing you havce to go at it with the frenzy of a benny addict wich means it
helps to be a little wired if you want to finish a book within a reasonable amount of time take this book Taken in all it
has taken two years to write thus far not counting poetry and essays. Even though Iv'e been at it for two years and it is
still shorter Than On the Road which Jack wrote in two weeks flat now that's what I call a frenzy. But his high IQ did
help some and spot on memory of years gone past. I still wish I knew how he died it's like a secret that NYU and other
plases keep. Maybe it is on the internet Hell I found a newspaper article on there that described the mans whole ordeal
involving a bullet a William Tell referance and his wifes skull. But what was it about the beat generasion that makes it
soh intreeging is it the people and their comradery the way they put things the things they put the Tokey they drank the
Tao that they touted the Dahrma bumbs that they were or was it the freedom they felt being able to just take off for
antother city all the way across the nation or most of the way across the north American continent just to hang out with
friends and get into "trouble" sometimes going as far as Moraco Spain down and out in Paris and London Like orwell
Mr Blair shoulda been Dr. but who has the time with paper at bay with nothing to his name but five bucks and the
promis of money coming from british publishers in Jacks case at least.
What about the house that babe built
does it still stand in New York Proud.
With his finger pointed towards it's wall
sighnin that somethin was goin over
Marian Moore loved this sight
As much as the animals in Gods grace
She would love my maggy
Scratch her belly and feed her by hand
Half of her own meal just like me.

The lord loves the little ones
And knows that her cat is smart
For he made him that way.
Just like my maggy
Who knows how to say ah oh.
Whose head is the same size
When wet or dry
oddly big for her breed.
And I loves her that way.
        His brains is under the end table. He don't let knobody touch his camera. I wish I had one maybe I'd film blind
seeing eyer cats a blind woman with cain following her cat on harness up a fence then over walking it nimbaly. Whats
an erection? When you lay stone on top of stone with morter between forming a hobble, home, or handsome mansion.
House he says you aint getin in he says. Wine like tokey or Nappa Valey, Valey Centralle, Sanoma or Champagne Or
Dublin for wikey or wiskey when drunk. He made made to Snodgr@$& psalm 23. Float like a buter fly stingt lke a
bee. Aint no body prettier than me. I see the waning moon who sees the sea and me. Though the sea lies so far away.
Now where could I be that I can be free to feel the way I do to take the magic brew that hastens the language to put it
lightly. Get drunk in what sence that could kill me don't you know with antipsychotics the heart slows to a stop when
drinking the wikey and waxing philosophic wich should not be listened to unless your you listening to St. Thomas
Aquainus. But will there be another big bang will the black wholes become soh m@$&ive that they snow ball back
into one point. Let me molest you with crack pot theories. And the third gunmans bullet had a destined place to land to
be found by a metal detecter/shoe and picked up with a magnet in a mans shoe faining agony of loss. They had to
practice it with cadavers you know to get it right. Magic bullet my @$&.
Ideals should separate people not the coler of our skin I don't give a @$&* if you're a white guy who ownes a gas
station, an etheopian heart sergion, a Hasidic Hebrew, a Baptist preacher, a Dali Lama, a Hari Krishna, a crazy cult
member alls I care is does your life exist for the sole purpose of positiverly effecting as many people black, yellow
white, red brown olive green or black and blue as you can not to prove there is no better than you but because you know
in your heart it is the right thing to do. Now lets all go out and get drunk and screw in lew of hitting your loved ones
cause your coming down off the brew or have had just a few too many and cant think straight getting set off by the most
insagrificant things like leaving a door open or spilling milk their should be a club for people like this where they get
together and beat up on each other saving loved ones the physical and emotional damage of thinking being abused and
giving abuse is a way to live or show how we feel do it with words not weapons thou words can be weapons when used
with ill will. But there is a time to kill and a time to heal pots for the plants and jello that congeals but always
remember jello can't pay bills unless your living in a barter system and who wants jellow when chocolate cheesecake is
arround. Do I write just to hear the sound of my keyboard klicking it tis a lovely sound if I do say so myself. Now who
the Hell tookj tea and Kake out of the mix I put it back in just a copy and paste fix. Thes'e H key users I cannot den'y
ware on my nerves and ruin my high if they plan to steel leaving me high and dry copywrites are tricky William
Wenthe's my go to guy he's seen the work from conception of short stories and poems alls I gotta say is thank God that I
know him. Courts are crazy but the expence of seeing that no Bacons gonna bull @$&* his way into stealing my hard
earned work would make it worth its weight in gold or at least hack silver see sea Tea and Cake.
Sgt Feecese Processer. I am Destcructor wha wha wha wha wha. Go ahead try to threaten my sexuality. Hold the
tickle. Or is it hold to tickle or firm whack my willy wohnka bar baby where has she gonhe I havent seen her lately
maybe shese in a triste. Where? Somewhere more stately. Can I aquiesque when I'm bored just slightly or is that frame
of mind ment for free wealing dfiscussion with no apprehension from not knowing what words to use the words present
themselves and could stand without you. Who are you? Asked the caterpiller. Je m'apelle Dustin Wesley Smith but
thank God my parents didn't go with Chris for then I would be Christm@$& with a lisp and it aint X even if you skip
the midnight m@$& now it's time to slow down and smoke some gr@$&. Oh Yah we don't have m@$& were Baptists
but as Jack said People walkin round with dirty @$& holes alls it takes is a little soap and water.
Right now it is john Lenon Imagin on HBO Disintegration is on the other outgoing RCA Soh I Got Robert Smith my
same sur name no and speaks annals of depression but whats all this bickering about who killed who This is supposed
to be a happy occasion strike that reverse itti esrever that ekirts.
My Holy Grail Poster Proudly entailed but where has gone the packerd Bell with the willy wanka screen saver maybe
collecting dust but it had the rest of my essays and my short screen play written in writing for TV at South Plains
College the whole thintg abou finding more intrest with monkeys at the zoo and then the dame walks in with a load on
her mind and a tail hot on her back who worked for a Stolen Art Mover. But that's all behind me always moving
forward never in reverse all we are saying is give peace a chance How is Halliberton fairing How is Mr. & Mss. Hefley
and their sone Kraig. Don't let me down. But what about those out of work engineers and the Guy who new how to
float the tanks like My Unkle Olan. He is hangin in there The Train is both Savior and Sadist Quoth I. My voices are
saying Yah right do they know something I don't. I did write that down on a piece of paper when my computer was
gone I wasn't quoting although many may have said it just not in this way and hell for all I know they have said those
same exact words but I never heard it before I read what I wrote down.
A man I haven't seen in a long time may be coming over lets call him Olliver James he let me shoot his Winchester 357
I'll have to check with him and make sure this caliber is accurate but I remember you could load three in the side and
one in the whole so four shots when fully loaded but the problem with it was tyheir was too much recoil so much so
that yo7u had to aim a foot below your shot to hit it but I'llo bet that changes and compesates when aimed seventy five
to one hundred yards away but for up close it is hard probably a good hip shot gun like that black blue pistol gripped
stock ten guage of Jim's that he had said were given as presents by Walon Jennings to many deserving folk. I was not
accurate with it like I was with the 1924 Remington Sports Master Twenty Two Long Rifle with wich as I haver said I
can hit a Raid Can at
Shawn-(On phone I called him to check)About seventy or seventy five yards.
Dustin-I just wanted to know cause I am putting it in my book. And I have a friend who I used to go out shooting with.
Olliver pretty cool guy actually.
Shawn-Well were watching a movie right now so I'll talk to you later.
Dustin-Allright later. Love you bub.
Shawn-Love you to.
But getting back to mr. James he had the I Love you Allice B. Tolkas life with on average fifteen people in his bussy
little home that his parents own which is now being rented out to a lovely couple. Getting back to that gun it was stolen
Back when he was living on 21'st. Just two blocks away from my house so when I wanted to get high and my brother
not treating it as coshuate I was free to do what I will with reguard to few but many on average. I just backed up my
book in 3 1/4 triplicate three disks is coverage enough. Say what you like it still aint finished but days have gone buy
skills have diminished for waking at 8 for a verbal drug screen which is no screen at all if you know what I mean. This
aint octameter it's bop prosidy to toot my own horn not as well as
Little kid in the hood to ice cream vender-Charly Parker.
Or sonny sit or Rollins or any of those guys in harlem in 1958 note To Art Kane your pictures are in my brain. Yes
Frylock I am But we guyes are not so wise as thee. It is October 26th at 11:26PM 2005 as the story goes I'm feelin like
spud boy and their aint no helping me but I'll unberden my heart and speek freely no I went the Krekey. How many
grades but what are grades worth are they something akined to hours or accuired nearer to birth I honjestly don't know
maybe I'll ask some Forreigner with his crasy p@$& pourt I wish I had one but none is needed in D.C. Colonial
Williamsburg New Bronfells San Antonio El P@$&o by the old Rio Georgia Florida Collorado or New Mexico in
Lincoln County where Billy's Ghost Visits from time to time to taste the cider and the wine though it be weaker. Billy's
Ghost just lett off a shot into the air shouting Yew southern onemonepea for Yew isn't realy a word it's more of a sount
that symbolizes glee or inh other words shows a sanguine mood. The Dirty underwear gang has taken to holden up at
my place on some days. They don't @$&* with me @$&* cordial if you ask me and Billy bows his boys talk amongst
themselves about nothing particular but it is as it should be no talking @$&* just hangin out real peacefull like. Now
thyeirs the voice that says bull @$&*
Voice-Bull @$&*
Who that voice is I do not know but Billy and me aint hearin him though. He screams out
Billy-I've learned to read.
With indignant pride though his steps have been many on a path either narrow or wide.
Dustin-I only write what you give me.
To Brushy on the side.
Dustin-I's it good.
Brushy shakes my hand. It is lighter than air as are all Ghosts but they can really touch you though as though the
weight of them is their and you can feel them when you stab or bludgen them to keep them from @$&*ing with you
sticking their thumb up your @$& hole it is always the @$& hole with those demented spirits that Lee and Billy and
their Men protect me from their women it tow
Having a hoot of a time drinking ghost fire water and are the Indians here I got a
Ihndian-Hi. (But realy loud and high pitched a real war cry)
Broosed Eagle(repeating)-Real war cry.(sounding allot like that Indian who said and I quote Endever to persevere. But
a little more raspy and deeper if there is such a thing to Indians theyed probably call it somethingt else gui gen shallow
it is barely audible
Now you wonder why the bad boys like me and the good and bad girls want me. Well because I'm still relativel'young
and attractive. Sorry for the made up rule but their seemed to be too many ys. Solid Titanium Can inslave the human
race. OOOH here.Coming from Angela and Bucky Schmidts favorite family guy character Stewy He is a little to evil
for my taste but what the hell it was a party I paid no mind. That is where I Saw Olliver waxing the old philosophic a
little dab or two will do ya. Words flowed free from our mouthes like water in the river they call Red on most days that
is time for bed but not tonight but it had to end my Maggy beckoned me home I could hear her howling her4 lonesome
howl when I'm away long that's what she does for she misses her darling Dustin

Chapter 24

It has been many days since I have written sorry to all for the lack of fluidity and presence of outbursts directed at the
mother @$&*er or @$&*ers that have been making changes to my book trying to make it hard for me to get a
copywrite due to it's changed wrong nature but that is no fault of mine truly so back to the show. I have had much time
to get things written down on paper which include;
Either it is the pot that is bad or it's the company.
A bird @$&*s on a man's head on Sunday sometimes.
Youv'e a tunnage of turbulent turkeys. Theres a coyote on the range.Now I've got a golden ticket
Ive got a golden ticket
And if I don't pay it
Thei'll hall my @$& away.
cause when youve got a golden ticket
it's &*((y day

I never thought that I would be
Stuck with a fine judicially
But what do you know
It happened to me
When I looked at a cop the wrong way

Now I've got a golden ticket
I've got a golden Shi-i-i-t to take.
Cause when you've got a golden ticket
It's a @$&*ty day

I have recently accuired two new pieces of pornography a copy of the November 2003 Barely Legal in which Wendy
James reminds me of cate The same round Jaw the same button nose the same short brown hair and eyes the hair being
a little dutch boy but on them it drives me mad a difference in hipps and tits a little but I which I had a current image of
Kates naked heaving statuesque deer God as in the saught after prey body to compare. I certainly wouldn't turn either of
them away and John Stony egrees with me hving been with her in the Biblical sence as well and and Debbie is the most
attractive of the featured Tabled listing for the most part non existant page numbers her starting on page six herf and the
previously mentioned Kate look alike have those young looking small for the most part undeveloped mamalia which by
the way make me so horny I cant think straight no signs of maternal roles being performed and young girls are wild and
not inexperienced but still young enough to still be up for experimentation at least all of the 18 year old girls I have
been with except for Kristina who wouldn't even service my member my @$& must have stank or something and the
other pice is Love Bomb's Pink Factor Vol Six Under the Midnight sun and where it lacked in the actual sounds of
bodies in motion and moansion if you catch my drift Starring J@$&ie, Simone, Crystal Ray and Lainey Baron notice
the lack of male roles which is key for me unless there are women present then stick to the hetero unless she askes for it
or buyes it herfself and she will let you know mind you. Whoever the long haired brunnete perfect tits, face, leggs,
proportions, and @$& did I miss anything oh yes 115 or lighter frame I am rather mesmerized by her the one who has a
taste of a two sided dildo being shared by the small breasted blond. She is one of the most delightfull pieces of heavin I
would love a manage et trios with her and any girl of her choosing or just to sit naked smoking pot listening to either
Blue or Kool jazz and doing whatever else strikes our fancy then I would incist that they both cutle naked as we sleep
and wake to find whatever it is we find but this like most of my fantacies is still just a pipe dream.
         Now who the hell is Randy D Belcher
22 Hereford Hwy Apt #48
Canyon, Texas 79015
(806) 655-6638
His resume and some half @$&ed attempt at sounding professional while trying to describe my fathers Job while he
himself had never worked for the Dept. of Transportation. It was in my Starquest back up files but the only two people
to ever own that computer were Me Dustin Wesley Smith currently of 3503 27th St. Rear Lubbock TX 79410 born on
September 29'th 1977 at St. Marries Hospital at two fifteen in the morning and my grandfather Alton Travis West last
legal residence was Carrilon a senior living facility in Lubbock we have pictures of him in his room with Nataly Wood
a female basketball player who played for Texas Tech at the time the picture was in the paper along with the basic
details of Granfather Wests action packed life action as in work it seems that that was almost all he did considering the
fact that he spent the rest of his waking life facking a snore filled sleep to get away from his better or worse halves
abusive and obsessive compulsive behavior. The only controle that woman had over him left long aggo with him when
for a short time they sepedrated not divorced mind you him being a Baptist Preacher and no infedelity existed to force
the divorce maybe he shoulda had a fling so that he coulda had grounds for divorse but not him he aint stupid enough to
wave goodbye to every red scent he owned and he lived the life of a bachelor for that two years. Now if they had been
on the Dell backup files I wouldn't have questioned it for it was formerly owned by someone other than us but this
works conception was started I guess if you want to get technical about it while I was at South Plains College Note the
Essay on sex concerning All you would ever want to know about Serx but were afraid to ask written and dirrected by
the great Woody Allen and A Clockwork Orange by the infamous wonderous Dr. Strangelove Creator well it was
modled after Red Alert Dr Strangelove not a clock work orange but orange waws written and Dirrected by Stanley
Kubrick and I'd like to point out is a heavy thing to lay on (whyile it was the only real LSD I had ever done the rest
seemed like speed on paper) an LSD laiden mind. It was like he ripped out my sexual being and put it back in with one
final champagne soaked freak fest with Lovely lovely Loodwig Van Beethovens fifth syphony roaring in the back
ground I should remember but it has been soh long is it called Ode to Joy no that is another diddy.
I finally have my computer back it is 11/13/05 there is not much to say except "why cant I find a docter to prescribe me
adderall?". There is nothing on at the moment it is 10:30 in the morning. 11/14/05 It is Steal this Movie if you didn't
get the sarchasm at the first of the book ya I hate left wing comme bull @$&* he said sarchastically. Power to the
Hippies Blessed be the Peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of Heavin so flower power I say but whats
with all the capitalism nowa days Joints and wedding announcements a real freakfest I say. But should we have to say
that when our government hyas taken on the left wing PC I say yess my friends because if there is no section 8 then
why does it still happen though the Geneva convention would say to @$&* with stealing oil and putting good engineers
out of work and what about the bank in Bagdad good going there Boys and remember sa missles still run out of g@$&
or rocket fuel as it were don't bomb and give em an excuse to use em and whats with these new Bewing hariers or
whatever you call them we haven't even, as viewers of the war who don't get dailys, seen them in action. But
disinformation miss information the bich child of truth wich is no truth like when Bush said
Bush-We are not going over there to steal oil.
Like he even knew of a world that used to see there Kings in the heat of battle not in untouchable chairs deciding Ya
bush having to serve @$&*tting his pants at the sound of an Akarishnekof thatll be the day I say Thatll be the day when
we all go home and wish for better TV programs. Hofmans a Jew So is Kissenger ha ha haq ha ah Welcome to
Lubbock just far enough south to see racism but far enough south to be Left for were west enough to be WEST TEXAS
and close enough to Mexico if you know what I meen median modus oppurandi.
-Man I had this drem last night I left off from my aooartement in a city I donht know How I knew I was on 100'th street
is beyond me but I went off on a bike to get breakfest or lunch and I got this gyro and then I was lost I was riding all
over the neighborhood going past schools and suddenly I was in china or China Town I was asking
Dustin Wesley Smith- Where is 100'th street
Little asian girl in school uniform-It is back that way two streets.
I ride back through the school I had just left people are getting in my way, I get out of there on foot for my bike broke
into three pieces going though a long hallway heading away from a cement skate park type court in the center of the
building so I was on foot you see, and again for some reason headed south down a street p@$&ing guys doing a kung
fu kata I stop and jump emulating their flying kick and I float to ground softly as in a dream I head south again and ran
into a little stadium with cement seats with the stands on both sides of this very deep pool for it must have been deep for
in the pool swam a KILLER WALE I was like @$&*-he he he he he I'm the easter bunny-I'm at sea world so I decided
to head around another way as to not get in their way and then I woke up not realizing where I was for a good thirty
seconds which was on my futon in Lubbock at 3503 27'th st rear.- tyhey had my grandmother on escalith she bgeing a
manic depressive or bipolar or whatever we are they have me on Lexapro which reminds me I have to go to the
pharmacy and I think I wil call first Save what river

The sea that so many speak of
Is a tilled rowed field to us here,

The waves are driving by at 70,
The froth the endless cotton,
And the life of it is the wind in the wheat.

There are no monsters in this now,
Except ones with diomand backs
and the invisible ones we put there
That eat fish down stream-
Pests to kill pests
DDT @$&*ed ugly.

Not to mention the packs of farm dogs

There is something to be said
Of space between Texas towns.
As a child it seemed to span
But now this is how far you see.

This plateau, on it towns are spattered.
The life between them is inconstant
But outside,
When stranded,
One could be happy dying.
At the mouths of dogs as it were I say and that's how it goes out here wether it is at night with Shorty McCalob and
Sean the one with the black Camero without a key to the lock nut that the tire was on on the back roads to the strip as it
were- Ball as in referance to Stargtate SG-1 as inj the worshipers of which cut themselves and there fire was not hot
enough buy gum. Do you want me to go back hugh and read it again. -And what about the dust bgins and what about
the prom dates I say there is asn anmgbulance to be called iun boith instances sorrrdy if I am cryingand shaking just
likee they shyoiulkda bee3njk,. Ever heard of a midwifeq? Sorry for that will will endever to per severe. Whata
workload imposed on a people enslavement as it were His people were inslaved as all have been taking into account all
forms of indentured servitude outright slavery of many whithout choice as to where there slavery was coped in cheaply
made huts made by the m@$&as older slaves @$&* thyat indingnancy in whatever form it has taken even being a
slave to credit to afraid to run and just hide because I have heard that there is no longer a speedy aspect of the
law...forget them you make them accursed foir nigh on two yeaqrs with no name to have no home to call their own Jim
and lets call him Clay Pollington one jumping the other just not getting served they should be able to come home some
time to deny them Christm@$& Easte-hehehehehehe I am the Easter bunny-r thou remember God needs nothing of
rebirth except for that of who love him cause he likes it. But was Christ Himself not babtised Yes but was that not an
affirmation of Self realization Haunicha Quanza Chabat Rusha shana Chineze new year New year The harvest times
harvest festivul with the funnel kake and thye locked up scaleable and self freeing jail or getting let out and the carr that
you can hit with a hamer for a buck that money goes to italy oh sorry that guy wasn't up on his carma as it were but
sometimes carma be @$&*ed like in Flaggs stamps when it is food we are talking about the hungry have to eat.Here is
King Soloman
Soloman-Whose book is this
Dustin Wesley Smith-Mine
Annyone else-Mine
Solloman-Lets cut it in half one page for you and one page for you then five pages for you and five pages for you and
then one page for you and onhe page for you and so on in succession
Dustin-You can keep a coppy.
Why am I so @$&*ed paranoid although Wenthe was right.
Wenthe-Be carefull who you show your work to.
Who the @$&* is domain Contender and why the @$&* was their sight up when I entered on the address bar of my internet browser Microsoft is the one I use I Love Bill Gates I
am writing in his format but whatabout those other $#@!&*&s who keep on adding Mail as an attachment I haven't had
on line capabuilities in nigh on three or four months Back when my address was wich I
found had a domain contender screw safe right and whatabout spy ware I hate it as I hate I hate Hell all Duncecaps and
the whoever you are you are Bakon a basturdisation of my hard work and you leave me little choice but to make the
advent of internet FBI control of what goes on on line That's Federal as well as copywrite and @$&* If I'm gonna waste
60 bucks before this is finished this is me Dustin Wesley Smith is this getting redundant I am so sorry but in this I will
say thyat alteration has found it's way into this Word File and whyatabout the mail as attachment I took that off as soon
as I lost internet. Yo8u imply crook you pouscilanimous peace of @$&*. 8 O is so far from 8 but not from me or u It
will be mine If I get to Heavin. That is where sheakespere has his day if he made it and I was Shakespears Ghost at
Players Gentlemans Club which is no longer in business it is now some other name but same business same cliantell
Baby Dolls as Michael Chavarria or willey as in tangle just said it was the only strip club in Lubbock for anything else
it is strip drrection why do you think they call it the strip but the backroads from Brownfield to Lubbock are hard to find
unless you know what your looking fore that ' implies ownership not if you are anything.I haven't p@$&ed Modern
English Syntax yet but @$&* if that isn't a hard cl@$&. But you want to count literature requirements well lets start
with those outside my curriculum in college The Dulose Ledgend Down and out in Paris and London Ullyses i.e.
shakesperes Ghost writing teachers hate that i.e. it seems to show a difficiancy in vocabulary or what is the word in
other words I am Shakespears Ghost there is that better. Cuntalingus he he he he note the Bevis and Butthead
refferance Romeo and Juliete the second work of art I was able to read and Old Man and the Sea the first check at
Kindrick Memorial Library in Bronfield Tx 79316. I read them by the way. Get it chums.- She is on her way to the
control room SG-1 for my friends who aren't so up.strombos what is strombos Migrane why aren't you puking
Infermery what are they all about emergency rooms that's what I am all about sometimes breathing attacks or anxiety
attacks migranes psychiatrists that cant help you with aderall but help you with the Geodon anhd the Lexapro but there
are ways arrounjd them when mania hits the works. And my right eye squints or the left eye but never except when
blinking and cloising do they squint at the same time unless I am China eyed I want an Explicit lyrics stickjer on this
thing and explicit pros. 7 1/3 cap size with five inches of no receding hair line. Ill put on the hat Kangol Baby It is the
white one I will not drop the baby yopu $#@!&*& that would hurt him. It was made in China by the way. There is
nothing worse than to cause a child to sin. These words are dead set against the teachers of Hitler's youth for is it not a
sin to smile at the death that the Holocost brought that's including my disabled brothers and I'll keep on playin my tin
drum and I only have seen the movie but I have seen the book on the bed book case of ElizebethTaylor in There it is
Martha Hes dead Who's afraid of Virginia Wulf. The book was sold in the SPC bookstore whyen I worked there and my
brother has the DVD I think Ill borrow it. I wanna know what the name of the picture is. It's called Chicago. I said you
didn't bray not that she doesn't bray no your character. This DVD seemes messed up but I have seen it before It is
sixties music on 88.1 KTXTnow it is Family Guy who I don't respect but are funny for they don't respect me. He's
quagmire Quagmire Gigidy gigidy goo. Peter were in asian town. Soh was I last night or was I for what is a dream. I
lost my Zippo somehow the stove works though Maybe he didn't have it in him @$&ociate profesers salary professer
she Sais try disabuility. Me and Jack it's a poor existence and howbout orwell in London in the work houses with the
street painters and all that jazz though there was no jazz but theres keroauacks Zazz filled days and bop prosity as the
old &)*(sais @$&*ing right its like jazz on paper and bop baby carefull now. 88.1 is all about the girls. Mes soers mes
semables. Mixed doubles doubles of burgen encourage me no burgan here just coffee and pot and geodon you see I am
having to load fresh ones otherwise gaul fills my mouth. And it is not the stuff I am using it is spot on I sleep on it. Who
sais and what not allot we had a cl@$& together at Texas Tech allot of them but some I dropped but he dosent know
what I have already on my transcript as do most unless thieve hacked me why did I buy Hackers it was like bring it on
when the fight was obviously won otherwise I would know things besides doss dosshell adobe acrobat and distiller and
my favorite Microsoft Word my scanner still works but photographs nill except for the wedding shot where my
grandfathers picture went is beyond me the ring if it was stolen it will be noticed @$&* you we know what well layed
saud looks like and it aint a wedding ring or a school ring it was a blue ring with a comp@$& and level layed atop.
I am here with mycal the one from the plug nickel incident.
Chavarria-Im flatered by myself. Itsa conductive mad animosity with beuty.
Dustin-There is a brave new crest which I will sitt appon. Remember falcon crest?
Michael-I sure don't. What is it?
Dustin-An old 80's sope opera that was on at night I guess you would it a drama.
There were only three people Who could have killed JR? . I just aquired a new Katana with oddly enough a zig zag
pattern on the blade but it sais it is 440 stainless steal made in Taiwan the only problem with it is that the helt is broken
in half leaving just enough helt to hold it with one hand I don't kinow how I will go about fixing it but it cost me my
two Orion speakers and a Clarion amp Once I fix the helt I think I will take it by Golf USA and have them grip it with a
ping grip (which I didn't) or that whrap around stuff that they use that should make it cofertable to swing it is light
though the helt guard is br@$& kind of cheep but is the helt guard really that important it was the blade I was interested
in it realy looks folded and the amp I gave for it only had one working chanel so it evens out both broken items it will
be good for fending off the evil gestures of movement or as you would call them nearly invisible @$& holes that can
only bee seen in their movement the outlines of their bodys walking eerily through my living room. I have gotten in the
habit of hamering on the metal scabbards opening with a hamer to bend it so that the blade is somewhat difficult to pull
from the scabbard symbolizing restraint and to keep the sword helted when turned upside down and held by the
scabbard or sheeth.
         It may be redundant to state this but I hate f''n fashists Homer calling me fake I guess I am But Homer must
remember Hadrians wall was built for a reason and I think it had to do with fear and we are the lowest of the low but
you don't have to remind us I didn't know this was a limbo contest. And fake isn't that a little cliché even older than
poser. How bout no where man or fool on a hill for is not life a fool that frets appon a stage the fool Lear's veiled
adviser and when he said it it was in a jocund way for if not like Kent their would be hell to pay. Hi hi nuncle the
brinded cat hath mewed and Io lost her way I will sing a happier song now that I've found my bright new day. I've got
my eyes to the window ive got my ears to the wall. Hard as I try I don't hear nothing at all Cause you see this search that
I've been on is all in veighn you know for too long I've been tyed up in this game. Don't want to feel this way. Listnen
to those useless things you say. Now that I've found my bright new day("Bright New Day" Lyrics-Michal Williams,
Dustin Smith, Ryan Hasletine music lead guitar-Ryan Hasletinhe accompaniment- Danny or John Yeurs, B@$&-Brett
B@$& Drums- Alex)Brett B@$& Mr. Yeurs and Williams of Mojohand a no longer giging it Lubback band Hasletine
and yeurs or Hasletine and Danny boy. Hasletine who told me to keep on going and I did improvising this:
Two old ladies are wlking down town
Dot't know where their goin
But their walking around
Why do they want to
spend all their money
Ha ha it's very funny.
That Poem until now only existed as an MP3 recorded with cake walk. If you can find it that is Ryan on the jymbe. Me
reading Blind seeing eye cats Brooks Tad and Christy reading my clown and mime fight. And me with the one that
goes we made her melt and I will amend it to say like butter on fry making mention to instances such as the belt buckle
Identification of the little brother in Black Rain and that is the Japanese Black rain the rain being fall out from the skys
over Heroshema it's Bay and surrounding communities in which 20,000 people were killed directly not counting those
who are just now or have recently died from the resulting opertunistic cancers due to exposure to radiation.
I went to my primary care physicians an entire month aggo and they have yet to this day found me a doctor who can
prescribe me adderall I called them today and they said something about UMC as a possibuility but little did they know
that I had already tried that root and it has become bglatantly obvious that only private practicing Psychiatrist have the
scripts with the DEA #'s required for that controlled substance so for now I have to deal with the rollercoaster of ellegal
speed addiction only being able to write without bursting out in tears of frustration when the money or in other words
the stuff is at my disposal. My paranoia screams that there is a well connected plagerist who thought I would give up
leeving the work unfinished and free to their alteration and ellegal finishing of my work and they are a Machivelian
@$&* because they are powerfull and only interested in apperance not giving a @$&* who they @$&* over to attain
that stature as long as they don't get a bad reputation thereby giving them the inabuility to bilk any other people
reputation having preceeded them.
Right now it is Ferris Bulers Day Off she is very cute englais engle English guy gin gab I feel handcuffed to the floor
but the coffe has the chains loose enough to type ah her in wet negligee brings to mind my Hues inspired take not my
eyes this being his film after all and what is with all the top shelf hunnies as my fellow Smith put it I mean Sherman is
in Illinois but they must be way better than Chicago's for oil was stolen I say but those who steal have fine things to
them I say Kiss my @$& I'm Scottish unless you will mend your ways and loose the carpet bags and move to the poor
region that made you so rich. But Sherman your O.K. in my book as is Oklehoma this abuility to be damaged by
kicking does not say much for the quality of Ferrari but I guess any car will take it the same they were all after all made
of steal @$&* you Carnegy. Ah the pot is nice and resined no gall to gab about darlin donka shun. The music in these
films makes me nostalgic for the Eighties pretty much all of it. My father used to have a Jeep Renegade made in the
eighties which calls to mind the goofy looking scware head lights of the newer Jeeps I liked them round like KCs still
are and when you have all round KCs and head lights it gives it a cool almost space ship looking feel and what about
the remote controlled space ship with the KC It $#@&' me off how about you @$& raping $#@!&*& (not that they
were $#@!&*&s the children that is) child having fashists who think they are better for their location and parts of their
nomenclature @$&* is still @$&* and @$&* by any other name would smell just as putrid and if that is you who
invades my house with your live feed holograph/cloaking technology how does my blade sting and sorry for anyone
down on their luck enough to be hired by those $#@!&*&s to do their dirty work it wasn't truly personal it is your evil
paymaster that I have a problem with but if you all had not forced some form of vapor into my mouth making me
exhale vapor or smoke that I can see and causing the breathing attack like symptoms I would not have had to do it and
remember that your blood spills but as does mine mind you. And if it was you that spilled my maggies blood woe to
you when I get my hands on you call it redundant so I can prove you're a fool even thyough that name is too good for
you for after all all other titles I have given away as well. @$&* me? Go ahaid and try it while I am awake in other
words cognesant. And all you southerners will have to remember Richy Balans Buddy Holly and Ernest Hemingway
the later it didn't evin kill but he wished it had to some degree. Now it is Goldeneye the modle of and namesake for my
favorite video game of all times. @$&* me he says for amending the mistakes that either I made or he created now we
switch to the award winning episode of Leela's origins which has just ended I missed it while performing a spell check
on everything except Rumy now the Geodon is kicking in and I will have to say fare well for the night.
It is another day I awoke to a phone call from my mother telling me it was Thanksgiving and that the family missed me.
Right now it is the run down and I am waiting for my brother to find his wallet for to buy me a pack of cigarettes I am
such the bumb but he loves me beggars bowl and all. The town has already been taken back but what about the money
hatcher already made off of them will they get that back or is opressiones end payment enough Death to Louis. But one
mans slavery is another mans good day depends on how you look at it. Now what to do with Gulliver I hve to say the
journey is rolling to the end in chapter six verging on the next miniturization of the ship.
I am flipping off Musoliuni in Crimes and Misdemeners You cant finish my film by God not my book either and if
Woody wants to go ahaid and sew me so be it sause I love him anyway as an artist and comedian. @$&* I wish I could
have a drink but this Geodon and a lack of adderall my heart couldn't take it but this bole is nice.Baruch habba it is all
biblical to me. And watching Oceans Twelve makes me paranoid now art thieves as it were. I can just see our creative
writing head with a shot gun saying bring it on metaphoricaly as it were he has a copy if not he didn't feel that it was
worth cutting and pasting.
Right now it is Yojimbo the story on which I based Tea and Cake me is I. And yes is huy or hi. Yes I'm Highwho are
you. That better have been a typo the double s's I hate f'n fashists and Nazi's to boot but what about japan do they still
think they are superior and to whome those are whores remember.
Whitney(at dinner at Cattle Barons with David and Jenny Rowen toating the Kid whi is very test sticking things in his
mouth that he shouldn't but he does anyway and gets a real kick out of it like leamon slices all the way in , Shawn,
Mom, Dad, Grandmother West, Uncle Ken and Aunt Pam West Uncle Dale and Aunt Anneda Gibson, Kurt and His
wife who I cant name for some reason Maybe that's why willy called me Cheto other than my affinity for Chetos day
after thanksgiving)- I want to go see That new film about the Gaisha.
Dustin-You know what they are right.
Whitney- What?
Dustin- Whores.
Dad- Dustin!
Dustin- Well they were.
Whitney- No they would just pay for talk.
Dustin- No that's what they do now.
I had Cajun chicken Alfredo My mother and pretty much every one else had a steak which is what I fed my Maggie
when I got home Miss C@$&idy was happy.
Aunt Pam- Don't swallow that gum. Let me see it.
The child swallows the gum and smiles. It was kind of humerous but I as the others did not want to laugh so as not to
encourage him. The Shop keeper is as the Yojimbo sais is Drowning his sorrows in sokey. Now I am deffinately in the
mood. Gullivers Travels is on Sci fi I have my sword the helt of which I have wrapped in white with the black
wrapping I have put into a pretty much diomand shaped pattern like the boy's fighting with the Girl with the panties
visible completely and she hacks off his ear Perfect hair forever not like Tony Dansas a wigg he wares in this
minisearies with the Big Enders and Little Enders now I have returned frome giving myke a ride home Gulliver is now
a tiny attraction which I had not yet considered but for the climbing of mount Lay-Z-Boy and the man of diminished
proportions but evil stature is jelose of Guylliver Phoenix of creation and he juggles his way to obscurity Mating I had
not considered that either and why not a lusty torid affair between Alice and their Blue skinned Emporer Raja sa Jiggy
Raja the delightful. His relationship with the gigantic little girl is strange she thinks it fine that they should mary. And
yess they have not seen England my Uncle Ken and Aunt Pam West have they actually got to sit in on a match not on
center court mind you at Wimbledon. I would like to go some day hoaping I don't get mugged Like I have anything of
real value to nick. What about their love for our long lived Queen Elizibeth Defender of the faith yada yada yada it is
the Faith that I am interested in it brings up images of crusade battles fought long aggo but we pick on them now to
have a foe and to steel some oil how aprapo Babilon Babilon you make us do anything our minds set out to do and you
got our language confused but Hi yes. Who named us click click click dirk whaaa whaaa click click cclick click. Have
you read it the book of Enoch it has Giants lascivious ones at that who eat the flesh of men. And Now it is George
Carlin Life is Worth Loosing while I pick up my metal make shift tobbacho pipe shaped mota pipe which has a bent
metal water pipe stem piece for a mouth piece connected to a rivated metal tube which is connected to its elbow piece
which has the upwardly angled connection hole and at a fourty five degree angle to that is the whole for the bowl and in
the bowls form screws in the piece de resistance my large smokeless top with the cone shaped top which can hold a bole
itself which I rarely let cash packing more into it packing it down with one of the pen pieces from my now trash binned
50' sony projection screen T.V., that cieced functioning and was cheeper to replace than to fix, the pipe works nicely
and is pretty much straight when the rivets are bent down in its original shape to the metal at the connection between the
stem/mouthpiece and the metal tube but that sometimes being of such flimsy metal gets bent out at the connection
changing the position at which they screw together. I am holding a hit in now. It was good I think I'll have another and
another and so on until I am stoned even though I have little to replace it with smoke it sparingly though hense the
Zippo and smokeless top which only concerves when hit correctly so that the pot isn't roasted getting the top hotter than
sin with reguard to the oxygen level in the pipe after being toked at covering the hole in the smokeless top until the top
is completely cool at every p@$& now the number of people smoaking has something to do with how hot it gets and
how much is consumed obviously because much time is spent recovering from each hit white it p@$&es through other
mouths so when you get the pipe with more than three people you are ready for the hit reguardless of how hot the top is
boles for psychological egoists blunts for utilitarians but it is nice when every body gets high but it would be nice for
me if everyone had their own pipe or joint to hit not chancing putting their mouths on possibly herpese or other disease
tainted mouthpieces and southern lipped joints wett as hell and falling to pieces and not wet as in dipped in embalming
fluid that's for musicians and we just stood there getting wet with our backs against the fence. Oh the water. Ooh the
water. Oh the water. Hope it don't rain all day. Van Morrison Didies are nice and sometimes they do help me sleep at
night the boles and the diddies there be. There went Ganine Gerofilo a fellow stoner according to her choice of roles
with the blod die job kind of punk looking for her for her real coler is black and Kate Samuels' sister's hair is naturally
blond but so is her mom on Genine Gerrofilo it kind of reminds me of a Japanese Girl with hair with blue like my eyes
you bitch Austin or purple hair with semmi big purple perfectly round spots or hell even b londe. Now it is Futerama
the world through Frye's eyes is so wonderous I meen finding joyous fascination kind of like mine in the letters U and R
ooo so close space cow he sais gives new meaning to the milky way. That's what makes it so nasty. Not that great.
There are five white spots on one side of my helt and four spots on two and on one three for Three is One and Two is
Three and One is Three and Three is Two and still Two is One and One is Two and Three and Threes company but with
me do They feel crowded. Know thy enemy eye Stewie quoting Family and the artr of war again and plees keep Your
friends close and Your enemies in prison hiding or graves this coming frome a suit wearing closet smoaker toker to
borrow a term jocund joker not an incidious eye poker I have too much respect for Bibles to thump them especially the
King James ones but may the bad book mein conpfe, mein @$&, Chunga is obviously hungry. Biiird Man. I have my
new SD-1 Generals on the desk in front of me which I twirl into and out of matched grip and traditional I do my Best
for Him perumpumpumpum one two lale one two la le one two la le one la le two la le one. The la/le ca That remember
gender. I say baked potatoe you say wodka. Baked potatoe. Wodka. Baked potatoe. Wodka. Lets not call the whole
thing off. Are you still Marxist I like free admission as long as I get to work for it. Did he say communist Dear God
Stone him or godess as it were as in prey or pray whichever fits your fancy. Prey Tell you say. Thanks sister you can
have a hit. No backwash. As a holy palmer might kiss. I as he was talkin to panguin heads in and out of marriage with
h/Him. God and Jack as it were and still is. Our keln is the same to to sai and I with air pumped in baths are good too.
Seems like to to sai would like us Baptists rituals in water as it is and Catholics for their Christaning. But what about
Quakers aquatic snakes you say I'm a snake too September 29'th 1977 but write for all is vanity even when He just sais
write He reveals much don't you see. I like how he blowes fire for a keln. It is his. Herry. Eye of the one true God
Hordes of Locusts is a good Joe Satriani song as is his as me and many other Christians call it Galgatha. Surfin with the
Alian. Silver Surfer no nurf herder. No. Don't take me away reminding of calgon commercials. I say somewhat
sarchasticly. Big O you mean a Smith can be a hero. Complicated he sais and Dorithy is over the rainbow luying in
poppie fields T.V. the opiate of the m@$&es but opium is so drull well I guess that's why they call it a figure of speech.
I love cartoon creative writers with them anything is possible and when their jaws drop it is to the floor on Saturday
mornings just turning to after noon I would hunger for more with no cartoon network to call home now that I have it the
even the childrens stories like Ed Ed and Eddie Courage the Cowerdly dog not to mention Buggs bunny cartoons and
fine pieces of Disney and Pixar Cinema Alice in Wonderland was always my favorite by the way Fantasia @$&ide.
And the Dudley doo write stories of anime and America or commidies Like American Dad I know that's not a ryme but
nor is it redundant.
My Maggie had her stitches taken out yesterday morning she is healing nicely I must say.

Chapter 25 The Manson Fammily Christmass incident.

The Michael J. Chavarilla chapter of my life hyas closed because two days aggo he walked towards me with a crazy
look in his eyes holding a steak knife in a downwards motion I walked into my room and grabbed the sword that I had
traded with him for.
Mike-Give me that sword.
I threw the sword over the bed away from us between it and the wall.
Michal-This is a test.
He then stabbed me twice in this manner after I grqabbed his wrists as he started stabbing towards me I struggled with
himfrom the bedroom into the living room and tripped over my golf clubs falling down my back landing against my
couch I had no room to roll away and if I had pushed myself up I would have offered him my vitals as easy targets so I
put my hands up covering my face with my hands my neck with my wrists and my chest with my fore arms he stabbed
me once in the fore head and once in the shoulder leaving I later found out 2 ½-three inches of steak knife in my
shoulder and back behind the left clavical when Joey Tackled him while the blade was in my shoulder Michal having a
death grip on the blade
Dustin-Please don't stab me. Please don't stab me.
nd they administered a well deserved beating to him on my behalf Hats off to ya boys. I herd the first strike of
retribution as
Dustin- I'm goin to the Hospital .
Thank God for the structural inhtegrety of the human skull According to KLBK it was over a board game. Ya that's it
we were arguing over weather achronyms count in scrabble or not. The truth is I have no idea why he stabbed me but if
it had not been for Joey and Domonick-If Berry White saved your life then yould think twice- the heroes of yesterday
morning. If you were watching KLBK on 12/13/05 you coulda seenh Michael getting tased four times getting up three
times and all I could say about the footage is that hye shoulda kept his knees up not that he could have outrun them but
way to go.
I walked out the door knowing not if my ijuries might be fatal or not got in my car and drove to Covenant Parking in a
Handycaped parking place and receiving a $250 Ticket for the parking infraction I pray I can sweet talk my way outa
that one.
On the way their I uttered my wounded car mantra to keep me on the road
Dustin- Youv’e just been stabbed your not gonna die. Youv’e just been stabbed your not going to die.
Well it got me there.

Chapter 26

          Right now it is Chroinicalks of Ridic a somewhat harrowing tale with as much or more blood than I have seen
come out of me counting six true scars;
 one on my fore arm left by the way shaped like one side of a pyramid to me but it is a V to the rest of the world made
by a center block's edge two on my right shin one from falling on a bleacher the other when I walked backwords I nto a
fire place grait they make the shape of another V but upsidedown one under my eye one from a bar bell dropped by my
brother one on my wrist that looks like a nike swoosh from hammering on my old coffe table in order to place nails
holding bags or pockets to hold my N64 controlers and the new forehead scar on the left side Mike is right handed that
is not so big thank God for the structural integrity of the human skull and the larger one on my left shoulder heading
from the visible mark two three inches deep in my back internally as it were even larger than the blade of the steak knife
for the force which broke the blade did slice the wound open a little more. I was able speeking of bodily fluids I was
actually able to keep the red ink of life off of my black and white striped tie that I was wearing while the attempt was
made on my life and now I feel that I can almost empathise with Julius Caeser at least the insanity and the being
stabbed part not for the tyrannical rule the murders and the power part but though I did not deserve it unless being proud
of ones work, vocabulary to a point, possessions, dog, family old and new living and dead physically, education or what
little I have of it and attire are enough to warrant my demise. Was Chavarria jelos was it really a test as he put it what
he ment by test before stabbing me I will never know I guess I proved that I could struggle until tripping and then when
on the ground that I could cover my vitals eyes neck and chest with hands and forearms and also the test proved that at
least two people care for me enough to save my life at risk to their own personal harm what did the test prove It
definitely proved Hunter S. Duncecap right when He said, Never turn your back on a drug especially when it is waving
a razor sharp hunting knife in your face or steak knife in my case and place of habitation forcing Joey's hands and cops
tazers to retribution freeing the free world of that violant person that has you walking on egg shells for lack of a better
solution at risk all the time to cut and contusion as for a chance I should not have given him one having Joey and
Domonick escort him out when I pleaded with him to leave even before he bore the knife blade down beckoning me to
unsheath my sword which I threw from us so at least I could not be called and rightfully so a murderer so I took one for
the team for Peat Rose as it were who laid em down as I do prose hoping for a return but that's how betting goes wether
betting with your life or with your bank accound it is not just money we smell with our noses wether our actions are
legal or not. That question America poses But it may just be Pete Rose's name everyone will remember even if they
saw mike getting tased saying oh how wrong it is never knowing of my anxiety never thinking of his actions and their
lack of propriety alls I know is that Huntsville holds him staving harm to society and to me the receiver of his tenacity
rapaciosness murderous intent for which I could care less if he recants for that his recanting will not give me back
10,000 breaths taken in angst making my head and hands tingle making me cold and afraid that one day he will be set
free to exact his revenge for time taken from him and retourn to me mean as a beast wishing on my flesh to feast with
steel teath like before the memories of which I abhore and yet cannot ignore falling to the floor bleeding blood that his
blade bore. How is that for bop prosidy. Now from my pipe I go breathing bellows of beutifull smoke and into the mix
I will throw an air of sweet benevolence.
          Right now it is Matrix Revolutions the ending of their Sci fi fling The war is over as it were and so much I do
concur with a need for peace. Shall I puff. Yes do lets. Though my ship knows which way to go it seems to be
progressing slowly with rising and falling action sorry for the lack of benevolence showing but on the seas of real life it
is tossed and real life is hard to dissreguard as if conflict ment nothing. Still I will endevor to persevere though you
may think it queer me quoting Lincoln But it was an Indian I herd it from in some old Clint Eastwood Western and so
what if I with Lee blood Prais God for Angelous free blood though do not think a black man uncle Tom for breaking
bread with me(Wussup Ryan I hope that you are free and that when we meet in the future sin wont come between you
and me so that we can sing Free at last Free at last thank God we are free at last whether on MLK or in Abernathy or in
some new found secret place with a name much much more crafty so long as it isn't nasty.
          It is three days after Christm@$& 008 days of 007 is on For Your Eyes Only a Moor Bond but his weren't bad
Moor is actually Jim's favorite bond mine is still Connery after all these Christm@$&es I have on my new Stafford
black trenchcoat and the suit I was stabbed in I also got socks a pair of which I have on, Nunn Bush black loafers
laceless don't you know which are on me now, underwar, a blue shirt and tie. I actually walked out on the Mike
situation with a little to show for it besides scars an old but well taken care of Versaci Cl@$&ic shirt which was given
to him by a docter friend of his and the sword although I had to trade for that last night I had a breathing attack you
know shortness of breth and chest pains but I smoked a bowl after waiting too long in the waiting room at Covenant
Hospital going home before being administered a breathing treatment and the @$&* thing went right away I was just
afraid that I would run out so I was saving it but in dire straights it's your last bowl or breath and it was and I did freely
breath and smoke after the few first hard to hold hits. I no longer have a T.V. in this bed/computer room so it is just
bond sound that I am hearing. To once come back to the discussion of games My Goldeneye has come into use again
with the aid of a second working controller stick which is harder to controle which was an excuse made by Joey last
night for the reason I was always winning ten to o 0 but we traded controllers and my Janus Special Forces held up
Beating both him and then him and That long haired freack who will go unnamed who has a sword almosed exactly like
mine with the exemption of his blade being about two inches shorter and helt about two inches longer but trhe helts
were identical until mike threw what was then his which was Made in Taiwan 440 stainless steal steal and is now mine
and his a Japanese Lettered 440 stainless steal seal made in places unknown to me for I cannot read Japanese which is
just one of the many weapons which he possesses which include;
Three pair of nun chucks one stainless steal trifold one wooden pair and a practice pair with foam padding, three good
throwing stars two four pointed and one five, two Chinese blunt in fact to blunt to sharpen and wobbily wushu blades,
and two cheap knock off fold up knives.
The similar sword and one of the three stars I sharpened for him making the sword razor sharp at the middle point of the
blade but the opposite ends are for some reason harder not even mine are realy razor sharp but a larger portion of my
blade having spent far more time on it is leaving just a two inch blunt spot at the tip and helt side but ther tip is sharp
enough to stab with so it is ok not that I would stab anyone with it unless I am once again forced to chose between
throwing it aside and unsheathing it to defend my life which is still hard but somehow more livable once someone else
put it in peril and John Cleese was right then in the Holy Grail and then when relating.
Lancelot- It's much too perilous.
But I did face the paril with a lack of violence except in struggling on my part anyway thanks to you boys in Blue
Dominick and Joey.
The theme Track for Your Eyes Only and we did play in an off state year 2002-2003 three more for four is par one
which is always the same J@$& in all the films almoast Ba dam da da da da da bum dead( silly fagot I aint dead yet not
like you have the balls to kill me yourself anyway)a da de da, Live and Let Die we percussionists hedbanged on the da
da da, da da da, da da da, dadada da dada da da as we played onetateta two twotateta thretateta fore ta te ta one two ta te
ta thre fourte(Gock) onete(gock) twote(gock) te(gock) te(Gock) fourtateta and so on to play ^onetateta ^twotatet
threetate^ta fourtateta^ ^ONE AND SO ON and Goldfinger which was our percussion solo. 28 and still kickin mother
@$&*er You wont be getting out outside a body bag youre gonna be old when they parole you mr 42 if that is your real
age which it isn’t he is younger than me I Will Dance on Austin Foresters grave for what he has done.
         Right now it is mell brooks Blazing Saddles The great Pie Fight. I have on my Tux because I am going with my
parents to exchange two pairs of gray docker pants for two pairs of pants that match my Tux jacket tie and vest. From
what I hear Michael thought that he had killed me and then told the police that Andrea her married name is Smith by the
way but Irish but still a kelt red headed and another girl had done it I mean the audacity both to think that he could end
my life Now it is sone of the mask the smiles too fake on the baby and it starts out ok but the special affects are too
cheesy and the cartoon at the end isn't as violant or treacherasly hapanstanced enough like Sylvester tweety and baby's
day out for that matter the animation in the movie although cgi and way out of praportion lacked slapstick mishap
madness except for the brick wall thing but the pain from the brick wall is not effective enough on the masked character
no teeth falling out one teewtering and then starting to fall out attached just at the edge for a second before falling.or
annything. I awoke at three in the morning today having fallen asleep at nine last night my parents will be here at some
point I would call them but I don't want to wake them up. I cant shake this certain suspicion that acertain x rummate
had something to do with the stabbing they are machivelian @$&*s after all and would stop at nothing to keep their
putrid reputation afloat and so what if I haven't flushed theirs yet Machiaveli didn't accounht for my keyboard rrss if
you know what I mean. I hpe Jim is in Moroco or Japan or Tai land anywhere but in Jail or prison But how will I know
of his offshore publications American means the check has to be spent and sent elsewhere but he would have to be a
hacker genious to cover the checks track straight to him but in japan who gives a @$&* about his 10,000$ debt may he
never get served wanton wild and wully as sharp as his knives and only God knows where bound.                  It is late I am
stoned and watching Goodfellas I'm not much of a partaker of cocain not that I haven't but will think twice about it
again and not that I judge those who do some are pretty cool mother @$&*ers Maurey's Wiggs but how are Maurey's
Terrys. I now have two pair of black Stafford pants one orriginaly worth 100 samolians and the pair I have on now
along with mny Claiborn smith flame blue silk jaket black and white striped Hilfiger Tie and white shirt also Tommy
my Black Nunn Bush slip ons and blue socks with the addition of my USB drive the pants were worth 60 Aint it a kick
in the head? Big fish baby and Bjorn Fein and the Hills and Snodgr@$& and Alton they love the story too many hills
to come inside all at once.
         It is New Years Day 2006 2 1/2oz to freedom baby with one on the way and I've already payed I saw Mike
Medlow yesterday he seemed well tall black and proud as he has always been he couyld Call me a Howly if we were in
Howii right now it is the Weding Singer I have already had my Black eyed peas and if I can keep writing I will have set
myself up for a productive year but as my brother stated
Shawn- Theirs only a likelihood of you doing something all year if you do it regularly in the first place
And I do write often but what to do about sly Gulliver to have this thing finished I will have to lose the @$&*ers who
are hacking me. My pipe is loaded and the stuff is rather head and stumach stony.
If you would like me to get stoned continue reading if not continue on page one he he.
Ah I see you would like me to get stoned. Well negotiated my friend. And remember kids never let your pipes
cash(unless of course it begings to develop a taste that is gaullike) just leep on loadin more in the smokeless top and
when the screen is too clogged to get a hit load the bottom bowl in the top take the screen in a pair of plyers and set it
over a lighter burning off the resin that is covering it bending it once burned so that the mater in the holoes in the screen
will fall out again after loading the bottom bowl in a large top like mine shown in scan and loade the already a bit
chared and resined bowl in the top mixed in with the resined up bowl on bottom loading a fresh bowl of un broken up
weed in the bottom over the cleen screen and only break your weed up enough to get the seeds out and if there are no
seeds then just enough to fit it in the pipe it will smoke slower and never dip the flame deeply into the top just tap it in
the hole untill you feel warm smoke and then stop lighting it and when finished hiting cover the hole in the smokeless
top to cut off the oxygen feeding the flame if you are trying to smoke in a place that cant be smoked in do this and take
small hits also covering the hole in the mouthpiece holding the smoke in for about 45 seconds to a minit and a half
pending on how big the hit is and if it is too big it will cough ya and they'll be on to ya so be carefull kids I suggest
practicing it at home or outside where you can get away with it to get the process perfect to where you get a good hit
hold it in for a minut ten seconds letting no smoke out at all when you breath out but the more times you do it at least if
it is not shwag it will be harder and harder to do that is why you prasctice it properly done you will be smoking in bus
bathrooms in no time p@$&angers none the wiser you coulod use an it as well but with an it you always change out the
bounce sheets in the toilet paper role after it's third use or you can also blow out though a fresh cigerette filtering out
some of the exsess smoke but the hold and oxygen cut off method should work well enough without it. Speeking of
buss' Feliki Couldren that's in London Harry potter's on the triple decker with no seats but beds instead. Time for
another hit he he Harry Potthead the p@$&angers in bed with long faces and known addrewsses my pot is half red and
I'm sitting on my bed although it's just a couch and the stuff was 75 an ounce cause I payed for a QP and hell it don't
come free although shwag comes cheaper and Hidro mush higher but so will you be if it is bubbly berry or Maui Wowi
or south American sesimilla or Acupulco Gold or norther lights let me tell you it's nice and Shantashiva it's a real killa
or Humbolt it's no joke and Morrocan Hash and Dutch seed co's and Tai Sticks and Afgani and B.C. bud Howian Blue
Purploe Hazse even when grown like Maze with a fish to fertilize will grow quite well if it is bright as hell and not very
seedy when you pull all your males and moister's the key and it is just an I dea why not fertilize with THC mixed in
with Miricle grow in the filled hydroponic tub form cutting the flow for a 10 minuts in your hydroponic farm filling
each tub with ground up marinol and liquid miracle grow then starting it again once they've had a chance to drink in and
next week on Thursday do it all over again add some flowers and some fruit as well and maybe graft some cocus
flowers cutting a sliver off of the stemn then adding ruting solution to the cut coccus tape the tip to the plant it's a real
hoot -or here is an Idea what about grafting on to the tops of plants other plants that hang down covering the five finger
leaves if you get away with it I will be pleased but you must grow many for buds are lke flowers they don't do well in
the shade but if you can grow it undetected you've got it made and always remember don't let it grow so tall as not to
expose the leaves clipping the plant to make it bushier but not as tall you see-. Two and a half to three months is how
long it takes before you can collect your first yield after planting that is and in two more collect your second and then
grind up the stripped plant for mulch for your next crop which if you have ten tubs so not the paranoia driven outside
plant and you plant a new plant every Week you should have the abuility to allways be growing @$&uming that when
your first planted plant has produced a second yield you mulch it up and have a plant already three weeks started in a
pot to place back in the water that the old plant was sitting in another Hint I will give is leave the plants in a closed
room and into the air sealed room you pump in carbon dioxide and humidity keeping the room at around 88.6 And the
water needs to be at the same temp as the room or room temp line the room with foil or mirrors and cover the ceiling
with either halides or some other form of grow lights and It needs to be so bright that your eyes have to adjust when
entering into the room and you should also run fans in the room circulating the rich carbon dioxide laiden air through
the room but don't set them so high that they blow the plants out of their clipps into the tubs below and you run all the
tubs together for water flow running water out the bottoms and in through the topps running only fresh water over them
constantly so no fountain ideas people except for onece a week when you plug each tub every week to two weeks for
20-30 munuts at a time circulating the water with pumps inside the tubs that have no in or out flow filling each tub with
fertilizer any kind will do but it is best to use a form that will not give your plants a changed taste and odor adding
Marinol ground up bud that was used to make hash so hash left overs the leaves not the seads and stems, or just resin
from your pipe pipe rezin ball(I have seen one as big as a soft ball or roach weed along with things to add flavor to your
bud like ceder oak or pine finely ground or mulched and none of your fertilizing/potency increasing/and scenting agents
can be large enough to clog up the lines between tubs and flowing out hopefully onto a guarden evently displaced so
that it pours out over a large area so as not to flood any one area in which you grow whatever you want I like Blue
bonnets and white orchids oh and cocus flowers although too many of them is needed to make it a viable secondary
cash crop. They call me mellow Yellow quite right slick.My Maggie is walking by. And again I stress never let a male
hemp plant grow anywhere near your medicinal marijuana because seed first reduce potency and second take up space
that should be taken up by red or purple or blue or orange or black hairs I don't count brown cause that is dirt weed and
should be wiped from the face of the earth or budy material in the case of sativa which I prefer to leafy material wich
exists in indica which can be good but is rarely better than something like northern lighs which is thick and clumpy and
when allowed to turn into shake is more like a powder than the tea leafe like shake that indica leaves that only for the
most part produce a head stone only leaving your body uncatatonic and taking more to get you high as well as smoking
quicker and tasting worse sativa is the way to go yess sir unless the afformetioned collered hairs in the indica are so
abundant that little leave matter exists in it and only when THC christals are abundant and visible and the indica is
seerdless as well. While in that case I would buy it but I would not touch it with my skin using tweezers to load it and
scisors to break it up if need be. Speaking of pot right now it is Cheech and Chongs Next Movie their tricking out the
van with the tiny steering weel and all that jazz pendejo my real good friend bend over pendejo you wanna
jump.tequila. Julio baboso pinche way pulto vaca cabesa barbacoa menudo mole as in chicken in a peanut butter sauce
with white or fried rice fajitas chalupas chimichanga burritos monteray tripas yuck rancheros picho de gullo carne
guisada e wuevos pullo quail vaca vach cow torro bull@$&* mejo or meecho but with a ch as in achmed nana auhnt
madre de la noche Bella Dana et e me padre mon pere my father. Waiting for social security I used to do that now I just
get a check and wait for psychiatrists. My sword is now up on the wall below the 4020 year old spear point strait razor
and two of the black Chinese like the sword paihntings over most of theBakini Island Test poster my painting Forester
and a small portion of the cast picture of Monty Python and the Holy Grail as well as my cross and black summer
Kangol. I have just cleaned the floor and the coffy table which has a chess board and pieces my three N64 controlers
my candy ddish with the candy man my grandather and Grandmother wests picture and me my brother and Dad as well
above pictured my Mothers Chrome polish my steryo remote my coffe cup with coffe a bud and the vw hub cap with
cigerette ashes and butts and one small bud that was biger but there is little space to fill up top. My sticks are beside me
Mr Hoo Ha is sleeping. Pee wee herman went to jail cause he was a Jerkin he got out and still has clout on tv he's still
         It is a day later aand Domonick is crashed out on my couch I have on my black black pin striped suit a white
Arrow short sleeve dress shirt my pin drive a blck and white tie black socks a white gold ring with a black onyx stone
my watch the face is now black my black nunn bush slip ons my black wool felt Kangol bodkin cap and my black
trench cote which I have just cut the sholder straps off of accidentally cutting having to sow up the shoulder my pipe
and lighter also match as well as my sword which is hanging by nales and the shoulder straps. My mirror is beside me
and it is not so much of a waste the skin I see that is though us writers besides putting money in the pockets of
publishers, printers, new and used book store owners and pper mill workers, ourselves, our children, ex and current or
widowed wives, plagerists, advertisement people, grocery store workers, artist in case of covers or inspired works like
Don Quijote and yess he is still getting stoned, critics, writers of journals, lawyers hear that f'ers, librarians, clergy in
some small way but God doesn't care if it is small or not the amount of cash that is, I say paper mill workers, paper
recyclers, Library of Congress workers, translators, teachers and all the rest for how is man educated do. Oh and my
gl@$&' dugh.
                  Now it is the cl@$&ic without age True Romance. It makesw me sing like I think I am Elvis. Comic
Books were a thing of Chavarria like violence and argument and @$&* talking and stabin my @$& It kind of makes
me feal lonely but it seems I am always alone when watching this flick he's self conscious like me as if he wasn't good
enough for her attraction, adoration, adrenolin, acceptance and lack of apprehension. Watch out Charly Browns a bad
bad man. What is it with Tarentino and writing gun shots to the crotch how do you truly hurt a man take away from
him his love if your enemy is a writer or musician cut off their hads and cut out their voice box how can you play or
write without hands and how can you sing or dictate without a voice if he is into power take it away from him who sais
these things I am not into power I'm into literature in Hoarly's case it was coke balls and mortality.
                         Ive been having a long drawn out breathing attach which I am just now getting over it is midday
50 first dates is about to be on but right now it is outland I have on my black black striped suit- I just sneased a loogi all
the way over five feet to my bookase it landed right on the side well it is not realy a bookcase I found it in trhe guarrage
ah there is shawn connery- I have on the Loreign Suit, my black and white striped tie an white shirt my slipp ons black
socks and underware I was wearing my hat and trench which if I havn't told you already I have taken the shoulder straps
off cutting the right shoulder just a bit but it is still bad@$& Ive switched back to outland never seen it before see sea
you aint just whistling Dixie J.K. name is already in it see. I was holding my nose over the burner there fore a while
figuring in my paranoia that it was someone pumping toxic but quite flammable fumes into my lungs having only free
breaths near the flame breething into the flame somehow making it hotter until I had been there for a white and my
breething then effected the fire very little after much of this I would intermiddantly stop to smoke ciggerettes and my
pipethen when the sun came up I gave maggy a walk it was brisk the coat and hat did me well my bangs are a little
shorter given the previoyusly stated lunacy and I have a car but when I got in it started to make this annoying knocking
sound and out of the blue it started making a noise like it was running out of power steering fluid and to top it all off a
tire is flat so there was no way I was walking down to the Hospital probably spending as much time there as I did here
dealing with it. I just got a hair cut. Mr cannery how are you walkin? Is your ship that big? Sets didn't have to be
obviously. Space Psychosis what a way to live looks as if shese already been stabbed. Sharky's Machine. How do you
fire a shot gun in space wouldn't that afgfect your whole spaceships position not to mention breach the hullshot him
through the door Mri for stab wounds why not that they knew what an mri was but a cat yes. Ive switched back to 50
first dates. I am now going over to andrea and bucky's place.
          Goldfinger is on I have the same suit and shirt on and my Kangol and trench it is a bit cold in here but I like it
that way. Imust be dreaming for I did not have enough sleep last night and I don't have Geodon for tonight or
tommorow well for however long my brother whitney and parents are gone to Houston. This is going to be one wild
ride. Although I just submitted it for refill and it may be what sent me into that breathing attack last night. I wander
how many days this will be on looks like twenty four. I love the Austin martin. Defect he sais see. Where dou you
skate theirs a Garrage see. Pull over there see Ya theirs a hotel near by see. That's what she said sais groucho Now it
is Stargate SG-1. Commericals. Where is the Duck Soup I should have that on DVD the noive. Or Baby Face Nelson.
You killed my brother see. You dirty rat. Top of the world aunt mildred. My pipe is 007 although one of the 0's is a
little oblong from being squished. Stargate SG-1 Monday the Bond films will be on tommorow and Goldfinger will
probably be replayed and I switch back to intemittantly. Do you expect me to talk. No mr Bond I expect you to
die.Pussy Galore. I must be dreaming. As am I mr Bond for now. Shese a @$&* good pilot I mean if she shagged one
bunner from Edinburough she shagged the hole @$&*n lot of us. Not us in Texas though And all the space and no TX
well I guess you cant Gamble in Houston shinDon't mess with Texas. Forest fires are bad too but that is Smokeys deal
OO it was the Ramones in America or it Was the sex pistols in London or try this one the Ppolice in South Africa. I
Don't want no dead end job. You forget Messaagew in a box starts in the seventies Born Born in the fifties. Shut your
nigeal and get that suit on Not like that . He's going to tell Brave sir Robin Ran away. He bravely ran away away.
When danger turned it's ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled. Mike made me feel like Sir Robin bravely fleeing
to the hospital to have my wounds sutured and dressed could have done it myself but would rather not get an infection
thank you for I had no alcohol but I had a car and dissabuility insurance anhd that ticket is as far as they were concerned
needed no further action on my part for the letter I sent explained my situation. Totally unavailailable to any man apart
from him like my handicapped parking spot at covenant that day. I can just imagin a child walking near one of those
Claymors SG-1 set off but the child being rocketed fourty feet away flying through the stargate with her little pig tails
all black as sut skidding down the ramp on her tucas. Coming to a stop sitting and coughing totally other than bruised
unharmed but still cartoony and no shrapnel either. This is the one where Teulk Joins. I want to see a gimnist go nuts
on a Japanese dance game hands and all standing on them and twisting in step back to flips and spins standing. I know
there is someone who could polay enough to create p@$&es with arials to boot. This is the next episode. Always
going forward never in reverse. Bond abourd a submarine lucky mfer Cambradge and oriental no less probably sick
crash course in Asia from Hong Kong to Tokyo to skaramangas island it speaks English his first language. Big guys
sumo how a mix of grains rice butter and sugar mung bean with vanilla milkshakes ginsing with gingeer and hopefully
Garlick could be pastas but probably egg noodles with chicken or beef beer fed Now it is adult swim Futurama just
ended the robot devils a real hoot great musician too by the way.
        Bond has just killed Fatima Blush and Mr. Largo is waiting for him. I am still out of my Geodon I awoke every
our on the hour last night needing a cigerette and a hit of bud before my body would allow me sleep aggainI have on my
Smith blue jacket and Bond has a Smith blue shirt False alarm but our flame is impossible to stainthough it may change
from red to yellow to blue to green like that fau jade statue you dirty rat you killed her brother human life is worth so
much more than pearls, ivory, gold platinum or precious stones (weather they are diamonds, sapphires, rubys, emeralds,
tope, jade, granit or marble which aren't precious but are still expensive on grand scales I was just refurring to the
attempted sale of. Do blonds realy have more fun? Henry rallins would talk @$&* about me for drugs but I dare even
him to deny that I am one hard core mother @$&*er as in energizer bunny you stab him and he just keeps on going and
going Maybe I dress nicely to say bring on the fight I don't give a @$&* if my clothes are torn anyway I just sew them
up or have them sewn up when it is realy me and not just the clothing no need in risking infection on cotton thread or in
a lack of the plethora of shots including tetnus and I concider them battle scars like the dents to my car weather it is a
battle of jelousy like Mike who was planning on robbing me a battle over clumsiness or that of self abasement which I
do not like in myself this war I wage on my flesh it is too @$&* weak after all though my spirit is willing to treat it
kindly and wash it as God would have it at least when your not living off the grid as Jim told me.
Jim(ah memories)-men that go Grisly Addams don't wash for who have they to offend and that layer of sweat and dirt
servs to water proof them
staving off colds I would imagine. But I wonder what they do when getting colds not flues for who is there to infect
them or get hurt a broken blkeeding legg without knowledge of self triage would be a painfull way to go given you cant
stopp the bleeding and I will remind you resseting your owns bones much less finding ties and splint under duress takes
one hard core mother @$&*er. I would suggest to them that do to bring live stock for milk and hard luck when hunting
and foraging.
        I will not forget my woulnded car mantra
Dustin-You've just been stabbed. Your not going to die.
Rince and repeat for on that drive it is good to stay on the street. Pot heads are great for the drug movement. Like we
cant produce. It may be slowly but we get it done. Bill Mahr.
        My carr is still in the shop. I've been stuck here for two days except for yesterday when I and my father went to
Fazolis and the Toyota dealership and just 30 minusts ago when my brother took me to and back from Dina's who I had
to see about a dove. Here now I am alone but free to write free verse if I like.
Alone sitting on haunches
This fog awaits silently
Full of dark shadowing
Making this day opulent
To no one
but feigns at noon.

Ah to be Sandburg
If only for a day
To bask in Chicago
To ask for nothing
But an image
And a star
to sail her by.
But I am somehow lacking
Like petals on wet black asphalt
I would stand proud and beutifull
But now I'm too awqward for words
Stuck to the ground and trampled
Hoping to be picked up
And be some scrap for a scrap book.
         What to do with Sly Gulliver you may not know this but writing science fiction is a lot harder that
autobiographical novels for with an autobiography God gives you the story with fiction you have to make it up and it is
all well and good to base some conversations and characters on real ones to make for a more real read but is reality what
your striving for with science fiction no and yes no fore if it were reality it would be autobiographical scientific fact yes
in that your characters can be and are at many times human mortal flawed weak but trancendant of confinement and
curious which most real people are for steel bars do not a prison make free your mind and your @$& will follow and
get high for me wether begged for bought or borrowed but be carefull know consequence for when you wake your mind
it may ache but there will always be a weeping and gnashing of teeth but I do all the time so I cant preach. My pipe
beacons. I say teach and be taught or remind or be reminded of information already saught. Connery's time
transcending ghost called that an axiom as do I but I wrote it. And when you seek search through reliable printed or
filmed sources that make mention to source and proof so that when you are a speaking you are sure to tell the truth. So
I say Senda was a great shakesperian actor and that may have been a factor in bombing our Pearl Harbor and for how
we reacted we should wallow in squaller but your right harry @$& is dead and gone though he's replaced by some no
prouder the current ones stock in Haliburton beggs no for me to holler.
         I have figured out a fact that has up until now has bothered me two to three inches of that knife I was stabbed
with is still in the woulnd sutured up in there.
Dustin- Excuse me doctor I have this stabbing pain in my back could you tell me what it is.
Doctor-It's a knife.
Get it stabbing pain. Don't you know that those things are realy sharp at the point and serrated down one side not to
mention the two sharp corners of the break. Last night was murder but it is beter now just small pains when I lean over
and move my left arm. I know it is still in there because I was never sedated and I don't remember it being pulled out
before I was stitched up and I was asked by the police if they got it out. Now I can identify with Julius Caesar, Andrew
Jackson for the metal in my body him having five bullets in him at time of death and each bullet was received by him
years appart, Shakespear's Gohst, S@$&oon for the post tromatic stress and our friends the books, Hemingway for his
Schyzophrenia and Jack Kerouack for the section eight. This thing only truly aches when it gets cold. To be sure it is
still there my brother suggested
Shawn-Go through the metal detecter at the airport or go to one of those hobby shops and ask to borrow one of theirs.
         Right now it is Family Guy the paw tucket brewery tour episode and I have on my black pin striped suit my
black slip ons my trench my black silk shirt and black and white striped tie. I cant think of what to do with gulli. My
pipe beckons as do my drum sticks but what to do with the problem of not being able to copy the pictures out of my
other word files and paste them into this one. Why should I kill this Count Chocula?
         Romancing the Stone is on I wish I could have caught the part where they get stoned drunk and. I would have
liked to have gotten stoned with the scene going on pot culture is realy weird about that especially if the pot on screen is
real like when Cheech and Chong went to Amsterdam. He had the fau heart shaped emerald in his briefs cant cary
those things in boxers and a hand constantly in a pocket is suspicious on rout.
Dustin-Well the eyes are the windows to the soul but don't judge the soul if you can tell a man is @$&*ed up when
looking in them. He may just have an excuse.
Why don't I live in a city that has nationally respected publishing companies with large Print Shops or ware houses as it
were That have the connections and copacity to print cognac leather bound books that will last longer than I will. Cops
just started you know the boys in blue are really great guys period it is not their fault marijuana laws are the way they
are nor are they to blame for Patels fear that I was mixing medications for four years with no complications mind you.
Ive got three inches of steak knife in my shoulder and if it weren't for a fear of their hand of retribution the man who put
it their might have tried to come back to finish the job knock on wood.
         Branigan hates those filthy neutrals. Nilar four baa tsi ba ba tsi ahah. I don't think thatr\ is wise either going in
to outer space for any other reason than disposing of waste products collecting local solids and g@$&es from the other
nine rocks. Everybodys talking at me
I dont here a word there sayin
Only the echos of their minds. ]
All I am is Dustin the Wind add the y if you wish I don't nit pick
Keep large Magnets away from me and bender for his in habitions and the fact that if there is truly and there is a tip of
that @$&*ed steak knife it will come ripping out of me in whichever direction the magnet pulles it tearing my flesh
asunder. Oceons Twelve is on. I am not too worried about people stealing my autobiography now that to prove my
lack of having written this you would have to refute the testimony of cops but the rest of the book is still plajarisable.
But with the addition of the fact that my style stgayes the same throughout my work sick sense of humor to boot. This
is how I say it;


I walk out a door
Hung on the notion
That I will find something
The street has lost it's usual dull look
Under dancing drops feet
The lights bright spears assailing it
Amid tire swish and gutter wash.

Hello walking girl
In this your steps sing
With hard pressed rhythm
Songs that your mother tought you
Smiling at their learning.
You are going to meet her
Kissing with a wet flushed face.

Do you like it this way is it more pleasing to the eye being seven and seven linewise and as you may have guessed
Sandbourg influenced.
        I aint no James Dean or a @$&*ing Steve Mcqueen. Hell, I aint even a freakin charly sheen. I am just
finishing up watching Papillon and I am a Dustin. Sheryl Crow like Steweve MCqueen alls I need is a fast machine so
Pentium three at least at least 9.7 GiGs and no 3 1/4 for me but for sending only USB for saving and transferring at
coppy shops and unknown safe houses. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink and not to mention no lifeboat
crew to eat. The Royal Navy in no way condones anthropophagy but it allows getting funky on the farm. Are you an
anthrop or are you a humanist sais the same thing with out the mis or Miss.
        I amzsitting here with Dina. She was just kicked out of her house and lost her job four days after that so I have
been letting her drive my car to take care of errands and taking her to the hotel at night until now qand now she has to
find polaces to crash. Tonight it is my place. Tommorow who knows and my place is always open if I am awake and
here and I don't know what it is about her but I feel that I can trust her well enough to fall asleep around her which I
can't say the same for all my friends. Stargate SG-1 is on but it went to commercial before I could tell wha5t was on.
She is either sleeping or trying to get to sleep in my Lay-Z-Boy and I hope that my typing isn't bothewrfing her. I have
just noticed something and that is the fact that Cournal Riper in Dr. Strangelove when he is written as noticing the fact
that there is music on the radio Kubric was showing real genious or copying real genious from Red Allert because Riper
was british 30's ish and the time that the story was set in was the late 1950's which is eary since it predated the Cuban
Mistle Crisis but annyway. How old was Peter sellers' second other than his tital role's character when the Nazi's were
rocking London with Rockets and what would he have been hearing on the radio music or instructions? I just spoke out
loud while naming mentally all of Kubrics films.
Dustin-But Barry Lindon Was gay. But Ilike Kerauack not Ginsburg. Oh sorry I should shut up.
Dina-Oh, your ok.
I am surprised she trusts me to sleep here considering the fact that I am a heterosexual and we are not dating but I draw
a distinction between friends who are just friends or family and friends who are lovers. My pipe beckons.
Voice in my head-Man, I'm jellous of that guy.
He sees me write it
Voice- ahh ahh, mamamama. Hey stop it. Quit. He lets you taste that @$&*.
Another voice in my head-Which meens he's High. Aaahhh Aaahhh.
His inantimate friends on Atlantas are just the same as the god of metal don't pray to him cause he wont here you. I am
refurring to the episode of Stargate Atlantas where Genious there is talking or more to the point arguing with a lap top.
And to my voices if they are my readers who are also my fellow writing skizos take your antipsychotics but only
enough to make you sleep 8 hours. A twice daily dose is good for getting rid of the symptoms but at what cost do you
not remember my angst after going off Aderall and still taking my Geodon twice daily along with my Lexapro which I
have since quit I I would cry cause I couldn't write but I found that if I was prepared to be breaking more I could get
more writing done and mania comes more often when you get a good eight hours of sleep a night maybe a little more or
less but not much when I only took 60 miligrams once daily. I do that now having to move up the time I take the dose
every day. A month ago I was taking it at 11-12 p.m. and today I took it at 6:10 p.m. and that space when averaged out
between 11 and six is about 23-24 min. a day and that's head math mind you no paper needed proud to say if I am right
in the figure of 3/10 of an hour but I am probably about as right on my 5 trillion gestimation as to the number of miles
in a year 5,875,127,364,832 miles what If Joyce was wrong and even if he was if I am right and what would it be to the
nearest inhabitable solar system and how many of those are their in the Milky way and how many if any support life
inteligant or not. This in no way is ment to talk crap to Gene Rodenbary Leanerd Nemoy Kirk who I hope is still alive
by the time I finish this so I can hound him abouyd doing my book on tape and the millions of star treck fans of which I
am a member although I wouldn't call myself a Treky or those that followed suit. And I am thinking of Having a third
of the seas boil off being broadcasted on the news when Gulliver gets back just to continue the story going back at night
the night they get home with as many people as possible told by fellow pilgrims and fire warmth or grow light or just
the doll house heating and ac grow light how else will the guarden grow but to set about the task already on lilitatian
land. I just checked the guide and apart from seeing that it is 1:03 a.m. on Sa 1/28/2006 I also saw the time for the
Oblongs listed for 1:00 I then switched back an hour and Futerama was listed as running to 1:10 and it is ending right
now Huberts new drew taking their first ride in Planet Express Ship I then switched back to the hour listed as oblongs
and the time showed 1:10 for start time that seems odd and maybe I was just stupid and thought that the 1:00 a.m. time
on the excell like time bar, on the excel like even more so because you can curser around on it show scheduling and
selection for current shows grid, was actually the time listing on the show info but was I.
I hav just had a three day savatical at my parents house in Brownfield I had breathing attachs two out of three days.
Right nowq it is Home Movies the episode with the yellow toy car. I'm sitting here smoking my pipe. Now it Samurai
Shamploo but I have switched over to Enter the Dragon Try again with me Don't think Feel. I've got on my Kangol
wool felt, my watch, my blue striped Jones of new yourk suit Van Heuson tie and Polo shirt, white socks and my black
Nunn Bush slip ons. I had qa thought the other day What abgou7t naming my njext book Jacobs Ellivator It is now
3:01 Th 2/9/2006 Don't all guys want to be at a complex with many men practicing martial arts. My pipe beckons. Iv'e
switched to Ferris Beulers Day off. She thanks him for his wormth and comp@$&ion.
It is 10:00 the next morning I figured out what to do with Gulliver for now but it is still going slow. Star trech the
movie is on right now. I have switched to Oceon's Tewelve I am not so paranoid about people stealing my work. I
have on my Smithy blue silk jacket, black pants, black and white striped silk tie, an eddie bower shirt and my dock
martins. I havew called A Dr. about getting my adderall back I've been suggested to stick with MHMR but they as I
have said cant prescribe me the adderall. I just put on my trench cote. I have switched to a suit which I jusrt had to
sew up seams on my black pin striped Jones of New yourk. I should never buy them in the 38 regular size again. My
pipe beckons yet again. I say this day has much in TV positive programming AVP I Robot the aforementioned Oceons
Twelve, Resident Evil Appocolypse and Crimes and Misdemeanors not to mention Blue Lagoon with a half naked
Brook Sheilds I don't know why I am such a Vidiot. I guess it stems from being Schizophrenic delusions of referance
as it were. But my voices have been making me believe that my delusions of refferance are just them disguising their
voices to be the writers and actors voices but I still have the believe in a telepathic link between me and the writers.
         Nature of the Soul You will have to ask god about thast one it endures but would a robots. Concidering that man
created that soul then wouldn't man also have to create a heavin for that soul once terminated. It just asks too m any
moral implications to create something that can think and have emotions and free will that may not have the possibuility
of an afterlife eternal because what would an end be. God shows us that there is eternity with our Earth having a shelf
life looks like a finite space like a city but worlds light years google universes bigger than we possibly. I feel it in my
soul sunshine. I am feeling sort of sublime. My heart has no care no breathing attack their and my writings going
undaunted. My Maggie is here by my side curled up sleeping.
-I hate this chaperone
-It's not a chaperone it's a midwife.
So here I am 3 inches of steak knife and all. I have been afraid of opening my computer because every time I do it more
alterations find their way into this book. And I did not know I was a part of a network for this book is not a
collaberation it is a book of collected works get it. And every time I turn the computer off I am subject to all that
schizophrenia has to offer. That includes;
   Invisible people trying to @$&* me up the @$&, anxiety or breathing attacks, saying the wrong things, showing my
work to the wrong people, my parents are at their wits end as is my brother and his wife, poor writing due to paranoia,
and medications that have me sleeping 18-20 hours of the day.
If any doctor can help me with anny of these please do.


         I just finished watching the Canada vs. Italy "speed" skating race it is 12:45 a.m. fri. 2/17/20006and I was trying
to figure out ways of making them work harder with my delusions of refferance and the only thing that came to mind
was to illicit fear like imagining a free fall to death basically som3ething to illicit the fight or flight in their case
response something to get their adrenaliun gland producing and one of those waysd is to illicit fear it is like a Kenyan
runner being chased by a jackal that chase when you are even exausted will cause you to go above and beyond because
if you don't run you die now there is a difference between a cheeta and a jackal the cheeta causes you to stop and cover
up unless it is the image of a cheeta to a down hill skier who can go 60 mph and would need that ki8nd of speed to
attain to you cant take epinephrine for a race because it is a performance inhancing drug but they cant do a @$&* thing
about the perfomance inhancing drugs that your body produces itself.
So whyat if my neck I tried to break
I'm schizophrenic for God's sake
My neck when I wake starts to ache
That's when I forget about it
And just get baked
And the fear of death
Will keep me from attempting
And a need to achieve something
Will give me bearing
And oh well I'm just a little less sane
I guess it takes that
To give life less bane
This nhew form of snow board racing is the same as all descent driven speed it takes no adrenalin to produce it instead
it takes control so for them I ask myself if a tree falls on a man in the forrest and no one's around to hear? Does he
screem? Just to clear my mind for their good sake and whatever their montra is to cause them to do it I don't want to
take that away from them they need a mind that is cleer of everything besides machanics and I'll have to remind them if
their not going fast enough to hurt themselves they might not win.
Jeff Goldbloom-Hello, Ya I've forgot my montra(Woody Allen, Annie Hall paraphrased) All right Smith won that's one
for America and one for us smiths and schmidts and herraras and ferris' and all other holers of steel knowledge pre
carnigean basturdisation.

Smiths of the world unite
For it is not wars that we fight
It was art that made our might
And our art you shouldn't take lite
For it is steel whose teeth that do bight
But you wont pray to it to be right
And it is in winter and night that we work
Otherwise brain damage lurks
Look to cold earth
when summer would hurt.

Now it is the mens figure skating Evon Lasnick believes and I believe that his rhythm improved half way through the
routine but it was difficulty that ruled the first half so less attention could be payed to rhythm at start but it is the dance
that is their art so to the rhythm they should impart metrinome action with skates that are sharp. And pitty points the
sport should be missing who cares how bad the fall was the point is they fell unless the fall occurred prior to
competition giving them reason to be flawed but out of turning off the pain and fighting though it they still produce
perfection What is the deal with male skaters being thought of as gay their rather strong so gay maybe but many more
are straight. And are they sissies? Deffenetly not and they can get layed cause chicks think their hot wether it's their
body their after or the fame that the've got. The last was skating to Morecone and it's the U.S. that he calls home going
to cornell Matt Savoie not realy impressive was his routine but it was devoid of faults but it is difficulty as well that
wins this contest. Manuel is tall but he has had a problem with the fall. But giving up is obviously something he does
not do that wins points with me as it should you. Like today when I told the $#@!&*&s that left planks in the alley
with nales pertuding making the possibuility of a need for tetnis shots for me or my Maggie or any child taking out trash
and other adults lets not forget about that apparent that I would throw them back into their yard if they didn't remove
them and they said ya right and I proved them wrong. The anxiety that fallowed sure did last long for I was in a huff
for something was ill in the state of Denmark. 1998 2000 2004 at least their were more and I guess that four years is too
long to wait to see this drama that I think is great. That last race in down hill snowboarding was kind of like roller
derby and the sport is still not defined well and an element of contact can be addedby these olypians because whose to
say that it shouldn't be boarded like roller derby as long as the four participants are all from opposing countries becauser
the course is not condusive to dangerously high speeds so it needs more of an element of danger because if it is not
dangerouse it is less interesting that's a tip for snow board cross. Not so Crazy Ivan now but according to the
asnnouncer Crazy Ivan none the less for we never know what he is going to do next dancing to the God Father. Johny
sure is dressed gaily even in blue but difficulty is what matters not fully orientation d.e. Mark Hamil is a little critical
of this traditionally dressed Jefrey Buttle. - The afternoon prior to this was filled with night fillies one where my parents
were obducted and the next they were replaced with ones that disowned me, Iknew because my mothers well water
stained teeth were perfectly white and straight, but still let me know that fore some reason they still needed me to drive
them places. And another where I was homeless befriended by bums going in and out of houses that were not my own
illegally as it were. It is not a race this is mine DWS 9/29/1977-? So until youv'e succeded in killing me I will still get
my copy write-a problem with my keys sticking caused my key bourd to stop functioning so the coverage of the
Olympics is already over for the afternoon even on USA.
I just found out that I was working on line in Outlook Express, just as I did it the voices in my head said they were
gonna kill me or give me a Labodomy what sick @$&*s either that or there is a murderer outside another hired hand to
do his dirty work just like mike but he must be better like maybe have a gun this time, so what I did was I sent an E-
mail to library of I know it is not an email address but the FBI takes notice. Julia Mancuso just got
finished with the slolom portion Lindsey kildow is rocketing down now hopefully with fear nipping at her heals. I think
they did it with a Dell Data Fax Modem which I just disabled shall I say my pipe beckons stiirr it up little darlin stir it
up. It's been a long tiiime cinjece I had you on my miiiiind(Bob Marley and the Wailers, Stirr it up). And I guess the
womens snow board cross will be run flight instead of fight but why cant it be both we need to have competitors who
time the same. Hey the thirty year old swede is kind of cute too just like the Christina agulara German look alike Dear
goddess as in the hunt as in what I prey for ha ha. And so are the other co boarders with her but they had helmets with
face masks. Exactly gracefull sweet heart like Sheral Swoops is'nt so ruff as Shaqille Oneal. Narly skate board.
Alex trebeck- This is the curviest street in Callifornia.
But you could get hurt doing that. Carying weights in your skis is ellegal and boards if I am not mistaken just like bob
sleads according to Cool Runnings. Did Jack ever say anything about clouds up so high. Ill plead the fifth all @$&*in
day and all day I shall play All day I shall play tlkin to gosts and writin this way and wishen to roll in hay. I just may.
Why don't we go out and eat some hay. Hay. Hay is for horses son. What the hell do you want. The hell you want my
book I went through real Hell to write it and in court I will fight for I am dustin that meens the fighter in Hebrew legal
mind you I've had enough damage to my Tempal done. Lets just call it a lightning rod. Get a rope. @$&* that
company who sapped my Great Grandad Snodgr@$&' land with not even a penny for our concent or mineral rights
@$&*ed Illegal and suspect if you ask me. I call ed my mother about the dreems and she sad
Barbara Alleen (Maiden name West) Smith-We would never disown you in a million years and as far as replacing me
no one wants to wear my boot.
        Oh no, Apallo. It is Su 2/19 XX Olimpic Winter Games at 9:20. It is speed skating that I am so happily
watching. Kristina Groves of Canada was just beat by Marianne Timmer of Norway. And now it is 1:02 Christian
Sorzy is in the lead of the mens cross country skiing. It is 2:50 it is speed skating womens by the way Timmer and
Freesinger. Timmer wins gold for the Norway. My pipe beckons the smokie I am holding. The pretty young l@$&
with the white and orange Asics took took the Gold Marianne a good race she ran on skates with skill. Hot like burning
sage. A salsa is playing it sounds Cuban a couple is skating they wear black and white She hurt her self a bit but it
appers to be a bruis no wait he is carrying her for she lost her grip on the inside of his elbow. Ice is hard. Fredrico and
Mossimo Itallia born and bread in yellow and black a little lack luster but they don't look back itr is an old scool rumba
the wistle in tow canga through out don't ya know.
        I just finished womens curling it reminds me of my p@$&ive resistance. When the invisible gestures of
movement torment me by pumping g@$&es into my lungs that is not at room temperature I get what could be called
anxiety or briething attacks so to keep them away I get with my back to the refrigerator and wave a broom through the
empty space around me. @$&*ed unnerving if you ask me. Hell, the other day my left arm went numb and my chest
started hurting. I keep on hearing the voices of the people trying to hack me. I hate him he sais stop that he sais.
Schizophrenic or telepathic I am still scared with a cleen @$&. I was thinking the other day Salmun Rushdy how do
you stay hid? Look out kid he keeps it well hid. I was thinking the other day. Why don't fillings set off metal

Good lord I'm tired
God help me I'm tired.
You wont leave me alone
And keep me up at all hours.

Well you thought that you could make me dead
Well I think that you are @$&*ed in the head.
You took my pot on a sunny day.
That's ok you like it that way.
Jen Val Gen just stole some bread
You tried to take my life instead.

Well just leave me alone.
Andd I'll enjoy my Saturday night.
Or was that Sunday?

Right now it is Womens figure Skating Tuva Kerot-emire to bad I don't have Russian text. Now it is Kimmy Miser 16
but small was always good for difficulty esspecialy in pairs ripple lutes into triple toe Tripple flip pirouette or spin triple
luts tap work spin. Done. Good Show no mistakes 9.40.
Fin land fin land fin land
The country where I want to be
Fishing boating or kamping
Or just watching T.V.
Susanna Poyklo and Miser inter view she says shes'e had few don't worry sweet heart let your skates say your words.
The cannadians cute. Rochette is her name. Maddona's Home is playing on violins chello and viola quartette as it
were. Don't listen to Kronos Quartette Dark Angel unless you want to feel eerie but do listen to Satriani's Galgatha if
you know what I meen. Or try Bob Dillans Nockin on hevins door. So was I untill someone stabbed me trying I guess
to send me their. Now I screem Chicken Lady loves Life. At least according to the Kids in the Hall. So God Please
don't send me those who wish to kill.222 Iknow Your Hacking me. But a network cant be monitored even wireless
ones you @$&*er so go ahaid one day I'll be dead and they will say it is mine. I smell Chicken Where my Harry and
the Queen part @$&*er do you think that you could get Nighted If I find out that this is those that live right off of
quaker behind Abuelos in that apartment complex on the East side in the top rightmost appaqrtment. I'm an @$& hole
am I do you think the Library of Congress doesn't have a coppy of this in my name at point of conception although it
was called Rumy back then just Rumy Emails are a bitch aint they. I'm not finished yyou got an advance I guess you'll
have to give that to me like a good boy and we wont have to get the courts involved I will sew you and you will loose
alls I have to say is your witness better be better than mine do you know anny college proffesers I do many by the way
so many I forgot some of their names but not the ones that count in the English Department or is this just to ruin my
work @$&* off and die bitch I've been on these things since I was eight when my Grandfather West gave us the credit
unions outdated single piece DOS is easy Word ring abell or how bout word perfect or current Microsoft word. And
that Dell is in a cacoon just waiting for a reinstillation of XP. And all those floppys what about the floppys you
@$&*er you forgot about those they didn't mention the afterwords Officer Colbys my name. Steal what my work three
years of it you @$&*.
         Sorry for the outrage people I had to get that off of my chest. They are leaving us tonight. It is 3:57. Joyce's
gost is here oh. He sais.
Joyce-He gives us all that.
Thomas Gains- You know who that is. Right?
Were watching the Detective I figured this would be right up Gains' alley. Now it is Tuskeege Airmen. At least it isn't
the tuskeege experiment those poor $#@!&*&s Angelou and Gains cry
Prom Queen-I hate this chaperone.
Father-It'snot a chaperone It's a midwife
Joyce cries hard after the explanation of that then both of us. We gave them boath toasts I to those that knew heavin
without ever knowing Hell.
         It is now 1:35 a.m. the next morning the fog has rolled in. tripple twisting double in the fog that comes on
snowcat's feet and waits on silent haunches to blind the jumpers. Li NeeNa from China does a triple twisting double.
Guo Xinxin of China tripple back flip 103.17. Jacqui Cooper of Aus. Triple back with a triple twist can't stick the
landing 78.97. XinXin is in the leed. Oh my God it's Ethon Hawk. Speed Skating Korea and Norway. Timmer is a
second ahead or the Russians case. Timmer is in the lead with 2'25". Give you just a minut to what @$&* with my
copy you @$&*. Told you he sais. I am a telepath but I am writing this myself this is Dustin Wesley Smith.
         Last nights festivities included Romeo and Juliette she took silver. Japan took Gold for the first time ever in
womens figure skating if you haven't guessed what I was refurring to by now. I am just now getting over a breathing
Tonight is the last night of the Olympics. This breething attack is a real bitch and it is like someone is giving it to me.
Torino will have bragging rights for one more night . It is a white night preparing for the final celebration plenty
ofbussiness to go though. Alpine skiing is upo first. Then it is the short track. Then it is speed skating. Stsarting out
with the four men bob sled Swtzerland heds out first 4.69 start. They are loosing time they move into first place
though. Now it is Andre Langger 82.64 mph First place for G3ermany. Now it is Russia who I hear has never won a
metal into second place they go. Still to come is Tod Hays. Canada went into fourth and America with a disappointing
run wewnt into sixth. Hays is a kickboxer and tough man contest winner. Rocca of ITALY first in the slolum He fell on
the first drop on the course he was in the lead prior to that. Kalle Palender is making his run He finishes 53.8. Now it is
Reiner Schoenfelder of Austria is a half second behind and he finishes in second place Ted Ligely already has a Gold
and he will be making his bid for another in a second. Next is Benjamin Raich good carving no fall and he takes the
leed by .001. Ted Ligety takes third place for now. Kentar Minegawa is now making his run for Japan takes third away
from Ligedy. Reinfreed Herbst is going slowly and finds himself in fourth place. Bode Miller is next and he missed a
gate making him 0 for 5 as ffar as the metals are concerned. Chip Night is next for America into 14th place he goes.
Raight is still in the leed. Four man bob sled is next. They are showing Tod Hays' run Now it is Swz. Canada is is the
number one spot. Swizerland just took the first spot. Now it is Russia and they have afforded at least the silver they are
in the first spot now. Up comes Germany and they have won gold. Next is the final comp. In short track Ono's last
chance Oh no it's Apallo. Japan is in first and Korea is in second wait he just took first Ahn esily one the first heat of
the mens 500 m. Lee ho suk is up next with Peter Daras and a couple of others up now Lee Jajun and Ranagari the only
ones left on their feet Jaijun wins the heat. My pipe beckons. Up next it is Canada china and a little bit of roller derby
on Ice Li haunun of China as was said was the most aggressive and he was disqualified and trhe race will be run again.
Canada is in first Reberto Serra fell off off the line kicking it at the end and Canada won that heat. Apollo Ono He just
took the lead as I just took a bight of Furrs' Teryoki chicken Oh no and Annan. Chey heun and a host of others
Kimberly Derin takes it. China is Favored in the next women's race Yang Yang Yu of Koreas and two others Kyung is
in the leed Jin of Korea took it from her now Canada is in second Kyung wins. -I have been having problems with
feeling like there are needles in my arms it may be tardic dissconesia but I am not quite sure.- J. Cochran is now
making his run down hill slolum and puts himself in third place. Kostelic just took the lead. Schoenfelder is making
his run now and he is in the lead now. Herbst making his run now and goes into the lead. Benjamin Raich is up next.
But now it is Minagawa and he runs into third place. Palander of Finland takes first but he hooked a gate. Benjamin is
going down now Raich wins Gold for Austria. Apollo and Jajun Appolo is now in fourth getting pushed out and then
gets back into a qualifying position Ohno takes second in that heat Canada is in the lead Ahnan wins Anan and Appolo
will race for metals now I would Like to see Ultraviolate she is hot. Now it is Korea Vs. China 2 & 2 China is in the
leadJin Sun Yu took gold for Korea her third for these games. I am heading off for a milkshake. Klarien Kleinbecker.
Now it is Germany Vs. Canada Pechstein and Tarra Hughes in this long distance race I'm sitting her enjoying a jomoka
shake. Hughes wins the Gold for Canada her fifth Olympic medal. Short track 500 m final Appalo Ohno Ahn is in
lane three two false starts now. Appalo is in first. Ohno it's Appalo taking the Gold home for us. USA USA USA
USA. Mens relay Finals is next.Ohno has just taken it and it is a close race between Canada and US but Canada has
developed a gap and the Koreans have put us in third Korea and Canada have a large gap now nearly unsurmountable
Korea wins Gold and America has Bronze. The Games will be in Vancouver Canada next time horray. I have on my
Red tie, blue pinstriped black Jones of New York suit, white Stafford shirt, black loafers and white Kangol. Oh say
does that star spangled banner yet wave. O'er the land of the free and the home of the Brave. Appalo on the winners
podium. Ohno doesn't know. And it so long to every body at 3:37 in the morning. I just climbed my hallway just too
much energy for that to end so abruptly and I have it just on coffee and sugar from the shake. Now it is Cow Boy
Beebop it was a hard decsision between that and Goldeneye Stellas going to be O.K. Dream a little dream of me See
you space Cowboy. Right now it is Constantine the Red club scene then it tourns to blue. Keanu and Eeinsteins Gost
tell me to throw my sack away
. Cute cat I must say. Green eyes by the way. He takes a trip to hell for a band to take. The priest is possessed and he
cant get alcohol no matter how many bottles he breaks. I saw things when I was a child too they always want what they
can't have I belong to God He payed for me with His blood on the Cross
          Now it is the final game of Olympic hockey. Norway Finnland is tied 2/2 at the end of the second period. I
went to sleep at four thirty and for some reason I could not get back to sleep at seven thirty Sweden Scores making it
three to two Sweden is in yellow and blue Finland is in white black and blue Daniel Alfredson is in the penalty box. Yo
homy that's trippin. Yous the one whose tripin
I am a Christian in Christian town.
And a devil in Hellsinki.
Norway was threatening now it's back on finlands side back to Norway back to Finland. Londovidst is tending for
And in the mean time
I'll eat your Manwitch
I speak your language
I make my own
Kets killa of personal space;
I can hear the pitter and the patter
Of the rain drops trickling down
Your fire scape or ladder
Life would be so fine
Just like mmm wine
I used to walk
With my boots on parade
But now it's over Casanova
If Inever had one cent
I'd be rich as Rockafeler
On the sunny
On the shady
On the sunny side of the street.
Don't hold Back.
The world is turning now.
That was sonny Sit Sonny Rollins that guy from Fifth element I am Corbin Dallis and I don't remember the name of the
band being played at the arena. 90 seconds to go two to three Sweden on top. The Gold goes to Sweden.
She was cut raped and comforted
The red receiving the Gold or winning Just like Lief and Eric before him the winning part not the gold part. The prize
Iceland and Newfoundland Ffear the fury of the Normen
Run for the hills
Run for your life
Olympic Commite can I have your consent. All these guys talking reminds me of Bjorn Fein. My pipe beckons. My
Swedish Pendegr@$& blood is just too @$&*ed proud. I like the metaphore of ownership papers no simalle for us not
like or as he truly owns the puck. And is it Wale oil in the torch? I just went to Jumbo Joe's for a jumbo chilli cheese
burger it is a hard choice to stick close or to venture to Tommy's Famous Burgers try the shakes or malts at both.
Right now it is I Robot good acting writing and special effects but after all us Smiths do have to stick together get it
Black Smith slave or apprentice to a smith they are one and the same and this is a knowledge that we p@$&ed down to
the apprentice the secret of steel that the smiths of the world no matter the name kept secret held sacred for it was our
livelihood and don't pray to the god of metal cause he wont hear you he is an inantimate objectc. And what of the
Itallian Bolt Monte gave to the British I am watching reels on USA from the Insbruck games. Right now it is
II am Christian in Christian town
And a devil in Hells Kitchen
         I just got back from Odyseus' house he has a black bed trampalene now I took a little time to show him back
flips, barnies, and two fulls neither of which I could get all the way around to my feet on both landing on my knees but
completing the full twists Fabrece did very well as I am recapped what I missed. I can see the Olympic experience
somewhat relatable to Camps you make fast friends with people you never knew existed or didn't know you existed not
that they don't know but ffast friends from diffferant countries are made at competition sometimes by striking up
conversations and developing comrodery some are loners or shy as we all are at times.Quad Tripple ndouble Theme
from the Godfather If I could get this book finished published and somehow market the @$&* thing sure I'll take your
kids if you die but I'm on dissabuility right now Plashanko had Gold with that and Hamil is critiquing his artistic points
or style and praises his technical points I mean this is a guy that did and I don't know if he still does back flips on the ice
I mean that is @$&* dangerous I wondewr if anyone will ever pull a full or barnie on Ice and by full I mean a back flip
with a full twist
I'm singin in the rain
just singin in the rain
what a glorious feeelin
I'm ha ha havin today
the clouds up above ...
Come on with the rain
 I've a smile on my face
Kelley and Hamil facsimile what about the Shroud of turin couldn't you clone from the blood on it or are those dead
cells could create the Anticrist though don't want to meddle with that which is God's Right now it is the mens cross
country 50 k freestyle. They are making their way across that beutifull cobble stone bridge now under it vachenta wins
gold the Gypse Kings are playing in the closing ceremonies it is Bolare. Hey mambo mambo Italiano. Here comes the
home team. I like the use of the long trampalenes and a pair of fan propelled sky divers one on skis and another on a
snow board now they have a wind sock some nut rushed the stage arividerchi Torin The mayor of Vancouver Sam
Sullivan will wave the flag eight times with his wheel chair Oh Canada is sung Avril Lavigne sings after acrobat and
jugglers of Canada. A tribute is payed to the Olympic flag which is lowered and taken away as children in angel
costumes sing. I have on my smith blue silk jacket black Stafford pants whiterstriped tie and loafers Andrea Bodocheli
finishes it offThey are now showing Joey's speedskating race. And now it is over they are running the closing credits. I
was just thinking of my lexan bunker idea with a proper application of plastic explosives they could be ripped out of the
ground so you put on a lower level of exterior wall that would fleck off as not to expose positions and maybe just
project no wait it would be mirrored and you need fabrick or other non reflective surfaces for projectors to work
properly so lexan tint with that non glare layer they make for specs but go ahhaid and make it invisible projecting a
holographic image of the empty space those things cast shadows cause I don't care how powerfull a light source you
have you cant make a light that even closely resembles sun light unless you know of a usable fusion earth based light
source smoke and mirrors you say but somebody would be sure to run into it.
WAS MY Higgins boat modification IN WHICH YOU take a Higgins or LC1 boat fit it with car wash tracks with a
hole cut out of them so that cylinders can be placed underneath a cars power wheels you hook those cylinders to four
sepperate transaxles which are connected to four sepperate propellers. Sir Francis Pettit Smith invented the screw
propelled boat a man with my sur name no less. You rig the steering weel with belts to keep the tires from turning and
hook up pedal pushers on your brake and excellerator hoock those to a palm control device which is also connected to
the stainless steel power rudder you buckle the non power tires down to the track heck dragging a boat trailer on
pontoons and you could make it to Canada during the summer. Next is my snake controlled roaving aquerium that has
motion sensors that change the direction of control if an object may be struck. Next is my Hover Park where you build
a building with a iron floor and a to take a turm from the Globe a Hell below that with iron cylinders hooked up to the
iron floor evinly displaced using them as collums and also running high voltage electrical current through wires
wrapped around them in a clockwise direction from bottom to top you could even build half pipes and a pool with the
same desighn then you build suits with battery packs and iron electromagnetic plates wrapped in a counter clockwise
direction using the reppeling fource to hover over the floor. My Russian doll technology Which is diferant than my -l8 -
x8 infinitly sideways Russian Doll Theory on which I base Sly Gulliver as I was saying Russian Doll Technology for
which you build a machine that has the capabuility of building two machines on being an exact coppy of that machine
inside at a smaller size feeding it material so as not to waste the outside machines and you start a sequence of
@$&embly that creates a coppy of the original no bigger than the head of a pin their in lies the product for the second
product that this machine is able to build it is michro biotic technology that mimics the actions of white T cells these are
all patentable products By the way Jim is John Awbrey.
        I have justspent six days without my Geodon. It has been murder sleeping but now I have it and it is business as
usual. I am still waiting on some pot, two ounces of it, that I paid for five days ago. It is getting warmer outside and in
here and I have taken to giving Magy more walks.I have been too paranoid to open my computer for the last week but
today I am feeling frisky. I just bought the Motorola V557 Wireless Phone. It is rather fun using it's video camera and
camera now alls I need is a USB adapter so that I can transfer pictures from it to my computer. It is black and silver
like my pipe ring and watch and silver like my Zippo. It is charging at the moment. It only cost us the renewing of our
contract for another year.

Liz and Mary

Sitting Irealizethat              I'm
Here    and not in England so without
With    not a thought of         what
The     cost of what is paid       that
Queen's request and all that that implies.

         I wrote that last night too paranoiud to turnon the computer just writing it down on a used envelope with a ball
point pen. Ghosts man ghosts. The queen of Scots sat on the floor feeling besieged and bereft. Liz asked me to write
her something. I appologised for touting Sin Fein but explained it is not about who levies the tax it's about what that tax
pays for Irish pot holes or English pockets.
         Since I last talked to you I have been too paranoid to turn this thing on so now it is time to follow the trail of
monkeys on the envelopes and paper and I would also like to point out that som forms came in which include;
 my Confidential Victim Information sheet part of which was "TO BE COMPLETED BY THE VICTIM
ASSISTANCE SOORDINATOR: offense: Aggrivated asault With a Deadly Weapon Offender: Chavarria Michael
J. 11/26/81" on the second page there is a box for yees and no asking "Do you wanttt to be ntified of any court
proceedings?" aallong with a "TEXAS CRME VICTIMS' COMPENSATIONAPPLICATION FORM" which I don't
know if I should fill out or not and two other forms that were either stolen from me one asking about secrecy of my
whereabouts name and number and a form for wether or not I would like to $#@ in contact ith Chavarria face to face
over the phone or by letter I received a "HLTH INFORMATION PRIVACY COMPLAINT" from the "OFFICE FOR
CIVIL RIGHTS (OCR)" so that I may turn in Scott Bergfeld, M.D. who was reffured to me by Hakam Kayesseh,
M.D. for to quote the print out from the hospital "Needing medication refill" which incidentally Scott did not feel like
prescribing one of which was an antipsychotic which means that he was crimninally negligent. The Great Gatsby is on
it is 7:23 Su3/19 I got a pictures of the following films and objects Milla Farow's face at 03-19-06_0631 so at 6:31,
Black Beard at 5:44, myself wearing what I have on now which is my smith tartan blue jacket, a white Hillfiger shirt
and black and white striped tie, my fissil watch black Stafford pants one black and one gray sock andmy black nunn
Bush's at 5:41 the Abbey Road album cover at5:41, another picture of my Julliette this time in Les Misserables at 3:48
and one of Milla Jovovich at 3:12 in Resident Evil:Apocolypse and before that are pictures of my hand written parts of
this manuscript pictures from movies and of myself and friends including Beatle Juice, Joe Vs. the Volcano, I Robot
aaand Inde pendance Day, Futerama, Aua Teen Hunger Fource, Goodfellas, Diomands are Forrever and Live and Let
Die many Tux pictures from the proceeding fims plus ones of myself and Tiff a friend of mine. Speeking of thing
photographs to get back on subject on the envelopes and papers were Hill top pond/water clock/irrigation system Idea I
had was drawn instead of written it involves digging a well and pumnping water at a controlled rate and pressure into a
pool with a Kill Bill VI water filling and dispencing fountain and you cover these with an awning making it kind of like
a gazebo with a bridge and a discharge pipe dug into the hill leading to the Water Clock which epties kingd of like a
toilet basin but using therising water to lift styrophome when the hour reaches 12:00 midnight by pulling a pin that
secures a rubber and wtter pressure sealed disk that spins open with the water presher and spins shut when the weight of
the water dissipates from properly distributed weights on the up spinning side of the disk it is made of Lexan and will
hopefully be the largest in the world to help increase turrism to the local area. That clock will run into an orogation
sysetem every night at twelve except for in the rainy and cold seasons in which case it is either shut off in case of winter
for example when freezing could cause problems or redirected into a reservoir and local fresh water pipes used for
toilets and pools only-right now it is Goodfellas I am here with Too Tall a 6'9" long haired gentleman with size fifteens
and a pinchon for electronics and Tif shine box @$&* talkin's on the tube. And now I have awoken from slumber and
True Romance is on of which I have many photographs but none of the coke that is the story the money baby the gold at
the end of the rainbow of my day that enthrawls me every time especially when Elvis' ghost is here along with Lisa
Marie and a few others Hevin Trancending space and time as it were me being Christopher Walkin wanting it back
from the hackers or Floyd outside context on my couch pot a blazin my pipe does beckon. It was directected by Tony
Scott and written if I'm not mistaken by Acter/writer/director/movie buff/video store alumnilike me/samurai and kung
fu buff Quentin Tarentino that guy at the burger joint doesn't get anny leading roles and like if my book would ever
make him popular God hel0p him seems like a nice guy you saw him in The Rock With my fellow Scots blood Sean
Connery now just to find out which version this is the one where Alabama shoots the cop or the mobster Dr. Zivago
that's the story it is the one where she shoots him and I got it on video as I do all my MP3s and pics by pointing my
Motorola tat the T.V. I still cant get my SIM to work I think it was hacked as well when I let Mich borrow my phone
and if they were just Boot leggers of work that did'nt really prophit like the boot legg copy of Blair witch project that
my brother got on two ZIP disks two months before it was out in theaters I like Boot Leggs if they don't alter the work
of the artist in other words my work and don't display a copywrite but do display the Artists true name and name of
works but profit go ahhaid but leave the rights to ma they are mine copywrite right now it is the Boon Docks Rufus is
preaching and he has caused a riot with his words of black daemons he who hates himself or his skin for the dire state it
puts him in tormented by discrimination Muya Angelou and others are here there is thunder in the air and I am not
wanting to bring up her step father except maybe his deth like this cat on robot chicken who can beat a man to death and
my @$& that book I gave to Camilla having finished reading it and out of cl@$& so no need to study it but I remember
it all the same that book I lack not given back but her love for it is to blame and if I took that away from her it would be
a Texas big @$&*ed shame. Why do I lack a welth of cowboy poetry? Ah the humble border balad- speeking of the
boon docks I will have to Follow the trail of monkeys again to find it no I will just do that night from memory We have
to deal with the fact that the deal with the pony would be void because it too breaks child labor laws but she would win
a law suit over it and could have Whitey thrown in jail I am very white but I don't consider myself Whitey or as I refur
to him the Man move in the way don't let the Man go through. Don't let the man go through. Then their was the issue
of family guys sickening elderly pedophile singing a song as a girl to Chris I'm sorry but that is not funny it is just sick
but the part in either the same or another episode where Stewy is enslaved in the It's a Small World ride episode was
hellarious and reminded me of the Time our Band took a trip to Florida playing in Disney's Magic Music Days the trip
on which I wone thirty bucks off of Bradley Waters playing Craps, ate my first Gyro went to Universal Studios where
the ride with King Kong was the best and the line was too long to sail by Jaws, went to Epcot Center(I remember the
fireworks vividly, doing the chicken dance in the cafateria style German Restaurant where the sausage was to die for,
the Pyramid ride ingenuitve inventions were it's subjects riding slowly up and then down and walking all over the
place), eating breakfast in a Deny's having pan cackes backon and eggs don't remember what it was called, going
through Air ports and seeing the Atlantic from the Plane only while flying above Florida, and who could forget Disney
world the shops in that episode brought me back baby it brought me back so Family Guy for the most part is very
watchable.-I do not like the Shadow's character sketch in the MinoraTeam neither God nor the Masons are Racist.
Have you ever seen an architect denying a project no pun intended because a prospective customer was Asian or Black
or a Docter denying them care(@$&* you Scott that week was filled with sleepless nights with nothing to calm my
fright) but I do think Racist Frankenstine is funny though and the out of controle Steryotypes are out of sight and the
Indian Gambling Casino Indian steryotype is really annoying it is sick that there is little chance for American Indians to
attain power especially in Government being so few of them seems like you Have to look at the good aspect too like
Least Heet Moon and William Wildcat Owen Miller and my great Grandmother who's name not even the Church of
Jesas Christ of Latter Day Saints can give me nor her husbands for that Matter alls they have Is Amos' birth certificate.
Ijust finished watching House of Repres-entatives and their was this lady in the audience that when I made refferance to
the fact that I wrote this called me a liar now either I am telepathic she was refurring to something else or she was just
in my head. This story Rumy is an autobiography. Right now it is ag-gain 50 First Dates- Fifty first dates was also
something that was in the trail of monkeys my notes Forever Young (Rod Stuart) and they Call the Wind Maria
something that we had played to win second at the Texas StateMarching Champ-ionships we received all ones except
for from the judge that was from the town that wone that was in 1994 my Jr year in high school I played marching snare
that year as I did the later othedr two years of high school. My freshman year I played pit and marched crash for half of
the show. Remember that I am the Walrus as was Jon that's me Dustin Wesley Smith. (Note to hacker see photo's and
weep because I exist. I need a copywrite lawyer. My pipe is beckoning get ready for my second wind.-Too Tall is here
and Alien vs Predator is on. The Confidential Victim Information Sheet The Offence was listed as Aggrivated Assault
With a Deadly Weapon do you want to know the case number well it is 20006-41185 court number 137'th There is
really two and a half to three inches of steak knife in my shoulder mind you the scar is't that wide but neither are the
first four inches of a steak knife which neither thew cops nor the doctors found so where is it hugh I can tell you
especially late after I have woken and a days worth of movement you pieced of @$&*. If I find out you had anything
to do with this I swear the cops better find you before I do. Now I am on the issue of reporting my car stolen I am
watchingThe Supranos it is Su 3/26 at 8:00 pm. Now it is 2:33 the next morning. The voices outside my house let me in
on the fact that they turned my friendship with Jim or in reality Jon around on me But that not only implies that the
people who are @$&*ing with me are connected with Bingo Duncecap the Bane of my existence I got drunk one time
and did'nt nesicarily tell him where Jon was but a froidian slip occurred I could not help it I saw the man who has my
car in a dream he murdered me in this dream Mr. Too Tall and when he murdered me I stepped outside my body that
reminds me never fall asleep with a shirt tie and pants with the door open. The writer of Minoriteam should get to
know my symbol for humanist power it is a power fist with the thumb out with the right hand as if we were the
Empeorers of rome condemning or saving the Racist Gladiator and it is always a thumbs up for them and that meens
death. Venture Brothers back on I can climb hallways too and I have a fetish for technology but everyone does.
$#@!&*&s but I am after all a conspiracy theorist and skizo after all but let the world be the judge of wether or not I
cried wolfe righteously or falsy but he's at the door like the lion in my hapless field post tromatic stress aint funn.
         I just got finished watching the Seymore episode of Futerama it is the one that made me cry because if you will
remember my grandfather had just died when I first viewed it. At the moment it is Samurai Shamploo it is 3:35 and
these @$&*ers are still messing with me but back to the lecture at hand I had been extremely affraid that Too Tall was
actually going to come back in and kill me but once I cancled the stolen car report their was no reason for him to get
angry but what is it about being chenteclare seeing deth in your dreams over and over in different cenarios in places
known and not known I hate this PTSS bad dreams man bad dreams. She wouldn’t be able to survive on her own and
neither would’ve I and if Berry White saved your life then youl’d think twice. I have not been into reading as much as I
should lately I guess Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Vers’ 16-18 are really no consolation but these words do speek to my heart
but I have not more knowledge than all of you nor have I come to great estate except maybe those I have visited that
weren’t mine eh.
         It’s the next aternoon. Everybody Takes a beating sometime Goodfellas is on it is 1:45 and I’ve taken Mine Ive
taken mine. My USB is F’d to sht and Hevens time transcending Ghosts are here the ones that I respect not that I don’t
respect many others. Get the Papers. Get the papers. They usede the magnet trick and the wand and they proved it was
real all three inches of it. How am I funny? I mean I know my jokes are ok but really how many podiatrists does a
millopede need. And the aswer is as it was the day I wrote it one if he eats slowly. I want a USB with an either
titanium, folded steel, white gold or platinum case on which is a copy of my book that is alterable and an unalterable
copy of my Identifying info which includes;
Coppies of my birth certificate, Liscense, social security card, Bank account # to be used to verify Identity at banks, will
if I ever have either, and two encrypted symbols one being well price like like what he changed his name to and the
other my finger print and eye scan
That is attached to and running through a figerprint scanner and eye scanner on its way down the Gold or steel mesh
housed chord that attaches to any USB port including Floppy, ZIP, 3 ¼, mouse and keybord port, cell phone, phone line
and that other phone type chord adapters and to top it all off software that updates my book’s progress with the Library
of Congress.
         Rightnow it is the man in The Iron Mask it is 3:24 Depardu and all that jazz they like le jazz en france quelle
chose quelle chose Dizzy après la tizzy motivate moi a connasais toujours Dans ca langue je suis faux this is my
language mais pour tu mon frere mon semable tout le monde. Le
Prisienne-they don’t know what they are talking about.
Dustin- Est’ce que tu est une presienne.
He laughed at my @$&*ed up French. Qua il states. Quand ce sont finis Je suis morte ou quand to cease ce sont finis
une ou le outré nest pas mon concern.
Parisienne-Quelle date.
Dustin-Ce sont le vent neuf du Avril du mille six. They have been sticking knives down my pant this hole time cant say
I am accustomed to it but there is also somewhat of a war being waged here at home and abroad and to you S@$&oons
of the world I say torture and torment can be staved off at some times so keep your chins up as will I if I can.
         I just got finished finishing Constantine. Why did my font just change to New Roman from Tahoma I write in
Tahoma now it used to be courier new but I found Tahoma more easily read. This is me Dustin Wesley Smith formerly
of Brownfield TX 79316 Texas Tech University is where I dropped out my Sr. year with 99 hours and no literature
requirements left to satisfy majoring formerly in Literature and Languages then changing to English for Education but I
am considering switching back if I go back. One of these days I know I gotta get goin and I got a tip their gonna kick
the door in again I’m glad I’m just a dead head and not just dead. Prison would be scary for me but ZI might could find
my way as a go between speeking in my own codes to people who share theirs with me and try to learn mine p@$&ing
it in rudimentary code encrypted any number of letters forward in seven separate orders of alphabet a lectur you say no I
cant build one but if I had one I could crack it hw hrd is tht I mn rly wt knd of tme ds it tke. Dry mouths on sea voyages
start to make the lean and hungry look fashionable I have that look but I was always much further out than you thought
and not waving but drowning. Right now it is Major League but in thirty minuts we will switch over to Unchained
Memories: Readings. It is Friday 3/31/2006 at 4:06 a.m. Kissing with wet flushed face just seems like a grat Indian
name to me I am only 1/16 Cherroke but what I have is pure they say there is something about this area that makes
people crazy baybe it’s that thousand yard stare that is forced appon you on this plateau flat as hell It is like the people
who are messing with me they have been sending in lions on me they nibble on my calf but nothing worse I kind of like
them especially the on they sent eight days ago who wrmed up to me and then jumped though my highest window they
must have gotten him from the circus. We gotta long way to go before the seasons over He bought her to play with him
Mr Bill Cosby everybody nothing wrong with a little shut eyeMuya Angelou without the writing Quelle purpose por
qua she inventede spoken word but maybe she loved Carl Sandbourg too but there are maqny directions you can go
with free verse raw hide shoes I figure they would tend to cut the hell out of your feet man @$&* my white skin for this
I am a direct dascendant of mr Robert E. but there is no room for racism in humanism if it is their plight then it is the
plight of the human race a song if you shout it sounds good to me. Theslaves are revolting great give em guns give em
guns. Oprah says something obout being on a list of some sort her time transcending ghost is here now remember with
God anything is possible. The Lions left as they got here and me in my hapless field here to see my peoples sins how
can I call them that after this I am ashamed of being the white devil even though it’s only a visuaql description that says
nothing about me Oral tradition no no let me tell it or Muya or Jack or James or George or Least or Thomas or Rita
Don’t @$&*ing Jimmy me Jules I guess his pipe beckoned too. Those two on the river like Jack on the road but
paranoid as I am maybe more even more when Jack didn’t know wether the Cops in Mexico would arrest him for pot no
they just wanted to smoke a good bit just like in the north Ja or Ra I liked it better when He wasn’t a person so Ja baby
Ja as long as denomination doesn’t get in the way of God. Right now it is Washington Journal
That corrupted the Congress
Maximam I thought we were capitalists.
Oh Canada.
        I just got finished watching Laura Croft Cradle of life she’s pretty hot if I do say so myself but used goods but
maybe that’s for the best she was too hot anyway. I robot was on before I was so rudely interrupted and before that was
the episode of futerama with the two men who I want to do my book on tape William Shatners Time Transcending
Ghost was actually here
William Shatner-But how
Now it is Imagin which I have on the Right speaker and abbey Road was on the left but the DVD player has now
        Rightnowit is Total Eclipse A little gay for my taste Jackson Pullock and all thatbut so was Ginsburg Who
invented beat poetry does that make me love Kerouak less hell no the knives are here as well as some friends in
cammofloge or time transcending Ghosts I cant tell which anny more. I may not say who is here if I do danger is afoot

Worn like the soles of shoes
Grass is better with them on
Summer dew of morning holds
Reward for those whoseek it.

But we are after all out of paradise
God can cut us if he wants
Wharilly unaware we walk
For trouble is afoot.

         Right now it is Oceans Twelve the women in my house seem very excited for some reason. I wish we could
gamble too hey who said that these people I cant see as all the others are but they are nice to my crotch so I can say I am
in good company. One girl laughs at what maybe Jullia Roberts what are they these knives these Mouths these
moments of morose macabre mutilation these moments of sweet found freedom
It is a few days later the peace has been cept thank God Steven Locke is here though I cant see him I saw him in a
dream earlier he came on a day in a house I didn’t know when My wife I don’t have was leaving me. National
Lampoons Vacation is on and he is pulling one over on the blonde bombshell we just got finished with Jackie Chans
Who am I. Those who shall not be named are here as well and the bombshell is naked in the pool. This is crazy. This
is crazy. This is crazy. And Clark is found out with the waitress that waits while you wait and waits while you wait
and waits while you wait. Right now it is Phantom of the Opera Masquerade as it were Delightfull sorrow for one and
for the rest dancing now still as he falls into the hell mirror filled kind of like a funhouse. Snakes my Chinese zodiac
the evils child We all hate the devil but looks can be misleading but that’s it kill your aggressor
Ecclesiastes 1:17-18
17      And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and toknow madness and folly: I perceived that this is also vexation of
18      For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

Chapter 29

          I even now have on something that I shant say I have you might say I was being too predigeous. Meet the
Faulkers is on and Paul Oakenfold purple 007 is on the radio I’m switching back between that and another flick with
two young enough to be my daughters if I had fathered them at twelve or ten and Andy Richter. And now it is Milla
Jovavich in The Fifth Element She is hotter than summer and the sound track is bad @$& too. I speak your language I
make my own. I like this arrow that would not miss its mark he got it from his father and he of old. Someone here’s a
Political Refugee Mr John Awbrey showed me the 1000 year old census of England and We found Bingham In little
Shirwood Forest Someone made the mention of me being Friar Tuck My Uncle Don Bingham should get a kick out of
this Did I ever call Dale Don did I or didn’t I we shall Find I did he’s not their somethings amiss this mistake they will
too soon remiss You take out my family now I’m f’n $#@&ed Should we press and Find Dale don dorris or Lois and
Willy Bob Rob Ray Amos or norma or Alton or Olan or Opal or Kay or Ki or Kree or Kade or Cort or Kurt or Laury or
Gary or Jerry or Jenny or Lesly or Julee don’t forget me. Mix the Sewing Needle Idea and the water clock a needle that
big weould hit the water table good reason running it on the North West corner of the Caprock running water down Hill
for erogation pool and Gazeebo and bridge with the bridge running through the eye of the needle with enough room for
a camle. The breakfast cluBb is here or is on I don’t know witch anymore delusions of refferance and all that but
wheres theirs John. My pipe beckoned and beckons. Sixteen Candles is on and Furrs was a trip Emporers new Clothes
is all I can say.
          It is the next day Alexander is in but sadly it is over and now it’s Ally Sheedy with the captainchrunch Man who
leads the way. We don’t call this dope now a days now that’s just hard drugs 2 feet solami and three inches of steak
knife. AmI reepeeting myself? Not with Paul Oakefold blue. Now it’s Puffy Ami Yumi Nice and Molly Ringwald in
Sixteen Candles. I have on my Tux red vest and something I don’t know if I should it matches the red vest. He
addresses the camera dirrecly This is getting good. I just got a photo of the nerd the prom queen and the rols Royce but
just the seat. I am the know where man. Illices animal catalogoue is going o.k. I wish I could get my text up on the tv
so I could catch both on phone camera. Kan and the event horizon where light bends.
           My Aqua teen hunger f0ouce DVD is on right now Harry’s Time transcending gost is here. The Rabot is on a
rampage and I’m half randy women have time transcending ghosts too now almost fully. Protocals of Zion is on Jews
run everything he sais ya right money does that’s all and Bill Gates aint Jewish Abraham Foxman the youth of Germany
believes what get it straight George Carlin ison and Constantine just finished. True Romance is on now already have it
on camraphone but I don’t have the mafia guy killing the last cop in the room yet Lci iguess is the boat instead of the
Higgins at Normandy so it is the LCI modification. Oceans Elevin is on and some time transcending ghosts of women
are here I can barely see the clothes their not waring but women none the less their ages a secret their perfume to die
for. Something I should name them all but what I guess irresponsive except for one. I have been a perfect gentleman
though it is hard man hard. Being skizo is not all bad at least some of the time Electra is backon. I was switching back
to Harry p. p. of A. and Oceans Twelve. I was trirling my sticks for the gosts and playing on my knee and thigh. Now
Willy Wonka and the Chockolate factory isa on And brownies are at my left I am eating one now it is good. Now it is
Tommorow Never Dies I am a Bond junkie. Some Giant Ghosts are here. I have on the suit that I was stabbed in it still
has the hole. Gohsts with sun gl@$&es are here right now and Penguin Heads. No more Sucros Sucros Gasi alls I had
was suger for three days for my coffee now I don’t even have suger. Georgetown Villanova 53 54 Real Sports My pipe
beckons. Villanova wins.

Sweet Remiss

I want something
It is sweet and dry
Pleasures sweet
From incenced heights.

Maybe some ice cream
And Benaglios brownies
Do you remember Ryan
When It was Ben
And Jerries @$& Cream.

        The invisible ones are here I think one of them put something delightfull in my coffee. I am watching tbs and
the lord of the rings the fellowship of the ring and I have soething on that I may not need but I want all the same. Saver
the flaver he sais. There are little elves about my mouse they run two and frow performingmyactions for me.


Days end and nothing to speak of
True friends the kind that you reak of
Following paths that somehow become
Worn with time and followed in suit

But not too long we start to wander
Seeing light for seconds longer
Loose our way until break of day
Growing wary we look for drink.

Hallowed ages have seen this sight
Not keeping sun to their faces
Forlorn till they fie down truly found footsteps
Or just hear travelers passing buy

Now a days it’s the same as allways
Too drunk to stand straight without propping
Our imaginations tricks on us they play
Without sobering up we could be lost for days.

Ican stand butI have not the cash for wandering and drink I have afforded myself pot and canned soop and coffy with
creamer and artificial Sucros Sucros Gasi And the Geodon brings me down enough off the breaks I am a Beakman and
so was Jack but not in the same way only slightly from what I hear but even the breaks are better now a days ther
Hobbit 240 mithril full of suprises I say. I see the elves who work my mouse were offended but the help was much
appreciated. I put on Hackers for the Hacker that made me safe.

I have worn many 6things
Mostly out of self pitty
Suits polo shirts
Work garb

I really like the nifty things
They inmpress me
I believe in myself
In them
Wanting to.

        Right now it isTrue Romance Allices anomal catalogue is going nicely. Theirs twenty four stoners living in my
        Futerama is on right now the episode where they find nibler it is 1:11a.m. Thusday 4/20 It is 4:27 on 4/20 I just
got finished watching Harry Potthead and the Prizoner of Amsterdam. Weve taken on another ship the pink panther. I
am trying to get some of these images down I love this followed by power moving things around dark water witch
farewell to thee Raja I am going to get a milkshake. It is late and Staarrdust Memories is on.
  The friends of Mike who I met him through have also forced me to end another chapter because Miss. Smith buckies
wife just chased me off of her property when I tried to secure the $150.00 her mother owed me not knowing where she
lives and having the opportunity to find her at Buckies so I said once that Smiths should stick together but no longer
finding that loyalties luy else where. She actually said that she was going to call the cops.
Dustin- Go ahead I aint afraid. Last I cheched I haven’t done anything wrong.
The cops haven’t shown up so it was just a threat and not and actual promise which I think all statements made should
be in fact I may have respected her if the cops had shown up but like most of the things those Seabolts say verry little
faith should be put in it. Now I do fear Mitch a bit who is used as their lap dog knowing Brazillian Ju Jitsu having
wailed on Bucky so many times for beating Andrea and once my friend and a loyal one at that. I don’t want to have to
harm or be harmed by him but how can I avert this except for moving away. But as my father advised
Gary- If you want to loose a friend the quickest way to do it is to loan them money.

Chapter 30

        I am alone as always except for the voices and possible tormenters. I hyave no pot and have had none for three
days leaving me agitated and in pain from the three inches which when high I can ignore. Right now I am watching
Elizebeth I she too felt the knife at her neck and Mary died for it as may the “blonde” Austin Forester, who I have met
years aggo at the appartement complex on the other sideof the loop from the South Plains Mall and who has listed my
address as his own with the DMV which is 3503 27’th st rear Lubbock TX 79412 and I know this because I have
received letters from the DMV addressed to him at this address at which he does not reside for I have resided here for
nearly two and a half years and you can ask Charles Chuttz Realty to verify this, in prison for the attempt on my life the
cops see no conspiracy but with the addition of this document they may and if I had my wish he would die a traitors
death however cruel it may be. For I myself have felt the blade every day in my shoulder and back fearing death too
much to go under the knife. I now will tell you what I had on as well as have on that I may not have the right to it is my
grandfather Alton Travis West’s Masonic ring that he received for graduating from Texas Tech University in 57. It has
a red ruby that is exposed on the underside of the stone so that you can see light through it and around it’s comp@$&
and level it represents his 32’nd order position in the Masonic Union so I am as Bingo Duncecap put it A “Masonic
Legend”. I wear the ring on the finger it fitts my right middle one and it begs me to flip the bird at who so ever opposes
my family.
The dudes with the knives are here again I hate these nights as I yhate Hell Austin Forester and bad dreams. Light year
5.875127364832X 10^12 miles. Je suis crazy baby. Don’t drop the baby that would hurt it. They say Hamnet that was
Hamlets father. I feel the knife at my left arm. Now at my right. Elizebeth was not a hertatic it wasn’t even her church
you can blame that on Henry the Eighth.
Henry the Eight I am
Henry the Eighth
I am I am
Second verse
same as the first.
Now it’s at my pelvic region. My pipe beacons. Elizebeth I is on right now.
No they cant take
That away from me
The way I comb my hair
The way I couldn’t care
@$&*s be prepared
You cant take this bookof collected works away from me.
Eek then.
Eek then.
Eek then.
Eek then.

Last night was thirteen Ghosts and Harvey Birdman right now it is City Slickers two the search for Curleys Gold. It
was Joe Dillon who introduced the Wild West to us. So quick to disbelieve are those that know nothing Quoth I quoth
I. Hill is ambiguous. Electra is on. Villona and the race et Segouine premiere wagon German who was a Belgian or at
least supposedly. Im gonna fix a pound of beef simmer it in country crock add some salt and put it on toasted white
bread. Me and Maggie thought it was good Veruca Salt one bad egg I love my candydish but theirs nothing sweet in it.
Vraiment truly with trouth. He was squat and ruddy. But his figure fell into rotundity J.J. my man you were a genios.
Ruddy dodge Ruddy dodge not to ruddy but ruddy none the less.
I just got back from talking to the cops it just so happened that a I walked her down the alley and the gentleman with the
camera you know the one before He comes out and Yells
$#@& ant- If I catch her on my property again I’mgoing to shoot her.
Dustin- For walkin her down the alley way. I will beat your @$&.
$#@& ant- Youre too little
We had a couple more words then I came back without my jacket shirt and tie to take down their address to call the
cops I did that but requested that dispatch not be dispatched they were anyway the dumb@$& called them himself. I
had shown him my grandfathers ring during the altercation
$#@& ant- Your too stupid to be a Mason. You stole that.
I didn’t think to tell him that it was my grandfathers and I had been to lodge with him At the Church of Christ of
Brownfield when I was a child wacky wall crallers and everything and when one is in need how many is it I aint telling
but am I a mason I aint evin askin them. And Ill step into Scottish Right Tempal and have but that was to ask if they
could put up flyers for my cousins kids kidney replacement fund donation info. The two cops helped me by qualifying
my statement to him earlier that it is ellegal to discharge a fire arm within the city limits.
Help I need somebody
Help not just anybody
Help you know I kneed someone
When I was younger so much younger than today
I never neede anybodys help in anyway
But now those days are gone I not so self ashured
And now I’ve changed my mind and opened up the door
Help me if you can I’m feelin down
And I do appreciate you bein round
Help me get my feet back on the ground
Whont you plees plees help me.
That’s all I can remember from the movie great flick with the fiendish thingies haven’t seen iut in six years. Right now
it is Night Fever and I have Paul Oaekenfold purple on. My mother took so0mething back. What is this the eyes are
like bubble Gum Crisis but a bit smaller and some are normal but pink none the less but so are albinos’ eyes maybe the
character is but she has blue hair it’s Eurika seven with it’s gundam transformers. Cooltheolder ones have tattoos like
me one a cross but not black like the one onmy back done with a RC moter and a guitar string or the Mathiew 7: 1-5
done with a sewing machine moter and a sewing needle both using a pen as the holding device whichyou run the needle
through the tip of the emptied pen hers was pink instead. Lears archotype is Zeus and what you are my sone come to
overthrow I am the man out in the3 rain who don’t give a @$&* about anything. Right now I’m watching full Metal
Alchemist and listening to Puffy Ami Umi Nice #five
Give me a daywithout needof afterthought
For too many days end trajicly
Happiness is possible but don’t hold too close to it
It can escape even you.

 But ice cream iws nice or milk shakes
Steakon a Tuesday when I’mHalf baked
Now how bout it son you can relate
Nowwhat a boutthe wandering.
I just got finished watching bram stokers drakula I am the vampire that has supped the blood of the wearwolf D that’s
me.but the vampire in me is a lack of something now and now it is Queen of the @$&*ed. Like a babe in arms.
Right me something
He sais he sais
Follow me now
I may start to wander

Whats to be said
Of stones on
The sides of walls
That fell on either side

Or gatesthat are lapped
The female persuasion
Dodingly comp@$&ionate
But steaming with sexuality

Someone keeps $#@&in in my ac unit. Perfect hair forever. Venture brothers. I lovemoletove cockteas. I just got
finished watching Scent of a Woman and I have a freash hair cut. We have a Cheshire Cat tonight. Now it is Last of
the mohicans and I just let out a war cry. Omeone is @$&*ing with me outside my house they think it is funny but why
is it out if jelosy dislike what I will get to the bottom of it but first I’ll finish this. That may do it for me. A ghost in my
house was talking @$&* saying the Library of Congress wouldn’t give me the copywrite I went The God’s must be
Crazy on her chipped her touth with a full bottle of Starbucks Vanilla Frapachino right now the ghost of a fan is inside
she laughs at their scorn.
Ghost- Yes!
 At Least someone is hear I can barely see the three but two I know well. We were playing cowboys and Indians and
the Indians wone that was us no more knives for either of us at least for the moment. I had a vision when two men one
Geronimo travino pressed me up against a wall where I couldn’t breath and I passded out I saw a herison part white part
black whith Indians scalping men and riding across the horizen. Right now it is thunderheart. Funny I had just watched
a video on the range wars prior to it. I’m only 1/16 Cherokee but that’s a a full 1/16.
Bewary of sage brush when running
And Cacti with yellow flowers
But don’t be too wary
you may miss somethin
A porcupine
Or a rattle surpentine
Or a pink sunset
Those are sublime.
I wrote him somethin. A gecho still lives on the side of my house he’s been here since I’vemooved in and he’s a fast
little devil. Futerama T.V party tonight. Missionaries eatin crow but wyere were they do you know in make shift
hobble or strately mission. Merrion Sreet and streets with no names Baggot streetand he followed them at once into the
arms of America promising heat. Do I believe in the voices do I believe in 1585 these are questions I wont aswer for it
would do no good to for the voices and gestures of movement are here whether I believe in them or not. But lets look to
the positive ones without hatred of me they exist even Job needed three kind mouths what with the three tormenting
ones some of the voices come from visible mouths that are on heads to chicken @$&* to be shown for If I knew who
they were they would have need to wory. She says he shouldn’t have made it out of Bacon But I say it’s ok call it a lord
lampshade Just call me Dustin the Wind and her Lady Lazarus MS word 2000 knows thou, all the books of the bible,
jocund, hath, wilt, forlorn, lest, jostle, begat, begotten, respite, @$&*ed and doth but not nephite, agaped, eek
precedeth sayith or shalt. The ones outside think they are awsom again what is it that makes them thus. Have they
done something astonishing wonderous or odd no they have just annoyed me to wits end so what of them inspires awe
nothing but the fact that my writing stands to prove that they were here so they may be remembered but for what? I ask.
What? They want to intimidate me throw salt in my game as they put it but they don’t realize this is not a game it is life
no body wins weather graves are found fast or not. The most we can do is survive though life may not seem livable
Take it from me Dustin Wesley Smith the stressed out schizo when it seems that way God can show you the contrary
and you may not like the means with wich he showes you Hell it took three inches of steak knife in my shoulder to
show me life was worth living but those outside my home still try to make it less valuable. To the pipe at hand for it
beacons as does the bud that burns inside. The lion has cought my scent me in my hapless field. Right now it is The
Deer Hunter some memories are hard to shake.
To my friends outside with the Beretas

Let that thing shine proudly
It shows your authority
Let not the night make you warry
Protection is at steak.

So enjoy a cup of coffee for me
And tell funny stories the way you may do
Make light of the danger make it your friend
For in God and whats at your side lies your salvation.

I’m a dos user
I’m a dos user
Could only play
whole fn screen

Right now it is From Russia with Love I have on my red shirt vest and tie, black socks, slacks, tux coat and loafers.
The AC is on full blast. He’s the Governer of California not a lie were not too far from voting Corey Haim. . The lion
is at my door but he’s a nice pussy cat. De La Hoya just impressed me round 11 and he still puts up eight punch
combinations talk about endurance it was a fight from 2002 betwien him and Fernando Vargus on sept. 14 I mean you
try to go 11 rounds with these guys most people erven if they were just doing the motion of the fight and not taking
blows would drop from exaustion half way through. Now it is Vernon Forrest vs. Ricardo Mayorga from 2003 many
Ghosts are here all physical dynamos with the exemption of us writers and we still fight with rage and conviction for a
cause but we don’t fight fare balls throats bases of the backs of skulls their all fare game now one starts at the front of
the hair line finishing at the back of the skull sometimes but I like him getting proof of his kill and his excited cries of
rage. Right now it is For your Eyes only And I am @$&ured I am now moving this to a new destination no more 3503
27’th street for me where I can not tell you naughty eyes may be reading. I am their now. Stargate Atlantis is on
Tommorow I will be getting my king sised bed with inserts tonight I am sleeping in the tan Lazy Boy that my parents
gave me. Now it is Adult swim Family Guy last was the Oblongs. On my Westwerdly view you can see the school way
off in the distance and the ball park to the east you can see forever past A goat farm with a couple of donkeys but it
doesn’t stink there is lots of vacant land behind my house. There is no fence but walking Ms C@$&idy is not so much
of a chore she is luying on her dog bed with my pillow under it. Now it is Aqua Teen Hunger Fource. Someone needs
a spanking. Pureyed meet is not exactly what I would call the business move of the milenia. Their robots they can
handle wine coolers. Spacecutas. It is the next day and One night At McCool’s is on. Yet another day and it is Steve
Belemy. I have no Refrigerator or Stove Hell two nights aggo I shared the doggie bed with Maggie on the floor it was
more comfortable than the small lazy boy to sleep on Now if I had had the blue Lay z Boy I would have slept fine in it
and have on many occasions but the smaller ones just don’t have enough cushioning or room to sleep in mind you they
are comfortable but for sitting and reclining I will sware they are the best chair for your money hell most chares you
cant even recline in without an automin but their automin is retractable ase are most recliners and some couches. My
pipe beacons but in a new house. The walls in this room are wood panled and there are shelves where a wall heater
used to sit now the place has central heat and air. We put in purple curtains on the front window this moniter sits on a
desk as is the steryo and two speakers next to it is the Zenith 13 inch on a cheap roller TV stand my books at least some
of them are on the shelfs in this room which would technically be the living room the Forester is up on the wall along
with my geese, the razor, the 4000 year old spear head, my two Japanese collage art set and one of the four black
Chinese board paintings. Wouldn’t that be there are no life signs on board instead of theirs. Sorry for catching the
mistake. I justgotfinnishedwatching a P & N show and nowit is adult swim first up was The Oblongs Now it is
probably futerama. I am almost out of Town and Country Vanilla Capuchino but I have two twenty ounce dps left that
should tide me over and some chips from El Palacio.noppe I was wrong it is Fammily Guyy ndustrial Lathe Man Ha
Ha abandon all hope all ye who entered my last place.It went from the boomerang scene to the underground water ploy
it is an action mantage of Bash and now it is futerama I haven’t voted since I had the right to I’m just too @$&* lazy
and forgetfull. Right now it is Rino 911 not a bad episode it’sthe dead milkshake episode. And now it is the Daily
Show with guest Billy Conoly and my pot pipe beacons. I ave this invisible bitch na sayer I wish I could get rid of her.
If I could only finish this that would shut her up. On to the Colbert report. Not a bad show. But then again What could
be said for my taste? Santa Claus is gunning you down he sings. Ah the Zoo I’ve been to the zoos in D.C. and Dallas
and it is my expiriance that the snake house is both the warm and cool place warmer in winter and cooler in summer in
D.C. it rained so it was the dry place You could not play poker with bill gates because eventually he would come out on
top that’s the law of averages with the richest man because when he gets to his all in he can buy everyman out at the
table even the bank unless the dealer is dirty or it’s just not his night in the case of a seven deck shufal.;/ Jupiter Jazz
Part two Cowboybebop. The knives have found me even here why do they follow me. It would be great to be buried in
space no decomposition mummified as it were like the Ice Man. Why are robots jelous of frecals but leave it to that
man to know their weaknes. I know the meaning of suffering. Yould need a tiny forrest of bonsai trees for that one. I
mean they run and eat leaves and long neck for such a small thing. I don’t know if I’ve finished the Good Book and I
know I haven’t finished the catalogue and Idont know how much futher I’ll go after the catalogue so this bad book is
still being written well I don’t know if you would call it bad for who is to spread the word of God if not sinners. Don’t
know if Lodi would like sly Gulliver. Teerri Hatcher she’s cute. Abe Veegoda on a pedicab wow. Another mistake the
Scandanavians worshiped Thor not the Sumerians unless they were the Sumerians but I thought that was in sumeria a
biblical place no where near sacandanavia maybe Samaria which is in Isreal east of the great sea but maybe no
according to the dictionary.
Sumer- an ancient region in S. Mesopotamia. It’s non-Semetic people developed a flourishing civilization c. 3500 B.C.
They were masters of metal working and pottery, and developed a cuniform system of writing. Sumer became
merged(c. 2200 B.C.) with Babilonia(Websters new Lexington, 991)
Cuneiform-1. adj. (of a form of writing used in the ancient inscriptions of Babalonia, Assyria, Persia, Akkadia etc.)
composed of wedge-shaped strokes which were impressed with a stylus into clay//made up of or written in these
cuneiform characters//(of certain bones) wedge shaped 2. n. cuneiform characters [prob. Fr. F. cuneiforme] (Websters
new Lexington, 235)
So back to the Bible the Syrian Steppes or Assyria the syrian steppes being directly south of and on the direct journey
from Damascus to Babel-Babelon weird place for Oden eigh Messopotamia. Either Noah or Epic of Gilgamesh and an
oral tradition is older than an etched one.
That’s what peter looks like on the inside Lois shot the real Peter. Hemp does make good shampoo. Right now it is
baby blues water Canada. Who are you Vlad the Impalor Utopian? So was Stamps. Vlad Dracula Despina Mahudinti
Might get a kick out of this.May-Treanor/walsh19 the blonde is cute. Why is he not falling through the floor? Blonde
feather brain. Metamorphasis is to change into something new but it is a permanent change. Kates got a new
commercial it’s hot. Right now it is Highlander I like a movie where some of my family is the hero the MaCleods.
Freddie Murcurie and Sean Connery aint half bad either. And if I can make it their I can make it anywhere. My pipe
beacons. It only hurts the curgins sword so I don’t care. Kangeroos in a swamp? Now that I can buy. Well they said
rodents of unusual size. They better not forget the American Tamehawk French horn #5 Oldest cd I own why they
gave that to stewie to play It’s one of the hardest horns to play now it’s #6 If you’ll check back I think this CD is
detailed earlier on in this book. Signal being sent in is affected by signal being sent back and bounces off affected. We
made one of those big head things an allie they run like baboons and are twice as vicious. Gone somehow are the days
of cchoice but stabuility and somehow silence sometimes but still I feel under the knife but the fight is in the pen thatas
what they are fore they lay about my Lazy Boy cutting on my crotch held by invisible hands I am typing at the moment
so it cant be me It only happens when ZI type I feel Hanoyed But I don’t find that this is affecting me enough to keep
me from writing That Blond sone of a bitch has something to do with this Austin is a good city but that guys getting on
my nervs I wonder If he has told the DMV that He lives here or something yet but they know now so 811 N Ceder St.
Brownfield TX 79316 I found out the other day that the donkey across the way the white one is affectionate it let me pet
it’s main coming up to me while I was walking Maggie maybe I’ll call It Alf the sacred Burrow they are smart that’s
real that’s truth that’s jack @$& it aint mine but it lives across the street. Right now it is Goldfinger. And now it is
Thunderball ya baby. Now It is Matrix Revolutions.
         I just got back from watching Munick with my parents we rented that along with 40 year old Virgfin which I am
watching now Is new Babalon Burning? Ahhh Mummy. Vould You rap this up for me. There is a Ghost here with a
Chinese acting mask very demonic but a mask is just a mask. I love the Mathew 7: 1-5 on my back it reminds me we
are all sinners except those too young to be allowed to read this book and even some of them are a bit naughty. Sune
we’ll be away from here came true today well we are Quando pada mucho me amore te fellich carathon Mundo
paparatsi me amore chica Verdi parason Questo abrigato tanta mucho kentenita carason Jonny Carason. And abbey road
what would it sound like what is something that you take to a job site your lawyers’ office and your in laws. A blodey
hammer. I Just got finished watching Liar Liar. Then it was Keeping The Faith. Days ago it was the Matrix Reloded
and noiw it is the Rat Race again for the second time on Comedy Central I have lost some of this but like that ever
really affected my abuility to add to this. Look it’s a drifter Lets kill him. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha that’s the way it went I have
a sick sence of sumer. Now it is Saving Silverman. Don’t know if I will see Nacho Libre in a theater or not it looks
hallarious you would have to save me from her to. We are truly freres en arms. Yao Main. So Main Lobster it is. No
Yao Main.
Ill Have Filley Mainyon with Safron. Steak on the Colbert Report. Pizza Hut Pizza in my fridge. Nicoli’s Shaharazad
was just plaid on NPR And futerama is on the one in which the cricket tricks lila into marrying him by shpeshifting. I
awoke to White Chicks and then stuck on for Shadow Conspiracy. And now it is Darkness Not too scary but then again
I did laugh when the guy in the weel chair ate it in Texas Chainsaw M@$&acre he was just so annoying I just smelled
tea but I don’t have anny tea I wish it was chi tea that I smelled but this was more like Lipton. I like the snake pattern
but if it were some form of quaried stone I would have liked it more. Exactement rien Merci Beacoup. Departu dans
Greencard. Qua qua quack quack quack quack sans le ck ce soner plus simnilaire de une cane. Tres Amigos I love it
always and forever. Easy Money was just on Now it’s the closing credits with Billy Joel singing Easy Money. Don’t
know what I’ll watch next. Yesterday I went to my old house and the stench was terrible which took a wile to get used
to again. Madelyn Albright is on the Colbert Report I just had a corn dog and still have a grande vanilla capuchino
from Town and Country. What is the source of Madelyn’s theosophy or any government’s for that mater? Next was
Mind of mencia and now it is the Chapelle Show. Just got finished with The Accidental Spie My pipe beacons as
always. What was going on World War II I’t didn’t have to be right I don’t know why it had to be why didn’t
everybody just leave each other alone but no some people want to rule the world but money does that not people. Right
now it is Saving Private Ryan if you haven’t already guessed. Quelle heur est il Douze heur dix minuets midi dans le an
de notre lord vengt huit/quatre/deux mille six. Right now it is Rising Sun not the best Connery flick but some of those
are hard to compete with. I like to see conery using judo but his invironment could be used more wisely but golf is used
nicely. Right now there are three horses across the street in addition to the goats donkey and burrows one is black with
a white patch on it’s nose another is painted so a pony instead and the other is brown. Pleasantville is on everything is
in coller now it almost seems that the hole point of the movie was to show off the coller on black and white contrast but
when you look deeper you see points about racism and ignorance like that of book burnings. Who by the Necromancer
souron loosing a contact that just raises too many questions. New Familly Guy.
I’m in the middle of a Stargate Atlantis Marithon now it is the next day. I am completely finished with moving and
cleaning the other place it still smells a bit but not too bad. Yet another day. Just got finished wioth rolling Kansas ok
pot movie but then again with the exemption of a few propaganda films they all are. And now it is Reno 911 and my
pipe beacons. Im catching the second showing of Futerama Molten Boron commercial right at the beginning Lets eat
the children that’ll solve our problem I know well call them poplers. My pipe beacons. But before I puff pop a popler.
Cough Cough. Billy Bonies picture was blazed in my kitchen entry way. I feel pangs in my leggs don’t know why.
This house is quaint it’s wood paneling in the living room makes this kinda feel like a study. Every adornment has it’s
place the scumate razor over the window behind the T.V. in which sitts the Mirror from that @$&*ed up vanity that I
left behind in Lubbock that looks out at nothing just a car port and a wind break the wind turns gaimy or goat @$&*ty
but rarely it is on the east side you see to it’s left is my sword My Holy Grail Poster underneath my globe to the left
between the kitchen and living room and a basket in which a blanket is foded up my back=gamon board is to the right
though I cant for the life of me remember how to play then next to the tv to the right of the window my four boards and
desk on which sitts my Cybervision monitor two speakers and my Umax scanner on top of the tv now sitts my dvd
player Four rocks which have Love Wisdom Happiness and Joy each on it’s own rock with the Chinese characters for
those words above my sterryo a speaker my Pledge can and dvds and cd’s to the right of me are the purple curtains
above them a four thousand year old spear head sorry if Im repeating myself to my left the reast of the house, I sit at an
angle not neccisarily pointed at the monitor, the westwerdly wall with the james bond poster my two Japanese collage
art pieces my four br@$& geese in front of sun pieces and the rest is the same as the first description behind that the
Kitchen behind that the long Utility room with blue carpet/astroterf and my second hand washer and dryer that work
surprisingly well, in here the brown carpet, in the bedrooms there are different shades of tan in the master bedroom my
King size bed with water inserts. You see this is a water bed that doesn’t have waves. So why don’t you buy a regulart
mattress that doesent have waves. But this has no waves. And there is more. More? Much more. My dresser my
othedr tv and some shirts that I don’t normally wear along with my ties in the closet and my Maggie at the foot of the
bead in her tiger print doggie bed the guest bedroom which has nothing in it but clothes and computer equipment that
for some reason I forgot the p@$&words to. And then theirs the standerd bathroom with bathroom stuff razors,
shampoo, toilet paper, Charmin Cha Cha Cha, saop water faucets a toilet sink basin and tub. The place is a bit messy
Cherry vanilla DrPepper cans all over the place but nothing descusting like the last place their I seemed to have given
up on myself.
 If their had been a greater numbver of ambulances they could have taken him. Just the other day I thought it would be
great seeing Hidalgo with the Painted Horse being across the street and now here it is and my pipe beacons being
freshly loaded It screems
Pipe- Dustin. Dustin smoke me.
Tommorow is Kill Bill V. one at 8:00 p.m. and I hope I don’t mis it. Right now it is I Love Trouble. I have on my tux,
red vest and tie, tux shirt, bgrownish red Rockports, mismatched socks I have maybe one actual pair of socks and they
are purple and except for the white short ones which are all golden toe, Fossil watch, Nautica Specs with transition
lenses, and Boxers. Now it is Cowboy Bebop The VHS/Beta player episode Fay as a child but it seems way too
archaic. Right now it is Kill Bill V. Two and I have on the suit which I was wearing when someone tried to murder
me. Chapter seven is the one were in and my pipe beacons once again. Kill Bill V 1 is nearly over I always get a kick
out of it Jon was more hesitant to give it prais when we saw it in the theaters I still say steel should not touch steel.
Theres the water clock. Charly brownuson and Pig Pen. Right now it is brijit jones I’ve seemed to have forgotten my
laundry in the washer It has been their since I returned fron Lubbock I liked the prison scene but not the fight scene
because the men fought like such pussies now if he had held him under the water just long enough to chocke him up on
a little water that would have been great not death but a coughing gets the point across without going too farr.
Oblivious are the characters in all cheesy movies Like ace Ventura and Joe Versus the Volcano And Dumb and Dumber
and all the Leslie Neilson Flicks Especcially Airplain and Mell Broks’ characters Like the Gvn. It is. I am watching
Arthur as I was earlier and Full Metal alchemist was before this Earth Fire Water and wind they are nothing but the
smiths tools and that sword the smiths product but Kings held them as sighns of power that’s whats up with Full metal
Alchemist us Smiths We turned iron into steeland led then sell it for Gold therteby turnintg Led into Gold. Or Hack
Silver as may have been the case Remember Wlilliam The Conquerer. Arthur May Have Been part Roman but he was
also of the people of brittain. Who would have that roman that he descended from have married? Royalty of course
and in England at the time that would have Been a Norman. And Is Uther Pendragon even a Roman name? I Don’t
think so.
They mention the man that makes a river boat propeller but not the man that invented that propeller in the first place Sir
Francis Petit Smith I wonder if they even new his name before making this special on Hardware The History Chanel
needs to get their facts straight it was based on sir francis Petit Sith’s screw propelled boat.. Lief Ericson Found New
Foundland in the early 1000s. I think I like the evil monkey now.
I just got back from Lubbock I had three Varsteiners they were gooooood and gave idividual bottles to three people. I
bought a six pack in other words at Pinkys It was the first alcohol I had had since that sip in December and that sip
three months earlye5r and that Bottle of twelve year old Jameson two and a half years aggo I remember drinking Irish
Coffy the whole time. Right now it is Coctail. I just took a Geodon and I’m smokin a bowl And I’m drinkin Starbucks
Vanilla Frapachino Quelle date Quelle date. The remote is remote and unfindable. Ce ne sent pas sur le tele. Mais
mon telephone as ca. June 11 2006 et mon fossil as la temp ce sont Dix heare plus vingt. Le nare de Dustin Wesley
Smith. I guess my haircut is a little Pee wee Hermanesque but only when freshly cut. It is Eight Fourty in the morning
the next day and Jersey Girl is on I have 160.00$ in my wallet I don’t have a bank account I work it out like Jack I
always spend all of my money before the month is up so there is never really a need I could learn to budget my money
better but that was never my way truly. Renting porn I never really did that all too much either. I like the Pulp Fiction
poster I wish I had it. Everybody loves Robert Smith. Right now I have on my Blue silk jacket, Black slacks and
white striped tie and belt, Brown shoes, an Arrow shirt MY white Kangol and the silk haky in a triangle shaped patern
in my left jacket pocket, my watch and holy underwear. Now it is the same but with a hillfiger shirt and not so holy
underwear and no Kangol. From Russia with Love is on Connery was always and will always be my favorite Bond.
Once more against the Breech Dear friends. Or was Connery right? Was it appon? And now it’s on to Octopussy and
Joh’ns time transcending Ghost is here. Those eggs were emptied of their white and yolk and then filled with gold then
covered in gold or other precious metals with golden lace then added some with diomands Fabrijey that may not be how
you spell it but I spell it Jack and the Beenstalk excess. Their was some lint on my shoulder. My pipe sitts their but not
for long. Their you see smoke is filling my lungs. My Backgamon board could use some dusting. I am so tired of this
book being changed the brownfield I wrote when I wrote in the first chapter stuck at home in Brownfield with my
parents keeps on disappearing and other things as well. But why? Am I being Hacked? And if so what can I do about
it? But remember I am Dustin Wesley Smith this is my book and it probably wont sell anyway. I have this terrible
suspicion that this alteration has something to do with Chapter 25 as if someone was trying to steal this from me. Well
anyway right now it is A special on the History channel about the FBI Tales of the FBI:The Beuro Vs. the Clan. Now it
is something about the Maravinjians being Descended from He and Marry Magdelin yah right no such line does exist
though the Mrarivinjians do As Did the Sone of God and still does in Heavin. Davinchi Code and all that. Don’t realy
know about it but who gives a @$&* davinchi didn’t even live in biblical times. He does sound like a Heratic. Like
Hera had anything to do with it only judging only judging. The guy is obviously a Historical Interpretationalist.
?tsdim rieht ni renoH TAERG evah yeht did os fi & .ssergid I tub .no si em devol ohw yps ehT. Toh s’ehs. Denots
m’I. denots teg tsum ydobyrve. Ssergid I tub. Elponitnatsnoc oohsoom oohsoom. Oniccupparf scubrats evol I.
Snocaeb epip Ym. Yug retupmoc eht morf kcab siht tog tsuj I. LleD eht gnisu M’i won dna deirf tseuqrats eht no trop
BSU a. Enik ekil I enik. . Won denots yllaer m’I. Sdnob fo seires sih ni mlif tsal eht ni yrennoC s’ti won. Tooh a si
Nosnikta newoR. Niagga reven yas reven. Llabrednuht won dna. Skcos dehctamsim dna , seohs nworb, trihs onarrom
ym, eit deppirts etihw dna kcalb eht, tius nerual eht gniraw m’I. Ereh era sevink eht tub krow ot tnaw I. Ffo meht
gnidnef krow hguone s’tI. Amaretuf evol I. Edosipe eugel gnithgif tobor ehT. Ootoot knip.

Becoming the one they come           to
Hated     by others that wont let me live
I’ve      got to get              even
A        simple story I began      with
Will      I get to finish without   them
?sdrowkcab ot kcab. No si ecar tar dna Reppep rD dna lwob lluf a ev’I. E&A No si ti ereh daeh ym ni ti fo segami
dah I gninihS ehT. No saw ti wonk neve t’ndid I. GninhS eht tog tsuj I. Redrum redrum. I think from this point it is
forward. That was mentally laborious Wasn’t the Female the Alasorous Rex the bigger of the two. No more self
debasement. Tis the cocain in the Pharo’s blood stream proves it and it explains the need for pyramids an Incan or
Aztec made their way to Egypt trading coka leaves and saw the Pyramids and said we have the moiney now lets build it
and they probably got the building tech from Egypt as well. Dr No just completed. Now it is Ronin but I would have
liked if it were Yojimbo an actual film about a ronin who hires himself out as a yojimbo a bodyguard they based two
westerns on that film as did I with my episode of sea Lab a Fist full of dollars was one of them. Decord. Devent.
Decembre est joli. Bonne trail a tu quand nous review. I’m getting to like the pastoral days and nights. Right now it is
the Godfather part three. The Type O dong two. Allong came Polly. Their seems to be nothing to do in Brownfield
but smoke pot read and watch tv it seems it was the same in Lubbock. I haven’t done much reading this time in
brownfield. Last time when I lived here I nearly finished the Duluoze Nare. Right now I cant descide between Arthur
and Jurrasic park. But the roman skew of things kind of leads me to believe that it is a somewhat incorrect view of
Arthur He had always fought for England and not for rome though he may have had roman blood though this may have
been the English look to this man as a hero and No =Roman Histories were written about Arthur or Uther his father so
this leeds me to believbe that this was never for the glory of Rome only for that of England and it’s people after all
ledgends are written in the language of it’s own people and Arthurian Nare was written in archaic English not Latin
and that English was based on French and German only one of which is even Romantic and French is only Romantic it
is not Itallian or Latin itself. This settles it A tribute to Sean Connery is on USA His AFI life achievment award. And
now I am switching between around the world in 80 days and Adul Swimn. Missioon hill is on the other channel right
now. Iraq turn your tanks into trackters that would stimulate your economy anyway by creating jobs your steel industry
would boom with all that’s outside Takrit forging & all and if you build too many trackters for your needs give some of
them to third world countries who are in need Maybe if you worked on your image we might get along us too maybe
but after this is all over so lets get it over andRobin Hood Plan. Iraqi oil moneyb for first the victims on all sides 2nd
medications and proper helth facilities 3rd utilities for Iraq 4th Schools in Iraq 5th Rodes in Iraq 6th rebuilding 7th oil
workers engineers and administration employed by refinery 8th police in Iraq 9th whatever is left over is used for
shipping costs and profit for those that own the wells aswell as a big bonis for Bush I remember Hefleys Corpas
Christy move all the same. I just changed my p@$&word I hope it is driving them nuts. Ive just seen Raising Helen. I
just got back from the stoor. When their I was wary to stay at least three feet away from the Highway patroleman who
was waiting in line in front of me. It gave me a small scare but nothing came of it obviously. Futerama just finished
and now it is Mission Hill. Last was Minoriteam the one where fasto gets him some or somewhat Before that was
family guy the one where Stewy is in a plastic Bibble now it is Tom goes to The Mayor and now that that is over on to
the Venture Bros. Hey it’s National Lampoons European Vacation. Oblivious are it’s characters but they still answer
Clark now if I could remember that cournal’s first name. I would try to trade my vacation for a two week stay in
Amsterdam I mean all expences paid? Wow How many Blunts is that? Ten. Ten thousand Blunts. Ha Ha Ha. It is the
next day and Jewel of the Nial is on. Last night I had problems with this thing I did have 364 pages but the number
kept on reducing until I had 361 and when I was removing some of the accounts on this thing I somehow locked myself
out of my book either that or someone is still hacking me I don’t know what to do about it I’m not a computer wiz. Hell
it took me thirty minuts of screeming and ranting to figure out that the desk top that this was on would need me added
to it’s users just to get into this. I mean I thought I was royally @$&*ed now it sais 363 and I’ve only added ¼ of a
page this seems weird to me. Now it sais 361 aggain. And now Oh Brother Where art Thou. George Nelson was Bi
poler after all. You have to take into account that their weren’t too many people in some areas of the south and some
women were hard pressed to find suiters so lonely. I can see three women treatin those men awfully well. And even
these characters are somewhat oblivious. On to The Good the Bad and the Ugly one of the best spagetti westerns ever
made. Next is For a Few dollars more the second remake of Yojimbo. But it then switched to a horror flick so many
manik filled hours later it is Stargatte SG-1. There are people outsaide my houyse hacking me. I can hear them. I’m
getting the shining again as if someone pro me is reading this. 811 N Ceder St. Brownfield TX 79316 if I’m still here
when the world is reading this I may be in for it
How are you world
You seem a little down
Having no real Identity
Borrowing from others
To make your own.
There is nothing new
Under the sun.
The Jewel of the Nial is on again. My @$& hole has been hurting as if someone has been spraying a mixture of bleach
crap and stricnine on to it. Maybe they are just bathroom problems but I don’t think so. Why do I have Net Meeting
and why is my computer sharing my Desktop andf this file? Expand contract expand contract. Now it is For a few
dollars More. Again again. I expanded my elbow piece so that I could free the stemm screwed in. Put it in the fire put
it in the fire. Yo. Ba ba ba ba baba ba dadada. Ha he he ha. Some whistling. Eastwood is playing a ronin or
outlawed samurai.

What do they want
Those that weild knives?
Do they have some intent
Of robbing me blind
Or intimidating me
Into stopping my efforts?
Well then what do you
think of these words?
Once more against
the breech dear friends
I will not stop
Until this ends.
And now it is Open Range. My pipe beacons once again. Five more neglagable objects just appeared somebody is
@$&*ing with me. But what do I care Full metal alchemist is on after two manic filled hours or so that’s what it feels
like Cowboy Bebop is on and Invisible cops have come. Those who shall not be named are here the Lions are with
them. It beats the rat fest earlier before they got here. I make one comment about the tabby saving England from the
bubonic plague and they bring the rats in. I mean I freaked the @$&* out started stabbing at the floor feeling small
animals and rat squeaks they were all about the size of rats. Dogma I love Dogma. Though it is odd that Clerks with a
lower production value was beter but not much and what about chasing Amy and Jersey Girl Hell I even like the
cartoon Clerks. Hard to find a better pot head movie because it wasn’t all about pot Like Jay and Silent Bob Strike
back. And I don’t care what those nay sayers say Mallrats is totally acceptable. Last was the Ladies man and nao it is
Malibus Most Wanted Its Characters are oblivious as well. What? It is? Is What. How would I know? You were the
one who said it. Now on to the second part of open range like a piece of meat I say. Someone is fooling you. And the
knives they are appon me. This head ache is nearly gone. If alls that is said is Psalm 23 that is enough for me. I don’t
recall but are those accurate Winchester pumpaction 357 coppies. The sarchastic Mt. Evorist. And now it’s bandits.
Listen to what I say. Or you’ll face a deadly array. Of donkeys that do bray. And hoses that eat hay. Forrever and a
day. If you come this way. Deadly your @$& have you ever been kicked by one.
Coffey is Every Americans right except for those mormans. Quakers could use a little might keep their heart. What is a
morning or in my case afternoon. I should have had some yesterday if I had I might have never had that Migrane that
had me queezy and uneasy last night. I cought the First episode Of the New Season of Venture Bros. Jonas played
more of a role than I figured he would my migrane nearly gone with nothing but Ibuprophin and Geodon in my
stomach. I say again I coulda used the Coffey. Docter I have this stabbing pain in my head. Like someone is stabbing
it with a needle my skulls strong anyway I’ll survive I just Posted up my letter from The Criminal District Attourney
stating Michal Jchavarillas charges Aggrivated @$&ault with a deadly weapon Allong with the words No one sits in
this chair but dustin Wesley Smith & my dog Maggie C@$&idy with an arrow on the folded page lifting off of the wall
and pointing directly at me and my Lazy boy with a troker. Use wind generators as wind breaks for land. I love my
pipe dreams. But top soil buildup may present problems make them raisable.. Reverse Fossilization the what if
machine Great the blonde guy is a thief. Bridge the gaps with trees behind. Keep on putin more up the more they spin
behind them. Wellnot up according to generator standerds but up right above the soil anyway. On to mission hill. I am
out of Geodon tonight and I may be up until the pharmacy opens they had to order it. But the Pharmacist Bob Simpson
is an old golfing buddy of me and my Dad so I’m all hunky dory. My pipe beacons. Look it’s Portia. Nope Venus. Ot
gage wire ot gage wire. They used her to get away with the statue never seen it before bag on his head. And He is
infatuated with her maybe not he takes a tourn ephite. Give me not a Helenist. My mistake I have made my mistake.
And what a wonderfull mistake it was. Fachists can @$&*off and die do you know why you show me a race on earth
and (I’ll show you a genious of that race and Hebrews what was Einstein. Hail Kissinger. I just put out a cigerette in
my last Dr. Pepper by accident. Rightnow it is Zoolander. I just troolyfound out that I have less to wory about
someones Fine. God is good. I want to see Milla Jovavich in Ultra violet but I’m strapped for cash. South parks on. I
cant believe that I’m controlled by commercials no wait that’s Milla Jovavich she’s the one controlling me but I like her
controle. And now it’s Dog Bites Man. Hide the rum. Right Y’are. Now it is Gost in the shell Stand alone complex.
Now it is futerama and we have a couple of those across the way but not those explanation pack mules and shirkas.
 Would you like to see our giant
 Kerioki Machine?
Monk asks Monk asks. .
Would you like to see our giant
 Kerioki Machine?
Monk Asks Monk Asks.
And healthy breasts that bounce
On his Itallian lether sofa.
And now is is Mission Hill.
And now Ive got the Tainspotting soundtrack in the Cd drive. And now Im Copying it wth Windows media Player.
Use the wind breaks in deserts and import soil. Sand blasts replace blades pereiodically. Dig down to bed rock
removing sand. A field of Generators going from tall to short the nearer you get to the field. Right now it is srocidile
Hunter I respect animals more than humans in some ways.. I mean they don’t Lie except for possims mimicking the
look and smell of death others making themselves appear larger or giving warning collers when their only worms.
He’s a sad Panda. South park now. You be quiet. Pandas are Chinese he he he he. And so’s my sword and those
rocks and those black board pieces and most of the silk I have. I have on my light blue silk jacket my black and white
striped silk tie, a white arrow shirt cotton don’t you know that was my grandfather Alton Travis West’s, my black
slacks, mismatched socks one purple and one black and my black loafers. I should have on my Missing dogs head tea
shirt that I ripped from a friend printed out a coppy of it on that teashirt sticky stuff. Tom Goes to the Mayor
was just up. Don’t know whats next. It was the time capsul episode the knives they are appon me again. The venture
Brothers that new episode where the boys are dead everybody’s free house mix sounds like a house mix annyway.
Dean and hank Zombies The hank and dean death montage. Go team vensna. Right now Dsintigration is playing on
the windows media player I recorded it after recording Trainspotting but the lst four tracks didn’t take. Now it is
Fammily guy the episode wherew they get high. Paint jobs always nice for wind blades titaniam blades. The moron
outside said he was gonna make his out of an aluminum alloy. I asked him what happens if you ride an aluminum bike
too hard aluminum bikes are speed or street bikes not mountain bikes. Steel or titanium construction like helicopters in
the deasert sand blasting will kill you you’ll have to tape them up. Right now it is Highlander My family is the hero of
this I love it the Macleods. Just got finished with SG-1 now it’s on to atlantis which is and was south America. Just
had a discussion with my brother and we have decided that blades so low would be ineficiant. I just got back from thew
Snodgr@$& Fourth of July Family Reunion it is only the First but we always hold things on week ends during the
summer. Plains trains and Automobiles was on yesterday befor I locked myself out of my computer for twenty four
hours by entering in the wrong number the number from my last p@$& word. Wimbledon is on Yankovic just beat
Williams an upset as it was but I usually root for the underdog. I just got finished withnational treasure. There is a new
Chinese restaurant in town called Kim’s there was Tejano playing in the kitchen but the chicken curry was quite good.
The skeletal structure is Norwegion or Swedish but most deffinately Viking. The movie Men in Black. Now it is back
to winbledon with the match between Labadze and Nadal 3|6 4|4 at the moment. Now it is 5|4. Then onto 6|6 so it is
3|6 6|6 4|5 at the moment,. They’ve switched over to Tursunov vs. Neimnen5|7 4|6 7|6 7|6 7|9 Neimnen won that. Now
it is on to Djokovic vs. Ancic 4|6 6|4 6|4 5|7 3|5 Ancic wins and goes on to the quarter finals. Right now I am watching
Siriana My parents rented it the other night and I’ve already watched it but it’s good so a seacond time wont hurt. I am
also copying Abbey Road to windows Media Player. My pipe deafinitely beacons Sharapava Penneta 2|2 is on the
other toob Sharapava’s hot as was Yankovic not that the other girls are ugly or anything now 6|5. Lebanon is the local
in the movie man it would suck to get your fingrnails pulled out. 7|6 Sharapava first set goes to her. So destroyed with
clever toys. I’m now copying Pablo Honey. 7|6 3|4 now 3|5 now 7|6 3|6 0|0 now 1|1 15 all 30 all Copying Paul
oakenfold purple 007 5|2 that goes to Sharapova. Just got done with eight below My parents rented that as well. It was
pretty good kind of a tear jerker but that’s ok so was old yeller. Right now it is a special on CMT on Walon
WillieJhonny Cash And Chris Christofferson On the Road Aggain. Hii d as in Hee Haw which I loved watching with
my Grandmother And Grandad Smith my brother and Mes parents in Plains Texas. Johnny Cash flippin the bird I love
it. Now I’m copying Hallow Eight and Mission hill is on. For some reason someone is trying to forge my signiture.
Mauresmo vs. Myskina 6|1 3|6 6|3 Myskina is also hot oh Brother where art thou is on TBS I am switchin between
them. I seen em first. Sharapova vs. Dementieva 3|0Cute girls and that’s a Cute baby on Oh Brother Where art thou.
Happy fourth of July people. 5|1. Now 6|1 3|0. Deuce. 6|1 6|4 game set match Sharapova. It is rainin at the moment
but if it will clear up around 8:oo it will be perfect fire work contitions We usually have a few range fires around this
time so a moist environment is what we need. I lst the stuff from the stuff I replaced from the stuff I lost. Just a minuat
asggo was hero before that Itally vs. Ger 2 0 The fire works last night werte splendid the rockets Like a field gun a
howetser maybe and the Saturn mistles like a Colt fourty five. The invisible people said they were having a party till
somebody stepped in and started stabbing me in the head. Hewitt vs. Baghdatis 1|6 7|5 6|7 1|2. It feels as if someone is
stabbing me in the head again But I will Endeaver to persevere. It feels as though there are those that care about me.
And still it persists even after the meal and Bath. Ghost in the shell Stand alone Complex Shese in nothing but a twel
and panties in front of this kid she may be a robot but shese still alluring JACKIE brown is on on Encore. France
Portugal 0 0 16:30. An Angel Visited me and healed my head. He flew in through the wall then put his hand on the
side of my head I fealt a chill go through my body and when his hand came off I no longer felt the pain of the cuts nor
the cuts themselves when I took a bath earlier I could feel a bald spot there and open cuts but their gone now now when
they pull on what they think is as patch it is only hair their grabin. Don’t you just love God? Now if they wpuld just
stop pulling my hair. Now 1 0. same 49:24. b Now it sounds Like Scottie is outside my house. Federer Ancic 6|4 4|3 I
just went out and bought some papers I had nothing but shake pretty much so It will go slower in joints in fact I just
smoked one and it smoked very slowly. What do I have to do lady say Life is but a fool that frets appon a stage. Now
6|4 6|4 3|1. Now I have Seven Seven Joints Ha Ha Ha and about three bowls. Bush is on vTV Talking about North
Korea BUT north Korea Must know that they could be completely destroyed on a calm or wind favoring day. I mean
we have the Nukes to do so. Maybe Starbucks could consider a soy milk version of the Frapachino. Ancic won it.
National Treasure I’ve Been in Benjamin Franklins House Seen the chair He invented to ascend and descend the
staircase. It feels as if they were stabbing me in the head again I could feel the blood dripping down my cheek. Their
doing it again. I’ve put on my kangol over the tender spots the odd thing is that covering my head works if it were
some diseas the pain wouldn’t shoot from my head to my hand just because I cover my head with my hand. I hate pain
I am so tired of it. I will try to not mention the attacks again I think they get off on reading what they did to me. Right
now it is Reno 911. I wonder if I’ll get back to allices animal catalogue soon Not even I know when it will happen
again I just get stuck sometimes.Mauresmo Sharapova 6|3 3|1 now 3|4 some invisible bitch thinks she is married to me
but I don’t recall ever signing a marriage liscense Nor will I until this book is through and certainly not without a
premarital agreemant that can see without it being moved around and certainly not with anyone I can’t see a man could
end up marrying one girl thinking he was marryin a completely different girl. 5|3 Sharapovas on a roll. 6|3 3|6 0|0 30
all. Now 1|0 Deuce But oh no Mauresmo pulls it out. Just Now trying the Rockstar energy drink not bad if I do say so
myself. All seeing eye or the eye of the one true God? Harold And Kumar go to white Castle All right if everything
weren’t so wrong Lets burn this mother @$&*er down. I thought it was 120 for a quarter ounce of Hydro. Right now
it is The Big labouski. Praverbial ride. Bourn on what? Frapachino and an energy drink in five minuts it is evening
and I just woke up. Nialists but Misinthropes none in the leist I mean they travel in groups. But a Nialist misanthrope
now that is a scary thing. Take her easy dude. Clerks two now that I want to see along with the new Pirats of the
Carrabean movie. And now stuck onm you. Last was Rush hour now it is Hell boy. A Navy blue Pin stripe suit well
my pin stripes are navy blue on my jacket pants and shirt.Right now it is keeping the Faith and I am switching between
that Golf and Queen of the @$&*edTOM Watson -7 US open. And now 50 first dates they called the wind maria and
Over the Rainbow if you will remember This towns band Has played both of them and I’ve played They call the wind
maria myself But I liked the Bond stuff more. Now guen Stiffane is playing. It is as if those thast are for me in this
invisible world have suffered for me and I would like to thank them wherever they may be please forgive my life for
being so dangerous. Im switching between that and Rush hour. This Von Dutch energy drink aint bad either. Right
now Mission Impossible 2 is just finishing up I have had an afternoon frought with pain but I took a couple of pain pills
and my Geodon I’m hoping it clears this stabbing pain on the right side of my head up. Fderer Nadal 6|0 7|6 6|7 4|1
Federer wins the Challenge Cup. He likes the rivalry again. Ram/Zvonareva Vs. Bryan/Williams 4|2 15 all now 30 15
6|3 That Holographic image scares me more than anything else I figured out how it could be used against me. Now 6|3
5|2 Now 6|2 Ram/Zvonereva win mix3ed Doubles. 18:56 bFra 1 Itally1 FIFA world cup itally just cought up. And now
it is Gladiator. I liked that last bump. I’m watching adult swim it was something about pretentious pricks that haven’t
done anything worth a @$&*. Their was a nice new Venture brothers Molitov cockteas was subbing for Brock with
her poisoned stalleto heals. Now Aqua Teen Hunger Fource. Wayn the Brain. And now Dark Angel.Fifa world Cup
Fra 1 Ita 1 57:20 Same 68:59. This joint kicks @$&. Head but to the chest and they flag him as he retires Zadon. It
goes through overtime to the penalty kick. Italy gets their first kick but france answers back 1 1 Onother for italy 2 1
stays at 2 1 now 3 1 now 3 2 now 4 2. 4 3 If italy vmakes it it is overAnd it is over Italy world Cup winners 2006.
Live presentation. Now a special on the knights Templar. Sea sick horses and all that. Now it is Growing up Lion they
harbor many cute cats. Just got finished with House of Flying Dagers. Nice Kung Fu love story if I do say so myself.
Hidalgo is on. Adding 02 gives fuel for a fire It is not mine but I like the Idea Armegedon is on. And pressure against
a surface is all you need. How are they fallin their in space Inertia people that’s what propels If you do that you reduce
your RPM that should keep you from breakin a head not no nominal bu t less tham the speed at which you broke it To
fire a gun in space you would have to fill the chmber with oxygen at the point of firing otherwise no spark no flame in
short a misfire so add an oxygen catrige and dissposible seals that seal the environment but are easily broken by the
bullet that Russians bones would be hurting somewhat if he had been on meer for an extended time with even that little
amount of gravity.Gibby Martins with a bogie now Stewert Dean with a put for a million dollars misses it and they go
back to the tee at eighteen. Dean Wins Trumps million. Now on to a bones tournament. World domino championchip
they call it but are their rules different first big six gets to go first and then it is whoever had domino in the last hand
always make sure that you play a spinner that you have at least three matches for if you are going first or set5ting the
spinner Brown needs to hold out on the twos that’s the spinner and he has the most of them he just cut his own player
with the five two. Two games to one but they don’t count points only when adding up to five or a multiple of that going
to whatever predetermined limit of score 250 500 750 1000 like rumy without betting. Now it is Up in Smoke I like the
NORML tee shirt Baby iguana when those things are full grown they are humungous like the joint I just put out half
smoked at least somewhat Zigg Zagg orange are the way to go. Now it is Hero and they askpermission to execute well
he did after all approach the Emporer with a sword though it was the emporers itself Proves he was a better swordsman
than the emporer before arrows go sauring through his body. History of the worlds Big Ending Still waiting for history
of the world part two. It’s not unusual to see me cry oh but I don’t wanna die. Mars attacks just finished up. God told
me if I don’t believe that they can stab me they can’t. Now it is Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and my pipe
beacons. He also told me that the invisible people aren’t real so I have hurt no one nor will I according to him so it is
back to being a pacafist this town is safe enough to be one. USAF SAF Safe safer safety.
Dr. Evil-If wone billion dollersis not transferred to my offshore account I will divert an asteroid with my stolen nuke
and hit paris with it.
Paresian- Qua le @$&*.
Cut to showing Armegedon during Paris destruction scene all the Peresians putting their head between their leggs and
kissing their @$&es goodbye lityerrally in that crazy Monty Pithon Animation style their torsos growing longer and
bending all the way around. It wapowers but my dad called and told me that Pirates of the Carribean was on USA.
What about the Privateers. Chum I guess they could use him for chum now anyway and what is that but shark bate. I
hate dealing with breathing attacks. Among some of his other amazing powers Jackslaping your @$&. Now it is the
mummy episode of the venture brothers the one with edger allen poe. He was an opium addict what did you expect him
to smell like. It is the next day and kingpin is on and I’m pretty high. My docter has me on Methylprednisolone for the
shortness of breath. Really? No we lied to you. Ha Ha Ha. Insurance commercial during the Daily show. What
happened to the Woodie Allen films on tv yould at least expect annie hall on amc again. Drownie the Bear. Bears can
swim especially poler ones. They might dive and go fishin but in flood waters their wouldn’t be too many fish but their
may be cans of tuna. And plenty of drowning people at least the parts that the Media cares about. When some plces
flood you find water mocisins. Hve you ever found Benjamin Frqanklins seats position in the capitol building the room
it is in was built in a perfect parabole so that all sound made in the room bounced back from the walls to one point the
apex of every parabole in the room and that’s allot of surface area it is not w2here the tour guide said it was but I did
find it by leaning over to where my head would be if I were sitting down. National Treasure is on again.
Discentigration is the best album ever. Now Jurasic park is on. I have repositioned the 4015 year old spear head so that
I have all three blades on one wall the spear headf on the right the Shumate razor over the window behind the big TV in
the living room in the middle and the sword over the Monty pithon Poster on the left so archaic antique and modern
from right to left. Nadina Parsa knows that Kisinger is a pimp 335 moscow summit. Purple paul Oakenfold. Holowini
mask. Siesta. Did they have a living will? Baliwood. GrenadineTriple sec Voldka Did you know Shirly Tempal
Black was a Ambasidor. I Think a remake of the Party is a good Idea. Water Scene from Antony and Cleopatra.
Sellers Character Thinks detinator is remote control to tv. The Fountin moving floor pool and elephant the whole bit. I
am watching The Guru.
Jef Goldbloom(talking on cell phone)- Ya sory to bother you I forgot my montra.
Nock on the Bathroom door Pot head opens up and sais
Pot head-No body sees the wizerd not no body no how.
No how bout a simple
Pot Head- Here.
 offers sellers’ character a puf but he waves it away. They shut the bathroom door.
Jules(Cowboy Character)- Later extract from methusalas diary Nolan Ryan Puts the batter out in one punch and the
whole team gets in.
Call it Hapinstance.
Laghter has intoxicated my houshold. How Did Thomas Edison date us? Or did he? for music is timeless weather on
an inmates radio who thinks he’s a pig or A BEETNICKS HIGH FIGH.
Bitches Brew is in a name? Not cool not blue but acid. Kinda hard to find the beat but not bad if your a music lover.
I saw a poet on the Daily show yesterday he reminded me of Deph Smith the whole combed back aphro I have to say
the he has produced much more than I but this goes slowly I have had writers block for the last two days now I have
notjhiung to write aboput but that So the main character of Ultra Violet is a Misenthrope considering herself not human
and hating those that are. Just rented the movie and am watching it now and smoking a joint. I just saw a pretty young
thing who’s father was leading her around holding her by the neck I don’t understand this logic it’s like if you hold on
to her she wont get away or what my parents never did this to us so I don’t understand I was at the supermarket. Now it
is Hell boy a night of super hero’s one rented one on Encore I will probably watch Ultraviolet once a day until I retourn
it This is why I loved renting movies you have the chance to memorize them. I like the soliliqy it is the total thought
process of the central character that is the father of the modern novel told from one perspective at length like the
solliliqy for after all Life is but a fool that frets appon a stage. And Life is a tail told by an idiot full of sound and fury
signifying nothing. I am shakespears Ghost. But bdont discount canterbery tales Beowolf the Sagas So let me rephrase
that it is the father of the thought process in First person narrative. But never say bootless that’s not the thing for that
matter Shakespear did not give it a familiar ring that was bacons $#@!&*& @$& the bantom not the riverside. Trust
only the riverside published at Stratford appon Avon. But Beowolf sounded too much like a drunk mans rantings at a
bar. For that mater I guess you could call the oral tradition the father of the modern novel for stories were told before
they were written down. Many moons ago a coyote stole fire from the gods and gave it to man for their penance they
were cursed to howl at the moon for all eternity. That’s the condenced version. Just a story but full of majic and
wonder. And the oral tradition is as old as cave drawings having great reverance for animal life whether in Africa or
north America. Somethings reminding me of the Knights tale. Right now it is die hard. I do even if it is with a little
help from my friends. Joyce did B@$& indorsments. I’m reading Dubliners again. Why have I been stuck on these
books for so long Ulyses took me two weeks four hours a day five days a week with the addition of one Saturday for
two hours. But back then at the Archade their was nothing else to do that wouldn’t cost me annything. Many are the
driver Hemingway for instance and many are the p@$&anger like Kerouack. I ask him if I’m doin a good job. He says
ey. I am watching the history Channel they were showing me new forms of arrial reconissance used to @$&es damage
in shipwrecks the father of which is the General or commander in his hot air balloon. Relaying Right flank to his
soldiers on the ground. Humanists of the world Tear gass white power raslleys dismay them stop them from putin on
but don’t kill them then they wouldn’t learn nothing. Don’t do it to black power ralleys but let them know there is
another way White power always confused me it seems like us whiteys already have enough power too much in fact.
I’m watching the last samurai and now I am on page seventy of Dubliners. Beating children holds no nationality
obviously But I find it contemptable as did Joyce I think. What is my destiny? If I knew that I may not want to live to
know ones destiny is to know your death and theirafter. Someone wants me to write are you my mummy. Amen Hotep
are you my mummy. No I wouldn’t claim him he is the one that @$&*ed it up for everybody in Egypt. Aint nothing
gonna ruin my high aint nothing gonna slow me down. Real big fish kicks @$&.
Old invisible friends have popped in to see me. I wish for those days again maybe I’ll have to revisit them in my next
book could do it with this on the apartment complex across from Coranado. The little duplex right off of University.
The aprtment complex at fourth and Indiana. The Trailor house on the turn out to the strip. That marky would bike
from all the way over to Tad’s to see ryan or Brian or brooks or Christy or whoever might be their. Brooser ahhhhhh
Ive got dinscintegration on Christys favorite band. Glad to see their still together. A smell has filled my nose that
doesn’t fill it often my granddad It’s good. The coffy is running strong. Now it is Jaws. I was afraid to go into even
pools for nearly two years after seeing this movie at the age of seven. Other things have been scaring me lately.
I awoke early this morning. Maggie hopped into bed with me I scratched her belly for a good long time. Right now it is
My fellow Americans. The ever popular Ratatoi. Beggers begging from begers. Let it be said that Mel Brooks is a
genius. The strength of some men astounds me like the fource it takes to throw a kaper.

Thoughts on Jaws the Movie

Ravenous ever swimming forward
They are Gods monsters
Though we are more monsterous
We invent new Jaws
And go at it

They are only looking for a meal
Some men are shot
 just so they can be watched
Men throw nets into the sea
But sometimes it throws it’s own.
KID chockolate just used his entire body for a knockout I am Impressed. God Bless Nancy Johnson. Hydro Icecream
maker Ice cream. Paddles in moving water spinning connected to rod with teeth at the end of itBrushing up against
more teeth transfuring motion up to tp of vat more teeth and another rod move it over the vat and more teeth are
connected to the paddle which is a giant version of the salt and Ice tub Idea. costs nothing to operate except ingredients
dna Freon Of course Tracks for the rods spinning on ball bearings do your math now speed of flow of river fource of
water on paddles as opposed to resistance in Icecream. I love the History Channel. The paddle in the Icecream maker
gave me the IDEA. Eskimo Pie mister Ice cream man mr Ice cream man.
  Mung Bean And vanilla maybe with mint. The Vanilla Shake from Tommys Famous burgers was the last Icecream I
suggested that My Grandfather Try He loved Ice Cream more than me. I had Ben And Jerries for the fist time in San
Antonio TX san antone with an o sound on the o. remember your housing of moving parts. Black hole black night sky
Harold and Kumar Grases my Eye. What about the Opium Wars Wan Fe Hung and all that. Ive only tried Methadone
once didn’t want to do it again it was like being extremely drunk and hevy. Im watching a special on the popey plant
Hooked Illegal Drugs. Possesion of Marijuana under two ounces Cl@$& B Misdemeaner. Hyram abif took the plans
from God that’s the secret. Who will help the widows sone? Right now it is Jackie Bown I got Lucky cought it right at
the first. The stuff is ok the giver got better that’s what they wanted anyway. I always scrape by.Thermo electric.
when will He come not even He knows only the Father only the Father. That’s real that’s TRUTH THAT’S NOT Jack
@$& But He loves the donkey it bore Him on it’s back on two occasions When in woumb and on Palm Sunday. Just
had a Rock Star I’ve had three today I love that stuff. Flowers are not good for anything? You can’t eat them? Have
you ever herd of Safron? Usery paying a priest under the table. If He takes it he is guilty. Ameleia Airheart. Rat Race
somethin to say mail it to you. Right now It is tin Cup and I am eagerly awaiting my dissabuility check. I’ve just seen
Laws of Atraction there is little to do in this town as for Lubbock I was always a wall flower when out. And now on to
Super Cop. I heard avoice say earlier invention is the father of invention I told him to strike it and rteverse it and
replace father with mother Mothers create something and necessity is the mother of invention but why is that so Gaul
darned dag blasted important. Right now it is Hero I don’t practice swordsmanship as much as I used to my walls and
the ceiling in here are showing sighns that I’ve practiced either too much or too little silver has never made an effective
fighting tool for war bullets are too expensive unless retrieved and swords and other blades would brake too easily it
being so much more maliable than steel but maybe that’s why snows spear or lance breaks. It’s the 007 where the bad
guys played by Begby the world is not Enough. You fill the five gallon jug and then pour it into the three gallon jug
then you mark a line where the two gallon line is then you pour the two left over gallons into the emptied out three
gallon jug then you fill the five gallon jug to the line and then pour the two other gallons from the three gallon jug into
the five gallon jug that would give you four gallons. Die Hard with a Vengance. Bib ball of Kevlar yarn And for cages
for big cats Kevlar / goose down pads 30 layer in a portion of the cage the cage must be large for lions & liones’ bob
cats tigers & Tigres’ lynxs cougers jaguars cheetas pumas spotted leopard so leopards if your in to annimals Possim
Kingdom Animal reserve, Sweet water Tx, Dallas City Zoo, The Zoo in D.C. those are the ones Ive been to. Now it is
my cousin vinny Livin just enough for the city I guess I MEAN THE TRAIN IS WHAT KEEPS HIM FROM SLEEPIN
NOT SIRENS AND YELLS. Wonsler should have been arrested for infringing apon child labor laws. Right now it is
point break never a real hit with the critics but ok when theirs nothing else on. Remember when you parachute over
water drop out of ytour shoot about threefeet away from the water otherwise you could tangle up in your shoot and
drown. Listen to this chrystler Henry Ford invented the Automobeal the archaic model A then followed the T not the
chrystler company. Now if he had Said Henry Ford he would have been right so it was the owner of Ford that invented
them and nearly went out of business with the Edsel his brothers Edsil Ford’s blunder like the Homer on the Simpsons.
Minivan Yes Automobeal No.

Chapter 31

 . Im at shawns I've opened this in word pad We just finished Hotel Rowanda Good film next I will be starting
Hitchhikers Guide to the Univwerse I just remember that on the roof in hotel Rowanda That boys Voice frightened and
Distraught would have given them away. I've finally goten both the TV and Word pad up on the same screen. It just so
happens that it is at shawns place that it happened. and now The Hitchhikers Guide to the universe aggain. So long So
long So long and thanks for all the fish. Cause it's vacation time brothers vacation time brothers vacation vacation.
Madagaskar. Trisha Macmilan. Resistance is useless. There are so many Mesas on the road back from Shawns and
many of them were covered by wind power Generators on the way their all along the right heading West. When their
we ate too good memorable meals First Was Dunn Right BBQ the ribs and briskit were excelant good BBQ sauce too
Their was a fourteen point buck on the wall old pans and other country acoutremants. The second was a Steak house
down town The Shack I had the special which was an 8 oz Ribeye Their they had Liscense plates up all over the walls
they even had liscense plate curtains in agl@$& case they were selling gl@$& boot gravey boats. The Golfe course at
west Texas State was ok only nine holes though and on the second\d time around I developed a wikid hook that took me
straight out of bounds on all three last holes on 18 their just so happened to be a lovely female golfer practicing on the
putting green.
Shawn- She’s the Pro’s daughter. Really pretty.
 Shawns Apartement was ok a little on the warm side for my taste. Their was a lovely young blonde who was sunning
herself at the pool that made my joint just that much more smokeable. We had long Johns before we headed out. I was
able to go 60 miles without having a cigerette on the way back it is really a two cigerete trip and would have been But
being with my parents I wanted to get back as quickly as possible because on a roadtrip with your parents when on the
road there is a constent no pot smoking sighn in the Navigator. Now I am bacxk and half a bowl later I am sitting down
to Shanghai Noon. I don’t call @$& holes Cock boy I call them puscilanimous pieces of @$&* Cock boy brought to
you by Harold and Kumar. In the privacy of my own home which people encroach apon but I am too far gone so now it
has begun. Wish for sleep but get none why the gin sing I think. Showing a lack of moral courage. Wow Steve
Mackween in A german POW camp Hogans Heros I think. My pipe is beconing and I am wondering weather it was
God or not that said if I don’t believe they can stab me in the head tyhen they cant stab me because that worked for
about a week trhis is somewhat of a Living Hell but weird science is on Gary and Wyat are wishing for showers with
the chicks in the gym tumbling and jumping the pommel hours I still believe in God otherwise how could Kelley
Labrock exist if he didn’t. I think boling was orriginaly Itallian they call it bachi ball. I’m just sitin down watchin King
And(too tears in a bucket @$&* it I don’t give a @$&*) now on to Goldfinger one of my personal favorites I am
wearing my Tux red vest and tie Morano shirt and my black loafers. Conery sais for queen and country. Quite right old
boy quite right. Nazi gold and nukes. I hope somebody will find it in their hearts to Give John Awbrey a krugeran and
me too if I’m realy Skizo I deserve one. Habegaboula. Alovely piece of improvisation befalls before my eyes. Their
playing Vingt et une. On Spike TV Ice T and the usual pair Don’t call me nigger whitey Wheres Perry Ferril when
you need him. Dr Rockstar Dr Rockstar(I was doing speed balls Coke and speed up the veighn when I saw that movie
or around the time Havent shot up since December 1999 the movie The Gift). Pussey Galoor Give me some more
whait a minut she aint no whore. Get him the helmit. Right now it is the Blues Brothers and I have to say I hate Illinois
Nazis too. How is a man defined how he was or how he is? Never tripped on toad or morning glory or peyote but I
HAVE TFRIED madre de la noche once mushrooms many times with a big smile on my face once having a bad trip at
the UP on Halloween I had a test the next day in Calculas at south plains College we did it in groups and I helped
MDMA once Real lsd 25 once My friends face wouldn’t stop morphing Tad’s As a mater of fact the rest of the time it
felt like speed on paper. A smiths flame is blue a soldiers falme is green or orange or both I don’t remember and causes
agent orange That’s jungle or Gurrila warfare clear the brush. Gina Davis it’s good to be the king. Federer just
shouted @$&* and wasn’t awardeded a penalty because of the way he said it Federer Tursunov 6|3 5|7 1|0. U.S. Open.
NOW 3|0 15 all Federer has an ace after the review of a serve called out. Now 4|0. Federer takes it. We have an
orange moon tonight not as rare as blue but rare It showes it’s full face the two craters up top the small crater at center
and the huge crater down below that yawning. I wrote this then then and now I’m still not finished no sweat off my
brow I’ll get a printer some day. Just watching the daily show Hey mon that’s where I get moast of my news. monkind.
Ja. My pipe beckons. Henry the eighth and .owt esoht riap a tahw yroc atirragram nortep petron sti sdrowkcab redrum
t’nsi knird ruo. Just catching the end of a mans fight who thanks his Pastor Edner Cherry vs. Allicia this night has
brought me much pleasure I love the FBI. snokceb epip ym. Meercat Manor I like shakespear. They aren’t afraid of
scorpions in fact they eat them. .Smada Leumas .Edlo raey 21 Nosemaj .Renietsraw .SSAB .tduots artxe Siniug
.Hslorg .Aluobag Ava vonrims .saxeT reniehs kcoB reniehs .niacoc diuqil UbilaM .malibu sti sdrowkcab redrum t’nsi
mur ruo .tsinodeh a erof efil fo gninaem eht. .doog nmad os er'ew esuaceb staht tub sdrowkcab RedRum si eman ruo
seY Now it is back to my parents house I'm taking care of Bell Maggie and C@$&ie. Right now it is cliffhanger wont
you all enjoy a Margarita for me or A rum and Coke or a liquid cocain for me. Sorry dont want to cause too many
accidents just two or three but if you dont have annywhere to go just don't drink yourself to death. jankovic and
williams 1|1 now 3|3 30 all Now 6|4 1|1 got sidetracked with inuyasha. 6|4 6|3 jancovic wins it. Now back to the new
Inuyasha movie ring of fire. Who is this grey headed ghost character. Have either clip or sound bite from the Gift
saying Dr. Rockstar Dr rockstar then just have an announcer say Rockstar Energy Drink Fried Green tomatoes (At the
Whistle stop Café) the movie is on. That @$&* train is the only really menacing thing about Stamps a virtual Utopia.
Round Ground Ithink I’ll call it Ground Will You be my Friend?
Mom- Whered the wail Go?
Dustin- It went to be friends with the ground.
We don’t want yall from arkensaw to tell us what we can do with our niggers. That means eat. That means eat.-that’s
to say it died Horendasly When it made impact with the ground-Back to point or is it-Man looks into the sea taking the
light from those who have as much right to it as you have to yourself. It is human nature to stand in the middle of a
thing but you can not stand in the middle of this. The ground has nothing to give for that wail but a well excavated
grave. Marian Moor and me and the wail. Shawn’s Smirnof and Dr. Pepper I drank the second time I saw it The
Hitchhickers Guide to the Universe that is the dialogue was from the night we rented it the second when my parents had
gone to bed but started drinking During Hotel Rowanda then it had peach brandy in it as well but the smirnov was
straight for Abba Gaboula.- He’s a rose Guardan sweet heart he’s a rose guarden. I guess her’s wasn’t. I am in the
midst of a vergining breathing attac again it’s as if misanthrops are pumping g@$&es into my lungs and the stabbin of
my head still persists. Sometimes I get the feiling that someone bis trying to rob me of my work both in completing it
by torturing me trying to get me to quit and in trying to state that I gave this to him or he wrote it. But my name is
Dustin Wesley Smith and I am writing this despite their efforts and it is and will forever be mine. Someone told me to
put it on Spike TV and here it is Diomands are Forever. Gods bowling. I Just got finished with Lets Dance. Electric
Sportsbraw Mr Show is on right now Megaphoners who invent things Ha. Ten google google x infinity that’s the
highest number I can think of so invinity ok the ansesr to the ultimate question is 42 so 24s good. And now on to cell
phone this basic cable aint so bad. Now it’s Federer Gasouet 2|6 6|3 3|2 40-15. Go Switzerland. Just finishing the
money pit. Backw2ords thinkers era rieht yllaer. StnaiG eb yam rieht. StnaiG eb tghim yeht. Koob snerdlihc a seno
dnab a seno. I want some Manne Shevits now keeping the faith my coffy tastes pecularly like Irish coffy I didn’t see
them put it in but man is it good before that somewhat like wine filled coffy but realy good wine like a nappa valley
wine in it’s smoothness. Gain some inspiration.Make your spell checker check Quotations for accuracy by comparing
them to electronic forms of the documents quoted from and by you I mean Bill Gates if an entire sentence matches
even somewhat or if they are in “s even Cleches all work and no play make Jack a dull boy (Big sur, p.4) Jack Kerouack
Have it adhere to mla standerds and check for current and updateable. In library make researchable use your find option
in it it’s a researchers dream Law library too Separate the law library and sell it for more engineering too look up
thermo dynamics and literature too and criticism or in other words literature about literature and architecture and all
maner of philosophy and Christian theology and eccompning lit and maybe a referrance that compares the Simmilar
parts of other religions where lets say a sutra sais thou shalt not kill but in a different way and even education.
Publishers may be a bit skidish work with them. And now on to GI jane. And I’m being tortured again. Name rank
and serial number. thousand year technicality. Ive just seen after the sunset woodie harolson SELMA huyek and Pierce
Brosnon. Now good will hunting that character lovely writing by the way seems to have conflict issues like me.
Federer Murray 1|3 now 3|3 in the seacond round of play Murray wins it. Conqer Vash (Don’t believe iv’e had the
pleasure.) Just like Pussey Galoor it is sexually sinonymous. Kama Sutra. I want some Tripple Sec and Smirnov
Wodka in my Dr. Pepper. I want to have a version of my hover park in a bond film
Q-       Were working on this for Nasa. I’f I can get it working I can have it to you out in the field.
R-       Somethin for the Bad guy to say- The sun never sets on the British empire
Set it in London Great Brittain Calcutta India and The grand Kamans.
And now the Aviator about crazy like a fox Howerd Hews. I do believe he was more hard core than me. Cant decide
between Frasier and Juurasic Park.gninrom eht ni ylre os floow ainigriv fo diarfa s’ohW.sallefdoog ot no won dna A
wad of cash in prison is a rare sight. Feds are who keep writers safe from plagerists so their ok in my book and
probably in the book of Scorsesi. I’ve got Hill Blood. I taste expensive wine in my coffy I ordered Dom but don’t
know what it tastes like. Thanks for sweeping the area. And now on to Futerama. What a dump. Use old roman
Mirror Idea to heat up metal that heats up water use that for thermo electric power water cools it stem pass past
generator disk that is concaved on both sided of the spinning disk so that the pockets in it one one direction the other the
other way so that the pocket is always being pushed by steam that spins inv toob tha lets off steam. Have steem pass
into another containerv in efforts to preserve water cool steam off with freon wrap coils around container. Wrap
morrors all around that pupy in a circle. Large water resavoar like the water tour in every texas town Just keep them
squeegeed. V Lead to intensify the sun like the polished shields of old. @$& loads of chicken wire. I call it a soler
thermo electric Generator.
I threw away my pipe and my pot I am trying to gain a new lease on life but it is hard. The pipe smelled like urin
anyway. flE ot no won Dna.
Alls I know is last two days aggo when I tried to save the other book it was replaced by blocks and something about a
transvestite but my USB drive saves me on more occasions than you may realize.
Right now it is Mickey Blue Eyes Last was Frasier. Skoob eht sdneirf sih dna dierfgeS. SeivoM eht dna eM .Htob su
selur sserts citamort tsoP .dohtem cihtyM sdneirf sih tuoba tahw woN .gnol that lla rof sdrib rof laem a eb d’eh kniht
ouy diD ?suihtemorp dnuob ohW now on to Raymond/stosur Navritalova/Petrova 5|2 doubles US open now 7|6 3|1
Raymond and Stosur pull it out. And now on to the Billy Bob thornton story of Odessa Permian sthtgil thgin yadirF I
never had the chance to play football in their stadium I could have but I broke my pinky in practice two weeks before
the game with South lake Carrol which we did play in the Odessa stadium forgot what the field was called I just ended
up playing percussion in the stands with a broken pinky. I played on play in the game before that which was district
against Simenole that’s where I found out that I was useless without my left hand It happened the day before when we
weren’t even supposed to be going full cantact and for the life of me I still cant understand why Coach rutlige had me
runnin the ball in practice. The only positions I was supposed to be playing was Guard Defensive end Kick off and kick
off receive. I had never in my life touched a ball with pads on before that day. Vanity of Duluoze shows you the
reason that Jack Kerouack quit college and do you know what that reason was. Columbia wouldn’t play him against
Navy. That sais that fut ball was very important to him. I was better at football than they gave me credit for but the
coaches could see that my grades were good enough to get me into college without it. .ma I sa yzarc sohw nam a tuoba
StekcoR elttoB ot no won dnA. Tsap eht morf tsalb saw tsal pU. Up next is sin City. I was asked why ring so I
changed it to disk. .III nopaew lahteL ot no won dnA .srekcaH otno won Dna .thgin rehto eht efloW ainigiv fo
diarffA esohW dehctaw I. Dvd no htob meht evah I .aedI rorrim ot noitida weN. Saved to usb only. here goes nothin.
No hope of rain
A dust bowl brings
Fourth out of the west
The Grapes of wrath

We found our way back
And pray for partchment
Welches knows the trick
A suger high adds the kick

         Now from out of the extreme west wild wild west with Will Smith playing a West and both are my family
names how about that. They ask me where it comes from. I say. .Yduts hguorht ti psarg & ti ot dnim ruoy ylppa ouY I
feel the knives appon me again. My dreams are still bad even worse somehow because I remember most of the ones
that I have before I wake sometimes I wake not remembering. Those are the good days. .loohcS ot kcaB won dnA. I
had a dream last night that I was back in kinderguarden but I was dropping classes so like College but different. Joyce
is his favorite writer now if he could just get that he’s a man.Suggestion when putyting air pressure rockets on your bike
it is a good Idea to put them on bothe the front and the back tires because without evenly displacing it you wouldn’t fly
right but then again the rockets on the front tires could damage you so put one pair directly in the middle and stand on
them off into water though. Broken horns. I wonder what Kind of a horn a longhorns horns would make of you
hollowed them out added holes and a mouthpiece. Now on to Cadyshack you know the Gofer should have nbeen
combination tear gassed out and drugged to make him slower and then trapped using a cage and a dart gun and then
relocated. That would have been more humane. Last night ZII saw a rfully lucid hallucination I haven’t had one of
those since 3503 I Couldn’t tell what it was though it was walking but I could only see part of it. It scared me right out
of my pants and I had to sleep over at my parents house from fear. For some reason when I have someone else wqith
me my sckizophrenia is not as bad. Wohs .rM ot no won dnA The newfreeland episode. Odly en episode about being
nuts like be. But pans have never spoken to me I guess that may be aannother terrible hallucination that only cooks and
infomercial acters get. A man aks what about a dish then when I tell him I have no pans.neM yretsiM ot no won dnA. I
wouldent mind Genine Gerofilo doing the female parts to my book on tape if it ever exists I feel like the Hero of
Euridyce who descends into hell At least the torture felt like Hell to me. .Doohtnerap ot no won dnA Cute kids are
always fun. Fore some reason I always have the habit of being in the bathroom when my alarm goes off it is getting a
bit annoying. I think I’ll turn it off to stave future annoyance. CNN calls these storms gutter balls. But what abouth
thecruis shiping and fishing industries which can still be affected even though the storms don’t touch land? Use
multiple numbers of magnifying glasses and use the pebble Idea make container out of Iron or steel. So that instead of
intensifying it to one singular point you can use a multiple number of magnified rays but just tilt the magnifiers and
direct them through tempered glass. I have found that my mirror Idea was actually someone elses at least according to
my engineer brother. On seacond thought don’t direct them through tempered glass just have them fixed to keep
pressure and direct light with mirror Idea Make each magnifying glass about 16 inches in diameter use a large number
of them to displace heat properly.

Chapter 32

 Life has taken some turns. If I ever come up with another Idea I’m lucky. Still Here at 811 north Ceder St. still
watching TV. Still being tortured. But there are ways around them. I am sitting down to Back to the Future Two I hear
the acters in my home. This is a treat. I wish I had some Stolishnuya in my coffy. Maria baby Maria. Nobel Wariors.
. I am a Christian in Christian town and a Devil in Hells Kitchen. I know my Ideas may be a bit dumb but that’s
compared to Gods. How bout the duck for one Qua Qua Qua. And how bout that mighty duck billed platypus I want
an easter egg I want an easter egg. I want an easter egg. I’m watching Columbia Vs. Dc. That reminds me Journal
archives electronic journal archives and make them updateable Sell only to professional Technical Writers and Dr.s and
the like the score is 0|0 25:16. And now on to Futerama. Robonica. And Now Back to fifty first dates the story is
really frought with danger but you don’t notice it because it’s a comedy. For one thing the accident for another walrus’
will tear you a new one not if their brought up from pups there they sweet as can be and sailin up north is ok as long as
you now your season. You have to see the difference between sea and see. There is no seaing there is only sailing.
Peace on earth Good Will Twards men and women and children and cats and dogs and frogs. Specially desighn a cage
for anacondas. Thirty by tenty model 15 by 15 model make it a trap find a drug to drug them with to relocate make it
steel strap extremely small holes not big enough for fangs but enough for air between the rivet baby rivet bolt latch steel
hinge. Give it something to eat too Never neverf say never again never never say never again. Only for you
I’ve just seen Living out Loud. Now it is cursed. And Now the Aqua Hunger Fource DVD They need another season.
Make mirrors from last chapter Stainless Steel polish them. I did not know that we Indians excepted dowrys. Tempt
me not. Achtung Lechiam.. And now on to lightnig jack. What a wild west this is. Solar boats with electrical engines
ed bagley JR baby. Lindberg after the operation something else to say in rat race. Kuznetsova Dementieva 6|3 3|6 2|1.
The real question is “can money really buy world peace?”. KwaH nosduH ot no won dnA. Ooz eht ni tuo syeknom eht
lla dna.enod evah I tahw rof tiderc stnaw ohW. .HtimS yelseW nitsuD ma I .krow ym rof tiderc ekat ot gniyrt peek
elpoep elbisivni. .Kniht thgim uoy sa drah sa ton s’tI .EnaJ IG ot no won dnA .ecneics dreiW txen pU ?laer ti si
noitaerc Ym .wonk ton od I noitaerc Ym. htims yelsew nitsud ma I. Nothing would be finer than to sleep in my
recliner. Ymum eht saw tsal pU. Tnemele htfif si ti woN. fo eman wonk ton od nretsew tsal pU. In it a man takes a
bullet from a girl from her Winchester 357 and put it into a colt fourty five something was odd about that. They need a
hearing impared version of movies that have the mouths blurred out during cuss words for children who read lips.
Wrap the chord around Iron leading up to hover suit. Aught guage or four guage.tocs ekil skool sedanarg niworht nam
ehT I’m watching from Russia with love the scot I was referring to is from the Austin powers movie. Ive had scorpion
venom it burns like a mug and hurts your stomach but weve been through this .Yad rehtona eiD si ti won thgir. I gave
all my weapons to my parents .eiree erew yeht We need to keep kids off cigarettes and alcohol because they are
developing into the people they are going to be for the rest of their lives. Ysae tnia ti tub ysae kool yam tI`
.ygahpoporhtna ecitcarp t’noD .snoitanigami sdik retsof syoT .dab sgnigrof repap doog sgnigrof leets sias eh
sdrowkcab thgiR .egnahc kciuq s’ti won thgir. .Won trof reht seilF esroH Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only
Sone of God? Do you believe that He died on the Cross for your sins? If you say yes to both questions your right.
Moderation. The deeper it is the less it avaporates. .Sgniht lla sraeb evoL lla ta tsixe ew ykcul er’eW Use
Hollographic imager for Game like draw in the old west Have entire environment Bad me standing behind barrels and
hold ing hostages have a level where you have to stop a bank robbery They are playing rummy in my living room. The
Word can keep people at bay. A bottle holer with a built in freezer that you touch once and gets it cool toobes full of
freon and a well separated heating element. Strange days man strange days Somebosys outside. .Si laed sih tahw
wonk t’nod I They tell me I’m not safe. But I really never have been here. Ive jusrt seen A Life Equatic with Steve
Zissuo. .Sdrowkcab ti did I woh em sksa eH .seinreB ta dnekeew si ti won thgir .hguoht daed gnieb morf knuts evah
dluow einreB
Never blame me for
Wanting love.
to have those to think of.
see them I do and I do love it.
it seems to give me a reason for being.
ending it is bad and makes me feel so.
NoitacaV snoopmaL lanoitaN si ti Won thgir I always likes watching roler coasters from the perspective of the rider it
always made my mother sick but her migrane tendancies were always worse than mine. .aicneM fo dniM won dnA
.regiw a dna syetin fo elpuoc a tuoba lartneC ydemoC naM annawaJ s’ti won thgiR. MM stevie Wonder isn’t she
lovely. .DetnaW tsoM subilaM wonk uoy od tahW .ereh era spoc eht kniht I .koob ym ton si siht that sias tshog emoS
.koob ym ton saw ro saw siht rehtew gniksa desop noistueq eht saW .htimS yelseW nitsuD si eman yM .regnifdloG
won dnA. Dlog ylno sevol eH

Chapter 33 A night in the nuthouse

       Oh if I actually listened to what the voices are saying. I went to my parents house and the voices were telling
me to kill myself. I could not tke it anymore I was actually about ti listen to them when my parents came home. I told
them of it and said that I was ready to check into a hospital. My father took me up to lubbock and we had chick filet
then he took me to the hospital. We went straight to the nut house3 at first but after they told us that we had to go to the
emergency room we went to covenant and I told the docter that I was contemplating suicide and that I wasw
schizophrenic. He had me admited and they rolled me over in an ambulance I was stripped of everything even my
shoelaces. I have to say it's a lot like being in jail. No cigerettes for one thing I had to anoy a nurse just to get a
nicerette inhalor and the thing worked so I got to sleep I awoke and started right to pacing. We had breakfast it was
pankackes with oatmeal coffy and juice. I went back to pacing then I was told about the games that want to get out. I
started to play a game of chess against myself noticing that no one else in the ward wanted to play. Then I saw a nurse
playing dimino's with a patient. I askied if I could play and they said yes I then noticed that none of the other patients
were staying in the game we cept on having to restart the game but after all the stragelers were out me and the nurse
went to playing and I started right away at locking here out I lined the outside with sixs and the nurse had to search
through the entire pile finding not a match amongst them.
Nurse- Why didn't you tell me?
Dustin- Sorry.
The game was abruptly haulted when lunch was served. We had BBQ chicken. Then they set me right away with an
interview with the docters. I discussed my schizophrenia and post trromatec stress with them. They did not believe that
I had been stabed. I had to show them the scar to prove it. I was then let out and next came the drug counceler wich
went as they always do he asked me of my habits I told him I drink every once and a while and that I had quit pot two
months prior. He said good by to me and then I started to realy feel like I was in prison. I alerted the nurse that I
wanted to be released aqnd aggainst docters orders they did and my parents rolled up to meet me.

Chapter 34

         Right now I am the road with my brother right across from where the dead school houses an owl. We just got
back in from smoking a cigerette outside my grandads old church in Tokio. Were on our way to aunt Trails in Plains
Texas not much of a drive from brownfield but still down the road a bit. Were listening to John Mayer Room for
Squares. It is Christmass day and I am writing this in my new Sony Vaio laptop that I got for Christmass a nice
preasant if I do say so myself. The feilds seem baren and bleek Plains is up ahaid so I'll say goodby for now. nug
nedloG eht htiw nam eht si ti won thgiR niaga ecno snokceb epip yM Now Moonraker with it's utopianistic ploy.
.ecivres terces s'eitsejam reH nO won dnA. I love these Christmass bond marathons. Their's not much to do these days
not that their ever was. John should be off the lamb now I wonder if I'll see him I saw him the other day He was in
town wilst still on the lamb his secret was safe with me though. I have since Gotten Dish Network I am watching The
Phantom of the Opera right now iI already have Harold and Kumar got to White Castloe recorded on the DVR which is
a nice feature a drive inside the satalite box. .erew ti sa edareuqsaM And on the other TV Live and Let Die I am
recording them both. I just bought a bottle of Jameson a Litre of it Im watching Whos Affraid of Virginia Wolfe on the
DVD burner and Harolod and Kumar on the DVR. My pipe and bottle becon. I had a dwinki poo. Just catching the
end of retourn of the Jedi on the DVR On to the Hitchihikers guide to the Galaxy I've had a couple of shots of
Jameson. Most of the DVR movies that I have mentioned have been errased somehow. I'm now siting down to
National Treasure and a cup of Irish coffee. And the answer to her question is no it is not possible because the Library
at Alexandria burned to the ground so ergo it is not possible. That skeleton would also have fallen apart in the father's
hand no ligemants to support it don't you know. And now Enter the Dragon in which Bruce Lee does an altered one
jump version of the dance of death which is basicaly jumping up and down on an opponent who is on the3 ground the
result of which is death the real version of the five point palm exploding heart technique it is a fatal kung fu move.
Jesus Christ could cure cerocis of the liver. But would he? It's not what enters a mans mouth that defiles him it's what
spewes from it. So does pot smoke defile me if it exits my nose? eeffoc hsirI emos dna owt trap rehtafdoG ehT ot no
won dnA. Twelfth century fox Wouldn't that have been during the Norman Conquest seems a bit early for robin hood.
Just watching Men in Tights which makes the pretence that the ledgend of robin hood predates arthurian ledgend. Just
got finished with uncle bucki and I'm starting on my second Irish Coffee of the day my pipe beacons but sadly theirs no
pot to put in it. ogavihZ retcoD won dnA. .


Drifting    through drifts were        in
down     filled jackets with     hope
on       warmth in arms         of
seraphs with sun beating down on brighter
Wings that speek of brighter     days.

Ice           is slick          on
covered        sidewalks.         The
windows less transparent than the subject
speek            to us          of
worlds           clothed in      winter.

They                ask         where
are            the coles for    warmth.
Bleek      is the answer. Yes it is.
These              are          hard
Days          where fuel is not    found.

         Last nights dream was strange I was off on vacation in new mexico or colorado it was dark and a fire broak out I
was then riding a Brontisourous with amny other people then a tiranisourous Rex bites the head off of the brontisourous
I get knocked out then I awake in the dreem going into a kandy store or General store it is small I walk up to the counter
and the building changes their are cheesy flashlights at the counter I pick one up then I say I dont want this to the guy
behind the counter
Casheer- It's free
I then leave and outside I see many people and a cop overf a loud speaker says
Cop- Someone3 doesn't belong here. Dustin Wesley Smith he has pot
I check my pocket and find a small stash. We then get carted off me and my father aqnd my brother hops in while the
transport is on the move it was kind of like those slow mooving transports that they have out in front of air ports to
transport people from far away parking then we stop at my dads golf cart and then I woke up.
now it's the Island with another oby wan Ewan Macgreger and back to Dr. Zivago my pipe beaconing as it does.
Taking maggie for a walk in the free3zing cold drizzle wheres Rosa Parks when you need her to walk with that is.
Those cows across the street may be keepin warm. To many Cows togeasther can start a fire too much methane. But it's
like a field of oil poisonous gas smells like money. weve been their were thinkin of putin a staqtion on it what are wqe
insane whats the point un taped mineral resourses or some sort of serveilance space station? Not tried in the county of
the offence Fried Green tomaoes At the Whistle stop caffe a sighn of utopia. Just watchin I walk the Line aqnd Listenin
to The ledgend of Johnny Cash. ( Rev chapter 4 vers6-8 6And before the throne their was a sea of glass like unto
crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. 7And
the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth
beast was like a flying eagle. 8and the four beasts had each of them six wings about him: and they wre full of eyes
within: and they rest not day and night, saying holy, holy, holy, Lord God Allmighty, which was, and is, and is to
come.) Alpha and omegas kingdom come. Now the same movie with the esential willie Nelson It's a day later and I'm
sokin as usual.
never tie me down
by the by I may be round
Just wait to hear the lonesome sound
of that whistle blowin
when that comes I wont be found
The state of the union adress Zarkowi an issue as is Benladin. Screwed up men theyve got their priorities all outa wack.
.kcaB sekirtS eripmE ehT won dnA gninocaeB epip ym yadirF s'it woN hsawaknoW
s'ti htiw yrotcaF etalocohC eht dna aknoW ylliW ot nO I knew that monkey was going to kick his ass just watching
Grandmas Boy. On to monty Pithons Flying Circus Kevin Philips Bong nought slightly silly Party
          I'm watching Hitchikers guide to the universe and I'm thinking why not get back to it.
         Dimitri is a veryh funny man. niagga htre eht doolf reven ot simorp sdoG saw wobniar eht yllautcA A couple
of hours aggo I kicked back a couple of star bucks frapachino irish cofies I went by jons earlyer and his sister said he
wasw out he came by.
John Awbrey-I'm workin as a roustabout I'm workin 80 hours a week and I finished my book Finished my book and
started right to work. I dont have to pay taxes either so it's just money in the bank. I've got oil on me all day.
I showed him Ice and he sugested that I publish in a university literary journal.
.stnerap ym htiw sanavaS ta renid gnitae morf kcab tog tsuj I xuled otirrub eht dah I. yadhtrib s'rehtaf ym s'tI. won
snokceb epip yM Their will come a day when the men will hide in caves and the stars will fall from the sky. The
bibles the word of God it doesn't mater which denomination you are. Ergot. noitpeced fo ecaf eht ni salos dnif nac uoY
once knowing that it is desception and the contrary makes you happy. As I have most recently stated turn your tanks
into tracters. Deuce bigalow European gigilo My wife has gone and left witrh the sack of money. If I were you I would
not be that man too many diseases. Strike that Jaws they are Gods Monsters. I couldnt go into the water without fear
for about two years after watching this movie.
         And now Dazed and Confused my pipe and Irish coffee beconing. It was Filmed in Austin Texas Been there
marched there smoked pot there and drank there. With Milla Jovovich. With songs including;
 Sweet emotion, , Cant remember the name of the song in the truck, Iwant her I need her Highway Star, Schools Out,
Get ready for the rescu Jim Dandy, Why can't we be friends, - we didn't have tha hazing rituals during High school and
I didn't join a frat so I realy don't know what thats like-here I come aggain now baby Ive been smokin for so long song
Stranglehold, Common and take a free ride, No more Mr. Nice Guy, Do you Feel Like we do, Low Rider-I do and its
cool have potential joints that is-, Bob Dilyn This is the comin of I'll have to watch the credits Huricane, I just want to
make love to you, Ozzy Ozborn Paranoid, dont remember the name of the song have to check the creditsTheres never
been anny reason I'm goin down for the last time, Dont remember the name check the credits Fox on the run, Iaint askin
for much Lord take me downtown I'm just lookin four some tush Dalas texas but not hollywood me annyway, Rock
and Roll hoochy koo, Slow Ride wich is played twice, dont remember the name of the song Lord Have Mercy on my
soul, I want you to shyow me the way, Kiss I want to rock and roll all night and party every day, dont remem ber the
name of the song but I've been in the Gulf of Mexico and I'm drinkin wisky right now Balinese-I'm tokin some reefer
right now too-, livin in the U.S.A, Do you feel like I do, I was in the right place but it must have been the wrong time-
did play football in high school and golf and Band but their was little presure except for in band letered in all of them-,
the song about aliens, Strangle Hold song aggain -George washington did grow marijuana but it was for hemp
purposes- dont remember the name of the songCherry bomb, -Been in my share of fights and one murd3er atempt three
inches of steak knife dont you know-Train Roll on Tuesdays gonne with the wind, Not a care in the world Summer
Breez, and slow ride aggain.
         Whos affraid of Virginia Wolf and a shot of whyskey and another shot of whisky. I'm nobodys house boy now.
For now I'm the man in black. I'm wearing my black trench coat Cotton/silk shirt, pants,black and white stripped tie
and brown shoes but it's primarily black. Her bridal bouquet. Right now it's sixteen Candles. The cake scene is
coming up. Make gaming system that uses holographic projection as visual media sometimes lifesize sometimes mini
for games like doom or tenis or pong Gran Turismo but from the view of behind the dashboard and wheel with steering
weel controler all maner of controlers make a Usb atachment that will allow you to hook it up to a computer and
internet for internet gaming all with two to four to four hundred thousand player options then maybe we could get them
to project computer fides dvds or other holographic media sure you say their will be porn but problems asside how bout
it also used for presentations and crap like that and King Lear ya thats it King Lear holographic acters suround sound
option and place a speaker behind the holographic projection large holographic projecters for a home or real theater
type atmosphere with wide yet short stage things being projected from below.Now Back to school. School was a
roaring rampage of drugs and hot sex for me anyway. Love poetry? We werent suposed to cover that realy at least
according to William Wenthe.
Create lines of men with rifles one line up front firing straight forward the line way behind firing in upward direction at
an angle using angle of ascention and declination to rain bullets down on a hole or bunker to get over the wall and down
thro0ugh y0ur objective.could be pretty closely spaced sniper rifles up front M16 behind. Force Field- flow water over
an entrance so water fall and send ten thousand volts of electricity through the water. Giants with overactive adrenalin
glands are a rare breed. Grant me an air of bliss. Wave code where the aqmplitude of the wave givesw you the
complex equation that has readable numeric value y=(332245422532383332/19776836956826)x English, French,
Swahili, Japanese, and so on. Afence built out of waves that transfer from upside down to right side up archs that speak.
Geometric codes where angles in shapes the degrees of which can be read as a code or walls basically designes where
the rounded edges are read or circumferance even rippled rooms where the smaller degrees such as thirty and so on can
be read completely separate from the 330 degrees of the outside edge of the riple. Hertz range codes tuned on drums.
Like a sarchastic mathematician standing out in a snow flurry
Mathmetician-Found a new shape Found a new shape Found a new shape Found a new shape and yet another shape.
Any rock has a new shape if not only for the right Sculpter

155047511511977251197503, 119772561475036766431960699,
565566916122714119161766942 10007984000079848427946647751,
13071330377044610747607944, 12113314464142
8846248090636357059580965963 69190047059004622622676644,
10856476646226489670 501491705013250383732501,
149170501325038898688922314 444730483318319760775876064014
375993902509939025299387, 44160794249241553531

15039751151197726931927199569 100798336007984843710816118,
109417 8648755752237558460963735809063,
804088735960958 601590046015902450845042679820,
7690849886708497 520372256370606352333221416
446135724461385815727860, 4689220504840
377994000009939026536875, 3891556044298297

151197550011975501641266566942 1007985067465173413181,
117762037751 752237557559875200223755,
9574883465963 6647646646664564766,
644516876472798730 533491833501583716815837,
6656088923323 43199360034220771305477055
37599377877994312799375, 402044367980479174541742922642

19977161690569 100798336007984840031674,
798400033650077797377798776 750223755775237558648755,
9624803383471 7699086509984726226489670
590398738706564714043988 43199300003421714754647703462
377993875029937600299376, 2993758761187791916079241

1729751160004751156147503, 1999696769969
11308446666233108799 755987750059875175198755,
5988000998413330347 624590014047902002019004,
679984727727770 516825038348250383482503,
132520385220706018875 43199286860564571913413406262
387618778876187787611877, 4229791691735

160047511511977255047511, 229751167692191690569
100265007674650333413181, 1177621287951
775237557519875578073751, 8453310802845
60479020004790400919004, 764010676009
51682170501491705765837, 6406423923323
42970717574850642985003, 34215719990933301893
377993760029938754240174, 3912389160479992924053

39751165568164056626 1033650077003167446146274620951
8648755775237558648755, 84583090845284
60159024404790902019004, 62677686226489662
51682503909917051682503, 5656470588980
42970731717707790161778336336 377994000029937604103167303

169166181914976 1033650076746500236698341,
798336103779427846646 75598800005988625598775,
883215849995 60479090047904000159024,
619873066766647 5765837170658347432503,
16825038853738718554039 504214620850032868500328685003,
54626119123407 37799387502994316672665540549

169643196966 103365007819834111308093777404
7519886011487557558800, 83309070999982
6919004691900466226489662676 51682503850158372549170,
53949898922314 44613572494214614413574,
549121897483019 377993875029943163915560442901

1511976000504751150397511, 82063334847
1002650406693167434131733, 117762104084
752237557559875182783133460958 60479020004790900159004,
622667996465263 51682503834825039099170,
5356352208 4942146171564319090326263405
390368758876187787799387, 2993759230678049241

1511977250397561169066219960 1146842807099784877941110829994
883484553308330307248313622496 7687622647243687664969269,
96926979865699 51887305539373816554749
4597749047474601777033332850, 14189785641426362634
4030174910403660, 677815231241654552541545279154,

118280818130812954040804283309 8215830957060608028408210990999,
583324832124872496 7096999644725842448244265
64040635424783257055393871375, 90352207149888083248330
54627140607587713162857130198, 3046933263205475061284688761
41579990353040402904923289, 102795370424901673165416561248

1210379941312707777546651, 33109499829994846146
8330906034995528345721084984, 546060749832124872496
64472777278764730897996 5653880703937556398875518899991,
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282783455913556330528, 13561599778355095282783122496
7085676479064265768492799842, 45082262264504856847847827622
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1416553697373521855414997 462856115903458874833355712
4153527954796052799015416, 6785297904998915491

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4295921934831952873505493, 74571636183260641426
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464911770314189785 14017411915416654540303561248

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 830984598109559560283070, 5592105609803207109559060980709,
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590653806564138872807153888, 16554749914997423073 460517733204054632641426

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99830284982248480302827834, 1355633098472482122496
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46284630199904623412060, 1435069144014330006483460
44264139249423047806818292, 410548552910530478

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50360657046928498569 443553060412416062

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14189785641426362634 415285279624240141654124936248

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 5590602834710957109598072478, 12105283034573033208330612,
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16554749914997423073 46497750619032749346190355712
480479040479230478605306655478, 12416062436248067304

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51885220732553523208 5060161974807757046928

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102795476424448047806730306, 1054779530492285477665540485

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429850032891357244613572, 40340162764755
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44174014014029193174999015416, 12416162436248

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54998918911766259, 7768976077749133319,
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4802665141567782304777962, 12416062436248067304

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40295304068292029540303739, 12416062436248067304

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59141659063803733103888116, 903739872090355483221416
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107129947494182746461118, 107374646078794274609
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7087842526786478425270, 19865699897996907687
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41567802954999156780416, 352801415

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442990406780679904177, 4173560547924916062

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5653697374775518998699888083 48464834830190458919069997
40141727674924998030679779, 12416062436248067304

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5906538807722321498868556373, 16554749914997423073
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55064771459 401660357910291662416062

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459057133220776897607749133319, 557046928498569219776
4802667279160301416568292, 12416062436248067304

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50798472656877684656848765 59141664063727141053939732725
4764911989087330189264999131904, 466285626026304760327136355712
4777954764241242, 490491605002952992299544

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53804054997369737355638 475662850459136177033188981209, 77447693,
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108474084121094796141094747942 803462106034606136599809212482,
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5374747368555373140352233318, 547398070547373971
617690318327133331776930, 469198346183463404
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31692904799051, 410548552910530478

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665099857986507999843084998669 5886899852257083222470555
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40603181124901419230479901514, 47995442910548552910530478

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107944441308127394747777460799 849996563345713596213278349987, 5833,
80958330533083305984562 642798227986445648646664489
51885223066664389985222220408 4447304635464046261927136178, 34176,
769197447692626190428 389186249227730310374106, 2990415230304040306

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728081077416218081074998474037, 2899751546644411109566427941
8033302834553498483330612059808, 54606080806135705631
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3640402230916554749914997 46491190337476185618357
401665304105316560549549990416, 12416062436248067304

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9605334558467482248830460620, 1355633062106210609553455592124
708647876467739878769697996 588970556563949888083
2062747462315907749047, 11748054846237713162634033
4017488916665306047806818292, 362424837416062

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6370606389236892255637283221416 5068890999340714284619042761214
405665452916608748049541529, 67781653105304776727796062

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1095441821094111077461077737494, 33109499829994846146
8313748330385563052833, 08098249848330612059808, 5460608081135705631
76447276725644822678451279842, 199082916842262267
535553735220773207570756416, 470420690880405424392
5499903423417334197447617492, 40347640555060
2911554915478602999904, 10279530415462416062

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6565985709739857787, 77684906426226507684 64165405396877206165398539, 6388321
5704618348354640462619271362847, 780485712
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140180713098494747377774149, 797444061314410748477515445
647849737398644227998424667, 10768767846465982442678766
108450644968487642764463699 640816589743898722216554749
549993463619759016159035, 14189785641426362634
1129212414964271942499121969, 10921227121919694664249
12833330940442833111774428211278, 33109499829994846146
88310590971248859620613560833, 120963560570608081359812155833
642678765665279987, 4368486644579909084504784667,
10845064496848764242764473699 59037273037640413832142, 16554749914997423073
50627476491198908883463621892, 7746474640606260173403195499 424066554799911241556,

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7746071312775166442833 8480833097163498030833,
24832124872496134609 7096999644725842448244265
54770685539873880703554870, 14037573202214035563888730555,
887022301885369737382047303, 642397470653888756406398720641,
6542307725730804047303992231404 2058948376404648919904624060, 777033332848561934635462
4156779154567782304785667281681, 1054787405492279529166087, 67790479905162416062

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33109499829994846146 821060283083320528346224832124
7096999644725842448244265 56536973742369737422554137222,
16554749914997423073 4447305198733048363179032
406749045302960530165665416, 12416062436248067304

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13084414613309664410956646412, 127979371163328179479
755800084803275025, 21248108095283033098834559
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563803665899888083248330 4591415904760349768922078048,
4141998077464746406062601734 41530267488915

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1133328080940614166140461779, 3310776661274739976079829994
9624803462099099803332110953, 13556330621060955303455592125
70424540240168486450908769, 108486665076876880047402401684,
106464422624579847308769, 10677987822648767,
665699847309687678644667 66565666647832564036868553888,
903755414040636868970394749 4746056179176188933207,
30549780506047599903175, 161590349749744769332642
44299027304799156, 2665540476415499916062

1666122427164212711956, 566919664211181067664249618
49664249744992269219 118094123317949999974444163328
832483385605334848230282783458 7687657989664764739865699897996
59035540808899997687054237222, 16554749914997423073
506488733419755220321773047462, 14189785641426362634
400038924891391391561391391560, 6778165310530477651727796062

1280761770466464080409544640, 33109499829994846146
80809553484581374832124872496 764473270908659848786476244667
55424985225730559063521855642 46242770304834212854934062
480301568741529535799016241, 273031052906780141602815561248

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177941308479403770 8033482121248090534977831
7644739878466659865699 5473040906499708042423975704205
46052634041498947704641426 44230476419280291662416062

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103774794640411107754666646, 10847937411107394748466412084,
289975133180804040829994 99811334598724778345546159,
24832124872496134609 6484724724878764732622697996
5555373809059065473672321, 9037553747373970202303727483
506036019776981232046176, 4649126689117713162844474

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13556330621060955303455592124 708439906784998267850847,
25264368486708496849726509267 5904055538037352256855381,
355642202232022 5526713161979077464845875876091,
774913418385618357069997 44317302804982906829212416062

11807044142799995, 181633037704416427664284 8858060962058386359598083063
642768765647876478764784667 591654053980707209042, 8974399997439988,
206352205554749923708870, 140389138707571370685
4746409997571415903333, 77448558760479 4023030490535667317904030677919

27112661242121910606911184249 10947412180941464046180751074
883456330833217496120963, 24832124872496134609
7096999644725842448244265 6416590406521655498692370887018,
88722570808070810542438937 506889099873414617157046928
41567804192985855312401928, 442954041658535530416529

1921699682419271627316812 13313177374666620776637
960957098032783113554606033463, 24832124872496134609
6427982266664489676490909267, 579879739865699897996907687
566066554749998870604773202, 16553697374737209040188803754
4611999980771427450549988761, 600305713414189785641426362634
44317810291546052998317781653, 10530477651727796062436248067305

1774231606092319960699664249 10941443710377494177484441270
83137483303863312055833, 5327827831233330612059808,
54606080806135705631122496 6484909692642436927984279865699
56563702256666535649888083 48322141890377142761214
4417423604792337442853294152916, 27303041545404810352815561248

160694556643433176694212, 272669116850744992269219
117947414662037797473715097, 1307087847377633109499
960570363224832124872496134609 70879279866466657398447368770,
908770769984739848427622697996 588538066664499708042368738,
470638757071368870555 5661590333760474464099904071
44299041654857995499837, 677672642337416062436248067304

1770566196969460921241496427, 4974162692194111849662727,
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 6416555539732304704703939939997, 653697438897370539771989, 14064783201892255404705554737, 470420
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 1664211406191966421249664249 1283308109976163303789474,
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708646642496964487666436876670, 19865699897996907687
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 88460952838560583324832124 70876226226573079998443986, 169996848764242764473699
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 6539875547 442993031462787143199286,
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 83060534977831 6401909001790046919004, 56598664725799072, 16447249070798799865699
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 66535635540563999887061659, 16554749914997423073
 5069285460518458891603046 482920436248067305

 4437401553547779916662416062 107107071276071094046637108
8333060713553302838562, 2106081365883856, 57097105332
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589739685590403889, 16554749914997423073
47463162844475 56762531749045416530357

3 200-484-21-54 2-32-38-21-39-38-32-54 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 113-38-24-236-2-12-54 54-39-38-48 39-
38-32-54 54-225-84-2-82-236-24-33-236 32-99-9-99-39 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 53-38-99-39 213-2-9-9-38
52-32 21-84-24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 48-99-84 3 2-54-24-53-38-39-38-12 84-24 53-2-12-12-38-39-32 99-32
84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 24-38-39-13-28-38-54 54-225-84-13-21-99-33-54 12-63 53-2-33-54-24-84-24-86 32-54-13-
36 3 29-2-113-12-28-99-239 2-84-99-113-113-38 53-84-38-32-54 113-113-2-33-54 2-33-32 84-24 32-54-99-33-21 54-
225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 33-54-38-28 21-84-24-33-236-32-38-48 2-39-2-48 53-84-38 113-2-2-33-48 33-32-122
54-39-2-33-32-99-39-9 213-28 84-24 2-39-2-48 3 33-32-24-54 2-33-32 86-99 2-21-84-2-13-2-39 24-24-24 2-53-99-54-
24-12-2 454-54-39-38-48 39-38-32-54 99-32 84-99 3 86-86-99 213-38-53 54-225-39-2-113-113-2-63-9 54-24-39-39-2-
86 21-84-24-33-236-32-38-48 28-225-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 32-24 2-13-99-113 24 3 12-63-99-54 82-236-63-53 99-
32 84-99 3 84-99-24-32-63-113-99-13-2 454-53-113-39-99-48-39-2-53-84-63 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 213-
53-2-28-99-236 86-99 54-84-38-24-53-2-28-99-236 2-33-32 12-63 53-2-33-54-24-84-24-86 24 3 82-99-99-9 2-33-32
86-99 39-38-2-39 2-33-32 32-38 38-24-12-99-32-63 54-225-21-38-113-86 54-54-24-28 32-225-84-99-53 3 54-2-99-32-
38-28-99-32 84-2-2-39-21 53-2-24-39-86 99-32 84-99 3 213-113-32-86-99-54 28-2-33-32 225-84-24-113-113-24-82
454-2-113-113-2-12-12-38-33-236 2-13-38-53 99-32 84-99 3 54-2-213-2 2-63-113-9 213-2-82-236-24-28 99-32 84-99
48-99-84 53-84-38 3 213-82-54 82-84-24-12 38 33-32-24-48 54-2-54-24-39 84-63-54 2-33-32 3 144-63-99-33-32 32-
39-38 2-39-2-33-48 55-39-2-33-32-99-39-9 99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-99-24-32-38-236-38-13 84-38-2-12-99-39-63-2
54-225-84-99-99-12-28-38-113 113-38-84-99-24-32-38-84 32-29-2-84 53-84-38 84-99-24-32-38-236-38-13 2 54-225-
84-99-99-12-28-38-113 113-38-84-99-24-32-38-84 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 3 54-24-38-54 2-33-54 21-84-24-33-32-2-28-
99-54 2-32-24-39-48 3 84-38-236-24-29-2-28 2-33-32 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 22-54-99-21-24-28-38 2-2-39-33-32 21-84-
24-33-236-32-38-48 28-225-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-2-13-2-113-2 54-225-84-38-2-236-99 99-32 84-99 48-99-84
53-84-38 3 2-21-38-39-13-2-9 213-32-54-38-32 38 54-24 54-225-82-236-63-9-39-38-32-54 420 84-99-54-2-28-38-36 3
84-99-24-32-236-24-86 12-113-63-12 99-32 84-99 48-99-84
84-24-33-236 84-24-33-236 22 2-2-39-32 2-113-32-32-24-113 484-84-24-32-54-63-53
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53-24-13 2-33-32 2-32-24-39-99-13-38-86 53-84-99-236-2-54 213-28 53-84-38 2-12-63-36 99-2-53-24-13 2-33-32 54-
32-48 9-99-36 2-32-24-39-99-13-38-86 213-28 3 9-63-113-236 32-54-38-86-82-38-2-39-9 2-33-32 99-32 84-99 48-99-
84 3 53-38-2-53 2-33-32 86-99 84-63-38-33-54 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 54-82-236-63-9-39-38-32-54 53-84-
38 84-99-54-2-28-38-36 33-32-24-48 113-39-38-2-12 2-33-32 86-99 2-54-39-63-236 2-33-32 454-84-38-2-9-9-24-39-
38-236 2-33-32 86-99 54-2-32-38-39-24-12 21-84-24-213-99-36-84-2 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-236-84-38-28-99-39 2-
63-39-32 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 3 33-32-24-28-54 213-2-113-54-2-48 84-24-32-54-63-53 54-24 2-28-38-84 213-28 39-
2-9-28-2-28-2-39 3 54-32-38-39-113-113-38-28 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 213-38-48 2-33-32 213-9 82-236-
38-39-32-53-84-63-99-54 32-38-2-39-21 3 54-39-2-82-236-38-33 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 48-52-52-45 2-13-
38-33 24 39-2-33-32-2-21-99-32 113-113-38 3 54-39-2-48-99-32 2-33-32 33-32-24-48 99-21 99-32 39-2-213-38-113-
12 82-236-38-39-32 701 84-38-33-32-24-48 99-213-38-2-32-54 236-24-39-32-236-2-113-2 113-38-39-2-84-2-21 48-
52-52-200 54-225-53-38-53 213-28 84-99 32-24 99-32 21-84-24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 53-84-38 21-84-2482-
99-28-54 39-99-86 63-99-213 82-84-38-33-32 21-84-24-33-236-32-38-438 28-225-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 213-113-
21-63 2-33-32 53-84-38 55-53-38-9 2-33-32 55-53-99-99-21 2-33-32 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 54-53-84-99-9 2-32-24-39-
99-13-38-86 213-28 86-99-2-84-99 39-2-21-84-24-86-53-113-99-21 99-32 84-99 3 2-236-38-84-2-28 28-99-32-84-38-
33-12 2-33-32 86-99 82-239-38-32-32-38 24-24 2-53-99-54-24-12-2 454-54-39-38-48 39-38-32-54 48-99-84 53-84-38
3 39-2-13-2-86 99-32 84-99 3 72-52-023-440-200-73 144-32-33-21-24-84-99-32 2-28-99-54-2-84-99-113 63-99-213 2-
39-38 213-2-113-54-2-39-12 54-24-13-113-2 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 32-2-2-48-54 2-9 53-113-63-99-236 32-24 53-38-2-
33-54-24-32-39-99-12 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-24-38-21-21-38 213-99-9 213-28-28-99-32 99-32 84-99 3 72-29-24-28-
2-39 53-13-12-73 113-2-21-84-38 84-38 39-99-86 82-213-53 84-38-13 113-63-38-12 99-32 84-99 3 54-53-39-99-48
420 2-236-84-2-113-24-54 29-99-39-32 420 2-13-99-99-39-21-39-38-32-54 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 54-113-113-24-12
84-63-54 53-84-99-236-2-54 3-86 54-24-38-13-39-2-21 236-24-39-53-2-236 99-32 84-99 3 28-38 24 8-113-63-33-236-
54 54-63-82-39-38-28 99-32 84-99 3 2-32-24-63-54 54-225-82-236-38-36 53-113-99-86-84-2-82-38-99 113-63-38-12
48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-38-99-28 39-2-113-113-99-28-2-32-84-2-39-32 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 32-38-236-213-54-54-63-
12 113-113-24-82 39-2-32-54-38-86 53-113-99-86-84-2-82-38-99 113-63-38-12 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 82-84-63-86 38-
53 82-84-63-12 32-86-38-53 99-32 21-84-24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 48-99-84 3 39-2-33-32-99-39-9 213-28 39-
99-86 21-84-24-39-99-32-54 28-225-24 32-38-33-32 54-39-2-48-99-32 99-24-53-63-38 82-113-99-12 99-48-32 84-99
33-32-24-28-54 3-54-39-28 420 3-39-28 99-32 21-84-24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 48-99-84 3 8-28-38-2-39-53
84-38-236-24-39-2-28-38 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 21-84-99-82 21-84-24-82 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 421-54-12-
24-33-54 52-52-52-55-200 82-84-38-54 32-38-33-32 2-236-38-86 2-33-32-421 84-2-113-113-2-33 3 213-99-39-32 48-
99-84 53-84-38 3 2-84-99-32-54 2-33-32 21-84-24-236-84-38-28-99-39 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 100 3-113-99-13 113-
113-24-9 113-113-24-82 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-28 54-38 2-28-38-84 39-24-54 2-28-38-54 2-33-32 33-32-24-48 84-38-
28 38 32-63-99-9-38 54-24 33-236-24-33-48 99 21-24-9 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-213-2 33-54-38-236 21-24-21 53-84-
100 53-84-38-32-54 454-113-113-2-33-54 2-33-32 84-24 32-54-99-33-21 99-32 84-99 3 54-84-24-54-38-33-54-38-33
99-32 54-82-84-24-113 39-24-2-33-32 86-99 54-82-2-2-12-54 32-38-33-32 39-38-113-12-28-2-32 54-32-33-21-24-84-
82 213-39-2-32-84-2-28-63-236-99-53 38 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-99-24-32-38-236-63-53-2 33-236-2-32 24-236-84-
24-213 38-53 54-113-2-13-39-38-28 84-39-2-53-99-28 99-23 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 225-2-53-99-236 24-236-84-
24-13 38-53 2-33-32-225 53-84-99-213-2-9 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 213-99-9-39-2-32-38-48 2-33-32 48-99-84 53-84-38
3 48-99-84 2-28-99-33 82-236-38-9 28-225-24 3 213-99-9 2-113-2-9-9-63-93 99-32 84-99 3 48-38-39 213-33-12-39-
63-28 2-24-53-53-2 53-84-38 48-99-33-54 2-113-113-2-12-38-33-54 2-33-32 2-84-2-48-32-2-9 21-84-24-33-236-32-
24-48-54 28-225-24 53-84-38 113-2-2-33-48 33-32-122 54-39-2-33-32-99-39-9 213-28 84-24 28-225-24 3 84-48-99-
39-9 213-82-236-38-36 99-32 84-99 3 2-13-99-28 28-24-33 21-84-24-12-113-2-33 28-225-24 3 54-39-2-33-32-99-39-
9 213-28 32-38 28-225-24 3 200 3-113-99-13 113-113-24-9 113-113-24-82 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 38-39-
32-236-2-113-2 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-38-213-39 2-32-38-13-24-39-12 21-84-24-13-38-54 99-32 84-
99 3 54-38-29-2-32 53-113-2-24-86-84-48-99-9 84-24 84-24-13-24-113 2-13-99-113 24 3 2-84-24-113 2-33-32 82-
113-38-48 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-99-24-32-38-39-21-24-32-84-24-236-54-2-53 2-39-63-236 2-33-32 99-32 21-84-
24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-236-24-84 24-28-63-213 24-28-38 213-86-86-63-12 99-32 21-
84-24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 48-99-84 3 53-254-63-86-84-99-236 53-84-38 53-2-8-38-53 99-32 84-99 3 54-38-
113-113-2-86-53-99-99-21 99-32 84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-54-12-213-113-38-236-99-12-38 454-113-24-13-2 32-
84-2-53-24-54-2-39 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 9-63-113-236 32-54-38-86-82-38-2-39-9 2-33-32 48-99-84 53-
84-38 3 82-236-63-9 2-113-236-84-63 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-236-84-38-28-99-39 2-63-39-32 54-225-32-24 84-24-38-
21-38 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 213-82-99-99-48 38 32-38-33-48 38-82-38-9-63-33-236 3 54-82-39-2-113-236 48-99-84
53-84-38 3 213-38-48 213-28 32-24 99-53 38-84-84-99-21 3 54-21-99-53 39-24-99-13-39-2-54-2-39 48-99-84 53-84-
38 3 39-63-99-33 33-54-63-39 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-99-24-32-236-38 54-24-38-54 39-2-53-113-99-
33-54 213-28 84-24 2-86-24-84-82 82-38-2-32-54 86-99 54-2-33-236-84-24 2-2-39-33-32 54-24-33-32 3 33-32-24-28-
54 3-54-39-28 420 3-39-28 99-32 84-99 3 39-2-33-236-84-38-39 113-38-2-13 2-33-32
3 82-236-38-9 21-84-24-82-99-99-113 99-84 54-24 2-39-2-33-32
55-113-38-24-236-24-86-86-99 54-225-32-24 54-2-213 53-84-38
3 82-236-38-39-236 2-82-99-28-54-54 32-225-84-99-53 24
3 54-21-84-24-39 2-82-99-28-54 48-99-113-9 32-225-84-38-236 24
3 113-99-39-32-84-99-236 84-99-24-32-38-113-63-12-99-12 3 21-84-24-82-99-28-54 39-99-86 63-99-213 82-84-38-
33-32 54-225-32-24 2-39-99-28 2-236-84-99 3 213-99-9-39-2-32-38-48 2-33-32 54-225-32-243 48-99-84 53-84-38 3
12-2-32-54-39-99-99-53 213-28 32-38 113-2-21-84-38 84-38 54-2-39-2-33-32 3 84-2-13-38-33 86-99 28-99-53-21-84-
24-82 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-84-24-32-84-38-32-54-84-99-236 99-32 84-99 3 213-38-48-38 213-113-86
113-113-225-24 3 144-63-99-33-32 32-39-38 2-39-2-33-48 55-39-2-33-32-99-39-9 99 99-32 84-99 3 2-9 2-28 2-13-38-
2-113 53-84-38 2-28 28-24-38-28 32-54-63-36 3 2-28 28-99-39-86 213-38-48-38 54-2-213-2 213-28 32-99-84 2-82-38-
32 3 2-236-84-2-24-236-54 53-39-24-2-48 48-99-84 43-84-38 3 2-53-99-236 33-32-24-28-54 54-24 54-24-33-32 3
213-29-38-113-38-21 2-33-32 99-32 2-53-24-63-21 54-225-39-2-82-24-33-33-236-32-24-33 2-33-32 48-99-84 53-84-
38 3 54-39-38-113-113-99-53 86-99 113-63-86-32-54-24-86 38 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 32-99-84 213-33-48 213-38-54
54-84-38 82-99-99-113 24 3 213-33-48 82-54-38 53-84-38 82-99-99-113 2-113-12-99-2-12 2-28-99-54 3 54-2-24-53
39-2-13-2-84 48-99-39-39-99-28-99-32 21-84-24-33-236-32-38-48 2822524 48-99-84
         3 2-39-38-225-213 32-33-21-24-39 484-2-32-38-39-24-12
3 21-84-24-54-54-2-39-12 53-2-113-113-38-236 54-225-32-24
28-63-39 86-99 2-113-32-99-9 38 53-84-53
99-33 99-33 99-213
32-54-2-33-236 54-225-84-38-28 53-38-2-53 38 84-99
54-2-84-99-32-54 84-2-2-32-29-24-54
 3 53-84-38-113-54-24 2-33-32 54-225-32-24 48-99-84- 53-84-38 3 213-38-53 53-99-99-21 38 32-38-33-48
                                            3 63-99-213 32-63-99-33-32-24-48 53-2-84-99-99-39-38-38 38-84-53
21-84-99-54 213-99-9-48-99-236 2-33-32 55-2-13-24-113 63-99-213 2-39-2-33-48 32-2-2-39-32-54 2-33-32 84-99 55-
38-53-38-84 2-63-19 54-38-28 55-39-2-13-24-39 84-38-28 225-113-99 55-84-99-99-28 2-63-113-9 55-32-84-99-39-86
2-33-32 39-2-13-99-236 55-84-24-13-13-99-113 453-99-99-21 55-2-28 33-32-24-48 99-21 2-28-99-236 55-54-84-99-
32 84-2-2-32-29-24-54
 455-21-84-24-53-63-113-236-84-24 54-21-84-99-54 33-32-24-48 99-84-38-236-113-99-13 2-33-32 54-63-54-39-2-13
2-99-36 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 54-84-99-54-38-28 2-2-39-86 2-33-32 86-99 54-2-24-39-2-32-54-213-28 48-99-84 53-84-
38 3 54-39-2-82-236-38-33 99-32 84-99 3 29-99-9-38-39-38-12 33-32-39-99-48-54-84-39-38-86 2-33-32 38-38-38-39-
63-32-63-86 99-32 84-99 3 54-24-113-38-54-231-39-33-236 2-86-24-113-53-24-28 54-39-2-33-32-99-39-9 2-39-63-
32-84-2-13 2-33-32 48-99-84 53-84-38 22 82-236-99-39 82-84-63-12 22 82-84-63-12 236-113-54 32-29-2-84 12-63 3
2-39-63-54-38-2-39-32 113-38-84-99-24-32-38-84 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 99-84 3-3953 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 33-32-24-
28-54 3-54-39-28 420 3-39-28 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-236-38-12-54 2-236-24-86-86-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 54-84-
99-82-236-2-9 2-12-24-12 213-28 3 53-2-54-63-86-84-99-236 420 53-2-8-38-53 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 2-
39-24-86 86-99 32-2-113-9-99-21 2-33-32 53-84-38 39-2-32-32-99-12 213-39-39-38-33 54-225-32-24 84-24-38-21-21-
38 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 53-113-86-84-2-82-38-99 113-63-38-12 99-32 21-84-24-84-2-32-54-24-113 28-225-24 53-84-
38 24-38-39-63-28-38-54 84-2-13-2-54 54-225-32-24 2-39-99-28 2-236-84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 113-113-38-33 2-
24-84-84-38 54-225-84-2-113-113-38 213-53-99-99-48 54-225-32-24 2-38-99-28 2-236-84-99 48-99-84 53-84-38 3
007-52-52 53-84-99-9 54-2-28-38-36- 54-38 84-38-84-54-99-39-9 2-236-39-2-24-12 33-32-24-48 54-2-24-53 39-2-13-
2-84 48-99-39-39-99-28-99-32 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 33-32-24-28-54 213-2-113-54-2-48 84-24-32-54-63-53 54-24 2-
28-38-84 213-28 3 12-63-236 84-24-32 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 84-2-13-38-2-33 86-99 28-99-53-21-84-24-82 48-99-84
53-84-38 3 38-84-38-63-36-24-39-38-28 2-13-99-113 24 3 12-2-2-82 99-32 2-28 32-84-38-48 63-99-213 99-53 54-32-
2-39-236-2-54 32-38-33-48 3 84-2-82-236-24-33-236 32-99-9-99-39 99-32 84-99 3 38-84-99-8-24-39-38 21-84-24-54-
24-38-39 99-32 84-99 3 53-84-38-32-54 32-54-38-113 454-84-2-28-484-29 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 54-24-
33-32 2-8-213-113-38-84-38 54-225-32-24 48-99-84 53-84-38 3 39-2-53-39-63-28 54-225-32-24 53-99-99-21 99-54
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dnA.suineg a saw kirbuK.tekcaJ latem lluf pu gnihsinif won tsuJ .yug a tahW nitraM evetS rM htiw dialP raeW t'noD
neM daeD gnihctaw m'I won thgiR .baF bA won dna .enecs gninrub top gnirud gnikoms evol I.enotS eht gnicnamoR
won dnA .0691 reveN ro won s'tI.oidaR sivlE SUIRIS ot gninetsil m'I woN.neklaW rehpotsirhC rM dna reppoH
sinneD ,retalS naitsirhC ,etteuqrA aicirtaP htiw ecnamoR eurT won dnA .setteragic 002 won dnA. ac eroda'J siam os ti
evol I tub cidocran a si yllautca anaujiram .ssiK hcnerF ni nayr geM gnihctaw dna lwob a gnikoms m'I woN

syad ruo era eseht seY
.gnoleb yeht su ot
yraew worg syad
sgnos fo sregnis
 erew ew ecno

           .onihcaparF allinaV skubrats dna nosemaJ htiw ogaviZ rD gnihctaw m'I.ereh gnipeels m'I os ztirf eht no si
retaeh yM .kreJ eht gnihctaw m'I dna esuoh stnerap ym ta m'I .edis tfel siH ta saw ohw rebmemeR deificurc eb ot
gniog saw eH taht meht gnillet tuohtiw deificurc eb ot gniog saw eH taht wonk meht llet did tsihC .wonk uoy ereh esoht
evah eW .retsiwt s'ti won dnA .uoy htiw eldim eht ni kcuts ma I ereh thgir eht ot srekoJ em fo tfel eht ot snwolC
.sgoD riovreseR gnihctaw m'I woN .ytinirt edalB s'ti won thgiR.mitciv tneconi ?gnihtyna wokn t'nseod ohw retcartnoc
skcodnoob eht morf kcih emos tuoba tahw .skrelC no gnitrats m'i won dna starllaM htiw dehsinif tog tsuj I.rehtnaP
knip ehT ot no .knup CLS won dnA .rats kcor a fo noisrev rieht ininagap olocN yb allenapmac aL ot gninetsil m'i..meht
nopu ecnaegnev ym yal llahs I nehw ,droL eht ma I taht wonk llahs yeht dna ;sekuber suoiruf htiw meht nopu
ecnaegnev tearg etucexe lliw I dnA.71:52 leikezE noitciF pluP gnihctaw m'I won dnA .doog si leirbaG .leirbaG fo
tnemtaert s'ti ekil tnod I.enitnatsnoC ot no won dnA.yarp I nehw doG ot yarp I uoy erussa em teL
lived eht htiw enumoc uoy taht yas dluow yeht tsap eht nI -nhoJ
                                     ?sdrowkcab gnitirw -nitsuD
                      taht gniod eb ot tnaw t'nod yllaer uoy -nhoJ
         yrteop eht mih dewohs I .snhoJ morf kcab tog tsuj I .ton ro yrotsih ni citsorca sdrowkcab tsrif saw taht fi wonk
t'nod I.seohs nworb dna stnap kcalb trihs ecasrev kcalb ym no evah I dna 70/12/3 no 25:5 s'ti

nrolrof dna epoh fo tferab gnirednaw
 llits er'ew yldetcepxe    flah
 dna semoc remmus llit tiaw
 ylenol eht egrof ot evah ew

ckartdnuos gnittopsniart eht ot gninetsil dna evarg wollahs a gnichtaw m'I won dnA .srenaemedsim dna semirc won
dnA .ygolotneics tub kceB ton ygoltneics etah I .kceB htiw tsaoc ot tsoc tsohg ecapS si ti won thgiR .rueb egamorf
ceva dicnar tse nisohretal noM..yknah a htiw htuom dna eson ym gnirevoc ni em deknud neht eH . tiripS yloH eht dna
enoS eht rehtaF eht fo eman ni uoy esitbab I dias eH .rehtafdnarg ym yb thgie saw I nehw desitbab saw I dam nippoh
saw eH .I dna lrig elttil taht hcruhc ni gnihtemos was htob ew. rvd no ti evah Ino si uoht tra erhw rehtorB
hO..gninokceB si epip ym sananaB won thgiR .yrc em edam taht edosipe romyes samarutuf s'ti won thgiR .em llik ot
tuo enoemos dah oot I .enohp eht no saw AIC ehT.htimS .srM & .rM ti ni eman ym htiw eivom a won thgiR nam tipup
daeD .ogniD yksirF won dnA .attedneV rof V kcilf scimoc CD a woN tilatas ym evol I .elttiL oot wenK ohW nam
eht won dnA snoitulover xirtam eht ot no. artcelE s'ti won dnA
 .doG fo nerdlihc eht dellac eb llahs yeht rof :srekamecaep eht eb desselB 9:5 .ttaM. regnissiK liaH .mutcer sih pu
elppaenip leets a htiw .s.p .erif eht gnikots enotsmirb dna fmoc niem fo seippoc htiw tliub eh ecanruf that ni lleH ni
nrub reltiH flodA yaM
.niagga esor dna daed saw tahw
no sgnah niks reH
.edahs pmal hsiweJ a si ecaf reH
,ydal suorozaL ehT

     emirC fo foorp
                                                            .tsuj etiuq yllautca si hciW .eb ot su stnaw eh woh si tahT
.”sdnah rieht ni smlap dna ,sebor etihw htiw dehtolc ,bmaL eht erofeb dna, enorht erofeb doots , seugnot dna, elpoep
,sderdnik ,snoitan lla fo ,rebmun dluoc nam on hcihw , edutitlum taerg a ,ol , dna , dleheb I siht retfA” setats hcihw 9:7
.veR rebmemer osla tsum uoY .ecrev taht ni sremialcsid laicar on era erehT .”efil ngnitsalreve evah tub ,hsirap ton
dluohs mih ni hteveilab reveosohw taht ,noS nettogeb ylno sih evag eh taht ,dlrow eht devol os doG roF” setats hcihw
61:3 nhoJ rebmemer tsum uoY .on yas I ?tsicar a si suseJ kniht uoy oD .tsicar non a yllaitnesse si tsinamuh a esuaceb
eciohc larutan a s'ti naitsirhc a roF .tniop niam eht si dnuorg nommoc gnidniF .ymene dna dneirf htob rof evol dna
ecnerelot htiw meht taerT ?srutluc rehto taert uoy dluohs woh neht egduj ot desoppus ton ruoy fI ..naitsirhc dna
tsinamuh htob eb ot elbisop ti si woh ksa yam uoY

                              otsefinam naitsirhc tsinamuh

.drolrevo citcalag on tnia rieht dna .that deen ot mees syawlla elpoep uoy gnorw gnieb amgod fo foorp ruoy serehW
tsurt ew nac tahw esiwrehto sreil fo yrtnuoc a deen t’nod eW .duarf dna ,gnisitrevda slaf ,yregrep struoc eht rof tpecca
gneil tsiagga wal on si erehT .doog ylurt gnieb ton dna scihte tuoba lla s’tI .me swohs yhposolihp tahw rof tpecxe enon
evah os kniht that esoht dna edoc larom doog a ton si dohtem cifitneicS .doG naht retrams ruoy kniht uoy od ikcinzuK
nosaJ ,yeH .dnats pmal a no ti peek uoy dnuorg eht no pmal a peek t’nod uoy

.taht od ot ouy detnaw I on nekat ylbecroF .yrd em deelb ot uoy tnaw I tcaf fo retam a sA yksihw fo telbog eht dna
daehtop yraH won dnA .bulC tsafkaerB ehT evol I .thgin gnol a eb ot gniog s'ti os nodoeG fo tuo m'I .sekibretom
setteragic sragic .sekibretom setteragic sragic .rats nirdnow a rednu nrob saw I gnolla emoc nogaW ruoy tniaP.
tresaed eht otni gnihcram fo detsni ecnahc gnithgif a naht erom dah evah dluow yeht emit tsrif rof tem seimra htob
nehw tuo ti dekud dah yeht fi rO ecnahc gnithgif a doots evah dlouw yeht ymra eritne eht htiw melesurej ot kcab nellaf
dah yeht fI. niagga neveah fo modgniK eht ot nO .won no si sronaemedsim dna semirC yenom doolb. .emos dnim
tndluow I tuB .live lla fo toor eht si yenoM .s'ynaffiT ta tsafkaerB ni nrubpeh yerduA won dnA evarG wollahs A s'ti
won thgiR. .tsehgiH eht ni doG ot yrolG
.stros fo edasurc a gnithgif erew won thgiR .nevaeH fo modgnik ehT won dnA .tsiehta a ton m'I tub eivom ynnuf a s'tI
.yxalaG eht ot ediuG s'rekihhctiH ehT won dnA .enihcam sicalaid emit yppaH .ecruof regnuH neet aucA ot nO .hsup
si taht yretab a htiw nottub hsup staht ti no retrats a htiw rewomnwal a ekam yeht tnac yhW .kcazllaB
.doG dnA .retlehs dna .doof dna .pmal siht dnA deew dna yekciw si deen I s'lla deew dna yekciw deew dna yekciW.
.xim tnetop a si ehs amaretuf dna deew .tnceoni ton tub nevigrof .od I ekil leef uoy od desufnoc dna dezad s'ti niagga
.egac ertem qnes tgniv a knes tgniv enu snad enirevlow enu te dibar fitsam siort tgnev ceve revir ed ettoc al a nogaw
enu snad ettibah'J .god woc eltil woc giB .seigod elttil gnolla teg ey ik iyeppiY .seigod weH .resobnu tib a m'I won
.deew dna yksihw ni yad ym gninword tub gnivaw ton dna thguoht uoy naht tuo rehtruf hcum saw I

                                                                       53 retpahC

Chapter 36

(Revelation 12:3-4
“3 and there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and
seven crowns upon his heads.
4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars from heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before
the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”
No way can you even see one light year with mirrors reflecting mirrors space huble telescope is a conspiracy if it’s just
a telescope then how can it even see one light year I n front of itself so you have pictures of the great wall do you how
can you if it is billions of light years away oh it’s billions of lightyears big and away is it. If a telescope did any good
we would see them that well with the naked eye with mirrors reflecting mirrors are you kidding me and CIA zoom in
I’ve got one anwser to that big white dot at a distance of even one light year. And they use math to determine the shape
of a galaxy and if you think that you can prove something that you can't actually get proof of the math is still theory and
that sounds like lies to me. Hertsprung Russel diagram be damned red shift blue shift who cares. In my astronomy lab
we had an equation that we were supposed to work on in groups I got tired of waiting so I finished the whole equation
myself before the first group got their work done on the first part of the equation but I had a TI 89. If there were a
galactic Overlord then why is’nt his Image up on Bill boards and TV screens. They call it Gallery and shove it in our
facess shitty art as far as I’m concerned I’d rather see oils.
          Go forth and convert lepers in colonies to Christianity with hasmat suits on with a base canmp a mile to 300
yards away telling them not to come into the camp but we will be back with food.
6th 7th and 8th graders If your pe teacher or coach tells you to take a shower tell them he which is filthy let him be filthy
still which can be found in Rev 22:11.
Genesis 9:20-26
“20 and noah began to be a husband d man , and he planted a vineyard:
21 and he drank of the wine and was drunken: and he was uncovedred within his tent.
22 and ham , the father of canan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his brethren without.
23 And Shem and Japeth took a garment, and laid it upon their shoulders ,and went backward, and covered the
nakedness of their father; and their faces werebackward, and they saw not their fathers nakedness
24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him
25 and he said cursed be canan a searvent of servants shall he be unto his brethren
26And he said,Blessed be the lord God of shem and canan shall be his servant.”I mean adam an d eve ate of the tree of
knowledge if he still doesn’t l.isten to reson tell him “go take a cold shower you pedophile”

 That day we witnessed the b irth of true affirmative action this being proven by the election of a black president

A Reasoning for the Need of New Allegories

The supposed Masonic story of Hiram “Abif” is wrong as are many statements made by so called masons such as
calling Satan a bearer of light (transformed into an angel of light see II Corinthians 11:14 but there are better examples
of light) and the morning star and a pentagram soley a pagan symbol. To familiarize you with it I quote I Kings
Chapter 7 verses 13-14 “13 and King Solomon sent and fetched Hiram of Tyre.14. He was a widow’s son of the tribe of
Naph-ta-li, and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker of brass: and he was filled with wisdom, and understanding, and
cunning to work all works in brass. And he came to King Solomon, and wrought all his work.” It then goes on to
describe the things he made but there is no mention to any murder, So it does not ask “who will help the widows son?”
any wear in the Bible nor does it call either “Hiram king of Tyre” (1 kings chapter five) or the “widows son” (two
Hirams or Huram as they are called in 2 Chronicles one Hiram the brass smith, “master craftsman”(NKJV) or his father
(KJV) who was a worker of brass making brass work for the temple two pillars of brass and a molten sea of bright brass
among other things and the other king of Tyre whose men hewed stones for the temple) Abif. Considering these facts,
I do not see what I have heard to be true except what is in the Bible. And allegory is no excuse for lies. And by the
way remember 1 kings chapter 6 ver.7 which states ” And the house, when it was in building was built of stone made
ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house,
while it was in building.” So what mallet or hammer would have been there to kill whom? To shed “light” on who the
light bearer is I will quote Revelations chapter 22 ver. 5 which states “And there shall be no night there; and they need
no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.” That
light does not blind but it does make things very apparent. Even quoting Revelations 21:23 which states “23 And the
city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: For the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the
light thereof” will do when searching for truth. To show you the true identity of the Morning Star I will quote
Revelations Chapter 22 ver. 16 which states “16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the
churches I am the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star.” The aforementioned pentagram is
among other things a Hebrew symbol that is clearly seen in a bas-relief from a first century synagogue at Capernaum
that the templars adopted as their own. And it is my hope that this all does not fall upon deaf ears for Ignorance makes
you free but when that ignorance tries to defy God all efforts to do so are futile because the word of God will expose the
lies. And if we have freedom of religion then why do you pick ours to step on, get wrong, and force whats wrong upon
we who are set in our religion. That seems wrong. Why don’t you get the fire sermon wrong and force it upon budists
while your at it..

        The copper scrolls list what chapter 5:1 of 2 Chronicles lists and I quote “1So all the work that Solomon had
done for the house of the Lord was finished; and Solomon brought in the things which his father David had dedicated:
the silver and the gold and all the furnishings. And he put them in the treasuries of the house of God.”.
        Now on to six days and seven nights. I love Zanex. I spent three days pacing unable to breath the entire time
with one hour of sleep a night using a nebulizer to deal with the symptoms. Now I’m on clonazepam but I have five
alprozalam left I’m just saving them. One milligram of zanex along with a bowl will get you tore up. Smoke the bowl
first. I learned that at the emergency room on a really bad anxiety attack. He prescribes me zanex and alls I can get is
alprozalam. But I may be switchen over to clonazepam permanently except for when I run out its just one less visit to
the doctor's plus I can get refills on the clonipin prescription. On to The Darjeeling Limited.

   Now I will list most of the cities and towns, ski lodges, golf courses, time shares,lakes and other places that I’ve been
to at and on and what I did some or most of the time where I was some of the time;
 Houston getting stoned some of the time, visiting Nasa, going to astroland, and going to an astros game, Conro visiting
 family, Huntsville, Austin winning and getting second in state marching competition and also getting stoned some of
 the time, Perryton, Hobs, San Angelo going to band camp and having my first kiss with a girl, San Marcos playing
 percussion at state solo and ensemble receiving a one in ensamble, Denver City at the Yokum County Golf Course
 plaing golf and getting stoned in Denver city playing football, Dallas going to a Cowboys Game (Deon Sanders was
 playing for the 49rs. that night), Fort Worth, El Paso, Snyder getting stoned most of the time, Brownfield getting
 stoned allot and for the second time, doing mushrooms for the first time, coke a few times, speed for the first time right
 outside of town, alprozalam, Zanex, clonazepam, demurral and extacy, going to brownfield high school one afternoon
 while there being stoned, being in national honors society, graduating in the top ten percent Letering in Golf my
 Freshman year breaking 80 once, Lettering in football my SR year playing every game at kick off and Kickoff receive
 and a few games at defensive end playing guard but not in a varcity game breaking my pinky in practice and having to
 play up in the stands with the rest of the season but that was just the regional game and lets just say my closeline is
 better than most but from the concussion my freshman year I was not cleared to play until my sr year cleared by an
 MRI the technition said” theres no damage”In fact it’s one of the biggest brains I’ve ever seen” and loosing my
 virginity to Kristina Keck when I was 18 looking at my families mercury dime collection 57 russian rupal gold cars
 and the four hundred doller gold piece that I aquired learning that they sold the 650$ gold piece, Leveland getting
 stoned most of the time and for the first time, goin to South Plains College, taking writing for radio and t.v. and trap set
 focusing on conga half the time the second time I took it just for kicks among other things, doing mushrooms while
 playing racquetball, snorten speed in the math department bathroom and hanging out with vega, my brother, shorty and
 other people, Lubbock getting stoned most of the time, goin to school at Texas tech taking, among other things, second
 course French one, problem plays of shakespear 2, intro to creative writing, creative writing, modern American
 literature, Bible as literature and twentieth century British poetry Skating on Mike Lowry’s Half Pipe puping up never
 being able to drop in and down the cowl bowl with Vega and the rest of the skate punks and doing manuals and barely
 learning to olly (except for on snow board on snow board I like it more)while William Wildcat Owen-Miller did pop
 shoveits and grinds, smoking pot in the English department bathroom and all over even at a voters registration meeting
 in the park, doin mushrooms, LSD watching clockwork orange it stole my sexuality and returned it to me at the end,
 incondescant light of blue red and white springing from the t.v. and my friends face never stopping to morf going to a
 PKE gig with Ryan Hazeltine he played it the next day I found a long hared frat boy and invited him out to my car for
 a joint and he was happy to join, madre de la noche once, methadone once sitting at a club listening to my friends play
 up on stage, speed, cocain, ether with Tad, nitris oxide with vega huffing, extacy (very few times), aderall, demerall for
 a migrane and hydrocodons for an ear infection, getting stabbed and playing golf, Justiceburg getting stoned on Lake
 Allen Henry, Plains, Comanche, Procter fishing , diving from the dock, trying to learn how to ski all on Lake Proctor
 and staying at my granddads vacation home/trayler, Brownwood eating at Underwoods, Midland at Ratlif Ranch
 golfing, Kermit visiting family, Abalene, Amarillo just outside going to see Texas the musical in a canyon, Odessa,
 Tokio listening to my grandfather preach at Tokio Texas Baptist Church, Galveston, Wellman, Waco, Texline, A
 whole bunch of towns and cities whose names I cant remember on back roads, highways, freeways, and interstates and
 in air ports, Cooper playing football, canyon and San AntonioTexas getting stoned some of the time, walking on the
 river walk, shopping in the mall at the mouth of the rivert walk, and visiting the Alemo; Washington D.C. visiting
 Benjamin Franklin’s house at monte chello, the Lincoln and Washiongton monument, the Smithsonian, the Vietnam
 War Memorial, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Kenedy Center and the capitol building; Orlando Florida
 playing percussion in majic music days and going to Disney world epcot center and universal studios; Fun Valley
 camping paddleboating and eating pancakes, Winter Park skiing Ski Fuge learning the word Agape, Aspen eating and
 walking arroud going to a gallery and eating at the Harley Davidson burger joint, Durango shopping at the Polo outlet,
 Silverton hiking up to Ice Lake an eight mile hike up and down a mountain leaving the others behind not following the
 path but instead grabbing trees and pulling my way up, Purgatory at the time share, Pagosa Springs at the Fairfield
 Pagosa Golf Course playing golf and visiting my grandad and grandmother at the time share, Ski sunlight Skiing and
 snow boarding all the trees looked like marijuana buds on the way up having no pot and being on a church ski trip, Hot
 Springs, Denver Colorado; Angel Fire skiing, Hobs, Roswell, Ruidoso at the time share getting stoned, the lynx
 playing golf, Ruidoso Downs gambling on the ponies, ski apache lodge skiing and getting stoned on the ski lift, and
 tourist town shoping and eating, Cloud Croft at the lodge golf course eating and playing golf, Santa Fe eating, and Las
 Vegas New Mexico.
Have you ever read “The things they carried”? It’s another list but better complete with jumping jacks and a gold Efil
        Now I’d like to list some of the year’s tennis scores of the rest of the 2009 slams with limited commentary for
 the sake of being turs. Some of the /.’;;;;;;;”????Cilic|Stepanek 6|1 7|6 6|3, Soderling|Ferrer 6|7 7|5 6|2 7|6,
 Li|Govorstova 7|5 6|1 and Williams sisters|Szavay/Dulco 2|6 6|1 6|2; on day seven Rochus|Tsonga 2|6 2|6 2|6,
 Kohlschreiber|Djokovic 6|4 6|4 6|4, Del Potro|Andreev 6|4 7|5 6|4, Robredo|Gonzalez 4|6 7|5 6|1 6|0, Roddick|Gicquel
 6|1 6|4 6|4, Melzer|Monfils 2|6 6|4 3|6 1|6, Haas|Cha. 7|5 6|3 4|6 6|4, Kuznetsova|Czink 6|1 6|3,
 Bonderanko|Radwanska 2|6 4|6, Woznak|Dominguez 6|2 3|6 6|3, Mathieu|Federer 6|4 1|6 4|6 4|6, Martinez Sanchez|S.
 Williams 6|4 3|6 4|6, Stosur|Dementieva 6|3 4|6 6|1, Jankovic|Groth 6|1 6|1 and Azarenka|Navarro 5|7 7|5 6|2; on day
 eight Davydenko|Verdasco 6|2 6|2 6|4, Mattek-Sands/Petrova|Williams sisters 7|6 5|7 7|6, Bryan Brothers|De
 Voest/Fisher 6|3 6|4, Nadal|Soderling 2|6 7|6 4|6 6|7, Azeranka|Ivonovic 6|2 6|3 and Safina|Rezai 6|1 6|0; in the round
 of 16 Sharapova|Li 6|4 0|6 6|4, Kuznetsova|Radwanska 6|4 1|6 6|1, Wozniak|S. Williams 1|6 2|6, Del Potro|Tsonga 6|1
 6|7 6|1 6|4, Jankovic|Cirstea 6|3 0|6 7|9 ,Robredo|Kohlschreiber 6|4 5|7 7|6 6|2, Haas|Federer 7|6 7|5 4|6 0|6 2|6,
 Razzano|Stosur 1|6 2|6, Roddick|Monfils 4|6 2|6 3|6, in the quarter finals Cibulkova|Sharapova 6|0 6|2,
 Murray|Gonzalez 3|6 6|3 0|6 4|6, Soderling|Davydenko 6|1 6|3 6|1, Safina|azerenka 1|6 6|4 6|2, Bryan
 brothers|Lopez/Robredo 7|6 4|6 7|6, Moodie\Norman|acasuso/Gonzales (no score is available), Nestor/Zim|Kun/Turs
 6|4 6|2, Dlouny/Paes|Soares/U. 6|2 7|6, Black/Huber| Mattek-Sands/Petrova 6|3 6|3,
 Hsien/Peng|Radwanska/Radwanska 2|6 6|4 7|5, Monfils|Federer 6|7 2|6 4|6, Kuznetsova|S. Williams 7|6 5|7 7|5 and
 Cirstea|Stosur 1|6 3|6; in the semifinals Safina|Cibulkova 6|3 6|3, Stosur|Kuznetsova 4|6 7|6 3|6,
 Moodie/Norman|Bryan brothers 0|6 7|6 6|4, Nestor/Zimongic|Dlouhy/Paes 6|7 6|7, Soderling|Gonzales 6|3 7|5 5|7 4|6
 6|4, Del Potro|Federer 6|3 6|7 6|2 1|6 4|6; and in the finals Huber/B. Bryan|King/Melo 5|7 7|6 10|7 Safina|Kuznetsova
 4|6 2|6 and Soderling|Federer 1|6 6|7 4|6.
Some of the 2009 Wimbledon scores by name day and event are;
  on day one Beck|Lopez 1|6 7|5 6|3 4|6 10|8, Blake|Seppi 6|7 4|6 6|7, Yen-Hsun Lu|Federer 6|7 3|6 2|6,
  Sharapova|Kutuzova 7|5 6|4, Silva|S. Williams 1|6 5|7, Golubev|Tsonga 3|6 7|5 6|7 6|7, Soderling|Muller 6|7 7|5 6|1
  6|2, Benneteau|Djokovic 7|6 6|7 2|6 4|6, Dementieva|Kudryavtseva 6|4 6|1,Petrova|Yakimova 6|1 6|1, Bartoli|Chan 6|0
  6|0, Cibulkova|coin 6|4 3|6 6|3, Zheng|Barrois 7|6 7|6, Razzano|Paszek 6|0 3|1 going to Razzano,
  Kleybanova|Karatantcheva 6|2 7|5, Cirstea|Gallovits 7|5 6|1, Pavlychenkova|etkovska 6|2 6|2, Fish|Roitman 6|3 6|2 4|1
  goin to Fish, Azerenka|Beltrame 6|2 going to Azerenka and Kohlschreiber|Serra 7|6 6|1 6|4; on day two
  Bondarenko|sevastova 6|3 7|6, Mayer|Hernandez 6|0 6|0 6|3 Georges|Jankovic 4|6 6|7, Wozniacki||Krumm 5|7 6|3 6|1
  V. Williams|Voegele 6|3 6|2 Haas|Peya 6|7 7|6 6|3 6|4, Davydenko|Evans 6|2 6|3 6|3, Mayer|Hernandez 6|0 6|0 6|3,
  Stosur|Mattek-Sands 6|4 6|7 6|2, Benesova|O’Brien 6|2 5|7 6|4 Kirilenko|Kvitova 6|4 6|4, Malek|Dokic 3|6 7|5 6|2
  Chardy|Roddick 3|6 6|7 6|4 3|6, Safina|Lino 7|5 6|3, Del Potro|Clement 6|3 6|1 6|2, Ferrer|Kim 7|5 6|3 4|6 6|2,
  Hewitt|Ginepri 6|4 6|1 6|1, Bogdanovic|Berdych 3|6 4|6 4|6 Ferrero|Yoozhny 6|3 7|6 6|3, Murray|Kendrick 7|5 6|7 6|3
  6|4, Hradecka|Ivonovich 7|5 2|6 6|8 and Lavine|Safin 6|2 3|6 7|6 6|4; on day three Robredo|Koubek 3|6 4|6 6|4 7|6 6|1,
  Sela|schuettler 7|6 6|3 6|2, Montanes|Canas6|4 6|3 4|6 6|3, Petrova|Peer 6|3 6|2, Cibulkova|Rodwanska 6|2 6|4,
  Hantuchova|Zheng 6|3 7|5, Razzano|craybas 6|3 6|0, Groth|S. Williams 2|6 1|6, Verdasco|Vligen 7|6 6|7 7|6 6|4
  Garcia-Lopez|Federer 2|6 2|6 4|6, Haas|Llodra 4|3 goin to Haas, Azarenka|Olaru 6|0 6|0, Vinci|Pavlyuchenkova 6|4
  7|6, Zvonareva|Johansson 6|1 6|3, Cirstea|Mirza 6|4 6|4, Vesnina|Dushevina 6|3 6|4, Soderling|Grnollers 4|6 7|6 6|4
  7|5, Almagro|Beck 6|4 7|6 3|6 3|6 7|5, Fish|Tipsarevic 6|4 3|6 6|1 6|4, Kohlschreiber|Minar 6|4 3|6 4|6 6|2 8|6,
  Montanes|Canas 6|4 6|3 4|6 6|3, Dulko|Sharapova 6|2 3|6 6|4, Djokovic|Greul 7|5 6|1 6|4 and Querrey|Cilic 6|4 6|7 3|6
  7|6 4|6; on day four Del Potro|Hewitt 3|6 5|7 5|7, Li|Covortsova 6|4 6|2, Melzer|Becker 7|6 6|3 7|6, Baltacha|Flipkens
  5|7 0|3 Baltacha taking it, Ivanovic|Errani 7|5 6|1, V. Williams|Bonderenko 6|3 6|2, Safina|Los Rios 6|3 7|5,
  Roddick|Kunitsyn 6|4 6|2 3|6 6|2, Murray|Gulbis 6|2 7|5 6|3, Benesova|Jankovic 2|6 4|6, Cuevas|Levine 2|6 1|6 6|4 6|4
 3|6, Berdych|Mathieu 6|2 6|4 6|4, Hanescu|Devilder 6|2 6|3 6|1, Oudin|Shvedova 3|6 6|2 6|4, Woznacki|Kirilenko 6|0
 6|4, Kuznetsova|Parmentier 6|1 6|3, Pennetta|King 6|2 6|2 Williams sisters|Razzano/Rezai 6|3 6|3, Simon|Alves 5|7 6|3
 6|4 6|4, Radwanska|Peng 6|2 6|7 9|7 Ivanovic|Errani 7|5 6|1, Stosur|Melek 4|6 7|6 6|4 and Li|Govortsova 6|4 6|2; on
 day five Vinci|S. Williams 3|6 4|6, Soderling|Almagro 7|6 6|4 6|4, Demetieva|Kulikova 6|1 6|2, Hantuchova|Sugiyama
 6|4 6|3, Kohlschreiber|Federer 3|6 2|6 7|6 1|6, Dulco|Petrova 6|3 3|6 4|6, Verdasco|Montanez 4|6 6|1 6|4 7|6,
 Karlovic|Tsonga 7|6 6|7 7|5 7|6, Vesnina|Cibulkova 7|5 4|6 6|4, Azeranka|Cirstea 7|6 6|3, Williams
 sisters|Lisicki/Wozniak 6|1 6|4, Karlovic|Tsonga 7|6 6|7 7|5 7|6, Schiavone|Bartoli 7|6 6|0, Robredo|Sela 6|7 5|7 6|2
 5|7, Fish|Djokovic 4|6 4|6 4|6, Haas|Cilic 7|5 7|5 1|6 6|7 10|8 and Seppi|Andreev 1|6 6|7 6|4 6|7; on day six round two
 of doubles and three of singles Stosur|Ivonovic 5|7 2|6, Wozniacki|Garrigues 6|2 6|2, Oudin|Jankovic 6|7 7|5 6|2, V.
 Williams|Navarro 6|0 6|4, Stepanek|Ferrer 7|5 7|5 3|6 4|6 6|4, Hewitt|Petzschner 7|5 7|6 63, Lisicki|Kuznetsova 6|2 7|5,
 Mauresmo|Pennetta 7|5 6|3, Berdych|Davidenko 6|2 6|3 6|2, Radwanska|Li 6|4 7|5, Wawrinka|Levine 5|7 7|5 6|3 6|3,
 .Murray|Troicki 6|2 6|3 6|4, Melzer|Roddick 6|7 6|7 6|4 3|6 , Andreev|Seppi 6|1 7|6 4|6 7|6, Safina|Flipkens 7|5 6|1,
 Simon|Henescu 6|2 7|5 6|2 and Fish/Blake|Clement/Gicouel 6|3 6|3 6|2, on day seven and in round of 16
 Soderling|Federer 4|6 6|7 6|7, V. Williams|Ivonovic 6|1 0|1 Ivonovic bowing out, Dementieva|Vesnina 6|1 6|3,
 Safina|Mauresmo 4|6 6|3 6|4, Hewitt|Stepanek 4|6 2|6 6|1 6|2 6|2, Djokovic|Sela 6|2 6|4 6|1, Karlovic|Verdasco 7|6 6|7
 6|3 7|6, Haas|Andreev 7|6 6|4 6|4, Lisicki|Wozniacki 6|4 6|4, Radwanska|Oudin 6|4 7|5, Williams Sisters|Yan/Zheng
 6|0 6|0, S. Williams|Hantuchova 6|3 6|1, Azarenka|Petrova 7|6 2|6 6|3, Lisicki|Wozniacki 6|4 6|4, Schiavone|Razzano
 6|2 7|6, Berdych|Roddick 6|7 4|6 3|6 and Murray|Wawrinka 2|6 6|3 6|3 5|7 6|3; on day 8 in the womens quarterfinals
 V. Williams|Radwanska 6|1 6|2, Safina|Lisicki 6|7 6|4 6|1, Azerenka| S. Williams 2|6 3|6 and Dementieva|Schjavone
 6|2 6|2; in mens and womens doubles quarterfinals Williams sisters|Groenfield/King 6|2 7|5 and
 Aspelin/Hanley|Blake/Fish 6|7 4|6 6|7; in the men’s quarterfinals Haas|Djokovic 7|5 7|6 4|6 6|3, Karlovic|Federer 3|6
 5|7 6|7, Hewitt|Roddick 3|6 7|6 6|7 6|4 4|6 and Murray|Ferrero 7|5 6|3 6|2, in women’s semifinal            Dementieva|S.
 Williams 7|6 5|7 6|8 and Safina|V. Williams 1|6 0|6, in womens doubles semifinal Black/Huber|Williams sisters 1|6
 2|6, in mens semifinal Haas|Federer 6|7 5|7 3|6 and Roddick|Murray 6|4 4|6 7|6 7|6, in the womens final Venus|Serena
 6|7 2|6, in the mens doubles finals Bryan brothers|Nestor/Zimonjic 6|7 7|6 6|7 3|6, in the womens doubles final
 Williams sisters|Stosur/Stubbs 7|6 6|4 and in the mens final Roddick|Federer 7|5 6|7 6|7 6|3 14|16. Federer becoming
 the holder of 15 grand slam champianchips which is more grand slam champianchip wins than anyone else in history
 even more than Pistol Pete Sampres, the last man to hold that position.
And some of the 2009 U.S. Open scores by name date and event are;
 On day one Azarenka|Dulgheru 6|1 6|1, Kutuzova|Clusters 1|6 1|6, Kirilenko|Koryttseva 6|2 6|1,
 Schiavone|Meusburger 6|1 6|2, Radwanska|Mayr 6|1 6|2, King|Yakimova 2|1 retired, Stosur|Sugiyama 6|4 4|6 6|4,
 Bartoli|Rios 6|1 6|0, Wozniak|Granville 6|1 7|6, Penneta|Gallovits 6|0 6|4, Chang|Kanepi 6|0 2|6 6|2, S.
 Williams|Glatch 6|4 6|1, Rybarikova|Tetreault 6|3 4|6 6|1, Zvonereva|Llagostera 6|0 6|4, Mauresmo|melek 6|3 6|4,
 Mirza|Govorsova 6|2 3|6 6|3, Craybas|Gullickson 6|3 7|6, Garrigues|Brodski 6|4 6|4, Strycova|Domachowska 2|6 6|2
 6|3, Mattek-Sands/Benesova 6|3 6|4, Kirilenko|Koryttseva 6|2 6|1,Chakvetadze|Sema 4|6 6|1 6|2, Rybarkova|Tetreault
 6|3 4|6 6|1, Bacsinsky|Manaseva 6|3 6|4, Strycova|Domachowska 2|6 6|2 6|3, Dushevina|V. Williams 7|6 5|7 3|6,
 Federer|Britton 6|1 6|3 7|5, Davydenko|Kindlmann 6|3 6|4 7|5, Soderling|Montanes 6|1 3|6 6|4,Youzhny|Matheu 2|6
 7|5 6|2, Chudnelli|Staras 7|6 7|6 6|0, Granollers|Zverev 2|6 7|5 3|6 6|4 6|0, Hernych|Scuettler 1|6 7|6 6|4 2|6 6|3,
 Garcia|Polanski 6|4 6|4 5|7 3|6 6|1, Isner|Hanescu 6|1 7|6 7|6, Robredo|Young 6|4 3|6 6|2 6|3, Kendrick|Vassallo 6|3
 6|2 6|2, Ilhan\C. Rochus 3|6 6|3 3|6 7|5 7|5, O.Rochus|Kunitsyn 6|3 6|0 6|2, Falla|Haas 5|7 6|4 6|7 2|6, Blake|Hidalgo
 6|1 6|4 7|5, Alves|Hewit 0|6 3|6 4|6, Roddick|Phau 6|1 6|4 6|2, on day two Tsonga|Buchanan 6|0 6|2 6|1,
 Witten|Andreev 6|4 6|0 6|2, Nieminen|Fognini 7|5 7|6 6|4, Verdasko|Becker 7|5 6|4 7|5,Bennetau|Cipolla 4|6 6|1 6|3
 6|3, Berdych|Odesnik 7|5 6|4 6|4, Troicki|Luczak 6|3 1|6 2|6 6|1,Istomin|Evans 6|4 6|4 7|5, Zeballos|Berrer 6|3 7|6 3|6
 6|0,Cilic|Sweeting 7|6 6|4 7|6, Djokovic|Ivan 6|3 6|1 6|3, Gabashvili|Levine 5|7 1|6 2|6, Capdeille|Crivoi 6|3 6|0 7|6,
 Lopez|Dent 6|4 6|7 3|6 5|7, Gulbis|Murray 5|7 3|6 5|7, Goerges|Kuznetsova 3|6 2|6, Wazniacki|Voskoboeva 6|4 6|0,
 Petrova|Srebotnik 6|3 6|3, Wikmayer|Razzano 6|4 6|3, Schnyder|Safarova 4|6 6|3 7|5, Cirstea|Morita 6|1 6|3,
 Bondarenko|Kudryavtseva 3|6 6|3 6|2, Oudin|Pavlyuchenkova 6|1 6|2, Martic|Bremond 6|4 6|2, Peng|Groth 6|2 6|3,
 Sevastova|Tanasugarn 6|3 7|5, Errani|Rus 6|0 6|3, Dubois|Mladenovic 6|0 6|4, Rodionova|Dominguez 6|0 4|6 6|1,
 Dulko|Makarova 6|3 5|7 6|4, Safina|Rogowska 6|7 6|2 6|4, Lisicki|Rezzai6| 6|7 6|1, Garbin|Cecil 6|0 6|1,
 Martic|Bremond 6|4 6|2, Kvitova|Kleybanova 6|7 6|3 6|2, Peer|Szavay 6|2 6|2, Carbin|Cecil 6|0 6|1, Coin|Hrdinova 6|3
 6|3, Shvedova|Zec 6|3 6|3, Dementieva|Pin 6|1 6|2, Hercog|Mchale 3|6 1|6, Pironkova|Sharapova 3|6 0|6, Ivanovic|K.
 Bonderenko 6|2 3|6 6|7, on day three Pannetta|Mirza 6|0 6|0, Li|De Brito 6|1 6|3, Mauresmo|Wozniak 4|6 0|6,
Vesnina|Craybas 7|6 6|1,Rybarikova|Chang 4|6 6|2 6|2, Zvonareva|Chakvetadzi 3|6 6|1 6|1, Kiirlenko|Radwanska 6|4
2|6 6|4, V. Williams|Mattek-Sands 6|4 6|2, Flipkins|Medina 6|1 6|3, Schiavone|Voegele 6|4 6|4, Martinez-
Sanches|Kerber 7|5 6|3,Azerenka|Zahlavova 6|2 6|1, King|Stosur 7|5 6|4, Clusters|Bartoli 5|7 6|1 6|2, S.
Williams|Czink 6|1 6|1, Monfils|Chardy 6|1 6|4 6|3, Beck|Korolev 6|3 6|4 2|6 2|6 6|4, Safin|Melzer 6|1 4|6 3|6 4|6,
Keifer|Lladra 6|3 6|4 6|4, Ferrero|Santoro 6|4 6|3 6|3, Cuevas|Guiccoone 6|4 7|6 6|0, Nadal|Gasquet 6|2 6|2 6|3,
Acasuso|Daniel 6|2 6|4 6|3, Bellucci|Lu 6|4 6|2 6|3, Koellerer|Mahado 6|2 6|4 2|6 6|2, Ginepi|Pavel 5|7 6|2 6|4 6|0,Del
Potro|Monaco 6|3 6|3 6|1, Martin|Ferrer 5|7 7|5 3|6, Ferrero|Santoro 6|4 6|3 6|3, Simon|Traver 6|4 7|6 6|3, Chela|Hewitt
3|6 3|6 4|6, Federer|Greul 6|3 7|5 7|5, Almagro|Darcis 6|2 6|4 2|6 7|6, Petschiner|Stakhovsky 7|6 6|7 6|4 4|6 6|3
Odesnik/Shabaz|Isner/Querry 3|6 4|6, Mirny/Ram|Butorac/Lipsky 6|3 6|1, Harrison/Vanthof|Fyrstenberg/Matkowski
6|3 6|7 7|5, Soares/Ullyett|Coetzee/Erlich 3|6 6|3 6|4, Cermak/Mertinak|Moser/Serra 6|4 6|1,
Damm/Lindsted|Prieto/Roitman 7|5 6|2, De Voest/Ram|Fisher/Kerr 7|6 6|4, Kendrick/Tipservic|Becker/Kunitsyn 6|3
6|4, Isner/Querrey|Odesnik/Shabaz 6|3 6|4, Vemic|Zverev|Evans/Kuznetsov 7|6 7|5, Kohlmann/Wassen|Martin/Young
7|6 4|6 6|4, Levine/Sweeting|Brunstrom/Rojer 6|4 7|5, Black/Huber|Mchale/Muhammad 6|2 6|1,
Groenefel/Schnyder|An/Kanepi 6|1 6|3, Kleybanova/Makarova|Dulgheru/Olaru 6|2 4|6 6|3,
Glatch/Gullickson|Hercog/Vinci 4|6 6|2 7|6, Pin/Suarez|Borwell/Craybas 6|4 2|6 7|6, Razzano/Szavay|Perry/Raymond
5|7 6|4 6|3, Coin/Pelletier|Granville/uhlirova 6|2 6|4, Malek/Petkovic|Koryttseva/Poutchek 7|5 6|1,
Chan/Srebotnik|Barrois/Carbin 6|0 7|5, Dulko/Peer|Kvtova/Savchuk 6|4 6|4, Jans/Rosolska|Amanmuradova/Kustova
7|6 6|0, Cirstea/Wozniacki|Bammer/Schruff 6|4 6|2, Gallovits/Rybarikova||Groth/Husarova 7|6 3|4 retired, on day four
Haas|Kendrick 6|4 6|4 7|6, Gonzales|Witten 7|6 4|6 5|7 2|6, Verdasko|Serra 6|3 6|0 6|3, Querry|Kim 7|5 6|7 6|4 6|4,
Lopez|Robredo 2|6 6|4 2|6 4|6, Davydenko|Hernych 6|4 6|1 6|2, Soderling|Granollers 2|0 retired, Djokovic|Stepenek
6|7 7|6 5|7 7|5 7|6, Chudnelli|Youzhny 2|6 7|6 6|4 6|3, Djokivic|Ball 6|3 6|4 6|4, Blake|Rochus 6|4 3|6 7|6 6|3,
Isner|Ilhan 6|3 6|4 7|6, Cicquel|Roddick 1|6 4|6 4|6, Safina|Barrois 6|7 6|2 6|3, Cirstea|Dubois 6|4 5|7 6|4,
Demetieva|Oudin 7|5 4|6 3|6, Dulko|A. Bonderanko 6|4 6|0, Petrova|Coin 6|4 7|6, Wozniacki|Martic 6|1 6|0,
Zheng|Cornet 1|6 6|3 6|3, K. Bonderenko|Perry 6|1 6|1, Kvtova|Garbin 6|1 6|3, Errani|Schneider 7|5 6|2,
Cirstea|Dubois 6|4 5|7 6|4, WIckmayer|Peng 2|6 6|1 6|4, Shvedova|Jankovic 6|3 6|7 7|6, Rodionova|Lisicki 6|3 3|6 7|5,
Kuznetsova|Sevastova 6|4 6|2, Mchale|Sharapova 2|6 1|6, ,Stoser/Stubbs|Albanese/Haynes 6|3 6|1, Williams
sisters|Goerges/Parra 6|2 6|2, Hantuchkova/sugiama|Clemenschits/Rezai 6|1 6|2,
Kirilenko/Vesnina|Rolle/Zalameda 2|6 6|4 7|5, Mirza/Schiavone|Dzehalevich/Voracova 5|7 7|5 6|1,
Mayr/Voegele|Stephens/Washington 4|6 6|2 6|1, Hlavackova/Hradecka|Camerin/Chakvetadze 7|5 7|5,
Moodie/Norman|Benneteau/Chardy 6|4 6|7 6|4, Lu/Sela|Parrott/Polasec 3|6 7|6 6|2, Nowle/Melzer|Fognini/Starace6|3
6|4, Neiminen/Qureshi|Golubev/Istomin 4|6 7|6 6|4, Almagro/Ramirez Hidalgo|Gabashvili/Tursunov 6|1 7|6, on day
five Pennetta|Wozniak 6|1 6|1, Hantuchova|King 6|2 6|2, Sanches|S. Williams 3|6 5|7, Zvonereva|Vesnina 6|2 6|4,
Schiavone|Azarenka 4|6 6|2 6|2, Li|Kirlenko 6|4 6|2, Clusters|Flipkens 6|0 6|2, Rybarikova|V. Williams 2|6 5|7,,
Cilic|Levine 4|6 2|6 6|0 6|3 6|0, Tsonga|Nemenen 7|5 6|3 6|4, Beneteau|Troiicki 6|1 3|6 6|1 6|0, Ferrero|Petzschner 1|6
3|6 6|4 6|2 6|4,Del Potro|Melzer 7|6 6|3 6|3, Berdych|Zeballos 6|3 6|7 7|6 6|2, Simon|Bellucci 6|3 6|2 6|4,
Koellerer|Cuevas 6|2 6|1 6|4, Murray|Capdeville 6|2 3|6 6| 6|2, Almagro|Ginepri 6|7 6|2 6|3 4|6 6|4, Gonzales|Ouanna
6|4 6|7 6|3 6|4, Monfils|Beck 6|3 7|5 6|3, Istomin|Lapeniti 2|6 6|4 4|6 7|5 7|6, Navarro|Dent 4|6 7|5 7|6 5|7 6|7,
Kiefer|Nadal 0|6 6|3 3|6 4|6, Marny/Ram|Vemic|Zverev 7|5 3|6 6|1, Damm/Lindstedt|Gonzales/Monaco 6|2 6|4,
Glatch/Gullickson|Hsieh/Peng 7|5 6|3, Govortsova/Kudryavtseva|Dushevina/Rodionova 6|1 4|6 6|4,
Garrigues/Pascual|Mayr/Voegle 6|2 6|3, Mattek-Sands/Petrova/Razzano/Svay 6|1 6|4,
Groenefeld/Schnyder|Jans/Rosolska 6|2 6|2, Black/Huber|Benesova/Strycova 6|1 6|4, Vives/Sanches|Pin/Navarro 6|4
6|1, on day six Federer|Hewit 4|6 6|3 7|5 6|4, Djokovic|Witten 6|7 6|3 7|6 6|4, Stepenek|Kohlschreiber 4|6 6|2 6|3 6|3,
Davydenko|Chiudinelli 6|4 7|5 7|5, Soderling|Querrey 6|2 7|5 6|7 6|1, Verdasco|Haas 3|6 7|5 7|6 1|6 6|4, Isner|Roddick
7|6 6|3 3|6 5|7 7|6, Blake|Robredo 6|7 4|6 4|6, Petrova|Zheng 6|4 7|1, Oudin|Sharapova 3|6 6|4 7|5, Dulko|Shvedova 6|3
6|4, Wickmayer|Errani 6|3 6|4, Bonderenko|Rod ionova 7|6 6|4, Kuznetsova|Peer 7|5 6|1, Safina|Kvitova 4|6 6|2 6|7,
(Me)Nestor/Zimonjic|Nieminen\Qureshi 7|6 6|3, Bhuoath/Knowles|Levin/Ssweeting 7|5 6|2, Knowle/Melser|Melo/Sa
5|7 6|4 6|4, Ball/Guiccione|Harrison /Van’t Hof 6|7 7|5 6|2, Fried|Levinsky|Kohlmann/Wassen 7|6 4|6 6|1, ,(Wo)
Yan/Zheng|Gallovits\Rybarikova 6|4 6|4,Stosur/Stubbs|Havackova/Hradecka 6|3 7|5, Chan/Srebotnik|Williams sisters
5|7 1|6,(Mi) Huber/Baphpathi|Craybas/Butorac 6|3 6|3,Raymond/Matkowski|Jones/Coetzee 6|2 6|0,
Stubbs/Lindsted|Benesova/Dlouhy 6|3 6|4, on day seven Hantuchova|S. Williams 2|6 0|6, Clijsters|V. Williams 6|0 0|6
6|4, Li|Schiavone 6|2 6|3, Zvonereva|Pennetta 6|3 6|7 0|6 , Ferrero|Simon 1|6 6|4 7|6 1|0 ret, Almagro|Nadal 5|7 4|6
4|6, Del Potro|Koellerer 6|1 3|6 6|3 6|3, Tsonga|Beneteau 7|6 6|2 6|4, Monfils|Acasuso 6|3 6|4 1|0 ret,
Gonzales|Berdych 7|5 6|4 6|4, Dent|Murray 3|6 2|6 2|6, (me)Mirny/Ram|Bolelli/Seppi 7|6 6|7 6|2,
Moodie/Norman|Damm/Lindstedt 6|7 7|6 7|6, Ljubicic/Llodra|Chela/Cuevas 7|5 2|6 6|3, Bryan bros|Lopez/Rochus
(wo) Black/Huber|Govortsove/Kudryavtseva 6|4 5|7 6|1, Kleybanova/Makarova|Medina/Pascual 7|6 6|3,
Stosur/Stubbs|Dulko/Peer 7|5 6|3, Sands/Petrova|Groeneld/Schnyder 7|6 3|6 6|3, Kirlenko/Vesnina|Glatch/Gullickson
7|6 6|2, Williams sisters|Cirstea/Wozniacki 6|4 6|2, (mi) Yan/Fyrstenberg|Groenefeld/Knowles 6|3 6|3,
Hsieh/Ullyett|Sanches/Sa 6|4 4|6[10|7], Sands/Zimon|Ruano/Huss 6|2 6|4, Gullickson/Parrott|Mirza/Nestor 6|1 6|4
(bo) Bhambri|COX 6|2 6|1, Sandgren|Berta 4|6 6|3 7|6, Tomic|Laaksonen 6|4 6|3, Collarini/Austin 6|1 6|3,
Buchanan|Krawietz 3|6 6|1 7|5, Horansky|Uriguen 6|3 6|3, Sock|Souto 4|6 6|1 6|4, Kudla|Urbanek 6|3 7|5, Gaio|Frank
2|6 7|5 6|1, Pereira|Ore 2|6 6|4 6|1, Poplavskyy|Van Overbeek 6|4 6|3, Ehara|Puget 7|5 6|1, Ehrat|Brydolf 6|2 6|4, (gi)
Muhammad|Mladenovic 6|1 6|4, Lercheewakarn|Haas 6|4 6|1, Stephens|Leykina 6|4 6|2, Tomljanovic|Cercone 6|1 6|3,
Njiric|Curovic 6|4 75, Hendler|Cako 6|4 6|2, Cepelova|Palivets 63 7|5, Boserup|Zheng 6|3 6|7 6|1, Solovieva|Ahn 5|7
6|2 6|4, Davis|Khromacheva 6|4 6|4, Robson|Jabeur 6|0 6|1, Putintseva|Friedsam 6|4 6|4, in the round of sixteen
Federer|Robredo 7|5 6|2 6|2, Soderling|Davydenko 7|5 3|6 6|2 retired, Verdasko|Isner 4|6 6|4 6|4 6|4,
Djokovic|Stepanek 6|1 6|3 6|3 Oudin|Petrova 1|6 7|6 6|3, Bonderenko|Dulko 6|0 6|0, Wickmayer|Kvitova 4|6 6|4 7|5,
Wozniacki|Kuznnetsova 2|6 7|6 7|6, (me) Nestor/Zimonjic|Kendrick/Tipsarevic 6|2 5|7 6|4,
Bhupathi/Knowles|Lu/Sela 6|4 6|4, Dlouhy/Paes|Knowle/Melzer 7|5 6|4, Ball/Guccione|Fried/Levinsky 6|2 6|1, (wo)
Yan/Zheng|Hantuchova/Sugiyama 4|6 6|4 6|4, Vives/Martinez|King/Niculescu 6|3 4|6 6|2, (mi)
Black/Paes|Stubbs/Lindsted 7|5 3|6 6|10, Gullickson/Parrott|Raymond/Matkowski 6|2 7|5, (bo) Kandath|Huang 7|6
7|6, Lim|Neuchrist 6|2 6|4, Mina|Uchiama 6|4 6|4, Herbert|Sekiguchi 3|6 6|3 6|3, Kovalik|Fowler 6|4 7|6,
Domijan|Staram 6|3 3|6 7|5, Georgoudas|Bangoura 6|4 3|6 6|0, Sarmiento|Hsieh 7|5 6|3, Jeong|Vinsant 6|1 61,
Blomgren|Fratangelo 6|4 6|4, Biryukov|Becker 1|6 6|3 6|3, (gi) Babos|Svitolina 6|3 6|4, Embree|Kania 7|5 6|2,
Hogenkamp|Ormaechea 6|2 6|7 6|2, Eikeri|Pintusova 6|2 6|1, Capra|Marenko 6|3 6|2, Min|Juan 6|4 6|2, Susanyi|Scott
6|4 6|0, Gibbs|Linetti 6|4 6|1, Dolehide|Dinu 6|0 4|6 6|4, Brodsky|Cepede Royg 7|5 7|5, Orlik|Dabrowski 62 6|4, in
mens round of sixteen and womens quarter finals Pnnetta|S. Williams 4|6 3|6, Clijsters|Li 6|2 6|4, Cilic|Murray 7|5 6|2
6|2 Del Potro|Ferrero 6|3 6|3 6|3, Gonzales|Tsonga 3|6 6|3 7|6 6|4, Nadal|Monfils 6|7 6|3 6|1 6|3 (me) Bryan
Bro’s|Ball/Guccione 6|4 7|6, Dlouhy/Paes|Moodie/Norman 6|3 5|7 6|4, Bhupathi/Knowles|Ljubicic/Llodra 6|4 4|6 7|6,
Mirny/Ram|Nestor/Zimonjic 6|7 (4|7) 6|4, (wo) Kleybanova/Makarova|Kirlenko/Vesnina 6|3 2|6 6|4,
Stosur|Stubbs|Sands/Petrova 65|2 6|3 (mi) Hsieh/Ullyett|Black/Paes 2|6 6|3 [5|10] (bo) Bhambri|Ehrat 6|0 6|1,
King|Velotti 7|6 6|4, Obry|Beretta 7|6 6|3, Kudla|Biryukov 7|5 6|3, De Greef|Kandath 6|3 4|6 6|4, Lavie|Sandgren 7|6
7|6, Sock|Poplavskyy 6|1 6|4, Lindell|Jeong 4|6 6|3 6|2,Fucsovics|Clezar 6|3 6|4, Fernandes|Novikov 6|2 6|1
(gi)Lertcheewakarn|Solovieva 2|6 6|4 7|6, Robson|Embree 4|6 6|1 6|4, Gavrilova|Burdette 2|6 6|2 6|3, Hogenkamp|Min
6|1 6|4, Bogden|Inoue 6|0 6|0, Capra|Orlik 5|7 6|4 6|3, Kumkhum|Goldfeld 4|6 6|0 7|5, Beck|Al Nabhani 6|3 6|7 6|1,
Hendler|Putintseva 6|4 6|4, Eikeri|Gibbs 6|3 7|6, Muhammad|Brodsky 6|3 6|4, Ysidora|Granillo 6|4 6|2, (bodo)
King/kudla|Bhambri/Huang 3|6 6|2 [6|10], Kandath/Sock|Jeong/Lim 6|4 6|4, Neuchrist/Weissborn|Ehara/Sekiguchi 6|4
4|6 [10|8], Morrissey/Sitram|Austin/Fratangelo 4|6 6|3 [10|5], Cox/Sandgren|Becker/Beretta 7|6 7|6, (gido)
Kania/Linette|Hogenkamp/Kirrilova 6|2 6|2, Cercone/Scott|Kumkhum/Ommae 3|6 6|4 [10|6], Inoue/Ozaki/
Orlik/Robson 2|6 6|3 [10|5], Cako/Gibbs|Dabrowski/Ormechea 6|3 6|2, Royg/Susanyi|Capra/Dolehide 6|3 4|6 [10|8],
in the mens nand womens quarter finals Oudin|Wozniacki 2|6 2|6, S. Williams|Penetta 6|4 6|3,
Wickmayer|Bondarenko 7|5 6|4, Djokovic|Verdasko 7|6 1|6 7|5 6|2, Federer|Soderling 6|0 6|3 6|7 7|6 (medo)
Dlouhy/Paes|Bryan bros 6|4 3|6 7|6, Bhupathi/Knowles|Mirnyi/Ram 6|4 6|2, (wodo) Black/Huber|Llagostera/Martinez
6|3 2|6 7|5, Yen/Zheng|Williams sisters 5|7 4|6 (bo) Tomic|Domijan 4|6 7|5 6|1, Blomgren|Schulz 6|4 3|6 6|3,
Buchanan|Ehara 6|4 6|4, Fucsovics|King 6|2 6|3, (gi) Davis|Babos 1|6 7|6 6|4, Stephens|Zanevska 7|6 3|6 6|2,
Njiric|Susanyi 6|7 6|4 7|6, Gavrilova|Ysidora 6|1 7|6, Watson|Dolehide 6|3 6|2, Cepelova|Beserup 6|4 6|3,
Bogdan|Kumkhum 7|5 7|5, (bodo) Arguello/Velotti|Brydolf/Schulz 7|6 7|6, Cox/Sandgren|Neuchrist/Weissborn 5|7
7|6 [10|4], Lavie/Olivo|King/Kudla 6|4 3|6 [11|9], Fucsovics/Hsieh|Morrissey/Sitaram 4|6 6|3 [10|4], (gido)
Babos/Tomljanovic|Cako/Gibbs 6|4 6|3, Bogdan/Lertcheewakarn|Cepede Royg/Susanyi 6|2 6|4,
Gavrilova/Khromacheva|Dinu/Ysidora 6|3 6|4, Bolender/Herring|Jabeur/Zheng 2|6 6|2 [10|5],
Cepelova/Skamlova|Cornish/Palivets 6|4 0|6 [10|5], (mequar) Gonzales|Nadal 6|7 6|7 0|6, Del Potro|Cilic 4|6 6|3 6|2
6|1 , (wodose) Williams sisters|Kleybanova/Makarova 7|6 3|6 6|2,.(midofi) Gullickson/Parrott|Black/Paes 6|2
6|4,(wcme) Kunieda|Legner 6|2 6|0, Scheffers|Houdet 2|6 6|0 6|1, Olsson|Vink 2|6 6 |2 6|3, Ammerlaan|Peifer 7|6 6|1,
(wcwose) Vergeer|Gravellier 6|2 7|5, Homan|Ditoro 6|2 7|6, Van Koot|Griffioen 6|4 6|3, Walraven|Kaiser 6|4 6|3 (bo)
Bhambri|Sock 6|4 6|3, Mina|Lindell 7|6 5|7 6|4, Kudla|De Greef 4|6 6|3 6|4, Buchanan|Fucsovics 6|2 6|3,
 Tomic|Blomgren 4|6 6|1 6|2 (gi)Lertcheewakarn|Eikeri 6|2 3|6 6|1, Cepelova|Stephens 4|6 6|1 6|0, Watson/Beck 6|4
 7|5, Robson|Hendler 6|2 6|1, Davis|Bogdan 6|2 2|6 7|5, Capra|Muhammad 3|6 6|1 6|1,(bodo)
 Arguello/Velotti|Cox/Sandgren 7|5 6|4 (gido) Solovieva/Zanevska|Babos/Tomljanovic 4|6 6|1 [10|4],
 Bogdan/Lertcheewakarn|Bolender/Herring 6|4 3|6 [10|2], Gavrilova/Khromacheva|Inoue/Ozaki 6|1 7|5,
 Cepelova/Skamlova|Ahn/Min 7|6 3|6 [11|9], in women’s semis a big upset due to a code violation for unsportsmenlike
 conduct Clijsters|S. Williams 6|4 7|5, in the men’s semifinals Del Potro|Nadal 6|2 6|2 6|2, Federer|Djokovic 7|6 7|5
 7|5, in the mens doubles final Dlouhy/Paes |Bhupathi/Knowles 3|6 6|3 6|2, in the women’s doubles semi
 Black/Huber|Stosur/Stubbs 5|7 6|3 6|1, in the boy’s final Tomiic|Buchanan 6|1 6|3, in the boy’s doubles final
 Fucsovics/Hsieh|Obry/Puget 7|6 5|7 [10|1], in the girl’s final Watson|Buchina 6|4 6|1, in the girl’s doubles final
 Solovieva/Zanevska|Bogdan/Lertcheewakarn 1|6 6|3 [10|7], in the women’s wc singles Vergeer|Homan 6|0 6|0, in the
 wc men’s singles Kunieda|Scheffers 6|0 6|0, in the womens doubles final Williams sisters|Black/Huber 6|2 6|2, in the
 womens final (Clijsters a mother takes it all) Wozniacki|Clijsters 5|7 3|6 and in the mens final an enormous upset
 Federer|Del Potro 6|3 6|7 6|4 6|7 2|6.

         Wher have all the wacky wall crawlers gone? Oye oye the glass is empty but we’ll try like heck to fill it. Now I
have come into the possession of a 98 Toyota Camry LE. My old car could not pass inspection. No more will the coles
for warmth or the pools for cool be hard to grasp.
         The oddity of the Kevin Bacon game is not remised for example lets play starting with Ally Sheedy who was in
The Breakfast club with Anthony Michal Hall who was in National lampoons vacation with Cevy chase who was in
National Lampoons Vegas Vacation with Ethan Emiry who was in Empire Records with Rory Cochrane who was in
Dazed and Confused with Mathew Mconaughey who was in Fools Gold with Ewen Bremner wo was in Snatch with
Vinnie Jones who was in Gone in Sixty Seaconds whith Nicholas Cage who was in National Treasure: Book of secrets
with Ed Harris who was in Apallo 13 with Kevin Bacon or the Dark Night with Heath Ledger who was in A Knits Tale
with Paul Bettany Who was in A Beautiful Mind with with Ed Harris who was in Apallo 13 with Kevin Bacon. Must it
all be six degrees?
         Under the Sun
What goes up must come down
Unless held aloft by some timely device
Or by lofty heights in mountain ranges
Both device and mountains having existed in part
Since before sun dials first kept time.
         Now I will list The movies and the one song on my DVR which are;
  Harvey birdman very personal injury, The Water Boy, Role Models Young Guns, Superbad, The Dark Knight,
  Clerks II, Waking Ned Devine, Romancing the Stone, A Hard Day’s Night, Sweeney Todd: The deamon Barber,
  RocknRolla, A Knight’s tale, Pulp Fiction, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, A Life Aqua tic With Steve Zissou,
  The Bourne Ultimatum, Monty Pithon’s The Meaning of Life, Weird Science, Harry Potter and the Order of the
  Pheonix, Real Genius, Snatch, Great Performances King Lear, The Royal Tenenbaums, Harold and Kumar escape
  From Guantanamo Bay, Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop fearing and start loving the bomb, The Darjing
  Limited, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Hot Fuzz, The Breakfast Club, Harold and Kumar
  go to White Castle, Serius classic Jazz Alice in Wonderland played by Bill Evans, Trainspotting, The Templar Code,
  a Beautiful Mind, Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars,
  Clerks, Dazed and confused, Docter Zhivago, Dr. No, Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, You only live Twice,
  Thunderball, From Russia With love and The Empire Strikes Back.
If you go through the histories of everybodys DVR you would probably find an Identical one but maybe not.

Still Waters

Still waters both led beside by God
And made so by the lamb
Are a thing of beuty.
Theres something about it maybe
A fish, a sinking, a babtism,
A parting or a walking.
Many in it when the sea
Gives up her dead
will be found
In the book of life.

        Another way that shakespear seems to have matured is the fact that in his later plays (as aposed to his ealy plays
which entertain only) he teaches those who have power kings, aristocrats, lords, ladies, generals, presidents, fathers, and
other men and women three main things. First that they should hold their tounge when anger rules them by showing in
King Lear act one scene one how rash Lear is to Cordelia pronouncing when her speech is not flatering
“HereI disclaim all my paternal care”
giving no dowery for fair cordelea who loved him most, second that tyrants as shakespear put it inKing Lear act five
scene three line 310 “taste the cup of their diservings” by writing the history of Juleus Caeser the tyrant who is
murdered by brutus, cassius and the like, and third to teach all of vertu. This states the fact that his later writing served
not just to entertain and so it is was more mature.

       The course not taken for fear of God

Though you may beseech me
To take another course
My life it seems to teach me
What way may be worse

I have my own convictions
Living a life that’s just
Paying no mind to imperfections
So I’m sanguine, jocund, jovial and jolly with joy.

So the grass is allways greener
On the other side
Keep your faith in God.
In him you can abide.

They may call you crazy.
They may call you retarted.
But they should be wary
Of being the eternal departed.

Now and over the next year I will list some of the scores of the 2010 grand slams. In the Australian open some of the
scores by name day and event with limited commentary are;
 in the first round on day one sarapova|Kirilenko 6|7 6|3 4|6, Roddick|DE Bakker 6|1 6|4 6|4, Wickmayer|Dolgheru 1|6
 7|5 10|8, Murray|Anderson 6|1 6|1 6|2, Russel|Del Potro 4|6 4|6 6|3 2|6, Flipkens|Hennin 4|6 3|6, Luczak|Nadal 6|7 1|6
 4|6; on day two Ivanavic|Perry 6|1 6|3, King|Cibulkova 6|3 6|7 (5|7) 7|5, Kudryavtseva|Oudin 2|6 7|5 7|5,
 Zahlavova|Vandeweghe 6|0 6|1, Brianti|Lepchenko 6|0 3|6 6|1, Kvitova|Craybas 6|1 7|5, Schiavone|Cornet 0|6 7|5 6|0,
 Makarova|Razzano 6|2 6|3, Patrova|Gallovits 6|3 6|4, Lisicki|Martic 6|1 6|4, Sprem|Garrogues 6|3 6|2, Rezai|Mirza 6|4
 6|2, Bonderenko|Woerie, 6|2 6|2, Navarro|Morita 7|5 6|4, Coin|Molik 3|6 7|6 6|3, S. Williams|Radwanska 6|2 6|1, V.
 Williams|Safarova 6|2 6|2, Jankovic|Niculescu 6|4 6|0, A. Radwanska|Malek 6|1 6|0, Bartoli|De Los Rios 6|4 6|1,
 Stosur|Han 6|1 3|6 6|2, Tsonga|Stakhovski 6|3 6|4 6|4, Monfils|Ebden 6|4 6|4 6|4, Cilic|Santoro 7|5 7|5 6|3,
 Giraldo|Robredo 6|4 6|2 6|2, Schuettler|Querrey 6|3 2|6 6|4 6|3, Isner|Seppi 6|3 6|3 3|6 5|7 6|4, Blake|Clement 7|5 7|5
 6|2, Hajek|Ginepri 7|6 (7|2) 7|5 6|1, Koubek|Ram 4|6 6|3 5|7 6|1 6|3, Dent|Fognini 6|1 6|3 6|3, Tipsarevic|Harrison 6|2
 6|4 7|6 (7|3), Youzhny|Gasquet 6|7 4|6 7|6 7|6 6|4, Hewit|Hocevar 6|1 6|2 6|3, Federer|Andreev 4|6 6|2 7|6 6|0,
 Djokovic|Gimeno-Traver 7|5 6|3 6|2; on day three in the fist round Azerenka Cohen-Aloro 6|2 6|6, Wozniacki|Wozniak
 6|4 6|2, Zvonereva|Kukova 6|2 6|0, Erikovik|Li 2|6 0|6, Vesnina|Garvin 6|7 4|6, Hredeka|Peer 7|6 2|6 1|6,
 Chang|Benesova 5|7 2|6, Date Krumm|Shvedova 4|6 2|6, Dubois|Szavay 3|6 2|6, Voskoboiva|Pironkova 4|6 4|6,
 Paszek|Goerges 0|6 6|3 3|6, Groth|Arvidsson 2|6 6|4 4|6, in the second round Ilhan|Gonzales 3|6 4|6 5|7,
 Kirilenko|Meusburger 6|3 6|1, Clijsters|Tanasugarn 6|3 6|3, Roddick|Bellucci 6|3 6|4 6|4,
 Furguson/Moor|Williamsmsisters 1|6 1|6, Lacko|Nadal 2|6 2|6, Blake|Del Potro 4|6 7|6 7|5 3|6 8|10, Dementieva|Henin
 5|7 6|7, Monfils|Veic 6|4 6|4 6|4, Wawrinka|Konitsyn 6|3 6|2 6|2, Korilev|Berdtch 6|4 6|4 7|5, Lubicic|Goulbev 6|3 3|6
 6|2 6|3, Kholshreiber|Odesnik 6|4 3|6 6|3 6|2, Mayer|Troiki 4|6 6|4 7|6 6|1, Isner|Sorensen 6|3 7|6 7|5, Safina|Strychova
 6|3 6|4, Kuznetsova|Pavlyochenkova 6|2 6|2, Wozniacki|Wozniak 6|4 6|2, Azerenka|Cohen-Alogro 6|2 6|0,
 Jankovic|Obrien 6|2 6|2, Zvonereva|Kucova 6|2 6|0, Bartoli|Zahlavova 6|4 6|4, Wickmayer|Penneta 7|6 6|1, Li|Erakovic
 6|2 6|0, Petrova|Kanepi 6|4 6|4, Hantucova|Kutuzova 3|6 6|1 7|5, Zheng|Martinez Sanches 2|6 6|2 6|3, Kerber|Rezai 6|2
 6|3, Kleybanova|Cirstea 6|4 6|3, Garbin|Vesnina 7|6 6|4, Peer|Hradecka 6|7 6|2 6|1, Baltacha|K. Bondarenko 6|2 7|3, A.
 Bonderenko|Hercog 6|4 7|5; on day four in the second round Djokivic|Chiudinelli 3|6 6|1 6|1 6|3, Dulko|Ivonovic 6|7
 7|5 6|4, Baghdatis|Ferrer 4|6 3|6 7|6 6|3 6|1, Bammer|V.Williams 2|6 5|7, Davidenko|Marchenko6|3 6|3 6|0,
 Youzhny|Hajek 6|2 6|1 6|1, Hewitt|Young 7|6 6|4 6|1, Almagro|Becker 6|4 6|2 3|6 4|6 6|3, Monako|Lloora 3|6 3|6 7|6
 6|1 6|3, Wozniaki|Goerges 6|3 6|1, Azerenka|Voegele 6|4 6|0, Zvonereva|Benesova 6|0 6|3, Radwanska|Kudryavtseva
 6|0 6|2, Stosur|Barrois 7|5 6|3, Li|Szavay 3|6 7|5 6|2, Schiavone|Coin 6|3 6|4, Dulko|Ivanovic 6|7 7|5 6|4,
 Brianti|Lisicki 2|6 6|4 6|4, Hantuchova|Arvidsason 6|4 6|1, Peer|Pironkova 6|1 6|4, Suarez Navarro|Petrovic 6|1 6|4, V.
 Williams|Kvitova 6|2 6|1, Federer|Hanescu 6|2 6|3 6|2 Prince William the the man selected to be the next King of
 England health pending watching, Tsonga|Dent 6|4 6|3 6|3; on day five third round Balatcha|Safina 1|6 2|6,
 Jankovic|Bonderenko 2|6 3|6, Henin|Kleybanova 3|6 6|4 6|2, Roddick|Lopez 6|7 6|4 6|4 7|6, Kirilenlo|Vinci 7|5 7|6,
 Mayer|Del Potro 3|6 6|0 4|6 5|7, Korolev|Gonzalez 7|6 3|6 6|1 3|6 4|6, Isner|Monfils 6|1 4|6 7|6 7|6, Klijsters|Petrova 0|6
 1|6, Murray|Serra 7|5 6|1 6|4, Cilic|Wawrenka 4|6 6|4 6|3 6|3, Kohlschreiber|Nadal 4|6 2|6 6|2, Zvonereva|Dulko 6|1
 7|5, S. Williams|Suares Navarro 6|0 6|3, Federer|Montanes 6|3 6|4 6|4, Beneteau\Darcis|Isner\Querry 4|6 0|6,
 Monico|Davidenko 0|6 3|6 4|6, Almagro|Falla 6|4 6|3 6|4, Wozniacki|Peer 6|4 6|0, Azarenka|Garbin 6|0 6|2,
 Schiavone|Radwanska 6|2 6|2, Stsur|Brianti 6|4 6|1, Djokovic|Istomin 6|1 6|1 6|2, Verdasko|Koubek 6|1 retires with an
 ailling wrist, Tsonga|Haas 6|4 3|6 6|1 7|5, Kubot|Youzhny walkover Kubot taking it, Almagro|Falla 6|4 6|3 6|4,
 Hewit|Bagdadis 6|0 4|2 Marcos retiring, Dellacqua|V. Williams 1|6 6|7; on day seven Round of Sixteen Murray|Isner
 7|6 6|3 6|2,\Petrova|Kuznetsova 6|3 3|6 6|1, Karlovic|Nadal 4|6 6|4 4|6 4|6, Kirlenko|Safina 5|4 Dinara retires, Del
 Potro|Cilic takes it, Roddick|Gonzalez 6|3 3|6 4|6 7|5 6|2, Azerenka|Zvonareva 4|6 6|4 6|0, S.Williams|Stosur 6|2 6|4,
 Wozniacki|Li 4|6 3|6, V.Williams|Schiavone 3|6 6|2 6|1, Wickmayer|Henin 6|7(3|7) 6|1 3|6, Bonderenko|Zheng 6|7(5|7)
 4|6; in the quarter finals Murray|Nadal 6|3 7|6 3|0 Nadal retires because of knee problems, Cilic|Roddick7|6 6|3 3|6 2|6
 6|3, Henin|Petrova 7|6 7|5, Zheng|Kirilenko 6|1 6|3, (me do) Kohlmann/Nieminen|Gonzalez/Ljubicic 4|6 6|1 2|0 retired,
 (wo do.)William sisters|Mattek-sands/Yan 6|4 4|6 6|4, Raymond/Stubbs|Dulko/Pennetta 4|6 6|2 6|2, Li|V. Williams 2|6
 7|6 7|5, S, Williams|Azerenka 4|6 7|6 6|2, Federer|Davydenko 2|6 6|3 6|0 7|5, Djokovic|Tsonga 6|7 7|6 6|1 3|6 1|6; in
 the semifinals Murray|Cilic 3|6 6|4 6|4 6|2, S. Williams|Li 7|6 7|6, Henin|Zheng 6|1 6|0, (me. do. sem.) Bryan
 bros|Kohlmann/Nieminen 6|1 6|4, Nestor/Zimonjic|Karlovic/Vemic 6|4 6|4, (in the wo. do. semi.s) Williams
 sis|Raymond/Stubbs 6|3 7|6; in the women’s doubles final Black/Huber|Williams sisters 4|6 3|6; in the second womens
 semi S.Williams|Li 7|6 7|6; in the mens semi Federer|Tsonga 6|2 6|3 6|2; in the womens finals S. Williams|Henin 6|4
 3|6 6|2 and in the mens final Federer|Murray 6|3 6|4 7|6.
Some of the 2010 French open scores by name date and or event are;
 On day one Tsonga|Brands 4|6 6|3 6|2 (2|7) 6|7 5|7, Youzhny|Przysiezny 6|1 6|0 6|4, Benneteau|Gulbis 6|4 6|2 1|0
 Gulbis retiring, Montanes|Galviani 6|3 6|3, Garcia-Lopez|Schuetler 7|5 6|4 6|2, Chela|Sweeting 6|0 6|4 7|6
 (7|4),Recouderc|Soderling 0|6 2|6 3|6, M. Cilic|Mello 6|1 3|6 6|3 3|1, Oanna|Kubot 7|6 6|7 6|2 6|4,De Bakker|Patience
 6|4 5|7 6|4 6|3, Kamke|Robert 6|0 6|4 6|3, Falla|Tipseravic 6|1 6|2 6|3, Chudnelli|Devvarman 6|3 3|6 6|3 3|6 6|3 ,
 Fognini|Massu 6|1 3|6 2|6 6|3 6|3, Vesaselin|Anderson 1|6 4|6 6|3 7|6 6|1, Roger-Vassein|Andserson 1|6 4|6 6|3 7|6 6|1,
 Soderling|Recouderk 6|0 6|2 6|3,V. Williams|Schnyder 6|3 6|3, Dulko|Azarenka 6|1 6|2, Pennetta|Keothavong 6|2 6|2,
Rezai|El Tabakh 6|1 6|1 Petrova|Zhang 6|0 6|3, Amanmuradova|Martinez Sanches 6|2 6|4, Cibulkova|Ivanova 6|2 6|0,
Kirilenko|Sprem 7|6 (7|5) 6|4, LapchenkoMcHale 7|5 6|3, Rezai|Tabakh 6|1 6|1, Lepchenko|Mchale 7|5 6|3,
Scheepers|Johansson 6|2 6|4, Szavay|Foretz 6|2 6|2, Kerber|Chakvetadze 5|7 7|6 6|4, Meusburger|Feuerstein 7|6 6|3,
Petkovic|Vesnina 4|6 6|1 6|4, Larsson|Sevastova 6|2 6|2, Kuznetsova|Cirstea 6|3 6|1; on day two Federer|Luczak 6|4 6|1
6|2,Djokovic|Korolev 6|1 3|6 6|1 6|3, Berdych|Agular7|6 6|3 6|1, J. Isner|Golubev 6|4 6|3 6|2, S. Wawrinka|Hajek 6|1
6|3 6|3, Reister|Lopez 6|1 7|6 6|2, Dent|Lapentti 6|3 6|4 7|6, Troicki|Robredo 6|4 6|4 6|3, Baghdatis|Witten 6|3 6|4 6|3,
Granollers|Mathieu 3|6 6|3 3|0 given up, Shukin|Ram 3|6 6|4 6|2 6|4, Nishikori|Giraldo 2|6 4|6 7|6 6|2 6|4,
Ball|Petzschner 3|6 6|7 6|2 7|5 9|7, Andujar|Bolelli 7|6 6|4 6|2, Mayer|Stakhovski 7|6 6|3 6|2, Darcis|Vliegen 6|1 6|4 6|4,
Lacko|Yani 4|6 7|6 7|6 6|7 12|10, Rochus|Paire 3|6 7|6 6|4 7|5, Traver|Tursunov 6|1 6|1 6|1, Dolgopolov|Clement 3|6 7|6
3|6 6|3 6|3, Beck|Lorenzi 4|6 6|3 6|2 6|2, Murray|Gasguet 4|6 6|7 6|4 6|2 6|1,Monfils|Kindleman 6|3 7|5 6|7
6|2,Lubicic|Lu 7|6 7|5 6|3, Bellucci|Llodra 6|4 6|2 6|2, Reister|Lopez 6|1 7|6 6|2, Gonzalez|Alves 6|2 4|6 6|4 6|4,
Wozniacki|Kudryavtseva 6|0 6|3, Dementieva|Martic 6|1 6|1, Li-Mladenovic 7|5 6|3, Safarova|Dokic 6|2 6|2,
Bonderenko|Coin 6|1 6|2, Garrigues|Oudin 7|5 6|2, Hercog|Doi 6|3 6|0, Cohen-Aloro|Dubois 6|7 6|1 6|3,
Wozniak|Benesova 6|3 6|3, Santonja|Nara 6|2 6|2, Garbin|Barrois 1|6 7|6 6|3, Ferguson|Kvitova 1|6 6|2 6|2, S
Williams|Voegele 7|6 6|2, Vinci|Razzano 7|5 6|2, Goerges|Czink 6|2 6|3, Bacsinszky|Malec 6|2 6|3,
Radwanska|Baltacha 6|0 7|5, Schiavone|Kulikova, 5|7 6|3 6|4 Ivanovich|Chang 6|3 6|3, Rybarikova|Arvidsson 6|7 6|3
6|2, De Los Rios|Zahlacova Strycova 7|6 6|3, Ferguson|Kvitova 1|6 6|2 6|2, Shvedova|Errani 6|1 7|5, Kanepi|Parmentier
6|3 6|1, Kleybanova|Korytseva 6|2 6|1, Dulgheru|Hradecka 7|6 4|6 6|3, Jankovic|Molik 6|0 6|4; on day three
Nadal|Mina 6|2 6|2 6|2, Roddick|Neiminen 6|2 4|6 4|6 7|6 6|3, Hewit|Chardy 7|5 6|0 6|4, Verdasco|Kunitsyn 6|4 6|2 6|2,
Ferrer|Guez 6|1 6|3 6|1, Ferrero|Cuevas 6|4 6|3 6|1, Ginepri|Quwrrey 4|6 7|6 6|4 6|2, Melzer|Sela 7|5 6|2 6|4,
Zemlja|Monaco 7|6 3|6 7|5 6|3, Zeballos|Fischer 7|6 6|7 1|6 6|4 8|6, Kohlschreiber|Beck 7|6 6|1 6|1, Seppi|Ventura 7|5
6|4 7|5, Serra|Russell 6|4 6|0 6|1, Mahut|Zverev 6|1 6|2 6|4, Starace|Marchenko 6|7 6|1 6|3 6|3, Kavcic|Schwank 3|6 6|3
7|5 4|0 retired, Gabashvili|Koellerer 6|2 6|2 6|1, Riba|Gicquel 6|3 6|2 7|6, Istomin|Becker 7|5 7|5 6|3, Krumm|Safina 3|6
6|4 7|5, Peer|Llagostera 6|1 6|4, Bartoli|Camerin 6|2 6|3, Wickmayer|Zahlavova 6|1 6|1, Zheng|Bychkova 7|5 6|4,
Zvonereva|Brianti 6|3 6|1, Henin|Pironkova 6|4 6|3, Hantuchova|Tanasugarn 6|1 6|1, Pavlyuchenkova|Cornet 6|4 6|2,
Mattek-Sands|King 6|2 6|2, Craybas|O’Brien 6|0 4|6 6|2, Flipkens|Morita 6|1 6|4, Groth|Chan 6|2 6|3,
Zakopalova|Srebotnik 7|6 4|6 6|2, Rodionova|Makarova 6|3 6|2, Govortsova|Suarez Navarro 7|6 6|1, Sanches|Perry 7|6
6|0, Pivovarova|Olaru 6|4 6|3, Bammer|Marino 6|0 6|1 (wo do) Williams sisters|Flipkens/Tangustern 6|0 6|1; on day
four round two Federer|Falla 7|6 6|2 6|4, Soderling|Dent 6|0 6|1 6|1, Tsonga|Ouanna 6|0 6|1 6|4, Cilic|Gimeno-Traver
6|3 7|6 6|2, Youzhny|Lacko 6|7 6|3 6|3 6|2, Montanes|Kamke 6|3 6|2 6|1, Mayer|Benneteau 6|7 6|3 6|4 6|4, Troicki|Ball
6|4 6|3 6|3, Malisse|Greul 6|4 7|6 6|4, De Bakker|Garcia-Lopez 6|3 3|6 7|6 7|5, Berdych|Roger-Vassalin 7|5 6|1 6|4,
Wawrinka|Beck 6|1 6|4 6|4, V. Williams|Santonja 6|2 6|4, Pennetta|Vinci 6|1 6|1, Petrova|Szavay 6|1 6|2,
Cibulkova|Lepchenko 4|6 6|2 6|0, Dulgheru|Bacsinszky 6|4 6|2, Amanmuradova|Larsson 7|6 6|2, Kuznetva|Petkovic 4|6
7|5 6|4, Woznicki|Garbin 6|3 6|1, Rezai|Kerber 6|2 2|6 6|3 Kirilenko|Meusberger 6|3 6|3, Hercog|Safarova 6|1 6|2, (me
do) Bhupathi/Mirnyi|Melzer/Petzschner 6|3 6|2, Cermak/Mertinak|De Voest/Tursunov 6|3 4|6 6|2,
Gonzalez/Rettenmaier|Linsted/Tecau 6|4 6|4, Bracciali/Starace|Damm/Polasek 6|1 6|3,
Dolgopolov/Istomin|Hanescu/Trifu 6|7 6|1 7|5, Lopez/Riba|Eysseric/Paire 6|2 6|4, (wo do)
Raymond/Stubbs|Rosolska/Shvedova 7|6 6|4; on day five round two Fognini|Monfils 2|6 4|6 7|5 6|4 9|7,
Baghdatis|Granolers 4|6 6|1 7|5 6|2, Roddick|Kavcic 6|3 5|7 6|4 6|2, Murray|Chela 6|2 6|7 6|3 6|2, Isner|Chiudinelli 6|7
7|6 7|6 6|4, Gabashvili|Zemlja 6|3 6|1 6|1, Jankovic|Kanepi 6|2 3|6 6|4, Dementieva|Medina Garrigues 6|2 7|6,
Shvedova|Radwanska 7|5 6|3, Li|Cohen-Aloro 6|2 6|2, Schiavone|Fergison 6|2 6|2, Rodionova|Zvonereva 6|4 6|4, A.
Bonderenko|Rybaricova 6|3 6|3 Kleybanova|Ivonovic 6|3 6|0, Wozniak|K. Bondarenko 6|4 6|1, Peer|Mattek-Sands 3|6
6|0 6|1, Droth|Date Krumm 6|0 6|3, on day six S.Williams|Goerges 6|1 6|1, Stosur| Delos Rios 4|6 6|1 6|0,
Bartoli|Sanches 7|5 6|2,Wickmayer|Bammer 7|6 1|6 7|5, Henin|Zakapalova 6|3 6|3, Sharapova|Flipkins 6|3 6|3,
Hantuchova|Govorstova 7|5 6|3, Pivovarova|Zheng 6|4 6|3, Pavlyuchenkova|Craybas 6|4 6|1 Scheepers|Amanmuradova
6|3 6|3; in the third round Wozniacki|Dulgheru 6|3 6|4, Schiavone|Li 6|4 6|2, Pennetta|Hercog 6|3 6|0, V.
Williams|Cibulkova6|3 6|4, Kirilenko|Kuznetsova 6|3 2|6 6|4, Stosur|De Los Rios 4|6 6|1 6|0, Dementieva|Wozniak 6|7
6|3 6|4, Pivarova|Zheng 6|4 6|3, Djokovic|Nishikori 6|1 6|4 6|4, Verdasko|Serra 6|2 6|2 0|6 6|4Tsonga De Bakker 6|7 7|6
6|3 6|4, Ferrer|Malisse 6|2 6|2 2|0 gave up, Dolgopolov|Gonzalez 6|3 6|4 6|3, Lubicic|Fish 6|2 6|7 4|6 6|2, Ferrero|Riba
7|6 6|7 6|2 6|2, Almagro|Darcis 6|3 6|0 7|5, Melzer|Mahut 6|1 3|6 7|6 6|4, Bellucci|Andujar 1|6 6|3 2|6 6|4 6|2,
Hewit|Istomin 1|6 6|3 6|4 2|6 6|2, Kohlschreiber|Seppi 7|6 6|3 7|5, Hasnescu|Schukin 6|3 6|4 6|2, Ginepri|Starace 3|6 6|4
6|3 6|3, Cilic|Mayer 6|4 3|6 7|5 6|7 6|4, third round Murray|Baghdatis 6|2 6|3 0|6 6|2, Soderling|Montanes 6|4 7|5 2|6
 6|3, Berdych|Isner 6|2 6|2 6|1, Wawrinka|Fognini 6|3 6|4 6|1, Zeballos|Nadal 2|6 2|6 3|6, Hewitt|Istomin 1|6 6|3 6|4 2|6
 6|2, Federer|Reister 6|4 6|0 6|4; on day seven round three Hewit| Nadal 3|6 4|6 3|6, Ferrerio|Ginepri 5|7 3|6 6|3 6|2 4|6,
 Djokovic|Hanescu 6|3 3|6 6|3 6|2, Gabashvili|Roddick 6|4 6|4 6|2, Melzer|Ferrer 6|4 6|0 7|6, Youzhny|Troicki 2|6 7|6
 6|2 6|3, Bellucci|Ljubicic 7|6 6|2 6|4, Almogro|Dolgopolov 6|3 6|3 6|4, Verdasko|Kolschreiber 2|6 6|3 6|3 6|7 6|4, S.
 Williams|Pavlyuchenkova 6|1 1|6 6|2, Henin|Sharpova 6|2 3|6 6|3 , Jankovic|Bonderenko 6|4 7|6, Peer|Bartoli 7|6 6|2,
 Petrova|Rezzai 6|7 6|4 10|6, Hantuchova|Wickmayer 7|5 6|3, Shvedova|Kleybanova 6|2 4|6 6|0, Groth|Rodionova 6|3
 5|7 6|2, Stosur|Pivovarova 6|3 6|2, (me do) Melo/Suares|Bryan bros 6|3 7|6, Nestor/Zimonjic|Greul/Luczak 6|1 6|4,
 Dlouhy/Paes|Allegro/Beck 6|4 3|6 6|3, Moodie/Norman|Garcia-Lopez/Montanes 6|3 6|3, Lopez/Riba|Bhupathi/Mirnyi
 6|4 7|6, Kubot/Marach|De Bakker/Wassen 6|4 6|3, Cermac/Mertinak|Stakhovsky/Youzhny 6|3 6|2,
 Knowles/Ram|Monfils/Ouanna 6|3 7|6, Rufinn/Sidorenko|Fish/ M. Knowles 0|6 6|2 6|1,
 Bopanna/Qureshi|Fognini/Russel 6|2 6|3, Gonzalez/Rettenmaier|Troiki/Vemic 4|6 7|5 6|4,
 Ascione/Recouderc|Golubev/Lorenzi 4|6 6|3 6|4, Huss/Sa|Elrich|Sela 6|4 6|4, (wo do) Williams
 sisters|Hantuchova/Wozniacki walkover, LLagostera Vives/Martinez Snches|Jurak/Martic 6|2 6|3,
 Dulko/Pennetta|Brianti/Dulgheru 7|5 7|6, Mattek-Sands/Yan|Errani/Vinci 6|4 7|5,
 Kirilenko/Radwanska|Kvitova/Voegle 6|1 5|7 6|3, Benesova/Zahlavova|Safarova/Wozniak 6|1 6|1,
 Hlavackova/Hradecka|Cibulkova/Georges 6|2 6|7 6|0, (mi do) King|Kas|Raymond/Moodie 7|6 6|3,
 Hsieh/Soares|Stubbs/Lindstedt 6|3 4|6 [4|10], Coin/Mahut|Makarova/Tecau 1|6 6|1 [10|5],
 Amanmuradova/Quireshi|Chuang/Polasek 6|2 6|7 [10|3]; on day eight in round of 16 Petrova|V. Williams 6|4 6|3,
 Wozniacki|Pennetta 7|6 6|7 6|2, Dementieva|Scheepers 6|1 6|3, Schiavone|Kirilenko 6|4 6|4, Federer|Wawrinka 6|3 7|6
 6|2, Tsonga| Youzhny 2|6 tsonga retiring, Soderling|Cilic 6|4 6|4 6|2 Berdych|Murray 6|4 7|5 6|3 (wo do) Williams
 sisters|Hlavackova/Hradecka 6|1 6|2; on day nine in round of 16 Almagro/Verdasko 6|1 4|6 6|1 6|4, Djokovic|Ginepri
 6|4 6|1 6|2, Melzer|Gabashvili 7|6 4|6 6|1 6|4, Nadal|Bellucci 6|2 7|5 6|4 S. Williams|Peer 6|2 6|2, Jankovic|Hantuchova
 6|4 6|2, Stosur|Henin2|6 6|1 6|4, Shvedova|Groth 6|4 6|3 (me do) Moodie/Norman|Benneteau/Llodra 6|4 6|4,
 Kubot/Marach|Huss/Sa 6|4 7|5, Fyrstenberg/Matkowski|Ascione/Recouderc 3|6 6|2 7|6, (wo do)
 Huber/Garrigues|Dulko/Pennetta 1|6 6|0 7|6, (mi do) Black/Paes|Hsieh/Soares 7|5 2|6 [8|10]; on day 10 in round of
 sixteen Schiavone|Wozniacki 6|2 6|3, Dementieva|Petrova 2|6 6|2 6|0, Federer |Soderling 6|3 3|6 5|7 4|6,
 Berdych/Youzhny 6|3 6|1 6|2, (wo do) LLagostera/Sanchez|Nicolescu/Peer 6|2 6|4, (me do)
 Dlouhy/Paes|Fyrstenberg/Matkowski 6|1 6|3, Knowle/Ram|Melo/Soares 6|7 6|2 6|0, (mi
 do)Shvedova/Knowle|Black/Paes 6|3 6|7 [10|7], King/Kas|Garbin/Matkowski 6|4 3|6 [10|7]; on day 11 in the quarter
 finals Nadal|Almagro 7|6 7|6 6|4, Melzer|Djokovic 3|6 2|6 6|2 7|6 6|4, Stosur|S. Williams 6|2 6|7 8|6,
 Jankovic|Shvedova 7|5 6|4, (wo do semis) Peschke/Srebotnic|Llangostera/Sanchez 3|6 6|4 6|4, Williams
 sis|Huber/Guarrigues 2|6 6|2 6|4; on day 12 in womens semifinals Schiavone|Dementieva 7|6 Dementieva retiring,
 Stosur|Jankovic 6|1 6|2, in the mixed doubles final Srebotnik/Zimonjic|Shvedova/Knowle 4|6 7|6 [11|9]; on day 13 in
 the mens semifinal Nadal|Melzer 6|2 6|3 7|6, Berdych|Soderling 3|6 6|3 7|5 3|6 3|6; in the womans final
 Schiavone|Stosur 6|4 7|6, in the womens doubles final Williams sis/Peschke/Srebotnik 6|2 6|3, on day 13 in the mens
 final and in the mens final (Rafa taking it all) Nadal|Soderling 6|4 6|2 6|4.
Some of the 2010 Wimbledon scores by name date and event are;
  On day one and in round one V. Williams|De Los Rios 6|3 6|2, Peer|Ivanovic 6|3 6|4, Bonderenko|O’Brien 6|3 6|7 6|4
 ,Arn|K. Bonderenko 7|6 3|6 6|3, Kirilenko|Voegele 2|6 6|4 7|5, Clijsters|Camerin 6|0 6|3, Goerges|Bartoli 4|6 3|6,
 Henin|Sevastova 6|4 6|3, Groenfeld|Oudin 3|6 0|6, Petrova|Melek 6|4 6|3, Zvonereva|Llagostera Vives 6|4 6|1,
 Kleybanova|Zahlavova 6|2 6|3, Hercog|Shvedova 1|6 4|6, Kirilenko|Voegele 2|6 6|4 7|5, Sprem|Mattek-Sands 6|3 6|4,
 Chan|Schnyder 6|0 6|2, Robson|Jankovic 3|6 6|7, Schiavone|Dushevina 7|6 5|7 1|6, Wickmayer|Riske 6|4 5|7 6|3,
 Lepchenko|Hradecka 6|4 7|5, Perry|Yakimova 6|2 4|6 9|7, Kulikova|South 6|1 6|2, Mardic|Belatcha 2|6 7|5 6|3,
 Hlachova|Lertcheewakarn 6|3 6|2, Pironkova|Lapushchenkova 6|0 7|6, Kirber|Mirza 6|4 6|1, Kudryavtseva|Arvidsson
 6|4 6|1, Wozniak|Danilidou 7|5 7|5, Makarova|Szavay 6|4 7|6, Groth|Voaracova 6|4 6|3, Molik|Kucova 6|2 7|5,
 Flipkens|Dubois 6|4 6|4,Barrois|Koryttseva 6|3 6|4, Federer|Falla 5|7 4|6 6|4 7|6 6|0, Cilic|F. Mayer 2|6 4|6 6|7,
 Brown|Melzer 3|6 6|4 2|6 3|6, Monfils|Mayer 6|1 7|6 6|2, Lopez|Lavine 7|6 3|6 6|2 6|3, Laurenzi|Montanez 3|6 6|7 2|6,
 Fish|Tomic 6|3 7|6 6|2, Anderson|Davydenko 6|3 7|6 6|7 5|7 7|9, Przysiezny|Ljubicic 7|5 7|6 6|3, Hanescu|Kuznetsov
 6|7 7|6 6|3 1|6 7|5, Sweeting|Becker 5|7 6|2 6|2 6|4, Evans|Huta Galung 6|3 7|6 6|3, Ram|Roddick 3|6 2|6 2|6,
 Hewitt|Gonzalez 5|7 6|0 6|2 6|2, Kolshreiber|Starace 6|3 3|6 6|3 6|0, Luczak|Robredo 2|6 7|6 6|2 7|5, Llodra|Witten 6|4
 6|4 6|7 6|3, Dent|Chela 6|3 6|7 7|6 7|5, Djokovic|Rochus 4|6 6|2 3|6 6|3 6|2, Berdych|Golubev 7|6 6|2 6|2,
 Przyshezny|Ljubicic 7|5 7|6 6|3, Istomin|Wawrinka 6|7 6|1 2|6 7|6 6|3, Sweeting|Becker 5|7 6|2 62 6|4,
Montanes|Lorenzi 6|3 7|6 6|2, Berankis|Ball 6|2 6|0 3|6 7|6, Ilhan|Daniel 6|7 4|6 6|2 6|3 6|1, Bozoljac|Massu 7|6 3|6 6|3
7|6, Troiki|Kunitsyn 6|3 6|4 6|1, Beck|Ventura 6|3 6|1 4|6 6|2, Gabashvili|Delgato 2|6 6|4 6|4 6|2, Brands|Andreev 7|6
7|6 7|5, Korolev|shwank 6|1 7|6 4|6 6|2, Lu|Zeballos 7|5 6|4 6|3, Schuettler|Tursunov 6|2 6|2 6|3, Clement|Tipseravic 6|3
3|6 6|4 7|5; on day two and in round one Ferrer|Kiefer 6|4 6|2 6|3, Hajek|Murray 5|7 1|6 2|6, Tsonga|Kendrick 7|6 7|6
3|6 6|4, Youzhny|Sela 6|3 6|4 4|6 7|6, Seppi|Almagro 7|6 7|6 6|2, Nadal|Nishikori 6|2 6|4 6|4,Haase|Blake 6|2 6|4 6|4,
Querry|Stakhovsky 7|6 6|3 2|1 ret., Simon|Alcaide 6|3 6|4 7|6, Bellucci|Mello 6|4 6|4 6|4, Lacko|Baghdatis 6|3 2|6 6|3
6|1, Benneteau|Vliegen 2|6 6|7 6|1 6|2 7|5, Petschner|Robert 6|4 7|6 4|6 2|6 6|4, Soderling|Ginepri 6|2 6|2 6|3,
Fognini|Verdasko 7|6 6|2 6|7 6|4, Malissee|Ferrero 6|2 6|7 7|6 4|6 6|1, Russel|Riba-Madrid 6|3 7|6 2|6 7|6, Beck|Baker
7|6 6|3 6|4, Dolgopolov|Chudinelli 6|4 6|3 6|3, Mathieu|Gicquel 6|1 7|5 3|6 6|1, Kubot|Kavcic 4|6 6|2 6|2 6|3,
Nieminen|Koubeck 6|4 7|6 5|7 6|2, Kamke|Garcia-Lopez 5|7 2|6 7|5 6|4 6|4, Dodig|Hernandez 6|1 6|3 6|3,
Granollers|Gil 6|3 6|0 6|4, Marchenko|Berrer 6|3 7|5 ret., Chardy|Gimeno-Traver, Fischer|Soeda 6|4 6|3 6|1 Serra|Greul
7|6 6|3 6|2, Reister|De Voest 6”|4 7|5 3|6 6|2, S. Williams|De Brito 6|0 6|4, Sharapova|Pivovarova 6|1 6|0 ,
Kanepi|Stosur 6|4 6|4, Radwanska|Czink 6|3 6|3, Pennetta|Garrigues 6|4 6|0, Kuznetsova|Amanmuradova 6|2 6|7 6|4,
Zheng|Parmentier 7|5 6|4, Chakvetadze|Petkovic 3|6 6|4 6|4, Brianti|Craybas 6|2 7|5, Cibulkova|Safarova, 7|6 6|4,
Rus|Chang 0|6 6|2 3|6, Dulgheru|Date Krumm 6|2 6|7 6|1, Wozniaki|Garbin 6|1 6|1, Li|Scheepers 7|6 6|2,
Azerenka|Lucic 6|3 6|3, Rezai|Rybarikova 6|7 6|2 7|5, Pavlyuchenkova|Benesova 6|3 6|4, Errani|Coin 6|2 6|4,
Rodionova|Keothevong 3|6 6|2 6|4, Oprandi|Watson 6|4 1|6 6|3, Chakvetadze|Petkovic 3|6 6|4 6|4, Niculescu|Dulko 6|3
6|2, Kvitova|Cirstea 6|2 6|2, Gallovits|Bacsinszky 4|6 7|5 6|3, Olaru|Cornet 5|7 6|4 6|4, Vinci|Bammer 6|3 6|3,
Jovanovski|Dellacqua 6|1 6|0, Santonja|Govortsova 6|3 2|6 6|4, Morita|Tanasugarn 7|5 6|1, Nara|Marino 6|4 6|2,
Zakopalova|Meusberger 6|7 6|1 6|0, Strycova|Vesnina 6|1 6|3; on day three second round Clijsters|Sprem 6|3 6|2,
Bartoli|Martic walkover, Kerber|Peer 3|6 6|3 6|4, Henin|Barrois 6|3 7|5, Hantuchova|King 6|7 7|6 6|3,
Kulikova|Shvedova 6|2 6|4, V. Williams|Makarova 6|0 6|4, Jankovic|Wozniak 4|6 6|2 6|4, Petrova|Chan 6|3 6|4,
Wickmayer|Flipkens 7|6 6|4, Zvonereva|Hlavackova 6|1 6|4, Kleybanova|Kudryavtseva 6|2 ret, Kirilenko|Perry 6|1 6|4,
A. Bondarenko|Lepchenko 4|6 6|4 6|3, Kulikova|Shvedova 6|2 6|4, Groth|Oudin 6|4 6|3, Pironkova|Dushevina 6|3 6|4,
Arn|Molik 7|5 6|4, Llodra|Roddick 6|4 4|6 1|6 6|7, Mayer|Fish 6|7 6|3 6|4 6|4, Mahut|Isner 4|6 6|3 7|6 6|7 70|68 in the
longest match ever at 11hours and 5 minuts with the most points scored, Djokovic|Dent 7|6 6|1 6|4, Federer|Bozoljac
6|3 6|7 6|4 7|6, Hewitt|Korolev 6|4 6|4 3|0 ret, Melzer|Troiki 6|7 4|6 6|3 7|6 6|3, Monfils|Beck 6|4 6|4 6|7 6|4,
Lopez|Berankis 7|5 4|6 6|3 6|4, Montanes|Evans 3|6 6|3 6|7 6|1 6|4, Kholschreiber|Gabashvili 7|6 5|7 2|6 7|6 9|7,
Hanescu|Ilhan 6|4 6|4 3|6 6|3, Brands|Davydenko 7|6 7|6 6|1, Berdych|Becker 7|5 6|3 6|4, Clement|Luczak 6|7 6|3 6|3
6|4, Bakker|Giraldo 6|7 6|4 6|3 6|3, Istomin|Schuettler 6|3 7|6 4|6 4|6 6|1, Lu|Przysiezny 6|4 7|6 6|3; on day four
Murray|Neminen 6|3 6|4 6|2, Nadal|Haase 5|7 6|2 3|6 6|0 6|3, Tsonga|Dolgopolov 6|4 6|4 6|7 5|7 10|8,
Soderling|Granollers 7|5 6|1 6|4, Querrey|Dodig 6|2 5|7 6|3 7|6, Bellucci|Fisacher 6|7, Simon|Marchenko walkover,
Benneteau|Beck 3|6 6|2 4|6 7|6 6|3, Fognini|Russel 3|6 5|7 7|5 7|6 6|3, Ferrer|Serra 6|4 7|5 6|7 6|3, Pezshner|Kubot 6|4
3|6 4|6 6|3 6|2, Malisse|Reister 6|7 6|4 6|1 6|4, Kamke|Seppi 3|6 6|2 6|3 6|4, Chardy|Lacko 6|3 7|6 4|6 6|7 8|6, S.
Williams|Chakvetadze 6|0 6|1, , Sharapova|Olaru 6|1 6|4, Li|Nara 6|2 6|4, Wozniacki|Chang 6|4 6|3, Radwanska|Brianti
6|2 6|0, Pennetta|Niculescu 6|1 6|1, Kvitova|Zheng 6|4 2|6 6|2, Azarenka|Jovanovski 6|1 6|4, Zakopalova|Rezai 5|7 6|3
6|3, Rodionova|Kuznetsova 6|4 2|6 6|4, Kvitova|Zheng 6|4 2|6 6|2, Strycova|Hantuchova1|6 6|2 6|4,
Pavlyuchenkova|Vinci 6|2 7|6, Dulgheru|Oprandi 6|2 6|0, Errani|Santonja 6|2 6|2, Cibulkova|Morita 6|7 7|6 7|5,
Kanepi|Gallovits 6|4 7|5, (me do)Bryan Bros|Chudnelli/Reynolds 6|1 6|4 6|4; on day five in second round V.
Williams|Kleybanova 6|4 6|2, Jankovic|Bonderenko 6|0 6|3, Clijsters|Kirilenko 6|3 6|3, Bartoli|Arn 6|3 6|4,
Henin|Petrova 6|1 6|4, Zvonereva|Wickmayer 6|4 6|2, Pironkova|Kulikova 6|4 2|0 retired, Groth Kerber 6|3 7|5, De
Bakker|Isner 6|0 6|3 6|2, Mathieu|Youzhny 6|4 2|6 2|6 6|3 6|4, in the third round Djokovic|Montanes 6|1 6|4 6|4,
Federer|Clement 6|2 6|4 6|2, Roddick|Kohlschreiber 7|5 6|7 6|3 6|3, Berdych|Istomin 6|7 7|6 6|7 6|3 6|4, Hewit|Monfils
6|3 7|6 6|4, Melzer|Lopez 4|6 6|3 6|2 6|4, Brands|Hanescu 6|7 7|6 6|3 3|0 retired, Lu|Mayer 6|4 6|4 2|1 retired, (wodo)
Williams siters|Bacsinszky/Garbin 6\1 7|6, Huber\Mattek-Sands|Safarova/Wozniak 6|1 6|1,
Pesche/Srebotnik|Pasqual/Shaugnessy 6|3 6|1, Raymond/Stubbs|Rae/Watson 6|4 6|3, Errani/Vinci|Kirlenko/Radwanska
6|4 6|1, Black/Hantuchova|Kondratieva/Uhlirova 6|2 2|6 6|2, Benesova/Strychova|Hlavackova/Hradecka 6|3 6|3,
Cibulkova/Pavlyuchenkova|Rosolska/Yan 7|5 6|1, Hsieh/Kudryavtseva|Kanepi/Zhang 6|3 4|6 6|1,
Goerges/Szavay|Chang\Morita 6|2 7|5, Amanmuradova/Barrois|Rybarikova/Zakopalova 6|4 6|2, (me do) Lacko/S.
Stakhovski|Dlouhy/Paes 6|3 6|3 5|7 4|6 7|5, Bhupathi/Mrnyi|Delgado/Goodall 6|3 6|4 6|4,
Moodie/Norman|Golubev/Seppi 6|3 6|4 6|4, Knowle/Ram|Lopez/Marrero 7|6 6|2 6|4, Damm/Polasek|Cermak/Mertinak
6|4 6|4 6|7 4|6 6|3, Granollers/Robredo|Hutchins/Kerr 7|6 7|6 6|3, Benneteau/Llodra|Gonzalez/Rettenmaier 6|3 7|5 6|7
7|6, Lindstedt/Tecau|Levine/Sweeting 7|5 6|3 6|2, De Bakker/Haase|Kas/Troicki 6|7 6|4 7|6 6|3,
Chela/Schwanki/Mayer/Zeballos 4|6 7|6 6|4 2|6 9|7, Bopanna/Qwureshi|Marx/Ze3lenay 6|7 6|4 6|4 4|6 13|11,
Ratiwatana bros/Bednarek/Kowalczyk 6|1 6|4 7|6; on day six in round three Petschner|Nadal 4|6 6|4 7|6 2|6 3|6,
Soderling|Bellucci 6|4 6|2 7|5, Chartdy|Ferrer 5|7 3|6 6|4 6|3 5|7, Tsonga|Kamke 6|1 6|4 7|6, Benneteau|Fognini 6|4 6|1
4|6 6|3, Mathieu|Der Bakker 7|6 7|6 6|7 6|4, S. Williams|Cibulkova 6|0 7|5, Radwanska|Errani 6|3 6|1, Li|Rodionova 6|1
6|3, Azerenka|Kvitova 7|5 6|0, Radwanska|Errani 6|3 6|1, Zakopalova|Pennetta 6|2 6|3, Wozniacki|Pavlyuchenkova 7|5
6|4,Sharapova|Strycova 7|5 6|3, Kanepi|Dolgheru 6|1 6|2, (me do) Eaton/inglot|Nestor/Zim,onjic 7|5 5|7 7|6 6|7 8|6,
Lu/Tipseravic|Fyrstenberg/Matkowsski 3|6 6|3 4|6 7|5 12|10, Ball/Guccione|Melo/SOARES 6|2 6|3 6|7 7|6,
Fleming/Skupski|Clement/Mahut 7|6 6|4 3|6 76, Ratiwatana bros|De Bakker/Hasse 6|4 7|6 4|6 6|2, (wo do) Williams
sisters|Cibulkova/Pavlyuchenkova 6|1 6|2, Petrova/Stosur|Kuznetsova/A. Rezai 6|0 6|4, Peschki/Srebotnik|Errani/Vinci
7|5 6|3, Black/Hantuchova|Mirza/Wozniacki 7|6 6|3, Jankovic/Scheepers|Dushevina/Makarova 7|6 6|4,
King/Shvedova|Nicolescu/Peer 6|0 3|6 6|2, Vesnina/Zvonereva|Chuang/Govortsova 6|4 5|7 7|5;on day six and in round
four S. Williams|Sharapova 7|6 6|4, V.Williams|Groth 6|4 7|6, Kvitova|Wozniaki 6|2 6|0, Zvonereva|Jankovic 6|1 3|0
retiring, Clijsters|Henin 2|6 6|2 6|3, Li|Radwanska 6|3 6|2, Pironkova|Bartoli 6|4 6|4, Kanepi|Zakaplolova 6|2 6|4,
Federer|Melzer 6|3 6|2 6|3, Nadal|Mathieu 6|4 6|2 6|2, Djokovic|Hewitt 7|5 6|4 3|6 6|4, Tsonga|Benneteau 6|1 6|4 3|6
6|1, Berdych|Brands 4|6 |7|6 7|5 6|3, ,Murray|Querry 7|5 6|3 6|4, Soderling|Ferrer 6|2 5|7 6|2 3|6 7|5, Lu|Roddick 4|6 7|6
7|6 6|7 9|7, (me do) Bryan bros|Fleming/Skupski 6|2 6|4 7|6, Lindsted/Tecau|Bupathi/Mirnyi 3|6 4|6 6|3 7|6 8|6,
Moodie/Norman|Damm/Polasek 7|6 7|6 7|6, Granollers/Robredo|Knowle|Ram 6|2 7|6 1|6 7|6,
Melzer/Petzschner|Aspelin/Hanley 6|7 6|2 6|3 6|4, Benneteau/Llodra|Eaton/Inglot 2|6 6|3 6|4 6|4,
Bopanna/Qureshi|Lacko/Stakhovsky 7|5 7|6 6|2, Chela/Schwank|Ratiwatana bro’s 6|3 6|2 7|6, (wo do)
King/Shvedova|Petrova/Stosur 6|4 6|4, Dulko/Pennetta|Jankovic/Scheepers walkover, Huber/Mattek-
Sands|Hsieh/Kudryavtseva 3|6 6|2 6|4, Raymond/Stubbs|Black/Hantuchova 6|2 6|2,
Goerges/Szavay|Amanmuridova/Barrois 6|2 7|6; on day seven in the quarter finals Pironkova|V. Williams 6|2 6|3,
Zvonereva|Clijsters 3|6 6|4 6|2, S. Williams|Li 7|5 6|3, Kvitova|Kanepi 4|6 7|6 8|6, (me do) Bryan bros|Ball/Guccione
6|4 6|4 7|6, Lindsted/Tecau|Granollers/Robredo 7|6 6|2 2|6 6|4, Chela/Schwank|Benneteau/Llodra 7|6 6|4 7|6,
Melzer/Petzschner|Lu/Tipsarevic 6|4 6|2 6|4, (wo do) Vesnina/Zvonereva|Benesova/Zahlavova Strycova 6|3 6|2, (mi
do) Melo/Stubbs|Nestor/Mattek-Sands 7|5 6|4, Moodie/Raymond|Mirnyii/Kleybanova 4|6 7|6 6|4,
Hanley/Chan|Marrero/Dulgeru 6|1 6|3, Knowle/Shvedova|Soares/Hsieh 6|4 7|5, Tursunov/Dushevina|Murray/Smith 6|4
6|7 6|1, (bo ju results) Kubler|Triki 6|0 6|2, Fernandes|Webb 6|3 6|1, Vesley|Frank 6|2 6|7 6|4, Dzumher|Hewitt 6|1 6|3,
Kudla|Broady 7|5 6|2, Duckworth|Sarmiento 6|3 7|5, Olivo|Burton 6|3 6|7 6|3, Eleveld|Zsiga 6|0 3|6 6|1,
Biryukov|Kontinen 6|2 6|1, Fucsovics|Colella 6|2 6|0, Golding|Gomez 6|4 6|4, Mitchell|Krawetz 7|5 6|3,
Arguello|Alcantara 4|6 6|1 6|4, Horansky|Libietis 6|7 6|1 6|3, Wagland|Clezar 7|5 7|6, Marsalek|Lupescu 7|6 6|1, (gi ju
results) Khromacheva|Perez 6|4 6|3, Babos|Sasnovich 6|3 6|4, Abduraimova|Pliskova 6|2 4|6 6|3, Puig|Stephenson 1|6
6|3 6|4, Allertova|Kolar 2|6 6|3 6|4, Robson|Hardebeck 6|0 6|4, Pliskova|Eric 6|2 6|0, Ishizu|Jaksic 4|6 7|6 6|4,
Mestach|Bogdan 7|6 6|4, Jabeur|Cepelova 6|2 2|6 6|2, Putintseva|Sharipova 6|4 6|3, S. Stephens|Gavrilova 6|0 6|4,
Min|Pekhova 7|5 7|5, Bernardi|Goldfeld 6|4 6|4, Dean|Kirillova 6|4 0|6 6|4, Moore|Bouchard 7|6 6|2; on day eight in the
mens quarterfinals Berdych|Federer 6|4 3|6 6|1 6|4, Djokovic|Lu 6|3 6|2 6|2, Nadal|Soderling 3|6 6|3 7|6 6|1,
Murray|Tsonga 6|7 7|6 6|2 6|2, (me do) Moodie/Norman|Bryan bros 7|6 7|6 6|7 7|5, Melzer/Petzchner|Bopanna/Qureshi
6|4 7|6 6|2, (wo do quar) Dulko/Pennetta|Goerges/Szavay 6|2 6|2, Huber/Mattek-Sands|Raymond/Stubbs 6|4 6|3,
King/Shvedova|Peschke/Srebutnik 3|6 7|5 6|3, Williams sisters|Vesnina/Zvonereva 6|3 3|6 4|6 (mi do)
Malisse/Clijsters|Zimonjic/Stosur 6|4 7|6, Paes/Black|Zelenay/Rosolska 6|1 6|3, Hanley/Chan|Knowls/Srebotnic 3|6 6|3
7|5, Dlouhy/Benesova|Fyrstenberg/Yan 6|4 64, (bo singles) Golding|Kubler 4|6 6|3 7|5, Mitchell|Fernandes 7|5 6|4,
Olivo|Vesely 7|5 6|4, Dzumar|Eleveld 6|3 6|2, Kudla|Wagland 6|3 7|6, Duckworth|Biryukov 6|1 6|4,
Fucsovics|Marsalek 6|3 6|2, Arguello|Horansky 7|5 3|6 7|5 (gi singles) Khromacheva|Bernardi 6|3 6|3, Stephens|Babos
6|2 3|6 8|6, Jabeur|Puig 6|3 6|3, Robson|Mestach 6|4 7|6, Pliskova|Dean 6|0 6|2, Ishizu|Allertova 6|4 2|6 6|3,
Putintseva|Min 7|5 6|0, Moore|Abduraimova 6|1 6|3; On day nine in the ladies singles semifinals Zvonereva|Pironkova
3|6 6|3 6|2, S. Williams|Kvidova 7|6 6|2, (me do) Melzer/Petschner|Moodie/Norman 7|6 6|3 3|6 56|7 6|3,
Lindsted/Tecau/Chela/Schwank 6|4 7|5 6|2, (mi do) Paes/Black|Hanlkey/Chan 6|4 6|7 6|3,
Dlouhy/Benesova|Tursunov/Dushevina 3|6 6|3 6|4, Melo/Stubbs|Malisse/Clijsters 7|6 7|6,
Moodie/Raymond|Knowle/Shvedova 7|6 3|6 6|2, (bo singles) Mitchel|Dzumar 5|7 6|2 6|2, Arguello|Kudla 6|3 6|3,
Fucsovics|Duckworth 6|4 6|2, Golding|Olivo 4|6 6|4 6|4, (gi singles) Ishizu/Khromacheva 6|1 6|2, Robson|Moore 7|5
6|1, Pliskova/Stephens 4|6 6|1 9|7, Putinseva|Jabeur 7|5 6|3; on day ten in the mens semifinals Berdych|Djokovic 6|3
 7|6 6|3, Nadal|Murray 6|4 7|6 6|4, (wo do)Vesnina/Zvonereva|Dulko/Pennetta 6|3 6|1, King/Shvedova|Huber/Mattek-
 Sands 6|4 6|4, (mi do)Paes/Black|Dlouhy/Benesova 6|3 6|3, Moodie/Raymond|Melo/Stubbs 6|4 6|4, (bo sing)
 Fucsovics|Arguello 6|3 6|2, Mitchell|Golding 6|2 6|2, (gi sing)Ishizu|Robson 7|5 7|6, Pliskova|Putintseva 6|1 6|4; in the
 womans final S. Williams|Zvonereva 6|3 6|2, (me do fi) Melzer/Petzschner|Lindsted/Tecau 6|1 7|5 7|5, (wo do fi) V.
 King/Shvedova|Vesnina/Zvonareva 7|6 6|2, (gi sing) Pliskova|Ishizu 6|3 4|6 6|4; and in the mens final Nadal|Berdych
 6|3 7|5 6|4.
And last but not least in the U.S. Open some of the scores are;
 On day one in round one Oudin|Sacchuk 6|3 6|0, Schiaqvone|Morita 6|1 6|0, Balatcha|Martic 6|2 6|2,
 Demetieva|Govortsova 6|1 6|2, Kleybanova|Larsson 7|6 6|2, Camerin|Ferguson 6|4 6|0, Balatacha|Martic 6|2 6|2,
 Clijsters|Arn 6|0 7|5, Peer|Tosic 6|4 7|5, Pavlyuchenkova|Borrois 6|4 6|1, Hantuchova|Safina 6|3 6|4, Kvitova|Hradecka
 6|4 7|5, Kleybanova|Larsson 7|6 6|2, Bonderenko|Dushevina 6|0 5|7 6|4, Mirza|De Brito 6|3 6|2, Peers|Wozniak 6|0 6|1,
 Szavay|Zahlavova 6|0 6|2, Errani|Garbin 7|6 7|5, Rodionova|Jovanovski 7|5 6|4, Camerin|Ferguson 6|4 6|0,
 Dulko|Kerber 6|3 6|1, Balatcha|Martic 6|2 6|2, Minella|Hercog 6|4 7|5, Pironcova|Voracova 6|3 6|4,
 Bammer|Ondraskova 7|5 6|0, Nocolescu|Azerenka 0|6 7|5 1|6, V. Williams|Vinci 6|4 6|1, Stosur|Vesnina 3|6 7|6 6|1,
 Azarenka|Niculescu 6|0 5|7 6|1, Bartoli|Gallovits 6|3 6|2, Zheng|Bacsinsky 7|6 7|6, Ivanovic|Makarova 6|3 6|2,
 King|McHale 6|3 0|6 6|1, ,Federer|Dabul 6|1 6|4 6|2, Davidenko|Russel 6|4 6|1 6|3, Monfils|Kendrick 3|6 6|3 6|4 6|7
 6|4, Soderling|Haider-Maurter 7|5 6|3 6|7 5|7 6|4, Roddick|Robert 6|3 6|2 6|2, Cilic|Marchenko 7|5 6|3 6|1,
 Ferrero|Klizan 6|1 6|3 6|0, Dodig|Gonzalez 6|7 6|1 1|0 retired, Nishikori|Korolev 7|6 5|2 ret., Andreev|Zeballos 6|3 4|6
 7|6 6|3, Gasquet|Gruel 6|3 6|4 6|2, De Bakker|Gicquel 6|4 7|5 6|2, Mello|Phau 6|4 7|5 4|6 7|6, Ball|Raonic 6|7 6|3 6|3
 6|2, Dent|Falla 6|4 7|5 6|1, Melzer|Tursunov 6|4 6|2 3|6 4|6 6|2, Montanes|Przysiezny 5|7 1|6 7|5 7|6 6|0,
 Berankis|Sweeting 6|4 6|7 6|3 6|2, Smyzczek|Belucci 3|6 5|7 6|7, Berenkus|Sweeting 6|4 6|7 6|3 6|2; on day two
 Chardy|Gulbis 6|2 7|6 6|4, Lopez|Giraldo 6|4 6|4 6|4, Gimeno-Traver|Nieminen 7|6 6|,4 6|3, Cuevas|Silva 7|6 6|1 6|2,
 Clement|Baghdatis 6|3 2|6 1|6 6|4 7|5, Paire|Schuettler 6|3 6|3 4|6 3|6 7|6, Petzschner|Lojda 6|3 6|1 6|1, Fish|Hajek 6|0
 3|6 4|6 6|0 6|1, Stepanec|Beneteau 4|6 2|6 6|4 4|6, Schwank|Ginepri 6|4 7|6 4|6 6|3, Nadal|Gabashvili 7|6 7|6 6|3,
 Djokovic|Troiki 6|3 3|6 2|67|5 6|3, Blake|Vliegen 6|3 6|2 64, Ferrer|Dolgopolov 6|2 6|2 6|3, Polanski|Monaco 6|2 7|6
 6|3, Robredo|Rosol 6|4 6|3 6|1, Mannarino|Riba 3|6 6|1 6|4 4|6 7|6, Becker|Brands 7|6 7|6 6|4, , Jankovic|Halep 6|4 4|6
 7|5, Kuznetsova|Date Krumm 6|2 4|6 6|1, Sanchez|Hampton 6|4 3|6 6|0, Dulgeru|Coin 6|3 6|1, Lucic|Molik 7|6 6|1,
 Schneider|Flipkens 6|1 6|3, Arvidsson|Cirstea 6|1 6|2, Sevastova|Kulikova 6|0 2|0 ret, Wickmayer|Kudryavtseva 6|1
 6|2, Rezai|Rybaricova 7|6 7|6, Capra|Sprem 6|1 6|3, Chan|Keothavong 2|6 6|1 6|1, Radwanska|Parra Santonja 6|4 6|3,
 Peng|Rogers 6|7 7|6 6|3, Meusburger|Craybas 3|6 7|5 6|0, U. Radwanska|Chakvetadsze 6|3 6|3, Georges|Oprandi 6|3
 6|4, Benesova|LLagostera Vives 6|3 7|6, Bonderenko|Li 2|6 6|4 6|2, Zalvova Strycova|Kirilenko 5|7 4|6,
 Paszek|Safarova 2|6 7|5 6|2, Sharapova|Groth 4|6 6|3 6|1, Petkovic|Petrova 6|2 4|6 7|6, Dominguez Lino|Shvedova 6|4
 3|6 6|2, Kanepi|Cornet 3|6 6|1 6|0, Lisicki|Vandeweghe 6|1 6|0, Amanmuradova|Scheepers 6|3 6|4, Cibulkova|Voegele
 6|2 4|6 7|5; on day three Dementieva|Bammer 6|3 6|4, Dulko|Azerenka 5|1 ret., Razzano|Bartoli 7|5 6|4,
 Pavlyuchenkova|Mirza 6|2 6|4, V.Williams|Marino 7|6 6|3, Clijsters|Peers 6|2 6|1, Schiavone|Camerin 6|2 6|1,
 Ivanovic|Zheng 6|3 6|0, Hantuchova|King 5|7 6|3 6|4, Minella|Pironkova 6|4 6|0, Monfils|Andreev 6|3 6|4 6|3,
 Murray|Lacko 6|3 6|2 6|2, Tipseravic|Roddick 3|6 7|5 6|3 7|6, Isner|Gil 6|4 6|3 6|4, Llodra|Berdych 7|6 6|4 6|4,
 Almagro|Starace 4|6 6|4 6|4 7|6, Wawrinka|Kukushkin 6|3 6|2 6|2, Harrison|Lubicic 6|3 6|7 6|3 6|4, Querrey|Klahn 6|3
 4|6 7|5 6|4, Stakhovsky|Luczak 7|5 6|4 6|2, Brown Ramirez Hidalgo 6|4 7|6 7|5, Granollers|Seppi 2|6 5|7 6|3 6|2 6|3,
 Garcia-Lopez|Kubot 6|3 6|2 7|6, Hanescu|Berlocq 6|2 6|4 6|3, Simon|Young 6|1 6|4 6|2, Chela|Lu 6|4 4|6 6|3 6|3, , (wo
 do)Huber/Petrova|Coin/Cornet 6|2 6|3, Dulgeru/Rybaricova|Llagostera Vives/Martinez Sanchez 6|4 4|6 7|6,
 Kirilenko/Radwanska|Chang Jones 6|3 6|0, Vesnina/Zvonereva/Barte/Burdette 7|5 6|3,
 Hsieh/Peng|Dzehalevich/Poutchek 6|3 6|3, Krumm/Morita|Jankovic/Jovanovski 4|6 6|3 6|4,
 Diatchenko/Senoglu|Arvidsson/Larsson 6|1 2|6 6|4, Cirstea/Safarova|Flipkens/Woehr 6|7 6|0 6|3,
 Georges/Groenfeld|Rosolska/Scheepers 6|3 7|5, Kudryavtseva/Kustova|Rodionova/Savchuk 5|7 6|4 (me do)
 Fish/Knowles|Lopez/Riba 3|6 6|4 6|4, Schwank/Zeballos|Fleming/Skupski 6|2 7|6, Chardy/Kas|Falla/Giraldo 6|7 6|4
 6|3; on day four in round two Djokovic|Petzschner 7|5 6|3 7|6, Federer|Beck 6|3 6|4 6|3, Blake|Polanski 6|7 6|3 6|2 6|4,
 Fish|Cuevas 7|5 6|0 6|2, Montanes|Ball 6|4 6|3 6|1, Clement|Schwank 6|3 5|5 ret, Davydenko|Gasquet 3|6 4|6 2|6,
 Soderling|Dent 6|2 6|2 6|4, Harrison|Lubicic6|3 6|7 6|3 6|4, Nishikori|Cilic 7|6 3|6 7|6 6|1, Mathieu|Rufin 6|6 6|4 6|3, De
 Bakker Dodig 6|7 6|2 6|3 3|2 ret, , Jankovic|Lucic 6|4 3|6 6|2, Zvonereva|Lisicki 6|1 7|6, Wickmayer|Georges 6|4 7|5,
 Schnyder|Martinez Sanchez 7|6 6|4, Chan|Paszek 6|3 6|3, Capra|Rezzai 7|5 2|6 6|3, Dulgheru|Arvidsson 7|6 7|5,
 Kanepi|Amanmuridova 6|2 6|4, Petkovic|Mattek Sands 3|6 6|3 7|5, Wozniacki|Chang 6|0 6|0, Cibulkova|Bonderenko
6|2 5|7 7|6, Kuzneetsova|Sevastova 6|2 6|3, Dominguez Lino|Radwanska 6|2 7|5, Kirilenko|Meusberger 4|6 7|5 6|0,
(mido) Groenefeld/Knowles|Gibbs/Querrey 6|3 6|2 Oudin/Harrison Hlavackova/Mertinak 6|1 7|5, (me do)
Klahn/Smyczek|Gicquel/Monfils 6|1 6|2, Nestor/Zimonjic|Butorac/Rojer 7|6 6|3, Erlich/Kerr|Knowle/Ram 7|5 6|7 7|6,
Stakhovski/Youzhny|Damm/Polasek 6|4 1|6 7|6, Gil/Gimeno-Traver|Malisse/Rochus 6|4 6|2,
Becker/Mayer|Freid/Vemic 6|2 6|4, Granollers/Robredo|Gnzalez/Rettenmaier 6|4 6|7 7|6,
Harrison/Kendrick|Seppi/Vagnozzi 6|2 6|3, F. Mayer/Wassen|Brunstrom/Parrot 6|4 6|1, Marx/Zelenay|Brands/Gruel
5|7 6|3 7|5, Bracciali/Starace|Golubev/Istomin 6|4 4|6 6|2 (wo do) Dulko/Pennetta|Parra/Santonja/Voracova 4|6 6|1 6|2,
Peschke/Srebotnik|Kvitova/Voegele 6|1 6|2, Gullickson/Gullickson|Errani/Vinci 6|2 6|3,
Hampton/Oudin/Craybas/Stephens 7|5 6|0, Gallovits/Jans|Gandin/Spears 5|7 6|3 6|1, Hercog/Martic|Molik/Schiavone
7|6 6|3, King/Shvedova|Kostani Tosic/Oprandi 6|3 6|0, Kleybanova/Makarova|Dushevina/Mirza 6|7 6|2 7|6; on day
five in round three V. Williams|Minella 6|2 6|1, Clijsters|Kvitova 6|3 6|0, Ivanovic|Razano 7|5 6|0, Stosur|Errani 6|2
6|3, Dementieva|Hantuchova 7|5 6|2, Pavlyuchenkova|Dulko 6|1 6|2, Schiavone|Bonderenko 6|1 7|5, , Youzhny|Sela
6|1 6|3 4|6 6|3, Isner|Chudnelli 6|3 3|6 7|6 6|4, Nadal|Istomin 6|2 7|6 7|5, Murray|Brown 7|5 6|3 6|0, Querrey|Granollers
6|2 6|3 6|4, Llodra|Hanescu 7|6 6|4 6|2, Verdasko|Mannarino 6|1 6|2 6|2, Robredo|Benneteau 6|4 6|6 ret.,
StakhovskiHarrison 6|3 5|7 6|3 3|6 6|3 7|6, Ferrer|Becker 6|3 6|4 6|4, Gimeno-Traver|Chardy 4|6 6|2 6|0 7|6,
Lopez|Paire 6|4 6|7 5|7 7|6 6|2, Wawrinka|Chela 7|5 6|3 6|4, Nalbandian|Serra 7|5 6|4 6|2, (wo do)
King/Shvedova|Groth/Zakopalova 7|5 4|6 6|2, Hercog/Martic|Kleybanova/Makarova 6|3 6|7 6|3,
Dulgeru/Rybarikova|Gallovits|Jans 6|2 6|3 , (me do) Ball/GicIone|Belucci/Daniel 6|3 6|4,
Nestor/Zimonjic|Gonzalez/Ventura 6|7 6|3 6|1, Moodie/Norman|Marrero/REamiurez/Hidalgo 6|3 3|6 7|6,
Lindstedt/Tecau/Bracciali/Starace 6|3 6|4, Aspelin/Hanley|Marx?Zelenay 6|3 6|2,
Bopanna/Qureshi|Kohlmann/Neminen 6|4 6|4, b. Bryan/Bryan|Pavel/Tecau 7|6 6|3 Mirny/Ram|Vemic/Zverev 7|5 3|6
6|1, Damm/Lindstedt|Gonzalez/Monaaco 6|2 6|4, Ljubicic/Llodra|Isner/Querrey 7|6 6|2, Kendrick/Tipseravic/De
Voest/Ram 6| 2 4|6 7|5, Garcia-Lopez/Rochus|Hernandez/Montanes 6|3 6|3, Lu/Sela|Granolers/Robredo walkovewr; on
day six Soderling|De Bakker 6|2 6|3 6|3, Monfils|Tipsarevic 7|6 6|7 6|2 6|4, Federer|Mathieu 6|4 6|3 6|3,
Djokovic|Blake 6|1 7|6 6|3 , Montanes|Nishikori 6|2 3|1 ret, Gasguet|Anderson 6|4 7|6 7|5, Melzer|Ferrero 7|5 6|3 6|1,
Clement|Fish 6|4 3|6 4|6 6|1 3|6, Kanepi|Jankovic 6|2 7|6, Kuznetsova|Kirilenko 6|3 6|4, Sharapova|Capra 6|0 6|0,
Wozniacki|Chan 6|1 6|0, Petkovic def Peng Walkover, Schnyder|Wickmayer 6|7 6|3 6|7, Cibulkova/Dominguez Lino
6|0 6|1, , (me do) Melo/Soares|Chela/Cuavas6|4 2|6 7|6, Chardy/Kas|Erlich/Kerr 7|5 4|6 6|4
Granolers/Robredo|Ram/Reynolds 6|4 6|3, Fyrstenberg/Matkowski||Harrison|Kendrick 6|3 7|6
Schwank/Zeballos|Bhupadi/Mirnyi 6|4 3|6 7|6, Kubot/Marach|Becker/Mayer 6|2 6|4, third round
Aspelin/Hanley|Stakhovsky/Youzhny 6|2 3|6 7|6, (wo do)Dulko/Pennetta|Cirstea/Safarova 6|0 6|4,
Petchke/Srebotnik||Gilickson/Gulickson 6|2 6|3, Raymond/Stubbs|Chuang/Govorstova 6|2 6|3,
Black/Rodionova/Kudriavsteva/Kustova 6|4 6|1Nicolescu/Peer/GlatchVandewiche 6|7 6|3 7|6 (mi do) Mattek-
Sands/Nestor|Capra/Sock 6|2 2|6 [10|7], Kanepi/Lindstedt/Hantuchova/Bhupati 6|4 6|2, in the second round
Groenfeld/Knowles|Vesnina/Ram 4|6 6|3 m[7|10], Raymond/Moodie|Govortsova/Matkowski6|4 7|6,
Peschke/Qureshi|Shvedova/Knowle 5|7 6|3[10|4], Dulko/Cuevas|Srebotnik/Zimonjic 7|5 7|5; on day seven
Clijsters|Ivanovic 6|2 6|1, V. Williams|Peer 7|6 6|3, Schiavone|Pavlyuchenkova 6|3 6|0, Nadal|Simon 6|4 6|4 6|2,
Wawrinka|Murray 7|6 6|3 6|3,Verdasco|Nalbandian 6|2 3|6 6|3 6|2, Ferrer/Gimeno-Traver 7|6 6|2 6|2, Querrey|Almagro
6|3 6|4 6|4, Lopez|Stkhovsky 6|3 4|0 ret, Robredo|Llodra 3|6 7|6 6|4 2|1 ret, Youzhny|Isner 6|4 6|7 7|6 6|4., (me do)
Bopanna/Quereshi|Nestor/Zimonjic 6|3 6|4, Fyrstenberg/Matkowski/Chardy/Kas 6|2 6|4, Moodie/Norman|Melo/Soares
6|2 6|2, (wo do)Chan/Zheng|Cibulkova/Pavlyuchenkova walkover, in the third round
Raymond/Stubs|Kirilenko/Radwanska 6|4 7|6, King/Shvedova|Benesova/Zahlavova Strycova 7|6 3|6 7|6,
Vesnina/Zvonereva|Dulgheru/Rybarikova 7|5 6|3, Huber/Petrova|Bacsinszky/Garbin 6|3 6|3 (mi do)
Black/Paes|Kanepi/Lindstedt 6|4 6|1, Mattek-Sands/Nestor|rezai|ram 6|7 6|2, Chan/Hanley|Spears/Lipsky 6|2 5|7 [10|5],
(bo) Fucsovics|Vrnak 4|6 7|5 6|4, Fernandes/Krueger 6|0 6|1, King/Kubler 7|5 6|1, Velotti|Wunner 3|6 7|6 3|2,
Kudla|Wang 4|6 6|1 6|3, Baluda|Wagland 3|6 6|1 6|3, DanielThuem 6|4 6|0, Frank|King 6|4 6|1, Delic|Redlicki 6|3 6|4,
Micolani|Webb 4|6 7|6 6|4, Kovalik|Fratangelo 6|3 6|4, Golding|Artunedo Martinavarr 7|6 6|3, Lupescu|Duckworth 5|7
6|4 7|6, Kosakowski|Dellien 6|2 4|6 6|3, Clezar|Rodriguez 6|3 3|6 6|0, (gi)Gavrilova|Davis 6|3 6|1, Khromacheva|Gibbs
6|4 7|6, Svitolina|Palivets 6|2 7|6, Puig|Keys 6|4 6|4, Cepelova|Kremen6|4 6|2, Tang|Perez 6|2 6|3, Stephens|Njiric 6|1
6|3, Price|Razafimahatratra 6|3 6|3, Tsay|Eikeri 7|5 6|0, Cepede Royg|Min 7|6 6|0, Mutaguchi|Goldfeld 5|7 6|2 6|1,
Tian|Gasparyan 6|3 5|7 6|2, Vasylyeva/Skamlova 7|5 6|3, Vickerey|Zheng 6|2 6|3, McPhillips/Kowase 6|4 6|4; on day
eight in round four Federer|Melzer 6|3 7|6 6|3, Djokovic|Fish 6|3 6|4 6|1, Soderling|Montanes 4|6 6|3 6|2 6|3,
Monfils|Gasquet 6|4 7|5 7|5, Wozniacki|Sharapova 6|3 6|4, Zvonereva|Petkovic 6|1 6|2, Cibulkova|Kuznetsova 7|5 7|6,
Kanepi|Wickmayer 0|6 7|6 6|1, (me do)Bryan bros|Fish/Knowles 7|5 6|3, Kubot/Marach|Gil/Gimeno-Traver 2|6 6|3 6|4,
Granollers/Robredo|Mayer/Wassen 6|3 4|6 6|1, Schwank/Zeballos|Lindstedt/Tacau 7|6 3|6 6|3, (wo
do)Dulko/Pennetta|Niculescu/Peer 6|7 6|1 6|2, Mattek-Sands/Shaughnessy|Paschke/Srebotnik 6|4 6|1,
Chan/Zheng|Hercog/Martic 6|2 6|3, Black/Rodionova|Georges/Groenfeld 2|6 6|4 6|2, (mi do)
Huber|Bryan|Raymond/Moodie 6|4 7|6, Groenfeld/Knowles|Black/Paes 6|3 6|4, Mattek-Sands/Nestor|Chan/Hanley 6|4
6|3, Peschke/Qureshi|Dulko/Cuevas 3|6 6|2 [10|4], (bo)Collarini|Gomez 7|6 4|6 6|3, Vesely|Huang 7|5 6|3,
Dzumhur|Bourgue 6|4 6|4, Beretta|Patrombon 6|2 7|5, Heller|Olivo 6|3 7|5, De Loore|Zsiga 7|5 6|4, Morgasn|Quiroz 6|4
4|6 7|5, Horansky|Ore 7|6 6|1, Rumyantsev|McDonald 6|3 6|2, Sell|Sarmiento 7|6 4|6 6|4, Barry|Chappell 6|1 6|3,
Sock|Ouyang 6|1 7|6, Nivicov|Cagnina 6|4 6|3, Uchiyama|Zhu 7|6 4|6 6|0, Halebian|Semenzato 6|4 6|1, Krawetz|Kondo
6|2 6|2, Pavic|Mclachlan 6|1 7|6, (gi) Babos|Yang 4|6 6|3 6|2, Pliskova|Gavrilovska 6|4 6|1, Pliskova|Poznikhirenko 7|5
6|1, Robson|Schmeidlova 6|2 6|1, Dabrowski|Kato 6|0 6|2, Anderson|Mestach 6|4 6|4, Dinu|Torro-Flor 7|5 6|3,
Abduraimova|Pegula 7|5 6|7 6|2, Van Nguyen|Rohanova 6|1 7|6, Hozumi|Elbaba 6|3 7|6, Garcia|Turewicz 6|3 6|2,
Austin|Sharipova 6|0 6|1, Kovinic|Desimone 6|1 7|6, Hardebeck|Allertova 6|4 7|6, Putintseva|Duval 6|4 4|6 6|1,
Bouchard|Gamiz 6|2 6|3, Jabeur|Ozaki 6|1 6|2, on day nine (where some in the round of sixteen play) Clijsters|Stosur
6|4 5|7 6|3; Williams|Schiavone 7|6 6|4, Wawrinka|Querrey7|6 6|7 7|5 4|6 6|4, Youzhny|Robredo 7|5 6|2 4|6 6|4,
Verdasco|Ferrer 5|7 6|7 6|3 6|3 7|6,(me do quar) Bryan bros|Fyrstenberg/Matkowski 6|3 7|5,
Schwank/Zeballos|Kubot/Marach 6|3 7|6, Bopanna/Qureshi|Moodie/Norman 7|5 7|6,
Granollers/Robredo|Aspekin|Hanley 6|4 7|6, (wo do quar) King/Shvedova|Dulko/Pennetta 6|3 6|3,
Black/Rodionova|Vesnina/Zvonareva 4|6 7|5 6|4 (bo) Fucsovics|Halebian 3|6 6|1 6|3, Novicov|Beretta, 2|6 7|6 4|1 ret.,
Kudla|Krawietz 4|6 6|4 6|2, Frank|Golding 6|4 6|2, Collarini|Clezar 7|6 6|3, King|Delic 6|0 6|0, Horansky/Morgan 6|3
6|3, Uchiama|Lupescu 6|2 6|3, (gi) Gavrilova|Price 6|2 2|6 6|1, Jabeur|Khromacheva 6|3 6|3, Garcia|Pliskova 7|5 6|4,
Robson|Van Nguyen 6|3 7|6, Tang|Abourimova 6|2 6|4, Anderson|McPhillips 6|3 6|0, Vickery|Austin 4|6 6|3 6|2,
Bouchard|Novinic 6|2 6|0; on day 10 Djokovic|Monfils 7|6 6|1 6|2, Federer|Soderling 6|4 6|4 7|5, Zvonereva|Kanepi 6|3
7|5, Wozniacki|Cibulkova 6|2 7|5, (me do semi)Bryan bros|Granollers|Robredo 6|1 6|4,
Bopanna/Qureshi|Schwank/Zeballos 7|6 6|4, (wo do quar.) Chan/Zheng|Mattek-Sands/Shaughnessy 6|4 6|4,
Huber/Petrova|Raymond/Stubbs 6|4 3|6 7|5, (mi do) Huber/Bryan|Mattek-Sands/Nestor 6|3 7|5, (bo round two)
Fernandes|Pavic 6|3 7|6, Vesley|Rumyantsev 6|3 6|2, Dzumar|Barry 6|4 6|2, Velotti|Micolani 7|6 6|4, Baluda|Kovalik
6|7 6|2 6|3, Kosakowski|De Loore 6|3 6|2, Sock|Heller 6|1 6|3, Daniel|Sell 7|5 6|4, (gi round two) Putintseva|Babos 7|5
6|3, Svitolina|Tsay 7|6 6|0, Puig|Vasylyeva 6|3 6|0, Pliskova|Hozumi 6|0 6|3, Dabrowski|Hardbeck 7|5 2|6 7|5,
Stephens|Tian 6|3 7|5, Dinu|Mutaguchi 6|1 6|1, Vickery|Austin 4|6 6|3 6|2, Cepede Royg|Cepaslova 6|4 4|6 6|2; on day
11 Nadal|Verdasco 7|5 6|3 6|4, Youzhny|Wawrinka 3|6 7|6 3|6 6|3 6|3, (mi do final)Huber/Bryan|Peschke|QAureshi 6|4
6|4, (wo do sem) King/Shvedova|Black/Rodionova 6|3 4|6 6|4, (bo round three) Fucsovics|Frank 6|4 6|1,
Baluda|Fernandes 6|4 4|6 6|3, Sock|Dzumhur 7|6 6|3, Horansky|Cllarini 6|3 6|4, Novicov|Uchiyama 7|5 6|3,
Vesley|Daniel 6|1 6|7 6|0, Velotti|Kosakowski 7|6 7|5, Kudla|King 6|7 7|5 6|4, (gi round three) Stephens|Svitolina 6|4
6|0, Pliskova|Cepede Royg 6|3 6|0, Anderson|Robson 6|3 6|2, Putintseva|Dinu 6|2 6|3, Gavrilova|Tang 7|5 6|2,
Puig|Dabrowski 7|6 6|1, Garcia|Vickery 6|4 6|4, Jabeur|Bouchard 3|6 6|3 6|3, (w ch quar) Vergeer|Alix-Gravellier 7|5
7|5, on day 12 Clijsters|V. Williams 4|6 7|6 6|4, Zvonereva|Wozniacki 6|4 6|3, (mi do final) Bryan
bros|Bopanna/Quereshi 7|6 7|6, (bo quar) Fucsovics|Novikov 6|2 4|6 6|3, Velotti|vesley 6|4 6|2, Kudla|Horansky 7|5
6|1, Sock|Baluda 6|3 7|6, (gi quar) Gavrilova|Anderson 6|4 6|4, Putintseva|Puig 6|2 6|4, Stephens|Pliskova 3|6 6|4 6|3,
Jabeur|Garcia 6|2 6|4,(bo do semi)Beretta/Quiroz|Clezar/Fernandes 6|0 6|3, Golding/Vesley|Baluda/Rumyantsev 7|6
6|7 (10|6), (gi do semi) Babos/Stephens|Gavrilova/Kromacheva 6|2 7|5, Mestach/Njiric|Tang/Tian 6|7 6|4, (wc wo
do)Di Toro/Van Koot|Sevenans/Soldan 6|2 6|3, Vergeer/Walraven|Alix-Gravellier/Griffioen 6|4 6|4, (wc me
do)Peifer/Ryoberg|Ammerlaan/Kuniedo walkover, Scheffers/Vink|Houdet/olsson 6|2 6|1, on day 13 (mens semis)
Nadal|Youzhny 6|2 6|3 6|4, Djokovic|Federer 5|7 6|1 5|7 6|2 7|5, in the womans final Clijsters|Zvonereva 6|2 6|1, (bo
sem) Sock|Fucsovics 6|3 6|4, Kudla|Velotti 6|3 6|2, (gi sem) Gavrilova|Stephens 7|5 1|6 7|6, Putintseva|Jabeur, (wc wo
sem) Vergeer|Griffioen 6|1 6|0, Di Toro|Walraven 6|4 6|2, on day 14 (gi fi) Gavrilova|Putintseva 6|3 6|2 (wc me fin)
Konieda|Peifer walkover, (me do fin) Bryan bros|Bopanna/Qureshi 7|6 7|6, (rain delays holding the mens final and the
womans doubles final over to the mon the 13th and almost doing the same on the 13th), on day (wo do fi)
King/Shvedova|Huber/Petrova 2|6 6|4 7|6, and in the mens final Nadal|Djokovic 6|4 5|7 6|4 6|2. These statistics these
man or woman making moments are what dreams, night mares, and bank accounts are made of. These afformentioned
people in the long lists proceeding this will be remembered for all eternity no mater where they spend it.
Place magnetic strips in tennis shgoes and in the base line that goes off if a tennis juers foot passes over the baseline
during serve for a replay on foot faults. Or something along those lines. It’s just a suggestion.
The sky, my love, is aflame.

God save Shelton.Martin

Sticking to the line
and sticking to it with speed
the pros want power
with positions ploted
over the net or around it
as Nadal at times uses.
To take a shot
and return it
is their goal.
Do they do it
for the money
or is it to prove
that they are
the best
or one of them?
Sttistics shall show.

        Horse sport where the horse hits a target with his front hooves and swings a gate with another target or the same
target which it hits with its back hooves and rides off pace of gate is determined and is part of score and overall time
must be determined.
 Start the Breakfast Club When the Universal symbol is up on the screen in the first moment the words AN MCA
Company are visible at 3:24:10 am or pm and take a puff with Molly Ringwald or Clair at 4:20 am or pm, you could
start Romncing the Stone the second the 20th Century Fox symbol is visible at 3:32:55 and take the first breath with
Kirk Douglas or Jack Trustworthy Colton at 4:20, or start Bananas on the first lions roar at 3:07:07 and take a hit with
the jury at 4:20 even Annie Hall on the first lions roar at 3:43:58 and take a puff with Dian Keaton aka Annie at 4:20, or
for valentines day or any day you could start Harold and kumar escape from guantanemo bay right when the words New
Line Cinema are first visible at 3:46:00 and take a hit with Kal Pen or Kumar Patel at 4:20:00 you could even start
Taking Woodstock the second all of the words Focus Features are visible at . 3:21:47and take a hit with Demitri Martin
or Eliot Teishberg at 4:20 or start it at 3:59:58 and take the first hit with Emile Hirsch or Billy PTS at 4:20, or you
could watch Zombie Land at 3:27.55 the second that the word Columbia is on the screen. And take a hit with Wichita
more aply named Christa or in other words Emma Stone and Talahasse or woody Harrelson at 4:20, or Start Fiday when

  Turner Company is visible at 3:44:22 and take a hit When Kraig or Ice Cube takes his first hit at 4:20 or whynot life
aquatic With Steve Zissou Right when the touchstone symbol lights up on the screen at 4:07:13 and take a hit with Bill
Murray or Steve at 4:20.
 all movies came from encore I. F. C. and Cinemax on my DVR.
Aint nothing gonna ruin my high.
Aint nothing gonna bring me down.
Oh no. Oh no I gotta keep on smokin.
2:02:65 1:50:21 :12:44
         Are the days of this life getting shorter as we get older or is it how we perceive things being with less time to
live. Many notice it. Children being smaller the clock has a greater radius with them. Do people eight feet tall
experience time even faster. I am 32 and there’s no escaping the inevitability, forty following and nothing to do but get
fat or embrace the ways of the workaholic. My walls the angst riden confines of a pace. The walls and floors are
covered in the following in the room stated;
in the living room posters saying yes I’m a bachelor the Monty python and the holy grail poster on the wall a throwback
from my college days and the Goldfinger poster adorned with two 1976 drummer quarters and an admittance ticket for
the 107’th congress the wall with the Monty python posters with three blades or technically a native American spear
head from 2000 B.C. the antique Schumate Razor and that peace of &*(^ sword, black drapes over the window and
black Chinese wooden relief and on the other wall two Japanese collage art, the purple drapes over the window that
have an essence of the abuility to last the floral patern classic the privacy attained complete unless Spaz, poot, or pretty
kity are looking out, an end table with revolutionary chess pices, two polk towers on both sides of the entertainment
center which the center speaker is stuffed right below the tv, two surroud sound speakers so 5.1 surround sound, a
pioneer 500 wat head unit, a Samsung Blue Ray player my dish network receiver, and the aformetioned RCA t.v. two
crosses (one covered in our lord and saviors titals Massiah, Rock, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jehova, Emmanuel,
Holy Redeemer, Lamb of God, Deliverer, Master or Raboni, and Jesus the other a silver striped cross), a coffee table
covered in the computer I’m typing on, Fiendship by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carl Sandburg selected poems a bag of
green my pipe which always fair signs a bag with ten dollars and two pills in it, a half drunk Dr Pepper empty Dr
Pepper bottles and Rockstar roasted cans, an electric toothbrush, a chess board, electronics remotes, wii remotes for the
wii on the floor, a Cambridge noteboock full of old poems both bad and good, getting away from that table my couch
the back wall with the Bill Cosby wonderfulness reacord cover and above that books such ass, Vanity of Duluoz, On the
Road, Book of dreams, Visions of Cody, Desolation Angels, The Darma Bums, Big Sur, Tristessa, and lonesome
traveler all by Jack Kerouack, Ulysses and Dubliners by James Joyce, The Complete tales and poems of Edger Allen
Poe, Writing essays About Literature by Griffith, A Midsumers night dream, two hamlets, As You Like It, Juleus
Caeser and King Lear by none other than Shakespear, In the Kitchen a Coke table and chairs, a pretty new fridge, a used
oven, Green christal icecream dishes that look like champagne glasses which I drink wisky from wich hold about four
shots dishes dishes dishes blab la bla, In the backroom a washer and dryer and the desk where once I wrote in the
recliner whish is molding in a land fill, in the hallway a spots coat hung on the hallway droors, in my bedroom a king
size bed with water inserts so there are no waves (but this bed does’nt have waves), two dressers and in the closet a pier
cardain suit and allot of shirts pants and vests the lorain suit and the tux being repared and the cayborn suit being
cleaned and hopefully is not ruined from the new years eve revalries.
         The view from the front windows of this house is of miles and miles of nothing just brown, tracters and a
junkyard but the view of flat land is somehow tranquil. One side view is of my brothers trailer and on the other side my
carport and behind my acre and the rest of the vacant lot and past that the school whose band can be herd from here
practicing during football season.

        It is 2010 a new decade. Life should be brimming with possibilities but the impending doom of life without
good friends is apparent. I buy green from people I don’t even know who fired fire crackers into my car discoloring the
leather and at me burning the shirt that I got for Christmas and the suit it matched so well a black shirt with white
stripes. But what can you do press charges when the people know where I live. So barring retaliation, I can do nothing
but clean the leather. He also picked sort of a fight I say sort of a fight because he only landed one punch to my ribs
which bruised them but every other punch he threw I blocked and I backed off and said wow when it started to escalate
to the head.
        The Olympics we will allways remember weather it’s an act of defiance like Jessy Owens proving Hitler wrong
or terror in the form of terrorists taking two Isreales hostage and then killing them. It is on the world stage. Politics tie
in with the games. National pride and even civil rivulries are played out in these feats. Some of the scores, distances,
and times including name country and event with comentary from the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. are;
 in first round ski jumping USA Anders Johnson 92.5 at a distance of 86.5 meters, UKR Vlodymyr Boshchuk 91.5 at
 87.5m ,USAPETER Frenette 106.5 at 93.0m,USANicholas Alexander 106.5 at 93.5m, POL Krzysztof Mietus 109.0 at
 94.0m, FIN Kalle Keituri 116.0 at of 97.0m, ITA 114.0 96.0m, SUI Andreas Kuettel 110.0 at 94.0m, SLO Jernej
 Damjan 108.0 at 93.5m, Ger Martin Schmitt 123.0 at 99.5m, NOR Tom Hilde 124.0 at 100.0m, POL Kamil Stoch
 118.5 at 98.5m, Antonin Hajek 121.0 at 98.5m, CZE Jakub Janda 127.5 at 101.0m, FRA Emmanuel Chedal 120.0 at
 99.0m, FIN Harri Olli 116.0 at 97.5m, JPN Daiki Ito 125.0 at 100.5m, Ger Michael Uhrmann 133.0 at a a distance of
 103.5, NOR Anders Jacobsen 123.5 at 99.5m, FIN 129.5 at 103.0m, POL Adam Malysz 132.5 at 103.5m, AUT
 Wolfgang Loitzl at 100.0m, AUT Andreas Kofler 121.0 at 98.0m, AUT Thomas Morgenstern 130.0 at 103.0m, AUT
 128.0 at 101.5m, SUI Simon Ammann 135.5 at 105.0m; in the men’s 5000m CAN D. Morrison 6:33.78,USAT
 Marsicano 6:30.93, SUI Schneider 6:39.29, GER Lehmann 6:43.77; in the medal round of mens ski jumping GER
 Martin Schmitt 133.0 103.5m, NOR Anders Jacobsen 133.5 104.0m, SLO Peter Prevc 135.0 at 104.5m, NOR Tom
 Hilde 128.0 at 101.5, AUT W. Loitzl 130.5 at 102.5m, GER M Neumayer 122.0 at 99.5, JAP Ito 124.5 100m, CZE R.
 Koudelka 125.0 100.5, AUT Gregor Schlierenzauer 140.0 at 106.5m, Robert Kranjec 130.5 at 102.5m, FIN J. Ahonen
 133.5 at 104.0, AUT T. Morgenstern 128.5 at .5, POL Adam Malysz 137.0 at 105.0, Michael Uhrmann 129.5 at
 102.0m, SUI Simon Ammann 141.0 at 108.0m taking the gold, so Ammann 276.5 Malysz 269.5, Schlierenzauer
 268.0, Ahonen 263.0, Uhrmann 262.5, Kranjec 259.5 and Prevc 259.0, back to mens 5000 meter CAN Makowski
 6:28.71 standings NED Kramer 6:14 .60 taking gold, KOR Lee Seung-Hoon 6:17.00 silver, RUS Skobrev 6:18.05
 bronz, NOR Bokko 6:18.80, NED Jong 6:19.02 FRA Contin 6:19.58, ITA Fabris 6.20.53, NOR Christiansen 6 24.80
 NED Blokhuijsen 6:26.30, NOR Haugli 6:27.05,USAHedrick 6:27.07,USADavis 6:28.44, CAN Makowski
 6:28.71,USAMarsicano 6:30.93, KAZ Babenko 6:31.19 JAP Hirako 6:33:90, GER Weber 6:36.45, in the womens
 biathalon SYA A. Kuzmina 19:55.6, GER Neuner 19:57.1, RUS Zaitseva 20:23.4, RUS Sleptsova 20:43.1, in the
 men’s 1500mUSAApolo Ohno 2:17.653, BEL Peter Gysel 2;18.560, HUN Peter Darazs 2:18.827, POL
 JakubJaworskii 2:19.163, FRA Jean Charles Mattei 2:33.989; in the womens freestyle USAHannah Kearney 25.96,
 Can JennHeil 25.50,USAHeather McPhie 25.03, CAN Kristi Richards 24.63,USAShannon Bahrke 24.27
 ,USAMichelle Roark 23.98 and CAN Chloe Dufour-Lapointe 23.74, in the mens 1500 meter speed skating quarter
 finals KOR Lee Jung-Su 2:10.949,USAApoplo Ohno 2:11.072, CAN Charles Hamelin2:11.225, ITA Nicola Rodigari
 2:11.402, NED Sjinkie Knegt 2:13.870, JPN Jumpei Yoshizawa 2:15.129, HUN Peter Darazs 2:18.349; in the men’s
 louge GER F. Loch 48.168 sec, Ger David Moeler 48.341, ITA Armin Zoeggeler 48.473,RUS Albert Demstchenko
 48.590, GER Longenhan 48.629,USATony Benshoof 48.657, CAN Samuel Edney 48.754,USAC. Mazdzer 48.811,
 CAN Jeff Christie 48.881,USABengt Walden 49.002;in the mens 1500m final KOR Lee Jung-Su takes the gold
 2:17.611,USAApolo Ohno silver 2:17.611,USAJ.R. Celski 2:18.053 bronz, CAN Oliver Jean 2:18.806, KOR Sung si-
 bak 2::45 010, CHN Liang Wenhao 2:48.192 and Kor Lee Ho-Suk who is disqualified; in the womens moguls
 skiingUSAHanna Kearney 26.63 taking gold, CAN Jenn Heil 25.69 silver,USAShannon Bahrke 25.43 bronz, JPN
 Aiko Uemura 24.68, CAN Chloe Dufour-Lapointe 23.87, AUT M. Marbler 23.69 RUS Ekaterina Stolyarova 23.55
 JPN Arisa Murata 23.22,USAMichelle Roark15.90, JPN Tae Satoya 12.85, in the mens luge final GER Felix Loch
 1:36.570, GER D. Moeller 1:36.852, A Zoeggeler 137.002 RUS Demtschenko 1:37.169,USAChris Mazdzer 1:37.774,
 SUI Stefan Hoehener 1:42.566; in the womens short track 500m heat 4 KOR Lee Eun-Byul 44.000, CAN Jessica
 Gregg 44.009USAKatherine Reutter 44.187, KOR Cho Hae-Ri 44.313, FRA Stephanie Bouvier 44.376, NED jorien
 Ter Mors 45.120 GER Aika Klein 45.186, Martina Valcepina 1:08.173 Heat 5 ITA Arianna Fontana
 44.482,USAAlyson Dudek 44.560, NED Annita Dourn 44.751, JPN Biba Sakurai 45.146; in the womens short track
 3000m relay semifinals KOR 4:10.753,USA4:15.376, NED 4:16.520, ITA 4:23.950, CHI 4:08.79 Korea, USA, China,
 and Canada advance; in the men’s ski jump in the Nordic combined FIN Janne Ryynaenen 135.5,USATodd Lodwick
 127.0 at 101.5, AUT Christoph Bieler 125.0 at 100.5m,USAJohnny Spillane 124.5 at 100.5m, FRA Jason Chappuis
 124.0 at 100.0m, ITA Alessandro Pittin 123.5 at 100.0m, FIN Anssi Koivuranta 122.0 at, 99.5, FRA Fracois Braud
 122.0 at 99.5m, Brett Camerota 121.5 at 100.0m , JPN Norihito Kobayashi 121.0 at 99.0m, FIN Jaakko Tallus 119.5
 at 98.5m, ITA Lukas Runggalier 119.0 at 98.5m, JPN Daito Takahashi 119.5 at 98.0m, GER Eric Frenzel 119.0 at
 98.0m, AUT David Kreiner 117.5 at 97.5m, FIN Hannu Manninen 116.0 at 97.0m, NOR Petter L. Tande 116.0 at 97.0,
 Tomas Slavic 115.5 at 96.5m, SUI Tommy Schmid 115.0 at 96.5, JPN Akito Watabe 114.5 at 96.5m, JPN Taihei Kato
 114.0 at 96.5m FRA Sebastien Lacroix 96.0m, FRA Jonathan Felisaz 112.0 at 95.5m, NOR Jan Schmid 110.0 at
94.5m, SUI Seppi Hurschler 109.0 94.0m, SUI Tim Hug 108.0 at 93.5m, SLO Mitja Oranic 108.0 at 93.5m, ITA
Giuseppi Michielli 107.0 at 93.0m, CZE Miroslav Dvorak 105.5 at 92.5m, NOR Magnus H. Moan 104.0 at
91.5m,AUT Felix Gottwald 102.5 at 91.0m, NOR Mikko Kokslien 101.5 at 91.0m; in the mens 10km Sprint Biathalon
FRA Vincent Jay 24:07.8, NOR Emil Hegle Svenson +12.2, CRO Jakov Fak +14.0, SLO Klemen Bauer +17.4, OKR
Andriy Derzemla +40.7, CAN Jean P. Leguellec +49.8, SYR Pavel Hurajt +107.2, SWE Bjorn Ferry
+1:12.4,USAJeremy Teela +1:13.9, and in 10th RUS Ivan Tcherezov +1:18.1; in the mens louge after third run GER
Felix Loch 2:24.914, GER David Moeller 2:25:434, ITA Armin Zoeggeler 2:25:916, RUS Albert Demstchenko
2:25.938, GER Andi Langenhan 2:26.156, AUT Daniel Pfister 2:26.173,USATony Benshoof 2:26:414, CAN Samuel
Edney 2:26.467, AUT Wolfgang Kindl 2:26.542, AUT Manuel Pfister 2:26.576, Martins Rubenis 2:26.859, RUS
Victor Knieb 2:26.985,USAChris Mazdzer 2:26.997, CAN Jeff Christie 2:27.093,USABengt Walden 2:27.190; in the
Nordic combined FRA J. Lamy Chappuis 25:47.1 taking gold,US J. Spillane +.4 silver, ITA A. Pittin +.8
Bronz,USAT. Lodwick +1.5, AUT M Stecher +13.6,USAB. Demong +17.9, JPN N. Kobayashi +21.9, FIN A
Koivurainta +29.8, M.H.Moan +35.6, GER E. Frenzel +36.1, SUI R.Heer +38.1, CZE P. Chravy 41.6, FIN Hnninin
+43.3, AUT F. Gottwald +45.1, in mens louge run three GER F. Lock 2:24.914, ITA R. Rainer 2:27.327, ITA David
Mair 2:27.354, CAN Ian Cockerlain 2:27.462, FRA T. Girod 2:27.693, LAT Guntis Rekis 2:28.376, IND Shiva
Keshavan K.P. 2:28.687; in the figure skating pairs short program Shen/Zhao 76.66, GER Savchenko/Szolkowy 75.96,
RUS Kavaguti/Smirnov 74.16, CHI Pang/Tong 71.50, CHI Zhang/Zhang 71.28, CAN Dube/Davison 65.36, CAN
Langolis/Hay 64.20, RUS Mukhortova/Trankov 63.44,USAEvora/Ladwig 57.86, ITA Della Monica/Kocan 56.82
Bazorova/Laryonov 56.54, Denney/Barrett 53.26; in the men’s moguls CAN Alexandre Bilodeau 26.75 taking gold,
AUS Dale Begg-Smith 26.58 silver,USA Bryon Wilson 26.08 bronz, CAN Vincent Marquis 25.88, FRA Guilbaut
Colas 25.74, SWE Jesper Bjoernlund 25.12, CAN Maxime Gingras 24.13USAMichael Morse 23.38,USAPatric
Deneen RNS or disqualification,USANate Roberts disqualification, mens mlouge run four GER Felix Loch 313.085
taking gold, GER Moeler 3:13.764 Silver, ITA Zoeggler 3:14.375 bronz, RUS Demenchenko 3:14.405; eht ni womens
cross country 10k SWE C. Kalla 24.584, , EST K. Smigun-Vaehi 25:05. +6.6 , NOR M. Bjoergen +15.9, SWE Anna
Haag +20.9, POL Justyna Kowalczyk +21.7, FIN Ritta-Lisa Roponen +25.9, RUS Evgenia Medvedeva +28.1, NOR
K. S. Steira +52.1,V. Shevchenko +52.7, Kaz Sventlana Malahova-Shishkina +55.5, GER S.Boeler; in the men’s
snowboard cross qualifiers after run one AUS A. Pullin 1:21.17, FRA Xavier De Le Rue 1:21.33, CAN Mike
Robertson 1:21.73,USANate Holland 1:21.78, AUT Mario Fuchs 1:21,84, CAN Drew Neilson 1:22.01, AUT Lukas
Gruener 1:22.04, Damon Hayler 1:22.10,USAGraham Watanabe 1:22.25, Alberto Schiavon 1:22.58, after the second
run (mon pipe fair signs); in the men’s cross country skiing SUI D. Cologna taking gold at 33:36.3, ITA P. Cottrer
33:38.1 silver, CZE, L. Bauer +35.7 bronz, SWE M. Helner +37.2, FRA V.Vittoz +39.9 FRA Manificat 34:27.04
+51.1, GER T Angerer 52.2, CAN IvanBabikov +53.7, Vylegzhonin +55.3, ITA Georgio Di Centa +59.9, FRA
M.Olsson 1:03.0, SUI Toni Livers +1:07.0; in the mens downhill SUI D. Defago taking gold 1:54.31 NOR A. L.
Svindal 1:54.38 silver, USA Bodi Miller 1:54.40 Bronz, Steven Nyman +1.40, AndrewWeibrecht, +1.43, Marko
Sullivan disqualified; in the mens snowboard cross quarter finalUSANate Holland advancing, Aus Damon Hayler, SUI
Fabio Caduff,USASeth Wescott advancing, AUT Mario Fuxhs advancing, AUT Lukas Gruener advancing, RUS
Andrey Boldykof, CZE Michal Novotny, CAN Mike Robertson advances, FRA Pierre Vaultier, CAN Drew Neilson,
FRA Tony Ramoin advances; in pairs figure Skating final CHN Shen/Zhao 139.91 216.57 Taking the gold, Pang/Tong
213.31 Silver Skating to the score from Man of Lamancha (Dulcinea high quality if she only knew she were) “ Soccur,
O lady mine, this vasal heart”(Cervantez, ch.3 paragraph 15)), GER Savchenko/Szolkowy 134.64 210.60 bronz,
RUS/Kavaguti/Smirnov 120.61 194.77, CHI Zhong/Zhong 123.06 194.34, Dube/Davidson 121.75 187.11,
Vholasozar/Morozov 181.78, Langolis/Hay 179.97,USAAmanda Evora/Mark Ladwig 114.06 171.92, RUS
BazerovaLariyonov 106.96 163.50,USACaydee Denney/Jeremy Barrett 105.07 158.33; in the Mens snowboard cross
semifinalUSANate Holland Advancing,USASeth Wescott advancing, AUT Lucas Gruener, Mario Fuks, CAN Mike
Robertson advances, CAN Robert Fagan FRA, Tony Ramoin advances, GER David Speiser, Snowboard cross final,US
Seth Wescot taking gold, CAN Mike Robertson silver, FRA Tony Ramoin Bronz,USANate Holland; in the womens
10KM Persuit GER Magdalena Neuner 30:16.0, SYK Anastazia Kuzmina +12.3, FRA Marie Laure Brunet +28.3,
RUS Anna Boulygina +52.1, RUS Olga Zaitseva +1:04.3, NOR Ann Flatland +1:17.3, SLO Teja Gregorin 1:22.6,
Henkel +1:24.5, KAZ Elena Khrustaleva 1:26.1, GER K Wilhelm +1:27.3 SER Liudmila Kalinchic +1:32.2, SWE
Helena Jonsson +1:37.8, In the men’s 10KM Persuit SWE B. Ferry 33:38.4 AUS C. Sumann +16.5, FRA V. Jay
+28.2, AUT S. Eder +31.0,RUS I. Tcherezov +51.2., Tcherezof Photo, M. Greis Photo, NOR O.E. Bjoerndallen 51.4,
NOR Svendsen 52.0, SLO K Bauer 55.4, S. UKR S.Sedney 1:11.6 CAN Luguellic +1:13.5, SUI T. Frei 1:18.0, Mens
figure skating RUS Yevgeny Plashenko 90.85,US Evan Lysacek 90.30, JPN Daisuki Takahashi 90.25 D, JPN
Nobunari Oda 84.85 ,SUI Stephane Lambiel 84.63,USAJohnny Weir 82.10, CAN Patrick Chan 81.12 Takahiko
Kozuka 79.59, CZE Michal Brezina 78.80,Ten 76.24, Florent Amodio 75.35, BEL Kevin Van Der Perren 72.90 CAN
Vaughn Chipeur skating to Eric Johnson,USAJeremy Abbot 69.40 Skating to A day in the life by the beatles but a
cover of that and revamped with no vocals ,FRA Brian Joubert 68.00 skating to I think it’s Paul Oakenfold maybe, in
the womans louge singles final after third run GER Tatjana Huefner 2:04.907, Aut Nina Reithmayer+.268, GER
Natalie Gdisenburger +.293, RUStatiaja Ivanova+.424 GER Anke wischnewski +.457, Rus Alexandra Rodionova
+.636, SUI Martina Kocher +.771, LAT Maija Tiruma +.811, POL Ewelina Staszulonek +.832, after the final run
GER T.Huefner 2:46.524 AUT N Reithmayer 2:47.014 Megan Sweeney 2:50.215 LAT A. Koklaka 2:50.388; in the
womens snowboard cross quarter finals SUI Mellie Francon advancing, GBR Zoe Gillings advancing, SUI Simona
Meiler, AUT maria Ramberger, NOR Helene Olafsen advancing, Faye Gulini, SUI Olivia Nobs advancing, CAN
Maelle Ricker advancing, FRA Nelly Loccoz advancing, SUI Sandra Frei, JPN Natsuko Doi,USALindsey Jacobellis
advancing , FRA Deborah Anthonioz advancing, AUT Doresia Krings, DEN Julie Lundholdt, in the snow board cross
semifinal GBR Zoe Gillings NOR Helene Olafsen advancing, SUI Olivia Nobs advancing,USALindsey Jacobellis,
FRA Deborah Anthonioz advancing, CAN Maelle Ricker advancing, FRA Nelly Loccoz, in the women’s snow board
cross final Can Maelle Ricker takin the gold, FRA Deborah Anthonioz silver, SUI Olivia Nobs bronz, NOR Helene
Olafson not placeing; in the womens 500m speed skating race one KOR Lee S. H. 38.240, GER J.Wolf 38.300 CHN
Wang B.38.480, NED Margot Boer 38.510, CHN Zhang S 38.530., JPN S. Yoshii 38.560, RUS Yulia Nemaya 38.590,
CHN Jin Peiyu 38.680,USAHeather Richardeson 38.690, GER Monique Angermuller 38.760 race two KOR Lee sang-
hwa 76.090 GER Jenny wolf 76.140 CHN Wang B.76.630,NED M Boer 76.870 , JPN S. Yoshi 76.990,USAH
Richardson 77.170, CHN Zhang S. 77.330,CHN Jin P. 77.450 PAK KO H. S. 77.470 CAN C. Nesbit 77.570, GER M
angermuller 77.590 JPN N. Kodaira 77.630, CHI Xing A. 77.640; in the womens cross country sprint NOR M.
Bjoergen 3:35.4, NOR A.U Jacobsen +3.6, U.S. K. Randall +4.0, FIN K peraelae +4.3, SLO V. Fabjan +8.3, SUI D.
Trchsal 9.3; In womens cross country skiing SlO Majdic 3:40.2, AUT K. Smutna +.3, FIN A.K. Saarinin +.5, GER N
Fessel +1.0, GER H. Kolb +1.4, JPN M. Natsumi +2.4, in the men’s individual Sprint (Classic) RUS A. Panzhinski
3:36.4 FIN S. Jauhojervi +.5, CHN S. Khun +1.0, JPN Y.onda +1.5, FIN J. Vaeaenaenen +2.3, ITA Franselli +4.5,
Mens individual sprint Quarterfinal NOR P. Northug 3:34.5, KAZ A Poltaranin +.2, NOR J. Kjoelstad Photo, RUS
M.J. Devjatiarov Photo, ITA F. Pasini +1.2, EST T.Simonlatser +8.7, in the women’s individual sprint semifinals POL
J. Kowalczic 3:38.0, SWE A.olsson +.7, NOR C. Brun-Lie +2.1, SLO P. Majdic +3.2 AUT K. Smutna Photo, SWE M.
Pjala Photo, in the Men’s individual sprint semifinals NOR O.V. Hattestad 3:36.5, NOR P. Northug +.2, SWE
Joensson +.9, RUS M.J. Devjatiarov +1.1, FIN K. Lassila Photo, SWE T. Peterson Photo, in the mens 1000m speed
skating mUS S. Davis 1:08.94 taking gold, KOR MO Tae-Bum 1:09.12,USAChad Hedrick 1:09.32 NED S. Groothuis
1:09.45, NED M. Tuitert 1:09.48 NED S. Kuipers 1:09.65,USAN. Pearson 1:09.79, FIN M. Poutala 1:09.88 KOR
LEE K.H. 1:09.92,USAMarsicano 1:10.11, RUS Y. Lalenkov 1:10.14, CAN D. Morrison1:10.30, KOR Mun J.
1:10.68; in the mens speed skating short track 1000m Heat sixUSAApolo ohno 1:25.940 qualifying(OH no apolo)
CHN Liang Wenhao 1:26.249 qualifying, GER Paul Herrmann 1:26.739, RUS Ruslan Zakharov 1:26.883, in the
womens downhillUSAL. Vonn 1:44.19 taking the gold USA J. Mancuso 1:44.75 silver, AUT E. Goergl +.90 bronz,
AUT A. Fischbacker +.93 CAN B. Janyk +1.46,M. Riesch +2.07,USAS. Cook m+2.23 in the mens 5000m relay
KORUSAFRA CHI CAN in that order; in the Mens Halfpipe Final after both runsUSAShaun White 46.8 48.4 taking
the gold, FIN Peetu Piiroinen 40.8 45.0 silver,USAScotty Lago 42.8 bronz, SUI Iouri Podladchikov 42.4 17.6, USA
Louie Vito 39.1 39.4, FIN Markku Koski 36.4, CAN Justin Lameraux 33.8 35.9, JPN Kazuhiro Kokuba 30.5 35.7,
JPN Ryo Aono 32.9; in the womens 500m speed skating quarter final in the first race RUS Katerina Nowotna, CAN
Roberge second KOR ParkUSAKatherin Reutter first place advancing, in the second CHI Wang Meng 43.284 CAN
Jessica Gregg 43.956, GBR Sarah Lindsay disq, BUL Evgenia Radanova 44.047, in the thirdUSAAlyson Dudek, ITA
Ariana Fontana advancing, KOR Cho Hae-RI, CHN Zhou Yang advancing, in the fourth V. Pierron, CAN M. ST-
Gelais advancing, GBR E. Christie, Kor Lee advancing; in the semifinals of the 500m in the first race ITA Fontana
advancing, CHN Yang CAN Gregg advancing,USAReutter, in the second rance KOR Lee CAN St-Gelais advancig,
CAN Roberge CHN Wang advancing; in the men’s doubles louge first run Wolfgang Linger/A. Linger 41.332 LAT
A.Sics/J. Sics 41.420 ITA Oberstolz/Gruber 41.572, USA Niccum/Joye 41.602, AUT T .Schiegl/M.Schiegle 41.727,
USA Grimmette/B Martin 41.827; in the womens 500m final CHN Wang Meng takes the gold CAN St.-Gelais silver,
ITA Fontana bronz, CAN Gregg; in the mens doubles louge second run AUT Linger/Linger 41.373 taking gold, GER
Leitnaer/Resch 41.474 silver, LAT Sics/Sics 41.549 bronz, ITA Oberstolz/Gruber 41.585, GER Florschuetz/Wustlich
41.645, USA NIccum/Joye 41.689 Moffat/Moffat 41.99, SYK Harnis Regic USA Grimette/Martin 42.184, in the cross
country biathalon NOR T. Berger 16:03.1, GER A.Henkel +3.7, GER K. Wilhelm +23.7, KAZ Khrustaleva + 36.8, E.
Tofalvi 39.5; in the womens half pipe qualifiers run one and two AUS Tora Bright 41.3 45.8, USA Kelley Klark 45.4
13.6, ESP Queralt Castellet 44.3 19.9, Hanna Teiter 39.7 42.7, USA Gretchen Bleiler 36.6 40.2, CHN Sun Z. 38.2
39.9, USA H Crawford 38.6, USA Elena Height 35.7 37.9, JPN Soko Yakamoko 34.8 37.0, SUI Ursina Haller 28.3,
SLO Cilka Sadar 18.2 26.8 CHI Liu Jiayu 26.3 33.3, NZL Rebecca Sinclair 14.7 CHN Cai Xuetong 14.1 , FRA
Mirabelle Thovex 14.0, JPN Rana Okada 7.2 2.7, GBR Leslie McKenna 5.1; in the womens super combined, GER M.
Reisch 1:24.49 2:09.14, USA J Mancuso 1:24.96 2:10.08, SWE A.Paerson 1:25.57 2:07.7, USA K. Richardson +4.26
USA L. Smith +4.83 AUT E.Goergl 1:25.60, A. Coletti 1:26.74, K. Zettel 2:10.50 CZE Zahrobska 2:11.02, USA
Lindsey Vonn 1:24.16 dnf; in the womens half pipe finals after run one and twoAUSTorah Bright 5.9 45.0 taking the
gold, USA Hannah Teter 42.4 39.2 silver, USA Kelley Clark 25.6 42.2 bronz CHI Liu Jiayu 39.3 34.9 FRA Sophie
Rodriguez 34.4 CAN M. Nicoll 34.3 2.9 CHN Sun Z. 29.8 33.0 SUI Ursina Haller 27.9 USA E. Height 24.6
16.0AUSH Crawford 23.9 Gretchen Bleiler 11.0 14.7; in the mens free skate USA Evan Lysacek taking the gold
167.37 com 257.67, RUS Yevgeny Plushenko silver 165.51 com. 256.36, JPN Daisuke Takahashi bronz 156.98
247.23, SUI Stephane Lambiel 162.09 246.72, CAN Patrick Chan 160.30 com. 241.42 skating to the score of The
Phantom of the Opera, USA Johnny Weir 156.77 com. 238.87, JPN Nobunari Oda 153.69 com. 238.54 JPN Takahiko
Kozuka 151.60 com. 231.19, J. Abbot com. 218.96, KAZ Denis Ten 135.01 com. 211.25, Florent Amodio 210.30, in
hockey Canada beats the swiss 3|2; in the womens curling draw 5 RUS|USA 4|6, GER|GBR 4|7; in 1000m speed
skating Can Christine Nesbitt 1:16.56 taking the gold, NED Annette Gerritson 1:16.58 silver, NED Laurine Van
Riessen 1:16.72 bronz, CAN Kristina Groves 1:16.78, JPN Nao Kodaira 1:16.80, NED Margot Boer 1:16.94, USA
Jennifer Rodriguez 1:17.08 NED Ireen Wust 1:17.28, USA Heather Richardson 1:17.37, NOR Hege Bokko 1:17.43; in
the womens combined cross country NOR Bjoergen 39:58.1 Taking the gold SWE A. Haag +8.9 silver, NOR K. S.
Steira photo, POL J. Kowalczyk photo, FIN A. K. Saarinen +42.5, NOR T. Johaug +51.9, ITA M.Longa +1:04.1, SWE
C. Kalla +1:20.4, ITA A.Follis +1.23.5, CAN A. Renner photo, GER Sachenbacher S photo, RUS O. Savialova
+1:40.2; in the mens large hill ski jumping SUI Simon Amann 140.0, AUT Gregor schlirenzauer 134.5 POL Adom
Malysz 133.5,AUT Thomas Morgenstern 129.5m, AUT Wolfgang Loitzl 125.5m, AUT Andreas Kofler 125.5m, ,
USA Nicholas Alexander 116.5 dis 127.5m, FIN JannebAhonen 126.5m, USA Peter Franette 113.8 at a distance of
126.0m, USA Anders Johnson 95.6 at a distance of 117.0m; in the ice skating compulsory dance a tango free for all
RUS Domnina/Shabalin 43.76,CAN Tessa Virtue/Scot Moir 42.74USA Davis/White 41.47, USA Belbin/Agosto 40.83
ITA Fredrica Feiella/Massimo Scali 39.88, Delabelle/Schoenfelder 37.99, Pechalat/Bourzat 36.13, Emily
sangosen/Evan Bates , GEO Reed/Zaparidze 26.65; in the mens super g NOR A. L. Svindal 1:30.34 taking the gold,
USA Bode Miller 1:30.62 silver, USA A.Weibrecht 1:30.65 bronz, ITA W. Heel 1:30.67, ITA P Staudacher, +.12 SUI
Dider Defago 1:31.43, USA Ted Ligety 1:31.70, AUT Mario Scheiber 1:31.93, SUI D. Cuche 1:31.96, SWE P.
Jaerbyn, CAN Manuel Osborn-Paradise; in the womens skeleton GBR Amy Williams 3:35.64, GER Kersten
Szmkowiak 3:36.20, GER A. Huber 3:36.36, USA Noelle Pikus-Pace 3:36.46, CAN M Hollingsworth 3:36.60,GBR
Shelley Rudman 3:36.69, CAN Amy Gough 3:37.01 GERMarion Trott 3:37.11, SUI Maya Pedersen 3:37.51, AUS
Emma Lincoln-Smith 3:37.63, USA K. Uleander 3:37.93; in the womens aerials qualifier after both runs CHN Li Nina
97.11 192.10, CHN Guo Xinxin 88.08 189.16, USA Emily Cook 180.25, USA Lacy Schnoor 169.51, BLG Assoli
Slivets 169.39, Xu Mengtao 92.74 168.55, AUS L. Lassila 167.55 AUS E. Gardner 89.00 164.60, AUS Jacqui Cooper
87.88 162.99, USA Ashley Caldwell 82.68 162.34, UKR Olga Volkova 160.78 CAN V. Bauer 94.47,CHN Chen
Shuang 94.29, SUI E. Leu 93.75, USA Lacy Schnoor 87.77 UR N. Didenko 87.77, AUS Bree Munro 143.46, USA
Lana Lindsey151.69, SUI Tanja Schaerer 60.63 125.73, UKR Olga Polyuk 60.37 115.73, KAZ Zhibek Arapbayeva
48.89, , GBR Sarah Ainsworth 105.36; in the mens ski jump after both runs SUI Simon Ammann 144.7 at a distance
of 144.0m 283.6 at a distance of 138.0m taking the gold, POL Adam Malysz 138.1 at a distance of 137.0m 269.4 at a
distance of 133.5 silver, AUT Gregor schlierenzauer 125.4 at a distance of 130.5 262.2 at a distance of 136.0m bronz
AUT Andreas Kofler 127.2 at a distance of 131.5m 261.2 at a distance of 135.0, AUT Thomas Morgenstern 123.6
dis.129.5 246.7 at a distance of 129.5m, Michael Neumayer 122.5 dis.130.0m 245.5 dis.130.0m CZE Antonin Hajek
240.6 129.0m, JPN Noriaki Kasai 105.7 at a distance of 121.5m 239.2 , GER, AUT Wolfgang Loitzl 124.1 at a
distance of 129.5m 230.3 at a distance of 121.5m, NOR Anders Jacobsen 119.4 at a distance of 128.0 226.4
dis.122.5m, GER Andreas wank 118.0 at a distance of 127.5 200.5 at a distance of 110.0m, NOR Johan Remen
Avensen 223.6 at a distance of 126.0m, CZE Jakub Jonda 115.2 at a distance of 126.5, FIN Janne Ahonen 111.0
dis.125.0m, NORTom Hilde 111.2 at a distance of 124.0m, POL Kamil Stoch 224.1 at a distance of 123.5m, GER
Michael Uhrmann108.0 at a distance of 122.5m , CZE Jakub Janda 221.4 at a distance of 121.5, , POL Stefan Hula
217.2 124.0, FRA Vincent Descombes Sevoie 211.6 at a distance of 124.5, NOR Anders Bardal 100.7 at a distance of
119.0 211.4 at a distance of 124.0, FRA Emmanuel Chedal 99.8 at a distance of 225.5 dis.131.5m. 118.5m, SLO
Robert Kranjec 99.3 dis.118.5m, ITA Sebastian Colloredo 99.3 at a distance of 118.5m, FIN Harri Olli 95.6
dis.117.0m 217.8 at a distance of 129.0m, USA Peter Franette 90.6 at a distance of 114.5m, SLO Jerfnej Damjan 89.7
114.0m POL Krzsztof Mietus 84.7 at a distance of 111.5m, USA Nicholas Alexander 79.2 dis.109.0m, JPN Shohei
Tochimoto 73.4 at a distance of 105.5, CZE Roman Koudelka 208.5 dis.125.0, Michael Uhrmann 202.7 at a distance
of 116.5m, FIN Matti hautameki 202.4 dis.104.0, SLO Mitja Meznar 198.5 dis.118.5 GER Martin Scjmitt 108.0 at a
distance of 122.5m 182.4 dis.108.0m; in the men’s 30k persuit SWE Marcus Hellner 1:15:11.4 taking the gold GER
Tobius Angerer +2.1 silver SWE Johan Olsson +2.8 bronz, RUS Alexanders Legkov +4.0, CAN Ivan Babikov +9.1
CZE Lukas Bauer photo GER Jens Filbrich, photo CAN George Grey 20.6, CAN Alex Harvey 21.6, SWE Anders
Soedergren +35.6, NOR Peter Northug +41.7, ITA Georgeo Di ncenta +53.7 SUI Dario Cologna +1:00.8, ITA Pietro
Piller Cottrer +1:08.5, FRA Vincent Vitos +1:12.0, CAN Devon Kershaw 1:12.2, RUS Maxim Vylegzhanin +1:52.8;
in the two man bob sled after all runs GER 2 51.57, Russia 2 52.03, US Mike Kohn pilot Nick Cuningham brake
52.47, NED Edwin Van Calker pilot Sybren Jansma brake 52.37, USA John Napier Steven Langton 52.28, RUS
Alexsandor Zubkov pilot AlexeyVoevoda brake 51.79 USA Steven Holcomb pilot Curtisn thomasevic brake 51.89; in
the men’s 1500m speed skating NED Mark Tuitert 1:45.57 USA Shani Davis 1:46.10, NOR H. Bokko 1:46.13, RUS I.
Skobrev 1:46.42, Kor Mo T. B. 1:46.47, USA Chad Hedrick 1:46.69, NED S. Kuipers 1:46.76, NOR M. F.Larsen
1:46.77, CAN Denny Morison 1:46.93, ITA Enrico Fabrice 1:47.02, Y. Lalenkov 1:47.06, CAN Matheu Giroux
1:47.62, US Trevis Marcicano 1:47.85, NED Stephan Gruthius1:48.03, CAN M. Makowski 1:48.61; in the womens
super gAUT A Fischbacher 1:20.14 taking the gold SLO Tina Maze 1:20.63 silver USA Lindsay Vonn 1:20.88 bronz,
AUT E. Georgl 1:21.14, GER Maria Reisch 1:21.46, USA J. mancuso 1:21.50, SWE Anja Paerson 1:21.98, USA
Leanne Smith 1:23.05CAN Emily Bryon falls USA Chelsea Marshall falls as well; in the mens short track 1000m
quarter finals ITA Nicolas Bean, Oh no Apolo Ohno advances, GER Tyson Heung CAN Charles Hamelin Advances,
KOR Lee Jung-su advances, CHI Han jualing advances S. Knegt, FRA Fauconnet, USA J.R. Celski advances, NZL
Blake Skiellerup, KOR Sung Si-Bak advances, ITA Yuri confortola, CHI Liong Wenhao, KOR Lee Ho-suk advances,
CAN Francois Hamelin advances, LAT Harolds Silovs; in the short track1000m semifinals KOR Lee Jung-Su
advances, KOR Lee Ho-Suk advances, USA J.R. Celski disqualified, CAN Francois Hamilin advances, Apollo Ohno
advances, Sung si-Bak, CAN Charles Hamelin advances, CHI Han J; in the mens two man bobsled run two , GER ger.
One1:43.31, GER german two 1:43.42, RUS Russian sled one 1:43.81 USA US one1:43.93 CAN two 144.06, Mens
shorn track 1000m final KOR Lee Jung-su taking the gold KOR Lee Ho-Suk silver, USA Apolo Ohno bronz, CAN
Charles Hamelin, CAN Francois Hamelin , KOR Sung Si-Bak 1:31.87 CHI Han Jialiang; in the ski cross qualifiers at
cypress SUI Michael Schmid 1:12.53, CAN Chris Del Bosco 1:12.89, FRA X. Kuhn +.38 AUT A.Matt 1:13.13, NOR
Audin Groenvold 1:13.23, Thomas Zangerl +.91,GER Simon Stickl 113.3 JAM Errol Kerr 113.71, CAN StanleyHayer
113.74, FRA Enac Gavaggio 113.90, SUI Conradign Netzer 113.91,FRA Sylvain Miailliar113.91 FRA Ted Piccard
114.10, , CZE Tomas Kraus 1:14.1, NOR Anders Rekdal 1:14.17, USA Casey Pucket 114.35, SWE Lars
Lewen1:14.44 USA Daron Rahlves 114.91, CAN Davey Barr 1:14.98 JPN Hiroomi Takizawa 1:15.03, AUT Patrick
Koller 1:15.22, GER M. Fiala 1:15.88, AUS Markus Wittner 1:15.91 SUI Beni Hofer 1:16.18, CZE Zoenek Safar
falls, in the mens 15km biathalon RUS E Ustyugov 35:35.7 taking the gold, FRA M.fourcade +10.5 silver, SYK P.
Hurajt +16.6 bronz, AUT C. Sumann +25.9, AUT D. Mesotitsch +30.2, RUS I. Tcherezof +33.5, UAT D.
Landertinger +34.0, FRA V. Jay +34.8, CRO J. Fak +35.0, GER M. Greis +35.0, POL T. Sikora +37.4, SWE B. Ferry
+37.6, NOR E.H. Svendsen +45.0, FRA S. Fourcade +52.4, GER Birnbacher +54.5, CZE M. Slesinger +59.9, GER A.
Peiffer +1:08.8, USA T. Burke +1:09.0, NOR S. Hanevold +1:20.9, BLR S. Novicov +1:23.6, UKR S. Sednev
+1:27.1, RUS A. Shipulin +1:29.0, GER C. Stephan +1:35.7, SUI T Frei +1:37.2 AUT S. Eder +1:54.0; in hockey
Russia beats Czech Republic 4|2; in women’s 1500m speed skating J. Wust 1:56.89 CAN Kristina Groves 1:57.14,
CZE M. Sablikova 1:57.96 NED M. Boer 1:59.10 JPN N. Kodaira 1:58.20, CAN Christine Nesbitt 1:58.33, NED
Annette Gerritsen 1:58.46, RUS Yekaterina Shikhova 1:58.54 GER Anna Friesinger-Potsma 1:58.67 GER Daniela
Anschuts Thoms 1:58.85, POL K Bachleda-Curus 1:59.53; in the mens super combined, NOR Askel Lund Svindal
1:53.15, SUI Carlo Janka 1:53.65, SWE H Olsson 1:53.83, SUI Silvan Zurbriggen1:53.88, USA Bode Miller 1:53.91,
CRO J Kostelic 1:54.20, AUT Benjamin Raich 1:54.70, USA T. Ligety 1:55.06; in the figure skating compulsory
dance CAN Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir 69.41 com. 111.15 USA Meryl Davis/Chrlie White 67.08 com. 108.55,
Domnina/Shabalin 62.84 106.60 , USA Tanith Belbin/Ben Agosto 62.50 com. 103.33 Faiella/Skalli 61.68 com
100.06, FRA Isabelle Delobel/Oliver Schoenfelder -14.48 RUS FRA Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat, ISR Alexandra
Zaretsky Roman Zeretsky skating to Hava Nagilla, ITA, CAN the Kerr siblings Skating to Johny Cash’s I’ve been
everywhere, Delobel/Schoenfelder 58.68 96.67 ,Samuelson/Bates 53.99 com. 85.36; in the ski craoss quarterfinals
USA Casey Pucket JAM Errol Kerr , SUI Michael Schmid advances CAN Davey Barr advances SWE Eric Iljans,
CAN Chris Del Bosco advances, SLO Filip Flisar advances, CAN Stanley Hayer, SWE Tommy Fliasson, Michael
Schmid, AUT Andreas Matt, FRA Enak Gavaggio, CAN Davey Barr, CAN Chris Delbosco Advances NOR A.
Groenvold advances, SLO Filip Flisar, AUS Scott Kneller in the final CAN Chris Delbosco SUI Michael Schmid takes
gold, AUT Andreas Matt silver, NOR A. Groenvold bronz; in the men’s super combined after the slolum USA Bodi
Miller 2:44.92, CRO I. Kostelic 2:45.25, SUI S. Zurbriggen 2:45.32, SUI C. Janka 2:45.54, USA T. Ligety 2:45.82,
AUT B. Raich 2:46.13, CZE O. Bank 2:46.19, K. Jansrud 2:46.50, Webrecht 2:47.58, NOR Aksel Lund Svindal
hooked, SUI D Defago misses; in run three of the two man bobsled Germany one 3:26.65, Germany two 3:26.87, RUS
Rus Fed one 3:27:51, SUI Swiz one 3:27.85, CAN Canada two 3:27.87, USA US one 3:27.94, RUS Russian fed two
3:28.46, LAT Latvia one 3:29.08, GER Germany three 3:29.29, USA US two 3:29.40, in hockey CAN vs. USA the US
team triumphs 3|5; in men’s curling draw 10 CAN v. USA Canada tares the US assunder 7|2; in the womens cross
country team sprints FRA 18:42.2, GER +1.3, POL +1.9, RUS +5.8 FIN 11.6; in the mens Cross country team sprints
CZE 18:4CZE 18:43.1, USA photo, FRA photo, ITA +.08, KAZ +2.2, Switzwerland +11.5, JPN +11.7, SWE +23.4,
ROM +26.1; in the mens Cross country team sprints semis RUS 18:47.6 NOR +0.9 GER +1.3, CAN +1.6 FIN +6.7,
POL +19.8, SLO +19.9; in the womens team sprint finals GER 18:03.7 taking the gold , SWE +.06 silver, Russian
Federation +4.0 Bronz, ITA 10.5, NOR +29.1, CAN photo, USA photo, FIN +52.9, in the men’s team sprint final
Taking the gold is Norway 19.01.0 GER +1.3 Photo Russin Federation Photo, Canada Photo, KAZ photo, Czech rep.
+12.8, France +17.7, Italy +20.1, US +20.6, FIN +49.8; in women’s hokey USA vs SWE the US taking the win 9|1; in
womens curling CAN beats SWE 6|2, SUI beats JPN 9|4, in the team ski jump AUT 1107.0, GER 1035.8, NOR
1030.3, FIN 1014.6, JPN 1007.7, CZE 981.8 SLO 958.8 USA 340.0, in men’s arials BLG Anton Kushnir 125.89 Liu
Zhongoing 124.78. CAN Kyle Nissen, BLG Aleksi Grishin 123.01 CAN Warren Schouldice 122.79, USA Ryan St.
Onge 122.57, USA Jeret Peterson 119.47, BLG Demitri Dashinski 115.93 CHI Han Xiaupeng 111.95, AUS David
Morris105.09, USA Natt depeters 101.84, USA Scotty Blake 82.52; in the ice dancing free dance CAN Virtue/Moir
110.42 221.57 take the gold, USA Davis/White 107 215.74 silver, RUS Domnina/Shamaline 101.04 207.64 bronz,
USA Belbin/Agosto 99.74 203.07, Fiella/Scali 99.11 199.17 FRA Delobel/Schonfelder Dream the impossible dream
en francais 97.06 193.73, RUS Khokhlova/Novitski, FRA Pechlat/Bourzat 94.37 190.49 GBR Kerr/Kerr 92.23 186
USA Samuelson/Bates 88.94; in womens curling CHI beats the US 6|5, Switzerland beats Germany 4|2, CAN beats
GBR 6|5, Sweden decimates Japan 10|6; in womans ski cross qualification SWE A. Holmlund 1:17.15, CAN A.
McIvor +.02, SUI F. Smith +0.23, CAN K Serwa +0.79 CAN H. Berntsen +0.81FRA Ophelie David +0.99 GER
Anna Woerner +1.30 AUT K. Huttary 1:18.84, GER J. Manhard 1:21.10 in the mens Nordic combined FIN Janne
Ryyaenen 134.2 at a distance of 138.5m 122.3 FIN Annssi Koivuranta 132.0 at a distance of 136.0m, FRA Jason Lamy
Chappuis 129.0 at a distance of 135.0m USA Johnny Spillane 127.5 at a distance of 134.0m , GER Bjoern Kircheisen
124.5 at a distance of 132.0m, CZE Pavel Churavy 124.5 at a distance of 132.0m, USA Bill Demong 123.8 at a
distance of 131.5, NOR Mangus H. Moan 122.8 at a distance of.131.5m, NOR Petter L. Tande 122.8 at a distance of
131.5m, GER Eric Frenzel 120.8 at a distance of 129.5m, FIN Hannu Manninen120.5 at a distance of 130.0m, FRA
Maxime Laheurte 117.7 at a distance of 128.5m, NOR Espan Rian 117.0 at a distance of 128.0m, AUT Felix Gottwald
112.5 at a distance of 125.0m, FRA Sebastien Lacroix 110.3 at a distance of 123.5, NOR JAN Schmid 105.8
dis.124.5m, SUI Ronny Heer 98.5 at a distance of 117.0m; in the team 4x5km relay standings are FIN 507.0, USA
505.8, AUT 479.9 JPN 475.9, FRA 474.7, GER 473.3, NOR 468.4 CZE Czech Republic 457.3, SUI 436.6, ITA 402.6,
in th men’s 10,000m speed skating finals KOR Lee Seung-Hoon 12:58.55 taking the gold, RUS Ivan Skobrev
13:02.07 silver, NED Bob De Jong 13:06.73 bronz, FRa Alexis sontin13:12.11, NOR Havard Bokko 13:14.92, NOR
Sverre Haugli 13:18.75, NOR Henrick Christiansen 13:25.65, USA Jonathan Kuck 13:31.78, NED Arjen Van De kieft
13.33.37, NED Sven Kramer disqualified; in men’s Hockey SUI vs BLR switzerland taking it in a shoot off.3|2, SUI
vs. Belarus Switzerland finishes of BLR 3|2, in men’s curling CAN vs. CHI china concedes at 3|6 in the seventh; in
the women’s figure skating short program KOR Kim Yu-Na 78.50 skating to a beloved bond medley, JPN Mao Asada
73.78, CAN Joannie Rochette 71.36,JPN Miki Ando 64.76, USA Rachael Flatt 64.64, USA Mirai Nagasu 63.76, ITA
Karolina Costner 63.02, Gedevanishvili 61.92, FIN Laura Lepisto 61.36, AUS Cheltzie Lee 52.16, , in women’s bob
sled Canada one 53.19, US two 53.28, GER one 53.41, Canada two 53.50, GER three 53.6, US one 53.73, 5, in the
women’s ski cross 1/8 finals FRA ophelie David advances, SWE MagdalenaIljans advances, GER Heidi Zacher, NOR
Gro Kvinlog Genlid, CAN Kelsey Serwa advances, FRA Marion Josserand advances, JPN Noriko Fucushima, SUI
Franziska Stefffen, quarterfinal two FRA Marion Josserand advances, CAN Kelsey Serwa advances FRA ophelie
David, SWE Magdalena Iljans;in the women’s ski cross quarterfinal four Ashley Mcivor advances to the seifinals,
AUS Jenny owens, NOR Julie Brendengen advances as well, POL Karolina Riemen, in the semifinal oneCAN Kelsey
Serwa, SWE Anna Holmlund, AUT Karin Huttary advances to finals, FRA Marion Joserand advances as well, NOR
Julie Brendengen, Ashleigh Mcivor advancing to the finals, SUI Fanny Smith*, NOR Hedda Berntsen advances too,
in the final CAN a.Mcivor taking the gold, Nor Hedda berntsen silver, FRA M Josserand bronz, AUT K.Huttary; in
The Nordic combined cross country relay portion AUT 49:31.6 taking the gold, USA +5.2 silver, Germany +19.5
bronz, in the mens giant slolum SUI Carlo Janka 1:17.27, NOR A. Svinda1:17.43, ITA M. Blardini1:17.47, USA Ted
Ligety 1:17.87, NOR K. Jansrud 1:18.07, USA Bode Miller misses and is out; in the woman’s bobsleigh CAN one
1:46.20, US two 1:46.33, GER two 1:46.60Canada two 1:46.62, USA US three 1:47.09 US one1:47.09 NED
netherlands 1:47.40, US one1:47.09; in men’s hockey CZE vs. LAT the czeck republick survives in over time 3|2,
USA vs. Swtzerland the US wins a spot in the gold medal final 2|0, CAN vs RUS Canada earning a spot in the bronz
metal final 7|3, FIN vs CZE Finland advancing to the gold medal final at 2|0; in the men’s 4x10k relay SWE taking the
gold1:45:05.4, CZE +16.4 silver FRA +20.9 bronz, FIN +24.9; in the women’s giant slolum AUT E.Goergl 1:15.12
FRA Tania Barioz 1:15.14, AUT Kathrin Zettel +.16, USA Sarah Schleper +1.30, USA J. Mancuso1:16.42, USA
Megan McJames +3.18, USA L. Vonn falls; in the mens 500m speed skating KOR Sung Si-Bak qualified at 41.899,
NED Niels Kerstholt qualified at 42.180, ITA Nicolas Bean 42.344, JPN Takahiro Fujimoto 42.366, KOR Lee Ho-Suk
advances, USA Simon Cho advances, NES S. Kniegt, RUS Simon Alistratov, CAN Charles Hamelin advances, GBR
Jon Eley advances, ITA N. Rodigari, RUS R. Zakharov, USA Apalo Ohno qualifies at 41.665, CAN Oliver Jean
qualifies at n41.737, GBR Paul Worth 42936, KAZ A. Bekzonov disqualified, in the womans bobsleigh CAN Canada
one 2:39.05 USA America two 3:39.62, Canada two 2:39.96, GER germany two 2:39.99,v Germany one 2:40.22, US
one 2:40.62, USA three, 2:40.65, in the final run CAN one 3:32.38 taking the gold, CAN two 3:33.13 silver, US two
3:33.40 bronz, GER one 3:33.81, GER two toples; in the women’s speed skating relay CHI taking gold, CAN silver,
USA bronz SKO disqualified, in the womn’s arials finals AUS Lydia Lassila 214.74 taking the gold CHN Li Nina
207.23 silver, CHN Guo Xinxin 205.22 bronz, BLR Assoli Slivets 198.69, AUS J Cooper 194.29, CHN Xu Mengtao
191.61 CHN Ceng Shuang 187.87, BLR Alla Tsuper 181.84, USA Lacy schnoor 172.89, USA Ashley Caldwell
171.10, USA Emily Cook 148.92; in womens curling CAN vs. SUI can advancing to gold medal game 6|5; in the mens
SWE vs GBR 7|6 sweden advancing to the quarter finals, SWE vs CAN canada in the finals 3|7, in thw womans 4x5
relay (mon pipe fair signin) Nor 55:19.5 taking the gold, GER +24.6, FIN +30.4, ITA +45.4 silver, SWE +59.4 bronz,
POL +1:09.9, FRA +1:11.1, RUS +1:41.4, JPN +2:20.9, KAZ +3:03.8, BLR +3:08.9, USA +3:38.0, CZE +3:51.7,
UKR +4:06.2, SLO +4:28.0, CAN +4:45.5; in the women’s free skate finals KOR Kim Yu-NA 150.6 228.56 taking the
gold, JPN Mao Asada 131.72 205.50 silver, CAN Joannie Rochette 131.28 202.64 bronz, USA Mirai Nagasu 126.39
JPN Miki Ando 124.10 188.86 L. Lepisto 187.97, Rachel Flatt 117.85 182.49, AUS Cheltzie Lee 86.0 138.16, TUR
Tugba Karademir 129.54, Nordic combined large hill USA Bill Demong 115.5 at 127.0m 25:32.9 taking the US’ first
gold in many yars in this event, USA Johnny Spillane 118.5 at 129.0m +4.0 silver, AUT Benhard Gruber 127 at
134.0m +10.8 bronz, FIN Hannu Manninen 107.7 +1:17 +33.1 seconds in the cross country portion, CZE Pavel
Churavy 114.0 +0:52 +34.0 NOR Peter L. Tande 109.8 +1:09 +38.3 ITA Alesandro Pittin 108.7 +1:13 +40.7, FIN
Yanne Ryynaenen 117.0 at 128.0m, AUT Christof Beiler 116.8 at 127.5m, FRA Francois Braud 116.3 +0:43 ,ITA
Lukas Runggalier 114.2 +0:51, , JPN Akito Watabe 112.5 +0:58 AUT Mario Stecher 109.8 +1:09, , GER Bjoern
Kircheisen 108.8 +1:09, , USA Todd Lodwick 108.7 at 122.5m, SUI Tommy Schmid 108.5 +1:14, , GER George
Hettich 106.3 +1:23, CZE Tomas Slavic 104.7 +1:29, NOR Espen Rian 104.2 +1:31, CZE Ales Vodsedalek 102.8
:1:37 NOR Magnus H. Moan 91.7 at 112.5m, FRA Jason Lamy Cheppuis 91.5 at 113.0m, AUT Flix Gottwald 78.8 at
105.5m, GER Eric Frenzel 74.2 at 104.5m; in the womens giant slolum run two GER Viktoria Rebensburg 2;27.11
taking the gold, SLO Tina Maze +0.04 silver, AUT Elizebeth Goergl +0.14 bronz, USA Julia Mancuso +0.55, USA
Sarah Schleper +1.25, USA Sarah Schleper +5.87, in the women’s Hockey final Canada vs USA 2|0 canada taking
gold the US silver; in mens arials after jump one and two, BLR Aleksie Grishen 120.58 127.83 248.41 taking the gold,
USA Jeret Peterson 118.59 128.62 247.21 silver, CHN Liu Zhongqing 119.91 242.53 bronz , USA Ryan St. Onge
115.27 124.66 239.93, CAN Kyle Nissen 126.92 112.39 239.31, CHN Jia Zongyang 119.47 118.10 237.57, BLR
Timofei Slivets 115.84, CHN Qi Guangpu 115.38 119.47 234.85, CAN Steve Omischl 112.39 121.27 233.66, CAN
Warren Shouldice 94.03, SUI Thomas Lambert 93.66, BLR Dmitry Dashinski 86.95; in the women’s curling semifinal
CHN vs SUI china receiving bronz with a score of 12|6 in the womens final CAN vs SWE Sweden takes the gold and
Canada the silver 6|7; in mens hockey USA vs Finland (a devel in Hellsinki) in the semifinal the US is in to the gold
metal final 6|1; in the four man bob sled after run one and two US one 50.89 1:41.75, CAN one 51.12 1:42.15, GER
one +.25 1:42.19, SUI one 51.31 1:42.44, GER two 51.14 1:42.50, CAN two+.38 +.81, Germany three +0.29 +0.84,
US two 51.30 , RUS Fed 3 +.90 RUS Fed one +0.43, RUS Fed two flips flips over, women’s alpine slolum after first
and second run GER M Reisch 50.75 1:42.89 taking the gold AUT M. Schild 1:43.32 silver, CZE S Zorobska 1:43.90
bronz, SWE M Pietilae-Holmner +0.90, CZE Sarah Zahrobska 51.15, M Schild 51.40, GER S. Reisch 51.46, USA
Schleper 51.83 +2.99, Hailey Duke +5.80 USA Megan McJames DNF, USA L. Vonn DNF out of the race strataling;
in the mens short track 500m quarter finals NED Niles Kersthold, KOR Sung Si-Bak Advancing, USA Simon Cho,
CAN Charles Hamlin advancing, USA Apolo Ohno advancing, GBR Jon Eley advances, GER Tyson Heung
Advancing, FRA T. Fauconnet, JPN Jumpei Yshizawa, CHI Han Jailing, CAN Oliver Jean advancing, KOR Lee Ho-
Suk advancing, BEL Peter Gysel, KOR Kwak nYoon-Gy advancing, LAT Harolds Silovs, CAN Francois-Luis
Tremblay, in the semifinals GBR Jon Eley, CAN Charles Hamlin advancing, KOR Sung Si-Bak advancing GER
Tyson Heung USA Apalo Ohno advances, KOR Kwak nYoon-Gy, CAN Francois-Luis Tremblay advances, KOR Lee
Ho-Suk, in the final KOR Lee Ho-Suk, KOR Kwak Yoon-Gi, GBR Jon Eley,, GER Tyson Heung, Apolo Ohno
Disqualifid, , CAN Chjarles Hamlin taking the gold KOR Sung Si-Bak silver CAN Francois Louis Trembley bronz, in
the women’s short track 1000m quarter finals JPN Mika Ozawa, KOR Park Seung-Hi advancing, NED Annita Van
Dorn, CAN Kalyna Roberge advancing, FRA Stephganie Bouvier, CAN Jeassika Gregg Advancing, HUN Bernadett
Heidium, CHN Zhou Yang Advancing in first, USA Katherine Reutter 1:29.955 advancing fdirst in her heat, CAN
Tanna Vicent GER Aika Klein , CHI Sun Linlin 1:30.589, KOR Cho Hae-Ri advancing in second 1:30.543, ITA A.
Fontana, AUS Tatiana Bordolina advances, POL Paula Bzura, CHN Wang Ming advances, in the semifinals AUS
Tatiana Bordolina, KOR Park Seung-Hi advancing, CAN Jeassika Gregg, CHN Zhou Yang advancing, CHN Wang
Ming advancing, CAN Kalyna Roberge, KOR Cho Hae-Ri, USA Katherine Reutter advancing; in the womens 1000m
short track final CHN Wang Meng taking the gold, USA Kathrin Reutter silver, KOR Park Sung-Hi bronz, CHN Zhou
Yang in the speed scating team persuit USA vs Netherlands the US advances and has either gold or silver, Men’s short
track 5000m relay CAN taking the gold , CHN, KOR silver, USA bronz, FRA; in the men’s hockey semifinal Canada
vs Slovakia Canada advancing to the final against the USA 3|2; in the men’s giant slolums AUT Andreas Prommegger
1.16:49 FRA S. Dufour 1:16.79, SUI S. Schoch 1:16.95 AUT B. Karl 1:17.45, CAN Matthew Morison 1:17.69, CAN
M. Lambert 1:17.81,USA T. Jewell 1:17.85, SWE D. Biveson 1:17.86 FRA M. Bozzetto 1:17.95, CAN Jessy Jay
Andersonn 1:17.97, RUS Stanislav Detkov 1:18.29, SLO Z. Kosir 1:18.31 ITA Aron March11836 GER P. Bussler
1:18.49 SLO R. Flander 1:18.54 USA Chris Klug 1:18.84 SUI N. Galvarini 1:18.86, , SUI M. Iselin 1:19.16 GBR A.
Mclish 40.30 1:21.09, SLO I. Sistersic1:22.01 I. Rantchev 40.38, UKR Y. Penyak 40.83 1:21.01, ITA M. Erlacher
42:2 1:20.14, JPN Nofuji1:23.88, AUS I. Walder 1:25.2 CZE P. Sindelar 1:37.77., BUL I Rantchev 1:22.83, , , SLO R.
Marguc 121.09 in team speed skating on the long track JPN 3:02.72 Poland 3:02.91, USA 3:03,78, GER 3:03.58 in the
final GER vs JPN GER takes the gold at 30281 to 3:02.84; in th ladie’s 30 KM classic mass start POL J Kowalczym
1:30:33.7 taking th gold, NOR M. Bjoergen +0.3 silver, FIN A.K. Saarinen +1:05.0 bronz, GER Sachenbacher S.
+1:19.2, JPN M. Iishida +1:22.8, SWE C. Kalla +1:23.9, T Jouhaug +1:27.6, NOR K. S. Steira +1:30.7, SWE A.
Olsson +2:26.6, FRA Laurent Philipot +2:37.7, K. Marek +2:41.7, M. Longa +2:46.2, FIN R. Sarasoja +2:59.5, FIN V.
Kutunen +3:03.0FRA A Cunet +324.6, CAN S. Renner +3:30.5, ITA A confortolawyatt +3:34.0, GER S. Boehler
+3:35.0KAZ Jatskaja +3:37.3, GER K Zeller+3:44.4, NOR Kristoffersen +3:57.8, T Zavalu +3:58.6, RUS SAavalova
4:12.6, USA K. Randal photo, POL Jaskowec photo, FIN Lahteenmaki +4:34.7, UKR KGrygorenko +4:37.7, EST K
Smgun-Vehi +4:53.5, in the mens slolum ITA G. Razzoli 47.79 1:39.32 taking the gold, CRO Ivica Kostlic 48.37
1:39.48 silver, SWE A.Myhrer 1:39.76 bronz, SLO M. Valencic 48.22, B. Raich 48.33, , SUI S Zurbriggen 48.78,
USA Nolan Kasper +2.87 +3.85, USA Jimmy Cochran +7.15, CAN J. Cousineau 1:40.66 USA Bode Miller misses,
USA Ted Ligety misses, AUS Manfreid Pranger falling; in the men’s parallel giant slolums finals CAN Jasey Jay
Anderson +.76 taking the gold Benjamin Carl silver, FRA Mathieu Bozzetto bronz, RUS Stanislav Detkov +3.99; In
the Mns curling final CAN vs NOR Canada takes the gold Norway the silver 6|3 Switzerland the bronz; in the four
man bobsleigh US one 2:32.94 3:24.46, GER one 2:33.48 3:24.84, CAN one 2:33.39 3:24.85, GER two 2:33.95
3:25.58, CAN two 2:34.06 3:25.60, SUI one 2:34.14 3:25.71, GER three 2:34.29 3:26.06 RUS three 3:26.13, RUS one
3:26.25, ITA one 3:26.25; in the speed skating team persuit final USA vs CAN CAN 3:41.37 taking the gold, the US
3:41.57 silver; in the mens cross sountry 50k final NOR Petter Northug 2:05:35.5 taking the gold, GER Axel Techman
+0.3 silver , SWE J. Olsson +.1.0 Bronz, GER T. Angerer +1.5 CAN D. Kershaw +1.6, EST A. Veerpalu +5.1 SWE
D. Richrdson +.97, RUS M. Vylezhanin +10.9, SWE Soedergren +11.6 , SUI D. Calona +12.0, Ita g. Di Centa +13.5,
 CZE L. Bauer +13.9, FRA V. Vittoz +14.1, RUS A Legkov +17.8, NOR M. Johnsrud Sondby +22.2, GER J Filbrich
 +32.3, NOR Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset +32.8 CAN G. Grey, +42.6 FRA J. M. Gaillard 1:02.5, FIN S. Jauhojervi +1.07.7,
 GER R. Sommerfeldt +1:17.0, SWE M Helner +1:27.7, NOR J.A. Svartedal +1;57.0, RUS P.Sedov +1:59.5, BLR
 Sergi Dalidovic +2:12.1, ITA P. Piller Cottrer +2:46.1, KAZ A. Poltranin +3:54.1, USA J. Southam + 4:32.8, CZE J
 Magal. +447.2,EST J Mae +5:05.8, ITA V. Checchi 5:14.2 CAN A. Harvey +5:14.2, CAN Ivan Babikov +5:14.7, EST
 Avar Rehema +5:22.17, JPN Nobu Naruse +5:23.7 ITA Roland Clara +5:25.3,FIN V. Nousanin +6:02.5, FRA C.
 Miranda +6:21.4 KAZ Y. Velchico +7:26.0, ESP V.Vilarruba +7:58.3, EST A.Karp 8:14.1, UKR R. Leybyuk +9:44.4,
 FIN L. Letanin +10:50.7, ESP D. Ruiz +12.14.3, BLR A Ivanou +12:23,.NZL D Koons +16:18.4; and in the men’s
 hockey final CAN vs U.S.A 3|2 Canada taking the gold in over time, the U.S. Silver,and Finland the bronz.
In years to come we will marvel at their play and they will put their body to the harm for our enjoyment; for our and
their love of the games. Brave athalets, we solute your medal.
         The other night I was actually chased in the biblical and literal sense. My dealer brought in this girl that had
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Now my hair cut has changed to a faded one on the bottom to a two on the sides and a three on top sticking up the front
 with a blow dryer and gel sweeping the right side gradually to the right.
          Some of the 2011 Australian open tennis scores are;
  on day one in the womans round one Venus|Errani 6|3 6|2, Sharapova|Tanasugurn 6|1 6|3, Schgiavone|Parra Santonja
 6|7 6|2 6|4, Azarenka|Woerle 6|0 6|2, Li|Arvidsson 6|1 7|5, Henin|Mirza 5|7 6|3 6|1, Bartoli|Garbin 6|0 6|0, Zahlavova
 Strycova|Rezai 6|0 3|6 7|5, Kanepi|Rybarikova 2|6 6|4 6|3, Wickmayer|Grothy 6|3 2|6 6|4, Kuznetsova|Riske 6|3 6|2,
 Kulikova|Hantuchova 7|6 6|3 9|7, Cibulkova|Kerber 6|2 6|7 6|4, Petkovic|Craybas 6|1 6|2, Pironkova|Parmentier 6|4 3|6
 6|3, King|Paszek 6|7 6|0 6|3, Balatcha|Hampton 3|6 6|4 7|5, Rus|Mattek-Sands 6|1 3|6 7|5, Brianti|Hradecka 6|4 7|5,
 Sevastova|Hercog 6|4 7|6, Manasieva|Pous-Tio 7|5 6|2, Nicolescu|backsinski 6|0 6|3, Marino|Namigata 6|2 4|6 6|3,
 Zahlavova|Voracova 6|3 6|1, Keothavong|Roddionova 7|5 6|4, Goerges|-Hall 6|3 4|6 6|3, Razzano|Vesnina 4|6 6|3 6|3,
 Rodina|Rogowska 6|3 6|1, Dokic|Ondraskova 63 6|2, Scheepers|Sprem 4|6 6|4 6|2, Hlavackova|Mayr-Achleitner 7|5
 6|4, Wozniacki|Dulkop 6|3 6|4, in the mens round one Djok0ovic|Granollers 6|1 6|3 6|1, Berdych|Crugnola 6|4 6|0 6|2,
 Verdasco|Schuetler 6|1 6|3 6|2, Almagro|Robert 6|4 6|3 6|7 7|5, Lubicic|Luczak 6|3 6|3 7|6, Wawrinka|Gabashvili 7|6
 6|4 6|4, Mayer|Davydenko 6|3 4|6 7|6 6|4, Montanes|Brown 6|4 6|2 3|6 2|6 7|5, Monaco|Gruel 7|6 7|6 6|2,
 Ganquet|Dancevic 6|3 6|4 6|4, Troiki|tursunov 6|2 3|6 6|2 6|0, Mannarino|Harrison 6|4 6|3 6|4, Kohlschreiber|Kamke
 1|6 4|6 7|6 6|4 6|4, Nishikori|Fognini 6|1 6|4 6|7 6|4, Tipsaravic|Zverev 6|3 6|1 6|4, Andreev|Volandri 6|3 7|6 6|3,
 Paire|Cipolla 6|1 7|5 6|1, Mahut|Dabul 6|3 6|4 6|4, Dodig|Karlovic 6|4 3|6 6|7 6|4 6|4, Kunitsyn|Przvsiezny 6|7 6|4 6|4
 7|6, Haase|Berloco 6|4 6|3 7|6, Dimitrov|Golubev 6|1 6|4 6|2, Gil|Cuevas 6|4 6|7 4|6 6|3 9|7, Robredo|Devvarman 7|6
 6|3 6|4, Stakhovski||Brands 6|2 6|3 6|4, Maslisse|Andujar 6|1 6|2 7|6, Simon|Lu 6|7 6|4 6|2 6|2, Kubot|Querrey 5|7 6|2
 3|6 6|1 8|6, Federer|Lacko 6|1 6|1 6|3, Roddick|Hajek 6|1 6|2 6|2; on day two, in the mens matches , Tsonga|Petzschner
 4|6 2|6 6|2 6|3 6|4, Ferrer|nieminen 6|4 6|3 1|6 6|2, Cilic|Young 6|3 6|2 6|1, Nadal|Daniel 6|0 5|0 ret., Youzhny|Ihan 6|2
 6|3 7|6, Russel|Ebden 6|3 6|2 5|7 7|6, Melzer|Millot 6|2 6|4 6|2,Murray|Beck 6|3 6|1 4|1 ret, Del Potro|Sela7|6 6|4 6|4,
 Isner|Serra 6|3 7|6 6|3, Sweeting|Traver 6|4 6|4 6|1, Soderling|Staras 6|4 6|2 6|2, Bagdatis|Zemlja 3|6 7|5 6|1 4|6 6|2,
 Llodra|chela 6|3 3|6 6|2 6|4, Becker|Gulbis 7|6 6|2 6|4, Bellucci|Melo 7|5 7|5 4|6 3|6 6|3, Russell|Ebden 6|3 6|2 5|7 7|6,
 Lopez|Falla 6|3 7|6 6|3, Garcia-Lopez|Berrer 6|4 6|4 3|6 6|3, Tomic|Chardy 6|3 6|2 7|6, Stepaqnek|Gremelmayr 6|3 6|2
6|3, Giraldo|Machado 6|4 6|3 5|7 6|1, Kavcic|Anderson 2|6 6|4 7|6 7|6, Raonic|Phau 7|6 6|3 7|6, Berankis|Matosevic 6|4
6|2 7|5, Muller|Stadler 6|3 7|6 6|4, Hernych|Istomin 6|3 6|4 3|6 6|2, Dolgopolov|Kukushkin 6|3 6|2 6|4, Seppi|Clement
3|6 2|6 7|5 6|3 6|2, Melzer|Millot 6|2 6|4 6|2, Kavcic|Anderson 2|6 6|4 7|6 7|6, Raonic|Phau 7|6 6|3 7|6,
Berankis|Matosevic 6|4 6|2 7|5, Muller|Stadler 6|3 7|6 6|4, Riba|Ball 1|6 7|6 6|2 2|6 6|4, Schwank|Mayer 6|2 6|0 6|4,
Marchenko|Hidalgo 6|3 6|4 6|1, Tsongo|Petzchner 4|6 2|6 6|2 6|3 6|4,,. in the womens matches Datte-Krum|Radwanska
4|6 6|4 5|7, Zvonereva|Bammer n6|2 6|1, Kvitova|Peers 6|2 6|4, Stosur|Davis 6|1 6|1, Jankovic|Kudryavtseva 6|0 7|6,
Petrova|Pervak 6|2 6|1, Cornet|Vandaweghe 6|2 6|1, Pavlyuchenchova|Flipkens 6|4 7|6, Kirilenko|Oprandi 6|3 5|7 8|6,
Makarova|Ivanovic 3|6 6|4 10|8, Pennetta|Rodionova 6|2 6|1, Kleybanova|Falconi 6|1 6|0, Sanchez|Arnh 6|3 4|6 6|2,
Morita|Dulgheru 6|4 6|4, Safarova|Zhang 7|5 4|6 6|1, Garcia|Lepchenko 7|5 4|6 6|3, Navarro|McHale 4|6 6|3 6|4,
Zakapalova|Oudin 6|1 3|6 6|1, Peng|Bonderenko 2|6 6|3 8|6, Halep|Kremer 6|3 3|6 6|2, Martic|Ferguson 7|6 0|6 6|3,
Molik|Vinci 1|6 6|3 8|6, Tserenko|Schnyder 6|2 6|3, Dushevina|Camerin 6|3 3|6 6|1, Chakvetadze|Govortsova 6|3 6|4,
Dominguez|Larsson 6|2 6|1, Cirstea|Lucic 6|4 6|2, Barrois|Amanmuradova 6|4 6|2, Benesova|Garrigues 6|0 6|1,
Jovanovski|Chang 7|5 6|1, Peer|Johansson 6|1 6|1, Navarro|McHale 4|6 6|3 6|4, Clijsters|Safina 6|0 6|0,
Malbandian|Hewitt 3|6 6|4 3|6 7|6 9|7; on day three in the womens Wozniacki|King 6|1 6|0, V. Williams|Zahlavova 6|7
6|0 6|4, Azerenka|Hlavakova 6|4 6|4, Henin|Baltacha 6|1 6|3, Kuznetsova|Rus 6|1 6|4, Scheepers|Kulikova 6|4 4|6 7|5,
Schiavone|Marino 6|3 5|7 9|7, Li| Rodina 6|3 6|2, Sharapova|Razzano 7|6 6|3, Manasieva|Bartoli 3|6 6|3 6|0,
Goerges|Kanepi 6|4 3|6 6|4, Sevastova|Wickmayer 6|6 6|2, Cibulkova|Brianti 6|1 4|6 6|2, Petkovic|Keothavong 2|6 7|5
6|0, Niculescu|Pronkova 6|4 6|1, Strycova|Dokic 7|6 6|1, Scheepers|Kulikova 6|4 4|6 7|5, ,in the mens
Verdasko|Tipseravic 2|6 4|6 6|4 7|6 6|0, Fish|Robredo 6|1 3|6 3|6 3|6, Berdych|Kohlschreiber 4|6 6|2 6|3 6|4,
Roddick|Kunitsyn 7|6 6|2 6|3, Lubicic|Pair 6|3 6|7 6|4 7|6, Malisse|Montanes 6|4 6|0 6|1, Haase|Monaco 6|4 6|4 3|6 6|2,
Gasgue|Mannarino 6|3 7|6 6|4, Federer|Simon 6|2 6|3 4|6 4|6 6|3, Djokovic|Dodig 7|5 6|7 6|0 6|2, Monfils|Gil 6|4 6|3 1|6
6|2, Almagro|Andreev 7|5 2|6 4|6 7|6 7|5, Wawrinka|Dimitrov 7|5 6|3 6|3, Troiki|Mahut 6|4 6|2 1|6 6|3, Nishikori|Mayer
6|4 6|3 0|6 6|3, Stakhovsky|Kubot 6|3 6|4 6|4, (me do)Bryan Bros|Lipsky/Ram 6|3 3|6 6|4,
Mrnyi/Nestor|Duckworth/Mitchell 6|3 6|3, Melzer/Patzshner|Dabul/Giraldo 7|6 6|1, Marrero/Hidalgo|Dlouhy/Hanley
6|4 1|6 6|1, Llodra/Zimonjic|Anderson/Hanescu 6|3 6|4, Knowles/Mertinak|Gabashvili/Kukushkin 6|4 7|6,
Butorac/Rojer|Golubev/Istomin 6|7 6|4 6|0, Chardy/Clement/Parrot/Skupski 7|6 6|3, Berloco/Riba|Cermak/Kas 6|4 7|5,
Groth/Jones|Ebden/Luczak 7|6 3|6 6|3, Stakhovski/Youzhny|Chela/Mayer 7|5 6|3, Andujar|traver|Cuevas/Schwank 7|6
7|5, Dolgopolov/Hajek|Fognini/Lacko 6|3 6|7 6|2, Brown/Wassen|Tursunov/Zverev 6|2 6|3, Ball/Guiccone|Lemke/Reid
6|4 7|6, Gonzalez/Marx|Sela/Seppi 7|6 3|6 7|6, (wo do)Dulko/Pennetta|Mirza/Voracova 6|4 6|1,
Huber/Petrova|Dominikovic/Moore 6|3 6|0, Vives/Sanchez|Errani/R. Vinci 5|7 6|4 6|4,
Chan/Radwanska|Cibulkova/Pavlyuchenkova 4|6 6|2 7|5, Sands/Shaughnessy|Flipkens/Koryttseva 6|1 6|1,
Vesnina/Zvonareva|Anamczak/Holland 6|1 6|1, Kleybanova/Garriguez|Dushevina/Makarova 6|3 6|2,
Groth/Zakapolova|Gullickson/Oudin 6|1 6|2, Jones/Spears|Hercog/Martic 6|3 7|6,
Krumm/Zhang|Jovanovski/Lepchenko 6|4 6|4, Grandin/Uhlirova|Cornnet/Hall 7|6 6|2,
Cirstea/Safarova|Borwell/Pelletier 5|7 6|2 6|2, Arvidson/Larsson|Amanmuradova/Kustova 6|4 6|3,
Ferguson/Molik/Brianti/Chakvetadze 4|6 6|1 6|3, Chuang/Hsieh|Hopper/Wejnert 6|1 6|2,
Groenfeld/Schnyder|Barrois/Kerber 7|5 6|3; on day four in the mens SoderlingMuller 6|3 7|6 6|1, Murray|Marchenko
6|1 6|3 6|3, Youzhny|Kavcic 6|3 6|1 5|7 4|6 6|1, MelzerRiba 6|2 6|4 6|2, Tsonga|Seppi 6|3 7|6 76, Cilic|Giraldo 6|3 7|6
6|1, Naonic|Llodra 7|6 6|3 7|6, Beronkis|Nalbandian 6|1 6|0 2|0 ret, Hernych|Bellucci 6|2 6|7 6|4 8|6,Tomic|Lopez 7|6
7|6 6|3, Lopez|Sxhwank 6|4 7|6 6|1, Dolgopolov|Becker 6|3 6|0 3|6 7|6, Nadal|Seeting 6|2 6|1 6|1, Isner|Stepanek 4|6 6|4
6|2 6|1, in the womanss Jankovic|Peng 6|7 3|6, Peer|Cirstea 6|3 6|2, Zvonareva|Jovanovski|2|6 6|3 6|1,
Stosur|Dushevina 6|3 6|2, Radwanska|Martic 6|3 6|4, Petrova|Molik 6|4 6|1Pavlyuchenkova|Barrois 6|2 6|2,
Benesova|Kirilenko 6|3 6|1, Pennetta|Lino 6|2 6|2, Halep|Cleybanova 6|4 7|6, Kvitova|Chakvetadsze 6|3 6|4,
Cornet|Sanchez 7|5 6|1, Safarova|Zakopalova 6|3 6|7 7|5, Morita|Garcia 6|4 6|4, Makarova|Tsurenko 7|6 6|1, (me do)
Buupaki/Paes|Karlovic/Vemic 5|7 6|3 6| 0, Kubot/Marach|Brunstrom/Huss 6|3 6|3,
Fyrsatenberg/Matkowski|Lopez/Montanes 6|3 7|5 Mallise/Murray|Moodie/Norman 6|4 6|0, Bopanna/Qureshi|Ferreiro/
6|3 6|0, Ebelthite/Feeney|Lindstedt/Tecau 4|6 0|1 ret, Granollers/Robredo|Vasselin/Simon 6|1 6|1,
Erlich/Ram|Fleming/Hutchin 4|6 6|2 6|2, Braccialli/Starce|Almagro/Lopez 1|6 7|6 7|5, Polasek/Zelenay|Melo/Suares
6|4 4|6 6|2, Becker/Kohlmann|Ratwatana bros 7|5 7|5, Phau/Tipsarevic/Lubicic/Zovko 6|1 6|4,
Berrer/Mayer|Junaid/Kamke 6|3 6|2, Dodig/Nieminen|Fisher/Kerr 6|4 6|4, Lopez/Monaco|Matosevic/Millman 3|6 6|0
6|1, Lu/Schuettyler|Aspelin/Peya 7|6 7|6, (wo do) Pesshke/Srebotnic|Enakocic/Tanasugarn 6|4 7|5,
Black/Rodionova|Paszek/Pironkova 6|2 6|1, Benesova/Strycova|Bonderenko/Safina 6|2 6|4,
Goerges/Raymond|Diatchenko/Poutchek 6|2 6|1, Niculescu/Yan|Jans/Rosolska 6|2 6|2,
Krajicek/Kvitova|Schiavone/Stubbs 6|0 7|5, Azarenka/Kirilenko|Oprandi/Woehr 6|1 6|0, Peer/Peng|Malek/Petkovic 6|2
6|3, Bacsinszky/Garbin|Dokic/Peers 6|1 6|4, Craybas/Savchuk|Patterson/Rogowska 6|4 6|2,
Dulgheru/Rybarikova|King/Santonja 4|6 6|2 7|6Govortsova/Kudryavtseva|Olaru/Ondraskova 6|1 6|2,
Danildou/Kanepi|Lino/Navarro 6|1 6|3, Dekmeijere/Morita|Halep/Wickmayer 6|4 6|3,
Kondratieva/Lefevre|Letcher/Rajicic 6|4 6|2, Hlavecova|Hradeca|Bammer/Sevastova 6|3 7|6; On day fivein the
womens Sharapova|Goerges 4|6 6|4 6|4,Petkovic|Williams 1|0 will. Ret., Kuznetsova|Henin 6|4 7|6,
Schiavone|Niculescu 6|0 7|6, Azarenka|Scheepers 6|3 6|3, Li|Strycova 6|2 6|1 Sevastova|Manasieva 6|1 6|3,
Wozniacki|Cibulcova 6|4 6|3 in the mens Federer|Malisse 6|3 6|3 6|1 Roddick|R. Hasse 2|6 7|6 6|2 6|2, Djokovic|Troiki
6|2 ret, Verdasko|Nishikori 6|2 6|4 6|3, Almagro|Lubicic 6|4 7|6 6|3, Robredo|Stakhovski 5|7 6|2 6|4 6|2,
Berdych|Gasquet 6|2 7|6 6|2 (me do) Mirnyi/Nestor|Gozalez/Marx, Kubot/Marach|Groth/Jones 6|1 6|3,
Fyrstenberg/Matkowski|Lu/Schuettler 6|2 6|3, Melzer/Petzschner 6|3 6|1, Llodra/Zimonjic|Andujar/Traver 6|3 6|2,
Bopanna/Qureshi|Chardyu/Clement 6|3 4|6 6|4, Butorak/Rojer|Knowles/Mertinak 7|6 6|0, Ball/Guccione/Erlich/Ram
7|6 6|7 6|2, Bryan Bros|Berloco/Priba 7|6 6|3 (wo do) Dulko/Pennetta|Craybas/Savchuk 6|2 6|2,
Huber/Petrova|Danilidou/Kanepi 6|3 6|3, Groenfeld/Schnyder|Langostera Vives/ Martinez 6|4 6|4,
Black/Rodionova|Cirstea/Safarova 6|4 7|5, Benesova/Strycova|Dekmeijere/Morita 6|3 6|2,
Chan/Radwanska|Arvidsson/Larson 6|2 6|1, Chuang/Hsieh|Vesnina/Zvonareva 6|2 6|2, Peer/Peng|Date-Krumm/Zhang
1|6 6|3 6|2, Grandin/Uhlirova|Krjicek/Kvitova 6|0 6|4; on day six in the mens round threeNadalTomic 6|2 7|5 6|3,
Melzer|Baghdatis 6|7 6|2 6|1 4|3 Bag ret Cilic|Isner 4|6 6|2 6|7 7|6 9|7, Soderling|Hernych 6|3 6|1 6|4, Murray|Garcia-
Lopez 6|1 6|1 6|2, Ferrer|Berankis 6|2 6|2 6|1, Raonic|Youzhny 6|4 7|5 4|6 6|4, Dolgopolov|Tsonga 3|6 6|3 3|6 6|1 6|1,
in the womens Safarova|Zvonareva 3|6 6|7, Kvitova|Stosur 7|6 6|3, Peng|Morita 6|1 3|6 6|3, Clijsters|Cornet 7|6 6|3,
Pennetta|Peer 3|6 7|6 6|4, Radwanska|Halep 6|1 6|2, Makareova|Petrova 6|2 3|6 8|6, Benesova|Pavlyuchenkova 6|3 1|6
7|5, (wo do)Peschke/Srebotnic|Hlavackova/Hradecka 4|6 7|5 6|2, Goerges/Raymond|Groth/Zakopalova 4|6 6|3 6|2 4|6
6|3 6|2, Sands/Shaughnessy|Kongratieva/Lefevre 6|2 6|7 6|0, Jones/Spears|Nicuilescu/Yan 7|6 5|7 6|2,
Azarenko/Kirilenko|Ferguson/Molik 6|2 6|1, Govortsaeva/Kudrryavtseva|Kleybanova/Garrigues 6|2 6|4,
Dulgheru/Rybarikova|Bacsinszky/Garbin 6|3 6|3, (me do)Bhupathi/Paes|Lopez/Monaco 7|6 6|4,
Granollers/Robredo|Dolgopolov/Hajek 7|5 6|3, Becker/Kholman|Polasek/Zeleney 6|4 6|4,
Phau/Tipserevic|Malisse/Murray 3|6 6|4 6|3, Bracciali/Starace|Dodig/Nieminen 6|4 6|4,
Marrero/Hidalgo|Stakhovsky/Youzhny 2|6 6|4 6|4, Ebelthite/Feeney|Brown/Wassen 6|3 3|6 6|2; on day seven in the
womans round of sixteen Wozniacki|Sevastova 6|3 6|4, Na Li|Azerenka 6|3 6|3 Kuznetsova|Schiavone 4|6 6|1 14|16,
Petkovic|Sharapova 6|2 6|3, Clijsters|Makarova 7|6 6|2, Zvonareva|Benesova 6|4 6|1, Radwanska|Peng 7|5 3|6 7|5,
Kvitova|Pannetta 3|6 6|3 6|3, in round three Kvitova|Pennetta 3|6 6|3 6|3, in the mens round of sixteen Nadal|Cilic 6|2
6|4 6|3, Murray|Melzer 6|3 6|1 6|1, Djokovic|Almagro 6|3 6|4 6|0, Berdych|Verdasko 6|4 6|2 6|3, Federer|Robredo 6|3
3|6 6|3 6|2, Wawrinka|Roddick 6|3 6|4 6|4, Dolgopolov|Soderling 1|6 6|3 6|1 4|6 6|2, (wo do)
Dulko/Pennetta|Govortsova/Kudryavtseva 6|3 6|2, Peschke/Srebotnik|Peer/Peng 6|2 7|6,
Sands/Shaughnessy|Benesova/Zahlavova 7|5 6|3, Grandin/Uhlirova|Georges/Raymond 7|6 3|6 6|4, (me do) Bryan
bros|Becker/Kohmann 7|5 6|2, Kubot/Marach|Bracciali/Starace 6|3 6|1, Mirnyi/Nestor|Ball/Guccione 6|4 7|5,
Kubot/Marach|Bracciali/Starace 6|3 6|1, Melzer/Petzschnert|Phau/Tipsarevic 6|3 6|2, round three
Bupathi/Paes|Granollers/Robredo 6|4 4|6 6|4, Fyrstenberg/Matkozski/Ebelthite/Feeney 6|1 4|6 6|4,
Llodra/Zimonjic|Bopanna/Qureshi 3|6 7|6 7|6, Butorac/Rojer|Marrero/Hidalgo 6|3 6|4 (mi do) Kirilenko|Zimonjik,
Yan|Bopanna 7|6 6|1, Strycova/Marach|Lucic/Tomic 7|6 6|3, Chan|Hanley|Dugheru/Kohlmann 6|2 6|0,
Ardvidsson/Petschner|Rosolska/Murray 6|3 6|3, (gi)Davis|Barty 6|0 6|3, Bouchard|Ayukawa 6|1 6|0, Garcia|Dong 6|2
6|3, Tang|Casey 6|0 6|3, Kumkhum|Kato 6|4 6|1, Acuno|Sanders 1|6 6|4 6|1, Mestach|Deng 6|1 6|1,Khromacheva|Myers
6|2 6|0, Schmiedlova|Kostic 6|7 7|5 6|1, Kovinic|Rischbieth 6|3 6|3, Gasparyan|Kowase 6|1 4|6 7|5, Kremen|Harris 6|2
6|3, Makarova|Poznikhirenko 6|2 6|1, Kolar|Pain 7|6 7|6, LeeSawayanagi 6|1 6|1, Mutaguchi|Sunkara 7|5 6|4,
Tian|Kisialeva 2|6 6|4 6|2, Zhu|Woolcock 0|6 7|5 8|6, S. Sharipova|Fanning 6|4 6|3, Schuurs|Butkovska 3|6 6|2 6|2,
Hibino|Yang 6|3 6|3, Allertova|Ninomiya 6|1 6|2, Jang|Semenova 7|5 7|6, Hozumi|Hadzic 6|1 7|5, (bo)
Vesley|Karloskiy 6|3 6|3, Linndmark|Wagland 6|4 6|4, Whittington|Chela 6|3 3|6 6|1, Grinter|Betting 6|3 6|2,
Berman|Sell6|2 6|4Novak|Razborsek 4|6 7|6 6|2, Shyla|Gao 6|2 6|7 6|1, Wunner|Harris 6|4 6|3, Szewiczyk|Peliwo 6|1
6|1, Jankovic| Tronchardenchaikil 6|0 6|1, Martinavar|Kern 7|5 6|3, Puille|Dabarenko 6|3 2|6 6|4, Hossam|Pavic 6|4 7|6,
Morgan/Monteiro 7|6 6|4, Krueger|De Loore 7|6 7|6, Pantrombon|Thompson 6|4 7|6, Santanna|Bolt 1|6 6|3 10|8,
Kishi|Horansky 6|2 5|7 6|1, Paril|Vrnak 6|4 6|4, Stylslinger|Edmund 6|4 7|6, Richards|Batalla 3|6 6|4 6|4,
Kim|Kokkinakis 6|4 7|5, Stakhovski|Patino 6|4 4|6 6|4, Kyrgios|Polyakov 6|4 6|4, Artunedo|Kern 7|5 6|3; on day eight
in the womens Li|Petkovic 6|2 6|4 in the womens quarter finals Wozniacki|Schiavone 3|6 6|3 6|3, Petkovic|Na Li 2|6
4|6, in the mens quarter finals Wawrinhka|Federer 1|6 3|6 3|6, Berdych|Djokovic 1|6 6|7 1|6, (me do quar) Bryan
bros|Melzer/Petzschner 6|3 7|6, Butorac/Rojer|Kubot/Marach 6|3 6|4, (wo do quar) Dulko/Pennetta|Grandin/Uhlirova
6|0 6|3, Peschke/Srebotnik|Mattek-Sands/Shaughnessy 6|3 6|3, Huber\petrova|Black/Rodionova 6|1 6|4,
Azarenka/Kirilenko|Chuang/Hsieh 5|7 6|3 6|2, (bo) mVesley|Novak 6|2 6|4, Saville|Thiem 7|5 6|4, Baena|Elias 6|2 6|3,
Patrombon|M. Jankovic, Stakhovsky|Sant’anna 6|4 6|7 6|3, Whittington|Szeviczyk 6|2 1|6 6|2, Milojevic|Swaysland 6|2
7|6, Delic|Lenz 6|4 6|1Berman|Shyla 7|5 6|1, Krueger|Wunner 4|6 7|6 6|2, Stylslinger|Hossam 7|5 6|4, Richards|Kishi
6|4 7|5, Kyrgios|Partl 7|5 6|7 6|3, Martinavarr|Lindmark 7|6 5|7 6|4, Pouille|Grinter 4|6 7|6 6|1, (gi)Mestach|hozumi 6|3
6|2, Davis|Kumkhum 7|5 7|6, Kyromacheva|Hibino 6|3 6|0, Puig|Stojic 6|0 6|2, Zheng|Turewicz 6|2 6|2,
Putintseva|Ozaki 6|4 6|3, Garcia|Okuno 6|3 6|3, Mataguchi|Tang 3|6 6|2 6|2, Kovinic|Allertova 6|1 2|6 6|2,
Kremen|Schuurs 7|6 6|2, Bouchard|Tian 6|1 6|2, Lolar|Jang 6|2 2|6 9|7, Makarova|Lee 3|6 6|1 9|7,Tsuji/Pen 6|2 6|7 6|3,
Schmeiedolova|Zhu 6|0 6|3, S. Sharipova|Gasparyan 6|4 1|6 6|2 (bo do) Morgan/Pavic|Edmund|Lindmark 6|4 6|2,
Horansky/Vesewly|Bao|Kim 6|4 6|2, Wagland/Wittington|Grinter/Pastrombon 6|3 7|5, De Loore/Delic|Bolt/Richards
6|4 6|4, Thiem/Wunner|Pavlasek/Vrnak 6|0 6|4, Krueger/Sell|O’Connell/Thompson 6|4 6|0,
Locoli/Poille|Elias/Novokov 6|3 6|4, Karlovsky/Polyakov|Harris/Kyrgois 6|3 6|3, (gi do)
Kromacheva|Putintseva/Ayukawa/Sawayanigi 6|4 6|1n Allertova|Fabikova|Bouchard/Puig 6|0 6|3,
Kostic/Kremen|Radu/Tsuji 6|3 6|4,Gaspayan|Gavrilova|Dunser/Hadzic 6|4 6|4, Okuno/S. Shripova|Kolar/Kovinic 6|4
6|4, Mestach/Schuurs|Abduraimova/Padegimaite 6|0 6|0, Hozumi/Kato|Tang/Tian 6|3 6|3,
Butkovska?Schmiedlova|Yang/Zhu 7|5 6|2; on day nine in the mens quarter finals Ferrer|Nadal 6|4 6|2 6|3,
Murray|Dolgopolov 7|5 6|3 6|7 6|3, in the womens quarterfinals Clijsters|Radwanska 6|3 6|7Kvitova|Zvonereva 2|6 4|6,
(Mi do) Chan/Hanley|Black/Paes 7|6 7|6, Rodionova/Bhupathi|Errani/Marrero 6|3 6|1(me do
quar)Mirnyi/Nestor|Fyrsatenberg/Matkowski 7|6 6|3, Bhupathi/Paes|Llodra/Zimonjic 6|4 6|4) (Wo do sem)
Dulko/Pennetta|Huber/Petrova 6|4 7|5, Azarenka/Kirilenko|Peschke/Srebotnik 6|2 6|4, (Mi do sec round)
Chan/Hanley|Black/Paes 7|6 7|6 Rodionova/Bhupathi|Errani/Marrero 6|3 6|1, (Mi do quar fin)
Kirilenko/Zimonjoc|Shaughnessy/Ram 6|1 7|6, (gi) third round matches Mestach|Kolar 6|1 6|2, Bouchard|Davis 6|0 6|3,
Khromacheva|Kremen 6|2 3|6 6|3, Puig|Mutaguchi 6|3 6|4, Kovnic|Zheng 6|1 6|2, Schmiedlova|Putintseva 6|2 4|6 6|3,
Garcia|S. Shripova 6|4 6|3, Makarova|Tsuji 7|5 6|4, (gi do quar) Mestach/Schurs|Khromacheva/Putintsewva 6|1 6|2,
Kostic/Kremin|Okuno/Sharipova 7|5 6|2, Hozumi/Kato|Gasparyan/Gavrilova 2|6 6|4 [10-6]
(me wchquar) Kunieda|Vink 6|1 6|0, Houdet|Scheffers 6|3 6|3, Ammerlaan|Weekes 6|1 6|3, Olsson|Peifer 7|6 6|4 (wo
Wheelchair quar fi) Vergeer|Walraven 6|0 6|0, Di Toro|Van Koot 6|3 6|0, Griffioen|Whiley 6|4 6|1, Buis|Sevenans 5|7
6|3 6|2, (Quad wch round one) Wagner|Taylor 6|0 6|2, Norfolk|Lapthorne 6|2 6|2, (bo round three) Vesley|Berman 6|4
6|1, Morgan|Delic 6|4 6|7 10|8, Carballes|Stakhovsky 6|3 6|2, Patrombon|Whittington 6|4 3|6 6|0, Saville|Milojevic 4|6
6|3 8|6, Krueger|Richards 6|1 3|6 6|1, Stylslinger|Kyrgios 6|3 6|4, Pouille|Martinavarr 6|2 6|1, (bo do quar)
Krueger/Sell|Morgan/Pavic 6|7 6|1, Horansky/Vesley|Thiem/Wunner 6|2 6|4,
Whagland/Wittington|Karlovsky/Polyakov 4|6 6|4, De Loore/Delic|Lokoli/Pouille walkover; on day ten in the womans
semifinal Wzniacki|Li Na 6|3 5|7 3|6, Clijsters|Zvonereva 6|3 6|3, in the mens semifinal Djokovic|Federer 7|6 7|5 6|4
(wo do final Dulko/Pennetta|Azarenka|Kirilenko 2|6 7|5 6|1; (mi do quar) Srebotnik/Nestor|Rodionovas/Bhupathi
walkover, Chan/Hanley|Chuang/Norman 6|2 4|6 [10|7]; (in the mens doubles imes final Bryan Bros|Butorac/Rojer 6|3
6|2, Bhupathi/ Paes|Mirnyi/Nestor 7|6 4|6 6|3, (me wch sin sem) Kunieda|Ammerlaan 6|4 6|4, Houdet|Olsson 6|1 6|4,
(wo wch sem), Vergeer|Griffioen 6|2 6|2, Di Toro|Buis6|3 6|2, (Quad wch sin round three) Wagner|Norfolk 6|4 3|6 6|4,
Lapthorne|Taylor 7|6 6|4, (bo quar) Vesley|Krueger 6|2 6|2, Morgan|Patrombon 5|7 6|2 6|3, Carballes|Styslinger 6|3 6|2,
Saville|Pouille 7|5 7|5 (bo do sem) Horansky/Vesley|De Loore/Delic 7|6 6|4, Wagland/Whittington|Krueger/Sell 6|7 6|2
[9|11], (gi quar) Mestach|Kovnic 6|1 6|3, Garcia|Kromacheva 6|1 6|3, Puig|Makarova 7|5 6|2, Bouchard|Schmiedlova
6|2 6|3, (gi do sem)Mestach/Schuurs|Kostic/Kremen 7|6 3|6 [10|1], Hozumi/Kato|Allertova/Fabikova 6|2 6|4; on day 11
mens sin semis Murray|Ferrer 4|6 7|6 6|1 7|6, (wo do final) Dulko|Pennetta|Azarenka|Kirilenko 2|6 7|5 6|1, (mi do
sem)Srebotrnik/Nestor|Kirilenko/Zimonjic 6|4 7|5, Chan/Hanley|Sands/Tecau 2|6 6|3 [9|11] (quad wch sec
round)Wagner|Lapthorn 6|3 6|3, Norfolk|Taylor 6|3 6|0, (me do wch fi) Scheffers/Kunieda|Houdet/Peifer 6|3 6|3 (wo
wch do fin) Vergeer/Walraven|Van Koot/Griffioen 6|0 6|2, (bo sin sem) Vesley|Morgan 6|3 6|4, Saville/Carballes
Baena 6|2 6|1, (bo do final) Horansky/Vesley|Wagtland/Whittington 6|4 6|4 (gi sin semi) Mestach|Garcia 6|3 2|6 6|4,
Puig|Bouchard 6|4 6|4, (gi do fi) Mestach/Schuurs|Hozum/Kato 6|2 6|3, (legends do,fin)
Woodbridge/Woodforde|Leconte/Rafter 6|4 6|4; on day 12 In the womens final Li Na|Clijsters 6|3 3|6 3|6, in the mens
 double final Bryan Bros|Bupathi/Paes 6|3 6|4, (me wch final)Kunieda|Houdet 6|0 6|3, (wo wch final) Vergeer|Di Toro
 6|0 6|0, (quad wch final)Wagner|Norfolk 6|2 6|3, (bo sin final) Vesley|Saville 6|0 6|3, (gi sin fin)Mestach|Puig 6|4 6|2;
 on day13 (mi do) Chan/Hanley|Srebotnic/Nestor 3|6 6|3 [7|10], (bo fi)Vesley|Saville 6|0 6|3, (gi fi) Mestach|Puig 6|4
 6|2 and in the mens final Djokovic|Murray 6|4 6|2 6|3.
Some of the scores from the 2011 French Open are;
 On day two in the mens Federer|Lopez 6|3 6|4 7|6, Monfils|Phau 4|6 6|3 7|5 6|0, Fish|Melo 6|2 6|7 6|2 6|4 Darcis|Llodra
  6|7 6|3 6|3 6|3, Davydenko|Gremelmayr 7|6 6|1 6|3, Tipsaravic|Dabul 7|6 6|1 6|0, Ramos|Marti 6|3 6|7 4|6 6|1 6|3,
  Berlocq|Tomic 7|5 6|4 6|2, Djokovic|De Bakker 6|2 6|1 6|3, Del Potro|Karlovic 6|7 6|3 7|5 6|4, Berdych|Robert 6|3 6|3
  2|6 2|6 9|7, Youzhny|Soeda 7|5 6|2 6|4, Troiki|Reister 6|4 6|3 6|3, Bellucci|Golubev 6|4 6|4 6|7 7|6 Falla|Starace 7|6 6|1
  6|1, Andreev|Serra 6|4 6|1 6|3, Ilhan|Haas 6|4 4|6 7|6 6|4, Kukushkin|Brands 6|2 6|4 6|4 , Gasquet|Stepanek 7|5 6|3 6|0,
  Berrer|Raonic 6|4 4|6 6|3 6|4, Baghdatis|Gil 7|6 6|2 6|2, Veic|Cuevas 4|6 6|3 6|2 3|1 ret., Mayer|Brown 3|6 7|6 6|2 6|2,
  Bolelli|Dancevic 6|1 6|3 6|7 6|2, Kamke|Rochus 6|7 6|3 6|3 6|2, Berlocq|Tomic 7|5 6|4 6|2, Petzschner|Zverev 7|6 6|0
  6|4, Schoorel|Gonzalez 7|6 6|3 6|3, Granollers|Bogomolov Jr. 6|3 3|6 7|6 6|2, Hanescu|Paire 7|5 4|6 6|1 7|6, in the
  womens Zvonereva|Lino 6|3 6|3, Schiavone|Oudin 6|2 6|0, Kvitova|Arn 6|2 6|1, Radwanska|Achleitner 6|1 6|2,
  Rodionova|Petrova 6|7 6|3 6|4, Hantuchova|Zhang 6|3 6|3, Vinci|Brianti 6|3 3|6 6|3, Chan|Zakopolova 7|5 6|1,
  Errani|Mchale 6|7 6|2 9|7, Begu|Rezai 6|3 6|3, Lisicki|Amanmuradova 6|0 6|4, Hall|Kerber 2|6 6|3 6|1,
  Vives|Pivovarova 6|3 6|0, Dolonts|Keothavong 3|6 7|6 6|4, Craybas|Danilidou 6|3 6|3, Mirza|Barrios 6|3 6|3,
  Scheepers|Ktuzova 6|3 4|6 6|2, Zheng|Zahlavova 6|4 6|3, Watson|Gacon 7|6 6|1, Bremond|Rodina 6|3 4|6 8|6,
  Wozniacki|Date-Krum 6|0 6|2, Bartoli|Tatishvili 1|6 6|2 6|1, Kanepi|Arvidsson 7|5 6|1, Kirilenko|Vandeweghe 7|6 6|2,
  Peng|Paszek 6|3 6|2, Wozniak|Namigata 6|1 6|1, Begu|Rezai 6|3 6|3, Govortsova|Szavay 6|4 4|6 6|4, on day three in
  the womens Clijsters|Yakimova 6|2 6|3, Azerenka|Hlavackova 6|3 6|3, Sharapova|Lucic 6|3 6|0, Li|Strycova 6|3 6|7
  6|3, Wickmayer|Niculescu 6|0 6|3, Gajdosova|Razzano 6|3 6|1, Dulgheru|Tio 6|3 6|4, Kind|Cibulkova 6|7 6|3 6|2,
  Balatcha|Stephens 7|5 6|2, Petkovic|Jovanovski 6|4 7|6, Llarson|Ivonovic 7|6 0|6 6|2, Espinosa|Vesnina 4|6 6|3 6|4,
  Cirstea|Schnyder 6|1 6|3, Makarova|Oprandi 6|4 3|6 6|0, Parmentier|Pervak 7|6 6|4, Garcia|Ondraskova 6|3 6|4,
  Morita|Mladenovic 2|6 6|4 7|5, Hradecka|Sevastova 6|3 5|7 6|1, Garrigues|Detoni 7|5 7|5, Rus|Erakovic 2|6 6|4 6|4, in
  the mens Nadal|Isner 6|4 6|7 6|7 6|2 6|4, Murray|Prodon 6|4 6|1 6|3, Soderling|Harrison 6|1 6|7 6|3 7|5, Haas|Traver 6|2
  7|6 6|3, Melzer|Beck 6|3 6|4 6|2, Kubot|Almagro 3|6 2|6 7|6 7|6 6|4, Verdasco|Monaco 6|2 7|5 4|6 6|4, Simon|Russell
  6|3 4|6 6|1 6|0, Mayer|Kunitsyn 6|3 4|6 6|4 6|3, Dolgopolov|Schuettler 6|3 6|3 6|1, Anderson|Mahut 6|4 6|4 6|7 6|3,
  Maurer|Sweeting 6|1 6|7 6|2 6|0, Chela|Smyczek 7|6 6|1 6|1, Querrey|Kohlschreiber 3|6 6|1 6|2 6|4, Andujar|Giraldo
  7|6 6|3 6|3, Lubicic|Devvarman 6|4 6|3 6|4, Malisse|Tursunov 7|5 3|6 6|3 3|6 6|1, Chardy|Dimitrov 6|2 6|4 6|4,
  Clement|Volandri 6|3 1|6 7|6 6|4, Rosol|Vasselin 3|6 6|2 6|4 3|6 7|5, FedererTipseravic 6|1 6|4 6|3, on day six
  Murray|Berrer 6|2 6|3 6|2, in the round of sixteen Federer|Wawrinka 6|3 6|2 7|5, Djokovic|Gasguet 6|4 6|4 6|2,
  Fognini|Montanes 4|6 6|4 3|6 6|3 11|9, Schiavone|Jankovic 6|3 2|6 6|4, Bartoli|Dulko 7|5 1|0 ret,
  Kuznetsova|Hantuchova 6|7 6|3 6|2, Pavliockenkova|Zvonereva 7|6 2|6 6|2, on day nine Nadal|Lubicic 7|5 6|3 6|3,
  Monfils|Ferrer 6|4 2|6 7|5 1|6 8|6, Chela|Falla 4|6 6|2 1|6 7|6 6|2, Soderling|Simon 6|2 6|3 7|6, Azerenka|Makerova 6|2
  6|3,Sharapova|Radwanska 7|6 7|5,Petkovic|Kirilenko 6|2 2|6 6|4,in the quarter finals Li|Kvitova 2|6 6|1 6|3
  Bartoli|Kuznetsova 7|6 6|4, Schiavone|Pavlyucherkova 1|6 7|5 7|5, Federer|Monfils 6|4 6|3 7|6, Troiki|Murray 6|4 6|4
  3| 6 2|6 5|7, on day 10 Sharapova|Petkovic 6|0 6|3, Li|Azerenka 7|5 6|2, Nadal|Soderling 6|4 6|1 7|6, Murray|Chela 7|6
  7|5 6|2, on day 11 Li|Sharapova 6|4 7|5, Schiavone|Bartoli 6|3 6|3, on day 11 in the semifinals Nadal|Murray 6|4 7|5
  6|4, Federer|Djokovic 7|6 6|3 3|6 7|6 in the womens final Schiavonhe|Li 4|6 6|7 Li being the first Chinese
  champianchip winners, and in the mens final Nadal|Federer 7|5 7|6 5|7 6|1.
 In the 2011 Wimbledon championchips some of the scores are;
  On day one Amanmuradova|V. Williams 3|6 1|6, Schiavone|Dokic 6|4 1|6 6|3, Riske|Zvonereva 0|6 6|3 3|6,
  McHale|Makarova 2|6 6|1 8|6, Kuznetsova|Zhang 3|6 6|3 6|4, Erani|Kanepi 6|1 6|4, Wickmayer|Lepchenko 7|5 6|3,
  Parvak|Pear 5|7 6|4 6|4, Dulgeru|Craybas 6|2 6|4, Nadal|Russell 6|4 6|2 6|2, Andujar|Sweeting 6|3 6|4 1|6 6|7 1|6,
  Murray|Traver 4|6 6|3 6|0 6|0, Berdych|Volandri 6|2 6|2 6|1, Monfils|Bachinger 6|4 7|6 6|3, Fish|Granollers 7|6 7|6 6|4,
  Wawrinka|Starace 6|3 6|4 6|4, Gasguet|Giraldo 7|5 6|3 7|6, Schuetler|Belucci 7|6 6|4 6|2, Bagamatov|Young 7|5 4|6 6|3
  6|1, on day two Isner|Mahut 7|6 6|2 7|6 Djokovic|Chardy 6|4 6|1 6|1, Federer|Kukushkin 7|6 6|4 6|2, Soderling|Ptchner
  6|4 6|4 2|6 7|6, Ferrer|Pair 6|4 6|4 6|4, Melzer|Falla 3|6 7|6 6|2 6|2, Tsonga|Soeda 6|3 7|6 6|2, Troicki|Gonzalez 3|6 6|0
  7|6 6|3, Simon|Vassalin 4|6 6|4 6|3 7|6, Almagro|Naiminin 5|7 6|3 6|4 6|4, Youzhny|Monaco 4|6 6|2 6|2 4|6 6|4,
  Llodra|ward 6|3 7|6 6|3, Mayer|Evans 7|6 7|6 3|6 6|4, Verdasko|Stepanek 2|6 4|6 6|3 7|6 8|7, Gonzales|Dolgopolov 6|3
  6|7 7|6 6|4, Karlovic|Tipseravic 7|5 3|1 ret, del Potro|Cipolla 6|1 6|4 6|3, Chela|Matosevic 6|4 6|4 6|7 6|2,
 Lopez|Galubev 6|3 6|3 ret, Lubicic|Cilic, Nalbandian|Reister 7|5 6|2 6|3, Tomic|Davydenko 7|5 6|3 7|5,
 Baaghdatis|Blake 6|4 6|2 6|7 4|6 6|4, Rochus||De Schepper 6|7 3|6 6|3 6|1 6|4, Haase|Riba 6|4 6|4 6|4, Kamke|Kavcic
 6|3 7|6 5|7 6|1, Stakhovsky|Cox 6|2 6|4 6|4, Kubot|Clement 6|4 6|2 3|6 5|7 6|4, Hanescu|Pospisil 6|4 6|3 6|2,
 Harrison|Dodig 7|6 6|0 7|5, K. Beck|Berlocq 4|6 7|6 4|6 6|2 6|4, De Voest|Ramirez Hidalgo 6|2 6|3 6|2,
 Devvarman|Gremelmayr 6|4 4|2 ret, Maurer|Serra 7|6 6|3 6|3, Mannarino|Niland 4|6 6|4 7|6 4|6 6|4, Hewit|Nishikori
 6|1 7|6 6|7 6|3, Andreev|Gabashvili 6|4 7|6 6|7 4|6 6|3, Malisse|Zverev 6|2 6|3 6|2, Lu|Robredo 6|4 6|4 6|1,
 Mello|Dancevic 3|6 3|6 6|4 7|6 6|2 Seppi|Montanes 6|4 6|4 7|5, Beck|Roddick 4|6 6|7 3|6, Mayer|Evans 7|6 7|6 ,
 Rezai|S. Williams 3|6 6|3 1|6, Wozniacki|Santonja 6|2 6|1, Li|Kudriavtseva 6|3 6|3, Azerenka|Rybarikova 6|4 3|2 ret,
 Sharapova|Chakvetadze 6|2 6|1, Kvitova|Glatch 6|2 6|2, Bartch|Pilakova 6|0 6|2, Czink|Stosur 6|3 6|4, Petkovic|Gacon
 6|3 6|4, Pavlyuchenkova|Tsuranko 6|4 7|6, Sanchez|Jankovic 5|7 6|4 6|3, Ivanovic|Oudin 6|0 6|1, Peng|Flipkens 6|0
 6|4, Hantuchova|Diatchenko 4|6 7|6 6|3, Kirilenko|Brianti 6|2 6|1, Vinci|Dushevina 7|5 6|2, Safarova|Hradecka 2|6 6|3
 6|3, Pironkova|Giorgi 6|2 6|1, Razzano|Mirza 7|6 2|6 6|3, Yakimova|Arvidsson 4|6 6|2 6|1, Balatacha|Barthel 6|2 6|4,
 Zakopalova|Smith 6|3 5|7 8|6, Danilidou|Vandeweghe 6|4 6|4, Lino|Oprandi 6|0 6|1, Tanasugarn|Shvedova 6|2 6|3,
 Halep|Jovanovski 6|1 6|2, Strycova|Wozniak 7|6 6|4, Paszek|Morita 5|7 6|3 6|0, Dubois|Falconi 6|2 6|2,
 Petrova|Dolonts 6|3 6|4, Bonderenko|Cornet 7|5 6|2, Erakovic|Chang 6|4 6|2, Benesova|Zahlavova 3|6 6|3 8|6,
 Keothavong|Broady 6|2 6|4, Marino|Achleitner 6|3 7|6, Martic|King 5|7 6|2 6|2, on day three Fish|Istomin 7|6 6|4 6|4
 shoping day, on day five V.Williams|Martinez-Sanchez 6|0 6|2, Sharapova|Robson 7|6 6|3,Azerenka|Hantuchova 6|3
 3|6 6|2, Murray|Lubicic 6|4 4|6 6|1 7|6, Lopez|Roddick 7|6 7|6 6|4, on day six Del Potro|Simon 7|6 7|6 7|5,
 Kubot|Monfils 6|3 3|6 6|3 6|3, , Nadal|Muller 7|6 7|6 6|0, Federer|Nalbandian 6|4 6|2 6|4, Kirilenko|S. Williams 3|6
 2|6, on day seven Bartoli|S. Williams 6|3 7|6, Wozniaki|Cibulkova 6|1 6|7 5|7, V. Williams|Pironkova 2|6 3|6,
 Youzhny|Federer 7|6 3|6 3|6 3|6, Nadal|Del Potro 7|6 3|6 7|6 6|4, in the quarterfinals Lisicki|Bartoli 6|4 6|7 6|1,
 Sharapova|Cibulkova 6|1 6|1, Azarenka|Paszek 6|3 why did they make it so hard with too much exercise and many
 cigarettes, Tomic|Djokovic 2|6 6|3 3|6 5|7, Tsonga|Federer 3|6 6|7 6|4 6|4 6|4, Murray|Lopez 6|3 6|4 6|4, Nadal|Fish 6|3
 6|3 5|7 6|4, in the semifinals Sharapova|Lisicki 6|4 6|3, Tsonga|Djokovic 6|7 2|6 7|6 3|6, Nadal|Murray 5|7 6|2 6|2 in
 the womens final Kvitova|Sharapova 6|3 6|4, in the mens final Djokovic beats Nadal.6|4 6|1 1|6 6|3 and in the mixed
 doubles final Melzer/Benesova|Bhupathi/Vesnina 6|3 6|2..
And in the U. S. Open some of the scores are;
On day one Cilic|Harrison 6|2 7|5 7|6, Waww\rinka|GonzalezWawrinka|Gonzale 3|6 6|4 6|1 6|3, Gulbis|Youzhny 6|2
 6|4 6|4, Melzer|Prodon 6|2 7|6 6|2, , Fish|Kamke 6|3 6|4 6|2,.Granollers|Mslisse 6|5 6|4 6|4, Cipolla|Nishikori 6|4 6|2
 ret, Fognini|Zeballos 5|7 6|4 7|6 6|4, Yani|Tomic 3|6 4|6 4|6,Georges|Barrois 6|3 6|2, Niculescu|Mays-Achleitner 6|3
 6|3, Pous-Tio|Doi 6|2 6|7 5|2 ret, Robson|Morita 7|6 1|0 ret, Dolgeru|Kvitova 7|6 6|3, Keys|Kraybas 6|2 6|4; on day
 two .Rafa|Colubev 6|3 7|6 |7|,, Tsonga|Lu 6|4 6|4 6|4, Ferrer|Andreev 2|6 6|3 6|0 6|4, Chela|Motosevic 3|1 ret,
 Starace|Berrer 6|4 4|6 6|3 6|2, Bubka|Haider-Maurer 6|3 6|2 3|6 6|4, Ilhan|Dancevic 6|3 6|2 1|0 ret, Young|Lacko 6|4
 6|2 6|4, Kunitsyn|Bachinger 2|6 1|6 6|1 6|4 6|4, Melzer|Prodon 6|2 7|6 6|2, Young|Lacko 6|4 6|2 6|4,
 Kunitsyn|Achinger 2|6 1|6 6|1 6|2 Bachinger 2|6 1|6 6|1 6|4, , Bubka|Haider-Maurer 6|3 6|2 .3|6 6|4, Wozniacki|Vives
 6|3 6|1, Jankovic|Riske 6|2 6|0, Azanenka|Larsson 6|1 6|3, .Petcovic|Bychkova 6|2 6|2, |Bonderenko 6|3 6|3,
 Pennetta|Rezai 6|1 6|4, .Kanepi|Tanasugarn 6|4 6|3, Amanmuradova|Passzer6| 6|2, Espinoza Date-Krumm 7|6 7|6,
 Dulko|Marino 6|3 6|3, .Dokoc|Govortsova 6|3 6|1,,Lucic|Erankovic 6|4 2|6 6|4, Kerber|Davis 7|6 6|3,
 Vandeweghe|Brianti 7|5 6|3, .Lisicki|Bonderengo 6|3 6|3, Pennetta|Rezai 6|1 6|4, Kanepi|Tangusarn 6|4 6|3,
 Amanmuridova|Paszek, .Espinoza|Krumm 7|6 7|6, Dulko|Marino 6|3 6|3; on day three Nadal|niland 6|0 5|1 ret, on
 day three Scavone|Lucic 6|1 6|1, Petkovic|Zheng 3|6 6|3 6|3, Federer|Sela 6|3 6|2 6|2, (day four, five, six and seven
 being missing due to a faulty keyboard); on day eight in the mens third round Nadal|Nalbandian 7|6 6|1 7|5,
 Murray|Lopez 6|1 6|4 6|2, Ferrer|Mayer 6|1 6|2 7|6, Simon|Del Potro 4|6 7|6 6|2 7|6, Roddick|Benneteau 6|1 6|4 7|6,
 Young|Chela 7|5 6|4 6|3, Muller|Kunitsyn 6|1 6|4 6|4, Isner|Bogomolov Jr. 7|6 6|4 6|4; in the womens fourth round
 Zvonereva|Lisicki 6|2 6|3, Pennetta|Peng 6|4 7|6, Kerber|Niculescu 6|4 6|3, Stosur|Kirilenko 6|2 6|7 6|3; on day nine in
 the round of 16 S. Williams|Ivonovic 6|3 6|4, Pavlyuchenkova|Schiavone 5|7 6|3 6|4, Petkovic|Suarez Navarro 6|1 6|4,
 Wozniacki|Kuzmetsova 6|7 7|5 6|1, Petkovic|Navarro 6|1 6|4, Djokovic|Dolgopolov 7|6 6|4 6|2, Tsonga|Fish 6|4 6|7
 3|6 6|4 6|2, Federer|Monaco 6|1 6|2 6|0, Tipseravic|Ferrero 7|5 6|7 7|5 6|2; on day 10 rain; on day 11 in the round of 16
 Murray|Young 6|2 6|3 6|3, Nadal|Muller 7|6 6|1 6|2, Isner|Simon 7|6 3|6 7|6 7|6, Djokovic|Tipseravic 7|6 6|7 6|0 3|0
 tip. retiring, Federer|Tsonga 6|4 6|3 6|3, Stosur|Zvonareva 6|3 6|3, S. Williams|Pavlyuchenkova 7|5 6|1,
 Wozniacki|Petkovic 6|1 7|6, Kerber|Pennetta 6|4 4|6 6|3; on day 12 in the men’s quarterfinals Isner|Murray5& 4|6 6|3
 6|7, Nadal|Roddick 6|2 6|1 6|3; on day 13 in the men’s semifinals Federer|Djokovic 7|6 6|4 3|6 2|6 5|7, Nadal|Murray
 6|4 6|2 3|6 6|2, Stosur|Kerber 6|3 2|6 6|2, S. Williams|Wozniacki 6|2 6|4; in in the women’s doubles final
 Shvedova/King|Huber/Raymond 6|4 6|7 6|7; in the woman’s Final S.Williams|Stosur Samantha tking it all 2|6 3|6; and
 in the mens final Nadal|Djokovic Novac taking it all 2|6 4|6 7|6 1|6.

I would like to hear tennis tournaments in dolby digital 5.1 where the tennis player on the screens side is heard on the
 surround sound and the player opposite on the center and approaching net on both and the music on the towers and in
 5.1 and 7.1 with the crowd all around you and the bass on the bass chanel .

By July 2011 I’ve lost 40 pounds in a month and a half. Going from 204 to 160. By September I’m down to 142.

 Fie on Shylock fie for your interpretation does not accept the righteousness of the Hebrews by making Shylock the
   bad guy . Done on day 11 of 2011 U.S. open-(In theory Julius Caeser from shakespear to Plutark Julius caeser, while
   swimming the Tybris, was looking up at the sun and dipping his head in at the exact pace of light that it takes to send
   an epileptic into a cesure and Brutis saved his life. Media what is he gonna fly away in the sky with his child in a
   Coup Devill.) .Microsoft word needs a calligraphy font. I am now typing on my Microsoft wireless Keyboard my lap
   top being walked on by Spaz way too much and I love it the Vaio still works and I’ve gon urgonomic.
         I’m addicted to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (I mean mortal combat, super mario brothers, mike tysons punch
   out, and graphic novel onimonipea all over it). , The Source with Jack Kerouack allen ginsburg and Bill Burrows,
   Bond films, Beat with kefer southerland, Naked Lunch (to get a better sence of the Book or movie read Desolation
   Angels by Jack Kerouack in chapter 54 for the MAJOUN must have been good), Date night, and Friday. Ive got The
   Breakfast Club and the Dazed 420 Confused patches on but I go off of them every now and then.
    Ginnes Extra Stoudt and Wersteiner that’s what it’s all about. Give me some or some 33 year old scotch or even
 Glenlivet 12 year old make my McLeod blood roar.
   In Brownfield our minds are filled more than our bellies by the lord their being more churches than restaurants. But
 “Man does not live on bread alone”
I took a hit
Me- Bowzi bow bow
Realeasing smoke and coughing.
Ginsburg-You’re an odd person
Me- coming from you that’s a complement
Burrows-You are an odd person
Me- ya odd but not as odd as lady Lazerous
Bull Lee-A sideshow Freak
Me-I’m as sanguine as a penguin.I wanna see Portia dressed up in stone make up a human statue and her father the
 King sees her and is reminded so much of her mother that he cries.
Now onto William Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet.
Me-Clair Danes is hot. I hope shese not married. Otherwise I’m commiting adultery in my heart.
Luke 11:33 “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candle
 stick, that they which come in may see the light.”

Right now I am watching Naked Lunch with Desolation Angels, Book of Dreams, Big Sur and Carl Sandburg’s
Selected Poems out on the table. I won’t tell you why but lets see if you can guess. The Alprozalam is still coursing
through my veighns, the clonipin and the Mota complementing it. No wine or wisky produces this high there is no
breath or life to it. Just cliging on and hoaping for a free breath this is the condition and that is the cure get me messed
up enough that I don’t notice shortness of breath and horrifying hallucinations. Even add some Promethazine. Soon I
may be locked up with the carl solomans of the world. Shall we sing a song maybe a song of joy, a volcano song, a
beatles tune or an Archade fire diddy. “Im gonna put on those wings and fly away”. My burrow friends across the
street may be friends of alf some day practicing their wushu the kicks unrivled by man ones jaw bone took out a
thousand (try to find one berserker with four thousand under his belt) and one has been ridden on by the most holy.
Now it’s on to the source. Wuzzup Leguizamo fool acter and poet may you be with the host of heaven maybe hanging
out with a writers community grasping inspiration from each other to the time of a non stop watch. The keys
deaphening the brain the comrodery filling the sole with no need of copywrite laws because in heaven and the New
 Jerusalem things are apparent no Bacon to your Shakespear shame onyou sharlaton Bacon. Like bar jesus. People
 love to ride coat tails. But why it is covetous it is a lie it Leads people down the wrong path instead of the one of
 Sylvia Plath the flow of their own pen their own key board their own sole. With the mota smoked within moderation. .
  Horou trails a tu
Juscu nous review
Horou trails a tu.
Jack got cought by the federalez with pot on him and alls they wanted him to do is spark them up. So he rolled a piece
 of tiping paper into one huge joint and they partook.
On to Friday
Her-are you violant when your high and drunk
Me- when I’m drunk the world is my oister. When I’m drunk and high the world is my oister with a pearl in it.
        Ive been @%$&n chunks of blood. Ive got a colonoscopy scheduled. The pacing is coming on. I have made
 for myself an artificial night.
Me- Who came up with the word hilarious? I wanna meet the person they were next to.
Thank God for Kissinger.
Jesus turned the water to wine at a wedding.
Without civility no peace can be drawn.
Watching beat
Him The story goes on.
Me-The story goes on for miles annd miles.
Now on to Dinner for Schmucks
I’d like to have an idiot or vidiot savant in my preasance.
The Ammended list of my dvr is;
The Social Network,The Phantom of the Opera, Death At a funeral with a man of diminished stature but tin drum or
 epic proportions, Pulp Fiction , Dinner for Schmucks, Sixteen Candles, Naked Lunch, Scot Pilgtam vs. the World,
 Friday, tennis scores, William and Kates Royal Wedding in it’s entirety, Uncle Buck, Get Him to the Greek, Beat,
 Ocean’s Eleven, Quantom of Solace, The Graduate, one of two sepperate coppies of True Romance right at the point at
 which Patriccia Rqette shoots the cop instead of the duying Mafioso type, an Archade Fire Concert, The Colbert repot,
 Inglorious Basterds, Le Grand Lebowski, The Boondocks bongo night episode when he’s clearly naked playing Conga
 at least that’s what it looks like,Cults Outside, Tennis “cocanut grove is a very small cove”, Bag of Hammers, Take my
 Hand, Oxford Comma, The Hang Over,Archade Fire on John Stewart, Bananas, Annie Hall, Transporter three,
 Romancing The Stone, The Source with Jack Kerouak, Allen Ginsberg William S. Burrows amongst many others,
 Plains Trains and AutomobilesGrandma’s Boy, Happy Gilmore, William Shakespears Romeo and Juliette, Empire
 Records, fou r Beatles Videos,the Water Boy, , Romancing the Stone, RocknRolla, National Treasure: Book of
 Secrets, A Life Aqua tic With Steve Zissou, Weird Science, Snatch, Great Performances King Lear with Ian MCellen
 the Royal Shakespear Companies version which is missing a little bit of the dialogue of the original(read along with it
 sometime) my favorite play by the way, The Royal Tenenbaums, Harold and Kumar escape From Guantanamo Bay,
 The Darjing Limited, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Hot Fuzz, The Breakfast Club, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,
 Trainspotting, The Templar Code, a Beautiful Mind, , Dazed and confused, , Dr. No, Goldfinger, Diamonds are
 Forever, You only live Twice, Thunderball, andFrom Russia With love.

Chapter 37

       I am now in the midst of Checking the integrity of my Phantom of the Opera copy from cinemax. Masquerade
as it were en francais en francais Habiting dans Brownfeild n’est pas mal. Safety and security are almost fully grasped.
New friends who I recite my poetry to tell me to keep at it a black gentleman in fact. To him I recited Humanity as he
was leaving my dealers.
       I love eighty doller Nappa Valey Cabernet Savingon and my uncle Don Bighams sons grapes.Its ten oclock in
the mornin and I’m drinkin a six pack of Shiner Bock maybe thts a bad idea but their trying to cut me off of the Zanax
so I’m getting drunk enough to stay calm. I’m down to a six pack off Shiner every night. My brother suggests that it is
improper for me to do that because of the complications that might arise with my medication and liver but I am
immune to his consultations. Since the social network I have been publishing on facebook. I don’t really care about
 people stealing the work as long as I keep in contact with the library of congress or not because I have my stuff so
 backed up I don’t really need to send new coppies.
         In reflection what bothered me most about Players Gentlemans Club is that at the end seeing the women as
 human beings it just seemed degrading..
         It’s December 24 2011 at 12:26 in the am and I’m sitting here with my brother. I tresure these times him being
 back from Houston. I’m drunk and getting jigh my brother is just drinking Shiner bock as usual. We were comenting
 on how sweet of an ass the girl in the Stanford underwear in the social Network. That was sort of getting out of the
 way of arguing about the statistics of Faceboook and Olympic viewership but my brother was right facebook beats it
 by four times. Now were sharing a Diet Mountain Dew For Christmas I got a Acer tablet, two pair of Tommy
 Hilfiger pants , a Black J. Ferrar coat with a zip up lining with buttons, some black laceless and zipperless Timberland
 boots, a blue and white pin stripped Chaps shirt, and a grey Arrow shirt with red pinstripes.
It’s January first 2012 and the world didn.r wnd. Never trust those that practice in human Sacroficcw. I’m drunk from
 a new yeeears party and the browny is running strong. Crown Royle and I believe it was Citron.cyrock.sarandipitous
 vodka that sprang from my dealers bottle I’m watching quantum of solace Just after on her majesty’s secret Service
 still on vodka and wisky listening to zooropa after the beatles that I got from my brother…It’s :4:39 in the mornin I can
 now see straight and I ate another browny sso I’m sober but 4:20 stoneed..If your gay and you get to hell try believing
 in God and His sone then consider a vow of celibacy Catholicks ank nothing less of their priests.” I’m with you in
 rockland” and I’m madder than you are.I want a new new years eve a Guy rychie marathon on cinemax or something.
 Then following Snatch Tainspotting. I love brownies. The browny doesn’t exist I already ate it as Socratise might
 say.If a tree falls down on a man and no ones around to hear does he make a sound. Yawe Shelf. The source has
 sought. Stuck on a rock take me somewhere at least off the Llano.
 Onward we press
With much redress
Through “green” paths
Looking for nothing more
Than the warmth of the sun

Taking in the bonnet
It’s feeling
That path of green and blue
With no more
Ice covered somber solace

The green and red
Of the “wacky wedus”
Shall get us through
Shall ad a hugh
To the path
Most delightfull

Running round
For nothing more
Than a reason
Now I will list some of the scores from the 2012 Championchips. In the 2012 Australian open some of the scores are;
 On day one Federer| Kudryavtsev 7|5 6|2 6|2, Nadal|Kuznetsov 6|4 6|1 6|1, Fish|Muller 6|4 6|4 6|2Berdych|Ramos 7|5
 4|6 6|2 6|3, Almagro|Kubot 1|6 7|5 6|3 7|5, Del Potro|Mannarino 2|6 6|1 7|5 6|4, Dolgopolov|Jones 1|6 4|6 6|1 6|1 6|2,
 Isner|Mitchell 6|4 6|4 7|6, Lopez|Mayer 7|6 6|3 7|6, Wawrinka|Paire 6|1 6|1 7|5, Tomic|Verdasco 4|6 6|7 6|4 6|2 7|5,
 Kohlschreiber|Monaco 7|5 4|6 6|3 6|7 6|0, Lacko|Lubicic 3|6 4|6 6|4 6|4, Anderson|Nielson 6|1 6|2 6|4, Karlovic|Melzer
 7|6 7|5 6|3, Falla|Fognini 6|3 6|2 3|6 6|1, Riba|Montanes 7|6 2|6 6|4 7|6, Lu|De Voest 6|4 3|6 6|1 3|6 6|3, Serra|Darcis
 6|7 3|6 5|4 ret, Kavcic|Ward 6|4 6|3 6|4, Kamke|Hanescu 6|2 6|1 6|2, Querrey|De Schepper 6|3 6|2 6|2, Berlocq|Huta
 Galung 2|6 6|3 7|6 6|3, Beck|Prodon 6|4 6|2 4|6 7|5, Rochus|Phau 6|1 6|4 6|0Stakhovsky|Marchenko 6|3 6|7 4|6 6|3 7|5,
Baghdatis|Becker 6|1 7|6 6|2, Dimitrov|Chardy 4|6 6|3 3|6 6|4 6|4, Nalbandian|Nieminen 6|4 4|2 ret, Cipolla|Davydenko
6|4 4|6 3|6 6|2 6|1,Young|Gojowczyk 6|1 6|2 4|6 1|6 6|2Haas|Kudla 7|6 3|6 6|0 7|5, Na|Pervak 6|3
6|1Wozniacki|Rodionova 6|2 6|1, Azerenka|Watson 6|1 6|0, Li|Pervak 6|3 6|1, Radwnaska|Mattek-Sands 6|76|4 6|2,
Schiavone|Pous-Tio 6|1 6|3, Jankovic|Robson 6|2 6|0, Peng|Rezai 6|3 6|4, Bratchikova|Pennetta 6|3 1|6 6|2,
Hantuchova|Lepchenko 4|2 6|3 6|2, Goerges|Hercog 6|3 7|6, McHale|Safarova 6|2 6|4, Medina Garrigues|Birnerova 6|3
6|3, Voskoboeva|Wickmayer 7|5 6|2, Nicolescu|Cornet 5|7 6|0 6|3, Cetkovska|Morita 3|6 6|1 7|5, Tatishvili|Barty 6|2
7|6, Parmentier|Kudryavtseva 6|3 6|7 6|3, Erankovic|Pavlovic 7|5 7|6, Chang|Martic 6|4 6|2, Gacon|Baltacha 6|2 6|4,
Tsurenko|Rus 7|6 6|1, Govortsova|Mayr-Achleitner 6|2 6|4, Rogowska|Arvidsson 6|3 6|1, Dellacqua|Jovanovski 6|3 6|2,
Barthel|Keothavong 6|0 ret, Brianti|Falconi 6|2 7|5, Benesova|Johansson 6|3 2|6 6|4, Oprandi|Yakimova 6|4 6|1,
Danilidou|Date-Krumm 6|3 6|2,Pironkova|Mirza 6|4 6|2, Ormaecha|Halep 6|1 3|6 7|5; on day two Sharapova|Dulko 6|0
6|1, Kvitova|Dushevina 6|2 6|0Lisicki|Voegla 6|2 4|6 6|4, Pavlyuchenkova|Zakopalava 7|6 6|1 Cibulkova|Rybarikova
6|3 6|1, Kanepi|Larsson 6|2 6|4, Kirilenko|Gajdusova 6|4 6|2, Hampton|Minella 6|1 6|1, King|Bonderenko 7|6 6|3,
Kvitova|Dushevina 6|2 6|0, Cirstea|Stosur 7|6 6|3, Zvonereva|Dulgheru 7|6 6|7 6|3, Bartoli|Rezzano 7|5 6|0,
Lisicki|Voegele 6|2 4|6 6|4, Kuznetsova|Scheepers 6|3 3|6 6|0, Ivanovic|Dominguez Lino 6|0 6|3, Vinci|Cadantu 6|0 6|1,
Petrova|Hlavackova 6|3 3|6 6|0, Kerber|Bobusic 6|1 6|3, Hradecka|Rodina 6|3 6|1, Makarova|Tanasugarn 6|0 2|6 6|0,
Arn|Marino 6|4 6|2, Strycova|Bremond 6|0 6|4, Peer|Holland 6|2 6|0, Stephens|Soler-Espinosa 6|4 6|2, Dubois|Vesnina
6|4 1|6 6|4, Radwanska|Riske 6|4 1|6 6|2, Errani|Savinykh 6|2 6|1, Zheng|Keys 6|2 6|1, Dokic|Chakvetadze 6|2 6|1,
Krajicek|Barrois 6|3 7|6, Wozniak|Zhang 6|3 6|3, Nevarro|Begu 6|1 7|5, Djokovic|Lorenzi 6|2 6|0 6|0, Murray|Harrison
4|6 6|3 6|4 6|2, Ferrar|Machado 6|1 6|4 6|2, Gasguet|Seppi 6|3 3|6 6|3 6|1, Raonic|Volandri 6|4 6|0 6|2, Nishikori|Robert
6|1 7|6 6|0, Bogomolov|Gimeno-Traver 6|3 6|2 6|4, Monfils|Matosevic 7|6 6|3 6|3, Tsonga|Istomin 6|4 3|6 6|2 7|5,
Simon|Udomchoke 6|1 3|6 6|7 6|3 6|2Sweeting|Bachinger 6|4 6|4 6|2, Chela|Russel 7|6 6|3 6|4, Tipsarevic|Tursunov 5|7
7|6 6|3 6|4, Monfils|Matosevic 7|6 6|3 6|3, Troicki|Ferrero 4|6 6|7 6|2 7|6 6|2, Raonic|Volandri 6|4 6|0 6|2,
Granollers|Levine 6|0 7|6 5|7 5|7 6|3, Mahut|Stepanek 7|5 7|5 6|3, Giraldo|Viola 6|4 6|2 6|1, Ito|Starace 6|3 4|6 6|3 6|4,
Petzschner|Rosol 6|0 6|0 6|2, Hewitt|Stebe 7|5 6|4 3|6 7|5, Duckworth|Zopp 6|3 6|4 6|4, Golubev|Youzhny 7|5 6|7 6|4
4|6 6|3, Andujar|Kunitsyn 6|1 7|6 6|0, Roger-Vasselin|Malisse 7|6 ret, Llodra|Gulbis 2|6 6|1 6|2 6|2, Kukushkin|Garcia-
Lopez 6|4 6|3 6|0,Bellucci|Cela 7|6 6|4 6|3, Benneteau|Beck 6|4 6|2 7|5, Ebden|Souza 6|3 7|6 6|2, Gil|dodig 2|6 6|1 6|1
4|1 ret, Mello|Bautista-Agut 6|4 6|4 7|5; on day three Federer|beck walkover, Tomic|Querrey 3|6 6|3 7|6 6|3,
Berdych|Rochus 6|1 6|0 7|6, Falla|Fish 7|6 6|3 7|6, Almagro|Dimitrov 4|6 6|3 6|7 6|4 6|0, Del Potro|Kavcic 6|4 7|5 6|3,
Dolgopolov|Kamke 4|6 6|1 6|1 3|6 8|6, Isner|Nalbandian 4|6 6|3 2|6 7|6 10|8, Lopez|Cipolla 7|5 7|6 6|2,
Wawrinka|Baghdatis 7|6 6|4 5|7 6|1, Anderson|Stakhovsky 3|6 6|1 7|6 6|3Kohlschreiber|Riba 6|4 4|0 ret, Lu|Serra 7|5
6|2 6|2, Karlovic|Berlocq 7|6 3|6 6|3 6|4, Lacko|Young 6|3 6|1 3|6 6|3, Clijsters|Gacon 6|0 6|1, Azerenka|Dellacqua 6|1
6|0, Li|Rogowska 6|2 6|2, Radwanska|Ormaechea 6|3 6|1, Oprandi|Schiavone 6|4 6|3, Jankovic|Chang 6|4 6|2,
Benesova|Peng 6|2 6|4, Hantuchova|Tsurenko 4|6 6|4 6|3, Goerges|Danililidou 6|2 2|0 ret, Garrigues|Govortsova 6|1
6|0, Niculescu|Parmentier 4|6 6|4 6|1, Barthel|Cetkovska 7|5 6|3, Bratchikova|Brianti 6|2 6|1, Voskoboeva|Pironkova
6|4 6|4, McHale|Erakovic 3|6 7|6 6|3 ; on day four Sharapova|Hampton 6|0 6|1, Zvonereva|Hradecka 6|1 7|6,
Ivanovic|Krajicek 6|2 6|3, Makarova|Kanepi 6|2 7|5, Errani|Petrova 6|2 6|2, S.Williams|Strycova 6|0 6|4, Bartoli|dokic
6|3 6|2, Lisicki|Peer 6|1 6|2, Arn|Cibulkova 6|2 3|6 10|8, Zheng|Vinci 6|4 6|2, Kirilenko|Wozniak 6|4 1|6 6|2,
Kerber|Dubois 7|5 6|1, Cirstea|Radwanska 1|6 6|2 6|3, Murray|Vasselin 6|1 6|4 6|4, Ferrer|Sweeting 6|7 6|2 3|6 6|2 6|3,
Tsonga|Mello 7|5 6|4 6|4, Tipsarevic|Duckworth 3|6 6|2 7|6 6|4, Benneteau|Simon 7|5 7|6 1|6 3|6 6|2, Monfils|Bellucci
2|6 6|0 6|4 6|2, Gasquet|Golubev 6|4 6|2 3|0 ret, Kukushkin|Troicki 5|7 6|4 6|2 4|6 6|3, Raonic|Petzschner 6|4 5|7 6|2
7|5, Nishikori|ebden 3|6 1|6 6|4 6|1 6|1, Gil|Granollers 6|3 4|6 6|4 6|3, Chela|Andujar 6|4 6|4 6|3, Llodra|Bogomolov Jr.
6|1 6|3 4|6 5|7 6|4, Mahut|Ito 1|6 7|6 6|2 6|2; on day five Nadal|Lacko 6|2 6|4 6|2,Federer|Karlovic 7|6 7|5 6|3, Berdych
7|6 7|6 6|1, ,Almagro|Wawrinka 7|6 6|2 6|4, Jankovic|McHale 6|2 6|0, Azerenka|Damel 6|2 6|4, Wozniaki|Niculescu 6|2
6|2, Radwanska|Vashneva 6|2 6|2, Clijsters|Hantuchova 6|3 6|2; on day six Hewitt|Raonic 4|6 6|3 7|6 6|3,
Djokovic|Mahut 6|0 6|1 6|1, S. Williams|Arn 6|1 6|1, , Kvitova|Kirilenko 6|0 1|0 ret; on day seven in round four
Nadal|Lopez 6|4 6|4 6|2, Federer|Tomic 6|4 6|2 6|2, Azerenka|Benesova 6|2 6|2, Radwanska|Goerges 6|1 6|1,
Clijsters|Li 4|6 7|6 6|4, Bryan bros|Flemin/Hechina 6|4 0|6 6|2; on day eight in the round of sixteen
Makarova|S.Williams 6|2 6|3 Kvitova|Ivanovic 6|2 7|6, Errani|Zheng 6|2 6|1, Murray|Kukushkin 6|1 6|1 1|0 ret,
Nishikori|Tsonga 2|6 6|2 6|1 3|6 6|3, Ferrer|Gasguet 6|4 6|4 6|1, Djokovic|Hewitt 6|1 6|3 4||6 6|3;non day nine
Nadal|Berdych 6|7 7|6 6|4 6|3, Federer|Del Potro 6|4 6|3 6|2, Azerenka|Rodwanska 6|7 6|0 6|2, Clijsters|Wozniacki 6|3
7|6; on day10 Kvotova|Errani 6|4 6|4, Sharapova|Makarova 6|2 6|3, Murray|Nishikori 6|3 6|3 6|1 Djokovic|Ferrer 6|4
7|6 6|1 ; on day 11 Nadal|Federer 6|7 6|2 7|6 6|4, Sharapova|Kvotova 6|2 3|6 6|4, Azerenka|Clijsters 6|4 1|6 6|3, Byan
 bros|Linstedt/Tecau 4|6 6|3 7|6; on day 12 Djokovic|Murray 6|3 3|6 6|7 6|1 7|5; in the womens final Azarenka|Shaapova
 |]6|0; and in the mens fimal Djokovic|Nadal 5|7 6|4 6|2 6|7 7|5 djokovic taking it all.
         Now on to Made in America. I had a dream that I was talking in an office with Ted Danson a couple of years
 back. It was like a good food dream. Back to point ahh racial harmony.
Dustin- Grab a blunt
grab a bowl
you’ll be stoned
before you know
I wanna be high
As the sky
Maybe in the stratosphere
Or in the Lithosphere
Getting high off the lithium.
Bum bum.
I call a male’s cerebellum a McEnroe for jonnie Mac the King of Arguing and a female’s a Williams for Venus and
 Serena or a Peer Year one was bull shitting Hebrews are good at sports how do you explain Jerusalem winning mixed
 doubles championchips. Roddick deals with loosing match interviews with more equanimity now. Once again I’m
 watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I’ve read Doomed Love at a Taco Stand. I wonder what Hunter S.
 Thompson, a good Thompson, would think of my literarily based coverage.
Thompson-I like it.(Raising his cup in cheers)
Now I’m watching Gullivers’s Teravels with jack Black a bowl and a Black and Mild. Not all motivation comes from sex
 and aggression good motivation comes frome love and and other emotions.

                           Seven deadly sins or seven worthy aspirations

        There are many but mainly four forms of lust: two proper forms and two improper forms. One proper form is the
lust that a man has for his wife. How else is he to be fruitfull and multiply if he is not attracted to his wife. Another form
 of proper lust is the lust that an unmarried man feels for an unmarried woman. How else does he or she know that they
 want to make a move on a sexy young middle aged or retiree man or woman. Remember that we are past the sexual
 revolution. Heck I’ve even been hit on by a man who I told by proxy to the chick he had approach me
Dustin-Tell him thanks for the complement but I’m not gay
I have also been hit on by and hit on a slew of women and had sex with many which was premarital sex but those sins are
 good to be unburdened appon others, but then again I’v been under a vow of celebasy for the past seven years unless you
 cout that chick who grabbed my crotch without my consent. An Improper form of lust is the lust that a man or woman
 feels for a married person who is not married to them that’s adultery in your heart. Or the lust that is felt by a married
 person for those who are not their marital spous. This also is adultery in the heart. With arms in a Y and chin raised
 wuzzup generation”Why?” I’m a daddy of the wise. Remember the wisdom of Solomon it will get you by ya lets cut the
 baby in half and see who accepts it. A snake libra daddy born on sptember 29 1977. And coming from a snake take in the
 vanity of the green summer grass the birds of the air and how they are clothed or even the cross that He bled and died on
 not goin benny Hanna and as a Libra don’t Judge anyone who’s messure you stand above. Mathiew 7: 1-5 is what I have
 tatood on my back plus a tribal Keltic Cross but most was done before I knew the law..there are two forms of gluttony.
 You feast before you fast or you feast constantly with no concern of heart problems. There are two forms of greed greed
 for trasures on earth or in heaven. Sloth for a workaholic is just recouping bed sores are a different case unless due to
 coma. Melatonin when overdosed on causes depression. Envys just bad unless it causes you to accell to keep up with the
 Jonses unless your family starves for your Polo house and Austin Martin I mean a leather ethen Allen or a napoleanic era
 sofa is no good with no one to sit in it but then again hats off to ya you inventers of the soler thermo with your black fibris
 material old roman shield tricks oil water and steam vents spinning generators . Are they deadly or only deadly when
No man is good for we all have our sins but we can strive to be descent.
        Just got finished with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas now it’s on to snatch holding pot in my lungs and a pipe
 in hand writing this with the other.I now know the meaning of extortion not just the word but the experiance Just got
 finished with big fish 420 trainspotting and Im now finishing Hackers on my computer (thank god for the FBI or I’d
 have no protection from those that crack rights on copywrites) and in the middle of Fear and loathing in las vegas
 starting on SLC Punk on my computer next is the source then on to Plains Trains and Automobiles. –then Uncle buck
 then the Breakfast club a six degrees of separation directors cut, computer tangent.and a Kevin Bacon twist. Its all I
 have on dvr and DVD so I’m writin my own rules the next day it was beat then Naked lunch next is fear and Loathing
 in Las Vegas then maybe on to the source of cource keeping Desolation Angels in mind the time out on the beach, the
 “candy you make of honey, spices and raw marijuana” and “Julien (who is of Scott descent)” the news paper man. And
 now I am and litstening to Bob Dylans greatest hits on my Acer tablet now on to simon and Garunkle’s Greatest hits
 Miss Robinson, Scarburrough Fair Sound of Silence just to name a few now it’s archade fire Half Light II (No
 Celebration) that’s the Archade fire diddy.. Rummy’s style is loosely based on Visions of Cody but is technicly called
 vidiot pros. Tango was based loosely on Carl Sandburgs style free verse but many poets inspire me.
Dustin-Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeha(literal translation Hazza)
        I’m just not as good on the Wii version or Daniel craig version of Goldeneye as I am at the 64 version and my
 brother sanded through the 64 cord making it unfixable so I Gave my Goldeneye to someone with a working 64. I beat
 my brother high on acid with him being completely sober and still got most deadly. Brant Ferrar a prof at south Plains
 College was the only person who could beat me more than half the time on that game after I owned it and learned it I
 always Played as Janus Special Forces and loved the cave especcialy the dark part. I Still have an attari vgi system
 missing a chord with;
 two coppies of combat, super break out, Video Pinball,Hangman, Defender, Real Sports Baseball Bowling, Skiing,
 Golf, Star Raiders, Starmaster, Kaboom, Poker Plus, Berzerk, Space Invaders Super Breakout, Pac Man Asteroids
which were good but word Zapper, fun with numbrers and super man I could have done without. And I still have
 Wintris on my computer and flash drive
        Now on to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one. I like my English Hallucinations or those English
 that are truth not truly born of madness they treat me with a different respect me being of their noble lines. I like the
 Nobels in this order peace prize winners Lauriets literature guys medicin and everyone elseso Kissinger, Carl Sandburg
 then Madam Couri. “Hello” Yoshi goody two shoes. The other morning it was Crazy People I couldn’t make a copy
 because I tried to record it too quickly some DVRs have a greater memory Capacity than stated. I use Dish Network.
 “Hello”. Japanese people’s skin melts too being Identified by a belt bucle. Fall out is after all Black Rain. What
 would Korea Senda think probably that the bombedeer of the Anola Gay stands above us like a Collosus. In measure
 of sin Like a real meglamaniac man. I wonder if the American Black Rain is a cover up so nobody goes to the
 foreighn film section
        I just gave my cats some Science Diet. Sometimes they get Chicken of the Sea tuna and pink salmon. Ya their
 fat but their happy. Poot or pooterific as I call him pritty kitty ou Belle Chat as I call her and Spaz or spazadelic as my
 brother nick named him were named by my brother and his ex-wife.
Dustin-Bonjour Belle chat mon belle chat.
Today started out with Gullivers travels I love the Base Jump but it’s kind of eery then on to Le grand Lebowski then
on to Inglorios basterds which I’m still in the midst of I played SLC Punk on my computer during it and at the end of
Inglorious basterds I’m Playing Hackers on my computer. Next is trainspotting(Just paused Trainspotting and Hackers
and drove listening to the trainspotting sound track getting two packs of black and Milds and two Rockstars,and now to
load another bowl) then King Lear with Ian McKellan thenWilliam Shakespears Romeo and Juliet (iwas litening to its
`soundtrack on the way to ski sunlight) then the source Then
Plains trains and Automobiles. The coputer loop. Davinci Code the Davinci Virus both fiction.lepahC nylysoR ni
 moor artxe eht eht ot noitcennoc naignivaraM eht morf. Combien enfent est que ca Soloman as?”hot sex with a Jewish
 Princess”, no proof even if blood led you there. But the Fonz is cool and so is Sandler.
The theme for today is love of love. First Is Big fish now it’s the Royal Tanenbaums, now Annie Hall, Now it’s
 w.s.’Romeo And Juliet and he sloughs the mortal Coil and becomes an emporer walking up with his empress, on to
 The Dajelleng it’s Happy Gilmore.Today it was X-Men first class then Annie Hall Then Bananas sort of a
 Dr. Strangelove Kennedy day. Now it’s Beetlejuice
Cut to Ginna Davis’ tits.
King Lois 16(sais you)-It’s good to be the King
Une due trois quatre sanc six sept huit neuf dix onze deuze treis trent et trois degrees trent et trois cest dans le afabet ah
  be ce de ae ef je ccp fbi cia. Now it’sX-men First Class and slc punk on my computer then its on to Gullivers Travels,
  then Beat (Years back I was watching Boomdock saints at skillets on Jack Nafises Laptop when it had just came out on
  dvd and I was Reading and Finnished Satori In Paris which I returned it to Barnes and Noble that night which I read all
  of it in two hours) now onto Dinner for Schmucks. Kismit
On to Win Win. On to Americas Next Top Model the Amsterdam episodes. I’d say
Dustin-I wont be going home just yet I think I’ll hang out in a hash bar for a couple of months just to get a taste of the
You can take down
Those proud twin towers the stock market
Buthow do you stop the internet
How doyou stop the internet
How do you stop the internet
That new tower promised
That stands for freedom
Let the greatest prayr screem
From that high and laughty rooftop.

I’m just finishing up with Snatch thenits on to trainspotting the transition covered by the beginning of Hackers but I’m
 switching over to Diomond are Foreverl
         Mar.12 2012. Today Ive been watching the royal wedding all morning such a statement of beuty and honering
 of the Lord. Now on to King Lear hearing of shakespear’s production of The Tin Drum. When reading Merry Wives
 of Windsor I couldn’t get the image of groucho cheeko and Harpo Marx doing the male leads part and I always saw
 Portia dressed up like stone, a living statue, and her father the King sees her and is reminded so much of her mother
 that he had killed so long ago that he is moved to tears. Me wearing my costume diamond ear ring(
Cut to Stage and audience Frankenstein and his monster up on stage
Wilder-man about town
with a tux on) that I picked up off the floor after two men had a fight in my house breaking my table and my sharpening
 stone base the earing belonged to the outsider so unless he sees me with it it’s mine when asked about the table
Dustin-Flesh is worth more than a table.
The only real portrait of shakespear is the one with the ear ring in it by the way. Double entant or apprapo. Taking bets
 ladies and gentlemen.
“O O O that shakesperian rag-
 it’s so ellegent
so intelligent”(elliot, T. S. The Wasteland a Game of chess(a story about a man seducing a girl while his friend plays
 chess with her aunt in the other room at least based on that story) lines 127-29)
Mar.12 2012
The Ides of March
Are not so forboding
Search out happiness
All the stress unloading
Tomorrow may bring trouble
But remember, look to the Happines
Here and in the hereafter.
Pow wow party Soirée boogy down.
Now on to W. S. Romeo and Juliet. On to Rocknrolla Now it’s Hot Fuzz on to SLC Punk and The Breakfast Club On to
 Gullivers Travels on to Beetlejuice I almost wish it were Earth Gitls are Easy or at least History of the World Part one
Is she sexy in it?
But if shes married I’ll have to put it all out of my mind. But she picked a better role in this she’s good in it. Not that
 Mel Brooks is bad for goodness sakes I modled Tea and cake on Young Frankenstien’s screenplay form
The theme for today is just getting by it started with big Fish and now on to the Social Network.

This is put in so that I don’t have to denounce science fiction but was written before I knew the truth but the Fifth
 Element is way too sexy to throw away. It is based on Russian doll theory which states if you can multiply a number
 by infinity then you can devide it by infinity as well. So there is infinite possibuility of tiny and tinyer people. And on
 the fact that if you make a tiny version of a gradfather clock to spec the turning radius of the hands is smaller ergo it
 moves faster or keeps time at a faster rate. And I encorperated the laws of gravity.
Sly Gulliver by Dustin Wesley Smith

Chapter 1   Invention
Chapter 2   Exploration
Chapter 3   Breaking in
Chapter 4   The Dragon and the stow aways
Chapter 5    Bug Bating
Chapter 6    Alone
Chapter 7    Introductions after the freak out
Chapter 8   Allices Animal Catilogue

          This if at all can be someday understood by your people gala my name prost is Gulliver Newton. What fallows
is the story of how it got here how this may sound to you I don't know but it all started three years ago. I was working
with lets just say the idea of physically altering matter to different sizes. Most of my colleges called me mad a pipe
dreamer but I found it was simple once I figured out how to turn matter into other forms of energy then copying the
wave of that energy and either Amplifying the wave or reducing it and then reforming this matter at whatever size I
wished But what applications does it have you may ask.
Well I started by increasing the size of tubs of Ben and Jerry's keeping the size of the rocky road and vanilla at the right
size to digest just more plentiful and I toyed around with that for a while Next thing I did stupid as it may have been
was to make myself 8 feet tall I felt that that was the right size and I survived soul in tact I hope and then I thought what
if I make the device that I made to store mass as energy into energy itself I thought at first to make it a car Like in Back
to the Future but I found It best to accommodate it to space travel submersibal land and Air in the form of a parachute
The Multy mod took about three months to build the parts had to be smithed but It was Cheap enough because I had
them built at 1/100of planned size remembering that I could just increase the size of it to accommodate my now back to
5'8''2''' without shoes frame, I had a little problem with the DMV Or the Department of motor vehicles (kind of like
those electronic remote controlled cars and Train System that I'm leaving to your People I cant ride in them I made
myself so @$&* big. @$&* you Filly but I guess it is my fault) the body of the craft being Blue Folded steal with lots
of Clear coat and a Humungous Diamond cut to fit the front cab and cut dric flat on both sides blue in Color the inside
lined with granite fitted with platinum fittings and all leather La-z- boy chairs an ancient Ethan Allen sofa, .A king sized
water finth bed agina insert crall, my Zen disk player that plays every format of film/music/holograph/and hauloconcert
with music and performances from artists including Mozart Handle Paganini, Gregorian chant. Tribal beats from
Mickey Heart, Miles Davis Sonny Sit and Rollins Chic Korea and Garry Burton Charles Mingus Ella Fitzgerald
Satchmo Joe Satriani Green day Primus just to name a few. It was finally put together on July 4 2005 in the year of our
Lord if you do find the Bible along with my things
I then thought how small or nip could I make myself thought Lets try about 4 foot killa making my module dimensions
living 20 feet killa cubed interior and cab 15'' killa cubed measuring interior space as well Making the craft four feet
thick on average. I made the inside of the living quarters like a Winnebago Getting miniature piping system was a little
tricky the engine which is hooked to two opposable transaxles one hooked to a retractable propeller and the other to the
wheels on the front cab wasn't so hard I just bought a working model of a McClaren LF a very fast Car I mean the
engine was beautiful all chromed out chrome is this shiny metallic substance well by the by I installed it and it worked
like a charm It took racing fuel but that's cheap when you can buy it by the pint and just increase it from the smallest
drop from that pint as possible I bought a gallon to be safe a pint s like your heckl and a gallon is like your brindy. Then
I moved myself in many changes of clothing a steam cleaner and washing board cleaning supplies toilet paper water
Grow lights of Varying sizes four Solar panel generators each just big enough to be powered by the four Russian dolled
just like the universe that’s what I knew in my heart grow lights the panels were bought as part of and taken from solar
calculators set to release at 220 volts using the largest solar panel which I sized to match in output the required two foot
by one foot resizing devices 50 volt operating capacity as well as my crafts few utilities including;
A dolls house complete with a duel Heat/AC unit 30 rooms Olympic sized swimming pool and hot tub dance hall gold
floors and diamond chandeliers and other track and lamp lighting, air mixers to circulate the pressurized interior's air
supply (which as you may have guessed I also use to power small wind generators storing the additional power in
batteries which indecently don't hold a charge when enlarged to a size useful for anything bigger than a nice stereo
lasting for about five seconds if output equals capacity which is about 500 volts used at actual human/cab size oh well
didn't expect miracles, scanning equipment for identification of matter inside and outside of the cab within a variable
1inch to 1.73 X 10 ^27 miles outside as well as the temperatures and Chemistry of that mater listing it's chemistry,
shape if definable, size temperature and stratification of content if layered or atmosphered in text as well as showing the
mater on holographic display for a visible identification of the matter.
 Which took altogether 150 volts although the storage capacity of the resizer's energy storage is 1000 volts which is just
enough to store and resize a family of four from millimeters back to true height, a years worth of food or narfa that's
what it ended up lasting me a creot. Now that I chose from many great restaurants or yorbas and then froze and shrunk
along with all other provisions because cleanliness is next to Godliness and provisions that fit in your pocket don't
clutter up the place.
. I wonder how big the cherry Banana apple and palm trees or the giant jilli are treating you all and I hope that no more
of you have been harmed harvesting them.

Chapter 2

On my table sat a flower that I placed it on the ground. I had this plan And reduced mysealf to the point at which I
could drive on top of the flower without harming and I go along side of it driving up on to it a tire at first then reducing
my size from there I positioned myself on top of the flower trying to decide which would be best to explore the Stems
or the Blue petals or the Pestal I decided on the Petals. It takes what seems like hours reducing but looking at the clock
only one minute has p@$&ed and thank god I took my dog Maggie with me it might have been a problem me coming
up missing and my dog dead due to starvation. Sorry if she's been a bother Her the quada you speak of we call it
monster and her being a Lasa apso being so big I guess was a shock and ya'll I guess looked tasty to her to think it her
being a toy or jimbi as y'all call it not to sound sinister haskaga and eating things smarter incopo than she you who can
speak ladda. But I traveled all over the surface jumping at the veigns in the Flower that seemed to ware strop on the
vehicle so I figured I would make mysealf small enough to fit in between the perfectly formed make up of the flower
itself. Thank God I remembered to sterilize the flower first what would monstrous bacteria look like any way and when
I set the enlarger/reductor I fell in to the Flower itself FALLING VERY FAST BUT THE SHAFT WENT ON FOR
that I began to make out what were atoms you don't have a word for them that I know of and then I decided wow I
WONDER WHAT A quark looks like up close so I reduced mysealf even smaller falling once again towards the atoms
of the Blue Bonnet but I could hear the cords of my parachute straining the gravitational pull of these atoms must be
pulling me in So I decided that quark size would not do it I would have to reduce my self to the size of tenth that and
see how it goes from there and I shot straight in hurling past huge quarks ten times my size and it was at that time I
remembered my back up back up shoot and I pulled it nearly tearing my ship dora to parts but my rate of descent finally
slowed and I began to actually be able to view pulsing light covering the quark tiny flashes of light that blinked on and
off I thought I'd better again after replacing my backup up shoot which was ripped to shreds but my descent was ever
vigilant so with my resizer I replaced the used shoots with fresh ones. Now I was ready to reduce my size even further.

Chapter 3

         I reduced my size to 1/100 the original size and I shot towards the blinking lights but I was still too big I found
that if I were to strike the lights at this speed might do something bad and now I noticed that the blinking lights were no
longer blinking some were on and some were off. I reduced mysealf even further and I floated right into one of the
lights breaking it apart so I decreased mysealf heading towards another light not so fast and it seemed to head towards
me and I guess the first one did too but this one I was sure not to destroy. I reduced mysealf in increments of 1/10th
until it was not the light that floated towards me but the exact opposite and then I fell in I noticed then that the light that
I had viewed was in fact many complete closed universes I mysealf being very astonished notice that the game is afoot I
could reduce my self and enlarge mysealf I found being pulled by the weight of singular universes' I would start to pull
them in Then I would reduce floating for what seemed for days towards them floating watching my stuff fly around the
cab the air getting thin I opened the air release valve shut it my ears popping from pressure I opened one of the l50 air
tanks that I had shrunk and brought on board after making the tank take up as much space as I could while still keeping
the oxygen inside the tanks at a breathable atomic size and opened the valve pressure reducing and air returning I
increased the pressure in the craft to the point at witch it started to make creaking sounds then I shut it off and then
saved this air content in the resizer. Then I sat back to watch episodes of Futerama Aqua Teen Hunger Force Getting off
on the Shrink ray episode making Maggie as big as me but the minute she took a poop I shrunk the poop and her down
to hair sized and kept them in a disk case Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Getting off on Reducto shrinking mysealf
along with The Birdman and Inch High Private eye series' And Inner space and Gulliver's Travels the Film Mini-Series
and the Book My collections of cl@$&ic neo cl@$&ic and new Literature that my sister or naga Jenny gave to me.
After I got bored with those I shrunk down mysealf along with a remote control to the device, air, furniture, clothes,
entertainment and port a potty down to Maggie's size Letting her over the fence that the case provided and then
proceeded to shrink us and them even smaller nearly falling through microscopic cracks in the floor stopping just short
of doing so and then I could broadcast a signal up to what I suspect you would call world quero wide kazin range so I
wasn't stuck their. Me and my doggy sat back looking out of the cab window one singular universe seemed to have a
hold on me so I could now rest for a wile being so small slowing time of arrival just enough to have a three month jijo
journey trand while approaching and not working. I found that shrinking my freezer case along with me with about five
months worth of food mage had been a good idea and my waste could be transferred into energy and dissipated through
the cab as far as I was concerned and my Maggie monster she may be this was a livable situation we went for walks
always toward the front cab I found that at this size my air consumption was not a problem considering the fact that the
amount of oxygen had been increased when we downsized to the point at which it nearly equaled that of our planets
atmosphere and gravity was provided by my craft our walks were long and I let her poop where she may on them
because the three month mess was easy to clean up with a single mopping at normal size and base camp was far enough
away so that we didn't have to smell it. I'll Have to let you also know that I reduced Maggie's size a little so she
weighed less in my lap she got kind of confused at first at least from what I could tell being a bit smaller but she after a
day this way and actually grew to like being picked up wanting to be held I mean she snuggled plopy before but she
seemed to grow more affectionate if that is possible.

Chapter 4

        I had gone along for three days eating thick Ice cream and thicker steak along with vitamins, calcium pills thank
god I brought them the weight of my craft afforded a walking style much like the ancient hero Neal Armstrong on the
moon no not Louis. I was completely content for a while doing flips and hoping way up in the air listening to Steve
Wonders' and the Chili Peppers' Higher Ground. I decided to increase the lazy Z boy If you cant see my cabin werta
from here You must be blind You'll recognize it by the La Z Boy symbol on that wooden that's that brown stuff that I
brought with me to keep warm your people love it so for it's heating properties you'll find it inside along with my
computer and then climb it. It should be the same feat to you. It took two days rope in tow climbing up hanging by my
hammock when I got to the top my view of the window was even more splendid.
        It was about at this time that I heard the sound of what seamed to be Humming like a large Helicopter hitty
machine In my vicinity I walked over to the edge hanging my feat off and I caught the glimpse of what appeared to be a
gigantic wasp flying below and then above from my perspective he was moving rather laboriously. I checked my
pocket for the remote but it wasn't there I took out my binoculars their those things I donated to the New Aeronautics
Society to View Space Pinlad and I took a view at base camp and The remote was sitting on the love seat along with my
Maggie. The only Option I could foresee was to do a base jump Hitty ya I can't Believe ya'll actually emulate strstin
me, down to base camp off the cliff of the arm I readied my shoot and jumped falling for a good long while throwing
the shoot va over my shoulder crestus as I fell. The wasp noticed this and flew towards me as I made my way down
Buzzing my Shoot poking holes in it but this sped my descent and It was down I went directing my fall at what
appeared to be a five foot sewing needle that had fallen on the grou7nd when I was mending the parachute I aimed for
that realizing that I was going to fall short of base camp. The last two feet I dropped disconnecting from my shoot
rolling and picking the needle up at the same time the wasp was hot on my tail and it started to position itself stinger
forward bussing the ground and as I was running away I tripped on a crack my hasty sword pointing straight up the
wasp comes over me stabbing itself on the pin trying to sting it recoils in pain but proceeds I turn around just in time to
deflect the blow of it's mighty stinger I roll stand on my knees and as the wasp turned to sting pierced it's thorax which
was rather tough to do him being so big but I made it in and ran him through from bottom up catching his wing
impairing his ability to fly I dash for the remote and the wasp does not chase I seemed to have wounded it bad enough
to make it forget it's possible meal. As I was running I was looking behind my shoulder and my pace was slowed by
light coming from the bathroom and a girl Followed by three men come floating out their movements slow and
exaggerated. I had to make it to the Remote otherwise these foreign giants may have harmed me. I ran for what it
seamed to be for 100 yards bouncing like Neil and I hopped the last ten yards landing on the arm where the remote was
grabbing it and rolling off I set the machines effects to shrink any live organic matter taller than Five true feet and they
seemed to disappear being now the same size as me but I also like mysealf was placed down on the ground before

Newton- Can anybody hear me the only sound I hear are my Maggie's steps towards her long missing master don't
worry I left Her enough water for 5 and food for three to four days. She smiled her tong smile happy to see me she was
so happy in fact that she peed all over me but I didn't mind remember I had the steamer and my entire wardrobe to pick
from. And in that wardrobe I found what I had not remembered bringing my wine cellar I pulled it out and enlarged it
to normal size in regards to me. There it stood so many to choose from. I thought I may as well Start with a Napa
Valley Cabernet Sauvignon I found one 1776 a very good year I popped the top put a small tube with a rubber seal
around the top of the bottle that had the tiniest spigot attached to the end I turned the bottle upside down and put it
through one of those stands your always using in chemistry cl@$& to heat chemicals over a burner Having a perfect
size hole for the bottles neck to fit through I steadied it by wrapping it with rubber bands attaching them to a music
stand I did this far away from camp and then I enlarged it until the spigot would flow fast into empty bottles what did it
matter if I wasted a bit The Bottle came even closer to base camp but not too close about fifty feet Right at about this
time when I got the bottle enlarged in fact I heard a whooping coming from around the La Z Boy I yelled
Newton- Be ye foe or be ye friend
The girl yelled back
Alice- Are we on some sort of drug trip or what I mean the pot we have is good but it's not this good are you real where
are we why do I feel like I'm walking in a dream.
 I yelled back
Gulliver- I'll explain when you get here
They are now close enough to where I can make them out. I didn't recognize them at first except for one.
Billy- Hey gully we were looking for you when we decided to check in here we decided to smog out the bathroom then
it felt like all the air was sucked out my lungs
Alice- All of our lungs.
Billy- but any way Alice had just woken up when I did and for some reason we were floating around and now I find that
we are very small Yah.
Gulliver- Yah have a gl@$& of wine and let me see your pot.
Alice- Why there's not much left.
Gulliver-You see that bottle.
Alice- Ya way over there.
Gulliver- Well I figured we'd do the same thing to that last bud there.
Alice- Are you serious?
Gulliver does any body have a cigarette I forgot to bring mine.
Alice- I'm Allis by the way
Gulliver- Did your mom give you a last name.
Alice- Ericson Alice Elizabeth Ericson.
Me- and how bout you two you got names.
Alice- these are my friends Dustin Wesley and Gregory Shawn their brothers by the sir name of Smith.
Dustin- Hi d how are you quite a place you have here. And what a view. Where are we?
Gulliver- You wouldn't believe me if I told you
Shawn- I think were ready to believe just about anything at this point
Gulliver- Would you believe in a blue bonnet heading towards miniscule universes.
Dustin- Say what? That's allot to drop on a man at one time.
Gulliver- Well it's your fault you're here now. And I can't risk enlarging us again for I really have no means of
propulsion in this ship other than that of gravitational pull and if I increase size again I risk destroying another universe.
Alice- Another?
Gully- Ya we accidentally bumped into one when our size was just to great it destroyed that precious little thing.
Dustin- Woe talk about feelin something bad in the force. What was that stinking heap outside camp we were too far
off but we caught a whiff it stunk something fierce but are attention was distracted by the bottle. Man it's getting cold
in here
Gully- Well I suppose it wouldn't hurt if we enlarged a chip off of this cedar chest. Or do you think oak is a good idea I
also have some pine cones we can enlarge them some for the smell many other things we could make gigantic pot pouri
and burn the rest sparingly well even throw some pot in their sans the ultra Gigantic seeds. By the way that was a wasp.
Alice-Their aren't any more right.
Gully- Not that I know of but if there are I'll just reduce them now having the remote.
Alice-. Brrrrr. Get to it.
        I start a fire with what turned out to be a pungent mix of pot but the bon fire was warm even hot if you got too
close. I told them all to move away from any cracks and I made us even smaller so that our crafts gravity was equal to
that of our home planets our steps becoming normal before the fire was lit the fire was rather small as compared to our
vessel and our weight now comparable to Earths walking and running we approached each other and the fire around
base camp which we moved close enough to the bon fire pile that we put up not so close as to burn from the fire but
close enough to not risk freezing. We got up to it and Dustin using my flare gunshot the bonfire from about twenty feet
out him being selected because he is the best-shot pop or so he said. He has probably thrilled you with his Wild West
Shows he was made small enough to cavort along with the others me Deciding to stay large for some reason I hind sight
I would have stayed tiny and made more copies of the enlarger all of which I made I left and thought was safe on the

Chapter 5

        I find myself in a dream the wasp has taken flight again and in my dream he is even larger more menacing he
cries out in anger you bastard why I was only curious but I will have my revenge for that. Who do you think you are?
As he says this he's getting bigger and bigger He grows so large that the ship can no longer contain him It breaks from
the stress and out I fie from the ship Waking abruptly in a cold sweat part from the fire dying down and part from the
dream. I can feel a cold coming on and I look around for my new found fellow travelers and I see them huddled around
the dying embers talking drinking coffee and eating some coffee cake I had enlarged the night before for breakfast. I
look to see that my remote is still where I put it and it is my friends were not as curious as I would be I see. Their
rigmarole was broken along with my dying sleepiness when we hear what appears to be movement towards the camp I
look with my binoculars and scanning I catch a glimpse of a fourteen-foot tall black widow I quickly shrink it ending
the commotion that Alice had just been thrown into.
Alice-What was that.
Gulliver-Oh just another stow away. I wonder if there are any more on board I'm getting the Idea that this size issue
could really be a problem.
Dustin-What would we have done if that thing had caught us slumbering. Good thinking with the remote there.
Alice-What do we do for a bathroom?
Gulliver-We'll I've kind of fazed that out. You see my machine recognizes urine, feces, sweat, stains anything and it
can also transfer those things when present into other forms of energy which is then dissipated into whatever it is you
call this space or verging on it and that counts bowel movements still in the colon.
Dustin-Weren't we approaching that light awfully fast.
Gulliver yes but at this size our journey will take us two more months like ants on earth we are so small that we don't
even notice it's movement
Alice- and what of Tampons I only brought one and I am supposing my monthly flow would be considerably similar to
blood. You can't remove all blood or we would die.
Gulliver- Let me see your last tampon I'll enlarge it and you can fashion smaller ones from it.
Alice-Well that takes care of one thing. Not that it is a problem now but in about a week if were gone that long you
would have heard me bitching not that I wont be bitching anyway. Now what to do? Do you hear that? It sounds like
another bug. Oh @$&* look
         I looked and saw what the oh @$&* was about. A normally small Texas variety scorpion now the size of a
Winnebago was making his way from the spot where used to stand the wasp carc@$& but it along with it's lingering
odor were gone and the scorpion approached with great haste but shrinking was not a problem with the remote already
in hand from it's last use I made it the size of a house fly and put it under a gl@$& along side the daddy long leg who
was then crawling upside down weaving webs already.
Gulliver- I think I know what to do for today first shrink all organic matter greater than half a milligram (bl@$& i chin)
into relative nothingness. I figure transferring and dissipating their mater is not exactly ethically correct. But as for
these two in the gl@$&es well have you ever been to a bullfight.
Shawn-No but they are the modern form of gladiatorial Games. Why? You want one of us to fight them in a strange
Gulliver-No, nothing like that. But back in medieval England they used to pit bulls and bears in real battles to the death
they called it Baiting.
Alice-Sounds fun. But why do you consider it ethically wrong to harm the other organic mater but not when in regards
to these two.
Gulliver-I just thought it might be fun to watch.
         I set up the couches one in front of the other with the rear placed on an enlarged copy of Tristessa for a tear
affect then I copied them placing them tiered in a large circle love seats in front couches in rear leaving space between
for entrance to the second tear. It took on the look of a small make that short stadium. I then placed the scorpion and
the black widow very far apart and the shrunk them some more placing them the same distance apart but very small so
the space was the size of a clear crystal clear at the top and cut at the bottom gl@$& which I had saved for meeting
people I placed them at the center of the stadium ran to the edge.
Gulliver-Is every one ready boles loaded gl@$&es full as well as bellies.
All-Yes sir.
Newton- then lets start the show.
         I enlarged the gl@$& until it's edge was about ten feat from the edge of the chairs along with the gl@$&'s
occupants the Gl@$& was mountainous but not so large that it escaped the gravitational pull of the granite floor it is a
scotch gl@$& so it had the look of a corpus or a mesa in our tongue tupa.
Billy- @$&* their Big.
The air was thick with another pot pouri proudly the two titans stood the widow starting to climb the scotch gl@$& but
the scorpion grabs at it's legs the widow rears back circling around away from the mesa wall.
Alice-I can see the pain in his eyes. I can't watch. All Eight of them.
Billy-Oh common it's great. How can you not love this?
The size of the scorpion at our perspective was kets killa 5 feet to top of the thorax the tail hung drondo killa 12 feet in
the air pino. The black widow- which you can see in the zoo that I built on that spchke dom vacant lot on Jury jone
Jury Street. Housing my menagerie including goats and Maggie's tiny copies for the petting zoo and tiny copies of my
horses, monkeys of all kinds, western diamond backs, ferrets, cockatoos, parrots, cattle sheep and many fish species I
brought for a secondary replenishable food source and an Indian elephant all named Ted except for the Maggie's, one,
two, three, four, and five which I forgot to mention were shrunken along with the contents of my Wardrobe but taken
out before the wardrobe was shrunken so that they would not become so small that the gravitational pull of the granite
would not crush my darlings. We took the horses out they had much fun being able to roam the granite planet leaping
cracks as they ran. But this was a day later now to the contest- was bron killa tra 30 feet tall. This made it easy enough
once over the initial pain for the Back widow to break free of the scorpions grasp sprinting to the other side of the
gl@$& franticly starting a web the scorpion at it's height could not follow fast enough so the widow had already set an
anchor line and was half way up the gl@$& by the time the scorpion got there. After that it was seemingly boring the
widow at the top of the gl@$& and the scorpion stuck at the bottom by the time he got the idea of climbing the web to
get at the widow the trap was set and the scorpion fell right in getting it's legs stuck in the anchor line franticly trying to
free itself but the wise spider was instinct in function wrapping up it's now helpless pray it was a seemingly slow
process because of the immense size of the beast but as we all began to tire the blacky finished his work making
scorpion preserves. All in all it was a bit of a let down no swashbuckling show just bugs doing what they do. Satisfied
I shrunk the gl@$& and it's occupant and put them into a Tupperware bowl stashing it in the wardrobe.

Chapter 6

I decided to enlarge the Video arcade and scare up some pizza from the fifth now normal sized deep freeze that I had set
on generator power the Generator being shrunk along with the freezers as to keep from having to build smaller and
smaller outlets Keeping all other electronics like the holla tube on the same generator which was converted to solar
power running off of the cabs bright internal lights which produce a great amount of solar power considering the fact
that the power being pulled in relation to the size of the craft about the same as that of an ordinary solar powered + - * /
= calculator. This was great except for the fact that the lights were then dimming I noticed this and put on my space
suit grabbed the spare charged battery Jumper cables and one of the large replacement oxygen tanks I then went got my
remote targeted the McClaren engine set air to full gas tank full and the ignition to start a and sat back with my g@$&es
a worlds worth of them with only us to manage.
          Billy had taken to riding Sarah my best black filly. He did faun pilly after her brushing her mane her touching
her face to his cheek in affection fadaqueda. He spent the remainder of our journey out camping and riding her around
on the 10 acres of land that I had bought for gr@$&ing good gr@$& and an actual fully ready for harvesting hay field
the gr@$& was a bit pressed down from the gravity in my wardrobe which is tookalpea for ya'll wardrobe that is. Alice
had taken to sitting in and camping in my garden listening to my cl@$&ical music collection she asked me if she could
have me create another entertainment center in the middle of it with enough cord to reach the solar source. Me Dustin
and Shawn were pretty much evolved with climbing whatever fit our fancy a wine bottle with a repelling rope hooked
to it's top giving us a flat plateau to camp on up top we removed the plastic wrapper so standing wasn't a problem we
got a little too big in the eyes when enlarging it so the rope climb up the flat gl@$& surface was arduous sleeping in
hammocks on the evening following our start but by the end of the second day we reached top and what a view Billy
was an ant which are kind of like your I'll use the general term for it for having not the size for exploration of your
wonderful microcosms I don't know the names of many but rity or in our tongue insects we repelled down after two
days of partying at the feast that I had laid atop this great tower type gl@$& or venica in your tongue container before
enlarging. Repelling down was wild it was like repelling the Washington monument or your Lilitatia's Grubat Sheloa.
Lilitatia is a great city tara by the way from up here and from what I here from Billy and the others. Though on cloudy
h@$&a days I can hardly see it and forget foggy hissa ones I love the fact that this world has water unast too and earth
gerum. We reached the bottom after about a hitty minute fall that's our thirty minutes and @$& I descended I co8uld
see the universe that we were heading towards getting larger by perspective so we were getting close. I decided it was
time to take a reading of it to see where the main sequence stars were and weather their was water peasant on any of
their planets. Then checking that water for temperatures that closely if not perfectly resemble ours I stopped on one and
only one was perfect I took my resizer and targeted where this water lay and was warmish and set it to resize myself for
my stow aways felt they were most comfortable at a pretty small but visible size for they did not want the journey to be
over and as I had explained to them they would experience time in a very faster pace and if it weren't for the settings I
had programmed into the intercom discussions would have been impossible between us and me and ya'll I then halted
the progression of the ship. As I had done so many times before leaving a trail of tiny beacons along the falling parts of
my journey to leave a link between the larger resizing technology left behind after each resizing leaving a trail that once
triggered information holding us like the big Wanka Bar would be transferred directly back to our original position
beside the ring. @$&* that filly I hope you have not found the return destination in the resizer hopefully this is just a
joy ride your on food is wearing thin and with no resizer I will exhaust the apple trees supply and will have to move on
to those grakas or as we would call them wale like creatures which are scarcely anchovies to me but they aren't to bad
tiny bones aside which make them a bit crunchy but ok on the digestion fugga. I then took a deep breath and sent our
energy to your planet and we appeared suddenly in what appeared to be a pond to me but my companions signaled back
that it was actually a great sea of some sort. It was dusk and the orange sun of your planet set in front of my eyes
turning the sky a deep shade of purple beautiful and strange to my eyes and at my size I have seen many of them since
counting twenty four hours for every four of your days and I am still walking like Neal Armstrong to this day being
surprised at every free breath I have taken I have found that my body makes g@$&es elastic to cope strangest thing that
is It was like God Yawe to you and us wanted me to survive.

Chapter 7

It was two of your days later when I awoke to an alarm clock that was hooked up to my ear phones on the intercom and
I could hear the words this is getting really annoying coming over the intercom so I awoke and found that we had been
drifting on the pond for a long time for I had not come aground being the only one big enough to control the boat It was
dark and I started towards shore spotting what looked like a tiny casting its light illuminating the tiny clouds that
hovered between my perspective of it and the city suddenly sprang to life which I was told later your reaction to the
shaking caused by my engine noise I then saw a string of light spring forth from the city that move do fast that if it
weren't for the large m@$& of you heading for my position I would have missed it and the outline of the road it
followed. Kind of moving in quick time like the photography Alice does it with your freeways cratranna and has
enjoyed much success I have been forwarded. I put on my tux abruptly and made a martini and then set course for the
fires that had started to am@$& on the edge of the pond finding it a very short trip it was a pond after all then I saw
your tiny hover cars your sun was just coming up if you were there to remember and your tiny faces were illuminated
You when compared to my people are kind of stocky and broad the women more slender but still strong the height of
my stow aways was about the same standing only two feet above your normal height and your Giants as I here have
taken to cohorting with them so I did not feel that recising was necessary considering the fact that at my present size I
could as I thought keep tabs on the shear m@$& of your people a great commotion people running fast or walking I
couldn't tell. I rolled up on land along side of them where stood a short drop off easy to roll over which were cliffs to
your people sorry for the tire marks but your young I have herd are fond of riding through them on joopa what we
would call dirt bikes. As soon as the shaking from my vehicle subsided your people made their way up the hill to our
position I opened the door and laid out a ramp for my friends and yall to meet make introductions and introduce me
Your movements are not so quick that I could not judge what was occurring first it seemed to be that you were
interrogating my friends and it became apparent that you did not trust them Billy yelled through the intercom
Billy-Could you give us some help here boss
I made my position as such that all your people could then see me and tiny screams along with the commotion that
would be apparent in those monster flicks on your tiny entertainment centers that I made which were not and still aren't
compatible with your rizzatas which are pretty clear and lifelike like our old high definition TV's. But the monster
flicks I was referring to are Godzilla Mothra and King Kong. It was like Run its Godzilla. But I spoke through the
Gulliver-my name is Gulliver Newton.
Your people seemed to recognize this from what my friends had said at the interrogation the commotion subsided when
I did not rampage through the crowd a little extra commotion came when Maggie was let out of her dog carry on but on
her leash she was no threat as you all surmised. I then brought out a gift I resized a golden replica of the Ifal Tower
with working elevator and telescopes and a real stocked restaurant half way up made it the same size as ours would be
in relation to yall and placed it past the crowd sinking it in to the ground making sure it would not topple and was level
it stood about four feet in relation to me so once scaled I could be viewed well enough to be fully seen your people took
to that tower and I placed the communication device that would translate any language into English and then slow it
down and amplify the sound in my craft and later cabin the delay was unbearable and it took the machine a while to
gather from contextual clues through your speaking near it to understand your speech but it being so small was quick
and the questions just kept on coming. During all this I got to work using the resizer to create billions of tiny mota
sacks and pipes, Cuban Cigars, cigarette packs Marlboro, Double Diamond, American Spirit, Winston and Dunhill,
food and all manner of which, bottles of Dr. Pepper and Coke along with Cokes Coffee 911 20 oz cans your favorite of
the soft drinks I hear, Starbucks Frapachino, Milk, Napa valley wine, hard and soft apple and cherry cider Irish whiskey
and Swedish strawberry flavored vodka the hard drinks I remember cautioning you all to keep away from the children
but the little scamps are as I hear rather sneaky and curious finding that they like the as I stated they were adult vices
which include the cigarettes and pot as well remember 25 cacha kets yorbas ni quasetto umu or as we would say 18
years and older people umu is so much easier to say than people I think If I am ever able to return to my home planet I'll
see if it catches on God willing as well as Filly for my fate lies in your hands Filly where can you be and the story better
be good like you went about ending world hunger and diseases and Jazz like that, tables to sit around and an umbrella
my size to shade and to protect our party just incase rain arose or descended as it were which I stuck in the ground
giving you all a bit of a shake but you didn't seem to mind for it was a warm 88.6 outside according to my thermometer
on my gas screener that I used prior to opening the hatch to make sure that your air wasn't poisonous and the alcohol
went over big until the next day of that I should have warned you and the pot went over smashingly for you already
have smoked substances on this planet my favorite of which that I have enlarged and tried is bombic it reminds me of a
thirty minute brain orgasm my head ejaculating smoke it's odor hada and ni rupus taste is similar to that oh so loved
smell of pine trees which cover that plot of earth gerum that Dustin and Shawn turned into a Golf course and the Game
as I have noticed has taken on I wonder how the copies of my Callaway drivers Tailor made spoons three and five
woods Ping Zen irons and ping putters fair on your terrain and slata which is like our gr@$& except it is lovely shades
of red and purple and my horses and other livestock love the slata but they end up pooping blue and are very wired after
ingesting it I swear Billy has to be setting new records every day on the track which He has seen to construction and
opening and the jobs which include our casino staff have helped your homeless problem as I hear for all that were hired
were homeless as was your request dindib valhatan you is dindi right and your is dindib this language is kind of tricky
thank Yawe for the translator which was called a hair brained thea gajapre invention at school at Texas Tech because
there was proof that there was no possibuility of life or reaching any in our known Universe Pinladingada guess I
proved em wrong to a degree considering the fact that the blinking lights that were separate Pinladingada were
perceived by our people but not well enough to judge what they really are which are universes' buy God woe to the tiny
one I demolished remember them in your prares bezichy y being our s that signifies plural jaja. I will have to take a
moment and as should you smoke a bowl vish ti zigg or use the Zigg Zagg oranges I dispensed why y'all smoke but
don't use paper to wrap up and smoke your substances is beyond me maybe there is not a non poisonous form of paper
or something I will have to investigate this if I am here much longer.
I watched intently when the party ended and your people just laid down at the edge of the cliffs and all at once before
falling to sleep said something in unison the translator picked it up on the environmental scanner and I was shocked to
see that in the Bible that I have since had translated into your language has the same prayer different order but same
words and sentiment We call it the lords prayer which Reads Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name Thy
Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our sins
as we forgive those who have sinned against us lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the
kingdom and power and glory forever. I also did not know of the evil which y'all prayed the pesky sook gollas that
have had your people at wits end for many a generation. For those that do not know of them for I have since wiped
them from your known world being @$&ured that there is no other continent on this planet on which they inhabit I will
describe them in our terms because I am not so up on your descriptive terms as I should be they come in all collars but
they have long alligator like mouths and human like arms and legs their skin is covered in tiny horns with two large
horns on their heads which are as big as a normal mans which denoted intelligence. Your Blue skinned Emperor Raja
sa Jiggy Raja the Delightful as it goes was at wits end about them for the swamps that encroach on your domain used to
be filled with them their King Shaga holding up in that dark tower with his guard and horde zaga of murderers who had
taken to trading goods stolen from you on raids they were as advanced as you make no mistake about that but at their
miniscule size were little bother to me once finding out about them. The attack Plan went as follows. I walked through
the Forrest that they inhabited making sure to squish their outposts. I then got to their tower I then grabbed it and threw
it in to the pond ocean ooshda whatever. I then walked through to their little villages and removed those as well with a
garden how. They did bight something fierce as did their guns but the were so small that it was little more than bee
sting pain. I did not know that they were poisonous though not their bullets really but their bight would be in affect the
same in the numbers of 10 thousands as scorpions venom it really felt like they were still on me after swatting them off.
I left the rabble for your people to take care of and you have done so well.
           After the eradication of the vermin your people treated us rather graciously and have to this day especially
since I made large copies of all of your foodstuffs, drugs, fuels, liquids, and TVs ran off of my solar power generators
and they kick the hell out of the Mega Screen in Time Square I mean I can watch em, as did the m@$& transit system
which is a model of the Texas single vehicle electromagnetic Track with plenty of vehicles so much so that I had the
abuility to give one to every one of your siticens. How do you like it. Oh and sorry for fencing it in tacket-op ta pa
sorry for the incorrect order your language is sort of complicated and I can't seem to remember your grammatical rules.

Chapter 8

Allice Elizebeth Ericson

         This chapter Gulliver was so nice to afford me. I have noticed that on this planet you have a myriad of animal
life that I have come to respect and fear and sometimes loveand Ihave his @$&urance that a picture of each animal I
use for comparison will be presented in this.
These are the animals that I fear and respect;
Barras they are like buffalo but with a single horn they are the same size but roam freely across your plain I hear
farmers fear them as much as I me just seeing them from the gates and fences of the city and the zoo is a bit of a
comfort, chagas ley look like a cross between a Horney toad and a bull frog scary @$&* mind you thery don’t spit
blood though though they are poisonous to a sickenoing degree some honyocks carried them around me once held me
down and let one bight me but your authorities noticed and took them away I love you I hear it’s cartas we call them
bistros and that Charro way stronger than coffee, booras they are like snakes with hundreds of leggs but larger than our
scentapedes harmless creatures for the most part I hear except for the bigger ones which I am told to be wary of,
wangnazas They look like tigers but are reptilian and have teeth just as sharp, bozis which are like bajers whith saber
teeth and white coats with black spots, and wecras which are amazingly similar to kimono dragons but have like a half
furr half reptilian sort of thing going on the back end there is spiky furr brown with blue scaly skinn showing up front
that makes lovely shoes if I do say so myself -the haberdashers and dress makers me and the boys love- and they are
delicious kind of like beef but naturally spicy no ingredients are needed to cook them and ramba that bread green of all
things and dipped in scora this sweet pudding/jam is all I can use to describe it sweet like mung and vanilla beans all
mixed in one with a hint of something I cant describe it doesent effect your people but I @$&ured the boys that was the
secret ingrediant it makes us higher than kites or forras as you call them not effected heart wise but like a full body
orgasm or tantric during mid coitus I have tought a cl@$& in it here tantric sex and I am quite supprised it is catching
on from what I hear.

These are the animals that I love;
Faras are the cutestthings they are kind of like monkeys but blue no tail and four fingers but the inside digit worked
kind of like our thumb it reminds me of old cartoons like the Simpsons and Futerama and Mickey mouse although he
was a mouse and they only have four digits, sppeking of mice you have animals of the same size that look like our cats
but their mouths look bearish triangular ears though the rest of it is spot on catlike, erbas theyare like dogs with no tales
with antlers, And I cant believe it Jackelopes exist but you call them arras and they are about four feet tall, Buris which
are like Koala bears at least the heads but their boddies are more slothlike with red furr, Dorris which are Like horses
but they have bear heads and green fur of all things, annas which look like dogs but they have five foot leggs but very
doglike they even wag their tails and pant so that they look like their smiling there are all maners of them but they are
for the most part seven feet tall some five some eight at least at the size we are at, vellas which are sea creatures with
bodies like dolphins and heads somewhat like seals and are purple, naras which are like butter flies but big and with
bird heads, havas which have Planet of the apes monkey mouths the Charlton Heston version and teady bear ears and
heads they have long finger nails and bare like bodies and the nose is pretty much non existand except for the nasles,
jurras which are ghostliuke I mean you can see through them but their white and like dears with no horns and reversed
leggs so that theire leggs bend back instead of forward and they have long feet, wallas whish have pig heads with no
ears just holes where the ears should be and bodies and furr like Tasmanian tigers so a little doglike. Dear lord Ido
believe Fillies back

To be continued

Filli and the Raiders: a practice in modern oral tradition By Dustin Wesley Smith

Filli- For what we have done we are truly sorry. Heres how it went.
We new we had a three day Hike on our hands. I still cant believe you left the remote thingy unguarded. I will have
you know we have made many enimies sinc3e we have been gone. But back to the hike. We ascembled our climbing
implements a grappling hook if you have those things. I cant believe you can translate this from our language. And you
were obviously too big and too slow last time. We’de figure wede give you a bit of a rousing when we got back but are
you quick when were the samse size. And I’m glad that you kept it out of the city we have movies like that.
Gulliver- You mean like Godzilla.
Filli-I have no Idea what your talking about but anyway. What was that you used against us.
Gulliver- They used to call it a fource field. Its actually my machine not all0owing two things in the same space at the
same time. Youd wouldn’t realize it but my machine actuallyu has all your weapons saved by now and when I have
control I can bend your weaponsas theyt approach my body and stop ypou with a simple tap if you would believe it but
I have you saved as well. Now on with your story
Filli-We left in the morning. Climbing your vessel was no simple task the steps up to it were high but our grappling
gun did the trick nicely. It took a day to climb it. Man you sleep a long time. The whole time Cora was wining about
you finding out. But I had timed you naps timed out so I figured we had three days to make it. We ascended to the top
and you vessel was large but quaint. We saw the mansion inside and considered investigating it but their was really no
time. We set straight away in trying to figure out how you enlaged things we gathered that you did this from the size of
your cohorts. We searched around for technology and then we found a smaller version of the remote.
Guliver-Ya I made a couple copies for Alice and her friends.
Filli-I started playing around with it. I could not understand the language of your read out. But I toched one buton and
we suddenly grew in size We were packed in too tightly but I saw the arrows next to it and I adjusted it’s size until we
were well proportioned. I wondered how hard it would be to take for a test drive. I then found the captains seat figured
out your pedal system in seconds flat. I starte3d the engin. Your vesels are surprisingly like ours a pedal for
acceleration and for brqaking and an ignition switch. Dara was worried that you would be arrouse4d when we started it
up but I assured him that at your size you would not hear it in your slumber. I found the ingnition switch with the keys
still in it. I started it up and off we went into the water into the Forra sea. We made it across just fine It wasn’t much of
a journey. It usually takes three months to travas but at our size it waas easy. I was beg9ining to think that it was
dangerous because the waves that we were creating must have been tremendous.
Guliver- Wee call them tsunamis.
Filli well anyway we approached the shore and I figure out how to reduce the size of the ship We came ashor in Yora.
And it was apparent the the waves were big because we noticed devistation all along the coast line. Their was a hustle
and bustle trying to save people and we figured it a perfect time to ransack we roled up on shore and made our way to
the main road we figured Jara would be the best place to reek some havoc we roled through town everybody was
staring at your ship. They like we had never seen anything exactl like it. We were getting awfully hungy and I didn’t
see anything in the ship that looked edible so we stoped in at a local restaurant to get a bight. We descided on take out
we had little money so I descided to see if your machine could make one meal big enough to to feed all of us then I
playrd around with your remote pointing it at a farra. It’s a lovely dish that we all enjoy. The fara grew suddenly and
we had a hard time breaking it into pieces the crust was thick but the portioning of it was perfect enough for all. Afgter
lunch we descided to enter the forbidden city. It’s a place of burocratic splendor in the middle of Yora. We roled nup
to it And then figured out how to make the ship smaller. We started darting below passers by. We came to the gate and
the guards did’nt even notice us. Once past the gate we found ourselves in a long hallway full of murels encrusated
with jewels. I got out of the ship and enlarged myself. I then took a knife and started to pilfer the jewels with a knife.
Guliver- You could have just made a copy of the entire city and made an exact replica here.
Cora- A lot of help you are.
Filli- How are we understanding each other
Guliver-I have a translator that has your entire language devoted to memory It also takes dictation.
Filli- Well I went on back to the tiny ship my pockets full of jewels and resized myself Then ran back to the vehicle
before I was seen. I jumped back in and showed them my lot. They were very eager to get going to The rest of it. A
guard comes by and notices the jewels missing He radioed to the rest of them and four guards come lombering by Then
four more driving between them was a trick I just darted towards the edge of the hallway heading down the halway fast
but we were so small the halway spanned forever No one noticed the vehical we got to the end of the hall way into the
left council room we darted past dignitaries feet keeping to the wall so as not to get stepped on.
Guiliver- Now thats a good Idea sticking to walls.
Filli- I was very excited to see what was on the Genovian ministers table because in genovia there is said to be a hidden
quadi mine.
Guliver- What is quadi.
Filli- Here. I have some in my pocket.
Guliver- Ah a greenish blue gem stone. Let me see here.
FIlli- Did you just fill the ship with them. Haja you did.
Guliver- I Can make these things worthless you know.
FIlli- How?
Guliver- Flood the market with them. But if you sell them a few at a time there is very little risk of that.
FIlli- I”ll keep that in mind. Well anyway we got to the genovian table and had a hard time desciding weather we
should reduce the size of the table or just climb the manda thing. We descided on reducing it’s size along with it’s
minister figuring that if the location was’nt stated on the table we could just get it out of the minister himself. We did
so, got out and while I pilfered the desk for info Cora and Rook dragged the minister into the ship. Once back in the
ship we drove underneath the nearest table and parked. Once safe from scurrying giants I read the papers but nothing
could be found in them but a list of quarterly profit from the mine itself but luckily I had some raja in my pocket. If you
get stoned on the stuff you’ll tell it all I mean your innermost secrets whilst laughing your ass off. We held him down
and painted his skin up with the raja. He did’nt resist much I could see that he had a taste for the stuff. He started in
laughing telling us how cute his kids were, how one of them had a lisp and the other dimples in her cheecks showing us
pictures to prove it. He did’nt seem to mind at all being obducted by tiny men. In fact he was fascinated with how tiny
he had become. I went straight in probing him for the location of the mines. He said that he had been their once but his
memory was a little hazy on how to get their. He knew it was in the north eastern region of genovia in the Jorack
mountains. I then asked him where they cut the stones and he said that they were cut at the same location in a building
just east of the mine itself and that that was the building where all inspection was done as well. I then asked him how
they were transported out without anybody noticing. He said that they were transported out at night by invisible planes
to indisclosed locations that change periodically. We then asked him of the design of the forbiden city because we had
heard it was built like a maze to keep intrudewr trapped in if inside he said that their wawsw a map in his pocket which
we took from him. There really waswnt anything left to ask him so we weeled him off to the first crumb we found and
just dropped him off.
Gulliver- Dropped him off? That’s kind of cruel but you couldn’t have them find out that yo9u were there. And I’m
sure he’ll find some sort of a life o9ut there. So anyway proceed.
Filli- Next we sere pretty much focused on getting to the kings chamber. No one had ever seen it so we were looking
forward to it with wonder. Negotiating our way into the next hallway was a bit of a problem hopping from desk to desk
to make sure we were not crushed. We sped throu the next hallway which turned right and led straight into a Large
courtyard the courtyard had been wade whell chair accesable long ago so we negotiatede our way down the ramp
running past a gajan a very rare animal and we descided to reduce and keep him. We call him gaja.
Gulliver- May I see him.
Filli- Gaja. (whistling)
Guliver-OH hare he comes. So a kind of crane with peacock tail feathers that is blue with a beutifull blue and white
checker patern on the tail feathers.
Filli- It’s a very amiable bird. They cant fly with their wings clipped and his obviously are. He even speeks. Prity bird.
Gaja- Prity bird
Guliver- Wow. I can Identify this species and make as many as I want and place them into your environment in their
natural habitat and even make some to keep at the zoo.
Filli- hay that would be nice make a gaggle of them right now.
Guliver- Hows this.
Filli- Hey I have friends.
Gaja- Hey I have friends.
Filli- Well anyway we brought him back in the ship and scurried off out of the court yard into a guarded chamber.

Waiting by Dustin Wesley Smith 2001

Kate looks at the walls of the house she left to a lunatic. Mannequins with their faces sanded off and clocks hanging
over Tarry's shoddy carpentry dominate her view, it's bad enough that he brought them into the house in the first place
but he actually nailed them to the living room walls. Half of them aren't even dressed, Tarry doesn't have enough
money to cloth even half of the time zones and he is stuck on the Pacific Ocean anyway. Down the hall is another
nightmare, now with its black walls and hole where the light fixture used to be. She cant remember how many times she
walked down that thing nearly breaking her nose on the way to their red painted white fixtured bathroom. She would
give anything to return it to its original rent-house motif.
She looks at her crappily paid baby-sitting job who's sitting in the gold early eighties La?Z?Boy next to her. He's
staring at the one bare piece of wall that he has left, it's where once sat a Gibson "Many Moons Ago", a pewter
sculpture of an old Indian with his grandchildren sitting on a rock while looking and pointing at the stars, that he was
forced to sell last week to pay for the rent.
"Oh yeah sure, wait till I finish my sandwich."
"Whatever you say dear," while she says this, she takes a long look at the door while contemplating leaving for what
would be the last time. She has been listening to him rant for the past five days. She can't take it any more. She hasn't
spoken for days and he is still involved in an ongoing debate with that recliner, which he at this moment is discussing
with a plan to go out drinking in the rain while naked.
" Oh man what a waste of space", he says, now being without Yin and with no one to talk to but the wind and a Woody
Allen movie. He looks around the house with little notice of the mess he has created since her exit. He stops at his
dead parrot on the dirty floor; he hadn't thought to feed it for days. He reaches down and pets it as if it is still living.
He doesn't even care about catching diseases from the thing. His will to live has been sucked dry by her absence.

"Well I wouldn't have you for a member! Man I need to stop doing this, it should be duck soup", he says to the
H.C.F.M commercial while turning off the television and enjoying what he wishes to be the rest of his silent existence.
He walks into the kitchen, his feet sticking to the Dr Pepper that he had spilled on the pink and black checkered
linoleum during the previous night. He takes a scotch glass and pores in a large helping of 12-year-old Jameson that he
had lost in the shed during his big 2000 paranoia party and had recently found while searching for a sledge hammer to
join the bed and living rooms.
"Unless you're also a client", he then blurts out at while drinking his rockless glass thinking less and less of life without
Cat around. He looks at the toaster and starts to fill the culture that his woman formally called a sink with water. There
is no hesitation in him and tears cloud his eyes as he sticks one hand in the cold water and hand cuffs himself to the
drain and quickly follows the other with a plugged toaster.
"Ok, they have taken me away, but I don't think it was Calgon?" Terry has no memory of what he had done in his state
of delusion. He can make no sense of the screaming or the fact that he is strapped to a hospital bed.
"Dad? Why did you tie me up?" Tarry asks making light of his situation. He is wondering what to make of the
machine sitting next to his bead as he scans the room for credentials that he can't find. He doesn't want to make the
impression that he is going to give them any trouble so he puts his head back down, although how could he with straps
on his ankles that are so tight they chafe.
"This guys crazier than she said," Tarry's doctor, a short fat man with heart problems of his own, remarks to his cohort
who is removing and cleaning the third degree burns on Tarry's hand as Tarry is dumbfounded with her nice ass and
legs that just kept going up until they melt into the slip on her dress. Tarry looks into her eyes and in them he reads
pity. She quickly finishes and Shows him the alert button that has been strapped to his bead under his hand along with
"Not Dad?" He asks watching her ass as it shakes out the door.
        "No. Do you believe that she is your father?" the fat man asks taking Terry's pulse.

"No Sigmund. What are you doing here I thought you were sleeping with Handle? This is my room. Why don't you
find your own? Wow, ya'll gave me a lot of drugs. For a second there I thought I was in my Cousin All's house," Tarry
says as he wipes the spittle from his mouth.
"I knew I would end up in a place like this. How did I get here anyway", he asks while looking at the buttons on the
padded wall and making circles in the air with his feet. This relieves Dr. Allan who sees this statement as a signal that
his state of depression was partly alcohol based.
"I was told that your girlfriend phoned your family and your neighbors when she... left. The neighbors said that they
thought it was strange when the constant banging stopped abruptly in the kitchen just as your porch light went out.
They called for EMS and that was pretty much how it happened. Now, don't worry. I hope you know that this isn't a
medical hospital," as if Tarry couldn't have judged this himself from one look at the padded room walls.
"Leave me alone. I know you think I'm crazy, that's why you put me in the violent ward and strapped me in. I don't
know if I blame you, but could you please loosen the straps on my bed and the jacket, leave, and while your out there
tell those people to shut the Hell up.
"Sure but not the jacket, gladly and wish I could. Good day Mr. Robert." He leaves and touches a button next to the
light switch that loosens the straps. Tarry worms his way out and the straps tighten and lock giving him with nothing to
hang himself.
 There is very little he can do in this room except listen to music that would make you wish for Raffy or Yahni or any
other artist that you'd like to choke with your knee. The noises of crazies are within earshot, they blare out like old
people's at a nursing home who cant move their arms to alert the nurse that they need drinks of water. These words at
most times don't make sense and they just ring in your ears until the music is almost comforting.
"You all hate me. Get away. Stop. I mean it. Stop. Hey, that hurt. You drew blood." Tarry's neighbor, a thin pretty
thirty-something, starts one of her attacks screaming as she always does.
"Calm down Miss Crass. I'm sorry about scratching your wrist. Now get your finger out of there." The fat nurse
"I told you to stop it. Oh God, she's pulled it out." Hearing the commotion, Tarry looks out of his peephole to view the
large nurse who had sedated Mary, the neighbor, carry out the young mother who is at that moment unconscious with
another carrying Marie's eye along beside her. The guard has blood trickling from his arm protruding from the open
wound freshly ravaged by the young girl's cat nails that are stained red from the attack. She places the poor girl on a
table in the hallway and straps her tightly while the resident physician sees to her eye.
The doctor finishes patching her up. "There you go you poor fool."
  All of this commotion seams to stave Tarry. It gives his mind a moment to stop fidgeting with his own depressive
thoughts that drive him to make trouble just to have company and one of those new pills that just put hip straight to
sleep with no foolish stopper or crazy cloud over his head. He begins to wish that the unconscious girl on the table
were assigned to his nightmare room thirty-six. He thinks that they would laugh all day if together while in reality if
she was left alone with him for even five minutes she would have his neck completely gnawed off and this is what the
doctors tell him after he finally breaks down and requests that it be done.
"What's wrong with her?" he asked the doe eyed nurse one day.
"She started hurting herself and others five years ago and when she woke up to the sight of her son downstairs lying on
his chest with his feet touching the back of his head and blood now clotting where his spine had snapped and protruded
from his body she ran outside into oncoming traffic. See you at lunch." Her visits were always like that. She'd clean his
hand answer his questions and leave before he could get another question out.
"Man this is not going to work out", he says, trying to get comfortable while awaiting the daily visit from his fat doctor
who he has named ducky because of his lack of success with the one eyed neighbor. Growing tired, his mind starts to
wander and he drifts off to sleep. While asleep he dreams that Kate is standing and waiting for him at the door. Then
she disappears and a thousand Japanese children run through the house into an American flag fueling a mushroom
cloud. He then wakes being more confused than he has ever been in his life.
"Won't she come to visit?" He mopes as the vision drifts away and he has to think of something else before he has a
break down and the orderlies come in to medicate him. He had waxed for her since he got there and he had spent half
that time doped up on bad voodoo.
"Oh how I wish for the days of lazily waxing with the Moos Heads about Fascism, talking of Talk Mata, and of
redemption for wrongs done by our peoples. Although what can or did we do? Man, I have got to stop thinking of that
stuff." Tarry says, as he finishes what appears to be a Shepard's pie that is really just chicken fried stake, mashed
potatoes, and gravy conjoined by a bit of kindergarten mixing. The food in the place isn't that bad so he looks forward
to meal times. He has even fattened up with all of the extra servings they give him. They have noticed that the meals
will actually shut him up and they jump at any chance to stifle even one of the voices in that chatter box.
"What was that?" A guard says to the now nearly lucid character in the padded room while unlocking the cell door.
Tarry had knocked over his tray and had written the word Mommy on the wall.
        "Oh nothing. I'm just running through some issues in my head." Tarry says while rising to greet the day.
        "Well then, be quiet. You have a visitor. Now stand away from the door." The door opens and a rush of fresh
light comes in through the door.
        A woman enters the room. She seems oddly strange to Tarry who's lying on the floor under his unmade bed.
She then stares at Tarry, who was on the floor because he insisted that there be no legs figuring that maybe the
Boogieman might be there with Mary, and forces back penned up emotion. The woman who happened to be his mother
was oblivious to that fact .She was illuminated by the almost blinding light that caught her summer dress so that it
shone like a stain glass window that stopped at her slip and ended at her heals. This comforted Tarry, as would it if he
were a child who had been stuck at day care all day with a diaper after finishing toilette training.
        "Hey mom", Tarry says while looking down in half blindness and shame. He can't believe that he has been
stuck there for five months without a word from any comfortable or familiar face. It all just seemed too strange.
        His mother asks, "Why are you hear kid?" as she turns on the light switch and closes the door behind her.
        "My girlfriend must have had me committed. I think I may have gone a little over the edge last weak; and I
think that maybe she wanted to help," he explains as he looks up to see her warm familiar face.
"I don't know honey that beast of yours must have skipped town once she called and had you locked up. There always
was something about her I didn't trust. I bet she even took your savings with her."
Tarry laughs at this dropping the bomb on her. "I don't think so mom we were in debt to them the last time I checked."
        "Is she going to pay the bill too? I have no idea what a place like this costs and I really would not like to find
out" she says, whilst walking over and hugging her son.
        She looks at him and she can see that something is missing from his eyes, like his youth has been stripped away
and the persona of a crazy old man has been slapped there to cover for whatever pain he has been feeling. "Can I help?
I could cook that cheese dip you love so much and bring some to you next time. Is there anyone you would like to bring
with me. Noel has been crying since you were put here and we had to tell her that it would be a long time before she
could even call you." She can't find the words he is looking for. He just stares at the floor with his eyes wide open
shivering from head to tow.
        "I knew it I fucking knew it." Tarry shuts his mouth and remembers that it is his mother in the room.
        She looks at him crossly. "Don't use that language around me."
        "I'm never getting out of here, am I? I'll be sitting on this same floor when my baby sister finally makes me an
uncle. What have they told you, hugh? You can't tell me a damn thing, you're as much in the dark as I am." They look
at each other sharing tears wiping them from each others brows. She crouches hugging him as he keeps the fetal
position that ensued after the onslaught of tears.
"Don't worry you'll be home before your sister turns ten and I think that I can fend off the blood thirsty mob of suitors
without... you around." She hasn't prepared him for the news.
        "Why didn't you say we?" Tarry asks wondering why I wasn't we in her last words.
        "I mean..." She shuffles to find then right words but she cant.
        "You mean to say, hey by the way your father has run off to escape dealing with his new secret, his certifiable
        "No Tarry he killed himself. He was always blaming himself for your problems thinking that he couldn't cut it
as a dad. He couldn't stomach telling his parents about how he had turned their grandbaby into a craven lunatic, sorry, a
troubled child. He thinks that the tough love he was practicing drove you to this because you hadn't had enough time to
learn how the real world works before he threw you in expecting you to do the butterfly before you'd ever even step foot
in the baby pool." She waits for his response
        "I'm a baby then. Why don't I just shit my pants and wait for a pretty nurse to hear me cry and rush in to sponge
me down."
        "I didn't mean to insult you son. Please stop being so..."
        "Time to go mam." The guard opens the door to rush Tarry's mother out of his hallway before his shift is over
and he has to escort her to the exit without his work buddy staying late to help him bed down the remaining cognizant
wackos because of a lack of sleep and cell keys. Tarry looks like a scared child when she turns to leave. "Bring my
sister with you next time and I would love some dip as long as they're accompanied by chips." The door finally closes
behind the lazy prick and Tarry's only remaining parent. He is left with no closure in his discussion about his father's
death. He now has to throw a shit fit to get one of the guards to bring a pill that will knock him out even in his fit of
        The next morning Tarry wakes to complete physical freedom his restraints had been replaced by a white T-shirt
while he had slept. His nurse enters. "Get up Tarry. Doctor says you can move to a room with furnishings now. He
doesn't think you're a danger to yourself anymore, but he hasn't heard the news. I'm sorry about your dad, Jerry told me
about it when we exchanged shifts last night. Are you all right?"
        "I'll survive. Now what was this about furnishings, do they include a TV. I haven't seen The Young Ones since
I got here". Tarry looks at his nurse expecting her to say no but remembers to look indifferent.
        "Yes there will be a TV and if your family wants to bring a VCR their more than welcome, but you have to let
me record "Days" on it. Mine is broken and someone is supposed to die this week. Or was it get married, my wife
never gives fully accurate descriptions of the ones I miss."
        "That's fine by me. Can you take me outside I'm starting to see florescent light in my sleep and those fifteen-
minute strolls we take every morning are not enough now. Do you think that we could go fishing across the street in
that big pond?" Tarry now escaping thoughts of his fathers death for a split second escapes from the reality that he had
just recently come back to.
        The nurse who he now called angel tits looks at him as if he were a retarded child. &quo